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AFL-CIO Delays Making Endorsement in Dem Primaries

Someone needs to do a compilation of Hillary Clinton's appearance at the Benghazi

Sanders' Nomination Path (Hillary Clinton Group)

Please kick this OP if you love animals:Animal Deaths Down,Adoptions Up Amid Reforms at NYC Shelters

Donald Trump is softening 'the base' up by smashing GOP wedge issues. He is softening them

Southern Poverty Law Center affixes Trump as face of 'year in hate' report

what you missed re the GOP's anti-HRC campaign, the Benghazi "GET HILLARY" committee

Ford becomes latest corporation to sever ties with conservative Alec lobby

Donald Trump and the Central Park Five: the racially charged rise of a demagogue - Must Read

"The Comeback ID"--Bill Clinton After his Presidency & Election 2008--Vanity Fair Magazine

Hillary Clinton Brought This on Herself: How a Democratic Primary Coronation Turned Into a War

Robert Reich: The GOP died in 2016.

From DK: How To Help Bernie Win (link)

Anyone surprised by this?

Apple Encryption Case Risks Influencing Russia And China, Privacy Experts Say

The Sanders Campaign and It's Economic Projections Have Crossed Into Neverland

The Sanders Campaign and It's Economic Projections Have Crossed Into Neverland

San Francisco tech worker: 'I don't want to see homeless riff-raff'

Sanders wins 31 primaries if He and Clinton are tied

Time to dust off this classic ad from LBJ's Presidential campaign

Bernie Sanders Struggles to ‘Champion Women’ like Hillary Clinton

Breaking NBC/WSJ Poll: Cruz Surges Ahead of Trump

I'm so glad for MSNBC. They're there day in and day out . . . . . .

Do corporations have souls? And at what age of development do they become viable?

CORY BOOKER: Here are some reasons to pick Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders

I don't need this, but...

If Obama is a man of his word, he should not endorse Hillary

Speaking of Responsible Economics

It's Not Over | Bernie Sanders video

Bernie’s Running for Re-Election on Independent Ticket

Pro-Bernie Sanders music video asks voters to "talk Bernie to me"

Venezuela raises petrol price for first time in 20 years

Can you pronounce three consonants strung together?

Eric Garner's Daughter supports Bernie Sanders in "I Can't Breathe" ad

Michigan Attorney General: I May Charge Gov. Snyder With Manslaughter For Flint Poisonings

Largest Methanol Refinery - Forced on residents of Tacoma, Washington

New York Man Pleads Guilty to Capturing and Killing Hawks

Bernie Sanders' American Dream is in Denmark

Michigan’s Water Wars: Nestlé Pumps Millions of Gallons for Free While Flint Pays for Poisoned Water

Avacado's Number and the Primaries

Talk Bernie to Me!

Edward Snowden, Sundar Pichai Back Apple In Fight Over iPhone

I don't usually pay much attention to what Trump says, but this totally blew my mind

"Trump's campaign exploits people’s resignation and their sense of frailty"

“They really don’t want this out”: The biggest Iraq War scandal that nobody’s talking about

Talk Bernie to Me!

nina turner...bernie IS a one issue candidate

Here is why I have such a problem with Bernie's plan for free tuition

Tug on my heart strings. Warning, may need a tissue.

Bernie's "second hand sexism"?

Colombia’s police chief resigns amid piling sexual misconduct claims

I tried to watch that Trumpfest on MSNBC,

Why we will win

Bailout Architect: Dodd-Frank Won't Stop Another "Reactor Meltdown"

President Obama, Republicans, and SCOTUS

Gov to decide if 17 year olds should vote in primaries

Grass-roots Democrats revolt against party leaders.

WWF style intro on CNN.

Scuba Diver Experience Fish Tornado under Sea in Mexico

Scuba Diver Experience Fish Tornado under Sea in Mexico

Just a quick "merci" to whoever thought of sending me the valentines...

NAACP will not endorse a candidate. They are there to inform, support civil rights & NOT

Seriously Trump is a despicable human being

Exactly why is Donald Trump being fellated live on MSNBC?

Venezuela president raises fuel price by 1,300% and devalues bolivar to tackle crisis

End to the U.S. embargo on Cuba is coming sooner than you thinkv

Even if you hold your nose, can you imagine yourself casting your ballot for the Death Penalty?

Bill Maher: New Rules - Socialism

Very clever stuff.

Watching CNN GOP Forum

Nike cuts ties with Manny Pacquiao after derogatory comments

I lost my hearts

Hillary and the DNC do realize what would happen if the superdelegates subvert the popular vote?

Millennials will support Hillary in the end.

la Cruela: Cruelabuela: Send Children Back to Violence, But Thousand Dollar Stroller for Grandkid:

NYT Invents Left-Leaning Economists to Attack Bernie Sanders

University of Texas head begrudgingly OKs campus gun rules

screen grab from m$nbc's have entered the Twilight Zone

Trump is full of himself & $/%+!

St. Paul officer accused of posting about protesters resigns

I didn't find a glitch. Sometimes I get double posts, why I don't know...

These pro-Hillary music videos are sure to convince people to vote for Bernie

Scarbourough on MSNBC questioning trump.

2 Los Angeles officers charged with raping women on duty

WTF is this crap?

2 Texas men get 15-year sentences for torture of gay man

White House Spars With Schumer Over Anti-Terror Funding

Bill Clinton: "I Still Believe In A Place Called Nope"

Guard charged in inmate's hot jail cell death gets probation

Rubio up on the town hall right now. I skipped over Carson.

To Skinner

Paul Krugman missed the magic unicorns in Hillary Clinton's platform

Man! I just realized that I, too,

Elko, Nevada Town Meeting with Bernie Sanders on 2/19

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!Church Night, Sweet Jesus!!

UMass economist paints a rosy picture of Sanders economics

Elizabeth Warren Had A F*** Off Fund of Her Own

Bernie speaking in Las Vegas this Thursday!

Watch crystal replacement - anyone ever done this?

Thom Hartmann: Americans WANT Higher Taxes

The "Non-Establishment" guy who has been in the Congress for 25 years and joined the Dem Party.

Yes. She has been vetted for some of her past.That is why Hillary is considered dishonest. Get it!

Can Anyone Trust Hillary on Immigration Reform? She claims she will continue Obama's program:

Accused Oregon refuge occupier cites devil, demands damages from U.S.

Ex NAACP Head Ben Jealous gives detail reason for his Bernie Sanders endorsement

Sandra Day O'Connor: Obama should name Scalia's replacement

Bernie folks, how can we possibly elect a European type Socialist in the fall?

And you wonder why Bernie's message is so well received......

Today I learned Hillary worked for Nelson Rockefeller’s GOP presidential campaign in 1968

Over in LBN Judi Lynn posted a good one

President Obama Will Visit Cuba in Historic Trip Next Month, Sources Say

Malheur occupier Shawna Cox sues US for $666B over ‘works of devil’

What do you think of the new Daily Show host Trevor Noah?

Why does Hillary keep lying abt Bernie's HealthCare Plan? Is it $$$$ she got from healthcare ind?

Bill has been campaigning for Hillary in Nevada

IS it too late for Trump to go 3rd party?

World’s cheapest Android smartphone goes on sale for just $3.67

President Obama Will Visit Cuba in Historic Trip Next Month, Sources Say

Nothing to see here....Really

to whoever sent the hearts

State flag divides Mississippi lawmakers

President Obama will visit Cuba in historic trip next month, sources say.

