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Why is MSNBC showing results for the repub NH primary while polls are still open?

The Latest: Outside group spending big in SC, Nev. for Rubio

oh, i don't even have a heart. bummer. I got Congestive heart failure last year from viral flu.

NH largest polling station extends hours to all cars already in traffic jam.

Polls are closing in NH!

The Baby Boomers now sound like their parents and grandparents

NH traffic jam...polling is open to all cars already in it.

which (r) drops tonight?

In one precinct in NH the line to register to vote for the first time almost

So, a yellow band appeared across the top of my screen and I freaked out

Help! I bought. 50 hearts Sunday and I'm not allowed to give them away.

'Jimmy Carter'like Serena

Thank you to the two people who sent me hearts!

This is for OS - Sanders will speak at a "Black America" forum on Friday. Clinton declined.

MUST SEE: Polling has Clinton/Sanders in... a "virtual tie" (Hardball)

Assange brands Hillary Clinton a warmonger who gets 'emotional rush out of killing people'

Exit polls reporting Sanders and Trump voters looking for same qualities.

IRS Grants Nonprofit Status to ‘Dark Money’ Group Founded by Karl Rove

Tampons are a luxery item.

Here's What Happens When You Compare Violence in the Quran to Violence in the Bible

How is the polling in the Nevada Democratic caucus set for February 20th ?

Can Joe still really get in?

State Troopers deciding who can and cannot vote outside of NH precincts.

Cam Newton has nothing on Angry Grandspa

Dear Hillary and Bill,

Even if Bernie wins tonight, Hillary is still the front runner, Bernie is still the underdog

New Hampshire Attorney General issuing 'last minute voting rules.'

New Hampshire traffic jam...we need a voting holiday.

My thanks to whoever gave me the heart

The Music Meditation Project

*2016 US PRES. PRIMARIES FULL SCHEDULE, Super Tuesdays March 1 & 15, Delegate Types, Conventions

Just heard a political analyst say that Clinton must have some bad internal

I am SERIOUSLY unhappy with the NH results I'm seeing

Latest scams alert, from AARP

Hillary seems offended that people took her up on her challenge

MERRIMACK, NH! Damn! I lived there for 16 years! More:

Link to the interactive primary results map for New Hampshire

AP summary total of New Hampshire primary

vote by mail should be the only way things are done. n/t

New Hampshire polling places reporting 'not as many voters as expected.' nt

Thanks so much for the hearts!

Now banish all the blue dawg dems

OMG, someone has gotten to Tweety. He was actually complimenting Bernie on

WTF? Is Hillary counting superdelegates as "won" ???

Isn't the NH primary turnout something everyone should be applauding?

More info on the infuriating Barbara Dawson case --- the African American woman

Music publisher agrees to pay $14m to end Happy Birthday song lawsuit

One polling place in NH was expecting a large crowd of around 5000 people

CNN is about to announce some early results.

all of this primary stuff reminded me, I need to change my DL since we moved

Bernie's greatest speech on Democracy Now!!...

NH GOP Voters says Trump would be best in INTERNATIONAL CRISIS

So a pig walks into a voting precinct...

Former Malheur occupier arrested on Kansas warrant

Samantha Bee Might Actually Be A Witch Because ‘Full Frontal’ Is Magic

Utah sues federal government over plan to protect greater sage-grouse

Malheur militants might receive only light sentences

Kasich creeping up on Trump.

If my grand kids can get free college and my kids get a break on their

Holy Crap.. that McCain "Steve" just blew it and said Trump

Stolen from Reddit: Bernie out preforming in key areas

On Bill and Hillary Clinton’s First Date in 1971, They Crossed a Picket Line

Wow! Thank you for the two hearts, fellow kind DUers!

Harry Belafonte to endorse Bernie (Per NBC)

Two different sites with vote totals

GEM$NBComcast is going to callit for Bernie and Chump before the polls close

Thank you for the hearts!

LGBT discrimination ban dies in Florida Senate


AP: Trump, Sanders take New Hampshire primary

CNN, MSNBC Project SANDERS WINS New Hampshire

Breaking NBC calls for Bernie and Trump

Bernie Fuckin Sanders WINNER! CNN

ABC Special report _ Bernie and Chump


120 Hours Later: Has Hillary released her transcripts? (New Hampshire Edtion)

ABC just called it for Trump and Sanders

He did it

MSNBC just called it for Sanders

Networks are calling it for Bernie...

Exit Polls (Sanders 62% Clinton 36.5%)

Congrats to Bernie Supporters on your New Hampshire victory

We wish David Brooks would just say it: While praising Obama, he doesn’t put blame for decline in ci

I mean this sincerely, congratulation to Bernie Sanders and his supporters

AP Calls it for Bernie

How many DU'ers don't watch cable or over the air TV at all ?

This a shocking statistic and a huge red light for Clinton

Congrats to Bernie & his supporters.

Well done, Senator Sanders...

I big Thank You to whoever gave me a heart. n/t

"I just want to make America great again."

Steve Schmidt, how the fuck has Obama destroyed America?

I think I can hear them furiously

Jeb Bush coming in third so far in NH ??? What alternate universe is this ???

NH SHATTERS Bernie Minority Myth! Exit polls show Non-White voters SPLIT 52-48!

A Racist, Sexist Demagogue Just Won The New Hampshire Primary Seriously. (Trump)

Anyone know how many delegates they have right now? Nt

ABC News: Bernie Sanders Projected to Win New Hampshire Democratic Primary

Congratulations to Bernie and his supporters.

Holy shit! The HRC memo tonight shows them running scared!

How's unleashin' the Big Dawg

the McCain tool on M$NBC is just going full-on 'Obama has ruined the country'..

Fellow New Hampshirites...

I hope Clinton continues to flaunt her lead in "superdelegates".

How to build a stronger economy and raise Americans' incomes

FBI director says investigators unable to unlock San Bernardino shooter's phone content

And those "new" allegations against Bernie?

Danger Marc Rubio!!!111 DANGER!!1111

Bernie Sanders - "HAPPY DAYS"

Chris Hedges: Flint’s Crisis Is About More Than Water

When does Biden enter the race?

So far, Rubio is SURGING to a fifth place finish (even Jeb! is ahead of him)

I'm trying to imagine a Bernie/Trump general election...

How Much Did Bernie Win By?

What’s Booming in this Economy? Bankruptcy & Restructuring Business “Highest Since Great Recession”

"God I wish someone like that would become a major presidential candidate"

North Korea may get plutonium from restarted reactor in weeks: U.S.

53-46% WOMEN Vote for BERNIE in NH (Exit polls!)

Sanders, Trump Sweep to Victory in New Hampshire Primaries

Andrea looks like she drew the short straw to announce that Bernie..

Congratulations to Bernie Sanders: Visual of what a difference a year can make

A study in vindictiveness: If Bernie loses, his backers maynot be there 4 Hillary in November

Donating to the Sanders Campaign Tonight!

So far bubble boy is running 5th in New Hampshire

Chris Matthews: "Sanders is emerging - perhaps - as the front-runner"

Sanders won NH by more than 0.25%! nt

Congrats to Bernie Sanders and his supporters. No snark or spin from me.

Bernie's lead in NH keeps growing steadily. It was 12%, but is now 18% over Hillary!

Tweety is Incapable of saying " Bernie is winning tonight " innate Sycophancy, When Rachel pointed

Bernie Sanders just easily won the New Hampshire primary. It's a remarkable achievement.

Rachel is spinning like a top to explain NH loss for HRC.

this Steve 'McCain' dude...and how can THAT get you a gig...even on M$NBC?

Oscars Gift Bag Includes $275 Toilet Paper

To the person who gave me a valentine's heart,

Bernie Tweet: When we stand together, we win. Thank you, New Hampshire!

Michigan governor says to request another $195 million for Flint water

It’s Official: Cash is Now Public Enemy Number One

Bernie Sanders Wins Every Demographic Group

Hey! Somebody gave me some hearts!

E-mail from the Bern himself: We just won the New Hampshire primary.

NY Times: Sanders Wins Nearly Every Demographic Group

IRS gives 'social welfare' status to Karl Rove group

Poor Jim Gilmore. Doing worse than ex-candidates Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum

Texas abortion providers launch campaign to keep clinics open

Group Hug!

Exit poll: Voters 18-29: 85% Sanders, 14% Clinton.

