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A sincere note to the Bernie supporters here

War, What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothing. Literally

Baby Metal

Senate Confirms New FDA Commissioner With Close Ties to Big Pharma

What watching the GOP debate is like

Walmart for Hillary!

Could an animator bring Charles P. Pierce's "vulgar talking yam" to life?

I saw gas today at $1.52/gal

Christie's endorsement doesn't carry any weight.

Paul Krugman: “Wingnut welfare” blinded the GOP establishment to the unpopularity of conservatism

Family of Baby Injured During Raid Awarded $3.6 Million

Media: Government Has No Reason to Shield Bridge Case List

The elements of journalism.

CDC Advises Pregnant Women to Avoid Traveling to 2016 Olympics in Brazil

Nation Increasingly Optimistic That Trump, Cruz and Rubio Will Kill Each Other

Gabby Giffords stars in latest Clinton ad for Massachusetts

Does anyone remember what the terms of Olbermann's exit were?

Vote For Bernie Even if You're For Hillary!

This Chris Christie endorsing Trump rally on MSNBC is otherworldly...

Idaho lawmaker questions whether rape can lead to pregnancy

City worker rescues baby coyote from storm drain

So Palin, now Christie!

Group Of New Canadians Disavow Citizenship Oath To Queen

The Governing Cancer of Our Time

BAM!! Hillary more Favorable Than Bernie Among Dems!!

Christie Todd Whitman Says She’ll Vote for Clinton Before Trump

BAM! Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney Endorses Hillary Clinton For President!!

Black Voter's Choice...Bernie Stretches Our Imagination!....This is Not a Partisan Choice!

Ted Cruz Is Holding Up The Senate’s Bipartisan Bill To Address Flint’s Water Crisis

Tallahassee, Florida Mayor Andrew Gillum Endorses Hillary Clinton For President!

Reasonable conspiracy theory claims that Katy Perry is JonBénet Ramsey

Bernie's Vagueness Dooming His Campaign

Bernie's Vagueness Dooming His Campaign

Republican Operatives Try to Help Bernie Sanders

Bernie in Austin, TX tomorrow 2/27

So, what the heck is going on with Christie? Did Trump offer him a spot on the ticket?

how did Hillary get my name and address?

"Hey Christie! Whaddya want? Cabinet position? VP?.. Come on.. We'll talk"

We have this little mom-n-pop pizza place down the road...


I didn't want to believe it...

Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and the Europeanization of AMERICA

Campaigns vs Movements

Are there any advantages to having a 4-4 Supreme Court?

Movement for Bernie plans to march from State House to Dewey Square on Saturday

BTRTN South Carolina Democratic Primary Projection: Hillary in a Romp

How The People's Movements Fueled the Sanders Candidacy--TRNN

Since the election has become a total reality show fiasco, the best candidate to oppose

watching the gop clown show now (was at a Paisley concert last night) Ted sounds horrid

NPR Interview with Clinton Emerges: ‘My Roots Are Conservative, I’m Proud I Was a Goldwater Girl’

Actor-Former Boxer, Tony Burton dies at 78

CDC MMWR report on Zika is highly disturbing - pass to younger women you know.

Joe blow uses the f word all the time and nobody cares?

We should show compassion for people who attended Trump University

Question re: another thread

Hold Your Breath — Nearly 200 Infrared Videos Expose Methane Pollution All Across the United States

Does anyone else think that the DNC is trying to keep voter turnout low in Bernie friendly states?

Nevada: AmericanCrossroads "ran ads branding Sanders as the only true progressive in the race."

San Bernardino's top cop says it's likely 'there is nothing of any value' on iPhone the FBI wants...

Lindsey Graham jokes about how to get away with murdering Ted Cruz

"Damn your eyes!" "Too late!"

Kansas Shooter's Ex-Girlfriend Charged With Providing Guns

It's Official! Former Labor Secretary under the Clinton Administration endorses Bernie!

Hillary Clinton, The Council on Foreign Relations and The Establishment

Rubio spends eight minutes insulting Trump = Priceless

More coincidental Clinton email releases? (Hillary Group)

Christie and The Trumpet: Two flab-faced bloviating carnival barkers. Hillary will CRUSH them.

Top GOP Pollster: Young Americans Are Terrifyingly Liberal

I never make these kind of statements, but I am today - I'm done with MSNBC

Rape sentences in landmark Guatemala trial

Rape sentences in landmark Guatemala trial

Obama Considering Republican For Supreme Court???

Texas Early Voting Totals and Cumulative Totals.

Bernie's platform is DOA. The culprit? Simple math.

Bolivia President Morales' ex-lover held in corruption inquiry

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! Crazier Than Thou! & a new Kitteh gif

Have Americans just gotten bored with the Presidential Campaign?

Did Barbara Boxer really just make the comment about the "whiteness" of Bernie's rallies?

China pastor who resisted cross removals jailed for corruption

Curtis Dixon Supports Bernie Sanders

Friday Talking Points (380) -- Unintelligible Yelling

What Time Will South Carolina Be Called For Hillary Clinton?

Curtis Dixon Supports Bernie Sanders

Robert Reich endorses Bernie

Tomorrow, Hillary Clinton is going to CRUSH IT in SC. Then it's Super Tuesday, and it's OVER.

Curtis Dixon Supports Bernie Sanders

Jamaica's opposition wins general election as voters tire of austerity

Jamaica's opposition wins general election as voters tire of austerity

Bernie Sanders, 1994: "horribly violent ... deeply sick and sociopathic ... must be put behind bars"

White nationalist group makes robocalls to Iron Range supporting Trump

Clinton Will Crush Sanders in South Carolina, But It's Only the Beginning

And here is why everyone should stop paying attention to the Reuters Polling

I think we will be running against a Trump-LePage ticket.

What I saw on the marquee of a local Presbyterian Church

No refuge over here at DU, either?

Cross-post from GDP: Reuters Polling is hilariously volatile (HRC Group)

Hillary News & Views 2.26: Favreau Speaks, "Superpredators," America Loves Hillary When...

10,000 wounds: Afghan war injuries hit 10K+ as UK veteran trauma remains rife

One of the best lines in a TV show.........

