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Danny Devito endorses Bernie!!!

Another great shot of the California kids.

What Idiot(s) Didn't Pick Griffey?

They're coming for our guns... er ah Cars - Luckovich

MR Brief: Obama's Gun Control Plan

Saudi Arabia Vs. Iran...The Rest of the Story

Asshole Governor Rick "The Dictator" Snyder & the bagger legislature strike again.

Woman forcibly removed from hospital lays in parking lot for 18 minutes and later dies

An Atmospheric Catastrophe Is Unfolding Near LA

New York mayor raises minimum wage for city employees to $15 an hour

Sam Seder: Caller (Dug): The Feds Are Going to Kill Us All Soon

Mike Malloy - Trump Thanks Conspiracy Site For ‘Amazing Honor’ Of Being Its Man Of The Year

Decision Time for Iowans

Decision Time for Iowans

It's not that I'm a technophobe

Israeli NGO says Facebook test proves anti-Israel bias

So... is Sanders being treated Like a Member of the Witness Protection Program? TRNN Investigates

I just read a post by EdwardBernays

Y'all Qaeda, Vanilla ISIS are best nicknames for the Oregon militia

I just read a post about Sanders referring to usurious interest rates. So I am wondering why

funny video from today's El Nino storm in L.A.

U.S. Presidential Candidate, Governor Martin O'Malley, to Deliver Keynote Address

If you have Hulu

Advice from a Texan

Get Donald Trump off your internet with this Chrome add-on.

The movie Spotlight.

Bernie should have Jane go out on the stump. She's phenominal!

Joe Biden on 2016 Decision: 'I Regret It Every Day'

Perfect Example of Gish Gallop!!

Business loves Hillary

Mike Malloy - Scalia's Views on Religious Neutrality Reveal He Is Neutral on Sanity

**** LIVE Harney County Meeting *****

Bernie Sanders On Wall Street, College, Social Security | MSNBC (youtube)

Regulators question CO2 plan for $19.3 billion Virginia nuclear unit

How Corrupt Is the American Government? See For Yourself...

Liberals Roar As Elizabeth Warren Vows To Mobilize Democrats To Defeat The NRA

Bernie Sanders at the Battle Born / Battleground Dinner (Bernie2016tv) live now

More about Flint, Michigans water woes and petition from Michael Moore

a little music to get you moving

Man photographing schools shot dead by police near Chicago

Look what's back again on GD

How Could I Say No? dog rescue by Rachel Rentz, GA

How do you tell if the discussion thread has rules?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Duesday, Redux! & a new Kitteh gif

Tam Lin

1-6-16 The Four Freedoms (FDR) in 2:00

1-6-16 The Four Freedoms (FDR) in 2:00

1-6-16 The Four Freedoms (FDR) in 2:00

Remember when Hillary supported NAFTA?

Chinese stocks halted for the day shortly after opening. Down 7% for the CSI300.

Meet the Bundy spokespig who suggested shooting Hillary Clinton in the vagina

TransCanada to file 2 legal challenges to Keystone rejection

Explain to me again how background checks prevent people's abililty to defend one's self.

A few days ago, I saw a thread complaining about movie theaters....

RZA on Hillary Clinton Succeeding Barack Obama: 'That’s a One-Two Punch'

Meteorite older than earth found in outback Australia

New York Public Library Makes 180,000 High-Res Images Available Online

Greeley Planning Commission Denies Planned West Greeley Oil, Gas Wells

Rubio Is Trying to Win Conservatives by Promising to Rig the Game

The Clinton campaigns most recent email plea for $1:

Hillary Clinton to Appear on Lifetime’s ‘The Conversation’ With Amanda de Cadenet

Saudi Arabia funds and exports Islamic extremism: The truth behind the toxic U.S. relationship with

Professor Has Simple Way To Deal With Open Carry Activists


Martin O’Malley Soldiers On With Retail Efforts As Caucus Nears

Hillary Clinton: Gay marriage 'law of the land – including in Alabama'

John Yoo Finally Finds Some Unlimited Executive Power He Doesn't Like

China stock trading halted early after 7% plunge

(Georgia) Democrats call for redistricting reform

Lawrence is going to check on BlueTarpMan

The missing piece from the GOP’s anti-Obama pitch on guns

Unnerved Tel Aviv Parents Keep Their Children Home From School Fearing Gunman on the Loose

Saw Bernie again tonight....

WTF Canada? First Justin Beiber. Then Drake. Now Ted Cruz!!!

