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So, Does This Mean the Houston Texans Are Just A Bad Team?

15 minutes before the event starts, and the hall is overflowing in Independence, IA.

Remember Keira and Kala? What Just Happened to Them Will Make You Smile!

Broncos Shut Down Patriots and Advance to Super Bowl 50

The cheatriots and Tom Brady go down

Chicago: Darletta Scruggs on Growing Black Support for Bernie Sanders

Can I get a Hee Haw?

Republicans may think they want Bernie, but remember this.

ok, who's planting? who is drinking in the seed catalogues?

Obama says he doesn't yearn for third term

Take a tour of the Clinton family's $50,000-per-week rental mansion in the Hamptons

SoS Clinton to UN: "Gay rights are human rights, and human rights are gay rights."

Boston Globe: New Hampshire should go to Hillary Clinton

Armed Occupiers Convene Common Law Grand Jury Against Local Officials

An interesting observation (mine) about Sanders "America" ad

Why are people assuming Bernie won't be able to win over African Americans after Iowa and NH?

Video surfaces of Carnival Cruise as a teen.

Did Broncos get away with pass interference on Gronkowski?

Sundance Movie: "Southside with You" Barack & Michelle's first date.

Petition: Tell YouTube to stop shutting down the Bernie2016TV channels

I'm getting the feeling that Hillary supporters live in a bubble and...

Tremors 5? In the name of all things holy on the moon why?

Sundance movie about Barack & Michelle's first date (reposted from BOG)

Would you accept six-figure speaking fees from a major tobacco company???

Eff football. Pitchers and catchers in 3 weeks.

Jeremy Clarkson: "Transgender Women Are Ladyboys And Nothing More Than A Punchline"

Actual video of the scene outside my window after the Pats lose to Broncos

Nailed it

Forum Over Oregon Standoff Canceled Over Safety Concerns

Eight Days to Iowa...Where We Stand Right Now

For all you Pundits out there...

What Donald Rumsfeld Knew We Didn’t Know About Iraq

"and then i said "and i wouldn't lose a single voter" hahahahaha tom are you listening to me tom"

Hillary Clinton is just the tip of the Bloomberg.

Half For'n Policy Experts Signing Clinton's Anti-Sanders Letter Have Ties to Military Contractors

Pentagon Wants Psychologists to End Ban on Interrogation Role

Predictive Markets odds for winners of the first 4 primary states

Can we really afford to dream big?

LBJ had the Republican plan nailed, and the formula is still the same.

Bernie Sanders and the Liberal Imagination

Something Is Happening - by Jim Hightower

Unicorns and rainbows. I like 'em. I also like ponies.

How the obama economy overcame Republican sabotage

Full trash of GD-Primaries!

Sanders' Medicare-for-All Plan Takes Aim at For-Profit Healthcare System

Hungarians rally against government push for sweeping anti-terror powers

What Would the Marijuana Market Look Like Under a Bernie Sanders Presidency?

Killing us harshly: A Republican specialty

It's become clear that "divisive" is just a euphemism for "makes white people uncomfortable"

How Bernie Sanders is the right person to deliver real change.

LBJ on George Wallace: "You're dealing with a very treacherous guy..."

NY Post Pushes Dubious Claim That Clinton Aides Improperly Circumvented Email Classification System

The Chimes of FREEDOM!

Clinton blesses Bloomberg as a back-up if she loses to Sanders.

Our real Sarah Palin nightmare: We debate sideshows and phony problems — while this very real threat

Real Time with Bill Maher: New Rule – Martyrs Without a Cause (HBO)

What's better than Tom Lehrer doing Vatican Rag?

House GOP Seeks Names Of Medical Students, Could Endanger Abortion Patient Information

Coates: "Bernie Sanders and the Liberal Imagination"

An honest olive branch to the other side, from a Sanders supporter.

Hillary Clinton Seeks Neocon Shelter

Can Hillary Clinton find her spark?

Trump visits Iowa church: gets a lesson in humility

Warren Zevon was born on this date.

"The National Parks system was created a hundred years ago to protect America’s wild places..."

Coates: "Bernie Sanders and the Liberal Imagination"

Iowa's Sioux City Journal & NH Concord Monitor Endorse Hillary For President!

Russia warns Britain of deteriorating relations after inquiry accused Putin of murder

Who can fill in the holes in my memory about the CBC.

The final score once again, the Denver Broncos 56, the Carolina Panthers nothing.