Hillary Shines in Morning Joe Interview

Friday nite joke

Hillary's global burning record

Clinton Changed Affirmative Action to Make It Less Useful to Blacks & Women

MARK TWAIN: The Battle Hymn of the Republic (Brought Down to Date) (1901)

If I had a dollar for every time I've heard it's over for Sanders...

Keep the Dream Alive - Vote for Bernie in the South Carolina Primary

Bernie's Free College Plan Helps Solve the Wealth Gap:

Keep the Dream Alive - Vote for Bernie in the South Carolina Primary

Keep the Dream Alive - Vote for Bernie in the South Carolina Primary

Is Thinking Black Leaders are Sell-Outs the Ultimate White Privilege?

Two Former Executives of Houston-Based Oil Supply Company Plead Guilty to Fraud in Illegal Kickback

Ireland set to oust government, no obvious replacement: exit poll

First it was "I'll release the (Goldman Sachs speeches) transcripts when everybody else does."

Sanders supporters use email to attack Indiana super delegates

Britain's campaign to leave EU takes 4 percent point lead: ORB poll

It's obvious who the mainstream wants

Argentine Teachers' Union wins major collective bargaining victory against Macri gov't: a 40% raise.

Clinton and Sanders Voted the Same Way 93% of the Time!

Statistician with near-perfect election formula says prepare yourself for President Trump

And he danced…

EX-GOP Governor Christie Todd Whitman will vote for HRC if Trump is nominee

Iran executed all adult men in one village for drug offences, official reveals

I'm gonna see the Big Dog Saturday!

Bolivia: Behind Evo's narrow loss in re-election referendum

The Exposure of the Vast Left-wing Establishment

Argentine Teachers' Union wins major collective bargaining victory against Macri gov't: a 40% raise.

Argentine Teachers' Union wins major collective bargaining victory against Macri gov't: a 40% raise.

I've discovered new talent (Waldstein sonata & KISSIN) but can't find it on YouTube

Best way to keep your spirits up tomorrow: Volunteer - and stay out of GD-P

Super-Tuesday rule in Texas. 50+% = winner takes all, less = portions?

Venezuela: Working-class collectives hijack Polar trucks in Caracas, protest hoarding

Let the Republican Divorce Begin

A Challenger engineer blamed himself for 30 years. Then this 'miracle' happened.

Updated News About Clinton & Trade Deals

Bernie to be in OKC this Sunday, 2/28!

On eve of primary, Sanders returns to less-than-capacity crowds in South Carolina

What a *choice* crew: DRUMPF's endorsements, PALIN & CHRISTIE

Do endorsements have any real value besides making some people feel good - even God's endorsement?

I'm so embarrassed. My governor endorsed a raging racist to be President of the United States.

Yes it is coordinated

What today would be equal to a 'Fireside Chat' that FDR did?

These congressional candidates got inspiration from Sanders ....

South Carolina Appreciation thread

I vote Left.

"Make the Economy Scream": Secret Documents Show Nixon, Kissinger Role Backing 1973 Chile Coup

Rpublican Sheriff Newell Normand Louisiana Rips Jindal and GOP

"Serious" Movies You Can't Take Seriously Now Due to Parody Movies

Donald Trump pledges to curb press freedom through libel laws

Human Rights and specifically international law implications of repeating the same health care mistake

TCM Schedule for Sunday February 28 - 31 Days of Oscar

Now, Mark Ruffalo: "Bernie is NOT Unelectable' on Bill Maher Real Time

TCM Schedule for Monday February 29 - 31 Days of Oscar

Remember the Sink!

As a memory refresher, this is the account of the massacre in Peru in 1984,


Felony charges for former Maple Tavern owner, manager who sold Spotted Cow beer

Emails Released Today Could Pose Serious Problems For Clinton Campaign, If Not For Clinton Herself

if you can, please try to see the doc Winter on Fire

This is old and you've all probably read it already (CLINTON GROUP)

HUGE thanks and appreciation to Bill Maher and Michael Eric Dyson!

Yoko Ono hospitalized after possible stroke

Thus, exactly the same post on Sanders is allowed to stand with gazillion recs

IRS On Donald Trump: 'Nothing Prevents Individuals From Sharing Their Own Tax Information'

Does anyone else have a sneaky suspicion that if Trump and Hillary are the nominees,

University of Houston Faculty Suggest Professors 'Not Go There' Because of Campus Carry Law

Tough on crime a main policy of Clintons. Hypocritical for them to attack Bernie on his vote.

New ad: 'People Before Polluters.' Bernie Sanders is only candidate opposed to fracking.

So hypocritical.

Will Rubio kill for it?

Response at University of Houston is exactly why we feared campus carry in Texas

Please read this paper about the REAL reason they block discussion of Single Payer

Texans split on 'campus carry'

Saw an interesting interview about diversity in the fashion industry

48,024 at 8:34 PST 26 minutes before midnight EST

One month since the party establishment's machine has been unleashed on Bernie, your thoughts?

"Brunch with Bernie" weekly episode archive

Well this is going to be an interesting fight in the GE between Hillary & Trump

I was given two options for treatment

Bernie Sanders Just Got A HUGE Native American Endorsement

bernie to be in fort collins on sunday

Georgia State students say they were bounced from Clinton rally over BLM sign

For shits and giggles my prediction through Super Tuesday thread

bernie will be in fort collins, co on sunday

Debunk 80% of the propaganda on "reasons we can't have Single Payer" with info from a single link!

dubya sent government check to U.S. citizens once, isn't that Socialism?

Global biodiversity report warns pollinators are under threat

Tomorrow's DAILY NEWS cover, without comment...

Only ONE candidate, from EITHER side, has had the word EQUALITY on their lips ALL THEIR LIFE.

And then some

"My Party has gone Batsh#$t Crazy!"

Think your cat is in pain? Check for these 25 signs

Hillary on NPR in 1996: "My political beliefs are rooted in the conservatism I grew up with."

OK, I'm voting for "Pinestraw"

Those who demand I fall behind the party nominee if I don't like them, consider this:

Friday night wine-buzz. Yellow Tail Shiraz. Nobody had better DARE post anything risque!...

