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EasyJet unveils plan for 'hybrid' planes using hydrogen fuel cells

Want to feel old? This is what Veruca Salt looks like today

"Resolving the Bernie/Hillary Differences" by Tom Hayden.

I think I need to start spending more time scouring twitter for mean comments from

US, 11 Other Countries Sign Free-Trade Deal In New Zealand

All this shit implying Sanders supporters are racists and sexists needs to stop.

MSNBC right now...

Bernie stops speech to help a man who fainted at his speech.

The Daily Show mocks Marco Rubio's “victorious” third place finish:

Judge refuses to throw out sex assault case against Bill Cosby

It Might Not Be So Easy to Rally Around Rubio

Jeb Bush Had To Ask Voters In New Hampshire To 'Please Clap' For Him

Hillary and the Is She a Progressive or a Moderate? question...

Bernie Sanders Isn't The Only One Who's Questioned Whether Hillary Clinton Is A Progressive

About had a heart attack when I saw this.

Why the Coin Flips Matter (and Why Clinton's Inability to Understand the Significance Echoes 2008)

Is it finally time for greed to be treated as a mental illness?

Goldman Sachs chief: Sanders's criticism is 'dangerous'

Bernie's campaign angers Harry Reid after they refer to an immigration activist as a "press hit"

The GOP are all calling each other names now

Manny has a new blog entry. Thought I would do it this way as some do not like the thought

Bernie's campaign angers Harry Reid after they refer to an immigration activist as a "press hit"

Luckovich strikes a homerun!!!!

"I have to," he says

What I'd love to see: A recount on Iowa moves Trump to 3rd place

GOP Candidates' REAL 'Repeal And Replace' Is With Medicare

Clinton surrogate McAuliffe -- NO WE CAN'T!!!

Predictive Markets have Clinton at 73% (+12%) to win Nevada

Rep. Cummings Blasts Oversight Chair For Refusing To Call Gov. Snyder To Testify At Flint Hearing

In fighting for single-payer, Bernie honors President Obama's original intent.

Residente of Calle 13, winner of Most Latin Grammys feeling the Bern!!!

Bundy, 9 others indicted by federal grand jury

Sanders Campaign Dismisses Latino Activist and DREAMer Astrid Silva On Twitter as a "Press Hit"

Broncos punter forced to buy $1,800 Super Bowl ticket for his 1-week-old daughter

National Poll post-Iowa: HRC 51 / Sanders 35

Tweety Has Been Exposed - Perhaps This Has To Do With His Wife And Her Running For Congress....

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 2-2-16

Donald Trump Admits He Lost Iowa Because He Has No Idea How to Run a Campaign

Hillary isn't owned by anyone.

i know if hillary is the nominee bernie

The "Homefield Advantage" Fallacy

Folk on our South Coast in St Elizabeth have reported

Sen. Sanders rushes to help man who passed out during press conference

I did a quick search, the results

Who won the "four more debates" negotiation? Hillary's big gamble.

Morning Joe Invokes Almost Every Possible Sexist Meme In Segment On Hillary Clinton ‘Screaming’

from Donna Edwards: They want to stop us.

The Clinton System

Mother and daughter reunite after 82 years

Bernie Sanders rushes to the side of man who faints at his rally

IRS experiencing computer failure, report says

Hillary Clinton’s Hawkish Record

What bank or financial institution made political contributions to Hillary for America?

You might be snackless if

Can anyone give me a link to live stream the town hall tonight?

When politicians like Clinton say it can't be done it means that they don't want to

HS students crossdress to school to protest district's gender-based dress code

Please Clap

Trade Ministers from 12 Pacific Rim Countries Incl. US Ceremonially Signed Free Trade Deal

TPP Is ‘Fundamentally Flawed’ and Should Be Resisted, Says U.N. Human Rights Expert

Was anyone else on the conference call?

New Yorker: Sonia (Sotomayor) From the Bronx

Tornadoes in the South; snow in Plains and Upper Midwest

Bernie in a low budget rom-com

What is seen cannot be unseen...

New Hampshire Flooded By $100 Million in Political Ads

The Long Struggle

Friends, MD Congresswoman Donna Edwards is running for the Senate, and I hope you can help her.

WTF! Marco Rubio

CAPTION Jeb! as he sits, staring at something wonderful and unknown, perhaps even to himself.

Hopefully You Will Get a Few Laughs

The Walking Dead - Sunday Feb 14, Season 6

Why Hillary and Not Bernie

I heard Jeb say "Please clap?" to an audience today.

Why Americans Are Turning Their Backs On the Corporate Media

Elizabeth Warren Defends Bernie Sanders From Goldman Sachs Criticism

Syrian government signaling aim of military, not political, solution: Kerry

Last Line Of Communication With Militants Cut

Richard Wolff - Socialism For Dummies - Tune In...

CNN town hall at 9pm est

Migrant crisis: EU approves 3 bn-euro fund for Turkey

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread!Classic Malloy Shows playing all this week!

Damn, not sure I can watch the 'debate' tonight.

Bill Clinton and the GOP's NAFTA strikes again: MI plant closes up shop and moves to Mexico

Sanders rushes to help man who passed out during press conference

On Rachel Maddow...

There's talent and there's talent

"If it saves me on health insurance premiums, I will gladly pay more taxes."

Elizabeth Warren Defends Bernie Sanders From Goldman Sachs Criticism

With the Big Banks, it's not what they gave to Hillary's campaign, it's what they gave to Hillary!

Gronk Is Gross (don't watch if you've got a weak stomach)

Bernie Sanders In Depth Interview, Talks Issues After Big Effort in Iowa, Morning Joe Show

Any movies out there where the bad guys win?

Eight dead sperm whales found on German beach

GOP establishment got everything they wanted on caucus night

Hillary Clinton stresses gun control as 'big difference' of Democratic race

#HillarySoProgressive is trending on twitter.

My mom has been a republican for as long as I can remember.

The questions in this town hall...

