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Democrats vs. Democracy

Given America's role in overthrowing democracies across the planet

In light of the Senate refusal to hold hearings, their song

Medicare For All Will Save You $5,000 a Year | Bernie Sanders

This should be part of a commerical in South Carolina.

Trump supporters. Time to do a Face Palm

Kokua needed. I am deep in a world-class flamewar in GD over the correct use of the term "haole".

Bernie Sanders' campaign to clarify misleading fundraising email

TYT and the 5 things you didn't know about Bernie

Preparing for the Collapse of the Saudi Kingdom

Did you all see the Bernie gives up six states post

88-year-old granny graduates from elementary school

Ponder this. The incredible post-NV Hillary MOMENTUM!

88-year-old granny graduates from elementary school

Not the Onion:US Study proposes 'nicking' genitals instead of Female Genital Mutilation

Multiple Injuries As Storms Slam Gulf Coast States

As Sanders Praises Obama Gitmo Plan, Clinton Stays Silent

Can Obama sue the senate to do it's Constitutional job?

McCarthyism works, Sanders supporters provide th proof with the GOP anti-HRC propaganda they parrot

bernie first, clinton second in town hall with chris cuomo

How to make expensive cities affordable for everyone again

How to make expensive cities affordable for everyone again (xpost from CA group)

How to make expensive cities affordable for everyone again (xpost from CA group)

Get ready for Halloween early: Donald Trump They Live mask

68 year old woman tko'd by 24 year old woman in MMA debut

CAPTION THIS PHOTO (The real horror of The Donald)

Taking bets as to when the other candidate's supporter start smearing Gabby Giffords

Dumb Criminals: Florida (Obviously) Man Shoots Ohio Man After Argument Over Strip Clubs

Latest Reuters Rolly Poll

China Builds a Faster Beagle in Gene-Editing Race With U.S.

Georgia Democratic Primary: Clinton (+28) 57 Sanders 29

Sanders hits Clinton on gitmo despite his own similar vote

Bernie lost a friend because he supported the Democratic nominee

As a 35 y/o male Hillary supporter, you have no idea...

Anyone who thinks Bernie Sanders is not a Fighter....

The List Of 12 Other Cases Where The DOJ Has Demanded Apple Help It Hack Into iPhones

Kerry Warns Of 'Plan B' In Syria If Cease-Fire Fails

ABC News: Why Hillary Clinton Has the Upper Hand on Super Tuesday and Beyond

Pharma CEO: We’re in Business of Shareholder Profit, Not Helping the Sick

Clinton campaign sharpens South Carolina focus on Sanders' gun votes

Clinton campaign sharpens South Carolina focus on Sanders' gun votes

Syrian refugee's website thanks Israel

GazettE - Guren PV

A second Georgia poll in as many days gives HRC a commanding lead

Colorado woman convicted of cutting fetus from stranger's womb

Meet The Lions...

Please have some water - it's free. What kind of bullshit comment was that?

the GazettE - The Invisible Wall

Does anyone know of a grant writer?

the GazettE -Chizuru

Bet you didn't know Gitmo was a "Tropical Paradise"

"America Doesn't Have a Gun Problem, It Has Several of Them..." (Vox)

Robert Reich:I want to share with you an email I received

Mike Coffman and Cory Gardner

Hilarious/Sad Tweet from Mashable/Roll Call Reporter about Repub Nevada Caucuses

I'm glad to see that a thread that calls HRC a "racist" was hidden by Jury (HC Group)

the GazettE Hyena

If Hillary wins she loses and the Democratic Party

Just wanta Rock you with THE GAZETTE!

You guys are awesome! (Future President Bernie Sanders Group)

Event for Donna Edwards date changed, now:

Start-Up Space Report Shows More Venture Capital Invested In 2015 Than In Prior 15 Years Combined

Official Dem Town Hall Thread #2 of 2- 9-10 PM w/ Hillary @ CNN *Be nice to each other, please!!*

Bernie just said on tonights town hall

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia! & a new

Bernie is a Yuuuuuge MENSCH

This popped up in Austin, TX recently. One week!! Let's make it happen, Texas!

What’s the difference between Tequila and Sotol?

Raise a glass to Archimedes and Shakespeare

From Summer 2015 The Trump Bankruptcies

She's moved the goalposts again! Even higher. Now, Repugs have to release their transcripts too.

Hillary moves the goal posts!!

I'll release them when republicans do?

Officer acquitted of kicking a suspect in the head resigns

The Question About Her Transcripts Has Hillary Unhinged So Soon

Hillary REFUSES to release her transcripts, and I will REFUSE to vote for her.

Hillary wants to go after Hedge Fund Bankers? Well - here is a place to start.....

Hillary's Transcripts Will Come Out...

MLB places Rockies Jose Reyes on paid administrative leave

The Latest: Prosecutors say polygamists are flight risks

Ramon Castro, Cuban Leader's Older Brother, Dies at Age 91

Rachel is have a bad night. Trump like Rachel! LIVE!

The Mad Violence of Casino Capitalism--Henry Giroux

I love my cat - but, this is a beauty

Pronounce Nevada - Politicians Pass / Fail - Funny

Who had 2/23 as the day they made Bernie divine?

Hill's Group: List of Black Women Supporting Hillary Clinton Grows

She really scares me.

Powerful moment: Hillary asks the 5 moms who had their children gunned

What else won't Hillary do unless Republicans do it as well?

Got a laugh on this and it spoke the truth in a back-handed way.

Well, Iowa activists - Will we stand up to Grassley? Time for him to be FIRED!

Hill's Group: NC Democratic leaders endorse Hillary Clinton

Question about auto-erotic asphyxiation.

Calling it as I see it... Good night for Hillary

Germany condemns 'deeply shameful' protests against migrants

Why doesn't Bernie publicly denounce Marxism?

Bernie Sanders Will Become President. The FBI and 67 Percent of Americans Distrust Hillary Clinton

Hillary gets questions about handbags and womens colleges. Bernie gets questions about

John Lennon - IMAGINE - Playing for Change

An Historic Attempt To Kill Roe v. Wade May Backfire Spectacularly On The Anti-Choice Right

We FINALLY have the chance to elect the type of leader we've only read about in history books

Republican groups trolling anti-Hillary sentiment

Michigan Uber driver swapped cars during deadly shooting spree

Workers of the 21st Century meet your replacement.

Conning the rubes...

CSULA President Cancels Ben Shapiro Lecture Citing Need for "Diversity"

Sanders' campaign admits to lying their asses off in a fundraising email

Bernie Sanders Overtakes Clinton in Three More States, Clinton Supporters Worried in Texas

Update to my post last week: 96 hour ordeal of getting mom's prescription

Halcali - SUPERSTITIONS W/Lyrics

Unofficial Town Hall thread #0...

Obama Signs Executive Order Relocating Congress to Guantánamo

Here we go: "Justice Department Wants Apple to Unlock Nine More iPhones"

Chris Cuomo To Bernie Sanders: "Have some water. It's free."

Can you tell me how to get, How to get to Sesame Street...

