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One simple chart says it all

> Bernie on Campaign Attacks and How "We're Making WS Nervous!" :) Jan. 23

The Cruz 'Voter Violations' mailers were COMPLETELY bogus. (New Yorker)

Remaining Oregon occupiers claim FBI has shut down their phones and cut off their Internet access

I'm hoping the coverage by MSNBC energizes Sanders voters in Iowa

Listen to what Michael Moore just said:


No voter registration surge has happened in Iowa this season like it did in 2008

Why isn't space travel as much fun as Star Trek or Star Wars?

One last polling primer: Some pollsters are about to miss badly in Iowa.

Rand Paul thinks he will do well in Iowa because "young people are all on cell phones"

LOL: Politico contacts Bernie's foreign policy "adviser", she says she backs Hillary

Bundy clan leader unrepentant even as Oregon protest collapses

A Native American Basketball Tournament Bounces Back

Jane Sanders Tells Iowans that Bernie Can Deliver Change


Trump's plan for replacing Obamacare -"We’ll work something out"

I will just leave this here for now,

O'MALLEY RALLY: Iowans urged to caucus for former Maryland governor.

My flight is delayed... I demand entertainment!

Netanyahu rejects French ultimatum on Palestinian statehood

1-31-16 The End of Slave Labor in 2:00

1-31-16 The End of Slave Labor in 2:00

First Trans Murder of 2016- RIP Monica Loera

Been a long time coming

1-31-16 The End of Slave Labor in 2:00

1-31-16 The End of Slave Labor in 2:00

So, how do I think we'll get universal health care, if not from Sanders's plan? O'Malley's

Facebook’s Sensible Ban on Gun Ads

Final Nate Silver/538 analysis of Iowa caucuses points to a Clinton victory

Since when did Hillary become so "pragmatic"? When did she ever tell her Wall Street buds,

Did anyone else just see

Local Pharmacy Commercial

O'Malley: Put more cops on Wall Street beat. by Martin O'Malley

How con$ervatives betray conservatives: A conservative explains how grifters, buck-rakers and scound

The start of a balanced breakfast.

George Soros donates $8 million to boost Hillary

So Debbie and the DNC got their marching orders from the boss

Hillary looks so excited here...

I promise my only post in your group. I just wanted to say good luck tomorrow

How to become an instant millionaire...

WAPO reader has a great indirect response to yet another Wash. Post hit piece directed at Bernie:

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 1-30-16

Michale Moore is asking us to sign a petition to have Synder arrested.

My husband just sent me this text from tonight's Bernie rally in Des Moines, Iowa

Beautiful Version of "This Land Is Your Land" in Support of Bernie

Clinton: “We are on the right path, my friends. We just have to stay on it.”

A Psychologist's Open Letter to U.S. Voters

If anyone makes this, please send me one.

Microsoft says Trump, Clinton will win in the early primaries.

Obama wants $4B to help students learn computer science

Bernie Wins Rural Minnesota. Hillary...Ya Don't Wanna Know

Hillary just said: "Single payer health care will never, ever happen"

*CNN: SANDERS NEXT PRES. Based on 40-Yr. Accurate Western Illinois Univ. Mock Election, 11/15

Ok so this is really sad......of all the e-mails I received today....30 out of 34

Bernie Sanders Stands By Me

Bernie Sanders Stands By Me

We're doomed..............In 50-49 vote, US Senate says climate change not caused by humans

Email from Bernie...

Hillary 2008 to Obama: "Celestial choirs will be singing...."

Breaking: latest statement from Oregon Militants

Here is the venue for Hillary Clinton's final rally in Iowa: Abraham Lincoln High School

"We want Bernie" chant starting up at Des Moines rally

Primary starts tomorrow. Who do you think WILL win the Presidency?

New Hampshire CNN/WMUR Sanders +23 Boston Herald/FPU Sanders +20

2 Reason Bloomberg Wants to Run

2 Virginia Tech Students Arrested After Cops Recover Body of Missing Teen

US pledges $97M to combat Ethiopia’s drought

TOGETHER (Artwork)

Oh, Those Things.

If Hillary is a fighter and gets things done, why isn't she still fighting for universal healthcare?

Sanders predicts Iowa upset, slams The Washington Post

Armed group in Oregon ranch standoff calls on others to join them

Ted Cruz in possible violation of criminal law for recent campaign acts

A big contrast in QBs' fashion.

Do campaigns have to report 1st quarter fundraising today or tomorrow?

Would HRC have said "No we can't" to MLK's "I have a dream....."?

Second Virginia Tech student charged in the death of Blacksburg 13-year-old

Hillary Clinton BEFORE Bernie Entered the Picture - SNL's Take OMG

These pics from Hillary's rally in Dubuque give new meaning to the phrase "the walls are closing in"

Andrea Mitchell: What a hack!

MSNBC - Will Hillary supporters support MOM just enough to give him 15%

34,340 of Obama's 2012 donors have given money to a 2016 candidate

Teenage girl admits making up migrant rape claim that outraged Germany

George Soros donates $8 million to boost Hillary

A cool video from a young Hillary supporter.

As the Canadian government considers legalizing marijuana (satire)

And we have a real doozy in Video.

Sen. Sanders to Visit New Hampshire Tuesday

I'm watching "Worst Cooks in America."

In Islamic Malaysia, my private school is bringing in Focus on the Family

Not sure if anyone has posted this or not:

Not sure why listing Bernie's dismal record on gun control was hidden in the

What I learned today in GD-P

7 Things Coretta Scott King Should Be Remembered For

Every millennial Iowan with republicon parents needs to remind them BEFORE TOMORROW NIGHT:

An olive branch, *not* from the Olive Garden, to majority cat constituents in Lounge

5 Times Bernie Sanders Championed Our Cause Before It Was Popular

Has Hillary been sounding exceptionally loud and Yelling lately or is it me being Sound Sensitive ?

