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More batshit crazy Oregon militia news

Oops!!! Duplicate thread.

French demolish migrant church, mosque at migrant camp

New Iowa Caucus Results!

Private Prison Lobbyists Raised Cash for Hillary Clinton:

You're traveling at 80 miles per hour.

Not Even Social Media Can Find Medicine in Venezuela

VOX: The sneaky language today's politicians use to get away with racism and sexism

Fear and paranoia lead Finns to form vigilante groups (neo-nazis)

Clinton volunteers knocked on 51k doors today, 238k since Friday

What Bernie Sanders Has Already Won

Iowa Caucus Live! - YouTube Bernie Stream-A-Thon

The bookies are going with...

It is time for Iowans to start the American people's revolt against the establishment!

Chuck Todd: There really is some anxiety in both parties tonight.

Kyle Kalinski takes apart WaPo's "hatchet job" on Bernie Sanders

Better call Saul is now streaming! N/t

The Ruling Class is HORRIFIED of Bernie Sanders and is pumping out propaganda to destroy him

Maple sap running early because of warmer weather in Maine

Trump's foul weather fans:

US General Calls 'Carpet Bombing' ISIS Against American Values

Looks like BIG turnout!

Why did Donald Trump cross the road?

I cannot wait to see McCaskell's face when Bernie wins this. She needs to be primaried ... n/t

I locked the thread by OS

Richard Dawkins accidentally tweeted a link to Neo-Nazi propaganda

Why did Chris Christie cross the road?

Trump loses!!!

Huffpost: Bernie Sanders Made The Only Attack On Donald Trump That Actually Worked

Theory: Al Franken is angling to be HRC's running mate.


Why did Jeb Bush walk across the road?

Luckovich - Ground Hogs Day email scandal

Ok, so I'm at my caucus site...

At what time do results start to come in in a caucus?


Isn't it Exciting???

Trump Depending on High Turnout of Horrible People---Borowitz on Iowa

‘Kill 500 Israelis,’ mourners demand at funeral of PA gunman

I was just on I-94, cruising at 80 mph

Right-Wing Media Smear Mosque Before Obama's Visit

Anti-smoking groups come to Obama’s aid on trade deal

CNN: unusually high voter registrations.

From Twitter: "If Sanders Wins Iowa, expect..."

What if the majority of Democrats in '08 thought that a black man with a middle name of Hussein...

Does anyone know

@Hillary4Florida--Hillary's team has been working Early Voting in #Florida (March 5th-12th)

Aaron Hernandez praises Tom Brady, tells pen pal to commit suicide in prison letter

Chicago’s Catholic Colleges Grabbing Labor Headlines

The crowds shown on MSNBC do NOT have many Millennials!

WaPo - Democrats would be insane to nominate Bernie Sanders

What party are/were your parents?

If Trump were to shoot himself

Brian Williams about entrance poll. "Don't believe everything you hear"

Good luck to each of our candidates

CNN talking about *tons* of first time caucus goers tonight.

POSTPONED: Women United for Donna - Baltimore! Monday, February 15th!

MSNBC: entry polls too early to call, "indication" of lead for Trump, Hillary.

Bill Moyers Flashback: Elizabeth Warren Tells a Story About Hillary Clinton, Wall Street & Lobbying

Hillary appears to have a LEAD!

**live Iowa Caucus report**

Now, new Ed Schultz News Show Covering *IOWA CAUCUS & Interview w BERNIE, 8 PM ET

Report: Peyton Manning has told close friends he’ll retire

CNN: First Time Democratic Party Caucus Voters down from 2008

Rachel just pointed out that entrance polls in '08 showed an HRC lead in Iowa....

Good early news for Hillary - CNN entrance polls

Hillary Clinton cannot win the general election

Bernie will win my precinct 2 to 1!!! (results added)

Iowa District 64

I'm at Des Moines 42. Heavy turn out and lots of sanders.

Good early news for Hillary - CNN entrance polls

Iowa Caucus thread # 1 Add what you want

Thanks for clearing things up...

LMFAO: 7 Republican hopefuls buried under the "show more" flap on HuffPo's Iowa page

One nice thing about caucuses - the only thing

MSNBC Republican enterance poll. 63% Evangelical. 26% Cruz, 24% Trump

Federal agents report finding 8 pipe bombs in Florida man's home

Betting markets: Clinton down to 63% from about 73% earlier today.

I'm out for tonight.

For the first time in my adult life, I'm afraid our democracy might not survive this election

Thanks to everyone who is attending a caucus tonight.

Howard Stern 'Wack Packer' Crackhead Bob dead at 56

I have a feeling we are gonna owe Iowa


University of Oklahoma Professor Slams Students Supporting Sanders in OpEd

I'm thinking I like CNN's coverage better then MSNBC......anyone else? eom

CNN Enterance Poll: Ideology

May I suggest Bernie2016 TV? They are showing lines at caucus site.

Hey, who won the caucuses?

Can't is not a word...

Zika speculation that's straight out of a Michael Crichton tale

Would Automatic Voter Registration, like in Oregon and California, Doom the Republican Party?

who is the young girl sitting next to trump and his gold digger?

Reminder: you can download the Iowa Caucus reporting app and play along...

Why the Iowa caucuses are a complete ageist and classist fraud

CBS Entrance Polling: Trump 28 Cruz 23 RUBIO 22.... HRC 51 Bernie 42 MOM 3

GREAT NEWS!!!!There are so many dems at Precinct 41 that they are moving us outside to be counted

CNN Enterance Poll: 27% Trump, 22% Cruz, 21% Rubio

This just in: the House is going to spend time not overriding the ACA Repeal Veto tomorrow

A few early caucus notes.

As Trump speaks to the crowd in that church, you can tell he's thinking...

Renowned Anthropologist Says Donald Trump and Alpha Male Chimpanzees Play the Same Political Game

Monroe County, 25% (at the moment)

I'm going to use the bathroom.

Reporting live from the heart of Des Moines. Reddit repost

CNN Entrance Poll: 50% Hillary, 44% Bernie, 3% O'Malley

CNN entrance polls

Remember what CoffeeCat said

Bernie 2016 live stream of caucus results

CBS ENTRANCE POLL: 34% of Trump voters had a hard time trying to find the entrance.

CNN entrance polls

Sandy Hook "truther" wanted probation, he's going to get jail.

The race tomorrow: Trump - Rubio

Coralville, IA. 55% Clinton, 45% Sanders

Democrats, Republicans Agree on Four Top Issues for Campaign

Since the votes are not yet in, I'm reduced to watching Trump sitting. May I share a thought!

Don't Read Anything into a Caucus Victory or Loss

Wait, Tad Devine is running Sanders' campaign?

Iowa Republican Caucus preliminary results

CNN with 14% reporting

Bernie Sanders has a lot of respect for Hillary Clinton. He's known her for 25 years ...

Steve Schmidt is parroting the Bernie is a socialist line, says repubs

Dem Moines Caucus site: 57% Hillary, 42% Sanders, 1 O'malley supporter went to Hillary

Who's Been Jivin' You

St. Brigid’s Day, February 1, marks the start of Celtic spring

I see Sanders supporters campaign is still almost entirely attacks of HRC. McCarthyism never dies.

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Everything Old is New Again! & a new Kitteh gif

The Trump Party vs. the Republican Party


28% of the precincts in. Bernie is behind by 5%. We could take this

Wherever the repug precinct caucus is now showing being counted,

This will tighten

If Cruz finishes behind Rubio tonight, is he still competitive in that race?

The despair of the US if Trump is POTUS

MSNBC aerial shot of gym in Iowa City has 4 times as many Bernie voters as Hill's. UPDATE w/pic:

Cruz pulling ahead of Trump---early in the voting still

2006: Corporate Dems had no problem with Bernie giving Democrats a majority in the Senate

Ted Cruz really blew it in the final days of the campaign.

Uncommitted voters; Clinton campaign voters; Sanders campaign voters who didn't get in on time

Results Pacific junction, IA

Jeb Bush’s Last Rally in Iowa Weighed Down by Dated Conservatism & Reports of Paid Chair-Fillers

Miami motorist pulls over police officer for speeding

*Bernie Money $ Bomb This Week, Win or Lose? Yes, For The Great Effort and More to Come!

David Fry live on radio taking calls now

The Canadian is beating Trump. Go Canada Go!! ROFLMAO

I ave really liked O'Malley but I wonder how long he will be able to stay in the race

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, February 2: 31 Days of Oscar, Day 2

I feel badly for Governor O'Malley

When did it switch from exit polls to entrance polls? I missed something I think. nt

Bernie's got this

51% of Iowa Precincts reporting: Clinton 51.3 / Sanders 48.2 / O'Malley 0.5

Does anyone understand how the assignment of delegates works in a caucus?

NPR: Dem caucus goers skewing female (55%) and born before 1970 (over 45)

I'm calling it

The Dump Trump Movement

Where does Bernie Sanders stand on Israel?

For those not venturing beyond the Democratic Party Caucus results...

Iowa Democrats...

Oh dear... I was banned from the Bernie group

What is the MSNBC question about Bernie Sanders military "correspondents"?

Anyone else finding that Trump's rallies are reminding you more and more of this movie scene?

bzzzt! F bomb on MSNBC!

"And the VA is more fucked up than ever since I haven't gotten my benefits in 3 months"

The Hateful Eight Ball with Samuel L. Jackson

Chris Hayes: O'Malley supporters go to Clinton 2/1.

What happens when a caucus runs out of voter registration forms?

Meanwhile... in GOP Land...

Looks like we're looking at a potential draw here folks. nt

So does Jeb! close up shop after tonight?

