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Bill Big Dog: Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama have "traumatic differences" in appeal

Has this been posted? 'Former lawyer for the 'DC Madam' says names in her records

Who are Republicans more likely to cooperate with? Bernie or Hillary? Discuss...

Well Lookie Here: militant says he will arrive in Burns tomorrow

Ted Cruz Promises To Create The Most Right-Wing Supreme Court In History

Where did the meme that POC are anti-Left even start?

California Passes Neighborhood Food Act

Let's do this again...listen up WA State Caucus goers.

Trump's obnoxious NY potty mouth did not endear him to IA evangelicals

Hillary Clinton won Iowa. Not coin flips.

Demonstration planned for Feb 13th SC debate.

Tweety -- Mr. Interruption, feeding Clinton softballs, and keeping his mouth shut

I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I......

How the mighty Washington Post has fallen

Democrats Question Hillary's Authenticity & Electability - Historical overview - AA perspective

When Hillary won all those coin tosses,

Jeb Bush Headquarters Exactly What You'd Expect (From Des Moines, IA on Caucus Day)

Where are the 'English Language' movies?

I was told that there is a way to see how much an item sold for on eBay.

Hillary for NH

Clinton Laughs Off Question on Goldman Sachs, But Can Millions in Special Interest Cash Be Ignored?

Kaepernick's new tattoo?

Looking back at the Gold Standard Iowa poll

Mass AG @maura_healey & Winnacunnet alum brings out her old bball jersey all in the name of

Help @HillaryClinton celebrate her win in Iowa at a Get Out the Vote Event in Manchester!

Should we start calling it the "DEEP MEDIA?"

King Felipe VI of Spain asks Socialist Party leader Pedro Sánchez to form a new government.

What drives the extreme age division between Sanders and Clinton voters?


Bernie Sanders is terrifying the establishment - This AA man is knocking it out of the park!

Hillary won Iowa and it was all due to non-white voters.

Landmark Deal Protects Over 9 Million Acres Of Canadian Rain Forest

Transgender Girl Scout stands up to bully who wouldn’t buy cookies ‘from a boy in a dress’

VID:Chris Matthews-Hillary on Hardball:George Washington wasn't a revolutionary, Social Security and

Don Siegelman Case: Federal judge says jury instructions were totally wrong

5 PM deadline to remove foreign agents from Harney "this is a life and death situation"

Caribou Barbie talks about Trump’s Iowa loss and whether they’ve discussed running together

Delegate count via google! (HRC Group)


House hearing on Flint, 9am Wed. 2/3/16 CSPAN 3

Zika Virus Transmitted In United States

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, February 3: 31 Days of Oscar, Day 3

Democratic primary/caucus calendar and delegate counts

Ben Carson's favorite song is "MacArthur Park,"

The Clinton Donor Organiozation

WaPo: Former lawyer for the ‘D.C. Madam’ says names in her records could be ‘relevant’ to election

Study Finds Republican Voter Suppression Is Even More Effective Than You Think

Retaliatory door-to-door salespeople

So my credit card was hijacked last Friday

Hiilary's Person says she won IA and the Nomination...and another thing...

I got a blessing today that I want to share with you guys

Override Governor Hogan's veto.

I am just flabbergasted at a couple of these responses

MUST SEE: African American Sanders Supporter Fan Ad: WE CAN! WE WILL!

When you make Palin

Vintage James Taylor Steamroller Blues, live 1971

Coin tosses and the law

And Now We Have Further Evidence of Cats Taking Over The World

Joy! A new Simon's Cat!

Yahoo To Cut 1,700 Workers As CEO Tries To Save Her Own Job

It's become really clear over the last few weeks...

JebusEnoughFuggingBushes appears to have disappeared

Iowa State Democratic spokesman: Bernie won coin flips, too.

"I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that"

A Trump supporter:

Milennials of color are the future of the party, and they have not voted yet



Coin-Toss Fact Check: No, Coin Flips Did Not Win Iowa For Hillary Clinton

Finally... Ohio Joe comes home to declare his support for a candidate...

This is so creepy...

The Democrats just lost the most progressive candidate in history on immigration.

Good job team Hillary

Bernie Sanders celebrates Iowa caucus victory with David Bowie’s “Starman”

Asking for a Debate, after working for the least is Machevelian, another example of Chess over issue

Big Pharma: "[We] maintain an active dialogue with each of the candidates”

Bernie Sanders wants raw vote count released after tight finish in Iowa caucuses

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Throwback Tuesday??? & a new Puppies gif

The majority of a single vote as sacred as if unanimous.

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead (Heads) (1990)

Peyton Manning cost Donald Trump a win in Iowa

What percentage of loss will.HRC campaign claim as NH victory?

'My brother Michael Enright took this photo last night in Iowa and I presume to share it here.

Bernie and the Magical Moving Ceiling (Iowa Edition)

After Five Years of Service, this Kitty Got a Much Deserved Promotion

How Iowa Went Wrong For Hillary Clinton

Charles Blow: "Iowa’s Black Caucusgoers"

Dems block vote to override President's veto. saved Planned Parenthood. & Obamacare

STUNNING reversal from my teabagger sister.

Top military generals: Women should have to register for the draft

Who here would consider life in an RV?

Christian Post (Feb1) Cruz on Presidency: 10m more Christians show up and we win

Carpe Diem, Senator Warren

Flint mayor calls for immediate removal of corroded lead pipes

I'd like to know where Hillary and Bernie stand on this

Hillary Clinton's War on Universal Healthcare Is a War on the Middle Class

Last night felt like a victory for DU's Hillary supporters. Here's why:

16 Year Old Supporter Speaks at Chicago March for Bernie

Once Again, Clinton Struggles Among Young Voters

Russian doctor punches patient to death in horrifying incident caught on surveillance camera

Arrested Oregon militiamen have had extensive previous run-ins with the law

Hereeeeeee's Johnny!

