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Racism and economics are separate things.

Hillary on Tweety re ReTHUGs and Obama's Duty to nominate

Bernie at EMU

To use racism as a cover for the billionaires and 1% owning our govt for their benefit

Ohio voter registration deadline: February 16!

look who MSNBC gets, to defend GOP obstructionism on SC justices?

Harry Reid Allies To Team Clinton: Don't Slam Nevada's Caucus

Police officer heard angels when rescuing baby from car

Hillary Would Lose the GE in a LANDSLIDE and Bring down the Entire Democratic Party

Look How Many People are Waiting in Line to See Bernie Sanders in Michigan

I hate the "Berniebros"...I just don't think that most of them are actual Bernie supporters.

DU PoC, what is your prescription for improving race relations?

The Pragmatic Case for Bernie Sanders

Go ahead and throw the kitchen sink at us. We'll still be here this election

Trump Threatens Independent Run If RNC Doesn’t Condemn Cruz’s Attacks

Fifth animal dies at seaworld in 8 months

John Roberts has it in his power to be a calming voice of reason

Bernie Sanders on Racial Justice

"My brother set up a security apparatus in the United States."

Chelsea Clinton: Bernie Sanders’ plan to end mass incarceration is ‘worrying'

Bernie's sponsored legislation that became law: (CLINTON GROUP)

Finally picked up a new stove.

Why the Congressional Black Caucus endorsement of Hillary Clinton is a really big deal

What Is Happening In American Politics?

Why Not Being Friends With A War Criminal Like Henry Kissinger Matters

Vanity, Prince Protege Dies at 57


Hillary Clinton barks to make a point about Republicans lying.

Scalia's death could deal Republicans a huge blow redistricting and voting rights cases

When I hear Republicans tell President Obama not to nominate a Justice to SCOTUS:

Best Borowitz line EVER!

Is there trouble up ahead for Hillary Clinton in NV and SC?

One photograph. So much emotion.

When I hear Republicans tell President Obama not to nominate a Justice to SCOTUS:

Who Benefits Most from the Supreme Court Opening on the GOP Side? Jeb Bush

Most earners are concerned about *median* taxation. Rich are concerned about *average* taxes.

Bernie would have a better chance to win if he called himself what he really is...

Bernie Sanders speaks in front of full crowd at Eastern Michigan University

How Bernie is helping down ballot Democrats

UPDATE - link to video for those who missed Whistleass.

Roberts: A potluck? In Arizona? What part of illegal don't you understand?

Bernie's Packed House Speech to Las Vegas, Nevada Audience, Sun. Feb. 14

With each passing day...

Vancouver skyline featured in Marco Rubio's 'Morning again in America' campaign ad


Am I happy about Scalia's death?

Dumb Endorses Dumber (or Dumber endorses Dumb)

Bernie’s man behind the scenes: Tad Devine is the Karl Rove to Sanders’ 2016 populist uprising

Any senator who doesnt allow the SC process to go forward and be completed MUST

The Blurb Heard Around the World-Bill Press

"OMG, get a grip, Michelle"

Millions get no paid holidays. How would a natl Electn Day Holiday help THEM vote?

There is no such thing as "Berniebros"

Obama has started work to pick Supreme Court justice: White House

Breaking News: Hillary Clinton is actually a Sith Lord named Darth Lucifer.

Alabama company gets U.S. permission to build tractors in Cuba

The "1st Woman President" candidate's right hand man: "Anita Hill is a little bit nutty and slutty"

Why Isn't Bernie Jumping On This? To ask for a debate on Healthcare?

Watching Westminster Dog Show on CNBC

Donald Trump Raises Suspicions About Justice Scalia's Death

Buenos Aires’ new-look love hotels: book ardor by the hour.

Dr. Barber discusses how Scalia's death will impact Voting Rights.

Michael Steel on MSNBC - Yea, we got ahead of our skis.

Wealthy Peru presidential candidate accused of buying votes

Body found on cash cargo plane refuelling in Zimbabwe

What about this person being nominated for the Supreme Court?

So the GOP wants to reduce the effective presidential term to two years?

Anyone with Directv having 'service' problems since AT&T acquired?

Obama promotes bi-partisanship.Obama backs 1 of the most polarizing persons ever to run for office?

Bette Midler:

Justice Scalia---Corporations are people, women are not.

Has anyone subscribed to Curiosity Stream?

Cheney comes out of hiding to attack Trump

If another or two of the suprems die in the next year, will the Senate drag their feet and let

Border Patrol Accidentally Kills Dog on Live TV (Warning - Graphic)

There's talk of Bloomberg jumping into the race if Sanders & rump are the nominees, and

Bernie Co-Sponsored Juneteenth Independence Day

More than 300 Brazilian companies busted for modern-day slavery - campaigners

More than 300 Brazilian companies busted for modern-day slavery - campaigners

PPP: Clinton +21 in South Carolina

How many posts do I have to make before I can email threads to family, friends and co-workers?

Cable News....All Scalia

Saw "Freedom Riders" last night

And my theory of Trump/Bill planning this all along is in PHASE TWO

Trumpster Fire has the Reich Wing cooking

Anyone who thinks a self-declared socialist for massive government can win the GE is self-deluding.

"Mah firs' reaction is "I wuz hawt, we gun deal with these people." My second reaction..."

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! On The Departure of Antonin “Fat Tony” Scalia! & a new

How does Bernie's plan account for Doctors & Specialists who won't take patients from Single Payer?

I just found out computers can freeze-- literally...

Einstein re: Trump

"We are told no need for an autupsy...No wonder 85% of drudge pool thinks it fowl play"

Why are people so hung up on Bernie knowing exactly how he'll accomplish all his goals?

Denver and the West Colorado Republicans cancel presidential vote at 2016 caucus

Bwahahhhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha. OBAMA GESTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michigan Nurses Association Endorses Sen. Bernie Sanders for President 02.15.2016

This is a reply to Hillary supporters saying Bernie is not electable because the right wing nuts

New Hampshire Republican Party Launches Petition Supporting...Bernie Sanders

Ceasefire Doesn’t Mean Parties 'Stop Using Weapons,' According To Syria's Assad

Denial of Legitimacy of Democratic Voters and Presidents by the Reich Wing

The line to see Bernie Sanders speak at the EMU Convocation Center - Unbelievable!

PPP: South Carolina--HRC: 55% Sanders: 34%


We need a paycheck transparency act. I went to see Mike Moore's new movie last night...



PPP--SC: Trump: 35% Rubio: 18% Cruz: 18% Kasich: 10%

Patrick Leahy will stump for Bernie Sanders if nominee

Bernie: People Are Being Poisoned in Flint

Bernie’s Dark Side: The Reckless War on Hillary’s Integrity

Think big, peeps. This is no longer an election about right v. left. Dem v. GOP.

So Scalia's family says NO autopsy

Karen Armstrong on InnerVIEWS with Ernie Manouse

TYT - Democrats Go "Negative" In New Campaign Ads

Janitors union set to strike Wednesday in Twin Cities

Janitors union set to strike Wednesday in Twin Cities

Janitors union set to strike Wednesday in Twin Cities

Has Bernie's single payer health care plan explained how it would pay for women's re-productive...

