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Fareed Zakaria: Sanders’ Plans Make Republicans Look Serious

Mortgage modification - what income is needed ... is it hopeless?

Fareed Zakaria: Sanders’ Plans Make Republicans Look Serious

Poll: 77% of Israelis support Netanyahu's 'suspension bill'

Sanders’s appeal is not broad enough among key groups of the Democratic party

Hey, what would you guys list as Hillary's strongest accomplishments/stands for women?

Congressman Clyburn Had to Tell Clinton to Watch His Words About Obama

Kalamazoo Killer - I would analyze his brain cheistry

Four reasons why Hillary Clinton’s Nevada victory is important

My computer and/or mouse are dying. If you don't hear from me....

Las Vegas Caucus Ends Before Delegates Chosen, Chaos Erupts

Sanders is now tied for delegates elected by voters, 51 to 51... So Clintons LOVE Citizen's United!

Bernie's South Carolina problem

Guardian UK: Jeb! "may have ended a dynasty of genteel political malfeasance and mass death"

At whAt point does hillary look over her shoulder

When it starts to turn this bad.. I am out of here

Cecile Richards Phone banked Denver/Boulder/Auorora - volunteers everywhere 4 #hillaryforco!

North Korea's "Hotel of Doom" is the largest abandoned building in the world

Bernie Sanders Climate Change Warning: It's Now or Never

Bernie Sanders: We Are All in This Together - Climate Change is Real

Does anyone have a link to actual exit poll results from Nevada?

Historic photos of Washington, D.C.

"And Then All Hell Broke Loose -- Two Decades in the Middle East" by Richard Engel

O'Keefe strikes again HRC campaign in NV is under investigation for alleged election law violations

The audacity of nope and the attempted assassination of independent thought.

Hope Bernie watched the Daytona 500 today

Black Flag - Rise Above

Anybody seen the movie, where to invade next?

Ted Cruz Claims The Other Guys Are The Ones Getting 'Nasty'

Latino Voters Delivered Some Good News For Democrats In Nevada

The false promise of political 'realism' in a time of right-wing radical extremism

Massachusetts plans venomous rattlesnake colony on island

Bolivia president Evo Morales 'loses fourth term bid'

Donald Trump Facing Off Against Bernie Sanders Is The Joker vs. Robin Hood

U.S. rejected North Korea peace talks offer before last nuclear test: State Department

The African American vote in the Democratic party has the same power as the Evangelical vote in the

Copy this to show to anti-vaxxers

Bernie Sanders - The People's Champion

Bernie Sanders - The People's Champion

Bernie Sanders - The People's Champion

Kitteh reunited with refugee family

Bernie Sanders - Money in Politics

How Scalia Looked Backwards

Bernie Sanders - Money in Politics

Bernie Sanders - Money in Politics

Syria conflict: Homs and Damascus bomb blasts kill 140

Two Sisters

This Conservative Wants To Let Scalia Vote From The Grave On SCOTUS Cases

What is the scariest thing about a Hillary Clinton White House?

"Whatever you can get away with... till they kick you out."

Sunday nite chuckle video - cats knocking things off tables

Muted response to Sanders at South Carolina Church

Hillary Clinton Takes Out Donald Trump And Ted Cruz With A Single Answer On CNN

It's a trap!!

How Republicans turned the unprecedented into the new normal

Bolivia president Evo Morales 'loses fourth term bid'

Oh lawd...the Bernie supporters want the NV caucus results overturned

Interesting fact we should all know...

Muted Response to Sanders at South Carolina Church

Attacking Dolores Huerta or John Lewis does not help Bernie Sanders, period.

Attacking Dolores Huerta or John Lewis does not help Bernie Sanders, period.

Subprime Mortgage Whistleblowers Warn Bigger Crash on Its Way

Grassley Town Hall: Don’t Ask, Don’t Answer

In the GE, whoever the Democratic nominee is will be battling GOP racism and sexism.

Grassley Town Hall: Don’t Ask, Don’t Answer

Muted response for Sanders at black church in SC- crossposted from gd:p

2-21-16 The Elusive 8 Hour Workday in 2:00

2-21-16 The Elusive 8 Hour Workday in 2:00

2-21-16 The Elusive 8 Hour Workday in 2:00

Presidential debate schedule, 2016

I May Have to Hide Here for a While. GD: Primaries Is Likely to Get Worse

Reince Priebus is CLEARLY not ready for this jelly.

Third Way in struggle for the Democratic Party’s soul

Melvin Lee

'You can't always get what you want.'

AP bureau chief: Israeli media criticism of foreign press verges on ‘incitement’

Did He Work As A Carnie? dog rescue by maggie anderson Ann Arbor, MI

Any head-to-head polling on Clinton vs. Trump in SC in Gen. Election?

Danny Glover Speech at Bernie Sanders Campaign Rally Greenville South Carolina

Could Bernie overtake Hillary if?

Did Hillary Clinton Just Finish Bernie Sanders Off?

New 'bot On The Block: Donnie Wahlberg sees "a new Republican party" in Rubio

Beyoncé Bashing Blaze Host Gets SCHOOLED By Charlemagne Tha God

Obama breaks constitutent's heart

Deaths of two high-school girls appear to be murder-suicide

Delores Huerta. Bernie Bros. Phil Parlock. Remember him? Bush op. & professional victim from 04?

Remember the time that Hillary implied assassination as a reason for her to stay in the 08 race?

For those new to conceal carry....a little holster help.

After his first-ever vacation, Chief Inspector Murphy is back on the beat

"Cruz won't drop out. He'll steal Rubio's thunder all the way to Cleveland , because

How a Ferocious Backlash to LGBT Equality Is in Full Force While Leaders Have No Strategy

Amy Goodman has harsh words for CNN and its obsession with Polls

I accept that Dolores Huerta honestly misheard and meant no intentional misrepresentation.

CBS does an interesting breakdown on Nevada results.

I'm sorry to say they don't get it.

Three images.

Inside Jeb Bush's $150 Million Failure

Nicaragua: Sandinista priest Cardenal dies after ‘life of struggle’

In honor of Dolores Huerta: Boycott Sour Grapes

Sanders Speaks at Brookland Baptist Church

About the Democratic primary season.

There are too many dishonest and nasty things the

She'll get the job done, starting from Day 1!!