Malala Yousafzai Seeks to Raise $1.4 Billion to Educate Syrian Refugees

Gabby Giffords Makes Emotional Plea for Hillary Clinton as Caucus Nears

Gabby Giffords for Hillary ...

If Trump bit the head off a live chicken on national TV, would anyone care?

An Unwanted Circus Descends, and an Oregon Town Strives to Stay Kind

Back to The West Wing!

Secretary Clinton tonight on MSNBC

"I feel your pain" Nice thing to say to someone or not?

Martin O’Malley is ending his time on the Iowa campaign trail the same way he began it: with a smile

Sanders supporters might need to start thinking strategically

Neo-Liberalism's Zero Hour in the Heartland

Clinton SuperPAC Priorities USA Action raised 41 Million in 2015

From Davos: Chamber of Com Pres: If She Wins the Nomination, Hillary Will Support the TPP

Prime Minister calls elections in Jamaica

Any predictions for how Team Clinton will explain away their loss in Iowa tomorrow?

Clinton campaign: 125,000+ doors knocked - Sanders campaign: 77,000k doors knocked

Hillary's Warm Up Band Members Told Guardian They're Voting for Bernie

The Big Short - the movie

Final Hillary Clinton rally in Des Moines draws over 2600 people

The American people deserve a straight answer to the question before they vote.

Virginia Beach hotel recs?

FAIR: Where Did the Years Go? NYT Dismisses Experience of ‘Fringe’ Candidates

Toon: This way to the coronation..

Bernie's healthcare plan isn't too bold. It's too facile. And more than twice as costly

Black Business Leader Makes A Case For Sanders (Waterloo Iowa )

Clinton has morphed into a populist with Wonder Woman to cheer on the crowd.

Bernie speech: Single-payer relieves businesses and workers from the healthcare insurance burden

Donald Trump tries to put money on Communion plate

Just watched "Grease! Live!"

#StealTheBern: In final Iowa blitz, an outraged Clinton channels Sanders

2 videos from Tom Russell's album of immigrants coming to and immersing in America. Lovely songs.

About incremental change

SNL Hillary - "The DNC is sabotaging Bernie for me, I got this in the bag!"

Pro-Sanders super PAC brought in $2.3 million

Bernie:The true champion of "family values"

Michael Moore Endorses Bernie Sanders

Breaking: Trump (20.1%), Cruz (19.4%) and Rubio (18.6%) ALL Within 2 Points In Iowa (post debate)

Michael Moore: My Endorsement of Bernie Sanders

The C.I.A. opens up its X-Files

Hahaha: Even Ted Cruz's Own Daughter Thinks He's Creepy (video)

Michael Moore officially endorses Bernie tonight

Do BSS seem unusually frantic and overconfident tonight?

Imagine if each time Bernie supporters raise $10 million, a plutocrat plunks down the same for Hill.

I fully expect to see some hollering about how well she did tomorrow

Have you known the genius of Arvo Part?

what do you think of this - top import and export categories

Michael Moore Endorses Presidential Candidate At Massive Campaign Rally!

Well this is neat!

Monday night weather forcast for major Iowa cities.

STOP LYING: The bank bailout cost TRILLIONS.

Clinton Denies Knowledge of App used to Calculate when to Prop MO'M

Michael Moore's official endorsement of Bernie Sanders.

Old Farts for Bernie

Bernie is Kickin' it in Minnesota, He's Blowing Hillary & The Donald Out of the Water

Sanders campaign cites ‘alarming’ signs Clinton plans to pack the caucuses

Time to rock the moat

170 Top Economists Endorse Bernie Sanders' Wall Street Reform Plan

Just watched on HBO the Vice show Our Rising Oceans.

any reports/pics of tonight's rallies?

Beth Clarkson update Feb. 18, 1:30 hearing for summary judgment

Just watched on HBO the Vice show Our Rising Oceans

Standing strong for O'Malley .. and so are many more

Who could have seen this coming?

"We came. We saw. He died. LULZ! GUFFAWZ!"

A friend of mine is a member of the Academy that votes for the Oscars...

Google Analytics from Last Republican Debate

from Abby Schulte, Senior at Keota High School, Iowa.....

What makes Hillary happy, what makes Hillary mad

O'Malley meltdown: $169,442 cash on hand

Clinton: I'll go further than Sanders on regulating the financial sector.

Nothing Feminist about Bigots

Please Retweet.. So True!!

'A new moment in campaign financing ...'

February Surprise: Former Trump Organizer Files Sex Discrimination Complaint Against Campaign

I have hesitated to post anything new here

Geezer Humor: Hitler Reacts to Bernie Sanders (Feel the Bern)

We the People - something to think about

I moved in to this apartment, on February 1rst, 1992.

Check this out - more dirty tricks planned for tomorrow.

Was I Wrong?

If Hillary Clinton becomes President I don't want to hear one peep on DU about...

Remember the voting jars of coffee beans?

Emerson College Polling Society: Final Iowa Caucus Numbers for 2016 HRC 51%, BERNIE 43 MOM 4

Wow, what a night. Regarding domestic abuse and cop's reaction...

Bernie Sanders Iowa victory speech! Share the good news!

Trump will swing pretty far left if he gets the nomination

TYT talks to Hillary supporters

Guam public offices closed for hours due to bomb threat

The Ring of Truth

Iowa poll: Hillary Clinton 51%..Bernie Sanders 43%

These 11th-Hour Endorsements are Amazing!

Iowa poll: Hillary Clinton 51%..Bernie Sanders 43%

Top 10 Reasons Why Bernie Sanders May Actually Become President

Funniest Memes Mocking Donald Trump

"What if Indian Country had a say in electing the next president?"

