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Bernie Calls It: Hillary Clinton’s Support for Dismantling Welfare Created Rampant Poverty

Why occupiers' power wasn't cut

Fossil Fuels Are Not More Important than Our Future | Bernie Sanders

Foreign Policy is More Than War and Peace | Jane Sanders

Tornadic and severe weather - everyone okay? n/t

Blatter and Platini bans cut to six years by Fifa for ‘services to football’

Justice Samuel Alito (R) files concurrence with Mitch McConnell on Supreme Court vacancy

It’s Official: ‘Idiocracy’ Writer Says His Satire About A Dumber America Has Become A Reality

Canadian medical marijuana users have right to grow, federal judge rules

3 sick, dozens quarantined in Alameda office

Google robot is 'the end of manual labor'

Attention Bernie and Hillary supporters: More popcorn please!

House Republicans seek to open up national forests to mining and logging

"Sarah Palin's Stunt Double"

Just saw a Ted Cruz ad

Colin Powell supports Obama's plan to close Gitmo, slams GOP opposition

Sanders the Realist, Hillary the NeoCon

Study Shows Education And Facts Don’t Actually Matter To Republican Climate Deniers

?so Bernie...are you listening to Tweety's show?...because he and all his guests...

Déjŕ Vuuu! Romney Trolls Trump On Taxes Just Like Harry Reid Trolled Him

Bernie's South Carolina surrender

Bernie's South Carolina surrender

Robert Reich: Are We Witnessing The Death Of America’s Political Establishment?

Mr. Sanders Parody

About Harry Reid's pick for SC Justice, Nevada Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval

Daylight-saving time could end in California

Apple Is Said to Be Trying to Make It Harder to Hack iPhones

Peyton Manning Tirelessly Studying Footage Of Athletes Denying Allegations

Did anyone else see that ad on CNN. About supreme court nominations and the last

Being a puh-son wit a tick New Yawk accent even aftah awl dese yeahs of being not in New Yawk

Luckovich: We've Created a Monster!!!

I have to admit I really enjoyed starting this thread:

Wicked crazy wind going in in Philadelphia. Big storms south of here.

Florida Legislature Votes to Replace Confederate General's Statue

Mitt Romney suggests there's a "bombshell" in Donald Trump's taxes

Clinton Campaign Relies On Rumors And Dishonesty To Attack Sanders

Bidding process begins for removal of three Confederate monuments in New Orleans

Bernie Sanders says Pope Francis is a socialist.

I just got all the inside political dope today, here is what is gonna happen:

Backlash against Sanders as he questions Clinton’s embrace of Obama

Race To The White House - documentary (Kevin Spacey) on Mar. 6

Bernie's real flaw politically (CLINTON GROUP)

"Aint gonna be no crab cakes tonight muthaf----!"

Betty Friedan would vote for Bernie: Gloria Steinem and other feminists need to hear this

Here’s what I’m afraid of, Ellen.

CPAC Announces Plan for Clearinghouse for Special Education Complaints

Is This the Beginning of the Next Recession?

80% of International Relations Scholars Prefer Hillary Clinton Over Bernie Sanders

Thus, the Senate will not even debate the Supreme Court nominee

It will be nice when the primaries are over

Bernie Sanders Has Earned His Success. Hillary Clinton Embodies White Privilege

"Why Clinton Is Connecting With Black Voters—and Sanders Isn't"

From Twitter: Trump obituary.

Luckovich: We've Created A Monster

Statement of Constitutional Law Scholars on the Supreme Court Vacancy

Clinton seeks to cement S.C., Super Tuesday with gun issue

Hillary Dissed Black Leaders During Africa Trip: Lectured,Criticized, Patronizing Neo-Colonial Scold

Tony Blackburn says he will sue the BBC after alleged sacking

LIVE stream--- Bernie Sanders: A Future to Believe In Rally - Tulsa, OK

Drones above Bangor has Navy base buzzing

8 minutes that sum it up

Chomsky Explains Trump

Bernie Superdelegate puts Whiney Stuart Varney in his place

David Cameron lets his mask slip with 'do up your tie' jibe at Corbyn

Justice Scalia Spent His Last Hours With Members Of This Secretive Society Of Elite Hunters

Eleven leaders from Warren Jeff’s polygamous group arrested

Check you caucus location. Especially in the Metro area

 Lee Atwater’s Infamous 1981 Interview on the Southern Strategy

Dishonest pro-Hillary economists attack Sanders economist Friedman

Nina Turner on Switching from Clinton to Sanders: He's Been a "Constant Champion" of Civil Rights

And people wonder why I have trust issues with Hillary...

February flowers:

It’s Official: ‘Idiocracy’ Writer Says His Satire of a Brain-Dead America Has Become Reality

Dysfunctional and outmaneuvered —— The US Senate is about to get played by our President

Matt Taibbi: How America Made Donald Trump Unstoppable

Mandatory Wednesday Truthseeker Check In!Church Night!

Go-Pro in 1960

Carl Sagan: We are at a Crossroads

A meme I haven't heard on DU for a while

Donald Trump Keeps Winning. Here’s What Could Make Him Lose.

Apple Is Said to Be Working on an iPhone Even It Can’t Hack

Remember the Brooklyn "gang rape" from last month? Never happened, all charges dropped.

cut n pasted from Reddit - SC women declare respect for Clinton, but support Sanders

Rules and Delegate Count for the 2016 Primary Season for the states and territories.

SC women declare respect for Clinton, but support Sanders

Tulsa, OK rally - 15,000 inside and 5,000 outside! Just reported on

Funny story: Dan Coats voted for Clarence Thomas

How the US Went Fascist: Mass Media Make Excuses for Trump Voters

Jessica Chambers Case: Grand Jury Indicts Man for Capital Murder in Teen's Death

Hillary Clinton Will Make Us All Proud

Ah, another Trump Tweet War. If only 140 characters were all that mattered...

6 Reasons Why People With Mental Disorders Who Aren't Crushed By It Aren't Weak

U.S. to boost freedom of navigation moves in South China Sea: admiral

Boston Police use of cell phone trackers kept private

Brand Spanking New Lone Star State Poll -Clinton 61% Sanders 32%

Chris Matthews you can bet Debbie Wasserman Schultz has a favorite in this race

OMG turn on Blackish right now.

If that was happening on the Republican side

Nevada aside, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders trail among U.S. Latinos

Boston Police use of cell phone trackers kept private

Black-ish is Taking on Black Lives Matter and Police Violence

Why a minister supports Hillary Clinton

Ireland's Battle for Abortion Rights

Brian Sandoval?

Poll Shows Almost 20 Percent of Trump Supporters Disapprove of Lincoln Freeing the Slaves

While I have this nice picture of Bernie on ctl/c let me show it

TV show, Superstore, takes on non-unionization

Potentially serious Hillary Email news

Rachel Maddow just spent an entire segment trashing Bernie. Anyone else see it?

