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What are you going to do if Bernie loses?

Awwww! Happy Valentine's Day!

Nevada tied; South Carolina closing:

Another moron writing a book about the "Heaven delusion..."

Judge Albert Diaz, Court of Appeals - Fourth Circuit, for SCOTUS

Happy Valentines Day & thanks to those who gave me a heart.

Busted: MSNBC Butchers Bill Clinton Mid-Quote to Make Him ‘Slam’ Obama

I have a question about a possible Bernie voter

Is somebody making up quotes from famous people to suit the GOP narrative? I have

Isn't it funny how one CT is ludicrous, while a similar one is not?

Alex Jones: Obama Murdered Justice Scalia And Donald Trump Is Next

Some things I like about the Sanders Revolution


What happened to K through !2? The needs are so great here..

Mom Lets Her Kids Do ANYTHING -- Worst Mom In The World?

Tuesday the 16th will be 3 days. Look for Scalia's body to disappear.

Borowitz - Republican talking point:

Religion spares us from existential angst, research shows. Humans want it.

Tweet with Hillary quote Denouncing McConnell's pledge to not allow Obama to replace Justice Scalia.


WWII Vet Reads Long-Lost Letter To His Future Wife — 70 Years Later

"Settle for Hillary"!

This could raise some hackles at first.

Do Not Fall for the Bait

Bernie Reacts to Biden's Praise on Tackling Income Inequality

Bernie Reacts to Biden's Praise on Tackling Income Inequality

Knockout: Why Obama Wants a Supreme Court Fight and How Republicans Blew It Before It Starts

How must the Scalia family feel right now?

I am back and thanking every one of my friends for the valentines

Tucker carlson whines about the Sports illustrated Swimsuit Issue...

Tarleton State University Progressives

Associate Justice Michelle Obama

Antonin Scalia’s death could lead to more 4-4 ties. Here’s what happens if it does.

Bernie and Baby

so will it be 5 to 4

British band Viola Beach killed in Swedish car crash

If there are nine supreme courts justices

Bernie Sanders and the F-35

Video of our Event

I"m sure this is just a coincidence

Breaking News... Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren found to have been paid $600,000 dollars to

Gov. Snyder seeks more Medicaid coverage for Flint residents

Saunas, aquariums and bar found at Mexico prison

Saunas, aquariums and bar found at Mexico prison

"Hillary Clinton's paid speeches to large Wall Street banks reportedly bordered on 'gushy'"

MoDo's Hillary "Hit Pieces" Outed

Strange Battery issue- it is showing an X in the middle of the battery symbol.... and does not seem

I want to thank the person who gave me a heart

Sanders Was Totally Opposed to US 'Immoral' Nicaragua War

Sanders Was Totally Opposed to US 'Immoral' Nicaragua War

Why Sanders thinks he'll flip Clinton's super delegates

Evo Morales Asks Citizens to Believe in Bolivia, Not US Rule

Science: It works (Medical Science Edition)

Israel says its forces shot dead five Palestinian assailants

Hillary Clinton’s Pay-for-Play Reality

How a Washington Post Writer's Attack on Bernie Sanders' Civil Rights Record Completely Backfired

ABC game

'You lied, they died - WMD, WTC - Welcome to SC Mr. President'

Debut edition of Spider-Man comic headed to auction

Chris Hayes needs to apologize and retract

Former Bernie supporters repent their sins; see the light with Hillary

Mattel is bringing back the "Thingmaker!"

Hillary could still win this election.

You Will Not BELIEVE What Conservatives Actually Think About Scalia’s Death

Senator McCain says could subpoena U.S. sailors held by Iran

Bush Received More Warnings About 9/11 Than We Realized

Very funny and appropriate reaction to Donald Trump....

What's going to happen first? Hillary releases transcripts or Capehart apologizes?

Paul Begala on Twitter: " Great point. If Rs mindlessly block a qualified nom from Obama, it

U.S. senators urge Poland to respect democracy, rule of law

Will Bernie come to Florida?

33% of Nevada workers make between $8 and $15 an hour....and many don't have decent health coverage:

Uber wants more protection at LaGuardia Airport pick up lot after driver is assaulted

Happy Singles Day! Thank you to all who gave hearts!!

"Bernie Sanders - Through The Years"

The media have been talking up this Sri Srinivasan all weekend

Latest: pope and patriarch sign joint declaration on religious bigotry

In poor, violent enclave of ´Saint Death´, Pope slams Mexico´s rich

Smurf Update: Purple Kitten is Getting Back to His Glorious Grey Coat

Nobody Talk About This

Loss for words can be a rare brain disorder, not Alzheimer's

zoosk sucks

Woman charged with hitting Uber driver, car with bat in Evanston

Schumer Slams Obama Budget Cuts to Anti-Terror Funds

SNL on Hillary last night.

President Obama Identified Economic Inequality As the Defining Issue of Our Time:

Feds Seek Borehole Test for Potential Hot Nuke Waste Burial

Las Vegas Sun Endorses Hillary Clinton

Don't look now, but Drudge is pushing the "Scalia was murdered" meme

Hillary avoided the Community Forum on Black America

UCSD research: Voter ID laws depress Democratic turnout by an average 8.8 percent, R t/o by 3.6 pct

AWESOME speech by Hillary to canvassers in Henderson, NV. Just great!

The Official Hillary Clinton releasing transcripts COUNTDOWN CLOCK!

White House Rules Out Recess Appointment to Replace Justice Scalia

Arkansas State: Lockdown Sparked by Student Video Project

No less than SIX New Hampshire newspapers endorsed Hillary Clinton...

