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Make America Great…by registering your yacht in The Bahamas.

Clinton thunders to big win in South Carolina

7:00 PM. Well, that was quick...

MSNBC projects a Hillary win!


It took 10 sec. Hillary the winner in SC according to CNN

Protester To Hillary Clinton: I Am Not A Super-Predator


MSNBC calls it for Hillary

Only 13% of SC voters were under 30 years old

why electing Hillary is more important than electing Obama in 08.

Where the hell is Bernie Sanders?

Congratulations, Hillary and voters!

Hillary won the African American vote in South Carolina 84% to 16%

Hillary Clinton Won In ALL AGE GROUPS In South Carolina.

#marchforbernie - GREAT tweets about all the nationwide marches for Bernie today!!!

AP already projects Clinton wins SC

Pretty much says it all

The Republicans have succeeded....

Hillary has now won 3 out of the 4 early voting states.

South Carolina will give zero momentum to Hillary

Shut your pie hole, Brian Williams

ring any bells?

I have no words...

Trump is turning the Republican Party into an international embarrassment...

Moving on to the general: What red states can Hillary win in the fall?

Clinton got 84% of the African American vote

Lawrence O'Donnel per MSNBC

South Carolina Feeling the Cly-Bern

Exit polls in Dems SC Primary: 80% say economy favors the wealthy. 18% say economy is fair to most.

I know they've done exit polls

Black turnout up in SC from '08, Hillary '16 bests Obama '08 in black vote!

Lawrence O'Donnell doesn't understand proportional delegate splits

Leaked transcript from one of Clinton's Goldman Sachs talks

Watching results? This is much better than msm

Just posted to GD:P- Leaked Clinton Goldman Sachs speech

Refugees = Cheap Labor - do Western nations have an ulterior motive?

Anyone have a link to an official results site?

Hillary has put herself in a position to do what banksters want,how about the rest of us?

It is important to look at Bernie's significant contribution to the primaries...

OMG!!! 96% of the black vote!!! Holy Guacamole!!

NY Times SC Exit Poll: 17-29 years old Sanders: 63 Clinton: 37

Okay. Hillary won the primary and MSNBC has spent the last 20

With All Eyes On Trump, Clinton Is Winning The Dem Nomination (Hillary Clinton Group)

Bernie's statement RE: SC

Establishment Dems Promise to Block Sanders Proposals, Says They're "DOA"

Fifteen percent in - Clinton 78% Sanders 21%

What in the hell is a "Braided River"?

Where The Hell Are Hillary's Wall Street TRANSCRIPTS?!?!

According to ABC Record breaking AA turnout in SC - (CLINTON GROUP)

How To Invent Sci-Fi Languages (And get paid for it, too)

I would have been happy with just a little more margin than Sanders got in NH

Hillary Clinton’s Winning Numbers in South Carolina Suggest Sweep in South

Hillary about to speak!!!!

In Defense of the “Bernie Bro”

Jim Clyburn is speaking - why are you still talking, Brian Williams

LIVE STREAM: Bernie Sanders LIVE from Rochester, MN | A Future to Believe in Rally

TYT: Chris Matthews: Establishment Should Just Pick Nominees

Refugees = cheap labor for Europe. Part of the plan?

Are there any elected politicians in SC or other Southern states that aren't Christian?

Want to see TOTAL satisfaction - wait till end of video

Don't call it a comeback!: C- 74 B- 25 Reporting: 58.7%

Hillary Clinton won more of the black vote than Obama

I absolutely resent

Black share of South Carolina Democratic primary increases over 2008

Congratulations to Hillary Clinton, her supporters, her DU supporters, S.C., and the AA Community

14% reporting: 77.7 Hillary, 21.6 Bernie.

Do you consider the Republicans your enemy?

I really think Hilllary's victory speech is wonderful and the

Time to send Bernie some more money folks

List - Publicly Disclosed - HRC Speeches And Fees - $ 21,667,000 - A True One Percenter

Felony Charges Announced Against Ex-Michigan republican Lawmakers Todd Courser, Cindy Gamrat

It's easy being Liberal in a blue state. Takes real courage to be a Liberal in a deep red state.

List - Publicly Disclosed - HRC Speeches And Fees - $ 21,667,000 - A True One Percenter


This Bernie Sanders Supporter Congratulates Secretary Clinton

Hillary's SC Acceptance Speech. After three days of watching Republicans insulting each other like

Anyone know where Cornel West is?

The Sanders supporters are chewing away on stinky sour grapes yet again.

Fans flock to Coors for final stadium series game


Welcome to America

Rachel Maddow bubbly, giddy over Clinton's SC win

25% reporting: Hillary 76.2, Bernie 23.2

Newsflash: Southern and Western states are more populous and representative of the Democratic Party!

OMG - the Numbers!

African Americans are the biggest winners tonight!

Excuse me, Dr. West.

Road Rampage: Elephant goes wild in India, smashes cars

What a speech!

Van Jones on CNN: "A full-scale repudiation of the Sanders Campaign"!

"Black people are strong and resilient. They are not to be pitied"! Yes, Tweety, yes!!!!!!

Obama Undermines Climate Efforts in Solar Trade Dispute:

John Oliver talks about his trip to the U.P.

"Sanders is on a plane to Minnesota"

Just had an Epiphany

Best case scenario for Hillary: leaves SC with 25 more delegates than she had this morning.

Snowden: 2016 is a choice between Trump and Goldman Sachs

I'm donating tonite - anyone with me?

Hillary over-performing Obama in his strongest SC counties

Clarendon County, 25 of 25 reporting. HRC: 90.8% (3,564) / SBS: 8.6% (337)

Donald Trump & Dwayne Camacho GOP 2016

50% reporting, and we have the first delegate counts from SC.

Clinton nomination = a Trump win?

Media Blackout As Thousands March for Bernie in 45 Cities

Movie weapons and their effects...

Just Meant To Be...poodle rescue by Cindy Hain Madera, CA (photo warning)

Wolf Blitzer: "Sanders 100,000 votes behind Hillary Clinton already".

What a difference in tone and substance


Where is the Sanders' stronghold in South Carolina?