Gravis Poll SC: HRC: 59% Bernie 41%

ON THE ROAD Bernie at the UAW in Detroit

Naomi Klein: Climate Change “Not Just About Things Getting Hotter… It’s About Things Getting Meaner”

Hillary Clinton's secret weapon: John Lewis

Paul Simon song for Hillary's campaign.

The Whiteness of Bernie Sanders' Supporters

It's been quite a weekend for Hillary's two top surrogates, Bill and Chelsea

I'm old, tired of crap. Let's start with medical staff.

Funniest Presidential Quotes Ever

Bill Clinton and Rep. Alcee Hastings take on Bernie at Florida

The Medicinal Martini: Take Two Martinis and Call Me in the Morning

The Medicinal Martini: Take Two Martinis and Call Me in the Morning

The Hillary/Sanders disparity is actually about class and income

Alan Dershowitz just called former student Ted Cruz a dumbass!

Trump will run as an Independent

How will history portray the current Republican Party ?

Cheney: "He sounds like a liberal Democrat"

Yeah, Adele is probably great (great name) but clicked off, in favor of SIBELLIUS - Nordic enough?

I proudly stand with Roger Waters in his endorsement of Bernie Sanders

LOL, the Hillary fans loved single payer before Bernie ran against her. Disgusting. nt

New Jersey Restaurant Names Burger After Bernie Sanders

Counterpunch: "What about Sierra Blanca?"

Trump would rather run against ‘Communist’ Sanders than Clinton

South Carolina Republican Poll (post-debate)

Where are you in the scheme of things?

The fight for black voters is on in the Presidential Primary race

European Steel Workers Protest Cheap Chinese Imports

GOP voters could participate in NV Democratic caucus

South Carolina - Bush - single digits - tied for last

Alabama Shakes won 3 Grammys..well deserved. Here is Don't Wanna Fight. Best Rock Song

Sanders' Social Security plan won't work

Please don't drink or drive or....

This is the First Couple that America needs!

GIVES YOU HELL - Bernie Sanders AAR Parody

Contact your Senator and demand he holds hearings on new Supreme nomination!


GIVES YOU HELL: Bernie Sanders AAR Parody

Macri's approval ratings already under water after two months as President of Argentina.

Why Harry Belofonte's endorsement means so much to me.

Way to go Bernie!!!!

Silly Stuff at Kid Activity Tonight

Hillary Reported to Have 7,000 Nevada Volunteers to Bernie's 2,000

Where are you in the scheme of things?

Clinton Beats Sanders in Survey of LGBT Voters

A new prize in Nevada: the Asian-American vote

Bernie NEVER said that POC and LGBTQ don't have it worse than working-class whites.

Glenn Beck tells South Carolina crowd: "Ted Cruz will get you through the Rapture."

howdi all. will be not signing in for lent , except to check in on lolcats now and then.

The Republicans are PRAYING for the chance to be able to run against Bernie Sanders.


Fact Checker at Republican Debate Hospitalized for Exhaustion

One of the largest events in the HISTORY of EMU's Convocation Center Almost 10k people in attendance

Black Democrats question Bernie Sanders' commitment to Obama

Heard Chris Matthews say (after talking to Hillary) that Bernie is welcome anytime and as often as

There are no votes HRC can get in the fall that Bernie can't.

Video link (goofing on W. with a star wars theme)

401Ks are GREAT investment, right? Well... not so much...

Harry Reid allies to Team Clinton: Don't slam Nevada's caucus

OK Bernie supporters, here are TWO juicy chances to take the revolution for a test drive right now.

A while back it was "Bernie attracts GOP voters"

Mega pano

Everytime I hear this song I think of Bernie. I would love to hear it played at one of his rallies!

Hillary hires veteran black journalist as press secretary - served on Jesse Jackson's '88 campaign

does anyone twit? Please jump on this line and tell the idiot the family is the one requesting no

Jamaica's Underground Gays

People Are Being Poisoned in Flint, Michigan | Bernie Sanders

Bernie has been in Congress for DECADES. Where was the "revolution" in all those years?????

Does anyone know anything about Sanders legislation to lift the Social Security cap? (CLINTON GROUP)

Real Men- Joe Jackson

Can Bernie Sanders' revolution coalition force the Senate to confirm a Supreme Court nominee?

Hillary and Bernie - TOY STORY

Hillary Clinton brought this on herself: How a Democratic primary coronation turned into a war

Today's attack word seems to have been "revolution". Whaddya think tomorrow's will be?

Hillary and Bernie - TOY STORY

Hillary and Trump leading; Bernie is struggling with black voters in SC

Sanders has been in office for decades and STILL no flying cars!

What is this? Desperation? I seriously do not have a clue.

Why Brother Bernie Is Better for Black People Than Sister Hillary

Hackers are holding a California hospital’s network hostage for $3.6 million

We need someone in power to empower us all...Bernie

Director of ‘The Big Short' on Clinton: I really want her to see my movie

New Mexico Legislature sends identification bill to governor

States won’t get federal land, Hillary Clinton says in Elko

After Hillary is the nominee she will go back to being the moderate republican she truly is.

Ask the Sanders people for SUBSTANCE and to back their rhetoric, and they give DIVERSION.

Hillary negotiations with republicans starts with "cut it out". That's her secret for getting

Organic honey is a sweet success for Cuba as other bee populations suffer

THANKS for the hearts!

Chris Hayes apologizes for editing Bill Clinton clip to make it sound like he was attacking Obama.

The Atlantic: The Pragmatic Case for Bernie Sanders

ICE Awards Multi-Million $$$ Contract to Inhumane Private Prison Corp That Donated to Hillary:

Wake Forest University Scientists Print Living Body Parts

Donald Trump Raises Suspicions About Justice Scalia's Death

This storm is bad..... Cars off the road on all major highways --NJTP, RT 80, 78, GSPKWY and on.

Bernie wins! We owe millennials an apology

Senator Cory Booker on why Hillary is the best candidate. JUST INCREDIBLE. WATCH THIS GUY!

Endangered Sonoran Pronghorn

Can Bernie's "Revolution" help the Cleveland Browns FINALLY draft their franchise QB???

I can't wait for Saturday Night Live this weekend.

A message from the mothership...

OK, Hillary just barked like a dog!!!!!

Badda Bing; Badda Boom Bernie

After Sen. Sanders introduced his Election Holiday legislation, what did he do to pass it?

Use "Socialist Security" When Talking About Social Security To Conservatives.

"America" ad updated for Nevada


Rally attendees should be asked to contact their Senators re: SCOTUS vote

Thank you, Harry Belafonte and Ta-nehisi Coates

What do we do if DWS has a brokered Convention?

The Clinton Campaign Did In Scalia. Or The DNC Had Him Done In.

It is time for Bernie to show us how it is done

Ikea accused of evading more than $1 billion in taxes

Can you just imagine --

Irish TD (MP) Clare Daly talks about the TTIP (Europe's TPP)

Hillary Clinton to Make Push for Black Vote

Sanders Braces for A Hard Look from the Press.

As a civil rights champion, Bernie should fight tooth & nail for Obama's eventual nominee

Bernie Sanders’ Phantom Movement

Red Top Dairy from the Car

Bernie's Revolution is Actually Happening...But the Media Won't Tell You

Is Hillary still "looking into" releasing those Goldman transcripts?