Who would have imagined that after three states the Democratic Socialist would be tied with Clinton?

Union plans contract talk with Trump Las Vegas during Donald Trump rally

(Not so) Pure Michigan: Flint

Union plans contract talk with Trump Las Vegas during Donald Trump rally

Union plans contract talk with Trump Las Vegas during Donald Trump rally

It’s Time for Welfare Reform Again

The Goldman Transcripts: Mika Says She Knows a Reporter Who Has Them...

Honest question for Hillary supporters

I have a question regarding the Apple encryption

Honduran Security Forces Accused of Massive Human Rights Abuses

Clinton leads in 10 of 12 Early March Primaries; Benefits From Overwhelming Black Support

You are gonna LOVE this....

The Black History Moment of The Year, IMO!!!

US Catholics stand with Pope Francis — not Donald Trump

The Daily Beast's Anti-Bernie Sanders Slant Due to Conflict of Interest with Clintons

What If I Told You?

Huasteca Wisdom

Suspect kills self in front of mom, Houston-area officer

“Some may have doubted us, but we never doubted each other. This one’s for you.”

Gee Wiz - I don't know why some people don't trust Hillary

Hillary Supporters Don't Let Bernie Supporters Speak, Precinct Captain calls Bernie "Socialist Jew"

Police: Man killed by officers shot brother-in-law in leg

Dog becomes Mom to little possums

I Jumped Off the Fence

What did Hillary do right after winning Nevada? Headed to Texas to defend voting rights.

Death by drone strike, dished out by algorithm

Dozens of University of Michigan students complain of norovirus symptoms

I fell off the fence.

I fell off the fence.


Hillary Clinton lies exposed -Elizabeth Warren. Vote Bernie Sanders Progressive Democratic Socialism

Clinton only squeaked though by ^5% in Nevada yet...

Hillary Coordinates with her SuperPac

Nevada may be HRC's last causcus victory-Nate Silver

I have lurked here for years and started posting a few years ago

Close runoff seen in Peru election as Fujimori loses ground: poll

Trump Supporter on CNN: Evangelicals Don’t Want to Hear From ‘Foreigner’ Pope

My .02

Here's a complete summary of the Sanders campaign's complaints about the Nevada Caucus:

Hillary Clinton, Corporate America and the Democrats' Dilemma

Here's the truth.

Please, please, please VOLUNTEER.

I thought we won the Revolutionary War.. then why do we give a select few of the Ruling Class votes

The U.S. Is Making Things More Dangerous In Central America, Again.

"We don't need to be raising the false hopes of our country about what can be delivered"

Full Speech: Bernie Sanders Campaign Rally in Greenville, SC 2/21/2016

Bruce Lee Never Said This...

Full Speech: Bernie Sanders Campaign Rally in Greenville, SC 2/21/2016

Full Speech: Bernie Sanders Campaign Rally in Greenville, SC 2/21/2016

Trials Of Henry Kissinger

Who you gonna believe?

YouTube Mash-Up Proves Donald Trump Fits Right In On Game of Thrones

Nevada allows registration on the day of the caucus

Poll: Where do you stand on free tuition to state colleges and universities

Florida's monkey river

Poll: Where do you stand on campaign financing?

Rubio super PAC compares him to Harry Potter

Poll: Where do you stand on single payer.

Woman, 97 with Cancer & Nowhere To Go Evicted After 66 Years by Landlord, SF GATE

7,000 Argentine scientists sign open letter against Macri's trickle-down policies.

Unless It Changes, Capitalism Will Starve Humanity By 2050

I'll leave this here for those that want to read it....

"The Canada Party"

Reverse the normal murder rate question

Warning: Video contains graphic cuteness

Third Way Dems’ new war on Elizabeth Warren progressives

Mulcair, not Ambrose, holding Liberals to account

Bernie and African American voters.

Mrs. Regime Change: Honduras, it depends on what the meaning of a "coup" is.

Hayduke Lives!

Growing up we Millennials were taught the dangers of peer pressure.

Wall Street Donors instructed Clinton campaign to attack Sanders as "unrealistic"

The superdelegates aren't even a "select few" - there are 750 of them!

Truthout: Under Her Watch, The System Will Stay Rigged

We all need balance....

Army recaptures Delhi water source, caste protests continue

A Super Tuesday Preview...

Proof that Bernie Sanders is nothing more than a run of the mill politician

I just read this wonderful post on Youtube about abortion and body autonomy

Megabus en route to Minneapolis explodes, no injuries

Bernie Doesn't Mind...

Republican primary is a 1980 rerun. What if Trump plays the Reagan role? What if they cheat Trump?

I'm getting a new sewing machine

Sanders had no more trouble with Nevada's minority voters than Obama had in 2008!

Some highlights from Bernie in Greenville

So, what forward progress would we expect under a Hillary Presidency?

Just in Time for the Start of the News Cycle for this Week, Bernie says "BRING ON TRUMP!"

Hillary Clinton Got $280,000 for One Speech to Bruce Rauner’s Former Firm

The Sanders Victimhoodies are out in full force again

ELECTABILITY: By the numbers.

The Gay Teacher Transforming a Muslim School

FBI Director Says To Take Deep Breath Over iPhone Spat

When the time comes, I won't be voting for Hillary.

"Don't stop deceiving..."

Deromanticizing the caucus.

Apple ID linked to terrorist's phone changed while device was in gov't hands

Looking at poll trends, 2008 vs 2016, These next two weeks are make or break for Sanders

Why Gaby Hoffman Has Supported Bernie Sanders For Years

Clyburn: Sanders’s plan would kill black colleges

"Hillary Clinton’s all-American scarlet letter"

Clyburn: Sanders’s plan would kill black colleges

Interview with Bernie Sanders

Can a SC seat be filled temporarily by recess appointment?

IRS audit rates of large corporations hit 10-year low

Bernie Sanders For President 2016 Montgomery, AL

Dear Hillary....

I didn't think this crude was allowed on DU!?

Al Jaffee Explains How Mad Magazine Made American Humor Jewish

Utah man dies in police custody after being jailed for $2,400 unpaid ambulance bill

Hugs to you all--whether you support Clinton or Sanders

Dance Party at White House with 106-year-old Virginia McLaurin

Congressmembers Call for Investigation of Shell over Climate Change

Shell Oil Gulf Assets for Sale. Should our government buy them out?

