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Archives: February 14, 2016

Time publishes retraction on Bernie photos "Photo Really Does Show Bernie Sanders"

Sign the petition: Joe Biden for the Supreme Court.

What happens to this Term’s close cases? (re: Scalia)

GOP mega-donors frozen in frustration

Obama should nominate Joe Biden, an ex-Senator - one of their "club"

Land managers getting Oregon wildlife refuge ready to open again

An old joke for Antonin

Kamala Harris for SCOTUS nominee?

Jesse Ventura for SCOTUS

Pssssssssssssssssst The Departure is a major victory for Public Sector Unions

Justice Scalia: One of the Great SCOTUS Jurists of the 19th Century

I'm drunk, but don't be embarrassed; pop in and say 'hi'.

Hillary's web site - hope a campaign person follows this group

Scalia's death troofers already infecting Freeperville

Are we better off with lower court rulings?

Harry Reid To Republicans: You Better Not Block Us From Replacing Scalia

Capehart just wrote a new article about the Bernie photo controversy

John Fugelsang on Scalia's replacement

I nominate Hillary Clinton

Funny tweet

Things that make you go hmmm...

What GOP candidate will be hurt most by gridlock, that is Senate non-confirmation? Cruz.

scalia's only hours dead and the republicans are lining up against President Obama

Meanwhile in Denver, huge crowd waiting for Bernie (some pics)

Justice Antonin Scalia, Who Led a Conservative Renaissance on the Supreme Court, Is Dead at 79.nyt

Last time Thomas spoke: 2/22/06

If the repukes block a female SC nominee, will that help wake up the female voters?

Zurich restaurant now charges $10 extra to anyone not ordering a main course

GOP debate tonight. It's going to be interesting. Re: Scalia

(Tonights GOP Debate)“My sense is this is going to be a melee.”

So the Truth can be hidden at DU. Please say it isn't so.

Recordings reveal the lies former LA sheriff told prosecutor

Obama to nominate replacement for Scalia


CNN - Obama to nominate someone to replace Scalia. EXCELLENT. Get on it right away.

Maybe he was on his way to Mexico to get absolution of his sins from the Pope.

Joe Biden should be Obama's nominee.

David Waldman on McConnell's salary

Toobin thinks nominee will be Judge Sri Srinivasan

So ... who will you tell your crazy uncle Obama will nominate ?

Sri Srinivasan? Talking heads saying likely Obama nom for SCJ?

Wow they just keep coming, denying Pres. Obama his right

Obama should be Obama's nominee.

Grassley lied

Please add Douglas Carpenter to the In Memorium page:

I feel sorry for Clarence Thomas

Balloons-eye view of San Francisco to Salinas

"Supreme Court Switchboard."

GOP will not block the woman Obama nominates for Supreme Court.

ESPN Quickly Cuts Off Arcade Fire's Win Butler When He Mentions Single-Payer Healthcare

Court cases challenge 'Shaken Baby' diagnosis

why is it any more appropriate to allow a brand new president to appoint a justice...

SCOTUS Situation a GREAT Opportunity for Bernie!

Denver Live Stream

The 2016 presidential election is now a referendum on the Supreme Court

Ding Dong

Block this, assholes.

I just heard the Republican line on confirmation of a new Supreme Court Justice

I think Martin O'Malley would be good in the Supreme Court

Scalia’s death comes just a month before the court’s biggest abortion case in years

No matter who our nominee is.

Mitch McConnell's number: (202) 224-2541

When did Scalia actually die

I Tried San Francisco’s New $15 Coffee (for one eight ounce cup)

Texas lawyer Dick Cheney shot 10 years ago goes quail hunting

'White Privilege II' By Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Featuring Jamila Woods

SCOTUS: the Constitution is clear

Sometimes I think we are just another tribe.

Video raises questions about New York City charter school

Vote Bernie. Do it for your kids.

Woo hoo!! Thanks for the heart!

Remember, Scalia called the right to vote for Black people an entitlement.

The Sanders campaign is flirting with danger: The two big warning signs coming out of last week’s de

The elites just lost their SCOTUS backstop to this election.

Conservatives Quickly Refuse Any Obama Court Replacement After Antonin Scalia's Death

STOP IT! The Scalia death threads are embarassing DU.

To whoever it was that gave me hearts, thank you!

How many Supreme Court Justices have died a year before an Presidential Election?

Meet Campaigners Hoping to Make Sanders US President & Views from Va., FRANCE 24

New SC Poll from ARG: Hillary Clinton ahead of Bernie Sanders by 65% to 27%

Syrian Army Gains Ground Around Aleppo, Looks To Raqqa

A serious question about cases now before the court

Some SCOTUS nominations less than a year before presidential elections

Senate recess appointments: Supreme Court

The next Justice of the SCOTUS should be

Jesse Jackson Affirms That Bernie Sanders Was Active In the Civil Rights Movement:

30 Times Portland Was Too Portland To Function (hilarious photos and gifs inside!!!)

What if Obama nominated Hillary for the Supreme Court?

I'm eating a prepackaged kale and cabbage salad. I added balsamic reduction to the

Never forget "Bush v Gore"


It's that time of year: How do you say "I love you"

The Bastard is Gone

The Rethugs will Block Obama's Nominee

Hey WaPO: Study by Distinguished Academics: REALITY=Only the Rich Can Influence National Policy

President Obama will give a statement on Scalia's passing tonight at 8:30.

Ted Cruz and other conservatives are arguing Obama shouldn't get to replace Justice Scalia

It is said timing is everything.

Link :President Obama will Deliver a Statement of the Passing of Justice Scalia

I wonder if Dick Cheney was at the hunting ranch

Obama could make a recess appointment between the sessions of Congress in January

Obama should dare the Republicans to block his Progressive, African-American, Female nominee...

Hillary Blocking Goals of Young Nevadans

CNN Reports: Obama WILL Make SCOTUS Nomination.

Living Wage

Radiant heat placed in between floor joists from the crawlspace?

Stay away from Facebook !

Sanders says Clinton campaign is coming 'unraveled' by his progress

Is there anyone in there 20's qualified for the Supreme Court?

I think this is a golden opportunity . . . . .

Official Atheist and Agnostic group presidential primary poll

Scalia In Cartoons

Bernie Sanders: Antonin Scalia was brilliant

C'mon Obama,...

We need a Democratic nominee who gives Wall St. lobbyists no quarter

Hillary Clinton statement on the passing of Scalia

President Obama to speak shortly

Just wondering how many people are willing to pitch in to give Clarence Thomas an all expense paid

Republican stonewalling of Scalia's replacement is treason

Hillary Clinton statement on the passing of Justice Scalia and Republicans blocking Obama's nominee

The Five Worst Supreme Court Justices In American History

Keith Ellison on Bernie Sanders

OK Bernie folks, time to test out your revolution when the GOPers refuse Obama's SCOTUS appointment.

President Obama could name Solomon

Best FB image of the week

Fuck the Republicans, Quid Pro Quo on your SCOTUS nominee.

White House Live Events

A deep felt Merci for the hearts.

It's Primary season, so all Republicans have to oppose Obama

US Blockade Against Cuba Begins its 55th Year

"Why vote. The Supreme Court decided our vote does not count."

I love you all...

USA Proposes to Change Plan to Illegal Broadcast to Cuba

Sri Srinavasin for Supreme Court, know why?

POTUS speaking. Finished @ 8:50 pm est.

