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TV Pundits Fail to Disclose Their Work For Clinton Campaign:

Two killed in shooting at Excel Industries in Hesston (Kansas)

LIVE STREAM: Interview with Tim Canova - Democrat for Congress Florida 23rd

WOW! My Antonin Scalia Secret Society Of Hunters ACTION FIGURE finally came in the mail today!

A memory from the early 90s

A question for all regarding the statement about "superpredators" and gangs.

Bill & Hillary Clinton: White Voters Are More Important:

So while Bernie was in Flint

Vincente Fox -"I won't pay for that f----in wall."

US Treasury pushes Congress to pass Puerto Rico bankruptcy plan

Why we must have change now....

A new set of projections from Nate Silver . . .

This is bad.

Hillary Clinton in her own words

Well That Didn't Take Long. "Sheepish" GOP Senators Have Already Caved On One Of Their '3 No's.'

9/11 - Following the Money (video)

Yes, super-predators was a racialized term.

"Demographics- labor, women, people of color- that the Sanders campaign needed, and failed, to win"

Hillary Privately Lobbied Congress to Pass Trade Deals that She Publicly Said She Opposed:

Elena Kagan Hunted with Antonin Scalia; and Antonin Scalia Lobbied for Elena Kagan.

Gun company boss says Democratic presidential win will boost sales

UT Architecture Dean Cites Campus Carry as a Reason for Departure

Charlie Pierce: "Ted Cruz couldn't win a personality contest against a wolverine"

Reich Wing Senators Run and Hide to Avoid Questions About SCOTUS Obstruction

Marquette Law poll shows Trump, Sanders lead among presidential contenders in Wisconsin


Chariots of Fur...

Bernie Sanders speech on the 1994 crime bill "Incarcerating a Country"

Statement from Ashley Williams on Hillary Clinton's "apology.

Mike Francesca seems to be enamored of Trump

Bravenak is on another timeout. A thread was started and then locked.

Bill Clinton Abandoned Respected Civil Rights Lawyer, Lani Guinier:

I'm 51 Years Old

BLM activist protests Clinton at fundraiser - in case you missed it.

Congressional Hispanic Caucus PAC to endorse Clinton

Ashley Williams to Hillary: "Apology Not Accepted"

Bernie in Flint today.

I want one of these. Cooler than a hoverboard

Hillary Criticizes Corporate 'Inversions' BUT Takes $$$$ From Financiers Benefiting from the Deals:

2-23-16 Danger Down Below in 2:00

2-23-16 Danger Down Below in 2:00

Joy Reid on MSNBC just said that Bernie is not a Democrat.

2-23-16 Danger Down Below in 2:00

The GOP debate tonight-the University of Houston is a zoo

Can someone show me where Hillary actually said "I apologize"?

The Bernster and the Tweetster on MSNBC -- Discuss if you want

Bernie with Tweety for a 1 hour special right now on msnbc (8pm est)

Seldom has a Presidential candidate during the

French President François Hollande joins Estela Carlotto in tribute to Argentine Dirty War victims.

I'm going to go take my medicine, and crawl back in bed (CLINTON GROUP)

Have Global CO₂ Emissions Peaked?

I'm a 22 year old Airman.

The Revolution did already come, it was called the Reagan Revolution.

2-24-16 Fighting for the Health of an Industry in 2:00

2-24-16 Fighting for the Health of an Industry in 2:00

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny

MAKE AMERICA HATE AGAIN!!!!!! Look who's endorsing Da Donald!!!!!

OK, I have to admit it, I'm watching the first part of the R debate. Best to know the idiots. n/t

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny

MIM won't be recommending this thread.

Tweety is being a talk over asshole but Sanders

2-24-16 Fighting for the Health of an Industry in 2:00


Black Incarceration Didn't "Explode" Under the 1994 Crime Bill

Chis Matthews: S H U T . . T H E . . F U C K . . UP

Hillary quote about speech for $$

Cargo Cult

Life expectancy in the United States

Maine business groups pitch smaller wage hike to GOP lawmakers

Poppy & Babs-the-Big are in the audience at the debate!1 I hope they and we get royally entertained!

Trump Ad by the Poorly Educated

The opeing of the Republican Debate is like a game show.

How do you handle drunk and obnoxious women?

In Light of the NUmber of Polls that People have been posting

Breakfast In “Bed” Helps This Scared Shelter Pup Feel Safe!

BERNIE is SLAMMING Chris Matthews

How The Republican Party Has Failed To Dig Up Dirt On Donald Trump

******GOP Debate Debacle Thread******

Okay, the 7wo7ree fam is here for the Republican WWE smackdown

Brand New Michigan Poll: HRC 65% (+5) Bernie 31% (+4)

Brand New Michigan Poll: HRC 65% (+5) Bernie 31% (+4)

Bernie's town hall

Just cast my early ballot for Sanders

NYC man tortures roommate's cat while she's at work (WARNING: GRAPHIC)

Brand Spanking New Michigan poll-Clinton 65% Sanders 31%

Bernie Sanders Ties Hillary Clinton to Poverty Caused by Welfare Reform

#whichhillary currently top search on twitter

Super-predators? Hilllary is right.They do exist. I can think of a few...

Minnesota child care union law gets fresh challenge

PNP may lose this election here in Jamaica tonight to the JLP

Minnesota child care union law gets fresh challenge

Minnesota child care union law gets fresh challenge

HRC: +39 GA, +34 TX, +34 MI, +30 MD, +27 VA +23 NJ +22 PA +8 RI

Hillary Clinton as a candidate, and potential nominee

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Crazier Than Thou! & a new Kitteh gif


Carson just said he believes in liberty and justice for all...

K&R If you think Bernie killed it tonight!!

Record 6,250 manatees spotted in Florida waters

Donald Trump's going to war with Mexico

Study Shines a Light on Depression: much better than prozac or placebo

Two suicide bombers kill 15 at Shi'ite mosque in Baghdad

When I was a kid watching pro wrestling, there was more decorum than at the debate tonight

"Even on our worst day, we are better than the Republicans"

Apple accuses FBI of violating constitutional rights in iPhone battle

When CNN host the Dems

This is the funniest thing I've watched in a long time

A "Good Cop" Story .... For A Change!

Bernie rally at Chicago State University! link:

*snort* "Bernie Thoughts" satire twitter feed

New York Times: Release the transcripts

At Least Four People Killed in Shooting at Kansas Factory, Police Said

Am I crazy? Tweety is an idiot but

David Duke Says Voting Against Donald Trump Is ‘Treason to Your Heritage’

The meme about Bernie not getting voters out...Well there's a flip side.

If you missed Bernie's interview with Tweety:

“Freedom is participation in power.” -- Marcus Cicero

Mass shooting in Kansas

LIVE STREAM: Bernie Sanders in Chicago A future to believe in Rally

“On The Viability of Conspiratorial Beliefs” — Debunked!

Can we just roll Justice Scalia over so those on stage can kiss his ass?

