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Macri retaliates against Pope Francis by banning radio program that aired Francis' speeches.

Savage Hillary takedown at politico

Federal Reserve Official Says Banks Still Too Big To Fail, Pose Nuclear Risk to US Economy

Hillary Clinton calls for ‘facing up to the reality of systemic racism’

PSA: Your Daily Anti-Bernie Meme Is...


Argentine President Mauricio Macri bans radio program that aired Pope Francis' speeches.

NYC Court Tells Anti-Vaxxers: Keep Your Unvaccinated Kids Away From Schools!

We Can’t Afford Clean Water for Flint, but Israel Demands $50 Billion from Taxpayers

Analyst estimates $100 million more in Prop. 47 savings than Brown

The latest polls indicate a lot of folks "AREN'T FEELING THE BERN". Oh my.......

Anyone ever watch Property Brothers on HGTV? They just shocked the world!

Live Link to Sanders Rally at Morehouse in Atlanta fixed

An open letter to Skinner ..... a must read.

What happens when you forget to renew your website registration?

Does Team Hillary offer any ideas other than NO WE CAN'T?

"NO WE CAN'T!" Imagine if the Pyramid builders, the Roman Engineers, George Washington...

Obama: Trump No Worse Than The Rest Of The GOP Field

Feb 16 new CNN/ORC Poll-->Black voters, women power Clinton to big lead: HC=56 BS=38

I will not be able to support Loretta Lynch for US Supreme Court

Cenk/The Young Turk fans: if you ever wondered what happened to his gig

Vote Jeb!, "One Bullet, One Gun, One Foot!"

Picks so far in Arkansas

Ann Coulter on MSNBC as a guest?

Clinton Leads African American Millennials 64%-25%, Overall 73%-16%. Sanders Cornel West Problem.

Los Angeles hospital returns to faxes and paper charts after cyberattack

Clinton Leads African American Millennials 64%-25%, Overall 73%-16%. Sanders Cornel West Problem.

Some folks have sent Valentine hearts

Paul Krugman: "It's a rough time for progressives who don't believe in magic"

I am worried about backlash against the AfAm community as a whole if Bernie

Obama to sign law banning US imports of fish caught by slave labor

Obama to sign law banning US imports of fish caught by slave labor

Matthews needs to understand

Wolves in Idaho's "Lolo Zone" Being Gunned Down by U.S. Government

MIM won't be watching this tonight.

Is there a good video that introduces people to Bernie Sanders?


Asking AA group members for thoughts on Clinton's speech on racism

Future President Trump talks about sex, farting, and bowel movements of Melania

Skipping Scalia autopsy spawns conspiracy theories


1963 Arrest film

Deleting - it was hidden.

'Hispanic' is a race under U.S. anti-bias laws, court rules

Bernie's Detailed Plan for Reducing Racism and Achieving Racial Justice

A tale of two videos: Which candidate is better on civil rights issues again?

I know it's rough around here right now but

Neighbors called police when they hear screaming and gunshots

Turnpike chief: Forecast suggested 'manageable' snow storm

Sorry everyone but it seems that this site is satire, I couldn't find a link to any reputable source

Talk Bernie to me......

Bernie needs people in Reno this weekend

Three things that will make my year

Animal Fat a Renewable Energy Source?

Latest Poll Results from

I just voted for Sanders in the Texas Democratic Primary

Grassley Might Hold Hearings on Obama Pick

Killer Mike just dropped a Truth Bomb in Atlanta.

Battling The Gods

Chelsea gets it: ‘We Are Not Electing a King’

Trump Takes On the Republican Party

Sooooo......Sanders ALREADY WON ALL DEMOGRAPHICS (excluding 65+ and > $200,000/yr).

Killer Mike - Bernie is a one issue candidate & his one issue is

CNN's interview with Bernie's brother

Contaminated Flint water among most expensive in the U.S.: report

As American Becomes Oligarchical, We Get Dynastic Political Power

I'm proud of Sanders for NOT jettisoning Dr. Cornel West

Anger, resignation as massive pay gap prompts Carrier's Mexico move

Denise Juneau for US Congress

Pfizer to pay $784M to settle claims it overcharged Medicaid

Judge instructs Apple to break into phone of San Bernardino shooter

What Originalists Should Say About a Scalia Replacement

Texas executes man in murder of liquor store clerk

For the first time since visiting that fundamentalist church years ago...

Judge Forces Apple to Help Unlock San Bernardino Shooter iPhone

Bernie Sanders In 2013: 'I'm Not Obama's Biggest Fan'

The consequences of Scalia's death sent ReTHUGs into a complete meltdown

I just got hit by a drone (toy one in the park)

I just did something I've only done two other times in my life

Bernie Isn't Best for Black Voters

Trying to come up with a clever way to help Bernie...

U.S. Coast Guard hearing probes El Faro sinking in hurricane

FDA Warns The Parmesan You Eat May Be Wood Pulp

You know it's not really classic rock that I hate (Great covers of classic rock in here!)

Oklahoma grand jury probes executions after trail of resignations

Oklahoma calls for more disposal wells to shut after quake

Hey Krugman:It's a rough time for fake "progressives" who think think they can hide behind a label,

Scalia's death boosts legal chances for Obama's climate plan

Texas executes man in murder of liquor store clerk

Prosecution charts predatory trail of 'Grim Sleeper' killer

Prosecution charts predatory trail of 'Grim Sleeper' killer

Bobby Jindal’s supply-side dystopia: How the former governor screwed Louisiana & discredited right-w

Have you seen Samantha Bee's new show, Full Frontal????

Judicial candidate Kent Tester withdraws from race after publication of racial slur in text message

About Jeb!'s gun - WaPo article -

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! On The Departure of Antonin “Fat Tony” Scalia! & a new

New dark money ads attack Justice Goodson for Supreme Court's unanimous decision invalidating Arkans

Thanks To Citizens United, Your Boss Can Bring Politics Into The Workplace

Consider the Source. Do you know who owns the Wash. Post? The Amazon Sweatshop King.

Cruz tax plan would cost $8.6 trillion, second only to Trump’s

More Than A Dozen Daily High Temp Records Tied Or Broken As California Heatwave Grinds On

Pssst. Republicans have started their campaign against Bernie. This is a great sign.

Bill Clinton Called Obama's Record on Iraq, "The Biggest Fairy Tale I've Ever Seen"

Pickety -- Democratic Primary Makes Clear: A Populist Revolution is Coming

Bernie Fundraising..

Childrens' books have changed a lot from when I was a kid

Why Bernie Sanders is struggling with Black voters in South Carolina

PNAS Study - 4-Year Drought Has Likely Killed 58 Million California Trees; 120 Million More At Risk

Went to a Bernie Meeting in a Swing State.

