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Dating site launches for Bernie Sanders lovers

NV Dems Statement on Reports of Republican Voter Registration Fraud

4x sci-fi fans, the future is ours. Masters of Orion is returning.

Rep. Peter Welch throws support behind Bernie Sanders

Obama abandons all pretense of concern for civil liberties

Estados Unidos es un mejor país cuando juntos le decimos NO al racismo, al odio, y la intolerancia.

Hillary's "Cut it out!" speech at NASDAQ, not Wall Street.


Nell Harper Lee dead at 89.

Manny Pacquiao’s Instagram account calls for gay people to be put to death

This seriously!1!!! sums up DU right about now...

They are going to have to bring a back hoe into GDP to clear out

Tweety is interrupting Jeff Weaver...Clyburn not at all...

Benjamin DIxon: Yet Another Black Journalist Using Race Against Bernie Sanders

Are we dreaming? Charles Koch endorses Bernie Sanders (kind of)

Ronda Rousey Started Playing WoW Because She Wanted to Be in the Movie

Screw you, Bill Clinton! He says Bernie's campaign is "fact-free"

L.A. Times Op-Ed: Timing is everything -- and Hillary Clinton's timing is awful

Senate Bill Would Block Mandatory Labeling of GMOs

Politico: Too-Big-to-Fail Comes Back to Haunt Hillary

Senate Intelligence Committee split on encryption response

Hillary supporters need to ask themselves a couple of things

NY Times: British Retailer’s Straight Croissants Leave Some Bent Out of Shape

Rolling Stone: Obama One Of America’s Most Historically Successful Presidents. Bernie Sanders:....

Google says: The corporate media are TERRIFIED of a Sanders victory tomorrow!

Political Cartoons

Did Bernie Sanders say that it would be a good idea for President Obama to face primary opposition?

(Video) Officers Reunite Quadriplegic Man with Lost Dog

Today is the 74th anniversary of a very DARK day in American History.

Former NYC Mayor Dinkins Hospitalized for Pneumonia

Hillary's 2008 Chief Strategist was COE of PR Firm defending Countrywide

Election funding: some are in big trouble

Judge: Oregon Occupier Can Go Home but Can't Contact Husband

Bill Clinton's Big Dream For Millennials: Moving Out of Parents' Basements

ATTENTION NEVADANS! Go caucus at 11am tomorrow and get free beers! Now that's democracy.

White kid raps Bernie Sander's tweets. Feeling the Bern. Great stuff.

Superdelegates help Clinton expand her lead.

Obama to Democratic Governors: Protect Voting Rights

Sanders Fangirl sings about #FilmTheCaucus

I'm willing to bet that people don't vote for someone they don't trust

Raffaello D'Andrea: Meet the dazzling flying machines of the future

The Week-end Economists: Who's the "Most Hated" this week?

Nevada’s most powerful Latino turnout machine is sitting this race out

Obligatory Westboro Baptist funeral announcement

LULAC Defends Bernie Sanders Against Clinton Campaign attack on immigration bill

Donald Trump has officially become your Idiot Facebook Friend.

Mob chanting at bus of refugees in Germany shames politicians

US Airstrike in Libya 'Likely Killed' Planner of Tunisian Terror Attacks

148 mph wind on Monarch Pass is official; sets Colorado record

Next Christmas - A Texas Flashlight?

Is your state Democratic Party one of the 32 sellouts?

need to find a President...go to Emily's List...

Why Bernie Sanders tawks that way

Why Bernie Sanders tawks that way - a linguistic analysis

"They're Talking About You"

If possible, would you support a brain scan warrant?

The Clintons have a long history of Bankster Campaign Contributions

Bernie Pushes Back Against the Haters

Does this forum serve any purpose? Poll

Interesting Supreme Court History

~*~ What Native Americans in Nevada Want the Presidential Candidates to Know ~*~

Bush staff float resumes with Florida consultants


Meet Flossie Dickey, an Unimpressed, Pie-and-Whiskey-Loving 110-Year-Old Who's Our New Hero

"Stand up. Miss Lee's passing."

POTUS on Harper Lee: "Ms. Lee changed America for the better."

Kanye West Gets Trolled By Philadelphia PD, Go Fund Me Donors

NY Times Magazine: Why Am I Obsessed With a Cellphone Game About Collecting Cats?

Sanders campaign CONFIRMS his identity in 1963 chicago arrest photo

Donald Trump calls for Apple boycott

NRA Suggests Gun Ownership For Women Who Wear Spandex At Night

Another photo of Bernie arrest in Chicago

There's a direct line of connection between GHWB and the Trump phenomenon, as

Pro-Ted Cruz robocall blasting Trump and Gov. Haley on Confederate flag

Luckovich - Scalia's Dissent

In South Carolina, Young Black Voters Could Put Holes In Clinton's Firewall

Two simple questions to all Hillary Supporters

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! Sweet Jesus! & a new Kitteh gif

Henderson, Nevada: The line at Bernie's Future to Believe in Rally is 🍌BANANAS🍌

Arrest photo of young activist Bernie Sanders emerges from Tribune archives(pic)

LIVE Stream: Bernie Sanders Live campaign rally in Henderson, Nevada (2-19-16) Added another stream.

Fiji is about to get flattened by a Cat5 185mph monster storm.

Does anybody think Bill is helping Hillary's campaign?

Secret Memo Details U.S.’s Broader Strategy to Crack Phones

Sen. Bernie Sanders Passes Hillary Clinton Faster than Barack Obama Did in 2008

TCM Schedule for Saturday, February 20, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: 31 Days of Oscar: Day 20

Creative Blackmail - Who is willing to try it and in which part of the country?

The guy from Kansas who is behind the Official Transcript Clock...waiting for Hillary's disclosure.

Sanders Henderson NV Rally & Concert LIVE

POWER RANKINGS: Here's who has the best chance at being our next president

Umberto Eco has died

I'm supporting this man

The President’s Day

Hillary Clinton Emails: Secret Negotiations With New York Times, Trade Bill Lobbying Revealed

Who is David Brock?

John Jacob Niles

Designer Tees for Hillary!

Without superdelegates, Hillary would be trailing Bernie right now.

Hillary Clinton @ Nasdaq

Researchers demonstrate 'quantum surrealism'

Running Against An Opponent Who Makes Loyalty to Our First Black President An Issue

by the way...