Out of all the presidential candidates, Bernie is the only one with a clear and consistent message.

let's check in

Molly Ball (The Atlantic): Here's why Bernie's losing South Carolina

Mexico documents big rebound in monarch butterflies

Hey group! (All of us). I have an idea.

How Hillary Supporters found their voice

Ms. Rhea McCauley Niece of Rosa Parks Supports Bernie Sanders & Says You Should Too

Skiing Kosovo, Abandoned Lifts and All

Seth Meyers: Bernie's Democratic Socialism and Millenials

Sail (Far) Away: At Sea with America's Largest Floating Gathering of Conspiracy Theorists

West Coast Fisheries Disaster

Who Do You Want the Republican Nominee to Be?

9 out of ten new people on DU the past 2 weeks are Sanders supporters

Best wishes to both our candidates on the eve of the South Carolina primary.

Georgia State students say they were bounced from Clinton rally over "Black Lives Matter" sign

Morehouse College hosts MSNBC

I felt like Dr. House in clinic today. Bear with me.

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - February 27, 2016

Resolution of dispute in Oregon shows how democracy should work

Malheur Occupier Banta Released From Detention

Boos Hillary Clinton 2 Days after Ashley Williams confronts Hillary Clinton Rally in SC

Martin Luther King's Last Speech "I Have Been to the Mountaintop" In Full

Feeling down/ nervous about SC? Take 10 minutes and watch this.

British Parliament Tells NFL It Is ‘Unacceptable’ To Bring ‘New Racial Slurs’ To Britain

Cruz campaign tramples over song artist's and label copyright

Aristus: this is as risque as I get - Antiperspirant Alters the Microbial Ecosystem on Your Skin

It's things like this that make this senior citizen happy that millennials are on my side....

The Free-Speech Fallacy

Hillary Clinton Pushes Colombia Free Trade Agreement In Latest Email Dump

Couple of things Skinner

Cultural appropriation isn’t (always) a bad thing

Iran elections: early results show reformists and moderates lead race

Beyond the Middle Class: Bernie Walks the Talk for Working Class People Like Me

I stand with Ms Rhea McCauley Niece of Rosa Parks in her endorsement of Bernie Sanders!

"We Are Not Denmark": Hillary Clinton and Liberal American Exceptionalism

Clinton Promises 'Absolutely, Absolutely' Nothing to Worry About in Wall Street Speeches

History Makers---the nation's largest African American video oral history collection

War, What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothing

So other than being a woman and a democrat

What Life on Minimum Wage Actually Looks Like in 2016

Warren Blasts "Back-Slapping" Wall Street Insiders

Florida man chews off fingertips to avoid being ID'd at Ohio

US Ties to Saudi Kingdom Are Beheading Democracy

A Democratic Theory of Valuation: The Central Co-op Tacoma Food Co-op Merger

Dedicated to Aristus

Noam Chomsky on Clinton vs. Sanders

What Do Syrian Rebels Think of the Cease-Fire?

Support for single payer depends on how you ask the question.

What Life on Minimum Wage Actually Looks Like in 2016

Sanders on Clinton in 1995

Daily Holidays - February 27

'It is unconscionable:' Seattle biz group fears 'Jungle' fires could devastate I-5

‘Bravo!’ Email Appears To Show Clinton’s Friend Congratulating Her on Bombing of Libya

All Bernie needs to do is to drag the primary out and let Hillary defeat herself

Is it just me, or the more their campaign goes south, the more smug, snarky, arrogant

Billionaire-Owned Observer Whines About Democratization of Media in 2016’s Worst Op-ed

Donors ask GOP consulting firm to research independent presidential bid

Why my children demanded to attend a Bernie Sanders rally

The Four Immeasurables

If Trump wins the Republican nomination, elite GOP donors will have no one to blame but themselves

How Do You Fix Schools? Maybe Just Give Them More Money.

A college degree is worth less to poor kids

How Finland broke every rule — and created a top school system

Crazy dude: Jon-Benet Ramsey didn't die, became Katy Perry

Former Mexican President compares Trump to who.....?

Economists decry political attacks, urge serious exploration of universal, publicly financed health

Even the Old Timers at CBS are stunned

Justin Trudeau is marching in a pride parade. Yeah, it's a big deal

Eversource says pipeline deal would lower electric rates, but ratepayers will be charged

PSA - Upton, MA

Trump probably won't attend the March 3 Fox/Megyn Kelly debate. His excuse:

Georgia State students bounced from Clinton rally over "Black Lives Matter" sign

Poor kids who do everything right don’t do better than rich kids who do everything wrong

A PowerPoint Slide Advises Professors to Alter Teaching to Pacify Armed Students

A PowerPoint Slide Advises Professors to Alter Teaching to Pacify Armed Students

Stop & Shop, union workers down to wire on contracts

No Jail Time For Dallas Man Who Spray-Painted Gay Landmarks With ‘666’

CORONA: Threats, backroom dealing by hospital alleged by union

CORONA: Threats, backroom dealing by hospital alleged by union

My Fellow Citizens...

CORONA: Threats, backroom dealing by hospital alleged by union

Learning Robot

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry endorses Hillary Clinton

Solar advocates tell lawmakers inaction clouds future of sector

No Hillary Clinton did NOT call Black Children "Super Predators"..

US Mil. ‘Expert’ equates Muslim Veiling with ‘Passive Terrorism’; One woman has Questions for Him

Where to find products that last a lifetime

Hillary's win today in SC will be HUUUUGE

Swiss hold divisive referendum on deporting petty criminals

Trump's obsession with WW2 generals strikes sour note with historians

It is time for Sanders supporters to face the glaring writing on the wall.

Forth Worth TX Star-Telegram:endorse Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee for President

Clinton ad buy on in Ohio.

Hillary DID call black kids Super Predators, here is a Wash Po article that covers it all

The neo-colonial booming industry of private mercenaries

The Top 10 Reasons to Reduce the Risk of Accidental Nuclear War - by Max Tegmark

Goodnight, and good luck - A valedictory note from Al Jazeera America ...

