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Nationwide Address & Maquoketa Town Hall Bernie2016tv Live

Toon: 7 ways to derail a conversation about Race

Bernie Sanders DESTROYS Fox News and their loaded questions

I know it's early for thinking of VP picks.

The Media and The Donald

What to do for someone at suicide risk?

DailyKos: Progressive Praise for Hillary Clinton, from a Bernie Supporter

Now even the Human Rights Campaign is part of the "establishment" according to Bernie.

You know the #MarchForBernie? This is probably the pièce de résistance:

Thanks- the electronic thermostat is now WORKING!! No more Heatless tenants - TKS DU!!

The Establishment is Desperate.

A Doctor's Perspective: "Medicare for all: A solution for health care"

Supporting bloomsbergs threat to go nader is low.

Where to find "The Establishment" and some history on how we got here

Q. Will you release your Goldman Sachs transcripts? HRC: Ha ha ha!

An Atheist Goes to Church and Kinda-Sorta Encounters the Religious Experience

Found an interesting article on the taker states

George Lopez (2.05M followers) : @EndorseBernie #KeepAmericaChingon #FeelTheBern

Chrysler admits cars were hacked. Sends out some 1.4 million

Ted Cruz Birth Certificate released by Edmonton Health District


Hillary’s big healthcare con

North Face's Douglas Tompkins: Chile offered land by widow

The Flint Water Crisis Is A Perfect Example Of Environmental Racism

North Face's Douglas Tompkins: Chile offered land by widow

Trump says he would win even if he shot somebody

Blizzard causes tides higher than Hurricane Sandy

"Hillary Clinton is one of the most ethical and most lied-about political leaders in America"

Bile, Bullshit, and Bernie

The Koch Brothers Have Gotten Much, Much Richer Under Obama

TYT: 'The Fappening' Perpetrator Caught?

What will Bernie do about the whistleblowers?

If I ever find out who put me on the Sanders mailing list.. I am going to kick their butts

The truth about Flint: Kids drank poisoned water because of the GOP’s radical, anti-democratic “refo

Bill Money men say voters move over it's not your election

No. 1 Casual Dining Chain Restaurant - you know it, you love it . . .

How it feels to be a poor mother living without heat in the middle of a blizzard (Washington Post)

Keith Olbernamm Special Comment: A Blast from the Past

How about showing a Berner some love.

TYT: ISIS Soldiers Attack Woman With Dick Pics

A year later, cases linger in Ohio teen forced labor case

A year later, cases linger in Ohio teen forced labor case

At home with Jimi Hendrix: art nouveau, Ena Sharples and John Lewis curtains (Guardian)

Organized Communities in Venezuela Develop New Type of Coffee


The End to One Dictatorship in Venezuela


With the Bloomberg run, I hope it's Cruz v. Bernie

Plastic now pollutes every corner of Earth (UK Guardian)

Real estate developers and politics...

Cultural references no one under 30 would get.

The little propaganda machine that could

The timing of Bloomberg's mullings becoming public makes this story reek of skullduggery

Media Edits Out Key Bernie Sanders Rant (The Young Turks)

So, if it's Clinton v Trump, Bloomberg is in??

Seems a lot of people want the original progressives out.

Why I am All in for Sanders

"Well, I should have learned to play the piano" CD

Guess how many ranchers tore up their federal contracts at the Bundy standoff, today.

Susan Sarandon to join Sanders in Mason City

Results of canvassing in Conway, NH today.

GOP Officials Publicly Denounce Bernie Sanders’ Obamacare Expansion, Quietly Request Funding

Syrian civil war: Why the endless conflict is at a decisive point

Blow your mind San Fran...

Media Shrugs as Thousands of Bernie Sanders Supporters March Across the Country

Emancipating the Military, Containing the Citizenry

Tweet The Stones To Stop Trump Rallies from Playing Sympathy for the Devil

Blizzard for record books paralyzes New York and Washington

Yosemite Sarah

Palestinian girl, 13, shot dead after trying to stab Israeli guard - police

So who is going to be the first to dig up one of the Hillbots' old loyalty oath polls

Tina Fey as Sarah Palin tonight on SNL.