Hillary's tweets to Senate Republicans on SCOTUS tonight: 'POTUS will do his job. Do yours'

Martin Luther King Jr.

Clinton: "Every progressive economist who has analysed that says the numbers don't add up..

The Stupidest Meme

Suggestion: Issue slates, not just candidate slates, should be allowed in Dem primaries.

Should Bernie use his "political revolution" to help get Obama's SCOTUS nominee through the Senate?

Lol! Hillary Dogs Republicans (real story behind the bark, not the Hillary slam)

Doctors: Larvicide True Cause Of Brazil's Microcephaly Outbreak (with updates/responses)

George W. Bush returns to campaign trail for brother

I Proudly Stand with God.

First Ever Unofficial Democratic Underground - Great Quotes That Support A Candidate Contest

Seriously, where is the talking points generator?

The Stupidest Meme (Cross Posted from GD:P)

Since Hillary is so distrusted by the American people, she should release her paid speeches

If Hillary truly supports Obama's SCOTUS nominee then she will release her GS transcripts

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Voting

Why A Vote For Bernie Sanders Is A Vote For Donald Trump

Tesla Model S for kids $499

Vancouver featured in Marco Rubio campaign ad ... LOL!

Why shouldn't we assume that a HRC nomination means no progressive will EVER get the nom later?

Crystal Dunn's five goals for US highlight 10-0 rout of Puerto Rico

As a Bernie suporter, I think Hillary's barking was cute.

The people's decision

U.S. Closing a Loophole on Products Tied to Slaves.

How the #$#% did getting the SC vacancy filled become BERNIE'S responsibility?

GOD took Antonin Scalia from us during Obama's term so that Obama

Are DUers allowed to recommend a post more than once?

Trump Threatens Third Party run (again)

The tax payers bailed out wall street who gave that $

Olive Branch or Schadenfreude? (Hillary group)

Kendrick Lamar

If Hillary really wants to help pass Obama's SCOTUS nominee she would tell the GOP to vote for them.

What's with the looney Sanders challenges?

Unexpectedly Good South Carolina Poll for Bernie Sanders - up to 41% (Highest Ever in SC) [Gravis]

Turkey vs. Russia in the Mideast (III)

BILL MAHER: "Obama is president; a ‪#‎SupremeCourt‬ justice died; he gets to pick, period!

Well I've done it now.

Bernie with no press, no live stream, just the people of Flint. (photo)

So what do you think it means that of all the "pundits," Ann Coulter was the only one

Texas State School Board Candidate: Obama Loves Gays Because He Was A Male Prostitute

Former President Jimmy Carter wins Grammy Award

How Bernie Sanders is Laying the Foundations For a New Breed of Democrat

Lets compare. Bernie draft bill to expand voting. Hillary drafts bill to criminalize flag burning.

Daily Holidays - February 16

telesur: Workers Disunited: Bernie Sanders Gets the Grassroots Vote

Attention caucus goers! Affidavits now available

Yanis Varoufakis: Bernie Sanders’ backers aren’t voting for socialism

Patrick Leahy will stump for Bernie Sanders if nominee

Attention WA State caucus goers! Affidavits now available

In tribute to K-10, The Amazing Thunder Dog

WOOOOO!!! Sounds like the rain is gonna blast straight through the window.

My 2nd report on the South Carolina Primaries:

I haven't complained about my hidden posts before, but this last one was too much

In Nevada, a tightening race threatens Clinton’s post-New Hampshire ‘firewall’

Ted Cruz Bullshitting at his finest

OIl price 'freeze' agreed by four oil producers

Why a Vote for Bernie Sanders Is a Vote for Donald Trump

Seems like people need to know what we mean by "revolution". Here goes.

Here’s What Bernie Sanders Actually Did on the Front Lines of the Civil Rights Movement

Gun purchases allowed if background checks unresolved after waiting period

How Obama Could Win Supreme Court Battle — Even If Republicans Take the White House

The Thermonuclear Option for SCOTUS: 17 Days in January of 2017

A USDA program that tortures dogs and kills endangered species

Standoff Over Guns at Tennessee Legislative Office Complex

Once Every 16 Hours, An American Woman Is Fatally Shot by a Current or Former Romantic Partner

Clouds Gather Over Bolivia’s Change Process as US Intervenes

Early vote could decide Texas primaries before Super Tuesday

Clouds Gather Over Bolivia’s Change Process as US Intervenes

European Groups Expose 'Terrifying Extent of Corporate Grab' Within TTIP

5 Reasons the Top Tax Rate Should Be 80 Percent

GOP counting on Bernie being Democrats' nominee

Juan Cole: Could a Post-Scalia Court Restore Campaign Finance Sanity--

Does Baltimore #BlackLivesMatter Activist Have a Shot at Becoming Mayor?

Vancouver (Cananda) featured in Marco Rubio campaign ad

Trump's supporters file lawsuit challenging Ted Cruz's US citizenship

Elite opinion vs the general public

Charter school all-star teacher caught ripping up schoolwork, humiliating student

DUers, I need to vent and let shit out. Please lend a sympathetic ear

The Key to Bernie Sanders's Appeal Isn't Socialism. It's Yiddish Socialism

Can you answer this math question from a practice test for the SAT?

Science just muddies the belief system waters.

Harry Reid allies to Team Clinton: Don't slam Nevada's caucus

Kentucky Lawmaker's Bill Forces Men to Get Note From Wives Before Purchasing Viagra

Founded for the Poor, Mass General Looks to the Wealthy

Hillary's Consistency

The (right-wing) conspiracy theorists who have taken over Poland

It's possible that we could get Clinton past Trump in the general

Mother Jones: Sorry, Hillary Clinton, Nevada Is Actually a Diverse State

Are the Bernie Brigades ready to walk the walk of a REAL political movement?

JoeScum just exposed his lying self - talking about George Bush

Well, of course the GOP thinks that Obama's term is over...

Hillary Clinton Posts Epic Twitter Rant About SCOTUS Nomination Battle

"The GOP will savagely attack Sanders" seems to be code-speak for

George W. Bush lies again!

People Are Being Poisoned in Flint, Michigan (video)

How many HRC supporters here have you blocked? As her campaign gets more desperate

More explosive story on Peyton Manning!

Hollywood hospital hit with ransomware: Hackers demand $3.6 million as ransom

Are you a card carrying Socialist? I am.

Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton & The Money

H meets with Sharpton this a.m. nt

Does Hillary Clinton Care About the Gender Pay Gap? Not When She Was Senator

Forbes: What would President Bernie Sanders mean for Social Security

Hillary Clinton barks like a dog to slam Republicans

liberal corporatism

Now that Scalia has died, are gun-lovers feeling...

Europe's climate change goals 'need profound lifestyle changes'

Louise Mensch to launch rightwing site for Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp

"Not The End Of The World, The End Of The Wild" - Traveling Africa & Asia To Watch Animals Disappear

I Agree with at Least 4 Republicans Running for President

Left-Leaning Economists Question Cost of Bernie Sanders’s Plans

Obama nominee

I would never say such a thing myself, but OMG the GOP...