****February Photo Contest Finals****

I am not going to lie

2-25-16 Standing in the Face of Deadly Oppression in 2:00

Andrea Mitchell is un-freaking-believable

2-25-16 Standing in the Face of Deadly Oppression in 2:00

****February Photo Contest Finals**** (X-post from GD)

2-25-16 Standing in the Face of Deadly Oppression in 2:00

GOP congressman tells school children they are to blame for classmate's suicide

From March 22 to November,

What Democracy?!? David Plouffe Says Dem Congress Will Block Bernie's Plans If Elected!

In Defense of the “Bernie Bro”

Fla. man, suspected of burglary, eaten alive by alligator while hiding from police


According to several polls Bernie is leading in some Super Tuesday states.

67% reporting: Hillary 74.6, Bernie 24.8.

Half of Hillary Clinton’s Speaking Fees Came From Groups Also Lobbying Congress

Despite the best efforts of some to be not very nice people, I'm with Bernie to

David Bowie soaks up Mexican culture in set of previously unpublished photos

I have not said a critical word of the Sanders campaign thus far

Ignore SC at your campaign's peril

Hillary has won 45 of 46 counties! Will she make it a clean sweep? EDITED!

No wonder Sanders lost SC in landslide. His SC HQ is in Minnesota

2-26-16 MADISON in 2:00

2-26-16 MADISON in 2:00

Just because a person supports a different candidate than you doesn't mean that person is stupid.

Trump Suggests Judge in Trump University Case Is Biased Because He’s Hispanic

Trident rally is Britain's biggest anti-nuclear march in a generation

2-26-16 MADISON in 2:00

Bernie finds about Medicare-for-all in Canada (lol)

NBC: Clinton Thunders to Big Win in South Carolina

The really great thing about the South Carolina primary

gratuitous kitteh pic - not sure i like this

Hillary's SC Speech - video - (CLINTON GROUP)

I think it's time to haul out this old campaign song (FDR's in 1932)....

Williamsburg County, 28 of 28 reporting. HRC: 88.5% (4,609) / SBS: 10.7% (557)

An excellent discussion of Apple/FBI issues can be found here

"I really like Bernie and love his ideas. But Clinton can win and get things done."

Washington Post editorial board pens frantic op-ed calling for fellow Republicans to stop Trump

This Thing is Still a Horse Race

Sanders did not talk to reporters on his plane.

88% reporting: Hillary 73.7, Bernie 25.7.

MSNBC signed off on their election coverage

Don't know how much of this I can take, but here I am,

TOOT! TOOT! S.S. Clinton is in open waters, clear sailing ahead to the nomination. TOOT! TOOT!

Wow, the DU LOVES BERNIE! The Home Page GREATEST THREADS are all Pro Bernie!!! Go DU!

Warren Buffett: US economy isn't as bad as 2016 candidates say

Despite only half the turnout in SC, more people voted for Clinton (241,388+) than Trump (239,851)!

A really great speech by Hillary

CNN: Hillary wins every county in SC.

'Blacks Were Not Able To Free Themselves, Whites Did':David Barton Credits Whites For Ending Slavery

Damn voter turn out needs to be a concern.

UVa Board of Visitors, Meeting Minutes, 4 October 1824

Flint water emails show Flint City Council never approved switch

There's some really f-ing ugly stuff going on out there right now

Tuesday Smoothes-Day. Get one free butthole waxed with every paid Brazilian waxing

Shush everyone! You're interrupting The Summer of Trump: Citizen Trump on MSNBC

The Hillary campaign is as impressive as it can get.

I sincerely believe that the "novelty factor" of the opposing campaign is wearing off.

Nate Silver got it wrong!

Deja Vu: Petition to fire Steve Alford at UCLA posted yesterday

I have Howard Zinn's A Peoples History of the United States

Scientists discover major Jurassic fossil site in Argentina

Why we should NOT ignore the SC vote.

Final Delegate Count from SC: Hillary 39, Bernie 14

Never give up!

Fewer sea lion pup standings this year — They are already dead

Maher to #BlackLivesMatter: Hillary’s Not the Problem, ‘You F*cking Idiots!’

Okay there REALLY IS a REAL transcript from Clinton's Wall St. speeches. Here 'tis.

WTO: No More New Deals America, ever? WTO ruling we 'won" shows how trade deals will likely frame it

Seriously, who would have called a 47.6% WIN this morning? 99% in, it's 73.5% - 25.9%

Bernie's statement on SC -

Rank and file Democrats did this. Period.

47.6%. That ain't half bad...

Congratulations to Hillary & her supporters tonite. It was expected - but ouch -

Getting worried -- Sanders is closing the gap (HILLRY GROUP)

Vet melts the internet's hearts by comforting frightened puppy waking up from surgery

CNN at Sanders SC HQ in Minn. "This is not a very diverse crowd"

I've always been for the underdog

Super tuesday: Best site to see the results come in??

Sanders up now people

This BS group post deserves more attention, so I'll just leave it here...

Has anyone heard what the SC delegate count is?

So I had my fourth eye operation on Thursday.

Sore winner Hillary Clinton lied to the American people about Bernie Sanders

How does this stack up to 538's scorecard for a 50-50 race to the nom? (HRC Group)

Is it me or is there an alert swarm tonight

I remember 1979 - Democrats voted in huge numbers for Raygun.

Pledged delegate count: H - 93, B - 63

SC delegates, Hillary 41 vs Sanders 12

A little news for our MOM and now Clinton Supporters! (CLINTON GROUP)

Trump Retweets a White Supremacist… Again

Trump endorsed by far-right French leader Le Pen


Wow!! 74% of the vote in SC for HRC

Sanders supporters - IF Hillary wins the nomination & she chooses a solid liberal like Sherrod Brown

Bernie Sanders LIVE from Rochester, MN | A Future to Believe in Rally ( will they vote?)

Nice CNN coverage of Bernie speech.. until he mentions the Transcripts..

I've seen here and on Reddit that there is an influx of Hillary trolls baiting Bernie supporters. Of

CNN just cut off Bernie's speech when he started talking about Goldman Sachs.

This win is delicious! Way to go Hillary supporters!

