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Clinton strategist claims Bernie Sanders running 'most negative' Democratic primary campaign ever

Sure are a lot of Clinton email experts on DU.

Retreating Clinton Campaign Torches Iowa Town To Slow Advance Of Sanders Volunteers

Instant Voters Guide 2016

"The Rise and Fall of a Fox News Fraud" Rolling Stone

Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley: “the gears are still turning on possible indictments for Nevada.”

Text msg asking for donations

Where are the undecideds? We act like they're here, but they're not

2.5 million animal selfies reveal that nature is still going strong

National Asian American and Pacific Islander PAC Endorses Clinton for President

Paul Krugman gets to the heart of the Bernie Sanders/Hillary Clinton divide

Tonite: HBO 'Real Time with Bill Maher', Thom Hartmann & other Guests, 10PM ET

If the email story is so important and such a terrible crime, surely Bernie

Retreating Clinton Campaign Torches Iowa Town To Slow Advance Of Sanders Volunteers

Cenk Uygur absolutely destroys the Washington Post’s anti-Sanders editorial with this amazing rant

Chamber of Commerce Lobbyist Tom Donohue: Clinton Will Support TPP After Election

Marco Rubio is not a moderate: If the Florida senator represents mainstream conservatism, the GOP is

Latest: Flint residents warned of lead above filter grade

Encouraged by the Oregon squatters, I have a few demands of my own :

Any "watch the caucus's" event, pro Bernie, for Monday night?

Race for Zika vaccine gathers momentum as virus spreads

This Campaign Is About YOU.

For young people not yet of voting age...but who will be eligible by Nov. 2016:

State Department now looking into whether Clinton emails were classified when they were sent

Thanks To The One That Kept Me Company All Day While I Was Sick At Home.

Is it a right-wing conspiracy that Obama's FBI has 100 agents working fulltime investigating

There's Something Called A Pro Bowl Sunday...Never Heard of it Before

Former CIA operative Plame to campaign for Clinton

Bad News For Sarah Palin's PAC

They Don't Give A Damn About You.

Record Kentucky bear hunt season exceeds quota

Adding to Bernie's platform.

ADA (Americans for Democratic Action) endorses Bernie

Hillary is her own worst enemy

12 Photos: Martin O'Malley in Denison

If the Sanders movement is so formidible it can force Congress to bend to President Sanders' will

Ammon And Ryan Bundy Denied Bail

A Day in Our Lives

The Seventh GOP Debate: OutFOXed!!!

After I Lived in Norway, America Felt Backward. Here’s Why - A crash course in social democracy.

Oregon Town Torn Apart by Protest at Wildlife Refuge

Nice quiet visit

So I just checked out Bill's "website"...

Float like a Butterfly, sting like a Bee, feel the Bern

Isolated, Starving And Losing Hope

The Laughing Stock Of The World

This Quote From Rick Snyder’s Emails Says Everything You Need To Know About Flint’s Water Crisis

The Answer To Your Question Is No.

OMG, they named it 'Redline'.

How Ruth Bader Ginsburg Pushed For A Law To Make Sure Women Get Equal Pay

Hey, Have You Heard About the Top Secret US Drone Program?

Bernie Sanders Rallies Volunteers in Iowa With a Call for Turnout


This version of Stairway to Heaven brought Robert Plant to tears.....

So yesterday Bernie announced that every woman should have 3 months FREE maternity leave


Question about shadow clipping

Why I’m going to Iowa.

Hillary Clinton's 'top secret' 22 emails were not classified when they were sent

Episode 45 of Extinction Radio is ready to stream

Black lives like my father’s should matter. That’s why I’m endorsing Bernie Sanders.

Reason #468 Why We Must Nominate Bernie: NY Times: Unions Fear Trump's Appeal To Rank & File

“I have seen many incredible things...I look forward to seeing a woman president." (AGE 102)

The ACA today January 29, 2016

Paul Krugman Misunderstands Bernie Sanders by Mark Weisbrot, Center for Economic and Politics

Donald Trump Is the GOP’s Warlord

State dept. spokesman: none of the 37 email pages was classified when sent.

My God Nina Turner is amazing. I wish Sanders could clone her.

Carole King video for Hillary.

Brian Urlacher is not a fan of Cam Newton’s celebrations

Lebanon returns Israeli vulture cleared of spying

Maine GOP: Welfare-tax question won’t make 2016 ballot

Watching the best documentary ever made.

For Iowa

Thom Hartmann - the man who introduced Bernie to many of us - on Bill Maher tonite.

The New Jim Crow author Endorses Bernie Sanders

Iowa Polling Results (Hillary +11%)

interesting "openl letter" to Hillary (not mine)

Sanders Aide Apologizes To Clinton Staffer For Bernie Bros’ Trolling

Harney County remains tense as FBI continues to negotiate with holdouts at Malheur refuge

Must-read endorsement of the most pro-immigrant Presidential candidate in history

My Little Dragon dog rescue by Alison Renton Kununurra, Australia

Re-Think The "War On Drugs"

Gabby Giffords & Mark Kelly to Campaign for Hillary Clinton in Iowa on Saturday, January 30, 2016

Bernie Sanders Will Kick Fraudulent Big Pharma Corps Out of Medicare & Medicaid....Would Hillary?