NASA - January 2016 Hottest January Ever; Biggest One-Month Anomaly Ever - Up 0.3C From January 2015

Donald Trump doubles down on George W. Bush 9/11 blame

A Lifetime Of Fighting For Women

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Scalia

In Awe at Just How Fast Global Trade is Unraveling

POLL: Meme of the Week – February 15th (+1)

Little known fact: John Kennedy had the plans for the Saturn V when he called for a Moon landing

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Replacing Scalia

Bwahahahahaha..... Who is running Jeb's campaign???

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and the Money

My wife and I are voting this morning in the Texas primary for Bernie

I just realized there's a rather big downside to nominating Hillary...

The Never-Ending Story: Europe’s Banks Face a Frightening Future

Just Stand Up

How big $$$ corrupts: Who writes the trade agreements and legislation? Who serves in the admin.

Black civil rights activist John Lewis "never saw" Bernie

Emily's List called again yesterday for money...

Reid to GOP (NYT Edit): For the good of the country, stop your nakedly partisan obstruction

Georgia Pastafarian can wear colander in Nevada license photo

Pastafarians rejoice! Wisconsin DMV now allows colanders in license photos...

Scalia murder allegations

Blind Opposition

oh noooooo..... sanders and trump are wrecking the stock market!

What Does Sanders Really Believe About Clinton?

Does anybody here listen to Stephanie Miller?

Obama Compiles Shortlist Of Gay, Transsexual Abortion Doctors To Replace Scalia

Venezuela faces ‘worst-case scenario’ as Zika outbreak expands

Clinton dominates Yale faculty donations

Video, Carrier A/C Workers Rage at Being Told 1,400 Jobs Moving to Mexico~ Hear Bernie's Msg.

Settling for what is currently passable rather than what is ultimately possible is defeatism

New rule to go with 'No silly hats for Presidential candidates'...

OMG, Scalia

Bernie Sanders highlights his 1988 support of Jesse Jackson’s White House run

The most offensive Clinton talking point of the primary season?

Before we accept that Scalia died of natural causes: Where was Dick Chaney?

Does Hillary Clinton Care About the Gender Pay Gap? Not When She Was Senator

A Way Out of the Crisis

What I heard over and over at W rally: Love the Bushes, leaning Trump anyway.

Venezuela faces ‘worst-case scenario’ as Zika outbreak expands

Uranium Mine and Mill Workers are Dying, and Nobody Will Take Responsibility

Scalia may be gone, but ANOTHER right-wing bird hunter is PISSED at the Donald over 9/11. GUESS WHO?

—Ronald Reagan on January 19, 1988, in the last full year of his Presidency.

A funny...

Has any Democrat ever called out a GOP debate opponent re: Iraq and 9/11?

"We done here, Mitch?"

I will not be passive aggressive on Facebook. I will NOT be

The Clintons really don’t get it: False attacks and failed strategies as Hillary repeats 2008

Hillary = Worldwide Promoter of the TPP

US Marshals arresting people for not paying their federal student loans

All these years Sanders has supported single-payer health care...

Whats So Funny "W"?

Why Hillary Clinton Spells Democratic Party Defeat

The Simpsons Aww It's a Grammy

The GOP will savagely attack our candidate PERIOD.

Tornados in South, snow, sleet in East; record heat in West

The Supreme Court and the Non-Violent Settling of Elite Disputes

A millennial comes out for Hillary

"Boobs" vs "9/11", Boobs win

Deadly car bombing strikes Russia's Dagestan

Very eerie photo of the Bush Brothers

TRNN in Hampshire: Trumps Wall Proposal and the Dehumanization of Mexicans

Excitement at new cancer treatment

Foxtrot Alpha’s first known image of DARPA’s sub-hunting drone

NBC Poll: Clinton maintains national lead after NH loss

I just saw this on DI regarding backwoodsbob.

Vincent Fort, the No. 2 Dem. in the Georgia Senate, flipped his endorsement from Clinton to Sanders

Bernie Rocks Eastern Michigan University

South Korea’s leader warns of North’s regime collapse

So is there a Senate Democrat with a legal background, who comes from a reliably blue state....

Chelsea Clinton was stumping for votes in Cleveland OHIO Feb 15...

This, right here ...

Hillary's Huge Lead Among Black Millennials

VIDEO of CARRIER Air Conditioner Workers' Rage at Hearing 1,400 Jobs Moving to Mexico Last Week

Dem Party Establishment Rigged the Nomination Process in Clinton’s Favor through Superdelegates?

Saw Michael Moore's 'Where Do We Invade Next'

A Stage, and A Test, for Young Latinos in Nevada: Remembering the Deportations, and Backing Bernie:

The most effective type of "attack" that can be leveled in the GE - one most people cannot defend.

There have been people who are mad at Thom Hartmann for supporting

SC Prayer Breakfast with Bernie live feed


Why the Capehart caper matters so much...

Former UN head Boutros-Ghali dies

ROFL: Austan Goolsbee (CENTRIST, FREE TRADER is "left-leaning" critic of Bernie Plan-update

Nasty Hit: Top Sanders Advisor Questions Hillary's Capacity to Appoint Scalia Replacement

Gastric reflux drugs may be tied to dementia risk

Hillary Clinton and the Syrian Bloodbath

the "non-racist" republicans are trying to stop our black president

Question about lines of attack not being taken against Trump

For the sake of Posterity, WHO was Justice Scalia at that ranch with?

As much as I cannot stand Hillary, she will appoint a much better justice than any republican.

Some Arna Bontemps for Tuesday

Only Republicans Are Legitimate Rulers Of US. Supreme Court Message.

Sanders Should Challenge the Foreign-Policy Status Quo

MLB Hot Spots: Positions up in air as camps begin

SCALIA: "Mere factual innocence is no reason not to carry out a death sentence properly reached."

Bernie is sooooo mean to Hillary! Just watch him attack her.

A question for Sec. Clinton Supporters?

Letter to Washington State Super Delegates

John Lewis Softens His Stance on Bernie Sanders -

Speaker Fees: Hillary v. Nobel Laureates

Some of the demographics for that PPP poll of SC

Nigerian Astronaut marooned in space - please send money

The NSA’s SKYNET program may be killing thousands of innocent people

Jonathan Capehart blocked me on Twitter!

The national margin between Clinton and Sanders is now at the lowest it has been in 7 weeks.

Left-Leaning Economists Question Cost of Bernie Sanders’s Plans

Backsliding of America coincides with 40 years of Conservative SCOTUS.

Captial Letters

Bush: Obama should have showcased his family more

Videographer gets 50 years in animal crush videos (warning disturbing details)

Nailed it

Americans kidnapped in Iraq last month released

Debunking Clinton Lies on Sander's Immigration Policy

"Why Bernie vs. Hillary Matters More Than People Think"

Today Hillary Clinton to deliver major speech on racism--*live link*

The sad fact of modern American Culture

People Afraid To Vote For Sanders Because Mondale Lost to Reagan Need to Accept That Things Change.

Paul Krugman has a unicorn problem


How's the "Troposphere" Look from out there Mr. Scalia?

