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Madeleine Albright: My Undiplomatic Moment

Clean-energy deal signed today in 1st step to green NAFTA

MSBNC Host Reid Talks With African American Voters In SC, And Finds No Clinton Supporters

Trump backers file federal lawsuit questioning Ted Cruz’s right to run for president

Big Freedia show canceled in Mississippi for potential 'gyrating'

"Birther / Naturalized citizen" question

The title of this article by CNN is Clinton's 'me' versus Sanders' 'us' but

The weather is terrific here in Northern California, about 70 degrees. We still need rain though

Incremental Change will no longer Save the Planet.

BTRTN: The Sixth Democratic Debate...Hillary Finally Figures it Out?

OK.Did not want to start another thread to thank for hearts

Thorrablot - Everyone's favorite Icelandic Midwinter Festival is almost here!

1. Flunk 3rd grade science. 2. get hit on head with big family Bible.

Killer Mike!

Hey Sandernistas! Are you watching this? LIVE PoC & Bernie Forum on Race & Economic Opportunity

"Why Super Delegates Were Created"

Mike Malloy - The Phony First Amendment Warriors

Mike Malloy - Donald Trump Rips Pope Francis Apart

John McCain Embarrassed by the loose Torture talk of the crop of GOP Losers and Demagogues

Bernie Photos Round 1000

Manager Announces Layoffs to 1400 Workers (Carrier Air Conditioning) - Moving to Mexico

Bernie gains ground in new national poll after New Hampshire

Live feed of Bernie's Forum on Race and Economic Opportunity

Last 4 occupiers plead not guilty to federal felony

'Meth' Is Virtually Identical to Adderall —This Is How I Found Out

High school students harassed and peppered with racial slurs during a visit to Texas A&M

PBS Newshour ... Hillary's problems

You know, I never was crazy about 'Heart'

Slavery helped build nation, fueled its most divisive war and still torments it

Clinton Campaign just experimenting with new Campaign Concept

Bernie Sanders Praised by Jewish Groups on Both Sides of the Aisle

Bob Dylan's favorite John Prine song.

Mets Pitcher Jenrry Mejia 1st to Draw Lifetime Drug Ban

About that photo...

Mystery of Marshall Plantation: Fallen sign, complicated past (FL)

"Popsicle Toes" - a Ballad of the Frozen North

Suspected Teen Hacker Who Targeted Top US Officials Arrested Overseas

Bernie's in Denver this weekend. Just saw 4 of his ads

Why does Jeb Bush keep running ? (continued from GDP )


Bill Would Make Men Confirm Marriage for ED Medication

Valentine Stomp

TMZ and The Blaze Reporters Go At Each Other Over Attempted Takedown of Beyonce

Too Harsh?...

Suit: Football Player Beaten by Teammates for Helping Rape Victim

Buffy Sainte-Marie on Rainbow Quest 1965

("drown the bunnies") The Latest: Faculty Asks University's President to Resign

I have no tolerance for cold

Is it just me?

BREAKING-CNN: Former Obama intel official: Hillary Clinton should drop out

Hillary Clinton unveils ‘economic revitalization plan’ during Denmark town hall

Joyce Garrard, Gadsden woman convicted in girl’s running death, dies

Michigan Governor To Testify Before Congress On Flint Crisis

Live stream Humphrey-Mondale Dinner with Bernie Sanders

Not that it matters but Jonathan Capehart has earened a permanent place under my bus

US, Cuba to Sign Agreement on Restarting Commercial Flights

U.S., Cuba announce they will resume scheduled commercial airline service

A couple of points on the photo.

Hillary Clinton Sugarcoating Her Disastrous Record----GOOD ONE!!!!

Clinton is so cynical about the American public that she is gleefully feeding us shit, convinced

For the first time, I just became a Star member! (I needed a few). Couldn't afford many,

Bill and Hillary Clinton crossed a picket line on their first date.

Feb 12: Clinton to confront racial disparities in SC" while Sanders still working out his schedule

Hillary and her buddy Kissinger...let's review some history.

A question for you - what did President Obama do that made Bernie say maybe he should be primaried?

Two US Women Miscarry After Zika Infection, CDC Says

Here's to all the Democrats

Here's to all the Democrats

A general rule of debate:

Long-lost Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Antonio Salieri composition found in Prague

DNC rolls back Obama's ban on contributions from federal lobbyists

What is this strange place?

Obama grants monument status to vast swath of Calif. desert

The common denominator of 2008 and 2016

To all those pushing this photo crap today and other red baiting one question

NYPD tracking cell phones.

Is Henry Kissinger a psychopath, Patriot, mass murderer

I just stopped by the new Bernie Sanders A2/Ypsi campaign office

Progressive v. Liberal?

Barbara Boxer coming up on Chris hayes.....

Guardian long read - Trident: the British question

Little Dog Stolen During Carjacking Is Reunited With Owner

You may be cool

Wall Street trader exposes Clinton "talk" about reforming Wall Street.

Better than flowers.

U.S. Senate - Nevada: Sharron Angle Mulls US Senate Bid; Testing Waters for Money, Support

Thank you secret admirer for my heart

The Hillary Defense

Who whould FDR support?

Chris Christie spotted in Trenton.

Let's pretend that you are an ex SOS - You love America and...

Sanders criticism grows pointed at black community forum

Mike Malloy - Clinton Attacks Sanders As 'Single Issue Candidate'

Bernie Sanders is right: Hillary Clinton praising Henry Kissinger is outrageous

Harry Belafonte

Is the Clinton Campaign Panicking Over Nevada?

Chomsky on Voting, Sanders, Clinton, and Islamophobia

Sanders-Rappaport ear comparison

Tim Canova

FBI: No Rigged Explosives Found at Site of Oregon Standoff

Toon: Einstein's Theories Vindicated

Martin Luther King was a Democratic Socialist


Peeing at Walmart is only $10..... Putting trout in your pants is more.

When TV programs use cell phone videos taken in portrait instead of landscape mode

Will Shakespeare has returned from Stratford! He's treating me to dinner and drinks.

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! Blow Your Head! & a new Kitteh gif

Can you smell the desperateness?

Hope you guys had a chance to watch Chris Hayes - wow! Harry Belafonte was on

Hillary copies Bernie and offers $125 billion for needy communities.

Four samples from American Samoa for Zika return positive, epidemic declared

PBS much better @ debates than Fox, CNBC, CNN, etc.

Florida's largest newspaper endorses Clinton

MSNBC! RACHEL MADDOW...she said "something big is happening in Nevada that "may" favor Bernie!"

I'm flying high after a great day in clinic. Talk to me.

Nova Scotia’s Sacred Albino Moose Killed by Visiting Hunters

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 2-11-16 (3 different candidates)

Trump lashes out at “very political” Pope Francis for daring to visit Mexico

anyone here do burning man?

Six UN peacekeepers among 9 troops killed in Mali attacks

Bill Maher Tonite: Killer Mike, Richard Engel, Josh Green, Ana Navarro, Margaret Cho.

Judge orders immediate deportation of Qatari couple he calls ‘barbaric’ in abusing servants

Watching the Child Genius show........

Hillary supporters are desperate in their attempts to demoralize us

My mom in law's croton

Which Idiotic GOP Candidate Scares You The Most


I am often annoying, so I appreciate the 5 members who have gave me Hearts! Thanks!! :-)

Melissa Harris Perry and Alex Witt gone from weekend schedule of MSNBC?