Brand Spanking New Univision National Hispanic Poll Clinton 57% Sanders 28%

He came out to US

Republicans are hard to understand. They call Trump the most electable of the Republicans, but --

Survey USA Texas Poll: HRC: 61% Bernie 32% (HC up by 40 with Latino voters)

Bernie Sanders Tulsa Oklahoma Rally at Cox Business Center (2-24-16)

Our Government Leaders in Spooky Societies

Survey USA Texas Poll: HRC: 61% Bernie 32% (HC up by 40 with Latino voters)

DU approves of right wing Judicial Watch now? Seriously?

Danny Glover Explains Why He Supports Bernie Sanders

Judge approves nearly $1B settlement between US and tribes

Let's do really simple math, Bernie's "favorable month" after mid-March

An exchange with my republican mom about the presidential race

I like to do math. This race is almost over (HRC group)

A Look Inside Trump's Global Deals Exposes Trouble in Many Spots

Sanders on leadership ... ' I believe you cannot be a good leader unless you go into your heart ...

Hillary Clinton Stops By Human Right Campaigns South Carolina Field Office

Local Video footage - TN Primary - Wow!

Lets admit the truth..

Happy 41st Birthday Physical Graffiti!!

Prophecy Fulfilled

What I heard from 2 AA voters today

Hillary Clinton Stops By Human Rights Campaign South Carolina Field Office

What White Male Privilege Gets you in 2016 America

Chomsky: Trump’s rise fueled by same societal ‘breakdown’ that birthed Hitler.

Ring of Fire - Episode 250

Michael Medved on TRMS said that in the past, Pesidential candidates ran to help the country

Republican Race Puts Donald Trump and Paul Ryan on Collision Course.

What keeps me from becoming a paying member of DU...

NASA researchers are working on a laser propulsion system that could get robots to Mars in 3 days

It's All Been Done: How Barack Obama Already Achieved Bernie Sanders' Revolution ( BOG POST)

The Political Revolution Is Close To Fruition In Oregon

"Wherever men are fightin' for their rights, that's where I'm a-gonna be."

MASH on TCM now!

Austin American-Statesman +40 Clinton (Clinton Group)

New meme from Hillary fans: Sander supporters are like Trump supporters

538's Pollster Ratings

Regarding Apple. Here's the deal as I see it

Why I'm voting for the Democratic candidate in November.

Britain's Cameron Calls Israeli Settlement Construction in East Jerusalem 'Genuinely Shocking'

The Death Knell For Establishment Politics

The Abandoned Kitten Who Found Love With A Piglet (almost 4 million views)

S.C. Rep. Bamberg to switch endorsement from Clinton to Sanders

This Land is Your Land

1000 years of European border changes in 3 minutes

President Obama & his family brought dignity to the White House.After 20 years of Clintons & Bushes,

Scalia a pedophile?

Do moderators have the authority to unjustly blocked members

Black Lives Matter Activists Interrupt Hillary Clinton At Private Event In South Carolina

Hill's Group: Hillary Clinton to campaign in Birmingham on Saturday

All the obsessive anti-Hillary posts in the universe won't save Bernie Sanders from defeat.

computer glitch

DU approves of Bill Clinton appointed federal judges now? Seriously?

Brooklyn Park police: Permit-carrying resident halts armed robbery with fatal gunfire

So, assuming Obama nominates a Republican to the SC

Beware of Bait and Switch

I think us organics are in trouble...

Why I Support Bernie (but will still vote for HRC in the General if the Nominee)

Texas academics told to avoid 'sensitive topics' if gun law goes into effect

Now, Chris Hayes Repeat, Camp. Mgrs. Jeff Weaver, Robby Mook make case for Sanders, Clinton, MSNBC

Hillary or Bernie. NAFTA or The New Deal. Third Way or Bedrock Democratic Party Principles

African Americans who support Bernie are not welcomed in the African American group.

Hillary Clinton: Republican For President (Documentary)

FiveThirtyEight now has a projection for Ohio.

Was Bernie's staff sexist when remarking that Clinton would be considered for the VP slot?

Has Bernie Sanders ever turned his back on African Americans?

Northern Hemisphere Sea Ice Area

TIME Magazine Smears Bernie Sanders [DEBUNKED]

Objectively speaking Bernie Sanders is a normal legitimate politician -- not an "other"

Ted Cruz hits a new low in pandering...

538 Nate says...Ohio...Hillary 96%...Bernie 4% to win!

What is Jeb! To do now??

U.S. Marshals secretly tracked 6,000 cellphones

TCM Schedule for Thursday, February 25, 2015 -- What's On Tonight: 31 Days of Oscar: Day 25

Hillary Group! Make your prediction! How quickly after polls close will SC be called?

Conspiracy of Silence

Coquitlam Mayor Richard Stewart wore same suit for 15 months and nobody noticed

Can we all agree on firing DWS??? We're way behind 2008 in Texas early reg, too

A Discovery Channel documentary that was banned...Conspiracy of Silence

Dog in Houston still waiting for murdered owner to return home after two weeks

Memorial service set for beloved neighborhood cat named Cash

NY Times Critiques Bernie Sanders' Critique of Corporate News Media

As Senator, Too: Hillary Backed Bush's Decision to Impose Harsh New Changes to Welfare Program

Mr. Trump's America.

How do we directly contact MIRT?

RW garbage article equates Sanders commitment to social justice with Khmer Rouge

CLASSIC TYT Interview With Bernie Sanders: Republicans Trying To Destroy Middle Class

Apple: Unlock software would be the equivalent of Cancer

2nd Texas Poll of the Nite: Austin American Statesman; Clinton (+40) 66-Sanders 26

BLM Activist Interrupts Clinton "I am NOT a Superpredator."

From Univ of Dayton:Female Black Professor Explains Hillary, African Americans, Myth of Bill Clinton

6 states sue Obama administration over Affordable Care Act

What's new in robotics!

Here's How Black People Actually Fare in Bernie Sanders' Home State

Grant County Warns Potential Militants, Denouncing Occupation (OR)

Every Hillary campaign ad you see is another dept she owes to the one percent

With new law, U.S. takes on slavery by banning forced labor imports

Texas Pulse/Austin American-Statesman poll shows Clinton with a 40% lead over Sanders

So two lackeys from the Washington Post

Mississippi Governor Declares April 'Confederate Heritage Month'

A concern that I MUST share

2016 Election (Feat. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders) Rap - Great Video!

Al Franken tears the Republicans a new one

A Behind the Scenes Peek at Trump voters. Nausea bag not included.

WTF: Republicans In This State Vow To Not Issue Birth Certificates To Single Mothers

Will Obama nominate a republican for the SCOTUS?