That's Extremism!

Three Democratic presidential hopefuls to attend Colorado dinner.

Friday Talking Points (376) -- One No Trump

Bernie Sanders And Big Business Find Something They Can Actually Agree On

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! Hard to Say Goodbye! & a new Kitteh gif

any madtown debate parties?

Facebook Moves to Ban Private Gun Sales on Its Site and Instagram

He smiles, dances and gives balls to kids. So why all the hate for Cam Newton?

I am just now watching BBC World News Tonight: Syria, Top Secret Emails.

flint water crisis stupid question-

In Iowa’s final stretch, Clinton pivots away from attacking rival Sanders

How many here are heading for Iowa this weekend?

Oregon Town Torn Apart by Protest at Wildlife Refuge

Tell Me Again How A Single Payer System Would Cost Too Much.

Mass Moral March HKonJ Returns Feb. 13th

Tzadaka at Home Depot. Interesting

Air Canada flight from Newark to Vancouver losses cabin pressure at 30,000 feet and then lands

My own theory of why atheist relationships scare people: personal or political

For those that cant (Joe Cocker translated) Woodstock footage inside!

Sanders Aide Apologizes To Clinton Staffer For Bernie Bros’ Trolling

Pushback for Anti-Israel Academics

Why does our Justice Department seem to be as effective as a fart in a windstorm?

Link regarding Texting for Bernie -

"Just beautiful . . . . The volcano over there . . . . Wow! . . . .

TCM Schedule for Sunday January 31 - Ray Milland

Head of Glenn Beck’s Media Empire Quits as The Blaze Burns Down

I've read complaints about media coverage of Clinton or Sanders - but O'Malley

Live now - lengthy interview with David Fry and two others at Malheur NWF

REALLY loved 1st episode of You, Me and the Apocalypse

Where was Bernie's "political revolution" in 2014 when GOPers took over both houses of Congress?

TCM Schedule for Monday February 1 - 31 Days of Oscar

Best Twitter spat of the week: Fang v. Confessore.

Boston Globe: "Gun licenses on the rise in Mass.; 7.8% increase seen" (+44% over 5 years)

Thom Hartmann to be on Bill Maher now! nt

Iowan hopes to cast 20th presidential vote — for Clinton

Hillary's Corporate Democrats Taking Down Bernie Sanders-----Trying to imo

Anybody doubted BecKKK's "empire" would burn down?!1 Abandoning Texas for Israel?!1 YESSsss!1

Syrian opposition to go to Geneva as peace talks open

The Affordable Care Act was a great accomplishment, but it is NOT a sacred cow!

From Bernie: So close

Hillary's Corporate Democrats Taking Down Bernie Sanders

A little fightin' music to get you up for Monday

Link to #MarchForBernieNYC Jan. 30 Facebook Page

Highly anticipated final Iowa Poll released tomorrow (the "gold standard" of Iowa polling)

Sadly, over the Hill

How Obamacare fails the poor and middle class

dim one throws some shade

The attacks never stop, but Hillary is still standing. I'm with her. We won't be erased.

TCM ALERT: "Hearts and Minds"

4 Chinese miners rescued after 36 days trapped underground

Nebular Hypothesis Does Belong With Skeptics

'Rent Is Too Damn High' founder endorses Trump for president

I think it is about time we have female President!

If Hillary calls in all her political capital to avoid an indictment....

2,997,644 at 11:06pm EST

Hillary Clinton has been a MAJOR force for good. She's carried the torch.

Washington Post editorial board: Bernie Sanders’s fiction-filled campaign

Bernie just broke 3 million donations

So you know that anti-Bernie ad done by that billionaire?

News posted to Bernie's Facebook page:

Hillary Clinton super PAC raised more than $25 million in last half of 2015

You folks want to see a really cute family?

Davenport woman's dying wish - attend her first caucus (Bernie supporter)

Large avalanche leaves 5 dead in B.C. Interior

Donald Trump : A moment of political genius

!!!!!! Everyone say it with me now: 3 MILLION DONATIONS for BERNIE !!

Somethings up at the refuge

Gabby Giffords & Mark Kelly to Campaign for Hillary Clinton in Iowa

Hillary and Bill in Davenport, IA tonight

Saw this on Facebook (Occupy) but photobucket is down, for maint, so I can't DU-post it cleanly

Not just Flint---Environmental racism in America

It's not about "RW talking points". It's about "the appearance of impropriety".

Bernie Sanders’s supporters ignore what we learned from Obama

Over 3,000,000 contributions! Congratulations everyone!