Bernie should start using what Michael Moore used to describe democratic socialism:

CNN Tries To Convince Susan Sarandon To Change Her Vote

Today is the day it begins:

"Sanders military adviser briefed him once"

Chinese translations gone wrong

Daily Holidays - February 1

2016 Iowa Democratic Presidential Caucus poll

Guerrero state: '11 dead' at Mexico teen's birthday party

2016 Iowa Democratic Presidential Caucus poll

Justice Dept. to review San Francisco police after shooting death

In light of a post declaring Governor O'Malley's campaign financial meltdown

The Atlantic: The Democrats Face a Revolution

I hope everyone on the DU'S candidates wins tomorrow.I really do.

Minnesota Governor Hospitalized After Fainting at Event

China Company Accused of Fleecing Investors of $7.6 Billion

Report: Nigeria Reinstates General Implicated in Mass Murder

PBS Newshour Lies About Single-Payer Health Care

Chicago Window Workers Who Occupied Their Factory in 2008 Win New Bankruptcy Payout

Microsoft gives Clinton 3 of 4 first contests

A young person's guide to Social Security

Why US can’t ignore Colorado’s pot ‘experiment

Bernie has done something amazing. His fuck you to the moneybags

THE NATION: Bernie Sanders could win Iowa

The radical left has Bernie Sanders all wrong

Every day of 2016 I am going to VISUALIZE Bernie giving his

Why Prosecutors Don't Target Thieving CEOs

The Case Against Whistleblower Thomas Tamm: Ethics or Retribution?

Author Anne Rice Switches from Bernie to Hillary

An enraged Hillary channels Bernie Sanders in final Iowa blitz

Parsing a CNN article about fundraising. Interesting

Chaos in Syria, Part II – Destruction, ISIS and Beyond

Clinton invokes 9/11 to 'explain' her big money ties to Wall Street

Electability: we can't win without the 63%

"We are on the right path, my friends. We just have to stay on it.”

Hillary claims she did not know about this

O'Malley: Hillary Clinton's use of 9/11 to defend Wall Street ties was 'pretty shameful.'

O'Malley: Hillary Clinton's use of 9/11 to defend Wall Street ties was 'pretty shameful.'

Al Giordano: "Clinton will win Iowa"

“We’ve got a civil war within the party” -- GOP SuperPAC Funders Exposed

Hillary Sanders belts out a populist tune

Gun Control Can Swing the 2016 Election

Candidates take note, Asian Americans care about gun control

Everytown and Moms Demand Action Applaud Facebook's Groundbreaking Decision

The Incredibly Important Lesson Democrats Must Learn From The Sanders Campaign

Nate Silver/538 give The Trump the advantage in Iowa because his supporters are so committed.

Why People Around the World are Rooting for Bernie Sanders

I think it is crucial that our side win the culture war. I don't however see how...

Why Do So Many Millennials #FeeltheBern?

This third-shifter is going to bed. Tonight's the night!

Tomorrow's Post Iowa threads.

Hillary Clinton closes with populist fire in Iowa

As a Democrat, I'm not terribly happy with any of my choices this year

Stricken cargo ship Modern Express heading for French coast

Occupy movement protesters fight on — now in support of Bernie Sanders

Dear Iowans, Please elect this guy. Sincerely, New Zealand and the rest of the world

UK Scientists get human embryo 'gene editing' go-ahead

HA Goodman:"Few observers ask how Americans would pay for Hillary Clinton's "neocon" foreign policy"


UN’s Ban scolds Israeli officials who ‘twisted’ his criticism

Robby Mook Returns to Field Organizing for Final Iowa Push

GOOD MORNING O'Malley Group!! Today is the day

Two articles that EVERY Democrat should read (WARNING: facts)

Bernie Sanders never released his Foreign Policy Policies--NEED to Heed the words of JFK

Toon: Patrick Henry Rodham Clinton

Ted Cruz even creeps out his own daughter...

LCS Test Vs. Fast Attack Boats ‘Unfair': Missile Missing, Navy Says

Unpublished Black History - Enjoy

Bernie Sanders’ filing showed that the Vermont senator has successfully translated his populist move


Two Virginia Tech students charged in death of 13-year-old girl

Jim Hightower: Manna From Hell

Hot Off The Press! UMass Lowell poll has Sanders up by 31 points in NH

Law enforcement bikers fought outlaw gang in deadly Denver melee

Cuba's Raul Castro in France for historic visit

"Kathy I'm lost" I said though i knew she was sleeping

Bam! @Hillary to Maddow: "I'm not just raising money for myself, I'm raising it for Dems up & down..

World's first 'robot run' farm to open in Japan

Guns Instead of Butter

Elizabeth Warren's "Rigged Justice: 2016

JUST RELEASED IOWA POLL!!! - Clinton 51% Sanders 43% O'Malley 4%

Chinese man jailed for 23 years freed after verdict overturned

Sanderism: To help clarify Bernie Sander's form of democratic socialism

"That's the sound of the people, led by women, carrying Hillary to history"

In final rally before Iowa caucuses, Bernie Sanders hits on familiar themes

Hope you didn't miss it. Yesterday was National Gorilla Suit Day.

Team Hillary better hope that they win today

EU Commission: welfare brake for Britain could apply immediately

The case for Bernie Sanders (in Iowa)

Federal coal sales moratorium shakes industry stronghold

Good morning. I am still looking for the Roosevelt High School speech Bernie

The internet is a wide and wondrous place, but IMO this remains its best offering:

Good morning. I am still looking for the speech that Bernie gave

170 US economists endorse Bernie Sanders economic plan (story blacked out by all major news outlets)

Internal Iowa Polling Must Be EXTREMELY Good for Bernie

Hillary Clinton is a populist? Yeah and the queen of England eats fish and chips and drops her h's

"We Can, We Will"

Richard Dreyfuss searches for the "Old Republican Party" at Cruz rally. Yeah, THAT should work.