I won't do it unless everyone else does it first? Wow she actually said that?

What sport have you stopped watching and why?

Residential Landscaping: Rainwater/graywater harvesting predicted to be a top feature for 2016.

Ipsos/Reuters National Dem Poll: For the first time, Bernie leads Hillary 47.3 to 43.9

What is Hillary hiding in her transcripts?


Georgia state House votes to allow guns on public college campuses

Rubio and Cruz's nomination strategy is befuddling

Hillary has NOT been 'silent' on closing GITMO

Was Ready for A Woman President in 1984....

Cuomo to Sanders: "Have some water. It's free."

Starting to get really scary...

Why is Hillary hiding behind the Republicans? Does she always have to follow their lead?

Derelicts Of Duty

MLK associate tells Memphis Baptist group he’s backing Bernie Sanders

The Repugs are not asking for Hiilary's transcripts.

I am obligated to say your baby is cute.

MLK associate tells Memphis Baptist group he’s backing Bernie Sanders

How about this Bay Area Sunset!

CNN Irregularities reported. Massive turnout in GOP caucus in Nevada. Too much for authorities to

MD Superdelegates

Hillary!!! I don't give a shit what the GOP said to Wall Street! I want to know what YOU SAID!

Great point brought up by CNN commentators - Why does she have to follow? Why can't she lead?

Ring of Fire - Episode 249

Interesting - CNN is all over the irregularities at NV caucus sites tonite...lots of probs reported

GOP Senators Won't Even Meet With An Obama Supreme Court Nominee

Paul Ryan's hero is Thomas Aquinas.

Nevada’s GOP Caucus Appears To Be Completely FUBAR. a "crap storm, " "KKK" shows up!

More Layoffs Could Be in Store for Argentine Civil Servants

Ted Cruz seeks to have lawsuit challenging his eligibility to run for president tossed

See, the Republicans can't even get thru their own night without issues!

In my signature line in my profile I can only enter one image, and maybe a few words

Why can't Hillary be honest?

Hillary In Her Own Words

"Aren't we better than that?"

Posted in GD-P


Yeah, dude!

#HillaryClinton was Authentic, Compassionate & Wicked Smart tonight at #DemTownHall

Puerto Rican Senate Confirms Lesbian Judge as Supreme Court Chief Justice

"Why America & the World Needs Donald Trump as the Next President"

OK, taking a BREAK!

Puerto Rican Senate Confirms Lesbian Judge as Supreme Court Chief Justice

Ahem, about Tonya Lee.....

Today marks the 71st year of the Flag of the United States....

Clinton is blowing a chance to put egg on Bernie;s face

Hillary seems quite proud of her way of dealing with the transcript issue!

Nevada GOP Caucus Workers Wearing Trump Gear

I Wasn't Born To Follow

Think Hillary Hasn’t Accomplished Anything? Here’s The List That Proves That Wrong

About Voter Fraud... It appears the Republican concern was not overblown

When you already have 67% of the country who believes you are a liar.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Why the Arabs don’t want us in Syria

Why is there a SKIP in this video excerpt from the Townhall? Did anyone watch this section?

Danny Glover's passionate call to action for Bernie Sanders

Article: Unless the Democrats Run Sanders, a Trump Nomination Means a Trump Presidency

Cambodia, Watergate, Iran Contra, Curveball and WMD

Apple will argue that the FBI's court order violates its free speech rights

Speech Transcripts: The Press Finds A New Hoop That Only Clinton Must Jump Through

Sanders Hits Clinton on Gitmo, Despite His Own Similar Vote

Has Hillary or Bernie ever denied being space reptiles?

My Super Tuesday Delegate estimate

Jane Sanders is on Twitter now

Yay...a 4th straight record turnout for the Republicans*

Tall Buildings: Disasterpiece Masterpiece

Tall Buildings: Disasterpiece Masterpiece

It's official:

Donald Trump supporters in campaign gear accused of double counting ballots in Nevada

Bottles thrown, racial slur yelled at man in Austin neighborhood

Watching the moms of black children that were murdered on C-Span & I have to say

Why Wall Street Gives Hillary Clinton Millions of Dollars

Bernie singles dot com. :D

Hillary's Pay-to-Pay Speaking Fees Disqualify Her as a Presidential Candidate

Vote for Democrats. (Terms of Service)

The KKK Just Showed Up At The Nevada Caucus To Support Trump

Sending good luck vibes to Gulf Coast Ala and Fla. Panhandle DU folks.....

U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service Regains Control Of Malheur Refuge

Anyone on Twitter? I have someone who just joined that you may want to follow.

Live results for the Nevada Republican Caucus...sort of...maybe.

Clinton's Most Valuable Allies in South Carolina: the Moms of Black Lives Matter (HRC Group)

I'm simply forced to post this.... Barack Obama tweet today about the Supreme Court appt. denied

Did Trump really crash a Cruz speech tonight?

Well I got a hide for praising a warrior for Bernie

Collins breaks ranks with Republican leaders over Supreme Court nominee

Right on the dot of 10 (eastern), all networks call Nevada for Donald Trump...

Does anyone else like Oikos Triple Zero Greek Yogurt as much as I do?

Kweisi Mfume endorses Hillary Clinton for president (HRC Group)

Shocking Photo Evidence PROVES Bernie IS a Marxist

How long will Ted Cruz's speech be tonight?

Will Americans finally choose to fight their real enemies?

National media call Nevada GOP caucus for Trump

Bernie in Tulsa tomorrow Feb. 24!

Ben Carson is MAKING HIS MOVE...

Comedian Samantha Bee - Republicans in S.C.

"Bernie Sanders Actually Has a Lot More Experience than Hillary Clinton"

Scary thought about general prospects with Clinton

Samantha Bee - Job Fair for Future Women

The GOOD news:

If #Hillary does #ReleaseTheTranscripts of her #WallStreet speeches, was she lying when she wanted $

Dreamer Cesar Vargas joins Bernie Sanders supporters canvassing Houston Texas Latino community

Bernie Sanders gets nod from Latino worker-rights group

Malheur Refuge back in hands of US Fish & Wildlife

Bernie Sanders the top choice for minorities

John Oliver - Death of Scalia and appointing his replacement

Hillary Doesn't Need to "Copy" bernie's Message

Bernie Lights Fire of Door's Drummer

John Oliver - Abortion

$3.3 million and counting: The cost of the Malheur occupation

As an early primary campaigner for Obama, the frustration with AA voters concerns me.

A New Snapchat Poll Is Great News for Bernie Sanders.

Girl shot during target practice for group affiliated with Malheur occupation

John Oliver - Whitewashing Hollywood

Bernie CNN Townhall: About the speeches.

Refuge Militants To Be Arraigned

Maryland Poll (Goucher Univ): Clinton 58% / Sanders 28%

So Strickland For Senate?

GOP Greatest hits! Sue Lowden

"Clinton Aide Inadvertently Admits Hillary’s Not Fit For Presidency"

Stunning New Reuters Poll: Bernie Leading Hillary Nationally by 6 %

Will the "Terrorists" Adhere to the Russia-US Brokered Truce in Syria?