Your PC is about to automatically download and install Windows 10

Consequences of Iowa: Trump still strong, new life for Rubio, long-term trouble for Sanders

Two-thirds of Israelis support peace with Palestinians that ensures security

SEIU members caucus and organize for Hillary Clinton

Are we going to get another Valentine's Day DU membership fundraiser this year?

So far this town hall is a snoozer.


Update to "I don't care if someone is a socialist, I don't care if banks"

How do those of us who are not set on a Dem candidate fit in right now?

I Support Bernie Sanders

Nice to hear some of this from Senator Sanders.

The bernie platform is we need a revolution.

I ordered my first Girl Scout cookies today

CNN Town Hall NH

National Bernie organizer is coming to Wisconsin

Just watched Bernie and he was just so charming.

Now FOX NEWS carrying water/lying for Bernie Sanders..Fox Resorts To Bogus "Voter Fraud" Claims

Remember, if HRC gets in and sends U.S. troops on another invasion...

For God sakes don't take a drink for every time she says "I" or "me"

Planned Parenthood.

Hillary not doing super well tonight

Free stuff. Socialists. Socialist sympathizers

Bob Woodward's Problems With Hillary Clinton Definitely Aren't Sexist, No Sir

How's that jury system going?

Democratic Socialism or Corporate Socialism?

So I gave BEETHOVEN a chance. If this doesn't unleash wrath on me nothing will.

Phone Banking for Bernie Tonight - Gem of a Call!!

Members posting in the Hillary Clinton Group PLEASE READ.

Elizabeth Warren Defends Bernie Sanders From Goldman Sachs Criticism

So i have to ask

Bug reports #102

Rick Santorum Endorses Marco Rubio for President

The 5 Worst Excuses for Hillary Clinton’s Vote To Invade Iraq

If this terrorizes you...

Black Lives Matter activist Deray McKesson runs to be Baltimore mayor

How to watch the Democratic debate on MSNBC

In the Town Hall Hillary Clinton cited Henry Nouwen, the Dutch Jesuit who said,

It Might Not Be So Easy to Rally Around Rubio

A little fun

The CNN town hall. Wow. One president, and one dude looking awkward.

She's Teddy Roosevelt tonight -- take on all the vested interests and bust them up

I think these townhalls/fourms...

When will Bernie go last at a town hall forum?

Hillary Clinton was a Wal-Mart Director for 6 Years

Hillary went from medical marijuana straight into...

Time to admit it. The DLC was effectively a white supremacist organization.

We're Going To Fight For the ACA and Improve On It

CNN Democratic forum.....

So when HRC was giving speeches to Goldman Sachs

After Planned Parenthood Ouster, More Medicaid Births and Less Birth Control

You know, this might be the best debate yet...

Germany's Fusion Reactor Creates Hydrogen Plasma In World First


Hillary is going to win. I was not for her in 2008, in fact I was radically against her. I know that

Wynne bows to elite as regular Ontarians ignored

Bernie Sanders is the only candidate from the Dem and Rep parities who is against the death penalty.

Flashback: Elizabeth Warren Tells a Story About Hillary Clinton, Wall Street and Lobbying

Hillary: illegal immigrants! i voted numerous times to build a wall to keep them out!

I need Bernie signs (24x48) in time for the Lansing debate!

Clinton campaign bragging

Clinton stumbles on Wall Street question at CNN town hall

The World's Longest-Running Experiment is Buried in a Secret Spot in Michigan

Elizabeth Warren Shames Republicans For Trying to Shield Corporate Criminals

"Biggest Protest This Country Has Ever Seen" Against Both the TPP and TTIP

Today's PredictWise - 2016 Democratic Nomination - Hillary 84% - Bernie 16% :-)

More Leak Emails: Hillary Clinton Got Massive Commission to Announce Iraq Investment Zone

I'm embarrassed...... I watched "The People vs. O.J. Simpson" last night

Why Bernie Is More Trustworthy on Foreign Policy Than Hillary:

The new Bernie or Hillary Meme is pretty funny; even with it being started by a Sanders guy

CNN banter

Goodbye Petrodollar: Russia Accepts Yuan, Is Now China's Biggest Oil Partner

CNN commentator: Bernie says, DREAM. Hillary says, "DREAM WITH YOUR EYES OPEN."

The Republican on CNN's little debate circle made an interesting observation.

Why is America a backward country?

Tonight's Forum: Bernie Cogent, Specific, Genial.. Hillary General Mostly Blathering Off The Cuff

I think I just invented a new drink.

Senator Tries To Sneak In ‘More Palatable’ Religious Freedom Law — Uses The Art Of Surprise

Security beefed up at national wildlife refuges in 3 states

Smart @HillaryClinton answer to @andersoncooper about her problem w/ young: "They don’t have to be

18 cities in Pennsylvania reported higher levels of lead exposure than Flint

President Obama: The World I Want My Daughters to Grow Up In

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your GOP today.

I cannot with good conscience vote for a candidate promoting more stupid wars. n/t

The lady from the audience on CNN was impressed with Hillary

Axelrod sums it up perfectly

Bernie Sanders calls faith a "guiding principle in my life"

Inertial Dampeners Are Offline...

Bernie Sanders: 'I'm prejudiced — I want Donald Trump to win the nomination'

DeRay Mckesson files to run in Baltimore mayoral race

France to convert half of Cuban debt arrears into investment projects

Shakespeare on Stage in Squalid Migrant Camp in France

Elizabeth Warren Defends Bernie Sanders From Goldman Sachs CEO

You created a Donald Trump simulation for Romulan Ambassador T'Megyn?

Lloyd Blankmind: I'm forever blowing bubbles

Bernie Sanders Camp Says It Turned in 85,000 Signatures to Make New York Ballot

RABIN - The Last Day (film trailer)

Hillary leaves Iowa.

TPP trade deal signed in AucklandTODAY

TCM Schedule for Thursday, February 4, 2015 -- What's On Tonight: 31 Days of Oscar: Day 4

Only Known US Wild Jaguar Caught On Camera

Bernie strategy needs to change slightly

Weapon Engineer Humor...