FFS Rachel just ran with the republicans are going to vote for Bernie story

Russia fails in UN bid to rein in Turkey over Syria

~*~ Real Solutions for Real People Forum - Reno, NV - Feb. 13, 2016 ~*~

Sanders brother says media still deciding whether Bill Clinton is a nice rapist or terrible rapist

Definitive photo of young activist Bernie Sanders emerges from Tribune archives

Hillary Clinton just can’t win: Democrats need to accept that only Bernie Sanders can defeat the GOP

Rachel doing the whole "Oppose Obama?" routine..

Hillary Clinton Emails: Secret Negotiations With New York Times, Trade Bill Lobbying Revealed

Now that the photos prove Bernie walks the walk on anti-racism...

'Refugee cat' Kunkush reunites with Iraqi family after four-month, 4,000km adventure

BTRTN's Nevada (D) and South Carolina (R) Predictions

What is (in theory) the maximum I can contribute to candidates? I am not

A Best-Case Scenario for Bernie

Why do y'all think I (as a black man) care all that much about what Bernie did over 50 years ago?

School Accidentally Emails 'Hurt Feelings Report' to Parents

Hogan seeking disaster aid. Is it necessary, really???

TCM Schedule for Sunday February 21 - 31 Days of Oscar

Hillary Clinton on cannabis

Have you seen Bernie TV ads in your state? On air in Michigan

TCM Schedule for Monday February 22 - 31 Days of Oscar

If you love Christopher Hitchins...he don't like Hillary

In the name of the Trump and of the Trump and of the Holy Trump...

Ted Cruz, priceless! TGIF-

I'm with Bernie...

Ted Cruz Super PAC Defends Confederate Flag As 'Our Flag' In South Carolina Robocall

Then again it's kinda hard to talk to people who refuse to listen...

Overtime politics Nevada Poll Bernie 49% Clinton 47% undecered 4%

reposting from GD-P nevada poll Bernie 49% CLinton 47% Undecered 4%

Bernie is surging because DEMOCRATS AGREE WITH HIM.

Chris Bell: Wake up, Texas Democrats. You’re about to blow it.

Clinton Emails: Secret Negotiations With New York Times, Trade Bill Lobbying Revealed

New SC GOP poll Trump 31% Rubio 25% Cruz 18% Kasich 10% Bush 7%

Virgin Galactic shows off new spaceship

Hillary Speaking of "Illegal Immigrants": I Voted Many Times to Spend Money to Build A Wall

February sticker/sign count

For everyone who is keeping track:

Breaking Down Walls | Bernie Sanders Ad

I believe that Bernie Sanders is a good man with a good heart, who strongly believes in civil rights

Former UK Ambassador to Syria: "Assad is not going to be overthrown"

Miami police union calls for cops to boycott Beyoncé

We have two candidates who are great on racial and gender issues. But racism and sexism are....

Xiao Gang, China’s Top Securities Regulator, Replaced Over Market Tumult.

Asherah, Part I: The lost bride of Yahweh

Friday Talking Points (379) -- Ranting Back At Orrin Hatch

A Median Scenario for Bernie

Democratic governors: Sanders is just not ready

Court Declines Stay in Redistricting; Congress Elections Off (NC)

Has anyone run across Elect Bernie Thinkers on Facebook?

John Lewis, Jim Clyburn and my very best Heroes

Going Interstellar

Chris Bell: Wake up, Texas Democrats. You’re about to blow it.

One thing that could help the jury decisions

Oregon Bundy Inmates Caught Making Weapons In Jail Cells

OUR FAMILIES, New Bernie Sanders Ad

Ex-Subway Pitchman Jared Fogle Seeks Shorter Prison Sentence

OUR FAMILIES, New Bernie Sanders Ad

In honor of the caucuses tomorrow

LAST CHANCE Record your SC guess. Top 3 GOP and when Jeb! quits

Sign of the day...

Anyone watching? Bernie's on stage singing This Land is Your land....

The more I see rancid attacks on Bernie Sanders

What things have Hillary and Bernie been consistent on over the years?

Colbert skewered Hillary.

How ironic is it that Rep. John Lewis endorsed not the candidate who marched & was arrested

Hillary "TRY" not to lie about the transcripts of your speech. No intention of looking into it.

Repost from GDP: I believe that Bernie Sanders is a good man with a good heart who strongly believes

Can we lance this boil please?

An Elway Supremo appreciation thread...

The Most Satisfying Video in the World

WikiLeaks Cables Reveal US Gave Millions to Bolivian Separatists

U.S. judge says might lift Argentina debt injunctions if permitted

U.S. judge says might lift Argentina debt injunctions if permitted

Bush staff float resumes with Florida consultants

Episode 48 of Extinction Radio is ready to stream

Yes HRC gave the speeches, but she didn't inhale

Eleven years and counting: EFF scores a major victory in its NSA mass surveillance suit

Why we need Bernie Sanders----made by Indie Flare Studios

I honestly don't care what they did 40-50 years ago.

Make Love to Your Gun

Donald Trump will not be the Republican nominee for president

State Releases Clinton Email Batch One Day Before Nevada Caucuses, The Hill

Eleven years and counting: EFF scores a major victory in its NSA mass surveillance suit

Dumb Criminals: Florida (Obviously) Bored Guy Calls 911 To Talk About Hitler

Latin America's CELAC summit debates push back against US power, economic measures

A Bernie Anthem

Walker hit by Oregon target shooter's stray bullets sues for $2.5M

Bernie Sanders' Ads ranked As Most Effective of the 2016 Presidential Race

I just polished off an entire bottle of Mendoza Malbec, Argentina 2014. I should be spanked...

There's an easy way to insure that your candidate wins the primary. One simple step is all it takes.

Does Trump spell the end of our brief era of ideology? (Conservative column)

Marriage equality

Hedge Fund Billionaires Fund Super PAC Ad Against Bernie Sanders and Minimum Wage Hike

Hillary’s Top Donor Just Bought The Onion — Started Publishing Propaganda Immediately

Why did Clinton Cheerleader Maddow do the voting skit on her show?

This City Banned K-Cups—Is Your Town Next?

Trump’s story about killing terrorists with bullets dipped in pigs’ blood is likely not true

"Luis Gutiérrez: Sanders Voted With Republicans"

New poll shows that Black voters really aren’t ‘Feeling the Bern’

Guess who was stumping for Bernie tonight?

Public Integrity calls on Sanders to refund excess contribution from Bill Mahrer

Bernie Sanders On Affordable Child Care

Democratic primary race is rigged.- Thom Hartmann

You can follow Joe Sacco (transcripts guy) on facebook.