Eric Johnson Arrested In Road Rage Shooting of Sara Mutschlechner

We have our FIRST victory! (against frackers)

Well done, Erin McClelland! (PA-12)

"Hiring our Heroes" events: D.C., Ft. Campbell, Cleveland, Ft. Stewart, Austin

Greece's Varoufakis to Launch Pan-European Progressive Movement

Burns Paiute Tribe: Militants need to get off 'our land'

Just saw this in my E-mail inbox

Huge Fire at The Address Downtown Dubai Luxury Hotel timelapse

TB Bucs have fired Lovie Smith

Chris Christie’s quest for vision

"Judge" Roy Moore's real reason for today's stunt...

Sounds like Nevada is going for the Bern.

“The [Green] Line is long gone”: Gilo to be expanded, creating annexable bloc that includes Cremisan

The South is Ready To Save Hillary Clinton

John McCain: “I Don’t Know” If Cruz Is Eligible For Presidency With Canadian Birth

Native American Tribe Says Oregon Armed Occupiers Are Desecrating Sacred Land

Alright Republicans...STOP Questioning Ted Cruz's Eligibility To Be President!

Anyone liking "The Expanse"

Will Pastafarians be joining other religions in offering sanctuary for immigrants?

Mexicans are....

I just won Powerball! I got one of the numbers right!

Maduro names young hard liner to run Venezuela's ailing economy

we have another birther... McCain: Cruz's presidential eligibility a 'legitimate question'

Big whoops at Alabama Walmart...

Northern Mexico prosecutors detain alleged serial killer

Nevada Democratic Party live stream

New Yorker Article on Police Interrogations.

There's a long history of presidents acting when Congress fails to respond to a crisis...

Killings of human rights defenders rise, LatAm fares worst - report

Macaque monkey doesn’t own copyright to selfies, San Francisco judge rules

Eligibility under the Natural Born Citizen Clause is NOT a Legal Question, it is POLITICAL!

El Salvador will cooperate in arrest of 17 former soldiers accused of killing priests

Bernie Hanging Out With Larry Wilmore

El Salvador will cooperate in arrest of 17 former soldiers accused of killing priests

Harney County Sheriff: Who Wants The Bundys To Go?

Hi. I have a question. A minor technical one, but about something I've noticed.

Honduran brothers to plead guilty in massive cocaine ring

The only thing we have to fear, is Fear Itself

Liberals Roar As Elizabeth Warren Vows To Mobilize Democrats To Defeat The NRA

Ammon Bundy owns house in Emmett ID

Looks like a new Quinnipiac Iowa poll will be released next week

Oregon tribe: Armed group ‘desecrating’ its land

Hondurans Celebrate Delayed Sentencing of Local Journalist

Ex-prosecutor of 'King of Coal' to run for West Virginia governor

Trump says South Korea pays 'peanuts' for U.S. troop presence

(Updated 1/6/16) Latest Democratic nomination poll results - courtesy of

Looks like the MSM, in the face of becoming politically expendable, has canceled The Big Ignore

GM unveils Bolt electric car in Vegas

US professor who said Christians and Muslims worship same god condemns moves to fire her

Exclusive: Lawyers Went to Rahm Emanuel, Then Quashed the Laquan McDonald Video

New charges allege Christian leader, who has ties to the Duggars, sexually abused women

New RNC Ad Aims to Showcase Diversity in GOP

Trump to scrap US$1billion in UK investments if he’s barred from Britain

'Donald Trump rhetoric is too high and out of control.

Judge Helps Ensure That The More Ignorant Law Enforcement Officers Are, The More They'll Be Able To

Will the Obama Admin continue to bull$hit us claiming that "China is not a currency manipulator"?

Look at that, Overtime Politics caught just making shit up in their "polls"

Orfordness lighthouse 'perilously' close to falling into sea

Ex-police chief of NY town sentenced in case that led to child porn sweep

Amazon customer finds 10-inch 'Hulk' dildo in shopping basket after complaining about service

No jail time for deputy in San Francisco hospital assault

by Robert Reich

TCM Schedule for Thursday, January 7, 2015 -- TCM Spotlight: William Cameron Menzies

US rejects likening Israel’s NGO law to lobbying registry

Pizza, paranoia and ‘psychological warfare’: A night inside the Oregon standoff

Death threats from ranchers reported years before standoff

This movement wants guys to take a stand when women face verbal harassment.

As Wars Around the World Rage, Both Republicans and Democrats Speak of Muscle, Power, and Violence

Texas native known as 'La Barbie' pleads guilty in Mexico cocaine conspiracy

Texas native known as 'La Barbie' pleads guilty in Mexico cocaine conspiracy

For Hillary Clinton, Old News Or New Troubles?