China foreign minister urges U.S. caution on missile system

Editorial: We recommend Hillary Clinton for Democratic presidential nomination

Friday Talking Points (378) -- Back To The 1960s

NLRB complaint: Allegheny Technologies threatened union workers

Are you on the terrorism blacklist? Maybe, but you can't do anything about it.

Hillary Clinton unveils ‘economic revitalization plan’ during Denmark town hall (Clinton Group)

I think a Clinton presidency would set the women's movement back,

Sportsmen Owe the Bundys a Thank You (Field & Stream)

Bernie's & Hillary's FEC campaign finance data graph.

Bernie on Money in Politics

She's. Still. Better. Than. Than. Any. Republican.

Could someone please share where this photo was debunked?

Under Sanders, income and jobs would soar, economist says

NLRB complaint: Allegheny Technologies threatened union workers

NLRB complaint: Allegheny Technologies threatened union workers

There is a reason big girls don’t cry. We haven’t the time.

Sanders said he will create a Political Revolution by record turn out--that claim is at the Center

Why something like this was eventually bound to happen

Maddow is out to lunch lately

Clinton’s South Carolina ground game strengthened by Congressional Black Caucus PAC (Clinton Group)

North Korean Ballistic Missile

There is a Nevada poll out from the Washington Free beacon which

Jeff Weaver Confirms (Drumroll)... The Photo Is Bernie Sanders! Shocking, NOT!

I just saw a Bernie ad on my teevee!

The Tragedy of Hillary Clinton (and Her Generation)

Guess what? Bernie Sanders actually has backers...on Wall Street

Thank you to the one who gave me a heart. I really appreciate it.

Henry Kissinger on the Internet.

Father of ‘affluenza teen’ Ethan Couch accused of choking girlfriend

Hillary Clinton unveils ‘economic revitalization plan’

The more DWS and DNC try to help Hillary

South Carolina Retired Vet for Bernie

Rubio’s 25 Second Sound Bite: Would it be Possible to Include Substance, Intelligence or Facts?

Just saw Michael Moores new film

Rachel is now a game anyone watching?? eom

Warning signs for Hillary Clinton in South Carolina

Some levity

Sanders's plan to fix wall street will not solve oppression in our country.

VT marijuana legalization clears 2nd hurdle

Top Republicans stay quiet on release of their tax returns

Now, Bill Maher, news this week: 'Roses are red, violets are blue, time for

Cruz app data collection helps campaign read minds of voters

MALHEUR STANDOFF: Occupiers arrested, but it’s still not over

Thank you for the heart. I just noticed it.

GDP is now comparing ears.

Thank you, whoever gave me the heart.

The NDP's campaign disaster was much more than a failure to communicate

No person elected to public office should go unchallenged at election time. Ever.

Israel, EU resume contacts after dispute over settlement product labels

Nate Silver's 538 Puts Nevada Caucus Odds at 50/50 for Hillary & Bernie

I received another heart. Thanks...

John Lewis Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom

NLRB Ruling Says 2 California Nurses Were Illegally Fired During Union Drive

NLRB Ruling Says 2 California Nurses Were Illegally Fired During Union Drive

NLRB Ruling Says 2 California Nurses Were Illegally Fired During Union Drive

Someone ought to make a game on "How low will Hillary go"

From the bottom of my heart(s)

Wow, Fox is running a long anti-Hillary piece right now...

Until we can do away with racism, sexism, and gender discrimination let them eat cake.

Stray Kitten Came to Couple for Help During Stormy Night

It's our turn

Thank you for the hearts, guys/gals. Love them.

Forum on Race and Economic Opportunity in Minneapolis (Video)

I witnessed a miracle Thursday night; conservative republican Bernie Sanders supporters

Drunk posting tonight. Okay, well...buzzed posting anyway. Where is everybody?

Thank you so much for the heart!!


Anyone watching Bill Maher right now?!?!?

We live in a casino economy

I'm so FUCKING tired of the term "Under the Bus" that I hate buses. Discuss.

Thank you, heart-giver!

Kissinger said he supported the Iraq war because "we need to humiliate them"... And Hillary said...

Why Hillary Clinton Spells Democratic Party Defeat:

Pippin Took thanks both heart❤️❤️givers. Thanks, guys! You are swell.

Excellent Froomkin piece about Kissinger, Clinton & Sanders

The Clinton Game Plan is to DIVIDE to Conquer.

Richard Dawkins had a stroke–should believers pray for the famous atheist?

Hitler Discovers There Is No Amy Lindsay Day (Uploaded on Aug 30, 2009!)

Bernie Sanders was at the DFL Humphrey-Mondale dinner in Saint Paul tonight.

Two-Thirds of the World Faces Severe Water Shortages

Anyone catch the Rachel Maddow show tonight? She called out Bernie for misleading about turnout.

The First "Socialist"

We need a list of all prticipants in the photo-boating..shows and personalities

Vote for the candidate no one's ever whispered about... or the one whose supporters SCREAM

The proxy war of cut and paste...

Bill Maher and Killer Mike smoked a joint on live TV tonight

Thank you for my hearts!

Are there any attorneys in this group

What do you geniuses think the turnout would be like w/out Bernie?

Can we make sense of the Malheur mess?

Parsing Hillary Clinton's Disingenuous Foreign Policy Record

Thanks for the heart!

Bernie Sanders Is More Serious on Foreign Policy Than You Think

Some important questions for Bible Thumper Cruz from V. Supreme

Sanders' record on civil rights.Harry Belafonte Affirms

Alleged Craigslist Sneaker Robber Chased by Victim, Hit by SUV, Loses Arm: NYPD

Awesome Video! " The President We've Been Waiting For "...

Trump Wildly Inflates Unemployment

A message from Canada

Friday and time for a bad joke

Thank You Mr. Rodgers

The Oregon occupation is over, but standoffs among nearby residents continue

Lamb Of God w/Anthrax at the Hollywood Palladium.

Clintonism strikes again: Carrier Air Cond. to offshore 2,100 Indiana jobs to Mexico

Did Bill Maher just light up a joint on live TV

I really don't think Bill WANTS Hillary to be President.

Yeah, keep the baby out of the toilet.

Good for Anna Navaro

How many times do you have to monumentally screw up before you are considered unfit to hold office?

Real Time with Bill Maher (11 show clips)

Sanders Pressed on Reparations at Forum on Black America

Mother Jones: Lewis remark "undoubtedly true," Bernie's civil rights activism "brief and localized"

Maddow is not honest

I can see this...

Top Ten Corporate Tax Dodgers Donated to Hillary Clinton & Got Quid Pro Quo:

Samantha Bee's take on Dem debate.

The Primary is important

Let me say first that I live in a mostly AA neighborhood,

Bernie Sanders isn’t a woman, but is he a better feminist than Hillary Clinton?

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at the Democratic Debate

Thanks so much for the hearts, whoever you are...

A writer finds camaraderie and despair inside the Oregon standoff. (worth reading)

Let's for a moment imagine some things

This idiotic picture story was meant to be,

Bernie Sanders Host First Official Michigan Campaign Rally at EMU Monday


Guardian: My son was killed in a Texas jail cell. Nobody was held accountable

Hillary vs Bernie campaign contribution size chart

Latest Capehart tweet: "Not so cut and dry."

Superdelegates Exist to Protect Party Leaders from Grassroots Competition - DWS

Besides politics, do you know why some of the attacks against Bernie are so vicious?