Lester Chambers endorses Bernie

King: Destroying the myth that Bernie Sanders doesn't address race or racism

For the FIRST TIME in US History a Jew wins the Iowa Caucus! (Okay, came close.)

Hillary has a new anger translater

How GOP super-pacs have spent millions attacking Hillary on Bernie's behalf.

Censored rock lyrics. Sublime, Steve Miller, Everlast, etcetera.

The unexamined sexism is amazing

Who are possible VP choices?

Everyone lies except Ben Carson

Paging Dr. Kubler-Ross...Dr. Kubler-Ross, you have a call on the white phone...

Here's how to vote now that Wisconsin's voter ID law is in place

"You’re Rewarding 25 Years of GOP Smears"

North Korea getting childish by sending balloons over the border with used toilet paper in them

Former EM removed from witness list for Congressional hearing on Flint water

Meskwkaki people: Sanders 83% Clinton 17%.

I finally got banned from the HRC group.

HILLARY GROUP Names: What's with this "Mrs. Clinton" schtick all of a sudden at DU?

Names: What's with this "Mrs. Clinton" schtick all of a sudden at DU? Her formal title is Secretary

I'm done with Hardball. Just finished watching a 20 min commercial with HRC pontificating to ChrisM

This lily white guy thinks that reparations should be made to Black Americans.

How Colombia’s opposition tried sabotaging peace talks to win 2014 elections

Every movement fails. Until it succeeds.

A bloggers eloquent explanation of why not Hillary and why Bernie

The Latest: Franklin Graham Speaks With Oregon Occupiers

WP article explains how "Sanders beat Clinton, 50-50"

Bernie struggled with minorities in Iowa: Clinton won non-white caucus-goers 58% to 34%

Panel: LAPD Justified in Death of Homeless Black Man

Kerry used private email to send Clinton now classified info

NYTimes:a jolting psychological blow to the Clinton campaign, leaving volunteers, donors and aides

I've always called myself a liberal/progressive. But to hell with it. From now on I'm a SOCIALIST

I have booked tickets for a Donald Trump rally in New Hampshire this weekend...

HRC Group: Like it or Not, Hillary Clinton is Being More Honest with Voters Than Bernie Sanders

Endangered-wolf count suspended after 2 animals die

An Open Letter to BLM Director Neil Kornze

Dog Sneaks out of Kennel at Night to Comfort Crying Foster Puppies

"The Effort To Turn Out Latino Voters In Iowa Worked"

Mexico may be the next frontier for medical marijuana

Mexico may be the next frontier for medical marijuana

Geoengineering Watch Organization

Frank Rich from NY Magazine just called Hillary a "dull" candidate on The Last Word

L.A. prosecutors file criminal charges in methane leak near Los Angeles

More Than 500,000 Adults Will Lose SNAP Benefits in 2016 as Waivers Expire.

The political week ahead

Dutch NGO offers pregnant women with Zika free online abortion aid

Broncos send rookie Ryan Murphy home after being detained by police..

NH Poll: Sanders 63%, Clinton 30%

Who says that Bernie can't win the Black vote?

Pandora’s Box: How GM Mosquitos Could Have Caused the Zika Virus Outbreak

Reminder: be classy to all the Sanders folks

Harney County officials reject call to resign and to detain, kick out FBI

Pandora’s Box: How GM Mosquitos Could Have Caused the Zika Virus Outbreak

God Casts Its Vote (GIF)

how do we report or who do we report to at FB for domestic terrorist using FB as their network?

Chicago Teachers Union calls proposed cuts by district 'an act of war'

Chicago Teachers Union calls proposed cuts by district 'an act of war'

Why Americans Didn’t Rally Around Ammon Bundy

Chicago Teachers Union calls proposed cuts by district 'an act of war'

Listen To Hillary ...FLIP FLOP In Record 3 DAYS On Universal Health Care Just Last Week!!!

Why are Bernie Sanders's supporters advancing a false narrative that young people favor Sen Sanders?

I am exhausted with the politics of personal destruction!

Chloe Goins Drops Lawsuit Against Bill Cosby

What Drives The Extreme Racial Division Between Clinton & Sanders Voters?

Trumbo: Hollywood’s Anti-Communist Tribute to Itself

"When the wind's in the east on Candlemas Day

Progressive this week? Moderate next week?

Obama orders more earthquake resilience for gov’t buildings

Can The Demands Of History Resolve the Kent State Massacre Controversy?

Amazing but true, Bernie is now raising more $$$ than Hillary. If it continues, this could be big.

Best capsule description I've seen so far...

Who says that Bernie can't win the latino vote?

Every time the party's left raises their little pointy heads and makes noises....this stuff happens.

Sanders to skip debate unless Clinton agrees to future showdowns

Some true feelings of mine about insults toward Bernie and his supporters.

Did a Dirty Trick Help Ted Cruz Win in Iowa?

PBS NewsHour Iowa Caucus Night Special

Right now, Hillary is like one of those hapless Empire Admirals reporting to Darth Vader

On the Road Bernie in Bow February 2, 2016

How popular is Obamacare really? Would it be risky to hype Obamacare too much in a general election?

If Hillary were serious about improving healthcare

3 big freight railroads to miss safety technology deadline

harlem's "Atlah" church is being seized due to overdue bills...

Our Economy, Explained in Cookies

How can I start a new Group?

Homer Simpson as (Trump) Mussolini (From Dec 11, 2005!)

Stan Getz was born on this date.

Once again Ted Cruz's daughter for the win..

Ted Cruz Super-PAC Staffer Defends Wall Street Chuminess

Luna Lee: "Hit the Road Jack"

Homer Simpson as (Trump) Mussolini from Dec 11, 2005!

Bernie on C-Span right now.

African Americans speak up for Bernie at Chicago rally

anyone know how to find divorce records on someone?

Is this where I ask for a new Group?

Tennessee Repub calls reporter a ‘b*tch’ over spending probe — then quits county job

In Case You Wondered How to Make Your Own "Bernie Band" Clip-On Hairdo

Steven Avery says his own brother killed Teresa Halbach

Check out this video from MoveOn that was made earlier this week

There is not one white politician that even comes close to to this. Not one for many years.