Trump will be the GOP nominee

Turkish threats of intervention after Ankara bombing taken seriously by Barack Obama

I am so sick of the Sanders matra - "But she took money for speeches"

from sweden

"Comcast exec to hold fundraiser for Hillary Clinton"

Watching Trump victory speech and I'm scared to death.

Did I really just hear Donald say "We won the poorly educated vote..I love the poorly educated". Wow

Trump just cheered

This could be a reason to support cluster bombs.

This election is not like any in the past 50 years at least - maybe ever

I’m gonna tell that...

cruz speaking now.

What's with all the Men on the Stage with Ted Cruz ?

Cruz pathetic white dude "rally"

Get Ready El Paso! The Big Red Bernie Bus Is Heading Your Way

So...what are the snacks like in the big house, Ammon?

Okay. So what if it's Hillary against Trump? What happens?

Already a bad sign...

Gabrielle Giffords Joins Hillary Clinton in South Carolina to Pay Tribute to Victims of Gun Violence

I thought GD-P was for the Democratic primary. Am I wrong?

"The Definitive, Encyclopedic Case For Why Hillary Clinton is the Wrong Choice"

How to Rebutt Trump on Immigration

A scene that would make Trump's head explode if he was invited to the cockpit...

Trump is Clinton's Achilles heel

Enough said

Hillary and Obama.."Hillary Clinton Ad - 3 AM White House Ringing Phone"

St. Louis jury orders Johnson & Johnson to pay $72 million in talcum powder cancer case

We have two candidates, one on each side of the likability scale.

A GOP Bot on CNN just said "Reagan attracted minority voters", really????

Is it too shallow to talk about trumps make up?

More good cops: Cop Reveals That ‘Planting Evidence And Lying’ Are Just ‘Part Of The Game’

Wow.. Fellow Berners.. This Post actually got Hidden...

What Is Anarchism? Noam Chomsky on Capitalism, Socialism, Free Markets

The Evil Empire Has The World In A Death Grip

Little girl doesn't want Obama to stop being president.

Egyptian military court sentences 4 year old to life in prison.

Hillary supporters recent tactics...

I had a moment of mean spiritedness

Daily Holidays - February 24

Who said it: Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

How to be a big money

"Wall Street Bankster On Bernie Sanders"

How is super tuesday

Current Affairs Mag: Hillary should drop out - our we'll get Trump

Another aurora shot

"Polls Still Show That Bernie Sanders Is The Most Electable Candidate – The Ring of Fire"

Mack The Knife

Hillary will crush it in SC Saturday, win big on Super Tuesday, and then it is OVER.

Tweet from Tonya Lewis Lee @TLewisLee~ "Just to clear.

Bernie’s Army Is Running for Congress

Hey "Chris Matthews, Your BIAS Is Showing" – The Young Turks

Effective Firearms Regulation Is Constitutional

Bernie Sanders: Compassion

The diminished importance of Super Tuesday.

Vermont Gov. on Gun Control: ‘You Need a 50-State Solution... We’re Not Living in the Middle Ages’

Carrying concealed weapons could potentially add more violence to an endless cycle

"Sanders endorsed by black South Carolina lawmakers "

A woman's place is in the White House: why we still need a female president

Mike Malloy - The Case for A Liberal Scalia

Please remember...

Clinton vs Sanders on ... Domestic Spying

Delamaide: Fed aide goes rogue in attack on banks

So You're Deeply Concerned About Clinton's Connections...

'When does it stop?' Slow drip of Clinton emails prompt judge's subpoena threat

Do not believe the Sanders is up 6 !1!1!111!!! Thread

Here is how and why Hillary will be the nominee and beat The Trumpet:

here's the direct link to the new Reuters Poll that puts Sanders up by 6.2

Mike Malloy - Thirteen Years Later, GOP Voters Reject Iraq War

The ONLY major candidate to have "Marched with MLK"

consider: this year's Super Tuesday is more like Semi-super Tuesday compared to 2008:

Bernie's home-state blues

Appeals court upholds limit on sharing of tips among workers

Mike Malloy - The Day Trump Is Nominated Is The Day The Republican Party Ends

Appeals court upholds limit on sharing of tips among workers

Appeals court upholds limit on sharing of tips among workers

Kurds rescue Swedish teen from ISIS-held territory in northern Iraq

Bernie Sanders is the Most Popular Senator in America -- 83% approval rating!

Ya’alon: Bereavement not equal for Israelis and our enemies

Stop & Shop Union Contracts Being Negotiated as Strikes Loom

Stop & Shop Union Contracts Being Negotiated as Strikes Loom

Stop & Shop Union Contracts Being Negotiated as Strikes Loom

Two ReTHUGs break ranks with party over Scalia replacement

The GOP caucus in Nevada was a giant clusterfuck.

I am sure you must know that the way the community moderating

Damn-- it IS 1972 all over again

If Democrats,real Democrats would have ran on the

Frito Pie

Jon Stewart great quote

How'd he do last night at the Town Hall?

Bernie Through the Years... Wake up and smell the honesty and integrity!

German scientists to test new approach to store wind-power

Donald Trump attacks rivals as "liars," yet he is the biggest liar of all!

Have you ever seen a debate use a comedian to mock a candidate before?

Oh Dear - they are desperate - JoeScum and Mica this morning

Mike Malloy - Sheldon Adelson Has No Interest In The United States

Mega-donors shy away from fight with Trump

Holy Fuck. EU told ExxonMobil that TTIP will remove environmental regulations/obstacles; aid global

Started to put together my Worst Case Scenario file. Anyone else have one?

Huge fireball explodes over Atlantic as meteor flies into Earth from space

US forces to stay longer in Afghanistan

Bernie Sanders: THIS IS MY RELIGION (Town Hall - 2/23/2016)

Here is an idea that might end the Trump train wreck?

Bernie Sanders: THIS IS MY RELIGION (Town Hall - 2/23/2016)

The Bundys Are Bumbling Villains In This Western

Bernie Sanders: THIS IS MY RELIGION (Town Hall 2/23/2016)

Public Land Grabs Move from States to Congress

Just before the Colorado Primaries.

Dear Bernie: I Like You, But These Red Flags Are Too Frequent to Ignore

Look Out, America: China Can Un-Stealth U.S. Fighter Jets

Surreal in Oregon

The Media built up Trump: Imagine if they had given Sanders rallies the same coverage.

It's still hard for me to believe Trump could beat

Miss. lawmakers not erasing Confederate emblem on flag

MJ pumping a Trump/Rubio ticket.

With GOP nomination looming, Trump is slated to take witness stand in fraud trial

Mouton statue debated at council meeting (LA)

The problem with drunk driving...

