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"Dogs, Babies, and Bernie Sanders"

March for Bernie, NYC, #MarchForBernie

Why settle for any of the rest when you can elect the best....

Sailors, jump shot pioneer and Wyoming star, dies at 95

Axelrod re DMR poll: "the race now is ... essentially tied ... Turnout is everything."

Israel's liberal artists decry attempts to limit expression

In 180 Seconds You Will Be Voting For Bernie Sanders

Info for the math challenged...

What's the best way to cook several gallons of rice?

Has MSNBC endorsed Trump yet?

Here We Go Again, Trash-Talking The Working Class

Selzer: Clinton support is more solid than Sander's

Some Bernie pics

Toon: Flint, Michigan Water Dept.

Poster power: 1970s anti-Vietnam war art by California students (Guardian)

CoffeeCat Appreciation Thread!!!

Psychic Bob Hickman:I see a Cruz /Bush Presidency

What's everyone doing for Bernie this weekend?

Whose version? Willie Nelson, or Jimmy Cliff - The Harder They Come

We will rebuilt it for working people with Bernie!!!

The War for the West Rages On

The Gabby Giffords video was amazing

10,000 refugee children are missing, says Europol

Bernie is literally shutting down University Iowa!


Cross-platform question: How can I listen to podcasts of Little Steven's Underground Garage?

Analysis shows recent Disney movies have actually DECREASED number of lines for female characters

Bernie Sanders Rally in Cedar Rapids. Univeristy of Iowa LIVE stream.

The most accurate Iowa Democratic poll has just come out!

"Hillary was the obvious choice... before Bernie got in the race" -Matt Starr...

DMR poll: "51% of Democrats say Sanders is the candidate who cares most about “people like you,”

The Big Iowa Test: Can Trump And Sanders Turn Enthusiasm Into Votes?


BREAKING: Clinton wins IMAWII African-American Iowa straw poll by a landslide

Wishing Bernie would counterpunch with his greater experience working in Congress.

I read this on on the internet...

So I have a mid century two dormered cape cod with 2 x 4 wood construction...

The Des Moines Register poll is excellent for Sanders -- five key takeaway points

The genie will not go back in the bottle now. Thank you, Bernie.

After Living in Norway, America Feels Backward. Here’s Why.

Here it is: Criminal Charges available to the State of Iowa against the Cruz Campaign

Sleeping rough in Seattle: homeless crisis exposes dark side of hi-tech city (Guardian)

1-29-16 President Jackson Set a Precedent in 2:00 (federal troops used to settle a labor dispute)

"“I will take the Des Moines Register poll, which is the gold standard for polls in Iowa."

Russian Lawyer Sees Illegal ‘Gay Propaganda’ In Tiger-Goat Friendship

1-29-16 President Jackson Set a Precedent in 2:00 (federal troops used to settle a labor dispute)

1-29-16 President Jackson Set a Precedent in 2:00 (federal troops used to settle a labor dispute)

Final two California escapees captured near upscale store

Odds of winning Iowa for HRC: 74% 538 polls only, 80% 538 polls plus, 75% PredictWise

Donald Trump Foundation to receive all money raised from Veterans' fundraiser.

David Roberts / Vox: Why I still believe Donald Trump will never be president

A Facebook post from my one Hillarian friend

538 just updated their Iowa prediction

In Detroit, homeless man now takes Visa and Mastercard

A picture is worth a thousand words.

New...Nate Silver...Hillary 80% chance to win Iowa

This may be old news, but I just love this; Tony Bennet and Lady Gaga - The Lady is a Tramp

UK: White Supremacists Clash with Leftists in Dover 'War Zone'

New...Nate Silver...Hillary 80% chance to win Iowa

In Coverage of Planned Parenthood Smear, Partisan Conflict Crowds Out Reproductive Rights

Video of the bird brains chatting with the negotiators

Bristol Palin whines about Tina Fey and SNL.

If Bernie Were Up By 3%, I'd Worry

Quad City Times-Democratic Endorsement: Only Sanders can shift the Democratic paradigm

Shout out to Cha and BooScout (And everyone else) who've kept this group on the up and up

I was listening to POTUS on SiriusXm radio and it sounds like Harold Ford Jr.

Don't Believe The Polls....

A White Sands Lightning Strike Separates The Heavens And The Earth

Media Attacking Single-Payer Are Getting Paid Under Current Health System

anyone have a good new mexico pork green chili recipe?

New Report Shows Mistreatment of Garment Workers by Familiar Brands

NY Times: Bernie Sanders is making surprising gains with less aflluent whites

NY Times: Bernie Sanders is making surprising gains with less aflluent whites

Donald Trump is the least favorably viewed presidential candidate since at least 1992

Who's nervous?

Campaigns lower expectations in Iowa, brace for Trump win

Stunning Cloud Formation Appears Above Portugal

The words of the prophets are written on subway walls....

America's Angry Voters Divvied Up By Trump And Sanders: Poll

1-30-16 Chicago Gravediggers End 43 day Strike in 2:00

1-30-16 Chicago Gravediggers End 43 day Strike in 2:00

The Discreet Charm of Venezuelan Racism

1-30-16 Chicago Gravediggers End 43 day Strike in 2:00

The Clinton System

UN report into Saudi-led strikes in Yemen raises questions over UK role

NO BAIL For Oregon Militia

Strange primaries and caucus scheducle in S. Carolina and Nevada

Help, Please: Special Needs Family in Missouri Needs Roof (& More)

Maduro's critics want to know: Is he actually Colombian?

Venezuelans Protest Privatisation of Social Housing as Parliament Approves in First Discussion

A convoluted anti-Trump plan takes shape

"Feel the Bern" song - dancing cat

$6.6 trillion lost on Bush tax cuts could pay all student loans, car loans, credit cards

"Feel the Bern" song - dancing cat

Venezuelan National Assembly to Investigate Expropriated Land, Communes Threatened

To Students and Millennials: Take Another Look at Hillary Clinton

Does anyone smell a rat?

