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New Jersey Teen Accused of 'Bullying' for Anti-Israel Tweets

Sexism and Misogyny exist. FACT.

Congressional Democrats Confront White House Officials Over Raids Aimed At Immigrants

CNN/ORC Poll: 67% of Americans back new Obama executive action on guns:

Judge says monkey cannot own copyright to famous selfies

CNN Town Hall "Guns In America" with President Obama starts at 8PM. Discussion starts now.

Is this another Florida Story? Woman causes accident that kills two people. No charges will be filed

Arizonans fight at occupied Oregon building

German politicians are both more and less religious than British ones

What a World Champion Whistler Sounds Like

Cali..Man Opens indiscriminately opens fire on Apt. Building..

China suspends circuit breaker

Video of Israeli Jews and Arabs Kissing Disappears From Facebook

Donald Trump will never have to spend one dime

Ammon Bundy Rejects Sheriff's Offer To End Oregon Standoff

Have you ever had recurring dreams?

Endorsement Calculus

The NRA Might Not Hold As Much Sway Over Elections As You Think

Don't forget about the Town Hall tonite with our President on CNN.

Left-wing Israeli says he helps kill Palestinians who sell land to Jews

This female pilot was denied equal pay during WWII. Now Arlington Cemetery bars her remains.

Apparently Clintons remarks did not win over any Sanders supporters last night....

Catholic service to be held in King Henry VIII's chapel for first time in 500 years

Bernie Sanders Blasts Deportation Raids in Impassioned Letter to Obama

An insightful (The) New Yorker essay on George Lucas

Environmental Damage Is Bad Enough To Create A New Geologic Period

Wow. Just wow. Taylor SWIFT piano ballad version of Out of the Woods

NY state senator Bill Perkins of 30th district endorses Bernie

Maine Gov. LePew (R-Obviously): Out-of-State Drug Dealers Often 'Impregnate a Young White Girl'

Tears of Sadness, Tears of Joy - Luckovich

Unprecedented sex harassment in Helsinki at New Year: police

WATCH LIVE: Trump holds sold-out rally in Vermont

Why Conservatives Praise Bernie Sanders on Immigration

At Sanders Rally, Voters Need Little Convincing (Des Moines Register)

DeSmogBlog: Is Obama's Climate Change Policy "Schizophrenic?"--Pipeline Construction Expedited! TRNN

Scientists say humans have now brought on an entirely new geologic epoch

This Influential Senator Supports Bernie Sanders' Wall Street Reform Plan

Police Warn Of Armed Protesters Ahead Of President Obama's Town Hall Meeting

Bernie: “I’m not in favor of privately run charter schools."

Martin O'Malley Remarks at First in the West Caucus Dinner

Did Trump just say Douglas MacArthur was sacked because he used foul language ?

John Fugelsang: people mocking #stopgunviolence

Isn't Maine a Purple to Blue state?

Mr. Fish Toon: As long as they have each other...

Trump just got interrupted by a bunch of people shouting Bernie....

Toon: Because it's Obama's Plan!

'For all those excited about GOTC (and by excited I also mean terrified and nauseated) just watch

Disturbing Trends in Israel

Why is GEM$NBComcast giving Trump all this free coverage

Trump = empty suit

Who wants to come over and help?

Trump just kicked someone out of this madness and told his goons to keep his coat

Pet Peeves; Kitties in High School and other antics! Funny 1:30 vid

Hypothetical: what if an angry white male heckled at Hillary at one of her rallies?

Leon Panetta endorses Clinton for President

Colorado lawmaker jokes about oiling assault rifle with "Obama's tears"

To the 1 percent pouring millions into charter schools: How about improving the schools that the vas

‘Pissed as hell’ rancher blows up at Bundy militants:‘I’m not going let some other people be my face

RHODE Island Teachers Assoc asks FBI for help in pension scandal.

The Rise of Superhero Therapy: Comic Books as Psychological Treatment

Hillary's Chief Financial Officer: Gary Gensler, "Scourge of the Big Banks"

Obama's rocking it tonight

"I was a solid Bernie voter, but now I'm not so sure,"

Wildlife officials want to relist manatees as 'threatened'

Listening to Bernie with DFA right now

Obama doing a masterful job of holding the gun discussion on CNN. For once we see leadership

Global stock index has lost $2 TRILLION this year

According to DFA 10,000 members signed up to listen to call at 8:30pm ET.

The Battle to Save New Mexico's Last Wild River

Planned Parenthood will make unprecedented primary endorsement of Hillary Clinton

Cat requires cuddling--ASAP! (And that's an order!)

Nuclear weapons risk greater than in cold war, says ex-Pentagon chief

Farming Frogs Can Save Them From Extinction

Here is a cat that learned to sign what it wants, because its owner is deaf!

Cat learned to sign to deaf owner to get what it wants:

Well knock me over with a feather....

This was the first time I've listened to trump ever. I'm so appalled I don't know what to say.

What Hillary Supporters Know but Are Having Difficulty Accepting...