Justice Scalia on Indian Law: "We're just making it up"

Hillary Clinton's Emails: Secret Negotiations With NYT, Trade Bill Lobbying Revealed

Is anyone else tired of MSM practically being a campaign ad for hillary ??

Please read about the Nevada caucuses and what is going on.

Hillary LIED to unions about her support of trade deals.

The New York Times and Other Elites Attempt to Stem Growing Demand for Universal Health Care

It's silly to say Bernie doesn't know "what the last two Democratic presidents did".

It's time to make a list of Hillary's policies influenced by donations...

Why the Democratic establishment fears Bernie Sanders

#Black History Month.. This is really cool..

Bernie's Iconic Arrest photo now with sniper fire ........... photoshopped

Happy Nevada Caucus Day! (CLINTON GROUP)

Drunk, knife-wielding monkey pursues bar patrons

Getting buried in this suit of mushrooms could help save the planet.

Villers la ville

I have to say now to those of you with "bugs" in your sig line.

Who agrees... Bernie Sanders is the most Principled politician I've ever seen. He has been

Bernie Sanders And All Those Damn Millennials

This is the historic political movement Bernie Sanders is continuing....

In honor of the Caucases

This too is the historic political movement Bernie is continuing ....

Arrest photo of young activist Bernie Sanders emerges from Tribune archives

WAKE UP! He Can't Win Because They'll Run Socialist Ads, and he was PRAISED by Fidel Castro

Daily Holidays - February 20

Pressure grows on Hillary Clinton to release Goldman Sachs speeches

Could Bernie win by a 10 to 15 pts today ? Caucuses are new to NV. Only 10% of the voting eligible

US MSM to Canada: "The uploader has not made this video available in your country"

Climate Deniers and Electability

Obama Statement on Harper Lee

Multnomah County Sheriff corruption is adding up

Michael Stipe, REM, Shiny happy people supports Bernie.

Another Bernie arrest photo!

Hillary Clinton faces one problem she didn't expect: Money

I just saw my first Bernie arrest video.. Bernie always fights for us... in contrast Hillary was

Annoying Bernie Tactic #1: His "They Asked Me About It" Defense Regarding His Negative Statements

In Nevada, do they settle tie votes by flipping THESE?

I want to see her speeches.. what's the difference between what she tells them and what she tells us

HRC could try saying "I respect your dreams and your passion, and no one should dismiss them"

Mississippi House OKs ban on penalizing male-female union beliefs

Annoying Bernie Tactic #2: Using the old Straw Man Technique

Long Ignored Americans get shown some LOVE!

Trump identifies with Bernie...hehehe.

How does she do it?

Cross post from GDP - How does she do it?

Holy Shite - Fiji hit by Cat5 Winston - strongest cyclone in her recorded history

Calvin: 'I love the culture of victmhood'

Viva Las Vegas-in honor of Caucus Day

A Liberal Court Could Limit Reach of 'Heller'

Will these people be doing security at the caucuses in Reno?

An Oklahoma gun range wouldn't let an Army reservist shoot there because he's Muslim

NRA and Ted Nugent Inspired Hate Mongering and Bigotry

Annoying Bernie Tactic #1: Passive-Aggressive / Mean-Spirited / Rude Comments

actual photo from a recent LePage "Town Hall" Rant-In

Art for a political revolution: artists for Bernie Sanders

Melissa McEwan on Bernie

How the Nevada presidential caucuses work

Hillary's Campaign grows more Brockish every passing day

San Bernardino Shooter's iCloud Password Changed While iPhone was in Government Possession

U.S. women’s soccer team earns Olympic berth with 5-0 win over Trinidad and Tobago

French judge summons former Guantanamo chief in torture probe

Recommendation for How-to photography book?

Four-year-old sentenced to life in prison for murder in Egypt. (1 at the time of alleged crime)

Bush family member points to an actual WMD...and this time, it's not a lie.

Cocoa is for closers!

On caucus eve, Clinton’s allies warn Nevada Latinos to beware of Bernie Sanders

Maddow (aka Mrs. Selective Outrage) is a LIAR

Nixon got a song about how the poor can be conned to vote for rich interests cut from a film

The distortions of Bernie's record on immigration issues have been coming fast and furious.

Ratf*cking Has Consequences: A Note on the Nevada Caucuses

Attempt to place Review-Journal obituary for Hillary Clinton prompts report to Secret Service

Weekly Address: A New Chapter with Cuba

EU referendum: Cameron announces date of vote

I just donated $100. I feel better now. Try it, you'll feel better too. :-)

The Guardian talks to Nevada voters.

Man Captured on Film Being Arrested in a 1963 Protest is Bernie Sanders, His Campaign Says

Clinton defending rapist of 12 year old.

Confederate monuments belong in exhibit, not on streets (LA)

Hillary: Rebel Girl

"Democratic Socialism" does NOT mean "Ceaușescu's Romania" or "Brezhnev's U.S.S.R.".

The Clintons like to binge watch "House of Cards"

How Hillary Clinton Won Harlem

Excerpt: Theodore Roosevelt - "The Man in the Arena"

Scalia giving a Christian lecture

Colbert; 'The Hungry for Power Games''...Republican election talk..LOL

Hillary for MI Flint office donating time and supplies

So Bernie, what was your 2007 vote against the immigration reform bill really about?

The meaning of incrementalism ~~

France plows ahead with plans for Israeli-Palestinian peace summit

Trump: a Presidential Poopy Campaign

"I've got your subtly right here!!!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Chris Bell: Wake up, Texas Democrats. You’re about to blow it.

Revolutionary pulls dirty trick, The People's Tribune of Justice blames Hillary.

Hillary Clinton Emails: Trade Bill Lobbying and Lying to Organized Labor Revealed

Interesting article - How Apple could let the FBI crack your encrypted iPhone

Libya air strike: Two Serbs feared dead in US attack on IS

Michael Moore's new movie, Where To Invade Next is a MUST see

Morgan Freeman Dismisses Concerns About Hillary’s Trustworthiness: ‘Political Hogwash’

When Harper Lee received an honorary degree from Notre Dame, the graduates

Gov Snyder Should Be Waterboarded By Flint Parents With Flint Tap Water

Bernie Sanders’s outlandish plans make Republicans look serious

Bernie Sanders rolls over a deeply mistrusted Hillary Clinton

For 20 years, we've seen how the Republicans will attack Hillary; but how will they attack Bernie?