Maddow: New voter registration in Nevada is off the charts - great news for Bernie

So how many more notable Democrats will Hillary use as projectiles?

How do we win congress?

Thank you for the hearts

FEC requires Sanders campaign to account for contributions

So, speaking to Hilary's judgment...

It's not just about Hillary...

Why i am supporting Bernie.....

Gov. Edwards: budget situation "devastating"

... and Paddlefoot

"Feel the Bern or Give ‘em Hill, but please, chill out"

Man, we are going to get our butts kicked

Why is it called the 'White' House?

Bernie's Wall Street Plan is to help prevent a future economic collapse.

When will Bernie Sanders make a commitment and have a plan to help the coal communities?

Ralph Nader: Hillary Clinton Sugarcoating Her Disastrous Record

Clinton’s MIXED Immigration Message

An Open Letter to US Rep. John Lewis

LOL! Capehart removes the picture of "Not Bernie" from his twitter page, replaces it with lawn sign

Who Endorsed Hillary Clinton? The Congressional Black Caucus or Its PAC Filled with Lobbyists?

Do you realize Hillary fans, that the DU is an extremely liberal website?

Ex-Obama official: Hillary should drop out of Presidential race

How many more good Democrats are willing to write blank checks against their integrity...

2016 is starting to remind me of a phrase that used to be common....

Capehart removes the picture of "Not Bernie" from his twitter page, replaces it with lawn sign

Democracy Now: War on Wall Street or Wall Street's Wars?

Harry Reid says contested Democratic convention possible.

I like this new Nevada graph!

PBS Newshour: Can Egyptian women start a revolution against sexual violence?

James Bulger would be 25 if he had not been murdered 23 year ago today by two 10 year old boys

Just Who is Henry Kissinger?

Hillary is especially desperate because it's her last chance to be president...

DWS explains to CNN how and why the DNC rigged the superdelegates to hold back Bernie.

TCM Schedule for Sunday February 14 - 31 Days of Oscar

TCM Schedule for Monday February 15 - 31 Days of Oscar

I'd rather give Bernie the chance to achieve his revolutionary goals EVEN IF

So I just now exercised my 2nd Amendment right to defend my home...

What kind of example is that to give to one's daughter if a highly corrupted woman becomes president?

The Ballad of the Malheur Patriots

Why doesn't Bernie call HRC on the term 'pragmatic' progressive? That truly means "compromising"

Super PAC Moves To Ramp Up Financial Firepower For Clinton

Erica Garner's Incredibly Moving & Powerful Commerical Endorsement of Bernie Sanders ...

Dimension W to premiere on Adult Swim Toonami Block on Feb 27.

DUer Douglas Carpenter passed away yesterday...

Exclusive: Michigan Legionnaires' Deaths Were Preventable, Official Says

"Hillary Clinton and Henry Kissinger: It's Personal. Very Personal"

Harry Belafonte's endorsement of Sanders. Think about that when you read about his life.

Harry Reid calls for Alan Grayson to drop out of primary.

DNC Chair: Superdelegates Make Sure Party Leaders Don’t Have to Run Against Grassroots Activists

Bernie Sanders confronted by supporters demanding Slavery reparations as he courts the black vote

2 Indian Soldiers, 4 Rebels Killed in Kashmir Fighting

I usually make donations after debates and primaries, but this swiftboat attempt has made me

Anti-Marijuana Politician Charged With Possession of Marijuana

The better Sanders does the more crazy the one percent will be.

150,000 penguins killed after giant iceberg renders colony landlocked

Illustrating the difference between Hillary and Bernie....

The inconsistencies of Hillary ...

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Stalks Ted Cruz

Indonesia Is Asking Facebook and WhatsApp to Block Gay Emojis

The lethal fallacy of any Clinton "Plan".

"Desperate Hillary attacks Obama as Polls Sink" DEJA VU

America’s Endless Wars

"Christopher Hitchens -- Speaking Honestly About Hillary Clinton"

Daily Holidays - February 13

Chicago powerhouse the Steepwater Band

Thanks for the hearts

In Fact, Argue Experts, Sanders' Medicare-for-All Numbers "Do Add Up"

The Democratic Primary Is A Fight Over Wall Street And Obama's Legacy

Maddow: Boom in voter registration raises intrigue for Nevada caucuses

That was Clyde Bellecourt, cofounder of AIM

Socialism in America Is Closer Than You Think

Onion: Obama Resigns From Presidency After Michelle Lands Dream Job In Seattle

Nick Hanauer: Schedule workers as you would have them schedule you

Economist: The right way to do drugs

Saudi Arabia sends troops and fighter jets to military base in Turkey

Sanders ranks himself better than Obama on race, Hillary on women's issues, Ted Kennedy on human rig

Getting Low-Income Kids Ready for College Means Skipping the Test Prep Status Quo

People Are Stopping The TPP; Time To Finish Off Corporate Trade

Establishment Figures Want to Scare You with Superdelegates. Here's Why It's Bullshit

Noam Chomsky: 'The US Is One of the Most Fundamentalist Countries in the World'

Chief Inspector Murphy says hello

Greetings from South Carolina. It's Primary Time.

Charter school of 11,000 students drops foreign language

Dear Americans, Please Stop Dreaming of a Better Nation

Sen. Bernie Sanders fires up hundreds at forum in north Minneapolis-More on Black America Comm Forum

Why Climate Activists Must Seize On The Oil Price Crash

Hillary Clinton’s Pay-for-Play Reality

Bernie's arrest record

Bill Maher: New Rule for the Love of the Bud (BONUS CLIP, watch to end)

Bill Clinton throw Obama under the bus (video)

Meanwhile Bernie Sanders on Lou Dobbs demonizing Immigrants.

WEEKLY ADDRESS: The State of American Politics

"An Open Letter to Rep. John Lewis" -- A MUST READ!

Really Weird old Trump Videos

Anyone who doesn't support the Dem nominee is insane and might as well go work for The Trump.

Martin Luther King Jr has a "Black Problem"

Letter to Bernie on reparations.

Are there any polls out for NV and SC?

Showing up: Bernie at the Black America Forum last night

Hillary Clinton is brilliant, progressive, and the most qualified candidate on either side.

Senate confirms Obama nominees that Cruz had repeatedly blocked

The best part of Bernie's victory speech was him pledging to support the Dem nominee WHOMEVER it is.

Establishment politicians still don't understand.

Here Are the Top 10 Quotes from Hillary Clinton’s Friend and Monster Henry Kissinger

Las Vegas Sun - Hillary gets "green light" from The American Gaming Association.

Las Vegas Sun - Cortez Masto says Clinton is the ‘champion Nevadans need’

My Spanish speaking husband

Watch Corporate America Turn A Room Full Of Workers Into Bernie Sanders And Donald Trump Supporters

New York Times calms Clinton supporters with moderate editorial stroking.

What Hillary's embrace of Kissinger tells us

Free Beacon Poll: Clinton and Sanders Tied in Nevada

A different view of the WW2

MSNBC: "Warning signs for Hillary Clinton in South Carolina"

Sanders campaign: Photo confirms Sanders' leadership during civil rights movement

So bummed

Sanders Supporters Told Not To Attend HKonJ March in NC

Think Bernie Sanders has no chance? Think again

Written in 2014: "Backing Hillary in 2016: Bad for Progressives and Bad Politics, Too"

How a particular movie became very popular could explain Bernie's campaign.