How the Republican Elite Created Frankentrump - David Corn

Rachel Maddow is talking about low turnout on the Democrats' side

Just watched Chiraq. Am amazed at how powerful a movie it was

That clip tweety played of Bernie on the Senate floor concerning lgbt in the military.....

Kasich on gay marriage

With Bernie all but abandoning South Carolina

Yesterday, alone, a Clinton SuperPac reported spending nearly another $500,000

I'm watching the SNL parody of the Republican debate

I wonder how much Hillary paid Rachel?

******GOP Debate Debacle Thread Two******

Is Bernie tone-deaf on race?

Buy health insurance across State lines,


Here is how it is going for us in Texas.

"Health care is not a right"

Can't help but think that the baggers on the stage tonight are making some great commercials

Indonesia mayor claims instant noodles can make babies gay

The voting machines in Virginia last fall let a voter slide the ballot in, see what was scanned

Rubio and Juliet

Feb 25 ---NEW Poll WBUR Mass Clinton 49% Sanders 44% ***

I think the Townhall with Chris Mathews and Bernie tonight

Feb 25 ---NEW Poll WBUR Mass Clinton 49% Sanders 44% ***

I think some people want a continuation of the Clinton years

Hillary Clinton Calls On Obama To Nominate A True Progressive To The Supreme Court

Blacks in Law Enforcement of America endorses Bernie

(San Francisco) Homeless ordered to vacate camp they were pressured into before Super Bowl

Winona LaDuke supports Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton pulls ahead in the Bay State, part of the Sanders N.E firewall 49-44

Rough TV night,

A question for both supporters of

Charles Dutoit returns from 14-year hiatus to conduct Montréal Symphony Orchestra concert.

Egypt's first convicted FGM doctor Fadl loses licence

The Fruit Salad of their Life is trending on Twitter

It was too good to be true.

Touching song by Kelly Clarkson - Piece by Piece

Congressional Hispanic Caucus PAC to endorse Clinton

How does one get Chri Mathews to shut up!

The Decline and Fall of Hillary Clinton

Borowitz: The Republicans have succeeded

Activist Group LUCHA Joins Other Arizona Latino Voices in Endorsing Bernie Sanders

When does Maury Povich come out with the DNA test results?

GOP Debate--it's like watching The View!!!!

Upset she's a lesbian, West Fargo dad accused of pulling gun on teenage daughter

Bernie Sanders Campaign Now Has a Native American Advisor

The Winner of Tonight's Debate Was...

Obama Administration Set to Expand Sharing of Data That N.S.A. Intercepts

Anyone remember Mr. Haney?

Obama nominates Carla Hayden to lead Library of Congress

******GOP Debate Debacle Thread Three. Bring it Home!******

New York Times: Mrs. Clinton release those transcripts

Scott and Mikail unify in the heavens, while the USA and Russsia screw up on Earth!

Borowitz: Obama Signs Executive Order Relocating Congress to Guantánamo

California Town Ditches Prison Economy, Embraces Cannabis Farms

Carson closes posing like Jesus showing the stigmata.

TCM Schedule for Friday, February 26, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: 31 Days of Oscar: Day 26

Just saying~

Bernie on MSNBC

While you were watching the GOP debate:

PPP Florida Poll: Clinton: 57% Bernie: 32%

PPP Florida Poll: Clinton: 57% Bernie: 32%

Who was that woman who was screeching in the audience?

So Donald just said he gets audited all the time cause he's a strong Christian.

NY Times Editorial Board: Mrs. Clinton, Show Voters Those Transcripts

Sanders wins "The American Conservative" Foreign Policy report card

Chris Matthews Tries To Sabotage Bernie Sanders (Published on Jan 7, 2016)

Capehart is still working for M$NBCComcast. On post-debate panel now. nt

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum...

That Awful Softness

WBUR Poll: In Mass., Clinton Edges Sanders 49-44

So who won tonight's debate?

I am not sure, but I think Rubio made Trump look like a fool most of the night!

Bernie Sanders on Hardball w/ Chris Mathews

The only things missing from these Republican debates is . . . . .


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Whitewashing (HBO)

Obama signs trade bill banning slave-produced imports

Visual for Posterity and our Memory Books: The Republican Debates 2016

And *this* is why Bernie has Cornel West out on the campaign trail

Opinion: When Bernie Sanders was elected mayor

Where is calimary?

While I don't #FeelTheBern... I can appreciate Burners for Bernie.

My takeaway from tonight's repuke yellfest

Kasich is a totally lunatic!

Republicans target each other at UH debate

If someone is on Facebook......

Shooting down US ‘stealth’ jets not that hard, expert warns

Concerning racism: An open request of our two candidates to answer some questions

Cleveland Clinic surgeons perform nation's first uterus transplant

NY Times - Withdraw Your Endorsement Of Hillary Until She Releases The Transcripts !

And now for some levity. "How Sarah Palin became Alaska's 'smartest politician.'"

Organic tampons and sanitary pads recalled after traces of weed killer discovered

Hillary privately lobbied Congress for trade deals she publically opposed.

Well, that was sad as hell

Nancy Pelosi: "There's a special place in hell for women"

Democratic Party better heed Rachel Maddow's warning

Massive, organized Bernie video archive dating back decades

Thank you President Obama. And Senator Sherrod Brown.

TCM Schedule for Saturday, February 27, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: 31 Days of Oscar: Day 27

Glyphosate: Germany's most popular beers contain Monsanto-produced pesticide linked to cancer

New WBUR Poll (MA)- Clinton 49% - Sanders 44%

Trump seems androgynous to me

Here come the poll numbers again.

Enough is Enough!!!

National Democratic Polls-A Little for Everybody

WaPo: Why black voters remain in Hillary Clinton’s corner

What is the difference between a REAL Democrat and the Third Way Democrats

Rubio was the first Republican I've seen take a swing at Trump and actually connect

$125M Well Spend By Wall-Street / Corporate America

Question about jury service.

Also, oddly enough, Rubio actually pointed out our number 1 immigration problem

As a Sanders supporter, there is *one* thing I want to hear him say...

Gawker: Poll: 40% of voters think Cruz looks like the Zodiac killer

Bernie’s Bern Shining Bright In 1995: Watch Him Fight Homophobia In Congress [VIDEO]

New York Values and Their Dutch Origins

Bernie’s Bern Shining Bright In 1995: Watch Him Fight Homophobia In Congress [VIDEO]

"African American Leaders in Vermont: We Are All So Proud of Bernie Sanders"

Happy Birthday George Harrison!

Va. lawmakers table a bill that would exempt police names from disclosure

What an ef-fest ("Would someone please attack ME?")

Samantha Bee in Conversation with Ana Gasteyer (SNL)

Sifting Through Swiss Gold Vaults for Clues of Venezuela Default

KS: four dead, including attacker, in shooting spree

Maddow: Spinning like crazy for Team Clinton, ethics and critical thinking are cast aside.

James Corden Just In Really Bad Taste Made Fun Of Bernie Sanders.....