The final HuffPost/Pollster Iowa chart showing Hillary with a solid lead!

Nothing worse than this

Venezuela Denies Strip Search Allegations by Lilian Tintori, Rejects Paraguayan Interference

Criminal Minds fans poll

More Than Half of Trump’s Retweets Are White Supremacists Praising Him

A Panel of Experts Trying to Defend Walmart From Bernie Sanders? Awkwaaard

Prominent Chavista Journalist Assassinated in Caracas

Fringe fans poll!

Clinton Iowa Volunteers Train When To Push Backers To O’Malley — To Block Bernie

Tens of Thousands March in Haiti

3,700 are here for Bernie event in Iowa City, a town of 70,000....

Brother of 9/11 Victim Hopes to Bring WTC Evidence to Court

Bernie Sanders is calling for a political revolution — while the 'pragmatists' insist on surrender

NCIS fans poll!

The Seeds of Spin: Decoding ProIf you are in some way critical of geneticall-GMO Lies and Falsehoods

Key point of DM Poll: HRC's support is more solid

Bernie Sanders Campaign Signs Up More Recruits in Tampa

Warren and Sanders Team Up To Free Americans From Cable TV Tyranny

Anti-Intellectualism, pandering, treason and the Marco Rubio candidacy

Small group of Chicago police costs city $34 million in settlements since 2009

Pimptastic untouched ‘70s penthouse apartment can be yours for $158k

6 vehicles plunge through Lake St. Clair ice

Martin O'Malley telling caucus goers, "I need you to hold strong ... This is not an ordinary fight"

Humans are the only animals with this body part — and no one knows why

*BERNIE SANDERS IS ON FIRE! by One Pissed Off Liberal, Saturday, Jan. 30, 2016

Hillary is most likely about to win Iowa for these reasons:

Do polls reach people who only have a cell phone?

The World's Next Top Tax Haven Is...America

Infographic: How Private Prison Companies Rake In Profits From Our Criminal Legal System

Why Historic Preservation Districts Should Be a Thing of the Past

C-Span just finished up with the Hillary rally. I have one take-away from watching.

Progressive Iowans Should Vote for Martin O'Malley

Beekeeper Who Sounded Alarm on Colony Collapse Disorder Loses 90 Percent of His Hives

Why Historic Preservation Districts Should Be a Thing of the Past (xpost from GD)

US Building Boom Fuels Spike in Construction Worker Injury and Death

Massive fire destroys Lexington stockyard, many businesses

Woman devastated after her kitten dies from touching lilies she had in a vase

It's a nice thought, but Bernie Sanders can't win

Quad-City Times endorsements

Clinton Gets $13 Million From Health Industry, Now Says Single-Payer Will "Never, Ever Come "

Madame Hillary: "Start Thinking of Iraq As A Business Opportunity" more quotes & commentary here:

New Vote Together video pretty dang impressive

Trump is just amazing

Sanders Bids for Older Voters Emphasizing Social Security Plan

Bernie Fighting Against Mass Incarceration in Congress 1991:

Our 10 most popular recipes right now. NYT

After getting $13.2M of campaign cash from health industry, Clinton is ending her Iowa campaign with

You want change and progress? Bernie. You want more of the same? Clinton

France, a quiet but significant presence in Cuba

Some takeaways from the Seltzer poll

As the Anti-Bernie / Pro Hillary Hit pieces keep on coming - just hours before the primary

Malheur refuge takeover batters all sides: ‘There has been damage’

(Perhaps) Overlooked in yesterday's news: State did release 2,000 emails

Wow in Texas re Bernie.

Just worked a 13 hour overnight shift wrapping up a 60 hour work week...and now I'm on a bus full of

I pledged again to Bernie! $120 dollars (100 + 20% tip)

Coca Cola to open Gaza factory ‘within weeks’

IF you haven't seen it I have a post that starts with Debs in greatest threads

Last of the occupiers 'hoping for a miracle'

Clinton Iowa Volunteers Train When To Push Backers To O’Malley — To Block Bernie

Montana railroads aren't panicked over nationwide freight recession

Standing With Gabby Giffords, Clinton asks Iowans to make guns a voting issue

The most accurate Iowa Democratic poll has just come out!

Forecast: Winter storm watch issued for Monday (IOWA caucus)

IF you haven't seen it I have a post that starts with Debs in greatest threads

Is America an Oligarchy? (New Yorker article on academic study)

God should not be taken out of the Pledge of Allegiance.

The Democratic Party has proven what a gutless mess it has become

What makes me puke: the prospect of Sanders (or Hillary or MoM) having to

A gang of ne're do wells tried to kick my butt at the supermarket tonight

People for Bernie: Sen. Sanders joins Vampire Weekend singing This Land Is Your Land

The latest polls in Iowa are a win win for Bernie


When we stand together… great Bernie ad.

3700 attended a Bernie Sanders Rally in Iowa this Saturday evening, according to DK

Fast track authority + Bernie Sanders, what will it mean?

Dr. Who series ends February 1st. Last chance to see the Van Gogh episode on Netflix.

Some takeaways from the Seltzer poll (Republicans)

Mexican Politician Urges Regional Leftist to 'Be on Alert'

The NRA says Hillary and Martin are "enemies of freedom." But not Bernie.

Ransacked Oregon refuge shows disdain toward America’s rangers

The Best Pollster In Iowa Just Released Its Final Survey — How Accurate Has It Been?

The NRA prefers Bernie for Pres over Hillary, Martin, and Michael Bloomberg.