Deutsche Telekom under scrutiny over working conditions at U.S. arm T-Mobile

Bernie Sanders Mocks GOP Favorite: ‘I Don’T Have To Spend Money To Make Donald Trump Look Dumb’

No Winners in $524 Million Powerball Jackpot

Warren praises Sanders' Wall St. speech

Bernie Sanders heckled at UMass but did not miss a beat as he 'educated' the heckler

Why Bernie Sanders Deserves More Attention Than Hillary Clinton

Plug-in, lighted Bernie Sign for lawn or window.

Daily Holidays - January 7

Germany's Superhighway for Bikes Offers Hope for 'Transformative' Transportation

Jesus: The first cherry-picker

Sanders accepts invite from Pleasantville students

Think Free-Trade Deals Can Raise Labor Standards? This Case Suggests Otherwise

Obama's Fateful Syrian Choice

Washington Governor Takes Action on Guns After Obama Move

Exclusive: Lawyers Went to Rahm Emanuel, Then Quashed the Laquan McDonald Video

A Message From the Queen!

Mitsubishi to close U.S. auto plant after failing to find buyer

Lessons We Can Learn from the Electoral Setback in Venezuela

Gov. Brown's 92 convention speech...

Progressives Are Calling On Debbie Wasserman Schultz To Step Down From DNC Chair

Tribe Member: 'We Would Have Been Dead By Now' If We Acted Like Oregon Militants

South Korea seeks U.S. strategic weapons after North's nuclear test

Paris attacks occurred right before the European Left was probably ready to declare decoupling from

Bernie Sanders' Social Security Plan Gets A Huge Boost

What's up with Italian Wedding Soup?

Uber's worst nightmare...

Trump's dangerous game in VT: issues 20,000 tix for 1400 seat venue. Police not happy

Here's a hypothetical

Half of the world lives on 1% of the world's land

'Dozens killed, wounded' in bombing at Libya police school

Suspects in Cologne sex attacks 'claimed to be Syrian refugees'

Can anybody direct me to an image of Trump morphing into Hitler?

I Am A Democrat And I Support Hillary Clinton

Iran accuses Saudis of bombing embassy in Yemen

Most vile legislation due for vote in House today. Targets dying victims

Debbie Wasserman Schultz's Opinions About Weed Are Baffling, At Best

Paris police shoot dead knife-wielding man: police sources

Dear Gov. Snyder: You Have to Go to Jail

FULL | Bernie Sanders, Clinton & O'Malley Attend Caucus Dinner in Las Vegas 1/6/2016

WATCH: Unhinged Trump supporter says feminists should be burned alive for desecrating crucifixes

Scott Walker provides proof that he's an idiot

I feel refreshed after my day off yesterday!

Miners trapped 900 feet below ground in Finger Lakes salt mine: reports

Latin Post - Hillary Clinton More Appealing Now Than During 2008 Presidential Election

""Motherf**ker" is his favorite word...he says it under his breath as a form of daily affirmation."

You have to read this to believe it. FBI busts man with a 51 IQ for terrorism

Dash-cam video: Woman lay in Florida hospital parking lot 18 minutes, later died

Just saw the Trump ad

Verizon Math Fail

Is there a group here which discusses Meditation? I have searched and

US Insured Losses For December 2015's Run Of Extreme Weather Likely To Top $4 Billion

December 2015 Wettest Month Ever Recorded In UK; Temps 4.1 C Above Historic Average

He was right then, he's right now.

When signing up, new male DU members are now required to "Turn your head to the left and cough"

O'Malley and Sanders give Clinton run for her money at Nevada caucus dinner

Hillary Clinton's autism platform is transformational and empowering

Have you been to traffic court in MD - specifically, PG County?

Q+A: Hillary Clinton shares stances on Nevada solar shake-up, Bundy saga and Yucca dumpsite

This is what racism looks like!

God asked to intervene in Vanilla-ISIS standoff

Why Philanthropy Hurts Rather Than Helps Some of the World's Worst Problems

All 17 miners stuck in NY salt mine hoisted to surface (update)

As Trump Overbooks Flynn, Burlington Police Prepare For Crowds

1, 015

.......unless, Obama.

How Victorians flirted: risque flirtation cards and negging

Politico reviews the changes Obama made to domestic policy while nobody was paying attention

Clinton and Sanders spar over who can win in November

Elizabeth Warren: I'm glad that ALL the Dem candidates for president are fighting for Wall St reform

"Get ready to vote in four big elections"

Germany springs to action over hate speech against migrants

in praise of Bernie Sanders

Sorry Nicole Wallace- noun verb and 9/11

177-Nation Study Shows 10% Drop In Grain Output From Extreme Weather 1964 - 2007

Thursday Toon Roundup 1-You know the Issue

Wall Street Riles Clinton Camp

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - Rebels without a snack

1995 Village Voice report on Hammonds terrorism- horrifying

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

Backstage with Harry Reid and Martin O'Malley before the NV First in West dinner

Trump goes birther on Cruz

Went to the f*cking moon....

