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Archives: February 11, 2016

I heard something on NPR that made the trump campaign make sense ...

Bernie raises $5.2 million within 18 hours of New Hampshire win.

Tom Tomorrow: Primary Questions

Carrier to move Indy unit to Mexico, cut 1,400 jobs

Black votes matter in Democratic Presidential Primary Race as Contest moves to more Diverse States

Android smartphones: good brands that are under $200 ?

How Hillary Clinton Might Actually Win In N.H., Even Though She Lost Big

The chaotic fight for ObamaCare

If Bernie is elected President, what should be his first priority?

MSNBC has Trump on now... I'm color blind but what is up with his face?

Hillary Clinton Just Gave The Best Speech Of Her Campaign

Elizabeth Warren Urges CDC To Look At Pot As Potential Fix To Prescription Painkiller Epidemic

Elizabeth Warren Urges CDC To Look At Pot As Potential Fix To Prescription Painkiller Epidemic

Hillary Clinton has a major honesty problem after New Hampshire

A new campaign video from Bernie Sanders:


Tim Black: Message to South Carolina About Hillary and Bernie

Some truths hurt more than others...

NPR: How Hillary Clinton Might Actually Win In New Hampshire Even Though She Lost The Vote

L.A. teachers union wins dues increase, vows to battle foes of traditional public education

Bernie Sanders Addresses the National Rainbow Coalition Conference 1986

L.A. teachers union wins dues increase, vows to battle foes of traditional public education

Marilyn Monroe’s Stuffing Recipe Stars in a Remake.

Dem precinct chair/Sanders voter appalled at slams against super delegates being launched here.

L.A. teachers union wins dues increase, vows to battle foes of traditional public education

Let's make the superdelegates feel the Bern

Guy behind Trump at rally is REALLY trying to get kicked out.

Fox News has no idea how to cover Trump — who’s destroying the network from within: report

Clinton likely to leave New Hampshire with same number of delegates as Sanders

Watch this hilarious mashup of the BeeGees and ACDC

Too funny!

"There is a special place in Hell for Women who don't help women who make up their OWN damn minds ."

Politifact says Bernie lied yet again...this time about Republicans and climate change

$8 million by midnight tonight EST?

A Blow to the Oligarchy

Jury Rejects Drunk Driver’s Explanation That His Booze Breath Was From Beer-Battered Fish

(WA State) Senate rejects reversal of transgender bathroom rule

Where is Jesse Jackson & will he endorse Bernie before SC?

Did the Trump campaign break campaign laws by coordinating with Trump's nonprofit foundation?

Identity politics...

Hillary's Hypocrisy: Clinging to Obama After Her Racist Dog Whistles in 2008

Bernie's Mensch like response to Bill Clinton's attacks

Gotta love how Trump has split the RW scuznuts into two groups...

Tamir Rice family billed by Cleveland officials for expenses after the 12 year old was shot by cops

Opera browser software company may be acquired by consortium of leading Chinese internet firms

Politically Hillary POC "Firewall" Meme is going to back fire

Interesting polls in Oklahoma

A very cool facebook page - Artists for Bernie

Five South Carolina State Reps. have endorsed Bernie Sanders

CBS NEWS: A look at Bernie Sanders' early life in Brooklyn with Scott Pelley

Buddys Home dog rescue by Pixie Lismore, Australia

Attacking Bernie on race issues...

Flint officials ask US Congress for $55m to replace city's old lead pipes

Friend of Texas man shot by police wants public's attention

Here's Why Black People Should Think Twice Before Voting For Hillary Clinton

With all of this "special place in hell" talk

What's not too love ...

Oregon militia standoff: arrest of shock jock sparks outcry over free speech

North Korea Reportedly Executes Army Chief Of Staff

Sanders adviser was convicted of union embezzling

Ben Dixon Show: Debunking Hillary Clinton DSCC Lies on Bernie From Rachel Maddow in 2 minutes

Angela Bassett campaigns for Hillary as fiercely as she does everything else

Robert Kennedy assassin, Sirhan Sirhan, denied parole: official

How many delegates do Hillary and Bernie have at this time?

Sen. Cory Booker: Sanders has 'long record of civil rights'

Jay Carney: Obama supports Hillary Clinton

Mississippi lawmaker admits his education bill is to protect creationism

The Art Institute of Chicago Recreates Van Gogh’s Famous Bedroom to be Rented on Airbnb

How is Sanders doing in Nevada?

White House says opposes House bill on restaurant calories

Ted Cruz believes in nothing: The fundamentalist charlatan craves power above all else

How the Russian State Media and German Neo-Nazis Spread a Fake “Arabs Raped Girl” Story

Not an anniversary or birthday...

In 1844 James K. Polk won a surprise victory over Henry Clay on the issue of territorial expansion.

Deep background on Hillary

House passes bill requiring EPA actions on lead-laced water

2-5-16 Shot Down for Standing Up in 2:00

2-5-16 Shot Down for Standing Up in 2:00

2-5-16 Shot Down for Standing Up in 2:00

Senate unanimously backs tougher North Korea sanctions

Australian Foreign Affairs says UN Assange ruling not binding

Oregon standoff - live feed FBI negotiations with the remaining 4 idiots...

'Son of Sal' convicted of killing New York shopkeepers

2-6-16 General Strike in 2:00

2-6-16 General Strike in 2:00

2-6-16 General Strike in 2:00

**Bernie Sanders - "Brand New Campaign Theme Song"**

**Bernie Sanders - "Brand New Campaign Theme Song"**

The urgent need for Silicon Valley to lead a smart and civil conversation on inequality

Bernie Sanders’ Wife: Madeleine Albright’s Comments Were ‘Unfortunate and Disturbing’

Hillary has a killer message and she rolled it out last night:

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!!Podcasts and Growing Pains

61-39. Suddenly DU doesn't look all that unreflective of the real world.

More than a dozen Congressional Black Caucus members heading to SC to stump for Hillary Clinton

Bikeshare Union Has Wheels

Bikeshare union has wheels

Bikeshare union has wheels

This could be the albatross around Clinton's neck

Cash On Hand Totals - Hillary: $74 Million, Bernie: $28 Million

People Are Doing Everything To Reunite Refugee Cat With His Family

Hillary Clinton backs Justice Dept lawsuit over Ferguson policing practices

Since last night about the only thing that hasn't been tossed at Bernie

Poachers Shoot and Kill Do-Gooder Pilot Who Was Trying to Save Elephants

Hillary Clinton to campaign with mother of Sandra Bland

The gaming desktop thread

Cruz? Oh; you mean he's a Slimy Oily Sleazeball.

Criminal Justice - and why saying sorry is not enough

Reports that Hillary is going to Change her Campaign.

Orange County Congressional Candidate Bao Nguyen Endorses Bernie Sanders

This super delegate issue

2-7-16 The Sugar That’s Not So Sweet in 2:00

2-7-16 The Sugar That’s Not So Sweet in 2:00

2-7-16 The Sugar That’s Not So Sweet in 2:00

Boy Crushed When His Mom Doesn't Vote for Clinton


Oregon standoff: FBI moves in on last refuge occupiers

Carly Fiorina goes down!!!

I don't give a shit

Bernie being interviewed by Scott Pelly on CBS eve news. Made the big time.