If it's a choice between a genuine Republican, and a Republican in Democratic clothing...

Since I can't find the thread "who's in charge Malheur" - here:

Former spy seeks to show UK knew of Guantanamo torture: Sunday Times

BBC-"The Birds" is on 9-12.

FFS: Oregon standoff: Grant County sheriff urges release of Hammonds

Turbulence diverts Milan-bound U.S. flight to Canada


Newton, Panthers rout Cardinals, 49-15 for NFC title

Does Citizen United mean there will absolutely be a brokered convention? On the Republican side?

30 Years of Speeches by #BernieSanders (How did I miss this video?)

New England Cheaters...I mean Patriots lose!


Conversations I had today

Hundreds of economists can FeelTheBern!!!

Religion In The Comics - 050

Barack And Michelle Obama’s First Date Story ‘Southside With You’ Premieres At Sundance

"Bernie is the better WOMEN candidate." - Roseanne Barr

Officials Throw Their Support Behind Sanders At Portland Rally

Thom Hartmann: "I'll Take A Moderate Democrat Over A Republican!"

Isn't it nice how absent Rush Limbaugh is

The perfect place for a Bernie display...

Korean Girls Try American BBQ | 미국 바베큐 처음 먹어 본 한국 여자들의 반응

Two murdered in a Gun Store...In a store full of guns and still murdered, NRAn How many guns does on

Tim Hortons owner reaches out to unemployed Goodwill workers (The Star)

"Love In The Time Of Political Revolution"

Jess Spear fires up crowd at Seattle #Movement4Bernie rally

"... they came to look for America and saw Bernie Sanders."

Chelsea says she couldn't care less about money.

This is Bernie.

Do hillary supporters realy think she's gonna have an easier time dealing with congress?

This is what's really happening!!!

Hillary Clinton deserves Democratic nomination~ The Boston Globe!

Jeremy Durham confirms resignation as whip (of Tennessee House)

Bernie Sanders is THE REAL DEAL

The Genesee County Volunteer Militia is now in Flint

The right is wrong. The center just sucks.

A breather in the struggle of the Primaries - seen somewhere - enjoyed by me

I worked for this man for 7 years...

If HRC and M'oM don't support reparations, it isn't an issue in the primaries that Bernie doesn't

Jeb Bush makes a major move in an effort to re-energise his campaign

Sarah Palin is Yosemite Sam (LOL)

The Big Short

GOOD NEWS: Tim Eyman's latest monstrosity, approved by the voters in November,

If the GOP will block all of Bernie's bills, they will block all of HRC's bills, too.

Paul Krugman: "I’m getting the kind of correspondence I usually get from Rush Limbaugh listeners"

the dem candidates need to put this bloomberg crap to bed right now!

The Establishment Never Ceases To Amaze Me.

The Repukes are SCREWED If Bernie Wins The Nomination!

All of the Democratic Candidates are Pragmatic when it comes to Reparations

Bernie Does The Best Against...

The Discriminatory Face of Israel's Second Legal System

And You're Still Worried About Socialism?

Wouldn't it be great if Elizabeth Warren

Super Bowl Predictions.

Seahawks fans are savoring the fact...

Visual for our Trolls: THIS is American Socialism

If Bernie is nominated and you support Bloomberg against him in the fall...

Britain Should Send Soldiers To Protect Europe's Borders, EU Leaders Say

Bundyland Security Chief Ryan Payne: It’s Legal To Kill A Cop Who’s “Unlawfully Trying to Arrest You

Are you a remote control gizmo's fanatic? Especially stuff that flies.

Isn't Donald Trump just the logical extension of Sarah Palin?

Unemployment Question?

Why does HRC belittle those who won't abandon their dreams?

Alice Walker and Colm Toibin, and Their Trail of Words

Well well well, what's old is new again!

Did Anyone Catch The First Episode Of The New X Files?.....

Why doesn't HRC just say THIS?

Sanders: Single Payer Never Had A Chance

'Nobody Nominated in Modern Era Lost Both Iowa & New Hampshire'... uh oh

"The secret of FREEDOM lies in educating people,

Head transplant carried out on monkey, claims maverick surgeon

Bernie Sanders Calls for Repealing the Hyde Amendment

There Is NO Global Warming. Blizzard Shows We Have Global COOLING.

Half of America’s Workforce has No Retirement Plan—But Illinois has a Fix

Anyone else ever driven the Dalton Highway (North Slope Haul Road) in Alaska ?