When Cliven Bundy got picked up at the airport...having had to be disarmed going through security...

Proof Hillary is the only one who will protect our rights

Tampa Bay Paper Belatedly Notes FL Has Shitty Government, And That Science Is Important

Sheriff Wonders If Shooting Near His Home Was Incited By 'Beyonce's Video'

New Technique for Turning Sunlight into Hydrogen

Will Hillary's call to deport child migrants hurt her in Nevada?

Anyone know of on-line word processors with storage capabilities?

Some pics

Latest Poll Results from

And then there are the angry "milineals'. Ran into one

UTA researchers devise more efficient materials for solar fuel cells

Reports: Officials packed Republican debate with Donald Trump haters

“Ah, was he really all that bad?” “Yes, he was.”

Who gave the title 'Mahatma' to Gandhi? Gujarat govt says not Tagore, but 'unknown journalist'

What Turkey & Saudi Arabia Aim to Gain with Possible Ground Invasion in Syria

Homer Simpson will go live on 'The Simpsons'

Clapping for Tinkerbell

Veterans meet at local cafe to discuss Hillary Clinton’s plan for military families

"future 45" conservative SuperPAC is running ads against Bernie now

Obama: No Excuse For GOP Not To Vote On A Court Nominee

A CSX Quality Auto Rack

Bill Maher and 1 guest lit a couple of fat ones on his show Friday!

"I continue to believe Mr. Trump will not be president," Obama said Iraqi burn pits: secret cause of sickness, cancer, death in U.s. soldiers

Retired Md. firefighters remember fatal Amtrak crash in Silver Spring, 20 years ago

New ARG Poll SC: HRC: 61% Bernie: 31%

Why not just engage the young and old dreamers and honor the dreams?

Anyone here miss DU as much as I do?

Bernie's sudden celebrity brother

Renewable Fuels from Algae Boosted by NREL Refinery Process

Killer Mike: Having a uterus doesn't qualify you to be president of the United States

Apparently Turd Blossom, like his boss, failed to read "bin Laden Determined To Strike in U.S."

House GOP Subpoenas 3 Groups in Planned Parenthood Probe

Bill Cosby Loses Appeal

These are exciting times for Larry Sanders, a stalwart Green Party campaigner in Oxford, England

Sanders surrogate César Vargas told NV Dems that Obama voted against 2007 immigration bill. Not true

Judge: Colorado Clinic Shooting Documents Should Stay Sealed

Clinton bad campaigner, unfit to beat GOP

Chicago Says It Will Release Police Shooting Videos Quickly

WATCH: Solar cells help purify water in remote areas

A link between service in Iraq and Afghanistan and cancers. Was Beau Biden exposed in Iraq?

Coalition of US states pledge to accelerate renewable energy efforts

US Stealth Jets Flying Over S. Korea Amid N. Korea Standoff

Bradley projected primary winner. Kloppenburg # 2

North Carolina is the latest state to find welfare recipients rarely use illegal drugs

O.K.,here's an off(Lounge)topic,relationship/40yrs/90-10%balance,with a New Rule,what would YOUdo?!1

Turkish warplanes violate Greek airspace 22 times within 24 hours

Scalia’s Death Boosts Chances for Obama’s Clean Power Plan

Bernie says he would have only one litmus test for a SCOTUS nominee: Must oppose Citizen United.

Transgender Bathroom Bill Sent to South Dakota Governor

Transgender Bathroom Bill Sent to South Dakota Governor

Pie-in-the-sky Sanders more realistic than Clinton: Kirsten Powers

My wife has made a major decision RE: Immigration

Hillary Clinton's plan to undo the school-to-prison pipeline, explained

Assembly in Venezuela approves pardon for political prisoners

"Having a penis doesn't qualify you as President of the United States."

I don't know why this amuses me so much

Is the idea that Scalia had a rotten, diseased heart really a surprise to anybody?

Venezuela replaces hardline economic czar after 1 month

Venezuela's black economic magic

Bernie's email just took down Act Blue AGAIN tonight

What Killer Mike Actually said: Quoting feminist and activist Jane Elliott

My nephew was born tonight via emergency c-section at 34 weeks.

Are You Being Served? to be rebooted

Here's a bike for olddots 10.91 pounds that 2.02 lb under your dream 13 lb. WOW!

Colombia’s labor unions, students and farmers announce anti-government protests

Bridge to Nowhere

Ex-Presidents Get Big Pensions Specificately So They Don't Sell Out

Opposition Prepares Accusation of Fraud if Yes Vote Wins in Bolivia

Evo Morales: nationalization of resources 'made Bolivia free'

*****Reminder - February Photo Contest is taking entries now*****

The Power of Positive Thinking

We have ourselves a race .... 45% Bradley 43% Kloppenburg

Serious question for Sanders supporters

Thomas Piketty on the rise of Bernie Sanders: the US enters a new political era

FAIR: TV news didn't want you to know about Sanders' criticism of Clinton's close ties to Kissinger

Justice Kennedy took office in Feb. 1988

Lest we forget: 312 hours since Hillary started looking into releasing her transcripts.

Obama, on Hillary:"too polarizing to get anything done" "untrustworthy" "driven by pol calculation"

Parole board denies clemency for Georgia death row inmate

The Difference Between Bernie Sanders & Hillary Clinton During the Civil Rights Era

WE DID IT! AS OF 11:26 P.M.: $1,004,872!!!

There is no way in the world Bernie Sanders could be a nice ok guy, impossible.

Looking for a presidential parallel? Think 1968

Taiwan: China has deployed missiles on South China Sea island

Study: Flint paid highest rate in U.S. for water

Judge blocks Alabama use oil spill funds to build hotel

Judge: Colorado clinic shooting documents should stay sealed

Thank you! I appreciate my hearts from my secret friends

Easter Island not destroyed by war, analysis of 'spear points' shows

NV Hillary field report...

Hillary and you call us dreamers

Bernie has only one litmus test. And it's not good enough.

First dictionary of rare Inuit dialect published

State of the Clinton-Sanders Democratic Race Post-Debate, Pre-Nevada and South Carolina

State of the Clinton-Sanders Democratic Race Post-Debate, Pre-Nevada and South Carolina

State of the Clinton-Sanders Democratic Race Post-Debate, Pre-Nevada and South Carolina

Guess what: genitals don't qualify someone to be president

Bernie Sanders In 2013: 'I'm Not Obama's Biggest Fan'

Greenpeace Blimp Over Las Vegas Challenges Hillary on Fossil Fuel Money

Yesterday Bernie HQ opened in my town. NC. We were snowed in, so I went there today.

George Gaynes, of 'Punky Brewster, 'Police Academy' Fame, Dies at 98

Bridge to Nowhere

Rick Wiles: Obama Killed Scalia As A Pagan Human Sacrifice

Looking for video of Killer Mike at Morehouse College yesterday.