Sanders Campaign Says He Voted For Crime Bill Due To Weapons Ban That Wasn’t There

BREAKING: Donald Trump Held On Suspicion Of Being A Dick

It's probably about to get really, really rough in here come Tuesday

6 delegates up for grabs in American Samoa!--Gov & Top Three Local Democrats Endorse Hillary Clinton

Nuclear power in the future: risks of a lifetime

Medical Puzzler

Buying a Trump? Better read the fine print.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram endorses @HillaryClinton in the Democratic primary.

I can't believe

"If you hear the dogs, keep going. If you see the torches in the woods, keep going. If there's shout

The Week End Economist: To Be or Not to Be, that is the Idiocracy. Feb 27-28, 2016.

WEEKLY ADDRESS: Degrading and Destroying ISIL

Is There a Democratic Primary Today?

The First in the South Democratic Primary has started! Happy Election Day-Lets make Herstory!

6 delegates up for grabs in American Samoa!--Gov & Top Three Local Democrats Endorse Hillary Clinto

More Clinton supporters' dirty tricks on voting day.

Russia Sends to US Proposals on Ensuring Ceasefire in Syria - General Staff

"...If this were any other country, we’d be quick to call this a CORRUPT ELECTION."

Things a Progressive wouldn't do

Bernie Sanders is right: Bill Clinton’s welfare law doubled extreme poverty

Mayor Megan Barry, Nashville TN endorses Hillary

Moment of Truth: Clinton/corp media are working overtime to try to get Bernie Supporters to give up.

While reading our morning paper, I was close to tears.

Scalia Took Dozens of Trips Funded by Private Sponsors

"No.. Hillary Clinton did NOT call Black Children "Super Predators" Wrong!

Polls are open. Let's make history, South Carolina. | Hillary Clinton Group

New Christy Romer memo shreds Sanders' claims on economic growth

Killer Mike: The Proof is in the Pudding

Nuclear group Areva in the red again

Korean Food Porn: Watching People Slurp Noodles on TV

Cocktails Anyone?

Fear and loathing over Trump among GOP in Congress

An early look at tomorrow’s front page: MAN WITH A KLAN

Phyrric victory. Lookitup. If she wins the nom, the GE's lost. Celebrate appropriately.

Bernie's Jewish Background

Self deleted - bad link

The Ship Of State

The revolution can't be reached by landline.

U.S. House Gives Stocking Full of Gifts to Most Extreme Factions of the Hunting Lobby

3 more FLDS members appear in federal indictment case, 2 remain at large

Now, Ashley Williams MSNBC, Tamron Hall will speak soon w the BLM activist (Superpredator Sign)

Ex-Mexican President Fox: Donald Trump reminds me of Hitler

The Food Porn Superstars of South Korea: Mukbang

Black Voter in South Carolina's Whole Family Voting Bernie Sanders: "We pray that he makes it"

Potential divided loyalties.

New legislation would make solar panels a requirement for new SF buildings

Bill's' Coattails? Why the "love"?

Official endorsement from Robert Reich (Clinton Secretary of Labor)

Bernie cant get 60 votes but Hillary can get 31 repuke governors to adopt a public option.

The REAL Revolution: New Polls Show Women Supporting #Hillary in Staggering Numbers

"incremental change"

"How the Republican elite created FrankenTrump." (And we are going to take him down!)

My neighbor claims the bombshell in Trumps tax-returns will tear apart both parties...


Naples City Councilman posts tasteless Sanders FB Post

Wow, Just on MSNBC, Hillary beating Sanders by 11 pts nationally


OK...what will the threshold be for a virtual tie after SC and Super Tuesday?

You know what? Forget the transcripts for a minute.

Hillary fans erasing history to defend Hillary's racist "super-predator" meme

I saw the BLM protester from the HRC event interviewed on MSNBC.

Whitman scorches Christie over Trump, prefers Hillary

The University of Texas in Austin VOTES

NYT: How the republican party is flailing and failing to stop Trump

Republican Says Rape Doesn’t Lead To Pregnancy “Because Of The Trauma Of The Incident”

No class.

Happy SC Primary Day! (HILLARY GROUP)

Mike Malloy - Republicans Own The Bible

"McConnell has raised the possibility of treating Mr. Trump's loss as a given"

Scientific American: Did Global Warming Slow Down in the 2000s, or Not?

If M$Greedia were really about objective news coverage

The enemy of my enemy is my friend...Trump, Christie , Rubio

Alexander O'Neal & Cherrelle - Saturday Love

I wonder if Melissa Harris-Perry was a Bernie supporter? She walked out on her MSNBC show

De La Soul - Saturdays

Dow Chem pays $835 millon -to settle antitrust case it decided it can't win-Now that Scalia is dead

Chicago - (1973) "Saturday in the Park" & "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?"

warning to bernie supporters

Alright. Bernie campaign ad just aired on MSNBC, CHECK IT OUT, 'A Rigged Economy'

David Bowie - Drive-In Saturday

Inside the Republican Party’s Desperate Mission to Stop Donald Trump

Y'know, Christie endorsing Trump seemed familiar.

Anthony Louis & Dr Feelx - Saturday in the morning

Why do I have a maximum donation amount?

As mayor, Bernie Sanders had to wait for a revolution

Mike Malloy - Bernie Sanders Economic Plan Would Narrow All Gaps

Stupid question

Nick Drake - Saturday Sun

Can Hillary Go Any Higher in Predictwise after Today and Tuesday? (Hillary Group)

Federal judge being considered for US Supreme Court nomination: Law Journal

Hillary Clinton should release her transcripts

Sango - Until Saturday (Feat Ta Ku & Tracey)

If the fit hits the shan

I have one word for the American people.

Simple Plea: Be reasonable

Longtime black San Francisco church faces eviction amid gentrification

Weekend Toon Roundup 1- Dead and Bloated Party

Weekend Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Melissa Harris-Perry Walks Off Her MSNBC Show After Pre-emptions

As mayor, Bernie Sanders had to wait for a revolution

Another problem now for Bernie is that the GOP has pretty much given up on operation chaos.