Obama, Senate have constitutional duty on Supreme Court vacancy: Sen. Leahy

I make no apologies

On hearing the news of Scalia's death, this Mark Twain quote came to mind

President Obama:"I plan to fulfill my Constitutional responsibility to nominate a successor

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ReTHUGs never saw this coming

Iraqi girl's home burned after she criticised governor

Sanders riding momentum as Texas voting begins

John Poindexter and Chief Justice Scalia

Thank you for the heart.

It starts...

What are the words for the drinking game (watching the Puke debate)?

Vulnerable GOP senator tweets wrong pic of Scalia

anyone watching the freak show? er, ---gop debate? nt

Milton’s Story Tells Us What Dogs Want Most: LOVE!

Scalia's Death Undercuts Conservative Hopes on Unions, Abortion

Are you proud to be your age?

Thank you for the hearts, whoever you are...

South Carolina poll (ARG): Clinton 65 Sanders 27

Justice Scalia Dead Following 30-Year Battle With Social Progress

SoonerPoll: Clinton remains frontrunner, but Sanders continues to rise

WTF did Ben Carson just say about the Constitution

ARG SC Poll: Clinton Well Ahead at +38 (Hillary Clinton Group)

Oh Snap - Atlanta Mayor Responds to BS Claim Race Relations

FULL : Bernie Sanders Visits UNR Reno Nevada (2/13/16)

Blocking Obama's SCOTUS appointment? Seriously? RePUKElicans are FASCISTS! Absolute SCUMBAGS!

Rubio- "The Constitution is not a living and breathing document..."

So who at The Onion decided that sophomoric snark

Scalia's successor

Too Soon?

CBS Moderator, "I just want to get the facts straight for the audience."

Oh shit - Cruz lied about Kennedy and was called on it

Cruz humps Scalia first

Italian student killed in Egypt: Giulio Regeni 'showed signs of electrocution'

5.8-magnitude quake hits New Zealand city: USGS

Is it 1932 all over again, with Sanders signalling epochal shift of public?

Media Ignore GOP Change Of Heart On Up-Or-Down Votes For Court Nominations (2013)

thanks, merci, mahalo, and gracias for the hearts. still beating after all these years :-) nt

The audience in this debate sounds more like the crowd at a WBE final.

I want to send Hillary my Valentine's DU hearts.

Ben Carson's 2 am Phone Calls

Good job CBS

Mitch McConnell Voted To Confirm A Supreme Court Justice In Reagan's Final Year

A turning point in US history.

Who would you nominate and why?

18,000 see Bernie in Denver

Kasich: I'm prepared to defend Finland on day one!

Trump is red as hell and yelling at Bushie

Wonderful Elizabeth Warren portrait by a friend's son

Scalia's death may be the worst thing for Dems this election.

No, it is not to early to grave dance.

A question on etiquette: What is the proper amount of time before throwing a celebratory

We need Bernie's "political revolution" RIGHT FUCKING NOW!

Scalia was really not that terrible......

Arming the Kurds

Over 1,000 Clinton Documents Released, Including 84 New Classified Emails

Really is tRunp more orange the the tan man was???? YIKES......

Best Fucking Valentine's Present......Evah.....

scalia's worst position?

If they block Obama's SCOTUS nominee, wouldn't it be such sweet revenge

Distinguished Professor Cornel West: Why Brother Bernie is Better for Black People Than Sister Hilla

Bush got under Trump's skin big time

How does President Obama act on this Supreme Court vacancy?

Darling Rubio... if Gore had been in the White House, as elected by popular vote,

Polish move to strip Holocaust expert of award sparks protests

What will happen as the Repubs realize that they're facing an election in November?

Praise his holy name...

The audience in this debate is as annoying as hell, but then again, republicans, what does one

Trump is getting booed. He says he has no supporters in the audience other than family.

The Great Danger of the Centrist Approach

A polarizing force, Haiti's former soldiers return to streets

Why does Ben Carson Look like he's been smoking Weed?

Donald Trump Might Just Lose South Carolina

Anyone want a Republican debate thread? (PART 1)

Freeper SkyPilot fears Scalia "will be replaced with another unqualified Marxist lesbian pagan."

Scalia haiku thread.

9/11 didn't happen under Bush's watch and Iraq was a success until Obama was elected.

Go ahead Republicans and delay the Supreme Court nomination...

Madeleine Albright 'did not mean to tell large number of women to go to hell'

Trump must want out

Every lawyer I know concedes that Scalia was in fact brilliant

Excellent video by Natl Nurses United with civil rights leaders from SC talking about why Sanders is

What does a 1k year reigning dictator, a WWE Lead In &

No I'm not shedding any tears for Fat Tony

Preliminary estimate of Sanders's crowd(updated)

If The Constitution Is Not a Living Breathing Document

BREAKING: McConnell announces Strict Constitutionalist Argument for why Obama CANNOT Nominate

Email from Robby Mook

The Colorado Democrats Dinner - Live Feed - BERNIE ON NOW

Team Bernie calling on GOP supporters to register as Democrats for NV Caucus?

The spirit of Reagan has been invoked

Good grief! The fact checkers will be up all night trying to rate the lies of the debate.

hey, can anyone tell me about this guy

Rubio Abruptly Departs G.O.P. Debate After Low-Battery Warning —Borowitz is watching

Hillary is CRUSHING IT in South Carolina poll

It's now time for these two candidates on our side to start telling voters

I wrote a NYT article arguing SCOTUS would be the most important 2016 issue in August

George Bush Cut Taxes

Four men—including a pair of pastors—sue Tacoma police over stingray documents

An amazing singer

So there!

OK, I was wrong. Someone will call someone else a liar in a debate.

Justice Scalia Dead Following 30-Year Battle With Social Progress

Clinton: Calls To Delay SCOTUS Nomination 'Dishonor Our Constitution'

Clinton: Calls To Delay SCOTUS Nomination 'Dishonor Our Constitution'

Did Leonard Nimoy Have Antonin Scalia Killed to Give Obama Enough Supreme Court Votes

It is just perfect that after all of his racist rulings that his successor be appointed by a black

Grassley joins call to delay Supreme Court nomination.

Republican debate explained in one gif

Umm- now they're talking about mooning people

SCOTUS: About Delay

The GOP got a bunch of nobodies running. We have stellar candidates who are deep

Burn in hell Scalia

The republican debate audience must have been booked for Maury

Took a GOP nutcase with balls

The Sexist Double Standards Hurting Hillary Clinton


2016 Jeb: "It's wrong to disparage women." 1995 Jeb: "Unwed Mothers Should Be Publicly Shamed"

Flat taxes resolve all of our issues did you know that?

Would Obama Have Leverage if he Chose an Hispanic Supreme Court Nominee?

Lobbyists Abound on the Board of The Black Caucus PAC

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) tweets condolences for Scalia with a picture of somebody else.

Jeb: "My mom is the strongest woman I know." Trump responds: "she should be running."

Buffy Sainte-Marie and Joni Mitchell

Should President Obama nominate 55-yr old Sen Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) to the USSC ASAP?

In October of 1956 - one month before the presidential election

Here’s who would be president if Facebook likes counted as votes

This is open warfare

Will McCarthyism - Gene, not Joe - hurt Sanders?

Think Trump will punch Cruz?

soon they'll be rolling around on the floor throwing punches

10.30 PM EST - so far it has been a 90 minute shit storm.

The one thing that keeps me from giving into grave dancing over the death of Justice Scalia . . . .