Johnson & Johnson, ViaCyte testing possible diabetes cure

Bernie Runs to Help Man Who Collapses at Press Conference

Jimmy Fallon: Is it just me...

Bernie Sanders won Meskwaki precinct

Hamas said to suffer fresh tunnel collapse in Gaza Strip

The GOP Just Really Wants To Stop The Checks For Social Security/Medicare Forthwith.

Toxic Loans Around the World Weigh on Global Growth.

?? How can a weathervane conduct foreign policy properly?

Answer for Bernie Supporters, from a Clinton Supporter

'Hope You're Not Voting for HRC Just Because She's a Woman'

It isn't possible for outside military force to remove Assad in Syria

Obama alums lash out at Sanders

IRS computer problems shut down tax return e-file system

How long do you think that Jeb! hangs on?

Petition to Suspend Chris Matthews or Give Bernie Equal Time

Russia fines gay activist for giving advice to LGBTI teens on social media

It's 4 AM do you know who's protecting social security?

Survivors of 1980s AIDS crisis reveal what happened to them

Chicken Marsala

Japanese omelet

I now think Hillary is stupid

I trust that both Hillary and Bernie would both enact public health care

I posted this in GD, where it sank- because, you know...

Ok, I'm really bummed. Doctor Who pulled from Netflix and Hulu.

Just read the NH town hall transcript - Clinton group

I'm looking for slow cooker ideas. What is the name of your favorite?

There is socialism already in America, it's called the United States Military

General strike against pension reform sweeps Greece

100 MILLION DOLLARS for ads in New Hampshire - Clinton Group

Sex, lies and psychological scars: inside Ukraine's human trafficking crisis

DC bill would pay people stipends not to commit crimes

Food industry looks to Congress as GMO labeling law nears

WA State is giving more to Bernie

Julian Assange says he will 'accept arrest' on Friday if UN rules against him

More on the Malheur Morans, legal scholars

International Space Station gets my message

More Trouble With Tribbles

An Argument Against Trusting Hillary On Social Security

Colombia leader to ask Obama for dollars, terror list change

Colombia leader to ask Obama for dollars, terror list change

Inmate's Death Leaves Lessons for U.S. 'Justice' System

Inmate's Death Leaves Lessons for U.S. 'Justice' System

Daily Holidays - February 4

Report: 40,000 Argentinian Workers Lose Their Jobs Under Macri

Why are Americans so angry?

Luxembourg plans to pioneer asteroid mining

Environmental groups sue to stop federal killings of wolves in Oregon

I don't see how Warren endorses Clinton

Final Shots: the Clintons and Colombian Death Squads

Cry of the Militia: WAAAHHHH…But We Don’t Wanna Get Arrested!!

Number23 asked, so: white supremacy and the Democratic party

UN panel 'rules in Julian Assange's favour'

Something smells in the Democratic Party

Hi Old Timers, did you see this post yesterday? Care to add your endorsement?

Mike Malloy - Republican Callers - 2006 - Arnold´s Dream Call

Mike Malloy - Republican Callers - 2006 - Reverend Bill

Mike Malloy - Republican Callers - 2007 - Freedumb David

Mike Malloy - Republican Callers - 2007 - Ray From NJ

U.S. eyes ways to toughen fight against domestic extremists

Why? Bernie?

When Jeb Bush Asked A Bored Audience To Applaud His Lackluster Speech......

Hilary Clinton’s Awful Explanation for Why She Took Goldman Sach’s Money

Jurors Award $23.1 Million to Man Shot by Deputy in Florida

‘Hurricane Bernie’ hits New York

So Trump's fancy aircraft made an emergency landing

Ok here's a new low....

I think one of the biggest philosophical differences between Hillary supporters

East Texas jury nails Apple with $625 million patent infringement verdict

Jim Hightower talks about his support for Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders

Seen in 1%ers Bathrooms after Iowa Caucus

Charles Pierce: This Is Not the Way the Democratic Campaign Should Be Conducted

Crazy Car-Sized Drone Flies a Person Autonomously

Bernie Sanders won Democratic precinct on Meskwaki Reservation

Marco Rubio wants you to call him 'bae'

South African rangers seek to track rhinos in wildlife park

US Map compares education levels with other countries state by state - The Sad State of Education

Trump Donald

You know what people sound like when they don't want to take the time to verify the vote in Iowa?

There’s a simple way to reduce gun violence: Raise the gun age

Feb 3 UMass Lowell H tracking poll day 3: Clinton +2, Sanders -2 *POST @HillaryforIA WIN!!

How the Post-9/11 Antiwar Movement Was Erased From History

Check this out - Nature's Sound Map

Why They Joined ISIS: To Make Friends and Earn a Good Wage

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders battle over meaning of 'progressive'

After Bill To Drug Test Welfare Applicants Is Unveiled, Lawmaker Proposes Testing Legislators

Hundreds of Jobs Will Be Created at FBI's Clarksburg Facility for Obama’s Gun-Control Plan

Here's a prediction:

Insurance companies losing money on ACA

Clinton Gains Support From 170 African American Women Leaders

Teachers Union: District Barred Inspectors From Detroit Schools

Malloy Tries A Second Time To Limit Access To Firearms For Subjects of Temporary Restraining Orders

UMass Lowell Tracking Poll: Sanders -3; Clinton +4 since Tuesday

Report: Abbas meets with families of terrorists shortly after policewoman killed

Teachers Union: District Barred Inspectors From Detroit Schools

Useful rebuttal site

Teachers Union: District Barred Inspectors From Detroit Schools

A quick guide to Hillary supporters for Bernie supporters.

The Strange Career of James Crow, Esquire

Clinton Emails Held Indirect References to Undercover CIA Officers

Clinton blasts Wall Street, but still draws millions in contributions

Michigan Governor Says Flint Residents Should Get a Discount on Toxic Water

OMG. Who ever heard of ANYBODY EVER claiming victory with a mere two point advantage?