Re storm in Philly

(fake) Insane Clown Posse dating site -- absolutely hilarious

What role or position would David Brock have in a Hillary Administration?

Fucking Bloomberg....

Bernie Sanders rally in downtown Portland draws big crowd

MSM has to be indicted in order for any factual discussion to be heard, How ? They have Mislead in

Hey! I'm starting to see the skyline again -

Former NH Dem chair: Bernie "is a guest in our house."

re: snowzilla NYC

Bloomberg, Perot, Romney, Trump

The Message Never Changed. Bernie Sanders Campaign Ads 1990-2015/2016

Unions Are Split Over Hillary The Real News (youtube)

Hillary supporter, former NH Dem chair says "Bernie is a guest" in her party.

Three 'dangerous' inmates cut through steel bars to escape California prison

"Why African-American voters may doom Bernie Sanders’ candidacy"

Unions Are Split Over Hillary The Real News (youtube)

Hey, look what I just found!

Archaeologists find remains of women sacrificed 1,000 years ago in Peru

Are there any photos of Bernie marching with MLK?

Colbert on Return of Original Material Girl Palin

Question re: Bloomberg

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - January 23, 2016

Best Perks of Working at an Animal Hospital (10+ Kittens)

NYC Travel ban to be lifted -

At protest, only one rancher renounces federal grazing contract

NYC travel ban to be lifted -

Cancun's mangrove swamp destroyed for building complex

Update re: NYC transit

It is legal to kill cattle "unlawfully grazing" on public land #CowSnipers #FreeSteaks

Cancun's mangrove swamp destroyed for building complex

Well fuck. My boss died.

The Loop Ice Festival in St. Louis feeling the Bern!

How Did I Miss Years of "The Trailer Park Boys"?

Mexico town fights to protect pure water supply

MSM Undone

Is this T-shirt a joke?

Mexico town fights to protect pure water supply

Bill Clinton is Right: I'm Angry

Workers of San Quintin Valley: No longer willing to be invisible

Hillary in Manchester, NH yesterday. (HILLARY GROUP, PEOPLE!)

Why Clinton Will Lose

New York throws $5 billion at clean energy, includes nukes in RPS proceeding

How does a Democrat (O'Malley) justify illegally arresting thousands of African Americans and

Wow, things sure have changed since I was gone.

Shane Bauer: "When I Was a Prisoner in Iran, I Came to Fear the Sound of Hillary Clinton's Voice"

Palestine Supports Morocco’s Sovereignty Over Western Sahara

I actually saw a Hillary bumper sticker for the first time the other day...

Attacking Bernie Sanders' socialism is not going to work

Standoff ends with arrest, death of OPD K9

Is there proof that Hillary actually spoke to Goldman Sachs ...

Corporate Media has built up Trump and ignored or attacked Bernie.

ABC: Bernie Sanders Projects Confidence in Iowa

ABC: Bernie Sanders Projects Confidence in Iowa

2009 Ezra Klein: The Deceptive Strategy Underlying Obamacare

"The Flint water crisis is a perfect example of environmental racism"

Ammon Bundy and his supporters fail to understand the United States Constitution

How Iowa’s Independent Streak Explains Bernie Sanders’ Meteoric Rise

"Minnesota Gets Student Loan Re-Fi Program While Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Blames Connecticut for

Washington State Precinct Caucus Training

I'm giving serious thought to learning how to use RAW files.

Bomba Estéreo – Pure Love

Flight attendant tells how she learned to recognize human trafficking and what you can do

More than 10 Million bags of rice were produced in Fukushima last year

SNL Tina as Sarah on right now

Money Men Say, Voters Move Over, It’s Not Your Election!