Next debate they'll have to walk through metal detectors to get on stage.

The republican debate is very entertaining.

DWS and the SuperDelegate DNC Response

Bill Maher Question Margaret Cho On Who Asians Are Voting For

Justice Kennedy and Ronald Reagan

I stepped up to the plate and donated for the first time ever today...

Trumps sounding like the most sane one on stage!

An actual post from Southern conservative friends on Facebook.

The Death of Scalia Makes It Absolutely Crucial That the Dems Nominate Clinton/Castro!

In honor of Scalia, I am posting something based in our shared faith:

The U.S. Might Be Getting Closer To Expanding Its ISIS Fight

Donald Trump Accuses George W. Bush Of Lying To Invade Iraq

The Ronald Reagan the Republicans have created is as mythical as Greek mythology.

The more worked up he gets, the oranger he becomes...

Re: GOP debate: "It's like instead of poo, monkeys were flinging poorly constructed sentences"


How low would Democratic turnout go without Bernie Sanders?

I hate it when republicans misquiote Stalin.

Pic Of The Moment: Grassley You Can't Be Serious

Justice Scalia Dead Following 30-Year Battle With Social Progress

Bernie Sanders won the MOST VOTES EVER in the NH Primary (More votes than any Democrat or Republican

Huge Turnout at Sanders Rally in Denver, more than 18,000

Does the SCOTUS matter benefit Democrats in the general election?

Bigoted Justice Antonin Scalia's Death Makes Electing Bernie Sanders Even More Important

Finally got blocked from the "other" group.

Antonin Scalia killed fewer people than Josef Stalin or Adolf Hilter.

Scalia on His Way to Be With His Lord and Savior! DU Wishes Him "Bon Voyage!"

Saudi Arabia confirms sends aircraft to Turkey for IS fight

the republicans and the media are going to destroy any nominee, it's what they do best.

ABC just said he was found unresponsive Saturday afternoon

Taney memorials in three cities targeted for removal (MD)

Show of appreciation to the GOP tonight!

Today Ben Jealous Spoke on John Lewis' Statement, Bernie, Civil Rights Mvmt., Supporters, Primaries

The Republicans' Vow To Block Obama Supreme Court Nominee Comes With Risks

Clinton And Sanders Slam GOP Plans To Block Scalia Replacement

Cliven Bundy arrest 2 years later: strategy or serendipity?

He has a year left. Why the f@# wouldn't he do his job and nominate someone

Audio from Republican debate

God, in his infinite and omniscient wisdom, determined now was the time to call his child,...

How can I buy a star for another member?

I didn't - won't - refuse - to watch the clowns debate. But looking at the polls...

“The World Trade Center came down during your brother’s reign”

In Debate: Trump: "I will build a wall." Hillary: "I've voted many times to build a wall"

Somebody had to do it.

Cornel West: "Why Brother Bernie Is Better for Black People Than Sister Hillary"

Republican obstruction has its limits.

In my email today: VOLUNTEER IN NORTH CAROLINA. Thinking about hosting volunteers.

Republicans are like Slinkies...

Debate summary I saw on FB

HAHAHAHA Lindsay Graham

FULL CBS GOP Debate, 9th Republican Presidential Debate Feb. 13, 2016 in South Carolina

Sen. Mitch McConnell in 2005: 'The President, and the President alone, nominates judges'

Scalia Dead Following 30-Year Battle With Social Progress

O.k So I like Hillary and Bernie, I like even more.

Oregon man expected to survive wood chipper accident

anyone watching SNL now?!?!

How will Bernie get a left of center SCOTUS nominee through this senate if elected?

I'm not a Donald Trump fan

"I love Mexicans their rapist" funny video

Question: What type of political analysis isn't worth the paper it is written on?

If nothing else, going from a conservative to a moderate bench

I say if they don't put Obama's nominee on the bench then the next Democratic president

The Supreme Court is going to be more pro-choice and progressive.

Ted Kennedy challenged President Carter in the 1980 primary

Funniest Scenario for Supreme Court

The Jeopardy answer is Anton Scalia

How would Clinton EVER get a supreme court judge affirmed considering the rights extreme

One more for the road;

Why can't Bernie supporters ever answer a direct question?

Lindsey Graham is really pushing Jeb...

Tom the Dancing Bug pretty much sums up the utter hypocrisy of Scalia:

Fox News Loses Their King...

So Scalia's father was an immigrant...

I Stand with President Reagan on Supreme Court nominees.

30 Times Portland Was Too Portland To Function


This is not Jonathan Capehart

Yes Obama could recess appoint SCOTUS until the 22nd. But it would only be to the end of the year.

Hi y'all - Happy VDay :-)

Ex-students say boarding school kept them in isolation boxes

President Bernie has the BEST chance of getting gun legislation passed.

Go get 'em Hillary

Among legal circles, who was the one person Scalia despised the most?

Tonight's republcian debate streaming again on CBS if you missed it

How many times did Rubio repeat himself tonight???? n/t


Obama is president for another year. It seems that some Hillary supporters want to erase his agency

I would LOVE to see Wanda Sykes replace Scalia on the SCOTUS.

Hillary And Bernie Won Tonight

CNN's Tom Foreman just said Marco Rubio's 80 year appointment claim is mostly true

Hillary Clinton Calls Mitch McConnell’s Stance on Supreme Court Nomination ‘Disappointing’

Hillary Clinton "We must bring them to heel!"

Jeb Bush is so Awkward

Freerepublic (KKK sister site) cannot hide their disdain for a minority justice.

The Corp media is going to kick into overdrive to push the Supreme Court issue

"All men have an emotion to kill;"

You Can Buy a Copy of Marx’s ‘Capital’ Signed by Carly Fiorina on eBay To Benefit Bernie Sanders

Republican Debate

How young is too young for a SOTUS nomination?

Burlington Mayor Bernie Sanders: Interview After His Trip to Besieged Nicaragua

Hillary's Back on SNL - Serenades Bernie Voters

The Supremos

Jonathan Turley:A recess appointment will do reparable harm


Bernie Enjoys Winning Media Week; Faces Fox’s Wallace Next As Hillary Continues to Hide

Schumer has to threaten the full nuclear option to move McConnell on Supreme Court nomination

an Atheist's take on Scalia's death: 'maybe there IS a God (with the big 'G') after all'

Republican debate training films

Is Kerry going to jump in?

"F-ck Yeah!"

The L word -- liar -- used repeatedly in GOP debate

What is the right political play in replacing Antonin Scalia?

Supreme Court funny

Maybe I'm Betty-come-lately, but has anyone else noticed Albright's apology?

If the shoe were on the other foot you're damn right a

9-11 since Trump opened the door for review..For the Millennial who may have been too young to know

Elections Matter~

Trump booed for claiming there were no WMD's in Iraq

Pamela Meyer: How to spot a liar

"Watch Bernie Sanders React When Stephen Colbert Compares Him to Donald Trump"

Sen. Bernie Sanders discusses the Koch brothers in Senate floor speech.

Does anyone here remember what it was like in the US in 1962?

I'll show Scalia some respect on the day of his death by acknowledging the one major vote

UT-Arlington helping with $1 billion project to study ghostly particles

"Sen. Sanders' consistency"

Maddow: Jeh Johnson Possible Replacement For Scalia, Could Get Through GOP Senate

Bernie Sanders Relies on Supporters for Ad About Unity

The Truth Is We Don't Have Enough Money To Take Care Of Our People.

