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Post-Election Speeches: Bernie One-Note Same Old; Hillary Steals His Thunder

Bernie Folks - Things still look up, and this is why

Clinton now up by 658 county delegates in Clark County & down by 174 county delegates elsewhere

Cross Post: The Gadfly and the Grinder

So, 20 percent of the NV vote is still out?

By my math, Bernie is still winning.

Debbie Wasserman on MSNBC - Super Delegates

Just donated to Bernie. I'm going to phone bank for the first time too. Time to go all in.

Congrats to Sanders and Clinton


Nobody likes Hillary, but she keeps on winning.

The Democratic Establishment can't fight the GOP. But they sure can beat down the grassroots

Canadian Island Flooded With Questions From Americans Fleeing Potential Trump Presidency

Name a song with "Angel" in the title.

Only 9 threads show up on the Latest Page...

For an admittedly questionable pollster Gravis nailed Nevada!!!

I'm in Greenville, SC.

Hillary Clinton’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Answer On Whether She’s Ever Lied

Live Coverage of the Nevada Caucuses and South Carolina Primary

Hillary Clinton takes a swipe at Bernie Sanders as she claims victory in Nevada

Labor’s Civil War over Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton

Cyclone Winston: southern hemisphere's strongest storm devastates Fiji islands

Hillary is going to have to do something to make herself more likeable I don't know what

Labor’s Civil War over Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton

Wall Street Analyst Says Hillary Clinton Would Be the Best President for Healthcare Investors

Labor’s Civil War over Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton

Just donated to Hillary and got some gear

Just now seeing this forum

NBC News and the South Carolina Primary

Congrats On Nevada Hillary DUers

TX Health Official Forced To Resign For Telling The Truth About Planned Parenthood

Did you know that speaking out about racism is not "civil"?

"If Sanders does not win NH by double digits, the results will be viewed as a victory for Clinton."

WIS news is reporting

Hillary won both NH and NV in 2008

Bernie's Campaign and "WE" his Supporters are Exposing the Rot!

I'll Be Glad When Kasich Drops Out

ByeBye JebusEnoughfuggingBushes

Msnbc calls it for Trump already!

My heart breaks a little more with each election

Will nominating Hillary hand the White House to the GOP?

Theres a new burn in town.

Why Sexism at the Office Makes Women Love Hillary Clinton

Hey, great! We're still the underdogs. BTW, 4% is not a mandate.

FOX (not really the) News calls Trump the Rep nominee if he wins SC

Cross post: Make Love to Your Gun

 Clinton Wins Close Race in Nevada, But Sanders Shows Strength Among Latino Voters

Sanders will need some serious upsets on March 1.

Trump Wins South Carolina, per AP

The three leading candidates on the republican side are

Questions about the NV returns as shown on MSNBC:

greatest pg seems to be breaking on this op (at least in chrome)

Just remember:

Nevada Fiasco

This is probably my first ever positive thread about HRC

Class Differences Fuel Trump Support in South Carolina

Civil Rights Legend Says Sanders Supporters Yelled 'English Only' At Her

If You Like Social Security Then You Better Send Bernie Some Ca$H!

Rubio in second place in South Carolina. Polls closed 52 minutes a go. Still a ways

Hillary posted her 1st Clear solid win today Congratulations

Republicans have no more than 6 weeks to winnow down to a 2 man race.

Hillary looks like she is going to blow Sanders out of the water in South Carolina.

Michigan Primary Poll (ARG): Clinton 53% Sanders 40%

So, who's going to be Trump's running mate?

2016 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2016 Risen Star Stakes

2-16-16 Birth of a Voice for Equality in 2:00

2-16-16 Birth of a Voice for Equality in 2:00

2-16-16 Birth of a Voice for Equality in 2:00

Do we need work on the GOTV/ground game set-up?

CNN / NBC call South Carolina for Donald Trump

Here comes another wave of "Racist Bernie Bros" BS from Team Windsock.

Wore my "Bernie" T-shirt today while running errands in ...

2-17-16 Florence Kelley Dies but Leaves a Legacy in 2:00

2-17-16 Florence Kelley Dies but Leaves a Legacy in 2:00

Anyone know of a video that explains how a winner can be determined before all the votes are in?

2-17-16 Florence Kelley Dies but Leaves a Legacy in 2:00

I really hope DU doesn't lose its damn mind when SC is called for HRC shortly after polls close

I've fallen for my little visitor

"Hillary's SuperPAC" shows they will support the Nominee....

Nevada, California, Bernie & a Note of Optimism

Someone's comment cut and pasted from Reddit-Sanders

It would be naive not to think that Harry Reid didn't have a significant role in Hillary's "win"...

Looks Like Hillary Won By 6 in NV

HRC supporters caucusing w/o registering. Clinton Voter Fraud?

"English Only" Video from NV Caucus

The Democratic Revolution is is NOT just about Bernie

Damn, aren't we getting a bunch of lessons in kitchen sink politics?

I went very early to caucus today -

L.A. Latinos Are Sharpening Their Pitchforks for Trump's Arrival

If Trump is the nominee, Minorities will end up saving this country!! He can not win 42% of Hispanic

Early SC guesses? (Hillary Clinton Group)

Okay, about the racism from Bernie caucus goers... let's get one thing clear

Nonverbal behavior may overshadow substance in presidential debates

i honestly feel good for the first time in a month

US-Backed Militia Groups Now Fighting Each Other In Syria

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Read more at htt

Congratulations Hillary Clinton

For those who back HRC on "we should have gone with Muskie instead of McGovern" grounds:

Has anyone seen the Independent voter numbers for Trump today yet? (Clinton Group)

2-18-16 THE MAN hits the stands in 2:00

2-18-16 THE MAN hits the stands in 2:00

Clinton lost the Latino vote

1980-88 Reagan/Bush, 1989-1992 Bush/Quayle, 1993-2000 Clinton/Gore, 2001-2008 Bush/Cheney, 2009-2017

2-18-16 THE MAN hits the stands in 2:00

I would like to express my congratulations to Mrs. Clinton

xposted from JackpineRadicals - Nevada Caucuses a "Fiasco"

Bernie Supporters: We're in This 'til the Nomination, Remember: The Lines Are About to Cross!

The REAL story on the Bernie supporters who allegedly chanted "English only"

We can all breath a sigh of relief: Ben Carson is staying in...

i've decided to just address him as "your largeness"

I can't wait until the General election against Trump.