Bros for Trump: 'I Mean, He Walked Out to We're Not Gonna Take It'

The Architecture Genius: Frank Goldberg

Sanders raised $3M in 24 hours, his biggest single day yet

James Baldwin Speaks! The Confessions of Nat Turner: with William Styron and Ossie Davis

One reason for centrists democrats to want Sanders to win.

Sam Seder: Did Ted Cruz Sabotage Ben Carson?

Should it matter that Bernie Sanders doesn't have an advanced degree?

Sanders OWNS Clinton among NH voters under 40, 90% to 6%!!!

Sam Seder: Bernie Sanders's Iowa Speech

Bernie Sanders at Post Iowa Caucus Rally in New Hampshire

Kasich says he will reunite Pink Floyd if elected president

Sam Seder: Jeb Bush Gets Pranked & It's Very Sad

Billy Graham's son speaks to Oregon standoff holdouts

I used to think there was no point to posting in this forum.


Is it true that anyone can be President or only those with an advanced degree. "American Dream" real

Shout out to all the DU'ers

New NH poll has Bernie up 33 points.

Hillary is the wrong woman - Warren - First female US President...

OF COURSE he doesn't regret running. Just check his bank balance to find out why.

Flint water - cartoon

A vote for Hillary is a vote for Wall Street

I'm really enjoying the book about human perspectives in history

State Rep. Graham Hunt quits over military-service exaggerations

The ad that Hillary started running in SC today.~AG Holder~

I am not a regular in the Bernie Sanders Group.

The Clintons and the DLC hijacked the party and we are gonna take it back!

Metal Gear Solid 5 - Episode 51

If I were an artist, or someone who was proficient with that kind of software,

Ketamine hailed as miracle for treating severe depression

Washington State Democratic Party takes position opposing CarbonWA’s I-732

The False Lure of the Sanders Single-Payer Plan

Heart Attack

Cut Clinton some slack

After keeping him in prison for literally half his life, Georgia executed a 72 year old man.

American democracy belongs to the billionaires now

Daily Holidays - February 3

No, Iowa was NOT the perfect demographic fit for Sanders, so stop it.

Number one reason to vote for Bernie...

The Numbers Show Bernie Sanders Won’t Win, So What Will His Faithful Do Then?

Anyone hear Norman Goldman here?

The Supreme Court talking point


The Iowa Winnow (And Why Bernie Sanders is for Real)

Sanders holds impromptu 5AM Rally in New Hampshire

Tom Tomorrow: Breaking: Numerous People Are Running For President

Bernie Sanders Vows to Protect Organic Farming, Calls Out Monsanto As Presidential Campaign Heats

March 9: another Fox debate with Megyn Kelly

Dem turnout down 30% while GOP turnout up 50%

Bernie supporters....please beware..nh is going to be UGLY...we need to be ready

So how does the pivot on 'universal' healthcare work?

It's February and it is above freezing in rural west Michigan.

The apartheid myth

Erin Brockovich Sounded the Alarm on Flint a Year Ago - Why Didn't Anyone Listen?

Sanders wins missing precinct, so Clinton wins Iowa by 2/10ths of 1 percent

In Ferguson, overflow crowd keeps residents from meeting to weigh consent decree

Judge Halts DC Ballot Measure on Minimum Wage

Wall Street Worldview: Why Are People Upset?

What Wall Street Costs America

Mike Malloy Oldies - 2003 - Limbaugh Admits Painkiller Addiction

Americans are ten times more likely to die from firearms than citizens of other developed countries

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) Urges U.S. Leaders To Learn from Mistakes in Libya

This is on point.

5 Civil Liberties Organizations Call for Open Hearings on Section 702 Surveillance

A shooting enthusiast who supports strict gun sales laws

Have you seen this site: Good information about cat food.

In 24 hours after Iowa caucuses, Sanders donors pony up $3 million, aides say

Mike Malloy Oldies - 2003 - Rush Limbaugh Returns To Air After Drug Rehab

Joe changed to BERNIE Coming On In The *8:00 Hr. (am et) Who Knows, Could be Earlier

Ashraf Fayadh: Saudi court quashes poet's death sentence

#ImWithHer #StandWithHillary

Jimmy Carter: US campaign funding is 'legal bribery'

A revival for queer religious groups with plans for collaboration

Jimmy Carter hopeful for Guinea worm eradication in Africa

America's largest cross begins construction in Corpus Christi, Texas

Georgia executes its oldest death row inmate, age 72

Chicago Catholic Priest: 'I'm Gay and I'm a Priest, Period'

When did single payer become synonymous in people's minds with universal health care?

You are really going to love this "Birther..."

Listening to MSM cheerleaders last night

What The Bernie Sanders Unelectable Argument Says About Black Lives

so bernie's right:it IS all about money:wealthier voters for clinton,middle/lower incomes for bernie

If an airstrip is a secret part of military defense, why is CNN reporting about it?

I figured it out

Officer nicknamed 'robocop' gets 13 months for beating motorist

Cyclists in central London set 'to outnumber car drivers'

When you can't fix stupid

Queensland Government Approves Permit For Australia's Largest Coal Mine

Feds, CA, OR Will Move Ahead On Demolition Of Four Klamath River Dams W Or W/O Congress' OK

Melissa Harris-Perry Narrowly Escapes An Attack During Iowa Caucuses

Vote TOGETHER for Bernie Sanders

You know what really fucking gets my goat?

Vote TOGETHER for Bernie Sanders

Tasmanian Fires Destroying World Heritage Site - Last Relict Forest From Gondwanaland

Twitter explodes with hilarious love for Trump tomato thrower

Cruz Launches Homeschool Coalition Led By 'Christian Patriarchy' Adherent

Canada Just Protected A Rainforest Twice The Size Of Belgium

David Suzuki On Not Being An Optimist

Clinton Allies Worried About Slim Win Over Bernie, Esp. With Young Voters, Her Muddled Msg.