Hillary heckled...calls heckler "rude"

With Only 1 Week of Public Discussion Left - Where is the Media?

Just noted Charlie Hebdo shootings were a year ago today

UCC churches offer sanctuary from January immigration raids

Hillary, As Secretary of State, Showered Billions on Defense Industry for Contributions

'New Democrats' sound alarm over Sanders and Clinton's leftward march

Pizza, rifles and tension: a night inside the Oregon protest

Hillary Clinton To Stump For Asian American Votes In San Gabriel Valley

Decemberists singer tweets erotic fanfiction about Oregon militia standoff

Scuffles in Cologne as rival groups (far-right & anti-fascist) hold demonstrations over immigration

20 earthquakes registered in Oklahoma since Wednesday night

The "Miracle" Of US Oil: How Dirty Energy Is Trying To Rebrand Fracking

Moms thank @POTUS for standing up for our children so they won't have to stand up to gunmen..

A GREAT site for HRC supporters....check this out!!

Police report shows their side of Cologne assaults

Only one candidate has a plan to address autism. Here’s what she’ll do.

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church Does Not See Tragedy in the Economic Crisis

Cluster bombs and Hillary's Senate vote

Follow the latest HRC news here...fabulous site!

Report: Yahoo to cut at least 10% of its workforce

UCC churches offer sanctuary from January immigration raids

Oil Plunges to $32-Handle, Chinese Stocks Crash and are Halted, Whiff of Mayhem Breaks out

Trailer drops for movie about escaped Mexican drug cartel leader Joaquín 'El Chapo' Guzmán

Trailer drops for movie about escaped Mexican drug cartel leader Joaquín 'El Chapo' Guzmán

Envisioning Utopias

Russian Activists Claim Evidence of Russian Cluster Bombs in Syria

Minneapolis Activists Continue Fight Against Systemic Racism and Police Violence

Is there a law to limit the size of knife that you can carry in public?

Bleak Prospects for Latin America Under Trans-Pacific Partnership

Is anyone else sick to death of these topics?

NASA’s New VASIMR Plasma Engine Could Reach Mars in 39 days

Why Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Want Your Vote

Turkish prosecutors demand life sentence for cleric accused of coup plot

The coddling of the white terrorists is a disturbing and shameful display of white privilege

Distributed Energy in 2016: What experts expect for a booming sector

There is No National Leader Other than Sanders Ready to Directly Confront the Uber Rich's Power

Hong Kong bookshops pull politically sensitive titles after publishers vanish

Roy Moore should follow law on gay marriage or resign, Montgomery judge says

The Bankruptcy of India’s Economic and Political “Miracle”

Truck bomb kills nearly 50 at Libyan police training center

Company Behind Keystone XL Oil Pipeline Sues U.S. Government

States Lead the Way in Addressing Gun Violence

Global Corporate Debt is Coming Unglued

Ohio prosecutor won't release Tamir Rice grand jury testimony

When is the last time one of these right wing anti government stand offs

My statement, regarding the Marsh Morans:

Sunrun exits Nevada, affecting 'hundreds of jobs'

Here's a hint: If you're a reporter demonstrating a stab-proof vest, have the inventor wear the vest

Will Hillary Clinton Be the Next President? Two Market Experts Call the Election

Republican Candidates Need To Take Responsibility For Inspiring Oregon Terrorists

One Militia Man Says He Prefers Death To Prison, But Really Just Wants To Go Home

CBC ( COngressional Black Caucus) chair G.K. Butterfield endorses Hillary Clinton

Hillary's Campaign Is Sinking Fast based on Dollars Spent

California governor to propose increased funding for education

Rolling Stone: 4 Ways the World Will Suck in 2016

Berlin elephants enjoy late festive snack: Christmas trees

Civilian Jets Land on Chinese-Built Island, Drawing Protests

GOP Asks President To Take Away Health Care Coverage For 17.6 Million, Replace It With Nothing

Politicians Use North Korea H-Bomb Fears to Pitch Wasteful Missile Defense Projects

Why the French bombed Libya - according to Sydney Blumenthal

Bruce Gilden, roaring a**hole, but great photographer.

Deb, don't go away mad. Deb, just go away.

Mother of 4-year-old slaying victim tried to get her back from woman held in killing

Welfare Ranching: The Subsidized Destruction of the American West

Trial Is Expected to Reveal Polygamous Towns' Inner Workings

HGH Boy will start for Done-ver

If not Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton: You’ve just seen the future under a Republican President.