Conan O’Brien and Michelle Obama Entertain the Troops, and Each Other, in Qatar

Surveys Say: Donald Trump Is the Favorite of Moderate Republicans

Bernie Draws 1,300 Supporters In Dubuque, IA On Friday 1/29/16

America's secret history of forced sterilization (on mostly minority women)

(Updated 1/29/16) Latest Democratic nomination poll results - courtesy of

Okay Listen up people. Can't we all just agree on one thing!?1

Is it so hard to believe that decent people can support a different candidate than you?

(Updated 1/29/16) Latest Democratic nomination poll results - courtesy of

Oregon standoff: Video of LaVoy Finicum's death fuels rampant rumors, debate

To everyone touting the wisdom of 538, just remember this:

Ammon's message to the final four via John Sepulvado: OPR

Hillary and Bernie supporters unite.

LynneSin you HAVE to see this....

From a friend in Sweden - Pic of HRC

Real Time with Bill Maher (5 show clips)

Since we're playing dig up old posts tonight, let me share one I wrote in 2008

Seems like the Clinton camp has a long history of attacking Ann Selzer's Iowa Poll

Will someone please stop me from going to free republic

Mahuer after almost everyone left or ran away

Ezra Klein and Paul Krugman both face-planted in their Bernie Sanders takedowns

30 Years of Speeches by #BernieSanders

I love you - now play dead

"She voted for the Iraq War, but I have to tell you, how many years ago was that?"

Planned Parenthood PAC launches ads for Clinton in Iowa

Unemployment Is a Full-Time Job

Hacker breaks into largest police organization and threatens to release information

Jeb! Campaign Pulls The Plug On Itself

UK Telegraph: Antidepressant risks to adults and under 18's may have been seriously underestimated

O'Malley in Sioux City asks Iowans to elevate him over Clinton, Sanders.

Forecasters: Storm, blizzard conditions may put region through a windy, wintry wringer

Fact-checkers take on Clinton, Sanders and O’Malley.

*Breaking* *Unreliable sources* *Dynamite*: Cruz sent out threatening GOTV letters in Iowa.

Seems like no matter what I do...

That was some damn garlic in my mussels.

Environmental group says reaches accord to stop offshore fracking in California

The Latest Anti-Gay Oklahoma Bills Are Almost Too Crazy to Believe

Daily Holidays - January 30

Rights group sues for details of U.S. counter terrorism effort

Rights group sues for details of U.S. counter terrorism effort

France to recognise Palestinian state unless deadlock with Israel broken

Self-deleting posts

U.S. Navy Destroyer Sails Near Disputed Island in South China Sea

Navy Officer Sentenced to 40 Months in Bribery Case

Bernie Supporters are the worst human beings in the USA, if not the world. STOP IT.

ASPCA Seizes Near-Record 600 Animals From No-Kill Shelter

UN Working Group Suggests US Work on Racial Reconciliation

Is El Niño to Blame for the "Explosive" Zika Virus Outbreak?

Digital currency firm co-founder admits to US money laundering charge

Digital currency firm co-founder admits to US money laundering charge

I think I want a clear answer from her.

Citizens of West L.A. -- protect yourselves with cans of beans and iron skillets!

Malaysia 1MDB scandal: Investigators say about $4bn may be missing from fund

Kentucky moves to halt abortions at Louisville clinic

102-year-old Iowan prepares to cast her 20th presidential vote

State Deparment briefing 1/29

ALL STAR weekend!

Sanders running the most negative campaign ever?

Pluto's Surface Has a Surprising Amount of Water Ice

Only family detention center outside Texas may shut after license revoked

"Never, ever" ? Enough is enough.

Carly Fiorina Earned Over $83K From Company Using Aborted Fetal Stem Cells

Come on Serena

California cities banning dispensaries ahead of deadline.

Goldman Sachs and the financial destruction of Greece.

Rubio reminds me of

Mother Nature pays Hill back for Big Oil, pro-fracking/pipeline support

Meet A Retired Iowan Farmer Who Is A Devoted Bernie Volunteer

Hurry up and renew your passport!

Bernie Sanders and the Death of Dreaming

Hillary Clinton is running a poor primary campaign

A Bernie Presidency Was Foretold In 1988: A Very British Coup.

"The President We Need"

We they say, "NO WE CAN'T," what they really mean is...

Hate Springs Eternal - Whose supporters are the worst?

response to flat earthers

Sometimes A Trump-ism Might Be Worth Keeping

Ben Carson Tells Atheist There’s ‘No Conflict’ Between Church And State

Are All Religious Experiences Reducible to 16 Desires?

Is the best qualified meme just an

The World Really Hates Donald Trump

Weekly Address: Giving Every Student an Opportunity to Learn Through Computer Science For All

As long as our government is owned by Goldman Sachs,

Taliban control of Afghanistan strongest since US invasion

Bradlee Dean: gay people have never been victims of hate

Free Speech on U.K. Campuses Is Under Attack as Never Before and Jews Are Prime Targets

"Then they send me away, to teach me how to be sensible, logical, responsible, practical..."