TCM Schedule for Thursday, February 11, 2015 -- What's On Tonight: 31 Days of Oscar: Day 11

TCM Schedule for Friday, February 12, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: 31 Days of Oscar: Day 12

With Trump and Sanders, European-style politics reaches America

Thanks for the hearts!

TCM Schedule for Saturday, February 13, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: 31 Days of Oscar: Day 13

Guardian (UK): Trump and Sanders projected winners

VIDEO: John McCain Admits Bernie Sanders Is Right About Income Inequality

Trump is huge with GOP voters who don't have a High School diploma

In boost to self-driving cars, U.S. tells Google computers can qualify as drivers

Clyburn to consider a Hillary endorsement

Mass. Secretary Of State Worried About Voter Confusion Around Independent Status

Post if you're feeling the bern.....

The Cold War Generation versus The Internet Generation

Mass. Secretary Of State Worried About Voter Confusion Around Independent Status

The Woman who would be Queen

According to Bill Clinton when Hillary is questioned about her ties to Wall St and

Here is what one Flint resident (and Clinton supporter) had to say about the idea HRC was using the

A Democratic Socialist wins NH

Get ready fellow Sanders supporters


A break from the trumpalooza.

If the MSNBC Donald Trump Lovefest Would End...

U.S. judge deports Qatar military officer accused of enslaving servants

Cat Scratch Fever—Is Ted Nugent’s Racism Too Much for Republicans?

58% to 40%...looking like a landslide for Sanders.

'Triumph the Insult Dog' absolutely destroys UNH millennials.

Hillary to give speech very soon. And a Hillary tweet...

Bernie Sanders to Huddle With Al Sharpton

Just want to say Thanks for the hearts!

Come home, Thirdwaywards! There is still a place in the "new" FDR Democratic party for all of you!


I just donated to Bernie!!

Jumping for joy here!


HIllary concedes to Bernie!

World food prices tumble near 7-year low - what happened to Land Use Changes, EPA?


Thanks for the hearts, but...

Bernie Sanders Tweets His Gratitude to New Hampshire Voters.

Flipping through the cable channels: it's wall to wall Trump, Trump, TRUMP!!!!!

16.95% is the largest margin of victory Since New Hampshire started going first in 1972...

Give'em HILL

I congratulate Bernie Sanders on his win in New Hampshire

Who wants some f***ing hearts?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! How To Hear This Show! & a new Kitteh gif

Spin: Bernie has poor showing in NH...comes in next-to-last...


The 36 miles that pundits use to explain Bernie winning in New Hampshire

Now that Bernie has won NH, you've got to see this video.

Email from Bernie

why would people vote for those that already dropped out? and Carly beat carson??? bwahaha

Shocking info from MSNBC

As a Hillary supporter, I'm LOVING tonight's result

What Clinton and Sanders Are Really Fighting About

GEM$NBComcast calls 2nd place for Kasich

just heard a 'fact'...Hillary has never gone UP in the polls in any race...

Time to make

Shocking Poll Result: John Kasich Is in Second Place in New Hampshire

Clinton campaign concedes New Hampshire primary; Sanders takes strong early lead

NH EXIT POLL: 55% of Democratic Women Support Sanders

Hillary Team getting Ready in NV--10 days


Tweety Looks Like He Is Ready To Cry....

MSM 'talking heads' are shell-shocked!

As an HRC supporter, I just wanted to say good job to Bernie and his supporters

Hillary won 1 economic group- those making over $200,000

Congratulations Bernie Sanders..

It's OFFICIAL: Marco Rubio

Sen. Sanders: When We Stand Together, We Win! Thank You New Hampshire

Thanks to whoever gave me the Valentines heart.

Hillary: "Who's the best change maker?" Cheering crowd: "You are!"

Hillary: Have Fun Burning in Hell, Women of New Hampshire

Hillary just said Citizen's United was an attack on HER.

I'm already starting to see some HRC supporters on my FB feed.........

hillary swearing to take on wall st,

Kasich coming up on the inside for the M$M...with Bush hanging in there...

Bernie is already practicing campaign finance reform

faculty union at the nation's largest university system sets strike date....

OK - I am liking this Hillary

I like this populist Hillary talking now

HRC's concession speech sounds an awful lot like a stump speech to me...

OMG! Are you hearing Hillary's speech?

HRC is killing it

Hillary "knows what it's like to stumble and fall." No, she doesn't.

in a historical parallel...Custer just decided to not attack and go back to the fort...

Just 700k have donated to Hillary??

Senator Clinton is on fire.

To steal a phrase from Joe Biden, this Trump win is a BIG FUCKING DEAL

Hillary LOST Independent voters by 41%, HOLY SHIT!!

Hillary is giving a great speech, where has this Hillary been?

I noticed when she said...

I don't know but at the end of her "concession" speech it

The results at about 35% reporting

My dog was attacked at the dog park.

Carnegie Deli Reopens after a 10-month Shutdown

Troops Fully Recapture Ramadi, Iraq Says

it only took about 6 months...but Hillary finally learned a Bernie speech...

so much for water boy robots 321 plan

Meet the Democratic also-rans: Rocky De La Fuente

How are they going to spin this?

The really good news from the NH primary? Record voter turnout. The winner is America!

DFL continues is dismal special election record and loses House seat in 50B

Bernie talking now...the people of New Hampshire have sent a profound message to the establishment.

OK, that line was a home run.

To hillary on this evening

So now Kaisch is the savior of the Republican Party

Hillary Gracious in Defeat,, concedes NH, Bernie doesn't concede Iowa, his supporters say Fixed.

There's someone else

Now that is Fucking Presidential!

Bernie said the O word!!!! Oligarchy!

Bernie Sanders killing time playing basketball with his family

So far today DU for Bernie $684 UPDATE! Act Blue posts it is under a heavy load!!!

This speech is Bernie at his best.

Time to donate!!! n/t

Private Schools Grab Public Cash Via Scott Walker's Unaccountable Voucher Program

Update!! Bernie is now up a full 21% over Hillary! I believe that is a record landslide in NH!

Hillary's concession speech was really good. Inspiring.

VIDEO: John McCain Admits Bernie Sanders Is Right About Income Inequality

Again Hillary's speech was all about I I I I I and Bernie's was all about WE.

Wife just told me she sent Bernie another $50 because he won

Bernie is killing it! He sounds like FDR!

All right everybody, exhale. 2 of the 3 worst states for Hillary have already finished

If I were Bernie Sanders, I would keep on talking for hours

I complimented Clinton's speech earlier, but nobody beats Sanders

Bernie sounds like the cranky old man neighbor...

21% LEAD with 41% of votes counted!

Did somebody fall asleep at the controls? MSNBC is letting Bernie speak.

Bernie just popped the circut breakers at ACT BLUE!!!! (update)

What happens if no republican gets more than about 30%

"They're throwing everything at me except the kitchen sink...

"Climate change is real"

There is nothing Trump can say now that will top this

600-pound pig escapes from NH farm, tries to go vote

Poles held over Sweden asylum centre attack plot

as the Clinton team listens to Bernie...they are all saying...

Bernie Said They've Thrown Everything At Him But...

Just sent $50 more to Bernie!!!! And proud to do it!!!!!

My thanks for the hearts.

All things considered, right now I'm very happy with where our campaign is tonight:

It seems to me neither South Carolina nor Nevada are Kasich Kountry


Bernie Sanders Shoots Hoops with Family While Waiting for New Hampshire Results

Watch Fox News marvel at Bernie Sanders's flawless shooting.

Congressman who took $174,850 from oil & gas industry celebrates HUGE setback for the environment

What has been Bernie's position over the years on the VT analog of Wall St corruption?

Now that Trump is going to speak, it is...

Trump is drunk.

Is tRump drunk???

Is Trump giving an Oscar acceptance speech? He's thanking his whole family now.

trump really does not have anything to say. It is all bluster

On facts, law, and Citizens United

He now has 21,798 vote lead with 60,945

Huffington Post: No President has won a contested New Hampshire primary in 28 years!

Supporters help open Hillary Clinton's Birmingham Alabama campaign office

Fiorina Cheers Self Up By Firing Campaign Staff - reveals Andy Borowitz

good news for Bernie?

20 points..interesting, as an O'Malley supporter, we want who will beat asshole

Voting for Bernie? You’re Spitting in Your Sisters' Faces

Congratulations to Bernie.

Could Trump seriously just shut the fuck up?

Where does Bernie Sanders stand on 'Big Maple Syrup' ?!?!

Trump is drunk

Big win for Sanders in New Hampshire


I said earlier: Rachel will come around when Bernie keeps going...

rump has NOTHING to say!