If you like Piano music I promise you will like this.

Can you imagine what our land would be like if all the candidates were..

Excellent writing by Jeffrey Toobin: Looking Back (Scalia)

Sanders' ill-conceived free tuition "plan."

If Dolores Huerta or John Lewis had run for president, I'd have supported THEM

Hillary Clinton Got $280,000 for One Speech to Bruce Rauner’s Former Firm...

The race is tied... 51 Sanders 51 delegates... and Bernie leads the Popular vote..

Toronto lawyer challenges Jamaica's anti-homosexuality law

Ted Rall toon

Texas wind power set a new record late Thursday

Hillary on Goldman Sachs

Oil rig count plummets yet again

Why is this cool? Is this cool? Calling Hillary sexist names in our profiles?

I'm hoping for a twofer

Brexit against Scotland's wishes would 'almost certainly' trigger independence referendum

Daily Holidays - February 22

The Art of Homelessness

Countries Agree on Actions to Protect Sharks

Mexico's missing students: international investigators say they are being obstructed

Mexico's missing students: international investigators say they are being obstructed

All of Bernie's worst states are in the first half of the primary

Shutting off the flow of slave labor goods to the U.S.

Stigmatize and Prohibit: New UN Talks on Nuclear Weapons Start Today

How much wd alternative HRC-SBS "free" college expense plans help in alleviating income inequality?

Sanders Schools Clueless Chuck Todd on the Impact of Citizens United

After Nevada, Sanders supporters still haven't lost faith

Repulsed by Pharma-Bro Martin Shkreli? Maybe You Also Hate Capitalism.

Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS Group Now Has the Same Tax Designation as the Red Cross or Humane Society

As Long As the Supreme Court Is Setting Labor Policy, the Labor Movement Can Never Revive Itself

Does Bernie Sanders deserve the black voters he needs?

The Week: Clinton Awkwardly Exploits the Limits of Sanders' Political Imagination

Pro-GMO Activism in India: Journalism Gives Way to Spin, Smears and Falsehoods

Politics ain't beanball say Hillary fans ad fucking nauseam

Christian Churches: the “Master Race” and “American Exceptionalism”

40 Years is Enough: Bring Leonard Peltier Home

‘Britain’s Atlantis’ sank into the sea due to climate change

We might finally know why the Maya abandoned their impressive limestone cities about 1,000 years ago

We might finally know why the Maya abandoned their impressive limestone cities about 1,000 years ago

Japanese media self censorship grows under PM Abe.

What will Hillary fight to change?

2nd Grader raises more that $10k for Water Crisis hit Flint Schools

Who is getting out the vote?

It's looking more and more like President Trump

El Nino-linked droughts in southern and eastern Africa among worst on record

This Is the DATE Bernie Sanders BERNS OUT

Unions Say There’s No Split: They Support Hillary Clinton

Afghanistan: Washington’s Twenty-First-Century Opium Wars

Silent Running on the International Space Station

Another member of the 3rd Way Board of Trustees Attacks Bernie Sanders - Sen James Clyburn

Ralston Reports: 'Reid-Culinary' Bond won Nevada for Clinton

Israeli Winner at Berlin Film Festival Calls Israeli Government 'Fascist' at Movie Screening

Ask the questions

The State: Bernie Sanders acknowledging reality; blowing off South Carolina

In a Black Church in South Carolina, Bernie Sanders Struggles to Get an ‘Amen’

NYRB: The Koch Brothers’ New Brand

What Causes Poor Uneducated White People To Vote Republican?

Susan Sarandon Harassing Dolores Huerta

Talkingpointsmemo: Supreme Court Snub Is Ultimate Delegitimization Of First Black President

THE BIG LIE: Hillary the Pragmatist vs Bernie the Dreamer

Syria: “Our bombs are smarter than yours”

The Republican Party Has Become The Party Of Tolerance - Towards Racists, That Is.

Swedish Lawyers Ask Court to Overturn Julian Assange's Arrest Warrant

The Republicans sure got rid of their Bush dynasty faster

A Bernie Sanders 2016 Rally in 45 seconds

A Bernie Sanders 2016 Rally in 45 seconds

A Bernie Sanders 2016 Rally in 45 seconds

cruise passengers get together to perform 'gates of delerium' -

Omaha woman who was bitten by tiger arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct

Mike Turzai, R-Allegheny, a symbol of Harrisburg quagmire

Trump's illusion of victory...

For The Jeb Bush Reassignment Hotline - Press Here:

R's talk to ghosts and invent wholly new traditions why Obama cannot nominate successor to Scalia

The 'Revolution' Fizzles; Hillary on the Road to the Nomination and the Presidency

A National embarrassment

How many of these propaganda techniques do you recognize in this political campaign?

The answer is 'No'

Clyburn: Sanders’s plan would kill black colleges

Hello everyone, my new friends.

The Greatest Change Maker

The Greatest Change Maker

John Oliver mourns Jeb!, the "side of plain white rice nobody ordered."

Thousands Greet Bernie Sanders In Greenville, SC

Morgan Freeman voices new Clinton ad: ‘She’s always stood with us’

Clinton's "Cut-it-Out" Speech analyzed

FYI - President Emeritus of the NH AFL-CIO all IN for Bernie Sanders!!

Jewish (Houston) Herald Voice Newspaper endorses Hillary Clinton

I'm in South Carolina right now....

Republicans have made claims about dead people voting, now they endorse the practice!

Meet Danny Glover, Bernie's National Historically Black Colleges and University's Outreach Director

Clinton's message is now so tightly scripted that her supporters can't articulate it

Massachusetts: HRC: 46% Bernie 46%

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 2-21-16

Bernie Sanders Wanted to Abolish the CIA

it is crystal clear the wagons are circling to drive bernie out before the convention

Clinton blows 34 point lead in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Poll: Trump up by 34-points

Spring break: A very tough break for Bernie.