Hillary can't win without

Dolores Huerta's Twitter page

What's next? South Carolina on February 27!

The representatives of the elite establishment ruling class....doling out crumbs to the bottom 70%

The guy who thinks Rove is backing Bernie has access to what's-her-face's campaign team

Encouragement from a DFA email received at 7:15 p.m. EST

Harry Reid certainly had a hand in Hillary's "win"

If a couple assholes rudely shouted "english only" that really sucks, but

Please post proof of Huerta's "English Only!" claim here.

In all likelyhood, Hillary will be the Democratic Nominee

Just turned in today even though my heart breaks that we didn't get

Bernie likely DID NOT win the Hispanic vote in Nevada



Jeb dropping out!

Post any reports of NV caucus vote suppression here.

Jeb! is about to speak...

WHoa...I think Jeb's out.

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow just suggested that Hillary might pick Ohio Governor John Kasich

Now if we could just put to bed the other side of that Oligarchical coin..Bush then Clinton

BREAKING Jeb Bush drops out...

2-19-16 Fighting for Dignity in a Fairytale in 2:00

Jeb! suspends campaign.

Who the fugg are they taking back the country from?

2-19-16 Fighting for Dignity in a Fairytale in 2:00

Isn't it time we reform the primary process?

2-19-16 Fighting for Dignity in a Fairytale in 2:00

So, who do we want in 2nd place: Rubio or Cruz?

Bernie is a one issue candidate?

Jeb drops out...

The race is tied and fascinating.

First John Lewis, now Dolores Huerta.

Bet you Carson does not drop out.

I registered 'billionairesagainstbernie' in August of last year.

Fact Checking Absurd Memes Attacking Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

Today in History - Scalia is buried and JEB! is out.

The Hill: Veteran Nevada journalist: 'Machine won' with Hillary

Caught On Tape: Hillary Clinton Supporters Voting in NV WITHOUT Registering

Maybe if Hillary wins the GE..maybe then after even more concentration of wealth and 3 new wars we

The Hill: Veteran Nevada journalist: 'Machine won' with Hillary

Trumps wife. I never heard her speak before.

Well, today I voted at one of our early voting sites

Spanish translator denied at coin flip caucus by HRC precinct captain in IA

Bella dog rescue by Samantha Clayton Woodhall Spa, United Kingdom

One word that hurt Jeb?

The Establishment Wing of the Republican Party is going doing in flames right before our very eyes

When will Bernie suspend his campaign?

The Huerta video

Michigan Republicans are secretly admitting that "running state like a business" has failed

Do you think Sanders is doing oppo research on Trump and Cruz?

Harper Lee funeral was today.

I really don't get Trump

Free Trade Strikes Again As 1,300 More Manufacturing Jobs Are Shipped Out

Free Trade Strikes Again As 1,300 More Manufacturing Jobs Are Shipped Out

Numbers for Vote by Mail

The so-called "Socialist Workers Party" is supporting the Hammonds

*** I registered '' earlier today***

A song for Jeb! upon his exit

Free Trade Strikes Again As 1,300 More Manufacturing Jobs Are Shipped Out

5 out of 4 people understand

Marco Rubio speech coming up...

I am giving $66 to our campaign NOW sum total of my 3 millenials' ages!

Snopes got the video. They were shouting out "neutral".

Snopes got the video of the shouts at Delores Huerta

Rubio is chatting bare crap

Question: Was the turnout in Nevada for Dems high, low or about normal?

2-20-16 Taking to the Courts to Defend Basic Human Rights in 2:00

2-20-16 Taking to the Courts to Defend Basic Human Rights in 2:00

2-20-16 Taking to the Courts to Defend Basic Human Rights in 2:00

Caucus rules call for translators to be neutral in their support

Fervent wish: Democrats had picked NC over SC as 4 th contest

Jews left out of voting in Nevada; Dems refuse to accommodate for Sabbath

Message from a Sanders supporter

CHEER UP: The Hillary and not-Hillary vote are almost identical to 2008


The shouts were for a neutral translator, not "English Only!"

Enter, Bloomberg

Mr. Sanders Goes to Washington

Hillary Clinton needs to denounce Dolores Huerta's lie.

Best birthday *EVAH*!1 Three, count'em, *THREE*!1 gigantic gifts!1

What killed Bush was his piss poor performance in the debates

Republicans Smarter than Democrats

Processing payment...

Looks like HRC will do as well or better in NV than in 2008

Wow, just jaw dropping to see Sanders' supporters approvingly sharing the Koch article

We dodged a bullet with Jeb Bush losing.

A Question for Hillary Supporters..

Jeb Bush staffer on TV is upset with Trump for acting like a republican.

Now this is just sad...

Only Today Did I Get Angry... Because this is Getting Ridiculous.

Can functioning shutters be installed on a house with aluminum siding?

How quickly does momentum change? Hillary's odds in SC now at 96%

I will worry if these results carry over into November.

Best vaccum cleaner for pet hair? My squees shed like crazy

The GOP is where Bernie Sanders’ political revolution is really happening.

Why is voter turnout..

Caught on tape - Hillary supporters voting without registering

It's on YouTube - Clinton supporters didn't have to register first and Sanders supporters did

Obama offers an instructive history re: NV caucus.

What a weasle Cruz is always !

Is it just me, or does Cruz's voice scream "Greg Stillson" whenever he opens his mouth?

Why hasn't the Beltway party fought as hard to beat the Right as they fight to stop Bernie?

"Five to One, Baby ...."

Man, if Hillary supporters were even a tenth as critical

Oh, ffs, it's started - the Nurses' Union is complaining about red shirts

Here's a MoveOn email from this eve - boy are they pumped!

NBC: Clinton's Win in Nevada Shows Cracks (in Clinton's Operation)

Pledged Delegate Race(with 2 left in NV): Hillary - 51; Bernie - 50

Remember how Clinton Said Bernie Is Not Really A Democrat?

With Hillary Winning Today WITH "Her Machine" AND Almost

Truth about "The Pension Crisis".

Well, MoveOn is PUMPED!

Bernie Sanders people are awash in stinky sour grapes over on GD-P.

$190,000 in political donations.

Sanders concession: "ordinary people are catching on" to the influence of superpacs on elections

So, When Will Hillary DENOUNCE Huerta's SMEAR Of Bernie's Supporters?