Looking for video of Killer Mike at Morehouse College yesterday.

Bernie Sanders: The New Democratic Frontrunner

Feel the Bern

DNC posts false pie chart that misleads about the power of superdelegates

Bernie Sanders: The New Democratic Frontrunner

Colombia looks to revive legacy of guerrilla-priest

Rush Limbaugh says Trump's Iraq War remarks 'sounded like the Democrat Underground'

Scalia was a lot closer to Bono than I am philosopically, for real. Bono writes Gospel songs.

All these wonderful photos and videos from Atlanta have me thinking of President Carter ....

Hillary Clinton Is On Her Game in Nevada. John Lewis and Other Supporters Make the Case

Toonami's Dimension W Trailer Previews English Dub-AnimeNewsNetwork

The Day of Reconning Is Approaching

Port Authority filing asks to keep Bridgegate materials private

2nd highest ranking GA state senator switches endorsement from Clinton to Sanders

Killer Mike's Impassioned Opening Speech For Bernie Sanders at Morehouse College 2/16/2016

The Sanders movement KNOWS change takes a long time

The real reason why Bernie wants to send your kids to college....

Bernie Sanders Unofficial Ad, Star Wars: The Force Awakens

JUST IN: @HillaryClinton brought in $15m in January, plus $5m for other Dems. (Sanders: $20m, $0.)

Do you plan on voting in the Americans Abroad Primary or your home state?

Chris Hillman at the Library of Congress

I would like to rebut the "single issue" talking point from hillary supporters... the gist of the

Here's why Hillary doesn't require a litmus test re: Citizens United

Understanding how the system is rigged..... let's see....

The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution

NC lawmakers to mapmakers: Don’t consider race in congressional districts

Dukakis on Scalia: 'What was originalist about Bush v. Gore?'

Exclusive: Brazil Could Waive U.S. Dollar To Bolster Iran Trade – Minister

The Official Bernie Releasing HIS Information Countdown Clock

Skimming the Headlines in GC: Primary, One Thing Is Clear....

Vermont’s Black Leaders: We Were ‘Invisible’ to Bernie Sanders

“I Am Not Rooting for Jeb”

I'm in

I've got to tell you about Chris Matthews' compliment about Bernie...

On Bill and Hillary's first date in 1971, they crossed a picket line.

"Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Deserve the Black Vote"

Whose favorite quote is this and who's campaign does it fit? Play along with me.

Could any Dem who wouldn't be "savagely attacked by the GOP" be WORTH electing?

Coalition of US states pledge to accelerate renewable energy efforts

Coalition of US states pledge to accelerate renewable energy efforts, NOT MD!!!

Old New Deal, New New Deal

Hillary's Problem Multiplies

How the 'Obama Effect' helps Hillary Clinton, hurts Bernie Sanders with Black voters

"Ralph Nader: Hillary Clinton is a Militarist & Corporatist"

The Hillary Clinton Demolition Derby

A Hard Dog to Keep on the Porch 1996 Hitchens on Bill Clinton

No American Royal Families.. no more bushs & no more clintons.. enough is enough let's make a CHANGE

Bernie Sanders: "I will be an Arts President. Art is speech. Art is what life is about!"

Political Attacks are used as attempt to raise the unfavorables of your opponent.

Daily Holidays - February 17


Clinton changed stance on trade deal after donations to foundation

Hillary Clinton, in push for black support, promises to tackle racial disparities

CNN NV: Clinton 48, Sanders 47

Poll: Clinton, Sanders in a dead heat for Nevada

The Donald exchanges hugs with Gus The Tackler


Bill Clinton Demolishes Trump Supporting Hecklers At Florida Rally

Pie-in-the-sky Sanders more realistic than Clinton: Kirsten Powers

Gotta love this guy: Killer Mike tells it like it is. (you may have seen this, but it sure

Domestic violence & guns are a deadly combination in Ionia County

Firearms, Explosives and Trench with Human Feces

Super Delegates and the Clintons

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo bans open carry, concealed handguns for 2016

Civics 101 for Neanderthal Right Wingers

“Did Obama assassinate Scalia?” just became a serious question in the Republican primary

A lovely gentleman from Vermont called last night

Caroline Nosal's parents say gun-purchase waiting period could have saved her life

"Bill Clinton’s many reversals of Democratic tradition..."

Heidi Cruz assures South Carolina voters that her husband is a theocrat

I don't see how any "feeling" person could watch this video and not vote for Bernie

(Just a little rant) They report on ABC Nevada's a dead heat this a.m. so

Stephen Colbert on Hillary and Millenials

Hitchens on Hillary

Today marks my 8th year on DU

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1: three fifths

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Couple of toons for the Bernie Group Today

US Marshals arresting people for not paying their federal student loans

Hillary Clinton’s black conversion

Hillary needs to rest voice...

A Revolution; if you can sustain it

Guess Who's the Only 2016 Presidential Candidate Who Pays Interns

Dear Skinner, I don't want you to miss this thread

Somebody remembered that there are a few AA in Vermont...

Stopped!! Methane Blow-Out. Radioactive Fall-out. And … The Predictable Result.

Republicans Show Signs of Division on Supreme Court Tactics

Fearing anger from Trump voters, Va. officials want to close schools for Super Tuesday

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge:Let's Make a Real Difference for an Entire Generation of Young Children

Why Bernie Sanders Wins Even If He Loses

Democratic socialism simply explained short but sweet

Bernie Sanders declared himself the harshest critic of President Obama

I can pull you out of poverty...but I can't make people stop discriminating against you...

The electability argument unravels: bernie beats hillary in ALL hypothetical matchups

U.S. Marshals arrest Stafford TX man late on student loan

Giuliani: George W Bush was a great President because he drove our enemies into caves for 8 years

An update on Richard’s condition in his own words.

Ohio bill seeks to allow “religious expression” in schools

Scalia's (not very Catholicc, right wing) Originalism

US military burn pits built on chemical weapons facilities tied to soldiers' illness

"Is this Limburger cheese or . . .?" Please come CAPTION Rush Limbaugh!!

Why Can't America Be like Europe?

HRC said lying should trigger barking. Has coughing fit at every subsequent campaign stop.

Why don't we have a national holiday to vote?

2 Of Kentucky's Most Senior State Environment & Climate Leaders Fired, Because Freedumb, Jobzz

the clintons are worth at least $150 million! Why does she still need wallstreet money????

I think Pres Bernie can speak to the American people about racism and the atrocities being

More Bundy Blowback Bullshit: Owyhee Canyonlands NM Proposal Now In Jeopardy, Because Freedumb

YAY! Bernie Sanders gets support of Black Lives Matter activists in Vermont

Sleuth Finds A Lost 16th Century Spanish Settlement In Florida Panhandle

Anybody know German? How would you say, "I buried Paul?"