Bernie Sanders will save the baby --and all of us -- every darn time!

one of hillary's quotes today when she was in south carolina


Bernie is Already My President

The scumbags at corporate media conglomerate CNN cut away from Bernie's speech in Minnesota

O’Malley’s Waterloo: Five Baltimore Teens Campaign in Iowa

If the GDP Is Up, Why Is America Down?

Bernie got his butt kicked by a margin that no one imagined. BUT:

Bernie won NH by 22 points. Hillary won SC by 47 points.

I'm not a regular poster in this group but just wanted to drop by and say

Is there a link to donate to Bernie theough DU?

If the GDP Is Up, Why Is America Down?

Which states counter the SEC states?

Is everyone ready to vote on Tuesday?

Springfield hospital workers, local business leaders

Today, I end my flirtation w/ Bernie Sanders.

Never Surrender

A Sincere Congratulations On South Carolina, DU Hillary Supporters.

Economics: Current climate models are grossly misleading

Hillary won 70% very liberal, 81% among the poorest, 86% black voters, 80% Democrats

"Love Trumps Hatred" Bernie Sanders

Posting from Reddit a comment re: SC -

To other bernie supporters

How Blue is My Valley...

If you're upset about the Sanders campaign's results in South Carolina,

Another Reddit post, this one titled "Some Perspective" - (click on link)

Massachusetts is a must win state for Bernie. He could win it in a landslide... if only


It makes me so happy/relieved to see the SS guarding Bernie..

SC exit polls say white 58-42 for Sanders. Black 84-16 for Hillary.

In Tribute To Bernie - His Supporters - And The Revolution - Stay Strong

Dear Bernie, please let it fly.

AWESOME Hillary victory speech!!

Inside the Republican Party’s Desperate Mission to Stop Donald Trump

I can't wait to read State of the Primary, tomorrow morning

I wouldn't put too much stock in the outcome of the SC Dem primary.

The Great Un-Doing: We Are Watching A Majority Of Our Party's Leaders Do Whatever It Takes...

Anyone in Salt Lake City? Twitter reporting a possible riot?

In Context

Co-founder of Argentina's Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, Juanita Meller de Pargament, dies at 101.

HRC Just Received a Massive Donation from America's Most Hated Oligarch

If Hillary is the nominee and loses to Trump (god forbid) I wonder what all these HRC supporters

I'm switching my vote to Zoe for President!

Guess it was good that Bernie cut back on SC efforts this week...

Question Media Peeps: How much does it COST to air a *TV Political Campaign Ad?

Social sciences and politics

I have a double feature for you

Just so there's no confusion here...

In 2020 When President Sanders runs for re-election

850 College European University Assn. Status Reports on US-Europe Privatization/Liberalisation Deals

Hillarys Win~

3-D technology used to safely reveal the diet of 'Chaucer's children'

Question: If people are so certain that Trump would beat HRC (or Sanders), then why...

We knew this was coming, and ouch Yes it hurts, but buck-up Bernistas ..

OK, watching THIS now 60s Pop, Rock and Soul:

MSNBC to sever ties with Melissa Harris-Perry after host’s critical email

How Bernie can win: prevent HRC from winning a majority of pledged delegates in the primaries....

House of Cards Season 4

"Why are so many against free college tuition?" J Michael Straczynski asks

The Decline and Fall of Hillary Clinton

A captured photo at today's Austin rally at a particularly firey moment. (Really like this one)

This one is for all our friends who have been silenced...

If "everyone else" has to release transcripts and taxes....

Rahway: sneaker store owner Jamaal Gaines, 21, shot and killed at work

This makes it easy to remember

The Latest: Witness saw no police before KKK brawl

WTO Ruling shows a hint of how existing and pending FTAs likely willframe ending "New Deal" Programs

Panoramic view from the rally in Austin today

Last SC related comment before Nighty-Nite - I love all the rally pics BUT

Why Colorado Democrats should choose Bernie Sanders

Stone Age Britons may have had prehistoric secret code

Democrats are on notice: Nominate Hillary and you'll end up with a Republican

A Stunning statistic

We need more volunteers in the Super Tuesday states! Please canvass tomorrow if you can -

No one in 2008 on the Obama team was yelling about Hillary "it over,its over in Feb.

Students, nurses, and activists rally Saturday at California Democratic Convention to support Bernie

FiveThirtyEight: With All Eyes On Trump, Clinton Is Winning The Democratic Nomination

MSNBC didn't show Bernie's speech live?

Fresh off SC, Predictive Markets increase Hill's chance at nomination to 95%!

Just look at this political compass map:

Nicholas Skala RIP - Single Payer Health Care Activist, Law Student, Died August 8 2009 - What Happe

A Bit Of Perspective - The Democratic Party Is In Deep Trouble.....

Hillary and the White Working Class

Jim Jeffords, Arlen Spector, Charlie Crist

So this is what it's come down to.

This is a good read if you feel like reading. It's about what happened tonight in SC &

Polls don't lie....we are nominating the wrong candidate

The puppies are almost here! (Warning: thread contains a fundraising link)

Um, Isn't the Groundswell for Change Supposed to Come from Red States?

To wrestling experts, Donald Trump puts on a familiar show

OK Luvs, here's one!

That was #OneHillOfAWin :)

JUST IN: IRS Accuses Donald Trump Of Lying About His Tax Returns

Officer fatally shot on first day on job in Prince William County, Va.

So far Nate Silver has correctly predicted the winner of the first four states

Europeans:"Standstill", ratchet clauses in trade deals are a direct attack on Democracy, must be rem

Cruz would pardon anti-abortion activist for crimes committed to frame Planned Parenthood

In Case This Hasn't Been Posted.. Hillary Group

Today I end my flirtation with the Third Way. Oh sure, they talk a good game, but in the end

Why the US needs both legal and undocumented workers

Link to "8 Weirdest Conspiracy Theory Websites On The Planet"

Why the US needs both legal and undocumented workers

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - February 28, 2016

Caucuses and labor unions - I'm asking a question here

Counties with more federal land outperform peers

Well its got Toady's attention.....