I don't watch much TV... but BIL just showed me Triumph the Insult Comic Dog from 2/4

*Rachel Show tomorrow @ 8 pm, NOT usual 9 when Telemundo Dem 'debate.'

Satanists Call for Investigation into 'Satanic Panic' Killing of 8-Year-Old Boy

Confederate statues will remain in Lexington courthouse square (KY)

Bernie's Plans Modeled on FDR's New Deal: Social Security, Fair Labor Standards, Banking Regulation:


Phoenix council favors silence over Satanists- for now

AFL-CIO Withholding Endorsement

Ted Cruz just said he has the Reagan coalition coming together. Record shattering

On Rachel Maddow: It took 2½ mins to drive the length of the line of students waiting to see Bernie


Dean Baker: NYT Invents Left-Leaning Economists to Attack Bernie Sanders

To Rock and Roll Friend on D.U.

Turns Out The "Artful Smear" Was Created By Hillary Herself As A Charge Against Obama

Hillary: Turn away refugee children to "send a message"

Commonality between Sanders' message and the Black Panther Party

The 538 site has just added/updated a number of states' probabilities of candidates winning....

Can I have a list of Hillary's Pro POC legislation?

Defender of Putin, Detained in Russia: American Activist Deemed U.S. 'Agent'

Hollywood hospital pays $17,000 in bitcoins to hackers who took control of computers

Is anyone watching The Shannara Chronicles

The Cause of This Nightmare Election? Media Greed and Shameless Traffic Worship

Labour opens inquiry into antisemitism allegations at Oxford student club

Bill Maher's Valentine Poem Feb 12 ~ Praises Bernie & Destroys Ted Cruz on Jimmy Kimmel.

Cultures clash as Democrats raise money

Bored? Conspiracy theories about Justice Scalia’s death

Will. Never. Happen.

Poll: Bernie Sanders takes lead over Hillary Clinton in Massachusetts primary

RW lost another suppoter: Florida man dies in meth-lab explosion after lighting farts on fire

Bundy Family, Supporters Face 16 Federal Felonies For 2014 Standoff

OMG what a great race! Poll: Clinton, Sanders in a dead heat for Nevada

Bernie Sanders Presses Hillary Clinton To Demand DNC Keep Ban On Lobbyist Cash

Can anything be more pathetic than Jeb¡

San Francisco tech worker: 'I don't want to see homeless riff-raff'

National Polls Suggest That Bernie Sanders May Be More Electable Than Hillary Clinton

Hillary Folks: how will Hillary respond to Trump's charges that she's easily bought?

Bundy, his sons, 2 others indicted for 2014 standoff in Nevada

Why aren't we allowed to see who has us on Ignore?

Hillary Clinton & the "Mass Incarceration Machine": A Debate on Her Support of 1994 Crime Bill

4 Ways White People Can Process Their Emotions Without Bringing the White Tears

Can you imagine a scenario where Hillary is being attacked from the left in the GE

An important poll question re: Obama visiting Cuba next month.

At least they're admitting that the Bernie Bros meme is fake now

Hedge Fund Billionaires Fund Super PAC Ad Against Bernie Sanders and Minimum Wage Hike

Jeb Bush confronted like never before by worried supporters

I don't know if I should open it, or not...

Regarding Trump: Spread it around... Trump's sexual behavioral like 'Nam...

Debunking the big ‘Bernie Sanders has a SuperPAC’ lie

GM Stopped Using Flint Water More Than a Year Before Emergency Declared

This Woman Fought for 20 Years to Change the Rules for Hair Braiding in Texas

New poll sees spoiler role for Bloomberg in Trump-Sanders matchup

You don't say...

Like it or Not, Hillary Clinton is Being More Honest with Voters Than Bernie Sanders

Add another nonsense label

Bernie BAE

After Enacting Highest Minimum Wage, This State Leads Nation In Job & Wage Growth

John Lewis: Nothing Is Free

Pro-Bernie Sanders music video asks voters to "talk Bernie to me"

I'm going to assume the Pope would not be a TrumpCruzRubioBush fan

If you like chimichangas, I mean if you REALLY like chimichangas.

Debunking the big 'Bernie Sanders has a SuperPAC lie'

Paul McCartney DENIED at Grammy Party

Has anyone here been to Kyrgystan?

Denying Services On Religious Beliefs Spreading & Dangerous.

this gives me a sad - America the Land of the (nothing is) Free

Photo of what is on my kitchen table, and the reason why: Bernie related

2 new avatar / sigline images

Bernie is a problem Hillary can’t figure out how to solve

Media Whores Online is back: Joey Scar and Meeka and tRump. Worst. Ever. On. TeeVee...

I just had a flashback to 2008. Anyone here remember the PUMAs?

Stay out of our private phones; but control access to dangerous weapons in America

People are concerned about Bernie's increase in taxes, BUT...

A Hillary primary win will likely KILL DU off.

Nikki Haley endorses Rubio

US Uncut: Scalia’s Resort Trip Was Gifted By ‘Friend’ Whose Case Had Been Before the Supreme Court

Remembering the naval mutiny 70 years ago when the British nearly blew up Bombay

A song for Bernie. Post yours, if you feel it. This is mine...

The issue is not Hillary Clinton's Wall St links but Democrats' core dogmas

The Minority Report. Why Clinton or Sanders are viable even with 25% of the delegates

Nevada lobbyist Harvey Whittemore leaves prison

LISTEN - 41 Days: OPB Documentary On Oregon Occupation - #BundyTeaParty

Race In America: Dr. John Theis opens panel with a touching personalization (VIDEO)

Daily Cal: The Zoetrope Effect

Colbert pulls back the curtain on Kasich

TCM Schedule for Thursday, February 18, 2015 -- What's On Tonight: 31 Days of Oscar: Day 18

PPP Early March Primaries Poll (CLINTON GROUP)

The Creepy Cull of DU's Black Voices

Jeb Bush Pays a Price for Failing to Register = Trump buys it!

Poll: Sanders has edge over Clinton in matchups with GOP opponents

Dispelling Stupidparty Myths – The GOP is Ideologically No Longer the Party of Lincoln

Why doesn't HRC just tell Bill to STFU?????

It's impossible to shame the shameless

but it's the Bernie Bros who are assholes?

Michael Moore's newest is a Don't Miss!

Unicorns, ponies, political revolution. The Sanders Campaign Has Crossed Into Neverland

Y'know, I never even heard of Killer Mike before he endorsed Bernie

The New Yorker documentary by Alex Gibney on CIA protection of al-Hazmi and al-Mihdar.

Killer Mike Made a Remark About Hillary Clinton’s Uterus. It Doesn’t Sound Better in Context.

Killer Mike Made a Remark About Hillary Clinton’s Uterus. It Doesn’t Sound Better in Context.

A song for Obama - Me voy para La Habana (I'm going to Havana)

Make "Ghost Voting" A Crime

I Have Decided - I'm For Hillary

Students & Veterans Turned Away From The Polls Under Wisconsin’s New Voter ID Law

Kaufman County couple waterboarded boy, bound his genitals as punishment, affidavit says

Female Presidential Candidate Who Was US Senator, Secretary Of State Told To Be More Inspiring

So, about Bernie saying maybe we should primary Obama

The Onion just posted a great little smack at anti-Clinton voters

Sanders and Trump: How the Political and Media Establishment Got 2016 So Wrong

I love Killer Mike but it was dumb for him to go there

Where was Hillary the day Bernie was "the only white guy to show up" at a Voting Rights Meeting?

Obama was right, I was wrong.