'Rattlesnake Island'

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Primary Fallout

Monday Toon Roundup 2- Not Christian

Look, Bernie's camp has expressed concern and care for historically black colleges and universities

Monday Toon Roundup 3-Apple and the Worm

Monday Toon Roundup 4-RIP Harper Lee

Chemically storing solar power

These ladies wrote a song for @HillaryClinton 🎤 and it's been stuck in my head for days @MO4Hillary

"Me? I didn't chop down no cherry tree!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Democrats look to copy Sanders' success They're stunned at the surge in support for 'The Bern.'

Clinton Campaign is out to destroy the Democratic party in pursuit of victory

MSNBC :RNC going on air in South Carolina with anti-Clinton ads

What happens to the democratic party if we lose in November?

Our impossible expectations of Hillary Clinton and all women in authority

If Clinton prevails in the Democratic Primary, Bernie’s supporters won’t necessarily flock to her

Go Bernie!

Super PAC Begins Populist Push to Support Bernie Sanders

Some photos my daughter made--"Temporarily Scattered"

Family of six found dead inside Fenton Twp. (MI) home, likely carbon monoxide poisoning

"Smoking isn't bad for you, because the Bible says so!"

Amid Clinton’s Historic Run, It’s Sanders’ Message That’s Resonating With LI Women

The Rank Hypocrisy Of Hillary ... "Truly, Truly Incredible" From David Sirota / Twitter

Could 'ghost restaurants' be the death of traditional restaurant delivery?

Wonder when Trump will use this from Buzzfeed against Marco Rubio

TOM TOMORROW: Future Imperfect

Jeb Bush, Private Citizen: Day 1 (leaked diary excerpts)

Amy Goodman scorches CNN for an ‘obsession with polls’: ‘Are we telling people what to think?’

Anti-semitism, the 800lb gorilla in the room that nobody seems to want to talk about

Neighbors say Kalamazoo shooting suspect 'liked guns'

If you want a good laugh, check out "Tenured".

How Hillary Clinton awkwardly exploited the limits of Bernie Sanders' political imagination

Little Girl Cries When She Learns Obama Won't Be President

The Atlantic: Hillary's Challenge With Trust

Fight on CNN!!! Marc Lamont Hill DEFENDING Bernie's interview on BET.

Racism. Sexism. Social Neanderthals. You all best keep your powder dry.

3 Dems running for PA. Attorney General: Debate gets combative

Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida endorses Bernie Sanders

All the repubs say they are going build up the military.

In General Discussion the Democratic primaries are

New poll shows Dems favorable of socialism

So Why Is the Daily Beast Pushing a False Narrative Regarding Bernie's Electability?

Why Bernie Sanders Is the Most Electable Democrat - In One Chart

CANADA for President 2016!

Hillary Clinton’s HBCU platform addresses both public and private institutions

Great analysis by Al Giordano on upcoming races, Hillary's chances, Sanders' mistakes

History Lessons

“Prelude to Recession”: the Dallas Fed’s Unsettling Charts

Another poignant Hillary Ad narrated by Morgan Freeman~ "Stand"

This Modern World: Future Imperfect


Benjamin Dixon Twitter- If you cannot oppose Sanders without using the language of conservatism

The thing is, when you lie about me or someone else i

When put together, these two Hillary Clinton quotes are incredible.

donalD tRump consults with rUdy giuLiani as he builds political kitchen cabinet

This may not be the place for this . . .

Cops asking Ancestry.Com for customers DNA

Latest Super Tuesday Poll Results

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

"Singing with Our Next President"

Our Next President Bernie Sanders.

how the democratic party really thinks of those who support bernie sanders

The Dumb and the Restless - #BundyTeaParty = "America's most ridiculous people"

west virginia primary poll-Bernie and trump lead

Bernie VS Hillary And The Lie Of What's "Possible" - David Dayen Part Three

U.S. marshals shot the wrong man

The Kids Today start life with a mortgage and no house.

Military Exploits School Testing Opt Out Campaign

I'm neither naive, nor unrealistic

What's going on in Oklahoma?

M$Greedia is more terrified of offending Trump and his racist, fascist meme


Found on Reddit - Counting Votes that aren't there... Here's how they rigged the Nevada Caucus...

What does it say about a society and it's willingness

The race is not to the swift, but that's the way the smart money bets.

For as many years as I have been on this board,

Large-scale Environmental Variation Affects Reproduction And Survival of Plants

The Alternative to Bernie's Plan for Free College Tuition:

'Stand' - a new Clinton-Morgan Freeman ad, released yesterday.

How Climate Change May Be Impacting the World's Tropical Forests

Climate Change Is Decimating Maine's Lobster Population

Another quack who was dispensing woo (and lots of pills) gets taken down...

295,000 US deaths may be prevented by 2030 with cuts to greenhouse gas

Apple Unlocked iPhones for the Feds 70 Times Before

VIDEO - In 2012, Clyburn Pushed For "Joint-Whipping" Operation w/Repubs to Cut Social Security

Tracking El Nino's impact

Fellow Bernie Supporters, I smell a rat in Nevada

Eating less beef key to meeting EU climate targets: study

New evidence confirms human activities drive global warming February 22, 2016

Gaps in reporting leave turtles vulnerable February 22, 2016

Systematic income inequality is real. Just an FYI

Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida - Endorses SANDERS! AND BY MAJORITY OF MEMBERS!

New bacterial pump could be used to remove cesium from the environment by light

All of the Shakespeare you could possibly want

The Nominee of the Republican Party:

Is the whole transcript demand just another orchestrated whitewash?

West Virginia, May 10th Primary *poll* - BERNIE 57 ---- CLINTON 29!

Definitely coming up spring at the park.

What we know about the claims against Peyton Manning

President Obama is taking questions from

Study: Women paid less for auctions on Ebay

And it's only February . . .

With friends like these, who needs conservatives?

To attack, or not to attack?

A little humor

Corruption. The 800 lb Gorilla that they would like the American Public to ignore.

Repeating....because: A very important DU Public Service Announcement.

A sure thing that Trump will be the Republican nominee? Maybe, if he makes one last deal.

Julian Castro in Sarasota this week to fire up Democrats

Cancer-causing HPV plummeted in teens since vaccine, study finds

Conservatives willing to risk losing Senate to sabotage Scalia-replacement.