David Axelrod: A surprising request from Justice Scalia

Former Russian anti-doping head dies

I just stumbled across some referendums that are MAYBE going to be on our 2016 balloot.

Jerome Corsi's newest meticulously-researched book is due out next week:

Has Anyone In MSM Asked McConnell Or Any Repug....

Kanye West: I’m “53 Million Dollars In Debt”

Anita Hill for Supreme Court Petition

Monica Lewinsky: Anti-bullying Activist #BeStrong

Sanders Campaigns Sunday in Nevada at Church and Rally

Cops Just Need to Be Nice

Stop the Fake Anger

Would it hurt if one of the candidates actually mentioned homelessness?

Guys! Obama getting another USSC Justice is like the Holy Grail

NASA’s Giving Away Brilliant Space Travel Posters For Free

Why we need the ACA!

Don't revolutions have more important things to do than complain about not getting an apology?

So I cleared out my ignore list a couple of days ago.

Who will Obama choose to replace Antonin Scalia? Here are 7 of the strongest candidates.

'This whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen' - Trump did not oppose the Iraq war.

Just remember when you want complain about conspiracy theories

"Why We Need Government-Run Universal Socialized Health Insurance"

Thank you for all of my hearts.

So tell me if I am wrong about my predictions regarding Scalia's replacement.

Chomsky: Sanders not a Socialist, but a Decent & Honest New Dealer

Cats for Bernie!!!

Alice Nine - Fantasy

I heart my hearts!

RiP, Scalia...In lieu of flowers,

Sex and the Single Lobbyist

What Robert Reich says about Judge Sri Srinivasan on Facebook.

SuG :Scheat PV HQ

WHOA! Line for Las Vegas Bernie rally an hour before doors open:

The real Firewall....(inspired by another DU poster)

m:a.ture “kibo, ichiru” (Official Music Video)

On FB: Bernie was a conscientious objector, and wants now to be C-n-C!

Capehart's new defense. He asserts the picture is not him.

Where to Invade Next Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Michael Moore Documentary HD

"According to our latest polls-plus forecast, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton both have a 50%

What would it take to create an independent grassroots polling business?

Hillary will win SC by 89%

Bernie Sanders is not MLK, Jr., Gandhi, Obama, or Mother Theresa. He is not even a great orator.

Bernie Sanders rolls over a deeply mistrusted Hillary Clinton

History in the Making!

Chances of military intervention (%), Hillary VS. Bernie. Go!

The Death Of Antonin Scalia: Chaos, Confusion And Conflicting Reports

West Virginia house member speaks out against the "Religious Freedom Restoration Act"

Sanders Supporters Revolt Against Superdelegates

Let's Not Twist It. My Differences with Scalia Were More Than "Political"

The boner thread got me even more hearts!

Is finger-gate an antisemitic dog whistle?

I am happy Justice Scalia died.....he was a a dirty rotten scumbag who....

Twitter. Instagram. Something is happening. There is a movement.

Bill Nelson - Neil Young

Corporate Media's best kept secret.

Brunch with Bernie

I just wanted to say thank you to all who gave me hearts.

Clintons continue to take $ from HSBC after exposure for drug cartel laundering

Angry Bernie Sanders, The Most Fun Candidate Running For President

"Hanging out on street corners". How dare he!

"Great Leaders Talk with their Hands" Forbes

So Clinton wanted to bring Black kids to heel?

"Hanging on Street Corners"

Alex Jones: 'My Gut Tells Me' Antonin Scalia Was Murdered

The US “Plan B” for Syria and the threat of world war

Why my daughter will never vote for Hillary under ANY circumstances

So I've decided to go for it...

Jerome Silberman - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - (Gene Wilder)

MLK believed Americans must unite in order to fight poverty and create an equality of opportunity.



Bernie supporters won't shout down Hillary backers

Just saw Michael Moore's new movie. Please go see it. And fun fact… Michael Moore helped break

Turkish soldier killed in clash with group at Syrian border - army

I am not one that makes predictions - but I will make this one... bookmark it.

It's ten degrees and getting colder...

We don't need no stinkin' defense!

"Shall appoint."

Ivory trafficking in Africa controlled by a powerful few (AFP)

Disgraced ex-chief of Russia's anti-doping agency dies: report

Bill Cosby + New Coke = WIN

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Voting (HBO)

2nd Amendment Celebration @ Cabelos. Featuring All Gun Manufacturers.

88 Dems, including DWS, voted with 244 Republicans to allow racial discrimination in auto sales.

Larry Summers on Economic Policies of Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz

Daily Holidays - February 15

If you like Hillary, you'll love....

Representative Max Gruenberg, Elder Statesman of the Alaska Legislature, Has Passed Away

Instructive: Hill & Bern attend same church service. Given the opportunity

The "superpredator" myth was premised on junk science and inaccurate predictions

Meet a Sanders Dem running for McCain's seat:

Hookers for Hillary: meet the sex workers caucusing for Clinton in Nevada


Hearts! -- Thanks

There's a REAL threat Republicans will win in November

Oh, Lord, what have I done? I posted a reply in the GD:P forum!!

Israel Broke Ground on 1,800 Settlement Homes in 2015, Peace Now Says

"The Nightly Show - Panel - Bernie Sanders Makes His Case for 2016"

Hill has multiple platforms dedicated to attacking Bernie

We can't afford to have a neocon / war hawk in the White House

"Sanders is 'astounded' by Clinton hires"

Anybody watch "Vinyl" on HBO last night?