Is California headed for a Dem vs Dem Senate race in November?

Voter Suppression – Ginsburg

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Passin’ the Plate! & a new Kitteh gif

Anderson Cooper is a turd.

Hillary Clinton reaches out to SoCal Asian, Pacific Islander communities

Beyond Clinton & Sanders: The Task of the Democratic Party

Thomas L. Friedman comes out for single payer.

Sanders to Discuss Family Leave Policies in Iowa

Paul LePage Makes Racist Claim About Drug Dealers Named D-Money Getting White Girls Pregnant

Fuck Bundy. Choctaw Removal Was Really a “Trail of Tears” It was Never YOUR Land.

Melissa Harris-Perry has a great point about Oprah’s new weight loss ad.

On guns, Sanders has an authenticity problem

Husband/Wife Dispute: Weigh In

Officer shown in video punching Millard South student cleared by internal investigation, will return

Sanders drowned out at speech with campaign’s own noisemakers

Am going to be testing ASCII for myself, pls bear with me (OR suggest!1)

I want to declare plans for a liberal takeover of Alabama.

Missing U.S. Hellfire missile located in Cuba

Officials ready to drop manatee from U.S. endangered species list

Obama says won't campaign for any Democrat who doesn't back gun reforms

2 Iraqi refugees arrested in U.S. terror sweep

Markos Moulitsas: Where Trump is weak

"Hate American Sniper Even More"

Hillary opening another Field Office in Elko NV...

Gov of Michigan

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Has A Primary Challenge

O’Malley Misses Ohio Write-In Deadline


This map shows the brewing proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia

Lawrence just referred to "Blue Tarp Man"

Hunting of the President Comments by Bill Clinton

‘Pissed as hell’ rancher blows up at Bundy militants: ‘I’m not going let some other people be my fac

Only 24 days to go before the Iowa Caucus

To all the great uncles out there!

Official Member Of Trump Campaign Joins Oregon Militia

Treason - I had never heard of this case

First Parade Of the Mardis Gras Season Marched Last Night! Joan Of Arc Krewe

NH: Last-month push for Hillary. Al Franken cracks 'em up. Bill Clinton, Wambach, Dunham.

Twills will Tweet

Will Planned PArenthood stand with Bernie when he gets the nomination?

Thanks, Obama, For Confirming That It's Totally Fine For Powerful Men To Cry

The Revenant. Holy Shit!

3 Ways You Can PROVE 9/11 WTC Conspiracy/Inside Job - New Irrefutable Evidence

Walmart sued in Philly in sale of ammo used in killings

TCM Schedule for Friday, January 8, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: Ex-Cons

Not all drones are bad - Aerial Photography

Bernie Sanders Is Not A Socialist

Ted Cruz "Goes There" with Obama

Another perspective on the Oregon situation

'Decamp immediately': Kate Brown steps up rhetoric on Oregon militants

Of 30 finalists in major French comics fest, not a single one was a woman.

Mein Kampf hits stores in tense Germany

Bill would criminalize taking video of police activity

I think I've come to a career milestone/crossroads ...

TCM Schedule for Saturday, January 9, 2016 -- The Essentials - Joan Leslie

BREAKING: The Bundys are starting to look exceptionally competent

Daredevil Season 2 Teaser/Trailer Released

Another Chinese billionaire goes missing

3 Damn Good Reasons to support Hillary Clinton

Mixed feelings and competing thoughts on Obama's Town Hall on Guns

Obama:'I Won't Campaign' With Candidates Who Don't Support Gun Control

We close tonight with this quote from Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley:

Gov. Brown Proposes $122B California State Budget

AMC Theaters Screening Star Wars: The Force Awakens for Autism & Special Needs Families

Tomorrows Daily News.....

So I"m watching Chris Hayes discussing how Trump also attracts

The crashing stock market could crash Hillary's candidacy.

"I love my mother more than my dad!", says Jeb Bush, in a bizarre moment in New Hampshire.

Man Charged With Threatening to Kill Justin Trudeau Says He’s a Secret Hillary Clinton Agent

Giuliani Says Donald Trump's "Sexism" Attack on Hillary Clinton Is "Politically Brilliant"

Ironworkers support Hillary

50,000 handguns stolen a year, 9,000 murders a year by hand guns....


the NRA showed their ass by not showing up at CNN town hall on guns

TYT: Marco Rubio Ad More Sermon Than Substance

Genesee County Sheriff uses work detail to distribute filters in Flint

No fucking water in Flint, bitch legislature in AZ wants to make illegal to video cops, and douche

TYT: Republicans Question Ted Cruz's Citizenship

Have the people in Flint started evacuating to places with safe drinking water?