Top Democrat Says No Evidence of NSA Spying on Lawmakers

Paws-itive impact: Manny provides sense of calm, comfort at courthouse (7 year old murder witness)

Why Isn't Peyton Manning's HGH Report Getting The Same Attention As 'Deflategate?'

U.S. cracks down on Americans' intake of sugar, saturated fat

Hillary Clinton: Gay marriage 'law of the land – including in Alabama'

Just in time for the 2016 Election a full length movie about Benghazi

Bernie Sanders, Needing Early Lift, Builds Iowa Ground Operation (NTY)

Education and the Military

‘This is a nightmare’: Black residents fume as Alabama city backs ‘Confederate commander’ police chi

President Obama should have a veto ceremony for the GOP Obamacare repeal,

Bernie VS. Hillary — Who Will Win The Heart Of The Democratic Party?

Gun Control and White Terror

CBC chair G.K. Butterfield endorses Clinton, says she is best candidate to improve black lives

Time Warner Cable Says Data Breach May Affect 320,000 Customers

My hometown loon heads for the standoff...

Breaking... Militant lunatics take over another Federal Building

Mexico Rescues 9 Cubans Adrift off Caribbean Coast

Gaddafi accused Tony Blair of supporting Al Qaeda, said jihadis would take Libya and attack Europe

‘Sunshine Unicorns’ Brian ‘Booda/Buddha’ Cavalier is AWOL from the Bundy Gang

CBC chair GK Butterfield endorses Hillary Clinton, says she is best candidate to improve black lives

A blessed Orthodox Christmas! Peace on Earth!

S.Sudan Rebels, Gov't Agree to Share Cabinet Positions

O'Malley and Sanders give Clinton run for her money at Nevada caucus dinner.

Anthony Hill shooting: DA Plans to Charge Officer Who Shot Naked Man

High school cancels season after 3 players charged with rape

House Conservatives to Paul Ryan: The Honeymoon’s Over ("no difference from Boehner")

Gloria Steinem: ‘Black women invented the feminist movement’

1949-1952: Gutting the White House (Pic Heavy)

Feds Say Alabama Judges Must Obey US Supreme Court Decision

Feds Say Alabama Judges Must Obey US Supreme Court Decision

Apple Falls Third Day as IPhone Woe Cuts $40 Billion in Value

Misao and Fukumaru

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Jan. 7, 2015

Helsinki and Tallinn Agree to Build the World's Longest Underwater Rail Tunnel

2015 Brought Warmest, Wettest December on Record in U.S.

Oregon sheriff has received numerous death threats since militia takeover

Why did President Obama campaign against the use of executive actions?

Voter Suppression Battles To Watch In 2016

Soccer league fails in bid to keep NFL off its Santa Clara turf

Soccer league fails in bid to keep NFL off its Santa Clara turf (xpost from Sports)

R-Jonathan Strickland (TX HD92) Made Offensive Comments About Rape And Other Spousal Abuse

Excellent breakdown of the rise of right-wing populism

Jim Webb Hires Draft Biden National Finance Director Sam Jones

Colonel Gaddafi warned Tony Blair of Islamist attacks on Europe, phone conversations reveal

California Could Sound the Loudest Call Yet for Overturning ‘Citizens United’


O'Malley and Sanders give Clinton run for her money at Nevada caucus dinner.

I Have Only This To Say to Debbie Wasserman "Yes_I-Am-A-Greedy-Sot" Schultz

Maryland delegate backs O'Malley.

MSNBC Exclusive....Leon Panetta endorses Hilllary Clinton.

Oregon - Perplexed

Last night, for the first time, I believed that Bernie Sanders could become president.

2016 a unique opportunity for democrats

Restaurant Owner Obliterates Customer Who Said Woman's Death Ruined Her New Years

The Supreme Court and a Life Barely Lived by Linda Greenhouse

Mythbusting 101: Organic Farming > Conventional Agriculture

Human-carrying drone unveiled at Consumer Electronic Show

Dishing out mining and drilling permits in wilderness areas: What's behind these standoffs?

A 'thank you' to the members of this group.

The Sanders Campaing is Launching "Feel The Bern" Tour of Black Colleges:

Microsft Edge, Windows 10's new worst browser, has issues with Democratic Underground.

High school cancels season after 3 players charged with rape

If Authorities Act Against Occupation There Is A Danger Other Militia Will Intervene

Millard Fillmore, 13th President and Patron Saint of Mediocrity, born 7 January 1800

California governor to propose increased funding for education (xpost from GD)

Trump Campaign Official Goes to Malheur, because PSYOPS!