Fox to reduce workforce; targets $250 million in budget cuts

52% of Iowa Precincts reporting: Cruz 28.8 Trump 25.1 Rubio 22.2

CSPAN REPORTS O'Malley people going to Bernie

Archbishop Says He "Didn’t Know" It Was Criminal To Have Sex With Children


Has anyone given the total Dem. voters that showed up tonight?

If Bernie loses tonight... we REDOUBLE our efforts. We call our relatives in future primary states.

I predict a pissy look on Trump's face if he doesn't win tonight.

If Carson had dropped out, Cruz might have been able to blow Trump out of the water...

In my very red suburb: Clinton 6; Bernie 4

Donald Trump Says Soldiers 'Go For A Little Ride' When Roadside Bombs Hit

Highway Song

Tweet: Iowa City: All 500 go for Bernie!!! Hillary not viable.

Pittsburgh Cop not charged with the video & tell me what you think

Wrong date showing

New voters who registered at my caucus were 90% for Bernie - hopefully...

Which Rethugs will pack it in after tonight?

I haven't had this much fun since my dog died

HA! Iowa City caucus chair battery died,

Tweet to Trump - Got to get Rubio out

Under 2% difference at 74% in.

CNN: O'Malley dropping out

MOM to suspend campaign

Things to Know About Delegates at Stake in Iowa Caucuses

Martin O'Malley To Suspend His Presidential Campaign

Edit: 50.0-49.4

I’m disturbed.. Cruz might win this thing.

Figured out what Bernie has to do to win or tie

Chicago teachers' bargaining team rejects contract offer

Chicago teachers' bargaining team rejects contract offer

saw on twitter and now heard it, MOM dropping out tonight. nt

An amusing thought

Hey Martin O’Malley is a young man..

If Cruz wins , Trump will go full birther throttle, send his people to Cuba and hire Orly Taitz.

MSNBC just said it's 50% HRC-49% Bernie...73% in.

Clinton, Rubio, Cruz Receive Foreign Policy Advice From Same Consulting Firm

Missing Dan Rather tonite. In depth coverage of republicans on MSNBC.

Bernie has shown tonight that his is as electable as Hillary

Thank you, Martin O'Malley, for an honorable campaign well run.

U.S. arrests Hezbollah members on charges of sending drug money to Syria

Clinton=50.4% Sanders=49%

Wait, wait for it...

O'Malley suspending campaign tonight. n/t

I'm Saddened

Man Who Threw Tomatoes At Donald Trump Receives Massive Online Support From Groups Against Trump

Why SHOULD a Dem president wear a tux to the inaugural ball?

U.S. budget plan includes over $13 billion for new submarine - sources

Have Trump supporters started the tomato-throwing yet?

I'm very sad tonight...

Does Martin O'Malley have a published email address? I'd like to pledge my vote to him in his next

Martin O'Malley to suspend his campaign at 9.30 tonight in an Iowa speech

79 percent reporting. Clinton 50; Bernie 49

MSNBC coverage

Pentagon to hike spending request to fund fight versus Islamic State

I can predict a new Bernie theme:

MSNBC just reports Bernie has a chance!

Flashback Blues

Trump = Loser - NBC has called Iowa for Ted Cruz

I can predict a new Bernie theme:

10:17 - one single percent difference. 82% reported. WOW. 50.2 - 49.2 now 0.2 at 90%

So, what happened to all those complaints about Microsoft "fixing" the vote count?

How in the world did I correctly predict the Republican results in Iowa?

Trump is ONLY 1.4% ahead of Rubio with 83% reporting

I hope trump beats cruz

Tonight's events are fascinating!

Now that MSNBC has gone full Republican, where do liberals turn?

99% in and Cruz still 6,000 ahead of Trump

A majoirty of the outstanding precincts in Iowa...

No death blow tonight

A Big Hearty Hug to EllenG - Your Support of Martin O'Malley was Epic!

AP: Ted Cruz bests Trump, Rubio in tight Republican caucuses

MSNBC projects Cruz as the winner in Iowa.

Federal Agents Report Finding 8 Pipe Bombs in Man's Home

Cruz won Donald who?


Where is the Ted Cruz Birther Forum

Trump's ass got beat. This would be fabulous. Too bad it was Cruz.

Tronald Dump Decalred a LOSER

MSNBC's graphic shows Jeb! in 6th place - I'm actually surprised he's that high.

FOX calls Iowa for Ted Cruz

Predictions for forthcoming Trump Tantrum?

Clinton lead down to 0.6 nt

Trump A Loser. Cruz A Santorum.

Joe Trippi: Sanders underperforming in College towns...

BWAHAHAHA !!! Clinton claiming victory, much like W in Florida!

MSNBC reporting Hillary is going to declare herself the winner!

MSNBC: Hillary Camp "declaring victory"

HRC declaring victory, per msnbc.

NPR: razor thin win for Hillary, 50.1 - 49.2%

Trump is a...should I say it....

Clinton declares "victory" while votes still being counted. NBC says, not so fast. n/t

I don't see either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton serving more than one term...

hucklberry suspends campaign net

Winners called: Cruz Trump Rubio. Best of all: Bernie/hillary less than 1% difference!

Huckabee is out.

Huckabee ends GOP presidential bid

Huckabee suspends campaign...msnbc

And the GOP winner tonight is the Slimy Sewer Rat

Rachel says it is STILL too close to call and Hillary's camp may be trying to influence the outcome

fuckabee is out

Mike Huckabee suspending his campaign. CNN

Tonight's result proves the political revolution is real-AND GROWING

fuckabee is out O'malley is also out

Republican caucus in Mills County IA was a mess

Maddow said Trumps absence from the debate did him in.idk

Big turnout in our precint

Tomorrow morning...Trump will call for walls around Cuba and Canada.

Clinton at 49.9%, Sanders at 49.4% with 84% of the votes in. Could not be closer.CNN

TV ignores the Iowa Democratic Party Primary

UPDATE: Des Moines Register: Clinton - 49.8%, Sanders 49.56%

After Clinton declared Victory the race tightened from 0.8% to 0.5%

MSNBC -- Bernie delaying planned departure from Iowa

85% in

Trumps concession speech...

Guatemalan soldiers to answer civil war sexual slavery charges in historic trial

Sad and short-fingered vulgarian (((PIC)))

To Martin O'Malley supporters --

All bullshit aside... what were the poll results Clinton supporters were screaming from the rooftops

Marco Rubio. A new American Century. Any connection to

Rubio is all sour grapes

Attn Rubio

A razor thin race on Democratic side, so M$M all cut to Rubio speech. argh. WTF? nt

rubio needs a drink

.6% difference between Sanders and Hillary!!!!!

David Axelrod on Twitter: "Tough game politics. One day you're a peacock, the next

Bernie to within .5% and Hillary SLIPS BELOW 50% AFTER CLAIMING VICTORY! nt

Ex-secret service agent who stole $800,000 in bitcoin newly arrested

I've been cheering along to Rubio's speech ...

Oh crap, now we have to listen to rubio!

What happens to MOM delegates now that he has suspended his campaign?

Enough Rubio already!!! Come on M$M do your job. What about the toss-up Dem results??? nt

Although each side desperately wants bragging rights for the 0.3% "win", it's basically a tie.

Clinton Drops Below 50%


0.4% margin

Marco Rubio is an Idiot

Why the hell would Hillary declare victory in a race this close?

Looks like he needs a sip of water lol

Don't look now

Live caucus!

Fine line between HATE and thinking someone is a

Who wins the Iowa caucus? Is it votes or delegates?

Palin bet on the wrong bozo

MSMBC Is giving the stage to 3rd rank, 3rd place winner Marco Rubio?

"It's a virtual tie" is today's euphemism for "my candidate lost".

Why is ALL the news focused on the Republican side?

Momentum = starting FIFTY points behind, and crossing the finish line an eyebrow behind.

Can you say ZERO POINT TWO with 11% remaining to count!

Trump : I don't need a concession speech.

Google Iowa delegate results

Unelectable? Bernie has 21 delegates to Hillary's 19!

Trump's hair is now addressing its supporters. n/t.

Delegates: Bernie 20, Hillary 19

Trump is on MSNBC. Gross.

Who's this wig wearing pumpkin on my tv? Nt

49.8% Clinton 49.6% Sanders Now - .2% Difference

Former judge pleads guilty to having defendant shocked

Welp... Tsongas, Bradley, Clark, Edwards, and now O'Malley

Clinton 49.8, Sanders 49.6

So. If O'Malley's voters went to Sanders, he'd be up 0.4%

Nate Silver?

Liz Cheney is running for congress in Wyoming, and she blew it already.

Google has Bernie with 20 delegates; Fox with 21. Both to Hillary's 19!

Trump ESPECIALLY orange at concession speech???

Posted elsewhere around 8:30 " CBS estimates Hillary with 51%, Sanders 42%."

haha..funny tweet...

I don't care who you are/how angry you are/aren't, THIS is the fun stuff.

.24% separates Hillary & Bernie

Bernie was down by 1.5% with 80% reporting, now down 0.2% with 89% in.

No it's ALL Trump. Even though Des Moines Register just gave Bernie more delegates than Hills.

Hillary declares herself winner simply to steal attention, sow confusion,

Trump's gunna go back to Iowa to buy the farm?????


"Maybe I'll buy a farm"

Lions rediscovered in Ethiopia's Alatash game park

The Trumpolini has a sad

Debbie Wasserman Schultz?


MSNBC just showed it as 50% HRC-50% Bernie.



Something for the Sanders folks to think about as we go to New Hampshire...

If Bernie wins tonight

Should someone should tell the Republican candidates that President Obama isn't running again?

