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DU is nearly unbearable right now.

Recent Picture of John Lewis standing with Bernie Sanders

Stop sending around this photo of ‘Bernie Sanders'

So young people don't support Hillary because they're ignorant and stupid.

Telling Bea the Abu Dhabi Dad Joke

Meet the Science- and Muslim-Hating Conspiracy Theorist Running for the Texas Board of Education

This is sadism.

Non-partisan post: UMass Lowell poll director gives thoughts on Superdelegates

Sandy Hook Father’s Jazz Album Nominated for Two Grammys

I just wanted to say "Thank you!" to whomever gave me a heart! It really means a lot to me.

Gravitational Waves Detected, Confirming Einstein’s Theory

Dear Super Delegates

Read the federal charges against Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy

Bernie Sanders questions Obama's leadership

Porter Ranch Gas Leak Stopped

The Latest: Diplomats agree to Syria cease-fire in a week

She started it. I didn't "hate" HRC until she started hating on me!

why would any establishment congressperson be any different from

John Lewis: 'I never saw' Sanders at civil rights events

Hillary as Underdog Is a Dangerous Place for Her Opponents – I Know Firsthand via @BlueNationRev

Victims: Feds Hid 'Sweetheart' Deal for Sex Offender With Deep Political Ties

Chris Mathews is an Obvious Shill for Hillary and the 1%, Erupts at anything or Anyone who

Anyone watching Chris Matthews just now? Is Matthews a bigot? Does he have a problem with strong,

i will cut to the punchline: "We both know what you are....

Bernie Ads Hitting Oklahoma Airways Today

Thoughts on this video (4:09) please

Clintons Open A Deep Wound with Blacks

Appletinis in the Ice Museum

Homer Simpson: Making A Murderer

What is "the Establishment" and is there a problem?

Roh-oh...Clinton Foundation received subpoena from State Department investigators

"Team Clinton tries to lower Nevada expectations with incredible (i.e. false) claims"

Univision tracking poll of Latinos in Nevada by Media Predict is a fake and photoshopped

The Billionaires Club Strikes again!

The real Democratic primary poll THE LATINO VOTE

Now, 2 experts explain Super-Delegates on Democracy Now! on Free Spech TV livestreamed online:

Must see GDP OP!

"Thanks, Bernie!" is the new "Thanks, Obama!"

Former Ohio state Sen Nina Turner "Feels the Bern." Fun interview from yesterday's Wayne Besen Show

Where can I stream video of the debate live online?

Wow! David Brock's Blue Nation slamming Bernie supporters over John Lewis. Hateful stuff there.

I'm going to post 2 old pieces on software, which are relevant to "the establishment" critiques

The Democratic Party is unfair to Bernie Sanders

David Brock media launches an ugly attack on Bernie supporters.

My beloved 16 year old cat Mouser is near death

Is the John Lewis controversy based on a misunderstanding?

Wanna watch the debate with Hillary Supporters?

N.Y. policeman convicted of manslaughter in shooting of black man: media

Anatomy of a Smear: David Brock Edition

If Sanders can't "lecture" the President, none of us can speak up

Sanders is critical of Obama and not a peep. Someone critical of Sanders, though?

N.Y. policeman convicted of manslaughter in shooting of black man: media

HRC hasn't been available to her traveling reporters in more than two months.

Cliven Bundy -Arrested yesterday - seeks court appointed Attorney

You know, I was just thinking: the Democratic Party really needs to re-litigate the 1960s

Those Supporting Sanders: More in common with Trumps Supporters than Hillarys Supporters?

Fiorina Cheers Self Up by Firing Campaign Staff

Items Seized from Immigrants and Thrown Away

It isn't Hillary is that the Third Way-New Democrat-DLC has failed us..

bears repeating: how does the ruling elite maintain its grip on power? many tactics

2-9-16 The Passing of George Lippard in 2:00

2-9-16 The Passing of George Lippard in 2:00

2-9-16 The Passing of George Lippard in 2:00

Why is Hillary avoiding the media?

Why I Have Switched from Bernie to Hillary

"...y'all are just JEALOUS of Hillary" in 5...4...3...

Question about icing.

2-10-16 Solidarity at the Gate in 2:00

2-10-16 Solidarity at the Gate in 2:00

2-10-16 Solidarity at the Gate in 2:00

Dear Hillary supporters,

What I've been saying is happening young black millennials vs older blacks.

'Build The Future'

Unless It Changes, Capitalism Will Starve Humanity By 2050

Baking question.

Michele Fiore-political ally of the Bundy Bunch

To All The Baby Boomers Lecturing Us About Supporting Bernie Sanders

Foster Fail puppy rescue by Samantha Surprise, AZ

John Lewis is Absolutely Correct. Bernie's entire biography is Made Up

What happened to the conspiracies? John Lewis chased them all away...

Emails Indicate Flint Lead Tests Withheld from Public at Snyder's Command

If you know folks in Atlanta who love the kitties, we have several who need homes.

15 Health Problems Linked to Monsanto’s Roundup

Can prayer only include a higher power?

Jim Clyburn Implies Pending Hillary Endorsement

What is wrong in this picture?

questions about phone-banking and other volunteering for Bernie

New SPLC Report Documents Hardline Groups Behind 'Religious Freedom Restoration Acts'

How the DNC uses the "delegate system" to scuttle the competition, even if he wins the popular vote

Hillary Clinton's Koch Killing Plan To Get Rid Of Citizens United - PoliticusUSA

Like I said, the Johnny Manziel of the Sports Group.

Democratic Debate happening in 15 minutes on PBS! (9pm EST)

Did you know... only a HANDFUL of people ever actually "marched with Dr. King"? It's true.

It's Not Over, Bernie Sanders, Eric Garners daughter's video

House panel approves plan to privatize air traffic control

The "How long will it take Hillary Clinton to say John Lewis' Name" pool.

Officially signed up for hospice today


Which Party's nomination

Just heard Chris Haysasked a very good question

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Blow Your Head! & a new Kitteh gif

WATCH LIVE: PBS NewsHour Democratic Primary Debate

Judge for yourself. Have a nice evening and see you tomorrow.

Oh Holy hell on the highway

PBS NewsHour Democratic Debate -- LIVE THREAD #1

Democratic debate on now on PBS

Bernie Sanders to hold rally in Denver on Saturday

I stand in support of Harry Belafonte's endorsement of Bernie Sanders.

University of Rochester scientists create 'super polymer' that can lift 1,000 times its mass

Mike Malloy - What Have The Clintons Ever Done For Black Folks?


Police campaign to rat out cheap pizza comes up dry

Who picked the microphones? They are popping like crazy. Or is it just me?

Clueless Hillary - The last thing we need is a contentious debate about healthcare...

Mug Shots Of Dildo Dave And The Lube Crew

Venezuela top court overrules Congress, grants decree powers

Sooooooo Hillary's well established progressive record doesn't mean crap to some but...

It has to be said. The phrase "under the bus" has "jumped the shark".

Well - they went there.

Wesley Clark: In Syria, Russia is the real threat (updated)

Vermin Supreme places 4th in NH primary

Great reference by Sec. Clinton about Gov. Scott Walker

Tennessee Hunters Banned for Life in 44 States

Tennessee Hunters Banned for Life in 44 States

I hate "primaries"/debates season among us ALL on the same/Dem side

Thursday's Debate could be Bernie Sanders's last, best chance to appeal to black voters

If you've ever bought some electronics on a really great sale...