Pat Harrington Jr., One Day at a Time's Schneider, Dead at 86

Sanders Can Win the Democratic Presidential Primary — Here’s How

Pat Harrington Jr. has passed.

Haaretz Columnist Gideon Levy Wins 2015 Olof Palme Prize

Ha-ha fox news

Life bans for three athletics figures over alleged doping cover-up

Well, whad'ya know. Contrary to popular belief, GMOs aren't banned in 60 counties.

The Nightly Show - Panel - Bernie Sanders Makes His Case for 2016

Latest Ipsos Reuters poll

Trump campaign official arrives at Oregon standoff to support militants

When will hospitals wake up and really change how they operate the ER?

Susan Sarandon Endorses Bernie Sanders

Hogan administration calls to suspend oyster restoration.

"Cliven is on his way there.. and the govt is finally going to get their revenge"

My prediction: Elizabeth Warren will not be endorsing anyone anytime soon

The DNC Comes Full Circle

MSNBC reports African Americans are shifting from Hillary Clinton to Bernie Sanders in droves.

Going to work sick? You're costing yourself and your employer, research finds (DUH)

The reason is simple!!

Here's what happens when Native Americans defend their land

Koterba toon: North Korea

11 Year Old Child Bride Speaks Out

Attention Berners in Iowa!!!

Chargers, Raiders, Rams File for Relocation to LA

Trump thinks Paris is in Germany

O'Reilly Tells NRA To 'Be Reasonable': 'Background Checks Make Sense'

I Wonder If GOP Secretly Wants The Feds To Use Force In Oregon. They Would Have Campaign Issue.

State of Jefferson supporters plan bill seeking independence from California

Julián Castro live at Google to talk bringing High Speed Internet to houses in the US.

Compare the candidates

Mobile County Commissioners express concerns over mounting legal bills to fight same-sex marriage

New season of "American Crime" -- Opinions?

Michigan Gov. poisons water supply to city of Flint

Looking for that breathtaking photograph of a landscape that someone posted on DU yesterday

Pic Of The Moment: Obamacare Repeal: 7 Things Republicans Just Voted To Do

DER SPEIGEL Cologne Assaults: Police Report Outlines 'Chaotic and Shameful' New Year's Eve

More quakes rock Oklahoma. Is fracking to blame?/CSM

The Good Fight

Polish president signs bill putting state media under government control

Areas Hard Hit By Tornadoes & Flood Have The Strongest Separatist Movements.

Pretend to the Bitter End | James Howard Kunstler

The Berniebus...

Long time since there has been a new Iowa poll.

Some of the most conservative states rely most on federal government aid

View of the GOP on GOP attacks


Montana ranks high in percentage for federal funds revenue

David Bowie - Blackstar

New York to Appoint Monitor to Review Police’s Counterterrorism Activity

When He Had A Heart Attack This Vet Had To Give Up His Dogs. Watch What Happens When He Visits Them!

When He Had A Heart Attack This Vet Had To Give Up His Dogs. Watch What Happens When He Visits Them!

New York opens its first medical marijuana clinics

Anderson .Paak - Room In Here ft. The Game & Sonyae Elise

"Burned" restaurant coffee, do you get it very often ?

RW Christian Fundamentalists Will Never Give Up Establishing Theocracy.

Kochs and ALEC Team Up To Protect White Collar Criminals

Adrian Younge - Sittin' By The Radio feat Loren Oden

Malheur before dawn (William Stafford)

'Orisa' - Atjazz Lovesoul Remix Havana Cultura

An Open Letter to Young Muslims Everywhere | Ramzy Baroud

Pelosi voices confidence in Wasserman Schultz

Alabama sues federal government over Syrian refugees

Join us for lunch with Stephanie Schriock, Pres of EMILY's List, in Creston IA Friday, Jan 8

Whoa... Pelosi voices confidence in Wasserman Schultz - TheHill

U.S. court vacates ex-NY Islanders owner's 10-year fraud sentence

John McCain Goes Birther: Doesn't Know If Ted Cruz Is Eligible For Presidency

Per MSNBC: Trump Campaign gives 18,000 tickets for a 1400 seat venue in Vermont

Had lunch at Chipotle. Ask me anything.

Leon Panetta endorses Hillary Clinton

TYT: Republicans Attack Marco Rubio’s “High Heels”

As the 5th Dementia (patient) band knows, music can change your life (I need a favor)

Palestine after Abbas: The Future of a People at Stake | Ramzy Baroud

Libertarian fairy-tales

As the 5th Dementia (patient) band knows, music can change your life (I need a favor)

Pyramid Vritra - Tea And Lemonade

Republicans move toward Iran deal showdown with White House

The complicated history of who really ‘owns’ the land

FKA Twigs - How's That

Big Dawg just said: Hillary campaign is about "broad-based prosperity"...