Obama's approval in the Gallup poll over the last two weeks is better than its been since mid 2013

Trumps support in IA is not very deep and he could finish 2nd or even 3rd

Bill Clinton: "Vote for the person who wants you to think and hope"

NYDailyNews: Iowans have no idea who’s Mayor de Blasio as he knocks on doors to aid Hillary Clinton

I know David Cameron is not especially popular here, but he deserves credit for this.

I am tired of the brutal "winners and losers" type capitalist system in America

FBI continues to negotiate with defiant Oregon refuge holdouts

Baskin Robbins – Any scoop of ice cream $1.31 & 2-scoop sundaes $3.31 on Sunday, Jan. 31st

Interesting factoid in Register's polling results

Des Moines Register Poll: High income voters prefer Hillary Clinton

Hillary is leading in the last 5 Iowa polls in a row

Hillary Clinton campaign urges Democratic presidential debate in Flint

Welcome to America — Now Spy on Your Friends

NYTimes: Bernie Sanders Exudes Confidence About Iowa (and Elsewhere)

coq au riesling

Got primaries overload? Does your brain hurt?

Construction Crews Discover Mammoth Bones Beneath an Oregon Football Stadium

Meet John Doe

Gonna sink like a rock... but...

The polls showing a tight race is a good thing for Sanders

The real reason we don't have and likely won't get Single Payer or Medicare for All or even....

Reporting in, from Cheyenne Wyoming. (Reddit repost)

Hillary Clinton op-ed: There are too many Flints

Elizabeth Warren Scolds President Obama for Being Weak on Wall Street

Are you PROUD to be standing on the right side of history tonight??

A wonderful inspirational Bernie video to share for Monday… When we stand together...

To me, Bernie is standing together as one nation, all of us united.

Iowa, Free At 6:30 On Monday?

If the Black Community Knew the Real History of Hillary

Toyota may halt Japan car output in February due to steel shortage

Sunday talk shows to focus on Iowa caucuses

This is Bernie to me.


Hillary's Mean Scream: "NO WE CAN'T"

Hillary's Mean Scream: "NO WE CAN'T"

Demotivator for die hard Pink Floyd fans

Hillary's Mean Scream: "NO WE CAN'T"

Reach out in the darkness.

Black men only: UConn's proposed 'learning community' sparks controversy

I want to see Hillary's emails

When someone posts something to the effect, "Hillary couldn't even beat the black guy",

Now that Hillary, Bernie & O'M have agreed on more debates, how about one on HEALTHCARE?

The Difference between Bernie and HRC in One Picture

THIS IS the essence of the con game at the heart of the "pragmatic politics"

Prediction: Who will win the Republican ain't Trump nor Cruz

Heads up - Tomorrow Cspan 1 will be airing Bernie's Speech in Waterloo

Updated Des Moines weather forecast for Monday.

Militias Enraged. Believe FBI Murdered Finnicum. Call To Arms Against Govt?

Oregon standoff: Four holdouts say fight is "going to keep going"

The ‘Bernie Bro’ is a Media Myth. It Needs to Die

How Bernie Sanders Could Actually Pull Off an Upset in South Carolina

Watch human population grow from 1 CE to present and see projected growth in under six minutes.

A Study in Texture

HRC 2003: I am adamantly against illegal immigrants. 2015: I believe immigrants deserve citizenship

Sarah Undecipherable gave a speech; about... Something?

Hinkley Point nuclear fiasco spooks Hitachi boss

Why the GOP Establishment hate Democrats, and specifically the Clintons: History Refresher

Look what I did, Solly Mack.

What Hillary said privately about single payer in 1993...

Ode to Americans

Tentative Agreement Reached for More Democratic Debates, Aides Say

Daily Holidays - January 31

Letter alleges problems hidden at Hanford nuclear plant


New threat to Hinkley nuclear plant cash

SAG Awards: Diversity Reigns in a Rebuke to #OscarsSoWhite

Say, "When."

Bernie Sanders might have an electability problem

It's difficult to know which account to believe.

However it's parsed over guns, home rule is local rule, not lobbyists' rule

26 years later, the scars of a workplace massacre remain

The Unraveling of the Bernie Sanders Media Blackout (worth reading )

My Turn: Bernie Sanders is not a plausible commander-in-chief

Iowa Caucuses explained: The Lego version

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) BYO SQUEEE Edition

Bernie's foreign policy deficit

Question of the Day: Why Do Cats Go Completely Bonkers After Pooping?

Hillary Clinton Gets $13 Million From Health Industry, Now Says Single-Payer Will "Never, Ever Come

Democratic party voters want single player healthcare, but Democratic party leaders do not.

Report find $1 billion tax gap caused by Amazon

Bernie Sanders’s Evolving Position on Gun Industry Immunity Still Has Some Fact-Checking Issues

Bernie's Meme Scream: "YOU CAN HAVE THE MOON !"


Clinton Takes Her Adviser’s Side, Attacking Big Banks but Not BlackRock

Hillary Clinton Doing Finance Industry Fundraiser Just Before Iowa

After a bit of research I should have done first, if a Presidential election goes to the House

Signe Toly Anderson died on the same day as Paul Kantner

Putin's ultranationalist motorcycle gang-

Lets meet Hillary's Biggest donor

Society Driven or Market driven?

Bloom County: Opus has a point lol

UK official slams Israel after criticizing Rouhani during Holocaust memorial ceremony

Sir Terry Wogan: Veteran UK broadcaster dies, aged 77

Not the Onion: "Leader Number One", a new perfume approved by Putin

How Palestinian media contributes to cycle of incitement

Jamaica confirms first case of the Zika virus

To quote "the raging Cajun" "it's the economy stupid"

Enough About Hillary Clinton’s Damn Emails!

Interesting how some Bernie supporters trash the very party he JOINED to try to be president.

Fiorina: "I'll get you, my pretty..and your little dog too!" Queen Mean releases the flying monkeys.