Scalia's Brilliance Was Wasted On Destructive Policies And Beliefs.

Hillary Clinton just laid into the GOP for pledging to block any Obama SCOTUS nominee

We will struggle to get a centrist into the Supreme Court. What does this mean?

Regarding the 1994 Crime Bill

Hillary just laid into the GOP on blocking SCOTUS nominee

"Elizabeth Warren: System's 'rigged' against middle class"

You get to be happy about Scalia.

In defense of Henry Kissinger

"Elizabeth Warren Destroys CNBC Anchors"

Parsing Hillary Clinton's Disingenuous Foreign Policy Record

Compound could block fat in Type 1 diabetics, Augusta University researchers find


TYT - Justice Antonin Scalia's TRUE LEGACY

Our Next Vice President?

Federal Study Will Pay You $3,000 Per Week to Consume Cannabis

Justice Scalia On Life - 60 Minutes

Cuba returns to the US 'wrongly shipped' Hellfire missile

Maybe this is our next Vice President?

The Revolution rolls into Birmingham....

Deep and from the bottom of my heart thanks

The Revolution rolls into Birmingham Part #2

The Kalb Report - Ruth Bader Ginsberg & Antonin Scalia

The GOP implosion is giving me a boner...

The Revolution rolls into Birmingham #3

Colorful Coils

The first of my multi-millionaire friends just switched to Bernie!

Daily Holidays - February 14

The Revolution rolls into Birmingham #4

The Revolution rolls into Birmingham #5

How a Washington Post Writer's Attack on Bernie Sanders' Civil Rights Record Completely Backfired

Sweet Dog Interacting with a Beautiful Child with Down Syndrome

The Revolution rolls into Birmingham #6 last one

Trump's preview of moving to the centre in the GE.

Let Me Tell You About the Debate "Audience" In Milwaukee (Update X2)

My recap of the SC GOP debate:

A Death in Texas

"The US is an oligarchy, study concludes"

The transcript for the South Carolina Republican debate; Not Really.

Of all the people I wish were here to watch this election,

simple question

Antonin Scalia's death calls Supreme Court gun rights stance into question

Antonin Scalia's death calls Supreme Court gun rights stance into question

The primaries will now get nastier.

Wow. There's precedent for Obama on the bench.

Busted: MSNBC Butchers Bill Clinton Mid-Quote to Make Him ‘Slam’ Obama

UN reports stark rise in number of Afghan civilian casualties in 2015

It is NOT expensive to do the things Bernie wants us to fight for.

The Republicans night mare has come true...

It made it down to 0 tonight and with 30 mph gusts...

At 99 and 101, a Des Moines couple marks 80 years

We need a major shift of American wealth back into more of our own hands... we need to reacquire

Refusing to sit on lead, Trump gets bitter in Republican debate

Bernie and Hilary Should Both Say This: "Confirm Obama's SCOTUS Nomination, Or Else..."

Trump after Tampa rally says 'Communists talking about a revolution' and shakes his hair.

French PM rejects permanent quota system for refugees

"Why Hillary Clinton Will NEVER Release Transcripts Of Her Paid Speeches"

The Supreme Court and the Democrats.

Samsung Warns Customers To Think Twice About What They Say Near Smart TVs

Is Trump convinced enough that he's going to win that he's already started pivoting center?

New ‘Daily Show’ host honored by city

The Dean Scream, Twelve Years Later: "What Really Happened"

The Most Corrupt And Most Conservative Democrats In Congress Are All Huge Hillary Sup

The Clinton Campaign believes the best way to fight Bernie is to destroy his character

Whow would MLK, Jr have endorsed?

The More Bernie Sanders Wins, the More Establishment Liberals Will Tell You He Can’t Win

This just pisses me off

Bernie Gets It Done: Sanders' Record of Pushing Through Major Reforms Will Surprise You

Bernie should jump out there on Scotus pick.

Trump must be a democratic plant

Now we see how important it is to elect a Dem in November

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Roses Are Red Edition

The GOP is betting on destroying both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton will not let Obama appoint

Clinton’s 2-part strategy for derailing Sanders’ campaign

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Playbook Against Bernie Sanders Is a Lot Like Her 2008

Politifact Check: Sanders' claim that he is the son of an immigrant mostly false

If you want free stuff... vote Democrat!

Donald Trump Accuses George W. Bush Of Lying To Invade Iraq

Syria rebels say get more missiles from Assad's enemies

Thank you for the heart.

The Walking Dead 6.9 "No Way Out" - mid season premiere (spoilers)

Hey, McTurtle, Scalia died. Get over it.

Obama is one lucky man

If the GOP were to prevent Obama from nominating a Supreme...

EU gives Greece three months to fix borders

Jon Stewart shreds Scalia’s marriage-equality dissent: He had no problem telling voters to ‘f*ck off

Republican debate: Trump-Bush rancor eclipses tributes to Antonin Scalia

The Simply Breathtaking Consequences Of Justice Scalia’s Death

As Sgt. Friday would say, "Just the facts, please."

Scalia on Innocence

Cannons are a no-go, but rocket launchers may be okay

Bored Shorts :)

Why *some* of the candidates don't answer the question asked by the moderator or host.

Oh, and in this intense cold - don't leave your pets outside

Scalia (however inadvertently) champions gay marriage.


Is he still dead?

How love and sex impact the body

I guess we're just so used to it.

4-4 SCOTUS tie simply affirms the Court of Appeals' ruling as it stands, right?

Maybe Obama should endorse Bernie. He could use Bernie as a threat to the GOP that

Church of England criticized over prayers for atheist Richard Dawkins

The newest most hated man on the right:

The religious right is being left behind

Members and manager of band Viola Beach killed in accident in Sweden

Why the Court Will Lean Left Even Without a Scalia Replacement

I'm sorry President Obama, I will not do it.

A Look Inside One of Mexico's Most Historic Churches

So I was watching the Goosebumps movie with my kids last night.

What can be done about this problem?

When Hillary Clinton Killed Feminism

Good morning It's a beautiful morning air is sweet and Scalia is still dead.

Clinton: We have to bring them to heel.

Thank you for the heart.

Erica Garner's Ad for Bernie Sanders: "It's Not Over"

(Warning Showing Breibart. ) Mark Levin: Losing Justice Scalia an Absolute Disaster

The Guardian hilariously lays waste to The SC GOP debate and candidates

Have you no sense of decency, Madame Secretary, at long last? Have you left

Sunday's Doonesbury- Despicable Me

Justice Scalia's opinion on his death and replacement.

Bernie on Sunday Talk Shows: ABC This Week, Face the Nation, Fox News Sunday

This is our time. This is our fight. We owe it to Obama! Let's help him get his nomination to the SC

Statewide opinion polling for the Democratic Party presidential primaries, 2016

President Obama honors Scalia, vows to nominate new justice

Statewide opinion polling for the Democratic Party presidential primaries, 2016

Good vibrations

MarcoBot: "The WTC came down because Bill Clinton didn't kill bin Laden when he had the chance"

Valentines? Aww shucks...

Hillary supporters by a huge amount say they will support the Democratic nominee whoever it is

That Empty Chair though...

What is Clarence Thomas listening to for consolation?

Today's Toon: Pearls before Swine

Today's PredictWise - 2016 Democratic Nomination - Hillary 83% - Bernie 17%

Constant attacks on Hillary Clinton around here are radical, off the rails, and ridiculous.