YAY! Bernie Sanders gets support of Black Lives Matter activists in Vermont


Noam Chomsky: Bernie Sanders Is Not a Socialist, He’s a ‘Decent, Honest New-Dealer’

Planned Parenthood going on-air for Hillary Clinton in NV

Cruz campaign ad pulled because of porn actress

Rubio campaign ad shows Vancouver

NASA Earth Observatory - The Blob Is Finally Gone - Ironically Thanks To El Nino

FBI finds trench of human feces at cultural site on Oregon refuge

Unlikely Critic Neel Kashkari Says Banks Still Pose ‘Nuclear’ Risk to U.S. Economy

Sometimes Reddit comes up with some pretty good stuff.

Tim Cook: Apple Won’t Create “Backdoor” To Unlock San Bernardino Attacker’s iPhone

GOP Opponents Gang Up on Decorated Colonel Over Gay Pride ‘Fun Runs’ at Air Force Base

The Beetles: Eighty-Nine Million Acres of Abrupt Climate Change

CNN Poll of Nevada--tight race

Bernie Sanders in Atlanta: ‘We’re going to win right here.’

Cliven Bundy, Called 'Lawless and Violent,' to Stay in Jail

What issues, specifically, would end racism in the US?

Iran says will resist curbs on oil output as part of global pact

I see President Obama as an initial step, politically,

Italy postpones gay civil unions voting, adoption rights at risk

Stephen King: Ted Cruz too ‘fundamentalist Christian’ to be elected president

Trump supporters in S. Carolina: ‘We’re voting with our middle finger’

State writes up Tampa sandwich shop for 200+ violations with major food safety issues

UN: Hamas Tunnel Threats Not Helpful for Rebuilding of Gaza

Cross Post from GDP: What issues, specifically, would end racism in the US?

Manny Pacquiao, POS

LePage: Asylum seekers ‘the biggest problem in our state’

Quinnipiac National Poll: Clinton 44, Sanders 42

Scalia’s death and questions about who pays for Supreme Court justices to visit remote resorts

Indonesia bans Tumblr over porn

Highlighting Hillary's Harlem speech on systemic racism yesterday - and an endorsement

FWIW, PredictWise has Bernie favored in four Super Tuesday states

removable bumper stickers

TYT: Time Warner Wants To RUIN Hulu

My Post to the PTO Facebook Page This Morning

Today in Hillary Big Money Fundraisers: Three in Chicago

FBI Finds Trench Of Human Feces At Cultural Site On Oregon Refuge

How to Cut Your Health-Care Bill: Pay Cash

If Sanders can beat Clinton, he can beat the Republicans in the GE


NY times editorial board today OP ed tells Hillary

SANDERS TIED WITH CLINTON, Latest National Quinnipiac Poll, Trump Up 8 Points

Keiser Report: Bail-ins more dangerous than ISIS

GOP Renovation

Many young Latino voters in Nevada bet on Sanders while their parents back Clinton

Morehouse Students Perform Electrifying Dance Routine at Sanders Rally

Judges in the Primary

Downturn Now Hitting The Refining Sector

A great interview with Mike Dukakis exposing Scalia for the fraud he was

MSNBC Gives Donald Trump A Primetime Stage Against CNN's Republican Town Hall

LePage: Asylum seekers bringing "zika fly" into Maine.

Home care worker sues union for collecting dues

Scalia confirmed right before Election Day, nominated in July '86

Covertly, Israel Prepares to Fight Boycott Activists Online

Home care worker sues union for collecting dues

"DOLT 45"

UK government to prevent public sector boycotts of Israeli suppliers

Saudi Plans for Syria Ground Invasion: Bluff or a Disaster in the Making?

Dare to Dream

We The People Need Obama and Sanders To Be Ready To Appoint Progressive Supreme Court.

Police find classmate gave gun to Arizona girls in murder-suicide

"The Way, Way Back". Excellent film.

Puerto Rico government cites 'substantial doubt' about its solvency

No matter how much a may disagree with any of you on issues I have love for all you.

Stephen Colbert: We Have To Help Kanye (VIDEO)

1997 Interview: Draft-Dodger Trump Said Sleeping Around Was My ‘Personal Vietnam’

Now the Bernie folks are quoting an attack by Ralph Nader on HRC

The Reagan Revolution finally died with

When Scalia Died, So Did ‘Friedrichs’—And an Even Grander Scheme To Destroy Unions

Bernie gets it right. Clinton - poor judgement, again.

how many state senators and assembly folks have outside employment?

Australian abuse victims crowdfund trip to Rome to confront Cardinal Pell

As solar power grows in Maine, so does tension over its future shape and direction

Thousands of Flint residents could join 'billion-dollar' water crisis lawsuits

Why Erica Garner's support for Sanders makes a difference

National Poll: Sanders Tied With Clinton, Trump Up 8 Points

Economist Thomas Picketty endorses Bernie--says he's the only one who will raise taxes on the rich!

When it comes to politics, you’re not as rational as you think

Trump on Howard Stern Show over the years

Kucinich on Bernie's healthcare & college plans: "These are not heavy lifts or big asks" (video)

Paris Metro - Full Tour Of The Paris, France, Metro System. Métro de Paris

I'm not supporting Sanders because I "think he will get us Single Payer."

Apple opposes order to hack shooter's iPhone

Amazing archival video appears to show the arrest of a young Bernie Sanders as a student activist

ala 'Charade'...will anyone at Scalia's funeral, whatever, pre-cremation, do one of the following:

Turkish town gets Nobel Prize nomination for generosity toward Syrian refugees

OOPS!! Trump wrote WMDs in Iraq were a threat a YEAR before Bush was prez!

In today's media invironment, can there really be that much difference after the conventions.

Boston Globe: Stinging Take-Down of "Hillary Clinton's Black Conversion"

I wouldn’t say my atheist life is monochrome

When rightwingers say we should "run government like a business"

Cartoon: Scalia later, alligator

Dinosaur Disrupts Traffic on the Isle of Wight

I am worried about this election.. really worried..

Hillary Clinton: Racism Behind GOP Push to Block Obama Supreme Court Nominee

Hillary Clinton: Racism Behind GOP Push to Block Obama Supreme Court Nominee

Hillary News & Views 2.17: Harlem Speech, Supreme Court, the "Obama Effect"

Lawmakers Are Barely Pretending That ‘Religious Liberty’ Isn’t Code For Discrimination


I've seen this guy's name a couple times in the anti-GMO debates...


Did she tell them to cut it out?

This guy's name has popped up in a number of GMO debates...