For all the bluster of Cruz' and Rubio's "concession" speeches...

The suppposed Snopes debunking of Dolores Hureta's claim is weak and inconclusive

It Don't Come Easy

So what about Dr. McSleepytime?

"Hillary Clinton's Nevada victory - what's different from 2008?" (HINT - Sanders outperformed Obama)

Jeb campaign throws its support to Bernie Sanders...

Hillary won. Yes indeed. Now we know who the NV Repubs really wanted to run against in the GE!

Victory for Hillary in NV. Coalition of Women, African Americans, Hispanics, Older voters, STRONG!

I stand with Dolores Huerta.

6 dead in protests for caste benefits in northern India

Jeb. Bush burned through $150 million in 250 days and lost three states badly.

Looks like Rubio will squeak by Cruz for second in SC



A Song for Today - "Carry On"

You'll never believe the latest LaVoy Finicum meme

Come November . . .

88.5% of precincts in. Hillary up by 5.36%, so far 19 for Hillary and 15 for Sanders with one left

Did Hillary Clinton Just Finish Bernie Sanders Off? Not quite—but close.

Anyone notice how flat the Trump victory rallies are?

Remember those we're not sorry folks from W's reelection

Judgment at Nuremburg on TCM now.

The worst thing the HRC campaign has done...

Exit poll: 73% of SC GOP agrees with Trump's muslim ban

The republican race and possibly the Democratic race could end on March 1.

I don't think Cornel West is helping Sanders with Black voters

Please Add On to My List!

Interesting site with quiz to match your positions to Clinton and Sanders

Trumpf Just Blatantly Lies His Ass Off-- Hillary's Dishonesty Is More Sneaky

Hillary And Bernie Fans... As Told By Cats

Donald Trump is the most ignorant, tone deaf, blowhard ever !!!!!! He is proof positive that

The 17 saddest moments of Jeb Bush’s very sad campaign

Can Bernie Sanders still follow Barack Obama's path to victory

I'd like to say thanks to the gracious Bernie supporters . . .

Vox: The entrance polls said Nevada’s Latinos voted for Bernie Sanders. That’s unlikely.


Trump to return Statue of Liberty to France

1 more email from the campaign -

What can be done about getting rid of the caucuses?

Why do you have to do this? Hillary won today - so why do you have to spread untruths about Bernie's

Susan Sarandon has video as well

No Time For Complacency NOW, Hillary Supporters!

Inside a Nevada Caucus

Now that we're into the Primary Grind, what does Trump do now?

If Hillary can beat Bernie, she can easily beat Trump, Cruz or Rubio.

Bush "dynasty" screeches to a halt, Jeb! now has more time to spend with his family

A disturbing trend is emerging from the Clinton campaign and civil rights/race.

Hillary has got to do better with young people! Just read she got 12% of under 30 voters in Nevada.

Question: If after the nominating process is over and the Presidential / Vice Pres. candidates

Turnout for Hillary in Houston right now looks good!

And so it goes

Bernie winning popular vote but tied with 51 delegates

found on facebook -- so cute!

Do we know yet if the Dems in Nevada drew a larger young people vote than 08?

Jeb Bush - Cringe Compilation

Interview with Mladenov: ‘Daydreaming’ to think Israel, PA can negotiate now

a bit more encouragement from GD-P (of all places)

A pattern is emerging from Hillary's campaign. It's heartbreaking.

Trump won ALL 44 SC Republican Delegates.

Politics Done Right - Guest: Rob Hager talks Scalia, Plutocracy, Citizens United

It is kinda sad, for both parties

Salon: Democrats need to accept that only Bernie Sanders can defeat the GOP

I have to say now to those of you with "Bugs" in your sig line.

Wait - Rubio's campaign slogan is "A New American Century"?

Look at this! Look at Delores Huerta's statement!! It was the moderator NOT Bernie supporters.

I think I'll move to Mars.

How Hillary Won Nevada

It's a long ways from over: for us, this is a revolution, not an election

Is Trump running a more honorable campaign within his party than Hillary?

I'm going to have to be more careful with my sarcasm in the Primary season.

The crown jewel in George W. Shrub's life mission of personal revenge: JEB!1 crashed/burned.

Delores Huerta's own statement says it was the MODERATOR that said no translation

Trump is a savvy savvy outsider. He has systematically doused

No one should support HRC in a GE until she denounces her campaign's race-baiting smears

Hillary's 30% lead vanished in less than 2 months in NV.

Nestle is Pumping Millions of Gallons from the Great Lakes for Free While Flint Pays For Poison

Meanwhile in China...

Susan Sarandon to America Ferrera: I was there!

March 2nd

Why is SBS campaign honcho Tad Devine appearing on Faux Noise Sunday today? My answer: 16 open

Bernie Sanders to hold rally in Norfolk Tuesday

I see a core difference between the Clinton and Sanders supporters. Please prove me wrong.

Sanders Grassroots Campaign Passes 4 Million Milestone

You know the majority of young people aren't into race being used as a divisive tool.

Truth about "The Pension Crisis". ( posted first in GD )

Q: Which is worse? A racist or a person that uses race as a divisive tool for their own purposes

Either Dem candidate starts with 242 EVs in the GE

Clinton is now up by 820 county delegates in Clark County & down by 199 county delegates everywhere

Pride Of Man-Quicksilver Messenger Service

The most disheartening aspect of Dolores Huerta's false allegations--THE HATE.

Dumb question.

Sen. Sanders on Meet the Press, Face the Nation and CNN State of the Union

Former Florida Emperor stripped of power

The same story at DU after every primary & caucus

Rep. Joe Salazar of Colorado endorses Bernie Sanders

Las Vegas Caucus Ends Before Delegates Chosen, Chaos Erupts

I'm really bothered -

I can think of 100,000 reasons not to believe Dolores Huerta.

Police: Man randomly shooting people in Kalamazoo Co.; 6 dead (suspect caught)

"Bernie Sanders Makes Progress, But Hillary Clinton Remains The Favorite"

Hillary is polling BELOW the minimum required to get delegates in VT.

538 probability model of Clinton winning South Carolina: >99%

Hey, everyone; I'm glad everyone cares so much, but I think we need to calm down.

Everybody say Aaawwwwww

PLEASE - Stop the fairy tales and face reality.

Explain to me why I read the comments on sites like this

Want to see some really good Neil Young?