O’Malley's definitely hitting his stride in these last few days leading up to the caucus

Conservative Christie fan on the Dem primary

Trivia question: Which president was the most experienced when he took office?

The H-2B temporary foreign worker program--is to promote cheap labor

Powerful truth: Epic Media Fail: How And Why Trump Trumped The Press

"Basketball Cop" brings HUGE backup as promised to street basketball game.

Marco Rubio admits to 'crime spree' in response to Washington Post

Search for missing MH370 hits another snag with sonar detector lost

Millenial atheists

By 2050, our oceans will hold more plastic than fish

Clinton and Sanders: The 60’s and 70’s beyond the memes

What should the new President's number one priority be for social justice in 2017 ?

Daily Holidays - January 25

Rearming for the apocalypse: Beware of Obama’s nuclear weapons plan

Donald Trump Retweets Creator of Pic Showing Bernie Sanders Sent to Gas Chamber

Militia in Flint calls for justice in water crisis

Watch First Warcraft Movie TV Spot

Hillary Seeks NEO-CON Shelter (against the Sanders storm)

Bernie Sanders fires up 1,250 in Cedar Falls

This years "Doomsday Clock" announcement to be streamed live Tuesday Jan 26 at 1:30pm EST

On revolution: JFK: Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable

For Iran, a nuclear option more trouble than it was worth

Rebelo de Sousa wins Portugal presidential vote

Syria peace talks delayed till midweek

"Hillary Clinton is not only lying but, as a former attorney, she should know better."

Bernie echoes Harry Perkins from "A Very British Coup"

Non Sequitur today

Funny thing happened at our Bernie meeting last night

Why doesn't Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama support reparations?

Oligarchs & Criminals: Reward and Punishment After the Unmoved Mover

Exclusive: Obama on Iowa, Clinton, Sanders and 2016

Today's Nate's 538 Primary Polls-Only Forecast: South Carolina-Hillary-90%, Bernie-10%

Phoenix High School Students Spell Out Racial Slur With Their T-Shirts

If you don't like the weather in TX, wait 5 minutes, it will change.

Good Morning America Headline today:

Twenty-five dead in suicide bomb attack on north Cameroon market

IOC rules transgender athletes can take part in Olympics without surgery

IOC rules transgender athletes can take part in Olympics without surgery

Sex And The Snowed-In Cities: Why This Blizzard Could Cause A Baby Bump

Towns home to polygamist sect accused of discrimination as Arizona trial begins

Why the Des Moines Register made the endorsements that they did.

Twenty-five dead in suicide bomb attack on north Cameroon market

The organ donor ad:

I think it should take fewer hidden posts to temporarily stop posting privileges if you arent a paid

POLL: Meme of the Week – January 25th

Two Dozen Clinton Insiders: Clinton Losing For Same Old Reasons as 2008

"Trickle Down"

What is pragmatic about compromising progressive

If Hillary wins the nomination and Bernie runs as an independent, who do you support?

British explorer Henry Worsley dies crossing Antarctic, 30 miles short of goal

Typical Republican! Ted Cruz Forgets To Sign Up For Health Insurance, Blames Obamacare

Flint - Finally hits the MSM.

Flint Water Crisis: Detroit Former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Speaks

'World domination... that sort of stuff': 18-year-old Ted Cruz outlines his ambitions in 1988 home

PANTS ON FIRE: Sarah Palin’s Abusive Kid Never Saw A Day Of Combat! (DOCUMENT)

Conspiracies, Manifestos, & Youtube: 9 Weirdthings from Greg Abbott's 1st year

Any video clips of Bernie Sanders last night in Cedar Falls, Iowa?

Short story vending machine

Greece threatened with expulsion from Schengen over migration crisis

How Bernie Sanders Helped Derail a Promising Legal Fight Against Gun Violence

OBAMA: Bernie Sanders 'tapped into a running thread in Democratic politics'

Obama: Republicans are becoming 'unrecognizable'

Monday Bernie Group Toons

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Bad Choices

Monday Toon Roundup 2- Putin

Monday Toon Roundup 3-The Rest

What's your take on steven avery? #makingamurderer

"'Stop Hate,' they chant. What kind of world would THAT be?" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!

There's basic dishonesty in comparing single payer on paper to ACA in reality.

"It seems like some wimmin keep clammering for the vote...

Sanders Finally Catches up with Hillary & calls for Repeal of Hyde Amendment

The conflation of criticism and attack

Chris Christie Compares Handling Blizzard to Dealing With ISIS

Salon - I love my Fox News enemies: What I learned from the most hateful emailers in the world

Rick Perry Endorses Ted Cruz for President

What is your gut feeling bernie Supporters?