Ben Jealous on Rachel making the case for Bernie

Latest: Federal Government Files Civil Rights Suit Against Ferguson

#ImnotkiddingMaddi trending as ‘urgent’ Clinton email mocked

FBI Surrounds Remaining Protesters Occupying Oregon Refuge

My OP asking what Sanders had done to fight for blacks in the last 50 years was hidden by a jury!

Richard Wolff on the big significance of the Iowa election.

144 hours later: Do you know where your transcripts are?

Thank you to whoever gave me my heart! n/t

California methane leak update

Baby squirrels' foster mom has charges dropped

Scathing blog by 3 AA women titled: Black People don’t OWE Hillary Clinton SHIT!

What About Me

Mike Malloy - Republicans Ought To Be Taken Out

GOP Voters Surge and Democratic Voters Plummet in New Hampshire Primary.

2-8-16 The Spacemen Strike Back in 2:00

2-8-16 The Spacemen Strike Back in 2:00

Ben Jealous, on Rachel Show, utterly aware

Should we be reaching out to superdelegates, just to let them know we're thinkin' about 'em?

Orlando company launches device to cloak Web browsing

Defense begins case in trial against polygamous towns

What about Head Start?

Against Endorsements

Black & White

Anyone know anything about this new web browsing device ICloak ?

Tesla ramps up sales, sets date for new model

Besides the Roman Empire and opera, what mark have the Italians made?!1 n/t

I just imagined Bernie and Barak shooting hoops.

This Bill Would Force Large Corporations to Pay a Fine if They Don't Pay Workers a Living Wage

Bill Maher: Democrats Could Lose to Trump on "Islamic Terrorism" Issue Alone

Whaaaaat?!!!! Bernie on 'The View'

Media Reporting Un-cast Super Delegate Votes for Hillary Clinton Misleading & Unethical

Well, that didn't take long. The Zika virus conspiracies have begun

NINA TURNER on LAWRENCE O'DONNELL, MSNBC now. Michelle Alexander's new

Over $7,000,000 raised from individuals in the last 24 hours!!!

US-Colombia trade down 19% since free trade deal

US-Colombia trade down 19% since free trade deal

Who does Howard Dean think he's fooling?

$60 for a simple albuterol inhaler!

"Why Hillary Clinton Doesn't Deserve the Black Vote" being shared a lot on Twitter

LIVE FEED from the audio of the Oregon refuge "rebels" encampment.

Can Bernie Bash Obama's Record and Still Win Black Votes?

Caption Jeb!

Live Feed from 4 Refuge Assholes right now- Negotiation

Hold on Rachel

Report on Syria conflict finds 11.5% of population killed or injured

Newspaper Adviser Is Fired After Students’ Scoop Roils Maryland Campus

So not being a Dem all your life = Fuck your civil rights accomplishments

Debate Tomorrow night 9pm...PBS

University of Houston Keeps GOP Debate

The Establishment can't understand the rejection for Hillary because corrupt politics is normal to..

LIVE call from Refuge -- FBI Seige Happening.

Lobbyists, Consultants Fret Over Bernie Sanders Victory

Donations to Bernie = Investing in America, Donations to Hillary = Investing in Corporate America

Boeing delivers renewable powered fuel cell energy storage system to U.S. Navy

Ode To Chris Christie...

While Trump Divides; Bernie Sanders will Bring People Together:

Triumph the Insult Dog asked Ted Cruz...

State Bar Will Investigate Paxton for Conduct After Marriage Ruling

Don't forget. Bernie on Late Show with Stephen Colbert tonight...

President Obama: “I am a progressive Democrat, I am proud of that. I make no bones about that"

Don't forget. Bernie on Late Show with Stephen Colbert tonight...

Heidi Cruz: Ted Running To ‘Show This Country The Face Of The God That We Serve’

Nuke Plant in Critical SItuation - in the Carolinas?

FRAUD ALERT: 1/3 of Tested Restaurant Lobster Dishes Actually Contain Cheaper Seafood

Is W's "endorsement" of his brother the most pathetic thing ever?

Bernie Sanders goes back to Brooklyn

Ex-NAACP Head Ben Jealous: Sanders is Most Consistent Candidate Tackling Racism, Militarism & Greed

Ex-NAACP Head Ben Jealous: Sanders is Most Consistent Candidate Tackling Racism, Militarism & Greed

Sign petition to allow the voters to decide who gets the Superdelegates and not DNC insiders

2 Texas researchers under fire for Planned Parenthood study

Personally, I'd like to THANK young voters for reminding us what's possible

Bernie Sanders is on Colbert tonight... fyi

Skinner, I know you said you're looking to make..

Congressional Black Caucus endores Hillary

Let's jump the gun a bit. Tomorrow, the Congressional Black Caucus formally endorses Clinton

Egypt’s 'revolutionaries' forcibly muted five years since revolution

“Goodnight you princes of Maine, you kings of New England.”

Carson staying in race, sees South Carolina victory

LIVE Call In Wildllife Refuge Burns, Oregon -- FBI Seige Ongoing, Surrender Deal Reached

Sanders up on Colbert.

Charles Blow: Stop Bernie-splaining to Black Voters

I like this painting of Bernie...what do you think?

Looks like a fun movie.

Angry over superdelegates? Send this reply to DNC fundraising pitches:

Did Y'all catch that *wink* the President gave to vote for Hillary today?

How sick is this...'s a 'secret'

Pat Robertson bashes youth voters for supporting Sanders.

Wonder why this Tweet was deleted by National Nurses United...

Fun to watch this video of Bernie on Colbert in Nov 2014 before he announced his candidacy..

Vice president for Sanders

After Sanders' Big Win in NH, Establishment Figures Want to Scare You with Superdelegates

I've seen Democrats, Republicans, and Independents come together and agree

Intimate Portraits of Flint Show Frustration, Fear, Perseverance

New Hampshire Democrats turnout lower than 2008. Superdelegates: Let the voters decide

The Biggest reason I just can't #FeelTheBern (The Fetishization of Not Knowing)

Alex Jones: "Bernie Sanders supporters are scum."

WaPo: Sirhan Sirhan, denied parole despite a Kennedy confidant’s call for his release

How Your Gut Affects Your Bones

I'm a Hillary supporter but....

Do Not Fall for the Bait

RNC Chair On Potential Bloomberg Run: It Would Be ‘A Blessing' To GOP

(Some) so-called white progressives sure don't like it when

So the Congressional Black Caucus will tell AAs tomorrow...

Tortitude is a real thing - Multicolored Cats Might Be More Aggressive Than Other Cats, Study Finds

Bernie's Real Bro Highlights Crucial Populist Rise of Sanders and Corbyn

Make your own conclusions

FBI Surrounds Occupiers at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

Poof! Buh-bye!

The Oregon refuge LIVE FEED on youtube just stopped, in the midst of angry shouting.

"Two Prominent Black Intellectuals Just Delivered More Bad News for Clinton"

Cliven Bundy just landed at PDX and was 'detained' by police per this supporter

New Mexico Committee passes joint

Party first, ideas second.

New Hampshire, June 2015

"Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Deserve the Black Vote"

China Now World’s Largest Solar PV Market, With 43.2 GW Of Installed Capacity, Outstrips Germany

Cliven Bundy booked into the Multnomah County, OR jail at 10:54 p.m.