Tonight is a truly historic night that will be remembered for decades to come

New Hampshire Students Say They Were Illegally Turned Away From The Polls

Kasich thinks he won!

I'm going to have a fundraiser right now. Go to There I'm done.

Trump's speech was...

Martin Shkreli has a new problem: Artist sues over portraits on $2-million Wu-Tang Clan album

When is the media going to admit Trump is insane?

Hillary Clinton wants Hillary Clinton Out Of Politics

Thank you very much to whoever sent me a DU Heart

Was college once free in United States, as Bernie Sanders says?

How Soon After All These Speeches Will MSNBC Start Talking About Hillary....

50% in, up by 26,000. Let's go!!

Kasich, is the new Bill Clinton.

Hillary close out on campaign swag (Free Magnets!!)

Ok, Kasich was kinda funny.

Damn, Act Blue is BUSY. It's taking forever to process my contribution!

So Bernie may be on track to get similar or more votes in the New Hampshire primary than....

So, how well does Bernie need to do in South Carolina?? Could he even *gasp* win SC??!!

Dawn of the Brain Dead.

New Hampshire anecdotal epicness:

Tonite Chris Hayes called Bernie "Bernie Sandwich" Now it's trending on twitter!

North Korea satellite in stable orbit but not transmitting: U.S. sources

Well shit or cheers or both. We broke the internet. Act Blue is down

A stunning result from New Hampshire

Look At The Numbers: Bernie 102,651 PLUS vs Trump 69k W/ Fewer Votes Than Hillary 23:00PM EST

Congrats to Bernie on battling Hillary to a tie in New of 10:30 et

Whomever gave me a heart, thank you.

Is matthews in shock???

Time to

Tweety: "Bernie Sanders is an incredible politician"


Please Punch my face is speaking!

I'm a Woman and I Will Vote for the Best Feminist for President: Bernie Sanders

Tweety: "Bernie Sanders is a powerhouse"

Handy, easy to use GOP Rape-O-Meter. How raped were you?

Tweety (Chris Matthews) just said...

Did I just see 60% to 39% on MSNBC?

Hey Rubio....Keep up the good werk!

I can't tell if I'm watching SNL or CNN.

21 Points ahead...complete landslide for Sanders.

Bernie's New Hampshire Primary Victory Speech:

how much longer will Christy and Fiorina and Carson stay in the race?

Martin O'Malley eeks out third place vs. Vermin Supreme in New Hampshire primary

It is my considered opinion that Rubio's "Three - Two - One" strategy...

The Palin pimp on M$NBCComcast said, "Meanness is a political advantage in

NY Daily News Does it Again:Dawn of the Brain Dead

Check in here if you donated to Processing Payment!

Christie heading home to evaluate campaign's future

Oh to be a fly on many walls in the Democratic Establishment tonight and tomorrow

Thank you to whoever gave me my heart...:-)

How long before Hillary starts tawkin like a real New Yawkeh

Hillary and New Hampshire

Much love to whoever sent me a heart..

Bernie Sanders New Hampshire victory speech (VIDEO)

Love Bernie! am making another donation tonight, $50 plus tip!

Hillary is toast, and this is why!

Hillary Clinton's New Hampshire concession speech (VIDEO)

4 Reasons Sanders Can Win the General

Headline of the Night

Hugs and a Thank You to whomever gave me a heart.

Tweety's last words tonight may shock you.

Text from Bernie! You can get one too! =)

Christie heading back to New Jersey instead of South Carolina

When You Ask Me To Vote For Hillary

Hugs and/or a fist bump to the person who gave me a heart!

What was the name of that guy

I hate that more Republicans turned out to vote than Democrats.

Ferguson city council want changes to police reform plan

Bernie Sanders is the future of the Democratic Party

Delegates are split 50/50 right now.

Thanks to my heart-givers. Back at you w/good cheer & happy-heart vibes.

typical msm:sanders is ahead by 21 POINTS and all they talk is trump

We now begin the entry into stage 4 of the Bernie Sanders campaign

Dublin gang wars: council advises estate residents to move out for safety

Anyone else catch Tweety's reference to Bernie as "Barry Sanders"?

A picture of a political revolution. Amazing sight.

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, February 10: 31 Days of Oscar, Day 10

Steve Schmidt, MSNBC GOP analyst: "former....

Bernie Sanders: the first non Christian to win a pres primary in u.s.history!!!!!

VOTE TOTALS: 1. Sanders, 2. Trump...Clinton closing in on Trump.

To the inconsiderate woman directly behind Bernie tonight:

Watching CNN, getting a good chuckle out of use of "Establishment" now.

61 -- 37.9

Why Are Millennial Women Gravitating to Bernie Sanders?

I hate to be a whiner,

Protesters are planning an anti-Beyoncé rally outside NFL Headquarters

tomorrow at 8 am, my oldest sister is having surgery to cut out a walnut sized tumor from her colon

Clinton allies grapple with crushing loss

The controversy at Mount St. Mary’s goes national after professors are fired

Hillary might get that 3am call tonight

Alright so now I'm annoyed!

Australia set to legalize cultivation of medical cannabis

Hillary's Concession Speech

LOL Right now on msnbc Rachel, Andrea, Brian others sitting around a table scratching their heads


Hey! Hillary supporters!

Berners!! I just donated $10 to Feels so good !! eom

Bwah - Larry Wilmore a special place in hell skit (Spoiler don't read if you don't want to know)

Sorry New Jersey!

Did anyone get the email from Bernie showing the contributions as they happen?

Texas couple charged with forcing nanny to work for no pay

Presidential Candidate Pledges To Search For Missing Peruvians

Paraguay opposes Zika-related abortions

Bernie's New Hampshire Victory Speech (FULL)

Democrats only won the presidential vote 1 time in SC since 1964.

Supreme Court blocks Obama climate change rules

Bernie Sanders is going to have to speak on more issues affecting black people.

China sees first case of Zika virus imported from Latin America

China sees first case of Zika virus imported from Latin America

I know right now we are supposed to start rallying around the heir apparent...

To the kind people who gave me hearts, thank you!

Get serious: Bloomberg v Biden. Really?

Chris Hayes: Hillary has no message, Bernie's campaign is stellar

Journalist kidnapped in southern Mexico found dead

Journalist kidnapped in southern Mexico found dead

There is no doubt that tonight, Hillary is....

The People vs Donald Trump

I posted this in another thread but think it needs its own...the fix is in.

What happened to all that BS about how Sanders supporters are richer?

Hillary's advisors did what?

Christie Reevaluates 2016 Bid After Poor New Hampshire Showing

Thank you for the hearts!

Chucky and Tweety

Chris Matthews asked Trump what he'll do to make US military No. 1 again?

Newton isn't sorry for acting like sore loser

It absolutely sucks

Thanks to the DUers who

LOL, Rubio (10%) beat Christie (8%)....Christie is done! Nt

Does this win for Bernie in NH mean that his campaign finally

They Called Us Minions....

To my heart giver...


I love Bernie and he loves me.

With 88% reporting, Bernie 60%, HRC 38.4%

Most important item in the vote patterns

How Sanders and Trump Pulled Off Two Very Different Revolutions

With 88% of the vote tallied, Hillary is now leading Bernie in New Hampshire

Community vs Narcissism

I bet Reince Priebus is eating tums by the truckload tonight

What about the polls?

Thank you from my heart

North Korea Nuclear Effort Seen as a Top Threat to the U.S.

Heads up: Bernie on "The View" tomorrow

I apologize to everyone in here for my actions.

The establishment strikes back: Clinton's Hill supporters ready to hit Sanders after New Hampshire

10:12 PST Bernie 60.5% Hillary 38.2% New Hampshire .. eom

"Fight for real solutions for real people"

Fox thinks sheets are snow

Is it possible for you guys to do this? Paging Elad.

Somebody want to explain the delegates?

Angela Bassett Tweet~

The Russian Phoenix: Hope or Illusion?

Hillary is going to have to show she understands what it is to be poor.

This is not the campaign that Hillary Clinton and the party envisioned...

Can anyone find Dem Primary polling from Nevada from this year ??

Obama had some rough primary losses in 2008

Hey, thanks to my anonymous heart-giver!

Did Hillary say "I will fight to reign in Wall Street" or "I will fight to rein in Wall Street"?

Who thinks the Establishment will let this victory stand?

Outsiders sweep to victory in New Hampshire

Is It Legal to Promote Sanders 2016 w/T-Shirts and Caps?