Cash-only marijuana dispensaries flood California tax office with paper

Scalia let the innocent die, trampled our basic rights, gutted democracy and gave us George W. Bush.

Those Senate "hold"

The Waves of Lake Erie - who would've thought?

Michigan's primary tool for preserving historic buildings and neighborhoods could disappear

Here's a movie trailer

Bernie fought TPP tooth and nail-he needs to fight just as hard for Obama's SCOTUS nominee


US military burn pits built on chemical weapons facilities tied to soldiers' illness

Female Presidential Candidate Who Was US Senator, Secretary Of State Told To Be More Inspiring

Modern romance

Top 10 Time The Simpsons Predicted The Future

* BOG Group* Obama's audacious foreign policy

Nevada Lawmaker Sides With the Bundys

At this point, I'm going to leave the primaries completely

How Obama Should Have Done His Last SOTU

Today's Democratic Primary Talking Points- February 16th

I had to finally pull out of GD-P.

Elder Bundy heads to court, but case against him is tricky

The GOP will attack our nominee. However, one of the candidates has high unfavorables already.

Israeli kibbutz can 'feel the Bern' of forgotten volunteer Sanders

Hey Paulie...

Spot the rich guy

I have my computer on mute and when I go to Salon, it's ads turn on my sound agaiN

Lawyer: 4 US Journalists Charged in Bahrain Leave Country

Leonard Pitts Jr.: ‘Are you anti-abortion?’

Florida Officials May Urge Exoneration for 'Groveland Four'

Blast from the past (2004): "Scalia Was Cheney Hunt Trip Guest; Ethics Concern Grows"

Ukraine's Poroshenko asks embattled PM Yatsenyuk to resign

Hillary Clinton to deliver major speech on racism

Obama agreed with Bernie Sanders in 2007/8 The influence of big money

Despite Record Deportations Under Obama, Hillary Closely Aligns With Obama's Policies:

Looking for a Scalia quote on liberalism

Galileo's Middle Finger: Persecuting Scientists Whose Findings Are Seen As Politically Incorrect

Pic Of The Moment: Note To The Strict Constitutionalists

What happens in the General Election will depend

Cliven Bundy Heads Back to Court Seeking Release From Jail

Galileo's Middle Finger: Persecuting Scientists Whose Findings Are Seen As Politically Incorrect

Watch Bernie refuse to attack Hillary on various networks!

Hillary Clinton barks like a dog, breaks Internet

German prosecutors believe human error caused Bavaria train crash

‘Preserving the Balance’ by Maintaining a Conservative Supreme Court

Hyperactive magnetic field may have led to one of Earth’s major extinctions

Home Where Mob Boss Lived, Died in Hit Nominated as Landmark

Pushing the Democratic Party to the Right/Third Way in struggle for the Democratic Party

U.S. and Cuba sign civil aviation accord

"belief that Obama is illegitimate ... undergirds the entire conservative movement"


My best birthday present in 2016 will come

Group Pushes to Remove State's Attorney From McDonald Case

Hillary Had My Back

The Latest: Jury Selection Begins for Ex-BP Rig Supervisor

Hillary Said: Since when do Democrats attack Universal Healthcare?

Hillary Clinton to deliver major speech on racism

#AskROF: Why Do Politicians And The Media Ignore Most Environmental Threats?

Third-Rate Speeches

Fed's newest member suggests breaking up Wall Street banks

Isle of Wight model triceratops left in middle of high street

QUESTION: Where is Bigga and Cornell West when Sanders needs them in SC?

Bill C. stumping for Hillary in West Palm Beach SC

Hillary Leaves Campaign Trail Today to Hob Nob for $$$$$ With NYC Financial Elites

After years in solitary, a woman struggles to carry on


There Is A "Bernie Bae" Music Video Now—& It's Catchier Than You Might Guess


It is a huge mistake when a leader of a party does not embrace a huge wave of enthusiasm.


Obama starts work to pick Supreme Court justice amid political 'bluster'

Conservative thinktanks still questioning the science of climate change, study finds

I keep hearing that Hillary can "get it done"

Black and Latino Voters Sway From Clinton to Sanders

Beyond Lawn Signs: Castro Valley Man Paints Bernie Sanders Campaign Logo on his Roof

Genes, bugs and radiation: WHO backs new weapons in Zika fight

Sanders campaign can't meet demand for lawn signs

"There's not a black America and white America and Latino America and Asian America;

Vincent Fort flips from Hillary Clinton to Bernie Sanders

time to say it.Bill Clinton needs to go away

Petition to ask Hillary to donate the Goldman Sachs $$$ to the homeless

Cartoon: SCANDAL! President to nominate Supreme Court justice

Pres. Candidate Bernie Sanders Campaigns in Uni, SC (livestream)

It's a roll of the dice, but...

Ben Cohen is packing up a few pints of Bernie's Yearning and heading to South Carolina...

Could this be why Normal People though Scalia was a Massive Prick?

Talking Dog

Bernie Sanders Despised Democrats In 1980s, Said A JFK Speech Once Made Him Sick


Samantha Bee on Scalia & Mr. Feathers

this is Ed Asner at age 27

Bernie starting work immediately to help President Obama with SCOTUS nominee

When Bernie Sanders ran against me in Vermont

Obama nominee

Cruz: Obama has neglected the military

Colorado Planned Parenthood reopens 'with more conviction than ever'

Trump truly is unstoppable.

Missing junior doctor Rose Polge 'left note addressed to Jeremy Hunt'

All Bets Are Off For The 2016 Elections.....

TWIP - This Week In Politics:

Average length of time to approve a Supreme Court Justice: 74 days (the last 10 justices)

Hartmann Corrects Maddow's Math Regarding Voter Turnout

Come on in and post your song about magic...

'New Atheist' Spokesperson Sam Harris Featured in Explicitly Anti-Muslim Hate Video

Bill Clinton Smacks Trump Supporter Back To Biblical Times

Here's My 2016 Campaign Slogan:

It Don't Come Easy

Utilities Just Declared War On Solar

Justice Scalia’s terrible religious legacy

I tried to send email to Rob Portman

There's no question – reporting abuse is a must, Cardinal O'Malley says

UK solar capacity hits 10GW

Pat Robertson has no sense of reality...

Ignore Pundit Speculation, Evidence Favors Bernie Sanders

The Thing With 2 Heads And No Brain

"Totalitarian government" - a government where right-wing "Christians" don't rule...

Thomas Piketty on the rise of Bernie Sanders: the US enters a new political era

National poll still tightening!! Nice graph

Joe and Mika hosting town hall with Trump! (Wednesday night on MSNBC)

Posted without comment, as anyone can draw their own conclusions ...

"Donald Trump (and Ted Cruz) warned against scrapping Paris climate deal"

Hillary Clinton: I Could Compromise on Abortion If It Included Exceptions For Mother's Health

WaPo: Hillary Campaign Falsely Uses Racial Demographics To Set Expectations in Nevada

‘Single-issue’ candidate Bernie Sanders touches on 20 issues during a Michigan campaign stop

Martin Shkreli, America's 'Most Hated Man', Says He's Lost Millions In Kanye West Bitcoin Heist

Insane ‘Christian’ Woman Beats, Kicks, Stomps Jewish Neighbor: ‘You’d Better Accept Jesus’

A suggestion for right-wing media obstructionists: read the Constitution:

Grassley's judicial nominee view differs from '08

Rand Paul: Obama Has 'Conflict Of Interest' In Appointing SCOTUS Nominee

Have we reached the tipping point for investing in renewable energy?