My Hillary Supporting Partner Just Cracked Up the Entire Room

Sanders still introducing himself in South Carolina, where black vote is key

Union: Stop tax breaks to companies violating labor laws

Union: Stop tax breaks to companies violating labor laws

Union: Stop tax breaks to companies violating labor laws

Mike Malloy - "Rachel, Just Say The @#%& Word!!!!"

John Lewis opens his mouth, inserts foot, proven wrong in five seconds on a google search

Ifill:"When we talk about race, we usually talk about POC. But let's talk about white people"

Does anyone else remember candiates for president running ads in Minnesota before our caucuses

Here's the speech where @HillaryClinton called for an end to the era of mass incarceration at very s

Sanders to Colbert: Electing me is a win-win — I’d be president and Bill O’Reilly would leave

What is it that makes them "free"?

Why is Sanders opposed to President Obama's executive actions on undocumented immigrants?

i have a serious question for you all - should asthma medication be free?

PBS NewsHour Democratic Debate -- LIVE THREAD #2

Hillary Asks Black Pastors for Salvation

Yeah. It happened years ago. In fact, i called him several times to urge him to run, way back when

Top Uber executives on trial in France over 'illegal taxi' charges

Actually Bernie promised 200 billion per year for poor communities.

Why Is Marijuana Banned? The Real Reasons Are Worse Than You Think

After settlement offer to holdouts, Argentina seeks to lift injunctions blocking other bond payments

Sanders is hitting Home Runs tonight

Hillary just said we should only allow refugees in who were treated well

Mike Malloy - The Clinton Agenda Is Bullshit

Ceasefire agreed to in Syrian in one week. John Kerry rocks. Ceasefire doesn't apply to ISIS.

So regarding Social Security, does Hillary have a plan for increasing revenue???

Hello, I'd like to fill the next few hours with weasel words please.

He wants to do things, she wants to " Look At" things.

Just started watching the debate

An attempt to explain the riff between PoC and Bernie Sanders

168 hours since Hillary was asked to produce her transcripts

HRC is having a great night

Michael Moore sent me an email

Does Hillary really expect us to believe that she's going to jail the bankers on WallStreet

There are two great Democratic candidates on the stage tonight.

Post a pic of your pet, and I will give you a heart

U.S. and Russia Announce Plan for Humanitarian Aid and a Cease-Fire in Syria

I See Where Bernie Called For Lifting The Cap On Social Security......

Trump settles with Univision after he hit the network with a $500M breach of contract, defamation su

Sanders '.... Unintended Consequences!' nt

Why didn't Bernie fight the good fight earlier?

What the DOJ Lawsuit Against Ferguson Alleges

What the DOJ Lawsuit Against Ferguson Alleges

"Well it ain't Henry Kissinger!"

I will NOT be listening to Henry Kissinger

I'm getting sick of Bernie trying to interrupt Hillary, waving his finger around

PBS NewsHour Democratic Debate -- LIVE THREAD #3

Straight Outta Compton producers are hitting back at Jerry Heller's $110m lawsuit

(Oklahoma) Fallin's General Counsel Resigns Amid Execution Inquiry

Thank you for spreading the love!

Thank you for the heart!

Lawrence showed a clip of Trump saying he is angry, followed by a clip of Bernie saying he is angry.

The truth about Henry Kissinger was spoken today, on a national stage.

True or false: Sanders called for Iranian troops in Syria...?

Thank you unknown DU-er for the heart!!!

Do I understand Bernie correctly?

Rep. Barbara Lee: ‘Clear firewall’ between Congressional Black Caucus and PAC backing Clinton

U.S. Senate - Indiana: GOP Stunned Senate Hopeful May Be Short of Ballot Signatures

Undecided - Dream vs. Reality

Clinton is wrecking Sanders on foreign policy.

When Hillary says "We have intelligence that says..."

Is it alright to say in this forum that compared to the GOP candidates

DVR'd the Democratic debate...

"Where To Invade Next"


I don't have to listen to any commentators to know who won the debate tonight.

Didn't you hear me?

So yet another Democratic debate without a single question about LGBT rights

I was going to post something nice about Hillary's performance tonight....

Newest attack against Bernie and Hillary supporters are out shouting down everyone

What is Hillary's plan for eradicating racism?

Thank you to HRC for standing up for President Obama

Union makes unusual endorsement of Koch-backed lawmaker

PBS won the debate !

Union makes unusual endorsement of Koch-backed lawmaker

Video: Bernie rips Kissinger in a beautiful way.

Bernie kicked her lying ass all over the place!

Union makes unusual endorsement of Koch-backed lawmaker

I resent Sanders' claim "we decided not to do a Super Pac"

What did Hillary do for unions

God was Clinton ever scripted. And the commentary in the middle

Hillary's closing statement...WOW, just WOW!!!!

Hillary Won the stacked crowd noise award, Bernie won the debate, hands down

The dreaded BLURB!!!

Sanders names Winston Churchill as someone he admires?

It was Hillarycare first. Who wants to bet that she'd rename Obamacare? n/t

John Kerry...'World powers agree to Syria ceasefire'

Hilary won the debate with specifics and flustered Bernie with his own words! A++

In my part of the country we have a few discount grocery stores

I have never been more depressed about my primary choices than after this debate

Thank you, Bernie!

Any undecideds who saw the debate tonight, what do you think of the deabte. n/t


In trending now

Daughters Zinger during debate...

~ TOGETHER!! Great New Bernie Sanders Ad, What This Campaign Is About! ~

If Bernie Thought Barack Obama Was So Great

So nice to see Bill Press on CNN sticking up for Bernie

I honestly thought Hillary would try to put in a positive debate performance tonight. I was wrong.

Video of Bernie's beautiful putdown of Kissinger. Wow.

Thank you Hillary for standing strongly with Kissinger

Bernie really lost his cool tonight.

#March4Bernie on Feb 27

Now and then the dreaded car repair rears its head

The Wall St Banks got BIGGER and 4 Million American Families lost their Homes

Two big moments. Kissinger is "partially" honorable, and boatloads of money don't = expectations.

Here's the choice: Do you want to work with Wall Street & Big Pharma, or put them in their place?

Chris Matthew's FB page

Did you see Hillary swallow that kitten whole right before she stepped up to the podium?

After this debate all I can say

Does anyone have that avatar of Hobbes the tiger holding a sign?

TIME poll says Bernie won the debate 82/18

Someone start a poll on who won tonight...please

Does Donald Trump's America Already Exists?

Neither of the candidates mentioned Asians or Native Americans.

Who Won tonight's debate?

Why isn't Bernie using this study in the campaign?

WWII Vet Norwood Thomas Reunites With Wartime Love After 70 Years

Have you ever had a discussion with a smart person that really had command of the subject matter?

Ted Cruz Campaign Halts Ad Because of Actress’s Film History

Why isn't Sanders using this study in his campaign?

Congrats, Hillary!

Bernie's words about Kissinger. Powerful.

The clearest sign that Hillary won the debate is

Why is Chris Matthews such an a-hole?

Riot at prison in northern Mexico leaves 49 inmates dead

Soooooooo whoever gave me the heart.....

Danger: Humans

Curious thing to claim: it was Hillarycare before it was Obamacare

Bernie's jazz hands

Hillary did to Sanders what Obama used to do to Hillary

One thing Hillary does better than Bernie

Mugshots of the Fab Four

From what I'm seeing on twitter, young black people are pro Bernie and older black people

Bill Press called it smart ass** comment from Bernie (well Hillary you are not in the WH yet). It

Thinking about Lewis' comment

Are people who work on Wall Street or for big banks allowed to be democrats?

There are 3 debate threads in the left column...