Get ready for a lot more insinuations that Bernie is a racist

'Ugly Betty' Star's Pitch for Hillary Clinton: 'I’d Like to Netflix and Chill' With Her

"A print reporter has a transcrip of Hillary's talk to Wallstreet"

Taxpayers' Bill Reaches $10M for Christie's Bridge Case Fees

The Jonathan Capehart Saga, Or Why Progressives Have Stopped Trusting the Corporate Media

Bernout: Why I'm Supporting Hillary Now

Trump hails torture, mass killings with ‘pigs blood’ ammo in SC

Now, JANE SANDERS with MSNBC in Nevada, coming up soon say Mika & JoeScar in SC

Do we want someone to be president who has been arrested?

6 Held in Spain Court Probe Into China's ICBC Bank in Madrid

Most moving testimony (for Bernie) yet; brought tears to my eyes.

Remember this bernie supporters

Will Ted Cruz submit to a Urine Test?

Paper is dead.

When will initial results from NV be reported?

This is why I am voting for Bernie and why he will win.

Pluto's Largest Moon Charon May Have Had An Ancient Subsurface Ocean

Flint Farmer's Market's role in mitigating the lack of grocery stores, in Flint.

I threw Fareed Zakaria under the bus years ago

Cyclone Winston hits Fiji's main island Viti Levu

How Sanders, Trump Threaten Market Confidence

The ambulating black hole. . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

The guest worker provisions in the immigration bill made it bigoted & right-wing.

Trump, Cruz And LaRouche On Climate - Spot The Difference, If You Can . .

Trump pledges to be 'neutral guy' in Israel-Palestinian negotiations

2003- Trump 1 Day Into Iraq Invasion: "It Looks Like A Tremendous Success" & "Great For Wall Street"

Uganda's President Museveni declared election winner

I know that the Republicans don't want Obama to nominate a Supreme Court Justice, but.....

Lying Should Be The Easiest Part Of Campaigning

Bill Clinton made racist remarks about Barack Obama on Several different Occasions

Beautiful, Iconic Picture

In Norway, Iraqi migrants reunited with their runaway cat

Meet the Rasa, Britain's hydrogen hopeful

I am an ignorant racist

Clinton lobbied Dem senators to back free trade deals she told voters she would oppose

McConnell's great distraction: "I wonder what they are trying to hide?”

"If you had told me we would see a man walk on the moon" when I was young

Taxpayers’ Bill Reaches $10M For Christie’s Bridge Case Fees

Saturday, February 20th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Lawmakers press for Investigation of Buffet (CLinton big $ backer) owned Mobile Home Business

CNN's Brian Stelter Calls Out Fox's "Insidious Use of Video" In Portrayal Of Black Lives Matter

Sing with us Nevada!

Police officer killed and three others wounded in Mississippi standoff

Republicans in Nevada trying to help Sanders today because he'd be the easiest to beat in Nov.

Bernie is within 3 points of Hillary in swing-state Virginia

OUR FAMILIES - Bernie Sanders

OUR FAMILIES - Bernie Sanders

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: "Sanders is not a Democrat"

Stop Letting Your TV Tell You WHO To Hate.

Congressman Keith Ellison on Why He Endorses Bernie Sanders

The 2016 GOP Race To Crazy Town

Cruz is slime

Team @marty_walsh @BostonForHRC is canvassing in every Boston neighborhood today

Didn't you know Scalia was downright funny when it came to the State of the Union

Rachel Maddow confronts Clinton over Sanders attack: You’re ‘casting aspersions on his character’

Raw: Bernie Sanders Speaks to Reporters in Reno

John Kennedy argued for (European style) universal healthcare

We'd save $5253 per year with Bernie's Single Payer plan... calculate for yourself...

Raw: Bernie Sanders Speaks to Reporters in Reno

How Hillary should explain why young voters don't need a rebel.

Why Did Hillary Vote Many X for A Border Wall to Keep Out "Illegal Immigrants"? Those Are HER Words

Vanessa Misciagna's experience following Sen. Bernie Sanders

Thank you Mr. Skinner

The heartbreaking portrait of two murdered children, made with their own Legos

How Hillary should explain why young voters don't need a rebel.

Vanessa Misciagna's experience following Sen. Bernie Sanders


This photo of Obama and a little visitor at a Black History Month celebration is remarkable


Sanders offers a new narrative. No more confining discussions to the right wing frames.

Pennsylvania family fails in court to save sugar maples from pipeline

The most telling truth at the Scalia funeral is the way in which women are

 Last Night, Rachel Maddow Perfectly Captured What Bernie’s Win Means for the Left (2/10/16)

Evidently, Hillary supporters would have had no problem with Bernie running

Ted Cruz Says Donald Trump’s Immigration Policy Amounts to 'Amnesty'

Live caucus results.

Sanders' Wall Street Tax Could Raise $300 Billion A Year

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz one of biggest recipients of money from payday loan industry

Now I'm getting robo-called by Michigan's Lieutenant Governor!

Hillary has a well-documented history of activism as a young adult

Sanders Earns Endorsement of Nevada's Largest County's Black Caucus

WOW are all the GOP candidates dangerous! They really scare me. Keep that in mind when here. nt

Don Lemon edits out final question to and answer from Morgan Freeman

We can battle it out, but at the end of the day the Supreme Court is the number 1 agenda.

The Elephant and Donkey in the room

What’s Changed in Harper Lee’s Hometown Since ‘Mockingbird’

Is Saudi Arabia a signatory to the NPT? If so, there may now be a "problem".

Clinton up by 17 in Virginia

I say...Yes, I have been "seduced"!

New Email Release Shows Hillary's Key Role in De-Stabilizing the Middle East & Strenghtening ISIS

Hillary up by 40 points

It's NOT "Free Stuff" It's Using Taxes to Fund What We Actually Need

Billionaire Charles Koch: I agree with Sanders

White House responds to Bill Maher petition to President Obama

Overtime Politics Polls

How much of a factor should experience be in electing a President.

The Clinton's and a history of racism

Will Ferrell endorsed Sanders right? Here he is with WJC saying "Caucus for Hillary-UPDATE!

Cruz 'Toon (Corrected)

Voters love Obama's Ideas when they think they're Trumps

Trump. Putting the Blacks way in the back

Rich Tech Bro: "I Don't Want To See Homeless Riff-Raff"

US would let Apple keep software to help FBI hack iPhone

Will Ferrell: Caucus for Hillary! 11 am today!

Awkward? Trump announces he's boycotting Apple - campaign setup merchandise store with iPad checkout

A balanced look at how Sanders would govern as President (NYT)

If Hillary wins it is up to progressives to push Hillary to the left, we cannot become

IT BEGINS: Bush staff sending out resumes

A self-declared European-type socialist will never win the American general election.