Pundits and politicians still don't understand the power of We

america deserves so much more

Foto-birfers and that sink.

Someone needs to make a video of all the time Bernie has said

Thank you for the hearts!

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders Blast Republicans for Threatening to Block Scalia Replacement

Hillary Reminds Republicans Who The President Of The United States Is.

President Obama should nominate a justice as staunchly liberal as scalia was conservative.

Hillary Clinton Calls Mitch McConnell’s Stance on Supreme Court Nomination ‘Disappointing’

It's Valentine's Happy Valentine's Day...but feels like Christmas!

Metalheads for Bernie Sanders

Sanders calls out Warren Buffett over solar energy

Wingnuts had the skinny: Obama had Scalia whacked. (Hillary must have been at a fundraiser.)

March on Washington 2016

Bernie Sanders campaign opens Ann Arbor area office

Antonin Scalia requested cremation in his will

McConnell Is Telling President NOT To Present Anyone. He Is NOT Allowed To. Racial Insult.

George W Bush chose Henry Kissinger to lead the original 9/11 Commission. Why did Henry Resign?

Recess appointment to replace Scalia?

Bernie Sanders is not a foreign policy lightweight.

Scalia reaction and PC

Atlanta mayor: Sanders 'disrespectful and dismissive' to Obama on race

trump would have liked to impeach w for lying about iraq war!

What’s Holding Back the World Economy? ( Joseph Stiglitz )

So, what will Howie Carr say today?

This is what happens when you take the guns away

Today's Nate's 538 Primary Polls-Only Forecast: South Carolina-Hillary-99%, Bernie-1%

Sorry, Scalia will be remembered as a laughingstock.

Obama should nominate himself to the Supreme Court

If only.....

In troubled times the person sitting behind the desk needs to be TRUSTED.

"The Story of How the Democrats Saved the Ball of Wax"

GOP Debate Summarized In One Pic

Obama getting his nomination confirmed is a BFD to Hillary

My God is SNL in the tank for Clinton and the corp hacks have the nerve

I have become completely cynical again. So I'm bowing out

Sanders: McConnell wrong on SCOTUS block (update)

With a deep sigh: I'm coming out before NV and SC: Sanders is our best shot

Bernie Sanders campaign opens Ann Arbor area office

Why is SBS on Fox News Sunday for the first time ever this morning?

So Bill Clinton vacations with Bush and Hillary with Kissinger

Having failed in his quest to make President Obama a 1 term President

Charles Krauthammer: GOP Debate was a "thermonuclear" "cage fight"

I totally agree with Mitch McConnell

Scientists Find Mercury, Cadmium And Neurological Damage In Pilot Whale Brains From 2012 Beaching

My rocker-girl wife shared this with me regarding feminists and Hillary

Top 5 Scalia Rulings that helped Progressives

A thanks for the loving hearts

Stereopony - Hitohira No Hanabira

Exercise and Meditation - Together - Help Beat Depression, Rutgers Study Finds

Not That The Topic Ever Came Up, But GOP Deathmatch Moderator Is Climate "Skeptic", On WSJ Ed Board

God knows Aya Hirano (Suzumiya Haruhi) (HD 720p)

Jeffrey Sachs: Hillary Clinton and the Syrian Bloodbath

Hare Hare Yukai -Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekisou

Dear Bernie: please don't ever go on Fox Sunday morning ever again..

Restricting Ketamine Would Have 'Dire Consequences' for Surgery in Low-Resource Countries, Anesthesi

My detailed take on why NOT Bernie Sanders

Today's Google Doodles: Happy Valentine's Day!

TOON: That's Not Bernie!

A possible scenario?

My wife has managed to exactly mimic the Red Lobster cheddar bay biscuits recipe

If the GOP Senate were smart

Thanks for my anonymous heart!

Well that was cool, I went to bed last night heartless,

Northern California Clinics Now Serving Ketamine (aka Special K) to Treat Severe Depression

Teddo, Donny, and Marko. . . . Please come CAPTION The Three Stooges in South Carolina!!!

Thanks for the Valentines!

Thank you, secret admirers, for the hearts.

Donald Trump Supporters File Lawsuit to Declare Ted Cruz Ineligible for White House

Is The Nevada Poll That Has Sanders And Clinton Tied Also A Push Poll?

Congratulations to the new Hays parents! Eagles.

Contractors nationwide report a surge in orders for taller flagpoles

When was the last time political discourse has gotten so funny and crazy (re: GOP debates) ?

Where's the Money, Lebowski?

So I'm watching the final match South Africa v England

For a little while we will have to hear how "brilliant" he was.

Seltzer Bottles and Pies are . . . . . .

Well, Alex Jones just had to shoot off his big bazoo...

Sanders Courageously Supported the Insurgent

Ted Cruz reminds me so much of Joseph McCarthy, it's eerie. Pic. It would be horrible to see

The current Supreme Court condition could put the Republicans in a no win situration.

Love and Capital

The GOP leadership are losing their minds today, re: Holding the Senate

Regarding McConnell's comment that President Obama should not nominate a successor to Scalia

Prepare for the worst: Venezuela is heading toward complete disaster

Shades of 1963?

Donald Trump clears up his Bush-9/11 debate remarks

Sen. Mitch McConnell in 2005: 'The President, and the President alone, nominates judges'

Jonathan Capehart is merely the stooge and David Brock is simply the hatchet man

Camp Weathervane ran against Obama's ideas in 2008

Why the next Supreme Court Justice must be a liberal

aaaaaand Facebook (on Scalia's death)

A Wellstone Staffer on Why the Attacks on Alan Grayson Are to Be Questioned

Press The Meat, has every whackjob candidate on the right spewing ridiculousness.

Hillary Clinton is to the RIGHT of Trump on 2 major issues:

A conspiracy, especially one to kill a SCOTUS justice, requires secrecy

Hillary's attack on universal healthcare based on unicorn analysis.

Requested in another OP in GDP: I remember what 1962 in the US was like

Hillary's hypocritical lies to voters and union members in Nevada:

"Dope" - check it out

When the Hospital Fires the Bullet

Super super super

Getting Change Wrong

If they are going to lie their way into the whitehouse

So...Wisconsin...the dynamic has changed?

Women Are Better at Coding than Men

was that Bernie on ABC/George S for about 2 minutes?

Fired for Cursing on the Job, Testing the Limits of Labor Law (Hooters bikini, reinstate back pay)

Parsing Hillary Clinton's Disingenuous Foreign Policy Record

Fired for Cursing on the Job, Testing the Limits of Labor Law (Hooters bikini, reinstate back pay)

Fired for Cursing on the Job, Testing the Limits of Labor Law (Hooters bikini, reinstate back pay)

150,000 Antarctica penguins die after iceberg grounding: study

Positive signs for endangered monk seal population

27 of the funniest reactions from comedians to the rowdy South Carolina #GOPDebate.

Only one person is ready to step forward and join the SCOTUS right now ..... pix

Saving salamanders from amphibian killer may take extreme measures

Sharpen your pitchforks and head for the barricades!

"I gotta boil on my backside prettier than you!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Happy Hearts to all

Scalia's wife

How Scalia’s Death May Grant Public-Sector Unions A Reprieve

On the matter of Supreme Court Appointments, I stand squarely with Mitch McConnell

How a Washington Post Writer's Attack on Bernie Sanders' Civil Rights Record Completely Backfired

Clinton once blames rise of isis on obama not intervining in syran civil war

My caucus isn't until March 6th, and the wait is killing me!