The Jersey bully emerges: Fading in New Hampshire, Chris Christie flails at Marco Rubio

POLL: Meme of the Month – January 2016

Hillary will be at the debate in NH!

Why the 2016 Democratic Nomination is Lining Up To Be The 2008 Sequel (NUMBERS)

Felix Mendelssohn

Rand Paul: "You're a wart toucher. Heh heh"

"American Tune" - Simon & Garfunkel

Concede Iowa Bernie

N.F.L. Great Ken Stabler Had Brain Disease C.T.E.

The sickening agenda of Ted Cruz

"Today" calls out Sarah Palin on blaming Obama for her son's arrest

You know what I would really love to do? Virtual surfing.

What happened to MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry is terrifying

The media spent months trying to tear Hillary down and prop Trump up.

Phys.Org - Melting Greenland Dumping 400K Tons Of Phosphorus Into Sea Annually - Food Chain Boost?

Reality check: Clinton leads the delegate race 385-29

Bernie's message is FDR's message

Black people aren't ignorant / "Yes She Can"

42 Energy Companies Went Bust In 2015 Under $17 Billion In Debt; Now Can't Give Their Assets Away

McGinty Wins Endorsement From SEIU

New NASA Spacecraft Will Be Propelled By Light

Jeb Bush: "Please Clap"

Is America Great?

why the numbers of iowa even in draw should worry clinton

Distrust of Chicago cops helps drive Emanuel's low approval on crime

Groundhog sees Jungian shadow, predicts everlasting winter of the soul

What happens under Medicare For All if providers aren't required to accept it?

Wednesday Bernie Group Toon Roundup

Bye Bye Rand Paul n/t

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Republican Results

Iowa: Who the Fuck Cares? (RP)

ADP National Employment Report: Private Sector Employment Increased by 205,000 Jobs in January

Republican Rand Paul Suspends 2016 White House Campaign

The thing about Bernie is he hasn't yet been vetted by the media

Is TLC bringing back heinous Duggar family?

Charles Pierce on Chris Matthews' Anti Sanders Interview With Hillary Clinton

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

The Sanders Poltical Revolution Defined - by Bernie Sanders

Help me understand. I can not wrap my head around the fact that the Head of the Free World is

Slimy Coin Toss Meme Implodes

When is a win not a win? When it's a virtual tie.

A main character in Sanders' stump speech is the Walton family (WalMart) . . .

#IStandWithHer v #WeNotMe

Ain't this Special? Could we give Senator Cruz an "AMEN"

TRUMP: "Ted Cruz Didn't Win Iowa, He Illegally Stole It"

We Need Hillary Clinton

Rand Paul Will Always Have Time

The virtual tie in Iowa sggests that Bernie Sanders is just as 'electable' as Hillary Clinton. So

Jesus Quotes the Candidates

White Nationalist Supporters Are Undeterred By Trump's Iowa Caucus Loss

Bernie Bongo - (Do the Bernie Bongo)

Once again...Iowa doesn't decide who'll win; it decides who'll lose

"The Ego Has Landed"

Bernie Bongo - (Do the Bernie Bongo)

Where did FOX News get these Iowa voter results???

The Rule of Law Enforcement

Insiders Predicted That Bernie Sanders Would Be No Threat to Hillary

Bernie Bongo - (Do the Bernie Bongo)

Has any candidate come out in support of expansion of Medicare to cover basic dental care?

rand paul 'suspending' his campaign....

cross posted from health

Farm to Fork: A Trademark of Hillary's Time as New York Senator

Hillary absolutely positively cannot win the general election

DONATE Water Filters For Flint

Anyone following the Ben Carson "Fresh Clothes Gate" kerfuffle?

So, while George Bush is watching the superbowl this weekend with friends

Feb 3: Derry turns out in a HUGE way for @HillaryClinton & @GabbyGiffords to say #ImWithHer!!!


Water Filters For Flint

I am now officially a down ballot Democrat

Sometimes, even a cynic's heart melts. Please watch this 1:20 minute video

How Ted Cruz Lied and won Iowa Caucus.

*Tonight, New Hampshire Town Hall, Clinton v. Sanders, CNN 9 PM ET, Anderson Cooper Mod.

Nina Turner says...


2 weeks old

Trump demands re-do of Iowa caucus

Great Nina Turner interview on Bernie

Regarding post about Hillary not being able to win without young people...

Univision - Astrid Silva: I stand with Hillary because she stands with immigrant families

[Iowa] When it comes t'both winners n' corn....


Bad news: More Republicans participated in Iowa than Democrats

Ukrainian Economy Minister Quits as Government Cracks Widen

Bernie (Dubstep autotune remix)

Prominent Nevada DREAMer endorsing Clinton

Consequences of Iowa: Trump still strong, new life for Rubio, long-term trouble for Sanders

...the Dodo said "Everybody has won, and all must have prizes" (Lewis Carroll's Caucus Race)

In front is an ACTUAL water pipe from Flint. In the back are what they should look like.

The Iowa results confirm that the methodology used by PPP, Gravis, and Emerson is deeply flawed

How Refuge Occupation Could Fuel Land Privatization Movement

Is the A.D.H.D. Diagnosis Helping or Hurting Kids?

JFK didn't win 1960 election--it was a tie

Nevada has begun mobilizing and the endorsements are flowing.

Iowa is signaling the beginning of the resistance ...

New Sanders video reaches out to bored voters with dance theme - Will It Work?

Scientists in Germany Switch on Nuclear Fusion Experiment

Bernie Sanders *FULL Interview, Today, Morning Joe/MSNBC, Great job by Bernie.

The Twin Cities are digging out today.

This says it all.....

Funny how you never get a survey after you've had bad service...

NSA merging anti-hacker team that fixes security holes with one that uses them

Oh...Rand Paul dropping out

Sanders caved and now told Morning Joe he will debate tomorrow

Behold the lair of a super-villain!