Virginia governor signs gun law compromise measures

H.A. Goodman was on CNN this morning

Christine Whitman just soft-endorsed Hillary (HILLARY GROUP)

Bernie Sanders had approx 4000 people show up in Tulsa OK

Bernie Sander's ad running in Texas now on CNN

Coolest POTUS Sing-Along EVER

Mudflap apparently thinks he's the Pope now. He's flinging bottled water around everywhere. Nutty

Trump being advised by ex-U.S. Lieutenant General who favors closer Russia ties

The United States Has Blocked a Plan by India to Expand Solar Power and Create Local Jobs

Arab coalition air strikes kill 40 northeast of Yemen capital: residents

Toon: Hillary and Wall Street

Hey! The DU "Moran" guy made the Jimmy Kimmel Show!

Coolest POTUS Sing-Along EVER

They’re killing machines: Newtown families have a right to sue the makers of the AR-15

Burlington Free Press: "Feds flag Bernie Sanders campaign contributions"

Unions and Cooperatives: How Workers Can Survive and Thrive

Al-Shabab suicide bomber and gunmen storm Mogadishu hotel, killing at least 9

Man shot by Baltimore police acquitted as jury rejects officers' testimony

PSA-Killer Mike will be on CNN soon.

Powerful Killer Mike Speech (with overlaid video)

From CNN: Obama channels Ray Charles - GREAT video! (hope this isn't a dupe)

Former Gov. Christie Todd Whitman says she’ll vote for Hillary Clinton before Donald Trump

Ferguson.....Dios Mio.

Alabama-passes law forbidding raises in min. wage

"If I wasn't me, I'd commit suicide!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

SC Voter: "I think she would do a good job because her husband was president," she said...

Hillary Clinton’s South Carolina Salvatio

The turncoat: 'Thug Willie' spills secrets of FLDS and its 'prophet'

Fear Strikes the GOP: The Age of Norquist Is Over

Texas District Sues to Prevent Release of Clock Details

Texas District Sues to Prevent Release of Clock Details

Former NJ GOP Gov Whitman: "If Trump is GOP nominee, I'm voting Clinton"

Honest view from my Republican husband on primary and beyond.

A day in the life of Vice President Chris Christie.

Mich. state senator looks to legalize marijuana, some non-profits object

Might this be what is happening?

Message To Skinner, et al., ...

Something to keep in mind today

Boeing, Lockheed will not take stealth bomber protest to courts

Excel Industries

The 2016 GOP Ticket (my prediction)

When Hillary Anoints Herself the Democratic Nominee Tonight or After Super Tuesday .....

When have you ever felt angry at a guy you dislike intensely for attacking another guy you . . . .

Paranoid Politics is Not a New Con.

War, What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothing. Literally.

Scalia Led Court in Taking Trips Funded by Private Sponsors

WI DNR is blacklisting chronic complainers and activists in Wisconsin

Inside the Republican Party’s Desperate Mission to Stop Donald Trump ——NY Times today

It seems the black vote is a much-sought prize in the 2016 election.

Trade Deals Like the TPP Are Murdering American Manufacturing

Hillary Clinton flips the script

Spike Lee's right: black people should wake up to 'Brother Bernie'

I have one word for those who are saying a Bernie nomination is impossible:

"If GM foods are safe, as the industry claims, then why the stubborn opposition to labeling?"

Today doesn't change anything

Can we nominate a robot for president?

Hmm. She couldn't get healthcare passed, but she DID get a highway named after Tim Russert!

Kansas Poll--HRC is up by 10 but lots of undecideds

Surviving child may hold a key to unraveling deadly shooting in Mason County (Wash.)

"Trump" used as racial slur at Dallas Center-Grimes vs. Perry bball game

Here come the calls to sabotage a Clinton GE campaign.

I know I said I'd log out for the day but - Two Major Western MA Newspapers have endorsed Bernie!

The former head of the ReTHUG Governors' Association has endorsed

Hey America!

Police try in vain to control a massive gathering of #BundyTeaParty supporters in PDX.

even if delegates eventually "add up" for hillary, bernie must stay until the convention:here's why

"They told me". Reflections on my life as a voter

Unclassified Clinton Emails May Have Consequences for a Key Deputy (New York Times)

"NEVER Leave Chris Christie a Voicemail!"

CNN is EFFING Disgustin

A millionaire gave everyone in a Florida neighborhood free college scholarships

Racial consciousness and the Together theme

If you've turned off CORRUPT CORPORATE OWNED MSM PROPAGANDA networks today - Watch BernieTV!

Iowa H.S. Students Chant 'Trump' After Loss To Racially Diverse Basketball Team


A millionaire gave everyone in a Florida neighborhood free college scholarships

GOP Bridge to Future

Ex-Mexican President Fox: Donald Trump reminds me of Hitler

Deregulation Costs For Power Customers In Texas Brings Out Opposition

Mother Jones: These Racist Collectibles Will Make Your Skin Crawl

I'm sorry Dave.....

I had an exchange that I think explains a lot ...

I've heard a projection for 30,000 in Austin for Bernie today

Now It’s Even Worse Than it Was When Lehman Collapsed, But It’s “Contained”

Jury Black List

Holy sh#$; It Really Does Get Scary.

Get Out The Vote in South Carolina | Bernie Sanders

 This Radical Librarian May Soon Run the World’s Largest Library

A Bernie supporter mentions MLK or questions the logic of minority votes for Clinton

Thousands march in Moscow to honor slain Kremlin critic Nemtsov

Pandora's iPhone

Here's a ponderable thought for Deep Green Resistance devotees

For Hillary Clinton, Minority Voters, ALL Voters Are Just A Means for Her Own Political Ends

Just Saying We’re Great Doesn’t Make It So ( The Baseline Scenario )

The Betrayal of #AfricanAmericansForHillary

Man if Killer Mike and Nina Turner had more exposure as a tag team, Bernie could smoke Clinton

World Trade Center Transit Hub Opens Under Cloud of $4B Cost

March for Bernie Chicago

The lack of diversity is nauseating

Black People don't have to explain why they vote Hillary

Spike Lee endorses Sanders, tells voters to 'wake up'

Chris Christie Gets his Revenge

Private Prison Lobbyists Are Raising Cash for Hillary Clinton

Minnesota Bernie Ad

Pot is power hungry: why the marijuana industry's energy footprint is growing

Voting Machine vulnerabilities first warned about in the early 2000's in NJ still have not been fixe seems to be severely down. Wonder what happened. Tracking is not working and

The challenge for women, for Hillary

"Stick a fork in them. They're done."