"David Brock Unapologetic About Going After Bernie Sanders"

MU Chancellor to confer with Board of Curators about body camera footage of Melissa Click

"How Bernie Sanders is winning the Internet"

Kanye West Says He's $53 Million in Debt, Asks Mark Zuckerberg to Invest $1 Billion in His Ideas

Goldman Sachs banker embroiled in massive overseas money scandal

Hey McConnell and otherReTHUGs - Hug this up-Supreme Court vacancies in presidential election years

How Scalia's death blew up an anti-union group's grand legal strategy

RIP: Antonin Scalia, Supporter Of Gun Control

From Pimpin' for Paul to Hookers for Hillary

Hillary and Bernie attend same church service. Bernie leaves early while Hillary stays till the end.

Well Lookie Lookie there's David Gregory on CNN

any "Black Poets" fans here?

SNL: Weekend update Jeb, Hillary, Trump Sanders and more

You cannot be a great democratic leader without being inspirational.

Israel's Olmert becomes first Israeli PM to go to prison

What if there is another Gore v. Bush scenario and the court is 4-4?

MSF-backed hospital in Syria destroyed by air strikes - statement

I Wish Bernie Would Try Some Yoga for His Upper Back. (NT)

#ImWithHer #45

Brazilian state suspends Monsanto larvicide used to combat Zika virus

Burlington has 3rd lowest

John Oliver - Voting (2/14)

Reducing the cost of watching tv

Deval Patrick emerges as a potential U.S. Supreme Court nominee

Late-night MBTA service could be gone within weeks

"If there's no autposy, you'll know I was murdered!" WOW! Er...what's an "autposy?"

Bernie Sanders would be EVISCERATED by the Republican attack machine in the general election.

Hillary Clinton brought this on herself: How a Democratic primary coronation turned into a war

Hillary Clinton isn’t a feminist; she is just politically ambitious

The Bernwich

Bernie Sanders has repeatedly pledged to support Hillary in the general election.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Olmert starts 19-month jail sentence

Top four facts you need to know about Scalia's unfortunate demise

What is factually wrong with Trump's statement

Morning Joe

The Pragmatic Case for Bernie Sanders

If you think Bernie is working hard now...

Bernie Sandwiches Won New Hampshire

Marco Rubio -Ted Cruz doesn't speak Spanish at CBS NEWS GOP DEBATE

Oil, gas and agriculture struggles mean tough times in rural Kansas

Why did Clinton lose the initiative, again?



Hawaiian Activist Makana Sings Out a Song He Wrote For Bernie Sanders


What is Bernie offering other than GOVERNMENT-BASED solutions?

The thing about burning bridges is that once you do it,


Free Tuition reduces crime and truancy

Attention Sister Bravenak! Question on hanging out on street corners.

I would love to see an autopsy done.

I don't care what ANYBODY says, Bernie will ALWAYS be my STAR!!!

Grew up in Germany. Went to college for free and always had health care.

Gah, it just clicked: Clinton's campaign doesn't present a villain

Hell yeah! The power of the net. Wanna get pumped up? WATCH THIS. It's now my theme song.

Hand gesturing is an important tell to honesty, no wonder it's an issue

Sanders Ad running frequently in Colorado - Rigged Economy

It was not intended for the Supreme Court to be "conservative" or "liberal"...

Just for the fat guy in the black dress--an appropriate hymn

FPL begins work on 223.5 MW of solar in Florida

Monday Bernie Group Toons

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Dead and Gone

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Capehart Question. Amazing coincidence or a relation?

The ability to exercise your reproductive rights should be a reality for all, not just those who can

The Church of England is absolutely right to pray for Richard Dawkins

Nevada Nurses for Bernie visit UNLV

Bernie hasn't just exceeded expectations, he's exceeded

Michigan State DEQ Actively Blocked Genesee CO From Probing Legionnaires' Spike; 87 Cases, 10 Deaths

Sanders has seen the worst of racism. Isn't it condescending for people to lecture him on it?

Clinton Foundation Took Donations From Criminal Banksters

EU steel workers protest against cheap Chinese imports

To the sender of the heart--thanks very much.

EU steel workers protest against cheap Chinese imports

Donald Trump meets Ralph Kramden

EU steel workers protest against cheap Chinese imports

People get ready. There's a train a comin'. Don't need no baggage. Just get onboard.

BBC - Scientsts Model Next US Dustbowl; Back To The 30s = Lose 40% Of Corn; 2C Rise = 60%

Jewish shrine reminds Iraqis of religious coexistence

When are they going to face RICO charges?

The Guardian: 'Not just a protest candidate': Sanders draws thousands to Las Vegas rally

Robert Schapiro: Justice Antonin Scalia: More quotable than influential

Tell the Senate to do it's Job

Adam Ruins Everything - Voting

If Reich Wing No Vote in 8th Year of Presidency Was Applied Generally:

Jim Hightower: PR Flacks Are Trying To Convince You the TPP Will Benefit Workers

'Thank you Hillary Clinton for meeting with immigrant families and promising to fight for us'

I have a question about the Supreme Court?

Question submitted by Orrex

Snow, sleet and rain to hit Mid-Atlantic, Northeast

Take and Read: The Autobiography of Malcolm X

Trump Tweet on 9/11, Iraq

Rick Snyder faces hometown backlash over Flint water crisis

When people begin writing music, poetry, or stories about a movement

Hillary Clinton: There Is No "If" -- Systemically Dangerous Banks Pose a "Systemic Risk"

The Enduring Solidarity of Whiteness

So You Want to Be President: How's Your Interfaith IQ?

Let's give 3 cheers in honor of President's Day to our future president Bernie. In honor of him....