It's showtime folks.......

When 'the pundits' say only 'some' women like Hillary:

Trump Around - Donald Trump Sings!

Don't Wanna Hear It

Do you hear the people sing? Round one.

From twitter-new Quinnipiac IOWA poll

Inside a caucus: Iowa 2008

Quinni poll Jan 25-31: B 49 H46 M3

BOOM! Quinnipiac Feb 1 Poll IOWA: Sanders 49, Clinton 46, O'Malley 3

Threat . . .

Donald Trump wins this poll followed closely by Hillary...

‘Eyewash’: How the CIA deceives its own workforce about operations

Republicans reject climate change fears despite rebukes from scientists

With Last Call Here, Martin O’Malley Reflects On Iowa Campaign

Good luck to all our candidates. And may the best woman win!

Today's Google Doodle: Honoring Frederick Douglass

How does one apply belief/religion as a tool of revelation?

Britain gives scientist go-ahead to genetically modify human embryos

Harkin: "Cruz has the best organization."

France building 600 miles of solar roadway over next 5 years

*CNN: SANDERS WINS, Western Illinois Univ. Picks Presidents with 100% Accuracy Since 1975

BTRTN Iowa Prediction: Hillary Holds off Bernie, Cruz Wins Tight Three-Way GOP Race

Dumb question: If Hill's teams move supporters to MOM will that be observable?

Monday Toon Roundup

OMG I have never felt so emotional and stirred up. MUST SEE

Bernie Sanders - Iowa City, IA 1/30/16

Shocking! Chinese Authorities Link Abandoned Pesticide Plant To Sickened Students Across Street

Doubling The Share Of Renewable Energy By 2030 Could Increase Global GDP By $1.3 Trillion

Revolution never comes with a warning

Analysts - Australian Emissions Now Unlikely To Peak Before 2030 At The Earliest

it starts today - Please keep this in mind

Fukushima nuclear crisis far from over, Kan says

POLL: Meme of the Week – February 1st

I predict Hillary will not fall short like she did in 2008

★★★Official Iowa Caucus Participants Thread -- Check In and Get Caucus Info★★★

Hundreds Of Union Plumbers Spent The Weekend Installing Water Filters For Flint Residents For Free

Hundreds Of Union Plumbers Spent The Weekend Installing Water Filters For Flint Residents For Free

Hundreds Of Union Plumbers Spent The Weekend Installing Water Filters For Flint Residents For Free

Interesting observation today

Sanders to raise income taxes,,,,

The Iowa Caucuses

For Hillary...

(WI) Parties react to Rep. Ribble not seeking re-election

Look out Coolidge! Look out Hoover! America's Rich May Soon Blow Past Roaring Twenties Tycoons

Who's going to win Iowa... Hillary or Bernie? (livestream link)

Blizzard Will Miss Iowa Caucuses

Finally! Iowa Caucus Day.

19 years later, single mom writes Open Letter to Pres. Carter about her 'Habitat' home

Volunteer help needs for Nevada caucuses

in your face, Donald.....

So when do we start to know how it turned out?

Michael Moore Endorses Bernie Sanders

Tough Night At The Iowa Caucuses

Do you hear the people sing?

O’Malley can hear you snickering, of course, and he knows what the race looks like from the outside

MEANWHILE, in Italy.....

Trump -- "More winning moments!"

Speaking from a Berner perspective,

Youth Poster Seen in Iowa

TOM TOMORROW: Election News Network!

TOM TOMORROW: Election News Network!

Boxtruck crashes and leaves present at the 11foot8 bridge (Crash #103)

Refuge occupier Shawna Cox released from jail

Every Single One of The Top 10 Corporate Tax Dodgers Are Donors To Hillary Clinton

If the people who believe in Bernie and his vision...

Starkist tuna lawsuit

Final Quinnipiac Iowa Poll!!! Sanders 49 Clinton 46 O'Malley 3

Bernie Sanders’ wife visits Davenport hospice patient

Something I heard last nite and something we should be prepared for (MO'M)

Reporter Exposes Koch Approved Journalists Spreading Reich Wing Propaganda

Op-Ed: @HillaryClinton Listens and Acts (for People in #Iowa) -Creates policy from ground up

Concerned about the vitriol

What they're really afraid of.

The Impossible

Iowa poll: Trump, Sanders leading

Just sent this letter to Stephanie Miller

Kentucky Environmental Quality Commission superfluous

If bernie wins tonight as i think he will

The Bernie Sanders Song

Did you know Bernie and Jim Hightower were Jesse Jackson backers in 1988? I did not.

The Bernie Sanders Song

JUST RELEASED IOWA POLL!!! - Sanders 49% Clinton 46% O'Malley 3%

Israel demands PA prevent attacks by security personnel

Today's live phone Quinnipiac poll (Sanders 49%; Clinton 46%). Do not be fooled by robo-call polling

Iowa Democratic Party - How Delegates are Awarded on Caucus Night

Whatever tonite's outcome, Sanders comes out proven as a competitor

Hmmmm, "What if EVERYONE had their basic needs met?"

Martin O'Malley insists he won't play Iowa kingmaker, tells supporters "hold strong"

Norman Solomon: Insurrection

"Idealist Won’t Vote For Idealist Candidate Because He Can’t Win...

as the media tries to tell us how important the iowa caucus is.....

Naomi Klein's twitter message to the people of Iowa

Barn Cat Who Didn't Want To Be kitty rescue by ky Town of Menasha, WI

What's your prediction for tomorrow.