Michelle Alexander: Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Deserve the Black Vote

Oklahoma tribe agrees to pay $48 million to avoid prosecution in payday lending scheme

Lawsuit challenges union rights

Lawsuit challenges union rights

Lawsuit challenges union rights

I think I figured out what Bernie's simple message is...

Legislative Leaders and Attorney General Announce Gun Safety Legislation.

Bernie has raised over Seven Million Dollars since his landslide victory in NH!!!

The right-wing Oregon occupiers have a martyr now, and that should worry everyone

The Biggest reason I just can't #FeelTheBern (The Fetishization of Not Knowing)

Are there any adult children of LGBT here, besides me? I don't remember

Good stuff from Thom Hartmann

#SettleforHillary (pic inside) How about #HELLNO !!

All-male panel in Utah votes to keep sales tax on tampons

A Thought as We Move into South Carolina.

Watching Bernie on Colbert... Bernie is such a Statesman.. can't wait till his Inauguration Day...

Here's a guy who's really feeling the bern! Fire is Ours - Makana Music

Chomsky Interview: ‘The US is One of the Most Fundamentalist Countries in the World’

Sexual Harassment at work debated in Iran.

Daily Holidays - February 11

The "Bernie has a problem with black people" stuff

Comedian Samantha Bee - Jeb in Winter, Cruz's Personality Cancer

Alexandria: War of Passive Aggression

FBI Arrests Cliven Bundy, Tightens Grip On Final Occupiers At Oregon Wildlife Refuge

Davis statue draws ire at black history rally (KY)

Domo Arigato Marco-Roboto !!! LOLZ music & lyrics

Hillary has received $133,246 from private prison lobbyists

KKK was not created for ‘law and order’ (GA)

City of Rockville Rejects County’s Request to Take Controversial Confederate Statue (MD)

Officer shot during standoff not expected to survive, Fargo police chief says

Bernie on Mass Incarceration in 1994 (railing against the Federal Crime Bill)

I Miss Barack Obama (by David Brooks??? NYT)

It's Time to Talk About What Guns Have to Do With Dating

Jay Carney: Obama supports Hillary Clinton

Why Americans Die Younger: Guns, drugs and car crashes

[VIDEO] Sanders commits to giving 1 trillion dollars to needy communities of color

America is no longer gun-shy about gun control

KC payday lenders Scott Tucker and Richard Moseley Sr. indicted in federal crackdown

The UN's Assange detention ruling is ludicrous and should be ignored

Bernie's Real Bro Highlights Crucial Populist Rise of Sanders and Corbyn

Mark Morford: Feel the Bern or Give 'em Hill, but please chill out

Last Night, Rachel Maddow Perfectly Captured What Bernie’s Win Means for the Left

Hillary’s controversial American-Israeli supporter

Top ten groups of people that piss me off so much I only see red

The Sunlight Foundation: Hillary's dark money or What a Tangled Web

4 Reasons Sanders Can Win the General

Bernie Sanders On “The View” Asked To Say ONE Nice Thing About Trump

How to Trap Elephant Poachers With Their Own Technology

Junior doctors' contract set to be imposed

Stephen Colbert Grills Bernie Sanders: Isn’t This ‘Class Warfare?’

Trump has a magnificent, brillant idea how US could neutralize NK with diplomatic effort

The Revolution Is Real, Bernie Can Win It All

It occurred to me this a.m. - re: Bubba's pre NH "speech"

GOP Senator Says He Would Vote For Bernie Sanders Over Ted Cruz

Family of worker killed during Kyle Field renovations awarded $53M in lawsuit

Bernie Sanders Intrigues a South Carolina Town That Loves Hillary Clinton

Cleveland Files Claim Against Tamir Rice's Family For Unpaid EMS Bill

Poor Joe Scum is mourning Christie's departure

The President’s Proposed FY 2017 Budget: The Impact on Medicare

NYPD kicking black people merely accused of crimes out of their appartments

Migrant crisis: Nato deploys Aegean people-smuggling patrols

New Hampshire Students Say They Were Illegally Turned Away From the Polls

Maryland Legislature Restores Voting Rights To 40,000 Ex-Offenders

The Passion of the Bureaucrats: a review of 2 books about Vatican financial scandals

Insurers wait until last minute to drop hospitals from plans.

#ImWithHer #WeGotThis

Climate change may have helped spread Zika virus according to WHO scientists

The Latest: Cliven Bundy jailed upon arriving in Portland

Young black men in Chicago: Out of work, out of school, and out of luck

People who think Bernie can't win in November...

North Korea expels all South Koreans from joint industrial zone

CNN and ‘Morning Joe’ Get Into Epic Media Brawl Over Donald Trump Story

Renewables: The Next Fracking?

Erdogan slams EU, threatens to send refugees outside Turkey

Chicago Tribune: Bush and Rubio remain "among the candidates who don't scare children and moderates"

NYRB: The Psychologists Take Power

BHM: Feb 11th. Bishops, ministers, Whitney Young, and the first black protest. Read on.

Syrian Kurdish forces said to capture most of rebel-held former military airport

GPS tracking down to the centimeter

One Million Anti-TPP Petitions Delivered to Congress

Rep Jeffries just pointed out on @CNN it was Bernie who voted yes on 94 crime bill; not Hillary. Bam

96% of the states and 100% of the territories haven't even had their Democratic primaries yet.

If you think either Hillary or Sanders will be treated any differently by this congress...

Both political parties seem to have a southern strategy

Stephen Colbert and Bernie Sandwiches

SC superdelegate who had backed O'Malley switches to Clinton

Figured out why Ben Carson flew back to Florida

Pennsylvania Senate effort to remove AG Kane fails; House presses on

Tell us what it was like meeting an alien...

Jay Carney: Obama wants Clinton to win

Huffington Post: Obama Speech Sure Sounds Like A Tacit Endorsement Of Clinton

The shadowy right-wing group infiltrating lefty organizations

A Question: A Term That Keeps Coming Up In The Primaries Is 'Oligarchy' Do You Think.....

In South Carolina, Young Black Voters Could Put Holes In Clinton's 'Firewall'

Hey Representative Jeffries, Hillary called children, including black kids, Super Predators

Russia vs. Turkey in the Mideast (I)

"Fire Is Ours"

News from Brownbackistan: Brownback defends using public pension funds to fill Kansas budget hole

Berning Man, A homeless veteran starts a campaign to support Bernie Sanders

Psychological study: Punishing gods enhance social coherence.

Psychological study: Punishing gods enhance social coherence.

Blunt’s Vietnam-era draft deferments become issue in 2016 Senate race

Bernie Sanders | Never- Ending Greed

"Fire Is Ours"

Still looking for a few hearts to give away.

Help out this survey

Ben Jealous - MLKs Triplets of Evil Rascism Militarism & Greed

Why Sanders’ Win Is Good for Clinton

More Than 40 Texas Democrats Endorse Hillary Clinton

Here's why these panelists say Hillary Clinton is the best choice for president

Why Is That?