The Republicans must be stopped (especially Marco Rubio)

Welcome back my friends. To the show that never ends. Karn Evil 9

Accusations of Fraud and Theft Fly After Iowa Vote: HERE'S the LOWDOWN

First Corbyn, now Sanders: how young voters' despair is fuelling movements on the left

Fake NY Times ‘Supplement’ Trashes Israel

Elijah Cummings is not running for Senate

South Carolina’s Democratic and Republican Primaries Are Taking Place in Parallel Universes

Times Of India: 20% Of Delhi Lung Cancer Patients Are Non-Smokers

BREAKING NEWS: Trump, Cruz, Carson announce bids for presidency of GFY Island.

Jesus does Republican's act, causing hellish introspection.

Black history month: February 4th

Republican Fear Grows After Hillary Clinton Sounds Like A President At CNN NH Town Hall

As amusing as it is to watch the Donald whine and complain

"Catastrophic Reduction" - Australia Slashes Science Funding; "Climate Will Be All Gone, Basically"

Who's worth reading? John Cassidy, for one: Bernie Sanders and the New Populism

Wells Fargo & Co agreed to pay $1.2 billion to settle claims that it engaged in mortgage fraud.

"I'm Dead If I Stay, So It Doesn't Matter If I Die Along The Way"

Jacobin: Clinton isn’t a champion of women’s rights. She’s the embodiment of corporate feminism.

BOOM! Barbara Boxer: Hillary is a progressive EVERY day. Bernie is a Democrat "some days."

Obama Is Pressed to Open Military Front Against ISIS in Libya

How can anyone look at those sweet, smiling faces and feel bigotry or fear?

Israeli Court Sentences 2 Over Palestinian Teenager's Murder

Love the water bottle beside Rubio. LOL.

Palin explains Trump's abortion flip-flop

Gynnya McMillen dies in police custody

Interesting - Lots And Lots And Lots Of Cracking & Breakup In Arctic Sea Ice For February

UMass Lowell New Hampshire tracking poll day 4: "Hillary coming Back"

NH Tracking Poll: "Hillary is coming back since Iowa"

It's amazing. Even with almost all the dem heavy hitters running interference for

Beware China and Russia: US forces want ‘swarm’ weapons

Teachers union has triple the public support of Chicago Mayor Emanuel

Help. Could someone go over to Daily Beast

Weirdo Pets: for a huge laugh

Town hall: Clinton's classroom and Bernie's rearview mirror

Rendell endorses Shapiro for attorney general

This analysis was before the Iowa Primary, but it highlights why Hillary will be the nominee

Hillary Surrogate Argues for Bernie Presidency

Carter would pick Trump over Cruz: “I think I would choose Trump, which may surprise some of you”

Is it possible to make bad lasagna? or is there no such thing as bad lasagna?

Marco Rubio wants you to call him poop in Danish.

Please don't forget your local foodbank, homeless shelters, and soup kitchens

Morning Joe actually praised Hillary today--She has pic on Time and they

Making Cruz Sound Reasonable....

Bernie made a mistake in his messaging

Thursday Bernie Group Toon Roundup

Obama’s mosque visit demonstrates tacit acceptance of a form of gender apartheid

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Booby Prizes

Sanders vs. Clinton on Wall St. Reform

Clintons has made MILLIONS from Wall Street, the $675,000 misleads the public

How the H-1B Visas Are Destroying American Jobs - What Can We Do?

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 -The Rest

since when has 'neighboring state' proven to be it true or just sounds 'likely"?

These women are gonna tell wingers what they can do with their bodies

Syrian army sees Aleppo encircled soon; rebels hope for more weapons

Telluride Avalanche Dogs

The GOP’s Crump Cancer

Now only "you" can go on a criminal gun rampage

From WaPo: Hillary Clinton makes her Wall Street problem worse


All Third Way democrats tell you they're moderate and progressive.

Hillary on MSNBC's Hardball after the Iowa caucus results.

Bernie Sanders, the shape of things to come: Why his popularity is no fluke

Progressive vs Democrat ...

today's msnbc sucks! thread

How your secular kids should deal with religious bullying from other kids

(Martin) Shkreli, as expected, invoking his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

Scaremongering for the health care status quo

The Hanover Pa Bald Eagles are currently rebuilding their nest.

One More Golden Harvest Of Mouth-Watering GOP Bounty!

Sea changes in US politics, thanks to Senator Sanders and his supporters

Ben Carson slashes staff as funds dry up

And. It's. Called. The. Titanic.

Rashida Jones feeling the Bern

Punxsutawney Donald sees no shadow

Poll: most voters say they're open to a political revolution to redistribute wealth

WTF - Does this even mean CNN?

The Student Loan Debt Bubble, Predatory For Profit Schools and the Clinton Connection

Election 2016: Elizabeth Warren Defends Bernie Sanders From Goldman Sachs Criticism

Lifestyle gets blame for 70% to 90% of all cancers

That silly "voter fraud" video.

Bernie Sanders Was #1 Most Liberal Member of the Senate

Two candidates and their supporters are challenging the Iowa results...

The War on Bernie Sanders

Announcing the Bank Whistleblowers United Initial Initiatives

Satellite measurements of ocean color, temperature help researchers predict sturgeon locations

Hillary Cover Of Time Magazine: "I know what it's like to be knocked down"

Rhino, tiger and snow leopard DNA found in Chinese medicines

Insecticide increases effect of varroa mite February 4, 2016

Seven ways we can fight back against flooding February 4, 2016 by Chris Kilsby, Newcastle University

Key threats to siamese crocodiles and highlights lessons learned from 15 years of conservation work

Bernie Sanders is inadvertently damaging the Democratic Party

Day 17, starting to walk

Bernie Sanders is damaging the Democratic Party

Ben and Jerry's to sell vegan ice cream

IHeartMedia Inc., the radio broadcaster struggling under $20.6 billion of debt

"Adventures of the Stupid Stick!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump on Morning Joe!!!

Where are all the candidates on the political compass?