Common Dreams: Why Bernie Can Win the GE ( and Clinton would lose)

Feb 21 South Carolina What a day at St. Peters AME Church #HRC #MothersOfTheMovement

It’s Official, The Government Only Works For The Wealthy

Burlingame woman, 97, evicted after 66 years

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #16: The Dumb And The Restless Edition

From Apple: Answers to your questions about Apple and security

August Bebel - February 22

God spoke to Ted and said he could run. Actually he gave the green light.

Steal the Bern, continued: "We're building quite a movement"

How Republicans will spin their current Scalia-position after the election:

campaign flyers?


Hillary Clinton Returns to the Palmetto State on February 23-24, 2016

Cornel West: ‘Sister Hillary Clinton is the Milli Vanilli of American politics’

A sobering thought

Bernie supporters do not support Trump.

In New York, Thousands Protest Officer Liang’s Conviction

Inconvenient truths about the New Democrats, the Third Way, Democratic Leadership Council, etc

OMG!! The people are revolting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Voter turnout Down in Nevada? Well the youth vote increased 5% over 2008

Clinton has received direct contributions from 53 oil and gas industry lobbyists

The Hypocrisy of Susan Sarandon

New ARG Poll in Michigan -- HRC: 53% BS: 40%

Why We Need Democratic Socialism to Fix Our Educational System

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas hasn’t asked a question in a decade

Sea level mapped from space with GPS reflections

What do Canadians in every riding believe about climate change? February 22, 2016

DU would would support Clinton if Sanders is denied the nomination; others would support Jill Stein

Nearly 20% of Finland's wolves killed during month-long cull February 22, 2016

Utah man jailed for debt dies in lockup

Cheers for English only voting at caucus...

Rome Is Burning...

This Primary Is A Complete Reflection Of What Our Society Has Become

The new GOP base and what it means about a "revolution"

MUST READ: Clinton's 'artful smear' and artful dodge

Ex-Cowboy rusher arrested for fifth time in 17 months

Another HRC screed bites the dust.

Newt the Grinch Thanks Fox; for giving us Donald Trump

"as a party of the people, the Dem Party is already interred..It has found new as a party of the 1%"

Kweisi Mfume To Endorse Clinton, “Remarkable Colleague And Friend”

So Hillary is backed by AOL?

Jimmy the bookie handicaps the election, from a front-row seat

Hillary was the 10th most liberal Senator in Congress

Pic Of The Moment: Jeb! 2016: A Photo Retrospective

GOP Braces for Nevada Caucus Mayhem on Tuesday

NYTimes: Bernie Sanders Hits a Roadblock

Meet the Biggest Bernie Sanders Booster on the Internet

Superstitious bullshit is destroying our species

Agreement reached in deadly caste protests in India

North London Man Changes Name To Bacon Doublecheeseburger

"Would you say that Hillary Clinton is honest and trustworthy or not?"

Huerta and Sarandon are co-activists. They have worked on issues together for many years

Hollywood Whitewashing: How Is This Still A Thing?

GOP in full "ANYONE BUT TRUMP" Panic mode

Kasich: Women 'Left Their Kitchens' For Me When I First Ran

How would you vote in various scenarios?

Doggus Interruptus

Burlingame woman, 97, being evicted after 66 years

Which Reporter Has Copies of Hillary Clinton’s Secret Goldman Sachs Speeches?

Bernie is a Democratic Socialist & Trump is a Nationalist Socialist...

Thanks, Hillary! New York Times: US Scrambles to Beat Back ISIS in Libya"

John Kasich stands with the little ladies...

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - February 22, 2016

Nevada Clinton Precinct Captain - The reason not to vote for Bernie "He's a socialist Jew." video

Sandy Hook Parents Suing Firearms Manufacturer

State of the Primary has moved.

WATCH: Gregory Crawford's Weekly Rant! -- SCOTUS Appointment

Wall Street’s Message to Young Adults: “You are Clueless”

Because bird owners will understand

Two questions about guns in movies

The European industry of sell-off public property

New meme: If Hillary is nominated and loses the GE, it's because racist Bernie supporters

The issues... The big 12

106-year-old Woman Meets Pres. Obama

This will help GOTV - Obama: "Labor unions...they are not happy with me on this"

Nevada caucus fraud on tape: Clinton supporters bypass registration

‘Hillary Clinton Sold Her Soul When They Accepted That Money’

Living with an 85 year old mom who takes a blood thinner..........

Email from Bernie: We're tied!

[Black MIDI] Synthesia - Shanghai Teahouse v2 (3 Million notes) | No Lag

Posers' Racket: How "Progressives" Let President Obama Down

[Black MIDI] Synthesia - Shanghai Teahouse v2 (3 Million notes) | No Lag

If I hear one more person on the radio or TV say "NevAHda", I shall scream.

How Clinton’s Obama Veterans In Nevada Postponed A Political Revolution

Anyone notice that African American voices have been silenced by MSNBC just

the GazettE - SHIVER

Hillary Clinton and the Dogs of War -

Does anyone else wonder why Hillary never uses white, male surrogates to attack Sanders?

Live feed of Big Dog in Laredo

precinct captain reports chaos, rule-breaking and fraud in Nevada caucus

My "WTF?" of the day, rabid anti-gay and fake "ex-terrorist" division...

Live feed of Big Dog in Laredo, Texas

A bird in hand...

Contrary To Clinton’s Claims, Sanders Has Been Very Loyal To Democratic Party


Service Dog Fundraiser Update 6 days till puppies are born!

Bernie Sanders is coming to Kansas City Wednesday, Feb 24

Service Dog Fundraiser Update

Bernie Sanders is coming to Kansas City Wednesday, Feb 24

Service Dog Fundraiser Update

Bernie is claiming a delegate tie. Is he right?

Impossible Piano Song - Death Waltz (U.N. Owen Was Her?)

Trump, Cruz, Rubio: Does it matter?

Pablo Sandoval is looking fit for spring training!

Nearly all US forests threatened by drought, climate change

Got blocked from the Bernie forum

Our Very Own Mitt Romney Candidate.

Bernie Sanders is not a panacea, but he's absolutely our only hope.

Cruz staffer sorry for posting ‘inaccurate’ story that claimed Rubio dismissed the Bible

Obama 'cautiously optimistic' on TPP trade deal

Unions Say a Majority of Their Members Support Hillary Clinton

The U.S. States Where Recession Is Already a Reality

If I particularly don't want a government run by lobbyists, why should I vote for Hillary?