National Park Service approves permit for Confederate Flag Day event in Gettysburg

i am soooooo glad trump is completely screws up the establishment plan

Jeb got 64 votes in Nevada

Harvey Wasserman: Bush won the 2004 election by electronic vote theft

Bernie Sanders: ON LEADERSHIP - (Town Hall 2/23/2016)

OK Then! Tepco admits it should have declared meltdowns at Fukushima plant much earlier

Brand new Garden State Poll-Clinton 55% Sanders 32%

Cruz...who's bet the FARM on white 27% of their vote last night to Trump's 41%

Trump supporters dressed as KKK outside

Bernie Sanders: ON LEADERSHIP (Town Hall 2/23/2016)

Bernie Sanders: ON LEADERSHIP (Town Hall 2/23/2016)

So if anyone had a doubt whether Trump is a Republican,

Hill's Group: Hillary Clinton reveals her plan to revise--not repeal or replace--Obamacare

Hillary Clinton believes Republicans should set the standard for disclosure

Come join us this Saturay in Roxbury

Sanders campaign bracing for SC loss

President Obama on SCOTUSBlog: "A Responsibility I Take Seriously"

New Boston Dynamics Atlas

MLK associate tells Memphis Baptist group he’s backing Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders gets nod from Latino worker-rights group AZ/DC

Powerful storms roll across South, causing death and damage

was the clusterfuck in both parties' NV primaries merely coincidental...

Mike Malloy - Our Political System Is A Steaming Pile Of Shit

Trump crashes Glenn Beck's Cruz Rally

Historical dirty jokes.


Fan leaves birthday tribute for Mitch Hedberg on his grave

Seven Ways Hillary Clinton’s Policies Will Help Black Families

Leaked chatting between Trump, Mika, and Joe

FCC rules on cable boxes

Bernie Sanders: 'Nobody has asked for my birth certificate'

Those transcripts must be pretty damning.

Biggest Change For Infantry Since WWII: XM25

Steven W Thrasher Black thinkers like Bernie Sanders. They've studied the Clintons' true cost


Maryland Primary Poll: HRC: 58% Bernie: 28%

Hillary Clinton delivered a powerful statement on racism in South Carolina

New Jersey Primary Poll: HRC: 55% Bernie: 32%

NJ Primary Poll: Clinton: 55% Sanders: 32%

Hillary vs The Donald

If Hillary is following in the Footsteps of Obama, why can't she raise money like he did?

Not even close, idiot.

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Growth of Trump

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- The other GOP losers

Why did the Republican NV caucuses seem to be run so much better than the Democrat Caucuses?

Maryland Primary Poll: HRC: 58% Bernie: 28%

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Obama says wants top court justice with 'independent mind,' urges Senate action

Hillary Clinton: "Guantanamo has inspired more terrorists than it has imprisoned."

Michigan Senate approves $30 million to help pay Flint water bills

Those Wall Street Transcripts of Hillary's Must Be Pretty Fucking Bad

China Maintains Respect, and a Museum, for a U.S. General

Wikileaks Documents Show NSA Spied on World Leaders on Behalf of Big Oil

Solid support for Apple in iPhone encryption fight: poll

Part of Trump's winning

Egypt's Sisi, for first time, says Russian plane was brought down by terrorists

bernie speaking NOW on cnn! on poverty nt

Forget It - The Razzie Awards 2017 Has Already Been Decided

Commission releases disputed 2014 Afghan election results


Bernie Sanders is the Worst Presidential Candidate in History

Did I hear the donald correctly? ...

Sanders Opposes Bill to Block GMO Labeling

How women started to smoke

Standing With Invisible People

SunEdison struggling despite global renewable energy boom

So, who all is going today?

Is the 2016 primary a referendum on healthcare policy?

Patients struggle to get medical marijuana in New York

Bernie Sanders Talking With Cornel West , Killer Mike and Nina Turner About The Legacy of Dr King

Solar power cheaper than coal in Chile

So this is what it takes to get CNN to ban you from their network

Apart from individual candidates -- The media has reached their inevitable Crappy Moron Stage.

New York asks SEC to force climate vote onto Exxon proxy

The Party's Over: Good Democrats Don't Follow the DNC

Gabrielle Giffords Joins Hillary Clinton in South Carolina to Pay Tribute to Victims of Gun Violence

The many ways Senate Republicans can block Obama’s Supreme Court nominee

What does "I love the poorly educated" mean?

Gabby Giffords joins HRC in SC to pay tribute to pay tribute to victims of gun violence

Fighting for children's rights in South Carolina in the 1970s | Hillary Clinton Group

How America became the love child of Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump

It's Time to Kick Erdogan's Turkey Out of NATO

GOP steadfastly ignores voter-fraud at Nevada primary

How Obama gives a victory speech vs how Trump gives a victory speech.

Hillary Clinton often boasts about helping children, but she betrayed them as First Lady

These 6 charts show how much sexism Hillary Clinton faces on Twitter

Bombshell-report on Fox News: George W. Bush sent captured terrorists to tropical paradise

How many Jury Blacklist slots for Star members?

Hillary Clinton often boasts about helping children...

Okay.. let's talk about this...

It Starts: Subprime Auto Loans Implode (in Your Bond Fund)

Is anybody neutral about Hillary Clinton?

Indian armed forces to recruit women for all combat roles: president

70% of Mr. Trump's Supporters "Wish The Confederate Battle Flag Were still flying"

MSNBC: Bernie Sanders never wrote concession speech for NV

Bernie's South Carolina surrender

Bernie's South Carolina Surrender

The Ominous Story of Syria's Climate Refugees

The First Lady of Arkansas vs. a Jewish Civil Rights Activist Face Off in the Confederate Red States

Oh Dear Lord.

Greenwald: Georgetown Law Professors Say Students Are “Traumatized” by Criticisms of Scalia ...

U.S. service-sector economic gauge hits lowest level in 28 months

Watch Trump supporters duped by fake “blonde Fox News robots” into endorsing the most vile anti-immi

Patients struggle to get medical marijuana in New York

I don't understand the dedication to the Clinton's. I seriously, don't.

Toomey, Portman Hurt By Supreme Court Stance

For any college DUers taking psychology classes, you should thank the GOP Senate caucus

"Bernie Sanders: ‘The Clinton people are good spinners"

Another Oil Crash Is Coming, and There May Be No Recovery

Matt Taibbi - How America Made Donald Trump Unstoppable (Rolling Stone)

Less than 140 characters says it all.

80,000 Dems caucused but only 75,000 Repubs did in Nevada.

Hillary Clinton's Town Hall Answer About Bringing People Together Was a Total Cop-Out

Will you give this to Mr. Trump please?

You will NEVER GUESS who WaPo has predicted one of The Donald's potential running mates.

A side note on my FB page says that it is possible Governor Scott might possibly be

San Francisco: “Baghdad by the Bay” for People of Color

FBI gathers clues in massive Goldman Sachs money scandal

For the first time since voting started, Hillary's chance at nomination hits 90%

The most amazing refugee story ever!

My son just left to see Bernie in KC!!

How does a 90% chance at the nomination sound to you? (HRC Group)


Obama should fire Pentagon "hawks" before they stir up more trouble in Syria

Hillary Clinton Defends Call To Deport Child Migrants

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney endorses Hillary Clinton

'Simpsons' Imagine World Where Presidential Candidates All Get Along

Hillary or Bernie -- how much does it matter?