Justifying terrorism

Ted Cruz pays tribute to pastor who turned his atheist father into a Christian

Bernie Sanders promises to turn banks into free range chicken coops.

Hillary has been attacked for almost 25 years, and she is STILL STANDING TALL!!

Sunday's Bloom County: Violent Video Game

Toon: If HRC had been Prez in 1960

What you need to know about ‘religious liberty’ bills in Georgia

Catholic Italy mobilises as conservatives mount last stand against same-sex unions

Quick random question: are there any actual Iowans here?

So who watched the Bern singing This Land is My Land

Fifteen second YouTube video from Bernie Sanders campaign

Ecumenism and Interfaith Harmony: What’s the Difference?

To quote "the raging Cajun" "it's the economy stupid"

Bernie Sanders on FDR's Legacy

Catholic Italy mobilises as conservatives mount last stand against same-sex unions

Hillary will let Bill live out his golden years in the intern lunchroom

Statistical Primer- The Infamous M O E

unofficial source: NY delivers 100,000 sigs to get Bernie on the ballot.

Bush "Doubts" Sea Level Rise, Admits That He'd Move If He Had To; Invokes Garage-Man To Save Us

Our political system is deeply corrupt. That means

Bush "Doubts" Sea Level Rise, Admits That He'd Move If He Had To; Invokes Garage-Man To Save Us

Oklahoma To Invest A Whole Million $ To Find Ways To Reduce Earthquakes . . .

Isn't it time we start getting serious?

Massive East Coast Snowstorm Linked To Slowing North Atlantic Current - New Scientist

Illinois Bill Would Help Block Federal Militarization of Police

New Maps Let You Watch Donald Trump Beachfront Developments Being Swallowed By The Ocean

Body of a woman, 2 live monkeys found in Florida hotel room a Bernie ad...but could/should be:

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 California Cup Derby

Statewide opinion polling for the Democratic Party presidential primaries, 2016

When Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali's friendship changed history: The new book 'Blood Brothers' explains

Congrats to @UzoAduba for her win for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series

not unlike the Triceratops, it is doubtful that the Democratic Party...

I saw "Straight Outta Compton" and I enjoyed it

An Iowa Voter Forced Ted Cruz To Confront The Human Toll Of Repealing Obamacare

You had better believe it.

The Bernie bro narrative - a cheap false campaign tactic

Bernie wants America to be what it once was, even better!!

Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly as Kirsten Powers hands him his lunch!!!

Union approved to represent part-time teachers at Cayuga Community College

Venezuela opposition on mission to oust president

How Can Hillary Stand Tall When She's Done Evil Like This

Ann Selzer Is The Best Pollster In Politics

Clear up some disinformation in the media

no can do - hillary

Is there any long-term hope for Windows phone ?

Indiana legislature unanimously passes anti-BDS bill

Hillary's right. Bernie's specific version of Medicare for All has no chance of passing.

The TSA: a binary body system in practice - Traveling While Trans: The False Promise of Better Treat

Former model found guilty of trying to hire a hitman to throw husband's ex-wife in a wood chipper

Russian Lawyer Sees Illegal ‘Gay Propaganda’ In Tiger-Goat Friendship

I didn't want her in '08 and I don't want her in '16 and I don't understand DUers who have

Can someone define "oligarchs?"

Selzer IA Poll: Some of the key demographics from the poll

Vote for Bernie or else!

On Saturday afternoon in Iowa, for at least a few minutes, one Republican couldn't get away with it.

South Carolina State Rep. Justin Bamberg (D) Endorses SANDERS from Clinton, Jan. 26

There's no way to know if it was done by someone who hates him or supports him...

Boko Haram massacres village, burning children alive, and using suicide bombers

NYC for Bernie (January 30, 2016) PIC HEAVY!

No, you can't.

New York Times’ Top Shareholder Is a Clinton Foundation Donor

Bernie Sanders in Iowa: Strong youth support threatens Clinton's 'inevitable' candidacy

The next nine months are going to be very difficult

Union approved to represent part-time teachers at Cayuga Community College

Union approved to represent part-time teachers at Cayuga Community College

Colbert's Donald v. Trump debate - brilliant and funny!

Krugman’s dead wrong about Bernie:Why Sanders’ track record proves he’s not just about “happy dreams

Clinton camp plans to roll out Washington Post's anti-Sanders editorial

Inspirational tat

Why Iowa will surprise a lot of folks...?

Teddy Roosevelt speech

you meet the most interesting people at a bellydance show.

Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon makes it official: He's for Hillary Clinton

Statistical methods for the eternal monitoring of carbon dioxide waste dumps.

What makes me a liberal

a few months of activism devoted to Bernie could enable more change than years of screaming at

a few months of activism devoted to Bernie could enable more change than years of screaming at

The "Bernie Bros" Narrative: a Cheap Campaign Tactic Masquerading as Journalism and Social Activism

Why Hillary's Health Care Plan Really Failed; Single Payer Was A Front For HMO-Health Maintenace

Are you sick of seeing Trump'S face

My Day With Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton: Salon January 30, 2016

So.....the Hillary Victory Fund/DNC found me via snail mail. No, I'm not with her!

Bernie Sanders is wrong!

Bernie sings

omfw the daily beast has gone over the edge

Desperate Cruz

Lots of enthusiasm for both Clinton and Sanders in Iowa.

Bernie Sanders: 'Hillary Clinton Will Be the Problem'

NY Times Billionaire Investor-Owner Donated $$$$$$ To Clinton Found

Hillary's Queen Cersei moment

How Populists Like Bernie Sanders Should Talk About Racism

Sanders on Clinton Emails: ‘I Think This Is a Very Serious Issue’

How Populists Like Bernie Sanders Should Talk About Racism

c. 1910 Late Meiji Japan: A serene framing of a country in rapid transformation (pic heavy)

Rebuild Flint!