Senate confirmed 17 SCOTUS justices in election yr. Most-within months. GOP says we can't do that

I Guess MSNBC Hasn't Gotten The Message Yet - Tweety Is Doing A One-On-One Hillary Interview....

Marvel's Daredevil - Season 2 - Official Trailer - Netflix

Update: Ranch Owner Recalls Finding Justice Antonin Scalia’s Body

Game of Thrones Season 6: Hall of Faces Tease - Potentially major spoiler...

Sanders and the S Word

Clinton asking volunteers to join the Red Cross-United Way to distribute H2O vs canvassing forvotes

Clinton confronts Nevada blowback

The story of the pot-smoking neurosurgeon is more complicated than you think

Why do some people prefer vinyl to CDs? I don't get it.

Team Clinton growing nervous about Nevada

CHARLES PIERCE: The Republican Debate Finally Proved It's NOT Trump Who Has Lost His Mind

Crap! * WAR CAMP * is cancelled today due to snow

Thanks for the Valentine's hearts to all who tosed one my way!

Clinton will be DESTROYED w/the truth and a good portion of the Democratic Party along with her.

Just read a great article on how the German "free education" system worrks,

Bernie Sanders Just Introduced a Bill That Would Transform Voting in America

The Right vs. The Family

Why Bernie Sanders calls Henry Kissinger destructive...

President Barack Obama & Justice Antonin Scalia

Hulu Plus STILL stereo sound only in 2016.

"Get over it!"

What SCOTUSBlog things...

Calling Out Insensitive, Anti-Semitic Protest

Scalia was a champion of traditional Catholicism

HuffPost: Bernie Sanders Is The Next President Of The United States (Of The Week)

Italy’s Banking Crisis Spirals Elegantly out of Control

Forgotten Heroes

Japan Utilities Seen Pushing for Atomic Restarts as Reform Looms

Bernie Sanders visits Las Vegas ahead of NV caucus

Scalia was killed by the right wing


Las Vegas Sun, Owned By Bill Clinton's College Roommate, Endorses Clinton!

Prison Industry ALIVE and WELL in California

Anyone watching London Spy on BBC America?

Ted Cruz quotes that prove he would be a dangerous president

"The most important issue facing America in this election is ___________."

Republicans gamble and bet they can beat either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton in 2016

Black Lawmakers And Their Staffers Split On Bernie Sanders

Warsucktawney W to emerge today

Black Lawmakers & Their Staffers Split On Bernie Sanders

The defining issue of our time: A corrupt political system that no longer works for the people

Say it isn't so...Young Turks: Clinton Foundation Took Donations From Criminal Banksters

Quit worrying: The truth about the US economy

Sanders: A Man with A Hammer, Who Sees Nails Everywhere

​Flint faith leaders endorse Hillary Clinton

CNN Exert New Powers By Reading Obama’s Mind and Removing His Presidency

HO HO You are going to love this.

Oregon militia standoff: the 23 men and two women facing felony charges

NY Times: Saudis Use Illegal Cluster Muntitions--Hillary Voted in Favor--More Quid pro Quo

The cavalry begins to arrive for Hillary: National SEIU tries to drive turnout in Nevada

Strange facts about American presidents

US agency closes probe into Kia small cars without recall

The Pragmatic Case for Bernie Sanders

How Google Searches Pretty Much Nailed the New Hampshire Primary

Knicks still need point guard and Wolves' Ricky Rubio is available for trade

Cruz: If Hillary or Bernie win-Veteran memorials to be torn down-Crosses/Stars of David sandblasted

West romps past East with record-setting 196-173 win

Flippable Congressional Districts - Is There One Near You?

At the park this morning-Lots of pix.

John Oliver Discusses America's Fear Of Voter Fraud

Jordan to Klay: 'Go ahead and go break the record'

Leave it to Garry Trudeau to nail it, regarding Trump.

German 'hoax map' fights migrant myths

Oregon militia standoff: the 23 men and two women facing felony charges

"When you're President of the United States...

Toon: The Ship of State

Bernie Sanders' petition: Tell the DNC not to take donations from lobbyists.

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 2-14-16

How a Washington Post writer’s attack on Bernie Sanders’ civil rights record completely backfired

Please review this DU Post 1236191.

I'm wondering if someone could tell me where all the marches for Hillary are?


Can I ask the community to check out my thread in Pets?

FL voters - You must be registered as a Democrat


Top UN Advisor: Hillary A Danger to World Peace, Lied about UN Treaty, Ruined Kofi Annan's Peace Pla

Have Hillary’s Attacks On The Far Left Hurt Her Campaign?

A Hillary presidency would be nothing but a giant Benghazi hearing!

San Francisco: Mission Street and Muni Lines Set for Transformation

Some perspective on the presidential election

California: 4 Republican House seats running UNopposed

First 'Silk Road' train arrives in Tehran from China,reviving ancient route

Early voting starts tomorrow y'all!

Former Greek Finance Minister on Bernie Sanders

Open Letter to my Senators

Flint Michigan; Water Purification

People are not born racist, they have to have it hammered into them, and that's what Trump is doing

Chicago: Record Number of Riders Take 'L,' But Bus Use Slips in 2015, CTA Says


TOM TOMORROW: Sunday Talking About Stuff Show (Scalia Replacement)



America, Stop Watching the Sideshow and Feel the Bern

Pic Of The Moment: GOP Says Democrats Must Win Election If They Want New Supreme Court Justice


Boeing Engineers’ Union Says Company Softened Its Approach In Recent Negotiations

Boeing Engineers’ Union Says Company Softened Its Approach In Recent Negotiations


Boeing Engineers’ Union Says Company Softened Its Approach In Recent Negotiations


“i’m going home”

$2.13 Minimum Wage - are you fucking kidding me

AP reporters win Polk award for seafood slavery probe

And the Scalia "murder conspiracy" nuts are off and running

Cancer researchers claim 'extraordinary results' using T-cell therapy

Bernie Sanders is not MLK, Jr., Gandhi, Obama, or Mother Theresa. But he is right about a lot.