What were you doing in the early 1960's?

Explosive grief

Republicans are Hurting America to Deny Obama a Legacy!

New Goucher College Poll - Donna Winning! 39-37

Let’s Not Get Carried Away With That “Trump Won Latinos” Entrance Poll

1/2 of Clinton’s 2014 Speaking Fees Came From Groups Also Lobbying Congress

Wall Street Forms Super PAC With Sole Purpose of Attacking Bernie Sanders

WaPo: Bernie Sanders: "The Clinton people are good spinners"

Texas justice for Repukes: Oopsie GOODHAIR gets his indictment tossed. Can their LT Gov Dan PATRICK

Cross-Posted from GD-P "Standing With Invisible People"

Trump wins....and it appears a little bit of GD:P...

Casualties of the Iraq War (children)

Ezra Klein says we should be very scared of Donald Trump

Stay the Course

The myth of eduction and Meritocracy in America

"One of those days" - by skiing daredevil Candide Thovex

Casualties of the Iraq War (children)

End Times for the Caliphate? -- Patrick Cockburn

Please join me.

Texas Primary Poll: Clinton 56% Sanders 40%

Texas Poll: 56-40 lead for HRC!

New Texas poll--three way race between Cruz, Trump and Rubio

Bernie Is the Pragmatic Pick for True Liberals

Well my Hillary sign lasted two days.

Effective Firearms Regulation Is Constitutional.

Abortion Clinics Are Closing at a Record Pace

Tim Black, radio host & social commentator, is not very happy with Hillary after Town Hall

Nevada Post-Mortem: Trump Crushes It

At the rally in KC, in a long line

Yes, Melania Trump is beautiful, but I like even more her energy and aplomb

When I die ...

I wonder?

NV Caucus goers: Dems trounce Reps by 12%

Oh crap. I just remembered that as a teen, I stuffed envelopes for Lester Maddox.

For the first time ever, global wind power capacity tops nuclear energy

Dismissing Bernie’s Supporters as “a Mob” and the Great Recession as No Big Deal

Texas wind power set a new record late Thursday (45% of state demand)

Intercept: "John Kasich and the Clintons Collaborated on Law That Helped Double Extreme Poverty"

Georgetown professors demand "safe space" because students "traumatized" by criticism of Scalia


Scottish Power Commits $3.5 Billion for U.K. Offshore Wind Farm

Wanna get rid of Reagonomics?




[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 2-22 & 2-23-16

24 y/o stock trader starts a Go Fund Me acct because he bet wrong and lost his money.

Stunning 11 Point Reversal Gives Bernie A 6 Point Lead! - In case you missed it.

Clinton versus Trump

Tornado Warning. Bladen Columbus Counties. eom

Watch a sinful marathon of movies condemned by the Catholic Church

"Then there are those turd salads at CNN!!!". . .Please come CAPTION Trump supporter Roger Stone!!!

Don't often post here, but, here's a cross-post from GDP I hope you'll read.

(Bill) Clinton lost and lost and lost - How candidates won the nomination

Tornado Warning Bladen.

I have a question for this group. Have you ever known a cat to like avocados?

Dear Abby: He used a bigoted word, so I slapped him

Vulgar talking yam gets first endorsements from Congress

”Too many of us have been interested in defending programs as written in 1938″

Pic Of The Moment: Barack Obama: A President Of "Firsts"

These Latino Twitter Accounts All Have Suspiciously Identical Praise of Trump

If Warren won't join Bernie as his running mate (and I think the case can be made that she shouldn't

SF moves to clear Division Street homeless encampment

Drive through sit in for $15/hr

Hillary Clinton Email Controversy - A Brief Overview

Welfare to Work

"The Return of Judge Scalia" from Tom the Dancing Bug

I watched Bernie and Hillary last night

Bernie Sanders: US should have a national database for police killings – video

Reicht: The Establishment is Dying

How Jeb Bush Spent $130 Million Running for President With Nothing to Show for It

How America Made Donald Trump Unstoppable (Taibbi - Rolling Stone)

New Ohio Poll: Sanders 45 Clinton 44

you knew it!...RNC chairman: 'We're going to embrace whoever the nominee is'

Why the 106-Year-Old Woman Who Danced with Obamas at the WH Wants Hillary for President

NYT does a very insightful piece about Bernie's Judiasm

Unless the Democrats Run Sanders, A Trump Nomination Means a Trump Presidency

Clinton Outspends Sanders in Super Tuesday States

Fight breaks out at Florida pizzeria after an order of garlic knots unexpectedly arrived with cheese

"Hillary's New Wall Street Dodge: "I'm Being Singled Out!""

Spin Off: I don't understand why folks question dedication to the Clinton's

Matt Bors: Black Endorsements Matter

CNN Asked Bernie Sanders About His Religion: Here’s His Breathtaking Response

Huffington Post Editor's Note Re: Donald Trump

Clinton and Sanders should promise to renominate whoever Obama nominates for the SC

Do you know who this is?

Pollsters: Republicans Will Lose Senate If They Block Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee

The Negativity From Hillary and Her Supporters Is Having An Impact

Debbie Wasserman Schultz questioned about supporting Hillary

Bernie Sanders Ties Hillary Clinton to Poverty Caused by Welfare Reform

Dan Savage says..."Get over it, dammit!"

republicans' plan to block scalia's replacement may well back-fire big time

Hillary Clinton is a better human being than Trump, let alone a better candidate for president

"Bernie Sanders Is Jewish, but He Doesn’t Like to Talk About It"

Anti-Black Lives Matter article prominently posted in SF police station

*****February Photo Contest Preliminaries Thread #1*****

Hillary Clinton Used To Talk About How The People On Welfare Were “No Longer Deadbeats”

The Sanders "Economic Plan" Controversy, or who's lying an why?

I have a lot of chronic conditions. Is it possible that my need for stimulation causes some of them

Senate Minority Leader Endorses Hillary Clinton

Carson compares campaign to lions and tigers eating the eagle at the Coliseum in ancient Rome

‘I Won’t Lie, I Can’t Lie To You And Say I Am Happy Here.' --

Brand New Lone Star State Poll Clinton -56% Sanders 40%

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid

The Super Tuesday scorecard

The economist who vouched for Bernie Sanders’ big liberal plans is voting for Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump ARE NOT THE SAME

Deceptive Poll Results (Hillary Group)

Harry Reid endorses Hillary Clinton

Brian Sandoval, Republican governor of Nevada, is being vetted for Supreme Court vacancy

Bernie Sanders on the Clinton Welfare Reform Act

This is why Clinton has so many old supporters:

Governor Wolf has prostate cancer:

How do I block a group (Clinton group)?