Pitchers and Catchers report

538 Gives Clinton a 69% Chance of Winning NV Caucus

The Clinton Machine: Hillary's Endorsements are Based on Influence Peddling, Not Her Record

Atlanta rally highlights how Bernie Sanders will try to compete in the South

I'm Back! (After a 30-month hiatus)

Ain't it odd that the Daily Beast runs that Freelander drivel just days after

Pope Francis' Plane Hit by Laser Beam Over Mexico City

FBI Finds Trench Of Human Feces At Cultural Site On Oregon Refuge

Cops: Ohio Felon Cleaning Handgun Shoots Downstairs Neighbor

It has been brought to our attention that Hillary's Group has been called out in the BS Group.

How Hillary won Harlem

Spring is almost here. The redbuds are starting to bloom

How Hillary Won Harlem

Pope to pray for migrants at Mexico-U.S. border, Vatican counters Trump

After the Capehart caper, this thread needs some love.

Attention!!! Microsoft Releases Important Software Patch

Number of victims in Maryland school sex abuse case rises to 17

The Clintons’ War on Drugs: When Black Lives Didn’t Matter

No, economic justice will not *end* racism or sexism

Oregon militia left firearms, bombs and a lot of poop

Man shouts ‘waterboard Hillary!’ and Rubio doesn’t rebuke him

Why Justice Scalia was staying for free at a Texas resort

Ronald Reagan Once Urged Senate To Act On Lame-Duck Supreme Court Nomination Of Anthony Kennedy

(Updated 2/17) Latest Poll Results from

(Updated 2/17) Latest Poll Results from

Clinton leads in 10 out of 12 Super Tuesday and beyond states

A "revolution" of character assassination and the lowest of low roads.

Senate "punts" on water Bill

How Cornel West hurts Bernie Sanders

What worries me about Sanders in the general (through absolutely no fault of his own).

The Coming Global Civil War: Is There Any Way Out? -- Franco Berardi Bifo

The Truth is Out There or Shooting Fish in a Barrel - Clinton memes edition

PPP: HRC has leads in most of the Super Tuesday States (results)...

PPP: North Carolina--HRC: 52% Bernie: 35% (HRC support firmer)

Black Leaders Were "invisible" to Bernie...

IDF soldier gets 9 months for torturing Palestinian detainees

I am really worried about the scaredy cats...really worried

Nate Silver's new predictions for Nevada Caucus

Trump Won’t Name Any of the ‘Hundreds of Friends’ He Says Died on 9/11

People ask, "why doesn't Bernie go on the attack against Hillary?"

Terriers, past title-holders of Westminster

Iphone owners can....or should......feel proud that the Apple CEO is taking on the FBI

Bombardier to slash 7,000 jobs over the next two years

Nate Silver's new predictions for Nevada Caucus & SC Primary

538 has Hillary WAY up as of now in Nevada.

Need Clarity On Bernie's Healthcare Numbers

Why do many Democrats call a steady move to the right

Lol, Jeb Bush forgot to renew his domain & Trump bought it!

But Jane Elliot said it! That makes it Ok, then!

NYT Invents Left-Leaning Economists to Attack Bernie Sanders

Everything you need to know about Black Panther... Before the comic drops in april

TVA Considering Sale of Unfinished Nuclear Plant in Alabama

Scalia's Hunting Trip Was a "Gift" From a "Friend" Who Had Business Before the Supreme Court

San Antonio (TX) Express News: Hillary Clinton is the Best Choice for Democrats

About republicans using Sanders as a red piñata

Omega Psi Phi warming up the crowd at Morehouse

San Antonio (TX) Express News: Hillary Clinton is the Best Choice for Democrats

US intelligence chief: we might use the internet of things to spy on you

Lawrence Summers: It’s time to kill the $100 bill

Look Up

Vegas/Offshore odds vs. Nate Silver

Well looky here: Sanders before Vermont - living as a 'revolutionary'

Jeb Bush’s gun tweet is a portrait of the American nightmare

How Hillary Clinton Won Harlem

Oh, myyyy! George Takei falls for a Zika virus conspiracy theory

Economist Thomas Piketty Feels The Bern.

Koterba toon: "GOP McConnell Scalia Court"

I've never seen somebody so across the board universally underestimated-Morning Joe

Six Seats Native Candidates Can Win to Flip Congress

British Comedian Joe Lycett Responds To Jeb!'s Gun Tweet

Hillary Clinton’s Candidacy Reveals Generational Schism Among Women

Strategy of Reich Wing for the Long Term

Jeb Bush lays into Rubio: 'He can make grown men cry'

The Republican War on Love

"Vermont’s Black Leaders: We Were ‘Invisible’ to Bernie Sanders"

Hillary Strengthened ISIS in Libya:

I feel that today's news cycle has been purchased

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 2-15 & 2-16-16 We hit goal for the MONTH!!!

Kraft grated parmesan contains less wood

Why Eric Garner's daughter is supporting Bernie (VIDEO: Its Not Over!)

Superdelegate veto? Hell no: A Piece Today in NY Daily News

Is Bernie Sanders a civil rights campaigner or a loyal supporter of Israel?

Landmark Survey Shows For-Profit Water is a Risky Rip-Off

It's Time To Kill The $100 Bill; It's Time To Go After Big Money

VIDEO - Jeb Bush Raises Hand When Lindsey Graham Asks Who is a Democrat

Attack on Military Bus in Turkey Capital Kills at Least 18

New Olympic Event - Synchronized Driving

South Carolina is an open primary state

New Jersey last state where Bernie is not on ballot: needs only 1,000 NJ signatures.


Sanders Can Win Black Voters Away From Clinton

Pic Of The Moment: Death Of Supreme Court Justice Ignites Debate Among Conservatives

That time an extended vacancy led Antonin Scalia to suggest a 60-day limit on confirmation process

Hillary Clinton to campaign in Chicago today with Sandra Bland's mother

Manufacturing Production in U.S. Increases by Most Since July

WOW! Sanders pulls within two and a half % in the aggregation of nationwide polls of likely voters!

"You have convinced me to change my support & vote"

Wholesale Prices in U.S. Unexpectedly Rise on Higher Food Costs

Black voters purged from the voter rolls in FL (2000) and Bernie showed up for the emergency meeting

because I can't go over 'there': Hillary Clinton to campaign in Chicago today

The era of limited government is over, and that means a lot of people are without a party.

"What's the Matter with Kansas?" = What's the Matter with South Carolina?

9/15: 75% of Americans agree there is widespread govt corruption.

Historic Photos of the Lincoln Memorial

Good Samaritan NYC style?

Which Women Support Hillary (And Which Women Can’t Afford To)

The Next System Project

Livingston bucks trend as grain elevators fall across Montana

So I made my bi-monthly foray into Facebook.

Suitor on Tinder App Is Accused of Theft From 2 Women

I finally figured out why they say that Jeb is the smart one.