Hillary was in Denmark, SC Hosting "Corridor of Opportunity", so she couldn't be @ the NOC forum


A SuperPAc we can all get behind

The SCOTUS Nominee the GOP FEAR the most: Tino Cuellar


Well it better have been "Beards, Not Bears"

The line to see Bernie in MI is unbelievably long

Noam Chomsky on consumerism and corporate propaganda

something's fishy about this

The Death of Justice Scalia Puts Presidential Race in a New Perspective

Alex Jones either has totally lost it, or this is a new high for him in pandering.


"I didn't leave the Democratic Party; the Democratic Party left me"

Bernie Sanders Attacks THIS Reality:

How Hillary and Bill Clinton Parlayed Decades of Public Service into Vast Wealth

Pat Conroy has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Cologne: Three out of 58 men arrested over mass sex attack on New Year's Eve were refugees ...

"In the Age of Obama, Republicans Become the Party of Crazy"

No, Madam Secretary. Senator Sanders did not write the Forward to the book, "Buyer's Remorse".

"A Revolution in Primary Care" -- Bernie Sanders on Community Health Center Expansion

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Voting

Yet another example of Scalia's detachment from reality:

The Atlantic: "The Pragmatic Case for Bernie Sanders"

Israeli officer filmed overturning Palestinian's wheelchair (video added)

What’s the point of acupuncture? A TCM practitioner wants out

Shit Makes the Flowers Grow

State Republican Party launches online petition supporting … Bernie Sanders

In search for Scalia's successor, Obama may see GOP opposition as incentive to select a liberal

Michael Moore live right now

An Open Letter to DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Metts saga continues

The New Yorker Cover, February 2016

The current line for the rally in Michigan. (photo from Reddit post)

New Hampshire Republican Party launches online petition supporting … Bernie Sanders

Schumer has to threaten the full nuclear option to move McConnell on Supreme Court nomination.

Syria: Hospitals in rebel areas hit by deadly 'Russian air strikes' (video)

Evil has left the building?

KRUGMAN: "Need I Say More?"

Sanders and Supporters Wooing Superdelegates to Join Revolution

Hillary is a strong Auterity advocate. Bernie is a fierce Austerity opponent

How the media works to protect the powerful

Sanders: A man with a hammer

Who is the guy

Hillary's racist joke about Gandhi running a gas station...

The line walking to the Bernie rally right now at Eastern Michigan University

Russians bomb Syrian Doctors-Without-Borders Hospital. At least fifth hospital struck by Russians

The Atlantic: "The Pragmatic Case for Bernie Sanders" (MUST READ ANALYSIS!)

As Obama Moves To Replace Scalia, The Press (Once Again) Enables Radical GOP Obstruction

The Real News Room - Bern Edition - 2.15.2016

Greta Van Susteren : " It says the president SHALL and does not say MAY. "

Dean Baker Explains How Quid pro Quo Works:

Fat Tony was obese, a smoker and 79 years old


Somewhere we must see that human progress never rolls in on the wheels on inevitability.

DNA rice breakthrough raises 'green revolution' hopes

Supreme Court vacancies in presidential election years(ScotusBlog)

Revolt Against Superdelegates (Hillary Clinton Group)

On the Death of Supreme Court Junket King Scalia

Angry Bernie Sanders, The Most Fun Candidate Running For President

FULL INTERVIEW: Jeff Gillan sits down for one-on-one interview with Bernie Sanders

The Good Fight

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #15: Funk You Very Much Edition

The EFD ready to occupy Germany!

Question on Bernie Sanders health care

My dreams of rainbow colored unicorn farts.

Madam Presidents Day Hillary...CONGRATS!!

Apparently, there's a special place in hell for...

Inflated Bust? Australia Announces $1 Billion Drug Seizure In Bras

Name a song with the word 'mantis' in the title

Hundreds Pack South Loop Bar For Sanders' Illinois Campaign Launch

Toon: Braindead

Florida's latest chart-topper


Staggering Four Billion People May be Facing Water Scarcity


Turtleman better think before he doesn't act -

Russia reports first case of person infected with Zika virus

Remembering Hillary's racist joke about Indian Americans

Digby: "Scalia may have written the single most fatuous line in Supreme Court history "

Female Customer Unhappy With Haircut 'Goes Back To Shoot Barber’

Frustrated female senators say Clinton is victim of sexism

Roque de la Fuente for President. He's purchased many elevator licenses.

Frank Luntz on GOP: "If you’re honest and unbiased, the GOP lost votes last night."

Where to Invade Next

FFS - Anyone here sleep with a pillow on their heads?

"Clinton is a danger to world peace": dailykos article (link)

First 'Silk Road' train arrives in Tehran from China

All you GOPers with your pocket constitutions, Please see Article 2, Section 2 . . . .

Lasers should be classed as offensive weapons - pilots' union

North Korea's Kim Orders More Rocket Launches

Everyone deserves a...

Fareed Zakaria: "Yes, America is being changed — but by whom?"