Heavy snow, strong winds whip through Great Lakes area

Behind Bernie Sanders’ Revolution Lies a Meticulously Engineered Grassroots Network

President Obama: A Responsibility I Take Seriously

Lynch Defends FBI Stance in Fight With Apple Over Suspect's Data

The complete South Carolina Town Hall February 23, 2016

*****February Photo Contest Preliminaries Thread #2*****

Great video mashup of Bernie.. found on FB, wish I had youtube link

Obama Promises U.S. Aid to Jordan for Syria, Iraq Refugees

Bernie Sanders Voted For The Act That Helped Crash The Economy

I don't care about Hillary's support for Goldwater 50 years ago, nearly so much as...

For people in the media who have called Jeb! a "class act," let's look back at Terri Schiavo.

New-Home Sales Tumble In January On Big Decline In West

Ralston Reports: Nevada's perfect petri dish grew Trump culture

I want one! It's a Bernie Action Figure :-}

DFA says We need this progressive woman in the Senate!

A PowerPoint Slide Advises Professors to Alter Teaching to Pacify Armed Students

Syria, Russia Pound Islamic State Ahead of Scheduled Truce

DFA says We need this progressive woman in the Senate!

41 Action News: Bernie Makes Stop in Kansas City

GOP Governor Being Vetted for Supreme Court

Nevada's GOP governor being vetted for SCOTUS: report (the Hill)

Sanders 'Disappointed' With New FDA Commissioner Califf

Breaking: Old Glory Endorses Hillary Clinton

White House Dancer Virginia McLaurin Chooses Hillary | Hillary Clinton Group

Need your help folks --

With Todays politcal environment and the current DNC and

Climate Activists Armed With Cameras Push Clinton to Commit

Press Release: Hillary Clinton's support for "the biggest betrayal of children and the poor"

Watching Trump And Sanders, Mitt Romney Says He Gets It: ‘We’re Just Mad As Hell’

from the Texas Tribune/UT poll: why each candidate is supported

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry Exonerated of Abuse of Power Charges by Appeals Court

Reid Backs Clinton

Hillary Clinton's Powerful Statement On Racism In South Carolina

How the Media Is Misleading Voters Into Believing Clinton Is 'Inevitable'

Attorney General Promises 'Independent' Review Of Clinton Email Case

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - February 24, 2016

Hillary News & Views 2.24: "Mothers of the Movement," SC Town Hall, Standing with HBCUs

Something in the way he moves me ...

Woo Hoo, the contest polls are up!

What's for Dinner, Wed., Feb. 24, 2016

Bernie Sanders in 1995: A Brutal Assessment of Bill Clinton’s First 2 Years as President

SO Harry Reid wants Obama to nominate GOP governor for Supreme Court?

Poll: Americans don't care about the Oscars; nor do they think racial discrimination is involved

Guardian: 'A cauldron of the baser instincts of humanity': inside Donald Trump's Nevada triumph

SC newspaper: "Bernie fans starting to sound like Trump"

Transcripts: Clinton Hides Behind Republicans

Winning votes by selling hate

Hillary Clinton says "supporting veterans is a sacred responsibility". So why, after five years,

Just an example of fascist regressive thinking

Propaganda Sites Are Spreading Deceptive Bernie vs Hillary Poll Results

Glass-Steagall | Bernie 2016

Harry Reid endorses Hillary Clinton AND a Republican for SCOTUS in the same day.

Make no mistake! A vote of Hillary ia a vote for Monsanto!!!

Trump won again, but veterans can stop him. from VoteVets

The egos of talk radio have been severely bruised...

Putin's Newest Satellite State

Go See "Where to Invade Next" if you can

Bernie say he believes in the Golden Rule--with Hillary it's the Goldman Rule

It took them 7 years but Republicans have finally figured out the best revenge....

Bernie Sanders Interview with Tavis Smiley

Missouri feeling the Bern... pics

EXCLUSIVE: ISIS Threatens Mark Zuckerberg And Jack Dorsey

The Unofficial Goldman Sachs Guide To Being A Man

Clinton supporter "disappointed by her lack of Native American outreach"

Cook Political Report: Clinton could effectively clinch the race in a week's time

Cook Political Report: Clinton could effectively clinch the race in a week's time (HRC Group)

MH17 report identifies Russian soldiers suspected of downing plane in Ukraine

Bernie's South Carolina surrender

Why Clinton Is Connecting With Black Voters—and Sanders Isn't

Obama should have fought Scalia obstruction with a recess appointment

CNN Democratic Town Hall: The Young Turks Summary

Sane Progressive: Clinton Hides Behind Republicans

Here's why Trump can't beat Clinton.

Historically Stupid Marco Rubio Still Has A Shot At Being Nominee

Live stream: Bernie Sanders in Kansas City

The only Clinton platform left: Stop voting! Stop campaigning!

Just after Sandy Hook...

The Clinton Legacy Is Black Impoverishment—so Why Are We Still Voting for Hillary?

Nearly 20 percent of Trump’s supporters disapprove of Lincoln freeing the slaves

belated thank you for the hearts.

Revolutionary new surgery could allow trans women to carry children

Erica Garner on Twitter: "I think what the #Hillary campaign is doing is despicable."

Caucus Question

GOP Governors Slash Education To Grow Their Ignorant Base

Top GOP Pollster: Young Americans Are Terrifyingly Liberal

*****February Photo Contest Preliminary Voting has Begun****

Researcher shows homeopathy to be bogus. I know, *BIG* surprise, right?

Canadian Parliament overwhelmingly passes anti-BDS motion

"Pro-family" group busted for using fake photo...

Georgia Based Telecom Says 'Time to Relocate' After Lawmakers Pass Anti-Gay 'Religious Freedom' Bill

White House Vetting GOP Centrist Gov. Brian Sandoval for SCOTUS

On Apple v. the FBI: "(Y)ou can't make a backdoor that only good guys can fit through"

get a taste of *who* Hillary gives paid speeches to

On Apple v. the FBI: "(Y)ou can't make a backdoor that only good guys can fit through"

This is heartbreaking - tweet from Eric Garner's daughter.

Texas Commissioner Wants to Get Deep Fryers Back in School Cafeterias,

In These Times fund raiser with Bernie's new book

Senate Foreign Relations chairman: 'Gitmo's not going to close'

BS supporters are wetting their pants because of this post in the BS Group.

NBC News: Sanders appears to be trying to win a good convention speaking slot

Lynch non-committal on Clinton email prosecution

Bernie speaking in Kansas City, MO Rally now.

And a little more fuel for the fire... (HRC Group)

Senators Mark Kirk and Susan Collins are first break in Republican dam of Supreme Court obstruction.

Warren Jeffs' followers indicted for food stamp fraud, money laundering

Dilbert creator says Trump "hypnotizing" masses

A life of crime in a polygamous sect, as told by its exiles

'A constant drip, drip, drip': Hillary's email problems aren't going away any time soon

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid endorses Hillary Clinton

Kalamazoo suspect liked shooting guns, had 15 at home

" This country owes Harry Reid a real debt of gratitude."- Sen. Bernie Sanders

Time magazine: Bernie Sanders HIMSELF yelled "English only" in microphone at caucus.