Hey... long time, no chat. So, I posted a post, and I can't see it

Bernie's 'Kissinger' thing won't register as much as Hillary's anti-Obama charge

Auditing the Military budget

My Two Line Debate Summary

My first grader tonight

NPR Tweet.. Hillary Clinton's closing statement #demdebate~

Sanders did two things tonight that were pretty good strategically...

Why isn't Common Core an issue in the Democratic debates?

Hillary and her debate staff worked more than an hour on the Kissinger question...

Politico(Sanders advisor): "Bernie Sanders Is More Serious on Foreign Policy Than You Think"

Josh Marshall's pretty detailed analysis of the debate

~ TOGETHER! Great New Bernie Sanders Ad, What This Campaign Is About!

"media industry giants have donated much more to Hillary Clinton than to any other candidate."

Bernie Sanders in a condescending way to Hillary Clinton: You're not in the white house yet

I just donated $50.00 to Hillary!

HRC's "I am a better friend to Obama" argument tonight was in really bad faith.

Based on their previous performance, why in the hell would we put these two back in charge of the

Obama sweeps through Silicon Valley to raise cash

Star Trek Mao: Hillary's Debate Uniform

You ma'am... are a liar.

Time debate poll, Bernie 82%, Hill 18%....once again......

URL: Transcript of last night's Milwaukee HRC - SBS debate from

Anybody that touts their agreement with Kissinger

"Madam Secretary, that is a low blow."

Bernie keeps improving in these debates

Who should be held accountable for situations like the one in Burns, Oregon?

In Democratic Debate, Hillary Clinton Paints Bernie Sanders’s Plans as Unrealistic.nyt

Hell Hillary, all of us democrats have been critical of Obama at times......

Hillary tried to pander to me tonight by pretending to care about black issues.

Ecuador: Correa’s sacking of top generals sparks opposition protests

The hearts mean a lot!

How many times do you promote regime change before you figure out it doesn't work?

Democratic Debate PBS Debate Hillary Clinton Vs Bernie Sanders 2/11/16

On twitter the black youths ain't feeling Hillary, they no the Clinton's

*Lawrence Show, The Year of the Outsiders, on msnbc now.

Another "hide" or in this case "non-hide" situation

One difference (IMO) between Bernie & Hillary....

A break from the primaries...

Do you think Clinton would pass up an opportunity for Bin Laden to be captured

Clinton campaign is now taking wardrobe advice from Ted Rall

Generic Thread: Some Story Related to Sex....That Has a Tenuous Relationship to Bill Clinton.

Wow, all the greatest threads on the front page are about Bernie!!! Nt

The Ballad of the Malheur Patriots

Thanks to whomever for the hearts. I have been on time out for so long it is nice to be back and

Another break...

The establishment just negotiated a cease fire in Syria

"Hillary Clinton needs to address the racist undertones of her 2008 campaign"

Bernie's hands look purple. :(

Obama to reluctantly sign trade bill that lumps together Israel and settlements

Sanders: African-Americans lost half their wealth because of Wall Street collapse

The magic silent finger of interruption. Bernie's super power silences all opposition with a wag

BRILLIANT: "Ballad of the Malheur Patriots"

A break from the primaries...

BRILLIANT: "The Ballad of the Malheur Patriots"

Another break...

Bernie Sanders Could Win The Latino Vote, And Tonight’s Debate Proved it

10,000 jumbo squid washed up dead in Chile (no, it's not Fukushima)

10,000 jumbo squid washed up dead in Chile (no, it's not Fukushima)

Post a song about brown sugar

Prosecutor: California Man Abducted Teen From Mexico, Forced Her To Marry Him

Prosecutor: California Man Abducted Teen From Mexico, Forced Her To Marry Him

How much would it cost to wage peace?

Argentina's Macri Bumps up His Salary by 30%

Missing woman's body sat in car in a Walmart parking lot for months

"Let’s consider some of Kissinger’s achievements...

Heads up. New meme from Clinton camp

They are throwing as many "kitchen sinks" as they can to see if any stick...

The establishment created a bloodbath in Syria. To the winner go the spoils

Stand up and be counted....

please check in here when you get a chance

When Hillary defended Obama for "standing up to Wall St."

I think Hillary's late into the night strategic meetings post NH came up with..

I missed the debate. Did Hillary agree to release her transcipts during it?

Bernie Sanders needs Throat Coat tea from Traditional Medicinals

I still cannot understand, why we cannot "follow" or "friend" Pertnear every other social

Ted Cruz pulls ad featuring soft-core porn star

Prison corruption crackdown yields 46 arrests in Georgia

Harry Reid: Iowa, NH Have ‘No Diversity,’ Future of Nation Shouldn’t Be Dependent on Them

The Senate Votes That Divided Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

Is There Such A Word As...

I would like to give a sincere, heartfelt "Thank You!" to the people who gave me the hearts..

Bernie Sanders won 2,095 votes in the New Hampshire Republican primary

"The Facebook Primary" cool interactive map

Hillary in 2009; "I really consider President and Mrs. Mubarak to be friends of my family"

It's a Holiday in Cambodia

To whoever gave me a heart...

Get ready to be flooded about all this Kissinger

Freedom Industries executive sentenced to 1 month for West Virginia chemical spill

Thank you.

Nixon widens the war and bombs Cambodia

Bernie's Secret Service code name is "Intrepid." Isn't that great? nt

Thank you so much to those of you who gave me a heart. That is so sweet. Thanks a million.

Hillary Clinton cools the Bern in Democratic debate

"We Cannot Wait"

Clinton embraces Obama and wins debate

I think Sanders easily had far and away the best line of the night.

Jury rules against Montana woman's wrongful-birth lawsuit

Nevada focus group of #PBSdebate says @BernieSanders won tonight's debate

What Sanders Actually Did in the Civil Rights Movement (from Mother Jones)

Hillary Clinton Is Calm, Cool and Effective

Fallin's general counsel resigns amid execution inquiry

Oregon Senate approves minimum wage hike after marathon debate

HuffPost: Democratic Debate Exposes The Real Divide Between Clinton And Sanders:

Washington Post: Clinton May Not Be Salvageable

Henry Kissinger on our military

Pope departs for Cuba, first stop before Mexico

Pope departs for Cuba, first stop before Mexico

CNN strikes again

An interesting rock video from OK Go

Here are 19 ways Bernie Sanders has stood up for civil and minority rights.

I thought Bernie had his best debate in regards to foreign policy, he has a much broader

Elders Speak

Daily Holidays - February 12

I would LOVE to reply and explain my issues with this question asked in GDP...


Bernie Sanders: "I will beat Donald Trump very badly"

I can always tell when Hillary has done a superb job in a debate....

Greetings, AA Group! Answer THIS.

Best Buds; Michael Savage Weiner and the Troglodyte

SBS is wrong about LULAC's opposition to Kennedy's Immigration Act of 2005

Hillary Clinton Is Calm, Cool and Effective

"Democratic Debate Exposes The Real Divide Between Clinton And Sanders"

Britain asks: How Dangerous is Donald Trump?

OK Go's zero-gravity video

minimum wage

Woman 'tried to shoot stylist in row over botched haircut'

The Death of the Most Generous Nation on Earth (Sweden and migrants)

New to the group, wanted to say hello and introduce myself

Venezuela under 'economic emergency' as court gives Maduro decree powers

Question: What's everybody's thoughts on Super Delegates ???? eom

A Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Hillary, even more, it's YOU

Bernie & Jesse

Scientists bid comet lander Philae farewell after radio silence

In his own words: John Lewis first met Bill Clinton in 1991


Russia vs. Turkey in the Mideast (II)

Pope and Russian Orthodox patriarch to hold historic meeting

When McKinney and Lewis held hearings on black voter disenfranchisement Bernie was only white

Uber Agrees to Settle Class-Action Suit Over Safety Claims

Syrian refugees 'now have no excuse not to return to bombsites'

Slate: Debate was a tie, but the tie goes to the Berner.