The Afghan Boy Who Wore a Plastic Bag As a Soccer Jersey Will Meet Lionel Messi

Andrea Mitchell seems SO sad

Wow, egg on the face of the HRC campaign

Does anyone know if turnout

cruz is the new huckabee

Polk Co is heavily Clinton country and has a lot outstanding still

New Mexico Senate attempts to slowdown bills in committees

Christie...2,917 votes.I had more people at my family reunion.rofl

Random thought: The Candidates aren't actually racing

I've been saying Cruz would win for months.

Bernie has 21 delegates. Clinton has 19

NEVADA. Know anyone there? Call 'em! TOMORROW!

Donald Trump reacts to getting schlonged in Iowa

Unbeatable vs Unelectable are tied.

Hillary needed to take a page out of Obama's book tonight.

Well, group, it's been a great ride

Iowa caucus 2016 Hillary Clinton wins Iowa precinct by coin toss

Chamber of Commerce Lobbyist Tom Donohue: Clinton Will Support TPP After Election

Shit Just Got Real

Just for the record, Mike Huckabee won Iowa in 2008.

Thank You Martin O'Malley

Well, epic job by the Sanders campaign today. Props.

Where can I stream a teevee feed?

Hillary Is A Poor Sport... NO Character Candidate With 90% in TIED 50-50 Declares "victory?

SiriusXm radio HRC campaign is claiming victory.

Hillary Clinton wins Iowa precinct by coin toss ** UPDATED **

Martin O'Malley: Thank You

Now this is a cool tweet: "A minimum wage worker is just as loud a billionaire tonight."

Democratic race in Iowa caucuses leans toward Hillary Clinton

Clinton goes back over 50%

This seems to be another not-very-good night for pollsters

Chamber of Commerce Pres.: Clinton will support TPP after election

Is this the beginning of a Trump decline?

Is HRC gonna make a speech tonight?

Numbers so far at POLITICO....

HRC and SBS delegate count tied at 21 apiece, with 2 delegates still unpledged

Rick Santorum in 2012: 29,839. Rick Santorum in 2016: 1,666

concede. why should he? nutso reporting.

Dr. B. Carson: I am not going anywhere.

Hillary got the Super delegates from Iowa giving her more delegates.

Breaking News. Hillary declares victory and the nomination with 49 states left to vote.

Love that Cruz won in Iowa

Steve King is looking like he's having an orgasm back there. nt

Establishment won tonight. Clinton vs Rubio

I Can't Stand Cruz!

With 92% of the vote in:

Did Jim Gilmore actually get zero votes? Was he an option at all in Iowa? (UPDATED)

It's Historic! Jewish POTUS candidate wins delegates for the first time ever!

The embarrassment

Whoever gets to 701 enhanced delegates wins

Pervy Ted Cruz molests little girl for photo op

Cruz will not win the nomination

WTF does "morning is coming" mean?

Operation chaos needed more than ever. Supprt trump and help Hillary.

Bernie Sanders din't win the nomination tonight...

Cruz in victory is UN FUCKING BEARABLE

Well, damn. Sanders surrogate caught admitting to bribing iowan voters

Seltzer, 538, and all the rest are proved to be WRONG

Ted Cruz is so smarmy.

CNN cuts away from Cruz for Clinton speech

Ted Cruz just gave the most noxious and overly-religious speech.

Clinton giving speech now (eom)

So Sanders was expected to do really well in the larger college towns, Clinton in rural areas

Um...WHY are they (the media) pretending these aren't historic victories, either way?

Yes we can...

A least we know who the white rural RWNJ vote is going for

"I am a weathervane who gets things done," Clinton says

Seems that pollsters were totally wrong on both sides


Hillary delivering victory speech ...

Why is Hillary screaming (or shouting as someone suggested) ?

Hillary just promised Universal Healthcare for all

Clinton wins Iowa precinct by coin toss

Hillary really looks beautiful tonight

So what did Hiilary's campaign know that we didn't know when she

.7% difference with 93% of precincts reporting. Does anyone know

I'm trying to be gracious but watching her makes my teeth hurt

Sanders beats Clinton

Has Hillary released her medical records yet? Because I seriously question her mental health

OMG, people are ROASTING Cruz @TedCruz

Hillary now talking about

REDDIT's Political Leanings

I am so glad I am a Democrat

Did anyone just see that?!

Hillary currently leading in delegates - 28 to 21 - 93.6% reporting.

Edit: Still .1% with 1669 of 1683 precincts (99%)

"Sigh of relief"???

The Iowa state page has Bernie back up w/in .2%, even while Hillary's making her victory speech.

Nobody is winning this

Live county count here! Go watch!

Back to 49.8%H to 49.6%B with 93% reporting right now...

Hawkeyes must Moonlight as Firefighters Because Tonight they Extinguished “The Bern”


Ya Know I love Rachael but..

Tactical Error by Bernie Campaign

HRC's state delegate lead down to 3...656 to 653.

Anyone know what the numbers in the hundreds mean?

C-Span: Clinton voter fraud in Polk County, Iowa Caucus

For a state where 43% of likely voters consider themselves socialist, Clinton did very well


Bernie Sanders Speeech Official Thread

...and heeer's Bernie!

This close of race has to be embarassing to hillary. Nt

To Hillary: Great Speech

Ted Cruz won Iowa so now we only need 3 more Horsemen to join him.

I'm not going to say Ted Cruz is the personification of evil on Earth but

Iowa means nothing!

Bernie's speech is great

Iowa county count

Thanks, Senator Sanders.

Bernie is killing it

Bernie is a true gentleman

If another popular moderate Dem were in this like last time, Bernie would have won easily

Iowa county count

*Now, Bernie Speech "A Tie" Livestream MSNBC :)

This is really soooo wrong but I laughed. "Sorry Donald"

Bernie speaks the truth, and nothing but the truth! I saw a young girl today who

Sanders: "While results still not known, it looks like we will have about half of Iowa delegates"

Sanders line I'd like to see. "The 1% are about to run out of other people's money! No more

How many times have pundits been wrong?

Bernie Speaking Now...CNN

Sanders is a trojan horse

Why is Sanders screaming?

Meanwhile Trump's loss in Iowa = Rubio up by 27% at Predictwise

Groundhog dies day before "forecast"

I just contributed again to the Clinton campaign - please join me right now.

Any word on Dem turnout numbers? The RePukes at 180,000 from what I heard.

Sanders rally chant: 'She's a liar!' until they cut them off

Fuck corporate America.

Martin O'Malley Suspends His Presidential Campaign.

"Iowa has begun a political revolution!" Go Bernie, go!

What' we've begun tonight is a POLITICAL REVOLUTION...

Ezra Klein on the results and speeches

Despite sales tax cut, Argentine auto sales fall 15% in January from same month last year.

RECOUNT!!! Iowa caucus coin toss to to VIDEO

Chuck Todd: No winner will be declared tonight

Who's the guy on MSNBC with the goatee? Chuck Todd?

Thanks! To those of you who can handle the battle, I enjoyed the evening...

MSNBC: Still too close to call! May Not Be Able to declare a winner tonight.

The two Democratic parties fight to a draw in Iowa

Ed Schultz interviews Bernie on his new show

“My whole life I've been greedy … Now I want to be greedy for the United States”

Clinton caucusgoer trying to convince 88-yr old O'Malley supporter:Bernie is too old to be president

Both of their Speeches were Masterful, and for different reasons.

I have a feeling

Anyone notice how smoothly DU is running tonight?

CNN: Official Iowa Results Will Not Be Announced Till Tomorrow


Appreciation for John King

If both candidates get the same number of delegates

In Iowa, the 8 super-delegates may be the tiebreakers.

Bernie Sanders: "The people of Iowa have sent a profound message to the political establishment"

Since when is a caucus decided by coin toss?

It's a win for Bernie and everyone knows it.

Just heard on MSNBC: Hillary didn't stop to shake hands with Iowa supporters after victory speech.

A southern woman, a Jewish man and a Cuban Canadian walk into a bar

"My whole life I've been greedy, greedy, greedy...."

Clinton News Network 12:04 AM EST 2.2.16

Carly Fiorina...

PoliticusUSA: "Here Are The Winners And Losers Of The Democratic and Republican Iowa Caucuses"

Tie goes to the runner

Sanders could still win this

It's been clear for weeks that Sanders had closed the gap in Iowa and could win there

So how long before Hillary's Team goes nuclear on Sanders?

How many losers abandon the Republican clown car after Iowa?

I've learned one thing tonight, that it's ok to shit talk Iowans and middle America.

Josh Marshall TPM - "Taking Stock of the Dems Night"

Figured that tonight was as good a night to get kicked out of Camp Weathervane as any.

Who's the biggest, yugest, loooozer?

Bernie is "too much of a bite, ideologically"????

O' Malley E-mail

MSNBC may end up backing Rubio over Hillary

Lots of trolls being sent packing tonight.

24/7 Trump has had total media coverage.

O.k. I apologize to all you Bernie Fans.

Black History Month on Fold3

Why Won't Hancock County REPORT!!!!????

On Camera: Martin O'Malley suspends campaign.

MSNBC: Hillary won 3 coin tosses.

On Camera: Martin O'Malley suspends campaign.

There will be a winner in Iowa and there will be a loser...

Hillary won every coin toss? WTF???

Hillary won't need a firewall, according to Chris Matthews

3 contests tonight were decided by a coin toss

This was a fun and exciting night. Agree?

What Sectors of the Private Economy Does Sanders Approve of?

Fucking insanity: 3 delegates won by coin tosses.

Breaking Trump to build a wall around Iowa

Wait. Three Caucus Results Decided by Coin Toss? Hillary Wins All Three. Affecting Outcome.

Why is CNN rounding Sanders's 49.6% down to 49%?