Bernie on Sunday: This Week, State of the Union, and Meet the Press

The last time a pope shook hands with an Iranian leader

Both the Democratic and Republican Parties have a Jeffrey Epstein problem

Ron and Nancy Recant!!

Catholics, Jews, Humanists and Muslims Meet: Confronting Interfaith Dialogue 50 Years Later

NY Post: Why Hngry Hipsters are Dining at Dingy Penn Station On Purpose

NY/NJ vegan/vegetarians- The Cinnamon Snail is near NYC Penn Station!

Cruz faces Iowa troubles over ethanol

The Salacious Ammo Even Donald Trump Won't Use in a Fight Against Hillary

Dave's not here man!

Guide for Canvassing | Bernie Sanders

Sam Wang:There's only one candidate that needs to win Iowa

I'm not big on conspiracy theories, but I do find the timing of the release of the email information

Yet another reason to avoid men wearing yellow shirts.

Political Hate

Weekend Toon Roundup 1: Screwy

Hillary's campaign advisor, Benenson, tells "How to Beat Hillary Clinton"

Weekend Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Venezuela's capital is world's most murderous city

I think this accurately portrays how I feel about now

Imagine Bloomberg steps in and the election goes to the House. Whom do they select?

Cell phone sim card insertion basics page, for raw newbs like me.....

Download your Bernie Flyer kit

CEO Of World Sailing Fired; Thought Shit- And Trash-Filled Rio Bay Not Best Olympic Venue


How Many Booms Are Left For The Oil Industry? Potentially None - Houston Chronicle

"I love this guy"

South FL Mayors Paying The Sea-Level Piper; GOP Candidates Invisible On Growing Disaster

how to tell who is winning iowa before we get the results

Female shark devours male Shark in aquarium turf war

33 Migrants Drown as Boat Hits Rocks, Sinks Off Turkey Coast

I love Bernie!

Want to predict what tonight's POLL of POLLS will show?

Gov Snyder's Office To Flynt Mother: "It is just a few IQ points....It Is Not The End Of The World"

The U.S. May Build 500 Jets Before Finding Out If the F-35 Works

Taylor Energy GOM Oil Leak 20X Company Estimates, Could Leak For Decades; "Act Of God" - CEO

PNAS Study - Sea Level Rise From Thermal Expansion Could Be 2X Earlier Estimates - AFP

What Trickle-Down Economics Has Done to the US: The Rich Get All the Money

Hurry up and renew your passport!

"You're Right, Bernie Sanders, You're Right!"

THIS, just doesn't look like "Saving America" to me.

Florida Bill Bans Local Control Of Fracking; Blocks Disclosure Of Chemicals Used In Process

Despite El Nino Gains, California Reservoirs Still Dangerously Low; Trinity 27% Cap, Shasta 49%

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 1-29-16 we need $55.24 January goal to go

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 1-29-16 we need $55.24 January goal to go


Jimmy Carter to make rare address to British House of Lords

Michigan cadaver dealer indicted over body parts

January bumper sticker count


A message from Young Progressive Voices

This is where the adults must hang out

Majority of Americans Dissatisfied With Corporate Influence

Uri Avnery on the Current Reality of the Israeli Peace Movement

Could Bernie Sanders be the best small business president?

Bernie's popularity explained in 1 cartoon

One of the most comprehensive compilations of PBO's many accomplishments I've ever found...

Joseph Stiglitz and Martín Guzmán: Argentina’s Uncertain Prospects.

Bay Area DUers...

Clinton, Cruz fight headwinds in final push through Iowa Read more:

Depraved Indifference

Seawater Now Six Miles Inland In Ft. Lauderdale Aquifer; Amazing South FL Video (Climate Crocks)

Clinton, Cruz fight headwinds in final push through Iowa Read more:

Prosecutors Use Refuge Occupiers' Own Words Against Them

The real threat to abortion in Florida isn't an all-out ban

The Made for TV Election

Iowa Spotlight (cartoon)

5 Ridiculous Victorian Etiquette Rules | What the Stuff?!

AP: What to look for in Iowa's presidential caucuses (2016)

Is Team Clinton Campaigning Against President Obama on Iran Diplomacy?

Bernie Sanders is the Only Candidate Pushing the Same Message as 20th Century American Progressives

We do not need another Clinton administration. If only Sanders would say it

Does the press even sensationalize the weather ?

"Megyn who?" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Cross post for Bay Area DUers...

Passed this freshly decorated neighbor’s house, got so happy I passed by my own in quest for camera

Tropical Disease Scientist - Houston's Poor Neighbohoods Could Be Prime Zika Real Estate


Role reversal: Hillary OUTDRAWS Sanders -- 1,500 to 1,000 -- last night in Davenport.

This thread is a must read!

National security law expert on Clinton email issue: "not uncommon" and legal charges very unlikely.

Dog in Alabama runs marathon (without the knowledge of her owner) and finishes sixth!