If polls showing Bernie beating all Rethugs in the fall DON'T prove to you that Bernie can win-

TYT: Trump Mobs Are Scary Dumb (Video)

Brilliant solution for the Oregon standoff: Blare progressive hardcore music

TYT Interviews Jeb Bush (VIDEO)

O'Malley Unplugged Tour: Jam Session at Carl's in Des Moines

TYT: Texas Zoos Have A Hard Time Keeping Guns Out

Greyhound Driver Stops At Motel To Rest With Bus Full Of Passengers

TYT: State Of Emergency Declared In California

TYT: Father Of Bristol Palin’s Baby Wants Child Support

What goes down...: China Stocks Extend Rebound as State Funds Said to Buy Equities

If You Don't Want To Lose A Pet Get A Tortoise, Parrot or Koi. No More Pets For Me.

Greyhound passengers call cops after driver takes off

People In Vermont Line Up To Heckle And Flip Off Donald Trump

We can all laugh at the Oregon YeeHawdists however...

Flashback: Bill Maher VS Donald Trump

Phone Face.

Keystone XL rejection leads TransCanada to sue Obama administration

Ben Taylor - Worlds Are Made of Paper at Carly Simon's House

Oculus Rift at 6 hundy.

I was invited to serve on a jury on a post on this thread:

South Korea Blasts K-Pop at North Over Nuclear Test

Trump holds a raucous rally in Sanders country (Burlington, VT)

"The Hateful 8" is gr8t!

Man accused of threatening to kill David Miscavige, Church of Scientology members

Daily Holidays - January 8

The beautiful dilemma of our separateness | Sally Taylor | TEDxNashville

Yes, Cletus, there is a Santa Claus - NOT

Official Vanilla ISIS Haiku thread

Applies here too. Non-Sequitur

A Massive List of Hillary Clinton presidential campaign endorsements, 2016

Ted Cruz pours sand from canister into bowl to represent portions of strawberries consumed by crew

Fresh off State of the Union, Obama will head to Omaha

President Obama hosts town hall on guns in Virginia

Are you planning on making it to tomorrow?

Watching the Anderson Cooper fiasco, I was wondering again about this: Why do we need conspiracies?

Livingstone questions NATO membership

Germany says 18 asylum seekers involved in Cologne violence (of 31 currently ID'd)

Morning Joe: Leads with Trump not President Obama's townhall

Asian voters travel miles to hear Hillary Clinton's pitch

Billionaire GOP donor realizes he's pissed away $10 million on "Jeb!"

"Our Police Force Should Not Look Like An Invading Army."

"We can do better"

Christmas Comes A Week Early For Bernie Sanders

By 'Eck Black Pudding is a superfood

Is every child fathered abroad by US servicemen, eligible to be president?

Asian voters travel miles to hear Hillary Clinton's pitch

By golly! Another one of those awful, uncouth american customs.

Just What Is The NRA's Hold Over Members Of Congress?....

The headlines about the orange haired cretin's VT visit are PRICELESS

Y'all Queda member Pee Pants: "(it's) like finding out there is no such thing as Santa."

PredictWise - 2016 President - Democratic Nomination - Hillary 88% - Bernie 11%

Gun zealots deserve our pity, not our anger

Gun zealots deserve our pity, not our anger

Nature Geoscience - Potential Increase Of 25-50% In Methane Releases From Boreal Lakes By 2100

Answer this riddle!

About those water filters being distributed in Flint (band-aid alert)

Oregon occupation leader rejects sheriff's bid to end standoff

Nov. jobless rates down over the year in 322 of 387 metro areas; payroll jobs up in 294

Ted Cruz is literally insane

The Laquan McDonald Email Dump Shows Rahm Emanuel’s Administration in Crisis Mode

The Democratic Party in the South Has Changed for Good

OK, I'm gonna win the Powerball Billion

Sanders Fans Plot Sabotage of Trump Event

 This Supreme Court Case Could Make All Public Unions ‘Right to Work’

Get voters to the polls with the Bernie taxi app

Bernie Sanders Makes Swing Through Iowa to Remind Supporters to Vote

Keiser Report: Moths to Economic Flames

Why was Gov. Dean hanging out at Bernie headquarters?

What would Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush say about immigration and securing the Mexican border

It's been almost a week. Bundyites are free to come and go. They have electricity, running water,

Payroll employment rises by 292,000 in December; unemployment rate unchanged at 5.0%

“The Sky is Falling” on California Manufacturing, Worst since February 2009

Breaking - 292,000 jobs added! Unemployment holds at 5%! All this indicates a strong U.S. Economy!

Trump Goes Bonkers and Demands Bernie Sanders Protesters' Coats Confiscated at Rally

Bernie Sanders Takes on Donald Trump Online

Saudi Arabia Is the George W. Bush of the Middle East

Oh for fucks sake!

Hillary Clinton Is Not Telling The Truth About Wall Street And it's damaging her campaign.

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - America, we have problems

Friday TOON Roundup 2- The Party that is part of the problem

Trouble in Oregon as one member of Y'all Qaeda went AWOL and allegedly drank away their donations

Friday TOON Roundup 3 -White ISIS

Friday TOON Roundup 4 - Boom

Where are the arrest-warrants for the Oregon militants?