New Lounge challenge: Billboard

Here Are Some Of The Absolute Worst Predictions Of The 2016 Race So Far

Sanders campaign touts another endorsement that didn’t happen

“The Unequal Opportunity Race”

When it comes to dishonest smears, Team Hillary clearly believes Go Big

Michael Moore is

Bernie campaign sent a new spokesperson to be interviewed on CNN this morning

New X-ray space observatory to study black holes and history of galaxy clusters

US WWII vet reunites with wartime girlfriend in Australia

Really heating up now on audio feed. Oregon standoff, 4 left.

Man, the hate them some Beyoncé

"Morning Sweetcheeks."

Diverse Nevada readies for ‘First in the West’ caucuses

"I really hate her...I'll think of a reason later..."

How Fox News Propaganda Created The Donald Trump image:

Bernie Sanders: "If you think it's too expensive to take care of veterans...."

About Bernie voting for the Clinton & Biden Violent Crime Bill of 1994....

Bernie Sanders: "If you think it's too expensive to take care of veterans...."

Hillary supporters don't know why they support her

Conspiracy theorist interrupts interview

Saudi Arabia teacher 'kills six colleagues' in Jazan

Sanders Wins Big in New Hampshire! Now He’s Only 352 Delegates Behind Clinton!

Thank you.

All Hillary and her army of elite surrogates had to do was sit back

Bernie's tax dollar investments will go to Wall Street, among others

The Millennial Squad

Famous Economist Carefully Examines Bernie-nomics! Wow....

Was Just Listening To Democracy Now And Her Guest

Bernie being a radical

Stop Bernie-Splaining to Black Voters

I’m Voting for Hillary Because of My Daughter

Dozens reported killed in prison riot in Monterrey, Mexico

Having a caucus on Saturday really isn't a great idea.

POLL: 2015 A&A Meme of the Year!

Why can't they charge the Bundys with treason?

Electability May Be Hillary Clinton’s Secret Weapon

Clinton Endorsement NOT from Congressional Black Caucus but FROM Cong. Black Caucus SUPERPAC

For Hillary to Survive, Clintonism Had to Die

Planned Parenthood Tweets A Well-Deserved Farewell F*CK YOU To Carly Fiorina

Here’s one reason the Clinton campaign might not be panicking (too much)

Sanders Raises $7.1 Million After New Hampshire Win

Hot coffee isn’t recommended while enjoying the rantings of The Last Of The Bundy Terrorists

Hillary Supporter: Bernie will give a good speech at the Dem convention

Thursday Bernie Group Toon Roundup - On To Nevada!

Alex Jones: Bernie Sanders Voters Are 'Scum', Should Have 'Jaws Broken'

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Trump in Control

Natasha Hakimi: No, I Won’t Vote for Hillary Clinton. And Yes, I Am a Feminist Millennial

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 -The Rest

Q. Is an African-American who says they will vote for Trump if it's Trump v Clinton a racist?

Hillary, The Congressional Black Caucus PAC and a LOT of Money & Irony

I have been commissioned to write a horror movie by my production company

"90 percent of the 20-member board of the CBC’s PAC"

My newest screenplay has been commissioned by my production company

Listen live now as the FBI closes in on Bundy Terrorist

City of Cleveland files claim against Tamir Rice's family for unpaid EMS bill

Now that Chief Welfare Rancher Mooch Ammon is in jail...

The difference between Bernie and Trump

In 2000, black voters were disfranchised in FL, only Bernie met with CBC and stayed on top of it.

Sharpton: Sanders Did Not Address How Race Affects Income Inequality

A counter-protester speaks with law enforcement at the occupied bird sanctuary.

"Sanders campaign touts another endorsement that didn't happen" CNN

Republican strategist Dave Carney: Bernie's energy could pose bigger threat to the GOP than Hillary

Flint Water Crisis: Does MLive Have Emails Connecting Governor Snyder To MDEQ's Silence?

I would like to see Bernie meet with the Rev. William Barber of the

Jane Sanders: Albright's Comments 'Unfortunate And Disturbing' (VIDEO)

Challenge to my fellow DUers-Let no Duer go without a heart day.

Dildo Dave and the Leftover Dicks- Refuge Reality #21 "The Surrender" (1 stream found)

This IS live feed from the Oregon standoff.

Hillary Clinton Plans To Raise Money From Industries With Interests Before The Next President

Clinton's Secret Weapon in Nevada Could Launch Her Comeback

At this point in time cable 'news' hosts should no longer be saying

Bad things are happening today

All this fighting between candidates and Republicans in 2 states so far have proven

Video of Harry Belafonte's Endorsement of Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton hails Florida’s proposed anti-LGBT discrimination bill

"The Wisconsin Supreme Court Seems to be Making Up the Law as it Goes Along"

Pentagon budget requests $146 million in support for Israel defense

America in 2016.

African Americans are estimated to be 22% of all Democratic voters in the primaries

The Two Hillarys, and why they cancel each other out

Morgan Stanley to pay $3.2 bln to settle financial crisis-era charges

***** LIVE feed: #OregonStandoff Ends - Cliven Bundy Jailed - #BundyTeaParty *****

How the Bernie Sanders Approach Ruined Burlington College

I'm not following the Bundy thing at all but I have a question...

The Political Establishment Game: They won't be able to see the forest for the trees.

On Bill and Hillary's First Date... They Crossed a Picket Line.

Saudi’s decision to send troops in Syria ‘final’

Oklahoma- Clinton 44 Sanders 28

Hillary Helped UBS—and Then the Bank Funneled Millions to the Clintons

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 2-10-16 post NH primary!!!

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 2-10-16 post NH primary!!!

Creepy: "I'm capable of changing into whatever I want"

Visiting CA near Ramona for a few days.

Imagine this,,,,,,, 8 years from now

Have the media called for transcripts of Koch brothers meetings with ReTHUGs

Sec. Clinton will expand, not restrict Alabama's voting rights by Rep. Terri Sewell (D-AL)

Bernie Sanders and Dr. King's legacy

Tennessee Becomes 5th State to Pass Resolution Calling For Article V Convention

The More Bernie Sanders Wins, the More Establishment Liberals Will Tell You He Can’t Win

How the Clintons free trade approach has ruined Middle and Working Class America.

Anyone here like cactus water?

New York Slimes adds legitimacy to 42% Unemployment rate fantasy

Judge chides State Department for delay in Clinton email release

Challenge: Which one of these people is not an African-American child?

When you advocate for Red States to not count as much as Blue States...that's disenfranchisement

“Worse than 2008”: World’s Largest Container Carrier on the Slowdown in Global Trade

Shameless name dropping. Harry Belafonte.

Georgia Poll: HRC: 63% Bernie: 22%

Anyone know how the union vote breaks down in NH?

Israel-Turkey Reconciliation Talks Progressing but No Deal Yet, Turkish Official Says

Just wanted to make sure everyone knows there is a debate tonite.

DSA Statement on Steinem

OBAMA: "The good thing about being President is you get to write your own book."

Cecile Richards Campaigns for Hillary in Reno, Feb 10 2016

Dozens of Mississippi legislative leaders endorse Hillary Clinton

Is Wall Street Making a Killing off of Cities' debt?

New method opens crystal clear views of biomolecules

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Feb. 11, 2016

"The political revolution will no longer be just don't f**k around with that"

The Super Delegates Insure The Establishment Candidate Wins

Kasich to sign Ohio bill that defunds PP & women's health access.