The Key to Bernie Sanders's Appeal Isn't Socialism. It's Yiddish Socialism

Bernie Sanders Dating Site Crashes After Millions Try To Register

Any article written that uses Hillary and honest should be discredited.

There should be a "leak" that Obama was considering Anita Hill for the SC nom

Marine Bronze Star recipient from iconic Fallujah photo attacked at a D.C. McDonald's

Seattle man tests transgender rule by undressing in women's locker room

Regarding the Clintons....The grand total raised for all of their political campaigns and their

A new superhero is coming to the CW (Number23 you might want to read this!)

I listen to Trump's so-called town hall twice......

Now Isn't This WAY More Fun Than an Uncontested Primary?

Why Hillary Clinton is – and should be – worried about Nevada

This is intense isn't it?

"Hillary Clinton's Gay Marriage Quote Shocks Students"

"Music for Sleeping" ?!

Sunny Nevada Just Killed the Solar Industry with 40% Tax Hike, Derailing the Off-Grid Movement.

Here's a graph showing "The Actual Distribution of Wealth in the US"

Hey! I can now start a post in this forum after

I am proudly voting and volunteering for this man....

Daily Holidays - February 18

28,000 member United Food and Commercial Workers Endorses Sanders

"Bernie Sanders Blows Wolf Blitzer Away With His Plan for Free College"

Gay People Are a ‘Third Sex’, Kansas GOP Lawmaker Says

This chart alone should get the vast majority of people to vote for Bernie

Ankara blast: Turkey vows retaliation for deadly bomb attack

My Ears Are Still Bleeding From This New ‘Bernie Bae’ Video

Poll: Clinton dominating Sanders in early March primary states

The Latest: 6 Turkish soldiers killed day after Ankara blast

Philly City Council to hold public banking hearings

Anyone have or know of a credit card company/bank which does NOT outsource its customer service?

Fed's Newest Member Suggests Breaking Up Wall Street Banks

Evidence mounts for interbreeding bonanza in ancient human species

John Lewis and Hillary Clinton’s problem with millenials

Since when do we let Republicans decide what is and isn't possible for America?

Canadian Satire on Scalia's Death

New national poll finds John Kasich would soundly beat Hillary Clinton

The Full Story of the Sirhan Sirhan Parole Hearing

Got home from work late, turned on the box and Joe Scum and Mika are interviewing Cthulu.

Videos spotlighting Black chemists and chemical engineers.

Trump Says ‘Very Secret Papers’ May Show ‘The Saudis’ Knocked Down World Trade Center

Hillary Clinton’s Top Financial Supporter Now Controls “The Onion”

SuG - butterfly BoY [PV] and Vi, Vi, Vi

Idle historical conspiracy theory: migration periods happen every 1600 years

Cancer Patients Snagged in Health Law’s Tangled Paperwork

US Marshals Are Arresting People Who Are Behind on Student Loans

Lab-grown meat comes to Memphis

Clinton leads in 10 of 12 Early March Primaries; Benefits From Overwhelming Black Support

Seoul's Spy Service Says North Korea Is Preparing Attacks

"Guess How Much the Clintons Have Raised Since 1992" And here's how they spent it

In Exchange For Cutting Benefits, This Bankrupt Coal Company Agreed To Pay Executives Millions

I Joined A Facebook Group Called Bernie Sanders’ Dank Meme Stash

Government recommends eight years in prison for former California Senator Leland Yee

Cuba Leads the Way in Developing New Cancer Drugs

Korea, US started THAAD talks Feb. 7

South Korea warns Japan over 'comfort women' accord after claims of no proof

Left Progressive Populism and Right Nativism Against Politics As Usual

North Korea's nuclear test 'could jolt volcano back to life'

South Korea cites North threat in calling for tough 'terror' law

The glorification of Antonin Scalia

Bernie’s Army of Coders

Flight Of The Conchords to reunite for Newport Folk Festival

You can record music for free at the DC Public Library's recording studio

Syria conflict: Why Azaz is so important for Turkey and the Kurds

Bill Clinton appeals to millennials in SC The former president stumps for his wife in Greenville

Which will we.see.first?

Tiny sea snail 'swims like a bee'

Thomas Frank: Listen, Liberal Or, What Ever Happened to the Party of the People?

I’m a Conservative Who Supports Bernie Sanders. Here’s Why.

Despite Growing Attacks, Bernie Can Do It

Reclaim Our Schools': Cities Rally Nationwide to Save Public Education

FBI Finds Trench of Human Feces at Cultural Site on Oregon Refuge

The Point of No Return: The Nightmares Are Already Here

Charles Pierce: Even Joe McCarthy Wasn't Such a D*ck About Supreme Court Nominations

Back-room revisions to TPP sneakily criminalize fansubbing & other copyright grey zones

President Obama should nominate...TROF! for Supreme Court Justice!

Why privatizing the VA health care system is a bad idea

The Prison Population in America

Why Brother Bernie Is Better for Black People Than Sister Hillary

How Bernie built a fundraising juggernaut

Workers Disunited: Bernie Sanders Gets the Grassroots Vote

Workers Disunited: Bernie Sanders Gets the Grassroots Vote

Medicare's History Belies Claim That Medicare-for-All Would Disrupt Care

Workers Disunited: Bernie Sanders Gets the Grassroots Vote

Speaking of Morehouse (see the ΩΨΦ thread), today is the 149th anniversary

Why Reddit for Bernie counts

Why is anyone taking PPP seriously during the primary season?

IndustryWeek: TPP: Another Nail in the Coffin of American Manufacturing

Apple vs The FBI. This backdoor case is likely to be the last.

HRC term as Sec. of State compared to John Kerry's term as Sec. of State

Vietnam vet loses suit against VA to get benefits in Cuba

There will come a point when people have to admit that Sanders's polls vs. Republicans

The definition of out of touch

Ford Becomes Latest Major Corporation to Dump ALEC

Qunnipiac National: Bernie beats all Republicans. Hillary loses to all but Trump.

Argentina Reports Nearly 4,900 Cases Of Dengue In 1st 5 Weeks Of 2016 - Worst Outbreak Since 2009

Melting Starfish, Dying Lobsters - 2 New Studies Point To Warmer Ocean Temperatures - WP

New Ted Cruz ad spoofs "Office Space"in Clinton Server Attack

Nate Silver: Bernie Sanders’s Path To The Nomination

Morning Joe can be unbearable at times

60% of SC Republicans want a Muslim Ban

Manny Pacquiao calls gays "worse than animals"

America's First Climate Refugees - Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw Abandon Disappearing LA Island

A headline that will make you wonder...

Gail Collins today

When Saul Alinsky offered the young Hillary a job as an organizer in Chicago

The real enemy, the real danger, ...

If the FBI gets into the "terrorist's" iPhone, they'll get into yours

well, they finally got Jack...

Joe Madison : I'm not feeling the burn or high on Hillary

McConnell should be impeached by the Republicans - FOR TELLING THE TRUTH.

NASA Watch's Keith Cowing Is the Agency's Biggest Critic and Most Obsessive Fan

The Super Tuesday States I think Bernie will take

Sandra Day O'Connor: Obama should name Scalia's replacement

There's a reason why Bernie has hundreds of superdelegates...

Imagine if we didn't have free public schools already. Imagine someone trying to propose it today!!!

Sanders' Latino Outreach Director: 'El Bernie' Has Strong Support

President Obama To Meet With Civil Rights, #BLM Activists @White House

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Replacing the Sicilian

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - Battle Royale

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

In this key ranking, the U.S. is dead last

How does kick work?