BLM Activists Ashley Williams talks about confronting hillary clinton

Walker 'happy' to be Wisconsin governor instead of candidate for president

Black Lives Matter Protests Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders Earns Endorsement From Arizona’s Most Influential Latino Rights Group, First Endorsem

Southlake, Plano men accused in $65 million healthcare scam

The Rolling Stones want to play in Cuba

Hokkaido aquarium aiming to breed endangered Humboldt penguins


Hmm... so who was the unidentified colleague?

While Sanders is busy filling up stadiums, Clinton can't even fill an atrium in a rich person's home

The Horizon of Evo Morales’ Long Decade in Power: Implications of Bolivia's Referendum Results

Just wanted to let our Hill Group know that..

Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton lead among Texas voters in latest poll

U.S., China Said to Agree on Draft UN Resolution on North Korea

Wednesday's Johnny Manziel news (two stories)

GOP Lawmaker Compares Gays To Pedophiles To Defend Discrimination

No News for you, 1 year!

Has anyone watched the blm activist video? I cant get it to play (CLINTON GROUP)

MSNBC Way too Chummy with Trump

Australia joins Asian arms race with surge in ADF spending

Just ... don't do it


Hillary's Character.

My Super Tuesday Projection

Longview bakery clashes with Kilgore couple over same-sex wedding cake

This is Heartening

Superdelegate Question

The Clintons Are the Best Negro Charmers in Political History

Daily Holidays - February 25

Bernie Sanders Is The Only Democrat Who Can Defeat Trump

I recommend that all Bernie supporters donate to the Randi Rhodes Kickstarter.

Another Hillary supporter account flagged (Our Next President Hillary Clinton GROUP)

can anyone recommend a good book on the subject of crack cocaine?

Saba Ahmed: Urging US Muslims to vote Republican

HRC holding multiple fundraisers in London for 1 % expats!

Trump "Loves the Poorly Educated"

How are DUers in the South doing this morning

Yes, Obama may nominate a GOP governor for SCOTUS and that's okay....

Hillary is the candidate of big money special interests and donors

We used to have free college tuition, so we already know that it is possible

Slow Bern: The Sanders Candidacy In Perspective

Following Willy's lead

Stronger. (Hillary Clinton GROUP)

Clinton’s no-tax pledge is Republican “starve the beast” policy infused with Third Way politics

The Republican soon to be Nominee for the Presidency:

Robert Reich: 4 Reasons Ted Cruz Is Even More Dangerous Than Donald Trump

The 23 cities with the best quality of life in the world -- and not a single one in the USA.

This Dumbass just called Clarence Thomas "Terrific"

The Slow Bern

Sanders Calls Senate Obstruction a 'Racist Effort to Delegitimize' Obama

Long Beach woman, son charged with international firearms smuggling to Philippines

Bad Debt Is the Pain Hospitals Can't Heal as Patients Don't Pay

Gun violence is a subject for medical research

Murdering manufacturing ‘strictly business’

Trump street art in my hometown

Man arrested in US for trying to ship guns hidden in washing machine into Ghana

a possible theory on why Sandoval was leaked

Obama's Liberal nomination to the Supreme Court is a Republican Lite.

How will your legislators vote on the huge Trans-Pacific trade deal?

Black workers see little recovery in most states

Fossil fuel terminals defeated

Here’s How Bernie Sanders Could Win in November

I’ll Take Hillary Clinton Over Donald Trump

There’s a ton of sexism directed at Hillary Clinton online, but most of it isn’t coming from BernieB

Former Tennessee Player "Coach Butch Jones Called Me a Traitor For Helping Rape Victim"

Going Down with the Flagship: Roy Edroso on the despair of National Review about Trump

Longevity Inequality Is Increasing: The Rich Get Older, the Poor Die Younger

Prosecutors Want Kennedy Cousin Michael Skakel Back In Prison

Why does the US have any dollar-denominated debt?

Some Facts About the 1996 Welfare Reform Act

Money revolution: making banks public and locally accountable

"Back to the issues"

Ashley American hero

Today's Nate's 538 Primary Polls-Only Forecast: Ohio-Hillary-90%, Bernie-10%

Sanders would lose to Trump because he projects weakness

Today's PredictWise - 2016 Democratic Nomination - Hillary 90% - Bernie 10%

Bernie: Full Speech Kansas City February 24, 2016

Bernie in Tulsa Oklahoma last night

Clinton Remained Silent As Wal-Mart Fought Unions

Clinton dominates, Trump leads among Pa. voters (Clinton 48%...Bernie 27%)

Clinton dominates, Trump leads among Pa. voters (Clinton 48%...Bernie 27%)

Europe shrugs off pre-G20 China stocks slump, sterling steadies

The Economic Dilemma Democrats Face in 2016

Distracted Drivers Much Worse than We Think....

Controversial Charter School May Be Pushing Out Students With Disabilities

Hillary's ads are plastering South Carolina.

Neil Young: WHO'S GONNA STAND UP - Harvest the Hope

Nicholas Kristof: The Party of ‘No Way!’

Today's Nate's 538 Primary Polls-Only Forecast: Texas-Hillary-99%, Bernie-1%

Molly Nailed It.

Greenland Ice Loss: 8,000 Tons/Second, Every Minute, Every Hour, Every Day - Far Worse Than Thought

Pro-Clinton Union Pressured Labor Official To Back Out Of Sanders Event

Pennsylvania Poll (Franklin & Marshall): Clinton 48 - Sanders 27

BLM, Bernie and Hillary and key differences

Any foreign countries out there that don't tax disability income from the US government?

Will you proudly stand with Ashley Williams and BLM?

Biden and Lady Gaga to team up at Oscars

Sick of the incessant thinly veiled racism in GDP

I have a media credential for tonight's GOP debate in Houston

Nevada poll workers wear Trump gear

LOL, GOP Secretly Claims It Can Control Trump

I don't want Bill Clinton back in the White House.

Hillary interrupted by a courageous young woman

WPost: Study: Bernie Sanders’s health plan is actually kind of a train wreck for the poor

If Clinton gets the nomination and Trump runs to her left, then what?

Book list from NPR - Best Books of 2015

Predictwise - General Election - 62 / 38 Dem win! (CLINTON GROUP)

IDK Not Trump Tho

Discovering What Really Matters - WTO Rules Against India's Solar Rollout Plan, Because Fuck Paris

Polygamous church leaders and members indicted, arrested...

Democrats are cautioned to vote for the Presidency because the Supreme Court is at stake.

Real Future: What Happens When You Dare Expert Hackers To Hack You (Episode 8)

Migrant crisis: Greece recalls ambassador from Austria amid EU rifts

BLM activist Ashley Williams found the secret to protesting Hillary up close --- large donations

Acidification's Toll On Great Barrier Reef Substantially Worse Than Thought

Another brand spanking new Lone Star State Poll-Clinton 66% Sanders 26%

A Clinton Presidency Has Been/Would Be a Disaster for Black and Brown Communities. Here’s Why.