Priebus: Unlike the Democrats, We're Going to Let The Voters Decide Our Nominee

Anybody want to make phone calls for Bernie for SC or Super Tues states?

Hillary Held Fundraiser w/ White Hollywood this Monday Feb 22

Republican superdelegates

New National Poll Has Hillary Leading Bernie 50-35 (Morning Consult)

New National Poll Has Hillary Leading Bernie 50-35 (Morning Consult)

New Clinton poll has Hillary leading Bernie 123% to -23%

Frank Schaeffer nails it even though he is a repub. (video)

So you think Obama has been obstructed? You ain't seen nothin yet.

WaPo-Univision News National Survey Of Hispanic Voters. Hillary Clinton Leads 57% - 28%.

Ben Shapiro escorted by police from CSULA due to angry protesters

WaPo-Univision News National Survey Of Hispanic Voters. Hillary Clinton Leads 57% - 28%.

The GOP and Trump: Be Afraid (A Poem)

Two Scandinavian journalists discuss European views of Sanders, Trump, & US Electorate (VIDEO)

Spoke to a Hispanic Millennial Tonight.

I could give a shit about what's on the transcripts, but Clinton's response is catastrophic

Character matters:

When Did We Become a Nation of Cowards?

The Neverending Tone Deafness of Bernie Sanders

New National Poll: Clinton 50, Sanders 35

Official Portrait of our beautiful FLOTUS

Congressional Hispanic Caucus PAC to endorse Clinton

Fascism in Dixie

U.S. Plans to Put Advisers on Front Lines of Nigeria’s War on Boko Haram

The Neverending Tone Deafness of Bernie Sanders

The whole point of getting Hillary's transcripts . . .

Carla Hayden is Obama's best appointment ever

Political humor with Samantha Bee, Andy Borowitz - The New Yorker Festival

The whole point of getting Hillary's transcripts . . .

So about all that HISSING at the private Hillary thing in South Carolina

1991 Bernie Sanders on Crime, Punishment, and Poverty. Urges end to harsh policies.

Indonesia's Defence Minister threatens 'warfare' against 'threatening' gay community

I finally realized Hilary does indeed have a vision for our future (and yes she can on this issue)

Kansas men's basketball game conflicts with caucus

Capehart: Why black voters remain in Hillary Clinton’s corner

Daily Holidays - February 26

The Real Reason the Hounds want Hillary's Speech Transcripts

'Holy Grail' Beatles record to be auctioned

Cartoon: Black Endorsements

Genuine DU question: Are the rules of the site that we can post about any Democrat

Alabama attorney sues Supreme Court

Rare Breed of Turtle Really Ruining Our Country

More than 130,000 asylum seekers disappeared in 2015 (Germany)

Group sues Greg Abbott over removal of Capitol holiday display

The only thing being lost at Weight Watcher's is it's shares

The second humans became resources to businesses and corporations was the minute

GOP debate descends into an out of control screaming match.

Make America WHAT again??

"He's not afraid of saying what people are thinking''

So that slaughter in Kansas was only the

Mississippi governor: April named Confederate Heritage Month

Iran votes in first key elections since nuclear deal

New Quinnipiac Poll of FL: HRC: 59% Sanders: 33%

Just Out: Quinnipiac Poll of FL--HRC: 59% Bernie: 33%

Wait! What?

Can Clinton get a public option into the ACA?

Jimmy Kimmel's Trump Ad by the Poorly Educated

Why Hillary Clinton's Black Supporters Should Feel the Bern

Sure must be an empty kitchen here...

Why Are Public Broadcasters Parroting Conservative Talking Points?

Alex Jones: Putin, Trump, Mutants, love, Japan, etc.

Poll: Clinton leads Sanders in Massachusetts

Afghanistan War: Just What Was the Point?

Poll: Clinton leads Sanders in Massachusetts 49% to 44%

The myth of the "superpredator", the 1994 Crime Bill, Clinton & Sanders.

Neocon Kagan Endorses Hillary Clinton

Why the Deafening Silence on Cutting the Military Budget?

This morning, Democracy Now! will speak with Ashley Williams

Like MOST of you, I miss Mr, Rogers, but I'm also glad he wasn't alive to see last night's debate

Why This Veteran Will Cast His Super Tuesday Vote For Bernie Sanders

Intercept: The more the public gets to see of both candidates, the more popular Bernie Sanders

Money Pit: America’s Forever War in Mideast has Gained us What, Exactly?

Moody's downgrades Louisiana's credit rating

Poppy: "I'm coming, Elizabeth!" Bar: "Talk to the hand! When are they going to let Jeb speak?"

Don't know if this has been posted before, but it bears repeating. So true.

Open thread: what are down-ticket primaries we should be looking at?

Lindsey Graham: "My party is batshit crazy".

University Of Texas Dean To Leave State, Citing Concerns Over New Campus Carry Law

Study Flags Seven States With High Rates of Accidental Gun Deaths

A New Report Shows How Hard It Is to Keep Guns Away from Domestic Abusers

Really George?

What's your opinion on apophatic theology?

A thought about polling and cell phones...

Bernie: "We're All in This Together"

Bernie: "We're All in This Together"

Chuck Todd: Either Trump wins nomination or there's a brokered convention

Bernie: "We're All in This Together"

Opinion: Bernie Sanders is right: The American dream is alive and well in Scandinavia

Bring it ON!

Did race play a factor in the Kansas shooting?

New Virginia Poll (Monmouth): Clinton 60 - Sanders 33

Md. House OKs barring Confederate flag license plate renewal

Please don't focus on one tree (Clinton or Sanders) and lose site of the forest.

Lots of Hillary ads in Virginia.

New Georgia Poll (SurveyUSA): Clinton 66 - Sanders 27

Brand Spanking New Sunshine State Poll-Clinton 59% Sanders 33%

MI Dem Primary>>@HillaryClinton: 65% @BernieSanders: 31%Undecideds breaking for HRC. ***

Clatsop County DA files state bar complaint against Ammon Bundy's lawyers

"Rubio’s hectoring melody overlapped Trump’s exasperated harmony"- Repub whinefest

Another brand spanking new Sunshine State Poll -Clinton 57% Sanders 32%

New Florida Poll (PPP): Clinton 57 - Sanders 32

Hillary Clinton brings a message of unity to South Carolina (HRC Group)

Several new polls have come out

HuffpoPollster updates national rolling average with 3 new polls.

Jane Sanders: We're Meeting Wonderful People

Jane Sanders: We're Meeting Wonderful People

Jane Sanders: We're Meeting Wonderful People

Who the @#$% is this Mary Kissel person? ...

The Dog Whistle Politics of Race

Question: Does dog whistle politics help or hurt overcoming racism and breaking barriers?

Bernie: Unlike Hillary, I am Not an Establishment Politician

Bernie: Unlike Hillary, I am Not an Establishment Politician

Citi: Here Comes a Global Recession

Bernie: Unlike Hillary, I am Not an Establishment Politician

Congressional Hispanic Caucus PAC to endorse Clinton

Holy crap I do not like the new Facebook buttons

I don't want to live under a Wall Street government anymore.