Friday TOON Roundup 5 - The Rest

Hundreds protest Trump rally on Bernie Sanders' Vermont turf: Donald Trump in the news

Beginning Today, "They Are Coming For Your ...."

Here's what the President said about guns:

Obama SLAMS Anderson Cooper on conspiracies at CNN's gun town hall

god's messengers

Kosher Pot Coming to New York State

Rail Shipments Plummet to Recessionary Levels

Trump's campaign can't get their story right

Color-Coded Armed Terrorist Response Protocols

Alabama Chief Justice continues the gay marriage fight

tears of sadness vs. tears of joy

I am unable to scroll or otherwise click past page one of "My Posts." Please explain or help.

Can you imagine the discussion on media by hacks and leading ReTHUGs if Barack Obama behaved

40 Million Bad*ss Birders Just Declared War On Oregon Terrorists

Trooper in Sandra Bland traffic stop indicted, fired

Are jurors identifiable?

It's been a while since my last Host/Group Appreciation Thread.

Trump Campaigning In Vermont Makes A Statement Loud and Clear...

Hillary Clinton is going to win

VT Republicans took out a full page ad in the Burlington Free Press trolling Trump

LCD Soundsystem is back!

Lawyer alleges 231 children abused at German Catholic choir

Portland Now Generates Electricity From Turbines Installed In City Water Pipes

Openings and Construction Starts Planned for 2016

Debating Clinton

Florida Man Who Sexually Exploited Middle Schoolers Sentenced to 27 Years in Prison

Does Mudflap pee the bed or is it the roadkill on his head?

What to do when you're not the hero any more

"I'd like to say that Donald Trump is the most outrageous and unqualified person ever to run for

Oh my God,how did I miss Bootgate !

Catholic Church Takes Loss in Loan Settlement With Burlington College.

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 1-7-16 Tim Canova (FL-23)

The gloves are officially off now.

Chris Hedges and Allan Nairn: America's Death Squads

FYI, the real unemployment rate seldom is

"'Up to here, Captain,' they'd say when they saluted." . . . Please come CAPTION Allen West!!

Professor Richard Wolff: Debunking the Magnitude of Markets: A Holiday Story

Military vows Maduro support in deepening Venezuela crisis

Phoenix bus drivers strike, idling most of city's buses

Do you stand with Mayor de Blasio on Parental Leave?

Phoenix bus drivers strike, idling most of city's buses

Hillary Clinton Returns to Iowa for Brown & Black Forum

Phoenix bus drivers strike, idling most of city's buses

The Case for Martin O'Malley - The 'Third' Candidate in This Race

This guy wins the internet!

Debating Clinton

In Age of Extreme Weather, Industrial Farming Threatens Us All

VOTE NOW! This Is Very Important!

NASA's CORAL Campaign Will Raise Reef Studies to a New Level

@SenGillibrand Clinton will be a champion for women & families, incl ensuring up to 12weks #paidleav

"He is the most insincere human I have ever met, flat-out" DSA Style Endorsement Poll.

Hydro dam boom threatens a third of the world's freshwater fish

Wow, watching the news

The armed Oregon occupiers would be raided if they weren’t white — same goes if they were leftists

Gillibrand: Clinton will be a champion for women & families, incl ensuring up to 12wks #paidleave

Man with Greatest Name EVER Born on this day:

Which Not-good-enough-Bernie meme have you seen today?

Hillary Clinton Is Not Telling The Truth About Wall Street

What if instead of a gun-owner-registry, there were a national gun-registry?

What 80 Tons of Methane Can Do to LA?

Politics Done Right on KPFT - We must get real about guns, safety, open carry, and privilege (VIDEO)

Jim Hightower: Demanding tax “reform,” CEOs of profiteering multinationals are fooling noone

A Study Points to the Importance of Seeking New Pine Varieties Resistant to Climate Change

Do you think that some cultures are better than other cutlures?

A Photo Of The Repuke's Alternative To Obamacare.

Humans Adding Less Nitrogen to Oceans Than Models Predict

Human Activities Trigger Hypoxia in Freshwaters Around the Globe

Tails cut off colt and miniature horse at North Bend rescue facility (defenseless against flies)

Fast Forward- a new year and another crash at the 11foot8 bridge

Whole Lotta Shaken Goin' on

M’sian left destitute in Canada for being gay, an atheist

Greenland Ice Sheet During the 20th Century - a Missing Link in IPCC's Climate Report

Ben & Jerry's co-founder gives an amazing interview - revealing a potential Bernie- inspired flavor

The One Thing That Can Break Down Religious Barriers For Good

A make-or-break moment for Supreme Court appointments - editorial by Hillary Clinton

Bundys 'feel above the law'

Martin O'Malley commits to appointing an LGBT member of cabinet

CNN screwed the pooch again.

Do you stand with the people standing for standing for good things?

Breaking: NBC announces 5% threshhold for SC debate

Why some folks are Republicans?