Why the Panic Over Dem Super Delegates Is Rooted in Lazy Reporting

another question the media won't ask

Slow and steady won Clinton the debate

Delegates-Clinton 32 pledged - 12 unpledged/ Sanders 36 pledged - 0 unpledged/Need to nominate: 2382

Cruz / Shkreli 2016. Because if you're gonna go in, go ALL in.

FEC launches inquiry into hundreds of “excessive” contributions to Bernie Sanders campaign

Milt Shook: White liberals, stop embarassing me!

Bernie: "We Can, We Will"

Bernie Sanders has never been dirty

Poll: Sanders and Clinton in Nevada dead heat

Can we make sense of the Malheur mess?

Weekend Bernie Group Toon Roundup

Hillary... I'll look into it :-)

The difference between Hillary and Bernie, 1992 and 2016

Weekend Toon Roundup

Can anyone tell me why there is such a dearth of state polling?

Clinton’s Exaggerated Wall Street Claim

Trump Meets the Honeymooners

Goldman Sachs transcripts? "Ha ha ha"

Las Vegas Sun - Clinton will protect nation’s landmark health care reform.

Has/is Bernie going to come out and rail against the DNC regarding their fundraising?

I wonder if Photogate is going to be a vaccine against attacks on Bernie's integrity?

Robyn Blumner to Become President and CEO of Center for Inquiry

HUFFINGTON POST: The Democratic Primary Is A Fight Over Wall Street And Obama's Legacy

When Will Henry Kissinger Endorse Clinton?

Bernie surges, Hillary falls sharply in Reuters Likely voters tracking poll

Sanders a Bourgeois Deviationist, Washington Post Declares

I feel included when politicians discuss social issues and understand their impact

Why I re-registered as a Democrat after spending my entire adult life as a Green.

Primary Screams

Bait, Shiny Objects and Corruption

Google search trends data on Sanders, Clinton and Obama

Marco Robio (cartoon)

Hillary Is a High-Ranking Member of the DC Power Elite — and That's Why She Can't Comprehend Bernie’


Jesse Jackson defends Bernie. No one reports it

I just got an email from something called Apple News-this pic the lead story

Feather-Light Penalties Abound As Freedom Industries MCHM Spill Trials Near End

Hillary Clinton’s Appeal to African-American Voters: I Won’t Make Promises I Can’t Keep

Zika Virus: Malformations Linked To Pyriproxyfen-A Pesticide Used To Arrest Development Of Mosquitos

The best protection shield for Bernie ...

Hotel workers’ union slams private equity firm for corporate jet use

Hotel workers’ union slams private equity firm for corporate jet use

North Atlantic Carbon Absorption Up 50% In Past Decade From Prior Ten Years

The Three Evils of Society - M.L.K.

Hotel workers’ union slams private equity firm for corporate jet use

Algal Toxins, Including Domoic Acid Were Unseen In Alaskan Marine Mammals - Until Now, That Is

Student threatens to smash classmate's Trump-sticker laptop

Hillary’s Surrogates Push Distraction Issues To Avoid Addressing Wall Street Ties

The Three Evils of Society- M.L.K.

Things to know about Obama's summit with SE Asian leaders

The End Of The Enlightenment In Australia - Op-Ed On Devastating Climate Research Cuts At CSIRO

Robert Scheer Speaks With Nomi Prins About the Connection Between Washington and Wall Street (audio)


F.E.C. Tells Sanders Campaign That Some Donors May Have Given Too Much

Bring in the Gimp...Jeb! has a winning strategery that starts with "G, then "W, and ends with "B."

Multiple Regions Across Southern Africa Lowest Oct-Dec Rainfall Totals In At Least 35 Years

Nevada poll: Clinton 45, Sanders 45

Hey Governor Snyder - you're going to prison

Corporations Killed Medicine. Here's How to Take It Back

Need a favor from the Lounge

Democrats' Debates Just As Bad - Not One Question On Climate, Environment, CPP During PBS Debate

$20.22 is a living wage for South Carolina. Protests are for raising the minimum wage to $15/hour

CNN: "Clinton's 'me' versus Sanders' 'us'"

Hillary should use a new song for her ads by the Stones....

ALEC's "Fuck You, We Will Frack Anywhere" Bill Stalled In Florida Legislature, At Least Temporarily


This is why Hillary won't be the nominee

NEW HILLARY AD, “featuring a testimonial from Reverend Thompson of Charleston, South Carolina,

I'm getting sick and tired of dinosaurs being forced on our children

Clinton Gets It on Health Care

Yes, robots will steal our jobs; but don’t worry, we’ll get new ones

Keeling Curve Beginning To Shift; Planet's "Respiration" Rates Changing @ Seasonal CO2 Highs & Lows

Hillary says she can break up the banks *IF* they get too big.

538: "Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton both have a 50% chance of winning the Nevada caucuses"

Honoring Diane Nash, Civil Rights Freedom fighter, Instigator

US Forest Service Feeling Strain Of Record 2015 Season; 13 Firefighter Deaths, Insufficient Funding

Sanders Campaign 100% Certain University of Chicago Photo is Him

There's a special place in hell for politicians who don't look out for the middle class and below...

Hillary Is a High-Ranking Member of the DC Power Elite - and

'Note required from wife' to buy Viagra

Ted Cruz logo looks a lot like a religious one...surprised? Lol

Who Endorsed Hillary Clinton? The Congressional Black Caucus or Its PAC Filled with Lobbyists?

Clinton is wrong about her Obama strategy

THE GUARDIAN: Let the record reflect: the American people are a bunch of suckers.

Rabbi Gets Kicked Out of Arizona City Council Meeting After Protesting Christian Prayers

Turkey shells Kurdish-held areas of Syria's Aleppo: monitor

Human spirit in the face of the subject - photos

The Latest: Pope and patriarch sign joint declaration on religious unity

Bernie is coming to Michigan!

Photos: A Look Back At PM, NYC's Finest Moment In Photojournalism

Warning: you cannot unsee this.

Keith Ellison defends Bernie Sanders after John Lewis' remark

Stability in Ecosystems: Asynchrony of Species Is More Important Than Diversity


Telling off Bernie Sanders (Mike Thompson: Freep)

Why won't Hillary fully embrace Bernie's proposal to tax Wall Street speculation?

Feds: Remove 3 California foxes from endangered species list

So ... it was all just a misunderstanding ?

Peacock-culling plan ruffles feathers in India's Goa

~ Citizen vs Consumer ~

Kentucky lawmaker’s bill would require men to get a note from their wives to purchase Viagra

A religion course for the Internet age

You Can Buy a Copy of Marx’s ‘Capital’ Signed by Carly Fiorina on eBay To Benefit Bernie Sanders

Tim Canova fighting Debbie Wasserman Schultz


One of the coolest things I have ever seen.

Next time you see a GBCW post, remember this ...

Do Extreme Bernie Supporters Realize How Evangelically Absolute It Is To Police The Term "Liberal"?

"Single issue candidate"

In Fact, Argue Experts, Sanders' Medicare-for-All Numbers "Do Add Up"

Catholic and Russian Orthodox leaders end 1000-year standoff

Hillary's Superdelegate Coup Just Confirms to Millennials: The System Is Rigged

Fortune: Bernie Sanders Becomes Silicon Valley Favorite

Coin flips? In Nevada, democratic caucus ties are luck of the draw.