Sneering at "free stuff" is a vicious Repuke attack on the very idea of public goods.

The Mad Violence of Casino Capitalism

Arctic ice area anomaly since 1979

Nightmare in Indonesia

Guns kill, they're designed to kill, they have no other use

Donald Trump’s political triumph makes it official — we’re a nation of idiots

Another reason to love Bernie-- he called for abolishing the CIA in 1974

UAW Opposes The TPP: "We’ve lost 75,000 jobs in manufacturing since we signed the KFT"

Sanders unloads on Clinton during raucous speech in Chicago

Sea World Promises To Stop Sending Undercover Employees To Try And Infiltrate PETA

Has anyone else noticed two new memes being shopped around?

Movie Roles for Non-White Actors Sometimes Still Get Played by White People

Cruz And Rubio's Perfect 2015 Environmental Voting Records (League of Conservation Voters)

Rubio Says Trump Would Be ‘Selling Watches’ If He Didn’t Get Money From His Dad

Is Sanders the only person running who will try to overturn Citizens United?

dear america, are we not embarrassed yet? 20 insults from the debate in one minute

Trump loves the poorly edumacated!

Question: Does falsely accusing someone of racism for political reasons help to bring us together

Editiorial: Sanders makes promises no one could possibly keep

Most Americans Don't Deserve Someone Like Bernie

Squirrel! Please focus on the transcripts and not the obscene amounts of money taken

You say "cyoo-linary" I say "cull-inary"

Coincidence, or ______?

Bernie in Tulsa Oklahoma

Bernie Sanders Has Earned His Success. Hillary Clinton Embodies White Privilege

STOP LYING: The bank bailout cost TRILLIONS.

Democracy and Decentralization: UK Labour Leaders Reframe Socialism for the 21st Century

Voter turnout: my advice to the Democrats

LA is seizing tiny homes from the homeless

Side thought: the Constitution does not guarantee a right to privacy

I decided to keep a list and this seems to be a good place.

24 years ago, I remember discussing infrastructure

How America's Super-Rich Are Draining the Poor of a Longer Life Span

Why black voters remain in Hillary Clinton’s corner

Friday Bernie Group Toon Roundup

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Middle Finger Trump (apologies to MFM)

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - The other GOP'ers

Friday TOON Roundup 3 -Court Blockage

Damn, that political theme song of MSNBC is annoying. Millions of times played over and

4 new polls aggregated today. 4 Clinton leads (Even in Massachusetts!)

Friday TOON Roundup 4 - The Rest

4 new polls aggregated today. 4 Clinton leads (HRC Group)

Why will American socialism be different?That's the question that we need to answer for the skeptics

Transcripts - Are you connecting the dots yet, seeing the dog and pony show they are rolling out?

Trump voters against emancipation

Mitt Romney points to Trump's taxes

Estella's Brilliant Bus---bringing tech to underserved kids, homeless

Clinton: Wall Street speeches won't undermine me as president

One more option for "making America great again."

Hillary Clinton moves Friday event from Georgia State to (much smaller venue) City Hall

Hillary Clinton has a race problem — and it’s resurfacing at a dangerous time

Jimmy Carter: U.S. Is an "Oligarchy with Unlimited Political Bribery"

Is Obama channeling him some Bernie Sanders

PSA: Sadly, workinclasszero has been temporarily silenced with another ludicrous hide.

Jimmy Carter: U.S. is an "Oligarchy with Unlimited Political Bribery"

What will come of Democratic UNderground if Bernie does not win the nomination?

Clinton vs Trump

Mark Zuckerberg Asks Racist Facebook Employees to Stop Crossing Out Black Lives Matter Slogans

ST. Louis MO newspaper--Clinton continues to be champion for women's rights: #

The Fix by Chris Cillizza

What the Chris Matthews Interview and the Morning Joe Interview looked like to me.....

"You're the basket case go ahead, don't get nervous Go ahead "

Meet The Woman Who Asked Hillary Clinton About ‘Natural Hair’

A casting head said: “I couldn’t put you in a Shakespeare movie. They didn’t have black people then.

I proudly stand with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus PAC in their endorsement of Hillary Clinton

U.S. economic growth in fourth quarter unexpectedly revised up to 1%

Trump told Howard Stern that he could have "nailed" Princess Di.

Bernie Sanders Opens Up About His Jewish Background

Bernie needs to directly address this false dichotomy of the right (and Hillary)

New Hillary Clinton mailers in Massachusetts slam Bernie Sanders' gun record

Propaganda is very powerful and helps determine who we elect

New Clinton Mailers in Massachusetts slams Sanders Gun Record

Nate Silver/538 Super Tuesday updates:

Let's money bomb Bernie's campaign again . . .

Guess what?

Australian survivors of Catholic clergy abuse head to Rome

Hillary 'Transcript' Hounds Are In Good Company

Zom-bees: The Buzzing Dead

I’m Not a ‘Super-Predator’: Why I Confronted Hillary Clinton

I finally found a way to genuinely enjoy a Donald Trump speech.

Guess who funds the Congressional Hispanic Caucus PAC - you'll be "surprised"

I Did Not Hear Mika on Morning Joe Mention The TRANSCRIPTS... Did I Miss Something?

Hillary Clinton Ad: "Hands Down"

The impressive American high schooler who turned out to be a 23-year-old Ukrainian man

This Path Tonight ~ Graham Nash

Bernie Sanders' Democratic Socialism: A Closer Look

Genetically modified foodstuffs -

New Polls Over the Last Three Days

New Polls Over the Last Three Days

Two Scandinavian journalists discuss European views of Sanders, Trump, & US Electorate (VIDEO)

Closed Captioner gives up during R debate

Again it has to be asked - Was CNBC the problem in that October GOP debate?

Michigan governor's advisers warned about Flint water crisis months before disclosure

Michigan governor's advisers warned about Flint water crisis months before disclosure

Top Snyder aides urged going back to Detroit water

‘You Shouldn’t Appoint Someone Like Scalia to Any Office’

Bernie Beer!

I have philosophical proof on "belief". Please double-check it.

South Carolina black voters say they know Hillary Clinton well enough to pass on Bernie Sanders

Emails: Wide support on Flint switch from Detroit water

Dow Chemical settles price-fixing case after Justice Scalia's death ( afraid they would lose now)

"Hillary Clinton Tells Wall Street She Believes Anti-Wall Street Rhetoric ‘Foolish’"


About that Walmart cash

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Sends Fake Fox News Girls to Trump Rally

Here are 7 jaw-dropping confessions from conservatives about the dismal state of the GOP

"Why am I not a brother? I've got soul-jive." . . . . Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!!

As a country... do we need to hit rock bottom??