Another deal alert: a Dell from newegg for $115

Bernie Sanders Vows to Crack Down on Greedy Corporate Tax Dodgers

The Bern is about to become an irritating itch

Bill Clinton: Hillary lives by her Christian faith

Nicole Foss: The Boundaries and Future of Solution Space

Could Celebrity Endorsements Trump Party Endorsements This Primary Season?

Feel the churn: On the campaign trail with Ben and Jerry

Trying to Cram Hillary Annointed Crap Down Our Throats Made U.S. Puke

Carly! eat your heart out.

2016 - all we need to know - the rest is JUST noise:

Some in Iowa Surprised by Hillary Clinton’s Ease With Faith

Hillary in Davenport and Dubuque IOWA Jan 29

Future for Charismatic Pika Not as Daunting as Once Feared

Climate Change Prompts Makeover of New England's Forests, Dartmouth Study Finds

Some things that will "NEVER, EVER come to pass!!"

Icy Ebb And Flow Influenced by Hydrothermal Activity

Clinton Rationale For private Server... "Convenience!" Yes, A Poor Decision Hillary, Perhaps...

Warcraft Movie Actor: "I Credit World of Warcraft With Saving My Life"

Hunting season

Favorite Mel Brooks lines/dialogue

President Bill Clinton on why Hillary is the greatest change

U.S. missile destroyer sailed close to island claimed by China

LOL, I love the Hillary fans all of the sudden HATING SINGLE PAYER.......

Hillary 53% BS 42% MOM 5% Gravis 1/26 -1/27

Cartoon Twofer - Unplanned Indictments

Did CNN scrub the "Never Ever" video?

Tired of the lies.

What EVERY Fascist Knows.

The Most Of Any Presidential Campaign (In History)

Tears and Bewilderment in Brazilian City Facing Zika Crisis

Jeb! campaign pulls the plug on itself.

Did anyone on msnbc mention the emails last nite? They should! Not to bash Hillary but to....

It's going to be a long weekend, it seems.

Dogs discovering snow

BOOM! New York Times endorses Hillary Clinton

TYT: Is Bernie Sanders Healthy Enough To Be President?

Some ancient god seems to have cursed us with imagination...

Gabby Giffords & Mark Kelly to Campaign for Hillary in Iowa on Sat, Jan 30, 2016

I proudly stand with the New York Times in their endorsement of Hillary Clinton

TYT: Will Obama Become A Supreme Court Justice

The Escalating Media Assault on Bernie Sanders

The Push For 10,000 Latino Voters At The Iowa Caucuses

Looks like Hillary & Democrats got Bernie to flip flop

Guessing the odds (in which I practice building tables with [div]).

When ICE is at the Door

Zika outbreak epicenter in same area where Oxitec GM mosquitoes were released in 2015

Democratic Socialism

TYT: What Is Right Punishment For Oregon Militia?

Bernie Sanders to Receive Secret Service Protection: Fox News

War in Syria: Russia’s 'rustbucket' military delivers a hi-tech shock to West and Israel

What Do You Mean 'Sanders Might Be Another George McGovern'?

Black Lives Shattered: An African American's View of the Clinton Era

Neo-Nazis blamed for refugee attacks in Sweden's Stockholm -

Jan 30, Hillary canvassing going strong in IOWA

Drive-by Street Harassment

Republican Delusions on Display, live from inside the minds of four Tea Party militants.

TYT: Super Storm Jonas Causes Porn Spike

France: If New Peace Initiative Fails, We'll Recognize Palestine

TYT: Carly Fiorina Sold Baby Parts

We are trolls and Moles says the Clinton Group...I beg to differ

voter: "Trump's greatest strength is knowing how to manage people properly"

Signs of Modern Astronomy Seen in Ancient Babylon

TYT: Bro In Hot Water For Black Lives Don’t Matter Video

When an article portrayed as defending your candidate is anything but

My most sincere thanks to Camp Weathervane!

Sanders to Receive Secret Service Protection

Cover Of Der Spiegel: "Madness - America's Agitator Donald Trump" Literally Set On Fire

Bernie Sanders and Big Business Found Something They Can Actually Agree On

TYT: Militia Member Killed By Police (VIDEO)

Nature Editorial Comment: India needs home-grown GM food to stop starvation.

I need a little help from my friends

Mr. Podesta...Hillary's Campaign Manager.

I'm having a problem with a HP laptop running WIN 7

Donald Trump talks bad about Hillary Clinton

What am I worth?

If Darwin was into politics rather than exploring the nature of the species...

Note to Hillary: Clintonomics Was a Disaster for Most Americans


An Almost Perfect Predictor of GDP Growth and Bernie Lays the Boots…

i'm for the democrat.

Firms Paid Bill Clinton Millions As They Lobbied Hillary Clinton

Impeach Hillary Clinton Immediately If She’s Elected, North Carolina Republicans Say

Spin Meter: Sanders will break up the big banks within a year

It really doesn’t matter if Hillary Clinton is ‘dishonest’

Vice chair of west Virginia Democratic Party endorses Bernie

Dolly is modeling her winter coat.