Even though Hillary makes it difficult as hell to vote for her, I will vote for her if she's the

How do I lock a thread?

Official Rally: Denver, Colorado TODAY

Clinton’s absurd Nevada spin: Setting transparently bogus expectations for the next caucus

Hillary does a lot more than have a few phone calls with Henry Kissinger...

Why Are Americans Ignoring Trevor Noah, new host of The Daily Show?

Sometimes, photo ops just don't go well.

The only thread worth reading in GD-P

Bill Maher Valentine's Poem...


Suddenly, the Solar Boom Is Starting to Look like a Bubble

Paraguay: Government Ordered to Protect Uncontacted Tribe

As Congressional Black Caucus PAC Prepares to Back Clinton, Barbara Lee Withholds Endorsement

The night Bernie Sanders endorsed Jesse Jackson for President of the USA

US intelligence head warns of Isis chemical attack capability

"To jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war." - Winston Churchill

Women like him. Men like him. Whites, Blacks, most minorities and even Green Party likes him.

John Kerry condemns Russia's 'repeated aggression' in Syria and Ukraine

MUST READ: Sanders is Right: Iraq is Important

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - A Doomsday Video

Clinton picks up newspaper endorsements in Texas, Florida

Do extreme Hillary supporters realize how you don't need liberal "police" to determine:

Did you know Michelle Alexander's husband prosecutes people under the laws she blames Clintons for?

Flint water crisis: governor's aides knew of issues within weeks, records suggest

"Feel-The-Bern -- New Version with Subtitles"

"Feel-The-Bern - (New Version with Subtitles)

How many of you or your children will die because the SC rightwingers interfered with

iPhone users: Please do not manually reset your time

I need some real loud dancin' music, how about you?

Immigrants arrested in U.S. raids say were misled on right to counsel

Immigrants arrested in U.S. raids say were misled on right to counsel

Partner of N.Y. police officer convicted in shooting is fired

Who remembers baby teething biscuits.

U.S. Defence Secretary says UK needs nuclear weapons for 'outsized' world role

Bernie Fans are Occupying the MSNBC remote location. The tap house?

The Guardian: 10 reasons why voters are turning to Bernie Sanders

Al Jazeera Bernin'

Here's some video of the arrest of the Princeton Professor

An alternative to platinum: Iron-nitrogen compounds as catalysts in graphene

Somalia: Al-Shabab Claims Responsibility for Plane Bomb

Dijsselbloem rejects calls for looser banking rules

Imagine the outrage around here!

Dangerous cold grips northeast U.S., could break Valentine's Day records

John Kasich and the Clintons Collaborated on Law That Helped Double Extreme Poverty

Man Who Shot Down Drone Pleads Guilty to Criminal Mischief

Democratic mayor of Atlanta calls out Bernie Sanders for his race relations claim

ESPN reporter cuts off NBA all-star celebrity MVP's speech about health care

New Conservadem talking point: Michelle Alexander's husband is a prosecutor who upholds the law

Hillary Clinton Testing Out New Strategy Against Bernie Sanders – But Will It Work?

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - Red-Tailed Hawks

Latest from Capehart-

Capehart is Writing More Fan Fiction re: Sanders Pic...

"Dear Debbie,"

Meanwhile, in Southern California........

1912 8th grade exam - Of course, I would fail it

Rapper Williams: World needs protest music

Veterans’ Wait After Trump Fundraiser Shows Hurdles for Campaign

Russian PM Medvedev Equates Relations With West To A 'New Cold War'

Interesting article on running spies

The way Clinton treated Obama in 2008 was a disgrace

LOL! Donald Trump says he would seek Sean Hannity’s advice for choosing a Vice President

Scientists say window to reduce carbon emissions is small

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Playbook Against Bernie Sanders Is a Lot Like Her 2008 Playbook Against Obama

A mile wide and an inch deep.

Sad. Gap in enthusiam between the two parties

Is it 1972 all over again, with SBS playing the role of unaccountable pol from nowhere?

Photogate and the new Birthers

Re- Hillary's Claim that She'll Be More Able to Get Things Done

Dear God I miss Martin O'Malley!! My Valentine to the group

The Bride of Trumpenstein ...

Hillary's Foreign Policy mentor & Vacation Buddy: Henry Kissinger Quotes

A few quotes from the Illustrious Henry Kissinger.

Flint FOIA request denied because public interest is less important than reputations

Clinton Foundation Donors Got Weapons Deals From Hillary Clinton's State Department

I knew John Lewis wouldn't let his comment about Bernie Sanders stand

PRELIM: M5.1 Z=1km 17:07 2/13 UTC, 28 km NW of Fairview, Oklahoma

Just felt my first earthquake

Hispanic Voters May Not Like This Aspect of Obama's Policies: Ruthless Deportations:

Bernie Sanders: The 2016 Peace Candidate

Official Rally: Las Vegas, Nevada - Sunday, February 14, 2016

Way beyond diamonds: A look at some of the rarest minerals in the world

Rep. John Lewis Clarifies Comments on Sanders, 25 mins ago, MSNBC, Ben Jealous Responds

"The Annual Clinton-Kissinger Vacation Motto: What Happens in Punta Cana Stays in Punta Cana"

Our next Democratic President will have to fight to preserve ACA.

Tory Valentines.

So, ran across this in a tweet to Jonathan Capehart

NY Times: The sexual misery of the Arab world

Why Hillary CANNOT be the nominee (in one picture)

About those transcripts....

Possible consequences of a GOP POTUS and GOP Congress.....

John Oliver Is in Awe of the Super Bowl - Late Night with Seth Meyers

Mathematical question

If this Iraqi dam collapses, half a million people could die

Stand your ground taken to it's logical conclusion...

Capehart tweet: Where the doubt of a campaign strategist slams up against a university archive

The phony in American politics: how voters turn into suckers.

Two days later and Capehart is STILL trying to push his smear campaign.

Here's why Sanders will beat Trump in the General Election

Hillary Clinton Says She Does Not Coordinate With Super PAC She Reportedly Raised Money For

Ex-Students Say Boarding School Kept Them in Isolation Boxes

Bernie is correct once again: Dodd-Frank does not do enough and may make big banks bigger

Is it really Zika Virus, or is it Monsanto?

The Iranian Government has More Integrity than Republican Candidates.

Please consider my prediction about race in this primary.

What do rich political donors get for their contributions?

No wonder the young are supporting unapologetic socialists— they’re f***ed

How a super PAC plans to coordinate directly with Hillary Clinton’s campaign

Too much hate - a request.

Ahead of Pope's visit, Mexico gang violence targets priests

In northern New England it's been an interesting winter

Keith Ellison Introduces Bernie Sanders

Keith Ellison Introduces Bernie Sanders

Bernie Thinker Candidate Spreadsheet

Would you please pin this thread in The GD:P

Why Hillary is cruel and wrong to block child refugees from Central America

The Dosa Gentrification

John Lewis clarifies comments on Bernie Sanders

Morning Joe: "Barack Obama has been a great president"

"What Clinton did not mention was that her bond with Kissinger was personal as well as professional"

The political immaturity of remarks like "Hillary is a Republican"

John Kasich and the Clintons Collaborated on Law That Helped Double Extreme Poverty

Main Street or Wall Street? Billy Bragg.

John Lewis clarifies comments on Bernie Sanders

Holy Shit! It's so much worse than I thought

The candidate with the most experience is...