Meet Annie Dookhan, the Government Chemist Who Purposefully Sent Thousands of Innocent

Progressive radio: losing its mind

Former NAACP head Ben Jealous to endorse Bernie Sanders

Des Moines Register calls for audit of caucus results

Jimmy Fallon as Trump, post-Iowa: "First Is The Worst, Second Is The Best"

Bernie has Goldman Sachs CEO running scared: Sanders’ candidacy is a ‘dangerous moment’

Hee hee... Ken Ham Lists Top 5 Most Worrisome Trends in American Churches

Something very big happened in Iowa.

How the National Rifle Association helped get Bernie Sanders elected

Co-founder of NH's Stonyfield Farm's voting for Hillary

Clinton Gains Support From 170 African American Women Leaders

President Obama’s Brilliant Religious Freedom Speech Lost On Religious Republicans

We Dissent/ Unfinished Business

DesMoines Register Editorial: Something Smells in the Democratic Party (Caucus results)

Rubio's just as much of an Islamaphobe as Trump

Just released PPP (D) National Post Iowa Poll-Clinton 53% Sanders 32%

Hillary Clinton struggled through an 'awkward' answer about her 6-figure Goldman Sachs speaking fees

There won't be any effective challenges to the results of Iowa's caucuses.

Is anyone aware of campaign events this weekend?

Getting to the bottom line and why I'm voting for Bernie

Michael Moore tweets he's in ICU with pneumonia

Clinton Gains Support From 170 African American Women Leaders

Kalashnikov cranking up AK-47 factory in Florida

Morning Joe Invokes Almost Every Possible Sexist Meme In Segment On Hillary Clinton ‘Screaming’

Wall Street Not Remotely Worried About Hillary Clinton’s Rhetoric

Clinton in Columbia: Para-Military Death Squads, Avoiding the Issue of Human Rights

Runners brave -35C ( -31 F ) in Genghis Khan Ice Marathon

Bernie's Experience

NYT Endorsement of Hillary Not Surprising Since It Buried Bernie's Presidential Bid

Ted Cruz’s Campaign Chair Resigns After Revelations He Lied About Military Service

Pic Of The Moment: Poisoned Drinking Water: Now 30% Off!

First on CNN: Former NAACP head to endorse Bernie Sanders

Sanders vs. Clinton on Wall St. Reform

Closing date set for Boston Flower Exchange South End property sells for millions

Media Matters was created by David Brock. Do you know who David Brock is?

Do we want a Monsanto Candidate? Round-Up Likely Carcinogen

AT&T Ad Star Milana Vayntrub, Once a Soviet Refugee, Becomes a Voice for Syrian Victims

Democratic Women Senators "Arm Twisting" Warren To Endorse Hillary.

"What we can’t stomach is even the whiff of impropriety or error" Des Moines Register.

Valentine Hearts...?

Both of their children have lead poisoning

Why Goldman's CEO Will Not Publicly Endorse Hillary Clinton

11-year-old Afghan boy, hailed as hero for fighting Taliban, killed by militants

Meet One Of The 12 People In Iowa Who Voted For Jim Gilmore

Men's Rights Activists are such a delight

Announcing the Bank Whistleblowers United Initial Initiatives

Top al Qaeda commander killed in Yemen drone strikes: residents

Martin Shkreli Invokes the Fifth Amendment in House Appearance


Have you ever wanted to smack someone more than this guy?

Electability -- Another way of saying "Let the GOP frame the debate -- yet again"

Helen Mirren's Super Bowl 2016 commercial for Budweiser targets trunk drivers

Attacks from MSM On Bernie and Coronation of Hillary

What is the voting system like in NH? Anyone know?

The Dumbing Down of America Is Complete!

Vermont Gov. Shumlin, former Gov. Kunin to stump for Clinton

Could Oprah be next to endorse???

The Case Against Hillary Clinton

Christie, a stellar performer, a mediocre governor

'Flash crash' trader begins fight against extradition to US

No Hillary you are NOT more progressive than Bernie. Stop it.

"Hillary Clinton's Internet Supporters Desperately Want This Campaign to be about Sexism"

Desmoine Register Iowa Newspaper Who Endorsed Clinton Demands Investigation

A great article from The State (Columbia SC Newspaper)

Froman: U.S. developing TPP implementation plan

Brand New Ipsos Reuters Nat'l Likely Voter Democratic Poll- Clinton 63% Sanders 32%

So Why Is Iowa the First Primary Event?

Navajo Water Supply is Poisoned Worse Than Flint

Kremlin Confirms Death of Another Russian Serviceman in Syria

This, on supporting Hillary: This Progressive Doesn’t Need Your Lectures

So 'scars' offer protection/insulation against attacks?...or will it merely be like the Holy Grail?:

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 2-3-16

Stephen Colbert's "Hungry For Power Games: Iowa Cornucopia Bloodbath"

‘Pharma bro’ Shkreli stays silent before Congress, calls lawmakers ‘imbeciles’ in tweet

So the guy who voted to give a whole swath of corporations immunity against lawsuits is now...

Who said this: "“I am not now, nor have I ever been, a liberal Democrat”?

This is a sincere question

Sane Progressive on Des Moines Register demanding investigation/audit of Iowa caucus DEBACLE

Bernie Sanders takes a closer look at Iowa caucus totals

Senate panel approves Obama's pick to lead forces in Afghanistan

The Secret is Out -- Valhalla: Oregon Wilderness Natural Wonder Revealed


Did Al Franken concede when he "lost" to Norm Coleman?!!?

I brought burnt almond cake

A great article from The State (Columbia SC Newspaper)

Deal curbing NY horse carriages collapses in blow to mayor

The myth of the extremely liberal New Hampshire.

How the Post-9/11 Antiwar Movement Was Erased From History!


Okay I'm disgusted and exhausted from listening to HRC, MSM

Elon Musk Personally Cancels 'Super Rude' Customer's Tesla Model X Order

Video in News link: Bundy group indicted for conspiracy today 2/4 to impede U.S. officers

Iowa Democratic Chair (who is preventing a caucus review) is a Clinton fundraiser, former co-chair

Damn....I just read the latest that Barbara Boxer smacked down Bernie Sanders

Bernie volunteers garner 85,000 signatures in NY to put him on the ballot.