The vote count @ 10:48 PST

Bernie's NH victory speech.

Hillary has a big problem, if she wins the nomination. This is all about her she never says we. It's

40 ACRES AND A MULE – A Political Tale

Op-Ed: It’s Not Too Late to Right TPP’s Wrongs

Steve ******* Scmidt a/k/a Baldy Shithead



South Carolina

Didn't you hear? Hillary won N.H. ...

Happy Mardi Gras, y'all!

Updated: New Hampshire in a nutshell:

In honor of The Eddie....

I'm happy for Bernie's win tonight, but its time for him to expand his message a bit

U.S. To Send More Troops To Aid Afghan Forces Pressed By Taliban

Can't wait for the New and Improved Hillary

Here are the 2008 results of the NH Primary. Draw your own conclusions.

Just a moment of peace......and happy!

Two big surprises from Democratic Primary exit polls...

To The Powers that Be at DU

Hillary will still get more delegates in NH

Courage of convictions: A case for Bernie Sanders

Did We Hear From DWS At All?...

The system is rigged

Haaretz OP-ed: Political Assault on Israeli Arab MKs Reaches a New Peak

'Political Earthquake' Bernie Sanders Gained 66 Points on Hillary in One Year - 'El Ber-Niño'

Do Bernie's fans know we EXPECTED to lose NH?

More Events like Flint

A 'person of interest,' I think:

Lawsuit: UT football players assaulted Drae Bowles for helping rape victim

How many of you are still undecided about who to vote for in the primary?

Why Americans don't live as long as Europeans

What Would Actually Happen If We Broke Up the Banks?

Delegate Count

Michigan police queuing up to enforce oral sex ban

Bernie won the pledged New Hampshire delegates 15-9

Update on my break in Hollywood. . .things are looking really good!

In a hundred years we'll all laugh about this.

I learned three things last night

Explosives, suicide belts found on suspects at Syria border: Turkish army

Poll - Clinton - Sanders

Haiti faces worst food insecurity crisis since 2001

Comparison of 2008 to 2016 NH Democratic Primary Results

What's scary about both Iowa and NH...

What's this about delegates?

Why do people distrust Hillary Clinton?

Took President Obama everything he had to defeat HRC while Bernie romps to the nomination-why?

Bernie Sanders’ Wife Slams Trump For Calling Hillary Clinton ‘Evil’

Daily Holidays - February 10

What's the point of having national elections?

Jesus Quotes the Candidates

Why people distrust Hillary Clinton

There is only one cool way to ride a hoverboard

Winning and Losing in New Hampshire

What Does A Superdelegate Do?

Bernie social media directory

New problem: Flint issues boil-water alert

My Generation’s Best Chance Is Socialism

Robert Reich: Why We Must Try

Mandatory gun insurance before lawmakers in 4 states

So which pollster was closest to reality in New Hampshire?

Bloomberg Publicly Says He's Eyeing 2016 Run

Congress Must Kill the Trans Pacific Partnership

Boy, 8, attempts to rob Florida store with loaded gun

Under Sanders, income and jobs would soar, economist says

Map of Rojava Kurdistan hanging on the wall in the office for Rojava Administration in Moscow.

Support I-735--comment on legislation now being considered

Robert Kuttner: Generation Sanders

Bill McKibben: Getting Change Wrong

An "Exceptional” Failure: The US Military Bombs in the Twenty-First Century

This ‘Death Suit’ Makes Burials Eco- and Wallet-Friendly

Canada to End 'Vengeful' Bombing in Iraq and Syria

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Talks About Her Plan to Get People to Accept GMOs

The "moderate" John Kasich (not) (some references)

CNN Must Be SCARED-TO-DEATH !!! Thumb on the scale...?

how many employees at Goldman Sachs made $675,000 in 2013...

Clinton's Secret Weapon in Nevada Could Launch Her Comeback

Presidential primary moves to politically steamy South Carolina

Maybe Chris Christie wouldn't have come in *sixth* in the republican primary last night if

Why We Are Failing To Save Civilization

Ladies and Gentlemen: The future of racing-sports. Drone-racing.

Funny or Die Made a Trump Biopic, Starring Johnny Depp

Bernie Sanders faces an uphill climb in South Carolina

Sanders will have breakfast

Report: Christie has returned to NJ

If you're really rich and over 65, Hillary is your candidate

I think Carly got 10K votes to Trump's 92K because they wouldn't let her debate. Yeah. That's why.

Union files complaint in USC faculty election

Union files complaint in USC faculty election

Union files complaint in USC faculty election

Sanders received 15 hard-pledged delegates in NH. Clinton received 9 hard-pledged delegates.

What Trump is saying and what is facing America

Black Lives Matter activist kills himself on steps of Ohio Statehouse


Thank you for the heart.

Where's the best place to donate to Bernie?

In boost to self-driving cars, U.S. tells Google computers can qualify as drivers

Maine rail cargo secrecy law bypassed public access, safety defenses

"Hey Black & Latino voters, Did YOU get the Hillary memo?"

Warner Music Pays $14 Million to End 'Happy Birthday' Copyright Lawsuit

Colorado marijuana sales skyrocket to $996M in 2015

Ok I didn't listen to any speeches last night - but a question re: Trump -

Bernie Sanders just easily won the New Hampshire primary. It's a remarkable achievement.

LePage talks privatization of work program during town hall meeting

Why are all of Hillary's strategic, most high profile "brains" men, again?

Fundraising site struggles after Bernie Sanders' New Hampshire win

Delegates, Super Delegates...Is the whole thing already won by Hillary?

What if Sanders wins the popular vote, but loses the delegate count due to super delegates?

Reuters: Gender trumps all? Vote-shaming, slut-shaming not so far apart

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius to leave office

Question for Bernie supporters

Silver linings! (Hillary Group)

Danish group visiting New Hampshire for political show

L.A. Rams owner Stan Kroenke buys Texas' $725 million Waggoner Ranch

Bernie Sanders Just Made History

I'm in here more than anywhere else so - Thanks for the heart(s)!

Coastal Virginia State Rep Fails Again To Get State Into Cap & Trade, Because Money & Freedumb

Netanyahu plans fence around Israel to protect it from 'wild beasts'

The white supremacists are out in force...

Oy. Just got the dog neutered. Somebody tell me he'll forgive me.


So, what's happened to that GIF of Clinton brushing off her shoulder?

#ImWithHer #FightForHillary

Actress Angela Bassett tells college students Hillary Clinton will be best for them and country

Survivor Of Record 2015 TX Floods Gives Cruz 15,000 Signatures, Asks For Climate Meeting, Blown Off

So I Decided To Watch The Full Clip

Hey Bernie Sanders....

I don't know if I've ever posted this here

She's on the nest, she's on the nest.......Decorah momma eagle.

Glad to hear Bernie

Bernie DUers on Facebook - check out Tim Black! Link for those who aren't on FB included.

Watch: Macklemore Cedes The Spotlight To Black Poets During ‘White Privilege II

Off to see the doctor and get the results of my 6 month diabetes checkup UPDATED:


Last night, we watched and heard two good speeches

When you've lost John Yoo on waterboarding...

Moron on a hoverboard with a gun shoots a 13-year old...

It's such fun listening to the talkingheadsplaining of Bernie's successes. nt

In honor of Bernie and Vermont: Victory may be fleeting but it sure is sweet

Former Texas prosecutor disbarred for sending innocent man to death row

Just one more thing we left the Blacks out of....

Internet honors inspiring lady who chose breakfast over Carly Fiorina

Fiorina vows to 'keep going' despite finishing seventh

Super delegate wiki

Turkey's Erdogan denounces US support for Syrian Kurds

Bye Bye Jeb: A lonely Bush escapes hotel where John Kasich's victory party was rocking tonight

a question about people stumping for Bloomberg

PBO is making his 6th visit to Rancho Mirage in Palm Springs on Friday

To leave the faucets dripping or not to leave the faucets dripping, that is the question.

Millennials are showing up.

Happy birthday Leontyne Price

What a lot of people don't seem to get about the popularity of Bernie Sanders

CHristie's wife's face last night

Former Las Cruces city council hopeful arrested for battery after hitting mother with a Bible

Hillary Clinton's political machine bas been busted-thanks to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren

BHM: huge day in black history. Civil Rights Act, Leontyne Price, etc. Read on.

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 2-8 & 2-9-16 $1,079

Wednesday Bernie Group Toon Roundup- Post NH edition!