‘Idiocracy’ Writer Says His Horrific Vision Of A Painfully Stupid America Is Here

Anger as Christian lawyer paraded on Chinese state TV for 'confession'

HRC in 1996 NPR interview: "I'm very proud that I was a Goldwater girl"

U.S. test-fires ICBMs to stress its power to Russia, North Korea

Stunning new Ohio Poll: Sanders 45, Clinton 44

#AskROF: Why Isn’t Ted Cruz Being Crucified For His Role in the Government Shutdown?

Why is Bernie struggling to attract women?

Trump's obsession with WW2 generals strikes sour note with historians

Robert Reich: Bernie's Economic Plan Can Get Us to 3.8% Unemployment

Pony dressed as unicorn leads Calif. authorities on wild chase

Leading Washington Neo Con Endorses Hillary:

A thank you thread for leftofcool

New Bill Curry Article; Trump Understands What Clinton Doesn't

Leftofcool ... stay strong! We love you! See you soon! xo xo xo xo

Kansas Gunman Issued Restraining Order at Scene of Deadly Shooting Before Killings, Cops Say

I have had time to think about last night's debacle!

Clinton: "I feel like my political beliefs are rooted in the conservatism that I was raised with"

Had a RUFF week? Come get this Friday Puppy Fix!

Bernie Calls For National Database of Police Killings:

Pic Of The Moment: Two Quotes From Last Night That Sum Up The Best The GOP Has To Offer In 2016

So threads like this are ok?

Interesting Article Re SC - Bernie Sanders Is Narrowing the Gap in SC

Income Inequality was on "Steriods during the Clinton Years"

The Breakfast Club: Bernie Sanders Discusses Why The Black Community and Women Should Vote For Him

Hillary's Great Lie To Democratic Voters Will Be The Biggest Deceit in Election History

MEMO TO MATHEWS: "It's the only way change happens in America"

We can talk about how Rubio was to punch Trump, but the best punch was thrown by a woman and....

Baby Boomers Ignore Bernie Sanders and Their Own Morals

I just heard Robio say that the government

Hillary and Fracking

The most effective and most often used self-defense tool:


Hostility Toward Religion in America Is ‘Undeniable,’ Report Says

I've been saying Hillary is getting a free pass from Bernie, so...

Get yer puppy fix from a link in the lounge...

oops he did it again

Better than Bernie's stump speech: BREAKFAST CLUB radio interview

NY State Medical Marijuana

Fracking and foundations.

In honor of my friend, Malaise, this Trump-Rubio fight is delish

Chamber of Commerce Lobbyist Tom Donohue: Clinton Will Support TPP After Election

Let's Compare...

Marco Rubio just said at his rally that Hillary Clinton lied to the families of the people that were

Imagine No Religion? - Pretty hard to do, actually

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - February 26, 2016

People Before Polluters | Bernie Sanders

I'm calling for a GENERAL STRIKE on Monday February 29th!!

Hillary - "Release the Transcripts" - the Whole World is Watching

3 Wives and Countless Undisclosed Affairs

Couple killed by police for sleeping in their car while black.

Generic Safe Post Supportive of Hillary Clinton

For all the dance fans out there (you got me started elleng with your White Nights thread)

Sanders says we should close Gitmo, but important to recall he had a vote on it as a Senator in Ma

Hillary Keeps Maligning Obama as She Tries to Confuse Voters About Her Paid Wall Street Speeches:

When did Leonardo DiCaprio become a good actor?

25 Picks For Bernie Sanders' Vice President

Apple’s Lawyer: If We Lose, It Will Lead To A ‘Police State’

Imagine No Religion? - Pretty hard to do actually

Vicente Fox discusses last nights debate, the fookin wall, George Washington and Joe Biden

US Air Force Unveils Picture Of New Stealth Bomber

Hillary Clinton Would Crush Trump Among Latino Voters, Poll Finds

U.S. Test-Fires ICBMs To Stress Its Power To Russia, North Korea

Why Electing Hillary in ’16 Is More Important Than Electing Obama in ’08

Clinton Deflects Calls To Release Wall St. Speech Transcripts

CHP Helicopter Tracks Down Escaped Unicorn Near Madera

Please come CAPTION last night's Clown Car of Stupid!!!!

Why We Need a REAL Progressive in the White House!

Why Wall Street hates this man

Bernie really lights up around young people.

The gun industry has won, and not just on a legislative level. They have won on a cultural level

SeaWorld Admits Using Employees to Spy on Animal Rights Activists

Show us your desktop!

How the Clinton's disenfranchised black South Carolinians

Polls and Predictions – Democratic Primaries through March 1st

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Cyclical Pests

Donald trump is being picked on 'cuz he's a "Christian!"

Hillary evolving at speeds previously thought impossible

Atlanta Pastafarian Denied Religious Rights

China To Secure 'de Facto' Control Of S. China Sea: US Admiral

Al Qaeda Makes a Comeback

How Wal-Mart Explains the Difference Between Clinton and Sanders

The Top Hillary Clinton Advisers & Fundraisers Who Lobbied Against Dodd-Frank & Obamacare

CEO of Goldman Sachs Lambasted Sanders as Grave Threat, but Not Clinton. Why?

From the CDC...

The birth of Skynet

Trump's "huge announcement" coming up !!!

*Update - Account restored* Twitter Exec Censors #WhichHillary in advance of Sunday Fundraiser

Iron Maiden launches new world tour...with the biggest Ed Force One yet!

America loves women like Hillary Clinton–as long as they’re not asking for a promotion

Hillary Clinton Moves Friday Event From Georgia State To A Smaller And More Tightly Controlled Venue

People Before Polluters | Bernie Sanders

Governor Martin O'Malley's Accomplishments in Maryland Live On

Hillary's "tell" -

Villagers mourn goose shot dead in suspected drive-by attack

The Chair of the House Science Committee Is Harassing NOAA Climate Scientists Again

Shaun King Facebook: Two minutes that you MUST watch.

Twitter CEO blocked #whichhillary and is holding a HRC fundraiser this weekend??

Remember when some folks were outraged that Clinton wouldn't stay in NV for the results?

christie endorses trump...,huuuuge!

Unanimous results from my super fun jury service today

Oh my God,Christie is endorsing Trump.

Super Tuesday polling...doesn't look good for VT. Real Clear Politics

Bernie Is Crushing Hillary in Coal Country

A question:If the head of the EPA wants to clamp down on greenhouse emissions and Goldman calls too

Seems like Christie is going to speak for Trump on the campaign trail.

Former Suffolk County Police Chief James Burke Pleads Guilty to Obstruction, Civil Rights Charges

Michele Bachmann Just Said That POOR PEOPLE Should NOT Be Allowed To Vote

Predict when Trump and Christie turn on each other, and who starts it.

TV Pundits Praise Hillary Clinton On Air, Fail to Disclose Financial Ties to Her Campaign

Please release the transcripts before it is too late, you know they will be leaked at some point

When Bernie Sanders voted to strip funding for gun research

Chickens and Eggs. The GOP is powerful because the Democratic Party continually weakens itself

Why Hillary Clinton Could Easily Lose To Donald Trump

A presidential run by Michael Bloomberg could plunge the country into a constitutional crisis

Chris Christie endorses Donald Trump

Who Could Destroy the Trump Monster? Bernie Or Hillary?