J.J. Abrams: Why I’m Supporting Hillary Clinton for President

The War on Bernie Sanders

100 Spectacular photos - none photoshopped


Victaulic Forks, union reach 5-year labor deal

Victaulic Forks, union reach 5-year labor deal

Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, gun crime and focus

Victaulic Forks, union reach 5-year labor deal

Iowa, you have a rare opportunity today to start a revolution in America that will sweep the nation

The Iowa Caucuses May Look A Little Different This Year

Microsoft video explaining the vote tallying process for the Iowa Caucuses

Did Sanders ever release his medical records?

Feds testing new tactics in Oregon....


The Constant Struggle

In Des Moines and need some quick money?...apparently Jeb Bush will pay you to listen to him.

Dumbo flops on the Today show

Even Fox calls out Cruz's flat out LIES

Politico: Clinton will carry Iowa

From Facebook today

Physicists investigate the structure of time, with implications for quantum mechanics and philosophy

Rate of Global Deforestation is decreasing. Or is It?

Martin O'Malley Holding Strong With Supporters This Morning

Cruz rally interrupted by yelling, vomiting man

I do think Bernie WILL carry Iowa:

I have a friend with a much healthier nervous system today....

I LOVE Nina Turner! "If it walks like a duck...."

What O'Malley supporters in Iowa can do today.

Stop Comparing Trump and Sanders: The Two Candidates Aren't Equal and Opposite Radicals

Pic Of The Moment: Iowa!

Bernie Sanders on Economic Growth vs Economic Justice

The Times Endorses Hillary Clinton with a Banner Ad from Citigroup

Why We Shouldn’t Give a Damn Who Wins the Iowa Caucuses

Refuge of Scoundrels

NYT Endorses Hillary, but first a message from our sponsors...

Kind of cute isn't it?

"My whole life's been gambled ..."

Andy Borowitz on Jeb! . . .

U.S. democracy in the balance: Bernie Sanders versus the billionaire class

Phil Robertson endorses Ted Cruz, stupidity follows...

If this doesn't say "presidential" then what does? ...WHAT DOES?

The three delusions driving the Cruz and Sanders campaigns

Feb 1 Iowa Democratic Presidential Caucus: Quinnipiac Clinton 46, Sanders 49, O'Malley 3 Sanders +3

MSNBC: Chuck Todd: "If Trump wins tonight it is the biggest story in the world."

Metro residents are stocking up on groceries, gas ahead of impending storm

My friend just got a kidney transplant!!

Martin O'Malley says he isn't going anywhere.

Why We Shouldn’t Give a Damn Who Wins the Iowa Caucuses

Trump has decided who to run against in November because

Looking for a good, progressive biz opportunity

"A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence."

Doll Test

Why caucus for Martin O'Malley? How about his ability to stand-up to the National Rifle Association.

as if you needed any more evidence that some people live in a bubble

Ammon Bundy lawyers challenge decision to keep him jailed

Wisconsin Republicans Just Snuck Through Legislation That Guts Veterans Benefits

Harkin said something interesting on MSNBC this morning

O'Malley, Paul, Carson, Fiorina Check In On Iowa Caucus Day.

Donald Trump's Star On The Walk Of Fame Got Defaced

O'Malley, Paul, Carson, Fiorina Check In On Iowa Caucus Day.

Wisconsin Republicans Just Snuck Through Legislation That Guts Veterans Benefits (xpost from GD)

First cycling ‘motorised doping’ case confirmed

Hopefully, today will be the first step in electing HRC president.

Showing up on Twitter right now: #VoteBlueNoMatterWho

Because of tomorrow's blizzard, we will have new birdy pix by this time tomorrow

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #13: Fear The Walking Bundys Edition

Your comedy relief for the day

Democratic National Committee Caves, Agrees to Added DEBATES, Feb. 1

O’Malley refuses to play king – or queen – maker in Iowa.

Trump Keeps Up Attack on TPP Heading Into Iowa Caucus

The Time Has Come Today - a Bernie video created by Dylan Chambers, whose father and uncle are

Here's Why Winning Iowa Could Break The Election Wide Open For Bernie Sanders

Reemergence of the Ottoman Empire (Bloom County)

Be Realistic and Demand the Impossible!

Dumbest "prediction" about the Super Bowl so far...

Info-Primaries & Elections

Sigh - the time has finally husband has become an old man

UMass NH poll: Sanders 61% - Clinton 30%

Feds expand critical whale habitat to include entire Gulf of Maine

You guys in this group are a safe port from an angry, hateful sea.

Quinnipac Sanders +3

Final day to help Bernie win Iowa! Can you make a quick call?

Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders lead in Iowa: polls

Advocates slam LePage plan to place Riverview patients in prison unit

Torture in Palestinian detention centers exposed by Palestinian human rights organization

If you were born after the end of the Cold War, do you have a visceral reaction to "Socialist"?

The Highly Unofficial Iowa Caucuses Drinking Game.

Old news but....:Court rules Michigan has no responsibility to provide quality public education

Warren vs. Clinton...

Yes, O’Malley has (gay) supporters in Iowa.

Berning Down the House

The War on Bernie Sanders (Jacobin)

Lighter Side of Martin O’Malley

Yes, O’Malley has (gay) supporters in Iowa.

Napa wineries ship $1 billion in wine to consumers in 2015; single bottle avg: $61.41

JK DUers: Here is a must-read you'll surely will appreciate!

Remember Iowans - tomorrow morning we are still Democrats and the enemy is Republicans

'We're all in this together,' O'Malley tells supporters in Cedar Rapids.

Imbloc (Candlemass, Imblog, Imbole) - February 2nd

Wow you'd think based on the three Hillary supporters on Andrea Mitchell just now

Just for fun, Cowgirl's morning line: Hawkeye Handicap (Democrats)

Here's Hoping....