TYT: Militia Man Says He Won’t Be Taken Alive

Sanders writes Obama, urges end to recently started deportation raids

Hillary Clinton heads to California for closed-door meetings with donors

UPDATE on my mom.

Tiny Hearts - Centerfold

Have you experienced a spirit portal?

Donald Trump throwing tantrum over calls for UK ban, says activist

My distillation of why the Bundys get the kid glove treatment

Don't Shoot!

TYT: Bill O’Reilly: Background Checks Make Sense

Machinedrum - Want Me

Isn't anyone less than half American Indian occupying something that doesn't belong to them?

This Is What $15 an Hour Looks Like

Obamacare beats sign-up expectations but GOP Congress wants to repeal

Trump threatens to pull $1 billion investment if he is banned from UK

Should Tariffs Be Part of Our Economic Conversation?

10 necessities you can't buy with food stamps.


Bernie Sander Sayings


TYT: North Korea Claims It Has Hydrogen Bomb

"Good Grief!"

On Sunday Jan 10th Planned Parenthood will officially endorsed Hillary Clinton

Matt Taibbi on the Oregon Militia Standoff: "The Dumb And The Restless" (Rolling Stone)

As the 5th Dementia (patient) band knows, music can change your life (I need a favor)

Bob James - Nautilus

Jeff Weaver Campaign Manager Bernie 2016: Donald Trump is in Vermont today

NYC Settles Lawsuits Over Muslim Surveillance by Police

NY City Settles Lawsuits Over Muslim Surveillance by Police

Amazing pic of Bernie's historic wall street speech from Bloomberg business

Calif. Gov. Brown Declares State Of Emergency Over Gas Leak

Native American Tribe's Answer To Oregon Militia

TYT: Widespread Sexual Attacks On Women Explode On New Years Eve

why oh why don't doctors tell you about all the common side effects of a drug before

If The GOP Really Cared About Guns Deaths, They Would Do Something.

Vote in MoveOn presidential endorsement poll

Hillary coming to L.A. for fundraising.

Iranians are no longer allowed to make the pilgrimage to Mecca

PETA Trolls Oregon’s Militant Ranchers With Vegan-Jerky Delivery

In its first endorsement ever, Planned Parenthood endorses Hillary Clinton. Do you stand with them?

Fire Debbie!!!

The thread about Debbie Wasserman Schultz endosing Republicans should not have been locked.

Rolling Stone: Watch Colbert Imitate Bernie Sanders Complaining About ATM Fees

TYT: Chief Justice Tells Clerks Not To Issue Marriage Licenses

It's the first week of January in Michigan, and my daffodils are peeking up in the garden

Since DWS wants the party to be as right-wing as possible and is a total failure running the DNC

What am I doing wrong in the video forum?

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 1-6-16

There Is One Way To Rid The Party of Debbie...

Terrier Helps Save His Canine Companion

Mexico’s Sugary Drink Tax is Working, Study Suggests

I have tried to bridge the gap

Attention Hillary Supporters!

First Brisket Palin getting sued for child support, now this.

Militant deserts Malheur, now drinking away donations. In fact many are staying in motels.

Ed Schultz News and Commentary: Thursday the 7th of January (Bill's past haunting Hillary?)

This obsessive fanning of extreme hatred for DWS is getting creepy.

I Love Ben And Jerry!

Apparently Donald Trump is still giving out tickets to his Burlington speech...

Michigan State Board of Ethics: Hold Snyder's Emergency Managers Responsible: Flint Water Crisis

Bernie is going to win.

Sarah Silverman- "I Believe In Protecting The Life Of The Child..."

What to do with turnips?

I voted in MoveOn poll to endorse Bernie!

Missouri bill defines sex between lobbyists, lawmakers as a gift

Huckles bitter at Christian groups for not backing his candidacy.

A little Clinton history for our younger members who did not have to live through it all.

Police can detain without cause in Buenos Aires, according to a Municipal Supreme Court ruling.

Police can detain without cause in Buenos Aires, according to a Municipal Supreme Court ruling.

Attention Hillary..

Corporate Media Continues To Fail In Election Coverage: Time To Turn The Channel

This mind, this body, and this voice cannot be stifled

A reminder: China's stock market is a clown show

'Affluenza' mother returns to Texas to face charges for fleeing

The Bundy Brothers Don't Care About the Constitution - Here's What They Really Want...

I think a lot of people go to Trump rallies just for the entertainment value.