State Sen. Nina Turner crushed it on MSNBC in support of Sen. Bernie Sanders!

And so it begins...

Water polo or caucus for Bernie? Decisions, decisions...

Bernie Sanders - Heavy Metal Anthem

Koch network spent nearly $400M in 2015


Now, Bernie on *MTP, NBC; *MEET THE PRESS Repeats 2PM ET Today on *MSNBC

Falwell endorses Trump? Satire is dead

Israel to segregate Western Wall

Letter: Rep. Gilliard of SC endorses Bernie Sanders

I detest these people

Is Ben Carson a savant?

Song - "Feel the Bernnnnnnn"

TOON: The Unholy Mother of All Catch-22s

If you don't hate caucuses yet, you are likely to before this is over.

Escaped rhinoceros from Pyongyang Zoo wrestled into submission by Kim Jong-Un

How Swedes and Norwegians broke the power of the ‘1 percent’


JFK On Universal Healthcare & How Behind European Countries America Is

More than $1,000,000,000,000 – More than the Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, CIA, NSA, FBI...

TYT: Why Hillary Clinton Won’t Be Tough On Wall Street

Ancient Babylonians Used Geometry That Anticipated Calculus

Anti-refugee comments raise ire of German officials, police

Like his out of touch dad; Jeb shocked by modern technology

"Bernie Sanders list of “foreign policy consultants” is full of people who have never spoken to him"

Teenage girl 'made up' migrant rape claim that outraged Germany

It Begins ...

Trader exposes sexist horrors of Wall Street "frat house"

A bird is not a plane, a plane is not a bird ...

Elizabeth Warren Slams Hillary Clinton:

County chairs support O'Malley.

Erin Brockovich explains the Flint water crisis

#VoteTogether New Bernie ad

County chairs support O'Malley.

Oregon hold-outs: "peaceful" protest -- with guns.

A single move by Bernie that could make banksters lose their sleep

Hillary Clinton's Deeply Flawed, NeoCon Foreign Policy Judgement:

Hillary 2008 speaks on Universal Health Care and attacks Hillary 2016

South Carolina State Rep. Justin T. Bamberg (D) ENDORSES SANDERS, from Clinton, Jan. 26

Thinking of my DU photo friends today while walking through Julia Margaret Cameron exhibit

I have a week

The last-minute Hillary bash has officially begun!

O'Malley's kids talk Clinton, millennial issues.

Ice Cream Phoenix

What Hillary supporters don't understand

O'Malley's kids talk Clinton email scandal, millennial issues.

The “Bernie Bros” Narrative: a Cheap Campaign Tactic Masquerading as Journalism and Social Activism

Those damn Socialists...

A Confederacy of Dunces: The Democratic Establishment’s Assault on Sanders Begins

Reasons to Fight for Martin O'Malley

"Bern it Up" Remix

"Bern it Up" Remix

Standing with Gabby Giffords, Hillary gives @MomsDemand a shout-out in speech Jan 30

NBA's Ten least tradable Contracts (Realgm)

Fascist Cowboys!!! (I am not making this up!)

How to Get Iowa Caucus Results as They Come in

Josh Hutcherson is on the ground for Bernie in Iowa, with 15k+ other volunteers!

Inside Washington's Shadowy Power Elite

Hmmm... I wonder which Democrat Smith & Wesson and Ruger are endorsing?

Shouldn't we be LEADING the world?

Oxfam: $1.9B in Ebola Aid Not Delivered by Donors

Bernie Sanders full interview on State of the Union

Bernie in 1962 and Bernie in 2016...

Assault weapons are evil. What kind of Democrat wouldn't vote to ban such weapons?

And now...for something completely different...

Who's electable and who isn't?

IGNORANT Bernie Bros must END their name calling!!! - Third-Way Manny

'Children should not be shahids'

'Youngest' conjoined twins separated at Swiss hospital in Bern


Why Bernie Sanders is winning hearts and minds of America

Bernie ft. Drake - "Where Ya At?" (Future Parody)

Bernie ft. Drake "Where Ya At?" (Future Parody)

BERNIE is, by American standards, a terrible politician...

Why haven't consumer goods taken the same price drop as gasoline?

At least 65 people killed in Boko Haram attack in Nigeria

Secretary Clinton Says We Can't, But Together We Can

Why This Is the Iowa Poll That Everyone Was Waiting For

Hamas welcomes Italian academics' call for BDS

You wanna Smile? I mean really Smile?

Republicans declare Global Climate change isn't man made... Pentagon goes into panic mode

Hungry Children in Rich America (Common Dreams)

Hillary's internal polling numbers must be truly wretched...

Bernie Rocks Iowa City (Photos)

The Clinton's Race Games

Iowa Caucuses....

Question for Trump:

Sanders: No surprise 'establishment' Washington Post doesn't like me

Marvel CEO donates $1M to #Trump4Vets (Yes, THAT Marvel)

On fire? Her sizzle has fizzled. Is that all they got? FEEL THE BERN!!

Do NOT be surprised if Jeb! wins Iowa. Polls matter not. Remember... in Ohio in2004

Politico: "Bernie's Foreign Policy Deficit"

Who will win?

Forbes: The Mystery Of Hillary's Missing Millions

"In many ways, Clinton is a disciple of Kissinger..."

Yo! Clinton supporters! Let's talk issues.

Did the US oligarchs change the 2-party system to effectively function as a 1-party system

11 days old, eyes opening

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Birth of a Nation,’ a slave-uprising film, becomes a hit amid Oscar furor

"Media malpractice" said Katrina Vander Huevel

Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Nomination

Ralph Nader: Hillary's Corporate Democrats Taking Down Bernie Sanders

I was just scanning Free Republic...