Optimum band gap for hybrid silicon/perovskite tandem solar cell

Bird photo booth

Champion Baja 1000 Racer Saves Flooded Cars in San Diego

Campbell says it supports federal standard for GMO labeling

The Quick Brown Fox

"...Raise your kids not to play with fake guns stupid bitch..."

She Botched the Zimmerman Trial, but Will Angela Corey Get Re-Elected in Fla.?

Guys Named ‘D-Money’ and ‘Shifty’ Are Bringing Heroin Into Maine and Impregnating White Girls?

White House: Obama Can't Pardon 'Making A Murderer' Convicts

Low Voter Turnout Will Hand 2016 Election To The GOP

There's a hole in the bottom of the sea

The $43 Million Dollar Compressed Natural Gas Station that you helped to build

O'Malley's numbers could push him out of the next debate, but the DNC says it expects him on stage

Calls For Arrest Of Gov. Rick Snyder Over Flint Lead Poisoning

Is O'Malley being punished for THIS?

Ted Cruz’s Faith Is Under Fire. Here’s The Story Behind His Religious Beliefs.


How to See a Mass Extinction If It's Right in Front of You

The truth about the stock market - that you probably already know.

Shock, Laughter Greet Plan for Saudi Arabia's Record Oil IPO

From Whitewater to Benghazi: A Clinton Scandal Primer

Russian TV Drama on with English subtitles Great WWII Detective Series Women take lead role

Catholic care home sued for refusing euthanasia

I stand by MOM in his right to be on the debate stage and ask all Clinton supporters to stand by me

Damn, this is so obvious AND clever

GREAT pics from Vermont last night! Burlington loves their former Mayor! Trump? Not so much.

Have you ever noticed.......

Ethiopian forces 'kill 140 Oromo protesters'

Justin Bieber Asked To Leave Historical Site After Pulling Pants Down And ‘Trying To Climb A Ruin’

Bill Clinton Nashua NH FULL Speech. Bill Clinton Campaigns For Hillary

Feds arrest 2 Middle East refugees on terror-related charges

Flint Michigan needs help now

Wal-Mart Sued Over Sale of Bullets Used in Pennsylvania Murders

Martin O'Malley narrowly qualifies for fourth debate

A carbon sink that can’t be filled (misleading headline—“productive forests” may release more CO₂)

Why Weren't the “Yeehawdists" Arrested Leaving the Compound?

Apopka commissioner calls for more diversity at city-funded festival

A Shameful Round-Up of Refugees

It isn't just Flint: Scientists find alarming deterioration in DNA of the urban poor

Breaking: Justin Bieber Endorses Sanders

Friday On My Mind

Alan West WARNS President Obama

Apopka commissioner calls for more diversity at city-funded festival

Here's Gov. Paul LePage's Non-Apology for Comments About Drug Dealers "Impregnating" White Women

No charges against 75-year-old driver in Altamonte Springs double-fatal crash

The Benefit Of Government-Owned Lands

NFL owners still wary of Raiders moving to Los Angeles

Bernie Sanders is big with the kids. And he needs them to vote. [Video]

Harvard Public Health Study: Where There Are More Guns, There Are More Homicides

Paraguay police raid Conmebol HQ near Asuncion

Grayson vows to file lawsuit on Cruz citizenship

Rescue Pit Bulls act as 'surrogate Moms' to newly blind kitties....

Bernie has Town Halls in Waverly IA, Toledo IA, and Cedar Rapids, IA today.

Clinton and Sanders campaigns say O'Malley should be in the debate

Islamic State militant 'executes own mother' in Raqqa

Bernie Sanders Hints Elizabeth Warren as Vice President

Catholic church in Maryland fires cantor after his same-sex marriage

Islamic State militant 'executes own mother' in Raqqa

It's Hillary's assertion that a 250,000 a year income is middle class that makes her

On a bright morning five years ago today

Who's gonna pay for the wall?

A plea to abandon tribalism

Bill would shield Ted Nugent, other hunters' info

Still No Consequences For Oregon Terrorists: How Are They Still There?

Bush: If Trump Wins GOP Nod, Clinton 'Will Beat Him Like a Drum'

Just In: Felon Enraged Over Obama’s Gun Reforms Shoots Up Apartment Building

Donald Trump's slimy rally in Vermont

Don't Try To Lay No Boogie Woogie On The King Of Rock And Roll

Trump ally and Drudge BFF Alex Jones warns of alien lizard people conspiracy

Kentucky Woman Assaults Disabled Man For Not Believing In God

I just received a DVD that is region 2

We have an electability problem

Volkswagen blasted for shielding emissions documents from U.S. probe

Bucket lists

The Earliest Memoir by a Black Inmate Reveals the Long Legacy of Mass Incarceration

Reports of sexual assaults spike at military academies

Reports of sexual assaults spike at military academies

Reports of sexual assaults spike at military academies

U.S. to transfer al Qaeda suspect from Guantanamo to Kuwait

US Air Force Academy Saw Biggest Spike In Sexual Assault Reports Among Three Military Academies

US Air Force Academy Saw Biggest Spike In Sexual Assault Reports Among Three Military Academies

US Air Force Academy Saw Biggest Spike In Sexual Assault Reports Among Three Military Academies

Chicago Police Department To Monitor All Interactions With Public Using New Bullet Cams

More PBR than politics at O'Malley Carl's stop

Methane leak not a catastrophe, says gas company

Did security take the Trump protester's coat?