March 4 Bernie NYC 2/27/16 Photo Gallery

Clinton picked up an additional 25 delegates in SC. Look forward and help Sanders ...

I decided...I'm for Bernie - Since around about 1995

Cop Slugs Mom Repeatedly In Face In Front Of Kids For Calling Dept. To Complain

Todays loss

well, golly gee, look at what the Texas Dem Party is selling on its website

Malheur standoff sparks federal land bill

OMG BREAKING NEWS: Bernie Sanders Wins South Carolina....

Kentucky’s Separate-but-Equal Marriage Bill Is So Extreme, Even Kim Davis Opposes It

Watching my first Republican debate (re-run) since the first one. My take? No matter which of

I know this is not a good time to say this...but...

Some perspective (stolen from reddit)

Brooklyn rabbi charged with teen sex assault gets 60 days in jail; DA ripped for offering light plea

Mean Tweets, Campaign Edition with Senator Al Franken | Hillary Clinton

Anybody else find themselves editing themselves so they

U.S. Climate-Changing Emissions Drastically Underestimated

The Revolution Has Just Begun! Some Perspective:

How about a thank you to the 96,000 that did show up,

TYT: There Are No Progressive Media on TV

7th graders slapped with charges and arrested for putting pepper flakes in a teacher’s soft drink

Noam Chomsky Wants You to Wake Up From the American Dream

Here's Something That You Will Never Forget About Hillary Voters Tonight

Fyi - Bernie will be on Face the Nation Sun 2/28.

Interesting comments from Sanders in Minnesota

For those who say Hillary Clinton can't win the general election

When we stand together is a signature Bernie line

Tonight I went to a Bernie rally and saw what America looks like


For those who say Hillary Clinton can't win the general election


MINNESOTA STAR TRIBUNE Endorsement: Hillary Clinton, who's both visionary and realistic

National Park Lands Need Us Now More Than Ever

Congress Actually Did Something Pretty Great on Climate Change

This premature anointment is a tactic taken directly from Bush v. Gore.

This one is for all our friends who haven't been silenced...

I have a portable heat-seeking missile.

Trump Reveals the End of the Religious Right's Preeminence

Bernie Sanders says he'll win MN Caucus on Tuesday March 1 if turnout is high.

an incorrect SC result is being touted on Hillary group, I think.

Alabama passes law banning cities and towns from increasing minimum wage

Why Do Millennials Love Bernie?

Do you know who's going to win the general election?

Is it possible that Bernie will only win Vermont on Tuesday?

Beware of premature autopsies

Knowing SC was likely to be a debacle for Sanders

Sheesh! Does the Democratic Party really want these guys back?

For all those of US who believe we can.

Top Minnesota newspaper endorses Clinton.. Whoa!

Thorough analysis of the SC primary demographics.

Alabama passes law banning cities and towns from increasing minimum wage (grabbed and xpost from)

Bernie laughs and jokes to his audience for shouting out 27 dollars! Hillarians say he is racist...

I prefer a national healthcare plan like Medicare

With Fewer Members, a Diminished Political Role for Wisconsin Unions

Endorsement--Minneapolis Star-Tribune "Clinton is the clear choice"

Iranian Reformists Set to Win All Tehran Parliamentary Seats

Daily Holidays - February 28

"This 43-tweet story explains how black kids are treated by America’s criminal justice system"

If Donald Trump Changed Genders


Texas Abortion Law Going Before Supreme Court

Would most of America let a bunch of southern states tell them who to vote for?

Decolonization and Alienation: Why I Find My Peers’ Politics Unrelatable

With All Eyes On Trump, Clinton Is Winning The Democratic Nomination


This Documentary Uncovers An Afro-Cuban Community Singing In An Almost Extinct African Language

Photos show the difference between travel expectations and travel reality

The Rockford Sons and Daughters of Liberty

Trump Suggests Judge in Trump University Case Is Biased Because He’s Hispanic

Shhhhhh, we’re annexing

Indian man allegedly kills 14 family members with a knife, then hangs self

Israel's New Line of Propaganda Puts Orwell to Shame

Blocked from the Clinton group from posting my thoughts as a CPA

There are a few things we are sure about related to the clown car

Local veterans hold rally in support of Muslims

How a powerful Democrat helped make George Bush president & turn Tx. red.

History Lesson - How a powerful Democrat helped make Geo. Bush president & turn Tx. red.

Trigger Warnings

Here's a taste of how the GOP would run against Sanders

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Natural Habitat Edition

DUers on a timeout can vote in polls - is this a Good Thing?

Parents Could Be Held Liable for Leaving Loaded Gun With Young Kids

Game's over ... cut to the movie.

"Hillary as Mitt Romney" meme is straight out of the GOP playbook this season

You're fired.

Am I the only one

Hey! Tim Black has a message for Bernie supporters. Share it :)

Hillary won a great victory in SC

NYTimes finally reports on Hillary's creating an ISIS haven in Libya

Winners and losers from the South Carolina Democratic primary (Hillary Group)

The Walking Dead 6.11 "Knots Untie" (spoiler alert)

Clinton trounces Sanders in South Carolina, pivots to Trump

NYTimes - South Carolina exit poll: Hillary wins almost every category including the white vote.

Hillary has won 3 of the 4 last contests...

Basketball math for all those calling the game over...or knowing it isn't:

Does Google Have The Capability To Sway Elections?

Agent Orange catching up to Vietnam veterans decades later

Does Google Have The Capability To Sway Elections - New Threats To Democracy

So former Governor Jan Brewer has endorsed Trump

It's not slut shaming to put a fact out there.

The B-21: At $500 million each, is this a better bomber?

Now, here's how we take down FrankenTrump:

Sunday's Doonesbury- New Bible

Thousands rally in Moscow to remember Boris Nemtsov Opposition leader and critic of Vladimir Putin

Bernie Sanders Getting Foreign Policy Advice from anti-Israel Conspiracy Theorist

When Howard Dean ran against the Iraq war in 2004 he was the only candidate doing so.

Where have all the liberals/progressives gone? We need a hero!

If Clinton actually won Iowa, why did they shut down the review process?