A major difference between HRC and Bernie: Bernie's campaign isn't about ego.

Albert Woodfox released from jail after 43 years in solitary confinement

Because Every Now And Then....The Gladiators Need To Renew Their Resolve

Nevada Democratic Caucus Aftermath | Does Party Unity Matter?

I would assume a seriously flawed candidate like Hillary

The media.

the demographics, they are changing..

I wish Delores Huerta had been proven right.

How unseemly! All this dancing on Jeb's political grave

Hello and goodbye

How did Obama win more delegates than Clinton in 2008 with the same exact results as Sanders?

There is no justification for the "Bernie's campaign is a GOP plot" meme.

Our impossible expectations of Hillary Clinton and all women in authority

the PTB want bernie out before convention so they can pick someone if hillary has to drop

The lesson of 2000 is that we shouldn't vote third-party for president in the fall...

What is the Twitter equivalent of a flame war?

Honestly, I Don't Know Where Any Of These Candidates Find The Energy

How does HRC actually FEEL about the freedom movement leaders who back her?

DO NOT COME for Dolores Huerta if you have not been called.


Focus sharpens on Fed after hot inflation data

My songs know what you did in the dark!

The fingerwagging at the Clinton camp for echoing Huerta's claims is pathetic. Sanders is fine.

Four Weird NV County Delegate Total Results

The sleaze that went on in Nevada is going to catch up to Hillary. Her campaign is doomed.

Oh stop it with the DO NOT COME crap. Huerta and Lewis

A truth - win or lose - primary / general - Clinton will be a one percenter

Have the transcripts been released yet?

Eight years ago President Obama did not immediately

Possible Kalamazoo shooting suspect in custody

Looks like there is another video!

LOL ... I've been out and about, and ...

Did Marco Rubio Near The Finish Of His Speech Tonight Say Something About A 'New American Century'..

Jeb must be thinking "This wouldn't have happened if I didn't steal Fla for George"

Do you realize there are problems with racism within the Hispanic communities?

Hello Video #2

Nevada Democratic Caucus | Demographics Breakdown

NATE SILVER: "It's possible Bernie Sanders will win every single caucus from here on out"

Did Dolores Huerta get $100,000 from the Clinton Foundation?

New Hampshire, Texas, Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, California...

Japan's Meiji Era and the soul of Japan: part 1

"How The Banks Destroyed the Black Middle-Class" - Why the 1% Issue Matters

Bernie's campaign has never asked famous POC supporters to do dirty politics on its behalf.

Hillary Clinton knows that Bernie Sanders isn't a 'single-issue candidate.'

Yo Bernie supporters: stop accusing Dolores Huerta of taking bribes.

Why isn't there a standardized nation-wide day for primaries?

I just had a disturbing thought

I see Culinary Members Caucusing! "Wonderful Image from #NevadaCaucuses"

Japanese TV anchors lose their jobs amid a 'crackdown' on dissent

Ralston Reports: 'Reid-Culinary bond' won Nevada for Clinton

Dave Grohl, Pat Smear, and Rodney Biggenheimer discuss David Bowie's LA Hangouts

If you who support Hillary are willing to HOLD HER TO WHAT SHE'S SAYING NOW,

Network - Mad as Hell Scene - LOL

Regarding the "English only!" controversy

I salute Michael Moore on his best and incredibly timely film yet ----"Where to invade next"

Here's the entire Hillary campaign in three easy steps:

Disturbing trend from Hillary's campaign..sending out iconic Dems to attack Bernie...then..

Something the media is missing in the Trump SC win

Well, let's hope the Clinton camp plays as filthy in the general

Just for once, let's NOT pivot to the right for the fall campaign.

The feeling is mutual, Nevada

Sweet Dreams Lounge ~ Walkin' After Midnight by Madeleine Peyroux

A Saint Huerta would have found common ground and resolved the situation rationally.

I am asking everyone to boycott Jimmy Johns. The CEO's latest atrocities - killing big game

A bad sign: Turnout WAY down in Nevada compared to 2008. 3 in a row.

7 people were murdered randomly in Kalamazoo, MI tonight while DU looks the other way

Daily Holidays - February 21

Here come the Walls; the Hate Crimes; the Guns, the Military Spending, the Privitization of health

Daily KOS: NO CHANTING or shout-down of Dolores Huerta: Susan Sarandon tweet includes caucus video

What Chris Hedges and Noam Chomsky said when Bernie announced to run.

Great Tweet

You will pivot and support the winner

Hillary to blame if we lose Presidency

Thank You Nevada!

I don't want us to replay 1968.

Look. Huerta was wrong. We can prove that she was wrong. Let's leave it at that.

One chart that proves that Hillary is not a lock to win the GE

Hundreds of Demonstrators Gather in Downtown L.A. to Support Convicted NYPD Officer Peter Liang

No one hurt after guns fired in air at South Carolina mall

Michigan 3-year-old shoots mother in the head

States seek private financial help to fix social problems

So it was Hillary

United we stand, Divided we fall.

Why Hillary was so UNgracious in victory last night:

Well. This is awkward.

Did the Cruz Camp drive a man to suicide?

Can We Not Pretend That Hillary Clinton Didn't Play Dirty Against Barack Obama? [VIDEO]

Don't forget the down-ticket races

Today's Doonesbury

Chelsea Handler - Racism

In my opinion, it was more important to win the Latino vote than to win that caucus.

Some DUers see fit to post debunked bullshit stories about Bernie Supporters/Campaign.

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Nice Kitty Edition

BHM: Happy birthday Linda Brown

Clinton: It’s ‘wrong’ for Bernie Sanders to make campaign promises he can’t keep

When Dolores Huerta suffered broken ribs and ruptured spleen during the 1988 election campaign

Labor, African Americans help Clinton win Nevada

Seems There Is A Disconnect - At Camp Huerta - Reconcile This With Support For HRC - Quite Puzzling

The Dark Side of "Soldier of Fortune" Magazine: Contract Killers and Mercenaries for Hire

Seems There Is A Disconnect - At Camp Huerta - Reconcile This With Support For HRC - Quite Puzzling

It's not that they don't want you doing drugs

what a shock:clinton wins delegate by drawing ace in card draw

Dolores Huerta used to be a UFW organizer and a member of Democratic Socialists of America.

Gay folks are NOT deadly weapons, and should not be compared with deadly weapons.