So are we comfortable with them sort of pausing at 94% total vote count....

Iowa Rethugs barely got any "santorum" on themselves tonight.

Does anybody else drop out after Iowa?

Bernie ties this is an win for Bernie who was the "underdog"

With horn-rims, O'Donnell looks like a slightly pudgier version of Colin Firth in "Kingsman".

I for one can't wait to see the blowback after Bernie's success tonight

What are the odds of winning 3 coin tosses consecutively?

A reality tv star is the top Republican candidate for the highest office in the land.

So Hillary won all 3 coin tosses and got 3 delegates? Nice!

Hillary Clinton: "I'm a progressive ..."

Lol. The fix is in!

What was the actual popular vote count? How many voters turned out for each candidate?

What are the odds that Clinton would be ahead with EVERY update of the Caucus totals?

90 Precincts not correctly recorded - due to understaffing----

Okay. THIS made me cry.

OK - who broke the Iowa caucus results site? seems like it is back up..down 15 min or so

Should Iowa Switch to Regular Primary Voting instead of Caucus ?

When Rubio was pandering to the Constitution…. he singled out the 2nd Amendment, of course...

How is it possible that republican votes were counted and reported hours ago,

MSNBC saying now 90 precincts weren't staffed by Iowa Dem Party and want help counting.

Bravo, Bernie! Bravo, Iowa! Bravo, America! Bernie will be our next President!

Pundit Press Projects that Bernie Wins Iowa Caucuses 49.80% to 49.75%

Michael Moore at the 2003 Oscars

Iowa was a must win for Sanders

I can tell by the comments that Sanders' speech was delivered tonight...

FWIW: Times of India leads with Cruz's "shock win" over Trump

I got an e-mail asking is I would provide a room and board to a Hillary staffer for Super Tuesday

Read this OP from 7 months ago and you'll see what we have accomplished (and answered)

If Jim Halpert wasnt good looking

Turn on MSNBC now !!!!!!!!!! 90 precincts with no party officials.

The caucus is the most important thing the Iowa Democratic Party ever does.

Republicans Start To Acknowledge They Might Face Bernie Sanders

OMG!!! 90 Precincts not covered properly

Suggestion for the Super Tuesday states...

Impossibly close. Latest - 99.4% reporting - 49.82 to 49.61 Hillary by 0.21%

Fiorina Is A No-Show At Her Own Iowa Caucus Party

We are so proud of you Bernie!

'Thank you.

Is this sick or funny? -- Public Lands Hunt Club on Facebook -- Should I stop laughing?

Lots of people are afraid of serious change.

Clinton shills on CNN/MSNBC

Gracious Martin O'Malley Speech - Suspending but Fighting On

HRC's lead down to two: 693-691

Caucus turnout: Robust, record-setting and surprising

Rachel says reports of precincts without chairs is inaccurate. Right now they are taking

99% Reporting, 49.7% to 49.7%

Tied at 49.7% with 99% reporting right now...

Trump got the

Do we have a list of the 90 unstaffed precincts?

My sincere thanks to Coffeecat and Retrowire!

Apparently Hillary High-Tailed it Outta There.

Cliven Bundy Calls For Refuge Occupation To Continue

Clinton wins ALL 6 (SIX) precinct coin flips -- Odds: 1 in 64 (1.56%) (EDITED SEE BELOW)

I've been waiting 36 years for a backlash from the American people...

I bet there's some regret out there on campus tonight

Republican choices

Andrea Mitchell just now: Hillary Clinton has no momentum from Iowa

If losing to LBJ by seven percent in NH in '68 was a "win" for Eugene McCarthy...

'Dead Clown Walking' LOL NY Daily News Headline

Are We In Recount Territory Here? Anyone Up On Iowa Election Laws

CSPAN sighting voter fraud in Polk County

Obama alums lash out at Sanders

How To Win A Coin Toss

The Guardian: "Iowa proved Bernie Sanders can win – and that Hillary Clinton is beatable"

Tonight we accomplished...

Dewey beats Truman ... WSJ article calling Iowa for Clinton disappears

Due to ties, five delegates were awarded by a coin toss.

Bernie Sanders' post-Iowa Caucus Speech

Where can I find the true vote tallies? The delegate counts are misleading.

Sanders nearly claims all delegates in some precincts

It's time to give the "we lost the midterms because the left sat them out" meme a rest. It's bogus.

How the NHS is breaking apart

Cannot Help but be Angry and Frustrated

How do I make a donation to give someone else a star?

THIS JUST IN: NYT: Sanders Campaign Criticizes State Party for Failing to Collect Votes

Coin flip? Are you fucking kidding me?

Tie Goes To The Runner!

It seems Hillary' s inevitability is vanishing...

Is this right? Hillary leads by 4 precincts including the 5 won by coin flip?

Gotta love Bernie calling out the Koch brothers, & the media, & the dem candidate using super-pac

Bernie lost tonight for many reasons.

CNN trashes Democratic Party in Iowa 'Embarrassing,' 'amateur hour' to not have 90 precincts staffed

Funniest Memes Mocking Ted Cruz

Found it interesting - Crawford County

I'm so proud of my fellow Hillary supporters!

Bernie won tonight for many reasons.

MSNBC talked about me tonight!

Does anyone actually have any estimate of many Iowans showed up for Sanders tonight? nt

BLM tab, $1,000,000.00, Cliven Bundy trying to write a letter, priceless.

Why ‘Virtual Tie’ in Iowa Is Better for Clinton Than Sanders

99.94% reporting, 49.89 Hillary, 49.54 Bernie. Only POLK County left.

Which ONE of these four candidate qualities mattered most in deciding whom to support today?

The Democrats Effectively Tied in Iowa, But Sanders Won the Future

It was very, very close, but it appears that Hillary has won

Daily Holidays - February 2

2016 Primary Calendar and Results

Clinton Ominously Tells Iowan Supporters To Mark Front Doors With Campaign Logo Before Sundown

For the FIRST TIME in US History a woman wins the Iowa Caucus!

Did Bernie win the general?

Why do they STILL not have the last returns in in Iowa?

Harriet Christian phone home . . .

Democrats abroad global primary, March 1-8

CNN just called it for Hillary.

A six coin-flip margin is NOT a win.

Interesting Video from CSPAN - You Be The Judge

Even though I support Bernie, it's too bad O'Malley had to end his campaign

Almost All West Bank Land Deals for Illegal Settlements Forged, Investigation Finds

Why ‘Virtual Tie’ in Iowa Is Better for Clinton Than Sanders

Adele tells Trump he has no permission to use her music in the campaign

Sanders may be struggeling in the south now but wait until they get to know him

Just watching CNN. Did not declare it for Hillary. Said Hillary declared herself winner.

Bernie won the vote among...

If someone is up by less than a half point, no once should be declared the winner yet

Despite all the effort that Hillary, the Democratic establishment and the media did to attack Bernie...

But, but....How can Cruz

Official statement from Iowa Democratic Party:

Spin it all you want Hillary supporters, but Bernie's performance was unprecedented

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton is the apparent winner of the Democratic #IowaCaucus

Did Hillary win Iowa caucus on coin flips?

Clinton Edges Sanders In Iowa Democratic Caucuses; Cruz Wins On GOP Side

Lumber Liquidators Inc. Sentenced for Illegal Importation of Hardwood & Related Environmental Crimes

Final results statement from Iowa caucus - IDP

Should Hillary be proud of a 0.35% win?

Zika virus: Pentagon will relocate at-risk family members

Clinton spent $13,000,000 to win 5 delegates

I remember Hillary supporters saying here that young people don't vote...

Bernie Sanders Just Changed the Democratic Party

Hearing season gets underway on the Hill

Look at what Bernie is posting on Twitter ( pic)

The pollsters can eat crow!

NPR: Clinton edges Sanders

Hillary Coin Toss Clinton just may have won her first and last state.

The Force was with Hillary--->V-I-C-T-O-R-Y

Bernie Won.

The media created polls for Donald Trump and it blew up

Maybe Trump insulted to many Iowans?

Does Iowa require an automatic recount

Media attempts to instigates a fight between Dems...

That's Our BERNIE; Ater landing, Bernie gives impromptu speech in the back of a truck

Bernie Sanders's tie should be the biggest story of the Iowa caucuses

Throw out the snow shovels! Melt it away with solar!

How to use solar to melt the snow on house and driveway

Voting fraud by Clinton people?

Dance around the campfire my Clinton Friends

Sarah Palin picked another loser.

Millions $$$$ MSM in her pocket and only a half a percent ? Flip of a coin, Watch out 1% !!!!!!

Anybody know if the Sanders campaign has a Democrats Abroad point of contact?

Israel razes Palestinian homes in West Bank firing zone

"With malice toward none, with charity for all..."

Well duh. Tight Democratic Race in Iowa Unnerves Clinton Campaign

BP Cites Low Oil Prices in $3.3 Billion Loss, as Industry Toll Mounts

Clinton won coin tosses FIVE OUT OF FIVE TIMES!! Conspiracy!!!

Media attempts to instigates a fight between Dems...

Count missing from 90 Iowa precints!


Saudi Arabia Plays Russian Roulette

The 30-Year-Old Radical Black Queer Feminist Who's Rahm Emanuel's Worst Nightmare

What Economists Got Wrong About Free Trade

New York Daily News just out with must see photo

What’s Life Like in America’s First City With a Muslim-Majority City Council?

At least 100,000 Chinese new year travellers stuck at railway station

The Fight for 15 in Iowa

BP logs $6.5 billion loss for 2015 as oil prices collapse

The Real Healthcare Debate We Should Be Having

Seattle Sues Monsanto Over PCB Contamination, Becomes 6th City to Do So

President Cruz joins

#ImWithHer #WeGotThis

"Are you a terrorist?" - "Why does everyone keep asking me that?"