I thought Sanders was bad for black people. These women changed my mind.

Did someone mention corrupt?

The down ticket & here come the Bernie progressives!

Hey, "Lecture The Black Folk 101" class has started and some of you are late

This should bring us all together republicans are going to talk about impeachment whether it is


This from a high school classmate of mine:

Larry Sanders Weighs in on Campaign (+New Interviews)

10 Things They Won't Tell You About the Flint Water Tragedy

Essence On-line Covers Donna Edwards' Campaign

My published LTE in the Killingly (CT) Villager--Doubts about Clinton’s ability to lead

The people of Flint WANT Governor Snyder!

NATO warns Russia to 'respect' alliance airspace after Turkey violation

Get Up Stand Up

Clinton,Bernie reach deal on more debates

FBI Sources: Early Errors Doomed Oregon Protestors

anecdotal: Went to a party for an old friend last night

Both Parties Agree: Selling Out Is Worth It

If Bernie really did go negative, he'd point out the obvious re. HRC's foreign policy "experience":

Cruz tries to shame Iowa voters by sending out mailers with their personal information.

January Fosters!

Google Is Not What It Seems

Just as Clinton has moved to the left - so will Senate and House candidates in this election cycle

Corporations WILL Pay Their Fair Share

Over 1 million face loss of food stamps over work requirements

Malheur occupiers: ‘All of us out or all dead’

Bernie Sanders Terrifies Wall Street

There are Too Many Flints

I need a pick me up.

The photo of the last stand of doomed IT workers

TYT - Liberal Media?

The Progressive Voting Law That Could Help Trump and Bernie Win Iowa

Senate says climate change not caused by humans

To the undecided, same 'ol same 'ol. Last call.

Does Bernie Sanders have any scandals associated with him?

I Completely Understand Why The NY Times Endorsed Hillary

Warning: nightmare inducing image - desperate Cruz

Does Bernie Think Obama Let Progessives Down?

We've slowed down the video of the LaVoy Finicum shooting (Graphic Warning)

Clinton's Corporate Ties Are Exactly What's Needed

Seizing on Establishment Panic, Sanders Sharpens Contrast with Clinton

Nina Turner: Can't go from "Yes! We Can!" to "No! We Can't!"


Sanders, Clinton Campaigns Agree To More Debates

It's a crime scene! FBI should be investigating Flint water.

Report: Clinton, Sander Campaigns Agree To Attend 4 More Debates

Thousands March in Paris Rain to Protest State of Emergency

One Million Moms Furious Olive Garden BFFs With Satan Now

Bernie: "Don't Believe Everything You Read in the New York Times" :)

San Francisco police recite pledge to root out intolerance

Bernie Sanders Is Making Surprising Gains With Less Affluent Whites

leaving for the NYC March for Bernie now - See Ya!

Are we the New New Democrats?

Do You Want Single-Payer Healthcare?

A View of Iowa: Three Days Out

Pentagon Tells Senate It Won't Demote Retired Gen. Petraeus

2 remaining jail escapees arrested by San Francisco police


Spread the hashtag #NotMeUs

Far-right and anti-fascist protesters clash in Dover

thought it was appropriate for the commercial...but

ABC David Muir, after hearing that a snow blizzard is making its way toward Iowa


Exclusive: EgyptAir mechanic suspected in Russian plane crash

Hackers release data from Fraternal Order of Police, largest U.S. police union

Police called to investigate Johnny Manziel incident in Texas

‘Neutrality is Beautiful’: Majority of Finns Want to Stay Away From NATO

Masked men threaten to attack refugee children in Stockholm

Liz Cheney To Announce Campaign For U.S. House

The final days of an Oregon occupier

The Bern Supremacy

Ammon Bundy and other Oregon militia leaders to stay behind bars without bail

Because positive body image commercials are rare.

Ammon Bundy and other Oregon militia leaders to stay behind bars without bail

x-post via ohiochick::: Over 1 million face loss of food stamps over work requirements

So Trump is using Jumpin Jack Flash

x-post via ohiochick::: Over 1 million face loss of food stamps over work requirements

Clever Wheel Design Allows Vehicles To Move In Every Direction — Without Steering

‘These animals were betrayed': More than 600 recovered in near-record rescue

Ammon Bundy and other Oregon militia leaders to stay behind bars without bail

Hillary isn't making sense. How does 'debate' on Bernie's single payer plan equal Obamacare repeal?

Obama to make first visit of his presidency to a U.S. mosque next week

These 74 words are a major political reality check for Bernie Sanders’s revolution

More glimmers from Iowa

Why these anti-Bernie arguments fail

Cross-platform computer question

2016 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2016 Withers Stakes

Eight words that reveal the sexism at the heart of the English language

Eight words that reveal the sexism at the heart of the English language

Eight words that reveal the sexism at the heart of the English language

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Forward Gal

Thousands March 4 Bernie Sanders in Philadelphia

Bernie to get Secret Service protection

Why does every religion on the planet

Are you sick of highly-paid teachers?