Obama: Sanders has 'luxury' of being long shot in Democratic race

Harvard and Union Reach Tentative Agreement After Months of Negotiations

The reason Bernie's dismissal of reparations matters.

Harvard and Union Reach Tentative Agreement After Months of Negotiations

Harvard and Union Reach Tentative Agreement After Months of Negotiations

Can I just say.

Danny DeVito on #OscarsSoWhite: ‘The Entire Country Is a Racist Country’

Exclusive: Obama on Iowa, Clinton, Sanders and 2016

If You Foster a Cat, You Can Claim it on your Taxes!

Here are 15 things the Catholic Church teaches that are ruining your sex life

The company we choose to keep.

King:If President Obama is against reparations,blasting Bernie Sanders insincere

It needs to be said

Top Trump Official Defends Call For ‘Pure Breed’ President: Obama is a ‘Half-Breed’


NY man hacks a woman to pieces with a machete in hallway of apartment building

Powerful: Scarborough calls out Clinton's LOSER talk

Wow..Bernie just impressed the hell out of me.....

It's official, Ammon Douchebag Bundy is completely fucking delusional

MUST READ discussion of Clinton's 2013 courting of Wall Street: "Lament of the Plutocrats"

Chris Hedges: The Suicide of the Liberal Church

TOM TOMORROW: Primary Phenomena 2016

TOM TOMORROW: Primary Phenomena 2016

Breaking - Supremes reject plea to revive abortion ban in ND n/t

U.S. top court declines to revive North Dakota abortion limits

Bernie Sanders Biggest Fans?

sc lawmaker switches from clinton to Bernie

Jimmy Dore (and TYT) on Why Bernie is the Better Choice to Work With Republicans

U.S. top court upholds Obama administration electricity markets rule


Hillary once called for people on welfare to move from "dependency to dignity"

Atheists Sue Football Coach Over Religion

Sanders for Bernie...LOL

O'Malley has 'zero interest' in Clinton Cabinet gig

Etta James was born on this date.

“Some very critical things are hidden.”

Bernie Sanders Is Very Dependent on Infrequent Voters

Davos, Dalio, and a Depression?!

1% on the top and 99% on the bottom. This is not rocket science folks, this is our reality!!!!

U.S. justices extends ban on mandatory life sentences for juveniles

The sixties were a *half century* ago

Very moving video Veterans for Bernie

Milos Raonic channels his inner Steph Curry at Aussie Open

Bernie picks his battles. Attacking him about reparations actually helps him

Bernie Sanders, "I have a message for Republicans...

North Carolina's voter ID law heads to trial

TONIGHT, CNN *DEM. TOWN HALL IOWA, 9 PM EST, Candidates Closing Arguments, Voters Q & A

Do you see any contradiction in these two jury verdicts?

Johnson Controls, Tyco merge in tax-avoiding inversion deal

Bernie Sanders , "It's my firm belief that if the US Senate had 83 women and 17 men,

There's something not quite right here ...

Head Games

President Obama puts his thumb of the scale and favors Hillary

Spectacular new Hubble photo shows 'Trumpler 14' star cluster

President Obama puts his thumb of the scale and favors Hillary

just because...

For Believers, Talking to Atheists Is Like Confronting Death

Post your best Sarah Palin nicknames here:

We need to refocus our attention on the Republicans.

They’re all just this deluded and deranged: Anti-intellectual religious wing-nuts run the GOP

Flint Water Crisis: Investigation Will Be 'Exhaustive, Independent' Says Attorney General

Knock..Knock...Who's there?

The U.S. circus of religious nationalism

The media keeps batting for Billionaires but Bernie will have none of it

Well, that disappoints me - it was on my bucket list

Bernie Sanders is a bright shiny object?

Police shooting...


Oregon: Grant County sheriff Glenn Palmer endorses the Bundy insurrection

John Fuglesang just nailed it!

Francis calls on America’s ultimate Catholic anti-celebrity

In a three way with Trump and Bloomie, Bernie wins and Hillary Loses

Oregon: 9 ranchers in 2 states have now renounced their BLM grazing contracts

My 13 yo granddaughter told me she is an atheist

Who's going to reparate me

Martin Shkreli aspires to be the king of all a**holes

Phoenix cop only gets 60 days in jail after he’s busted for trying to impregnate underage girl

Ted Cruz’s campaign chair furiously scrubs bio after newspaper questions his combat claims

I'm sorry for the people on the Jersey Shore, BUT...