Bernie was just asked about the superdelegates

How Twitter reacted to Scalia's death--The word cloud

Only Yours Is Right!

Has there been any reporting on who was also at this hunting retreat/gathering with Scalia?

By refusing a moderate Scalia replacement now-Republicans risk getting stuck with true liberal later

Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee

Massive fire at Maharashtra night event

Saudi religious cops trained to fight magic

The CHAOS of an evenly divided SCOTUS.

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Peggy Noonan is that mom in the Geico ad with the spy and the helicopters on the roof...

Catholic Leaders Say Zika Doesn’t Change Ban on Contraception

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EDIT: massive fire in north Mumbai

I simply don't think most Americans think the Supreme Court makes a difference

U.S. military to assess and manage risks of climate change


Trump blasts RNC: Stop using my name to raise money

The Las Vegas Sun Endores Hillary!

Which do you choose?

Small Gifts to Bernie Sanders Challenge Hillary Clinton Fund-Raising Model

Why Clinton Vs Trump Is A Nightmare Scenario-The Young Turks

OK, when we get the high-fives out of our system, what next?

So when Thomas croaks are they going to

Boy, Scalia certainly knocked HRC emails off the front

YouTube video of Bernie Sanders in 1988 endorsing Jesse Jackson

Benie Sanders: Things Have Changed (video)

SCOTUS and the future POTUS

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 2-13-16

from Donna Edwards: The final weeks

USGS: Oklahoma Hit By Second-Strongest Quake Ever

I just heard on the news that Scalia is still dead.

Autopsy: Scalia Rotted From The Inside Out

If I were the DNC I would Broadcast this debate over and over again

Why Brother Bernie Is Better for Black People Than Sister Hillary

The More Americans Hear Bernie Sanders, The More They Like Him

Let's make this simple enough that even a republican can understand it...

It's 11:45. Where's the damn cats?

-- A rather pointed statement on SCOTUS vacancy from Senator Warren --

How will John Roberts feel about presiding over the most liberal SCOTUS in history?

Has anyone mentioned Kucinich as a possible running mate for Sanders (if nominated)?

“. . . I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion. . ."

Why the Republican Debate Was So Brutal

Koch Brothers: Coming soon to astroturf your neighborhood

Pro-Clinton Columnist In Bed With Clinton Staffer — Literally

Sen. Mitch McConnell in 2005: 'The President, and the President alone, nominates judges'

The sexist double standards hurting Hillary Clinton

Dick Fuld X-CEO of Lehman Brothers Hillary supporter

re: the goal to take the Senate, from Donna Edwards: The final weeks

Bluffs woman 'lucky to be alive' after suffering heart attack without any pain


Someone asked yesterday "What happens to SCOTUS decisions that have already been decided?"

Elizabeth Warren Humiliates Mitch McConnell For Threat To Block Obama SCOTUS Nominee


I think everyone is overlooking the most important decision now that Scalia is dead

From your the NSA's ears

How about some Joan Armatrading?

CBC interviews Canadian Bernie Sanders volunteer

hey media, there is no 'dispute' over who gets to nominate a supreme court justice or when.

NY Times: Hillary's Failed Syrian Rebel Strategy: Wasted Billions of U.S. Taxpayer $$$$$$

Beyonce is Black? Who knew?

Here Are Six All-Important Cases Now Pretty Much Decided After Scalia's Death

Brothers killed in Friday standoff died 'trying to help and protect their sister'

Joel Osteen wants to help you rub it out

Sanders slaps down host claiming Fox debate will be ‘fair’ to Dems: ‘I have seen other interviews’

On the passing of Justice Scalia and this year’s voting rights cases

Control of the Supreme Court now at stake in 2016

Bernie Has Concrete Plans for Improving Union Members' Wages & Lives:

Peters Place: What is Bernie's Single Issue??

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is about to turn 83

fuck valentines day. who's with me?

I won't grave dance, but to be clear, I endorse Scalia's funeral

You have to admit the carnival barker never misses a trick

My wife wants to volunteer but has a Visayan accent

My detailed take on why NOT to vote for Bernie Sanders

Schumer Taunts Cruz On Constitution

The Republican Primary Is Now a Giant Kindergarten Spat--New Republic

Happy Valentines Day everyone even to those who have me on ignore.

Bill Clinton says, ‘We’re all mixed-race people." Disses Obama

UMass economist paints a rosy picture of Sanders economics

MoveOn: Our statement on the passing of Antonin Scalia.

E-cigs shut down hundreds of immune system genes—regular cigs don’t

With a divided SCOTUS, Ted Cruz could be a NBC in some states while not in others, and it's legal.

I will try once more. I need help raising money for my service dog.

Today is the end of the world, according to Ghostbusters

You decide. I'll support the Democratic nominee.

Scallop and leek pasta

Democratic Delegate Scorecard

But how will he pay for it!?!

Being a farmer is not all it's cracked up to be.

Clarence Thomas Always Follows Scalia's Lead. Scalia's Dead. Any Chance...

Trump wants Mitch to "Delay Delay Delay" regarding a new Justice Appointment

Bernie: Raise Minimum Wage to $15/hr, Introduced Pro-Union Legislation, Opposed TPP

Las Vegas Sun endorses Clinton

What does this mean? I am not feeling this at all!

GOP ‘Torture Debate’ and Obama’s Failure to Prosecute


Scalia refused to read the NY Times or the Washington Post.

Sing Along with Me! "It's Obstructionism!"

Humor a stunning move totally unanticipated, president Obama, following the path to

Pollution is scaring away top recruits for global companies

Bernie and Erin Brockovich op-ed on Flint: 'A matter of national security'

Hillary Clinton campaigns with casino workers, guests on Strip

Did you think tweety could never top his GWB sycophancy?

Most immediate political consequence of Scalia's death: Obama's climate plan will not be struck down

Mr. Toad's Wild Republican Debate

"Originalism" is NOT a word & it certainly wasn't around when the Framers wrote the Constitution

2 Killed in Crashes Involving 16 Cars in California

Bernie Sanders: Has Detailed Humane Immigration Policy & Demands End to Deportations:

Intelligent Robots Threaten Tens of Millions of Jobs, 50% + Unemployment In Coming 30 Years

I do this every year...who wants a Valentine's Day Heart??

Sen. Sanders on Face the Nation (videos)

ANTE UP Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton or a Republican, GOP Neocon

I have joined the big C club. Melanoma in the neck.

Hillary cancels Florida appearance to focus on Nevada

so bernie does interview on a channel hillary is afraid to go on and is criticized?

The San Diego Tribune Just SHOCKED Me With THIS Headline.

Reason #856 Why Folks Call Clinton Corrupt: Massive Arms Sales in Xchange for $$$$$ Donations

The Capehart photo thing - leave it alone.

Alex Jones is having Digestive Issues

UPDATE - Valentine hearts all gone :(

Younger Voters

yes, sometimes the Democratic nomination race does get more absurd than DU!

Let's band together and prevent the Republicans from ever

Capehart Attack on Bernie Sanders' Civil Rights Record Completely Backfired

Happy Valentine's Day!