Fall of the house of Bush: how Jeb fell victim to hype, hysteria ... and himself

Can we post from gossip websites?

HRC 11th most liberal member of congress. Guess who is #1?

Ok ... I've wiped my eyes and shook out the weakness in my knees ...

If your message is truthful, never be afraid even if at first

3 year old driving a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 6 with 320hp MUST SEE!

Yikes...3 year old driving a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 6 with 320hp

When Wonks Attack

Just 17% of Nevada Democrats voted VIDEO

Largest Ever US-South Korea Military Drill Planned As A 'Warning To Pyongyang'

Let's see if i understand tRump's position. He says he can't be bribed by the rich

Kansas judge bars Wichita mathematician's access to voting machine tapes -- UPDATE MAR. 2

Kansas judge bars Wichita mathematician's access to voting machine tapes -- UPDATE Mar. 2

Record-setting British pilot Eric 'Winkle' Brown dies at 97

How Jeb Bush spent $130 million running for president with nothing to show for it.

John Oliver on "Breast Implants"

DOJ ends probe of utility over IT replacements; no charges filed

You are what you vote for.

Emails show HRC Aides Celebrating F-15 Sales as "Good News"

Winning by Cheating seems to be the only way Clinton can win... dang.

Cornel West on CNN: Sister Hillary Clinton is the Milli Vanilli of American Politics

Bernie has a better, more respectful civil rights record than Hillary.

Koterba toon: Cell phone & gun security

Yep; if they don't do it to their wives; they'll do it to the Country

Top rights and control ideas

Can I ask if you see a trend here?

Interesting trend here

Former HHS Secretary Sebelius endorses Clinton

Bernie colleagues may back Hillary, but are stunned by "The Bern", scrambling to imitate him.

Jeb's Suspension Speech.....

Mark Halperin:Clinton & Trump are now both positioned to possibly lock up nominations in 3 weeks

the Simpsons on the debates ----- link fixed

HILLARY in SC among AA voters 65% bernie 28%

Former HHS Secretary Sebelius endorses Clinton

Vedic Astrologer Edith Hathaway's election analysis

"When Bernie Sanders will need college students the most, they'll be watching Netflix and partying"

Can you believe this post was hidden in GDP?

Univision Launches Campaign To Register 3 Million New Latino Voters

New GoFundMe Acct. for Marie Hatch, San Fran Area Woman, 97 with Cancer Facing Eviction

Pro-Cruz robo call: ‘Beware gay-friendly Trump’

Verizon’s high-tech data campus sold for $221.5 million

A gentle reminder. A blast from the past

Bill Clinton Apologizes for His Role in America's Prison Epidemic

Artwork somewhere in DT Denver

Just went up in downtown Denver @ Bella Vista Mexican Restaurant.

Parallels to 1998?

Just went up in downtown Denver @ Bella Vista Mexican Restaurant.

Just went up in downtown Denver @ Bella Vista Mexican Restaurant.

My Husband Takes Belated Pleasure In Sherman’s March To The Sea

Republican Delegate Count

Pledged Delegate Allocation by Date

Kweisi Mfume, past NAACP president, endorses Clinton.

Sanders to Receive Endorsement of National People's Action in Boston Today.

Why Harper Lee matters

There was a chance to run an honorable issue-oriented primary campaign

"From nowhere to very much somewhere"

Catholic Archdiocese of St. Louis asks priests to cut ties with Girl Scouts

Andy Smith’s long-delayed Medal of Honor

Poll: Majorities In 2 Key Swing States Want Scalia Seat Filled Before Election

I can't be the only one having a laugh

Radical Group Seizes Federal Building, Refuses to Comply with Constitution.

Julian Assange asks Swedish court to overturn arrest warrant

Former NAACP President and Maryland Congressman Kweisi Mfume Endorses Hillary Clinton

Experts Say Flint Has More Than 8,000 Lead Pipes

Prescription drug commercials we'd LIKE to see: Nature

What's with all the Trump for president posts today in GD-P?

Another staffer put on leave amid Lincoln Hills probe

Cara McCollum, Former Miss New Jersey, Dead at 24

I'm a Married Man!!

Cornel West: ‘Sister Hillary Clinton is the Milli Vanilli of American politics’

Host of Benjamin Dixon Show is on a Twitter Rant re hypocrisy of black journalists & I Love It!

Lights go out on Donald Trump at rally CNN CNN

China opposes US involvement in South China Sea dispute

Incredible Teen Tricked School Into Believing He Was a Senator

I want to say thank you to the Hillary Group

Incredible Destruction and at Least 21 Deaths in Fiji From Tropical Cyclone Winston

What's for Dinner, Mon., Feb. 22, 2016

South Korean protesters rally against North Korea

Why Baby Boomers Don't Get Bernie Sanders

Pope Francis calls for death penalty to be scrapped worldwide

Mike Malloy - Hillary Clinton Lies About Lying

On CNN, June 2015-Bill Clinton: "Hillary didn't study lists of my contributors."

NOW LIVE - Sanders in Massachusetts

Colombia’s defense minister announces reorganization of disgraced police force

‘We could fix climate change in 5 years’ – Dr. Reese Halter

With Bush Out, South Florida Republicans Move to Rubio

Clinton launches Maine campaign with focus on women

shep smith just lied on air. "clinton just opened up a huge lead in delegates"

"He's a socialist Jew"--Hillary caucus leader in Nevada

Lawsuit Blames Spring Break Crackdown On Fox News’ Racist Coverage

Can we stop with the "Clinton blew her lead" spin?

Let's be clear. Hillary didn't "win" the nomination after NV...that happened after IA (HRC Group)

Does Drinking More Coffee Lower Your Risk of Liver Cirrhosis? Maybe. - Newsy

Iranian media outlets add to bounty for killing Britain's Rushdie

Clinton-Sanders Facebook Group ?

Mike Malloy - Ted Cruz Beats Everybody Over The Head With His Faux Christianity

Do we really want to see a Republican Convention that is brokered and ends with

CDC Still Says Americans Aren't Getting Enough Sleep - Newsy

Project 538's Massachusetts forecast has been updated!!!

CIA Leaker: Clinton 'Given A Pass' For Emails

Illinois governor eyes blocking Chicago school debt

Criminalizing Private Sexual Practices Is NOT A Place We Want To Go. It's Completely Nuts.