Republicans are wrong - Americans do want socialism...It's as American as apple pie!

Hi Lounge! Could I use you as a brief focus group?

Angry Bernies...(A video mashup)

Painful: Jeb Says "It's Really Not Important to Me" Whether Senate Gives Obama SCOTUS Nominee a Vote

South Carolina isn’t Bush Country anymore

President Ronald Reagan had strong words about confirming his final Supreme Court nominee in 1988

Spike Lee, Bernie's From Brooklyn.....

WI State Supreme Court Rules Cops No Longer Need a Warrant to Enter Homes and Seize Evidence

A modest breaching here of the Fourth Wall in Lounge.

Correct the Record using Fox News to bash Bernie

US Marshals arresting people for not paying their federal student loans - Story | KRIV

Nearly One Out Of Three Trump Voters In SC Would Ban Gays From Entering The U.S.

Ghost of Reagan Scolds Congress - Constitutional Obligation To Fill Court Vacancy

My 96 hour ordeal in getting a prescription for my 85 year old mom........

Little Annie No-Fanny crawls out from under her rock...

American Love

Colbert's tribute to Scalia ends with Sicilian "f*ck you" hand gesture

So, MSNBC has a countdown clock on all the time showing 1d 6h 34m

Will Clinton's supporters help kill the TPP in Congress?

Hillary's campaign style grosses me out

Two Former U.S. Presidents Simultaneously Advocate for a Close Family Member as the Next U.S. Pres

Fox "debate" devolves into attacks on panelists Boob Size

Sanders Gains Ground in Nevada, Testing a Clinton Firewall

OPEC Oil Production Agreement Doesn't Change Anything

Obama never made good on his comfy shoes on the picket line pledge

I posted this in response to a post on GD asking POCs what a president should do . . .

Obama never made good on his comfy shoes on the picket line pledge

Official: I wish Sam Bee got the Daily Show hosting job.

Obama never made good on his comfy shoes on the picket line pledge

All may not be lost for President Obama's choice to fill Scalia's spot on the SC

The Giant Sucking Sound Of Free Trade Hits Indianapolis

Schumer: GOPers Are Misconstruing My 2007 Speech On SCOTUS Noms

Syria: The winners and losers are becoming clear in this war

Surging Sanders Could Surprise Nevada Caucus

As Republicans abandon norms and traditions, governing fails

Piketty on Sanders

‘Single-issue’ candidate Bernie Sanders touches on 20 issues during a Michigan campaign stop

Could Justice Antonin Scalia’s Death Lead to a Constitutional Crisis?

Texas Is Trying to Classify Immigrant Detention Centers as Child-Care Facilities

‘Single-issue’ candidate Bernie Sanders touches on 20 issues during a Michigan campaign stop

Bush atty gen: Obama has ‘obligation’ to replace Scalia

Before They Destroyed Flint’s Drinking Water, They Destroyed Flint’s Democracy

How we elect our President in the United States.

Hillary weaseled yesterday on Citizens United litmus test for SCOTUS

Nine Battleground States that Could Flip the Senate -- and the Supreme Court

Here it is, just as plain as day.

Hillary Could Lose Nevada Because Of Her Call To Deport Refugee Children from Central America

Hillary Had My Back

Hillary Had My Back

Virginia Poll: HRC: 52% Bernie: 40%

Sanders calling Hillary supporters in Vegas, telling them she's under FBI investigation.

Elizabeth Warren’s Powerful Message Has Created A Movement

For those who keep asking: "How is Bernie gonna PAY for his ideas??" check this out

Talking Beaver

Republicans are setting themselves up for a no-win: tough editorial from NC paper regarding Scalia

Sanders Gains Ground in Nevada, Testing a Clinton Firewall

Excellent Bernie Mash, crosspost from GD-P

More Than 100 State and Local Governments Considering Anti-TPP Resolutions

The "establishment establishment establishment..." meme is getting VERY old and STALE.

Is it a full moon tonight or something?

After years in solitary, a woman struggles to carry on

New joint composition by Mozart, Salieri and Cornetti

A list of rejected supreme court nominees since the war.

More Than 100 State and Local Governments Considering Anti-TPP Resolutions

Hillary Clinton still believes in "Super-Predators"?

by Robert Reich

Hillary Clinton will give a major speech on racism today in Harlem

More Than 100 State and Local Governments Considering Anti-TPP Resolutions

Justice Antonin Scalia's Health Woes Weren't Publicly Disclosed Before His Death

Pie-in-the-sky Sanders more realistic than Clinton

US Marshals arresting people for not paying federal student loans

Pennsylvania's Embattled Attorney General Won't Run Again

Oklahoma Earthquakes Prompt Agency to Call for Well Cutbacks

Hope Lithos or anyone else doesn't mind me x-posting here

Cross posting from GD: please contact Sen Burr to express your thoughts on Scalia

Maple Teriyaki Chicken

Ukraine's Government Survives No-Confidence Vote

x-post US Marshals arresting people for not paying their federal student loans (texas)

Have you seen THIS?

Protest against Beyonce outside NFL HQ turns out to be no show

William Chapman II killing: Prosecutor Seeks to Limit Police Uniforms at Officer's Trial

Maine minimum wage hike qualifies for 2016 ballot

The Black Panthers : Vanguard of the Revolution tonight on PBS 9pm ET

and "The Turtle Turns"

Here is a warm fuzzy

US Marshals just arrested this guy for a $1,500 student loan from 29 years ago

The Parmesan Cheese You Sprinkle on Your Penne Could Be Wood

A True Story

"Sanders Surge Eyes Nevada and South Carolina as Clinton Firewalls Show Cracks"

Venezuela faces ‘worst-case scenario’ as Zika outbreak expands

What Repubs said in 2008 about judicial nominations

Don't know how I got subscribed to Bernie's mailing list, but it's nice to hear his insults...

Federal Monitor Says Changing NYPD Culture a Challenge

Is this Bernie Sanders being arrested in 1963?

We must Turn this Ship Around: This should be an ad.

Idaho legislature prepared to ban local minimum wage hikes

Key Georgia Democrat Switches From Clinton to Sanders

wait what?

Total Bill and Hillary speech income $153,000,000 not $675,000

'Dead' Antarctica Penguins Are Probably Fine

WOW! GOP Senator Breaks Ranks, Calls Party’s Supreme Court Strategy ‘Obstructionist’

Hey, KC Bernie supporters: The Bernie campaign HQ is opening in Downtown KC

Hey, KC Bernie supporters: The Bernie campaign HQ is opening in Downtown KC

Eric Garner's daughter meets with Bernie Sanders in South Carolina

Trump, Clinton Still Have Big SC Leads

Female Presidential Candidate Who Was United States Senator, Secretary Of State Told To Be More

"I don't like you.."