There are no less than four movies at the Sundance Film Festival this year

MU professor Melissa Click, who called for ‘muscle’ to remove reporter, charged with assault

Iran was the ally Israel wanted. It got Saudi Arabia

Will farmer Hillary start her spring "planting" early at tonight's Iowa town hall?

Iran was the ally Israel wanted. It got Saudi Arabia

California to investigate whether Exxon Mobil lied about climate-change risks

decorah eagles starting their new nest today!

Russian Runner Stripped of European Silver Medal for Doping

N.Y. Governor Hands Top Wall Street Regulatory Job to a Defender of Wall Street

The challenge of being Hillary: E.J. Dionne

Random Lengths News: Another World Is Possible

No wonder El Supremo always changes his's very easy to do.

Make no mistake: Obama just tried to undercut Bernie Sanders

Ted Cruz’s campaign chair furiously scrubs bio after newspaper questions his combat claims

Who deserves credit for this transformational moment? SANDERS or Hillary?

Kommon Kore Kooks Drive Another All-Star Teacher Into Retirement

Guns now No. 2 cause of accidental child death in county

O'Malley part of the Democratic Establishment would change the nation's politics?

A Little Girl Died Because Canada Chose Cultural Sensitivity Over Western Medicine

A friend sent me this opinion piece. It made me pause. How would you respond?

Sanders Wins the Hearts of Clinton, Iowa!

Bernie lights fire of Doors drummer

This video is a compilation of 30 years of speeches by Bernie Sanders. It is worth watching.

Bus from NYC to NH to help get out the vote next Saturday-Sunday!

Here is a brief 2008 speech by Hillary Clinton

Honest NFL Headlines: Conference Championship Round

Mayor of an Italian town has ordered the WiFi be turned off in two of its schools due to heath fears

Sanders Catches up with Hillary & Finally calls for Repeal of Hyde Amendment

There is a one word explanation for Bernie's popularity.

Let it snow PA turnpike traveler breaks out his trumpet

Good Morning DU! From Marbles And Laisy!

French Study Finds Children of Immigrants Embracing ‘Frenchness’

Nate Silver is not a god, stop putting him as an authority

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #12: Two Corinthians Edition

Migrant fatally stabs Swedish refugee centre worker: police

MEMO: Call to Action from Iowa College Students Caucusing for O'Malley

People are standing out in the cold in Buffalo to support Bernie

Some memes:

Obamas’ love blooms in Sundance premiere of 'Southside with You'.

Mom and pups 6 days old

A new flavor of ice cream!

Why do the Iowa caucuses matter? Because everyone thinks they do.

Obama is right about this: It did begin with Reagan.

"Rich Man's Burden": That's what Bloomberg has me thinking of

Donald Trump Programming Language Seeks to Make Programming Great Again

FSU reaches settlement with Winston accuser

OMG!!! Sanders has held over 108 events in Iowa to Hillary's 84.

The forum will air tonight on CNN from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. ET.

Sweet Home Alabama | Haitian Money Pit (VICE on HBO: Season 3, Episode 7)

2,500-Year-Old Footprints Discovered in Arizona

Flint Residents Told That Their Children Could Be Taken Away If They Don’t Pay For City’s Water

Meeting Katrina Pierson


Hilarious! Best Bits From Sarah Palins Crazy Endorsement Of Chump!

Satellite Scientist: How Senator Cruz misused my Data

Seems all the candidates said and did dumb things, in the past.

Clinton brings teen idol to Iowa to sway younger voters......

Putin denounces Soviet founder Lenin

From FB: "All he needs is an orange hairpiece and an endorsement from Sarah Palin."

Two Palestinians shot dead after stabbing two Israelis in West Bank: police

Florida State to pay Jameis Winston's accuser $950K in lawsuit settlement

Obama defends Clinton, likens Sanders to 'bright, shiny object'

1.2-million sq. ft. solar panel 'Gigafactory' in Buffalo almost ready, will make 1 GW/year

Study: Fat and carbs actually release pain-relieving opoids and calming cannabinoids

Who the hell is O'Malley:

For Sanders, Iowa is make or break

Bloomberg doesn’t poll better against Sanders than Clinton

The one two punch for universal medicare: tuition free college.

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Insults His Own Supporters; They're Too Dumb To Notice

O'Malley earns endorsement of the Des Moines County Democratic Party's chairwoman at town hall.