One of my generic drugs went from 10.00 to 160.00!

Bernie is more credible than Hillary...

1966: Adam West's Batman encourages kids to support Vietnam War by purchasing savings bonds

Condoleezza Rice Aides, Colin Powell Also Got Classified Info on Personal Emails

Just saw the worst bumper sticker

Russia accuses Turkey of preparing to invade Syria

Robert Reich: The Washington Post is lying to you about Bernie Sanders

New Trouble Knocks Flint as Mortgage Firms Require Proof of Safe Water

Shufflng off this mortall coile fifty years ago today, Lucius Beebe

Dear Barbara Boxer

Cancer Treatment

Des Moines Register calls for audit of Iowa results: 'Something smells in the Democratic Party'

Bill Maher embraces woo again, shows just how stupid he really is.

Okay, who's holding the kryptonite? I've been 'blaarrrfff!'-sick for close to a week now.

Oakland’s American Steel arts hub may be razed for offices

Chris Christie: New Hampshire: Stupidity

Why Is My Kindergartner Being Groomed for the Military at School?

Condoleezza Rice Aides, Colin Powell Also Got Classified Info on Personal Emails

Two examples of anti-Muslim hysteria and hatred...

Barbara Boxer on Clinton, Wall Street, and her defense of the DC Money Game

US deports Guatemalan man who complained of gangrene infection

US deports Guatemalan man who complained of gangrene infection

Bernie Sanders talks about Occupy Wall Street

Continental says five million vehicles worldwide may have faulty air bags

Missing cat found in Nottinghamshire pet food warehouse

In Iowa, Women Under Age 30: Bernie 84%, Hillary 14%

social security

The Latest: 4 Holdouts in Oregon Standoff Facing Charges

I don't need the lectures, thank you, on how to be a progressive

Why Hillary Abandoned Single Payer (And Progressives)

"A vote for Trump is like bringing home the least drunk girl at the bar".....says spokesman

Wall Street Billionaire Appears to Be Genuinely Puzzled by Bernie Sanders' Populist Crusade

Roger Goodell: Women will interview for open executive jobs

OP ED: by Hillary Clinton: How we can win the fight against substance abuse

So this new meme... "The Not Hillary Party"

Dean Baker: Open Season on Bernie b/c He Raises Issues Elites Want to Keep Quiet

Credit Occupy in Bernie Sanders’ Surge

Three things the Clinton campaign needs to do now (please, just in case you win the nomination)

Washington voters giving more to Bernie Sanders than all others combined

So is the debate tonight the one that Bernie wasn't going to attend out of "Principle"

When will Rubio's stealing from the Florida GOP come out in the media?

Her Father Shot Her in the Head, as an ‘Honor Killing’

Who would you like to see as a running mate?

Sanders campaign revises ad ripped as 'deceptive'

Offshore Betting Markets continue to improve for Bernie

Bernie Sanders Out Raises Clinton in January

Pharma groups lead attacks on TPP trade deal

Man helps protect the species and ends up helping to create a new one (Stephen Fry)

Venezuela Orders Bank Notes by the Planeload

Oh Boy! It's the "(Blank) Is Stealing the Primary" Stage of the Democratic Primary.

Here's a fun photo from the groundbreaking ceremony for the world headquarters...

Hillary's emails - links: Hillary Group

Hillary Clinton speaks out about US links with Taliban

Marco Rubio wants you to call him Bae

Lunatic Bachmann Says Obama Is About To Reveal Himself As Anti-Christ



Uh Oh, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice received classified info on personal emails

Fact Checker: How did ‘top secret’ emails end up on Hillary Clinton’s server?

Happy Birthday IKEA

Help, my Thanksgiving cactus has 8 flower buds on it....I first thought they were new leaf segments

I swear if Bernie were to cure cancer today, the corporate media conglomerates would be interviewing

How many ReTHUG candidates were in Florida when they stole

Is the "well-regulated" argument for gun control inadvertently reinforcing RW talking points?

Teenage daughter cutting herself

Absurd January Warmth in Arctic Brings Record-Low Sea Ice Extent

Retired last March so this is my first time to file income tax

Argentine Lower House Victory Front caucus splits.

Kenya refuses to register atheist group

Heading off to South America (with plenty of OFF) for the next 6 weeks. Won't be posting nor reading

Saudi ready to join anti-IS ground op in Syria: general

Hurricane Patricia Had Maximum Sustained Winds of 215 MPH (upgraded from 200MPH)

Hillary is lying about being tough on Wall Street?

Most Of The “Most Valuable Progressives” Named By ‘The Nation’ Have Endorsed…Hillary?

Washington Post: Bernie Sanders’s real problem with black and Hispanic voters

FYI possibly offensive content! NSFW. Hillary take care of this NOW! ASAP!

France’s official blindness to religion only masks religious hatred

Des Moines Register asks for transparency over caucus results, "can't stomach whiff of...

A new Socialism. Here's what Bernie's revolution could bring to your workplace.

Grand jury indicts 16 people for Oregon wildlife refuge occupation

Clinton Foundation Donors Got Weapons Deals From Hillary Clinton's State Department

Republicans say "No!" on the right to vote

Catholic Contraception Teachings Tested by Zika Virus Warnings

170 African-American Women Leaders Come Out in Support of Clinton

He challenges the definition of ‘Mainer.’ People have threatened to use his art for target shooting

FBI contacted Former SOS Colin Powell as part of there probe

Bernie Endorsed by KEY SOUTH CAROLINA DEM., Former Dem. Party Chair Richard Harpootlian

HELP - term meaning: "The point where a situation becomes so ludicrous it is impossible to parody"?

Sitcom treatment: The Bundys meet the Barones

Men’s group, condemned as hateful, cancels Bangor meetup (Return of Kings)

Was FDR a progressive?

Bernie Sanders Demagoguery against Hillary Clinton on the Iraq War Resolution

I have always like Barbara Boxer, but she's part of the status quo.