A 45 year old Michigan man opened fire last night and killed seven people

Hillary took $21,468,000 in speaking fees 2013-2015.

Tag: Wealth Inequality

Name me a better plan for ISIS than Vermin Supreme's

The Walking Dead - 6.10 "The Next World" (Spoiler Alert)

Hillary at the Texas Southern U. GOTV event the same night she won Nevada caucus

Dolores Huerta supports a different candidate than me.

TYT: Same Old Warmongering, Pretty New Face

Ever heard of planned chaos?

Bernout - why I'm supporting Hillary now

Silicon Valley tech worker fired after blogging about starving while working at billion-dollar food

Idiocracy, Ladies and Gentlemen...

Today's Non Sequitur

From 2006 - "Rupert Murdoch Loves Hillary Clinton"

When Gun Advocates talk about Defensive Gun Use and support for Concealed Carry, please remember...

Claiming Sander's 'mantle' for Hillary

Bernie seems to be conceding South Carolina

"Clinton has worked hard to take the edge off her reputation as a card-carrying liberal."

As always, you can just see the Republican exit poll summary by going to the race tab

Jeb (!)

Anyone here feel sorry for Jeb?

Predicition: If Trump continues to win, there will be at least two candidates left at the convention

Missing radioactive material found dumped in south Iraq

Bernie needs an Emergency Meeting to discuss Black Vote NOW!!!

Exclusive: Mitt Romney To Endorse Marco Rubio - The establishment wagons are circling.

Re: My "Bothered" OP -

Trickle down.....

The claim that Bernie supporters shouted down Huerta...

Hillary Clinton has a greater than 99% chance of winning the South Carolina primary.

Bernie Bros, Comedian Will Ferrell has betrayed us. Suit up to attack!

When they complain about Bernie appearing on Fox show them this

The japanese sword jet

To the mooks who vote for Trump:

Bernie Sanders' Ads Rank As the Most Effective of the 2016 Presidential Race

Bernie/Hillary Historical FACT

Let's talk negotiation strategy

Dem turnout DOWN in NV--as it was in IA and NH......

Why does the US Government have dollar-denominated debt?

A lasting legacy.....

The White House Responds to Petition Demanding Obama Sit Down with Bill Maher

I see several threads where supporters are saying BS won the Latino vote in NV

Bush Supporter Says She'll Vote For Sanders Or Clinton If Trump Nominated

GOP intellectualism

Christianity 2016

Millionaire$ for Hillary - Hillary Super PAC gets BIG donor boost (from Hillary herself, too)

Delegates: 51 vs. 51 - It is literally a tie at this moment.

Hillary's Hypocrisy: Clinging to Obama After Her Racist Dog Whistles in 2008

City Clerk turns over voting records as AG probes possible irregularities by Sanders staffers

What the Jeb! campaign accomplished: W actually was the smart one

Very gratifying to me that GHW Bush has lived long enough


Denver Post: Rep. Joe Salazar endorses Bernie Sanders over Hillary

Rep. Joe Salazar endorses Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton

Rep. Joe Salazar endorses Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton

Found this in SalmonEnchantedEvening's LOL Cats

"Jabberwhiz impf oglefits birdiediddle." . . . Please come CAPTION the Squawk Box on The Squawk Box!

The electability issue goes to Bernie (if that matters at all): latest poll TYT video

hey ain't over...

The big winners and losers of the Nevada caucus

From this day forward i will only refer to her campaign as the Brock/Clinton Campaign

Taking Genocidal Threats Seriously

Bernie & the Popular Vote

Some FAR right wing sources are

"Memo to candidate Hillary Clinton: I could have been a Monica Lewinsky"

Fran Lebowitz says she IS available for SCOTUS nomination.

Public service reminder

Whew, that's a relief -

The New York Times Invents Left-Leaning Economists to Attack Bernie Sanders

Gun-wielding protesters want Irving mosque to ‘Say No To Syrian Refugees’

Reince Priebus now on THIS WEEK talking about the GOP's "embarrassment of riches"


THERE IS NO PRISON DARK OR DEEP ENOUGH For the people who did this to Flint

CNN Cracks Me Up

I believe this author may have a point regarding "Identity Politics"

Cruz stumbles with evangelical voters

Very telling quote from Bernie Sanders this morning on MSNBC:

It's time to immunize primary voters down the road against surprise attacks from surrogates!

Trumps son likes to kill animals

22 Pretty Amazing things about this earth of ours---

Who lives in a March 1st primary state?

The Worm has Definitely Turned...


Mitt Romney To Endorse Marco Rubio

He's an Uber driver, apparently, and someone called 911 before the shooting happened.

Sanders Out Spent Hillary 2:1 In NV & GOP Super PACs Bought Ads Against Her & Hillary STILL Won!

Shortly after conceding Nevada loss, Bernie Sanders campaign announces it has now received 4 million

THE BIG LIE: Hillary the Pragmatist vs Bernie the Dreamer

Wealthy Republican donors flock to MarcoBot after "Jeb! Tide"

Well, so far I'm right about the Michigan shooter...

the question of turnout...what lies ahead?

Brother Malcolm

How inclusive is your candidate?


TOON: McConnell's Wall

In 2008, Barack Obama lost New Hampshire then Nevada.

Quotes that surprisingly pass the Bechdel test

"We're going to die!" Students scream as train narrowly misses hitting school bus

Dinosaurs Discovered In The Bible By Retired Teacher, Texas State School Board Candidate.

Sen. Bernie Sanders on State of the Union: Full Interview

If Hillary's our nominee, how shall she react to severe attacks...

About those young idealistic voters.

This Is Not What Democracy Looks Like

West Virginia man sentenced for armed robbery, for how much?

Bernie Sanders "feeling quite good" after Nevada.

Rank and file ought to hold their bosses in the SEIU accountable after Nevada

African American vote

Gov. Walker Resumes His War on Workers

Far Right Conservatives Are PISSED Because GOPPERS Have Not Already Done Following.

Christianity faces sharp decline as Americans are becoming even less affiliated with religion

Bernie Could Sweep Remaining Caucus States

Manchester Guardian: "A Single Digit Win...Is Hardly the Victory"

Hillary Clinton super PAC gets big donor boost

A Pep Talk To Bernie Sanders Supporters From Tim Black

FFRF victorious against religious California school board

WAPO - Bernie Sanders is burning through cash

Bernie Sanders Lost Nevada But Could Sweep Rest Of Caucus States, Says Nate Silver

Can Bernie Still duplicate Obama’s Path to Victory in 2008? No!!!!