Lasers should be classed as offensive weapons - pilots' union

Lasers should be classed as offensive weapons - pilots' union


Top South Korean lawmaker calls for nuclear arms

I'm fielding questions on Bernie's health care. I can keep posting here on DU,

"The Pragmatic Case for Bernie Sanders" (The Atlantic)

Ronald Reagan: Filling Supreme Court Vacancy Is A Constitutional Obligation

Get it through your heads morans

I bought 25 stars today, but have received nothing telling me how to assign them

Mitch: "Oops"

Florida man running for President!

Bernie Sanders - B2

How and when to watch The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show:

Bernie Sanders - B2

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is on Mon. and Tues. nights:

In Nevada, a tightening race threatens Clinton’s post-New Hampshire ‘firewall’

Clinton alienating Nevada voters?

Good Question

John Oliver Has A New Zealand Flag Suggestion

Feb 15 .@repjohnlewis introducing @HillaryforNV at our PACKED GOTC Event #HillaryinNV

Twitter expressed its condolences to Justice Scalia yesterday

A defense of the Democratic Party establishment

Shocker of my day, my Republican mother is for Bernie...

The GOP might want to start asking its self....

Why are there more color pictures from Nazi Germany than the US during the same time period?

You Can Buy a Copy of Marx’s ‘Capital’ Signed by Carly Fiorina on eBay To Benefit Bernie

SCOTUS Posting: What people would be saying if the tables were reversed....

Knockout: Why Obama Wants a Supreme Court Fight and How Republicans Blew It Before It Starts

SNL Skit: Hillary Laments Bernie's Popularity with Young People (Hillarious Watch!)

It Couldn’t Have Happened To A Nastier Guy

I am not happy that Antonin Scalia is dead but

Some support Kissinger and Scalia - And bash Chomsky and Wolf.

Pups 28 days


In fact, Sanders medicare for all numbers DO add up!

This is what a Sanders campaign state headquarters opening is like

Awesome photos of Obama in honor of Presidents' Day

Loretta Lynch Likely to be Nominated for Supreme Court

OSP gets threats after LaVoy Finicum’s death

Kentucky rep proposes bill only allowing married men—with wife's permission—to get Viagra

Philippines to sell Marcos jewelry valued at $21 million

Man ‘Rents Neighbour’s Airbnb Apartment Under Fake Name And Refuses To Leave’

Harry Belafonte

Confederate marker projected to be removed this spring (San Marcos TX)

Bwhaha! Trump on live now, GOING OFF on Ted Cruz.

Left-Leaning Economists Question Cost of Bernie Sanders’s Plans

GIF sums up Bernie's relationship with MSM:

World's Oldest Wild Bird Just Became a Mom for the 40th Time

Four Americans Arrested In Bahrain

Bernie Sanders Rally in Las Vegas 2/14/2016

5 Reasons the Top (Marginal) Tax Rate Should Be 80 Percent

I'm not funding your boyband, Ben...

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, February 16: 31 Days of Oscar, Day 16

Rancid - Let's Go - Full Album

Progressives need to study how conservatives used courts to push counter-revolution in law

Am I the only one who hates grave dancing?

HuffPost's Criminal Justice Survey: Full Answers From The Democrats

“There is healing in the trees for tired minds and for our overburdened spirits,

European academics: President Mauricio Macri is a threat to democracy in Argentina

Could anyone explain to me how Trump is given so much air time

European academics: President Mauricio Macri is a threat to democracy in Argentina

Loretta Lynch?

IMHO Scalia was the worst Supreme Court justice of all time. .

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, February 17: 31 Days of Oscar, Day 17


Oh, myyyy! George Takei falls for a Zika virus conspiracy theory

Martin O'Malley and his band to play Creative Alliance next month.

How America Was Lost

Pope John Paul II letters reveal 32-year relationship with woman

". . .the night. . . is like a lovely tune. . . Beware. . . My Foolish Heart!"

So, Senator McConnell...

Why Does Hillary Keep Lying about Bernie's healthcare plan?

An Elegy for Martin O’Malley

It's not just Christians who can be idiots at times...

Trump threatens third-party run over 'unfair' treatment by Republican party

Does The American News Industry Need To Be Completely Rebuilt?

The Onion: Obama Compiles Shortlist Of Gay, Transsexual Abortion Doctors To Replace Scalia

Bernie Sanders - WE STAND TOGETHER

Scalia’s death could badly hurt GOP in redistricting, voting rights cases

Who said something like...

re: Don Siegelman

I've heard it all now...Trump said "Obama has done nothing nothing

Official Event: Rally with Bernie in Atlanta, Georgia - Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Joe Cuba - Bang Bang

80 year old Scalia's death due to...get ready....natural causes

Bill Clinton says Barack Obama wasn't the US's first black president

Scalia's Replacement Likely to be Lynch

John Oliver Slams Republicans Over Supreme Court Obstruction

AP NCAA Men's Basketball Poll - 2/15/16

Official Event: Latino Telephone Town Hall - Wednesday, February 17, 2016

"Cenk Predicts Who Will Win The Democratic Presidential Nomination", The Young Turks

Former White House staffer Andy Card: Sept. 11th ‘was a spectacular day’ for George W. Bush

Here is a fun little game.

Sanders Live in Michigan

Ted Cruz: Liberals Wants a SCOTUS Justice That Will Sandblast Crosses Off Veterans’ Tombstones

PFOA In Our Drinking Water.....

23 dead as missiles hit three hospitals, school in Syrian towns

Why can't Bill Clinton stop race baiting?

Bernie in Nevada....

Why aren't Syria's refugees flocking to Russia?

Investigator asks U.N. to notify North Korea's Kim of possible probe for crimes against humanity

Has anyone been to Krakow, Poland? Any recommendations?