”Fire Is Ours,” a Bernie Sanders anthem by Makana

Going live now Gavin Seim on phone with holdouts

Leaked Emails Claim Snyder Administration Withheld Lead Testing Results

Whatever happened with the data breach investigation?

Israeli Lawmaker Says Palestinian Nation Doesn’t Exist, Because Arabic Doesn't Have 'P'

Intrepid: Bernie's Secret Service Codename

HRC leads Bernie in new Oklahoma poll

10 minutes to go for the Y'allQaeda 4 in Oregon "Oregon protesters set to surrender"

Gravitational waves have been found, scientists say

It still amazes me how so many Americans have no voice in the process

Boeing Said to Face SEC Probe Into Dreamliner and 747 Accounting

How dare Beyonce bring symbols of past racial strife into popular music performance!!

Arkansas Primary Poll: HRC: 57% Bernie: 25%

5 years since the Act 10 protests in Madison.......

It's 11 AM (Eastern) at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge: check-out time...

Curious about more debates

Can you imagine anyone else speaking more passionately than Bernie on crime, punishment, and poverty?

LePage names himself state education commissioner

Ellison confirms CBC PAC endorsed candidate without CBC membership input

Congressional Black Caucus PAC endoring HRC LIVE now on cnn

Folks downplaying the CBC PAC endorsement of Hillary should know most members already endorsed her

Two Prominent Black Intellectuals Just Delivered a Blow to Hillary Clinton

Islamic State fighters head south in Libya, threatening Sahel

Videos that could get african americans to take a second look at Bernie

Donors urge Clinton to sharpen message ahead of debate with Sanders

Scores killed in prison brawl and blaze in Mexico

Samuel Dubose shooting: judge sets murder trial for former police officer

Don't Expect a lot of Nevada Polling

Haunted by a lack of young voter support, Hillary advertises on the AOL login screen!

Clinton's close friend and fundraiser Sheriff Harry Lee: Racist to the core.

White police officer alleges racial bias after being fired for shooting black man

Lee Fang digs deep into Hillary's super delegate lobbyists

Bernie Sanders is “casting aspersions” !!!

Name a Woman with a song title's name

"Let's not keep putting poor people into jail, and disproportionately punishing blacks"


Do You Need God for Life Purpose?

John Kasich has been billed as moderate candidate, but his record is anything but

Vermin Supreme Finishes Fourth In NH Primaries

Hillary Clinton mentioned the praise she got from war criminal Henry Kissinger but history proves

Great Show of Unity And Support. So Very Proud of these Beautiful AA Orgs.

Wall Street Looting the Pension Funds

Bernie Doubles Down on Obama Criticism

Rescuing Ex-Muslims: Leaving Islam

Do you believe in the Easter Bunny?

Hillary was referring to young African-American males when she spoke of "super predators":

Media Reporting Un-cast Super Delegate Votes for Hillary Clinton Misleading & Unethical

So this is what I'm hearing from our PoC members...

Wall Street Confidence Trick: The Interest-Rate Swaps That Are Bankrupting Local Governments

Iraqi PM discourages Kurdish independence referendum

Harry Belafonte endorses Bernie Sanders for president

U.N. rights expert accuses Israel of excessive force against Palestinians

Photos: Catholics World-Wide Observe Ash Wednesday

*Brunch with Bernie* blasts from the past.

Live Stream from Oregon Refuge Terrorist Standoff Thurs AM 2/11/16

Bernie Sanders' endorsement of Jesse Jackson's campaign in 1988

PeaceNikki, I'm glad you got to respond

How does the NFL pick the band for the Super Bowl halftime show?

#LoveHasNoLabels. Not now. Not ever.

Independent owner considering closing national print titles

Daily Kos : Setting the Record Straight (Hillary / UBS )

Dolphin dies at SeaWorld San Antonio; third death in three months

Sanders ups his attacks on President Obama in new interview with @kasie.

City of Cleveland says Tamir Rice died because he failed "to exercise due care to avoid injury."

Democratic Delegate allocation by date

Harry Belafonte Endorses Bernie Sanders

Elizabeth Warren: Justice System Rigged In Favor Of The Wealthy

Stop Bernie-Splaining to Black Voters

Arraignment Set For Oklahoma Man In Co-Worker's Beheading

Shopping cart {for wheelchair-bound kids} invented by Alabama mom going nationwide in Target stores

"Minister" is scared of "dem girlz..."

Delegates question

Saudi Arabia: six killed in shooting at office

Modern-day slavery even happens in Silicon Valley

Justice Department presents evidence to grand jury in police choking death of Eric Garner

Walnut Eyes

Harry Belafonte has endorsed Bernie Sanders. Video

Justice Department presents evidence to grand jury in police choking death of Eric Garner

Team Clinton tries to lower Nevada expectations with incredible (ie false) claim

Modern-day slavery even happens in Silicon Valley (xpost from GD)

Congressional Black Caucus backs Hillary Clinton

Is Bernie's General Economic Focus a Trickle-Down

Carlos Santana to NFL: Super Bowl should have included classic Bay Area acts

Bernie's African American Endorsers

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries Talks about the Congressional Black Caucus PAC support for Hillary/ CNN Video

Schlubs from U.S., China Meet in Lowest-Level Talks.

I just tried listening to that live feed from Oregon...

Rubio eyes brokered convention after NH setback

Sanders: Surprisingly Mainstream--Why Bernie Sanders is Beating Hillary Clinton (Wow! From CNN)

Texas attorney general faces ethics probe over gay marriage

San Francisco's $15 coffee is already sold out

Sounds horrible......"Firefox can deliver on-screen notifications even when that site isn’t loaded"

Hillary Speaks Out Against Billing of Tamir Rice's Family for Ambulance

Fitch: US Rail Traffic Hurt by Coal, Other Modes Stable

The Oregon Live website says Clive was arrested on federal charges related to the standoff at

A star is born: How stellar newborn illuminates a hidden nebula

Sanders: Obama Hasn't Closed 'Presidential Leadership Gap'

What a week in politics it has been

"One of these days we're going to wake up & realize Cheney was right." Come CAPTION Sean Hannity!!!

I keep hearing no recent/updated polls from SC

Too late

Can we all agree to take the "No PUMA, no Bern-Out Pledge"?

94 year old former Auschwitz guard goes on trial in Germany

Im beginning to think Hillary's big name endorsements are hurting her

GOP Idea For Domestic Policy Is To Have Churches & Charities Do It All.

The video of the Congressional Black Caucus members explaining the endorsement

Report: Webb may re-enter presidential race

Brazil and US university reach deal on Zika vaccine

Clinton Foundation received subpoena from State Department Investigators

Pic Of The Moment: John McCain Blasts "Disappointing" GOP Candidates

This just dawned on me

Even In Turmoil GOP Can Win Election. Enough Angry/Deranged Voters To Help Them Win.

State Department says Russia's claims of US air strikes in Aleppo are 'false'

Lawmakers want a second chance for dogs rescued from fighting rings

Talking Points Memo has a story about Republicans asking Iran to hold onto prisoners

Arizona's Ann Kirkpatrick tied with John McCain for his Senate Seat

Morgan Stanley to Pay $3.2 Billion Over Flawed Mortgage Bonds.