Perpetuating the conflict

The Clintons, their Foundation and US uranium

Wowee wow wow! Wanted to make sure everyone saw this!! :)

Hillary's national political director Amanda Renteria on their visit to Flint, Michigan

Who Obama should appoint

Hillary Clinton and Henry Kissinger: It's Personal. Very Personal. (MJ)

A passing thought; What if Obama nominated a Hispanic to the supreme court?

Valentine's Day greetings.

Bernie Sanders: JOBS, NOT JAILS (6/9/2015)

Swearing-in ceremony...

From Slate: Obama's Supreme Court Shortlist

My detailed take on WHY Bernie Sanders:

How You Can Help Democrats Win in November Right Now

Who Is Sri Srinivasan, Obama's "Supreme Court Nominee in Waiting"? - I'll pass

Hillary's strongest argument: Bernie disrespects Obama

Bernie Sanders: JOBS, NOT JAILS (6/9/2015)

Do authoritarians support Mrs Clinton?

Rubio is so confused he couldn't decide on whether to cover his heart or his cohones for Scalia.

Michelle Alexander: Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Deserve the Black Vote & The New Jim Crow

**Barack Obama Group**Let's give credit to President Obama for arresting Cliven Bundy w/o bloodshed

Videos show Capehart totally exuberant over his great find...he's nearly jumping for joy.

NOW we find out why Green Tree was turned over to fraud.!!!!!


Jonathan Capehart @ 6:40 this AM tried to change the subject .... can anybody post this picture?

Some want Klobuchar to fill Scalia post. I doubt it

Please Vote in Your State's Primary, But Don't Stop There.


Trump's comments on the Iraq War just made Clinton a loser in a Clinton-Trump match-up.

**AA Group*** Let's give credit to President Obama for arresting Cliven Bundy w/o bloodshed

Does this mean that black presidents only get 3/5ths of a term?

2 videos of a gloating Jonathan Capehart...with Matthews and Andrea Mitchell.

Bill Clinton: Obama is not a change-maker, Hillary would be

Re: Capehart's Journalism....The WP ombudsman's number is 202-334-7582....

3 hrs ago: CBS/YouGov poll So Carolina Hillary 59% (-1) Bernie 40% (+2)

Bill Clinton critical of Pres. Obama: "not a change maker."

Hillary is forecast to win yuuge in South Carolina

In all the yelling and screaming last night, the stupidest remark of the night went totally unnotice

Happy Valentines Day from APOD.

Et tu, Dick Bartley?

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - February 14, 2016

What are you reading this week of February 14, 2016?

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - February 14, 2016 (Hillary group)

Is a Senate seat up for election in your state?

Racial & Ethnic Wealth Inequality Has Widened Since End of Great Recession: Wall Street Is Involved

Cup of Joe for you on this chilly Sunday... (UPDATED w correct link)

Fox News asks Sanders to help it land Democratic debate

Hillary gives a rousing speech taking the republicans to task on

On a lighter note: Bernie Sandwiches.

Hillary Clinton statement on WV's 'harmful right to work law'


Saudi Arabia and allies gather for major military exercises

If Republicans block Obama’s Supreme Court nomination, he wins anyway

Obama will nominate someone with impeccable qualification to the Supreme Court

If They Obstruct Scalia’s Replacement, Republicans Risk An Avalanche of Obama Voters

Kissinger is a stain on our country and if you associate with him then you deserve nothing from me.

Bernie Sanders Fox News Sunday Full Interview

Bernie is a single-issue candidate alright

Here's a quote from Hillary's family friend:

30 Years of Speeches by Bernie Sanders

GOP worries Obama could install Scalia successor through recess appointment

Tonight - "Walking/Talking Dead" are back!

Erin Brockovich & Bernie Sanders join in call to Save Our Water System

Well, well, look who surfaced on Faux: David GREGORY, like indispensible for agreeing with Geo.WILL

Scalia died of heart attack, reports say

Meet Bernie Sanders

Thank You

Why does the Texas school board keep attracting these kooks?

So I'm cleaning the garage while listening to Rage Against The Machine

Bernie can't end racism

Long-term cement study seeks nuclear waste solution

SNL NAILS IT... The Day Beyonce Turned Black.

How would people think if we got another Justice Warren?

Happy Valentine's Day, Berners!

I know Hillary is favored to do well in the South but what about states like CA, CO, OR, NY, NJ, PA?

More Florida Man. Possibly satire, but you never know around here.

stop by and show Bernie some love on Valentine's Day

Tens of Thousands of Sharks Spotted 'A Stone's Throw' From Florida Beaches

Even our Canadian friends are feeling the Bern: Bernie Sanders 2016 - Not Me, Us

Bringing out a new golf swing this year. I invented it.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the passing of her Dear Friend

Bernie Sanders still won't update his message on race issues

In Case you missed it

In Case You Missed It. Fight on Hillary

About those excessive contributions

The universe isn’t indifferent; we are an opportunity for the universe to care about itself

It is so exciting to me that someone like DeRay McKesson can make a serious run

Sanders Narrows the Gap in South Carolina, CBS News Poll Released Sunday

What the Death of Justice Antonin Scalia Means for Religious Liberty

Have we all forgotten that Clinton was part of the RW Evangelical "The Family" circle?

Bernie Sanders: I'm Jewish and We Must End Racism

Is Hillary's Description of Her Role In Negotiating A 2012 UN Ceasefire Resolution

Bernie Sanders: I'm Jewish and We Must End Racism

The truth about health care.

Citing Justice Thomas as precedent, conservatives say Scalia should continue on court

Federal Court Alerted about Vanishing Records

Live Now in Las Vegas Sanders Rally

Karl Rove's American Crossroads Super PAC Assist to Bernie Sanders in Nevada?

2-12-16 The Most Dangerous Woman in America in 2:00

Typically, voters don't vote based on the Supreme Court

"A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee..." said Bill Clinton to Teddy Kennedy.

Clinton’s Super PAC Spending Proves Sanders’ Momentum

Charles P. Pierce: The Republican Debate Finally Proved It's Not Trump Who Has Lost His Mind

2-12-16 The Most Dangerous Woman in America in 2:00

2-12-16 The Most Dangerous Woman in America in 2:00

Since when do we let Repubican politicians decide what is and is not possible for America?

It's a new time. They can't just make up lies and get away with it

2-13-16 The Sons of Vulcan in 2:00

2-13-16 The Sons of Vulcan in 2:00

2-13-16 The Sons of Vulcan in 2:00

Rob't Sheer: W/ Nomi Prins re the Connection Between Washington & Wall Street

Foreclosure crisis snarls Clinton, Sanders' efforts to reach Nevada voters

You cannot legislate whether or not someone is racist.

What the other end of a conversation with Hillary supporters looks like to me sometimes...

DKOS: How Bernie Sanders lost me ... and Hillary Clinton won me over

Trump crosses the 9/11 line....

Hillary Love

How California Justified Free Tuition Before RR Cut Higer ED Budgets

Lou Reed's "Dime Store Mystery"...a perfect eulogy for Antonin Scalia

Arkansas State locked down after man with gun on campus

Don't Believe in Bernie's Plan that will increase Median Income by $22,000

Reddit: How Hillary Lost Me

after 40 years of a right leaning court - Jeb says

@HillaryClinton owning this #codemdinner Feb 13 pics

Ever since we brought my 8 yr old to a Bernie march...