The Clintons and Wall Street: 24 Years of Enriching Each Other

Massachusetts Daily Hampshire Gazette endorses Bernie Sanders

El Al Faces Discrimination Lawsuit Over Seat-Switching

Salma Hayek Mourns Death of Her Dog, Who Was Killed

Any other Mainahs getting excited about caucusing for Bernie on the 6th?

Is it taboo to post the Clinton State Department e-mails on DU?

Got some time? Know some voters in South Carolina?

Hillary to Ashley Williams, "You're the first person to ask me, dear"

Latest GA Poll and its a whopper!! HRC: 68% BS: 22% +46!!

New Poll Shows Sanders Ahead of Clinton by Widest Margin Yet

Look how he got nearly 200 likes! -totally worth it?

Why Bernie opposed the cardiologist who was just voted in as head Food and Drug Administration

Bernie's Economic Plan Works -- Mainstream Media News Blackout

The dangers of overpromising

Saturday, February 27th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Looks Like The Operative Repug Phrase Today Is.....

Argentine President Mauricio Macri gets icy reception from his fellow countryman, Pope Francis.

Sen. Sanders on ABC's This Week and Face the Nation, Sunday

South Carolina is feeling The Burn!

Christie said that he wanted to make sure that

Email notification of a reply to one of my posts?

Just saw my first Bernie Sanders ad on tv, here in Indiana. If he's already on the air

Hillary Clinton Pushes Colombia Free Trade Agreement In Latest Email Dump

Barack Obama's Heir

Our Ukrainian foreign policy adventure

Bard for Bernie: A Candid Note for Hillary

Religion in the Comics - 51

POWERFUL Killer Mike Speech Intro w/ Clips Of Bernie And HRC !!

I voted for Bernie today!

from Donna Edwards: We expect milliions


NYT edit board says Hillary Clinton's Wall Street plan is stronger than Bernie Sanders'

Bernie should ask Jimmy Carter to monitor this election..

Bernie Sanders has vowed to support Hillary if she wins the nomination. I AGREE WITH BERNIE!

Current state of GOP

CNN "News"

SC Primary Saturday afternoon plans (HILLARY GROUP)

We must vote Hillary or end up with a Republican theocracy, right?

Donald Trump doesn't need to make an Ad buy...the media gives it to him for free

NASA admits there's 'a chance' that asteroid 2013 TX68 COULD smash into Earth

Top Hispanic-- Rep. Ben Ray Lujan, NM-- Democrat endorses Hillary Clinton

Republicans Want Hillary!!!

To my fellow Hillary supporters: leave Bernie supporters alone

Well,GD/P is looking exactly how I thought

LIVE STREAM: Bernie Sanders LIVE in Austin Texas | A Future to believe in

2 words: "Unintelligible yelling"

What are your sources for political news?

Old Onion clip I felt was relevant again.

MSGOP is still at it. Both Trump and Sanders are having rallies right now.

Bernie Sanders' South Carolina Primary Day Message [CC]

Saudi Man Gets 10 Years, 2,000 Lashes Over Atheist Tweets

Keep the Dream Alive - Vote for Bernie in the South Carolina Primary

Some pics and short videos from Texas

Where’s the “No shit, I was there” crowd?

Thanks to Trump’s hotel, D.C. street festivals have to make a few changes.


In Open Letter On Nutjob Website, Pat Boone Suspends His ‘Campaign’ For Presidency

Don't vote for yesterday. Vote for the future

Donald J. Trump Endorsed by Former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer

An entrancing scene from an otherwise highly-flawed film:

We're building a movement in South Carolina

Season 5 of "Spiral" is now on HULU...

LOVE TRUMPS HATE! Perfect, Bernie! Perfect. nt

While Palestinians are evicted from their homes, Airbnb profits off stolen homes (petition)

Meet Gigi: Parrot with first ever 3D printed titanium beak

Bernie Sanders' rally is relegated to a corner of the screen on MSNBC while

I'll vote for Hillary if she's the nominee

There really is no need for vote pledge posts here.

It pisses me off

Bernie email: Goal was 50,000 contributions and they achieved 57,201 contributions...

Woo hoo. Re Dallas Rally

It's the right thing to do...

Does Hillary Still Belong to The Family aka The Fellowship? Worse than Goldwater.

Today is the DEMOCRATIC South Carolina primary, right?

So let's say that Hillary wins the nomination and is elected...

Thousands line up to see Bernie Sanders in Austin

I love the poorly educated!

On MSNBC Today, Here's Bernie's Campaign TV AD: 'A Rigged Economy, This is How It Works'

Why Hillary's transcripts are so important | Video by Tim Black - please share!

Let's keep things in perspective. Today is only the 2nd Primary. Bernie won the 1st one by 21pts

Crowd in Texas

With 12 hours notice - Bernie in Austin! (Pic from Twitter)

"Are we going to be friends?"

Full Speech - Austin Rally Video

Thanks Texas!

An open letter to Obama on his upcoming trip to Cuba

Native youth in the spotlight

I just wanted to share with my friends...

Thanks Pittsburgh!

Random hillary supporter complains CNN is giving Bernie too much air time...

Bernie Sanders supporters march in Rochester

Thanks Virginia!

Reddit poll finds most states hate their own state's college football teams

A SC newspaper is reporting high numbers of absentee ballots coming in.

Super lice’ outbreak hits 25 states By Fox News February 26, 2016 | 8:40pm Modal Trigger ‘Super li

The #MarchForBernie in Atlanta is getting huge now. #FeelTheBern

The Lights Go Out on the Church of John Coltrane

What's the political advantage in releasing the transcripts?

Thousands line up to see Bernie Sanders in Austin

Report: The media aren’t telling you about ties of pro-Hillary Clinton pundits

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Davona Dale Stakes

So... when we have our nominee...

Repeating History? The time to act is NOW

No 'Artful Smear.' Clintons Paid $153 Million in Speaking Fees, Analysis Shows (Lauren McCauley

Solution to: Like Bernie, but think Hillary will win the nomination.