Dominatrices offer $27 'Bernie Special' to Wall Street workers

As pound plunges, UK's Cameron defends EU deal to avert 'Brexit'

Rick Tyler has "resigned" from Cruz's campaign over fake Rubio video

Because this

Atlantic City mayor terms N.J. takeover plan 'fascist dictatorship'

The Case For And Against Prayer In Public Schools

New White Sox announcer is first in MLB with physical disability

Drug Company Fraud.

Hillary Celebrated F-15 Sales Used To Bomb Yemen

NC Gov. Warns Charlotte Protecting LGBT People Will Bring 'Immediate' State Consequences

UPDATE Guess who owns the lobbying firm for L'Oreal's slave labor mining company? You'll never guess

Cruz asks spokesman to resign over 'inaccurate' Rubio video

Bernie Sanders Will Become President. The FBI and 67 Percent of Americans Distrust Hillary Clinton

Great documentary about Vel Phillips

Remember This Moment When Bernie Sanders is Courting Black Voters This Week

Iranian media outlets add to bounty for killing Britain's Rushdie

Nevada, South Carolina Make Clinton vs. Trump Showdown Nearly Certain in November; Game Over for San

Minnesota Revoking License Plate Offensive to Muslims

Hillary Clinton is winning among voters who don’t want Sanders’s revolution

The more I think about it, and as ridiculous as it sounds, a Sanders/Clinton ticket...

We need to understand the situation of the Sanders supporters going forward

Nevada, South Carolina Make Clinton vs. Trump Showdown Nearly Certain in November

Mike Malloy - What´s Wrong With You, Rightwingers?

Nevada, South Carolina Make Clinton vs. Trump Showdown Nearly Certain in November

Beware Of Politicians Getting Messages From God.

Bernie Sanders on putting together a bus trip of constituents, many of them breast cancer patients

My Valentine's Day present got here today

Thatcher’s revenge? The Tories finally get to go to war over Europe (Tories in turmoil)

Leaked Audio Catches Mika and Joe Chatting With Trump During Break: ‘Nothing Too Hard, Mika’

Young voters failing Sanders, just as they've failed so many before

In the wake of Sanders abandoning South Carolina

The Clintons’ sordid race game: No one will say it, but the Clintons’ rise was premised on repudiati

Senate is discussing SCOTUS nominations

Inevitability or Electability? Sanders reminds us that he is most likely to trounce Trump!

New Hampshire GOP Rep. and Trump supporter: ‘The Pope Is The Anti-Christ’

Seas Are Rising Way Faster Than Any Time in Past 2,800 Years

I just ordered two of the new Shep Fairey..

Blocking Scalia's Replacement Could Put GOP Senators in a Bind, Poll Shows

Were Dolores Huerta and Susan Sarandon observers at the Nevada caucus?

Bernie Sanders's revolution is not showing up

Prosecutor: Kalamazoo Suspect Admits to Deadly Shootings

US 'Blackmailed' Morales Threatening Him Against Nationalizing Bolivian Oil

Is there a reason corporate interests interject race in elections ?

can someone explain this to me. does they say what I think it does.

Post from AA group re: lack of support for Sanders

The difference between Hillary, Sanders, and the Republicans:

Sen. Patty Ritchie (R-NY) wants to outlaw SNAP purchase of steak, lobster, cake, and more

A question about atoms/molecules...

An Alleged Male Prostitution Ring Ignites Debate About Privacy and Journalism Ethics in Colombia

Bernie Sanders is coming to Kansas City Wednesday, Feb 24

South Carolina Officially Sides With Racism and Ignorance

China Is Kicking America's Butt in Wind Power

Brazil Starts to Discuss Social Security Reform

It's National Engineers Week.

Anyone upgraded to Iphone 6S? Is it worth it, do you think? nt

Trump could take the rust belt from Democrats and win presidency.

This ancient armadillo was the size of a small car

Nevada tricks: Clinton supporters caught trying to look like Nurses Union members

Trudeau quickly burning down the Harper's conservative legacy

CIA leaker: Clinton 'given a pass' for emails

Skinner -- since you support HRC, can you be banned by the hosts of the Bernie Sanders group?

Warren Won't Endorse Sanders

How ‘basic income for all’ could lift millions out of poverty while cutting back ‘big government’

Oil company CEO takes home $18 million despite cutting 20% of workers

The Latest: State board approves petition to recall Snyder

Some sticky plants

Court: Maryland can withhold abortion clinic applicant names

Bigot Pulls Gun On Muslim Couple — Guess What The Judge Made Her Do?

Sen. Claire McCaskill announces she has breast cancer

Newt Gingrich to Fox News: 'Trump Is the Candidate You Invented'

Florida teen accused of killing his 10-year-old sister

Bernie Wanted to Abolish the CIA, which helps keep us safe? No how, no way

Judge in Arizona polygamy trial falls ill on bench

Two Pennsylvania families who say fracking fouled water take case to trial

Criticizing Lewis and Huerta when they mess up shows them respect.

Intercept: Emails Show Hillary Clinton Aides Celebrating F-15 Sales to Saudi Arabia

Appeals court to consider challenge to federal water rules

India caste unrest: Ten million without water in Delhi

Trial begins on lawsuit challenging Virginia voter ID law

Simple question for all: Do you accept that health care is a basic human right?

any words from either Hillary or Bernie regarding the Apple phone thing?

Bernie Sanders - OUR LAST CHANCE

HCASR discussion

Bernie Sanders - OUR LAST CHANCE

Yep, Camp Sanders just played the antisemitism card

Bernie Sanders - OUR LAST CHANCE

“We just got an army of people and many women, who left their kitchens to go

Why Sanders's millennial appeal won't promise him the black vote

Winds blow small amount of radiation onto Washington highway

Satellite Images Show China May Be Building Powerful Radar On Disputed Islands

Teen shooting victim responds to doctor with thumbs-up

For those who think Hillary can't beat Trump in a General Election, I disagree

Looks Like Only ONE Person Can Prevent "President Trump " At This Point:

Man arrested after 6-year-old fires gun placed in diaper bag

Bigot Pulls Gun On Muslim Couple — Guess What The Judge Made Her Do?