Melania Trump speaks! and says not much

Meet the fossil-fuel loving hedge fund billionaire trying to save Hillary

#AskROF: Why Do Hillary Supporters Dismiss Her Corporate Ties?

Thank you Bernie Sanders

Sic 'em Pigs!

Saw my first open carry today.

Hillary Clinton is no Bill Clinton

Young Voters #1 Concern: Corruption

Why hoverboards explode

Disheartened! Trying to get Bernie to quit. Supers say! And Obama does.

Judiciary Committee Letter Opposing Supreme Court Hearings

A Vote For Hillary Is A Vote For More Fracking - Clinton Releases Fracking Plan

So Bernie is ok with all the anti-LGBT bills being passed in the states

European commission plans to relicense controversial weedkiller

I'm old and jaded. I sure hate to see the enthusiasm of young people stifled instead of encouraged.

HRC's Final Paid Speech

"Hillary Clinton in a Sugar Paradise"

60-man private army attacks displaced on return in northwest Colombia

Hillary Clinton Mad TV sketch from 2000

"Hillary Clinton in a Sugar Paradise"

Cuba gives several dissidents one-time permission to travel abroad

For anyone who may have missed the obvious . . .

"Hillary Clinton in a Sugar Paradise"

(not so) Super Tuesday projections

Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal

Former California state senator Leland Yee sentenced to five years in prison

White House Looking at Sandoval for Supreme Court

Colombian professor, jailed for his ideas, begins hunger strike

Senate Republicans Lose Their Minds on a Supreme Court Seat

Trump...some questions

The Only Strategy For Hillary Clinton Is To Scorch The Earth

If you're nervous about a Hillary Clinton presidency, relax.

Two Americans detained in UAE to go on trial after 505 days without charges

toon: How to make Mitch McConnell's head explode...

Indigenous Australians and Canadians 'destroyed by same colonialism'

Tornado sirens just went off here--

Pretzel Logic: Clinton- I disagree with free college because the rich can already afford it.

Hillary Clinton’s Vote for 2007 Immigration Reform Excluded Same-Sex Couples

Clinton's GE slogan: ‘Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid'

Mexican journalist and media owner stabbed to death

Oregon refuge protesters to be arraigned over armed occupation


Mexican journalist and media owner stabbed to death

Closing GITMO Wasn't Partisan Until Obama Proposed it!

is it just me or have others notice an increase in alerts?


Oklahoma Committee Votes to End Public Education

Argentina's president Mauricio Macri faces nationwide strike by public sector workers

Connecticut prosecutors ask court to order Kennedy kin back to jail

Black Thinkers like Bernie Sanders. They've studied the Clintons' true cost

Market Street (SF) Burger King shut down for health code violations

Exclusive: Bernie Sanders Begins Building Foreign Policy Team


Ironically, both parties' primary strategies seem to have backfired.

WHY> *Unless the Dems. Run Sanders, Trump Nomination Means A Trump Presidency*

Adviser to Koch Brothers to Join Marco Rubio’s Campaign

A Town Demands Protection from Pesticides

Bill Clinton: People like me and Hillary can afford to go to college. The govt can't help everyone.

SEIU Spanish Ad for Hillary Clinton: "Nuestra"

A Town Demands Protection from Pesticides

James Hansen's Warning on Ice Sheets - 2016

Hillary Clinton ad: "Johnson Controls"

Venezuelans Reject Production Bill Proposed by Right-wing

Trump Starts Talking About Running Mates After Nevada Win

Bernie just happens to be that ONE in a million!

Hillary Clinton ad: "The Letter"

A lot of folks want Hillary because she will "protect" Obama's legacy. Here is a message from Obama

One of the reasons Bernie wants to give you free college is...

Urgent:If you don't know the propaganda tactic Hitler perfected, you need to learn it now!

Hays Eagle getting drenched!

Wendy Davis to Campaign for Hillary Clinton in Minnesota on Sunday, February 28 and Monday, February

Ohio +1%, West Virginia +18%, Massachusetts +3.5%, Colorado +6%, Alaska +14, Maine +15%, Vermont +74

Ex-Marine Admits to Killing Girlfriend, Dumping Body in Jungle

Ex-Marine Admits to Killing Girlfriend, Dumping Body in Jungle

"The Political Revolution Is Close To Fruition In Oregon".... my Governor !!

Bernie Sanders attacks Hillary Clinton, sounds a lot like the conspiracy trolls who support him

Who knows who wrote these words?

Bernie Sanders Talks Child Poverty in South Carolina 2/24/16

I love when they call us "conspiracy trolls" when they don't like the opinion or facts we present..

Sobbing Bernie Sanders Volunteer Goes Viral With Tale of ‘Sick’ Trump Voters

Reality check: Without carbon taxes we'll never stop

Hillary urged war plane sales while Saudi Kingdom and Boeing donated to Clinton Foundation

Live Video: National Arboretum Eagles Return to Nest

*****February Photo Contest Preliminary Voting has Begun*****

Mr. Sanders Parody

Three Colorado deputies shot, one killed during gun battle with suspect

Mr. Sanders Parody

Hey Clintons, most of what the government does these days is financial assistance for the rich

Transgender rights and the public hoopla over private parts

Vermont Senate passes bill legalizing marijuana

U.S. aviation regulator starts rule-making process for public drone flights

" Clinton Campaign Relies On Rumors And Dishonesty To Attack Sanders"...

Republicans Rocked As Polls Show 4 Senators Could Lose Seats Due To Obstructing Obama

WTF? Obama offers Supreme Court hints; top Democrat suggests Republican governor

Court: FBI OK to not notify of Minutemen home invasion

Two hundred Ohio university students sick with norovirus symptoms

line grows in Alexandria to see/hear Bill Clinton for Hillary at 3:15.

FAIR: "NYT Used to Report Delegate Count as if It Was Voters Who Mattered"

Two arrests made in 'black lives matter' beating of Marine

Hillary Talks about Protecting Homeowners — but Contributions Show Close Industry Ties

Flint, amid water crisis, to be added to Consumer Price Index survey

What It’s Really Like to Work in Hollywood* (*If you’re not a straight white man.)

"What's Matter W/ Kansas" Author: Stinging Criticism of Clintonism: Banks Lock Arms W/ State Dept:

Should We Care About Hillary Clinton's Anti-LGBT Past?

Kos Straw Poll (Hillary Clinton Group)

Reince Priebus is dancing just as fast as he can

Jury acquits Baltimore pastor charged in Gray protests

Thompson's Corner, Cordelia, California

"Why You Shouldn't Trust Hillary Clinton with Your Social Security"

Donald Trump Nabs First Congressional Endorsements

Where Does Sanders Go From Here?

"Why Hillary Clinton Won't Release Her Goldman Sachs Speech Transcripts"

Gov. Wolf's DEP - still undermanned and underequipped

Indianapolis Man Convicted of Murder in Home Explosion

Orbital ATK cracks the Takata air bag mystery

Bernie Sanders in Kansas City: "Democracy is not a spectator sport"

Romney's Hail Mary: There's a 'bombshell' in Trump's tax returns

Bernie Sanders in Kansas City: Supporters pack Bartle Hall

Berners!! Let's all pledge 5 bucks to Bernie today ...if you can afford it...