Jesse Ventura and Henry Rollins Talk the 2016 Elections & Why Bernie Sanders Has Their Vote

There are 2 books i would like people to read, Daemon and Freedom(tm)

Over 1,100 Bernie supporters came out to stand up for democracy. (Colorado)

Hillary Clinton through time

The enemy

So Clinton's codename is "Evergreen".

Speech at Philly Bernie Sanders March-Jeff Epstein

Op-Ed from Ralph Nader attacking Hillary and the Democratic Party

Nancy Pelosi: Democratic Voters let her know what they think

As peace nears, renewed push to free Colombian rebel in US

As peace nears, renewed push to free Colombian rebel in US

Trump's a "Coward" for Missing Debate | The View

Rolling protest over Finicum death expected in Burns

The crowd is growing, this is what democracy looks like #marchforbernie NYC

Donald Trump as you've never seen him before

Lawrence student banned from displaying Confederate flag (KS)

Feds: Ohio clergy student arrested for seeking sex with baby

Got through the road blocks at the refuge

Post the lyrics to your favorite instrumental song!!!

Region still in the grip of deadly heroin addiction

The Dean Scream: An Oral History ​

'If the world ends in 2100, we’re probably OK'

Rebel flags at school fuel ire (TX)

Argentine Social Movements Strike Back Against Monsanto

Argentine Social Movements Strike Back Against Monsanto

Racial incident at West Port: 3 students face discipline after waving Confederate flags (FL)

The important distinction

Hillary in Ames, Iowa today

Dover rally: Live updates as far-right groups clash with anti-fascist protesters

Hillary Clinton calls for Democratic debate to be held in Flint, Michigan

Do You Really Not Like Hillary Clinton, or Are You Just Sexist?

Anyone know if Bill Clinton's emails were on Hilliary's server and if so would the FBI

Reports of HRC Scorched Earth Gambit

Hillary calls for Democratic debate in Flint, Michigan

Equal pay advocate Lilly Ledbetter endorses Hillary Clinton

Bernie Endorsed By Vice Chair, West Virginia Democratic Party Christopher J. Regan

From Bernie's Campaign: #NotMeUs ... Call to Action on Twitter

Bernie and the Donald: a pre-Iowa tale of two candidates

Killing of an Oregon wildlife refuge occupier has re-energized protesters

Argentina agrees to borrow $5 billion from Wall Street banks

Argentina agrees to borrow $5 billion from Wall Street banks

Another weekend of HUGE Marches for Bernie:

President Clinton and The WTO: "Outsourcer in Chief"

Retreating Clinton Campaign Torches Iowa Town To Slow Advance Of Sanders Volunteers (The Onion)

Only 2 more days and the election season will be over. I don't think I can stand another week.

NYT for Kasich among the repugs:

It's important for Bernie to win IA

Post a song that is a COLLABORATION between two of your favorite artists.

In pictures: Bolivia's colourful Oruro carnival

My reasoning for supporting Bernie Sanders, aside from loving him: campaign finance.

Black History month: 28 picture books that aren't about boycotts, buses, or basketball

Hmm I wonder who Goldman Sachs and Citigroup are endorsing?

What's for Dinner, Sat., Jan. 30, 2016

Salon: My day with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton

So... what's Bernie's Secret Service Codename?

What's your favorite line or scene from the movie "Tombstone"?

Ted Cruz: a world-class dick

Now I see why religious discussion is frowned upon in GD

1 dead, multiple others wounded after shooting, stabbing near Denver coliseum

The Bernie Bros Are A Problem And The Sanders Campaign Is Trying To Stop Them

Winter Storm Kayla starts in Iowa in Monday night

Black German woman learns a shocking family secret: Her grandfather was a Nazi

Emulating the Europeans Will Kill America's Ability to Compete

Standing With Gabby Giffords, Clinton asks Iowans to make guns a voting issue

Pastor Trump Claimed Endorsed Him, Picks Hillary

Bernie Sanders DEFINES Democratic...

Mr. Fish Toon: Even More Disturbing Than Trump

Larry Sanders weighs in on his brother's campaign

I bet he stayed until the struggling stopped.

The "Natural” Presence of US Armed Forces in Latin America

Baltimore Ravens John Urschel's starting his math PhD -- at MIT.

Free at 6:30 pm on Monday, February 1, Iowa? | Bernie 2016

Iowa Secretary Of State Rebukes Cruz For Controversial Mailers

Rescued Piglet And Kitten Find Peace In One Another

So about that whole "socialism" thing

Hillary's Corporate Democrats Taking Down Bernie Sanders

I have been reading over on DU2--Specifically, my bookmarked posts.

A Revolution is Starting NOW

Clinton Iowa Volunteers Train When To Push Backers To O’Malley — To Block Bernie

Bernie Endorsed By Vice Chair, West Virginia Democratic Party Christopher J. Regan

This Facebook commenter's post may not make you feel any better about Ted Cruz.