#1 Reason for Sanders: Having an honest President that fights for the people and will veto

Christie Campaign's Finance Co-Chair Calls on Donors to Reject Trump

Not supporting Hillary in the GE is simply RIDICULOUS. There is no other way to describe it.

New Suffolk U Dem poll of Massachusetts coming out this evening...

sunday show lineup...sanders supporters take note!

Melissa Harris-Perry 'highly unlikely' to return to MSNBC

CEO of Goldman Sachs Lambasted Sanders as Grave Threat, but Not Clinton. Why?

Wall Street deregulation pushed by Clinton advisers, documents reveal

The death from above: guided missiles of Luftwaffe

Trump says he never fails? Well, here a few things to dispute that!

Some reflections on "REVOLUUUTIONNNN" from those RW shills (sarc.), the Beatles.

UK Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn Joins Tens of Thousands in U.K. Anti-Nuclear Weapons Rally

Winners and losers from the South Carolina Democratic primary

Clinton: Candidate for the 1% and Warmongers' Vision of what America should be & it isn't a pretty

I changed my signature line, yo.

This is what police brutality looks like. It's not just people having their rights violated...

The magic threshold for delegate spread after ST is +100

Requesting your feedback on a client-provided food porn shot (it's not one of mine)

Hillary Clinton is at 96% to win the nomination, 62% to win the presidency at predictwise

Pussy Riot Planning Tribute to Bernie — and a Song for ‘Dickhead’ Trump

So apparently Trump has no idea who David Duke and the KKK are.

Donald Trump retweets Mussolini quote

50 more bucks for Sanders campaign today.

Coalition of 400 companies fight Georgia's proposed religious liberty bill

Truman 1995 HBO Film

With regard to posting pro-Hillary and anti-Bernie stories from the Daily Beast

Super Tuesday whistles Dixie

What happen to Sarah Palin?

Did Hillary Clinton Just Put Bernie Sanders 2016 on Life Support?

New NBC polls in Georgia (Clinton +34), Tennessee (Clinton +26), Texas (Clinton +21)

Protestor interrupts VP. Biden tells audience to go easy on him. "Let's not act like Republicans."

Ted Cruz just said Donald Trump is mobbed up*

The Long Haul -

New CBS polls in Georgia (Clinton +28), Virginia (Clinton +20), Texas (Clinton +24)

Ignore function not working properly

Throwing African-American voters under the bus (Hillary Group)

The face you make when you've trashed Hillary for years and she wins big

Important to learn from 2000

@TulsiGabbard tells @ChuckTodd she's stepping down from DNC position to support Bernie

Beat your daughter, and no punishment?

Venezuela: The world's worst-performing economy

An Endorsement!

Caption Contest!

I think we should start writing the superdelegates

What a Most Unpleasant Choice in November!

Witness says 16-year-old boy shot by police in downtown Salt Lake City

This is just how historic Hillary Clinton’s South Carolina win was

British Muslim girls being forced into marriage via internet

A small AHA moment

Media Blackout As Thousands of Bernie Sanders Supporters March in 45 Cities

The Battle of the Blands! . . . Please come CAPTION Trump and Rubio!!!

Trump refuses to disavow the KKK. You heard that right:

NY Times Top Story: Hillary Pushed Obama to Bomb Libya, Leaving It A Failed State & ISIS Haven

Trump "I don't know" about the KKK is when I decided to kick his ass.

Imagine the future as more of the now

Top DNC official leaves post to back Sanders

My sympathies to that young man.

A bit of prospective...

The Tragic, Forgotten History of Zombies

Stop it now!

Minneapolis Star-Tribune endorsement...

Tennessee Clinton 60 Sanders 33 Clinton +26

TRUMP humiliates craven CHRISTIE, "Go home!1" and craven CHRISTIE says O.K. & slinks away

Another idiot lawmaker - Rape victims stand little chance of Pregnancy

Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard resigns from DNC, endorses Bernie Sanders

Anybody here like to shoot black powder?

Nicaragua: Strong Explosions in Momotombo Volcano

Thousands March For Bernie Sanders in Chicago

Oligarchy at Work: Bernie Will Fight Against This, while Hillary gets donations:

"A Brief Photo History of Union Square Protest"

Bernie's campaign gives me a chance to do something rare.

Hillary doesn't need progressives to win. We're an afterthought for her.

Bernies Sanders pulls out of Southern States


Shaken, not stirred

Undocumented And Unafraid | Bernie Sanders

MSNBC's daily programming will now consist of 12 hours of Morning Joe-followed by 12 hours of Lockup

"The effect race could have on the race"

The case against Hillary Clinton: This is the disaster Democrats must avoid

New Polls From GA (HRC +34), TX (HRC +21) & TN (HRC +26)

Keith Olbermann needs to do a daily Video Blog or something. I miss him during election season. nt

Sen McConnnell: "GOP will drop Trump like a hot rock"

New NBC Polls From GA (HRC +34), TX (HRC +21) & TN (HRC +26)

One of the reasons to be optimistic about the path forward.

Where will we win?

Cornel West Says Civil Rights Leaders That Support Hillary Clinton Have Lost Their Way

Tulsi Gabbard NOW on mtp killing it! nt

Minneapolis Star Tribune endorse Hillary ahead of Super Tues causus

Could there be a way to start and share small wikis on subjects of mutual interest?

3 to 1 in SC! (Hillary Clinton Group)

The Pledge of Allegiance

Just badged VA cop killed on first day, responding to domestic dispute

I Have Been Inside Of The Sanders Campaign For Months - HRC Won't Be Able to Sheepherd

Shelter dogs used to retrieve tennis balls in Brazil Open

No matter what Bernie need to stay in the race. Just to keep HRC honest and push her to be liberal!

Bernie on Stephanopolos Interview

Shelter dogs used to retrieve tennis balls in Brazil Open

TOON: Trumpenstein

After Getting Blown Out in South Carolina, Bernie Again Impugns Hillary’s Integrity (Hillary Group)

Well, if polls don't lie...