When do we expect results in the Dem caucus? Tonight? Tomorrow?

If Hillary's campaign does have an app that calculates when to prop up O'Malley, that's a good thing

Secretary Clinton Says We Can't

Did you know: wait staff do not work for tips? They work for clerics!

Bernie Sanders will never be president.

No nonsense analysis of the LaVoy Finicum shooting

Third Way Misleads Hard in a Weak Effort to Discredit Social Security Expansion

For me - the fact that Hillary even has a chance - shows just how much work needs to be done

Let's have a round of applause for those volunteers who will be chairing their caucuses tonight

What is it with people who want us to have to continue paying health insurance...

The Wages of Derp are Derp. Lots of it.

Lab-grown corals help restore critically endangered Caribbean reefs

As soon as my precinct results are final tonight I will post them here

Do you know which states vote over the next month?

Hillary Didn't Know How to Use a Computer For Email

Expedition finds signs of life in Earth’s mantle

In final rally before Iowa caucuses, Sanders reminds voters of Obama win

C. Pierce : What we're seeing with Bernie was a long time coming (GREAT read)

AP video: Martin O'Malley asks supporters to hold strong.

Bill DeBlasio is a wonderful spokesperson for Hillary!

Palestinian Authority police praises member of its ranks that carried out shooting attack

White House education plan leaves visa critics flabbergasted

AP video: Martin O'Malley asks supporters to hold strong.

CS Wages Down Again, and Other Developments

Current weather radar as the snow is headed for IOWA

Wall Street's Third Way Absurdly Wrong About Sanders' Social Security Plan

Feb1-->Hillary Team in NH-gearing up for next week Feb 9

German Mayor’s Advice to Girls Harassed By Migrants: ‘Just Don’t Provoke Them’

Laid-off IT workers muzzled as H-1B debate heats up

The Donald takes 5 point lead in Iowa poll

300 Union Plumbers Spent The Weekend Installing Water Filters For Flint Residents For Free

VICE on HBO "Fighting ISIS" (This is a must see)

My answer: Del dicho al hecho hay mucho trecho. The question? Watch:

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 1-31-16

I rarely do this, but I am going to recommend a book... Pls see :

Well-Preserved Boat Unearthed at Abusir

General question RE: DU. The site keeps freezing.

Snort--check out the comments...

Bernie Sanders rallying the troops on Iowa Caucus Day.

Angry Comcast customer set up Raspberry Pi to auto-tweet speed test results

"I sure wish there were some crop..."

Iran: $100B in Assets 'Fully Released' Under Nuclear Deal

No cable tv here, livestream tonight?

W.H.O. Declares Zika Virus an International Health Emergency

Caught in time warp, a Bronze age village in rural England

They want REAL BAGGAGE. I will give them REAL BAGGAGE:

Del McCoury has a birthday today.

I watched 6 parts of a 10 part series called "Making a Murderer"

Pentagon Papers Whistleblower: Kennedy Resisted 'Nuclear Cultist' Joint Chiefs

Smoke break at Dudley's

Let's say Clinton wins Iowa by a slim margin and...

An image to carry in our hearts and minds through tonight...

Bernie Is More Credible and Electable Than Hillary

Tom Toles: Hillary Clinton will be elected president today

Are the caucuses televised or streamed somewhere?

Mysterious Martian "Cauliflower" May Be the Latest Hint of Alien Life

Bright sparks shed new light on the dark matter riddle

Bernie done ruined everything

Monsanto’s Roundup Kills and Damages More than Weeds

Sanders: We're taking this all the way.

With Bowling Alley Visit, Hillary Clinton Closes a Circle in Iowa - NYT

Cowgirl's morning line: Hawkeye Handicap (Republican rage-a-thon)

Hollande’s task: Reinforce France’s presence in Cuba

does the raygun revolution ring a bell?

CAIR poll: High Muslim turnout expected for primaries, most support Democrats

Matthews just asked some Clinton advocate (Joel Benenson) a great question

Even Goldman Sachs Has Bailed on Bush

Legal US pot sales soar to $5.4B in 2015

Dirty politics? There's an (Hillary campaign) app for that!

'March for Bernie' Is an Occupy Wall Street Homecoming

CBS, NBC will share Thursday Night Football

Iowa Caucus MSM Spin Prediction

Dutch police eagle takes down a drone

Save internet radio

Former cop indicted after suspect beating caught on camera

Iowan hopes to cast 20th presidential vote — for Clinton

Cuba: Europe’s new market

Cuba: Europe’s new market

Could Obama win a third term?

Let's Not Lose Sight of What a President CAN Do Without Congressional Support

"Buyer's Remorse" A book that criticizes President Obama endorsed by Sanders

Bernie doesn't appear to be taking this "political revolution" thing very seriously.

Anne Frank's stepsister, who survived Auschwitz, has strong words for Donald Trump.

Oil drops 6 pct on China data, slim chances of OPEC deal

Who has the ground game?

Remember that fake money Xtian tract left as a tip?

Total super delegate count on IA caucus Eve & a spot on Reponse to a

Thank you to all the volunteers...

California Election Discloser Act Clears Assembly with Bipartisan Support.

LGBT groups raise funds to buy anti-gay Harlem church facing foreclosure

Kerry's trip to Canada at the end of last week put his miles at 999,926

Hi Iowa group; you are invited to check in under the "official" thread if you are caucusing today

US military commander in Iraq and Syria rejects GOP pledges to 'carpet-bomb' Isis

TYT: A Weed Wedding Could Save You Thousands

LePage stumps for Chris Christie in Iowa

Tonight in Iowa Republican Caucuses it's Con$ervatives against Conserva†ives #cybilwar nt

NYT Editorial: Bernie Sanders and the Youth Vote

Push to legalize recreational pot use in Maine takes step forward

"Dr Chaps" claims Trump is "demonic!"