VW recalls 680,000 brand cars in U.S. over airbag problems

From Jay Heck on Political Friends:

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Trump and others

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Clinton/Sanders, Sanders/Clinton ticket

Rep. Jim Clyburn hints at endorsing Hillary Clinton

Luckovich’s cartoon today highlights a few historic quotes.

My dog wakes up from anesthesia (pics)



Clinton Campaign to Host Fundraisers in Mexico

Rubio stuck on repeat AGAIN

FBI indeed investigating Hillary

Funny Or Die Presents Donald Trump's The Art Of The Deal: The Movie

BTRTN Nails New Hampshire, Just Like it Nailed Iowa - Near Perfect Predictions

And on his card: "Self-Deception Is My Busness!" . . . Please come CAPTION Ted Nugent!!!

It's the damned Mongols' fault

142,041 New Hampshires voted for Bernie 94,821 voted for Trump

The complaining about Hillary's super delegates has begun

Morning Joe just had a really bad segment, even for them!

A feeling of happiness I have never had

Actress Vivica Fox makes campaign stop for Hillary Clinton at Voorhees College


Lobbyists, Consultants Fret Over Bernie Sanders Victory

Heads UP: Hillary Speaks at a Black Church

Hillary Clinton to Hire Former Obama Deputy Campaign Manager

A global economic downturn is happening. Because China. Because pollution.

I was always told that as people get older, they get more conservative. What happened to me?

Tipping Point

It’s Official: Cash is Now Public Enemy Number One

Never underestimate the word "we".

I'll Ask Again - Has Anyone Heard From DWS Yet?.....

Nevada Caucus in 10 days: Make predictions here!

Post your best picks for gifts for Valentine's Day.

Some 1 percenters poorer today

ABC News Tweet: Gee no bias at all in the photos.

Ta-Nehisi Coates Says He'll Vote For Bernie Sanders (confirmed)

ABC News Nails It

Bernie Sanders and the African American vote.

Poll finds most Britons reject UN panel finding on Julian Assange

Hillary Clinton just lost women to Bernie Sanders.

What worries me most.....

Fmr. NAACP Head Ben Jealous Endorses Sanders, Most Consistent Tackling Racism, Militarism, Greed

Just How Cozy Is Hillary Clinton With Wall Street?

So, Bernie Sanders Wikipedia page for political endorsements LOCKED

A new and more dangerous Sagebrush Rebellion


England's junior doctors go on strike as contract talks fail

Bush plans scorched-earth attack on Kasich, Rubio

England's junior doctors go on strike as contract talks fail

England's junior doctors go on strike as contract talks fail

To the mystery person, thanks for the heart. :) nt

Irritated by Media Claims: Blacks support Hillary. Women Support Hillary

Mother Jones: Clinton's Secret Weapon in Nevada Could Launch Her Comeback

John McCain Just Openly Mocked ‘Dangerous’ GOP Candidates On The Senate Floor

They, the gatekeepers of officially sanctioned political reality, are running low on excuses

Did we get a "Congratulations thread" from Skinner when Hillary won in Iowa?

Hillary just lost women to Bernie. But don’t blame Madeleine Albright and Gloria Steinem

Ferguson City Council Vote To Conditionally Approve Agreement

This is usually followed by "Ask your doctor if Viagra is right for you":

Creepy Cruz Claims Victory

Nevada: One quote that sums up the battle for Latinos

I have a question...............

Delegates-Clinton 32 pledged-6 unpledged / Sanders 36 pledged-0 unpledged / Need to nominate: 2,382

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 2-8 & 2-9-16 $1,079

I Am Aware

Sluggish electrons caught in action

The Syria War Will Not Be a Quagmire -- Because Putin and Assad Are Winning

Rethug Primary Now Officially a Horror Show

I am admittedly an agnostic (one could say an atheist, but I like to keep my options open)

The Art of the Deal: The Movie

Clinton's Loss to Sanders Exposes Weakness of Message—and Messenger

Ted Cruz kicks off SC Primary campaign with.....

President Trump. President Cruz. President Rubio. President Bush.

Gloria Steinem comment on Bernie, now and then

Once Every 16 Hours, An American Woman Is Fatally Shot by a Current or Former Romantic Partner

TO and Ochocinco are on live with Skip on espn2 right now.

Is this Trump supporter giving the Nazi salute?

Central Appalachia flatter due to mountaintop mining

Once Every 16 Hours, a cross post from GCRA

Are the media pundits finally getting we aren't listening to them?


To whomever gave me Valentine Hearts...

Michelle Alexander: Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Deserve the Black Vote

Down Goes Christie! Down Goes Christie.......

A trip down memory lane....

Bernie Sanders’s fundraising prowess boosts his post-New Hampshire efforts

Why I don't think that Hillary will lose the youth vote if she is the nominee

Catholic Church officials deny responsibility for supervising priests as it faces damages lawsuit

The veterinarian recommended a sweater. Here's what we got.

On TV just now- this gives Hillary a chance to "re-tool"

Had an unexpected conversation in the workplace

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH with the damn superdelegates!

Scientists on the Paris Climate Accord

Congratulations to Bernie Sanders for his NH Win!

Um, all you Hillary supporters need to get off DU and help her YouTube channel

Johnny Depp as Donald Trump

Clinton Camp Memo: Why March Matters So Much

finally got a decent shot of jupiter

On our way to two days in a row of $1,000 plus on our DU for Bernie Act Blue link!

Why Is It So Hard To Test Whether Drivers Are Stoned?

Adios folks, it's been real. Go Bernie! And as he says, Enough is Enough!

Thanks for the heart! I know it was someone in the HRC Group, because that's just about the

I'm a Time Lord

What a beautiful morning to be a Sander's supporter!

French supermarkets must now donate unsold food to charity

Race and our candidates platforms

Escaped Pig Crashes New Hampshire Primary

Bill introduced to repeal law protecting gun industry from lawsuits

New School Will Teach One-Percenters How to Pick a Private Jet

About 10 show up to Jim Gilmore's N.H. primary party

What's old is NEW again! Hillary Hillary Hillary...

don't bother trying to engage hillary supporters about the supers

Chris Christie to suspend presidential campaign: report

To lead a moral life we’re better off without religion

Prepare yourselves

Immigrant Integration VS Assimilation - Susan E. Eaton On Her New Book Part 1

While "having a cow" being nervous about New Hampshire's outcome

BHM: Read the New York Times' first profile of Barack Obama

DU mystery friend, thank you for the heart.

Gun-Friendly Purses Put the Women Who Wear Them At Risk

These nuns will get you high — as heaven

Gun Friendly Purses, cross posted from GCRA

Bernie raised 2.5 million dollars last night. Do you understand what

The Problem With The Establishment…

HRC's concession speech. One of her best speeches yet!

Happy year of the monkey, DU!

Will New York Ban Smartphones With Security Protections?

The Independent reverts to using Bombay instead of Mumbai


After Crushing Defeat, DNC Quirk Still Gives Hillary More New Hampshire Delegates Than Sanders

Keep your posting privileges alive, please.

Two, Three... Many Flints: America’s Coast-to-Coast Toxic Crisis

Hillary No Friend of Latino Immigrants & Voted Many Times for Wall to Keep Out "Illegal Immigrants"

The "News Narrative:" The Socialist -v- The Billionaire.

Former Oregon Occupier demoralized, "FBI treating him like a flea."

OK: 11 hearts left. Ask away (nt)

I think people are discounting a major reason for Trump's popularity. And it's very simple.

Be careful in the Hillary Group - I just got hid again on a post here

Sheriff Glenn Palmer's stance in LaVoy Finicum shooting draws outrage

While you focus on tit for tat bullshit (both sides), I'm

FWIW - As of right now CNN shows Sanders won by 52,200 votes. (Clinton Group)

Deputies: Fla. teen dies after shooting linked to hoverboard

It's a bit too early to rely on Nate Silver

Kanye West declares Bill Cosby innocent; Twitter backlash follows

AVG screw up, can you help?

Hilary is doing it wrong.

The Polygamy Blog

Corporatists in my mind can't truthfully claim

The Titanic sails again: Inside the lavish £300million replica of doomed ocean liner

Bernie, when in Flint, Please Mention: NAFTA cost MI auto workers at least 231,752 jobs

What If Bernie Wins, And The Super Delegates Select Hillary Anyway?

For Now.

Christie Goes Down!

Latino leaders rally as a show of political force

Bernie just killed it on The View.