Sanders CLEARLY is the big winner

Bernie Arrives in New Hampshire to Crowd of Cheering Supporters **VIDEO**

Has JebusEnoughFuggingBushes withdrawn yet?

Donna Smith:: What Will We Do With People Like Me?

So now Papa Bundy sends a certified letter to the Feds saying "we will retain posession of HCRC."

Our Jobs Are Disappearing

Bernie Sanders wants raw vote count released after tight finish in Iowa caucuses

The New Walmart Effect: Store Closures Are Leaving Food Deserts in Their Wake

Sanders wants raw vote count from Iowa

Coin tosses used to determine county delegates in Clinton-Sanders race

Women’s Health: Lost in Translation?

Good Morning America reports it as 50-50 -

Statement from IDP Chair - Hillary 699.57, Bernie 695.49, 2.28 outstanding

For the first time in her 57-year history, Barbie comes in different body shapes

Turn the tie into a win!

"Black Americans for a Better Future" Super PAC 100% Funded by Rich White Guys

Donald Trump Is Killing It With White, Working-Class Voters In The Rust Belt

Michael Moore comment on Iowa results:

For more than 40 years, Albert Woodfox has lived in solitary confinement at Louisiana State--

The Iowa Coin Toss

The Daily Show - Ted Cruz or Donald Trump: Who's Marginally Less Awful?

The Fair Thing To Do Is... Throw OUT The Coin Toss Business... It is Too Close For That Kind of

Why Wall Street Won the First Round and How We Might Win the Next

From CSPAN, this is amazing!

Knesset okays cops to stop and frisk without reasonable suspicion

Fuckie Todd really wanted Hillary to lose

Phil didn't see his shadow!

Should we have caucuses or only primaries?

I really like that Sanders is not only in favor of much stronger protections

New Atheism, Worse Than You Think

Iowa has not certified a winner in the Dem Primary caucus yet

I love it. Hillary wins, Bernie fans declare Bernie the winner.

History suggests Marrakesh Declaration no guarantee of religious freedom (COMMENTARY)

watching the Today show and they kept stressing

Tell me again....WHO'S the pragmatist?

New prelate to be named to lead tiny Byzantine Catholic community in Greece?

Bernie's Critics

HA GOODMAN: "Hillary will finish 3rd place in Iowa behind O'Malley, here's why"

Dubai hosts World Interfaith Day on Feb. 3

Song for Bernie on this new morning

I heard on MSNBC that 42% of Iowa Democrats, also, ...

How fetishization of the gun shuts down rational debate about gun control

We should all be very proud this morning

US Sen. Elizabeth Warren: 'No endorsements now' of any Democratic presidential candidates

Cliven Bundy stoking Oregon fires?

Let's be frank. Once a sizeable number of minorities can vote, Sanders is done.

Three teens arrested in connection with shooting at Seattle homeless camp ‘the Jungle’

UK Gov "Top Priority" - Making Sure Laws Protecting Parks, Nature Don't Hold Back Fracking

The Iowa caucuses, both D and R, were canaries in the Establishment coal mine

sanders campaign : party lost 5 percent of iowa vote

W. Indian Ocean Phytoplankton Down 30% In Past 16 Years, Thanks To Rapid Warming

LePage stumps for Christie, Christie gets 1.75% of IA caucus vote

Hello Bernie Sanders Group -- Iowa gives me hope

Tweets from David Plouffe & Joy Reid~

In 2000, Bush "declared victory".. and NOT ONE MEDIA OUTLET WAS SKEPTICAL.

How to do dishes.

Those small donations...

Can we get a coin avatar put in play?

Coin toss broke 6 Clinton-Sanders deadlocks in Iowa — and Hillary won each time

10 prominent DNC members from Illinois throw support behind Hillary Clinton

so just as predicted Hillary won by a comfortable 8-12 point margin

FBI joins Flint, Michigan water investigation

What libertarians see in Bernie Sanders

The Bernie "win by losing" thing bodes well for the future.

Iowa was like the Harvard-Yale game of 1968: "Harvard Wins 29-29"

EPIC FAIL: Elite Media Furiously Spin Defeat of Their Anti-Hillary Agenda in Iowa

Virtual tie raises doubts: Can Hillary Clinton close the deal?

Trump funneling veteran donations to own foundation

Three teenagers arrested in fatal shooting at Seattle homeless camp

MI officials were shipping clean water to employees

Dead clown walking:

This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is what political correctness gone amok looks like:

Dramatic pictures show hole in side of Daallo Airlines jet (Somalia to Djibouti flight)

Why Libertarians Are (Still) Plotting to Take Over New Hampshire

Obama likely to discuss TPP, Puerto Rico with Republican leaders: White House

Third Way? what the hell happened to the First and/or Second Ways?

Latin America Shows No Sympathy for Venezuela

Toon: The Thrilling Appeal of Incrementalism

A coin toss? A COIN TOSS??

O'Malley closing: "We are one, our cause is one and we must help each other if we are to succeed"

EU envoy appalled by Putin ally's murder threats to Russian opposition figure

I truly don't understand what everyone is crowing about -

Voting for Iraq War w/out reading National Intelligence Estimate should disqualify Clinton

Look out Lounge... The primaries just got serious. Seriously!

You people need not argue so much over Iowa.

Airstrikes Destroy IS Radio Station in Afghanistan

Willam O'Malley, 17, heartfelt thanks to supporters

Looks like unicorns and rainbows vote.

Iowa's silver lining for Hillary.

Syria conflict: Jordanians 'at boiling point' over refugees

What's always pissed me off more than a sore loser was a poor winner.

Groundhog Day: Clinton again emerges from Iowa facing a battle (McClatchy Washington Bureau)

A big thanks to Martin O'Malley for his campaign

Hillary still standing!

Clinton Supporters: how do you understand the Sanders phenomenon

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- GOP caucuses

bad news for Cruz

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Onward

HRC's got nothing to gloat about here.

I don't want to say I told you so.

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

So......what about the Senate?


Poor Little Jeb Bush.....

Feeding the Military-Industrial Complex

It's a Tie!

Black History Month: Captain Congressman Robert Smalls

People will remember this as a tie.

Donald Trump: Dead Clown Walking (NY Daily News)

Saw some suggestions that Sticker Kid is mentally disabled -- turns out he's just a dumb college kid

Go to ....

"No one remembers who came in second"

Happy Groundhog Day!

It seems that ,,,,

For those who are complaining about caucuses now, well join the crowd

Remember those huge, enthusastic crowds at Bernie rallies in Iowa

Report: Rick Santorum to assess campaign after Iowa results

At my site - Hillary's precinct capt. took delegate away from Bernie (via O'Malley)

"How Sanders Caught Fire In Iowa and Turned the Clinton Coronation Into A Real Race" WaPo

It would be a nice, unifying gesture for the party

Bernie Sanders Won Iowa's Political Momentum and Shattered Clinton's Inevitability Myth

Forget the groundhog....

Tata to rename Zica car over virus woes

Russian doctor punches patient to death in horrifying incident caught on surveillance camera

Punxsutawney Bill (Clinton) saw his shadow last night: 6 more weeks of Primary (at least)!

If not coin toss, what?

What The Iowa Caucus Results Mean

Road Rage dispute over nothing; and out comes the guns

Bernie Sanders' Political Revolution Continues In Full Force After The Iowa Caucuses

Negative Interest Rates Already in Fed’s Official Scenario

quick, someone tell rubio he came in third!!!!!!

The elephant in the room......

Feb 2--> it's @HillaryforNH time** Hillary: "I'm sooo excited to be here after WINNING Iowa!"

As an O'Malley supporter at caucus.. It was not a good night to be me

This race is between the Past and the Future.

New York Daily News trolls Loser Trump

I'm supporting Mr. Paul for president !!!

Requiem for Martin O'Malley's Campaign

You will never see me celebrating a Ted Cruz victory.....

We Are Not the Only Ones!

FYI: New York Times still hasn't called it. Polk County at 99% reporting; H-49.9, B-49.6, M-.6

ISIS-terrorists planned terror-attack by putting a bomb in a kangaroo's pouch

Clinton barely survived Iowa. Top Democrats say she must learn from it.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar Pens Insightful Letter About Trump ("the Milli Vanilli of Politics")

In the United States, The Left is always childish, impractical, ignorant, silly, and unserious.

Very troubling Iowa result: Repubs turn-out more voters than Dems

So how much did each campign spend in Iowa? How much did the SuperPACs spend???

Little Separates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in Tight Race in Iowa

FOX - You're like Nostradamus with your stunning predictions.

Martin O'Malley appreciation thread

O'Malley dropping out will affect the remaining

Is this how you win in a DEMOCRACY, a coin toss?clinton-wins-iowa-precinct-after-coin-toss

Some non-partisan observations about the primary so far and Iowa results.


Hillary ends up in a virtual tie with

Rock On!

Bernie, from the back of a pickup truck in NH this morning:

You know what a 50/50 tie means?


First odds for Super Tuesday states are up

FAA Commercial Space Transportation Conference 2016 Feb 2-3

New Hampshire Will be a "Virtual Tie"

Clinton Camp Claims Narrow Victory over Sanders/ SBS Camp Says Not Comfortable Yet

Tuesday morning headlines

Why is Super Tuesday called a firewall? Well, just look at the odds by state

Can someone explain: Do primaries use the "winner takes all" principle?

Make no mistake the real winner last night was Ted Cruz

I'm not clear on how delegates are allocated – is it one per precinct?

One year ago today

John Legend Congratulates Rubio On His 3rd Place Finish!