Know thy enemy. Koch brothers network ready to oppose Trump

Thanks NOLA!

Thanks NY

Muslim Woman Says Lawmaker Asked Her: 'Is It Safe To Ride The Elevator With You?'

Hill's Group: Top Hispanic Democrat endorses Hillary Clinton

Thanks Philly!

Harris Rosen spent the first half of his career making millions and the second half giving it away

HAPPENING NOW: Bernie Sanders in Austin with thousands...

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 2-24,25,26 2016 ($654)


What an amazing sign!!

Bernie Sanders is right: Bill Clinton’s welfare law doubled extreme poverty

Albany NY!

New York Students Fabricated Hate Crime, Police Say

Charlie Rangel: ‘I Don’t Know Any Black Person Who Knows Bernie Sanders’

Bernie already met his goal of 50,000 donations today

Don't you know who I am!?

Hill's Group: Hillary Clinton flips the script

Comedy Break: Al Franken shares "MEAN TWEETS" he received.

Al Franken shares "Mean Tweets" he received after endorsing Hillary

Auburn Alabama!

Thanks Pasadena CA!

Nolan just voted Yea on the Sportsman Act (SHARE)

Thousands March 4 Bernie Sanders (Philadelphia)

Bernie Sanders Was Slapped For Supporting Jesse Jackson in ’88

Hill's Group: Hillary Clinton in Birmingham: Visit starts Alabama's big Super Tuesday campaign week

Thanks Columbus OH!

HuffPo: Sanders Fans Think He'll Lose SC Because of Bill Clinton

Give 'em hell Harry!

Ana Kasparian nails it!!

The stupidest article I've seen today

Thanks Boston!

Snyder aide warned of Flint public relations crisis

Have at it...

My friend and colleague died on Thursday night

Indianapolis! #MarchForBernie2

Hill's Group: Hillary Clinton's Campaign Organization Could Overshadow Enthusiasm For Bernie Sanders

WaPo: What Trump and Clinton have in common:A resistance to transparency

Spotted in Cambridge!

#BLM speaking at #MarchForBernie 2 @UnionSquarePark #NYC @BernieSanders

Thousands line up to see Bernie Sanders in Austin

Live blog: South Carolina Democratic Primary

Will you be Hillary's next superpredator?

Former Arizona governor Jan Brewer, prominent voice on immigration reform, endorses Donald Trump

Bernie Sanders’s Conservative Fanboys (American CrossRoads & other Conservative PACs) - DailyBeast

Will you be Hillary's next superpredator?

BLATANT RACISM: Trump ROBOCALLS Now Warning Of The END Of The White Race

My opinion on the difference between a Bernie win in November and a Hillary win.

Elton John LIVE RIGHT NOW here!

Thanks Nashville!

NY Bishop Rape Shames Abuse Victims: Boys Are ‘Culpable’ For Their Actions At 7 Years Old

I can haz cheezeburger

Some people believe hillary did not call black children super predators... here's why they're wrong:

Suggested plantation reading for HRC: 1850s first prison memoir by black prisoner.

It is not about what Clinton can/will do or what Sanders can/will do...

Is a Trump Presidency 1 Terrorist Attack Away?

Trump against Hillary or Bernie

"Confusion over South Carolina ID law could keep voters away"

CNN segment on now with AA voters

Dear trolls...

More federal doctors to investigate rashes in Flint

Kansas marching 2

Rubio made me laugh


They Didn't Know We Were Seeds

Snyder's Advisers Knew Flint Water Was Toxic in 2014

I'm voting for Bernie in the primary. But Hillary gets my vote if she gets the nomination

Talk Bernie to me

Louisiana Primary is Saturday 3/5, one week from today's #MarchForBernie


Sarah Kershaw Former Times Reporter, Dies at 49

Georgia State students holding pro-BLM signs say they were ejected from Hillary Clinton rally

Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett both support the most qualified candidate Hillary Clinton, 4 our next pres

GG: How can Dems object to Scalia taking trips from corps w/cases before the court?

Thanks Salt Lake City!

Family of Baby Injured During Raid Awarded $3.6 Million

Cocktails for Candidates from The Townsend in Austin, TX

What's for Dinner, Sat., Feb. 27, 2016

Bill Maher New Rule. President Maher

No angry mobs...just happy people exercising our 1st Amendment rights!!

How to tell when the ALEC/NRA is out of control

Trump faces wave of big-money attacks A Marco Rubio-focused group raises $20 million in the last wee

St. Louis Student, 9, Can’t Attend School Because He’s Black

Oakland CA !

Pictures and Videos from #MarchForBernie Happening All Over the United States

LOCAL Live blog: South Carolina Democratic Primary

Bernie Is Probably Going To Lose South Carolina... And Thats Okay...

Heads up!!! A surprise Elton John concert going on right now.

Orlando FL!

Edwina Rogers Dismisses Claims in Her Lawsuit Against Richard Dawkins and Atheist Lobbying Group

Thanks Truthdig ‏- #FeelTheBern #MarchForBernie

Clinton Eyes Big Win In South Carolina; Sanders Shifts Focus

Heads up!! Surprise Elton Jhon live concert on the Sunset Strip right now.

Can anyone tell me where the marches are for Hillary?

A big BERNIE parade outside my window just now.

Dr. Frankenstein turned & ran. He’d go to the House. There, at least, he’d be safe doing nothing.

Bernie Sanders does not have a Super Pac. Instead he has a .....

This is Round 2 of #MarchForBernie all over the country!

Fayetteville, Arkansas!

Mia Farrow's endorsement on Twitter

Trump Tower is no match for #MarchForBernie.

Florida man Chews Off Fingertips in Bid to Hide Identity--but all his tattoos gave him away.

SC Primary: Turnout high in downtown Greenville - 2:27 p.m.

connect the dots.....

Happening now - Fargo (ND) - Moorhead (MN)

Oakland asks..

I just didn't see THIS coming.

Hillary Clinton's Flip Timeline

This Week ProvesThat Donald Trump Owns The Insane Republican Party

Two blocks to Zuccotti going strong !!!!