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - February 25, 2016

Hilary's BLM response, "I've never been asked that before." No script=no answer

Yemen's war spills into Saudi border towns

Texas Poll (Austin American-Statesman) Clinton 66 - Sanders 26

The Democrat should say, "If I am elected, Donald Trump will pay more taxes".

Just casually calling for a military coup.

Hillary Clinton...Texas...a whopping 40-point lead over U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders!!

Brand Spanking New Keystone State Poll-Clinton 48% Sanders 27%

New Pennsylvania Poll: Clinton: 48% Bernie: 27%

UPDATED: Rep. Lewis, "protesters represent another time, another period."

European Parliament calls for Saudi arms embargo

Looking like Texas is going to be a blow out on Super Tuesday for HRC

21 Questions for Donald Trump

My first vote for president was 1964. Voted every election since. Now:

Anyone remember what happened the last time a socialist ran for POTUS?

I never thought I'd see the day where racism was condoned by Democrats. [SANDERS GROUP]

Barack Obama: A President of Firsts

From the office of the president, Hillary will waste no time fucking over the middle class and below

Why a Hillary Clinton victory begins in South Carolina

Is it OK for DUers to refer to Hillary as a Republican?

EPA’s McCarthy: “The clean energy train has left the station”

I thought of something hilarious driving into work this morning, re: y'all qaeda

French drug trial scandal: 'dogs died in pre-clinical test'

Pay women more if you want to reduce poverty

'DARK DAY': Sheriff's deputy killed, 2 deputies injured in Colorado shootout

Attention hosts!

Black Lives Matter Activist Interrupts Hillary Clinton "I am not a Superpredator."

Bernie Sanders is scheduled to be in Flint, today, and I'm SNOWED IN!

Why a smart woman should vote for Hillary Clinto

Hillary Clinton disses Black lives Matter activist

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Trumpocracy

Police union denounces bid to link Trump, organization with KKK

NO Ashley Williams, you are NOT a Superpredator

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 -The world's Greatest Deliberative Body!

The Church For People Who Are “Spiritual, But Not Religious”

"I am not a Super Predator Hillary"

Wailing and gnashing of teeth VS excitement and joy

Why I Left the Right: How Studying Religion Made Me a Liberal

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

The one consistent talking point among Hillary boosters: History

Did Obama shrink the military? GOP candidates sure seem to think so

Morning Blow: How Joe and Mika Became Trump's Lapdogs

L.A. begins seizing tiny houses from homeless people

Please modify

Hillary leads Bernie, 66-26 in Texas (Austin American-Statesman poll released yesterday)

Buy or sell-The winner of the South Carolina Democratic Primary will be the nominee

Does anyone really believe that the majority of Americans would choose Trump?

Is there any news on how Bernie's fundraising is doing?

The Last Gamble of Iran’s 'Man for All Seasons'

State Rep. Bob Bryant (D) of Garden City has died, sister says

Trying to think positive: America is not the Republican Party.

In Chicago, Sanders Found His Place in Civil Rights Movement (ABC News piece, amazingly)

Clinton brand new ad on Flint Michigan

Texas March 1, 2016 Ballot Under A Cloud

NO Ashley Williams, you are NOT a Superpredator

Democratic and republican delegate scorecard

News from Brownbackistan: League of Women Voters didn’t realize it was communist

Jane Sanders on Bernie’s campaign for president (video at link)

Mansion sales and discount dining: oil rout hits Houston's rich

I guess female Bernie supporters must be stupid - at least according to this:

Polls and Predictions – Democratic Primaries through March 1st

War is foreordained: what no one is saying about a republican presidency.

Hillary Clinton ad: "This City Means Something"

Is it intended behavior that OPs that have been locked by a host cannot be self-deleted?

Why I am not surprised that Obama would choose a Republicon for SCOTUS

This Video SHOULD Cost Hillary Clinton The Black Vote...

Hillary Clinton's released detailed plan to build on the ACA towards single payer

Why do you guys think so many white voters are voting for Trump?

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 2-24-16 (DU for David Sparks OH-43)

Hillary Clinton's Betrayal of the American Left

Current atmosphere on Democratic Underground

Committee chair McCain vows to block contract for new Northrop bomber

Hillary Clinton's Super Predator Comes Back For Revenge

Trump scoops up angry, disillusioned voters

Remember how the media was news 24/7 on how bad Hillary was doing in New Hampshire?

Applications for US jobless benefits rise to still-low level

DREAMer from Nevada expresses concern about Trump win and endorses Hillary

Hearing on Grand Jury Issues in Florida Deputy Shooting Case

4 Great Reasons Why Sanders Called Out Trump this Week

FL Poll: If this is true, Rubio is dead

"You guys are all very, very stupid! Am I right or what?" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Maybe with the vetting of Sandoval for SCOTUS is not the things many liberals to see,....

War is foreordained: what Hillary has told us about her Presidency:

Republicans Demand Obama Vacate White House to Prep it for New President

I just saw Ezra Klein's video about the truly sinister implications behind Trumpmania....

Broker Convicted in $147M Ponzi Scheme Headed to Prison

Sanders, Guthrie

Clinton and Sanders' Record on Deportation and Guest Worker Policies

Guardian: What President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office would look like

Bernie Bears down for a super Super Tuesday!

Glass-Steagall | Bernie 2016

Mean Tweets, Campaign Edition with Senator Al Franken | Hillary Clinton Group

Democracy Is About the People, Not Kings and Czars | Bernie Sanders

(AZ) Rep. Matt Salmon announces his retirement

Life under the waves

Sen Al Franken Reads Mean Tweets About His Support For Hillary Clinton & MN causus pics

Pups 36 days

Sanders LIVE in Ohio on CSPAN and Nina Turner is killing it

PPP: Hillary Clinton Leads By Double Digits in Most Early March Primaries

Is There A Live Stream For Bernie Now In Ohio?.....

Yet another brand spanking new Lone Star State Poll-Clinton 61%Sanders 29%

SeaWorld CEO admits company employees posed as animal activists to spy on opponents

Every Bernie Sanders supporter is used to coming from behind and pulling ahead.

India Plans 750 MW Solar Power Park With 100 MW Storage Capacity

Extra, 1998: "Superscapegoating: Teen 'superpredators' hype set stage for draconian legislation"

Bernie Sanders Still Has a Path to Victory. Here It Is.

A simple question for the Clintons.

Why the Arabs Don't Want Us in Syria

Black Lives Matter protesters confront Clinton at a fundraiser

BBC culture allowed star to commit sex crimes, but top staff unaware: report

The Paypal pals - Many pots to put their fingers in

Guardian: Black thinkers like Bernie Sanders. They've studied the Clintons' true cost

I believe, republican voters support Trump simply to piss off their parents.

Breaking Down Walls | Bernie Sanders

Public Land Grab: Bill aims to give away BLM lands under the guise of national security.