Bette Midler SLAMS Trump, Rubio, And Terrible Grammar In One Magnificent Tweet

Bernie on Stephanopoulos


The Libya Gamble: Part One (International New York Times)

Updated: Only Bernie Can Win the GE: ALL Primary Results Show:

EXPLOSIVE: Hillary Pushed Columbia Trade Deal As Secretary Of State (leftover trade deal from Bush)

Hilary Clinton - Third Way - Social Security - Buyer's Remorse

The margin in South Carolina suggests Sanders is going to be annihilated on Super Tuesday

The turning point in Bernie's campaign arrived this morning (it's not SC results or polls or votes)

Bernie on Stephanopoulos:

Pups 41 days

The Hill: Top DNC official leaves post to back Sanders


Good news unrelated to the election! Animal lovers celebrate!

A Story About Bernie!

With it so cheap right now, how can one be running out of gas???

Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) announces resignation from DNC, endorsement of Bernie Sanders

How many nonwhites would vote for Trump against Hillary in November?

The Plight Of The Modern American Liberal (or Why We Want To 'Bern it up or Burn it Down')

Is it typical for a County Committee to endorse a primary candidate?

Hillary Clinton's Faux Feminism

The Great Regression

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, March 1: 31 Days of Oscar, Day 30

I have a question for the Californians here about a candidate.

Trump won't disavow support from KKK, David Duke

Vice President Tulsi Gabbard, Damn, she's impressive!

Ed Schultz is having a complete meltdown on Cnn

Flint Water Crisis - Real Stories, Real People, Real Life - A Mini Documentary

Big Ed is in CNN arguing FOR Bernie!

Establishment Media and Economists Attack Sanders' Agenda

My friend is being abused by her boyfriend and won't quit him

I don't remember any concern about democratic primaries in southern states..

Numbers don't lie in SC

New CBS Poll: HRC leads by 37-points among Latinos in Texas

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, March 2: 31 Days of Oscar, Day 31

Rolling Stone: WTF Happened to Bernie Sanders in South Carolina, Explained

Politico guide to Super Tuesday (Hill's Group)

HRC leads by 37-points among Latino voters in Texas (CBS poll)

YES - Clinton Supporters condone the Privatization of Social Security

South Carolina sets up Super Tuesday endgame for Sanders (Hill's Group)

There is a revolution happening and it's being led by Hillary Clinton.

Chinese Tycoon Loses 37 Million Web Followers After Faulting Xi

Anarchists vs KKK in Anaheim

Hillary has lost support 3 of the last 4 months...

Drowing (Haiku)

Doonesbury Today! Am I really the first one to post this? It's about you, Donald. Enjoy!

Egyptian MP lauded for throwing shoe at controversial lawmaker

The "Democratic" Party has lost its soul.

Take a look

Biden apologizes to Mexico for the GOP rhetoric

As a Bernie supporter

Trump The Hypocrite

Obama celebrating Ray Charles on PBS. Very bittersweet to see him end his term!!

whoever eventually do we beat this?

Katy Perry is really JonBenet Ramsey!!1!

No Shit -- 78

I'm supporting Bernie all the way until he wins the nomination or quits

Hillary Clinton,‘Smart Power’and a Dictator’s Fall--NYT Investigative Report: Parts 1 & 2

"We need more love & kindness—& that should not be reserved for Sunday morning." -@HillaryClinton i

"This is not company I wish to keep"

Gawker: We fooled Trump into retweeting Mussolini

Life lesson

I don't want a Democratic win in 2016.

anyone got the news clip from 20007/8 where hillary pooh poohs the idea of stepping aside early?

Conservative Democrat resigns DNC, endorses Sanders

New Poll actually has Cruz beating Trump by 13 in Texas

Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard: ‘I’m resigning from the DNC so that I can support Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton,‘Smart Power’and a Dictator’s Fall--NYT Investigative Report: Parts 1 & 2

Prominent Wall Street Whistleblowers Announce New Initiative

That story about the DNC no longer enthusiastically signing up young kids on campuses is a shocker!

You want a more liberal Democratic candidate?

Railroads Pushing For One Man Freight Trains. Colorado Bill Demanding 2 To Die In Legislature.

Glory Hole

I'm thinking speeding

Connie Schultz's review of historian Ellen Fitzpatrick's "The Highest Glass Ceiling"

Why Are People Saying Hillary is a True Progressive?

(video) Bernie Sanders: South Carolina primary results “as bad as it's going to get”

MSNBC is nothing special - just your typical corporate media infotainment outlet.

Timely reminder of what this election is really about

Fed Up

Hillary making His(HER)story.......Feb 27 2016 and going FORWARD.... pics

guess i forgot to post this- biff the therapy dog.

Text msg from Bernie

Anyone else starting to think about the Hillary versus Trump attack ads?

Chief Inspector Murphy on a difficult new case

Tit for Tat?

Have we seen what Steven Spielberg did? Obama playing Daniel Day Lewis playing Obama!

Whow--look at how many offices and paid staff Bernie had in SC!! -and he still went down...

For those saying Bernie is "losing" (Bernie group)

I'm Black. Old Blacks have failed us. It's time for Young Blacks to make our stand on Super Tuesday


A Rebuttal To Hilary's Identity Politics

I wonder how many congregations in SC

The US relied more on electricity from renewable sources in 1950 than today

In case you're wondering, Hillary Clinton, THIS is what a "super-predator" looks like...

Something notable that Hillary is "very proud" of

Early prediction: Your 2016 MLB World Champions are ...

"Business Friendly" Meme. Means NO RULES. Business Has RIGHT To Run The Way It Wants.

So tell us Mrs. Wall Street, what are you afraid of???

Framingham, MA newsspaper Endorses Hillary --> Clinton is the Democrats' best choice

Tulsi Gabbard could be the one to carry Bernie's revolution forward down the road

Donald Trump & Michael Savage of Right Wing Hate Radio: AVATARS FOR WHITE RAGE, XENOPHOBIA

Polls and turnouts - was the turn out in South Carolina depressed because

This election started as a contest over ideas. It's devolving into the usual soap opera shit.

Satire: State of Tennessee goes kooky...

What Kind of Change Would Come With a Sanders Presidency?

yesterday just cost me $120 (put the $20 tip in there), there was no bet...