Here's Why Winning Iowa Could Break The Election Wide Open For Bernie Sanders

Ben Carson on the attack, slamming Trump...

Yahoo to cut 15 percent jobs, close several units: WSJ

More "end of the world" crap from Michelle Bachmann...

Caucus locations still being changed (re: Iowa)

New Hampshire 2016 UMass Lowell/7News Poll Sanders 61, Clinton 30 (Sanders +31)

Trump just called for people to "beat the crap out of" anyone disrupting his rally.

Deadly California weather leaves 150,000 without power

Barack Obama was the right person for the job in '08 & '12 just as Bernie is the right person now

TYT: PHONY Christian Ted Cruz Doesn’t Follow Important Biblical Rule

The Plan

Oil Price Crash: Saudis Told To Embrace Austerity As Debt Defaults Loom

Ammon Bundy To Request Release From Another Judge

God, this "Head (Clinton) vs. "Heart" (Bernie) reveals how screwed up we are

Legal battle over statues continues after judge sides with City of New Orleans

U.S. Vulnerable To Global Slowdown, Volatility: Fed's Fischer

Updated weather Forecast-Des Moine, Waterloo

NAACP requests removal of state flag from Harrison County property (MS)

Rumor has it that Michael Whouley was sighted in Iowa.

Manufacturing Sector Contracts For 4th Straight Month

Indicted Texas Attorney General Denied OK to Use Donors

Gun threats made after Confederate flag incident at Westport High School (FL)

Oregon occupiers were charged under law originally aimed at Civil War secessionists

Sam Seder: Has Trump Done Permanent Emotional Damage to Jeb Bush? (Yes.)

Feb 1 IA Caucus Day--The Force is with Hillary and her Team-pics and tweets...

Among Democratic primary voters, Hillary Clinton has an 8-point lead over Senator Bernie Sanders, 51

Sandra Bland Lawyers Press Court for Investigation Files

What Is The Future Of The State Song 'Maryland, My Maryland?'

Sam Seder: Ted Cruz's Whiny Baby Complaining

Feeling antsy? Rise Up Rise Up Show Your Power. Tune from '84 will have you smiling & on your feet

Kansas Students Create Petition To Ban Confederate Flag On Campus

Climate Denialism, Climate Fatalism and Porter Ranch

German-Russian ties feel Cold War-style chill over rape case

Prosecutors: Islamic State Inspired N. Carolina Man's Plan

Sam Seder: Trump is Like a Phantom Limb for Jeb Bush at This Point

The “Bernie Will Never Be President” threads are funny

Why is asparagus so expensive? nt

What's for Dinner, Mon., Febr. 1, 2016

David Gilmour in Chicago 04/08/2016 - Two tickets!!!

7 Common Myths About People on Welfare

I am rooting for Cruz

I Am So Proud Of My Candidate, Bernie Sanders Today And of His AMAZING SUPPORTERS!

House Leader: Criminal Justice Revamp Doable, but Could Wait

Navajo Water Supply is ‘More Horrific than Flint,’ But No One Cares Because they’re Native American

The Muslim Primary Vote

France Calls on US to Lift Economic Embargo on Cuba

Robby Mook Returns to Field Organizing for Final Iowa Push

How long before Republicans blame Obama for the Zika virus?

Why is Andrea Mitchell predicting an Iowa Democratic legal challenge?

What are you watching tonight - X-Files or Iowa results?

Maizie and Dahli playing in the snow

Al Franken was just on WCCO AM 830 live,

Now, CNN Bernie fans; Bernie to crowd, "If voter turnout is high tonight, we will win!"

British Columbia reaches agreement to protect vast coastal rainforest

Only the beginning... of what I want to feel forever!

'O’Malley campaign took out loan...and has paid off the $500,000 loan.'

Guatemalan soldiers to answer civil war sexual slavery charges in historic trial

Anti-GMO research may be based on manipulated data

Mystery Entity Offers to Pay People to Attend Jeb Bush Rally in Iowa



Indiana man gets 27 months in international spam case

Oregon town tense amid dueling protests over armed takeover of wildlife refuge

#CaucusForBernie - You May Say I'm A Dreamer . . . But I'm Not The Only One

Utahnians? Utahns? umm Utah Healthcare

Donald Trump is not a nice person.......

British Columbia reaches agreement to protect vast coastal rainforest

Hey Pres. Assad, the children of Syria are washing dead on beaches. Any comments?

Yeah...NO or little SNOW tonight for Iowa Caucuses, at least in Des Moines

Prediction Markets: Donald Trump’s Nomination Chances Better Than 50 Percent

Good Luck to Bernie and Supporters.

Ajax to stay with his retired handler.

House Republicans to push Puerto Rico bill by end of March

Four-legged fur balls take to the field in Kitten Bowl III

Nevada's Republicans just ruined roof-top solar energy

2-1-16 Sitting for Change in 2:00

Israeli cabinet minister attacks marriage of Hillary Clinton’s daughter

2-1-16 Sitting for Change in 2:00

In Oregon, angry protests about the killing of a wildlife refuge occupier

Electable (toon)

Bernie Sanders: We Win If Caucus Turnout Is High

Bernie Sanders said he was physically nauseated by JFK's speech on Cuba.

2-1-16 Sitting for Change in 2:00

North Dakota governor orders cuts amid $1B budget shortfall

2-1-16 Sitting for Change in 2:00

This Opportunity Comes Once in a Lifetime, Yo!

A poll just for fun.

Holding my breath

Donald Trump tells Iowa supporters to physically assault protesters

"Dear America: A Canadian on Bernie Sanders"


OK, this is a for fun poll for Iowa.