The cost of the Oregon Wildlife Refuge Occupation .... $3.3 million so far ... Oregon Live

Our Families | Bernie Sanders

Sci-Fi dump

Cimarron High School (Las Vegas) hit by vandalism after men dressed in KKK clothing disrupt caucus

Utah Senate votes to repeal 17th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (with video)

#WhichHillary is trending nationally on Twitter

French court OKs eviction of migrant camp

New Florida GOP Poll: Trump 44% Rubio 28%

538: South Carolina’s Black Democrats Are Powerful, But What Do They Want?

"Black thinkers like Bernie...."

ACA, the Expansion of Medicaid, and Sanders Rigid Ideological Fixation on Single Payer

Ugly, Scary and Not Getting Better

5 shots from a recent, good picture-huntin' day

When should I change my name?

Nearly 20% of Trump Fans Think Freeing the Slaves Was a Bad Idea

Peru has copper. China wants it. And now Beto Chahuayllo is dead.

Donald Trump Has Turned Away Hundreds of American Workers to Hire Cheap Foreign Labor Instead

Citi: Here Comes a Global Recession

Human Rights Activists Dispute "Success" of "Plan Colombia"

Record abortion clinic closures impact red and blue states

Each electorate is looking for someone so pure that not even the air we breathe need

Pak military trains IS in Afghanistan: Ex-IS man

Superpredators: words matter

Clinton's Trade Agreements Destroy Jobs for Black Americans (Video)

Hillary Clinton in her own words (video)

The GOP is smart

Brand new "uterus" posts! Get them while they are hot!

How Trump would debate Hillary (vs. Bernie)

Question: Is this statement racist?

Humpback whale freed from illegal net in Mexico

Brexit Panic Sets In

Humpback whale freed from illegal net in Mexico

Committee advances bill to rename Columbus Day in Utah

Hillary supporters, you really think, with all your attempts at creating FUD and attacking Bernie, that

The rightwing scholar who coined super predator also wrote "My Black Crime Problem, and Ours"

Black Lives Matter Activist Demands Hillary Clinton Apologize Based on a Lie

Black Lives Matter Activist Demands Hillary Clinton Apologize Based on a Lie

These are the fliers the Clinton campaign handed out in Nevada to SEIU

Oregon standoff costs tax payers 3.3 million so far..

Time to be DUers in action: please VOLUNTEER this weekend! This is when your commitment counts!

Thousands of Argentine Workers Strike Against Macri Nationwide

Utah Senate votes to repeal 17th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

"No one's ever asked me before!"

Repukes heads explode - Obama bans slave goods in US

Senators seek reauthorization of tribally controlled college

4th Texas Poll- (Monmouth): Clinton By +34 in Texas; 64-30

Lionel Messi Sends Autographed Jerseys to His Little Afghan Fan

1 of 6 news/poll services shows Sanders ahead. Clinton in 5 of 6.

Lands' End Apologizes for Feature on Feminist Gloria Steinem

Why Is Sexual Harassment Not Illegal In The UK?

Poll: Clinton crushes Trump among Hispanics

Poll: Clinton crushes Trump among Hispanics

Super Tuesday just may be last stand for Bernie Sanders

I'll be there - Grapes of Wrath

South Carolina Black Voters Not Feelin’ the Bern

WikiLeaks: How "Merkozy" was pressing Berlusconi to follow the hellish Greek path

Mayor, ex-cop arrested for suspected gang links in Honduras

HIll's Group: America loves women like Hillary Clinton–as long as they’re not asking for a promotion

Just. One. More. Time. (Hillary Group)

Fascinating old pictures of cities!!

Article on Sanders’ Complaints About Journalism Demonstrates Why Sanders Complains About Journalism

you may not want to but...

Are You There Spiderman? It's Me Margaret

60's GoPro

#AskROF: Can Bernie Still Win The Democratic Nomination?

Talking Shop w/ Bernie Sanders 3/6: Rigged Economy | Killer Mike

Maricopa County Att. bans employees from getting new iPhones, " Apple is 'on the side of terrorists"

(AlterNet) BLM Activist Confronts Clinton About Racially Charged Remarks Because Corp Media Won't

BLM activist interrupts Clinton event to bring light to an issue the corporate media ignores

L.A. begins seizing tiny houses from homeless people (xpost from GD)

Yet Another Texas Poll (Monmouth) HRC: 64% Bernie: 30%

Polls, polls, polls- Monmouth Texas Poll-Clinton 64% Sanders 30%

162 clinics have either closed or stopped offering abortion since 2011

Orders for U.S. Capital Goods Climb by Most Since June 2014

Yet another Texas Poll (Monmouth)--HRC leads 64-30

New @HillaryClinton ad, entitled 'This City Means Something,' on #FlintWaterCrisis

Lawmakers, environmentalists, trade groups to present plan to dramatically increase solar power in M

Before game in Miami, Stephen Curry meets a cancer-stricken fan (4 years old)

Sanders supporters do realize we can go back and read what you thought of BLM last year, right?

Selective Outrage? No! This is at least the Second Time Hillary Has Been Dismissive of #BLM

A Very Gentle Reminder for My Fellow Sanders Supporters

"Greenwald: With Trump Looming, Should Dems Take a Huge Electability Gamble by Nominating Clinton?"

Anti-nuclear rallies set for March 12

Really!? Is this what the Democratic Party establishment is trying to push on Democratic Party supporters?

Birthplace’ of a fast radio burst located for the first time

So...the official talking point from HRCHQ re: Ashley Williams is a shrug?

Australian ship with 68 aboard stranded off Antarctica

Canadian island invites Americans to escape there should Trump win presidency

Jeremy Corbyn to attend anti-nuclear weapons march

Clinton on next SCOTUS pick:Sandoval has done some good things, but I hope @POTUS chooses a t

IAEA official pushes Japan to install quake-resistant response centers for nuclear emergencies

A Republicans lament, Part 3

Please calm down DUers

"According to our latest polls-only forecast, Clinton has a 95% chance of winning MI primary"

Why does Hillary Clinton think she should get to dictate who President Obama nominates for SC?

The man who made 'the worst video game in history'

Trumps weak spot: his wives

When Donated Organs Go to Waste

CPS Energy writes off $391.4 million from South Texas Project nuclear expansion

After Online Campaign, Chinese Dog Meat Festival Is Canceled

Lands' End apologizes for feature on feminist Gloria Steinem

Walmart's Alice Walton has pumped more than $350,000 into the Hillary Victory Fund

Baby Elephant Can’t Stop Following Her Rescuer After Being Saved From Death

SCOTUS Justices thoughts about replacing Associate Justice Scalia

LOL..Bette Midler tweets: "Why do they call it the Republican "party"?