O'Malley earns endorsement of the Des Moines County Democratic Party's chairwoman at town hall.

Feeling good about the CNN Town-hall and Gov. O'Malley

It looks like Obama is favoring Hillary over Bernie and that isn't surprising at all.

Get ready, the Wall Street mafia does it again ...

North Carolina GOP Accused Of Intentionally Suppressing Black Votes To Preserve Their Majority

Well, Trump has an endorsement from Palin and Cruz has an endorsement from Rick Perry!

Driving Miss Crazy

In the next week, the Democratic establishment

The billionaires would get their asses kicked by a socialist

Don't worry HRC has it under control

I would rather get 5 steps closer to Berie's vision than 100 of Hillary's

Const. Forcillo found guilty of attempted murder

Top Sanders surrogate fires back at Obama

Burns Paiute Tribe to the feds: stop allowing Bundy free passage

Clintons Return White House Furniture

Order of Town Hall: Bernie followed by the two acceptable establishment candidates:O'Malley,Clinton

Man and Woman by Bernie Sanders (Hillary Group)

just because.....

Recent record temperature years ‘extremely unlikely’ without global warming, scientists say

One week left:

Ex-Cop Pleads Guilty to Killing Woman, Ditching Body

Ex-Cop Pleads Guilty to Killing Woman, Ditching Body

How DuPont Recklessly Poisoned An Entire Valley

Trump Sounds More & More Like A Caricature of a False Flag Operative

Obama’s State of the Union: His Legacy and What I Will (and Won’t) Miss

Explain This To Me Like I'm A Complete Idiot, Part 16: "Exceptional", just like everyone else?

Zephyr Teachout is running for US House in Hudson Valley, NY.

Why did Hillary launch herself onto the corporate speaking circuit

One of these things is not like the otters

A remarkably moving thing happened at a Bernie Sanders rally today in Iowa

Graham Hancock - The War on Consciousness BANNED TED TALK

In Memory of Robert Lorick (Jack Flanders)

O'Malley has 'zero interest' in Clinton Cabinet gig.

I love President Obama

California Reservoir Status

Oregon Militia member loses mind, challenges Chris Christie to sumo wrestling match

President Obama disappoints by giving into his centrist side instead of staying neutral

When Will We Be Able To Tie Weather Events To Global Warming?

Restaurant manager responds to jerk church who left fake tip

Another Sanders walk-back--" Sanders advisor concedes he's part of the "establishment" too

What Would Feds Do If Militias Try To Expand That Compound?

Please imagine a Donald Trump who has won the republican primary...

The Establishment is a construction

Obama's approval rating among liberal Dems rises to 92%

'We Destroyed the Cities to Save Them' and Other Future Headlines

3 weeks. Bernie supporters made it 3 weeks.

The auto bailout is arguably Obama’s best investment

Re:The Town Hall

A remarkably moving thing happened at a Bernie Sanders rally today in Iowa

Cruz will lose

Things they said about Obama or things that would happen if he were elected President

Lawyer for Walter Scott Family Switches Sides to Endorse Bernie Sanders

Watch Bill Clinton Defend Bernie Sanders' Health Care Plan (in 2009)

Is a 35 karat engagement ring a bit "too much"?

HRC Joins Hillary Clinton on Campaign Trail WOW! Must see!

Liberals Aren’t Amused By Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Anymore—They’re Terrified

A flat-Earth and moon-landing truther with a conspiracy-theory about the cloning of celebrities.

Chomsky: I'd 'absolutely' vote for Hillary Clinton

Here’s Bernie Sanders’s best closing argument against Hillary Clinton in Iowa

Behind the Scenes of Hillary Clinton's Campaign!

"When I first heard about the three candidates running for the Democratic nomination,

Powerful endorsement for Sanders from Lucy Flores, NV Dem candidate for the House

Obama Says Bernie Sanders' Proposals Haven't Been Properly Vetted Yet

Hello from Des Moines, Iowa

Why Bernie's system overhaul is the best option available, captured in a single quote

Looking at the week out weather forecast and snow keeps popping up

Rushbo blames Obama for Trump

I Get Sanders’ Appeal. But He’s Not a Credible President.

Spinning the Chomsky interview (This is laughable)

MD: hoomins save pig from snowy fate

Teen Otniel killer influenced by TV show, Shin Bet says

A Clinton-Castro ticket gets put to an early test in Iowa

Bill Maher's 5 funniest 'rules' for Oregon standoff armed occupiers

Senator Markey places hold on Obama's nominee to lead FDA

I get all choked up thinking about Bernie winning Iowa too...