Hello. I believe I'm being stalked by a member who for some reason is an administrator on

Someone answer a quick question for me.

Bernie Wins Debate in Nevada Focus Group 25-9

Watch Hillary's closing remarks. For those who missed them. :-)

Reaction to Last Night's Democratic Debate

Need some love: DU friend had 2 strokes.

Windchill forecast for this weekend -20 to -30 degrees

Bernie Sanders Is More Serious on Foreign Policy Than You Think

Did it again, Democrats have another home-grown national candidate who is actually electable...

Kissenger on the law

(Doom & gloom warning) if you aren't terrified by our turnout numbers so far, you should be

One Candidate

Actually, Morgan Stanley is paying DoJ a $2.6B settlement

Celebrated Photographer: Yes, that is Bernie Sanders. Time Magazine is lying

Bill Maher Real Time guests:

TYT:CBC PAC Endorses Hillary Clinton, John Lewis Attacks Bernie Sanders

Was Hillary supporting the GMO lobby group while she was Secretary of State?

Saudi Arabia's Syria strategy: Rewriting the Middle East's Political Map

Italian journalist tortured to death by egyptian secret intelligence agencies

The Supply Side Navigation System

Prosecutor Uses New Law to Upgrade Charges Against Gun-Running Suspects

Are women really underpaid? Hillary doesn't think so

Tempers flare at IRS hearing

Super PAC makes big play to lift Hillary Clinton in primary states


We will not have our voices silenced in the name of coming together

Clinton Foundation receives a subpoena from State Dept. Investigators!

Ted Cruz's now-pulled "Conservatives Anonymous" ad features former softcore porn actress Amy Lindsay

Bernie's repeated finger wagging last night reminded me of this I recently read in The Nation

Missing From Presidents Day: The People They Enslaved.

Bernie Sanders Unveils Moving New Ad With Eric Garner's Daughter

Celebrities backing Clinton & Sanders

Words I never thought I'd hear coming out of Joe Scarborough's mouth...

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaah hhahahahhahahha - Cliven Bundy was "taking control of things"

Morning Consult National: Hillary 46 (-4) Bernie 39 (+2)

Which Republican candidates do you fear most as the GOP candidate, in order?

For anyone in TX, here's a voter guide to the primary candidates and their stand on marijuana

I don't know who it was, but thank you for the heart!

Super delegates- the irony

Anyone ever make a kitchen sink / Frankenstein batch of stuff?

Super PAC makes big play to lift Hillary Clinton in primary states

Hillary Clinton finally found her argument against Bernie Sanders

I saw Lewis Black a few weeks ago live

Canada Sells Weapons to State Sponsor of Terrorism: Class Action Law Suit Against Ottawa Follows

I have a question about Bernie being so polite in these debates - if he

Hillary Clinton Is Calm, Cool and Effective

Just A Quick FYI

Rand Study: China Losing 6.5% Of GDP To Air Pollution, Soil Contamination

"In bed with Trump"

Number of MPs to be cut from 650 to 600

Yukon - In 50 Years, Avg Temps Up 2C, Winter Temps Up 4C, 22% Of Glacial Cover Gone

Is Bernie right to critize Obama's and Hillary's Wall St Financiers / Relationships

Teenager seized for Boko Haram attack tells how she tore off suicide vest and fled

Julian Assange accuses the Prime Minister of libel over trial claims

Massive wealth inequality, Too Big to Fail, Henry Kissinger praise.


Oh look, I can post again!

Bernie Sanders’ economic policy: A vote for what?

Bernie is the one to give us a national concience

Just a coincidence?

Get yourself out of here before I do...

Demand Jonathan Capehart and the WaPo retract this lie

Everyone's Talking About Bernie Sanders' Finger Wagging in Last Night's Debate

PBS Democratic Debate - "HIGHLIGHTS and BEST MOMENTS"

PBS Democratic Debate - "HIGHLIGHTS and BEST MOMENTS"

Does Sanders' college plan really rely on governors to release funds?

"Pro-Black Is NOT Anti-White"

And Republicans wonder why most black people won't vote of them...

OK DUers what are the fundamental similarities and differences between Breitbart and the Bundy gang?

At a dinner with Lewis present, Bill Clinton recalled the time he met John Lewis in the 70's

Republicans 'asked Iran to delay prisoner swap' until after US election

I'm not sure why I'm posting this here... I think we're going to lose in November

More War than Peace

Donald Trump meets The Honeymooners

Trump trolled at rally

Heckler performs exorcism on Cruz

Karl Rove bamboozles the IRS: His dark money machine gets "social welfare" blessing

Reality Check for Democrats: Would Martin Luther King Be Supporting Bernie?

Nina Turner at 2016 Progressive Summit

Sanders squandered his lead while Clinton shone at the latest debate

debate:hillary is willing to break up big banks "if it becomes appropriate"


debate: hillary wants to get rid of "unaccountable money" from politics

A nice story about Bernie and his Judaism (not to be confused with religion exactly)


How Far Can We Get Without Flying?

New national Poll-Clinton 46%(-4) Bernie 39%(+2)

If you support Hillary, you support Kissinger. If Democrats nominate Hillary, they

Some Fact Checks of the Sixth Democratic Debate

Friday Bernie Group Toon Roundup

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - GOP looooosers

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - The Rest

Slow and steady won Clinton the debate

I like this article on the differences between Hillary and Bernie.

Bernie and Mandela

Richard Dawkins suffers stroke, cancels New Zealand appearance

harry reid: brokered convention "possible"

Meeting "enemies" with conditions

Landowners destroy PennEast pipeline offers at Lower Nazareth protest

Actually, I think I'll have a Coke...

If you support Bermie, you support Fidel Castro. If Democrats nominate Bernie, they

Washington DC has:

Who's doing work helping people get registered & IDs?

My Favorite Part Of The Debate

1400 people being laid off

Wall Street isn't worried about Hillary Clinton's plan

5 types of violence waged against POC

Getting sick of this Bull.....

Costs derail Vermont’s dream of a single-payer health plan

Kanye West is a misogynistic, narcissistic, sexist, talentless piece of excrement. Want proof?

Have Millennials Made Quitting More Common?

We did it!

Clinton to meet with Sharpton, Joint press conf. scheduled

Yes Hillary, Obama was the right man for the last 7.5 years. Now its time for the next 8 years.

In what bizarro world does "Let's Unite" = "Be silent!"

After sexually abusing children for decades, Catholic brother lives under the radar in Hawaii

Indonesia bans ‘gay’ emojis on messaging apps for violating ‘religious norms’

You desperately need this Friday Puppy Fix... Enjoy!

I was watching the Democratic debate on while on my treadmill just now.

Hillary gets creative trying to distance herself from SuperPac

The real lessons of Flint

Credit Union For Immigrants & More, What North Carolina & Omaha Are Getting Right On Immigration

My favorite scene from "Terminator 2: Judgement Day"

Its A Fake

Bernie Sanders Civil Rights Photographer was Danny Lyons - more Bernie pics

Retail sales get off to solid start in 2016

Tweety aka Chris Matthews.

I renewed my membership on February 7th and expected to receive Valentine hearts as before.