Civil rights attorney Bill Murphy endorses Hillary Clinton

Syria's White Rose

Civil rights attorney Bill Murphy endorses Hillary Clinton

Clinton +23 pts among women voters in new nat'l poll. Il sure this will spark a flurry of news cover

If the young senator from Florida is their savior, Republicans should be very worried.

Today's "Joe Scab Is A Scumbag" thread.

How is the Trump Media Industrial Complex working out for you?

Kevin Drum: The Sanders Campaign Has Crossed Into Neverland

Flint Residents May Have Been Drinking PFCS In Addition to Lead

Hillary Disses Obama, And Praises GOP Candidate [VIDEO]

US Army reservist sues 'Muslim-free' gun range for asking him to leave

Rapture Index up one point because of death of Scalia!

Why major papers that backed Barack Obama for president in 2008 now support Hillary Clinton

Four-hour flight turns into 30-hour nightmare for Delta passengers

Prince's Passport Photo Exceeds All Government Requirements

Joint enterprise law 'wrongly interpreted' for 30 years, Supreme Court rules

A glimpse into how Bernie could fight off bullshit attack in GE

How Scalia's Absence Will Affect Pending Supreme Court Cases

Luckovich Does 9/11

HRC's great new ad--Brave

Why Justice Scalia was staying for free at a Texas resort

TTIP of the Iceberg: Consumer Concerns Could Sink the US-EU Trade Agreement

WATCH: Hedge Fund Billionaires Are Desperately Spending Money to Attack Bernie Sanders

The MSM is pimping the "Rubio Rebound" meme hard this morning. .......

Kasim Reed on Bernie Sanders: ‘He’s not going to be the nominee.’

Killer Mike's Impassioned Opening Speech For Bernie Sanders at Morehouse College 2/16/2016

Thousands expected to rally at Capitol Thursday for 'Day Without Latinos and Immigrants'

I can hear the RW bile already - Obama skips Scalia funeral but visits Cuba

Jane Sanders Has the White House in Her Sights

Slime Jockey David Brock: Hillary is the "heir"

Ben Jealous: 'Every part' of Sanders' platform helps African-Americans

Hillary Clinton Donors Hear Concerns About Nevada Outcome

This is making the animal sheltering world happy--

Ann Arbor artist paints portrait of Gov. Snyder using lead-based paint

Brock warns of ‘slippery slope’ on Clinton disclosures

USABC Awards WPI $1 Million for a Novel Recycling Process for Lithium-Ion Batteries Used in Electric

i'm so damned proud of my state!

Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton. Talk to me about it.

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - February 18, 2016

Zika virus: Pregnant women 'begging online for abortion pills'

Republicans Are Ready To Steal The 2016 Election - Time To Protect The Vote

Could Sanders shut-out Clinton Vermont? Can he keep her under 15% for zero delegates?

Debunking the big ‘Bernie Sanders has a SuperPAC’ lie Joshua Holland

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - February 18, 2016 (Hillary group)

Bernie Sanders: ‘If We Can Rebuild Villages in Iraq, We Can Damn Well Rebuild Flint, Michigan’

Deep and Profound - Joel-Peter Witkin's best photograph: George W Bush in The Raft of the Medusa

The Brutalism of Ted Cruz

A Democratic socialist talks Sanders: The "evil" Professor Frances Fox Piven speaks!!!

Thr rottweiler came in third in the working class...

Powerful ad by Mrs. Clinton

Clinton Investigation may Sabotage Loretta Lynch Nomination

VIDEO: Noam Chomsky: Bernie Sanders Is Not a Socialist, He’s a ‘Decent, Honest New-Dealer’

Top Democratic economists don't think much of Bernienomics. He doesn’t care.

Jeb's gun - original engraving

Please come CAPTION Donald Trump spinning some gears!!!!

Civil rights attorney Bill Murphy endorses Hillary Clinton

Civil rights attorney Bill Murphy endorses Hillary Clinton

Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Episode One

Hillary Clinton campaign ad: "Brave"

We need a DU app, badly

Obama ‘Hope’ designer endorses Sanders

The Mainstream Media Barely Mentioned Bernie Sanders’ Recent Debate Comments on Henry Kissinger

We are lucky to have 2 great candidates!!!

Boeing engineers overwhelmingly back new labor contracts

Nevada Democrats will break caucus ties with high-card draw

Boeing engineers overwhelmingly back new labor contracts

Boeing engineers overwhelmingly back new labor contracts

Idiocracy - brought to you by Monsanto

Turkey is sinking into the quagmire of Syria

Will President Trump just threaten to sue any world leader who doesn't go along.

Looks like Italy is feeling the Bern

WELCOME, my friends, to Ted Cruz's Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan shark-jumping moment.

The problem I see

Another B vs H ... After they borrow your car

Shout out to louis c!

Florida Teen Accused of Being a Fake Doctor

Wall St. donors tell Hillary's campaign how to attack Bernie, campaign obliges

Bill Maher On Jimmy Kimmel: Ted Cruz Is Diabolical

The invisible link between autism and anorexia

How to Caucus in Nevada

Vanessa Hudgens under investigation for allegedly defacing Sedona Red Rocks

TYT on Hillary's "Super Predators" speech

Hillary's a smart lady... but somtimes, she says some realy stupid things...

Boston Globe's take on Hillary's black conversion

New Quinnipiac *national* poll: "Sanders beats top Republicans, Clinton…. not so much"

“She got fair market value for her speeches. She made that decision,”

Was Nobel-winning icon a paid informant for Polish regime?

Comparing Bernie & Hillary on military issues while they served together

Official countdown for Hillary's immigration plan

Beau Bergdahl

Penn Jillette: With game design, “the challenge is precisely the same as magic”

Clinton's WTO Deal Cost Black Workers 281,000 High-Paying Manufacturing Jobs & Harmed All PoC:

Damned if he does and damned if he doesn't.

Virginia taxpayers pick up $2,435 food and beer bill for mystery guests in Redskins suite

Carnage in Syria a Product of US Empowerment of Saudi Arabia

Top 10 CRAZY Unsolved Mysteries

What is Hillary doing to counter her image as someone who lies a lot?

Hillary Still Loves the Walmart Elite

Thanks to Trump, 45 percent of Latinos now see GOP as 'hostile,' up from 18 percent in 2012

China warns U.S. of 'serious consequences' over Washington plaza name

Lost in translation - Wal-Mart stumbles hard in Brazil

Should POTUS Appoint A Black Woman To Supreme Court To Protect His Legacy?

7 parking lot tragedies in 6 weeks

A Bloom County classic

To date, Hillary has attended 210+ fundraisers. Bill, 47 and Chelsea 26

Let's help Hillary with social media....

What would Sanders do? Estimating the economic impact of Sanders programs

The lack of fucks Mike Dukakis gives for Scalia in this interview is amazing

Obama going to Cuba

The Real Effects of a Transaction Tax ( Sanders Supporters )

OK gun shop bans Muslims, gets sued by Army reservist

Beware of the angry white male public intellectual

Partial Florida registration numbers.

Was Scalia credited with the expression about money and politics?

How this company tracked 16,000 Iowa caucus-goers via their phones


Just got my Democrats Abroad Townhall question request for the next townhall

Bernie Sanders is Kicking The Clinton Campaign’s Ass In Fundraising

What it means for gun rights if Scalia’s replacement is a liberal

NH win boosts Sanders' image, but Clinton still holds large lead

Cat Out Of Bag: "It’s not really about the nominee...Frankly, the real objection here is to Obama.”