NBC News Rebuts Right-Wing Media Claim That Clinton Emails Reveal Names Of Undercover Operatives

Shkreli Miraculously Makes Nation Side with Congress—Borowitz was there

Young Voters Agree: American Democracy Is Broken

NYT: Young Democrats Flock to Bernie Sanders, Spurning Hillary Clinton’s Polish and Poise

Congressman Kildee testifying about the Flint Water Crisis. I highly recommend this video

Back to reality. Eaton cuts 250 jobs in Shenandoah

Clinton Last Night: "Name Anything [Wall Street Has] Influenced Me On" -- OK, I Will

Most Americans Want Redistribution of Wealth-The Young Turks

Hillary needs to dismantle Sanders' fantasies, but how, without losing the dreamers.

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Feb. 4, 2015

Clinton supporters: Note how fighting to a draw in Iowa and settling in for a fight in New Hampshire

Some Oklahoma schools display signs warning staffers could be armed

Hillary takes big $$$ from biggest Shadow Banker, FEC sanctioned

Lindsay and McCain trashing ...

Ia US 3rd District Rep. Young calls for more government intrusion? Flint MI

'Why are we so bad?' and other questions about English Premier League clubs

Orange Is The New Camouflage

'Neo-masculinists' cancel worldwide meetups over fears of feminist 'mobs'

Trump supporters on public radio, "Here and Now."

Financial turmoil half a world away is melting Minnesota’s iron country

Financial turmoil half a world away is melting Minnesota’s iron country

State govts. run primaries. State PARTIES run caucuses--by their OWN rules.

There, fixed it.

‘Pharma bro’ Shkreli stays silent before Congress, calls lawmakers ‘imbeciles’ in tweet

President Obama imitates Steph Curry

Bernie Bro goes berserk at Iowa Caucus.

From the Economist: Hacking the Vote

Russian bombs triggering mass Aleppo exodus, Syria conference told


Michigan Emails Show Officials Knew of Flint Water Disease Risk

Oil-rich Venezuela is now importing U.S. oil

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Al Maktoum Challenge Round 2

If you've got a strong stomach, go browse Free Republic for a while

Syria peace hopes fade with Russian-backed push for Aleppo

Goldman Sachs congratulates Hillary

Next step for Texas after more babies, perpetual MORE cuts to services babies need

If you can't spell "country" you probably shouldn't try to run one

FEC Report 2/5/2016 Just thru December, Wall St. Donated $21.4 mill to Hillary's campaign

Trump Donald!

A reminder...if you try and fight racism in total isolation to everything else...

Krugman: Dodd-Frank is better than you think

Bernie rushes to help a man who collapsed at his press conference

Bain Capital 12' = Bad ; Bain Capital 16'= Good ?

The Dean Scream: What Really Happened (video at link)

Pressure Intensifies on ABC to Include Carly Fiorina in Debate

California revenue dips, possible sign of ‘revenue deterioration’ to come

Hillary Should Be Terrified By Iowa Caucus Results; Bernie’s The Real Deal

SF Drag Queens React to Homeless Sweeps with Food and Clothes

What this amazing mom of two girls with microcephaly has to say about Zika scare

Iowa Senator Introduces Just The Whiniest Bill About The Stanford Band

Will Hillary keep the "pragmatist" vote?

Bernie would use the power of the office to get around obstructionism just as much as HRC would.

The Science of the Conservative Brain: Fearful and Close Minded!

What does a Bernie win mean to MSNBC?

Hillary Clinton Turns Stand-Up Comic: "I’m a Progressive Who Gets Things Done"

I really look forward to the day after the primaries are all done, when...

Hillary Clinton Is the Anti-Progressive... Her Record: She Voted for Non-Progressive Bills

My prediction for tonight's debate.

Kansas State University mason finds 88-year-old note at stadium

Obama to seek new tax on oil in budget proposal

Congressman Trey Gowdy just made the 'most hated man' in America Martin Shkreli more likable

Obama Health Care Law Posts Respectable Sign-up Season

Marco Rubio's "nothing got done" accomplishments

Sheesh.. I do not like either Bernie or Hillary politically

Army says Saudi ready to send troops to Syria & Turkey preparing for invasion

The Utter Insanity of the Bernie Bro Coinspiracy Theory

Can a politician survive a devastatingly embarrassing photo? Like Chris Christie's NYPD photo

When I grow up: Syrian refugee girls' dreams for the future realised in beautiful photoshoots

BERNIE: It's 'beyond comprehension that Lloyd Blankfein would lecture our campaign'

Young Democrats Flock to Bernie Sanders, Spurning Hillary Clinton’s Polish and Poise

No Joke,the numbers for Grinnell in Iowa appear to be wrong (links to videos of caucus night, tweets

Portland artists raise money for Sanders with anti-Trump shirts

From The Magistrate: A Short Note On The Democratic Party And The Progressive Left....

Surely Hillary Clinton Knows Why Wall Street Pays Her

Your company's computer help desk

Marcy Kaptur makes her case for Bernie Sanders

High School Discontinues Video Presentation After Critics Call It Anti-Semitic

Can Bernie Sanders Survive "Flip and Strip" Selection Tactics?

Like it or Not, Hillary Clinton is Being More Honest with Voters Than Bernie Sanders

A good read, especially for Black History Month

Poll: John McCain, Ann Kirkpatrick in theoretical dead heat in Arizona

January Gun Sales Set Yet Another Record

Father Of Slain Palestinian Teen Calls On Israel To Demolish Murderers' Homes

Republican Fear Grows After Hillary Clinton Sounds Like A President At CNN NH Town Hall

State IG: Classified email found from Powell, Rice tenures

Why Hillary Clinton, not Bernie Sanders, 'won' the CNN town hall

6 in 10 French people think Jews are responsible for anti-Semitism, survey finds

Senate Republicans won’t endorse Trump, but raise cash off his name

German Jews 'no longer safe' due to anti-Semitism and 'deteriorating security'

Colin Powell Blows Up Republican Email Scandal By Agreeing With Hillary Clinton


Settling for proposing tiny increments means giving up all dreams. rolling average snapshot Feb 5

Is Bernie Sanders taking the weekend off?