Affluenza - Senescence - Right of Center Dino's

Bachmann warns Obama will take over the United Nations — and then reveal he’s the Antichrist

Bernie wins Independents in Iowa 69% - 26%

Young voters, Bernie and Hillary: The Holden Caulfield Effect

Groundhog Day 2016

Donate for a friend and help Bernie Sanders Win!!! Friends volunteer for those that can donate.

Another caucus account, my experience at Des Moines-42

Hillary won't be talking about any "win" in Iowa, because she knows she didn't. now redirects

NYT Proclaims Donald J. Trump, Loser.

Pre-Game Coin Toss Makes Jaguars Realize Randomness Of Life

It could have been the last inning. Now it is just the first

Strong Clear Division in the Democratic Party

This site NAILED the Iowa Caucuses with a Excellent Prediction

Why Bernie resonates with some of us oldies who have seen the long incfremental slide downward

Cruz's Misleading Ad On 3,000 Military Job Cuts at Fort Jackson.

A pyrrhic tie for Clinton.

My final O'Malley post: he spoke to the better angels of our nature. We should too.

It's appropriate that today is Groundhog Day

YouTube stars U-turn on trademarks after online fury

Bernie Sanders Just Changed the Democratic Party

Not much joy at Yahoo!

The candidates

I will say this to the Bernie campaign: You need to motivate your huge crowds to go out and vote!

ISIS warns of severe attack on Britain that will 'turn children's hair white'

Bernie & Hillary Supporters Need to Look Forward & Be Gracious After IA results.

Now Available: Special Hillary Clinton commemorative coin

Can we now admit that this is NOT "2008 all over again"??

A dramatically reshaped presidential race drives into New Hampshire

Bernie Sanders Just Changed the Democratic Party

Neither Candidate did as Well as Obama in 2008

Clinton or Sanders? Some Iowa precincts resort to coin tosses to award delegates

Ames District 1-3

The real triumph that happened at the Iowa caucus

I Would Like To Make Some NH Get Out The Vote Calls For Hillary.....

The Media's Ignorance of History Works Against Sanders and For Hillary

India to review ruling on law banning gay sex

Here's the Story on Coin Flip-ghazi

Bongo Bernie!

Marco Rubio Is Ready And Willing To Let Florida Drown

A Tie Goes to the Democrats (good read)

Why would anybody think the MSM has an anti-HRC agenda?

North Carolina 'intentionally passed' discriminatory voter ID law, lawyer says

5 planets

5 planets plus the moon

Blizzard conditions here..the lights have flickered a couple times (it is over!)

How long before the Republicans/Fox News blame Obama and the Democrats for zika virus?

The New Yorker: Bernie Sanders Just Changed the Democratic Party

The Emperor Has NO Clothes.....

Retired cop may be able to keep K-9 partner amid auction fears

For people trying to spin Iowa as a big Bernie win. One chart:

Clinton voter fraud in Polk County, Iowa Caucus

Ben Carson's Campaign Announces He's Traveling 'Home' for 'Fresh Clothes' Amid Iowa Caucuses

Oil companies doled out big donations in California climate bill fight

If you're really bored and want to experience Windows 95 OSR2 all over again in your browser.....

Bernie Sanders Needs to DEMAND Full Audit of Iowa Caucus As Serious Issues Come to Light

The real triumph that happened at the Iowa caucus

We've come a LONG way from the day when Bernie announced his candidacy:

North Korea notifies U.N. agency of planned satellite launch

Disappearing voters?

Virginia! 95 Delegates, 1 month and a governor in Hillary's pocket. Registration ends Monday.

Hillary Clinton voted with Neocons to go to war against the wrong country, a war...

A final tally of actual votes (if no errors in reports or math) Hillary (+274): H-69,726; B-69,452

It should have never planned as a "coronation."

The Guardian: Iowa proved Bernie Sanders can win – and that Hillary Clinton is beatable

How Hillary Clinton Survives the Iowa Disaster

It's not sexism, it's her.

The Socialist is still in the running?

Up at GD-P: "It could have been the last inning. Now it is just the first"

My take away from last night:

Weekend at Bernie's?: SCOTUS Thomas has spoken from the bench in 10 years

At one time, you could trust what was posted on DU to be solid

Biggest losers last night: Jeb!, Christie and the Republican party

Heads or Tails?

Courtesy of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 4-time elected President AND Democratic Socialist . . .


Not Number 1

Jeb Bush Spent $2,800 Per Vote In Iowa

Pic Of The Moment: Ted Cruz Wins Iowa, Sees Own Shadow

The biggest losers last night: The Gravis and PPP polling outfits.

Would Hillary have lost if she didnt win all 6 of those coin tosses?

Joel Benensen: "We've got to take our message to the young people"

Ted Cruz: "Field of Nightmares"

In These Times: There's No Other Way To Spin It: Bernie Sanders Pulled Off a Huge Victory in Iowa

This Is Why Ted Cruz Is Unfit To Be President...

Ultimate Super Bowl Sandwich

Anyone That Uses The Excuse That Their 'One Vote' Doesn't Count Just Needs To Look At....

When you ask me to vote for Hillary...

Missing precinct scrambles to report Sanders won

(India) Supreme Court will review law criminalising gay sex

I could not agree more! On to New Hampshire!

Looks Like Trump 'Bought The Farm' Last Night.....

Elizabeth Warren - It's about time for you to make a stand.

All Iowa Precincts Reporting

"Iowa only has 4 letters. What kinda state is that?" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Fires are burning this primary season. The smoke is overwhelming.

Suggestion for changes in primary/caucus order for 2020.

Prenatal Multivitamins and Iron: Not Evidence-Based

Do they celebrate Mardi Gras in New Hampshire?

Forgotten History: During The Civil War Thousands Of Freed Slaves Were Forced Into Concentration Cam

NASA – Defending Earth Via New Planetary Defense Coordination Office (PDCO).

Kerry comments in Rome - note theme of stabilizing countries to work against ISIS metasasizing

Bill Just Said - Hillary's The Best Change Maker.....

So what is the final outcome of Iowa?

What is ACTUALLY sexist is the argument that you are only anti-sexist if you back HRC.

Probably going to change my vote

Before the Iowa Caucuses, Elizabeth Warren said, "No endorsements now. . . it's not today."

I just sent $10 to Bernie!

If Elizabeth Warren endorsed your candidate's opponent,

Hillary is yelling again and using all of Bernie's talking points

Iowa proved Bernie Sanders can win – and that Hillary Clinton is beatable

Huh...AP still not calling Iowa yet **update: AP calls Iowa caucuses for Clinton (no recount request

the ground hog came out in Iowa this morning

Why does Bernie Sanders have such poorly trained volunteers?

The NY Times, in a major shift, has the decency to call Iowa a TIE

Sexism? You want to know what REAL SEXISM is?

The choice is certainly yours!

Jeb! got 5238 votes last night

The choice is certainly yours to make!

How about a thank-you donation to Bernie today?

Rep. Tim Scott (R-SC) just endorsed Rubio- and that's a big deal

Gov. Jim Gilmore spent six months in Iowa and got 12 votes...

DWS: Join me to thank a truly remarkable Democrat

Don't worry, Hillary fans. The SCOTUS is sure to rule Iowa in her favor.

We have something they don't have:

Hillary Clinton Won 6 Out of 6 Coin Tosses Last Night.

Did Bernie Sanders win Iowa?


In 1999 Socialist Daniel Hoan was named one of the best Mayors in US history.

Jeb Bush did win something last night.

Hillary supporters are frustrated, desperately trying to claim victory

Microsoft wants to help you have fun on Windows 10 with Super Bowl 50

Didn't Bernie win if it weren't for the coin tosses?

I'm glad IA and NH are first. Now Hillary is relieved that IA is out of the way

Jed York's joke at 49ers' expense draws few chuckles

More central bank rate cuts coming before any hike

Headline: Chump Trump On The Stump Hits A Bump......

Pentagon to Request $7.5 Billion, a 50% Hike, in Fight Against ISIS

Argentina announces agreement with Italian holdouts; bondholders still blocked by Griesa object.

Considering she started at the summit of Chimborazo, this "victory" is in the Mariana Trench

Final Iowa tallies: Clinton +0.2%

AFSCME Pres. Lee Saunders on Sec. Hillary Clinton’s Victory in the Iowa Caucus

The Democratic Establishment isn't half as smart as it thinks it is

Some good news out of Michigan...

Bernie wins yet another key SC endorsement: "SC Rep. Joe Neal to endorse @BernieSanders!"

A summation of the race so far...

15 Restaurants In Arizona To Get Ethnic Food That’ll Blow Your Mind

'Don't Tread On Me' Flag Appears On BLM Building Near Burns

Entrance polling shows that Secretary Clinton won union households 52-43 over Sen. Bernie Sanders

Teddy Roosevelt wouldn't like what's going on in Oregon

Coin tosses? What the hell is this, some small-town mayor's race?

With All Precincts Reporting, Iowa Dems Show Clinton As Caucus Winner

I think I remember Nixon won by one vote per precinct nationwide.

ladies and gentlemen of iowa

Graphic: The hidden connections of the Sagebrush Insurgency

Hillary and campaign are glum because they expected a groundswell of support for Hillary

Next, NH. A tiny state bordering Bernie's tiny state, but in the meantime...

Think it proves that the America that Hillary wants to fine tune is rejected half of her own people

DJI Phantom Pro 3 4K Footage - The Apache Trail - Superstition Mountains Arizona

TYT: Trump On Healthcare: I Dunno, We’ll Work Something Out

Hillary campaign to share the same fate as Rosencrantz and Guildenstern #cointoss #coingate

If Sanders can't win in a state that is 92% white and pro gun, where can he win????