John Lewis on Bernie Sanders' work in the civil rights movement: "I never saw him. I never met him."

Maryland Restores Voting Rights for 40,000 Ex-Prisoners

The use of super delegates in the democratic primaries..

Judge orders four more Hillary Clinton email releases

$500 Ambulance Bill Charged to Tamir Rice's Estate Withdrawn

That's the way, they all became the Bundy Bunch...

This Hashtag Is Asking Female Debate Moderators to Finally #AskAboutAbortion

Ellen Degeneres donates $500,000 to Detroit's Spain Elementary-Middle School

How People In Philadelphia, Boston & Mississippi Show We Don't Have To Treat Immigrants Horribly

Ever Notice how Defense is Sancrosanct?

Is renewable energy a pipe dream?

An observation about these two camps that is quite puzzling to me

Who wore it better?

Okay I will call it.

Do Vegetarians Live Longer? Here's What Science Says (

In Tamir Rice Shooting, Cleveland Rescinds $500 Bill in Medical Costs.

Q: Why would Wall Street Go Crazy for Risky College Loans as Borrowers fall Behind on Payments?

I'm baaackkk

The Clinton Campaign is Disgusting

Bernie Rocks Colbert

NY Times: Bernie Sanders Intrigues a South Carolina Town That Loves Hillary Clinton

A strange thing seen on Mars that might actually mean something

Don't miss the debate tonight!

How Wall Street and the Big Banks are destroying this county.

Bernie Sanders Lecture on the 1960s, Recounts Anti-Segregation Activism

Superdelegates have no place in a supposedly "Democratic" Party.

Quick question - updated


Tsunami-hit towns in Tohoku shaken by alarming rate of population drain

DEBATE Q for SBS: Wouldn’t his free tuition plan INCREASE inequality, while HRC’s would REDUCE it?

Heidi Cruz says as president, her husband, Ted, will deliver 'a combination of the religion and law'

Twin Suicide Bombings Kill More Than 60 In Nigerian Refugee Camp

Manager attempts to rob his own restaurant in Saga

Shame on all of you working for the Clinton campaign who are using the issue of race

John Lewis: "I met Hillary and I met Bill Clinton, I never saw Bernie Sanders"

Ron Paul says Ted Cruz is no libertarian and Bernie Sanders is the most free-market

Surprise Supreme Court Ruling May Send Obama's Climate Plan Up in Smoke (

Awww its raining hearts! Thank you all

Strawberry Statements Forever

Franklin Graham Says He's On His Way To Oregon Refuge

Lack of parking in Tokyo’s shopping districts a headache for Chinese tour buses and residents

Mo. Man Arrested After Telling Black Waitress He Wanted to Show Her Where He ‘Hung’ Her Grandpa

Hillary: Let's dispel with this fiction that POTUS doesn't know what he's doing

Jessica Williams' Ridicule of the "Vagina Vote" Isn't Just Funny — It's Totally on Point {NSFW}

Picture DU as a big public park…

Can Hillary directly bash Obama's race (African American) in 2008 and still win AA votes in 2016?

PLEASE CORRECT the Congressional Black Caucus mis-info where you see it!!

Don't miss the debate tonight!

***** #OregonStandoff Ended - Cliven Bundy Jailed - #BundyTeaParty - Thread 2 *****

Table for one / Hard-to-beat frozen egg recipes

Oregon standoff: 4 holdouts all in FBI custody as occupation ends (live updates)

The Clintons were at or near the pinnacle of political power from 1992 until 2009.


Marco Furbio/Loopio's New Primaries Plan.

Mining Flattened Parts of Appalachia by 40 Percent, increased water pollution risk

The Latest: Cliven Bundy Charged With Assault, Conspiracy

xp - Mining Flattened Parts of Appalachia by 40 Percent, increased water pollution risk

Report: Iranian Official Says GOPers Tried To Stall Prisoner Swap For 2016 Election

Earthquake Aftermath: Japan, US, China thanked for their aid

We've all heard that "the deck is stacked against us"... This graphic is the epitome of that.

White poverty exists, ignored

Have we really reached a place where if you aren't a PoC

They are just staight up hiding anything not pro-Bernie in GDP

Judge Orders Northeast Iowa Zoo to Remove Tigers, Lemurs

WTG FBI! They got all four out alive without violence!

Bernie Sanders takes Wall St. Money

Hillary: Let's dispel with this fiction that POTUS doesn't know what he's doing

Jim Webb will NOT run as an Independent...

Arrest In Front Of My House This Morning

The Good Adoptee Trailer

Are we sure we want this family back in the White House?

SCOTUS Blocks Obama Clean Power Plan, Hinders Future of Environmental Legislation

Bernie's Plan Will SAVE US $18 trillion

Singaporeans are third-biggest spenders for Valentine's Day in Asia-Pacific: Survey


Somebody is awesome.

5 Indicted in 2015 New York City Gas Explosion That Killed 2

Rep. Keith Ellison

The History of Our Presidential Nominating Process

Sandra Bland's mother to campaign for Hillary Clinton

Just FYI

I proudly sit with John Lewis under the bus

Key Members of Hillary Clinton Team Lobbied Against Bills She Now Touts as National Accomplishments

Hillary Clinton Admits Bernie Sanders Has More Experience on Face the Nation

Full on assault of John Lewis taking place in GD:primaries

Cross-post from GDP: Sandra Bland's mother to campaign for Hillary Clinton (HRC Group)

Cringe Alert: Watch Jeb Bush Get Kicked Off Stage At Rotary Club Event

Nice photo of John, Jane, and Bernie

Thanks to L.Coyote & Struggle4progresss

Ben Carson on South Carolina, Super Tuesday, and fighting onward

Federal trial delayed in South Carolina church massacre

The truth is not found at either extreme.

Do you believe in Santa Claus?

Civil rights group wants video in death of black Kentucky teen

Democratic Debate tonight, 9PM EST 02/11/2016

this heart got my attention!

Univision Tracking Poll WITH LINK TO UNIVISION Sanders still winning


House Speaker Ryan: Not enough support for TPP vote

Ooh look at these charges against Papa Bundy

Clinton Backer Buffett owns Clayton Mobile Homes which Preys on Minorities

What I learned from Malheur

John Lewis's statement makes me cringe... just because he didnt see somebody that means they werent

All of the Establishment members of Congress coalescing around Hillary

Congress approves permanent Internet access tax ban

Thanks again to whoever gave me another heart. DU deserves it.

Some gas stations have it at $1.30 a gallon, What does that really mean?

Hat tip to the FBI and LEOs for their work and patience. #BundyTeaParty is over.

"A cookie and one more cigarette"

It's gonna be alright...

Thank you to the people who gave me hearts!

This John Lewis Thing is Being Blown Out of Proportion (Video)

Kansas high court strikes down school funding law, threatens shutdown

How to Change the Democratic Party Nominating Process

It's a trap.

"Adam Ruins Everything" - Why Rigging Elections Is Completely Legal

Bernie knew the kitchen sink was coming.

University Suggests Female Faculty Members Could be Sexy if They Just Turn Down the Heat

Talked with my Millennial son last night.