Bernie in the tradition of FDR; Hillary a neoliberal

Shit pile spotted outside the Trump rally in North Charleston SC:

Obey Giant Artist, Shepard Fairey, T-Shirts For Bernie. Get Yours Now.

This primary seems so pivotal for the future of the United States

This is a REALLY good blog post from Michael Roberts...........

Black Georgia lawmaker forces sponsor of ‘religious liberty’ bill to admit it would protect the Klan

"All you need, in some cases, is just to say it."

Strangest. Juxtaposition. Ever.

Is Bernie Sanders an Independent or a Dem?

Hillary Clinton supporters to canvass Tallahassee Saturday

VP Joe Biden regrets his vote to repeal Glass-Steagall.

Mysterious goop falls out of the sky in suburban Michigan

Athens Ky

Cyclone Winston: strongest ever southern hemisphere storm hits Fiji

Offering a helpful hint re: avoiding bait OPs

Another poll has dem race tied nationwide Bernie 42.6(+14.9) Clinton 42.5(-15.3)

Follow the Nevada caucuses on twitter! Live updates.

Dolores Huerta: On Immigration, Bernie Sanders is Not Who He Says He Is

On average, Bernie does 11 points better than Hillary in hypothetical Dem/Repug matchups.

A Solution to the Oscars Discriminating Against Blacks

Former Dem official tells Bernie Sanders to go fuck himself

Bernie Sanders is the most ego driven person in politics

reposting from GD-P-national dem race tied

White House defends Sanders against Clinton claim that Sanders has attacked POTUS. Oops.

Oops: White House defends Sanders against Clinton claim that Sanders has attacked POTUS.

NASA’s new telescope will have a view 100 times bigger than Hubble’s (Not James Webb, new!)

The Gadfly and the Grinder

The Media - Will They Stop Trump - The Monster They Created?

Every time I see a post that starts...

Interesting email I got from the Hillary campaign just now.

Coors Field has been defiled!

Sometimes you just have to be Watching The Wheels.

Hey kids! The word of the day is EGO!

Did you know:

The Latest: Kasich Campaign Claiming Victory of Sorts in SC

BSers Are Running Out of Dems/Progressives to Throw Under The Bus

When Jeb! finally bows out, what will the punditry say was the reason for his campaign failing?

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - February 20, 2016

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - February 20, 2016 (Hillary Group)

NY Times: Once A Hillary Clinton Firewall, Nevada Is Hotly Contested and In Play:

Hillary spent the Civil Rights Movement, Working For Republicans!

Hillary Clinton’s week-long sprint to save Nevada

Link to how Nevada primaries function...

This Is Why We MUST See The Transcripts...

Arrest photo of young activist Bernie Sanders emerges from Tribune archives

Manny Pacquiao sure is bent on making a total ass of himself...

Clinton campaign looking for backup on social media

What this 3,000-year-old wheel tells us about Britain's 'Pompeii'

Varoufakis: They want to transfer memorandum to Paris!

Former Charlottesville youth pastor pleads guilty to sexually abusing teen

Bernout: Why I'm Supporting Hillary Now

“Under God” Is Really Just Another Christian Prayer

Uganda's President Extends 30-Year Rule, Detains Rivals After Election

Kurds Warn Turkey of ‘Big War’ Russia has promised to protect Kurdish fighters

So when will we know?

African-American Male, Early Voter, Super Tuesday State

Exercise: sum up each candidate's overarching theme in one short sentence

Chinese Securities Regulator Is Out, but Little May Change

We must cleanse the Federal Reserve

When Pascal’s Wager Goes Wrong

clinton's national lead with hispanics over bernie down to just 3 points !

The time is NOW

White House responds to debate claim that Sanders dissed Obama

Good luck to Bernie today!

Lobby-occupied bureaucrats attempt to bypass the enormous popular opposition against ISDS

REVEALED: Women endure prolonged miscarriages thanks to Michigan Catholic hospital’s abortion ban

Supreme Court declines to intervene in North Carolina redistricting ruling

Bernie arrested! (age: 21)

Breaking!! Bernie Sanders' releases his Wall Street Transcripts!!!

Bernie supporters with electric signs at Reno's arch on caucus night...

HRC Cries Crocodile Tears for Latin-American Immigrants

Is anybody here willing to admit that today's results

Will Ferrell has a message for you, Nevada: 'Caucus for Hillary today' (Switched from Sanders)

Bernie Sanders Civil Rights Video Footage

Bernie Sanders sings "Disco Inferno"

Outside the party, Sanders escaped battered Dem syndrome. Joining it is an intervention.

Vatican says chill, Pope Francis not backing pill (or See, I told you so!)

Vegas Paper: Someone Tried to Place Obituary Notice for Hillary

Vegas Paper: Someone Tried to Place Obituary Notice for Hillary

South Carolina Midday Pick 3 Lottery - 6 6 6 (GOP Primary Today)

Cruz using Scalia funeral to stump for votes in SC

I'm very proud of you Mom!

Bernie Sanders, the Foreign-Policy Realist of 2016

I hope we learned a valuable lesson in Iowa that our opponents are not above shenanigans.

Pups 33 days

Is anyone else as DISGUSTED as I am with the Scalia worshipfest?

Who are Hillary's supporters?

The entire Americas from the top of Canada down to the bottom of Argentina should have open borders

Bernie is our voice and we are his army!!

Xpost from GDP - Who are the Hillary supporters?

Update on Project Dad: not going well


Our Friend , Empowerer, has received a time out

"The Weirdest and Best Undiscovered Photos of Bernie Sanders" (Bailey/Howe archives)

Bernie Sanders was CHAINED to others as they protested segregation!

Climate Deniers and Electability

Sounds like HRC GOTV effort is in high gear in Nevada

"The Weirdest and Best Undiscovered Photos of Bernie Sanders" (Bailey/Howe archives)

Best case for Bernie in Nevada: 54-46.

Battle Over San Bernardino Shooter's iPhone Escalates

"The Weirdest and Best Undiscovered Photos of Bernie Sanders" (Bailey/Howe archives)

Another song for all the peeps... Tick Tock

FULL | Bernie Sanders's Final Pre Primary Speech in Henderson, Nevada (2-19-16)

Nevada Caucus Results (Hillary Clinton Group)

Washington Post: "Hillary Clinton’s polling this year looks a lot like 2008"

Bernie Sanders Jokes About Kitchen Sink

Is Samantha Bee’s Full-Frontal Feminism For or Against Hillary?