Compare Your Candidates: Debate Strategy.

On Kenneth Thorpe's Analysis of Senator Sanders' Single-Payer Reform Plan

Kos: You Can't Admire Both Henry Kissinger and Martin Luther King Jr

Just got notice of patient #3 this week - end-stage liver disease. God have mercy...

Hillary Clinton criticizes President Obama’s foreign policy in interview with the Atlantic 2014

Thank you to the wise, honorable and compassionate John Lewis:

Please consider voting for Bernie Sanders. I ask that of my friends here.

Those Photographs of Bernie are real despite what you've heard

This is How Financial Chaos Begins

Gov. Scott Walker discusses Lincoln Hills youth prison investigation, FBI probe

University of Chicago CORRECTS photo archives. Confirms it is Sanders.

Governor signs bill overhauling Wisconsin civil service laws

Imagine traveling back in time and explaining to a 21 year old Bernie Sanders

Cliven Bundy to remain in jail in 2014 Nevada standoff case

MSNBC: Clinton campaign downplaying South Carolina

On Kenneth Thorpe's Analysis of Senator Sanders' Single-Payer Reform Plan

TheWash Post's View -->Bernie Sanders’s attack on reality

Sanders’ backers sense political winds shifting in his direction - from Tennessee Commerical Appeal

FBI does not find any rigged explosives at Oregon standoff site.

Give Bernie Sanders Your Vote, by Windborne Music. On itunes = bucks for Bernie!

"Siberian Tutankhamun" and consort entombed w/ >20kg gold, 14 horses (modern Republic of Tuva)

WP Strongly Supports Hillary's Assessment of Bernie's Obama Critisms

Robert Reich comments on new DNC ruling on party financing.


If you would, please check in to my John Lewis OP

Hillary Camp Meme of the day...."can only have incremental change"

Peyton Manning’s squeaky-clean image was built on lies

Bernie Sanders Sex Scandal

Hillary's Logo not that unique

Jeb Bush On His Foreign Policy Chops: 'Florida National Guard Ran Abu Ghraib Prison'

Thank you x 2

West Virginia Will Become the 26th Right-To-Work State

This is why President Obama's 2008 win was such at BFD

Hillary says the Republicans won't allow us to make major changes, but at the same time saying she's

pssst, About Hillary talking to That Man

Sanders in town today (Denver)

"Black Voters DROP Hillary Clinton to Support Bernie Sanders"

m$nbc's continuing love affair with don trump

"Parsing Hillary Clinton's Disingenuous Foreign Policy Record"

Sanders SC Ad: Wheels of Inevitability

A frosted Valentine's heart on the window

Meet the house D.J. of the Bernie Sanders campaign

How are you going to spend the American Peoples Money?

Are you registered to vote? Sure? Is your neighbor? Relatives? Go here

This is How Financial Chaos Begins

I've been out of the loop for 3 days: did she release her transcripts yet?

State of the Primary - February 13, 2016

"Hillary is corrupt" ... How do you know? . "The fact that she has backers on Wall Street is proof!"

It is my firm belief that if Hillary does win, the first thing the republicans are going to do

The most hilarious Jeopardy you will ever watch - better than Blitzer

When Hillary accuses Bernie of smear tactics it's called "projection".

Ohio-Valley style pizza.

Why America Needs Bernie Sanders

Last night, HBO VICE show had an excellent report on ISIS

Somebody need to apologize and explain his actions

Should the Left initiate a boycott of Time Magazine and its advertisers?

State of the Primary - February 13, 2016 (Hillary Group)


Pileup Involving Dozens of Cars Shuts Pennsylvania Interstate Amid Strong Winds

"Black Democrats Question Sanders' Commitment to Obama"

"Bernie Sanders’s attack on reality"

Old trees reveal Late Antique Little Ice Age (LALIA) around 1,500 years ago


Experts urge extreme caution on 'rewilding' to save wild places

Got $5 Billion+ in corporate profits? Declare a dividend and move to Mexico!!

Sanders free college plan: Some Thoughts

Sometimes history offers a chance to stand up and make a stand.

Radical carbon dioxide removal projects could be a risky business

Carbon dioxide stored underground can find multiple ways to escape

The RW attack thread

Decade of rising seas slowed by land soaking up extra water

The photographer speaks out. "John Lewis, Bernie Sanders, “What is the Truth?”

My favorite paragraph so far from Bernie's book. I think he wrote this in 1996. Still singing that

The ‘Clinton Bubble’: How Clinton Democrats Fostered the 2008 Economic Crisis

Clinton campaign looking for backup on social media

#BundyTeasParty - Press Conference of Arnold Law and Coalition of Western States 2/12/2016

Small Gifts to Bernie Sanders Challenge Hillary Clinton Fund-Raising Model

Guest/Panel Lineups For The Sunday News Shows (Sanders on Face the Nation, This Week, Fox News Sun.)

Flint- It was NEVER about saving money

A new occupation begins -- this time it's the birds

Uh Oh! Jindals Failed Louisiana Budget/Deficit Threatens SEC Football

Poland plans to punish use of the phrase 'Polish death camps'

Obama's Legacy: A Great Man & Good President In Bad Times

Pope Francis urges Mexico to guard against the forces of 'kidnapping and death'

Pope Francis urges Mexico to guard against the forces of 'kidnapping and death'

Why we fail.

The photographer speaks out. "John Lewis, Bernie Sanders, “What is the Truth?”

So has Bernie developed a time line for the

Bloom County Tries to Discover Hillary's $140,000,000 "Product"

Native issues have finally been injected into the primary

Ahead of Pope's visit, Mexico gang violence targets priests (X-Posted from GD)

Wonder why so many in Congress have refused to endorse Bernie? Follow the money

Bernie strongly suggesting that someone primary Obama in 2011 = BONE HEADED MOVE.

Venezuela opposition to speed up plans to oust Maduro

Trump lashes out at “very political” Pope Francis for daring to visit Mexico

Hillary Kicks Off Canvassing in Nevada

Shops' electricity rationed in crisis-hit Venezuela

I was fighting for George Takei's right to get married

The Rolling Stones 'under 24-hour armed guard' after gig worker is shot dead on South American tour

Venezuela leader gets emergency powers, rivals vow ouster

Sanders was suggesting a primary challenge to move Obama to the left, experts said

What's for Dinner, Sat., Feb. 13, 2015

Look at what came in the mail today....

In Soviet Russia, Snares Trap YOU...

Sorry, HIllary Supporters -- it WAS Bernie in those photose . . .

A canvasser for Hillary just came by....

A number of machines I've worked with (memory lane). Fair amount of pics.

Ecuadorean Police at It Again, Rescue Owl from Highway

Wonderful OBAMA Legislation OVERTURNED by Pro-Hillary DNC

THIS is the reason we should have been ignoring "Time Magazine" all along:

GitHub Users Find Women's Code Better Than Men's — Until They Know Who Wrote It

Jesse Jackson: Bernie ‘Fought Back In Chicago’ During Civil Rights Movement

Bernie Sander's Flint campaign office is now open

Where does government authority...

Im not understanding the tone around here.

US urges Turkey to halt Syria strikes

Federal investigation to review rubber turf for possible cancer link

Carrier Air Conditioning moving 1,400 jobs to Mexico

Please try to watch Democracy Now episode 2/12/16

Arizona mayor has rabbi escorted out of town council meeting so they can pray to Jesus

Does anyone have a link to the clip of Tweety verbally assaulting Tad Devine over photo?

by Robert Reich

Gun Liability Insurance: A Coming Idea?