Mizzou professer charged with assault

Obama's Mixed Immigration Policy - Roberto Gonzales Part 4

5 Reasons Democrats Should Be Proud Of This Presidential Primary

Ex-drug CEO Shkreli gets green light to appear before Congress

U.S. ELECTION WRAP: Focus on Hawkeye State Week Before Caucuses

The question Bernie never answers: how does he expect to get anything done?

First Read-Clinton's geographical advantage in Iowa

Brand New ARG poll in Iowa: Sanders 48%; Clinton 45%; O'Malley 3% (S 55%; C 38%; O 3% in 18-49 demo)

Que es la más mierda?

What do #BundyMilitia women say? "We women, we are helpers. That’s how we are created.”

Don't thump a Bible pounder

'Putin is corrupt' says US Treasury

A Must Read: "An Evangelical responds to Sanders' speech at Liberty U"

El Salvador ex-leader Francisco Flores in coma

Rahm Emanuel Raised Money for Hillary Clinton. Another Reason to Vote for Bernie Sanders

Most U.S. Cities Have Dangerous Lead Levels In Water

The Town Hall revels the conniving depths of Camp Weathervane

Reparations - Who can I support right now?

The Clinton Administration helped set up the private prison system.

Muslim Snowfall

New England Joint Board Of UNITE HERE Endorse Bernie Sanders

Anyone who doesn't support the Dem nominee is insane and might as well go work for The Trump.

O’Malley: Clinton’s climate plan 'would literally burn up' the Earth.

How Did This Road-Raging Cop Pass a Psych Evaluation?

O’Malley: Clinton’s climate plan 'would literally burn up' the Earth.

Hillary Clinton doesn't support reparations for women.

That awkward moment when Bill Clinton defended Bernie's health care plan

Brunch with Bernie: the Kiln in which the Bern was fired (thanks Thom Hartmann!)

How Iowa Hijacked Our Democracy

In Moscow, France Signals Russia Sanctions End in July

Historic Settlement Against Florida State

Michelle Bachmann is back...

Our Pasta, Who Art in Colander...

New England Joint Board Of UNITE HERE Endorse Bernie Sanders

New England Joint Board Of UNITE HERE Endorse Bernie Sanders

Iran is Exporting its Cultural Revolution by Arash Sobhani, Iranian musician and activist

Packed house at Iowa's Simpson College for Martin O’Malley

Someone managed to sneak the Keith Hernandez Seinfeld episode onto an Ask Amy column.

New report issues dire carbon warning: Keep it in the ground

Candidates who do not believe in change are SPINELESS!

Who inherits O'Malley's voters?

Mass Funeral Held for Guatemala Massacre Victims

Ex-Conservative chairman Cecil Parkinson dies aged 84

A Cross-Bred Coyote - Poodle Hybrid Would Be Called What?

As of today (1/25/15) Bernie is ahead in Iowa according to RCP for the first time.

One Dead After Reported Home Invasion, Shooting In OK City

goosebumps & tears

The Story of Sembene!: How Ousmane Sembene Invented African Cinema

Clinton loses 3-way race with Bloomberg & Trump; Sanders wins vs. Bloomberg & Trump or Cruz or Rubio

Will Hillary go for a hail-mary at tonight's Town Hall?

After the Supreme Court nullified Section 5 of Voting Rights Act

Elizabeth Warren Sinks Clinton's Hopes for Endorsement

BREAKING: Harris Grand Jury Indicts Pair Behind Planned Parenthood Videos

Here’s a Big Problem With Sanders' Health care plan: It sounds great, there's no way he can deliver

Andy Borowitz on Democratic Town Hall 1-25-16:

The children of Flint are permanently damaged

WRONG AGAIN, JOE! Cenk Uygur Schools MSNBC Talking Head On Politics

Why Is Hillary Clinton Using Republican Talking Points to Attack Bernie Sanders?

Refugee centre worker stabbed to death by migrant in Sweden

For years they attack progressives for even mentioning a 3rd party, now they threaten a 3rd party

To anyone concerned about tonight: If Bernie can't handle a townhall, he can't handle the presidency

Ford to pull out of Japan, Indonesia

re: the movie 13 hours

Record-breaking tuna caught off Wakayama port

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 26 January 2016

VIDEO: Elizabeth Warren: Anyone Who Says ‘Change Is Just Too Hard’ Is in ‘Bed With the Billionaires’

Rich people just care less

Truth leaks out: Leaked Documents Undermine Official Story Of Flint Water Crisis

Snow continues in western Japan; 110 passengers spend night on bullet train

Movie Warning

"The Icing on the Cake" from StoryCorps

When do you think MOM drops and endorses?