Bernie Sanders Jokes About Kitchen Sink

La Mentidosa: Hillary Lie # 7,246: She promises

How to really save the Earth

Bernie Sanders Jokes About Kitchen Sink

This Town Is Encouraging Teachers To Carry Guns.

We need to break up the MSM along with the Banks !!!

Wall St. Healthcare Corporate Vampires Rooting For Hillary


And...we're off in Nevada

Hillary volunteers in NV & questionable ethics--UPDATED

NYT OP: Superdelegates, Clarify Your Role

In case you need a laugh today...

Huff Post op ed: The "Meta-Issues" Behind the Sanders-Clinton Contest

Are you confident about today?

The last Nevada poll before the caucus: Sanders 49% over Clinton 47%

No Spinning a Nevada Loss for Clinton

He has gone to his just reward . . . and here is Scalia telling us just why democracy went wrong.

If Hillary is the nominee, I will donate to her campaign we have to replace Scalia not the crazies.

Carson City, NV caucus line

Standing in line at my caucus now...

Kansas City is feeling the Bern! HQ grand opening happening now! #kc4bernie

One of my Hillarista friends is telling me that KKKarl Rove's PAC

OMFW: Nevada is going to use a deck of cards to settle ties!!

Fun fact: in 1992, Clinton didn't win a single state . . .

Holy mackerel... just tuned in to CNN and my jaw dropped

First US trials of suspected Islamic State sympathizers begin

Live Nevada Democratic Caucus Entrance Poll Analysis

"Sing something from Mary Poppins!"

Dick Van Dyke is a Sanders supporter - shall we throw him under?

Everyone take a little breath and listen to this song.

More live results pages

The IRS seized this North Carolina man’s life savings. Now he’s getting it back

Somebody needs to create a Surfin Bern song ASAP... Never mind it has been done!!!

Dozens Fall From Derailed Ski Lift in West Virginia

Red T-shirtgate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reno, Nevada Caucus Line Looking Awfully Pro-Sanders

Road Berner vs. Hillarcy C. Coyote

Meister: How Studying Religion Made Me a Liberal

Am I correct about the time in saying the Nev caucus

Steve Wynn and Sheldon Adelson won't give their workers time off to caucus...

Hillary Clinton "The Caricature" No one to Blame But Herself

Idaho legislature: Speed up the approval process for oil and gas projects? - check

Dubya's return to SC...a reminder of them good ol' days of McCain's "illegitimate black baby"

This is the header of the sign-in sheet at the precinct. Required to fill in to vote.

LINK: ABC Live Entrance Poll results - 3 pm EST

SolarCity will use Tesla’s Powerpack to deliver solar power even when it’s dark

Nevada Caucus Stream-A-Thon for Bernie Sanders!

Sit back and enjoy Surrealism at Its Best

Me and Baby Brother (War)

Bernie Sanders And Hillary Clinton Over The Years....

Looks like Long Lines being reported in NV and people being frustrated

In A Close Vote, Ground Workers Approve New Contract With Southwest Airlines

In A Close Vote, Ground Workers Approve New Contract With Southwest Airlines

Link To The Caucus Results

In A Close Vote, Ground Workers Approve New Contract With Southwest Airlines

The Young Turks - Live Caucus and Primary Coverage and Reaction

Note to Hillary: Clintonomics Was a Disaster for Most Americans

"Daily Kos" Live Nevada Election Blog--(For those not doing MSM):

Forget "Living Wage/Minimum Wage Corporations/CEO's Cannot Afford It. GOP Agrees.

Here's the caucus process once you are in your precinct.

Chuck Todd is spinning for hrc just after polls close... sounds like bernie is gonna win NV.. imho

What time do we want to crash ActBlue tonight?

Oh Shit Hillary - today ain't gonna be your day in Nevada

The nastiness from Camp Weathervane continues

Zimbabwe releases US-registered plane carrying unidentified body

Let's make it even more challenging. Post your predictions for SC before NV is done.

Wow. I'm agreeing with Chuck Todd and Tweety.

Meanwhile in South Carolina (2/20/16)

Drone footage, Moscow & St. Petersburg

I Am Sick & Disgusted Of The Election Process Already. So Many Unthinkable Things Are Being Said.

Nevada Exit Polls (Hillary Clinton Group)

Seems appropro to post this now. All together now!

What Happens If There Is A Tie In The Nevada Caucuses?

Last survivor of Nazi death camp Treblinka dies aged 93

Quick question: Why aren't the dates for NV and SC aligned for both parties?

Please remember, the first precinct results favored Clinton in Iowa...

Just sit back and listen to this song about our Election Day

Clinton funny business going on in the Nevada caucuses?

Conspiracy Theorists Say Republican Party Did Not Die from Natural Causes

MSNBC all but called it

Dolores Huerta: "On Immigration, Bernie Sanders is Not Who He Says He Is."

Jermaine Jackson Slams Trump for 'Botched Surgery' Comments About Michael: 'This Fool Trump Needs...

Charleston a wild #feelthebern March!

US Airstrikes Kill Serbian Embassy Staffers Held Hostage By Isis In Libya

I had it on MSNBC but turned it off

What's for Dinner, Sat., Feb. 20, 2016

Guest/Panel Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

The Nevada Results Page: 0% of the vote is in, but Hillary already has 3 "delegates"! LOL

Holy cow! NV entrance polls...70% are liberal!

Entrance Poll Math

National Nursesaccuses Clinton campaign of trying to trick Bernie Sanders’ voters at Nevada caucuses

I just had to turn off MSNBC because they are SO PRO CLINTON

CNN Entrance Poll: 49 Sanders - 47 Clinton - 3% Uncommitted

Nebraska AMBER Alert Notification (CANCELLED!!!)

Protests To Rally Across US To Back Apple In Battle With FBI

breaking from twitter

Priest Who Defied Pope, Fernando Cardenal, Dies at 82

Seems like a good periscope

Priest Who Defied Pope, Fernando Cardenal, Dies at 82

Argentina: The End of Post Neoliberalism and the Rise of the Hard Right

Argentina: The End of Post Neoliberalism and the Rise of the Hard Right

CNN saying many unregistered voters at caucus - what?

Schoolhouse Funk (selection by Dj Shadow) "The World is a Ghetto" (WAR cover)

Real Numbers: Reno precinct 1927: HRC: 38 Bernie 16

I see you with my little eye in the sky

I just saw a purple Bernie shirt at the caucus!

Breaking News: Las Vegas Caucus Goers Experiencing Long Lines (local Las Vegas CBS)

Ralston: Reports from field: 400 in line at Green Valley HS.