A new big storm is coming - It's not too late - Grexit now!

Bernie Sanders and minority voters: Can he persuade them?

Bernie can win Massachusetts. Here's why.

After NH win, Bernie's odds for the nomination 1%

The Big Search to Find Out Where Dogs Come From

There is an evil rising and taking hold in the electorate..

If you check New Hampshire delegate totals, Secretary of State Clinton recieved more than Sanders.

That's our gal!

Hillary's Record on Race Is Not Good: The Racism of her 2008 Campaign against Obama:

Pic Of The Moment: Christie 2016: Telling It Like It Is

On this day, Feb. 10

After Sanders' Big Win in New Hampshire, Establishment Figures Want to Scare You with Superdelegates

Coates: "Yes, I will be voting for Bernie Sanders."

Why Millenials only pay 7% of all taxes - Check out the Millenial Median Wage Map

The Rich (Hospital Managers) Get Richer - Carolinas Healthcare Raises Executive Compensation Once Ag

The Worst Thing About Bernie Is

Another example of Hillary losing the women's vote

Your primary fight song.

Gun-rights advocates urge NRA to remove Ted Nugent from board over ‘anti-Semitic’ outburst

Reasons why I’m #FeelingTheBern

Ta-Nehisi Coates Is Voting for Bernie Sanders Despite the Senator's Opposition to Reparations

Classy HRC supporter just called Bernie the ""Fuhrer" and his supporters "robots"

Thanks for the heart, and HAIR!

40 ACRES AND A MULE – A Political Tale

How Change Happens

Clinton allies forming group to protect, register voters

Bernie Wins Women

Oligarchville: How Washington’s New Rich Live

Just Wondering

Report: TPP Would Ravage The U.S. Economy

Bernie supporters shouldn’t celebrate just yet: He’s still no lock in future primaries

Ta-Nehisi Coates: Yes I will be voting for Senator Sanders

What will DLC/centrists/New Democrats in House & Senate do if Bernie is elected president?

Democratic candidates plan Nevada events ahead of caucus

Meanwhile, on Mars - Curiosity lives on

To Kill a Mockingbird’ Is Headed to Broadway

OMFG. Johnny Depp is brilliant as Donald J. Trump in "The Art of the Deal: The Movie

Republican overreach on NC voting maps will be to blame for disruption of elections

Hillary supporters in 2008

I have been a loyal member of DU for over 10 years.

Sanders Wins Big in New Hampshire Presidential Primary

Sanders Biggest Supporter: His wife Jane

So, I bucked up and sent some money to DU

OMFG. Johnny Depp is brilliant as Donald J. Trump in "The Art of the Deal: The Movie

Post something nice about someone elses team and I'll give you a heart

Democrats Reject Bernie Sanders’ Plan To Raise Taxes

JRLeft posted an OP in the GD:P ...

Bernie Sanders is only presidential candidate who pays his interns

Gymnast combines hip hop and back flips in jaw-dropping floor routine

To Bernie: You are missing an excellent campaign issue.

I could never let a child die from malnutrition

Bernie signs his emails "In solidarity, Bernie Sanders".

Russia to Present Revised Claim of Arctic Territory to the United Nations

Bernie Sanders is only presidential candidate who pays his interns

Hillary Clinton to Hire Former Obama Deputy Campaign Manager

Russia's debt collectors turn violent as recession leaves 11.5m in debt

8 Quotes From Congress About Bernie Sanders

U.S. National Intelligence Director Says Russia Is Paranoid, Aggressive

DU this WND (World Net Daily - hard-core right-wing nut site) Poll

Welcome to the United States of Flint

Kick if you are ready for 100% increase in tax revenues.

George McGovern strongly called for the redistribution of income -- and lost 49 states to 1.

Bernie is (on edit: WAS) going to be at Capri Theater, N. Minneapolis, on Friday sometime

Special Request Hillary Supporters

Oil & Gas Interests Continue Onslaught Against WV Residents

Shaking fists at the sky!

My gratitude to Hillary

Crowd goes wild for Sanders, Sharpton breakfast in Harlem

tRump's victory speech

Former ISIS Sex Slaves Form All-Female Battalion 'Sun Ladies' to Launch Massive Assault on ISIS

Sanders, Sharpton Meet at Sylvia's in Harlem, NYC

Federal Government Targeting Methane Flaring

Who will Chris Christie endorse after he drops out?

Oh noes ... I hab a cold

Bernie Sanders on The View today [video]

Moscow warns US over missile system deployment to S. Korea

Land is Being Destroyed in Wisconsin by Frack Sand Mining

Ex-priest arrested in 1960 killing of Texas schoolteacher

'The Outsiders are In'

The only thing you need to know about super delegates (or how they barely matter)

List of Super Delegates for 2016

Yellen: Fed not likely to reverse course on rates despite risks

Two UVa Law School graduates to clerk for Supreme Court

Baby, what a big surprise.

Bernie Sanders:Together

Hillary Clinton & Marco Rubio Campaigns Both Benefited from Prison Lobby:

More than 60 people killed in suicide bombs in Nigeria: officials

Two UVa Law School graduates to clerk for Supreme Court

Ex-priest arrested in 1960 killing of Texas schoolteacher

I am taking this as a good sign LOL!!!!!

The Democratic Primary Score is BERNIE SANDERS: 36, HILLARY CLINTON 32 (anything else is baloney)

Judge clears Kentucky clerk, OKs marriage licenses with her name removed

What if the super delegates...

Are you sure, Spock?

SUWA Media Campaign in Response to Rep. Bishop’s Public Lands Initiative

After N.H. - Hillary Struggles to Find Her Footing

The New Yorker: The Clintons Have Lost the Working Class

FBI arrests race car driver in massive payday lending scheme

Some Democratic Primary history---McGovern-Frasier Commission and Hunt Commission

Not a great look for MSNBC

North Korea executes army chief of staff: South Korean media

Two UVa Law School graduates to clerk for Supreme Court

Hillary Clinton sounded a lot like Bernie Sanders after losing to Bernie Sanders

U.S. and India consider joint patrols in South China Sea - U.S. official

In many ways Hillary has Bill to blame for her struggles..

Bernie supporters

Photo: Bernie's Homemade Hippie House in the Woods

Christie Quits Race to Focus on Tormenting Rubio

Jim Gilmore lost to some pretty random folks in New Hampshire

Valentine's Day Thank You

Britain won't tolerate any Politician playing games with their beloved NHS

I was walking my dog, and then it hit me.

Free school for children? They pay 0% of taxes!

The Right Wing Fear Mongerer who gave us Ted Cruz. Steve Deace.

John Kiriakou: Trump’s impeachable offense

NATO agrees Russian deterrent but avoids Cold War footing

Professor Who Exposed Flint Crisis Says Greed Has Killed Public Science

Study details how mining has flattened WV

Laws increasingly used to punish pregnant women (sev articles)

Bernie Sanders on The View

Beyoncé #Formation: A Don’t Overthink Piece

U.S. says raised concerns with Rwanda over its activities in Burundi

First Read: Nightmares come true for Clinton, GOP establishment

Updated Comparison of 2008 to 2016 NH Democratic Primary Results

Thanks for my heart

Sanders becomes first Jewish candidate to win a state's primary


While Flint drinks poison, Nestlé is pumping 200 gallons of fresh water out of Michigan every minute

"Unless we can manage to throw out all of the lurkers, this group is not safe."

Flint Water Crisis Is What Happens With A Republican Government

Catholic bishops not obliged to report clerical child abuse, Vatican says

Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Deserve the Black Vote

Punditry, Primaries and Preferences

Hey Thom Hartmann! did you notice Matthews started calling Bernie a Democratic Socialist

Pres Obama speaking in Illinois

The art of the deal ... Funny or Die ~ starring J. Depp as Trump

Seems Bernie knows his way around a hoop

Delaware signs symbolic resolution to apologize for slavery

‘There is no meaning to life:' Speaker discusses atheism, meaning of life

Anal probe anyone? Ted's your man.

Quotes by Sanders' Congressional colleagues

N. Korea's controversial satellite is tumbling again

Dem Super Delegates for 2016

Thanks Obama

Iran: Khomeini grandson loses appeal over poll candidacy ban

The gaping hole at the heart of Hillary Clinton’s campaign

538:It Gets Harder From Here For Bernie Sanders But New Hampshire couldn’t have gone better for him

Sold To The Highest Bidder

Let's talk about actual votes. The actual # of people voting for Bernie vs Hillary

Under The Duvet Productions & Photojournalist Lisa Pacino Endorse Bernie Sanders

Is the below petition to ask WA super-delegates to vote Sanders legitimate?