Perhaps the Citizens United decision wasn't quite such a big deal as some predicted?

A real war against government

MUST SEE TV! Cruz's daughter walks off stage during mommy's speech.

TYT: Elizabeth Warren's Secret Endorsement of Bernie Sanders

Since we're the DEMOCRATIC Party... it's worth noting...

Ben Carson "dirty tricks" by Cruz - told caucus voters Carson had quit the race

Give Kids A Smile Day Friday Feb. 5: NJ Dentists Give Free Care to Low-income children

Clinton bewilders with quick victory claim

Donald Trump tells the voters: You're not worth my money.

Ammon Bundy's lawyers withdraw challenge, for now, of his continued detention

Congratulations to Sanders and his supporters for a tough fight and a tough loss

TYT: Who Is Really "The Establishment"

A little souvenir from IOWA last night

Clinton supporters, can you answer something for me please?

Please volunteer and / or contribute

TYT: Former Trump Staffer: He Pays Women Less

The silence is deafening. Has there been much from the campaigns yet?

Political Wire: Looking Ahead to New Hampshire

"Leon: The Professional" A gem starring a 12-year old Natalie Portman

And can we FINALLY put to bed

TYT: Brian Kilmeade: "I Like My Meat Tight"

A Million People Are About to Lose Food Stamps Because of Kasich-Clinton Welfare Reform

The delegate count tabulation has begun.

Which Republican will drop out next ? Gilmore ? Santorum ?

One last thing about the Iowa caucus and surrounding hoopla

Inconvenient truths about the New Democrats, the Third Way, Democratic Leadership Council, etc


TYT: Why Is Hillary Clinton Imitating Bernie Sanders?

Rubio is by far the biggest threat. The 1992 election is the parallel.

Cliven Bundy Declares That He’s Holding on to Oregon Refuge While Staying in Nevada

Some Humans Aint Human

TYT: Trump: Knock The Crap Out Of Them, I’ll Pay For Lawsuits

Four lessons from the Bundys' misadventure

"LaVoy Finicum was not murdered. He forced police to shoot him."

California attorney general sues over gas leak near Los Angeles

TYT: Ted Cruz Tries To Kiss His Daughter, Fails

Well, they did it. The better person won Iowa

Twice loser Scott Brown to endorse Trump at rallye

Ex-drug executive Shkreli hires lawyer to celebrities for fraud case

Russia slaps travel ban on five U.S. officials

Another SC Rep to Endorse Bernie!

NOW, HC Live w Chris Matthews on Virtual Tie, NH Next, MSNBC

TYT: What Trump Gives Homeless Vets Instead Of Money

Don't be in too much of a hurry to crow about Trump losing.

The results are clear: BERNIE is the future of the Democratic Party, NOT Hillary

Flint bookends the hopes of the American middle class

Our "youth" (actually 18-20 year old adults) and their safe places in colleges

Two more accuse Graham Hunt, R-Orting, of lying about military service

The 800 pound Gorilla in the room

Now do you believe me? The caucus system is a very messy process --

Ferguson, Mo., to hear from public on proposed justice reforms

So...Nate Silver was right about Hillary winning Iowa.

Tweety has Hillary on, shamelessly shilling for her.

Did the "missing precinct" ever get its votes/delegates counted?

Bernie got what he needed out of Iowa.

Must be just a white Iowa thing

Top U.S. generals: Women should have to register for draft

We are all apparently suffering from CDS now.....

For anyone wondering what the Malheur occupation is really about

TYT: What Are "Bernie Bros?"

Superfoods or superfrauds? Scientists are unimpressed

Anyone here from S Carolina?

Hillary Clinton’s Dutiful Slog

Detroit school system's manager to step down this month

TYT: Hillary And Bernie Tie In Iowa Caucus

Detroit school system's manager to step down this month

If Clinton loses NH by less than 30 then it's a win

Anyone from Minnesota?

Ted Cruz is even less electable than Donald Trump

Hey, parents: Kids aren't using HPV vaccine as a license for sex

"Heckler at Ted CRUZ Rally Shouts 'Ted CRUZ Looks So Weird,' Pretends to Barf"

Here are the official Iowa Caucus rules for assigning delegates. Read them and weep.

First Read: Why Clinton's Apparent Iowa Win Feels More Like a Loss

Witness: Insider helped police arrest Bundy group

"If Clinton loses NH by less than 30 then it's a win." No it isn't.

Matthews just did a red baiting hatchet job with Hillary interview.

Am I the only person who instinctively factorises Jeb! as Jeb*eb*b?

How Is Bernie Doing In Nevada?....

Separated at birth?

All the unseemly gloating over Hilteam's 6 coin toss victory

TYT: Martin O'Malley Drops Out After Iowa

Venezuela ex-ministers seek probe into $300 billion in lost oil revenue

Venezuela ex-ministers seek probe into $300 billion in lost oil revenue

What a great night

So long social media: The kids are opting out of the online public square

Iowa a Virtual Tie Decided By The Tossing Of Coins! Incredibile Win For Bernie!

Former Sec. Of Defense Says A Trump Win Would Be A National Security Threat

TYT: Ted Cruz WINS Iowa Republican Caucus!

Des Moines Register: "Sometimes, Iowa Dems award caucus delegates with a coin flip"

Why is it that a site FOUNDED to host Democratic Party discussions

Fearing lean times, U.S. companies tighten purse strings

Green Papers: Iowa Delegates: 23 Hillary, 21 Sanders

Adele: No permission given to political campaigns to use her music

Xposted from GDP:Des Moines Register: "Sometimes, Iowa Dems award caucus delegates with a coin flip"

TYT: The Biggest Fail Of The Iowa Caucus

Latest UMass Lowell Poll (1/30 - 2/1) has Bernie up +33% in NH!

Making Choices in Iowa (NYT editorial)

EPA 'seeks to strengthen' safe water laws amid widespread testing concerns

TYT: The Biggest Winner And Biggest Loser Of The 2016 Republican Iowa Caucus

Justin Beiber?????

Hillary's Iowa Caucus victory*

This is what common sense gun control looks like.

Larry Sabato: What We Learned From Iowa

Sources: Warriors serious threat to sign Kevin Durant

Knowing all the angles: Ancient Babylonians used tricky geometry

The EFD-IMF destroyers seek to finish Greece

Iowa Democratic Party Will Not Conduct Caucus Recount

Colorado folks: How many inches did you get?

I don't want a single teapublican to drop

If the US has $225 trillion in assets, why not tax assets instead of incomes?

I don't want to take your guns away. Unless

Is it time to worry about Marco Rubio?

How is the coin toss conducted?

Like it or not, Bernie is now the most influential Senator

Iowa and now MN an WI nearly shut down with blizzards, snow.

Imagine Ron Paul had lost Iowa by a half dozen coin tosses

TYT: The Biggest Winner And Biggest Loser Of The 2016 Democratic Iowa Caucus

In the 90 minutes following his speech, Bernie received $1 million in donations

Gawwwd authorized Ted's run

The Long Road

Sanders wants raw votes released

A note about next week and primary results.

I think all of us here need to thank Governor O'Malley for all he's done for the Democratic party

Bernie Rally coverage on CNN momentarily.

Financial Times: Bernie Sanders moves from fringe to zeitgeist

Which of the Top 3 Republican Candidates worries you the most?

Browns to move on from Johnny Manziel after latest incident

An Elegy for Martin O’Malley

Now my candidate is out..

About those coin flips: There are delegates and then there are delegates.

Syria Talks at Risk of Collapse Over Demands From Opposition

Revealed: the Tories new plan to squeeze the working poor

Iowan Evangelicals Vote for Ted the Anti Chruz – (With Videos)

In the precinct with the 60 missing voters, could they have just left

The Establishment Takes A Beating In Iowa

Oil Tumbles a Second Day as U.S. Crude Stockpiles Seen Rising

Study Finds Republican Voter Suppression Is Even More Effective Than You Think

I just want to let you all know

How Bernie Sanders Stood Up to Hillary Clinton in Iowa

Cruz's ideology scares me. Cruz as a candidate doesn't particularly scare me.

Martin Luther King "“I am much more socialistic in my economic theory than capitalistic,”


The Fed Wants to Test How Banks Would Handle Negative Rates

Ted Cruz is a religious fascist, a "Christian" version of the Taliban.

Democratic Socialism Has Deep Roots in American Life

Water Rationing in Honduran Capital

Water Rationing in Honduran Capital

Bernie beats the Clinton Political Machine.

White House applauds Clinton for Iowa win

Arrested Oregon militiamen have had extensive previous run-ins with the law

Transgender Girl Scout stands up to bully who wouldn’t buy cookies ‘from a boy in a dress’

Stay classy, Ted Nugent.

This is what the Bundys want the Federal land in Malheur for

Bernie Sanders is on the telly..

Watching Bernie right now on MSNBC!

As a Hillary supporter, we should be happy for all THREE candidates

Hopefully Helpful Suggestion for Iowa:

Bernie Sanders And Big Business Find Something They Can Actually Agree On

Scientific ignorance about Zika parallels Aids crisis in 1980s, say Brazilian experts

Scientific ignorance about Zika parallels Aids crisis in 1980s, say Brazilian experts

I saw Hillary talking with..

Black Voters DROP Hillary Clinton to Support Bernie Sanders & MLK's Legacy


Black Voters DROP Hillary Clinton to Support Bernie Sanders & MLK's Legacy

Bernie Sanders live in New Hampshire

GOP Lawmakers Vote To Repeal Obamacare, Again, On Groundhog Day

About "coin flipping."