Ralston: "Hearing Hillary winning big at Caesars--maybe 70-30."

MSNBC Reporting

Harry Enten, 538: Woah on new entrance poll wave... Just woah

Hillary leaving Nevada before results are known (per MSNBC)

Email from Joshua Grossman re: Holding superdelegates accountable...

Hillary won Caesars Palace 70-30

Has Hillary declared herself the winner yet?

Hillary's FIREWALL BERNED DOWN; Latinos break 54-43% for SANDERS

85% Nev Dem Caucus Goers who Consider Honesty & Trustworthyness Important Side 85% w/Sanders

Why Bernie Can Win

Interesting Fact About Caesars Palace in Vegas

Why Hillary Lost Hispanics


Ralston via MSNBC: Clinton wins 6 casino sites

Update: Clarkson "can't have tapes to audit voting machines"

can we agree: long lines causing people to leave without voting is a scandal?

How will Hillary do in rural areas and among culinary workers who didn't endorse?

Jon Ralston on MSNBC:Hillary Way Ahead in Casino Caucus

45.8% Clark County (Las Vegas) in: HRC leads 55-45 (updated)

no discussions being allowed at NV caucus sites - Hillary voters need to get back to work

The Young Turks - Live Caucus and Primary Coverage

The male Hanover Pa's Bald Eagle is sitting on an egg! Watch It Right Now!

Is there a site where the votes are being updated, live? Thanks n/t

Final tally in Caesars Palace. 190 HRC 81 BS

WaPo has early results up, Clinton 50% Bernie 49.6%. There goes the Western Firewall!

CNN Report-Preliminary report

At the Chicago Auto Show

Springfield-area Hillary Clinton supporters optimistic about the Massachusetts primary

What's the deal with the re-alignment of caucuses they mentioned?

SEIU paints Clinton as $15 minimum wage supporter in Nevada fliers

Hemet couple pleads guilty to smuggling over 900 sea turtle eggs

Sanders 50.5-49.5 13.5 % reporting

Explain me this

Chief, dispatch manager complain sheriff’s support of militia endangered the public

CBS Entrance Poll has women under 45 breaking for Bernie, 73% to 22%.

What Vets Say About Bernie

Long lines, too few ballots at Dem caucus locations

MSNBC's entrance poll by ideology

After the Oregon occupation, one of the people arrested argues he was there as a journalist

DNC funneling $ into Hillary in Texas

Why Sexism at the Office Makes Women Love Hillary Clinton

NPR has Hillary up by a point and growing

28.7% in - Hillary 50.8%, Bernie 49.1%. nt

Incrimentalism? I ain't got time for that.

HRC wins all delegates at Doolittle, heart of African-American community

32% in - Hillary 51.7%, Bernie 48.2%. nt

Just back from my precinct caucus...

32% reorting, Hillaryis up by 3.5%

NY Times Op-Ed re: Superdelegates

Clinton’s Campaign Busted Impersonating Union Nurses in Nevada

NY Times Op-Ed re: Superdelegates

33.5% in - Hillary 51.8%, Bernie 48.1%. nt

Coin flips in Iowa now drawing cards in Nevada to break a tie

Deal me in..

Ralston: HRC wins rural Pershing County! (per AP)

Can any of us imagine showing up at caucus as "undecided"? What is up w/ these people?

"How'd he do that? How'd he do that?"

I'm calling it now. Hillary will win Nevada (HRC Group)

37.3% in - Hillary 51.2% Bernie 48.7%. nt

How is it going in Reno?

Chuck Todd: "Right now you'd rather by Hillary than Bernie"

Indonesia's killing fields (1965 mass murder of 1.5 million suspected communists)

The older he gets the more Tom Brokaw looks like George Burns.

38.6% in - Hillary 51.4% Bernie 48.5%. nt

Well, my guinea pigs are rooting for Bernie.

Perhaps a dumb question, but: How can any NV caucus already have "final numbers"

41.6% in - Hillary 51.5% Bernie 48.4%. nt

Reading Pfanz's trilogy on the battle of Gettysburg.

43.5% in - Hillary 51.6% Bernie 48.3%. nt

46.2% in - Hillary 51.6% Bernie 48.3%. nt

ExxonMobil – More than Fifty Proud Years of Melting Glaciers!!

46% In and Hillary is leading by about 150.

It's really a Sanders victory if Clinton wins by less than N percent

It looks like HRC took all the casino caucus's

I keep seeing numbers posted in Hillary Group, but I don't want to read them. Can we get an update

"Roots" - what is the appropriate age for watching?

Over halfway, 50.9% - Hillary 51.8% Bernie 48.2%. Hillary leads by 3.6%. nt

Jeb Bush and Ben Carson expected to drop out, per report

Just left caucusing in Las Vegas. Here are results for my precinct:

Ralston: Strip site delegates big for HRC

More from Nicaragua

Starting to look good for Hillary in NV...

I think Hillary is going to win Nevada by 3-5%.

National Nurses Accuses Clinton Campaign Of Trying To Trick Bernie Sanders’ Voters At Nevada Caucuse

55.2% in - Hillary 51.9% Bernie 48.1%. nt

Hill Yeah!

Why did Hillary leave?

More than halfway there and Hillary extends her lead to almost 4%!!!

Mind the source, but Fox News just called Nevada for Hillary! n/t

Reno is Bernie's only hope. He would need a big win there. How is it going?

Congratulations to team Clinton.

Fox News calls it for Hillary

"They will register after"

How are things going over at the GDP forum? nt

Republicans must have crossed over to vote for Hillary...

Mark my words...

Power poles

Voters in Nevada

59.7% in - Hillary 51.9% Bernie 48.0%. nt

Fox News has called it for Hillary.

About 60% in and Hillary up by 4%, holding steady. I don't think Bernie can catch up.

14 mins. ago - DEAD HEAT - Wapo

Solar Cell Technology Boosts Performance

Clark County (Las Vegas) is maintaining a HRC lead of about 10 points


The kitchen sink

fox news projects Hillary is winner in NA

A much more accurate exit poll: Wolf Blitzer's face


MSNBC calls it for Hillary.

Clinton Edges Sanders for Nevada Win, NBC News Projects

MSNBC calls it for Clinton

I see MSNBC called it for Hillary

NBC has just declared that Hillary has won.

Damn - I really thought he'd pull it off.

NBC calls it for Hillary.

MSNBC calls Nevada for Hillary.

I know a WINNER when I see one!

CBS calls it for Hillary. nt

Time to start recording your surgeries?

I wonder if the Black vote was what sealed the deal

FOX calls it too.