18,300 apply to be astronauts. How will NASA choose 14?

Holy CRAP, have you SEEN the video of this woman playing Hendrix on a "gayageum?"

Why Nevada was a bad sign for Bernie Sanders's "political revolution"

Clinton "liberal" formula: Pump Trump, dump on Sanders.

Why Bernie Sanders’s supporters should rejoice at Hillary Clinton’s Negative Campaign.

Would this primary be so toxic if it were a different "Establishment" candidate?

Hillary Clinton awkwardly aligns herself with exploitive corporations

Will JEB!1 score a bailout for his donors?

Linux Mint website hacked to trick users into downloading version with "backdoor"

Why Plutocrats Make Campaign "Contributions"

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, February 23: 31 Days of Oscar, Day 23

Want a laugh? Hillary in victory: We won't protect "big corporations' (right) to buy elections"

Clinton supporters using BS for Bernie Sanders

The media talks non-stop about how Bernie can't get the black vote...

***Pretty Cool: A New Google Extension Will Change Every Mention Of ‘Pro-Life’ To ‘Anti-Choice’***

THIS is who they want to put in the Whitehouse? Really?!?

On GOP Side - Corporate America's Effort To Choose an Electable Candidate - Rubio

Donald Dump is Horrible; but Ted Cruz is even Worse:

What Bernie supporters in Super Tuesday states need to do.

TYT Hillary Clinton Is A Weak General Election Candidate

Bush’s Befuddled Goodbye and the Risks of Trump Denialism

Here's How Bernie Sanders Plans to Save Social Security Hint: The rich may not like it.

The good news about yesterday's vote

Efficacy of compensation program for nuclear workers under scrutiny

So the big question is

I'm just going to leave this right here.

Bloom County's Tribute to Harper Lee:

Bernie Sanders Makes The Billionaire Class Shudder By Passing 4 Million Contributions - Repost

Radioactive water leak near Takahama reactor puts planned restart in doubt

The big difference between Bernie & Hillary: Hillary wants corporations to have a seat at the table.

Billionaire-Owned Observer Whines About Democratization of Media and Bernie Sanders in 2016’s Worst

Is it too early to choose a running mate?

Only 18% of the Nevada electorate were voters between 18 and 29 years of age

Bernie won the Hispanic vote yesterday.

Spate of scandals, gaffes push Abe Cabinet support rate down 7 points to 46.7%

Not sure if this belongs here but I feel safe here.

Happy Birthday, John Lewis!

"The Pope should apologize to Donald Trump!" . . . Please come CAPTION this Trump supporter!!

Protesters Disrupt Water Supplies to India's Capital

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, February 24: 31 Days of Oscar, Day 24

Reminder: “Yes, We’re Corrupt”: A List of Politicians Admitting That Money Controls Politics

Court drama jolts Senate races

"Why Sexism at the Office Makes Women Love Hillary Clinton"

Finlandia, with stunning video, just because (matches my feelings of JEB!1-lessness)

Bernie Sanders says lower turnout contributed to his Nevada loss to Hillary Clinton

There is a reason the media no longer reports news.

Private Prison Lobbyists Are Raising Cash for Hillary Clinton

PAC Contributions. Hedge fund managers deferred tax bills coming due in 2017.

Time for a little primary humor

Democrats Election to Lose

Why is Bernie the Only Politician Talking Corruption?

I've had this computer with Windows 10 for about 3 weeks. I really want to go back to Windows 7

Charlie Pierce on Jeb, Trump and the Republican primary

Mrs. Wall Street v. Sanders: The last chance of the Dems to be the party of ordinary working people

Texas private colleges are saying no to guns on campus

Scary thought: Could Ted Cruz be promised a SCOTUS nomination to drop out?

Edward Snowden would be willing to return to US for fair trial

Crucial details in the Apple case are being obscured by officials.

'Got to Go': high-performing charter schools shed students quickly

Potential for new indictment, more defendants in refuge takeover case

Glen Beck is Fasting For Ted Cruz

It is not a smear to say that money influences people

Trump's own Christian denomination defies him on immigration policy

heroin in Maine

Kentucky Noah's Ark park developer may alter religious worker rules

The one (potentially) comforting thing about Donald Trump.

Bernie Sanders won the Most Votes EVER in NH History.

What’s your number one issue in the upcoming election?

"Low Turnout And A Transient Population Make The Nevada Caucuses Unpredictable"

How Southern states are now challenging gay marriage

IS jihadist group claims Damascus shrine bomb attacks

Why I like Hillary

Mom irked over schools treatment of confederate flag (NM)

ANALYSIS: Despite Hillary Clinton's Win in Nevada, Bernie Sanders Continues to Be a Serious Threat

"Low Turnout And A Transient Population Make The Nevada Caucuses Unpredictable"

An Open Letter to Bill Clinton, from a Former Neighbor and Bernie Sanders Supporter

The presidential race is so awful you can't look away

Trump joke isn't funny

I've been working as many hours as they'll give me, lately.

Iraqis Celebrate as Threat of Third Bush Presidency is Over

Pew Research 2013: U.S. income inequality, on rise for decades, is now highest since 1928

EPA asks Volkswagen to make electric cars in U.S.: Welt am Sonntag

I bet the Hillary supporters are legitimizing their tactics by this one idea

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - February 21, 2016

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - February 21, 2016 (Hillary group)

Hillary campagin paid Katy Perry $70,000 and secured her endorsement

A few pics for Feb 20 NV causus day......

Yes, We Have a Turnout Problem. And Here's the Biggest Culprit:

What a pleasant novelty to see a Bush fail

Pope Calls for Worldwide Abolition of Death Penalty

The Democratic Party Has Suppressed It's Own Vote: Why

Clinton: Sanders didn't win Latinos

I'm going to Colorado Friday.

Bernie and votes of the people

Sanders: Two-party system holds back competition

Violence rages in Syria as Kerry and Lavrov reach provisional deal on ceasefire

When did Hillary agree with Bernie that $15/hr should be the minimum wage? Did I miss that OR

Black Lives Matter's Alicia Garza: Why She Won't Vote For Hillary Clinton

Leading Hindu priest decapitated in Bangladesh

Defying Cameron, London Mayor Boris to campaign for British exit from EU

Actual Delegate count for the Democratic Primary... undemocratic Super Delegates not included...