Feds Will Give Immigration Priority on Released Inmates

Argentine holdout creditors reach $5 billion deal in bond dispute, lawyer for NML and Aurelius says.

Republican Race Puts Donald Trump and Paul Ryan on Collision Course

Bernie's new Native American advisor

Poverty Press Conference in South Carolina | Bernie Sanders

Is anyone else getting an error message

TIME Magazine Now Falsely Claiming Bernie HIMSELF Yelled "English Only!!"....

Today I am going to do something I have never done before.

Friends, Family: Another US Citizen Detained in Iran

Argentine holdout creditors reach $5 billion deal in bond dispute, lawyer for NML and Aurelius says.

Ahead of Senate's H-1B hearing, a look at the early warnings

Oregon refuge occupiers plead not guilty as prosecutors say more people could be charged

Sen. Sanders and Sen. Obama speak at a Democratic rally in Burlington, Vermont on March 10, 2006.

CRI Election Poll Shows Ohio Governor Tied with Trump, Democrats Deadlocked

The Nation: A 1% Tax on Concentrated Wealth Would Bring Cost of Public College to Zero:

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Has Rigged The System For Hillary Clinton

Rubio Pushed for Land Deal as He Backed Law Limiting Critics

Trump's son is CLEARLY against siestas in 2-23-16 stump speech, Pahrump NV

Danny Glover on his support for Bernie Sanders

Anyone know how hillary plans on dealing with the ever expanding Income & Wealth gap ??

Clinton and refugee children

Israeli soldier shot dead by 'friendly fire' in West Bank attack

'My Bernie' Action Figure Toy Promises More Fun, More Friendship For The 99% (WITH COMMERCIAL!)

FeelTheBern 10 - Against All Odds

Spy agencies say Clinton emails closely matched top secret documents: sources

KC schools’ fight to win over urban millennials touches questions of equity, race

Democrat Harry Reid backs Republican for Supreme Court

Transgender rights targeted in twice as many bills this year as in 2015

An idea to raise the young vote for Sanders.

Error when clicking on link to GD-Primaries

Hoping there's more anti Trump stuff like this to come?

Error when clicking on link to GD-Primaries

White House Considers Nevada Governor Sandoval For Supreme Court.

Lt. Governor Tina Smith, Mayor Betsy Hodges and Hillary for Minnesota to Launch ‘Woman for Hillary

On C-Span2 right now:

Bernie Sanders in Kansas City 2/24 7000+

I'm wondering if the reason for small Democratic turnout

Bolivia's Morales admits loss in referendum on term limits

‘We do not need a militia of toddlers': If Iowa law passes, children can use handguns

SpaceX to attempt another launch/landing today Feb 24 at 6:46pm EST

Fukushima disaster: Tepco admits late meltdown announcement

Syrian conflict: UN first air drop delivers aid to Deir al-Zour

SolarReserve Proposes 110 MW Solar & Storage Plant In Australia

if the evil gubberment listens to all calls & emails, why can't they unlock that Iphone?

Ocean acidification slowing coral reef growth

Josh Marshall: A Lot Weaker Than They Look

Today is Gov. Siegelman's birthday!

Seven charged over Samarco dam disaster

Long lines of people wait for Bernie Sanders visit in Tulsa

Seven charged over Samarco dam disaster

U.S. gears up for near-unprecedented Supreme Court fight over Scalia vacancy

what part of "he is in until the convention" do people NOT understand?

Poverty Press Conference in South Carolina | Bernie Sanders

Some views from my drive


People who disagree with Sanders on economic issues...

Hillary Clinton Opens 2 Chicago Campaign Offices | NBC Chicago and pics...

Looks Like Trump Campaign Created Spam Twitter Accounts To Fake Hispanic Support

This blows my mind: Hillary Clinton hasn't driven a car since 1996

Now President Obama Must Play It Cool While the Republican Party Walks Off a Cliff

Evangelical voters like Donald Trump because he hates the same people they do

The First Bernie Sanders Action Figure Has More Realistic Hair Than Trump

Will San Francisco’s sexy circus be priced out of town?

Confused Americans are still attacking Sikhs because they think they’re Muslims

Study reveals few Fresno blacks and Latinos getting home mortgage loans

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 25 February 2016

Let's suppose that Obama nominates Brian Sandoval.

NOT Even A F*cking Clue!

I just ran across this article on Facebook and thought it worth posting.

What Climate Event Would Cause Climate Change Deniers To Give Up Their Delusions?.

After Considering the Clintons, Black Thinkers Like Bernie Sanders

Bernie's speech to Busboys and Poets.

Noam Chomsky: We Owe the Rise of Trump to Fear and the 'Breakdown of Society'

Think Hillary Clinton Will Crush Donald Trump in the General Election? Don't Be So Sure

Yes! Vermont Senate Advances Marijuana Legalization

U.S.-China Showdown Keeps Inching Closer

Bernie Sanders stops for a picture in front of this fitting mural in Tulsa

The Place Where the Poor Once Thrived

High school students threatened with suspension for wearing natural hair

Current generation of young Canadians wealthiest ever: federal study

Fukushima disaster: Tepco admits late meltdown announcement

Jerk sucker punches a homeless man who happens to be a former NFL lineman. Bad move.

PSA: Today's Anti-Bernie meme from Camp Hillary: Bernie's Throwing In The Towel

GOP Does Not Want To Work, Just Wants To Bang On Drum All Day

This blows my mind too: Berine Sanders has not had a haircut since 1976!

Breaking on MSNBC... Federal Judge orders Hillary's top aides to testify in Top Secret Email misuse

Republicans Won't Even Fake It

Momentum Swings to Sanders

Kerry Advises Against Hitting Iran With More Sanctions Now

my last two videos do not show up on the home page, right column

I've just ordered a My Social book, which pulls together certain of your Facebook

Trump has been tweaked out on amphetamines for decades

Upstate New York mayor wants space where addicts can inject heroin safely

Tomorrow Chris Matthews is having Bernie on Hardball. I'm afraid to watch.

Facebook Is Using Those New "Like" Emojis to Keep Tabs on Your Emotions

Sign petition for Clinton to release transcripts of Wall Street speeches

Love snow leopards? Help the Snow Leopard Trust with a conservation project!

Bernie in KC: "Now..everybody in this room understands that real change in this country

Malheur occupier had loaded gun when arrested

What The Media Should Know About Trump's "Political Kitchen Cabinet"

Stop the hand-wringing over Trump, we got this

Love snow leopards? Help the Snow Leopard Trust with a conservation project!

Ammon Bundy, 15 others plead not guilty

So it begins: Koch Brothers' Advisor to Join Rubio Campaign

The appointments clause, Constitutional mandates and Constitutional expectations

House Republicans seek to open up national forests to mining and logging

Trump fires back at Romney "a total fool now playing the tough guy"

U.S. court allows Louisiana abortion restrictions to go into effect