Study: Some Marketplace Customers Spend 25 Percent of Income on Health Expenses

Tech Could Mean the End of Capitalism. But What Comes Next?

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has relaunched his campaign website in a way that makes it look like he’s

Fighting for the Black Vote.....

Flint’s Water Crisis Is No Accident. It’s the Result of Years of Devastating Free-Market Reforms.

Anthony Weiner: “I Wouldn’t Be Surprised” If Bernie Sanders Won Iowa, New Hampshire

Meet "Real" Democrat Jeremy McPike supported by Establishment Democrats (including Bloomberg)

If Bloomberg runs and Bernie is the Dem nominee

Fighting for the Black Vote.....

Oregonian coverage of grassroots Bernie rally in Portland today

The Clinton campaign needs to stop its abusive relationship with progressive and Dem voters

Weather forecast for Iowa, 10 days out.

Denver marched for Bernie!

To Sanders supporters.

Anti-Trump Super PAC Releases Brutal New Ad on His History of Liberal Positions

25.1 inches in Central Park nt

Correction 26.8 in CP thanks to Nutmeg Yankee

A Day in Clinton Iowa ... canvassing for Bernie and ending up at the town meeting...

Well this was fun

Chicago - March for Bernie Sanders - Wife of Deportee Addresses Rally

Mormon missionary to TOP JAPANESE HOST (Extended Interview)

Am I the only one who watched the U.S. Figure Skating championships?

What "going after them with pitchforks" looks like in a democracy.

"She's two Corinthians short of a Bible."

Pennsylvania US Senate Candidate Mayor John Fetterman Officially Endorses Bernie!

ok fuck it all..enough is enough!

Paul Krugman Doesn't Get It

Question , Who do you suppose is making the final decision on dealing Bundy & squatters in Oregon?

Their Boss Stays on the Sideline, but Obama Aides Tilt to Clinton

A message from Bernie

Black Americans Defend Sanders Against Ta-Nehisi Coates' Biased and Baseless Attacks

Recently found out my very Republican boss and two other Republican co-workers

Trump vs Everyone

We'll know if HRC is getting REALLY scared...

Anyone else ever driven the Dalton Highway (North Slope Haul Road) in Alaska ?

Poor Jeanne Shaheen - Her Snarky Comment Only Reminded Me of This...

ALL Democratic presidential candidates should support reparations.

We should ALL support free college, because a college education should be an EDUCATION.

The Seven Stages of Establishment Backlash

IMHO the stakes are too high not to vote in the GE

California lethal injection plan spurs capital punishment fight

It's time to clean house...

Kansas Lawmaker imposes dress code on female witnesses

Iran to buy 114 Airbus planes this week: minister

Why Bernie Sanders Wants to Know Your Health Insurance Deductible (Correct)

In new Palestinian city, few residents and charges of collusion with Israel

OMG. Another Reason To Vote For Bernie Sanders & Not Hillary Clinton Is Electability - STRONG VIDEO

Elizabeth Warren SLAMS Hillary Clinton With Most Damaging Evidence To Date

The Hill poll has Trump at 41, Cruz next at 11. Trump

Suggestion for a new rule for secondary school, college, and pro football.

Daily Holidays - January 24

your wife is running for president and there are sensitivities about finances and

Anyone watching Mozart in the Jungle (Amazon)?

Donate A ZeroWater Filter To #Flint, And ZeroWater Will Double Your Donation

Are you ready for another U.S. led war? Here you go.

Something tells me Michael Moore won't be voting for Hillary

In Return to Iowa, Bernie Sanders Picks Up Where He Left Off on Wall Street and Clinton

Clinton's Attacks Show that They're Afraid | Bernie Sanders

A crowd of 1,000 people showed up to not see Bernie in Portland.