Where is the race now and where will the race be on April 9? The data favors Sanders

So, how long will Sanders really go?

KPBS News: Comparing Canadian and American Health Care

If the 22nd amendment had been repealed, who would you choose for the nominee?

Clinton SuperPAC files FEC report, got $3.5M from hedge fund manager

Bernie wants EVERYONE to have a seat at the table. Clinton: Only the corporations, 1%, and cronys

I'm leaving DU, but I'm not ending the fight.

Nevada and South Carolina Post-Mortem

Truck Owners -- is it better to get spray on bedliner, or installed bedliner -- Another ? on edit

Colorized photo of Bernie Sanders' 1963 arrest at a Civil Rights protest in Chicago.

Winston's 185 mph Winds in Fiji: Southern Hemisphere's Strongest Storm on Record

Nice Graphic. Current Delegate and Popular Vote Count

The Caucus Cycle

Why is this not being discussed?

So is Paul Krugman now under the bus?

Chuck Todd: Hillary adopting his message is a win for Bernie (or something along those lines).

What do you think Jeb will be reading now he has some downtime?

"Fact of" Nuclear Weapons on Okinawa Declassified

Black S. Carolina Voters Tired of Being 'Stuck'

Crowd cheer fire at hotel being converted into refugee shelter in Saxony

Meet the 3rd Way Board of Trustees

Chris Wallace To Trump: When Will You Start Acting More Presidential?

Whoops! Looks like Hillary likely won the NV Hispanic vote after all...

There will be only one issue in the general election. Republicans.

Bernie Sanders Schools Clueless Chuck Todd On The Impact Of Citizens United(Full Interview)

When you jump off a cliff...

SEIU fliers paint Clinton as $15 minimum wage supporter in Nevada

The Bush Era Is Over. Clinton Is Next To Go!

Asshole who insulted Michelle Obama with racist commentary fired.

Ad to be released in South Carolina Then nationally

What are you reading this week of February 21, 2016?

Bernie's seance

Officer Fired for Threatening Tweets Back on Force

Venting/Comparing notes: Working people with retired parents or friends

Police: Kalamazoo shooting suspect was Uber driver

I'm beginning to see the gap as unbridgeable.

It's looking very bad these last few weeks at the Mauna Loa carbon dioxide observatory.

Edwards vs. Van Hollen - Debate Schedule - UPDATED

1 person 1 vote..."super" delegates are Fake and not legitimate. Government for, of & by the People

Trump: "We Should Kill Muslims With Bullets Dipped in Pigs' Blood"

Good god! National Review's big headline:

The most awkward moments from Jeb Bush’s failed presidential campaign

The System has no Soul.

I suppose it's too much to ask, but

It is my impression that Sanders is looking for victories, and Clinton is looking for.....victory

Why do the people called "super" delegates get 2 votes... one normal legal legitimate vote like all

Malaysian 1MDB scandal: Who is Goldman Sachs dealmaker extraordinaire Tim Leissner?

Who would an HRC admin will bring in to her Cabinet?

Win me over Hillary Clinton Supporters

Largest Fireball Since Chelyabinsk Falls Over the Atlantic

Let's start the revolution here in the primaries.

Does anyone else find it ironic...

This fight is for our children, our grandchildren, and the planet.

Bill Clinton in Pueblo, CO This is what a crowd of 750 people ready to caucus for Hillary on March 1

Jill Stein looks a lot like Bernie

Here's a startling fact: Trump is the MODERATE candidate in the Republican Primary.

Triple-murderer prisoner keeps mobile phone in his butt for a week

Bernie Sanders is paying for political support!!!!

Posted in GD:P - Let's talk about who an HRC admin will bring in to her Cabinet

Who did you side with in the 2008 primaries?

now that Jeb! is gone, who is next to drop out?

Let's Hear It For Women Over 45!

Who is Bernie Sanders that people are destroying our party over?

I can't stop laughing

Even in an embarrassingly small, expected victory

After Nevada, Bernie Sanders faces struggle to broaden appeal

Clinton on MSNBC CLIP: NV exit polls were wrong that did not match the results.

A Pep Talk for Bernie Sanders Supporters from Tim Black, Check it Out.

Thousands surround Japan parliament in protest at US base plan

When will Trump release copies of checks he wrote to the Clintons?

I believe it is too close to call and too early to call..

Clashes in jihadist-held Iraq city halt after residents seized

I was just on a Slack volunteer meeting that was live streamed on YouTube -

Jose Vargas on MSNBC: I knew it would take a negative slant towards Sanders or his supporters.

Snowden: Would return to US with guarantee of fair trial

Who Would HRC Choose For Her Cabinet: A Serious Discussion

Folks: Not the time to get down

MSNBC: Just showed short clip of Bill Clinton praising Obama.

Colombian army kills seven guerrillas amid rising tension

we need a new forum

Bolivians vote on limits to leftist Morales's record rule

Hillary supporter pretty much confirms the "its just politics" reason for being dirty

For anyone who finds themselves tilting....

DUers the media hacks have all been exposed as

America’s shameful state of decay: Sanders is campaigning on rebuilding the country’s infrastructure

This Is Why Donations TO and FROM the Clintons Are A Problem:

Corporate reformers wreck public schools

Hello dears, Sister has a math question.

Before the corporate media backpedals: Bernie Sanders and media objectivity in 2015

A Pep Talk for Bernie Sanders Supporters from Tim Black, Check it Out.

Its a Tie.. 51 delegates to 51 delegates.. you can give the USSR it's Party "super" delegates back

Snowden and the NSA Is not even an issue in this campaign

"Morgan Freeman dishes on Obama's presidential library"

Sanders is LEADING in the popular vote and TIED for pledged delegates

Zoe Kravitz has a crush

I refuse to give up

Hillary precinct capt calls Bernie a socialist jew

Bernie Sanders' Platform isn't the problem

So we have a GOP talking point repackaged by Fineman. Sorry Fineman, Bernie is no Robin Hood.

I'm not particularly religious but who does "the least of these" support?

Hillary's supporters don't let Bernie's supporter speak in Nevada

Bernie has hit his ceiling.