A Repug tweet on Black hx month--confusing..

Hillary Clinton Was the 11th Most Liberal Member of the Senate

Please explain the relationship of her vote on cluster munitions to progressive or moderate politics

170 African American Women Leaders Support Hillary. Campaigning For Her In South Carolina.

What Shenanigans Can We Expect In The NH Vote?

IF you want Bernistas to work hard for HRC if she's nominated...don't call his platform "fantasies"

Dollar Plunges For Second Day On Doubts Over 2016 Fed Rate Hikes

MSNBC - Clinton - it is not up to the people to define who is a progressive

Sanders Beats Clinton 49-49: The Real Story Behind the Iowa Numbers

George Takei is coming to my area!!

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript (NH newspaper) endorses Hillary Clinton

Rising U.S. Layoffs Hint At Ebbing Labor Market Momentum

Foul Play is afoot! And naturally, it will be Hillary's fault.

Sanders beats Clinton in January fundraising

Bernie's answer on faith. This is worth bookmarking. We should all live up to this.

Hillary Clinton’s Wildly Unrealistic Puppies and Rainbows Plan

Most Republicans vote the way their parents did.

Shit! 3-6" by tomorrow morning...

Goldman Sachs just gave Bernie Sanders the best inadvertent endorsement ever

Colombia confirms first three deaths of patients infected with Zika virus

Colombia confirms first three deaths of patients infected with Zika virus

Peru may bar presidential hopeful from April elections

HRC gets things done...she just doesn't get PROGRESSIVE things done.

Maurice White, Founder of Earth, Wind & Fire, Dies

Do you seriously think Clinton can rally a fractured party like Obama did in 2008?

While Bernie and his supporters work for single-payer, the ACA will STILL BE IN PLACE

Occupiers say FBI phone is their only link to outside

Sanders, Cummings Introduce Comprehensive Legislation to Lower Soaring Drug Prices

Ammon Bundy doubles down

Bernie Sanders joins inter-faith roundtable at Masjid Muhammad Mosque

Dad says Nevada holdout at refuge learned government distrust from him

Bernie Sanders Faces Firestorm Over ‘Progressive Purity Test’

Palestinian Families Homeless As Israeli Military Demolishes West Bank Houses

If you were going to argue that POC shouldn't switch from HRC to Bernie...what would be your case?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 5 February 2016

Just a reminder: Dem debate tonight, 9 Eastern, MSNBC

Poll: Sanders Leads Clinton by 20 Points in New Hampshire

Earth Is Actually TWO Planets, Study Finds

This will never happen but......

any free youtube movies or teevee recommendations? I'm heavy in netflix withdrawal

I think I get it.

WaPo: Plans for UCLA visit give rare glimpse into Hillary Clinton’s paid speaking career

Hillary apologizes for Iraq vote.

In memory of Maurice White "THat's the Way of the World"

Something we will ALL like: Here's the Bundy Bunch indictment!

Methane Is Leaking All Over The Place

Bernie Sanders, the shape of things to come: Why his popularity is no fluke — and

Hillary was the 11th most liberal member of the Senate

Bernie's ideas are only fringe to a right leaning political climate

Bernie's ideas are only fringe to a right leaning political climate

Who thought that in this election we would hear the candidates fighting about who...

Plows Working Around Clock To Keep New Hampshire Roads Clear Of Campaign Signs

What is the smallest amount HRC was paid for a.speech?

Hypothetically speaking just to clear a few things up in my own mind. IF say the powers

Foods before and after we domesticated them

CNN/WMUR NH: Sanders beating Hillary 2-1! Bernie: 61%(+4) -Hillary 30(-4)

Just Got This Beautiful Little Gem In The Mail. GET YOURS FREE!

Prosecutor: Suspect was "excited" over murder plot of teenage girl

Snow in NH on Primary Day?

Portman to oppose trade deal as opposition back home builds

Prescription Drug Prices Soar up 76% since 2010

Look at this picture of Mount Rushmore...

36% to 32% Bernie over HRC

If There Is a Recession in 2016, This Is How It Will Happen

Rep. Marcy Kaptur has high praise for Bernie, strong criticism for Hillary

The Scariest Cable Merger Nobody in Washington Is Talking About

I have the speaking fees thing all figured out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clinton Press Secretary Brian Fallon Warns Sanders Team Over ‘Bernie Bros’ Attacks

Those two on MSNBC right now

Checking for the Debate MSNBC. MSM is wanting so bad for people to vote for Hillary.

Breaking: Sanders Tops Clinton by 2-to-1 Margin in New Hampshire, New CNN/WMUR Poll, Feb.4

Gonzo Journalism: Behind Enemy Lines at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

Ted Cruz is such a LIAR - he said Jimmy Carter endorsed Trump

What is "Gang Stalking"?

The IRS' computer has been fixed; it's accepting e-filings again

Willie Wood Made the Most Memorable Play of Super Bowl I. He Has No Recollection.

PSA for all in this group -- another way you can help!

Hillary's "No We Can't" attitude is against the American spirit

so if you are a sexist for voting against Hillary?

New article and videos from Canada: Is Bernie Sanders the Star Wars of Politics?

They’re all bought and sold: American democracy belongs to the billionaires now

Because I'm so damned sick of false claims about the IWR.

Sanders tops Clinton by 2-to-1 margin in New Hampshire

OK - this is what the GOP Brokered Convention will look like

Sanders under fire from Senate Democrats (This article sort of proves our point does it not?)

Are you OK with continuing the bipartisan Goldman Sachs monopoly

Does anyone have the Democratic Debate Viewership numbers at hand? eom.

So, CBS Evening News opened w. the news that NH Primary was 5 days away.

Report: Russian Sub Activity Returns To Cold War Levels

Bernie Sanders interrupts his press conference to help a man who fainted.

Aphonopelma johnnycashi: Jonny Cash tarantula species discovered near California's Folsom Prison

What the heck are Bernie Bros??

US Layoffs Surge To 6-Month High: Challenger