The definitive answer on the Columbian Trade Deal

Fear & Hate

PSA: People are spreading a photo of NOT BERNIE marching with MLK

ICYMI - Bernie Sanders Will Dominate Super Tuesday and Defeat Clinton in Southern States

If Hillary Is Elected Would She Name Bill To The Supreme Court ?

The funny thing about norms – is you rarely notice them until someone violates them.

The Latest: Saudi FM Says Syrian Forces Violating Cease-Fire

Reasons I'll never vote for Hillary...

BTRTN: Hillary Romps in SC and the Bernie Math Gets Very Tough From Here

Why Courts Shouldn’t Ignore the Facts About Abortion Rights by Linda Greenhouse

Robert Scheer: Why I Will Never Support Hillary Clinton for President

Media Turns on Trump They Milked the Debate Millions all they could!

I don't trust Clinton, but I trust the Democrats who trust her. I trust democracy.

NY Times (aka Clinton Times) changes SC exit poll youth voter percentages.

Chrstie wavering about Trump "seeing muslims cheering 9/11 in NJ"

****February Photo Contest Finals****

Sanders was the only White guy who showed up

Winter contest announcement

Bernie Sanders Will Win Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina. Here's Why.

Death toll in Baghdad twin suicide bombing rises to 70: sources

Police Investigating "Execution-Style" Murder of 3 Muslims in Indiana

With Tulsi endorsing Bernie - it's time for the others to come out of the woodwork.

"In all five elections since 1996, February matchup polls ..."

DNC Vice-Chair Resigns, Throws Support Behind Bernie Sanders

How do we get people to turn out in November?

Attention NClinians! Same-day registration still available DURING EARLY VOTING!

Islamist group kills 17 in twin blasts in Somali town

Hillary Clinton had a great night on Saturday. The Democratic Party had a terrible one.

Since the year 2000:


Donors ask GOP consulting firm to research independent presidential bid

Help Bernie help us all

Trump: Judge's ethnicity matters in Trump University suit

Family IDs teen shot by police in downtown SLC

I would like to thank the Third Way.

Russian mine disaster toll climbs to 36

A special request to some of my fellow Bernie supporters

At the Next Debate Hillary Clinton Should Be Asked the Question "Would You Nominate Henry Kissinger

Hunny the TV Man: Tales of an Aging TV Repairman & Don Juan

So, how long until President Trump gets impeached, and what does he do that gets him thrown out?

Bernie Sanders is right: Bill Clinton’s welfare law doubled extreme poverty

Hunny the TV Man: Tales of an Aging TV Repairman & Don Juan

No, Socialism Isn’t Just More Government


Break the Internet for Bernie.

This Deaf Dog Barked Early In The Morning. The Reason Why Is Heart Warming.


Bernie has worked very hard for this.

Welp. 15 years here, and I just earned my second hidden post.

If Trump is nominated, establishment Republicans will primarily fear losing the Senate.

General Election - Something Important to Consider

Looking Back On Scalia

"Chris, don’t interrupt me." "Chris, please don’t interrupt me," Cruz tried again.


I found a perfect answer to all the posts that attack Clinton as being as bad or worse

HAPPENING NOW: Miami Gardens FL Organizing Event W/ BILL CLINTON from 2-3:30pm

GOTV by volunteers in Arkansas...& TN

ICC's first cultural destruction trial to open in The Hague

Republicans Are Trying to Use Bernie Sanders to Undermine Hillary Clinton

The Barre and Montpelier, Vermont Times Argus Endorsement Hillary Clinton

Bernie is in this until the Convention.

African-American Voters See Court Fight as Affront to Obama

When the Democratic nominee debates Trump

Please tell me if this claim is true

Two Simple Questions RE: Clintons, the DLC/3rd Way and Social Security.

Pocket watches on bar towel

When the Democratic nominee debates Trump

If Straight Outta Compton Was An Oscar Contender

What are you reading this week of February 28, 2016?

Report: Broncos privately preparing to part ways with Peyton Manning

Poll: Hillary Clinton up big in key Super Tuesday states

Russian Coal Mine Accident Kills 36, Including 5 Rescuers

"Mark Zuckerberg Asks Employees to Stop Crossing Out ‘Black Lives Matters’ on Office Walls"

This Week in God - 27 Feb

What's the difference Sanders tried to impart between southern blacks and those in other regions?

Hill's Group: Sam Wang's Open Thread from the SC Primary

Most South Carolina primary voters had made up their minds over a month ago

From the Dallas Rally

Rubio crowd gets pushy with protester

Democrats Should Be Very Nervous About Their Terrible Turnout Numbers-Low turnout equals Pres. Trump

You should see who is getting Bernie swarmed!


This is breaking my heart.

I went to one of the March's for Bernie!

Hillary Supporters Posing as Bernie Supporters Giving Up

Undocumented and Unafraid | Bernie Sanders

Minnesota Primaries - Campaign Contacts? Anyone?

What does a DNC Vice-Chair know that Hillary supporters do not?

Front pages from today's SC papers


What Hillary Clinton’s massive win among black voters really says

PSA for everyone: Don't freak out about upcoming national Clinton vs Sanders polls

Slate's Interactive Calculator: View the Odds of Other SCOTUS Members Dying & Court Make-Up

Tom The Dancing Bug on Twitter: "Boy, Just Wait Til Trump..."

Wow, this place has turned into a haven for racism

The MSM is trying to write us off! No Way!

Student Activists Take On The For-Profit College Scammers

To the DNC and New Democrat (Third Way) Party.

Why Jewish voters still won’t support Republicans in 2016

Hollywood A-Listers To Protest Guns At The Oscars: ‘I’m Wearing The Victim Of Gun Violence

Hanging with @ChelseaClinton ,@GovMarkDayton , and over 100 @HillaryforMN volunteers.

Has anyone tried growing Jerusalem Artichokes

He thought he could reason with Antonin Scalia: A more naive young fool never drew breath

Democrats Should Be Very Nervous About Their Terrible Turnout Numbers

In Photos: With Tehran synagogue doubling as polling station, Jews vote in Iran elections

A video showing ancient Rome Great

I think they think we are morons.......Bernie is a nice guy all of a sudden.