On to SC- Feel the ClyBurn!

Kerry Tells Lavrov He Seeks Syria Truce As Soon As Possible

A response to your petition on Real Time:

It's all about the t-shirts!

As I recall, when you win a Primary, you get "momentum"...

OK fellow Bernie supporters calm down. Relax.

Shocker: Hillary overheard saying as she left Nevada early

Wait, is it a win for Hillary if......

AP, NYT, and WaPo call it for Hillary. nt

It's Going To Be Tough For Bernie Supporters Over the Next 3-4 Weeks

Since it is indeed about delegates

Hillary: Because Change is Hard-Won

CNN (finally) calls it for Hillary. nt

Don't worry. Tad Devine is on top of this!

Can you help me find something? (Offshore taxes uncollected)

Up shortly (per CNN): Hillary Clinton's victory speech

At Least 14 Dead In Clashes Between Army And Islamists In Libya's Benghazi

Hillary Clinton responds

POLITICSClinton’s Campaign Just Got Busted Impersonating Union Nurses in Nevada

Opinion: Renewable energy is at the heart of Middle East economic growth

A Hillary win at the Democratic convention

Maybe Sanders should stop trashing Obama?

Three Things Died In NV Today For Bernie

How quickly momentum can shift...

Congratulations to Hillary and us!!!!!

Sanders Shenanigans In NEvada Caucus


BTRTN Gets It Right YET AGAIN! Hillary Wins Nevada, as Predicted, 52/48, as Predicted!

Elizabeth Warren Needs To Stand Up And Endorse Bernie Sanders NOW

NationalNursesUnited on Twitter

Congratulations from this Bernie supporter.

Can someone explain why OPENCAUCUS.ORG isn't making it's reported results available?

Congrats to Hillary & her supporters..

FBI told San Bernardino County staff to tamper with gunman's Apple account

Exit polls at NBC news are interesting

Syria's Assad says ready for cease-fire

Does a Sanders supporter want to explain this?

Bernie Supporters! On to SC ... Phone Bank ! Donate!! This Isn't Over... REDOUBLE your Effort!

CONGRATULATIONS to Hillary and her team, and to Bernie too. Now, from here...

Just to say I am disappointed about that creepy card draw nt

Bernie supporter chants "english only" to stop spanish translation!

Wow, did anyone see this tweet from America Ferrera?

The Comeback Kid

Does it annoy you when people without race bibs are in the transition area?

I just donated $50 to work against the corporate super PAC money being deployed. Join me!

So happy for Hillary!!

Corruption-Ridden Texas City's New Woe: Undrinkable Water

The Big Loser Today Wasn't Bernie. It Was Karl Rove and the RNC

CNN: Bernie Sanders just called Hillary Clinton to congratulate her...

You cannot expect to win them all in a close race.

My answer to Three Things Died In NV Today For Bernie (from Hillary Group)

If this isn't cheating, it has to be at least putting the finger on

Just an 2008, Clinton lost because she didn't adequately contest Caucus States...

Nate Silver: While Clinton has won the first two caucuses in the Democratic race —

Does anyone think that too much fuss is being made over 400 votes?

Guess Which Republican Candidate Helped KKK Chapters More Than Double Last Year

Hillary people CONGRATULATED Bernie on his NH win. Any Bernie folks reciprocating?

The Clinton firewall is destroyed

Nate Silver: While Clinton has won the first two caucuses in the Democratic race —

Gotta get off the site for the night

I am happy to congratulate DU's Clinton supporters

Email from Bernie: Results from Nevada

As The Entry Polls Consistently Demonstrate, "It's Her Dishonesty Stupid!"

Firewall!!! Firewall!... Firewall..... SQUIRRELSQUIRRELSQUIRRELSQUIRRELSQUIRREL!!!!!!!!!!!

Bernie Sanders released a concession statement

to everyone who now thinks this race is over, SAVE IT

So.....Nate Silver nailed Nevada

Let's crash Act Blue! Are you in?

For those celebrating, or mourning, NV-watch the Republican speeches

Question - did Apple shut down access to their phones *AFTER* the Snowden revelations?


A discussion about super delegates

The Nevada Caucus is a Complete Fiasco

in the Dollar Store....too expensive

Chuck Todd: Sanders has limited plan for Super Tuesday...

Hill may win primaries but will lose the general

Are Nevada Caucuses winner take all or are delegates awarded proportionally?

After all the bitter fighting and all the alerts and all and all and all

E-mail from the Bern himself: Results from Nevada

Looks like Bernie may have done better than Obama did 8 years ago where Hillary won by 6%

Primary Puppy Break

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton coming out to speak!

Did I hear correctly, did MSNBC just say Sanders won Hispanic votes by 9%?

Bernie proved he's not a "whites-only" candidate today.

There's a poster here who seems to believe I've been pro Hillary the entire time. Most of you have

from Facebook, cute: (Bernie)

Shouldn't Abuela have stomped him?

HRC supporters are not entitled to arrogance and downtalk today.

Group hug!! Let us dance!!

If you're a progressive who supports HRC, you shouldn't WANT the race to be over.

Donald Trump in Triage Mode After Shocking Conservatives With Health Care Comments

2-15-16 The Commies are Coming in 2:00

2-15-16 The Commies are Coming in 2:00

2-15-16 The Commies are Coming in 2:00

To us!

Sanders speaking right now nt

The Good News for Bernie Sanders Supporters

Ask Steven Leser if I'm a Hillary supporter, we went at last night. LMFAO!

Reports Clinton Campaign Operatives CHEATING Stealing Votes? Looks Like 2000!

Some on the GD-P board seem to be losing hope

So did Harry Reid just hand the primary to Hillary?

Bernie's biggest problem, as explained by the caucuses

Sounds like turnout was down again?

James Webb Telescope Documentary - Tonight on Discovery Channel 9pm est

OK let's all go to South Carolina!

Bernie is blowing smoke

Gen X DUers: Re: The Donald (and our candidates too)

Do I have to be gracious? Oh Okay. Congratulations to Clnton supporters

Here's the thing. Bernie wasn't supposed to get this far

I'm so sick of pundits like Rachel Maddow talking about 2008

Bernie has earned 49 delegates to Hillary's 47 (MSNBC just showed)

The entrance polls said Nevada’s Latinos voted for Bernie Sanders. That’s unlikely.

All of the 'Hillary will lose' threads just.blew.up

Sen. Sanders Statement on Nevada

You can still make it to Texas Hillary! it's only 6pm here

I have not yet begun to fight.