The PBS Democratic Debate Was a Tie, but a Tie Goes to Bernie at the Moment

Sanders Names Roosevelt and Churchill as Influencers

Heralding Schengen suspension, EU gives Greece three months to fix borders

Separation of Catholics and state: Mexico's divisive religious history

Who Won the Sixth Democratic Debate?


Astro photo of gravatational wave rider

Darwin Day Revelation: Evolution, Not Religion, Is the Source of Morality

By aligning herself with the villains of America, she'll lose the primary.

Arkansas judge arrested in death of son

New York Times: Hillary Clinton Is Calm, Cool and Effective

So I placed my Bernie Sanders 2016 sticker on my car this past week...

So Ted Cruz just mailed me a check in a misleadingly official looking envelope

"She's so silly she doesn't know how stupid she is."

Clinton's Kissinger praise goes back years

Hillary Clinton’s Paid Wall Street Speeches Called Almost ‘Gushy’

Bernie's Latest Ad Will Give You Chills

Clinton's Long Career as an Insider

A Low Blow?


Moderator Accidentally Whispers “Oh God” Into Mic When Bernie Brings Up Vietnam

Portland comedians compose Oregon Standoff Ballad

"Clintonism is largely an extension of Kissingerism"

Funerals in Bethelehem

HISD to rename 3 schools named after Confederate figures (TX)

Just got my Florida Absentee Presidential Primary ballot yesterday.

Recent polling suggests that voters of all demographics moving toward Sanders

Last night, Gwen Ifill might as well have asked Bernie Sanders when he stopped beating his wife.

Here Come the Money Helicopters!

South Africa revives 'extinct' zebra subspecies

Nina Turner Speaks Out On Hillary’s Firewall & Bernie

Senate OKs replacing confederate general's statue (FL / DC)

Wonder which conservative/evangelical noticed a porn model in Cruz' advert.

SLANDER is the word civil rights photographer is using for those that question Bernie's involvement

The Movement Has Found Its Leader: Bernie Sanders

Moderator Accidentally Whispers “Oh God” Into Mic When Bernie Brings Up Vietnam

Let Me Tell You About the Debate "Audience" In Milwaukee

NYT Alan Grayson: congressman and hedge fund manager.

How do I send the campaign an email

finally getting to SXSW this year...any recs of band I ought to check out?

Bernie is not messing with "Mr. In-Between" and he shouldn't! Go Bernie

Lawmakers seek less Confederate state song (MD)

Let Me Tell You About the Debate "Audience" In Milwaukee (Update)

I AM smiling.

Black high schoolers met with confederate flags, racial slurs at Texas A&M

Cleveland Mayor Drops Ambulance Charge to Tamir Rice's Estate

Emmett Till and Tamir Rice, Sons of the Great Migration

Worried about the Superdelegates? Change their minds.

Chancellor Volunteer Fire and Rescue votes to reinstate uniform patch with Confederate flag (VA)

"Nough said JEB

Gravitational Waves

Group rallies in Gulfport for flag that 'shows unity' (MS)

Colorado Caucuses March 1, 2016: Here is the info you need

Pic Of The Moment: Cruz Takes Action After Learning Campaign Ad Accidentally Featured Porn Actress

Hillary's Closing Remarks Were Her Most Inspirational

Flint Water Crisis: Is There a Killer on the Loose?

xpost from V&M: Flint Water Crisis: Is There a Killer on the Loose?

"No, I don't agree with that" , "THEN WHY IN THE FUCK DID YOU ACCEPT THE POSITION!"

Hot off the presses! " Bernie Sanders Photo-Gate Stuns Millions of Americans"

In South Carolina, Young Black Voters Could Put Holes In Clinton's Firewall

May my Latina mind come here to rest ?

As if John Lewis didn't already have enough to deal with, now there's this:

Flint Water Crisis: Contractors Made Millions on Switch

xpost from V&M: Flint Water Crisis: Contractors Made Millions on Switch

Feel the Bern or Give ‘em Hill, but please, chill out

AFP EXCLUSIVE: Assad vows to retake whole country, warns could 'take long time'

Scientists make breakthrough in blight-resistant Irish potatoes

WaPo: Bernie Sanders could do better than you think among non-white voters

Adlai Shakespeare

Double shooting reported at Arizona high school

Top 5 Contributors: Hillary vs Bernie ....

Is it true

How many of us....

Malheur: 9 more people in 6 states charged

Spring is in the air !

Politico: 5 takeaways from the Democratic debate

Winners and losers from the 6th Democratic presidential debate

"Well, it ain't gonna be Kissinger, that's for sure !"

Lizzie Borden

"Well, it ain't gonna be Kissinger, that's for sure !" (xp - more Kissinger than primaries)

"Here's Why Black People Should Think Twice Before Voting For Hillary Clinton"

It appears quite clear that many Hillary fans support the swiftboating of Bernie

Regulators dismissed dissenters on Flint crisis

New Hillary Ad ft Husband of Mother Emanuel Shooting Victim

Sanders incarceration campaign promise: Delusional

Brazen sexism is pushing women out of America’s atheism movement

Robert Scheer: Clinton Bubble: Clinton's Actions Led to Housing Collapse that Devastated Homeowners

"Christopher Hitchens - Discussing the crimes of Henry Kissinger"

Religious freedom or license to discriminate?

For those who enjoy memes and pictures

LOL - Hillary and NPT's Brooks Brothers Audience

Go ahead, use those bells and whistles. Doesn't make up for a lack of message.

The Original Jalapeno High-Colonic!! . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

It's Simple: The Purpose of “Academic Freedom” Laws is to Promote Creationism

Clinton's NAFTA Devastated Mexican Farmers & Increased Rural Poverty

Thanks for the hearts to the folks kind enough to hand them to the likes of me!

From SFGATE, Ppretty much nails it.

Hospital mortality drops with lower patient-to-nurse ratio

"The Clintons’ War on Drugs: When Black Lives Didn’t Matter"

TOON: Christie and Fiorina call it quits

I'm tired of all these hatters

Who says we need debates with audiences?

The Real Bernie Smoked Out into the Open


Bumper stickers seen on my dog walks

Bernie Sanders is making Hillary personally responsible for our rigged campaign system

My Rant For Today.....

"5 Times Debbie Wasserman Schultz Violated DNC Rules and Stacked the Deck in Favor of Clinton"

Hillary and Bernie will be in St. Paul, MN tonight.

DNC rolls back Obama ban on contributions from federal lobbyists

Republican always support the "best" candidate

Went to Restaurant Depot, Whole Foods and Trader Joe's in one trip

Bernie Sanders is making Hillary personally

Have The Kochs Finally Been Caught?

After nearly 1,000 years, leaders of Catholic, Russian Orthodox churches to meet

Judy Woodruff should have disclosed at last night's debate, her gift to the Clinton Foundation.

The Real News Room - Bern Edition - 2.12.2016 Looks like a episode!

Joe Scarborough-Donald Trump friendship increasing source of discomfort at NBC

For your enjoyment: Bernie playing bongos

Live stream grassroots forum in Nevada

Congressional Black Caucus Whip: Bernie Sanders 'a bit presumptuous' on race relations

Chris Matthews: Too big to fire?

A smart media blitz for SC

The Pundits are Wrong: Bernie Can Cut our Prison Population in Half

"The Hole in Hillary’s Flip-Flop Excuse"

The Great Gerrymander of 2012

DNC rolls back Obama ban on contributions from federal lobbyists

Go Elizabeth! She asks CDC to consider MJ as alternative to pain meds

Bernie Sanders' campaign statement on Clinton's immigration comments

City council denies request for SCV to march in town (WV)

Martin Shkreli Just Offered Kanye West $10 Million For His New Album

Ted Nugent needs to stop digging...