Cat got locked outside

A message to Hillary supporters and other Democrats (only): something you'll be gratified to hear

Anyone listening to fun music while they wait for the poll results for SC (Hillary Group)

Feb 27, President @billclinton in Tulsa for a rally to get out the vote before the primary in Oklaho

Have Any Cable News Network Commented On The Marches Around The U.S. Today?....

MSnBc is faLLiNg aPart

#Yuuuge Turnout at #BernieRally in #GrandPrairieTX #MarchForBernie

S T R E S S !

Quinnipiac poll (Feb. 18, 2016)

(Sanders group) Boston Globe: Third Way in struggle for the Democratic Party's Soul

Watching 2001: A Space Odyssey

Jean-Marie Le Pen endorses Trump days after ex-KKK leader urges support

Mr. Hitler appears to be tapping into populist resentment and patriotism

Bernie Sanders will win in a landslide

Hey supers-

10,000+ in Austin and another huge crowd in Dallas - LIVE now

Students chant 'Trump! Trump!' after basketball loss to more racially diverse high school

Iran elections: gains for Rouhani could help promote greater opening to the west



Will anyone tell me how Hillary does the following

San Antonio TX!

Washington, DC --Feb 27, 2016

Ku Klux Klan rally in Anaheim erupts in violence; three stabbed

New Orleans knows how to do a fucking parade!

Report: LePage urged Republican governors to disavow Trump less than week before endorsement

Texas schools rule will require athletes' birth certificates to determine gender

A Bernie canvasser came to our door in Massachusetts today...

Republican candidates' calls to scrap EPA met with skepticism by experts

Mitch McConnell's NBA

Will any Hillary supporter please tell me her tax proposals

Irish prime minister concedes defeat in election

In less than two hours...

If it is Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton in the General Election, Latinos will play a decisive role

Utah asks..

An inside look at the GOP's frantic effort to derail a Donald Trump nomination

Guest/Panel Lineups For The Sunday News Shows


After today I think we can retire the oft repeated argument that Bernie 2016 is like Obama 2008.

With her paid speeches to Goldman for 650,000 plus if Hillary was an (R) would you support her?

Can someone explain this MSNBC delegate count?

We the People..

Trump university. A Scam and a Fraud

Some Exit Poll Results from SC...

A woman shouldn’t have to co-parent with the man who raped her

How the GOP can throw the presidential election, and why they'd want to

Historic day: by nightfall, for the first time in U.S. history, a woman may have clear path to Democ

about the change in standards for giving blood

Dinner menu tonight is..........

Vancouver WA!

Thank you to all today for the recs and replies!!!

Clinton staff won't allow press to shoot her boarding private jet...

The Third Wave....Globalization, Information Age and how to respond

Hillary Clinton confronts the past in South Carolina 'corridor of shame'

I spent some time listening to people in town today.

A cheating scandal has hit the Pennsylvania State Police Academy. Now 29 cadets are out.

RNC in MELTDOWN: Beloved Reagan co-star "Bonzo" sends Trump endorsement from Rainbow Bridge

Black People don't have to explain why they vote Hillary

Afghanistan: Two separate suicide attacks kills at least 21 people

SC Exit polling: 70% want Obama policies continued, 19% want more liberal

The Final SC Projection:

1 in 5 Americans say Hillary Clinton is “dishonest” or a “liar.” Here’s why that’s a big problem.

Did everyone just hear Bernie's Texas speech?

Egypt 'to extradite' Frenchman to Dominican Republic over drugs case

FiveThirtyEight now has a projection for Illinois.

Election Officials: Turnout 'Light' for Democratic Primary

Jason Bohn, 42, suffers heart attack during Honda Classic

Nate Silver nails Trump Coverage with one Tweet

Some timely wisdom from Noam Chomsky...

My friends Kathy and Amy with Bernie at the rally today in Austin.


SC Dem Primary Exit Poll Data (hint: looking great for Clinton)

What does a (unlikely) narrow win by Clinton today do to the race?

Wanna work for Trump? Don't be US Born!

It is said that the best candidates are those "Happy Warriors" who enjoy the campaign...

Progressive Media Resource - FREE SPEECH TV

Up to 6 drive-by shootings of cars in a few weeks along California highway

Be careful about comparing electricity rate plans


Climate change deniers

Some, even here in DU, have averred a "deal" between Bill Clinton and Donald Trump . . . .

Hillary's Iraq war vote was a vote for war

Yes, yes, yes

Pussy Riot Planning Tribute to Bernie — and a Song for ‘Dickhead’ Trump

Two people protesting a KKK rally were stabbed with a flag pole, reportedly by a member of the Klan

Mogul Seeks $30 Million From California to Give Beach Access

How dare Apple not help the government protect people from this device...

Guatemala: 360 year Rape sentences in landmark military trial

2016 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2016 Fountain Of Youth Stakes

Give one reason to support who you're voting for

MSHRC is unwatchable today.

From what I have been seeking is very few white people voting in the primary.

Big 12 Season Champions!

Good Lord, It's Starting

Tell me how Hilary cares about my best interests and how she plans to make it better.

Every state counts, no matter who they choose or chose to vote for

The Truth About the Turnout Scare Among Democrats

Top Aide Opposed Replacing Michigan Environmental Chief


US blocks India’s solar power plan

Christie joins the ranks of other Trump endorsers like:

19% of South Carolina Democratic primary voters have graduate degrees.

At a Bernie March/Rally outside the CA Dem convention

From the CNN exit polls for SC . . .

53 delegates? i have been worried about 53 delegates? i am watching something else tonight

Enormous parade of Bernie Sanders supporters marched with police escort in Pittsburgh PA

In Tribute To Bernie - His Supporters - And The Revolution - Namaste - We bow to the divine in you

We are finally in the process of unmasking the real guts of the issues

20 minutes until South Carolina is called for Hillary.

If it is Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton General Election, Latinos will play a decisive role

Black Lives Shattered: How the Clintons Built Their Legacy on White Supremacy

dismal turnout in the Democratic primaries

13.5 million people were displaced by war, 5 million forced to flee their countries in 2915 in ME

Bernie will get more delegates tonight!

Quinnipiac: Hillary Clinton Holds Big Lead Over Bernie Sanders in Florida

To be clear, it is the candidate's job to convince voters