Energy Department Announces $21 Million to Lower Solar Energy Deployment Barriers

Body Language Expert: Sanders' Smile is Genuine, Clinton's Hiding Something

So you burden students with a mound of debt. What impact do you think that has on the economy?

Despite Widespread Calls For Him to Go, the NRA is Stuck With Nugent

Video rant: Spare Me the Pseudo Feminist Outrage

"Andrea Mitchell: Hillary Clinton Has "Blown A Double Digit Lead" In Nevada"

Sanders’s Record, Filings Show Benefits From Super PACs, Links to Wall Street Donors

Lasagna Gardening

Does anyone know, was THIS sniper rifle Bundy-affiliated asshole ever caught ?

Angling for Political Action, Joshua Oppenheimer Takes His Latest Film to Washington

"Morning Joe" Panel: Hillary Is "Leaving Nevada Before The Caucus Ends?"

Bush Campaign Sources: Campaign Out of Money. Pay Ends Saturday.

"Hillary has blown a double-digit lead in Nevada." Video, MSNBC

MSNBC boots Sanders supporter (SOUTH CAROLINA)

Bernie Sanders Blocks Obama Nominee To Lead FDA

Meet the Man Who Says Bernie Sanders Can Deliver 5.3% Economic Growth

UPDATE: Is This In Her Transcripts? Hillary's TPP: She WOULD Pass It, TPP MEANS WALL ST WINS BIG

Beware of the Angry White People Supporting Hillary and Spreading the 'Bernie Bro' Myth

Imagine - A Liberal Court

New Clinton ad: "Brave"

The Canary Girls of WWI

Here's a post in GDP that we should keep at the top,...

The Hunting of Hillary

I dread what will happen when America finally elects a woman president

South Carolina-Clinton Maintains Lead

Gov. John Kasich to visit U.Va. Miller Center

Bernie Sanders town hall gives US party line when confronted re: #gaza

For Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, Politics is Personal

Organic Waste for Sustainable Batteries

Bernie's Revolution is Actually Happening...But the Media Won't Tell You

Hillary Clinton is losing faith in her “Latino firewall” in Nevada

Mom and dad just voted Bernie in the Texas primaries!

Democratic nominee will be 1 of 2 people. Support your candidate. Stop trashing the other

Number of minority judges skyrockets under Obama

MDCNY Endorses Bernie Sanders in Democratic Presidential Primary

We need to demand that superdelegates pledge to vote for the popular winner.

So changing your positions w/qualifying words so you can change back after the election is honest?

Robot actually said "if I were in the Senate"

Chair Chat with SC Dem Party Head and Ben Jealous

Betting the Farm on Free Trade: How the TPP Trades the Public Interest for Corporate Profits

 Sanders Backers Get a Boost with AFL-CIO Decision to Remain Neutral in Presidential Primaries

silver spoon

We can subsidize the Walmart family for years yet we can't education our youth?

New Jersey vegan eatery serves up Bernie Sanders themed fare

Interesting charts - How Americans stack up against European nations

2 deputies on leave after deadly shooting of Virginia teen

Abortion ban linked to dangerous miscarriages at Catholic hospital, report claims

x posting re Hillary's smile

Journalist who spurred resignation of police chief and minister forced to resign herself

Bernie Sanders - Justice (feat. Ludwig van Beethoven)

I find it, well, ironic......

Bill was right!

Boutros-Ghali Outclassed Albright, Clinton & Helms

The Price Is Right for Bernie Sanders in Nevada

We can help Billionaires earn billions but we can't educate our youth?

The living presidents. Gosh, what's different about the current one?

This Mythical River in Peru Is Boiling—and One Young Scientist Is on a Quest to Protect It

This Mythical River in Peru Is Boiling—and One Young Scientist Is on a Quest to Protect It

Las Vegas Review Journal: Sanders Supporters Spread 'Feel the Bern' Message (Terrific read!!)

What's everyone's current song obsession?

By all means let us talk about what happened to Greece.

Bernie, please tell us a story (one DUer's opinion)

Hillary is part of the oligarchy and will not change "the Establishment"

Las Vegas Review Journal: "Sanders supporters spread 'feel the Bern' message" (Great Read!!)

Oh my.. High School Girl beats up dude who insulted her on face book

Pope suggests Trump 'is not Christian'

The pope says Donald Trump is not Christian.

Republicans Really Are Behind Donald Trump. This Is An Astonishing Embarrassment.

Democrats Are In Serious Trouble After Iowa and New Hampshire

Yikes, it's raining!

Finger Lakes

Customs seizes more than $4 million in counterfeit U.S. bills at Detroit Metro Airport

Latest Polls Showing Bernie Beating ALL GOP Hopefuls

I wondered: Would we look more like Mexico or would Mexico look more like us?

Raise your glass! It's National Drink Wine Day!

Scalia’s West Texas Vacation Courtesy of Businessman With Prior Supreme Court Case

Trump and Cruz hit new highs in pandering...

Sanders’s claim- African-American community ‘lost half of their wealth’ in the Wall Street collapse

When Nina Turner speaks we should listen! On Bernie, black support, and much more

Anyone see David Brock on Morning Joe? There was a definite sense of "Ugh" among hosts

Scientists envision the cities of the future

I see the Repubs are now accusing Hillary (and, Obama) of aligning with Saul Alinsky's beliefs...

China Uproots Thousands Of People For Alien-Hunting Telescope - Newsy

US stocks slip at midday; Wal-Mart leads retailers lower

The Democratic Party needs to return home

Civil rights attorney Bill Murphy endorses Hillary Clinton

Florida Teen Posed as Medical Doctor


Neighbor pins note to tabby owners, tabby responds

Bernie Sanders versus the Pentagon

Non-Union Janitors 1-Day Strike Ties Up Traffic in Downtown Minneapolis

The warm weather has brought out the magnolias

Another game of connect the dots, starring Bill and Hillary Clinton

Muslim Democratic Club of NY endorses Sanders

"Keeping it Real with President Trump" from Tom the Dancing Bug

The Price Is Right for Bernie Sanders in Nevada

In search of a global-scale alignment of the progressive forces

Non-Union Janitors 1-Day Strike Ties Up Traffic in Downtown Minneapolis

Non-Union Janitors 1-Day Strike Ties Up Traffic in Downtown Minneapolis

Sec. Kerry on Jimmy Kimmel

Southern Poverty Law Center: Republican Party Is Now A Hate Group

LA Hospital Pays Ransom to Computer Hackers

This LA hospital’s computers weren’t backed up? DR fail made “ransomware” pay

Yes, Bernie Sanders can win the black and Hispanic minority vote

Hillary Clinton Could Bring On Nuclear War with Russia & World War III

Pic Of The Moment: Trump: All That Sex I Had While Dodging Vietnam Was Just Like Being In Vietnam

Video: Tumbleweed invades Australian town

Announcing! 2016 MARCH MEME MADNESS!!!

Poll: Nearly Half of Trump’s Supporters Want Slavery Back, and That’s Not All

Seoul Spy Agency: North Korea Plotting Terror Attack on South

A surprise player emerges in the government’s historic auction of airwaves

Baby Dolphin Dies After Tourists Pass It Around For Selfies

Hillary's artful smear about Bernie's blurb.

Gay military couple's first-kiss photo shared widely on Facebook

Amid Europe's refugee crisis, fears of anti-Semitism rise

Obama will pay respects to Scalia at court

A strange little tidbit about Bernie....


Hillary's & the DNC's Greatest Fear: Hillary's Indictment

Progressives: As president, could Clinton be forced to do decent things?