Has anyone asked tRump about the Malheur stand off business?

Democrats pitch Keep it in the Ground bill to prohibit new fossil fuel extraction

I stand with John Lewis and Bernie Sanders

NYPD tracked citizens’ cellphones 1,000 times since 2008 without warrants

When you ask/demand that I vote for HRC

Blowback against John Lewis Begins

Sanders: Obama Couldn't Close Gap Between Congress And American People

LIVE NOW, Robert Reich: It's Ended now, @ 3:30 pm est.

Under the bus?

MoveOn Petition: Superdelegates: Don't Deny Democracy

"Thank you, John Lewis, for the beatings you took and the heart you kept wide open."

Civil Rights Hero John Lewis Isn't Impressed By Bernie Sanders' Civil Rights Activism

i stand with ben jealous AND john lewis for their endorsements of bernie and hillary

Bloodsucking Big Pharma Vultures Plan To Rig 2016 Election

Clinton Foundation received subpoena from State Department investigators

The big 'millennial' lie: what everyone gets wrong about twenty-somethings

Hillary Clinton Endorsed By Lobbyist Pac NOT Congressional Black Caucus

Democratic Debate: Clinton Receives Key Endorsement, But Faces New Questions

NEW LOW: Civil Rights Legend John Lewis Getting Trolled by Bernie Supporters

Call Apartheid in Israel by Its Name

Want Randi Rhodes back?

Turkish Leader: U.S. Responsible For 'Sea Of Blood' For Supporting Syrian Kurds

California congressman vapes during Congressional hearing

This is what Democrats are up against.

Open post to Skinner since ATA doesn't seem to be working for me

Politifact says Bernie's claim about the defense budget is mostly false

So in 2016, as Harry Belafonte endorses Bernie for President. It is a special kind of reunion...

I stand with John Lewis and Bernie Sanders

'All or Nothing': Kerry Demands Syria Ceasefire at Munich Talks

Hillary Clinton Statement on Endorsement of Congressional Black Caucus PAC

Here's how the reddit "Bernie bros" are handling things

My gut reaction to this John Lewis stuff - projectile vomiting

Shaun King re: John Lewis

Russia PM warns foreign offensive in Syria could spark 'world war'

Bernie Sanders has been thrown under the bus so many times

Hillary Shakes-down Corporate $$$ From Industries W/Pending Interests Before The Next President

Vandals wreck water stations along Arizona-Mexico border

.@RepJeffries laid the cities ravaged by gun violence at the feet of Sanders' voting record on the i

Vandals wreck water stations along Arizona-Mexico border

"Sexism has nothing to do with it"

The horror of Bernie paying his interns less than $15 per hour!

Fyffes accused of disrespecting plantation workers' rights

Fyffes accused of disrespecting plantation workers' rights

With Bernie Sanders as the nominee

I've finally made up my mind...I support Bernie Sanders

Truthsquadding Ted Cruz's Climate Denial

Bernie and the dreaded question.

A little unasked for opinion.. but cool your jets people

Organic honey is a sweet success for Cuba as other bee populations suffer

Organic honey is a sweet success for Cuba as other bee populations suffer

How 1968 changed Hillary

The Case for Hillary

Questions: Could Hillary have unified the party in 2008?

So I Caved and Bought a Pint of Ben and Jerry's

Making Wasted Uneaten Food a Thing of the Past in Argentina

Athletics doping: Kenya misses Wada deadline

Making Wasted Uneaten Food a Thing of the Past in Argentina

There is another piece of bait floating around in the murky waters.

Let the Swift-boating of Sanders' civil rights record begin! (DKOS)

"Adam Ruins Everything" - Why the Electoral College Ruins Democracy

The Clinton Machine lays waste to the most energized part of the Democratic base

Breakthrough: Scientists detect Einstein's gravity ripples

She's Likable Enough

Police: Man Shackled Girl, 15, as Collateral for Loan to Dad

Police: Man Shackled Girl, 15, as Collateral for Loan to Dad

For those who missed the Bundy Bunch audio last night and earlier today..........

Flint Water Takes Toll On Pets

Bernie Hypocrisy knows no limits.

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

So regarding President Cruz or President Trump

IS THE TIDE TURNING? Bernie Meets Rev. Sharpton in NYC, Ben Jealous and Jane Sanders Attend

Hillary Clinton’s Congressional Black Caucus PAC Endorsement Approved By Board Awash in Lobbyists

The Diplomat and the Killer

If Pres Bernie vetoes legislation that hurts the working class while benefiting the 1% I'll be happy.

Lee Fang: Congressional Black Caucus PAC funded in part by (white) private prison lobbist

President Bernie:The FIRST step in returning this to a govt that works for the people and not the 1%

Tonight's Debate is Clinton's One-Question Test: Has She Figured Out What's Wrong with Her Campaign

Does anyone plan on posting during the debate in the HC Group tonight? (Clinton Group)

Chrisie and Fiorina suspend campaigns.

Girl Pleads Guilty to Plotting Mom's Death With Soldier Beau

Does anyone have the viewership numbers on the last Democratic debate? ...

In his own words

Bernie's Secret Sevice code name revealed

Bernie Sanders’ Political Revolution Is Off to a Slow Start

The NRA is doing "duck and cover" over Ted Nugent...

Arcade Fire /w Preservation Hall Jazz Band tribute to David Bowie video:

Acknowledged...Bernie hurts down ticket candidates

MN Neighborhoods Organizing for Change - Black America Forum with Sen. Sanders

NTSB to Launch 2nd Search Mission for Wrecked Freighter

Wyoming and Arch Coal reach self-bonding deal

Help please! How does Sander plan to raise taxes with the congress we have?

God dammit, SAY their NAMES!

The #BundyTeaParty is over. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Minnesota Man Pleads Guilty in Islamic State Case

Group Plans To Occupy Oregon Wildlife Refuge Next

White GOP/Teaparty finds NEW WAY to insult Obama.

POST where you marched & if Cong. John Lewis KNOWS YOU

Koterba toon: Kasich

Peyton Manning Talks to Brother Eli's Super Bowl Sad Face

Socialism in America

This is What Happens When a Woman Supports Bernie Sanders Online

Geezer Summer of Love: When Old Men Were Sexy

Geezer Summer of Love: When Old Men Were Sexy

Victims: Feds Hid 'Sweetheart' Deal for Sex Offender With Deep Political Ties

Germany train crash—ways in which rail safety systems can fail

NYPD Triples The Strength Of Their Pepper Spray Because The Old Stuff Didn’t Hurt Enough

Obama to sign customs, trade enforcement bill into law: White House

Question: What is Plan B for Bernie Sanders' Campaign?

Using Clinton to define Democrats down ticket - How do you think that's going to work out for you?

"My Two Cents"

Pat Robertson: Women in combat are ‘masochistic’ sexual deviants acting out ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

Border volunteers find 'gory' vandalism at water stations

Chris Christie: New Jersey Pension Launches Probe Of Fees to Wall Street

When we were confronted with the right's attacks

NC halts plans on sweeping changes to state employee benefits .

Excellent, let's talk about the candidates record on Civil Rights -- Hillary, you go first

NC halts plans on sweeping changes to state employee benefits .