Atheism is as natural as religion, study suggests

538: The Presidential Race Is Finally Moving To States With Economic Problems

My Prediction For NV: HRC By At Least 5 Points

Disturbing Suicide Cluster Prompts CDC to Start Investigation in Palo Alto

The Reality of Riyadh (WINEP, very informative.)

Bernie, I would like to solve the problem....

I am finally to a point where I just can't watch tRump again......

Medicare's History Belies Claim That Medicare-for-All Would Disrupt Care

Vote for Honest Gil

A Steve Harvey moment at the Westminster Dog Show!

Samantha Bee to Mitch McConnell: (SCOTUS)

Not a matter of if BUT WHEN the Big Banks will fail aka Walking off the financial cliff with Clinton

Prominent Georgia lawmaker flips to Sanders

Reminder to absentee ballot voters: Florida primary is Tuesday March 15th and postmarks do NOT count

Clinton 44%, Sanders 42% in Quinnipiac national poll

Workers’ privacy at risk as bosses mine health data

Obama ‘amused’ by ‘strict interpreters of the Constitution’ inventing ways to block Scalia replaceme

Remembering a Vile Civil War Act, on Fifth Avenue

Celebrities that Support Donald Trump. You Will Never Ever Ever Guess #1!!

At Least 10 Dead in Yemen Suicide Blast

Gas company to be arraigned over Los Angeles area methane leak

Hillary Clinton has Goldman Handcuffs. Yes, that's how they talk about her at Goldman Sachs.

We the US have become Dummified

Govt: Please give us the capability to spy on your smart phones

World first: French patient wears 3D virtual reality glasses to guide surgeons during operation

Pat Robertson makes an ass of himself, again.

MUST WATCH: Billionaire just doesn't understand why Americans are angry/fed up.

The right to life

What Would You Do?

The Onion's new owner is Hillary Clinton's most lavish financial backer

Be Prepared! Know the residency requirement for voting in your state. Bookmark this if you wish.

New York Times Invents Left-Leaning Economists to Attack Bernie Sanders

Rubio and Cruz both DEFEAT Clinton (by 7% & 4%), but Sanders BEATS Rubio and Cruz (by 3% and 7%)

These New South Carolina Democratic Polls Will Come As A Surprise To A Certain Candidate

An Open Letter from Past CEA Chairs to Senator Sanders and Professor Gerald Friedman

Superdelegates offsetting the results of primaries is unconstitutional IMHO

2 Question for Clinton supporters: Do you understand why

Dennis Kucinich: America can certainly afford Health care for all and free college tuition.

Donald Trump on waterboarding: ‘Torture works’

Some Ideas on Socialism

Donald Calling

It's about the destruction of The New Deal and who best to help restore it


FSM entered in Westminster?

I thought Morehouse was an HBCU?

John Kasich Proposes Federal Agency To “Push Christianity” On the Middle East

Poll: Sanders Has Slight Edge Over Clinton In Matchups With GOP Opponents

University of Texas Head Begrudgingly OKs Campus Gun Rules

How Hillary Clinton Won Harlem By Rembert Browne

Sheriff: Tennessee Football Player Sent Pics Of 'Sexual Organ’ To Person He Thought Was 14-Year-Old

#BernieBrosSoWhite? Real Gap in Sanders Support Not from Gender but Race, Ethnicity

Just watched Senator O. Hatch on CNN say he wants to

Democratic Underground for Tim Canova FL-23 (fire DWS)

Americans’ knowledge of evolution isn’t that bad—if you ask them about elephants

Hillary Clinton’s Firewall May Be Missing Some Bricks

Let's Make The Bible Official Book Of US Like Mississippi Wants For Its State Book.

Krugman: What Has the Wonks Worried

Exclusive: Radioactive Material Stolen In Iraq Raises Security Fears


Why would you want to pack the court with Corporatist Judges?

Hangman's Wages!!! State of Missouri in trouble with the IRS over payments to executioners

I've been blocked again

Would you say that the Democratic Party (not DU) leans more toward maintaining

A Supreme Court Justice idea from "The West Wing"

Arizona House Panel OKs Bill Allowing Refusal of Refugees

Clinton dynasty’s horrific legacy: “tough-on-crime” politics built the world’s largest prison System

Lol Super Deluxe!!!

Female Presidential Candidate Who Was United States Senator, Secretary Of State Told To Be More I

Fed Minutes: Officials Fret Over Global Weakness, Stock Market Turbulence, Low Inflation

What's for Dinner, Wed., Feb. 17, 2016

Haley is endorsing Rubio

Anti-Union Group Worked to Influence Elections in 5 States

Anti-Union Group Worked to Influence Elections in 5 States

So help me, the flag outside the downtown post office was at one-quarter mast this morning!

German Leader Renews Call For Syria No-Fly Zone

Move over 538!!! CNN Nevada poll today: Clinton 48% Sanders 47%

UN Chief Urges Leaders to Sign Climate Agreement on April 22

Rapper Killer Mike faces flak for ‘uterus’ comment at Sanders rally

Hundreds of millions of Islamic State funds destroyed in air strikes: U.S.

An ad popped up on my Comcast email page

White House Says Obama Will Skip Scalia's Funeral

Okay, I admit it. I'm a racist.

Primary Schedule. Just think in less than 2 weeks after Super Tuesday (March 1st)

California School to Change Policy After Banning Gay T-Shirt

Jury Picked for Man in Islamic State Cartoon Contest Attack

Shocker-Older women aren't totally useless, say academics

Sanders Slams Government That Has Money For War, Not For Flint

Peabody reports $2 billion loss in 2015, as bankruptcy rumors swirl

Peabody reports $2 billion loss in 2015, as bankruptcy rumors swirl

Considering The Republican Candidates for President

Dodd-Frank, a compromised piece of legislation, helped destroy community banking

Dept. of Labor: Sophia's Pancake House required staff to pay to work

Clinton ethics claim another victim as Rachel Maddow plays chart game

I'm just glad the last gavel wasn't banged on Scalia during

Soros: Donald Trump doing the Work of ISIS for them

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - February 17, 2016

A shocking text...

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - February 17, 2016 (Hillary group)

Catholic Church under fire for rehabilitating convicted Indian priest

Ted Cruz dares Donald Trump to sue him over negative campaign ad

Where the boys are?!! Women For Bernie.

Wow. Moving national poll averages: Hillary Clinton 48.2%, Bernie Sanders 40.5%

Latest cover of the Daily News

Five myths about the homeless problem in San Francisco

'This is not a joke': Cape Breton offered as refuge from Trump presidency

PPP Polls: Clinton Has Double-Digit Leads In 9 Of 12 Early March Primaries

Watching Ted Cruz Lie through his beady little teeth:

Racism undermines support for government spending

A Sanders Win In South Carolina Could End Hillary’s Campaign

Clinton surrogate bashes Sanders for 'newfound advocacy' on immigration reform


Poll: Clinton dominating Sanders in early March primary states

Why Do Doctors Still Use Pagers?