Latest Nevada caucus poll has Hillary +6


"Certainly Sanders' Moment": Poll Shows Bernie Beating All GOP Hopefuls

Is this primary a repeat of Howard Dean vs. John Kerry in 2004?

Hillary News & Views 2.18: Chicago Rally, White Privilege, "My Uterus is Not a Sentient Being"

Hillary Over Daughter Of Immigrants' Story

New Nevada Poll: Clinton +6

New Nevada Poll: Clinton +6

Sanders' Surrogates Are Berning Down The Clinton "Firewall"

Giant Webb telescope unfolds as it travels a million miles away from Earth

Fear And Loathing In Montana

Pope suggests contraception can be condoned in Zika crisis

Trump throws a tantrum about the Pope...

Fear And Loathing In Montana

Abortion ban linked to dangerous miscarriages at Catholic hospital, report claims

Gotta See It: Panarin gets his 20th goal with wicked wrist shot

On the whole primary challenger for Obama thing...

Palestinians dismayed by UK plan to stop local councils boycotting Israeli settlements

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 2-17-16

Cleveland Clinic to host Las Vegas Democratic town hall tonight for Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders


Counterpoint: My Unicorn Problem Problem


Clinton’s Lead Has Evaporated in Nevada and Her Supporters Are Panicking

Susan Sarandon on why she supports Bernie: 'I don't vote with my vagina'

I early voted in TX this morning

Two Ohio EPA employees fired, one demoted over Sebring water

Trolling For A Pretend Revolution

Clinton tries to avoid another setback in Nevada amid Sanders surge

'When Vatican is attacked by ISIS...I promise you - Pope would have wished & prayed I was president'

1,000 Devon Energy employees losing their jobs this week

Resetting the Post-Scalia Supreme Court by Linda Greenhouse

So - I'm headed to Washington for a week visiting my sister -

"Labor’s Civil War over Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton"

28,000 member United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 5 in California endorses @BernieSanders


The IRS had its sights on the gun-toting Nevada assemblywoman Michele Fiore

"Morehouse College Students Perform Electrifying Step Routine At Bernie Sanders Rally"

New AFL-CIO TPP Report Highlights Lack of Worker Protections

Ben carson whines about the media reporting the stupid things he says...

Orlando Sentinel: Peyton Manning should moon his tormentors

New AFL-CIO TPP Report Highlights Lack of Worker Protections

New AFL-CIO TPP Report Highlights Lack of Worker Protections

Bernie Sanders Plan to Deschedule Marijuana Earns Support of Former Surgeon General

Hillary Clinton Should Ask for Black America's Forgiveness Before She Asks for its Vote

Bernie Sanders Rides High Favorability To Crushing Every GOP Candidate In New Poll

Was Lewis correct? This question will be answered shortly

Records Uncovered By Daily Beast Show Bush And Clinton Are Funded By The Same 17 Mega Donors

Univision Rep. Luis Gutiérrez: Sanders Voted With Republicans on Immigration bills

Black icon namesake on the board of a huge private prison corp. maxed donation to HRC

Far-Right Pundit: Obama To 'Starve Americans Into FEMA Camps' After Murdering Scalia

DNC Opens The Gates To Unlimited Wall Street Funding to the Hillary Victory Fund.

Thank You, Gov. O'Malley

The HRC campaign is getting its instructions... the donor class is weighing in big-time now...

Donald Trump just flung this insane rant at Pope Francis — and maybe just lost the presidency

Feds Slap 70% Tax on Legal Marijuana Businesses

A Bernie Sanders Presidency Could Revolutionize Bipartisanship

To all of those caucusing for Bernie in Nevada:

A little help...CNN Money writer saying Bernie thinks $250,000 is Middle Class.

Sanders earns the coveted Geppetto Checkmark (wealth was lost by the AA community)

Ron or Tom?

Oregon militant accuses feds of committing ‘works of the devil’ in $666 billion lawsuit

Seagrass Genome Study to Boost Ecological Insight in Marine Ecosystems

Bernie Sanders Plan to Deschedule Marijuana Earns Support of Former Surgeon General

Dartmouth-led Team Develops Method to Predict Local Climate Change

Best Regions for Growing Bioenergy Crops Identified

Shall hosts of groups have authority to over rule juries?

Colossal Antarctic Ice-shelf Collapse Followed Last Ice Age

Cownose Ray of the Chesapeake Bay

Study Confirms Only Site in SE Asia Showing Tiger Recovery

Cownose Ray of the Chesapeake Bay

Plume from Mumbai's Burning Landfill Seen from Space

'Day Without Latinos' rally today at Capitol (Wisconsin)

"Bernie Sanders better-liked, runs better against Republicans than Hillary Clinton: poll" Quinnipiac


Latino Victory Fund Endorses Hillary Clinton For President Today In Nevada

Latino Victory Fund Endorses Hillary Clinton For President Today In Nevada

Bernie’s and Hillary’s demeanors

NEW T-Shirts now at the Bernie Shepard Fairey

Captured: People in Prison Drawing People Who Should Be

Bernie's and Hillary's demeanors

Robert Reich: Why Bernie’s Proposals Would Spur Economic Growth

White guy getting educated on race

When Hillary supporters repeat RW talking talking points

Americans Completely Divided on Supreme Court

And the other shoe drops regarding Apple:

Response from Portman re: Scalia vacancy.

Voters should ask themselves, if I got offered $600,000 to give a speech

Can we PLEASE quit referring to Mitch as a "strict Constitutionalist" ??

Dynamic scoring vs static scoring in fiscal policy

Donald Trump’s bad Catholic day

How do I find a DU'ers Status?

A Revolution? Statistically, not yet.

Pope calls out Donald Trump...

Putin Blasts EU Statements On Sanctions Relief

Rubio secured a spot on a 9/11 committee. Then he skipped many of the meetings.

Can Obama Outsmart Republicans On SCOTUS Appointments?

Okay, I'll admit it.

What's the only thing you can't recall in life

Inside Hillary Clinton's Midnight Visit to a Las Vegas Hotel Laundry Room

Hillary Clinton Donors Hear Concerns About Nevada Outcome

Well, the new republican party is showing it's true color!

Mysterious 4-mile long river in Peru is so hot it actually boils

Have you seen these photos of Misty Copeland?


The economist who vouched for Bernie Sanders’ big liberal plans is voting for Hillary Clinton

Texas Couple Accused of Waterboarding 13-Year-Old Boy

Requests for Tampa PD officers to work Beyonce concert unfilled

Jane Sanders is central in her husband's surging campaign

Where is Bernie Sanders' gun control plan?

Voters can and should factor in gender in the primaries and general election

New Monmouth College Poll South Carolina: HRC: 59% Bernie: 30%

HRC up big in new SC Poll

Endangered baby dolphin dies after beachgoers pass it around for selfies

Why Apple is making a stand against the FBI

Hillary supporters... What about had a 30 pt neck and neck.. I see why your

Obama ‘Hope’ designer endorses Sanders

Ammon Bundy responds to claims from prosecutors that occupiers trashed sacred Native American site

Whats really great for extracurricular education for TEENAGERS? Please recommend

Emails expose close ties between Hillary Clinton and accused war criminal Henry Kissinger

If there's one thing that has been illuminated this primary, it's corruption.

On Planet Clinton, Everyone's a Critic

Debunking the big ‘Bernie Sanders has a SuperPAC’ lie

Has anyone seen any good movies lately?