Bernie’s 'Political Revolution' is Actually Happening, Although the Corporate Media Won’t Tell You

I Love Cake kitty rescue by J.S. Calgary, AB, Canada

Key Questions and Answers About Antonin Scalia and His Legacy

Live Stream of Bernie in Las Vegas/pics

Bernie has many ideas to deal with racial issues. A comparison side by side.

Has anyone sighted pickup trucks flying POW/MIA flags alongside of the American flag?

US Supreme Court Justice Scalia died of heart attack: Report

Catholic Leaders Say Zika Doesn’t Change Ban on Contraception

Top Hillary Clinton Advisors & Fundraisers Lobbied AGAINST Obamacare & Dodd Frank

Dog Clinging To A Piece Of Ice Is Spotted By Boaters And Saved!

Can we be honest about what happened when Reagan tried to nominate a RW-er?

Thank you, Alfredo

Anita Hill for SCOTUS! n/t

Sanders criticism grows pointed at black community forum

Happy Valentines Day! You guys are gonna love this one!

"How 'bout Alex Jones on the High Court?" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Well at least the GOP/SCOTUS cannot steal the election 5/4 for Jeb!

I noticed that Ted Cruz has changed his rhetoric re: Hillary

The DNC's big mistake

Woman bitten by tiger after allegedly trying to pet it reaches plea deal, lawyer says

I didn't post this 4 days ago when I saw it but after seeing it again, I have to ask: Is this...

Spies For Hire (Tim Shorrock 2016)

to whoever gave me a heart. Thank you. I really do not know what to say but thank you. nt

2-14-16 The Call to End Cheap Labor in 2:00

This is Hillary going on for 13 minutes, I'll let you be the judge.

Marco Rubio Forms Anti-LGBT Advisory Board On Repealing Windsor & Obergefell Marriage Rulings

2-14-16 The Call to End Cheap Labor in 2:00

2-14-16 The Call to End Cheap Labor in 2:00

A little truth goes along way. Unless yer a wing nut, then truth is fluid, kinda like diarrhea

2-14-16 The Call to End Cheap Labor in 2:00

Name a song with "Rock and Roll" in the title.

Ted Cruz Says He Will "Absolutely" Filibuster Obama's Nominee To Replace Scalia.

Do any members use a coupon site that does not require a download?

BREAKING! RNC To Donate All Of The Bricks They've S**T Over Trump To Habitat For Humanity

You know something? When Hillary and her supporters whine about being 'attacked,'

Media Critic on CNN: Joe Scarborough ‘Unashamed’ of Being in the Tank for Trump

Medvedev: Syria, Ukraine and the economic crisis – an exclusive interview

Unpublished Black History

Daytona 500

Thank you for the heart.

So is the Clinton Foundation basically just a big slush fund to help corporations influence policy?

15 pix of cats not accepting their box limits

Are Republicans forcing a Constitutional Crisis? Should Democrats hold the line...

Thanks, Frontier, you shits!

Face recognition problems and a game to test it

DU Poll on World Population

Thank you to those who gave me the hearts. nt

Bernie’s 'Political Revolution' is Actually Happening, but M$M Won’t Tell You That

Happy Statehood Day!

Israel: This isn't how you defend democracy

There must have been something good about Scalia.

Absolutely AWESOME Event today in Fresno (UPDATED)

The boner thread got me some hearts!

Some history of the Supreme Court

Luckovich Toon- Debate Comparison

Thankyou for the hearts, anonymous donors!

GOP lost White House with Scalia's death

We're All Doomed!

Iran's political play with the oil giants

Hillary Clinton and the Syrian Bloodbath

Trump "Against the Iraq War" Clinton

Debunking Spin: Bernie Sanders IS Electable & YES, He Can Get Policies Passed When We Stand Together

Australia's aboriginals: When the river runs dry

so Repubs stops Obama nomination. Sanders or Clinton becomes president

Ralston Reports: Team Clinton growing nervous about Nevada

The Eighth GOP Debate: The Local Train to "Too Far"

Justice Scalia Dead Following 30-Year Battle With Social Progress

Hillary Clinton E-Mails Supporters For Donations, To Help The People Of Flint, Michigan

$ doesn't influence? Hillary Clinton promises megadonor she will work with Republicans– to oppose

Here's What Black People Are Saying About Bernie Sanders. Interviews w/audience after Minn Forum

How Bernie Sanders lost me ... and Hillary Clinton won me over

How Bernie Sanders lost me ... and Hillary Clinton won me over

Ok folks, it's time to bombard grassley with emails


Did Host Chuck Todd Get Caught Saying ‘Oh God’ After Cruz Compared Scalia to Reagan?

No matter what the GOP does, Barack Hussein Obama WILL name the person who replaces Scalia.

No guessing: Does anyone actually know about current scotus case implications?

UPDATED: A Clinton Minion on why Hillary is having such a tough time of it...

Clinton could compromise on abortion?

Bernie's commitments on Native issues

Of course the GOP House doesn't want to do its job in the last eleven months of a Presidency.

White People Lose Their Damn Minds in SNL‘s ‘The Day Beyoncé Turned Black’

Child prodigy from Chile pursues 2 doctorates from Rutgers

Child prodigy from Chile pursues 2 doctorates from Rutgers

How will Hillary get a left of center SCOTUS nominee through this senate if elected?

Calling all revolutionist

Assemblywoman Irene Bustamante Adams EndorsesHillary

Poppy Bush set the table in 1981 for what was to come -- via 'National Security'

Trump blames Pres. George W. Bush for 9-11 and now.....

Supreme Court justices weigh in on Antonin Scalia's death.Ruth Bader Ginsburg:

3, 2…1…Here Come the Cries That Obama Had Scalia Killed

'Not just a protest candidate': Sanders draws thousands to Las Vegas rally

Trump crosses the 9/11 line...(Will it Cost Him?)

Trial under way in $100 million lawsuit against Venezuela

Ranch Owner Recalls Finding Justice Antonin Scalia’s Body

Single issue? Nonsense

'Not just a protest candidate': Sanders draws thousands to Las Vegas rally

On decorations and promotions, and why Hillary is the only safe choice

The F-35 has cost taxpayers 1.5 TRILLION far.

Italian youth feeling the Bern!

The thought that scares the Republicans to death.

Rubio Clarifies Whether He Thinks Bill Clinton Is Responsible For 9/11

NEITHER candidate can get a left of center SCOTUS nominee through THIS Senate.

Why I support Bernie Sanders

What's for Dinner, Sunday, Valentine's Day, Feb. 14, 2016

Three hearts! Thank you all! Plus: John Lewis' "March"

Bernie and Erin Brockovich: Flint is what happens when public officials put dollars before people

Feminist actress Gaby Hoffman explains why she’s voting for Bernie

I'm not seeing much going on in Socal for Bernie Sanders

The Death of Justice Scalia Puts Presidential Race in a New Perspective

The More You Hear/The More You See Of GOP Candidates The More Disgusting It Gets.

Meet Washington and Wall Sreets’ highest profile fracking spokesperson

"Grim Tidings for Hillary -- They don't like her. They really don't like her."

How Donald Trump was set up by the Republican establishment at last night's debate...

I enjoyed Sharpton's interview with Sanders.

The President has basically 25% of his second term left..

Assad's army setting its sights on Isis stronghold of Raqqa

So is this why Hillary opposes free college tuition? ------ UPDATE $16.5 m

Black Los Angeles Newspaper Blames Wall Street for Stagnant Black Wages

Bernie Sanders: Live in Las Vegas.

Bernie: Live in Las Vegas.