Four U.S. journalists detained in Bahrain: journalists group

I Think Democrats Have Two Strong Candidates to be President


Is the election cycle turning into the most unexpected and bizarre one that you can imagine ?


Republicans Are Already Tearing Each Other Apart Over Scalia Successor Fight

Thank you, whoever gave me the hearts.

NASTY HIT: Top Sanders Adviser Questions Hillary’s Capacity to Appoint Scalia Replacement

NH GOP petitions Dem superdelegates to vote for Bernie.

'Star Wars' Announces 'Episode VIII' Cast, Reveals Luke Skywalker Shots (possible Ep. VII spoilers)

If I post that I didn't like Scalia, that's not grave dancing.

Putin's Syria Peace Gambit Seeks to Cash in Air Campaign Gains

Make Progress or Make Excuses !!! FEEL THE BERN ..eom

Kasich teams up with the Clintons

Went to cvs to pick up a prescription.

Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and the Money

This is YUUUUGE!! Line for Bernie rally in Michigan today!

Now, Bernie Speaking at Michigan event MSNBC

Ok DU, check this out!

Time for squee

BECK WEEPS: Cruz will get us thru teh rapture!

Does Ted Cruz Think He’s the Messiah?

Frustrated female senators say Clinton is victim of sexism

GOP voters could participate in Democratic caucus

While 'Affluenza' Teen Went Free, Similar Case Led to Prison

I wonder if Turtle Guy has thought about making THIS offer to the White House:

Who Is Sri Srinivasan? Indian-American Judge In Race To Replace Justice Antonin Scalia

I'm so weary of all the Hillary bashing.

Thought experiment: what if Trump promised to go after Bush et al for 9/11?

Sanders Campaign Missteps With Influential Nevada Union And DREAMers Anger Activists

Planned Parenthood Clinic Reopens Months After Shooting

Planned Parenthood Clinic Reopens Months After Shooting

Tried to Google answer. Confusing. Can you help?

New book release: Watch Out - Clinton's War on Women

Does Hillary stand with Obama & American Voters, or with DNC's Sell-out to Corporations?

Trial to Start on IS-Linked Charges in Texas Cartoon Contest

Tampa Bay Times Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

The new Palestinian people

Anyone been to San Antonio Teaxs and Corpus Christi? Besides the River walk what other...

Hmmm...This SCOTUS nominee could be GOP's worst nightmare.

You Can Read The Flint Document Production.....

Crazy weather in Mass. 63-degree difference in 36 hours!

Bill Clinton "bashes" President Obama, minimizes racism.

Do newspaper endorsements hold any weight in 2016?

Rebel Music - NATIVE AMERICA: 7th GENERATION RISES (full episode)

In public, Sanders's campaign rails against superdelegates, but behind the scenes is another matter

Chief of Staff Andy Card: September 11, 2001 was a spectacular day


Alabama company gets U.S. permission to build tractors in Cuba

Alabama company gets U.S. permission to build tractors in Cuba

Jesus Christ!!! Leaving for work today but ..

Bernie Sanders Rally at Eastern Michigan University

PROOF Bernie's proposals are NOT VIABLE!

Dear Hillary...

Obama doesn't like Bernie Sanders, Ruth Marcus explains

Samples confirm Islamic State used mustard gas in Iraq - diplomat

US military focus in Colombia shifts from rebels to paramilitaries

Nearly 50 people killed in strikes on hospitals and schools in Syria

US military focus in Colombia shifts from rebels to paramilitaries

Hillary Clinton Gets Flint Endorsements

Just because Bernie said he's not going to pick on Hillary about her hairdo doesn't mean...

What's for Dinner, Mon., President's Day, Feb. 15, 2016

Pope denounces exploitation of Mexico's indigenous people

Pope denounces exploitation of Mexico's indigenous people

Obama Compiles Shortlist Of Gay, Transsexual Abortion Doctors To Replace Scalia

Does anyone know if a single adult becomes mentally incompetent without a Power of Attorney,

China urges United States, North Korea to hold direct talks

Philanthropist David Rubenstein donating a whopping $18M to refurbish Lincoln Memorial

Crippling Student Loan Debt Harms Black & Latino College Graduation Rates & Perpetuates Wealth Gap

U.S. Concerned by China Using Non-Navy Boats in South China Sea

So those paid speech transcripts....?

How a Washington Post writer’s attack on Bernie Sanders’ civil rights record completely backfired

You Picked A Fine Time To Be a Dumb Ass

Syrian Truce Is Dead, and Russia's in Charge

Why Harry Reid hasn't endorsed Hillary Clinton ~ (Clinton Group)

I think that it was the last show of Boston Legal

Europe's Convinced U.S. Won't Solve Its Problems

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - February 15, 2016

Bernie bros won't shout down Hillary backers

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - February 15, 2016 (Hillary Group)

Citizens United was a case about a PAC attack on Hillary

Hillary Clinton Sugarcoating Her Disastrous Record

China's Coming Crash Could Dwarf the Great Recession

Second Amendment workshop?

Tad Devine - Bernie's Top Advisor - Is The One Who Came Up With Super Delegates

Any word as to who Scalia's friend was who accompanied him on the trip to the ranch?

Mizzou prof seen cursing at cop in new video

So, do Republicans really want to see Hillary appoint the next SCOTUS justice?

OMG what a HOOT!! The NRA is calling...

Hillary Clinton's campaign is not yet carbon neutral, despite pledge

State Republican Party launches online petition supporting … Bernie Sanders

I'll Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again.

can we at least agree that the superdelegates are not going to overturn the voters?