Ouch "The reason why I’m a conservative is because I’ve been on public assistance my whole life"

The Most Beautiful Way To Stop A Bully

Princess Leia made an appearance at the Bernie rally in Cedar Rapids tonight!

Hillary Clinton speaks on healthcare

"Why Bernie Sanders Still Doesn’t Pose a Critical Threat to Hillary Clinton" By Jamelle Bouie

Des Moines Get Out the Caucus Rally: Hillary, Bill Clinton & Chelsea Jan 31 8pm

I just want to say I love you guys. We got this.

Hillary's mouthpieces sling mud, then turn around and cry victim.

Never Thought I’d say this..

America’s best idea: Interesting piece about public lands and the domestic terrorists in OR...

Single payer, never ever or not never ever?

The Young WILL Inherit The World - Wiil They Also Decide What It Looks Like When They Do? Ask Iowans

If you were somehow forced to choose between President Donald Trump and President Ted Cruz:

Oslo Trash Incinerator Starts Experiment Published: January 31st, 2016

A bird is not a plane, a plane is not a bird ...

Oregon Shooting Video May Galvanize, Incite Antigovernment Fringe (SPLC)

Pro-Sanders super PAC brought in $2.3 million

After Iowa and New Hampshire, Bernie is in trouble

When Bernie Wins The Nomination He Won't Have To.....

After Iowa and New Hampshire, Bernie is in trouble

"Bern It Up" Remix

In this most consequential of elections, one song says it ALL

Voter Registration Doesn’t Point to Huge Iowa Surge

The Constitution In Cliven Bundy’s Pocket

What does it say about Hillary that she might lose Arkansas, the state that knows her best?

Here is a first, my fundamentalist Christian niece just said she supports Sanders on Facebook

Clinton e-mail: U.S. asked Japan to talk with China before buying Senkakus

Trump: Unlike Cruz, ‘I Have a Heart,’ I’ll Enact Universal Health Coverage

Centuries-old cedar tree that initially survived tsunami to be cut down

How The Iowa Democratic Caucus Works, Featuring Legos

In 2004, 2008, and 2012, more than half of white men and women voted GOP.

Town tries to shift away from heavy dependence on nuclear plant

It is an honour for a man to cease from strife: but every fool will be meddling.

Imagine if America's forefathers thought like Hillary and the Democratic establishment...

If a mostly white state or city voted for "separate but equal" racial segregation of public housing,

"I believe that by the year 2000 we will have a single payer system" Hillary Clinton 1994

Population in Tokyo area increases further

Saturday night in Iowa:

Bernie Sanders campaign raised

China releases HD photos of the moon taken from Chang'e 3 lander and Yutu rover

bernie (Reddit repost) youtube NYC

I was Told to post THIS HERE.

$20 million dollars raised by the Bernie campaign for the month of January.

FIFTY years ago, Jan. 21-23, 1966: Grateful Dead, Big Brother headline Haight "Trips Festival"

Taiwan ranked 14th-freest economy

Hillary Clinton Calm and Confident In Closing Days of Iowa and PICC

O’Malley’s kids on millennial issues and the importance of the youth vote (and emails)

NY DAILY NEWS: Bernie Sanders challenges Hillary Clinton to debate in Brooklyn

George Lakoff on Hillary Clinton

Americans among militant suspects detained in Saudi Arabia

Is it safe to say - Clinton or Sanders against Trump in the general

NY DAILY NEWS: Bernie Sanders challenges Hillary Clinton to debate in Brooklyn

Imagine if our civil rights champions had the same disdain for pragmatism as some BS supporters have

Statement from @johnpodesta: The Sanders campaign should stop stalling on debates.. *mic drop*

Hong Kong likely to deport ‘anti-Semitic’ French comedian

Thai junta pressures Facebook, Line to censor online posts

Bernie Sanders’s Campaign to Announce It Raised $20 Million in Last Month (NYT)

"Mister" Trump? Really?

thanks to another post...another take on "Which Side Are You On?"

Bernie's eye popping crowd in Iowa.

Bernie Sanders’s Campaign to Announce It Raised $20 Million in Last Month

NY Homeless vets group asked Donald Trump for a donation—1 year later-He sent them a bumper sticker

State-by-State Polling Data from - Really Interesting!

Settle for Hillary

Convicted rapist & former Oklahoma cop Daniel Holtzclaw's inmate file deleted from state DOC website

It's sad that Bill wanted to build a bridge to Hope and Hillary wants to destroy it.

Did you know that

Which Side Are You On (again!)

TYT: Why Hillary Clinton Won’t Be Tough On Wall Street

How The Clintons Cashed In - How They Made $230 Million Since Leaving The White House

Centuries-old cedar tree that initially survived tsunami to be cut down

Hillary supporters who are shredding Bernie had no complaints about Bernie and were...

Sanders' campaign stands by book blurb knocking Obama

Jim Hightower for Bernie Sanders in Minden, Nevada

Bernie Sanders Calls Hillary Clinton's Emails 'A Very Serious Issue'

GIANT turnout for Bernie organizational meeting in KENTUCKY.

Here We Are On The Eve Of The Iowa Caucus - Is Anybody Here On DU Still Undecided?....

What I learned from President Obama - Smarter Every Day 151

TYT: Disney Sued For Making Workers Train Foreign Replacements

An unfortunate history of white people playing other races

What Strikes Me About Bernie's Campaign Is The The Air Of Confidence That Bernie's Camp Exudes.....

Militants accuse FBI of blocking communications

An equal midwife to the birth of mainstream extremism

Sanders’ Campaign Raises $20 Million in January, FEC Report Showcases Small-Dollar Fundraising Power

Nate Silver: Hillary Clinton May Win Iowa After All

So to some Hillary supporters, Bernie is only selling "snake oil"..

Which Side Are You On

WITCH Uses Ritual to Protest Housing Inequalities in Chicago

He’s like Pinocchio except when he tells a lie, his balls grow bigger.