As Rental Prices Rise, Women Stay In Bad Relationships to Survive

BRCA Clinics Expand Further Beyond Breast Cancer

Pic Of The Moment: Here's What Trump Supporters Think "Make America Great Again" Means

Woman Confronts Hillary About Racist “Super-Predator” Comment

Passengers Applaud When Child With Allergic Reaction Is Kicked Off Flight

American Indians who share reservation face off in lawsuit

Some data about homeless people in SF

Toon: Charge of the Snooze Brigade

Montana seeks $146K repayment from Chippewa Cree, claims tribe overbilled

Nuclear Liability Concern Lingers Despite India Signing Treaty

“Nones” Are on Track to Be the Swing Vote… Again

That Fucking Alito

The 10 States Where Millennials Could Sway The Election

Passengers applauded when a family was forced off a plane after their son had an allergic reaction

It's always good to have sources...

Does anyone know of polling or an article comparing Hillary vs Bernie in swing states?

Morgan Freeman slaps down 'Hogwash' question about Hillary's trustworthiness

Driving Down Expectations

Romney going after Trump is a distraction..

Stop Beating Up on the Poor and Helpless | Bernie Sanders

Nuclear waste dumped illegally in Kentucky

Let's play a really silly hypothetical game about the Supreme Court

Perry Basketball Players Targeted By Degrading ‘Trump’ Chants

Bernie Sanders is Reddit’s favorite presidential candidate — by a landslide

They want us to give up and stop fighting do *NOT* fall for it.

Eric Holder, Tim Geithner & The Revolving Door Between Wall Street & DC

Suit filed against Duke Energy, FP&L over customer charges for unbuilt Florida nuclear plants

Consider these two statements by FBI Director James Comey

"No one's ever asked me before!"...I think Hillary meant to say,

The Great Triangulator.

Sandoval withdraws his name from consideration:

On "superpredators" and welfare reform and gangs --

Study: Bernie's health plan is actually a train wreck for the poor, especially minorities

Judge approves nearly $1 billion settlement between U.S. and tribes

Hillary Clinton Says Bernie Sanders Is Just Full Of Crap

The Great Triangulator.

The last sane Republican?

I am not sure if you got the alert on the PM I sent.

TEPCO discovers after 5 years that it could have quickly declared Fukushima plant meltdown

I voted early today !

3-D chess FAIL: Sanduvol won't be your puppet

Donald Trump to Foreign Workers for Florida Club: You’re Hired

Hillary "All Lives Matter" Clinton at 2:15

General Election here we come

David Duke Urges His Supporters To Volunteer And Vote For Trump

Study ties fetal alcohol syndrome to dad's alcohol use before conception

Sen. Franken Blasts McConnell For Blocking Obama SCOTUS Nominee

Yoko Ono says she didn't break up The Beatles

Morning Blow: How Joe and Mika Became Trump's Lapdogs

Federal Court Rules You Can Be Arrested Simply for Filming the Police

On Kenneth Thorpe's Analysis of Senator Sanders' Single-Payer Reform Plan

Norway wants to deny all refugees if 'it all breaks down'

New SC Poll: Clinton: 64% Bernie: 14%

HRC supporters, how do you imagine Hillary responding to this line of attack from DT?

I hope Bernie is elected Predident so...

New SC Poll: HRC on way to huge victory up 64-14

Ross Perot vs the New Democrat/Republican orthodoxy.

Yeah, in connection with Yavin4's thread on Hillary Hate

Nevada Gov. Sandoval to WH: I Don't Wish to Be Considered for SCOTUS Nomination

MoJones: How Republican Elite Created Frankentrump (exploiting hate, anger, fear, paranoia)

Why is Sanders Taking Foreign Policy Advice from Someone Who Suggested Israel,Not Assad,Gassed Syria

Advisors In Crosshairs--Aequitas Capital Collapse (at least $300M lost)

Gangs are good for society

Australia warns of possible terror attack in Indonesia

Justice Scalia spent his last hours with members of this secretive society of elite hunters

Trump's campaign screws up spelling and name for Oklahoma rally

Top yakuza group shrank 40% after last year’s split: NPA

SeaWorld Employees Posed as Activists and Infiltrated Animal Rights Groups

Mike and Nina Turner are back together!!11!!!!

BDS vote stirs up hostilities on McGill campus

538: Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Need Momentum — He Needs To Win These States

I think its important that you help make things go viral

Beijing tightening grip on South China Sea

Bust Royale Scheduled for Insane San Francisco & Silicon Valley Housing Markets

Activist who confronted Clinton: ‘I wanted her to be confronted with that very racist thing she said

Black woman dies of thirst after she was dragged out of SC hospital to jail over unpaid court fines

David Duke: Voting against Trump is 'treason to your heritage'

"Bring to heel" = "subjugate", and I think it's that tone I find most offensive.

Why Black Endorsements Matter.

Chiayi becomes newest Taiwanese city to say yes to registering gay couples

What is Bernie's cause?

Get Off Your Cushion and Get Involved (dharma teaching)

Chiayi becomes newest Taiwanese city to say yes to registering gay couples

Hillary Clinton reviewed Henry Kissinger’s latest book — and loved it.

In honor of packman's "I'll be there - Grapes of Wrath" video post...

Renowned British Historian: Anti-Semitism Causes Anti-Zionism

Biggest Wave Yet of U.S. Oil Defaults Looms as Bust Intensifies

What we can expect from a Clinton White House

For the "They'll get in line" folks...

In case you forgot

Chief Inspector Murphy exercises proper grooming

How to tie your shoelaces faster - and more

Zombie Candidacy: What Happens When Your Campaign Is Suspended

Sears Posts $580 Million Quarterly Loss as Retailer Shrinks Footprint

Tens of thousands of Fijians homeless after cyclone

Latest RW FB outrage

New Florida Poll Casts Doubt On Rubio’s Claim to Be Trump Stopper

Sirota: Walmart's Billionaire heiress just dumped $353,000 into the "Hillary Victory Fund"

Hillary vs. Bernie vs. The Donald (& vs. Jeb!)

Pakistan's Punjab must enforce new law on violence against women-rights group

Isis in Mosul: Brutal metal instrument used to clip women's flesh

Seems the meme today is that Bernie's supporters are "hateful."

How nice to see James Blake on Tennis Channel

Lawmakers Debate Ban on Firearms in Maine Subsidized Housing

How Bernie Sanders Took Big Risks to Lift African Americans

Univision/WaPo: Hillary will CRUSH Trump on Hispanics in the general election..

Voting restrictions stir anger, mobilize more Democrats to polls

Twitter Exposes Clinton’s Record With #WhichHillary

Vote Together | Bernie 2016

Egypt sentences Christian teens to jail for contempt of Islam

"I endorse Hillary Clinton because she endorsed us first." --Gwen Carr, Eric Garner's mother

Guns on college campuses makes academics hesitant to discuss issues that may be considered touchy.

The framing must be ignored.