Oregon Standoff: Burns Gives Armed Occupiers An Earful

Finland extradites Russian computer fraud suspect to U.S.

Israeli police kill suspect in New Year's Day Tel Aviv shooting

Could We Have The First Named Atlantic Tropical System Of 2016 In January? Jeebus

Meet Professor Tim Canova who just announced run against DWS in Florida. Video.

I support Martin O'Malley (rant).. I supported his thinking about running

By Hillary Clinton - A make-or-break moment for Supreme Court appointments

Hillary Clinton Is Not Telling The Truth About Wall Street

#OregonStandoff "militia" meets Harney Co. Sheriff Ward, refuses invitation to peacefully leave OR

So this guy has to be on the Republican short list for VP

Pic Of The Moment: The Vanilla ISIS Crisis: This Week's Headlines

NRA makes up lies about the Brady bill.

Found an interview with Tim Canova, just announced opponent to DWS

O hai, it is the squee

"Those turbines on flatbeads headed down the highway = jobs".. .. MOM

Susan Sarandon, "I don't vote with my vagina."

Jeb Bush’s Welfare Policy Ends Food Stamps, Housing Aid Programs

PETA Delivers Vegan Jerky, Smug Condescension To Oregon Doofbuckets

Nothing to be proud of: The real American exceptionalism is selling the most weapons in the world

Donald Trump is the perfect Republican candidate.

Woody Guthrie's New Year's resolutions, from 1943:

The Trump sign...

Doctors Sound Alarm as State of Emergency Declared over CA Gas Leak: Leave Now

Couple gets engaged at Wal-Mart, arrested for stealing sex toys (NOT Florida)

After Decades, Congress Effectively Lifts Ban On Federally Funded Needle Exchanges

'El Chapo' Has Been Captured, Mexican President Says

Charles Koch is 'disappointed' in 2016 Republicans – but will still give $900m

VW refuses to give U.S. States documents in emissions inquires

These Big Guys Didn’t Like Cats, Until They Were Introduced To These Adorable Kittens!

No matter who you are you will need someone to stand by you. Bernie will stand by you

@_FloridaMan gives fake name to deputy in hopes of not being arrested. Fake name has a DUI.

Duggar Guru And Hobby Lobby BFF Bill Gothard Maybe A Rapist, No Big (trigger warnings)

Duggar Guru And Hobby Lobby BFF Bill Gothard Maybe A Rapist, No Big (trigger warnings)

Duggar Guru And Hobby Lobby BFF Bill Gothard Maybe A Rapist, No Big (trigger warnings)

Obama vetoes legislative bid to dismantle signature health care law

Iris The One Eyed Cat kitty rescue by Charles Cone CROZET, VA

U.S. considers ending program that lures Cuban doctors to defect

U.S. considers ending program that lures Cuban doctors to defect

Shit. Police: Officer shooting suspect claims allegiance to ISIS

Remember the crazy woman who threw coffee on Muslims praying? She's the victim in this!

Sanders: If LBJ followed Clinton ‘we would not have Medicare’

that hurts

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 1-7-16

LIVE: Bernie in Waverly, IA

Texas disclosures on terror suspect premature - sources

Texas disclosures on terror suspect premature - sources

Court Blocks Order Forcing Officer to Testify at Gray Trial

I do not understand why Hillary supporters can not understand that...

Santos’ coalition cracks over planned privatization of Colombia energy giant Isagen

Massachusetts Senate Panel on Legal Pot to Visit Colorado

When the night has come and the land is dark you will need somebody to stand by you. Bernie will

Gun owners grill Obama at town hall, NRA sits it out

Gunmen open fire at Egyptian hotel popular with tourists

Disgusting Racist Cops Get Away With Murdering Tamir Rice

Fierce Feline Named 'Angry Pearl' Goes From Shelter to Viral Stardom

Here’s What Happened When These Unarmed Native American Sisters Defended Their Land from the Feds

Here’s What Happened When These Unarmed Native American Sisters Defended Their Land from the Feds

Here’s What Happened When These Unarmed Native American Sisters Defended Their Land from the Feds

Bernie Asks Why Status Quo Candidate Opposes the Family Act?

Stupidity of this level really should be immediately excruciatingly painful.

Celtics' Brad Stevens to miss game to visit sick ex-Butler C Andrew Smith

President's "Town Hall" at George Mason University

Got the results of my last CAT scan today

Police Officer Shot In Philadelphia

Cologne police chief fired

It's Elvis Presley's, David Bowie's, and Kim Jong-un's Birthday.

The Vampire Tapestry, a novel by Suzy McKee Charnas

Raymond 'Shrimp Boy' Chow convicted of racketeering and murder

The church food pantry has blessed me with 2 tubs of plain yogurt.