"Photogate" is a crock. Capehart did NOT slander or libel Sanders.

The Clinton campaign is desperate to keep Bernie from discussing the rigged game.

Loneliness grows from individual ache to public health hazard

Recent Post NH State Poll Results

Loneliness grows from individual ache to public health hazard

Was Bernie untruthful when he said he voted against Ted Kennedy's immigration bill because

Recent Post NH State Poll Results

For those of you who don't yet understand what is happening (political revolution) take some time

Cannot reply to HRC forum post

Ok, I have to admit this made me laugh out loud

Elizabeth Warren asks CDC to consider legal marijuana as alternative painkiller

Joy Reid surprised: she's finding no passion for Hillary in S.C. today.

First Nevada Poll In Weeks Shows Sanders Tied With Clinton

How long will the Sanders Swiftboatters try to gain mileage from debunked lies about Bernie photo?

In the South, facts matter

Separated at birth ... ?

It's been a while since I've heard an issue argument from Hillary supporters on the site.. I have

Inside Michigan's faulty unemployment system that hit thousands with fraud

Sub-Par SF Pier 80 Homeless Shelter Costs More Per Bed Than An Airbnb Or Hotel Room

MSNBC: New Sanders ad appeals to protest sympathizers

Confirmed: Ed Lee's 'Best Friend' From College Is Now A Homeless San Franciscan

It's the oddest new Versa has a tic or something...

Female Bernie Sanders Supporters Chastised by Madeleine Albright & Gloria Steinem

71% Of SF Homeless Once Had Homes In SF

Bernie, a single issue candidate?

France prepares to bulldoze half of 'Jungle' migrant camp

I'm a very outspoken Clinton supporter. I don't want Superdelegates to matter

TargetPoint Nevada: Dead Tie (Hillary Clinton Group) has a petition to have super delegates sign a pledge to

So, Hillary's post-NH drubbing strategy is to be anti-Government?

What the failed wing-nut revolt really tells us

They are the 99%

Capehart: Sanders’s involvement in civil rights movement/commitment to equal justice not in question

Burberry faces US lawsuit over 'deceptive price tags'

WHEN will Hillary BE MADE to EXPLAIN these "ISSUES"?

Some campaigns treat their supporters one way...

House backs tighter North Korea sanctions, sends bill to Obama

Saw a Bernie Sticker on a Vietnam Veteran's car yesterday.

Super Tuesday... Bernie steam rolls... this should be our theme song......

Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Fell in February to a Four-Month Low

Authorities to sweep Oregon wildlife refuge after armed standoff

The Biggest reason I just can't #FeelTheBern (The Fetishization of Not Knowing)

Hillary Clinton's lack of facial expression

John Kasich Vs Trump Vs Fox News - Keep John Out of Headline Primaries

Emails: State mum on Flint Legionnaires’ warning

Emails: State mum on Flint Legionnaires’ warning

Bernie Sanders won 2,095 votes in the New Hampshire REPUBLICAN primary

I'm rescinding my pledge to vote for whom ever the Democratic nominee for POTUS is.

Time to rein in specialty plates for Florida

Hillary 1996: The Super-predators must be brought to heel


Hillary Clinton ad: "Standing"

Snyder asks to testify on Flint before House panel

Ted Cruz repeating an old right-wing meme...

Game of Thrones - preview photos released

A real photo controversy.

Heads up! - Debbie 'Thumb on the Scales' Wasserman Schultz is at it again!

Big News: itsrobert has decided to support Bernie Sanders

Question: How will it be possible for Bernie to free 600,000 people from prison if he's President?

Some Kissinger Quotes:

Ohio police officer suspended on suspicion of celebrating activist's death

Hillary snapped at BLM activists: "...then I will only talk to white people..."

This is what should be dominating the headlines today

Amazon's game engine: Unrestricted in case of zombie apocalypse

SC Firewall crumbling?

Joy Reed on MSNBC

Joy Reid on the ground in S. Carolina: Black voters say they want to go farther than Obama.

This week in DU.

Clinton, from the debate: "And yes, the economy is rigged in favor of those at the top."

Three arrested after robbing Boston store wearing court-ordered GPS

Can the Establishment Fix Its Bernie Sanders Problem?

The Kitchen Sink

posted in Hillary group...

Young blacks more open to Bernie Sanders' White House bid

I want free education

Bill Cosby's wife will have to give deposition, judge rules

Thousands of children dying of starvation in the Colombian Guajira

What was Hillary doing when Bernie was arrested while demonstrating for desegregated public schools

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge on Facebook

North Carolina reveals results of welfare applicant drug tests

5 Top Reasons Why Bernie Sanders Would Be Best President for Peace

120 Days of Terror

Maddow: New plan to replace Flint's lead pipes awaits funding

Steven Cohen Embraces Irony, Backs Ads Slamming John Kasich's Wall Street Ties

A Bernie Sanders supporter asked Hillary Clinton a question—here’s what he thought of her response

To Stop All This Conservative Bullshit, Democrats Have to Take Back the State Senate

We've got one promoting Taleb's BS now.

Conspiracy-loving Bernie Sanders Redditors work to uncover the Real Iowa Winner

Question HRC's civil rights record:OK Question Sanders' civil rights record: Flamebait-shut it down!

10 Theories That Will Make You Lose Your Mind

Let's all take a step back and work to GOTV

Thousands of children dying of starvation in the Colombian Guajira

Ukraine sees Russian hand in cyber attacks on power grid

Argentina’s new government scraps mining taxes

Has anyone asked New Hampshire super delegates if they still intend to vote Hillary...

Joy Reed on MSNBC: General comment

is there anyway I can hide all the gen D primaries stuff

Bernie Sanders and Reparations

Nigerian Bread Seller Photobombs Popstar and Gets Modeling Contract

Suggested Candidate Debate Attire

Pope Francis Bound for Having Historic Meeting 1,000 Years in the Making

Pope Francis Bound for Having Historic Meeting 1,000 Years in the Making

Pardoning everyone in prison for marijuana possession isn't delusional. It's humane. The right thing

Lawmaker files bill to restrict the distribution of erectile dysfunction (consent from spouse req)

Is Hillary’s Name-Dropping Damning To Her Campaign?

Bears Release Forte

"The instrument of thwarting history"

The US Congress is finally working to ban these common goods made by slaves and children

Hammers and shivs used in Mexico prison riot that killed 49

Clinton Calling for Negotiating with Iran without Preconditions 2007

Hammers and shivs used in Mexico prison riot that killed 49

Saudi Arabia intervening in the Syrian civil war would risk Russian wrath

why SHOULD young people (esp of color) wait for incrementalism????

Let’s End the Peril of a Nuclear Winter

TPC Research Nevada: Sanders 45%, Clinton 45%

New Mexico auditor finds $4.4 billion in unused funds

Just a theory

I'd like Bernie to ask...

Catholic Church Tells Bishops They Are Not Obliged to Disclose Child Sex Abuse

Running From the Climate Challenge

Video proof of Bernie calling for a primary challenge to Obama in 2012.

Question about Act Blue donations

Hillary is the multi-issue candidate, not a one trick pony

Do you STILL Believe HRC is the only electable Dem this year?