Ever hear music you had not heard before that changed your appreciation of music?...

Why are for-profit hospitals acceptable but for-profit insurers aren't?

Sexual assault charges alleged against wrestling teams at two Oklahoma high schools

The Lonely Trump Supporter

Clinton Healthcare Plan

Trump, Pope Francis among Nobel Peace Prize nominees

Secret US flight flew over Scottish airspace to capture Snowden

Twitter having field day over Trump "Cruz cheated" kerfuffle.

With NFL Rams gone, St. Louis still stuck with stadium debt

Just got a survey form from the DNC

Single Payer is not a synonym for Universal Healthcare.

Elizabeth Warren and her call for TPP no's

Reid pushes for Flint aid as energy bill nears finish line

Supporters line up to see Bernie Sanders in Claremont, NH

Hillary Clinton's General Election Campaign Strategy LEAKED!

EDF project director for UK Hinkley Point nuclear plant quits

Venezuela state TV "documentary" claims those who leave country are only "whites" and "blondes"

House panel subpoenas ex-EPA Midwest chief over Flint water crisis

Did anyone see something about an Atheist Pig cartoon of Jesus and Mo?

Hillary banking on minority support to win on Super Tuesday

So I found this article and thought you guys might like it...

57 Years Ago Today: The Day the Music Died

Bomb likely caused Somalia plane blast, say U.S. government sources

Lies lies and more damned lies

19 holidays to observe in February

Bernie on with Wolf Blitzer/CNN - Today in the 1PM ET hour.

Enter the Sanders Democrat

U.S. energy bill caught up in fight over Michigan water crisis

Welcome to the marriage of true minds. . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump with the stump!!!

Retrophin to pay $3 million in U.S. lawsuit over Shkreli's tenure

it Takes More Than an Obama-Style Campaign

Greed is the reason we

Any gardeners in the Beaufort/Morehead City area? I am giving a garden talk there tomorrow at 10 AM

Hillary's health care plan will not cover everybody

Per MSNBC Senator Sanders to begin receiving Secret Service protection in next 24 hrs

Toyota kills ailing Scion brand

Syria conflict: Government 'cuts Aleppo rebel supply route'

Back to Issues - Where do you stand on fracking?

It's Git Down Wednesday!

Bloom County

Ben & Jerry's releases dairy-free ice cream

I proudly stand with Nevada DREAMer Activist , Astrid Silva in her endorsement of Hillary Clinton

Syrian army and allies breaks rebel siege of Shi'ite towns: army

The Glory of Youth!

South Africa: CORRUPTION GOES NUCLEAR - Jacob Zuma, the Guptas and the Russians

Drame Pooch Delivers The Drama!

Hi all

Looking for historical data on the middle class in the US


Palestinians Kill Israeli Officer Before Being Shot Dead

Trump is a fraud: Report confirms the billionaire’s presidential bid is a long, calculated con job

Pic Of The Moment: Jeb! Storms Into New Hampshire

New Drinking Game!!

ofcoarse rojo does not think you need fast internet

Santorum precinct chair didn’t vote for him because pen ran out of ink

NH tracking Poll: Hillary cutting into Bernie's lead since Iowa win

Truth IS stranger than fiction. Warren Buffett on Celebrity Apprentice???

"Which Side Are You On" - Pete Seeger

America in Decline - 20 reason (in 1916)- Too many sound familiar

Former Flint, Mich., emergency manger Darnell Earley will be 'hunted down' by US Marshals

Tracking Poll: Hillary cutting into Bernie's lead since Iowa win

Trump recants his Iowa concession calls Ted Cruz a liar and a cheat

Obama signing the TPP in New Zealand today?

You guys should get kick out of this

I brought Malasadas...

Has Thursday's debate been sanctioned by the DNC? Have the campaigns agreed on other debates?

The worst thing Hillary Clinton has done

Lacking Enough Execution Drugs, Virginia Eyes Electric Chair

The republicans would make mincemeat out of Bernie but Hillary is innoculated

I Brought Waffle Cremes...

The Republicans are Eating Each Other - Trump v. Cruz

AP NewsBreak: Feds Outline Reforms for Reservation Hospitals

Schizophrenia, Hubris and Science

There Was No Tie In Iowa. Clinton Won.

Heard on tv that Hillary Iowa delegate target was 13.

How Wall Street Has Dominated 2016 Donations

Rand Paul drops out.

Ukraine minister Abromavicius quits over corruption

Bottom Line - Who can win the swing states - Clinton or Sanders

Argentina agrees to pay Italian holdout creditors

Will This Be the Last Time?

Is Fox GOP propaganda unit, Starting To Make Marco Rubio Their Man For President?

Video of Bernie Sanders supporter misleading caucus participants

Which is it? ... or is it "Heads I Win, Tails You Lose?"

Trump A Likable Character By Screenplay Standards?

Will New Hampshire give boost to Bernie Sanders' campaign?

This is not good. Democrats should not be pushing creationist type nonsense.

EDF's union board members to oppose Hinkley Point - sources

ONE DAY after the media said Trump was a surprisingly good sport about Iowa...

The Electability Spin Machine

It remains to be seen if Bernie's tepid benchmark for a 'revolution' meets even those goals

Anybody watch the Lakers v Timberwolves game last night. It was a virtual tie.

Ironic Ending To Planned Parenthood Attacks

Just a thought... please don't flame me because this is sincere

Trump accuses Cruz of stealing Iowa caucuses through 'fraud'

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders face off at New Hampshire town hall

Burger King Is Now Offering an Extra Long Cheeseburger That Is Smothered in Butter

Why Germany is digging up its nuclear waste

The Big 5 and the Sad State of Foreign Policy in 2016

Grassroots For Bernie

Fuck You, Larry Hogan

Theatre hanging: Italian actor Raphael Schumacher 'deteriorating'

Ore. Health & Science Univ.billed uninsured ER patient 'unconscionable' $31,000, says $7 mil. suit

GOP now spelled ‘NRA’

Chronic pain changes our immune systems

Record Number of False Convictions Overturned in 2015

Foria Relief: Cannabis vagina suppositories which 'eases period pain' sold in US

The TPP: A Corporate Bill of Rights

EXCLUSIVE: EU paints challenging picture of Europe’s nuclear future

Zika tests Catholic position on birth control

Boeing CEO pitches F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter jet to India

If You Think Europe Has a Refugee Crisis, You’re Not Looking Hard Enough (Sweden is #9)

American Exceptionalism is an Issue in this Election

Who were the first atheists?