Beyond Campaign Finance

Uncovering the Bad Math (or Logic) of an Economic Analysis Embraced by Bernie Sanders

Is the real reason Bravenak was timed out again her Daily Kos article on Sanders?

Twitter Explodes When Carson Says He'll Look at 'Fruit Salad of Their Life' to Decide SCOTUS Nominee


The F-35 Is Still Horribly Broken, And The Pentagon Wants More

Somalia's SYL hotel in Mogadishu 'stormed by al-Shabab'

Blacks in Law Enforcement of America supports Bernie Sanders for Democratic Presidential Primary

Last Night As I Listened To The Post Debate Commentary....

Hillary & Malaysia & Goldman Sachs & Money Laundering & Current FBI Investigations

Trump & I finally know the meaning of the term "Bully Pulpit."

Bernie Sanders Names Tara Houska Native American Advisor to the Campaign

Christie will do anything to stay out of NJ

Hillary Clinton - Lucky (Mad TV)

We already know what we need to know about Hillary's speech transcripts

Compare Clinton '16 to Kerry '04. Besides her gender, what does Clinton bring to the table that

It's sad that this could actually be true...

20 insults in 1 minute

Sanders vs. Matthews

Jesus H. Christie!

Clinton campaign ad: "Al Franken"

Trump/Christie 2016?

Bernie Sanders at the Woody Guthrie Museum in Tulsa

BTW, Marco Rubio suggested Donald Trump wet himself during last night's debate

Charlie Chaplin Speech on Bernie Sanders' Belief for Humanity

WaPo: "It’s time to start speculating about Donald Trump’s vice presidential pick"

Pony Dressed as Unicorn Leads CHP on Wild Chase Near Fresno

538's Harry Enten Tweets about Trump vs Clinton after the Christie endorsement

From email: BIG ENDORSEMENT DAY: 4 “Warren wing” champs

BREAKING NEWS: Feds flag Bernie Sanders campaign contributions (thousands of contributions flagged)

Elementary school student brings her robot to see the governor, hoping to help other kids.

Elementary school student brings her robot to see the governor, hoping to help other kids.

Saw this on my Facebook page. Had to repost here.

From email: BIG ENDORSEMENT DAY: 4 “Warren wing” champs

Trump just made fun of Rubios EARS....

Americans are moving to Europe for free college degrees

2 Michigan Lawmakers(GOP) Forced From Office Over Affair Face Felony Charges

Lands' End Caves To Anti-Abortion Pressure, Pulls Gloria Steinem Interview

Charlie Chaplin Speech on Bernie Sanders' Belief for Humanity

Why Electing Hillary in ’16 Is More Important Than Electing Obama in ’08

Scalia's Death Prompts Dow to Settle Suits for $835 Million

Charlie Chaplin Speech on Bernie Sanders' Belief for Humanity

Company Paying High Wages And Benefits Just CRUSHED Wal-Mart In Profitability

MSNBC is now a platform for FREE for Donald Racist Bully Trump

Income Inequality grew More under Bill Clinton/DLC/3rd Way then under Ronald Reagan

Is anyone listening to Trump now

Black Lives Matter is much too important to be used as a political football

After appointed city manager illegally jacked up prices, Flint paid the highest water rates

Trump is eating Rubio - a nasty little guy

Framed at the border An excerpt from 'Down and Dirty Down South.'

My Secret Pleasure, some tears, a lot of laughter and knowledge

Thursday's GOP Debate Drew 14.5 Million On CNN And Telemundo

Apple directors reelected, outside proposals rejected at annual shareholder meeting

So Trump claims he had "no idea" David Duke endorsed him. And I believe him.

GOP Debate #10: The Scream, by Donald Trump

"Why Electing Hillary in ’16 Is More Important Than Electing Obama in ’08" by Jon Favreau

The "free stuff" argument is a deliberate lie.

1 Day out, time to make your South Carolina prediction!

The ‘Stump for Trump’ Girls Just Said on CNN That Rubio Had ‘A Gay Lifestyle’

I woke up this morning with a theory about why Hillary does not release the transcripts to her

Trump, Christie, Duke

Cocktails for Candidates

Insurer Warnings Cast Doubt On ACA Exchange Future

SCOTUS Limbo Is A Huge Gift For Liberals

I think I hate tRump as much as I hated dimson,

New Poll Shows Sanders Ahead of Clinton by Widest Margin Yet

Email from Bernie regarding fracking:

damm morans

New Poll Shows Sanders Ahead of Clinton by Widest Margin Yet

Chris Christie tries to screw Trump by endorsing him

"The Anarchist Spirit" magazine article

HAVE to do this! 2016 Cherry Blossom Peak Bloom Forecasts

Trump's running mate might be important

Bernie is coming to Dallas! Tomorrow, Sat. the 27th

Establishment (D) Economists Whip-Up NYTimes' Manufactured "Consensus" Dissing Bernie's Policies

Gravity Wave primer from The Late Show

Proposal to sway Hillary to release the Goldman-Sachs Transcripts

Donald Trump is not a joke: A warning to Americans from an Italian who survived Berlusconi

Check out this Mussolini video...Tump isn't like Hitler - he's Il Duce re-incarnated.

Uh oh. Hillary accidentally crashed . . .

Just heard, Nashville Mayor Megan Barry endorses Clinton

Ashley Williams: I want Hilary to apologize to black people for mass incarceration policy.

Trump Rules in effect: The Donald fields softball questions while Hillary gets grilled

Facts checked at Door. Admitted to Republican Debates only when misrepresented (or misspelled)'toon

Donors ask GOP consulting firm to research independent presidential bid

Hillary Clinton: Party Crasher

CHARLES P. PIERCE: Fame-Seeking Loudmouth Endorses Vulgar Talking Yam - America, fuck yeah.

How the hell did THAT get on the space station?

Hillary's Campaign Financial Strategist Is a Former V.P. of..... (I'll give you 3 guesses)

This is screwed up!

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chair Rep. Ben Ray Lujan endorses Clinton

The presumptive Republican party nominee gets more endorsements:

Painting about racial violence rasises controversy in Kentucky school; parent wants it removed

Feds flag Bernie Sanders campaign contributions

BTW re: Texting 4 Bernie -

Not To Be Forgotten: Hillary Has An Outsourcing Problem...

How The Republican Party Has Failed To Dig Up Dirt On Donald Trump

BREAKING: Zombie Chris Christie Tears Out Donald Trump's Throat With His Teeth

NOLA pulls list of possible Confederate monument removers: Read emails

Trump: Spot the Difference!

16 Comforting Cold-Weather Pasta Dishes Ready in 1 Hour Or Less

#AskROF: Why Has The Corporate Media Failed So Hard In Covering Republicans?

Sanders Congressional candidates - inspiration from Bernie but little else.