Robert Reich: "I've known Hillary since she was 19.....and I endorse Bernie Sanders for President"

Why This Millenial is Supporting Hillary Clinton (and not Bernie)

Sanders dominating Facebook

Kid Rock: 'I'm digging Trump'

Trump To Crowd: 'Knock The Crap Out Of' Tomato Throwers, I'll Cover Legal Fees

Is The Sanders Campaign Prepping A “Blame Iowa” Strategy In Case Of A Loss?

Estimated Iowa result reporting from 538...

I'm leaving soon for my caucus!

I can no longer take the meds for my shingles pain...

One Hillary SuperPac Billionaire Donor Exceeds the Total Donations for entire city of Boulder, CO

Trump just urged his followers to "knock the crap out of" protesters & he will pay the legal fees

Making FB rounds: "Bernie 2016 - Free Shit! Why Get A Job

All of this silliness for +1 or +2 delegates

Automobiles: The Entire Morgan Lineup Goes Hybrid And Electric From 2019 On

Haha... yup

Mr. Fish Toon: HRC Wishing

Bernie hated on Obama and JFK

The Republican Healthcare Plan: Try To Not Die

Another survey for fun from someone else

A good link to follow tonight in Iowa?

Nashville election chairman calls TV reporter 'b----,' quits

Hillary Never Saw This Coming & It's Going to Get Worse

Final Poll Gives Edge to Sanders, But Has Bernie Already Won Iowa?

Iowa, what a joke.

Blizzard Bearing Down on Iowa, Great Plains, but Won't Hit Until After Caucuses

Bernie Sanders Vows to Crack Down on Greedy Corporate Tax Dodgers

This Is Old News To Us on DU, But For Everybody Else...Every Time Sarah Palin Opens Her Mouth...

CMP, Emera proposal would double Maine wind power

50MW wind turbines with 650ft blades

TruthDigg: Want Endless War? Then Clinton is your choice

Student at College of William and Mary Has Contracted the Zika Virus

2nd Fun Poll from someone else.

The War On Bernie Sanders

DANGER: ALEC and the Far Right are Seven States Away From Federal Constitutional Convention

Except Trump...

Ya Got Trouble, GOP: The State of Campaigns Going Into the Iowa Caucuses

Someone explain to me

Proof I am the son of God

The Dutch Are Training Eagles to Take Down Rogue Drones

Who Will Win Iowa, and Why It Doesn’t Matter

Chicago Records 51 Homicides In January, Highest Toll Since 2000

Broncos’ bus in minor crash

What Donald Trump’s Short Fingers Mean for His Presidency

Signatures stream into Augusta on 2016 referendum deadline day

Hey Corporate Media: Bernie Sanders is the PRAGMATIC & LOGICAL Democratic Pick

On the eve of the primaries - before the results come in - let's enjoy this picture

Hillary Tells Another Sniper-Fire Level Tall Tale About An IOWA VOTER, YESTERDAY!

I can't wait for this Game of Clowns to be over with

Plumbers union members from across the country install water filters in Flint

Wait what how did I miss this?

Puerto Rico Power Authority’s Debt Is Rooted in Free Electricity

Guardian Angels Return To Patrolling NYC Subways After Series Of Slashings

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Is it spring yet? I heard the crocuses are coming out....

Need suggestions from the grill masters out there! Chicken thighs

Has anybody ever added up the cost of all Bernie's tax increases PUT TOGETHER?

Bernie Says Caucus!!

Navajo Water Supply is ‘More Horrific than Flint,’ But No One Cares Because they’re Native American

Bette Midler Has Theory As To Why People Ignore Ted Cruz Is Canadian

Oleocanthol from Extra Virgin Olive Oil kills cancer cells in 30 minutes to an hour

About what time wiil the final results get in?

Why the U.S. East Coast could be a major ‘hotspot’ for rising seas

300 Union Plumbers Spent The Weekend Installing Water Filters For Flint Residents For Free

Ed Schultz' new RT America Show *Interview w BERNIE Tonite 8PM ET

Des Moines Register Results Site

If Bernie wins, he won't wear a tux to the inaugural ball because it's a symbol of "class privilege"

US ‘make rape legal’ group plans worldwide anti-woman event in 43 countries

The snow IS NOT going to hit before the caucus NEXT STOP IOWA FOR ME

Bernie Sanders’ wife visits Davenport hospice patient

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Put Spies’ Lives at Risk

Astrological predictions for tonight????

War crimes should not be part of any Syria amnesty: UN Human Rights chief

Nate Silver went 9-1 with playoff picks

Macri purges Argentina's Public Radio; new director "reviews Twitter pages."

Macri purges Argentina's Public Radio; new director "reviews Twitter pages."

Mike Malloy - Frankentrump

Politically, what is an evangelical?

Supreme Court Rejects GOP Request To Delay New District Map (Virginia)

The time is 5:30 CST

If Bernie Wins Iowa

Mitch Albom basically says: Sue for financial compensation for rape? Then you are a liar

The "HRC has Iowa won" threads are meant to discourage turnout...ignore them.

5 restaurant workers died in fire of boss-owned home

Christ Mattthews just described Bernie as "a Tony Bennett figure' to young progressives.

1 hour to go. Pick em

Lawmaker withdraws pro-Confederacy bills after KKK remarks

Judge Sets Hearing Date in Hillary Clinton E-mail Case

Police: Officer fatally shoots man in northeast Washington

Hillary Clinton: Deport Children Fleeing Violence in Central America

Leader of Marine helicopter squadron fired days before crash

Adele says Trump must stop using her music

Deputy says he'd shoot unarmed man again given circumstances

Congresswoman fighting "swatting" calls gets targeted by 1

Duke Out of the Top 25 for the first time since 2007-2008