Clinton holding enormous 72-20 lead in Georgia

Final Nevada count: Clinton 20, Sanders 15

USAF Test Launches Unarmed Minuteman III Ballistic Missile

Marge Simpson Freaks Out at the Uncivil Nature of this Election Season

Nice story about phone banking for Hillary

Person of interest in Missouri deaths charged with stealing

Shame on SEIU. More lying for Hillary.

Prominent Arizona Hispanics throw support behind Hillary Clinton

I'm torn.

Woman, 106, Visits White House For Black History Month

Colorado can enforce its 'Amazon tax' law: U.S. appeals court

Tom Ridge color-codes Kasich "green." No word yet from Skeletor.

Peach Tree State Poll-Clinton 72% Sanders 20%

TYT: Las Vegas Caucus Ends Before Delegates Chosen, Chaos Erupts

Atlantic City mayor terms N.J. takeover plan 'fascist dictatorship'

Report: U.S. Aircraft Carriers’ ‘Unchallenged Primacy May Be Coming To A Close’

Gunmaker to ask judge to dismiss lawsuit over 2012 Connecticut school massacre

And then he came after the Cubs



Even After Nevada Loss, Bernie Still Tied With Hillary For Pledged Delegates


No, Politico, Bernie Sanders' Views on the C.I.A. Were Not 'Extreme'

I need some input here (Bernie group)

It seems that some people are unfamiliar with the CIA's past

Hillary Clinton faces one problem she didn't expect: Money

Cranks on Top by Paul Krugman

Star Wars - The Froce Awakens... Lego!!!

Poll, how will Hilary or Bernie do against Trump?

'Soccer mom' ordered to learn about Islam after pointing rifle at Muslim couple sitting in car

Back to the Future: Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya

One of the saddest things about this primary IMO

remember when?

Sanders supporters use email to attack Indiana super delegates

Powerful Storm System to Bring Tornado Outbreak, Snow This Week

Anyone need a little dose of optimism. Bernie can beat Trump.

As Bernie Gains On Clinton, New Poll Suggests Voters Open To Socialism

NASA releases strange 'music' heard by 1969 astronauts

Mike Malloy - Here´s My Answer To The Feds Over The Iphone Issue: "FU!!!"

OUCH: Dem governor slams Sanders over gunmaker 'shield' law, compares Bernie to Donald Trump

South Carolina Has the Opportunity to Make American History

Why do we pretend Supreme Court justices are anything but political officials?

Rhrealitycheck: "Yes, Progressives, there is a problem."

Obama and Kids

LGBT voters favor Hillary over Bernie

When I put somebody on ignore, how come I can still see their posts on the home page?

Hillary Supports a Public Option

This Election: Mrs. Wall Street OR The PEOPLE...USUNcut: Secret Wall St Fees Bleeding Our Cities Dry

Before we buy into Potus Trump remember the Latinos will crawl over broken glass

ABC News: Hispanics Under 45 Years of Age Voted 70% Bernie over 20% Clinton, in Nevada

Dreams of Living Well in Retirement Dim for Americans: Esp. Women, Gender Gap, Student Debt

Rubio builds momentum, Cruz campaign shows signs of struggle

Thoughts and prayers go out to Senator Claire McCaskill.

Bill Clinton and Black America

MSNBC Cuts Away From Bernie Sanders As He Condemns Trans-Pacific Partnership

Female guard testimony illegally redacted in 9/11 hearing: lawyers

FBI directed password reset that locked it out of shooter’s phone

Bernie's Transcripts

How to strangle a political revolution in the cradle: tactic 100 and something

So, Sanders goes to an AA church, and they don't fall heads-over-heels for him

Maryland mom found not responsible in boy's death in swing

Alabama man killed after tracking stolen cell phone with app

"Trump Does Not Want To Be President" - from huffpost

Bernie Sanders Accuses Hillary Clinton of Copying His Message

I stand with former NAACP President and Maryland Congressman Kweisi Mfume in his endorsement of HRC

Who Won the Nevada Latino Vote?

Joe Biden Argued for Delaying Supreme Court Picks in 1992

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Questions for cat owners about automatic litter boxes.

Why Bernie Sanders will NOT be the Democratic nominee.

POLL: Who will Elizabeth Warren endorse, and when?

The media are misleading the public on Syria

The Robots Are Coming For Jobs That Pay $20 An Hour Or Less, White House Finds

Go ahead, Make My Day!

Supercomputer Quietly Puts U.S. Weather Resources Back On Top

United Health Care dropped me

Clinton canvassers dropped off Clinton lit at home with Bernie signs out front

The President's advisors report income inequality is rising

So Warren won't make an endorsement before the convention and Hillary supporters cheer...

Intercept: In 1974 Call to Abolish CIA, Sanders Followed in Footsteps of JFK, Truman

William C. Velásquez Institute: Bernie Sanders won the Latino vote in Nevada

I am very proud of Apple

Delegate Count Leaving Bernie Sanders With Steep Climb - NYT - (CLINTON GROUP)

Sanders leads big in West Virginia poll

Sanders Gaining Support Among Latino Voters --> AGE GAP + TURNOUT is key

DUers in the path of terrible weather in the South

Fun fact about Democrats and voter turnout.

4 Problematic Statements White People Make About Race -- and What to Say Instead

Bernie Sanders Supporter Tries to Place an Obituary for Hillary Clinton, Gets Call from Secret

(Georgia) Governor Says Changes in Works on Religious Exemptions Bill

M$NBC just did a 'news segment' on SC churches...looked like a HRC ad...

Conservatives ought to direct their rage toward angry white men actually killing our police officers

The Latest: Snyder Will Release Staff's Flint Emails

Charlotte Proposal Stokes Debate Over Transgender Rights

Five Children Murdered After They Were Deported Back To Honduras

Best part of the Republican debate

New Georgia Poll: Clinton: 72% Sanders: 20%

Calling them Media Whores is an insult to Sex Workers.

Hillary Clinton and Honduras - Experience in Foreign Policy

US, Canada to Seek 40 Percent Cut in Lake Erie Phosphorus

Sanders beat projections in Iowa and New Hampshire, and fought a closer race in Nevada than Obama

PSA: If you took every damned drug advertised on TV...

Working class hero: Trump, in 1990 interview, blames coal miners for getting black lung