Could I get a crash course in how Dem convention delegates are chosen and elected?

Mike Malloy - House Panel Votes To Privatize Air Traffic Control

Who would ever want to ask our young people to scale back their dreams and goals?

If you've never googled "most embarassing logos", you really should. (NSFW)

Texas Woman Sentenced to Life for Murders of Husband and Step-Daughter

 It’s the Racism, Stupid

Super useful chart from Cook (Clinton Group)

There has been some discussion on a WaPo opinion piece titled "Bernie Sanders’s attack on reality"

Fastest Game Show Ever

Watch out for that $1 credit report from Experian.

In Historic Trial, Mayan Women Accuse Ex-Military Officers Of Sex Slavery

In Historic Trial, Mayan Women Accuse Ex-Military Officers Of Sex Slavery

Nevada Police Group Backs Gun Ballot Measure

Oklahoma hit by its third-strongest earthquake ever: USGS

Clinton Says Sanders Would Be Threat to Obama Legacy

Hillary's a High-Ranking Member of DC Elite <-- Why She Can't Comprehend Bernie’s Revolution

Mike Malloy - The Clintons Figured They Own The Black Folk

Bernie's Billionaire Bashing!

Has Hillary Wrapping Her Arms Around Obama .....

Is this true, Scalia dead

Senior U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia found dead at West Texas ranch

If the Oregon Bundy Saga becomes a feature length movie what would it be titled?

Can Bernie get elected and achieve his platform?

Attacking reality is the essence of progressive activism

Live Stream of Bernie Rally in Colorado if you are interested in watching - to start in two minutes

Scalia has died!!!

Ignore the made up drama about the FEC and Bernie, it is just more Hillary supporters whining!

The Bad Cop Worse Cop game

Warning signs for Hillary Clinton in South Carolina

U.S. regains Hellfire air-to-ground missile from Cuba

U.S. regains Hellfire air-to-ground missile from Cuba

Sign the petition to ask Pres Obama to: "Call on the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to

2nd source .... Scalia is dead .... 3rd source Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia dead at 79

Sign the petition to ask Pres Obama to: "Call on the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to

Antonin Scalia has died

1,638 and counting... a celebration...catching up on my health

Experts.....Can Obama nominate new Justice in time before November? Is there time??



Scalia death on CNN now

How will Clarence Thomas know what to think now?

Antonin Scalia has died

Scalia's death has changed my opinion, we must elect a democrat.

Scalia dead, wow just blew my mind.

Scalia Death Reports Sound Odd

Latest post from photographer Danny Lyon

Perfect solution! Obama, nominate Hillary to SCOTUS! Problem solved!!! nt


Antonin Scalia Has Died

I support Hillary for Supreme Court nominee!

Shops' electricity rationed in crisis-hit Venezuela

President Obama, don't appoint a conservative just to get a vote

This Shit just got real

Joe Biden for Supreme Court

Justice Scalia's death...

Since we finally got some snow

Ding-dong a witch is dead. Hate to grave dance but it beats

Scalia dead. How are SCOTUS decisions made with even number of justices?

maybe God wanted a YES on climate change

Obama should appoint Posner to replace Scalia...

Sam Cooke - A Change Is Gonna Come

Liz Warren or Russ Feingold for Supreme Court.

Repuke debate tonight. I suspect all candidates will warn Obama not to nominate

I'm not going to celebrate Scalia's death, but I will say....

Wow, did this upcoming Presidential Election just get MUCH MORE IMPORTANT!!!!!!

The Republicans have no moral room to lecture us on politicizing Scalia's death

Pups 3.5 weeks

Anyone else ever think Scalia looks like central casting

Pope Francis meets Orthodox Patriarch Kirill in historic talks

Kamala Harris, The California AG, for the SCOTUS

Bill Clinton for SCOTUS?

Maybe God wanted a YES on that climate change vote.

Saturday, February 13th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Bernie Sanders Presses Hillary Clinton To Demand DNC Keep Ban On Lobbyist Cash

Joe Biden for SCOUS ?

With Scalia dead... sure brings home the importance of electing a Democrat

Thank you to whoever gave me a heart - my first one!

Happy Valentines Day to all

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Dies At 79

CNN is now kissing his dead ass

John Lewis Applauds as Hillary Attacks Obama As Slumlord Supporter in Inner City Chicago

This is a wonderful day.

I do not give a damn if it's Sanders or Hillary

What are the Vegas odds that Obama gets a SCOTUS nominee to replace Scalia confirmed?

"Mere factual innocence is no reason not to carry out a death sentence properly reached."

Media pushing for Obama to settle on a Nominee that the Repubicans would like

If the death of Scalia is true, we are now seeing in actual time what a GOP vs. Dem will mean for

Antonin Scalia was a mammal

I'm pretty dysnumeric, but I enjoyed "The Story of Maths" on Netflix

Why can't you speak ill of the dead?

Who should Obama appoint?

Scalia's death and the republican debate tonight

Vote Dem in November! Not only can he have a Dem President, but we can have a 5-4 SCOTUS majority!

Oh, to be a fly on the wall at the RNC

When was the last time a sitting justice died?

Republican Party commits electoral suicide if they block President Obama on a SCOTUS appointment

Scalia's dead

Scalia's dead


With Scalia gone how does a tie vote get solved?

If Obama can't get a nominee through before his term ends, this raises the stakes of this election

Sanders Presses Hillary Clinton To Demand DNC Keep Ban On Lobbyist Cash

The death of Justice Scalia is a strong reminder to all of us of what is at stake in this election!!

I was watching golf when CBS cut in with Scalia's death and I

MSNBC, "Brilliant", "Intellectual Giant" "Sharp" "Gifted" "Charming" on Scalia

Glad to finally see some unity in here

Interesting months ahead... Approving anyone left of Hitler

Scalia has died


David Axelrod- "Scalia's death is a seismic event."

Senate will not approve Obama appointment

With Scalia'a death the GOP will make it even harder to vote than they have before.

Reagan got Anthony Kennedy onto the SCOTUS in the last year of his term, why...

Early Voted Today for Bernie in Tennessee!

Next Supreme Court Nominee: Sri Srinivasan

Important OP in GDP that everyone here should see. Let's all do what we can

It doesn't matter who Obama appoints as replacement for Scalia...

I will not say I'm glad Justice Scalia is dead.

A decision in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association

Ya'll can call me crazy but here's a name that might be able to pass a repuke congress.

WAPO Editorial: "Bernie Sanders attack on Reality"

On Scalia dying

Snopes Confirmed It: Scalia Dead


God has taken Justice Scalia

so maybe it does matter that we vote for whoever the Democratic nominee is

tweets from gop pres candidates

Scalia replacement and the Senatorial election

Moments after Scalia death confirmed, GOPer spox vows to block any Obama appointment.

Can Obama make a recess appointment to Supreme Court

Scalia died but Justice Ginsburg needs to be replaced, she's

Bye Fecilia or Fat Tony takes a Dirt Nap

Rethugs don't need to filibuster. They can vote down every nominee with 53 votes.

A counterintuitive idea about the Senate Republicans

Flogging Molly- The Devil's Dance Floor

Sometimes, the classiest thing to do is just not say anything.