Machete attack in Ohio restaurant leaves 4 injured; one critically

Two years before Bernie's run for POTUS

Catastrophic failure of ice age dam changed ocean circulation and climate

Etch A Sketch sold to Toronto toy company Spin Master

Latinos helped Bernie's strong Iowa caucus performance (bodes well going into Nevada)

Clinton Is More Qualified To Be Secretary of State Than Sanders

When Bernie was 21 he was arrested while demonstrating for desegregated public schools

Clinton's College Plan is a fantasy

Bernie Sanders Leads Senate Democrats In Condemning Historic Mistreatment Of Obama

since Nevada is a caucus will it be as manipulated as the Iowa caucus?

Bernie: "50th Anniversary - March on Washington - I Have A Dream"

Alan Grayson’s Double Life: Congressman and Hedge Fund Manager

Bernie: "50th Anniversary - March on Washington - I Have a Dream"

Oregon Occupiers Reportedly Warn That They Left Behind Booby Traps At Refuge

Alan Grayson is trying to be on both sides.

The Whistleblowers’ Plan Offers Hillary the Perfect Opportunity

The Whistleblowers’ Plan Offers Hillary the Perfect Opportunity

Century Arms Faces $5 Million Class-Action Lawsuit

Agree or disagree: No president, especially no Democratic president...

One of the things that frustrates me about these primaries...

West Lake story: An underground fire, radioactive waste, and governmental failure

Sometimes it's simple. I won't vote for the corrupt candidate

Tyson Foods Accused of Dumping More Poison Into Waterways Than Exxon, Dow and Koch

The Latest: 9 others charged with armed Oregon standoff

The primaries of 2012 would be a perfect time

Police: Gun owner saved cop from attack by kids

Challenging history, authenticity and facts

Bernie not on the ballot?

Wow. Someone says that Sanders "will do the equivalent of making sure that every woman is back in

"Why African Americans are on FIRE for Bernie Sanders"

Nigerian suicide bomber gets cold feet, refuses to kill

Scumbag Shkreli Has Made Pharma Greed A Campaign Issue

"Why African Americans are on FIRE for Bernie Sanders"

Statement from Congressman Kildee: Rick Snyder agrees to testify, before Congress, under oath

Let me tell you about how RIGGED campaign game is locally in Pittsburgh....

Saudi death sentence for crime of poetry changed to eight-year prison term & 800 lashes

DNC rolls back Obama ban on contributions from federal lobbyists -

Should Argentina Now Pay the Ransom to Its Hostage-Takers?

Another Sleezy DWS / DNC move to rig it for Hillary

OMG, more hearts!!!

If it was anyone here - thanks for the hearts!

Did BERNIE ever say it was himself in this photo?

This teenager is one of 12 students in the world who aced the AP Calculus exam

Slate: Sanders Is Delusional if He Thinks He Can Keep His Promise on Mass Incarceration

Thank you much to my heart donors

Could someone please photoshop Bernie Sanders and John Lewis into this?

Trump Calls Cruz 'Dishonest' And 'A Liar'

Got another heart

How Long Until the Hillary Space Alien affair

PHOTOGRAPHER says he took the pic of Bernie leading the sit-in. I believe him.

I will again urge everyone...

Two Months Into Year and Republican Speaker's Already Threatening Inaction on Budget

Bernie Sanders Is More Serious on Foreign Policy Than You Think

Weather Channel map shows GIANT ALIEN MOTHERSHIP hovering over Va WV Ky borders!!

Ted Cruz Asked About Website That Calls Him A 'P*ssy'

Bernie Sanders get support of Black Lives Matter activists in Vermont

The Bernie photos in question --

Historian Says Additional Baltimore Confederate Statues Should be Removed

This is a turning point for me, a major one.

DUers one and all

When Hillary said that President Obama "stood up and took on Wall Street" . . .

High Court ruling ends gay Palestinian’s asylum nightmare

Oil clocks best day in 7 years on OPEC hopes

Study: Many U.S. Teachers Appear To Be Confused About Climate, Repeat Unsupported Claims

Boston Globe: Slow and Steady won Clinton Debate

Minnesota African American Leaders Announce Support for Hillary Clinton

In light of recent photo nuttiness...

Argentine creditor calls country's return to U.S. court 'baffling'

Argentina’s trade unions will not go back to the 1990’s

Looks like the pressure might just be getting to Rick Snyder

The Guardian: Danny Lyon: 'I put myself through an ordeal in order to create something'

SC GOP Poll: Trump: 36% Cruz: 19% Rubio: 15% Jeb! 11%

I am proud to be part of the Sanders group...

DKOS: Why I Have Switched from Bernie to Hillary

Rev. Al Sharpton Is On MSNBC.....

The corporations and the billionaire buddies are desperate to keep their FREE stuff.

Subway in the sky: has La Paz's cable car made a real difference to the city?

Intercept: Kissinger’s War Crimes Are Central to Divide Between Hillary and Bernie Sanders

Sen. Nina Turner Speaks Out On Hillary’s Firewall & Bernie

it's NOT free stuff DAMMIT! its retrieval of what the 1% has stolen from us!!!!!!!

Hillary did not even give a concession speech last time in SC

Restaurateur charged after fire that killed 5 immigrants

Can We Get All Water Systems In America Checked And Fixed?

Naomi Klein's Facebook post about "Berniebros"

Doesn't this evidence prove that Bernie is the person in the photo?

Disparity in Life Spans of the Rich and the Poor Is Growing

Radical Pigeon Group Plans to Occupy Oregon Wildlife Refuge Next

Madeleine Albright: My Undiplomatic Moment

Even local Establishment Dems are scared of Bernie.

Be VERY careful about going after Jim Clyburn if you have any hope of swinging the black vote in SC

Pups 24 days

Dallas Morning News Endorses Hillary

****African-American Group****** sincere question about Senator Sanders

Bernie's Brother Larry: "Parents Would Have Been So Proud"

Hello all. New here.

May I remind folks that Obamacare relies on Republican Govenors to enact it

Oh my gosh!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the hearts! I'm thrilled!

Interview with Rep. Justin Bamberg after the Democratic Debate 2/11

"Bill Clinton says he made mass incarceration issue worse"

John Lewis NEVER met Bernie.....?

List of Clinton Endorsements aka The Democratic Party

Theres a post in GD-P about Clyburn will Endorse...

The South Lawn: "An Open Letter to Rep. John Lewis"

Revolution. It happens when the people have no voice

Bernie Staffers: Someone needs to see that he gets a little rest,

List of Bernie Sanders Endorsements

Occupiers arrested, but it’s still not over at the refuge

Keith Ellison- if you are standing in Alabama, you can't see people in Chicago,"

Ben shares his "1st 100 Days In Office" plan with evangelicals. Err...WHAT office, Ben?

Stop with the finger wagging -- Hillary finds it offensive

Civil Servant Doesn’t Go To Work For Six Years - And No One Noticed

U.S. Recession Risk at 20%-25%, Morgan Stanley's Caron Says

Jeff Weaver Interview at the Democratic Debate 2/11

Through the Looking Glass: Bar at the Folies- Bergere by Manet. Your interpretations, please.

Is there any reason to doubt Bernie Sanders was a civil rights activist back in the day?


Cuba and U.S. to Allow Scheduled Airline Flights in Agreement

Bernie Sanders Supporters Pummel Civil Rights Hero John Lewis on Twitter

The Week-End Economist: Dazed and Confused Edition.

Are Hillary Clinton supporters really calling the actual photographer

Looking for a Hillary supporter who believes our system is rigged ? and then can please explain why


Capehart States He Has Now Interviewed Photographer

Jesus and Mo

Forum on Race & Economic Opportunity w/Bernie Sanders - NOW REALLY LIVE

Elizabeth Warren asks CDC to consider legal marijuana as alternative painkiller

Carrier Air Conditioner (part of United Technologies) Moving 1,400 Jobs to Mexico

Thank you for my hearts!