Bernie Sanders' Small Donor Fundraising Continues To Set Records, $20 Million in ONE month.

Sanders Campaign Raises $20million in One Month - NYT

How many ways can Goldman give?

Bernie takes over twitter! Happening now XD

Fighting for Iowa Voters, Bernie Sanders Leads in Yaroslavl :)

#BundyTeaParty Day 30: What you need to know = four holdouts await divine intervention =

Blasts close to Damascus' main Shi'ite shrine kill 60

What are you reading this week of January 31, 2016?

NOAA Model Finds Renewable Energy Could be Deployed in the U.S. Without Storage

Imagine if John F. Kennedy thought like Hillary...

Charlie Musselwhite was born on this date.

Pants Velour - "Bernie, Bernie, Bernie"

DNC agrees to sanction more debates

Pants Velour - "Bernie, Bernie, Bernie"

A good Sunday discussion, maybe

Terry Kath was born on this date.

Judge tries to put an end to pajamas in the courtroom

A quote on progress by George Bernard Shaw...

Secretary Clinton Says We Can't, But Together We Can

Just go drink the Kool-Aid already.

Clinton Inc., the most branded presidential candidate ever.

Frugal Bernie is a case apart from the two other presidential candidates who don't crack a million.

Robert Reich announces the death of the Republican Party

Obama Was Asked About The Feud Between Hillary And Bernie Supporters-This Was His…

Barclays, Credit Suisse to strike record deals with SEC, NY over dark pools

Circular Rea$oning on Health Care

Hey, guys, a little off-topic: Does anyone know who started this group?

"Warriors of the GD-P" Appreciation Thread! (Hillary Group)

Go Bernie Podcast Iowa: #CaucusForBernie on Feb 1st

How a Celebrity’s Silly Belief in Flat Earth Can Be Useful By Lawrence Krauss

Oops. Trump Chick Tract Comic Book is a Parody. Nevertheless Very Insightful

Israeli soldiers kill Palestinian officer (after he commits terrorist attack)

Mexico kills two, nabs 22 in bust of Sinaloa cartel smuggling ring

Mexico kills two, nabs 22 in bust of Sinaloa cartel smuggling ring

Bhikkhuni (A female Buddhist monk)

Bhikkhuni (A female Buddhist monk)

Broncos are taking off for Frisco!

Senator Bernie Sanders Campaign Rally in Waterloo, Iowa

At a star-studded Coachella-esque rally, Bernie Sanders vies for the college vote

Plumbers unions helping replace faucets in Flint during water emergency

Stephen Colbert Moderates A Trump Vs. Trump Debate

CNN is gobsmacked that Bernie raised 20 mil in a month

Rally at Iowa City for Bernie

This is My Candidate, Bernie Sanders - Consistent and Real for 30 years

Bernie Sanders’s campaign brings in jaw-dropping $20 million in January

Paul Wellstone quote

Do You Need a Ride to the Iowa Caucus?

Poll Finds 68% Of Iowans Turned On By Knowledge Whole Nation Watching

MSNBC To Host Democratic Debate Ahead Of New Hampshire Primary

Sanders Announces Huge Fundraising Haul

I believe Iowa is a wrap and I would not count out NH either.

Newsweek: Palestinian Incitement: Hate-Speech That Kills

What if we funded education the way we fund health insurance?

Hillary Clinton's inadvertent admission...

CERN Has To Untangle 9,000 Cables Before The Next LHC Upgrade

If Hillary wins the nomination...

Hillary supporters, are we supposed to accept America the way it is and is becoming?

I couldn't be prouder than to stand with Ron Wyden in his endorsement of Hillary Clinton

"Hitler Reacts to the Death of LaVoy Finicum"

The Copycat is getting desperate

Tom Brokaw of NBC tried to downplay Sanders' chances by comparing him to Dean.

Animal Farm - Written by Democratic Socialist George Orwell

The SNL skits of Hillary Clinton are accurate

Jill Sobule at U of Iowa: Who is a democratic socialist? Most of us!" And the crowd goes wild!

"Bern It Up" - Remix

Pants Velour - "Bernie, Bernie, Bernie..."

I love you guys

I love you guys

You're gonna love this meme...

Comparing crowd sizes last 24 hrs of Bernie & Hillary-The enthisiasm gap

Murder in paradise: Fears there is someone stalking tourists in the Carribean

Bernie Sanders sings with Vampire Weekend (This land is your land)

Just got home from the first meeting of the Jefferson

OPUS has a plan to make America great again!

Ex-president of El Salvador dies facing corruption charges

Ex-president of El Salvador dies facing corruption charges

More than 1,600 Turkmens flee from intensifying Russian and Syrian regime airstrikes

Donald Trump Field Organizer Accuses Campaign of Sex Discrimination

@billclinton & @repjohnlewis surprise worshippers at a Des Moines Baptist church.

You've gotta see this. This is wild. Bern It Up Remix.

Have you guys seen this? (Universal Income)

What would your cat do?

The truth behind US' Operation Just Cause in Panama

Superstitious Argentine President Mauricio Macri hires exorcists.

Superstitious Argentine President Mauricio Macri hires exorcists.

The truth behind US' Operation Just Cause in Panama

Bernie Crushing it - "Bernie Sanders' Small Donor Fundraising Continues To Set Records"


Clinton Iowa Volunteers Train When To Push Backers To O’Malley — To Block Bernie

Lord of the Flies

Delta Flight Attendants Get in Fist Fight, Plane Lands

This is important - How Populists like Bernie Sanders Should Talk About Racism

"Tell me something real."

Thousands of these are being put on doors in IOWA now! (Revolution starts here)

Why It Matters That Obama Is Finally Visiting An American Mosque

Michael Moore now tearing it up on Twitter for Bernie

On the Eve of the Iowa Caucus, A Thank You to the Candidates

Bernie's "military adviser" only spoke to him once.