WSJ: Bankers lose over $1 billion in bonus value as stocks drop will blow you away

Jobless Claims in U.S. Decline to Lowest Level Since November

Oil Pares Gain After U.S. Crude Inventories Rise to 86-Year High

The economist who vouched for Bernie Sanders’ big liberal plans is voting for Hillary Clinton

Austin By Air

Kasim Reed Attacks Bernie Sanders -- Get's Taken Down By Scholar (video)

Sanders opens up leads in Alaska +14%; Maine +15%; Massachusetts +7%; Vermont +76% (WOW - 76%!)


Clinton Extends Delegate Lead Despite 22-Point N.H. Loss: AP

"Racist rats in a suit."

It's so DAMN easy...why can't we just do this!

Cliven Bundy's statement upon his 2031 release from prison --

The Clinton economic philosophy is rooted completely and blindly ...

#AskROF: Is It Time For ALL Democrats To Fight Back Against GOP Lunacy?

Radio host Tim Black explains why Bernie is more trustworthy than Hillary

How the DNC Helps Clinton Buy Off Superdelegates

Sanders Would Defeat GOP Field; Clinton Ties or Trails: Poll

There's a new scam about

Sanders Stresses Economy, Voting Rights, Courts in Conference with Civil Rights Leaders

Bush Campaign Sources: Campaign Out of Money. Pay Ends Saturday.

A myth needs to be dispelled over sexual discrimination lawsuits

Alan Grayson is letting WE THE PEOPLE choose who he endorses! Go vote! Link:

Pierce: The Roots of Donald Trump's Candidacy Lie in a South Carolina Cemetery

Very harsh assessment of Scalia's legacy from Wake Forest Law Review

Shouldn't the question be: How does Hillary plan to pay for endless war?

The Democratic Superdelegates Who Are Also Lobbyists - Lee Fang Part One

A Short Note

Bernie Sanders Endorses Rev. Jesse Jackson

State police board seeks investigation of Grant County sheriff who met militants

Where is Bernie Sanders' gun control plan?

Just in: CNN will host a #DemTownHall featuring #HillaryClinton & #BernieSanders next Tuesday in #So

It's easy to get people to do bad things—this might be why

How Bernie Sanders Could Actually Pull Off an Upset in South Carolina

Why Superdelegates Won't Feel the Bern

nicely done primer on the GOP primary...

Why Bernie Can Win

Supreme Court BS Logic

State Education Ranking Shows Vermont #1, South Carolina Last

Before you spread the false news that the SPLC named the GOP a hate group...

Rubio: If You Like Bernie Sanders, ‘Move To A Socialist Country’

Donald Trump calls Pope Francis 'disgraceful' for questioning his faith

Major Moscow shopping malls evacuated over bomb threats – sources

Keep It in the Ground: Author Terry Tempest Williams Buys 1,750 Acres of Oil & Gas Leases in Utah

Trump Aide: Vatican Completely 'Surrounded By Walls'

Turkey blames Syrian Kurds for Ankara blast, they deny responsibility, point to ISIS

Interview with Dr Bouthaina Shaaban, Syrian President Bashar al Assad's Top Adviser

Matt Karp: Why Bernie Can Win

Reforming Medicare to get to Single Payer.

Hillary and Fracking

Here is one question I would love to hear asked of Bernie Sanders

TRUTH!! MSNBC’s Town Hall With Donald Trump Was Disgraceful

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) Bernie stood with the "anti-immigration wing" of the GOP

"Rubio's "Morning Again in America" ad starts with shot of Vancouver. Cruz points out that porn

Rep. Luis Gutiérrez: Bernie stood with the "anti-immigration" wing of the GOP

Right wing friend sent me this, debunk it if you can (Single payer)....

Monmouth Poll SC: Clinton 59% - Sanders 30%

Monmouth Poll SC: Clinton 59% - Sanders 30%

So what exactly has Hillary accomplished?

Palestinian teens stab, kill Israeli in West Bank supermarket

Wyoming Trespass Laws Under Fire by Environmentalists, Photographers

FCC approves proposal to boost TV set-top box competition

Wyoming Trespass Laws Under Fire by Environmentalists, Photographers

Let us, for one moment, consider a primary race where neither candidate wins enough delegates.

Kozmic Blues

Hoyt Axton-Funeral Of The King

BC put Hrc in charge of healthcare and put Gore in charge of outsourcing fed departments

With Official Launch, LinkNYC Set to Bring Wi-Fi, Directions to NYers

Vermont House passes, sends to governor paid sick leave bill

44 years after Billy Preston's hit, STILL no definitive answer to that going round in circles thing

bernie's Own Economist Will Vote For Hillary Clinton

A question of campaign logos. Hillary's vs Goldwater's

College Tuition Plans, Compared

The GOP Has Destroyed Itself With The Worst Candidates Of All Time

DNC Chair Says Superdelegates Ensure Elites Don't Have to Run 'Against Grassroots Activists'

Nebraska and transgender participation in sports.

Hi Everybody

"Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat."

The invisible link between autism and anorexia (xpost from GD)

Disgusting and from a Dem congressman

Here is a quote from Bernie Sanders campaign re Nevada scoreboard

An IQ Test for all Voters. 100 Questions! A simple Test for Presidential Aspirants.

Come Home (Cardinal Pell) - Tim Minchin

Mind boogling - 500 Simpson episodes in 360 view

"Where is Bernie Sanders' gun control plan?" CNN

Military Madness

elleng and I are mooning each other on fb. Anyone else want to join in?

Bloomberg SC poll: Clinton 53% - Sanders 31%

I would respect Hillary supporters a lot more if they would just.......

Why Bernie is right about single payer, and why

Blanca, a Rio employee, supports Hillary

I want to let Ohioans know

eleven threads right now about SUPERDELEGATES on front page, you know what that tells me?

Kurds Warn Turkey of ‘Big War’ With Russia If Troops Enter Syria

More of Nate Silver's Projections

RCP Average of polls in NV Clinton +2.4

More of Nate Silver's Predictions

Sanders Stresses Economy, Voting Rights, Courts in Conference with Civil Rights Leaders

One view of the Democratic Party divide.

Maryland Senate Democrats/Hogan likened legislators to kids on spring break.

Hillary Clinton ratchets up the battle for black endorsements in Georgia

Philanthropist David Rubenstein Donates $18-Million to Renovate Washington’s Lincoln Memorial

Trump vs. Bernie Debate!

Wow! This crazy creature just returned from the dead after 30 years encased in ice

Latino Leaders Hammer on Bernie Sanders' Immigration Record

Kentucky agency suing Planned Parenthood over abortions

Feds want circus operator fined for deadly tent collapse

How funny - i guess this is why press isn't allowed at HRC's fundraisers

Re Superdelegates

Casino magnate Adelson facing 49 hours of pretrial questions

Nate Silver now has Hillary winning Nevada at a 75% probability.

Okay, for all the idiots in the Trump camp who are rushing to post pictures of the Vatican walls:

Arkansas pre super Tuesday sample ballots:

Nate Silver:Clinton has a 75% chance of winning Nevada vs.25% for Sanders

Lawmaker: Confederate sign on Mississippi flag a 'disgrace'

Clinton Strong in South Carolina But Warning Signs Ahead, Bloomberg Poll Shows

Clinton Strong in South Carolina But Warning Signs Ahead, Bloomberg Poll Shows

MoveOn Petition: Superdelegates: Let the voters decide


Circus Cat Chained to Truck For 20 Years Takes First Steps to Freedom

Grayson Primary: Dem Congressman offers his superdelegate vote to winner of online poll

Anybody going to the meetup in Newark/Glasgow area for Bernie on Saturday 2/20?