Salt Lake police confronted by protesters after cops shoot black teen armed with broom handle

U.S. Wins WTO Case to destroy India's Solar Power Industry

Hillary in Nashville TN now holding a rally. cnn carrying some... and pics

KING: Democratic turnout at primaries is down, and fewer voter registration drives could be to blame

Senator Sanders hears from the people of Flint, Michigan

Bernie is the best candidate for the Democrats

There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.

Elections took place in Jamaica on Thursday

When Ronald Reagan was endorsed by the KKK, here's what he said

Smilie-hearts for HRC: Since Clinton is surviving a cutthroat primary in style...

LIVE : Bernie Sanders @ Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City (Feb 28)

Share your weird dreams.

Citigroup receives subpoena regarding FIFA probe

African-American women could be decisive on Super Tuesday

Jacob Sullivan

Donald Trump On David Duke Endorsement: ‘I Disavow, OK?

"Voters Say Clinton Is Dishonest and Trump Is Stupid - Why Are They Leading the Race?"

Hillary Retweets a Bernie Tweet about Trump.

If you're pro science, you probably dont want to read this...

Who has the actual turnout numbers for past primaries/contests?

The Clinton Brand Explained

5 Early Reader Books That Rock

Attempting to bring Bernie supporters to heel is not a way to motivate them

Camp Bernie has to hunker down this week and prepare for the long haul, and ignore calls to concede!

GOTV in Michigan..for Hillary

Are Hillary supporters much like Hillary herself?

Why I Can't Celebrate 'Confederate Heritage Month'

Donating to Bernie TODAY - Who's With Me?

Found this on Facebook this morning.

Tupelo leaders may again face Mississippi flag controversy

Record 43% of Americans are political independents 30% Dem. & 26% Reb.

Today's polls very good for Clinton

Vermont papers Rutland Herald, Times Argus Back Clinton Over Sanders

Should Bernie ask Hillary to be Vice President or in his Cabinet if he is the nominee?

Who here is going to boycott the Oscars tonight? Who is

Poll on get out the vote activities for candidates

Detroit-Free Press: Clinton is Michigan Democrats' best choice

Detroit-Free Press: Clinton is Michigan Democrats' best choice

Bernie Sanders' Nuclear Waste Votes Divide Texas Activists

Top Vatican official to testify about clerical sex abuse

Sanders best counties in South Carolina are the most conservative and Republican in the state

Hundreds welcome Bernie Sanders in Flint

The Death of the Democratic party: One woman's quest for power, another's quest for....

The Koch Brothers to Attack Electric Cars

It will be a "Super Monday" for HRC Massachusetts Supporters...

Obama gives military largest raise in 5 years, GOP refuses to give credit

Crockpot chicken and dumplings for dinner tonight.

Reminder: In 1927, Donald Trump’s father was arrested after a Klan riot in Queens

Have Tea Partiers graduated from sign making to sending Tweets??

Bernie Sanders is the ideal Democratic candidate . . .

It's The System, Stupid

OK Huma Abedin will sink Hillary's campaign

Historical Similarities btn FDR & Bernie - The students are teaching US

Some say there is no way Trump could be elected. I really do not believe he will be, but I've been

Trump reportedly to get first US Senator endorsement from Jeff Sessions

NBC's "four issues" show Bernie's biggest problem

Copy of email to supporters

Oh, and by the way, where ARE the transcripts of those Goldman Sachs speeches?

Suppose Hillary Clinton wins the Primary, an outcome that most

Lyft Driver Caught on Camera Refusing to Drop Passenger Off

Bernie Sanders is the ideal candidate for the democratic primary

PoC don't need to explain their voting. But people studying politics should dissect such things.

Senator Sanders: We ARE Smart

Inside the GOP Implosion and the War to Stop Trump

The problem with DNC chairmanship in general.

Karl Rove is desperately trying to stop Trump. And he's helping Sanders

The opposite of idealism isn't pragmatism. It's opportunism.

Senator Jeff Sessions is about to endorse Trump.

Which other Senators will endorse Trump

There seems to be more butt hurt than normal.

Donald Duke??? Listen to what this GOP mouthpiece calls Trump.

Why Bernie Sanders is still the Real Deal: (please share and make this go Viral)

Hard to find bread in shortage-stricken Venezuela

Nevada showed Hillary Lost Her Grip on the Hispanic Vote; She had Won 40% against Obama in '08

Hillary Clinton, ‘Smart Power’ and a Dictator’s Fall

Senate republican leaders admit they’re willing to help Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump

It's The System, Stupid

Senator Jeff Sessions can barely speak English.

Did Sanders know the size of the margin....

What a Donald Trump presidency might actually look like

I Explain THE DONALD Frank Schaeffer

Which side are you on?

Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions Supports Trump:And, He's Against the TPP!


That Alan Grayson poll....

Meijer donated water filters to Flint in 2015 at state's request

Meg Whitman calls Christie’s endorsement of Trump ‘an astonishing display of political opportunism’

Vermont Times Argus Newspaper Endorses Hillary

Did Bernie acknowledge Hillary's victory...

So it begins Trump

Now that Tulsi Gabbard has resigned, how much light is she apt to shine...

Just Released: New Massachusetts poll (Suffolk U): Clinton 50 - Sanders 42

Confederate statues: city’s shameful graffiti (KY)

Current Party Identification (Including Leaners)

Message time 6pm ET, Let's break the interwebs!

Senator Jeff Sessions to endorse Trump White House bid: Drudge Report

why did I get a vacation for posting a link to a dem site

If the only state that stood with George McGovern in 1972 goes for HRC on Tuesday what will be said?

When Hillary gets the nomination (HILLARY GROUP)

Saying that the Koch bros support Hillary is okay to say here

Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D, Austin to endorse Hillary Monday in San Antonio with Bill Clinton

A Quote About Voting

GoFundMe for my father

I had an argument on another message board with an anti-immigrant Trump fanboy...

Hillary Clinton Holds Eight-Point Edge Over Bernie Sanders in Massachusetts


Watch Ed Schultz stand up to David Brock on CNN

WATCH: If you get $200,000 for a speech, must be a pretty damn good speech."