A Tie in Iowa Is a Win for Hillary

Most doctors in favor of national health insurance (ie: Medicare expansion), study finds

Obama Makes Inaugural Visit to US Mosque in Defense of Religious Freedom

Memories of 2008 - LBJ more responsible than MLK for civil rights - It's all a fairy tale....

.93 for gas today


A Russian Reporter Goes to a Trump Rally — And Feels at Home

Grassroots For Sanders - The President We've Been Waiting For

Mysterious Lion Population Discovered In Northwestern Ethiopia

Rahm Declares War

‘Being homeless is my business,’ says panhandler who accepts credit cards

The Fed Wants to Test How Banks Would Handle Negative Rates

Hillary for Nevada - I Stand With You

In case you missed it, here's a table that

Has Bernie congratulated Hillary on being the first woman to win the Iowa Caucuses?

Adding Up the Costs of Hillary Clinton’s Wars

Decrying anti-Muslim bias, Obama pays 1st visit to US mosque

Michigan Governor Covered Up Flint Water Crisis For Months

O'Malley's run for president may help him,

Getting started with the February Photo Contest process

Marco Rubio: Poor Little Rich Boy Runs Into Real Estate Trouble

Dodgy USB Type-C cable fries vigilante engineer's $1,000 laptop

Clean Energy Defies Fossil Fuel Price Crash To Attract Record $329BN Global Investment In 2015

Two Oregon Utilities Support Proposed 50% Renewable Energy Standard By 2040

2,000-year-old Rome pyramid getting visibility after cleanup

Bernie’s Army Is Running for Congress

That time Bernie Sanders played a rabbi in a movie

Morocco to launch world’s largest solar energy plant

Why the hell isn't MSNBC carrying President Obama's speech on Muslims

Cruz's National Security adviser's bio: art historian, RedState blogger, researcher for Rumsfeld

Hillary's Best Bundlers Lobby for Big Pharma & Anti-Obamacare Measures

Moore: Bob Dylan Loved 'Fahrenheit 9-11

This Solar Road Will Provide Power to 5 Million People (France)

The vitriol is starting to get to me.

Ignore the horse race silliness

As Countries Line Up to Sign Toxic Deal, Warren Leads Call to Reject TPP

Bernie Sanders Will Save America From Becoming a 'Coin Flip Democracy'

I think some people are deluding themselves when it comes to Iowa

(Not quite) Bernie covers Estimated Prophet

McConnell Lets Slip Republicans Plan On Doing Nothing In 2016 And The Reason Is Infuriating

Once a primary event is over and the results are tallied,

Today's Dilbert - Who's the bigger terrorists?

Larry Klayman. Alex Jones. Near-critical mass stupidity occurs.

When Bernie Met Hillary-Long before challenging Clinton, Sanders reached out to her. He got nowhere

Sanders' Day Night Fever

Insane. Bill Would Let Florida Governor Use Military Force Against Refugees

Watch: Wellesley students endorse Bernie Sanders

Bernie Plays Role of Rabbi in 1999 Movie

Hillary has the experience to run the system we have. Bernie is the guy for the system we want.

Naomi Klein explains why progressives are losing ‘ideological ground’ to conservatives

How I hijacked a plane and spent the next 44 years living in Cuba

Manly-Man Skills: The dreaded IKEA shopping trip

Bernie on CNN now (1:55 ET)

Obama rebuts anti-Muslim rhetoric in first U.S. mosque visit

Bernie said something disgusting about Hillary?

Remember PBB in Milk? The Flint Water Crisis is Not Without Parallel in Michigan History

*water pipe from Flint Michigan*

Bob Elliott, master of satire, dies at 92

D-Y school board member demands removal of Calmer Choice

Male circumcision is wrong and unfortunate. Leave babies' genitalia alone!

Chipotle is making 5 major changes to its food

Bob Elliot of Bob and Ray has passed

What's for Dinner, Wed., Feb. 3, 2016

Is the debate tonight being monitored by CNN or MSNBC?

Why Rand Paul’s Senate reelection is not a lock

Cruz’s Caucus Victory Is Terrifying for Democracy

Just heard on MSNBC Hillary has to work

Rick Santorum Dropping Presidential Bid

Bernie Sanders says he will be "An Arts President"

Someone posted yesterday an analysis of where these candidates get their funding from. I'll be darn,

Bernie Sanders says he will be "An Arts President"

I miss my Ginger.........

Video shows only known US jaguar roaming Arizona mountains

Nate Silver and Iowa primaries.

Bernie Sanders says he will be "An Arts President"

Melissa Harris-Perry: "I don’t know if he was there to kill me"

Did Anyone Catch the Subtle Implications of Tweety?

Considering that he goes berserk on Twitter even after being mildly criticized.....

I made a delicious Deep Dish Apple Pie last night..........

Question Which Logical fallacy is this?

Monsanto lobbyist is senior advisor to Hillary campaign

Frothy Mixture is out.

Howard Dean: Hillary didn't do paid speeches

Vox: Give a little thought to what a GOP campaign against Bernie Sanders might look like.

New NH GOP Poll shows Trump leading with Jeb! actually in second place

Can I get some thoughts from Tony Hillerman fans? (Spoiler alert)

Google Fiber’s plan to give free Internet to the poor

Students aim to revive beef farming in Fukushima village hit by nuclear disaster

Hillary Won!