There Is Only One Way to Stop Donald Trump Now

Investigation for animal cruelty after man brags about zip-tying dog's muzzle

Marquette Law School poll: Sanders overtakes Clinton in Wisconsin

Republican Obstruction is Outrageous

"How Can Black People Trust Hillary After The 2008 Campaign?"

Sacramento looks to Seattle for ideas on homeless tent cities

And Then Insanity Struck The Republican Campaign Trail – 8 Mind-Numbing Examples

Republican Welfare Reform Pushed A Third Of America’s Children Into Extreme Poverty

Nina Turner: Bernie Sanders is a Champion for Civil Rights

Where are the TRANSCRIPTS, Hillary?

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Trans Gulf Electromechanical Trophy Handicap

Republicans’ Last-Ditch Hope To Stop Donald Trump

Bernie Sanders Campaign speech Rally in Berea, Ohio 2/25/2016

Black Lives Matter Activist confronts Hillary Clinton on 'Superpredator' remarks

How the water crisis in Flint returned to the spotlight

Opening of the Cleveland Ohio Office for Bernie Sanders

Vote your conscience, not your fears.

Glenn Beck Was Even DRESSED Like A Sad Rodeo Clown...

Bernie on the environment -

1st numbers in from SC point to overwhelmingly good news for Clinton in SC

Absentee votes point to a very good night for HRC in SC (Hillary Group)

Nina Turner: Bernie Sanders is a Champion for Civil Rights

Mike Malloy - President Trump Was "Just Fooling Around"

New Monmouth Poll of Virginia: Hillary leads 60-33

New Poll of Virginia: HRC leads 60-33 over Bernie

Monmouth Poll: Clinton +34 Texas (Hillary Clinton Group)

Bernie Sanders has led Hillary Clinton in this major national poll nearly all month

No, John Kasich Isn’t Sane. Stop Saying That.

Wisconsin democratic poll Bernie 44% Clinton 43%

Time to repost this infographic on the 6 companies controlling 90% of the media

"Bring them to heel" still helps with a certain segment of the southern white vote.

First Rhode Island poll! Clinton +9 (Hillary Clinton Group)

Capehart writes new piece in WaPo - That wasn't Hillary!

Nobody should be using BLM to score some cheap political points

Bernie overtakes Hillary in Wisconsin!

Michael Stipe: Bernie Sanders' Appeal and Honesty Are Perfect for Now

I found the key Donald Trump Supporter Stereotype

Fossil fuel use must fall twice as fast as thought to contain global warming - study

Campaign visits to MN before the March 1, 2016 caucus

New Rhode Island Poll: Clinton: 49% (+8) Bernie: 40% (-8)

I was glad to git rid of them, Bernie's office was glad to get them

Live Bernie event in Flint, MI

LA's Methane Gas Leak Was One of the Biggest Environmental Disasters in US History

German City To Honor Anti-Israel Group Code Pink With Tolerance Prize

These Are the 100 Most-Read Female Writers in College Classes

#MorganFreeman Slaps Down ‘Hogwash’ Question About #Hillary’s Trustworthiness

Found 2 Bernie supporters when leaving my chiropractor's office.........

OVER - US Senate Hearing on H1-B Visas: The Impact of High-Skilled Immigration on U.S. Workers...

How Bernie Sanders lost my vote

You Can Pollute Drinking Water For 300,000 People And Get Just One Month In Prison: Huff Post:

There is an amazing amount of amnesia when it comes to the sudden love and support of BLM...

If Obama picked Bernie for Supreme Court, he could put GOP in no win situation

Mean tweets: Al Franken - Campaign edition

Intercept: TV Pundits Praise Hillary Clinton On Air, Fail to Disclose Financial Ties to Her Campaign

Does this look familiar?

If you have red hair, were you ever bullied for it?

Live stream of Sanders meeting with residents of Flint, MI

If you're a big fan of the state...

'A vote for Bernie Sanders is a vote against The Machine.'

Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Episode Two

You might find this useful.

"Liberals" are defending mass incarceration and "get tough on (black and brown) crime"

Hey everyone. I'm no longer undecided.

You folks have it all wrong! It's Bank lives matter!!!

New Georgia Poll: Clinton: 66% Bernie: 27% (Up 4-1 among AA & Latinos)

Mississippi governor declares April 'Confederate Heritage Month'

New Georgia Poll: HRC leads 66-27 (leads 4-1 among AA & Latinos)

Former Mexican President to Donald Trump: ‘I’m not going to pay for that fucking wall’

Feb 25: Bill Clinton: Thanks for the warm welcome at the Freedom Center. You rock in Rock Hill, SC!

Bernie's Wife, Jane O'Meara Sanders.

"they're not even doing oppo on him"

Al Franken Reads Mean Tweets About His Support For Hillary Clinton

voted early today in Ga. was undecided going in to vote as I like both HC and BS.

February 25, 1870 First African American Senator

Reid Scolds GOP on Sandoval: “I am sorry the Republicans are treating even 1 of their own that way."

My dream is to somehow figure out a way to move my family to Canada.

A few numbers on Black vs White crime:

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Feb. 25, 2016

All the Democratic polls aggregated by RCP just from today in 1 place. Clinton is romping

All state polls aggregates by RCP today. Hillary is crushing it (HRC Group)

Free Leonard Peltier! (President Obama pardon)

Remember this, my friends … Republicans ALWAYS ...

Trending Today: Hashtag: Which Hillary

Bernie and Hillary on Crime and its Causes in the 1990's

Hillary may win this. But at what cost?

Italian senate passes watered-down bill recognising same-sex civil unions

FORGET the two pricks in the KKK Halloween costumes. Trump just got a REAL Klan endorsement.

Why Obama Wants This Court Fight

Who is willing to stomach tonight GOP debate and watch it?

Europe braces for major 'humanitarian crisis' in Greece after row over refugees

Why do Bernie supporters keep falsely claiming Hillary called "black kids"....

Don't Ask Me To Give Up - Sanders

David Duke endorsed Trump

Palestinian activist Rasmieh Odeh's immigration fraud conviction vacated

Disney CEO asks employees to chip in to pay copyright lobbyists

Unless the Democrats Run Sanders, A Trump Nomination Means a Trump Presidency

"Hillary vs. Bernie - Flip Flopping vs Consistent Values"

Never too young: Iowa house passes bill to let children of all ages handle guns

Bernie Sanders Rally | Baldwin Wallace University | Lou Higgins Center | 2-25-2016

We Finally Know How Much the Dino-Killing Asteroid Reshaped Earth

Can someone on the Bernie Group help me with getting my link of the last Sanders-

"Hillary vs. Bernie - Flip Flopping vs. Consistent Values"

"Hillary vs. Bernie - Flip Flopping vs. Consistent Values"

In an Improving Economy, Places in Distress

Where the prescription for autism can be death

Where the prescription for autism can be death (xpost from GD)

Ebola survivors face long-term neurological problems, researchers find

In an Improving Economy, Places in Distress

Budget Woes in One of America's Wealthiest Cities

In an Improving Economy, Places in Distress

Follow up ethnicity poll for Bernie supporters . . . "Who we are" continued.