Obama on Partisan Divide: 'I Could Have Done That a Little Better'

Rent Soars Across Argentina

House Passes Bill Requiring NSF to Justify Each Grant as 'in the national interest"

The Level of Hillary Clinton HATRED in This Country Is Appalling.

To my friends...

Ask yourself: Why is Bernie the only one who wants the people involved after election day?

WTI Crude Falls to 12-Year Low at $26.14 per Barrel

Saudi warns U.N., aid workers to leave rebel-held areas in Yemen

Superdelegates were meant to give less power to "insurgents", more to party's insiders.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 12 February 2016

Obama, Netanyahu may agree defense deal in Washington next month, envoy says

LOL---Ignore Boy opining about others being a sore loser.

Fear of bankruptcy: Ferguson asks to amend DOJ police settlement

Question for Hillary supporters

I've sensed an anti-Obama undercurrent but it's not coming from Sanders or his supporters.

More about origin of superdelegates...

How teachers are getting it wrong on climate change

Climate change makes flight times longer

After New Hampshire Sen. Sanders warned that the kitchen sink will be out

Bernie has a lovely P-word, per Gaby Hoffman

Will Hillary Clinton Do More For Black America Than Did Obama?

Stinky Corpse Flower Blooms At University Of Minnesota

Neanderthal DNA has subtle but significant impact on human traits

North Korea occupies Kaesong industrial park | DW News

Warning. Many of you and the Democratic Party are

How punitive, omniscient gods may have encouraged the expansion of human society

RUBIO: “I just bit into a Twix bar and I go, ‘Man this Twix bar’s got something really hard in it’”

Ex-Nazi guard, 94, goes on trial over 170,000 killings at Auschwitz

John Lewis met the Clintons in the 60s per Chuck Todd.

US deploying hundreds of troops to Afghanistan

National Syndicated Radio Host Michael Berry: "Black Folk Don't Need To Hear No Economics"

Taiwan quake: Developer arrested in collapsed building probe

Research Suggests Horses Can Read Human Emotions

Top intellignce official: ISIS determined to strike U.S.

Tweet from Elizabeth Warren: To-Do List for workers & families

Convicted al Qaeda supporter loses U.S. medical malpractice trial

Civil rights leader John Lewis dropped his support for Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential bid...

Bernie is a democratic socialist.

Dozens of Georgia prison officers charged in corruption probe

Banners and selfies as Iranians mark revolution anniversary

Walgreens to sell heroin overdose antidote OTC

Ted Nugent Claims He Is A "Motown Black Man" Who Will "Free Democratic Slaves"

Bernie should give Hillary her due on supporting children and minorities...

Burger King Adds Hot Dogs to the Menu

U.S. blacklists prominent Islamic State preacher, two others

Unarmed/Naked But Shoot Anyways-The Young Turks

I am truly fed up with

Look who posed for me this morning.

Change would allow handguns at Tennessee legislative complex

Banned Marijuana: Because the Department of Prohibition boss needed SOMETHING to do - that is all.

Best ever description of Trump from Samanta Bee

Titanic II to set sail in 2018

Yahoo Set To Layoff 15 Percent Of Its Workforce

Gunman wanted on warrants killed two deputies at Maryland eatery

Arkansas judge is charged in death of son left in hot car

Mr. Lewis, who is that guy on the left, 100 feet from that guy with the hat?

Harry Belafonte Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

The Bundy Bunch are now occupying this federal facility...

Mesmerizing Migration: Watch 118 Bird Species Migrate Across a Map of the Western Hemisphere

When was the last time any of you marched for civil rights,


I made this...

Obama to nominate acting Education Secretary King to fill post permanently

Virginia school district nixes video on race after criticism

Looking down

The Clintons Aren’t to Blame for Mass Incarceration

You can't support the Wealthy 1% and say you care about the poor.

Guys we have to go into battle mode. 'Bernie supporters' are doing war. Whenever anything postitive

I Proudly Jump In The Line And Shake My Body In Time With Harry Belafonte!

Bernie is a Democratic Socialist, let's see who else was

Massive gas leak at LA suburb plugged after 16 weeks, utility says

Bernie Sanders’ Political Revolution Is Off to a Slow Start

See the elaborate cake made for Gov. Rick Snyder's wife

Per John Lewis in his book he heard about B Clinton in early 70s and paid no attentention until 1988

Caribbean Sperm Whales Have Their Own Regional Accent

You can't support the Wealthy 1% and say you care about the poor.

Latino Celebs Plead: Don't Vote for Trump, Cruz or Rubio

If Sanders wins the nomination I will work my ass off for him.

Do You Know Me

That was pretty painful.

Here's the major reason Hillary Clinton isn't winning over young voters.

Bear Cubs Play in the Street

Is this Black vs White thing normal for a Democratic race?

Incompetent Punks At SEC Created Bernie Madoff Disaster

US Republicans Had Urged Iran to Delay Prisoner Swap, Shamkhani Says

Elizabeth Warren Catches Investment Advisors Fibbing

Time Inc Acquires Viant, Owner Of Myspace And A Vast Ad Tech Network

Thank You for my Heart! Mystery DU person

State Dept. To Release 550 Clinton Emails Over Presidents Day Weekend

To whoever gave me a heart...

Helping on the campaigns -

Debate predictions? my prediction is one word: UGLY

John Kasich all over Jeb today..

30% of science teachers give misinformation about climate change

Hillary Clinton is losing the votes of young women to Bernie Sanders

Eric Garner's daughter released a powerful ad for Bernie [UPDATED with a comment from Erica Garner]

Nato launches naval patrols to return migrants to Turkey

My Son Arraigned this morning on a drug paraphernalia charge

Hello, AA group. A few not-quite-simple questions, if you wouldn't mind answering.

Some people around here are so thin skinned!

Group Hosts and Regular Posters - an idea - please weigh in

Tonights debate?

Trump - the last thing we need is another Bush


In 2014, Obama Endorsed Bernie: Economic Inequality the Defining Challenge of Our Time

Vice Presidential Debate Question 8 Abortion Biden

Mix creationism and stupidity...

Mississippi and West Virginia file bills to ban common abortion procedure

Sometimes it's what you know for sure that just ain't so

Sometimes it's what you know for sure that just ain't so

Bernie Sanders scares the &%$# out of Michael Savage...

Please tell me Bernie's staff have worked with him on FP for tonight's debate

For information, Bernie Sanders' Early political activism:

TYT: Jeb Bush Kicked Off Stage At Rotary Luncheon

Hold me Closer, Bernie Sanders (parody) Tribute

A key reason young people don’t support Hillary Clinton? They don’t have daughters.

3 Democrats sound off on residence-based taxation. One surprise within a surprise

Thank you my anonymous heart giver

Powerful video : Erica Garner endorsement of Bernie Sanders for President

Is aluminum siding better than vinyl siding?

Bernie's Tuition Plan Especially Benefits African-American College Students:

What's Today? Thursday? OK, Here's Today's Bernie Lie

Seriously DUers - did you hear Fry bawling for his marijuana

Black Panthers and Young Patriots

House Bill Would Allow Drug Testing For Food Stamps

Obama Raises Millions for Democrats in California Cash Swing  

"Climate confusion among U.S. teachers"

Tad Devine