Anti-abortion activist set for Texas court date over covert videos

Must See Video -The Full President Carter Interview with John Humphrys

Ted Cruz, your 15 minutes are up

The only political race that needs a lot of money is the presidential one, because they have a

Hungarians protest tight government control of education

Great turnout today! Over 85,000 petition signatures and Bernie Sanders will be on the NY Ballot!

CNN: Rick Santorum ending campaign

Has Sanders Spoken Any Hard Truths?

The new Goldman Sachs meme....

China echoes concerns over North Korean rocket launch plans

Egypt court overturns death sentences for 149

Second term, no f*cks left to give. i like it.

Ex-drug executive Shkreli has $40 million trading loss: U.S.

Holy Shite - Italian actor almost hanged on stage

PREMIERE: Watch PJ Harvey's Seamus Murphy-Directed Video for "The Wheel"

Why America dislikes & doesn't trust Hillary Clinton

Japan orders SDF to shoot down North Korean missile

nice lol

Flint water crisis: Michigan officials ignored EPA warnings about toxicity

I have just heard on talk radio that the Marshalls have been ordered to bring Governor Snyder and

Congressman: Malheur occupation costing state, local law enforcement $100,000 a week

Why kids — now more than ever — need to learn philosophy. Yes, philosophy.

The turnout of 171,000 in Iowa was FAR BELOW the 2008 turnout of 240,000.

M$Greedia there is other news you need to cover

Work goes on at ruined N-plant

Hillary Clinton did win the Iowa caucus event.

this gives me faith in people.

There is an old saying, "Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades"

Union-Made Superbowl Party shopping list

Watch Jeb Bush Beg A Bored Audience To Applaud His Lackluster Speech

Boston Mobster's Longtime Love Pleads Guilty to Contempt

Boston Mobster's Longtime Love Pleads Guilty to Contempt


Chinese woman miraculously becomes the sole passenger on flight to Guangzhou

Former NFL Quarterback Ken Stabler Had Brain Disease CTE

UP-TO-DATE Delegate count -- GOP

Must Read-Exposure to mother's vaginal fluids may help restore bacteria of babies born via caesarean

Trump throws a tantrum...

Lawmakers Seek $1 Billion for Struggling Coal States

Reminder from 2015: Television News Network Lobbyists Are Fundraising for Hillary Clinton

Did anybody watch the caucuses on C-Span 2? I did and looking to discuss...

GOP antiHillary ad that is already in the can and ready to go.

Could a Legal Case Save Humanity From Climate Disaster? Exxon Could Face a Big Comeuppance

Taiwan: COSWAS protests arrest of prostitute

Service Industries in U.S. Grow at Slowest Pace in Two Years

GM Posts $6.3B 4th-Quarter Profit, And $9.7B for 2015 / GM UAW Workers To Receive Profit-Sharing Up

Why 11 N.J. cities have more lead-affected kids than Flint, Michigan


Thailand hopes Chinese New Year tourism brings prosperity

Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize. No Kidding

"We (PoC) have always had one lion in the Senate, someone who we can count on & that's Bernie"

Multistate salmonella outbreak linked to Garden of Life RAW Meal Organic Shake

Chris Matthews is attacking "Medicare for Life" and other matters from the right.

Dollar Suffers Worst Day in 7 Years as Traders Face Fed Reality

Syrian Regime Encircles Aleppo Under Russian Air Power

Tossed another $17 to Bernie

Tweety: "SOCIALIST!!!! SOCIALIST!!!! SOCIALIST!!!! Red-Baiting every guest he has on.

For me a Pork Sirloin Roast is just about the poorest cut on the pig much like

Real Progressive

Townhall tonight in New Hampshire 9 PM EST moderated by Anderson Cooper.

TRUMP: I Will 'Probably' Sue Because Ted Cruz Cheated In Iowa

Boy oh boy Chris Matthews is going crazy

I'm no longer for the fringe candidate.

The Water Next Time: Professor Who Helped Expose Crisis in Flint Says Public Science Is Broken


Aww, how the HELL could Santorum drop out of the race? He was SO CLOSE!

Who do you trust more...

Tennessee Republican Official Calls Reporter a B*tch For Daring To Ask About Wasteful Spending

Bernie doesn't ask as much of working-class folks and the poor-

‘Legal rape’ blogger organizes covert meetings for men across U.S.

Indicted antiabortion activist turns herself in to Texas authorities

Ted Cruz embraces the Bern

Your beard doesn't contain poop, but it could help develop new antibiotics

Ability to access the Internet: helping Seniors and Minorities to learn about Bernie.

Democratic Establishment Escalates Attacks on Bernie Sanders

Goldman Sachs Endorses Sanders!

Three Questions Bernie Sanders Should Answer Before the New Hampshire Primary

An All-Caps Explosion of Feelings Regarding the Liberal Backlash Against Hillary Clinton

After Iowa, Sanders gains in first national Poll: HRC 51%(0), Sanders 35 (+4)

Hillary Clinton says she supports GMOs

Endorsements -New Bernie Ad

Morning Joe Crew Doesn't Care For Shouty Women In Politics

Chris Matthews and Hillary's terrible interview

Mathews (some call Tweety) was crazy all over the place

Dopamine: Politics, Religion, and Power

Martin O’Malley loses primary, wins health care issue.

Rand Paul Suspends 2016 Presidential Campaign

Bernie’s Army Is Running for Congress

Lloyd Blankfein on Social Security

I'm back! Loved the Iowa Caucus! NH is going to be fun!

UN panel finds Mexico's arrest of organizer Nestora Salgado illegal

Bomb Likely Caused Somalia Plane Blast, Say U.S. Government Sources

What Would Sanders Do? An Analysis of His Proposals

Eight prominent immigration activists from Nevada are endorsing Hillary Clinton for president.

Sanders gets national polling bump from Iowa; Hillary flat

Oakland Rent Board Nominee Has History of Mishandling Brokerage Funds

Japan Puts Military On Alert To Shoot Down North Korean Rocket

Goldman Sachs is supporting both Hillary AND Ted Cruz

Who is not committed to a primary candidate yet?