2 Texas Researchers Under Fire for Planned Parenthood Study

2 Texas Researchers Under Fire for Planned Parenthood Study

Fuck You GEM$NBC for cutting one of Obama's great speeches

Couple accused of sex act on Vegas Strip observation wheel

Basque Chicken With Peas

Thanks for the heart again!

Despite NH Primary Loss, Hillary Clinton Has 394 Delegates to Bernie's 42 (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Bernie voted for the 94' crime bill

Huffpo: Chris Matthews Has A Clear Conflict of Interest When it Comes To Bernie Sanders

They will be escaping soon

Thank You for the heart!

Environmental Justice Is a Latino Issue and Will Influence Our Vote

Kunin: When Bernie Sanders ran against me in Vermont

I have something to get off my chest about appearances -

Why do so many folks think Hillary has the minority vote locked down?

Updated Comparison of NH 2008 to NH 2016 Democratic Primary Results

Nestle ends IAAF sponsorship deal amid doping crisis

Hillary should take a page from David Brooks column

Zika sparks Brazil debate over abortion, access to contraception

Women Bernie supporters... a must read:

Rubio's Whole Career Probably Ended Last Night

Johnny Depp as Trump

xp - Zika sparks Brazil debate over abortion, access to contraception

This Meat Company Dumps More Pollution Into Waterways Each Year Than ExxonMobil

Bernie Sanders Wins Support of Calle 13's Rene Perez

The rise of Donald Trump is a terrifying moment in American politics

The falacy(?) of the fickle superdelegates

Syrian Rebels Demand U.S. Action Ahead Of Peace Talks

The Latest: Kasich Gets Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood

Bernie has now raised $5.2 million since the polls closed last night

A Prominent Bernie Sanders Critic, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Is Now a Fan

"In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer" petition - Superdelegates do not deny Democracy

Why aren't we more concerned by the Repubs turning out more voters than we did in both IA and NH?

'Not Your Firewall': Minority Voters Refuse To Be Token in Clinton Strategy Map

Netanyahu's Wife Abused Household Staff, Court Rules

Clinton Reassesses Campaign With Thursday Debate as First Test

He's not electable

The Latest: House to Consider Impeachment of Pennsylvania AG

Meta: My suggestion for improving alerts in groups

Lagarde Heaps Pressure on Ukraine in Warning of Bailout Halt

Our govt has engaged in PLENTY of bipartisanship that hurts the lower and middle class and

Bernie in NYC today..

Beware a Wounded Clinton

Establistment Clap Trap

Adding some sentences puts Albright's "special place in hell" comment in perfect context.

It's the corruption, not the lack of bi-partisanship and the American Public understands that.

Please Proceed Madame Secretary.... Bernie is not Jewish Enough!!

MSNBC 3.11pm Feb 10: Carly is out

Ex-L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca to plead guilty in jail scandal, his attorney says

To the hosts of this group

Carly Fiorina Ends Bid For Republican Presidential Nomination

Clinton has a major honesty problem

Stop the lying: Redistribution of Wealth Upwards has been going on for decades...

So is Ben Carson back home washing his one set of clothes again?

Can you use a magnifying glass and moonlight to light a fire? (xkcd What If?)

Cyber-thieves steal Pin codes from US Revenue

As a Millennial I will say that

Zika Virus Outbreak Updates: China Reports First Case

Colombian Farc rebels to 'stop recruiting minors'

Sanders Hits Back at Clinton's Claims That He Took Wall Street Money

Fiorina Drops Out Of 2016 Race

Bernie Sanders Pulls In Quick $5.2 Million After New Hampshire Win

As we move toward SC - 1,000 Women SC Women Endorse Bernie Sanders (originally from October)

About the elephant in the room (no, not that elephant) -

Well girls and boys, I think the genie may be officially out of the bottle

When American Taxpayers supplement Walmart's workforce it's is a redistribution of wealth upwards to

(Editorial) Where accountability is lacking IN OUR VIEW / FIRING OF STATE TRANSPORTATION CHIEF

When OS says ppsssttt, people listen

Saudis mock religious police for detaining a cross-dressing pastry-shop mascot

Trump Accuses Morning Joe of Being Trump ‘Supporters,’ Joe and Mika Push Back

Defendant in San Jose State bias case says Confederate flag not racist (CA)

Our understated President spoke in Springfield today.

Rebel flag T-shirt, racial epithets alleged at State Highway Administration (MD)

Ole Peters and Murray Gell-Mann find foundational mistake in economics (and a solution)

Celebrating two years since people power forced out Russian puppets in Kiev

Rubio Exposed.

I Haz a Heart!!!

Just donated 27$ to the Sanders campaign.

Heads up - Bernie on CBS News tonite....

TPP: Unions descend on the Hill: Labor leaders will be on the Hill today to talk to members of

Expressing outrage over Bernie's "hypocrisy" for taking DSCC money

I have a very important question to ask.

Thanks for the heart

A $100 deal on: Hisense C11 Chromebook Rockchip 1.80 GHz 2 GB Memory 16 GB SSD 11.6"

Jailed Church Official Wins Latest Child-Endangerment Appeal

Sanders adviser was convicted of union embezzling

Hillary is holding 34 fat cat fundraisers in February

CNN’s Byers and MSNBC’s Scarborough Fight on Twitter Over Trump Hotel Room Claims

Dear ALL Democrats -- Hard Fighting Tactics Work

The DNC Just Screwed Over Bernie Sanders and Spit in Voters’ Faces

Manslaughter charges possible in Flint water crisis, says top investigator

Clinton Jew baiting campaign has begun.....

Rubio hopes to recover by focusing on Obama, treason

Even The George W. Bush Administration Hated Ted Cruz

Vatican abuse commission member responds to leave of absence controversy

Christian Science Monitor: What's going on with polar ice sheets?

Scientists just found yet another reason to worry about Antarctica's ice

World record for Rubik's Cube robot race: the beat goes on

Jeb!: When I’m President, ‘I Will Not Blame Barack Obama for a Single Thing’

Thank you for the heart, oh anonymous one!

Minneapolis Police Shooting Case Goes to Prosecutors

Bernie Sanders-- first non-Christian to win a presidential primary

"Suspending" their campaign

Arctic Communities Turn Challenges Brought On By Climate Changes Into Advantages

A sincere thank you to all who gifted me with a heart.

Sanders Breaks Fundraising Records After Historic Win

whom ever you are that gave me a heart

Tesoro, Steelworkers Reach $8.08 Million Settlement

Barack Obama just made one of the best speeches EVER...

Bernie's Sanders recent Tweet: "reform our broken criminal justice system"

Tesoro, Steelworkers Reach $8.08 Million Settlement

Tesoro, Steelworkers Reach $8.08 Million Settlement

i was told to move this here, "what would it take, to make the american population"

California Getting Closer To Having Lawmakers Wear Donors’ Logos

Message from - Over $5 million raised in one day!!!

Putin critic Mikhail Kasyanov says life threatened in Moscow incident

Happening Now!!

scolding us as campaign strategy

The Victims of Gun Violence Politicians Won't Talk About

Welfare Cowboy Cliven Bundy Wants To Overthrow The Government

Asked our host and he says okay

~Bernie Sanders Responds to Madeleine Albright's Comment About Women~

If they can do it, why can't we???

dedicating my vote for bermie to honor sachsenhausen prisoner #100748

What's for Dinner, Wed., Feb. 10, 2016

A farewell concert for Chris Christie

Bloomberg gun-control group launches new ad against McAuliffe

Pennsylvania attorney general survives vote to remove her

~Bernie Sanders Responds to Madeleine Albright's Comment about Women~

Sanders: We Have A "Strong Chance" In South Carolina, Nevada

Springfield woman says gun rights saved her life

NH primary: Why Hillary won it in 2008 but lost in 2016

Black Lives Matter activist says 'the Clintons' passed policy that led to mass incarceration

Asking for Thoughts on a Sugar Issue

Panel rules Texas attorney general to face ethics complaint

I posted my 1,000th tweet today...

Can we expect another "Hungry for Power Games" segment by Stephen Colbert tonght?

Sharing a hotel room: Menage a Trump.

Watch Sen. Obama campaign for Bernie Sanders in 2006!