N. Korean Mobile Ballistic Missile Called Top Threat by U.S.

Jim Gilmore ends 2016 presidential bid

Can One of You Numbers People Help Bernie?

Texas A&M investigates alleged racial abuse of black high schoolers on visit

Bernie Sanders to star in remake of "I'm Not Rappaport"

Thank you for the heart.

The sexist double standards hurting Hillary Clinton

Noam Chomsky: Nuclear War More Likely Today Than During Cold War

Congratulations to Hillary and her supporters on Rep. Clyburn's endorsement and

More Than 8M Americans Watched Thursday’s Democratic Debate: PBS

How many young black men and women went to jail because of the Clintons ? I don't understand why

Thank you for the heart! As promised earlier, here's a photo of my newest little Valentine

the republican frontrunners

Bernie's Message Is Working Big Time

Man dubbed 'person you warn your kids about' gets 20 years for enticing kids on Facebook

Don’t Come For John Lewis If He Didn’t Send For You

Hillary Clinton's debate jacket: Dog whistle to Wall Street?

OK. Listen up! (Pretty please and Thank you)

U.S. Oil Explorers Park Rigs as Sub-$20 Crude Seen Possible

E-mails: Flint water plant was rushed into operation

Donna Smith: Dear Americans, please stop dreaming of a better nation

If this isn't Bernie Sanders then someone has been stealing his clothes

Man who threatened mosque pleads guilty to hate crime

Hampton lacrosse set to make NCAA history

DNC Officially Open To Contributions from Wall St. & Special Interests

What's up with this LIVE Bernie Sanders Forum on "Race & Economic Opportunity" TODAY

Episode 47 of Extinction Radio is Available to Stream - Featuring Zhiwa Woodbury

He needed one hundred bucks for bail. Instead, 4 days later, he died in Denver jail.

Tampa Bay Times Endorses Hillary

Clinton adjusts pitch: I can be a Sanders

My opinion: Don't take the Lewisgate/Photogate bait, folks.

Fact checker Glenn Kessler gives Bernie 3 pinocchios

Foto-derp: for when your candidate has no programs

Dallas Morning News, Tampa Bay Times endorse Hillary Clinton

Florida man gets prison for defrauding investors of $3.3M

Ben Jealous Needs to Stop Lying About Hillary and ‘Superpredators’

Obama signs anti-BDS bill into law

Lawmakers vote to make W. Virginia right-to-work state

4400 People Have 7 days to Move Back from 48 Hours Gas Leak Porter Ranch

Barack Obama plans intervention in Britain's EU referendum

Behind the Marijuana Ban

Former NY State Senate Candidate (Tea Party, of course) Arrested w/Assault Rifle, Knife, Ski Mask

Bernie Bits: Sanders Drinks Beer on 'Colbert,' Eats Ice Cream on 'The View'

I'm rescinding my pledge to vote for whom ever gives me Olive Garden Breadsticks

Hillary has lost the under 45 vote, there are only two basic choices to make and it's getting late

Just Because You Believe You're A Civil Rights Icon..Does Not Mean One Can't Be Judge When Wrong....

When will Hillary denounce today's DNC decision to accept federal lobbyist money?

Hillary can’t win, because Bernie has already won his real race

Fraternity says 5 chapters acknowledged hearing racist chant

Black caucus PAC shuns endorsement of Donna Edwards

Macey meets President Obama on the Ellen Show.

What the candidates aren't talking about that affects seniors. Interest on investments and interests

Tell me again.. (toon)

Think this might interest some Bernie supporter seniors too.

Ohio Democratic Party Legacy Dinner - March 13 (weekend before the Ohio Primary)

Patriots IMPROVED the refuge, now watch

from Robert Reich.Democratic National Committee has quietly reversed restrictions banning donations

Monsanto finally makes it into Zika virus conspiracy theory

Say Farewell to Google's Picasa

The Donald is going to sue Cruz for being a canadian unless Cruz stops his negative ads on Trump.CNN

Breaking Up With Richard Dawkins (video)

Toon- Firewall

I found a pic of Bruce Rappaport & there is no way the speaker is him for one very

"Where To Invade Next"...Michael Moore's new movie

The PBS Democratic Debate Was a Tie, but a Tie Goes to Bernie at the Moment

Clinton Wall St funded SuperPAC to buy air time in South Carolina

Are there some people who you should not invite to a high school reunion?

Keep talking about the photo

Maple-Orange Glazed Vegetables

Feb 12 Hillary back in Bamberg county! SC First time was w/CDF working on a juvenile justice case.

Bill Clinton says Barack Obama is not a change-maker like Hillary

Who has access to facial recognition software to compare the Bernie photos?

Meet Bernie's team running for Congress

How COLD is it...

I just want to make sure I have this straight (Hillary Group)

Haven't been posting for a while, but still lurk for news. Thanks for the hearts!


OK, people it is time to mobilize -

*****Reminder - February Photo Contest is taking entries now*****

Reid Calls On Grayson To Leave Senate Race: He Has 'No Moral Compass'

Bill Clinton throws Obama under the bus

Oldie: Mike Malloy with John Kasich and Hugh Hewitt

I just tested a hypothesis

Why Did Hillary Clinton Call African American Kids "Super-Predators"?

Barack Obama plans intervention in Britain's EU referendum

#stealthebern TOON

President Obama visits Ellen DeGeneres, recites love poem for first lady

If I didn't already know who Bernie is, and Obama hadn't won twice, what would I be thinking now?

Cliven Bundy is once again trying to stick U.S. taxpayers with his bills

Fellow Berners... follow Bernie's lead.. stick to the facts... there is an establishment push to

Workforce Participation Rates

Another video of Ellen with President Obama: discussing the road equality

MADAM PRESIDENT'S DAY: A Donation Marathon for Hillary Clinton

The DNC Just Declared War on Bernie Sanders’ Political Revolution

I couldn't stay away

Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Deserve the Latino Vote

Hillary Found Her Footing Thursday Night

Jazz Hands

Sanders not afraid to take on Mr. Bill

And you may tell yourself "This is not my beautiful candidate!" David Byrne on the Donald...

Gregory Meeks on M$NBC right now...tell what Hillary has actually done for the AA community...

The First Time I Heard About Hillary Rodham

What do chickens and our constitutional rights have in common?

Deleting this....

I just want to say thank you for the hearts. Amazing how they can brighten up one's day.

Same poo being flung as in 2008 - what’s the common denominator????

what's occurring:

Somebody please post Jeffrey Sachs on Democracy Now 2/11/16.

Meeks is channeling DWS...

3 Pinocchios for Sanders’s claim that Clinton wouldn’t meet ‘our enemies’

Paul Krugman Confronts His Bernie Bro Critics

Willy Wonka's doppelgangers of the Presidential Candidates.

Watch Corporate America Turn A Room Full Of Workers Into Bernie Sanders And Donald Trump Supporters

And another thing about this Lewis thing

Filed for Social Security benefits today

a nitpicking rant, if you will, about a WW2 documentary

Wow sure is strange how things change JAN. 22, 2008

Today's Meeting

I'm not Rappaport.

The depths of Hillary's Photogate ratfuckery are truly unfathomable.

Don't think I've seen it mentioned here before, but for any who missed it in November.......

Watch Corporate America Turn A Room Full Of Workers Into Bernie Sanders And Donald Trump Supporters

Clinton Scrambles as Sanders Puts the Black Vote in Play