Today is a wonderful day.


Big-money liberals vow to back Bernie whether he likes it or not

Fans of The Big Lebowski: This is for you.

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley Endorses Rubio

The 2016 election so far (pick any two candidates)

Bernie & Animal Issues

I was thinking of getting my cat declawed and circumcised.

The inneptness of Jeb!

Is this ethically bad?

To this day...

Faithful Catholic Colleges and Schools Urge Passage of First Amendment Defense Act

Hillary Clinton's Pay-for-Play Reality

I'm Ted Cruz....

My "WTF?" of the day, more Scalia nuttiness...

Some Communities Arming Officers With Credit Card Machines

When Maureen Dowd Lost Hillary Clinton

Bernie on twitter:

Thirsty for Democracy...

Group calls for protest of Beyonce...

Nina Turner Feeling The Bern At Morehouse College 02-16-2016

Something about the Iraq War we tend to forget

As Syrian Kurds gaining ground, Turkey seeks a pretext for invasion

ESPN reports on Peyton Manning's past

2 Point Race Between Sanders and Clinton in NEW National Quinnipiac Poll (44 Clinton - 42 Sanders)

(A lot of) Bernie Songs

WWJD? Maybe vote for Bernie:

Thomas Frank: Sanders Rises as Americans Reject Establishment Democrats

Clinton Leads 10 of 12 States in Early March Primaries, With Overwhelming African American Support

Clinton Leads 10 of 12 States in Early March Primaries, With Overwhelming African American Support

"Wealth Inequality in America"

Is This Phishing?

Nothing Less Than Fate of Planet Hinges on Next Supreme Court Nominee

A Democratic Candidate that voted Yes on the Iraq War vs a Republican that said no to the Iraq War.

Donald Trump is getting celebrated for saying the same thing that ruined the Dixie Chicks

New poll shows Bernie Sanders leading Hillary Clinton in Massachusetts

Apple pushes back on FBI "backdoor" order. What would Scalia say ?

Why Prisoners Should Get Free College & the Right to Vote

STD rates soaring in Florida - Gov Rick Scott cutting health dept budgets

I am feeling some apprehension about adjusting to retirement. Don't get me wrong,

PPP Polling unreliable..."Hillary Clinton has 8-point lead over Bernie Sanders in Iowa: poll"

Is This Phishing?

Spotsylvania area fire department reverses decision on Confederate patch (VA)

Nike drops Manny Pacquiao after derogatory comments toward gays

"The One Percent"

Kevin Drum: This is insane

Jesse Jackson on Sanders vs. Clinton: "He is running a crusade, she is running a campaign"

Will Obama destroy America before it’s too late?

Who knew that bubble inhabiting right wingers were such experts on "the black

FBI, IRS raid Canton law office of state Senator Brian Joyce

Kanye West take down by Stephen Colbert

Songs with States or Countries in the title

Bill Clinton inspires early voter turnout in Atlanta

How To Solve The Scalia Supreme Court Constitutional Crisis - David Dayen part 1

Personal memories of Hillary

The True Story of the ‘Free State of Jones’

Justices skipping the State of the Union since 2010

Voters be damned: A look at the unelected, Clinton-supporting superdelegates who work in lobbying

Pope ends Mexico trip with huge Mass on US border

Active hate groups in the US in 2015 (SPLC)

Venezuela replaces hardline economic czar after 1 month

Pope ends Mexico trip with huge Mass on US border

Debate continues over removal of Confederate monument in Lafayette (LA)


Why didn't Hillary vote for the 2007 energy efficiency and renewable energy bill?

Neighbors outraged by Confederate flag, African-American baby doll hung from noose (PA)

The Naivety of Millennials in Politics

Whats the big deal Scalia also used an animal analogy too

Bernie on Facebook (yes, this is a Hillary group post)

Why Won't Hillary Explain Her Job-Killing Support for Free Trade?

“This used to be a great place to work.”

How does Bernie explain his votes on crime bills, gun control bills and others?

Two Clintons. 41 Years. $3 Billion

Scores of dismembered bodies found in Colombian jails

The R Factor

On Facebook, I've had more Democrats unfriend me

Scores of dismembered bodies found in Colombian jails

Peyton Manning, Sexual Assault and a Little Healthy Skepticism

Maine’s Shameful Secret: Child Rape

Sanders' Economic Plan Torn Apart By Former Clinton, Obama Economists

So Larry Flynt just tweeted this...

Scalia’s Resort Trip Was Gifted By a ‘Friend’ Who Had Business Before the Supreme Court

Florida Man driving home from Home Despot...

Robert Reich via Political Action--Dear fellow MoveOn member,

I voted today in the Ohio primary. I know this is a very small

Families of Disappeared in Colombia Give Government Search Tips

Epic anti-Bernie diary

The real meaning of the Trump phenomenon...

A quick question for the Establishment supporters: Which of these policies Bernie proposes do not

EVOMAN still is with us

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 18 February 2016

BREAKING: Recent Graduate Sues Harvard Over Sexual Harassment Case

10 million California student records about to be released to attorneys

Laser Beam Struck Papal Jet as it Prepared to Land in Mexico - Alitalia

If you are able, PLEASE take a moment and donate to Planned Parenthood

How Hillary Clinton Won Harlem

How Hillary Clinton Won Harlem

Dodek: How Scalia's scathing attacks boosted Canada's Constitution

How oil palm affects bird habitat in Mexico

Would that end racism-twitter

Flint map: See 666 homes where lead levels too high

Michigan Governor Touts Flint Pipe Switch, But Mayor Pans It

Democratic insiders: Sanders doesn’t worry us. So far.

7,000-year-old settlement discovered in Jerusalem

Sleuth finds a lost Spanish settlement in Florida Panhandle

REICH: Announces "The Death Of The Republican Party-It Has Been Replaced By Warring Tribes"

Ancient Indonesian 'Hobbits' Were Not Homo Sapiens - Study

What Has the Wonks Worried by Paul Krugman

Bernie Sanders Is Not Running for President to Push Hillary Clinton to the Left

Hillary Clinton takes a PRE-Roe v Wade position on abortion

Court Order In San Bernardino Case Could Force Apple To Jeopardize Phone Security

Louisiana Probably Will Never Recover From Its Jindaling - WARNING! Rude Pundit

Check Out These Retro-Style NASA Space Travel Posters


Chicago Teachers Union leading ‘walk-in’ protests at CPS schools across city

Chicago Teachers Union leading ‘walk-in’ protests at CPS schools across city

MSNBTRUMP doing an "exclusive" town hall with The Donald.