Dear Fox News:

~~Bernie Sanders Targeted by Push Poll in Nevada~~

~~Bernie Sanders Targeted by Push Poll in Nevada~~

Is There Anything Left For Carly To Fail At?

Pros and Cons of Superdelegates, why we have them.

Congratulations, Bernie Supporters!

The Sanders coalition: Not what we thought it was

Yellow union head Momo Venegas' cronies dismantle National Farm Workers Registry in Argentina.

How Elizabeth Warren Helped Sanders Deflate Clinton's Massive Political Apparatus

Obama: No ‘Diversity of Views’ in Either Party, We ‘Choose Our Own Facts’

Demonization of the “Socialism” Label – and Bernie’s View of What Socialism Really Is

Russia proposes March 1 ceasefire in Syria; US wants it now

Good news for Bernie. Sununu says it will be Clinton or Biden.

Christie is out (per MSNBC) n/t

South Carolina House Minority Leader, Todd Rutherford, endorses Hillary Clinton

Bridge Boy Bags Bid

Does anyone know what this is all about regarding Social Security?

Florida man arrested after officials say he threw an alligator through a Wendy's drive-thru window

~~ The Bernie Sanders Fans Getting Free Tattoos - BBC News ~~

Plus-size model Ashley Graham nabs Sports Illustrated swimsuit spread

~~ The Bernie Sanders Fans Getting Free Tattoos - BBC News ~~

Do me a favor~Please listen to this song & tell me if this is not the perfect Bernie campaign song?

Bernie's Supporters

@Everyone who used ActBlue last night.

Bill Walton: “I’m still a hippie and proud of it because we were right”

Bernie will be on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert tonight, Wednesday 2-10!

Louisiana's current budget hole worse than expected

Heidi Cruz: Ted Running To 'Show This Country The Face Of The God That We Serve'

Christie quits, no big surprise

Bringing People Together: Newly released, epic, jaw dropping new Bernie ad. Day after New Hampshire

Anyone who thinks John Kasich is a moderate should read this

PA office,workers all lifelong Democrats. Voting for Bernie in primary, Trump in GE if it's Clinton.

Catholic bishops not obliged to report clerical child abuse, Vatican says

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 11 February 2016

The Poor People's Campaign.

White powder!

Latest Bernie smear: "Snake Oil Salesman Extraordinaire"

"Yakov's Golden Elixir" being posted in "protected" groups; no time wasted with anti-Semitic attacks

After Sanders' Big Win in New Hampshire, Establishment Figures Want to Scare You with Superdelegates

Bernie Sanders SHATTERED John McCain's 2000 Record for Most Individual Votes in a NH Primary EVER!!!

Reinforcing Ironworkers in High Demand

Is it just me, or are the number of SCAM phone calls off the charts suddenly

Chris Christie Ends 2016 Presidential Bid

Samantha Bee Compiles A List Of Every Time Stephen Colbert Mentions Balls

RNC Chair Rinse Peenus throws ENTIRE CLOWN CAR under bus, wistfully dreaming about Bloomberg

The democratic establishment must be shaken up roday

Boxer forgot her Hillary jersey...cheerleading for the establishment....

Let's face it. Both Hillary AND Bernie are ready for that 3am phone call.

In New Hampshire: Sanders Campaign Inspiring Movement Beyond the Election (Voices of the Revolution)

Two Deputies & Gunman Killed Outside Maryland Panera Bread

Bernie Sanders Outspending Hillary Clinton in Ads in Nevada and South Carolina

But Hillary has a story to tell...

Black Princeton Professor Says She Was Handcuffed to Table Over Parking Ticket


Jay Carney: Obama wants Clinton to win

"Two Is The New One" - John Kasich Campaign Celebrates 16% In NH - TMFS Sketch

Obama: "Thomas Jefferson's opponent tried to stir things up by suggesting he was a muslim"

California Getting Closer To Having Lawmakers Wear Donors’ Logos (xpost from GD)

Florida man shoots puppies, puppy shoots back

Florida man shoots puppies, puppy shoots back (x-posted in Lounge)

White Privilege

Argentines least likely to approve of torture, according to Pew survey of 38 nations.

More drivers falling behind on their car payments

Richard Wolff...January 2016 update.

Tell me why the banks aren't

Check Out My Friends New EP...

Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY): Sanders not a 'true friend' to blacks

For the third year in a row, I have hearts for atheists!

Zdravko Tolimir, General Tied to Srebrenica Massacre, Dies at 67: Why aren't Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld


Bernie Win Is Historic: Bernie Won New Hampshire By Wider Margin Than Any Democrat Since JFK

Trump on assassinating Kim Jong Un: "I've heard of worse things"

Obama Returns to Where It All Began With Speech in Springfield, Ill.

Largest Peace Group Endorses Sanders

Top U.S. Intelligence Official Calls Gene Editing a WMD Threat

The more you lie about who we are,

Jay Carney: Obama will not "officially embrace her (Clinton)


You Think DU Hearts Are Cool - Check Out this One

Democratic Establishment's Contempt for Will Of The People Will Be the Party's Downfall

Jew Shmoo! Unlike secretive, ultra-rich Hillary who refuses to come clean about what she told her

Trump Campaign Joined Alex Jones' Conspiracy Website To Get Out The Vote

PSA: Don't follow your favorite authors on Twitter...

Source: Government to announce civil rights suit against Ferguson

For information:Don’t Be Fooled: John Kasich is No Moderate.

Did New Hampshire voters really get something new?

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders pays his campaign interns, but most

Michelle Obama: Celebrate black history EVERY DAY.

The morph-o-matic is in full overdrive

Now I know MSNBC is fucked up Bill Christal ?

If Hillary wins the Primary on the strength of her bought of Super Delegates alone, what will you do

NEW Food Porn (Dessert Edition) from today's shoot at my new Italian restaurant client

Perfect and Fun Revenge for those Annoying Telemarketer/Robo calls....

Fallout from climate ruling lands quickly

According to

NYC First Lady for Hillary

Enough is enough! This alerting and hiding game has gone for far too long!

white pouter!

Ohio House passes bill to deny funds to Planned Parenthood

Washington Post: Hillary Has A Major Honesty Problem After NH

Do you have a favorite line or scene from "Pineapple Express"?

Thank You For the Heart

The Greatest Political Ad Ever Made

Dammit to HELL, this has been a rough week! Another one of my patients died yesterday.

This Jay Carney assertion

Feminism, Hell and Hillary Clinton

South Carolina Senator Marlon Kimpson has endorsed Hillary Clinton

White Prowler!

Today's speech in Springfield on the President's 9th anniversary.

Woman's body was in Salinas Walmart parking lot for months

So Christie and CarLIE are out

2 killed in shooting at Alabama lawyer's office; 1 arrested

The Establishment Wants to Scare You with Superdelegates. Here's why its bullshit.

Wall Street Journal ATTACKS Bernie Sanders

This is an interesting article by WAPO re: Rachel Maddow's commentary of Bernie with a video.

Can you fucking hear us now?

How does Bernie get stuff done? Like a Superstar!

Cezar McKnight, SC State Rep: Is advocating for the mass incarceration

Increasingly chilly media climate in Japan

Sandra Bland's mother to campaign for Hillary Clinton

Wall Street's nightmare candidates leading race

Congressional Black Caucus to formally endorse Clinton on Thursday

2011 video of Sanders calling for President Obama to face a primary challenger

Malheur refuge occupation sparks fears of incursion in neighboring county

This doesn't look like a "sore loser"...

Hillary trending on twitter, just for the wrong reasons

Since millennial voters are absolutely worthless to the DNC? What is the DNC's future?

Louisiana attorneys appeal judge's ruling on abortion restrictions

Did you catch Bernie on CBS Evening News?

The Justice Department Just Sued Ferguson for "Routine Violation" of Residents' Civil Rights

Appeals court vacates order halting executions in Mississippi

Politifact: Bernie's suggestion that Madeleine Albright supported the Iraq war is mostly false

I'm sorry, what is that you say?

Black Leaders who support Hillary Slam Bernie Sanders on race issues

Can a mayor direct her polce chief to swear out a warrant against her state's governor?

Why Millennials Love Bernie -- By a Millennial Who Can't Even Vote Yet

John McCain Just Openly Mocked ‘Dangerous’ GOP Candidates On The Senate Floor.

The Head Of SC Democratic Party Was Just On MSNBC...

New Hampshire, June 2015

Berkeley Declares an Official Shelter Crisis

Ferguson MO is getting sued by the DOJ!