NY Times: Left-Leaning Economists Question Cost of Bernie Sanders’s Plans

Apparently, People of Color Are Invisible to Hillary

In Nevada, Sanders volunteers campaign with rag-tag enthusiasm

WP: If a newspaper seemingly refuses to employ an independent ombudsman....

Oil stages late gains as Saudi, Russia, Venezuela to meet

Bernie Sanders has what it takes to win, says big brother Larry

What will W say tonight at JEB!'s rally?

Is There Really A War on Science?

Four Steps to Appointing a Supreme Court Justice

Re: The Talking Point That Anthony Kennedy Was NOMINATED In 1987, And Only APPOINTED in 1988...

3 Ohio churches vandalized with satanic symbols

How the GOP plans to pad their vote counts...

IF for someone reason a recess appt is done, it would be a GOP victory

Russia poll: 18% support all Russian efforts in Syria; 41% support attacks on ISIS.

Australia busts $900 million of meth smuggled in bra inserts, art supplies

While 'affluenza' teen went free, similar case led to prison

Opening Shot In Rubio’s “Morning Again In America” Ad Appears To Be Canada

Will Americans Get "Berned" by Sanders' Tax Plan?

Nevada Tightening Race Threatens Clinton Firewall, Bernie Camp Sees Upset Chance Pre-Sat. Caucus

Playing the Victim Card, Hillary Clinton Betrays Women

From one opera lover to another: An operatic send-off for Tony Scalia.

How Bernie pays for his proposals

Does Bernie Have Enough Security?

DREAMers to Hillary: We Don't Trust You

As Obama Moves To Replace Scalia, The Press Enables Radical GOP Obstruction

Where is Bernie's Revolution? - Tell the Senate: Do Your Job.

SCOTUS Analyst: Lorreta Lynch 'Most Likely' Candidate To Replace

Albertville man asks county to take down Confederate flag, monument (AL)

Bernie Sander's big problem with Black Democrats

EMU's Convocation Center. (photo from Reddit)

Comcast hit with major TV outage

Trump Roasts Rivals, Questions Their Sanity In SC

Organization rallies in California for Bernie.

SNL Skit: Hillary Laments Bernie's Popularity with Young People

You say you want a "revolution?" Let's start now!

Europe's Last Dictator Back in Favor as EU Courts Belarus

Ready to adopt a new dog



For those of you that like watching porn....

I got terribly duped by this Clinton bashing story, apologies.

However Vermont Votes, Leahy Says His Superdelegate Vote Is Clinton's

G.O.P. Warns Obama Against Doing Anything for Next Three Hundred and Forty Days

Happy President's Day, and THANK YOU DUers for the awesome Hearts!

Official Event: Town Hall Meeting with Bernie - Charleston, SC, Tuesday February 16, 2016

Bernie Sanders - THE HERO WE NEED

15 cats that encountered boxes that were too small

Anti-Migrant Force Builds In Europe, Hurting Merkel's Quest

Army Corps to review North Slope oil project by Spanish firm

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 16 February 2016

America has so many big problems to tackle. We need optimistic leaders who think big

"Dead Judge" - Rude Pundit has his say...

More Republicans Say They’ll Block Supreme Court Nomination

Incredible Turnout at Rally in Michigan, Sanders Meets Flint Families

Bernie voted to confirm Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

Best quote of the Day ever: "Republicans seem to think Obama only gets 3/5ths of a term"

Tomorrow, Tues. Feb. 16th at 3:30pm

We will not Forgive a US Conspiracy against Bolivia, Evo Morales

Dumbya is speaking now

I have a serious question about Supreme Court nominations and elections

Got my latest scan results

Just to let everyone know...

Argentina is Feeding the 'Vultures' with New Debt Deal, Says Former Finance Minister

Donald Trump Floats Idea of a Third-Party Run Again

Arab States Are Seeking Nuclear Weapons To Counter Iran, Israel Warns

Little People of Ecuador: Laron Syndrome May Unlock Cancer, Diabetes Cure

Little People of Ecuador: Laron Syndrome May Unlock Cancer, Diabetes Cure

this fucker hasn't gotten any smarter in 8 years...9/11 is his fucking badge of honor...

San Diego Cell-tracking 'Stingray' device was kept secret

Bush Super PAC Delays Super Tuesday Ad Buy...Again

My advice to Obama, make sure your nominee is 50 yrs old and has healthy parents

Costa Rica's fossil-fuel free electricity use wins praise from leading experts

Costa Rica's fossil-fuel free electricity use wins praise from leading experts

Who else is have PTSD seeing Dubya on live TV?

Michael Moore's 'Where To Invade Next' did well this weekend.

Why did Hillary cut ties with the Private Prison Industry???

W: That's mah story an' ahm stickin' to it. nt

ROBERT REICH | Why Democrats must keep trying

Bernie Sanders meets with Flint families, calls for resignation of Gov. Rick Snyder

Opening Shot In Rubio’s “Morning Again In America” Ad Appears To Be Canada

John Oliver Lampoons New Zealand PM Steven Joyce Getting Hit In The Face With A Dildo

Any bets Trump will bring up Dumbya's economic collapse

(Majority Report, podcast interview) Benjamin Dixon: Bernie Sanders & African American Voters

3rd Recent Poll Shows South Carolina Cooling the Bern

The Marshmallow Revolution


A Valid Question

El Salvador's Zika crisis compounded by failings of state, violence and machismo

Daily Kos; Bernie News Roundup (link)

W does an ad for Jeb

m$nbc breaking from jeb! and SCOTUS and going to Bernie rally right now...

Idiot Son looks like shit

Why is Elizabeth Warren cozying up to Wall Street?