Chicago Teachers Union leading ‘walk-in’ protests at CPS schools across city

1st, Sarah Palin, now Niki Haley!

Boycotting Israel Isn't Anti-Semitic – How Many Human Rights Groups Need To Condemn It Until...

Wisconsin DOT now recognizes pastifarian headgear

Police: Double slaying suspect kills self in Indianapolis

nbc / wall street journal poll shows cruz leading trump by 2% points nationally

Please remember that Hillary fought against the ACA at one point in favor of a watered down version

6 Responses To Bernie Sanders Skeptics

A clip from The Daily show to brighten your day.

The Invisible Hand Won’t Solve the Climate Crisis. Capitalism Must Evolve.

Free-Range Education: Why The Unschooling Movement Is Growing

Puerto Ricans Suffer as Creditors Feast on Debt Colony

Open Discussion by & for Berners re: Funding Bernie's long-term GE win.

Hillary Clinton to Get Out The Caucus in Nevada on February 18-20, 2016

Joe Scarborough's Trump Fellatefest

A personal memory of Hillary

Poll: Sanders deadlocked with Clinton in Nevada

NYT Rounds Up ‘Left-Leaning Economists’ for a Unicorn Hunt

I think it's obvious that many here at DU thinks that their views represent the Democratic Party

AFL-CIO Delays Making Endorsement In Democratic Presidential Primary

Trump's Jacksonian Appeal

How Climate Change Will Affect Western Groundwater

Lobbyist Superdelegates Tip Nomination Towards Hillary Clinton

Poll Fails To Support McConnell’s Motivations For Blocking Supreme Court Nominees

Alabama Legislative Black Caucus today endorsed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton 

Even Joe McCarthy Wasn't Such a D*ck About Supreme Court Nominations

Cruz Overtakes Trump In New National Poll

Blast 'hits Turkish building' in Sweden

Trump Has No Chill At The 9th GOP Debate by Vic Berger

So wait?! Some Superdelegates are lobbyists being paid by Clinton? Or raise money for her?

How the Establishment Got 2016 So Wrong

Paul Krugman: Bernie Sanders needs to disassociate himself from fantasy economics right now

Kanye West's "The Life Of Pablo" - Wins Most Torrented Album

New study represents ‘a leap forward’ in our understanding of ice sheet behavior, expert says

Rapper makes a video about paying his student loans back

Trump’s Faux Populism Should Terrify Progressives

Enhanced levels of carbon dioxide are likely cause of global dryland greening, study says

New Idaho Bill Would Let Teachers Reference the Bible in Astronomy, Biology, and Geology Class

The Degrading Experience of Trying to Rent in Silicon Valley

Let's play devil's advocate. A SCOTUS Justice has died. You're weighing attending his funeral.

‘If We Can Rebuild Villages in Iraq, We Can Damn Well Rebuild Flint, Michigan’

Any "on the ground" reports from Bernie HQ in Nevada?

Cracks Emerge In GOP Strategy On Supreme Court Nominees

Would HRC supporters say that head-to-head polls against the GOP were "meaningless"...

Clinton, Sanders, and the underrated power of the black voter

Who Are We?

HRC folks: how can we posssibly elect your candidate in the fall



Vermont’s Black Leaders: We Were ‘Invisible’ to Bernie Sanders

For Fertility Treatment, Wounded Veterans Have To Foot The Bill

SEIU Launches Spanish TV ads in Nevada, for Hillary Clinton

Sanders Plays catch-up with African Americans

Inconvenient truths about the New Democrats, the Third Way, Democratic Leadership Council, etc

Just my casual observation, driving around the Detroit metro area today.....

Lucy Flores on Why She Supports Bernie Sanders

America's Top Spy James Clapper: 'I Made a Mistake But I Did Not Lie'

I was hit by a drunk driver this morning. Updated w/ pics from Dash Cam

Hey, care of that thing we talked about?

Surprise: Trump Falls Behind Cruz in National NBC/WSJ Poll

MSNBC is now running ads by Boeing, which is hilarious because...

In calling Bernie's promises "unrealistic", HRC supporters are calling on us to give up on change.

Pot... Kettle...: Donald Trump Calls Sen. Lindsey Graham a ‘Nut Job’ While in South Carolina

HRC on The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy January 27, 1998 YouTube

Nate Silver: Bernie Sanders’s Path To The Nomination - Here are the states he needs to win.

Help me out with the polls...

What will you do if you are upset with PP's endorsement of Hillary

Ex-Exec Sentenced to 1 Month in West Virginia Chemical Spill

Question for AA Du'ers ONLY...why would you ever have MORE faith in LESS-progressive white pols?

Sanders’s Record, Filings Show Benefits From Super PACs, Links to Wall Street Donors

Muslim Man Sues Oklahoma Gun Range for Refusing Him Service

Touched by his noodly appendage

So my husband and I voted today.

Hairy panic sets in as homes are swallowed in masses of tumbleweeds; yellow big head could follow

Here Are the 5 Craziest Zika Virus Conspiracy Theories

Cancer Charities Accused of Massive Fraud in Receivership

Google wants you to be able to vote online

Obama to meet with Black Lives Matter activists

The Heavenly Sword Animated Movie

Florida State Parks May Have to Pay Their Way

"Thomas Piketty credits Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders with waking the larger

How Hillary is tied to the Private Prison Industry

Manny Pacquiao’s Nike contract terminated after homophobic slurs

Clinton adds 'racial justice' tab to website

"Hillary Clinton Scores with Republican Donors"

Scalia's Son Dismisses Conspiracy Theories About The Justice's DeathScalia's Son Dismisses Conspirac

Two LAPD Officers Have Been Charged With Committing Multiple Sexual Assaults While on Duty

Students And Veterans Turned Away From The Polls Under Wisconsin’s New Voter ID Law

A note about attendance at Scalia's Memorial

Does anyone really think there will be ANY enthusiasm in a fall campaign with HRC?

Poll: Trump beats Clinton head-to-head


Can I have a list of Bernie's Pro POC legislation?

Just a tip on how to more safely use credit cards:

Trump's new catchphrase: I'm a common-sense conservative

My condolences to the Koch Brothers on their loss.

Heh Heh Heh

TVA Considering Sale of Unfinished Nuclear Plant in Alabama

Head of GA Rural Dem Caucus on difference in outreach to African Americans on FB

Sen. Orin Hatch (R. Utah) for SCOTUS!

My 8 yr old son spent the day with his cousins today...

How Hillary Clinton Loses Me More Every Day.

An all caps explosion of feeling

Christian conservatives push child marriage with creepy meme comparing girls to apples

Everyone In America Is Even More Broke Than You Think

Bernie’s Running for Re-Election on Independent Ticket