Hubble Studies 'Super-Earth' Atmosphere for First Time

Your Samsung *Smart* TV is eavesdropping on your private conversations

"Hillary Clinton's debate lies"

Feb 16 SC state PPP polling. Clinton 55; Sanders 34

Cambits, a modular imaging system that can transform into many different cameras

Hillary News & Views 2.16: Economic Agenda, Systemic Racism, and John Lewis

Every now and then I buy some ingredient that I have no idea what to do with.

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - February 16, 2016

Nicolas Sarkozy investigated over France campaign funds

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - February 16, 2016 (Hillary group)

SATIRE - Republicans Reveal Their Ultimate Supreme Court Plan After Scalia

Bakari Sellers: Bernie Sanders is not the candidate for black voters – not next to Hillary Clinton

Fox News Has Rewired The Republican Brain In The Worst Way Imaginable

Hillary to deliver major Speech/Pander on race today.

Why did the United States invade Iraq?

Beavers bring environmental benefits

Sooooooooo.....if Hillary leads with blacks, Hispanics, women, gays, black millennials and non white

Top Contributor Comparison Chart.. Hillary, Romney & Bernie Sanders

3200 year old President

"Bernie Sanders & Hillary Clinton Over The Years: Then vs. Now"

Grassley: "We'll now wait for the actual name of the nominee before unconstitutionally obstructing."

Nadia Murad: Yazidi survivor kept as ISIS sex slave describes moment her family was massacred

Syria crisis: Government approves aid deliveries, says UN

Happiness is....leaving behind an air biscuit in the elevator as you head out from work

What Happens To SC If Democrat Wins WH?. Delay Justice Vote For 4 More Years?.

Surging Sanders Could Surprise Nevada Caucus

Occupier Jason Patrick To Remain In Custody

God's sense of humor is darker than Louis CK's.

State Sen from Georgia - Vincent Fort flips from Hillary Clinton to Bernie Sanders

Voter turnout 2008 vs 2016, is Sanders failing to expand the party?

Cliven Bundy heads back to court seeking release from jail

Rock slide near Glenwood Springs closes I-70 at least for Tuesday

Obama needs to nominate one of the Bundy Bunch to the Supreme Court

Republicans Ruin My Day...Again.

Nevadans meddle in Oregon's business

"Bernie Sanders - Through The Years"

Hillary Clinton opens Dallas office, gets endorsement from Mexican-American Democrats

Pope John Paul II had a long-time girlfriend

ACLU, NAACP file complaint over Talbot Boys statue decision (MD)

Why Obama Should Nominate Barack Obama For The Supreme Court Vacancy

Vatican riven by internal battle over handling of child abuse claims

"Hillary Clinton Admitting She is AGAINST Gay Marriage and FOR Iraq War"

House passes religious freedom bill some call 'license to discriminate'


So We Have One Female Presidential Candidate — How Do We Get Other Women to Run?

NYC to fund $2.5 billion Brooklyn-Queens light rail via bond issue

"Key Georgia Democrat Switches From Clinton To Sanders"

Trump Joins Radio Ally To Fuel Scalia Murder Conspiracy Theory

How about making an annual DU "holiday" every Feb 12 to mark a great day for Dems?

U.S. agency rejects Boeing protest of Northrop bomber contract

The Fundamental Problem Facing The Hillary Clinton Campaign

WaPo:"‘Single-issue’ candidate Bernie Sanders touches on 20 issues during a Michigan campaign stop."

Juneteenth Day vs. Robert E. Lee Day

Famed French Economist Thomas Piketty on Rise of Bernie Sanders: the US enters a new political era

Fox News, publisher, settle copyright dispute over iconic 9/11 photo


United Airlines mechanics reject contract offer; union seeks strike

When fascism comes to the US, it will be fronting a TV show and calling everyone 'losers'

I'm making phone calls for Bernie Sanders. Are you? Rec if YES

Kingstree, S.C. resident explains why he supports Bernie Sanders.

jeb! ditched his eyeglasses, is that a game changer?

9/11 suspect asks again to fire his lawyers in Guantanamo trial

How the disability voting bloc could swing the 2016 election

Do People Realize That Prescription Drug Prices ARE Being Negotiated in the USA?

"Where does Bernie Sanders stand on the issues?"

Scalia's Death Simply Sharpens the Focus, Heightens the Stakes

Cruz tax plan would slash U.S. revenue, favor wealthy: analysis

WaPo: ‘Single-issue’ candidate Bernie Sanders touches on 20 issues during a Michigan campaign stop


U.S. Surgeon General visits Flint, meets with healthcare leaders

I know both candidates want to help

Bernie Sanders on Welfare Reform (3/22/1995)

Donald Trump supporters in South Carolina: 'We're voting with our middle finger'

Mississippi Dems hope to fix ‘all the things going wrong’ by making Bible state’s official book

How about throwing $$ in the pot for Bernie today, you "Left Wing Fringe"??

Hillary Clinton Proposes $2 Billion Plan to End ‘School-to-Prison Pipeline'

Hillary speaking LIVE from HARLEM--NY on Race ..msnbc

for notice:: xposted from freakingdj's "$2.13 Minimum Wage - are you fucking kidding me"

for notice:: xposted from freakingdj's "$2.13 Minimum Wage - are you fucking kidding me"

Feb 16 things going on Nevada--volunteers and team out GOTV

In South Carolina, big leads on both sides

Fact & Fiction: Ending California’s Drought

Bernie Sanders Fires Back at Bill Clinton After Tea Party Comparison

New CNN SC poll Clinton 56% Bernie 38%

Rarest Crocs in the Americas Get a Radio Boost

Rarest Crocs in the Americas Get a Radio Boost

Eric Garner's daughter meets with Bernie Sanders in South Carolina

In Conversation: John Oliver

Limbaugh accuses Trump of sounding like the "Democrat Underground"...

If anyone has knee pain, I found this youtube to be very helpful

As far as Single-Payer goes...

This is the post in which I bite my tongue...

"Amazing archival video appears to show the arrest of a young Bernie Sanders as a student activist"

Colombia police chief probed over 'prostitution ring'

The Electability Argument Unravels – Bernie Beats Hillary In ALL Hypothetical Matchups

2016 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2016 Southwest Stakes

Russia is greater danger than ISIS in Europe: George Soros, huge supporter of democracy

question about the National Debt for all of you economist types....

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 San Vicente Stakes

Correa Denounced Smear Campaign in Bolivia Against Evo Morales

Sanders campaign responds to Bill Clinton "Tea Party" attacks

George Soros on how Russia threatens Europe: great vid by a great supporter of democracy

Samantha Bee Humiliates ‘Chinless Dildo’ Mitch McConnell .... NSFW

MSNBC is diving into the deep end of the suck pool.

Undecided Voters take on the election, and what Sanders needs to do to win.

Esquire: "Stephen Colbert Had Some Fun With Hillary Clinton's Pathetic New Youth Initiative"

Rolling Stone: Republican Hopefuls Utterly Implode in Most Entertaining Debate Yet

Berning up the Barn

CNN: Why Erica Garner's support for Sanders makes a difference

Line for Bernie in Ypsilanti 2-15-16

Okay, another panorama question.

How do I contact the campaign?