How Sanders Caught Fire in Iowa And Turned the Clinton Coronation Into A Real Race

British Columbia reaches agreement to protect vast coastal rainforest

I love you guys

Uruguay Will Build First Sustainable School in Latin America

Discussion: Biggest loser "Not Hillary" Party -- appropriate or not?

Uruguay Will Build First Sustainable School in Latin America

Uh Oh!

Sanders campaign reviewing Iowa caucus totals, says actual result may never be known

X post from GD

Watching "Groundhog Day" on Groundhog Day.

Punxsatawney Phil did NOT see his shadow, which means...

Who is the REAL Ted Cruz?

We Asked People Who Have Never Heard Of Bernie Sanders What They Thought Of Bernie Sanders' Policies

NYTimes: 23 delegates for Hillary, 21 for Bernie. Not including super delegates.

Anyone else's cat ever sniff? My cat used to sniff, and when she did it meant she was ticked off.

Don't listen to the people who say Hillary won Iowa because of coin flips. It's bullshit.

Local GOP Officials Fear Iowa May Lose Slot as First Presidential Nominating Contest

If Hillary actually turns into a populist, will her corporate contributors be able to sue her

GE will stop making CFL bulbs, focus on LEDs instead


People who've never heard of Bernie being asked what they think of his policies!

Empty Suit Scott Brown will endorse Trump in NH

I was way into middle age when I learned that plastic containers can absorb odors---and maybe other

I'd like to just reiterate something I posted here once before

Texas reports case of sexually transmitted Zika virus: official

The Navy's Colossal Stealth Destroyer Heads Out to Sea

Missing Precinct Scrambles To Report Sanders Won

Britain Receives Proposals for ‘Better Deal’ on E.U. Membership.


Iowa Has just 52 Delegates at the Democratic National Convention,

So what is at stake in New Hampshire?

Mujica: I Had Quite a Long Conversation with Fidel

A Canadian, a Texan, and a tea bagger walk into a bar...



Putin is strengthening Isis in Syria, says UK foreign secretary

Well my thread got locked. I guess...

African-Americans for Bernie Sanders 2016.

African-Americans for Bernie Sanders 2016.

White House applauds Clinton for Iowa win

Putin Ally Posts Video Showing Opposition Leader Through Sniper Lens

"Hillary the Pragmatist vs. Bernie the Dreamer" Is "Big Lie" Propaganda

Another Florida Man gets busted, militia department...

Warning: Active phishing spam/scam purporting to be from Amazon, FYI

Voters under 30 broke to Sanders by 70%. Democratic Socialism is the future of the party

Bernie Sanders: Democracy is not a spectator sport.

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Praises Social Programs in Brazil

AA fan says Bernie is Motivator in Chief & We need someone to break chains not make them tighter

Why winning Iowa is good news for Clinton

Bernie Sanders black problem.....

The Latest: Oregon occupiers say they aren't ready to leave

Anoa Changa on Young Women for Bernie Sanders

Anoa Changa on Young Women for Bernie Sanders

Lawyer wants manslaughter case put on hold in teen's suicide

Bernie Sanders is terrifying the establishment - This AA man is knocking it out of the park!

So according to DU Clinton AND her supporters are dishonest, and Clinton herself is UNHINGED

Dow Ends Down Triple Digits On Oil; Nasdaq Falls 2% Despite Alphabet Gains

Freudian Slip....

Carly Fiorina skipped her own caucus party, then skipped out of Iowa

February 3,1959

Ex-drug executive Shkreli hires lawyer to celebrities for fraud case

It's already begun with Hillary bracing for a NH loss

Is ATA still active?

Talking Shop w/ Bernie Sanders: Economic Freedom | Killer Mike

Excuse me, but who died and made Bernie the "decider" of who's progressive

Iowa proved Bernie Sanders can win, and Hillary is beatable

Killer Mike Talking Shop w/ Bernie Sanders: Social Justice |

Pope Francis Can Ease the Zika Epidemic by Allowing Contraception

Killer MikeTalking Shop w/ Bernie Sanders 3/6: Rigged Economy |

Killer Mike Talking Shop w/ Bernie Sanders : Free Health Care: It Ain’t a Big Deal |

Killer Mike Talking Shop w/ Bernie Sanders 5/6: This CountryStarted As An Act Of Political Protest

Killer Mike Talking Shop w/ Bernie Sanders 6/6: Democrats Win When People Vote |

Yahoo Sued Over Employee Rankings, Alleged Anti-Male Discrimination

Chicago - March for Bernie Sanders - Darletta Scruggs Talks About Black Support

Clinton Campaign Ad: 25 Years

Darletta Scruggs Talks About Black Support: Hillary we need more than vigorous debate,we need change

What an accomplishment! Bernie battled The Machine and pulled off a virtual tie.

Go to RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!11!!111!1!!

Clinton bewilders with quick victory claim (VIDEO)

Anybody hear what I heard???

Sanders nearly won Iowa despite being "a 79,000 year-old Muppet-looking socialist"

Messed up the forum with adblock accident

Koch Network Frustrated by Trump

Who do you think Michelle and Malia Obama are supporting?

Some more interesting numbers....

Whatever your interpretation of last night, Bernie's in it to win it

Want to try. Desperately.

Psychopathic Iowans Rally for Canadian Psychopath Ted Cruz

Are beards good for your health?

Hip Hop Artist D-Nick On The Poisoning Of The Water In His Hometown Of Flint

Encore *How Sanders CAUGHT FIRE in IOWA & Turned the Clinton Coronation into a Real Race, WaPo

Guys may be going to SC

A Nuclear Weapon the U.S. Doesn't Need

Flint Mom Shares the Heartbreak of Giving Her Kids Poisoned Water

Man charged in standoff released until trial

Congratulations Hillary supporters (not snarky)

What's for Dinner, Tues., Febr. 2, 2016

I know it's supposed to provoke guilt and shame

BREAKING NEWS - Des Moines Register Reports Possible New Results - Who really Won?

Caucusing for Clinton at 102 years old

Iowa was not a tie.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 3 February 2016

During Critical Campaign Period, Ben Carson Heads Home To Get Fresh Clothes

Rubio Copied One Of Obama’s Most Famous Speeches – And Obama’s Speechwriter Just Called Him On It



Anybody see this about the coin toss?

Iowa Results Slow Clinton's March Toward the Nomination

Congratulations to Clinton and her supporters on winning Iowa. :)

"Bernie Sanders' Ancestral Hometown in Poland Cheers Presidential Run"

Google to deliver wrong search results to would-be jihadis

This idea that Bernie will win NH because it's a

Hilary proved one thing in Iowa..she can win coin tosses.

Oregon occupiers say they aren't ready to leave

Iowa Results Underscore Polling Industry Vulnerability

A Question I Really Wish Would Be Asked To Clinton At Next Debate

Caucuses are a dumb idea

Hillary Clinton Just Made History

PPPssssttt I wonder how Bernie's fund raising is doing today???

Who, as President, will make it better for Main Street?

Do you have a cat with allergies? I need some advice please.

Jon Stewart on Bernie Sanders

Black Kos-Tuesday's Chile (Yes, I'm still around)

As Chris Mathews was interviewing Hillary this evening

UNREAL: TLC To Bring Back 19 Kids & Counting

Democratic Party NOT notifying registered voters of Nevada caucuses.

'Iowa’s Black Caucusgoers'

What the pundits all said: Bernie is no threat in Iowa or anywhere elae

Microsoft app used to tally votes at Iowa caucus fails in some areas reported by USA TODAY

Support a candidate who is pro-bird

Sanders WON 6 of 7 coin flips - Iowa Democratic Party

Iowa's Nightmare Revisited: Was Correct Winner Called?

Guide to the 2016 Candidates' Favorite Music (Rolling Stone Magazine)

PROOF Bernie WON a coin flip in Iowa!

Among women under age 30: Sanders 84%, Clinton 14%

Today: SC Rep. Joe Neal endorses Bernie Sanders

MSNBC to host New Hampshire Democratic debate

Why Wouldn't Warren Support Bernie?

Bernie's "Supposed" POC Problem

I'm not against Hillary Clinton.....

Is it time to worry about Marco Polo?

Airbnb Slammed For Offering Rooms With A View In Jewish Settlements

Democrats Question Hillary's Authenticity & Electability - AA perspective

To fight the mighty, Wall Street financed "inevitable" Centrist to within a hair's width,

Bill Clinton: Bernie Sanders Is No Obama

Ted Cruz Isn't Crazy – He's Worse

On the subject of coin tossing...

Military Leaders: Register Women For Draft

The bottom line regarding Iowa: Hillary blew a 30 point lead in just four* months.

Johnny Football becomes latest Browns flop at QB

Putin Sends Russia’s Deadly New Fighter Jet to Syria

Skinner just debunked "coingate"

How long will Hillary's shaky coalition of low information, network news watching voters hold fast?

Congress gets back to work...

Fearless and Adversarial: "Intercept Reporter Faked Dylann Roof Story"

Bernie has raised 1 million since last night!!!!!

Jerry Rice drove some people around in a Lyft and no one recognized him

In Defense of New Hampshire

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 2-1-16

Cowboys officials will try to deter Jerry Jones from Johnny Manziel, the Kardashian of quarterbacks

Bachmann's back and nuttier than ever

Tornado warnings for Kentucky

Russia lines up state assets for privatisation

My response to a post that states Hillary blew a 30-point lead in IA in 3-months

Hillary's Staff just said 37 vs 23 Delegates...explain?

So just what are the odds of those coin tosses (or a more extreme distribution of tosses)

Clinton's first SC ad shows her endorsement by corp attorney who refused to prosecute Wall St.

Tell me about "super delegates."

I hear there is new word on the street in NH