We will LOSE in November if we run the kind of fall campaign DWS and HRC want to run.

Justice's gay marriage order halts licenses in parts of Alabama

Hillary Clinton stumps for Asian American votes

Santana ~ Black Magic Woman with SENSATIONAL belly dancer

NY mayor pressures police pension fund to dump gunmaker stocks

Hillary Clinton says therapy to turn gay kids straight must be banned

This seems contradictory to me

Good explainer: What a hydrogen bomb is – and why North Korea might not really have one

U.S. says 11.3 million Americans have signed up for 2016 Obamacare plans

4 injured in explosion at Massachusetts chemical plant

Anti-gay people are slamming each other...

House to vote on North Korea sanctions bill

Earth's Top Ten Weather/Climate Events of 2015

just because we need the laughs: dakota meyers suing bristol palin for joint custody/child support

Dow has worst start in history. Has The Crash of 2016 Now Begun? What Can & Should Be Done?

You don't have to support HRC to "Stand With Planned Parenthood".

Down the Ratholes of the Future | John Michael Greer

San Diego police officer fatally shoots gay man; his third shooting since 2013

Flint mayor: Water fix could cost as much as $1.5B

O’Malley: Ted Cruz is more ‘outrageous, unqualified,’ than Donald Trump.

Trump is trying to create havoc in Burlington. Here's his latest tweet:

NOAA Says 2015 Was Second Hottest Year On Record In U.S.

An intrusive personal question

Why Conservatives Praise Bernie Sanders on Immigration:

Markets Routed Again Over China Economy Fears

Repub women warn there will be a backlash if Trump keeps attacking Hillary about Bill's past.

My laugh for the day: "Sanders sounds like a guy who at least considered cooking a toilet fish"

Google translated Russia to 'Mordor' in 'automated' error

We regulate lead paint - so why not lead bullets?

Trump's show tonight in Burlington, a deliberate effort to cause trouble!

No, I don't stand with Planned Parenthood in their endorsement of Hillary

For those that think a business man would make a great President

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 8 January 2016

Bernie's lack of endorsements from pro-women organizations raises some red flags

Pali Becomes Earliest Central Pacific Tropical Storm on Record

God Refuses To Grant Any More Transcendent Near-Death Experiences To People Who Crash Snowmobiles

Said on the Tee Vee

Leaf-mimicking device harnesses light to purify water

Dolce & Gabanna Releases Its First-Ever Hijab Collection

With the Yeehawdists forgetting snacks and socks..

Would you rather have been born in a different generation?

Campaigning on Hillary's behalf, Bill draws a standing ovation in Iowa.

ME Gov LePage Goes on Racist Rant

I Am A Democrat And I Support Bernie Sanders

Will The President's Town Hall On Guns Conflict With The Trump Town Hall In Burlington?.....


If you want to support the ACTUAL victims of federal land policies in Malheur County, here's THIS

Unfair treatment of cats in various media

Do you think we will have men/women on Mars in your lifetime?

Three New Reasons to Expand Medicaid

for our info:

Rugged individualism and Independence with a government safety net: essay on Ya'll Qaeda's complaint

The iPhone slowdown spells doom for Apple

Giants sign the great Denard Span

Bernie gathers important "Red Flag makers" endorsement!

Chris Christie RE: Hillary vs Marco Rubio debating

African Women Organize to Reclaim Agriculture Against Corporate Takeover

Are you a Berner?

Death by the Barrel

Plane crash documentary

Death by the Barrel

Cornering the Anger Market

Trump rally from Burlington ON NOW continuously interrupted with Bernie! Bernie! Bernie! chants

I know we are all sick of Trump but had to post this LOL

"Tax them back to the Carter age..."?

The Sacred Ground of Humanism

The Problem With Hillary Clinton Using a Progressive Hero to Attack Bernie Sanders

Sheriff, Bundy meet on neutral ground to discuss ending refuge occupation

I Do Not Support The Decision Of Planned Parenthood To Endorse Hillary Clinton.

It's okay, you can switch...


The Latest: Sheriff to meet armed group , ask them to leave

Time once again for the "Should I keep posting music videos?" Poll

Bernie Sanders Cameo in Sweet Heart's Dance (1988)

I support Planned Parenthood's endosement of Hillary...

Macy's To Cut 4,800 Jobs After Dismal Holiday Sales

Maine's Republican Governor Says Out-Of-State Drug Dealers Impregnating 'Young White' Girls

Report: #YallQaeda in Oregon said to be receiving snacks from unnamed sources.

Robert Redford is narrating an IMAX movie to celebrate the National Parks centennial

Non-supporters thrown out of Trump event. (before it's even started)