Decades After Atrocities During US-Backed Dirty Wars, Nations Take Promising Legal Steps

Decades After Atrocities During US-Backed Dirty Wars, Nations Take Promising Legal Steps

Gun manufacturers depend on gun nuts with double-digit IQs

Rachel Maddow: Water donations run dry in Flint, no action from Governor Snyder

A new genetically modified rice plant that produces virtually no greenhouse gas while it grows ...

Bernie Sanders Sayings

Attorneys: Chicago cops falsified witnesses' accounts, threatened them

Planning for More Surveillance? US Officials Hold 'Shady Meeting' With Tech Firms

Pali Becomes Earliest Central Pacific Tropical Storm on Record

Mexico recaptures drug kingpin 'Chapo' Guzman

Ronald Brownstein on 6 keys to who will win in 2016:

Ex-officer in Md. sentenced to 5 years for pointing gun at man’s head

Cooking Beans at Home, Leaving the Can Behind

Raymond 'Shrimp Boy' Chow convicted of racketeering and murder (xpost from GD)

As Brazil mine spill reaches ocean, its catastrophic extent becomes clear

New York Police Sergeant to Face Internal Charges in Eric Garner Confrontation

Discoveries of an Anti-Gunner: My Conversion to the Other Side

Sheboygan County sheriff defends hiring of convicted killer

Lawyers for U-Va. dean: Jackie lied to Rolling Stone about gang rape, ‘invented’ story

SAC's Cohen Poised for Hedge Fund Return Under Deal With SEC

The British Left’s Hypocritical Embrace of Islamism

Colombian rebels demand remains of guerrilla priest

Obama and Trump endorse Hillary

Donald Trump: ‘I will get rid of gun-free zones on schools’

Kid gloves for homegrown extremists are part of a smart strategy

Finally, a Trump Sandwich

An argument I wish the President had addressed last night

Florida ponders concealed carry gun law as Obama tightens regulations

Archaeologists Discover Wreckage of 33 Ships Lost for 144 Years Along Alaska Coastline

'American Sniper' widow confronts Barack Obama over gun control

Libertarian Flip-Flops on Burka Ban

Seriously, we should all be listening to Joy Division right fricking now

Arizona GOPer Wants To Criminalize Filming Within 20 Feet Of Police

California lawmakers introduce bill that would eliminate 'tampon tax'

Gunman fires on student protesters at South America's oldest college

Two Bundy Memes I just made

My mother-in-law seems to be experiencing rapid short-term memory loss

ACA I'm Covered!

We once had a female Bernie run for President. 1972. Her name was Shirley Chisholm.

Gun Crazy: Discussing "gun culture" in Canada and the U.S. (CBC Ideas)

NRaleighLiberal's two books got here today WOW!

Is it time to boycott MSNBC?

This Calvin and Hobbes / Force Awakens Mashup is amazing!

Retail sector down after holiday same-store sales results, outlook announcements, analyst downgrades

New Black-Hole Paper, Translated: An Interview with Co-Author Andrew Strominger

Well-presented opinion piece: Bernie Sanders’ Views on Women Are Outdated and Sexist

Pastors Explain Why They Need Private Jets

The End of the Monetary Illusion Magnifies Shocks for Markets

Peru Moves to Protect Giant Manta Rays

Did Clinton tell an aide to remove classified markings from a document & email it?

Peru Moves to Protect Giant Manta Rays

Bundy's Oregon Occupation Is Capitalist at Its Core

Move over Oregon: Texas armed standoff ends after 15 years — one year after charges were dropped

In the words of Oscar Wilde

The last time we had a Democratic Socialist as president...

If my health is dependant on my ability to eat kale...

My fellow Michiganders... we have a new young athlete to root for (cute as all get out, too!)

Are We Witnessing the Start of Another Crash?

Direct link to Dept of State FOIA site with HRC email requesting removal of classification markings

Received encouraging information on the Flint water issue, from Senator Gary Peters

Corporate "Personhood" DESTROYED In One Simple Sentence

Where Were the Post-Hebdo Free Speech Crusaders as France Spent the Last Year Crushing Free Speech?

One Of My Absolute Favorite Bernie Quotes.

Did Kim Jong Un Blow Up a Nuclear Weapon For His Birthday?

Is There Any Group Of People Republicans Don’t Fear?

This has got to be the most gawd-awful hype video I have ever seen:

The Secret to Easy to Peel Fresh Hard Boiled Eggs: Steam Them

Honduras to make archeological dig for mythical 'White City'

The cat came back, more than 10 years later

I do think the demonization of Debbie Wasserman Schultz is partly driven by sexism.

White Men With Assault Rifles? Okay. Black Child With Pellet Gun? Dead

Bill Clinton makes the strongest case possible to...