Gergen: Election determines control of White House, Senate, and Supreme Court

"I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries with great pleasure." --Clarence Darrow

President Obama's message for DU on Scalia dying

BFFs Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Antonin Scalia agree to disagree

Senate Judiciary Committee Members

First time I've seen anything like that.

He had NINE kids???

Jeh Johnson, maybe?

CNN: "Senior Senate Source": "Unlikely nominee will get confirmed."

Per CNN: Republicans are saying they're going to run out the clock on Obama

I thought he was PRO-life

scalia dead, how does it effect things?

RIP Scalia

With Antonin Scalia's death, God rest his soul, this is no longer fun and games.

I bet Obama nominates a moderate

So Lemmy and David Bowie are chatting with God, when they mention to the Almighty...

Asking about the protocol for Supreme Court

Is having the next president fill Scalia's vacancy a better bet for Democrats?

Scalia's Death

Breaking Justice Scalia is dead

Obama's next Supreme Court appointee needs to meet two qualifications...

William Brennan and Earl Warren were recess appointments

OK Mr President. You're in the last year of your second term.

Has anyone here done a panorama

So, it turns out he spent his last day on earth out trying to kill

The longest Supreme Court confirmation process from nomination to resolution was Brandeis

Cruz and Rubio: Let the Next President nominate Scalia's replacement

What high profile cases are before the SCOTUS right now?

Scalia was confirmed by a vote of 98-0

Sanders Chicago campaign official launch! It's packed!! They had to move to a bigger room!

Why the delay in announcment of Scalia's death, "apparently" of natural causes"?

It seems pretty unlikely to me that the president will get to make this nomination.

Wanna say this will be fun, a learning experience for ALL of us,

Feb13: 2 weeks till SC Primary--volunteers and Team hard at work...

Can someone give a list of deplorable Scalia decisions?

As I see it, Obama has 3 options regarding SCOTUS.

There is a very good chance for Dem majority Senate next year

GOP stunned Senate hopeful may be short of ballot signatures

I wouldn't dream of suggesting a celebration. But does anyone want to hang out and just be happy?

The Latest: Thousands greet Francis at Mexico basilica

I Nominate Hillary R Clinton For SCOTUS

How ironic

Fire Dept. Experts: A Question.

And in our hour of need Ode to Joy

Bernie Sanders March in downtown Charleston today to spread the word about the upcoming primary 2/27

With the passing of Justice Scalia, the need to nominate Bernie is more urgent than ever.

Judge Judy for the Supremes

Mozilla Firefox browser "sticks" only on DU

expect fear mongering over scalia death

Elections Matter.

Texas Woman Sentenced to Life for Murders of Husband and Step-Daughter

Serious question re Capehart.

Deal Us In

Sanders Denver Rally

John Kasich and the Clintons Collaborated on Law That Helped Double Extreme Poverty

So they can cut the non-stop primary BS

Here's a list of Federal judges nominated by President Obama...

Imagine how excited we'd be if Cheney died. Scalia's death is even better!

Baker: Husband’s firing payback from within Wolf administration

Now is not the time for No We Can't.

The Accidental Swiftboater

Mississippi Berning:

This Election just opened up for Democratic Socialism

Scalia's death tilts 2016 election to Ds

Scalia's death is good news for Hillary and her supporters in my opinion.

The Latest: Thousands greet Francis at Mexico basilica

Here is the question, and it is a BIG QUESTION. If the SC rules on a case 4 to 4, is that yes or no

Obama is President Turtle McConnell

Seeing Maher tonight in Portland.

Suggestion for New Capehart Article. How clothes and photographs prove wife's memories can be wrong

The last SCOTUS nominee to come from a President who didn’t control the Senate was 25 years ago!!!

Lindsay Graham just said the next president should make the nomination

Scalia is Dead! This is no longer a game. Hillary must be stopped.

Bernie to have a rally in Ypsilanti MI. Monday

With Scalia's death, I hope this puts the 2016 primaries into perspective

Hillary Clinton doesn't seem to have any campaign offices in Michigan, yet

The lights will be on at the Federalist Society tonight..

Still loads of people waiting in line and it's already packed! Colorado!

Finally. Time: Photographer Says Disputed 1962 Photo Really Does Show Bernie Sanders

Diane Humetewa for Supreme Court Justice

"President Obama was elected for a 4-year term, not a 3-year term."

First egg at Pittsburgh Hays bald eagle nest 2016

Why the fuck shouldn't Obama pick the next Supreme?

So who will Slappy's ventriloquist be now?

Yes, I am grave dancing and no, I am not ashamed!

Scalia: "No regrets at all"

Mitch McConnell on Obama replacing Scalia.

I see in LBN 150,000 penguins have died in Antarctica and Justice Scalia is dead.

Bernie: "(Scalia) was a brilliant, colorful, and outspoken member of the Supreme Court"

Elizabeth Warren for SCOTUS !!!! eom

Has anyone blamed Hillary for Scalia's death yet

Scalia dies after hunting quail in Texas. Isn't the cause of death obvious?

Here is the full statement from Bernie Sanders on the death of Antonin Scalia

We need a democratic nominee who gives the NRA no quarter!

A Kentucky Lawmaker Wants Men Seeking Viagra to Bring the Doc a Note From Their Wife

If trump is elected and there's still a vacancy, I fear he will nominate Judge Judy.

Freeperville is in absolute glee mode

Fresh off Facebook, the right wingers already afraid President Obama is going to appoint himself or

A Valentine:

This vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president," McConnell said in a statement.

Justice Scalia’s Death and Implications for the 2016 Election, the Supreme Court and the Nation

Sandra Fluke for Supreme Court justice!

I finally got around to watching Madoff today

Something you need to be prepared for...

Some quotes from Her Majesty's good friend Henry (war criminal) Kissinger

It seems a good time to repost this ...

Then he died.

Statement from Sen McConnell on Justice Scalia

What will be the practical outcome of a 8-person Court? No victories for conservatives.

The President should nominate VP Biden.

What is the longest time for a vacancy on the SCOTUS?

Sen. Reid on a nominee, and on the Passing of Justice Scalia

What happens to this Term’s close cases? (Updated)

The Root has some suggestions for the Scotus

There is now a de facto liberal SCOTUS majority

Sen. Mitch McConnell: "This vacancy should not be filled until there is a new President selected."

Now that Scalia is dead. What will Clarence Thomas do?

Now that Scalia is have nowhere to go but Hillary...

What happens to cases the SCOTUS has already accepted but have not yet ruled?

To refresh our memories: Obama's short lists

If Hillary wins she needs a progressive with her.

10 years and 2 days ago Cheney shot his friend in the face on a hunting trip

Republican Primary Prediction: Kasich does better than expected in South Carolina, finishes 2nd

Fellow Berners !! I just donated 10 bucks to Bernie when I heard Scalia died.....

This is and is not about Scalia

GOP Moves To Block Obama From Naming Scalia Successor

This nomination was decided in 2012

Maybe Democrats have the opportunity to find another Obama-like figure

Some facts after the passing of Scalia

Silent thread for the dead penguins in Antarctica.

Liberal Licious statement on death of Scalia

Ding Dong, the witch is dead.

The Supreme Court after the Upcoming Elections – An Analysis

SCOTUSblog: What happens to this Term’s close cases?

So we got (re)married this afternoon.

Ted Cruz: The "Next President" Should Replace Scalia, Not This One.

Watch 1,400 US workers learn their jobs are moving to Mexico

Twitter reacts to Scalia's death