House OKs making it harder to change historical markers

Talking To The Terriers At The Westminster Dog Show

Berned Up?

Hillary Clinton is the president we need: Nicholas Burns

Hillary Clinton, the President we already had... time for a change.. feel the bern !

Trump attacks Pope, uses subjunctive mood, shocks linguists.

David Brock's Hardball Tactics Worry Clinton Supporters

from Martin Buber: 'The real struggle is not between east or west,

Thanks to a Fellow DUer:

After a discussion with a long time friend and client today about

Hillary Clinton is Dominating Bernie Sanders After Picking Up 87 More Superdelegates

Pope suggests contraception can be condoned in Zika crisis

New ted Cruz ad: "Nevada Land"

Hey you BERNIE supporters, you best be preparing for

Banning homosexuality fosters hate crime and homophobia, says UN report

Banning homosexuality fosters hate crime and homophobia, says UN report

Thanks to a Fellow DUer:

Hill Yes, I'm With Her

If you belittle Bernie's revolution, you are working against any change at all.

Gravis Nevada Poll: Clinton 53, Sanders 47

Gravis Nevada Poll: Clinton 53, Sanders 47

MSF stops sharing Syria hospital locations after 'deliberate' attacks

12 Examples of Hillary Violating Progressives Trust

Few Fiscal, Monetary Policy Moves Left To Fight Global Growth Slowdown, Moody's Warns

Virginia Considers Keeping Police Officer Names Secret

If MLK had said, "I Will Never Have Any Unrealistic Dreams!," would it have been as great a speech?

"Anti-voter fraud" group begging for money...

Hillary Clinton is Dominating Bernie Sanders After Picking Up 87 More Superdelegates

I admire the heroism of John Lewis' youth...he had dreams then...he's still great for what he did...

A Republican lament - by Fred Barnes

Wisconsin blocks federal funds from reaching Planned Parenthood

When will Hillary clinch? (A little math . . .)

Puerto Rico may have better chance of Supreme Court win after Scalia death

Constitutional Crisis animated by Mark Fiori. May Justice Scalia rest in Peace.

Polish magazine's 'Islamic rape of Europe' cover sparks outrage

What The Bernie Sanders Unelectable Argument Says About Black Lives

Voters Who Favor Border Wall Cannot Identify Border on Map

Fox News: The Home of Two Newly-Designated Anti-Muslim Hate Groups

Heroes on the half-shell indeed!

Ohio tests 10,000 rape kits to clear backlogs, hundreds indicted

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 19 February 2016

Project 538 Forecast of Clinton's chances of winning upcoming states - updated this afternoon!

New Colorado bill would create guidelines for organic marijuana

"If we combine the experience of the old-timers with the natural militancy of the young,

CNN: Clinton, Sanders in a dead heat for Nevada

Hillary is dominating Bernie after picking up 87 more superdelegates.

What song was popular the year you graduated from high school?

Gun purchase background check mandate question qualifies for Maine ballot

Cenk Uyger guts Anderson Cooper's performance as GOP Town Hall moderator

Bernie Light Brigade

question about San Francisco and the homeless population

Obama will move 'promptly' to pick Supreme Court justice: White House

Why Bernie Sanders Is In Deep Trouble In South Carolina

George W. Bush Recalls Scalia as "That Guy Who Gave Me the Presidency"

Republicans trying to infiltrate Nevada Democratic Caucus...

GOP platform: no planks required

WSJ/NBC National Poll: Clinton 53 (-6) Sanders 34 (+8)

Buffalo Soldiers: Yosemite Research Library

US election: Donald Trump v Pope... who wins?

So explain to me how Clinton will be a party unifer like Pres Obama was in 2008?

Clinton Or Sanders? California Legislative Women's Caucus Split

Independent: Five Reasons Hillary Clinton Desperately Needs to Win the Nevada Caucus

We're told open carry is wrong because it's allegedly a form of passive intimidation

U.S. Stationing Tanks And Artillery In Classified Norwegian Caves

Los Angeles-area methane leak declared permanently sealed

43 Giant U.S. President Statues Sit Crumbling in a Virginia Field

*LIVE Tonight: A Big Night of Politics

Be careful out there

I hear Hillary got some really expensive new jewelry...

U.S. prosecutors to turn over records on 9/11 conspiracy suspects

Pussy Riot endorses Bernie!!!!

DU's ranking on Alexa in mid January was down ~20% since Sept 2015. Is this due to Bernie supporters

What is Hillary's Plan for Creating High-Paying Middle Class Jobs for PoC?

Fox News National Poll: Sanders 47 (+10), Clinton 44 (-5)

State's highest court intervenes in Freddie Gray case, halting all lower court proceedings

Bloomberg Poll of SC: HRC: 53% Bernie: 31%

Young Turks explain on how millionaires gain influence/access to Democratic candidates

These 90 universities are helping the GOP obstruct and compromise the SCOTUS nomination.

Could Google search results help sway the election?

Bernie Sanders Rides High Favorability To Crushing Every GOP Candidate In New Poll

Obama signs North Korea sanctions bill into law: White House

SEC primary update: PPP poll shows Hillary Clinton leading across South

MAGICAL MATH --- Bernie Sanders Has Started Thinking Like a Republican.

'Hostile armed person' in UMass Amherst dormitory, students sheltering in place

MSNBC Democratic Town Hall Live Stream: Watch Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton Face Off Before Nevada

The fire is spreading': Bernie Sanders is the Katniss in Nevada's Hunger Games

Bernie supporters are so creative: Fantastic poster: Not Me Us

Jeff Masters - Earth Rings in 2016 With its Warmest January on Record

If HRC had run unopposed for the nom, a GOP victory would be certain by now.

NIRP and Other Economic Policy Kabuki

Colombia minister admits police ran male prostitute ring

Colombia minister admits police ran male prostitute ring

Candidate A: The more you know the more you like. Candidate B. The more you know the less you like.

Mayor Bill de Blasio & Paul Krugman - A Conversation about Inequality - streaming live now

Endangered baby dolphin dies after swimmers pass it around for selfies

Recording Suggests Hillary Clinton Backers Testing Attack Lines Ahead of Nevada Caucus

The words "socialism" and "Bernie" have been said together constantly for months now.

Bernie Sanders is the kind of Democrat we used to have more of.

What's for dinner? Thurs, Feb 18, 2016

Clinton and that Citizen United "litmus" meme - link to AUDIO (CLINTON GROUP)

Latino Leaders Slam Sanders

"Winning elections is important. Therefore..."

Los Angeles-area methane leak declared permanently sealed

Why a Bernie Sanders Victory in Nevada Would Be Bigger Than His New Hampshire Landslide

EU referendum: 'No progress' so far on Cameron's talks

Should the theme of hillaries campaign?

Nearly 59,000 U.S. Bridges Still Structurally Deficient, New Analysis Finds

Donald Trump is the best example yet...

Beautiful and important site promoting our endangered National Parks

The Monmouth Poll showing Clinton with a 29% lead in SC was also rigged out the wazoo for Hillary.

David Plouffe: "Sanders running around acting like Santa Claus...

The Sanders Campaign Thinks It Can Give Us 5 Percent Economic Growth. It’s Deluded

Another Faction Withdraws From Governing Coalition In Ukraine's Parliament

Every time I look at that logo I see a big RED arrow pointing to the RIGHT.

Startup Bets Its Magic Touch on Seeds Can Boost Crop Yields