Honduras to make archeological dig for mythical 'White City'

Guatemalan Court Slaps Down Plan to Reduce Minimum Wage

Guatemalan Court Slaps Down Plan to Reduce Minimum Wage

U.S. Stocks Tumble, Cap Worst Five-Day Start to Year Since 1928

Ríos Montt’s trial is the ultimate test for Guatemala’s justice system

Bernie! Bernie! Bernie! chants from crowd ruining Trump's event in Vermont

Thomas Piketty Ran The Numbers On Income Inequality. Here’s What He Found.

anti drowing alert system

I don't get out much, but when I do...

Susan Sarandon, it's an idiotic idea to say, as you do

Donald Trump brought the fight to Bernie Sanders' hometown. The town fought back.

The anatomy of voting, and voting with one's anatomy.

Absolute MORON On Thom Hartmanns Show. Denying Climate Change.

At least 1,340 Clinton emails now known to contain classified material

Obama alleged dognapper faces weapons charge

Cat+Beard = Love

Protests in Flint right now - arrest Snyder!!

There is nothing about Donald Trump or his personality that is even remotely admirable or likable.

Harney County Oregon disinvites the Bundy crew

What's for Dinner, Fri., Jan. 8, 2016

I am sorry.

Only One Candidate Is What Democrat Should Be.

Re: Susan Sarandon's quote.

Episode 42 of Extinction Radio is ready to stream

Have you ever melted a cabinet floor?

Where does Isis keep it's oil?

Marco Rubio Proposes Cuban-American Welfare Crackdown, Opposes Entrance Of 8,000 Cubanos From Costa

Marco Rubio Proposes Cuban-American Welfare Crackdown, Opposes Entrance Of 8,000 Cubanos From Costa

The Bundys & Their "Tail" of Need

Dow closes down triple digits as stocks end one of worst first weeks ever

Leticia Corral, Mexican Astrophysicist, Recognized For Correcting Stephen Hawking’s Theory

Leticia Corral, Mexican Astrophysicist, Recognized For Correcting Stephen Hawking’s Theory

Police: Suspect In Officer's Shooting Claims Allegiance To ISIS

Is it even possible to have a 'superpac" and still be genuinely progressive?

Ahh, the ceaseless wonders of for-profit "health" care

DELICIOUS Scott Tenorman tears UPDATE: Charles Koch whining about his lack of "influence"

Game I'm Gonna' Play with the Men in My Life

Fun video clip: Hillary & Ellen playing "Heads Up"

Robert Balser, Beatles' 'Yellow Submarine' Animation Director, Dead at 88

This is What Happens after PE Firms Get Through with a Retailer

Be smart about this. Clinton's secure to non-secure email was fine

Attention Seattle Bernie supporters. Let's do some fundraising of our own today.

Mom found dead, Dad ODs at Children's Hospital

U.S. Government to Cull Hundreds of Yellowstone Bison This Winter

Bernie Sanders under fire after Obama’s warning shot on guns

Alyssa Milano Rips The 2016 Candidates: 'It's Upsetting That I'm Raising Kids In This Time'

Thank you Bernie Sanders.

Armed Oregon Group Leader Meets With Sheriff, Still Won’t Leave Wildlife Refuge

Rose Bowl P.S.


Powerball is a projected $800 damn million

It's official, Trump is a horse's ass!

Killer laughed after decapitating Army veteran, court is told

Why America Should Switch To A Single Payer/Universal Health Care System.

Paul Ryan signs Health Care Repeal Bill (C-SPAN)

New word from the right-wingers, "gayria!"

Massive Backlash to the Planned Parenthood Endorsement of HC

Ingenious New Non-Lethal Bullet Burns Propellant Inside the Round

Chocolate surprise

So people complained about AL Sharpton 5 day show on MSNBC

David Bowie turns 69 today! And he released his 26th album.

Tears (cartoon)

"That Is Not A Family Value..."

In Insider Trading Settlement, Steven Cohen Will Be Free to Manage Outside Money in 2 Years

British reporter DESTROYS a gun nut's argument on British TV

After latest nuclear test, South Korea blasts north with K-Pop

Looks like the Face Book warriors are at it again

I'd feel EXACTLY the same way about DWS if she was a man.

Hillary made more in 12 speeches to big banks than most of us earn in a lifetime

Johnny Football - Don't you know that you are a Cleveland Brown?

Los Angeles River Banks To Be Raised For El Nino

Happy Birthday, Roy Batty! (Blade Runner)

Breaking New Hampshire Poll - Sanders 50%, Clinton 37%, O'Malley 3%

The Hunt for Secret Nuclear Tests Digs Up Scientific Gold

Texas Governor Abbott wants to have a Constitutional convention...

Essay contest offering rent-free Seattle apartment for a year

Attorneys: Chicago cops falsified witnesses' accounts, threatened them

An interesting article about the misinformed

Dyed purple kitten rescued in South Bay after living as a live chew toy.

Mock Election Predicts Bernie Sanders as Next President

Bernie Sanders is great, but.....

So how would you amend the constitution?

The Symbolism Is Perfect: Jeb is a Junk-Bond Mortgage Backed Security That's Been Rated AAA.