Danny Glover Endorses Bernie Sanders

Even Hillary's Apology Was Untrue

Holy crap! Odds of Clinton nomination now at 93%!

Swiss bank giant UBS is being investigated over money laundering and serious organised tax fraud in

Want to see some awesome numbers? These are awesome numbers (HRC Group)

Newest pollng data for Super Tuesday. Couldn't look better!

Ummm... Is there something in the water?

is there any place to start a project and ask for help on it?

Moon as you’ve never seen it: Smithsonian displays incredible HD photos

What happened to the day when financial vultures and predators were condemned on DU?

Donald Trump

To Fight Critics, Donald Trump Aims to Instill Fear in 140-Character Doses.

How about this...nominate Susan Collins for the SC?

Gianni Infantino elected Fifa president after Zurich election

Steph Curry: Too good even for NBA 2K developers

Desperate for a Win-Sanders Shifts to Attack Mode-Looks to GOP Ads for Help

Desperate for a Win-Sanders Shifts to Attack Mode-Looks to GOP Ads for Help

CNN’s closed captioner said it all last night.

Obama staying out of Honda-Khanna rematch

Report: Justice Dept. lawyer mishandled government records

San Jose Judge Lucy Koh nominated to federal appeals court

Nate Silver's Final Project 538 South Carolina Forecasts:

I don't think the Former Mexican President wants to pay for Trumps Wall.....

Trump has a major spelling problem.

Trump wants to 'open up' libel laws to sue media outlets

Chism sentenced to life in prison with eligibility of parole for teacher's murder

A theory that may explain school privatization, charter schools, etc.

Michigan's former "state rep" couple (Todd Coureser/Cindy Gamrat) facing serious charges

Got it! Nominate Mitch McConnell for SCOTUS

All relevant groups in Syria ready to comply with ceasefire: Putin

Anyone listening to Rubio on MSNBC? What a jackass!

Trump mocks Rubio, Romney

Donald Trump Is Winning Because White America Is Dying

Rubio is speaking, and taking it to Trump as best he can. Can the bar get any lower?

'Unicorn' leads CHP officers on a nearly four-hour chase

Senate Democrats Dispute Obama's Decision on Israel Boycotts

Investigators exhume the nameless dead of Colombia's half-century-long civil war

Investigators exhume the nameless dead of Colombia's half-century-long civil war

Note to Detractors: Black Presidents matter. Tina Dupuy / Cagle Cartoons

Trump's VP pick - a Busey v. Meatloaf cage match

Steve Bell: Behold, a guano Thatcher – cartoon

U.S. News: Clinton's Speech Morass is Her Own Fault

Organic panty liners recalled after traces of weedkiller found

Bernie on THE CRIME BILL and getting tough on crime.

Honduran Minister Admits Link of Police with Gangs

Question about that debate: did Rubio physically LOOK like he was unable to handle stress?

A little giggle

Is Trump the only one actually seeking the people's votes for the 2016 Republican nomination?

NEW VIDEO from BLM activist Ashley Williams is MUST SEE

Scientists achieve perfect efficiency for water-splitting half-reaction

Conspiracy Theorists Are Convinced That Katy Perry Is JonBenét Ramsey

Trump University’s Checkered Past Haunting Candidate

Monarch butterfly migration to Mexico jumps after years of decline

NYT - Scalia Took Dozens of Trips Funded by Private Sponsors

#whichHillary hashtag being censored by twitter exec in advance of fundraiser

House backs bill to boost hunting, fishing on public lands

When Hillary Clinton threw Arab and Muslim Americans under the bus

More High-Wage Employment Doesn't Mean the Job Market's Out of the Woods

NEW VIDEO from BLM activist Ashley Williams is MUST SEE (2/26)

Iran executed all adult men in one village for drug offences, official reveals

Those Romans Did Know a Thing Or Two About Politics

New National polls in the past couple days REUTERS Clinton +5 Morning Consult Clinton +15

Tomorrow's South Carolina Primary

"I'M gonna lay down my nuclear waste, down by the riverside. Down by the riverside."


State Department says to complete release of Clinton emails by Monday

Marco who will you vote for?

MSNBC's Harris-Perry Says She Won’t Appear On Her Show After Pre-Emptions

Birmingham Raises Minimum Wage and Alabama Takes it Away

Florida Man To Stare At Ted Cruz's Mouth For Two Hours Straight

Melissa Harris-Perry Walks Off Her MSNBC Show After Pre-Emptions

Trump Mocks Rubio by throwing water

How Hillary Clinton supporters found their voice online

Just gave a friend $40 so he could get his medications.

​Teens plead guilty to planning Tennessee high school attack

Chris Christie just sold his soul to endorse Trump. But do you remember this?

South Carolina (one of the first jobs she ever had)

D.C. PSC rejects Pepco-Exelon merger but the deal is not dead.

Bill Crosby drops defamation suit against Beverly Johnson "without prejudice," BECAUSE...

Hillary's Ben & Jerry's ice cream?

#WhichHillary vs. #OnlyOneBernie as Democratic Contrasts Sharpen

How Bernie Sanders Helped Do Bush’s Dirty Work In Sierra Blanca

Frozen canyons found on Pluto's North Pole

A Pair to Draw To

Don't say "cartoons about Christie endorsing Trump pretty much write themselves"

POWERFUL: Black Voter in SC Whole Family Voting Sanders: "We pray that he makes it"

Ben Carson: Somebody Attack Me Please!!!

GOP Debate “Highlights” Make Me Realize Why Countries Make Fun of Us When We Elect Republicans

My friend Cathy Guthrie just posted this picture of Bernie at the Woody Guthrie Center

Trump and Christie: Strange Bedfellows

Ben Carson: 'Can somebody attack me please?'

Marco Rubio's Very Bad Day (Toon).

Court: Cop fired for sexting victims should get job back

“A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee,” - WOW Bill really said that

Ted Cruz Just Caved On Flint Aid Only After Being Shamed By Other Senators

Now read this and say wtf??!!!

Ex-New York police chief pleads guilty in civil rights case

The problem with Zuckerberg/Wells Fargo Hospital

Christie and Trump: Paunchy and Raunchy.

Humble sea sponge may be the common ancestor of all animal life

Someone replaced Donald Trump's eyes with his mouth and he looks the same

Florida Officials Drain Lake Full Of ‘Toilet’ Water To Coast

St. Louis Student, 9, Can’t Attend School Because He’s Black

Hillary Clinton Has a Big Lead Over Bernie Sanders in Florida Poll


538 National Democratic Primary Polls (Hillary Group)

Your Friday Pun

Ben is asleep...

Bad news for the few MSNBC shows for us

But...they're all doing it...everybody does it...

Melissa Harris-Perry ‘Walks Off’ Her MSNBC Show

When Danai Gurira couldn’t find complex stories about African women,

California inmate firefighter dies after large rock hits her

Bernie Sanders Is Getting Advice From Expert Who Cited Possible Israeli Ties to Chemical Attacks

I'm still trying to figure out what happened last night?