Got $500? You can buy a Tesla for that - but there's a small catch

JEB says it all with one tweet and defines America

Rolling Stone: The Way America Picks Presidential Nominees Is Dumb

Yet another packed house. The crowd in Charleston, SC. #FeelTheBern

Merkel: Now’s not the time for major progress to Palestinian state

Big line forming already at Morehouse for Sanders

Author Jane Mayer on How the Koch Brothers Have Changed America

Check out this interactive poll graph at Reuters:

What's for Dinner, Tues., Feb. 16, 2016

*Bernie Interview - Bloomberg TV 5pm eastern

Bombast Bursting in Air

Pope Francis Sends Jailed Argentine Activist a Blessed Rosary

My wife surprised me yesterday (new voter)...

Hillary Clinton's Authenticity Problem

What Would Actually Happen If We Broke Up the Banks?

What Would Actually Happen If We Broke Up the Banks?

Hillary's Bernie Bashing 'one issue' ad is awful but Hilarious

The Koch Brothers' Dirty War on Solar Power

Bundy as a cattle rancher

Texas A&M leaders visit school, apologize for race incident

In South Carolina, big leads on both sides

Bernie Sanders met with families affected by the Flint lead crisis

National tracking poll finds Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton leading

Big problems with free college.

Latino Assemblyman from the Bronx - endorsing Sanders

Ohio township to drop case against 'Zombie Nativity'

Dir en grey - DOZING GREEN PV (Full)

Latest Polling from South Carolina. Just as we predicted !!

Newborn horse rescued from steep ravine

SC CNN Poll for women 50+ ONLY! Don't be disheartened!

Cliven Bundy denied bail by federal judge

Obama, Southeast Asia leaders eye China and trade at California summit

I met a cop with Alzheimer's, I think...

WOW! "Hillary is no friend of blacks"...but... "negros are getting in line"...

Clinton makes pre-Super Tuesday cash dash

The Way America Picks Presidential Nominees Is Dumb

Any opinion on Express vote voting machines

Exclusive: China Sends Surface-To-Air Missiles To Contested Island In Provocative Move

Popular heartburn medication linked to dementia in seniors

Th is AA guy knocks it out of the park. "Bernie Sanders the secret front runner"

Piñata Economics

WTF?! Marco Roboto Says Bill Clinton Is To Blame For 9/11

Hillary's having her own (not quite so dramatic) donation boom.

Some great quotes about taxes.

Scalia told me a secret about George W. Bush

Maybe it's me, but for an election year, I don't see too many political bumper stickers and signs.

Clinton Campaign Is Having a Panic Attack in Nevada and South Carolina

Bernie's campaign has set a goal of raising $1,000,000 by midnight tonight.

USA TODAY/Suffolk Poll: Reaction By Some To Trump And Clinton? Fear

CNN Poll: Clinton: 56% Sanders 38% with demos

My "WTF?" of the day, Scalia conspiracy edition...

More than 5,000 pregnant women in Colombia have Zika virus.

Jeb Bush Website

holy craps. Yesterday morning bottomed out at -14.3F not including wind chill

Alex Jones doubles down on his conspiracy theory...

I'm a tough guy--I have a gun with my name on it!

U.N. Envoy Wins Syria Government Green Light For Aid Convoys: U.N.

Ford Motor Company pushes back on Trump tariff threat

"Income and Wealth Inequality" charts & graphs...

Am thinking of buying an iPadPro. I have questions...

Obama wouldn't throw Bernie under the bus

Bernie Sanders' support for black colleges questioned

BLOOMBERG VIDEO: What Are Former CIA Agents Doing at Banks?

GOP sponsor withdraws abortion ultrasound bill in Tennessee

Take a look at these polls and see how quickly Bernie is rising in the S.C. primary race.

U.S. Planned Major Cyber Attack On Iran If Diplomacy Failed: NYT

Spike Lee: I'll vote for Bernie

Spike Lee: I'll Vote for Sanders

Bill, you are a founder of the New Democrat, Third Way, Wall Street, corporate Alliance....

My Sanders supporting daughter in SC

Republican Obstruction Will Hurt Them In November

Salon: "Thomas Piketty says Bernie Sanders can 'change the face of the country'”

VIDEO: Savannah State University students on their way to see Bernie

Key Georgia Democrat Switches From Clinton To Sanders

US-Turkish Tensions Escalate Over Syrian Kurds

Sanders a big hit at red-state University of South Carolina

Spring Could Bring A Fresh Surge Of Refugees. But Europe Isn’t Ready For Them

BET: How Bernie Sanders Can Win the Black Vote in South Carolina and Beyond

And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee

Want Viagra? Proposed Kentucky Law Would Require Note From Spouse - The New York Times

National Urban League, NAACP, National Action Network Praise Clinton

Getting ready for Bernie at Morehouse College

Key Georgia Democrat Switches From Clinton To Sanders, State Senator Vincent Fort, Fulton Co. ATL

Official Events: 2 Kansas Events for Bernie

Is this Bernie Sanders being arrested in 1963 for protesting racism in schools & housing?

Did anyone go to the May 19th, 2001 Voter March in D.C.? (where we screamed at Scalia)

Thomas Piketty says Bernie Sanders can “change the face of the country”

Request for help researching HRC on MTP re abortion

Massachusetts Latino leaders to back Bernie Sanders' Democratic presidential campaign

fivethirtyeight has Bernie pulling ahead in Nevada

CNN's most recent "poll" was rigged out the wazoo for Hillary Clinton.

Bohemian Rhapsody Played by 100+ year old fairground organ

Bernie Sanders Is Winning Feminists, Even at Hillary Clinton’s Alma Mater

2006: FEDS GAVE DONALD A QUICK BUNDLE. He's among titans who got 9-11 funds set for small biz

Hope this makes you laugh!

Guess who’s funding the Bundys’ crazy land-grab movement? The Koch brothers

At almost 50 years of age, I feel that I am shut out of the political process due to Big Money

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's Most Controversial Remarks and Opinions

Trump's supporters wish South had won Civil War, want Confederate flag back, poll shows (SC)

Oh dear. Boxer's dreadful defense of Hillary and Wall Street. Painful.

Resolution to fly Confederate flag fails approval (NC)

Veterans packed into @dougiejscafe NV to talk about Hillary's plan for their families

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 17 February 2016

On millennials and voting

Why are HRC supporters treating the idea of "revolution" as if it's silly?

Tracy Chapman-Talkin' Bout A Revolution

Ronda Rousey contemplated suicide following Holly Holm loss

GA State Senate No. 2 Dem. Vincent Fort, Flips from Clinton to Sanders, Serves Fulton Co., ATL

Gil Scott-Heron-The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Philippines' Pacquiao apologises for comparing gays to animals

Beyonce-Formation(official video)

Why Brother Bernie Is Better for Black People Than Sister Hillary (Cornel West)

What is happening at Morehouse today is a beautiful thing.

Are you watching Bernie on MSNBS?

UMaine announces Stephen King professorship

Cliven Bundy denied bail

Bill C.'s attacks on Bernie's supporters are what his whole career has been about.

US Uncut: "She (Hillary) and Her Husband Traveled First Class to Execute A Black Man"

In Election Years, a History of Confirming Court Nominees

Doing his job...

With All Due Respect - MSNBC Show - The Bernie Interview Was Great....