CSPAN will Air Sanders Rally in Greenville SC at 5 PM today

151,584 votes for Sanders 95,252 votes for Clinton (bush v gore much) Clinton trails by 56,332 votes

Why This Radical Leftist is Disillusioned by Leftist Culture

How bad has Austin traffic gotten?

My Money where my MOUTH (and heart) are!

RNC: Hillary's performance in Nevada "a blow to her struggling campaign"

Looks Like Dolores Huerta Did The Same Thing To Obama In 2008:

In 3 years of searching, Colombia exhumed 28,000 unidentified bodies

Thought it a good time to post this again

In 3 years of searching, Colombia exhumed 28,000 unidentified bodies

I did it my way

Thom Hartmann: The Most Disingenuous Attack Against Bernie Yet

Clinton Wins Nevada by +5.5. Wins Latino Vote. 2 to 1 Cash On Hand Advantage. South Carolina Looms.

Is Bernie Sanders the New Ronald Reagan?

Italian PM warns he may call confidence vote over same-sex unions

Thom Hartmann: The Most Disingenuous Attack Against Bernie Yet

MarcoBot: "It's pretty amazing that the Republican party is the party of diversity"

Governor John Kasich Signs Ohio Bill to Cut Planned Parenthood Funding

Hillary News & Views 2.21: Victory in Nevada! Full Speed Ahead to SC and Super Tuesday!

Israel Dramatically Ramping Up Demolitions of Palestinian Homes in West Bank

The Corporate media

U.S. businessman detained in Iran denied access to lawyer

My thankful outburst today is for clean, running water. I never take it for granted.

Lincoln quote should give us all hope

The attempted destruction of two US civil rights icons recalls to mind the Cultural Revolution.

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 2-20-16 >>>LOOK AT THIS<<

Four reasons why Hillary Clinton’s Nevada victory is important


Yes, South Dakota’s Anti-Transgender Bill Really Is That Bad

Low voter turnout has consequences

Dozens of University of Michigan students complain of norovirus symptoms

Boris Johnson to campaign for Brexit in EU referendum

Wall Street Uses the Third Way to Lead Its Assault on Social Security

Hillary Supporters Don't Let Bernie Supporters Speak, Precinct Captain calls Bernie "Socialist Jew"

Bernie Sanders Campaign Rally in Greenville, South Carolina 2/21/2016

Establishment Party Building. Lose the House, Senate, State Houses, Governships and dog catchers.

Baltimore City Organizing Meeting for Hillary

Who is more lethal...

Amy Goodman Tells CNN Host: Stop Your 'Obsession With Polls' And Report On 'People's Records'

Yelp Employee Fired After Public Post To CEO Saying She Can't Afford Food

The Democratic Party ends pesky Party democracy

Bernie Sanders Campaign Rally in Greenville, South Carolina 2/21/2016

Time Is Running Out For Donald Trump's Rivals To Stop Him

WaPo - Trump won more evangelicals than Cruz in SC

When Hillary attacked Senator Obama for attending black liberation sermons by Rev. Jeremiah Wright

Colombian court bans oil, gas and mining operations in paramos

So we've gone from Bernie Bros chanting 'SPEAK ENGLISH OR DIE!'

Colombian court bans oil, gas and mining operations in paramos

The false promise of political 'realism' in a time of right-wing radical extremism

Russia, US Reach Provisional Deal On Terms Of Syria Cease-Fire

New Hillary Clinton ad: "Stand" (also with Morgan Freeman)

What's for Dinner? Sun, Feb. 21, 2016

Big Bernie Rally in South Carolina - WATCH LIVE NOW

People seem to like this picture of Jeb supporting Bernie

How long did the racial smearing last in 2008?

Hillary Clinton and GoldmanSachs,Citi Bank,Bank America,JP Morgan,Lloyd Blankfein

Legislators speculate on great Floridian to replace Confederate statue

Thousands of chronically ill children in Florida without vital healthcare

Buwahaha! Anybody see this? "Game of Thrones: Winter is Trumping"

Sanders' Future Not Bright if He Needs High Voter Turnout

I'm still voting for, rather than against

Establishment Democratic vs Outsider Republican. A preview.

Suspicions Confirmed: Trump’s Campaign Was A Pre-Planned Con Job

Intercept's Lee Fang (@lhfang) reports facts on media tie w/Hillary Clinton and Republican

Any candidate that would actively try to divide Americans across racial and cultural lines

Hillary Clinton Takes Out Donald Trump And Ted Cruz With A Single Answer On CNN

It comes down to this...

If Sanders Can't Handle Clinton's "Dirty Tricks"

When will Bernie or Hillary concede?

A picture worth a thousand words...

Sanders: ‘We Have Enormous Momentum’ going into South Carolina

Re: The Popular Vote Argument

It's never been about the "icons"'s about what they are being asked to do.

Governor John Kasich Signs Ohio Bill to Cut Planned Parenthood Funding

WTF - Ohio Governor John Kasich Signs Ohio Bill to Cut Planned Parenthood Funding

A new low, Clinton supporter compares Sanders Supporters to Cultural Revolution

Thoughts about sharing..

Lawyer Says Scalia Can Vote from The Grave

Should Elizabeth Warren endorse?

State Department: US rejected North Korea peace talks before nuclear test

Homer Simpson can't Sleep

The Race to Save Syria's Archaeological Treasures

For Jewish Agency, Israeli Arabs an increasing priority

PA. Repub Senator/Funeral Director pushes bill to avoid sales competition by cemeteries

IDF Reservists Debunk ‘Breaking the Silence’ Tantrums, Offer Grownup Approach to Irregularities

SiriusXM Fights to Dominate the Dashboard of the Connected Car

Man Thinks Republicans Will Fix Infrastructure with More Tax Cuts

William K Black: "Krugman and the Gang of 4 Need to Apologize for Smearing Gerald Friedman"

Not all quid pro quo are bribes.

Hillary takes minority votes for granted; Bernie doesn't

An Open Letter to Bill Clinton

Weird article how the FBI should have the power to crack any smartphone...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 22 February 2016

Nasa to release recordings of unexplained 'music' from the far side of the moon

Susan Sarandon had an interesting day yesterday.

Once again Hillary's campaign can't get out of its own way.

"and so we have people chewing on each other’s legs" Les Leopold

Lovely photo...

So looks like Marco Rubio is ineligible to be President as well like Ted Cruz

Hillary supporters: What Is Hillary's Plan to Reduce the Growing Wealth Gap in the U.S.?