"Clinton posing as any kind of friend to Black Americans is ... absurd".

A piece of my heart has just been healed

Senator Tries To Sneak In ‘More Palatable’ Religious Freedom Law — Uses The Art Of Surprise

Bets on NH Primary? (Hillary Clinton Group)

Jeb Bush to young male college kid, a new voter: "I want to be your first."

Flint gets Democratic presidential debate on March 6 (DNC sanctions 3 new debates, one in CA)

Cause for hope: Secondary tropical forests put on weight fast

Goldman Sachs' CEO LLLoyd Blankfein does math

Maybe You Heard: The System Is Rigged

Dopamine: Politics, Religion, and Power

O’Malley Supporters Almost Won Iowa For Sanders.

Blazing Saddles showing tonight as part of Cinemark and AMC Theaters' Classic Series.

Who will Rick Santorum endorse tonight?

Colbert: Everyone Was A Winner In Iowa, Except The Losers

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 4 February 2016

The Psychology of Germany's refugee response: From Auschwitz directly to Munich's main station

Florida Governor Declares Emergency Due To Zika

Pentagon chief unveils plans to buy more high-end ships, fighters

Top Swedish diplomat is not feeling 'the Bern'

Should I watch Madoff on ABC starting tonight?

Bundy several others indicted by federal grand jury

Fk'n MSNBC Bernie holding press conference on TPP. To add insult to injury...

Coastal storm possible early next week, but it’s too soon to say rain, snow or mix

Coastal storm possible early next week, but it’s too soon to say rain, snow or mix

Pussy Riot’s New Video Targets Corruption in Putin’s Russia

Bernie Lacks Experience. NOT.

Michigan Judge Pulls No Punches in 30-Minute Sentencing Tirade Against Police Officer

4 holdouts at Oregon refuge have diverse backgrounds

Pussy Riot’s New Video Targets Corruption in Putin’s Russia

"Good guy" with gun gets angry at a McDonalds

Prosecutors Bring Sealed Indictment In Bundy Case

Suspect arrested in Georgia basketball player's shooting death

Enough: An Angry Tirade

Call yourself whatever you want HRC.June:progressive; Sept:'pleaded guilty' to being a moderate cent

How Hillary Clinton Went Undercover to Examine Race in Education


Bundy, 9 others denied request to attend funeral

Poll: Most Haitians would vote if they saw elections as fair

Bernie Sanders Speaks in N.H. (A bunch of old people behind him! My generation.)

I wonder if any Democratic candidate will receive a bump ...

Oh my. The Talking Yam accuse Cruz of voter fraud, stealing Iowa

Landlord admits killing 2 tenants over fight after snowstorm

The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a cup of coffee

Barack Obama: Hillary talking like she's Annie Oakley


It’s on: We’re getting four more Democratic debates

There is huge backlash against the Sanders's campaign for throwing Astrid Silva under the bus.

What Justice Might Look Out For The Victims Of The Flint Water Crisis

Youth, High School Football (and other contact sports) Child Abuse?

After execution, Georgia already planning for the next one

McDonald’s sued over allegations of fake cheese in mozzarella sticks

Could The Zika Virus Doom The 2016 Rio Summer Olympics?

Smoking is what Cruz sent out just before the Iowa Caucus:

how are om supporters doing?

US panel greenlights creation of male 'three-person' embryos, but law prevents technique approval

Elizabeth Warren: American Justice Is 'Rigged' In Favor Of The Rich

Senator Tries To Sneak In ‘More Palatable’ Religious Freedom Law — Uses The Art Of Surprise

Ok, we had the caucus/election. It is now known that Sanders can not win an election.

Republicans Destroy Government to Prove Government Doesn’t Work

Time: How Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders and Other Men Play the Gender Card

New Today interview with Refuge holdout David Fry....could the end be near?

Mystery of deep-sea 'purple sock' solved

if he were alive today? Dale Earnhart would tell Trump.......

College for All, #Nurses4Bernie

Hey, old timers we need a new group on DU.

Politico: Ted Cruz embraces the Bern

Christie: Hillary Would Be Relieved If I Give Her a Spanking Instead of a Subpoena

As Countries Line Up to Sign Toxic Deal, Warren Leads Call to Reject TPP

Trying to Vilify Bernie is a desperate attempt to pass time without Comprehensive argument .

Rick Santorum To Suspend Presidential Campaign: Reports

Not a coincidence: Hillary and Bernie are neck and neck among white voters nationally

If I recall, John Edwards was supported by many of the current Bernie Supporters in 2008....

I've got it! Trump is the noise machine that is messing up the noise machine on the right.

These Warehouse Robots Can Boost Productivity By 800%

Sanders adviser was convicted of union embezzling

Single Payer Saves Money by Saying No to the Insurance Industry’

Clinton calls Sanders comment a ‘low blow’

.@SenatorReid goes after key Sanders operative for mocking DREAMER endorsements of Hillary.

I have never heard of a mosquito borne disease being transmitted from

Russia Will Not Stop Its Operations In Syria Before It Defeats The Terrorists: Russian Foreign Minis

You cannot be both

Hillary says that she is the progressive that can get things done.

Primary Poll: Who did you initially support in the 2008 Primary Process?

Sen. Clinton: I am both the flip and the flop,

Hahahaha. FINALLY you'll get what you deserve, you rapist shitbag.

Clinton Now Again Moving Left Of Bernie by Pretending To Be For Universal Healthcare But Really

Bernie quotes Hillary. "Low blow," says Hillary.

Deception of Clinton Moving From ACA to Universal Health Care, After the Iowa Caucus.

Bernie Sanders opposed a bill that would allow a path to citizenship in 2007. Video emerges.

Asked of being a Socialist disqualifying...Fallon says plenty dems think it is

Judge Deals Blow To Bill Cosby In Criminal Case

When Democratic Forum with Bernie and Hillary Tonight?

I had a ramp installed on my side porch