Missouri high school student charged with possessing two machine guns

Halliburton Cuts Another 5,000 Jobs

Victims of pedophile priests and imams help create more victims with silence.

Mexico City Is Shaming Litterbugs and Parking Hogs on Periscope, and People Love It

I respectfully ask all of you to sign my petition at

Meet Hillary's Religious Leader, Rightwingnut Doug Coe>>>

Colombia's finance minister under investigation for Isagen sale

Question..Is there still a primary in New Hamshire to determine who is running for U.S. Senate ?

Ted Cruz's father will campaign for him in Minnesota.


Parallel Universes?

WOW!!: New poll shows Hillary with a 50 point lead in South Carolina!

*** Bernie Supporters - Houston TX tonight 2/25 ***

Come November, we get to make history. We get to elect the first woman as POTUS.

*** Bernie Supporters - Houston TX tonight 2/25 ***

AP-GfK Poll: Downsides cut into support for Sanders' health plan

Lindsey Graham: Donald Trump a "Nut job"

AP-GfK Poll: Downsides cut into support for Sanders' health plan

Response from Grassley on SCOTUS nominee

Brand Spanking New Old Dominion Poll -Clinton- 60% Sanders 33%

First on CNN: Rubio prepares for contested convention

Giving Up Its U.S. Citizenship Could Save Pfizer $35 billion In Taxes

The petty, mean and deliciously rude ways British politicians insult one another

Stockholm syndrome

BWAHAHA! Rove-e Wan Kenobi rushes to the aid of Princess Leia, a.k.a. "The Republican Party."

Clinton apologizes for 1996 remark on ‘super-predators’ after encounter with activist

Interesting Essay: Hillary Clinton: The Leader You Want When The World Ends

Cannabis Ceviche? Edible Marijuana Goes Gourmet

Ted Cruz Blocks Emergency Relief To Flint But Demanded Aid For Texas

Pics from KC rally

Former Mexican President to Donald Trump: "I'm Not Going to Pay for That Fucking Wall"

Maine’s first Zika case confirmed in Hancock County resident

Can we stop pretending that gang violence...

"The fall will probably kill you."

New York Times: Mrs. Clinton, Show Voters Those Transcripts

NYT: Mrs. Clinton, Show Voters Those Transcripts

A couple more from Chena Hot Springs

Hillary can't win the GE.. her like-ability numbers are way too low.. Vote for Bernie Sanders

Comedian Samantha Bee - Syrian Refugees Part 1 & 2

Hey Hillary...Chuck Toad just lobbed you 'telegraphed' soft balls...

from twitter, re: BLM

Trump joke

Let's not relive the 90's.. scandal after Bernie Sanders..true Progressive..true

A lower limit for future climate emissions (to maintain < 2°C of warming)

MSNBC and NBC owned by Comcast.. Comcast CEO holds fundraiser for hillary in his home

Mrs. Clinton, Show Voters Those Transcripts

A Political Revolution is Happening - Among Republicans--NOt a Sanders Political Revolution

Vicente Fox: "I declare, I'm not going to pay for that f-----g wall"

New Facebook Reactions from The Oatmeal

He is the Napoleon who has harvested the fruit of the Revolution

The hillary campaign is bought and paid for by Big Money Bernie.. 27 buck average

Former Disney IT Worker To Congress: How Can You Allow This?

GOP sheriff unleashes a stunning take down of Republicans—a party of ‘cult leaders’ and ‘idiots’

Please send good thoughts to Mrs. Chichiri and me.

Better technology could take agriculture halfway towards climate targets (eat less beef!)

L.A. Expo Line Phase II to open May 20 to Santa Monica Pier

*FRIDAY, Bernie Returns to Columbia, South Carolina for Rally with KILLER MIKE

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 26 February 2016

Attention Illinois Voters - Bernie Supporters

Trump gets another key endorsement

Bill Cosby Drops Lawsuit Against Beverly Johnson

Mansion Sales And Discount Dining: Oil Rout Hits Houston's Rich

Jury Awards $72 Million In Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder Cancer Lawsuit

Buckeyes for Bernie

Bernie's Political Revolution Under Way! 191 Bernie Democrats Running For Public Office So Far:

Brand Spanking New Palmetto State Poll-Clinton 64% Sanders 14% (WOW)

Hillary Clinton, "Super Predators," "A Poor Choice of Words..."

Man No Longer Police Officer After Racially Charged Video

Nate Silver has laid it all out.

The Banks Were Already Too Big. Now They're Bigger | Bernie Sanders

Trump Monster Stronger and More Frightening Than Ever; You Deserve This, GOP

GOP leaders, you must do everything in your power to stop Trump

Nate Silver has updated the margins Bernie needs to beat.

Here I am:

special message to everyone who plans to leave the country if Trump wins in November

My Opponent Supported Awful Trade Deals. I Did Not | Bernie Sanders

GOP infiltration of Dem groups is a standard tactic and was used here at DU since the 2003-4 cycle.

Fracture (Joy Reid): Obama, the Clintons, and Racial Divide

A prediction

Poll: Clinton crushes Trump among Hispanics

Dead Parties Walking...the only thing they give you is a choice

Only in American can you work for this country, without pay, for roughly 20 years (CLINTON GROUP)

Facebook’s tolerance deficiency: Mark Zuckerberg has to tell employees to stop crossing out “Black L

The Vote Together ad just got the official campaign seal of approval

Tune in! GOP comedy central is just hours away from broadcast. The debae that isn't is

The changing face of our nation. Ain't she sweet

House Chairman: Military Files, Emails Deleted Amid ISIS Intel Assessment Probe

I sure love being whitesplained to.

Al Franken as "Mick Jagger"

Hill's Group: Hillary Clinton to campaign in Nashville on Sunday

Michael Mann: “What happens in the arctic doesn’t stay in the arctic” Watch out….

What was Obama thinking? Some unsettling blowback from the Iran deal.

a photo for Hillary Group!

Hill's Group: Hillary Clinton to visit Hampton Roads on Monday

Can anyone defend and promote the Third Way/New Dem/corporatist agenda?

Viceland's Gaycation (Episode 1: Japan)

This is ludicrous!

Marijuana legalization advances through the Vt Senate

This is freaking amazing..

Sanders discusses water crisis with Flint residents

Who Hillary was quoting in 1996 - this is important.

Syria Food Air-Drop Failed: UN

SuperScapeGoats: Dispeling the Myth the Superpredators were gang members

Post-secondary tuition will now be free for students from low-income families,

Just got this link from someone about campaigning in the south

Don't forget Bernie on Hardball - tonite! Chris Hayes & Matthews flipped time slots tonite.

Clinton emphasizing gun laws ahead of South Carolina primary