Uncomfortable Question for Ted Cruz on Obamacare Silences the Room

Snow coming in early to Iowa on Monday... over my dead body!!!

U.S. Challenges China’s Claim of Islands With Maritime Operation

FIELD OF DREAMS: If we build it, he will come!!

The United States should consider reparations to African-American descendants of slavery, a United N

Progressive Iowans Should Vote for Martin O'Malley.

MLK Day Parade with Tampa Bay For Bernie. Finally found video. Wow, great job.

Ayone receive an email, 'HC via Daily Kos' re protect PBO's legacy, today or lately? Tx.

Bernie Sanders Grills FDA Nominee Over Drug Prices

NYT: Hillary Clinton, 1 of most broadly & deeply qualified presidential candidates in modern history

Afghan boy nets perfect 10 after 'bagging' Messi

Any Lawyers here? Iowa SoS says Cruz mailer "misrepresents Iowa election law”.

#NotMeUs is trending #1 world wide on twitter

Iowa Caucus Special - Take 2 Bernie2016TV

Perfect graphic for Hillary and Super Delegates......


For US in Haiti, Black Votes Don’t Matter

Argentina: Songs against Layoffs

The Iowa Democratic Caucuses Explained By Actual Iowa Democrats- All you need to know to go.

Bernie sanders rally NYC (periscope and youtube)

Brazil Reduces Child Labour By 43 Per Cent In Decade

Yepsen from Des Moines Register just said on MSNBC he thinks voters are Feelin the Bern.

Now they're mocking the Iowa state motto! You can't make this up!

America 2016: We’re Mad As Hell And Not Going To Take It Anymore

Elizabeth Warren weighs in with an Opinion for your consideration

99 Mexican dishes you have to try al least once in your life

Chris Jansing (MSNBC) to Tad Devine:

Tampa Bay marches for Bernie. Great video of the parade.

Iowa poll about to be released.

How A Digital Friendship Created An Unlikely Holdout

‘Peace Only Achieved Through Social Justice’

Brain Teaser: Which GOP candidate is 'The Smart One'?

Mukasey: Hillary would have to be a low-grade moron... (updated OP)

2016 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2016 Holy Bull Stakes

Special ropeway delivered to Bolivia

Two Iowa rallies explain why Hillary may be about to blow a Sure Thing

Why does affluent Porter Ranch get more urgent environmental relief than working-class Boyle Heights

In line for Bernie's rally in Cedar Rapids (Not me)

Monticello Dam

"The *COUNTRY* is so *MAD*" - really, the country or the racist, fringe, loony tunes?!1

Police Say 2 Palestinians Stabbed Israeli Teen In Jerusalem

Real Time with Bill Maher

Bolivia Says Regional Plot Exists to Bring Down the Left

Hillary Clinton Calm and Confident In Closing Days of Iowa

Bernie Slams Tax-Dodging Walmart Heirs: They ‘Thank You For Paying Taxes’ So They Don’t Have To

Iowa City Concert and Rally Bernie2016tv Live

It's a Movement, Stupid: Why Bernie Can Deliver While Sensible Centrists Can't

Bernie is literally shutting down @UIowa! The line for the new iPhone wasn't even this long #NotMeUs

CEPR Analysts Author Latin America Chapters of New Book The WikiLeaks Files

Tanzania elephant poachers kill British helicopter pilot

Doris Kearns Goodwin on Teddy Roosevelt, Taft and The Bully Pulpit | 92Y Talks

Seltzer Poll announcement

Phoenix City Council wants Satanists exorcised from meeting

South Florida Likely to See Small-Scale Zika Outbreaks

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders tentatively agree to four more debates

There are too many Flints -By Hillary Clinton

Bernie event in Cedar Rapids, starting at 6pm Central time.

Ammon Bundy issues new call for last occupiers to leave Oregon refuge

GOLD STANDARD IOWA POLLSTER- Ann Selzer, calls it for Hillary!!! -HRC 45% SBS 42% MOM 3%

Is It OK To Spank A Misbehaving Child Once In A While?

DMR/Selzer numbers: Clinton 45, Sanders 42, O'Malley 3. (eom)

After hearing an interview with a mother as she described how the water in Flint

Donations pour in to help ex-cop buy his K9 police partner

Clinton Keeps Slim Edge Over Sanders In Latest Iowa Poll

Democratic Endorsement: Only Sanders can shift the Democratic paradigm

Ted Cruz delivers dystopian vision of America’s future ahead of Iowa caucuses

Hillary up by 3 pts in final Iowa poll

Trump Reclaims Lead In Latest Iowa Poll

Centretown: fire at women's shelter

The #gohomemalheur campaign breaks $100K pledged! THANK YOU to our 1600+

'NAFTA on Steroids': National Mexican Union Protests TPP

Bernie MUST Debate Hillary In Flint!!!

Both Parties Agree: Selling Out Is Worth It

BREAKING! Bill And Chelsea Clinton Speak In Front Of Iowa State Motto Banner!

Worst broadcasting team ever. Muffberger and Vitale.