Women-friendly firms to get bid advantage

How does that work?

A Clinton-Castro ticket gets put to an early test in Iowa

Zephyr Teachout, Bernie ally, just declared she's running for Congress.

Boston Herald NH Poll-Bernie 55% Clinton 39%

New PA Documentary by Public Herald

CharityWatch gives the Clinton Foundation an "A" rating, and lists it as

60 years ago the right-wing wanted to impeach Supreme Court justices that ruled against racists...

New Japan, Old Japan / A streetcar named ‘oden’

New Japan, Old Japan / A streetcar named ‘oden’

Deals and Warms Words Flow As Iranian President Visits Europe

Silkwood (1983)

Nate Silver is not high on Bernie's chances of winning the Nomination.

Zika Virus Set To Spread Across Americas, Spurring Vaccine Hunt

Nate Silver is not high on Bernie's chances of winning the Nomination

Monkey King masked models cruise around ski slope in underwear-scare the beejezu out of...

this is what a town hall looks like

Plaintiffs' Lawyers Wary Of Taking On Flint Water Scandal

What if air is poisonous...

New Yorker Cover Features Presidents Facepalming While Watching Donald Trump

Bernie Sanders Becomes Object of Republican Fascination in Iowa

Fighting Fundamentalism - Dr. Mary Anne Franks

Excellent!!! Grand jury indicts leader behind Planned Parenthood videos

It baffles the mind, doesn't it.

Killer Mike Introduces Bernie Sanders in Atlanta

Is The GOP Really This Dumb?

Get Bernie on 60 Minutes


Russia's GDP falls 3.7% as sanctions and low oil price take effect

How to Watch Tonight’s CNN Democratic Town Hall Live Stream Online

How Chris Christie, A Master of Political Arts, Contradicts and Confounds.... by Matt Katz

Snow Covered China

Top Democrat Storms Fox News And Blows Up Plot To Revive Clinton Email Scandal

Snow Covered China

Sara Palin is history. She opened her mouth one too many times. Does she know?

The FDA hid fraud in medical trials - or why Presidential appointments matter.

Cold front inflicts heavy losses in Taiwan

Wonderful New Closing Ad for Iowa from Sanders & Shout Out to Those Who Say No Can Do

Ed Schultz News and Commentary: Monday the 25th of January- Love it!

American Horizon | Bernie Sanders

Hillary Supporters Calling Bernie RACIST? REALLY??

Asia shivers, slips and slides in record low temperatures

Does This Ad Look Racist To You?

Al Franken endorses Hillary on his Facebook page

Current Miss Universe says her next dream is to be a Bond girl

How David Petraeus Avoided Felony Charges And Possible Prison Time

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 1-22 through 1-24-16

Don't worry about Bernie tonight. He's won more elections than anyone running.

Yosemite Sam - Sarah Palin

Harris County is indicting those Lying Plan Parenthood assholes..

Kommon Kore Krazies Drive Another All-Star Teacher Into Retirement

Chomsky: I'd 'absolutely' vote for Hillary Clinton

Love this: “@amychozick: Hillary Clinton opened up about her faith on the campaign trail today

Bernie Sanders 2016 - Not Me, Us

5 Things CNN says you should look for in Tonights Town Hall

I have two aluminum balls. They save me money.

Saudi Arabia Is Killing Civilians with US Bombs


Why Bernie Sanders Should Talk A LOT More About Hillary Clinton And Goldman Sachs

Guv Walker Deep In Debt. House On Market. Could Not Happen To Nicer Guy.

He's a nasty person - Trump on Cruz

Ted Cruz Singles Out Anti-Abortion Groups In Flint For Water Donations

Clinton Email Delay 'Grave' Harm To Voters, Vice News Says

Clintons's $200,000 an Hour Pay From Goldman Sachs is Nothing to Laugh At

A Cat From An Extreme Hoarding Case Get The Best Happily Ever After

Netherlands plans to give refugees lessons on the LGBT community

Ben & Jerry's founder makes flavor for Bernie Sanders

Once Trump is GOP nominee he will move quickly towards the middle