Columnists Game Changed: MSNBC Throws Bernie Into a Fire, Hillary Into a Pillow Fight

Perfect illustration of how harsh a Michigan Winter storm can be

Missouri high school student charged with possessing two machine guns

Bees Are Dying And That Could Be Devastating For Food Security


What's for Dinner, Fri., Feb. 26, 2016

Judge: Officer used unreasonable force in unarmed man death

My Story - Why I support Bernie Sanders

not impressed by crusaders who inveigh against imperfections of allies rather than taking on enemies

White Privilege Helps Hillary Clinton Survive Controversy

Why Electing Hillary in ’16 Is More Important Than Electing Obama in ’08

Biden slams the anti-Mexican rhetoric consuming republicans

5 dead in Belfair, WA standoff, including shooter

New Christy Romer memo shreds Sanders' claims on economic growth

New Christy Romer memo shreds Sanders' claims on economic growth

University of Texas dean quitting because of campus carry law

Bernie in Hibbing MN meeting with Native Americans and Steel Workers

WOW! Tonight at 7 on Fox, Herman Cain is going to "weigh in" on Super Tuesday. CAIN!

Al Franken: "...couldn't get done..."

How Guns on Campus Could Change What Texas Teaches

Former New York county police chief pleads guilty in beating case

Chile Achieves 1 Gigawatt Solar Power Capacity

Local churches weigh Texas gun laws

Melissa Harris-Perry’s Email to Her Staff (This is Absolutely Shocking)

Reports of Zika Cases Growing Quickly in U.S.

Appeals court rejects District’s request to revisit D.C. gun-control case

Yemeni suspect in 9/11 attacks asks court to halt harassment

The IRS Hack Was Twice as Bad as We Thought

Well I made up my mind.. and its Hillary...

Pierce: Trump "has stopped flirting with fascism and is now taking it out to dinner and a show"

Campus Carry offers no benefit while increasing risks (Dallas Morning News)

Bernie speaking to an enthusiastic crowd in MN today

5 dead, including gunman, after standoff in Washington state

The Myth About Renewable Energy Subsidies

Saying 'All Lives Matter' is the new wedge issue. Now that the confederate flag is gone

Court orders abortion waiting period to be enforced in Florida


WaPo oped: the many similarities between Trump, Cruzio, and Rubio

U.S. Coast Guard wraps up first phase of El Faro disaster probe

Hey fellow PoC and those who love us

UK's Osborne warns of deeper spending cuts after growth falls short -BBC

Wildlife refuge hosts lawyers, birds and more armed guards

Elon Musk blocks GM's 'Kill Tesla' bill

Trump's march stirs growing sense of dread among Republicans

Donald Trump's face appears in pie.

Clinton Promises 'Absolutely, Absolutely' Nothing to Worry About in Wall Street Speeches

Fed Elections Comm. flags Sanders campaign donations:e.g. from "unregistered political committees"

Charles Pierce Just Voted in the Primary & Explains For Whom & Why....

New statue to replace Confederate general? Consider Harry T. Moore (FL)

Press Release on 1994 Crime Bill

35 years from now, there will be more Nigerians than Americans, more Filipinos than Russians

LePage, Christie endorse Donald Trump for president

The Exposure of the Vast Left-wing Establishment- Earnest Harris Film Producer, Director & Writer

MLB Announces New Slide Rule, Pace of Play Changes

US, Russia-brokered Cease-Fire Goes Into Effect Across Syria

Sen. Lindsey Graham roasts Republicans. Mostly Hysterical!

Russia committed not to attack moderate Syrian groups: U.S. official

Iran starts election count to set post-sanctions power balance

Hillary in Birmingham Saturday, Feb. 27th!

Ex-paramilitary fighter jailed for 11 years over Jineth Bedoya attack in Colombia

Ex-paramilitary fighter jailed for 11 years over Jineth Bedoya attack in Colombia

America’s Next Great Boondoggle—Er, Bomber—Is on Its Way

Argentine judge summons Fernandez for questioning in fraud probe

Trump and Christie. Two peas in a pod.

Georgia (Landmark): Clinton 68, Sanders 22 (Clinton +46).

Britain's campaign to leave EU takes 4 percent point lead: ORB poll

Goat landscaping crew is fired by Oregon city

Deadline Looms For Homeless At San Francisco Tent City

22 more Top Secret emails in Hillary's 2nd to last batch. So secret, even redacted they

Sanders will need 60 votes to pass anything. But Clinton will only need 60.

Ben Jealous: Forget What Hillary Said in the 1990s. It’s Her Current Positions That Trouble Me.

Blowback? Kappa Alpha Psi Chapter At S.C. State Boycotts Clinton Event

Feds Release More Clinton Emails On Eve Of South Carolina Primary

Hairy Panic

Ask yourself, “If not you, then who?”: Advice to girls from NASA’s top female engineers

US border patrol cleared of racially profiling Hispanics in Ohio

US border patrol cleared of racially profiling Hispanics in Ohio

Let's cut the bullshit.

Polar priorities: Senior defense officials discuss Arctic, Antarctic science and research

Kelly Clarkson Performs "Piece by Piece"

Dry lake city: Great Salt Lake is shrinking

NASA Maps El Niño's Shift on US Precipitation

Hard to believe that the Clintons actions of the 1990s are still paying dividends to them.

Synchronized Leaf Aging in the Amazon Responsible for Seasonal Increases in Photosynthesis

Medical failures at US detention centers linked to deaths of eight immigrants

Medical failures at US detention centers linked to deaths of eight immigrants


TV Pundits Praise Hillary Clinton On Air, Fail to Disclose Financial Ties to Her Campaign


NASA, partner space agencies measure forests in Gabon

Bolivia’s Morales transformation


Piloted, electric propulsion-powered experimental aircraft under way

"When Hillary Clinton threw Arab and Muslim Americans under the bus"

Tropical Fires Fuel Elevated Ozone Levels Over Western Pacific Ocean

Now, Live Bernie in S.C. for College Rally, *KILLER MIKE'S Rocking the House

B&H forced Hispanic workers to use separate bathroom: feds

Susan Sarandon interview from 2/25

The phony STEM shortage and the scandal of engineering visas -- will Congress ever act?

Why Marco Rubio And Ted Cruz Think Israel Is A Winning Issue Against Donald Trump

Why the Trump University Debacle Is All His Low-Income Fan Base Needs to See He Is a Predator

All You Fascists Bound to Lose

The GOP Big Red Machine

The most effective and most often used murder weapon

The problem of skepticism and the revolution, and our part in it

Susan Sarandon: Hillary Clinton should stop playing ‘the female victim card’

Bernie Sanders Getting Advice From Former Colin Powell Aid, Conspiracy Theorist

Really Good Bass Grooves that You Forgot About

Attention Illinois Bernie Supporters

6-week-old Puppy Shot 18 times with BB Gun (Petition)

Episode 49 of Extinction Radio is ready to stream

I Thought I Was Reading The Onion