ISIS executed 2,114 civilians in 19 months, human rights group says

Hillary Clinton took in all of her wealth from corporations, but she's not going to return the

Donald Trump Says He Wants Supreme Court To Overturn Same-Sex Marriage

Iran gives medals to generals who detained U.S. sailors

Democratic Party Establishment to young people in 2011:

Donald Trump Paid Sarah Palin $10 Million For Endorsement

"Mr. Wonder," alleged La. pedophile, ostensibly caught after decades

Bernie Sanders: The New Democratic Frontrunner

'No deal yet' in Brexit talks with Cameron: EU's Tusk

anyone watching Grease live tonight?

Bernie Sanders: The New Democratic Frontrunner

Syria conflict: Dozens killed near Sayyida Zeinab shrine

Path To Victory

A progressive candidate the DU can get behind

Clinton Can't Count on Union Backing in Iowa, Despite Endorsements (report from Patrick Caldwell)

Remember what happened to the last serial flip flopper in a general election?

Enthusiasm? You want ENTHUSIASM? Iowa Hillary supporters have it in abundance

Go play with my path to victory spreadsheet

Top US Senator John Mccain Welcomes US Warship Patrol Of South China Sea

Ted Cruz won't apologize for his campaign mail which looks like parking tickets.

Iran Gives Medals For Capture Of U.S. Sailors

Makeshift Memorial Springs up on Oregon Highway for Rancher

It's a crisis in 'fromage' and it stinks ... yooge amounts of cheese stolen in WI

"I can't say Hitler …"

Burns Oregon--Today is the Edge of Revolution!

Report: Saudi Police Arrest 9 US 'Terror' Suspects

What's your prediction for Iowa?

Report: Small Group of Chicago Cops Cost $34M in Settlements

How can Bernie ever hope to match the record of Hillary and her foreign policy advisers?

Jerusalem Court Slams Police Over Arrests Of Left-Wing Activists

Don't Be Fooled: Bibi And Im Tirzu Are One And The Same

Tweety is speaking with Trump

Every $1 milion of individual donations for Bernie is worth $2 million corporate money for Hillary.

More Than Half of Trump’s Retweets Are White Supremacists Praising Him

Twisting Inquiry Into Buenos Aires Bombing Takes New Turn

Twisting Inquiry Into Buenos Aires Bombing Takes New Turn

New drinking game for the primaries.

Tweety just kissed Trumps butt in an interview on MSNBC.

SANDERS WINS: Western Illinois Univ. Picks Presidents with 100% Accuracy Since 1975, 11/15

Do you know what topic rattled a Clinton advocate when he was on tv advocating for Clinton?

I like Bernie but….

Hillary Surging with Americans Harboring Low Expectations, No Ambition for Better Future

Anyone else follow Michael Moore on Twitter?

On the Iowa caucus eve - Why Sanders and Trump rise and Why America Needs Sanders Now

This is what happens when an e-cigarette malfunctions...

Hey baseball lovers!

Bernie's Madness

Hillary Clinton is the candidate for foreign policy? You really want her to be commander in chief?

Do Republicans believe Obama is a "socialist"?

Des Moines Rally! livestream

Clinton Iowa Volunteers Train When To Push Backers To O’Malley — To Block Bernie

Tweety:Jeb is the dog food the dog won't eat.


A looming campaign issue? Over 1 million risk losing food aid over Clinton-era work requirements.

#Barkus! ((((PICS))))

Where is the present "Democratic Party"?

Fraud Psychic Gets Exposed On Camera!

UMass Lowell's Daily NH presidential poll. Please read

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 1 February 2016

Israel approves mixed-sex Jewish prayer site at Western Wall

Huge number of folks at a Bernie canvass launch in Marshalltown (Chris Hayes tweets)

Sunday newsflash: My 87-year old, Republican mother supports Bernie.

Sanders Leads Clinton by 1 Point in Iowa the Day Before the Caucuses – 48-47%

I’m Suing Civis Analytics

Hillary Clinton May Win Iowa After All

Ancient extinction of giant Australian bird points to humans

Vital history in a region surrounded by chaos: Göbekli Tepe

Seen this, 'Democratic rivals say yes to another town hall?'

A protest song for the start of the Primaries - "The Rich Man's House"

Iowa's Not Just About Iowa: It's about the Sanders Argument

Pssst pssst

Iowans, you are the first step to restoring democracy for "We the people".

Jeffry Sachs, Columbia U. Earth Institute, on Hillary Clinton:

Democratic Establishment: We want the candidate our opponents can destroy with the truth

Bernie interview on MSNBC at 8PM ET tonight

Would our candidates accept a VP invite

O’Malley talks environment as caucus approaches.

RTÉ Mourns Loss Of Terry Wogan

Update re: Help Officer Hickey Keep Ajax (police dog being put up for auction)

My Rescue/Adoption Story by Mallorie Indian Mound, TN

If this doesn’t make you sniffle a little, I don’t know what will. Watch – you’ll love it

Step one, plant a mango tree.

Koch brothers have $14.8M ready in PAC

This Hillary supporter is here to praise Bernie and the best contribution that he's made to America

Michael Moore on Twitter- Hillary "to the right of Obama & will move us backwards, not forward"

Defiant Martin O'Malley insists he won't play Iowa kingmaker.

Des Moines Rally with Sen. Sanders

Defiant Martin O'Malley insists he won't play Iowa kingmaker.

Cracked: 4 Ways the Presidential Race has Destroyed Iowa

Accu-weather survey: 30% wouldn't travel through wintry weather to vote.

To steal a line from Carville, "It's

NHL All-star game

Israel to create a new egalitarian prayer plaza at Western Wall