H. naledi has shaken up the way that paleoanthropology goes about the business of doing science

D'oh! Cruz Campaign Concedes He Had Insurance Coverage All Along

MINMI - Wanna shag you

Local SEIU Votes To Strike If Contract Isn’t Reached By Feb. 14

Local SEIU Votes To Strike If Contract Isn’t Reached By Feb. 14

Local SEIU Votes To Strike If Contract Isn’t Reached By Feb. 14

Matt Damon brings call for clean water for all to Sundance

earthquake check in

We just had a big earthquake, 6.4

'Big Short' wins Producers award; #OSW crisis also in room

Learning to Love - and use - the Bomb

Airlines start to cut Monday service in wake of snowstorm

Money Men Say, Voters Move Over, It's Not Your Election!

Gun groups launch blitz to counter Obama

Police charge 17-year-old boy in Canada after 4 shot dead

7.1 magnitude earthquake hits Alaska

Koch Brothers' fortune doubles during Obama years

At least 18 killed in snowstorm-related deaths

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

After nearly 24 hours, most of 500 Nebraskans stranded on Pennsylvania Turnpike on way home or...

Father and son dead, 2 wounded after shootout at gun shop

The Concord Monitor says Clinton is Democrats’ best choice

Hillary Clinton Is One of the Most Ethical (and Most Lied About) Political Leade

The Future of Epic Blizzards in a Warming World

Eight people face charges over broken King Tut mask

Breaking: Federal Agency: Magnitude-7.1 Earthquake Hit Southern Alaska

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Tuna Cafe Edition

Glenn Beck Endorses Cruz! Here's the video.

California Moves to Expand Definition of Assault Weapons Covered Under Ban

NRA lies smartly exposed: The truth about consumer demand for life-saving smart guns

Clinton allies try to discredit Sanders on womens issues - will it stick?

Robert Digrazia, 72, of Hollis, New Hampshire. "My sense is that Bernie is on my side."

Republicans Can’t Read

2 million hits in 3 days? WOW

Clinton changes tone on Sanders

It's too bad the tone of our primary has taken

The Right and Left Both Want Radical Change. Guess Who Is a Lot Closer to Getting It?

Concord Monitor Board of Contributors endorses Bernie Sanders

Hillary is owned by Wall Street

Here’s the Truth About Our Pointless Obsession with Iowa and New Hampshire

Hillary supporters, doesn't it feel a little sleazy

The Des Moines Register’s Endorsements Of Hillary Clinton And Marco Rubio Aren’t Game Changers

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen suffers backlash from women's groups

Denver 27 patriots 24


Minnesota Star Tribune Poll Results: Hillary-59% - Bernie-25%

Trump/Palin may be funny but the way they've tapped into rage is no joke

Goldman Sachs employee tells BBC .. the company doesn't give a shit

It's 77 ° in Kingston Jamaica

In 180 Seconds You Will Be Voting For Bernie Sanders

Before 2016, NO ONE said there was a conflict between "social justice" & "economic justice"


I proudly stand with the Concord Monitor in their endorsement of Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton surprises canvassers in Manchester on Saturday

'Give us a dream': Hillary Clinton supporters look to her for aspirations

Sarah Palin endorses Trump (SNL Version)

Flint, MI, water crisis unworthy of FEMA assistance

Fix Flint NOW

The establishment endorses Hillary

Socialism vs Communism Hmmm

Let's seriously discuss smart guns

Hillary Clinton is knocking Tody flat on MTP

Gov. Snyder lied: Flint water switch was not about money, records show

Establishment Attacks - On Bernie - Mirror The Seven Stages Seen - During Corbyn's UK Election

Need URGENT good vibes for my 11-year-old Tortie...

My household is officially supporting Bernie in the Primary.

Winter Disaster

Humour in the midst of a storm...

The deeper damage done by Sarah Palin: She's spreading a stigma about violent veterans with PTSD

The Des Moines Register endorsement is the Kiss Of Death for any (D).

Gainesville police respond to disturbance, then return with backup.

Panel begins debate on limit of compensation in event of nuclear accident

Yep, it's true.

The Middle Class Is Being Gutted In Texas By Rich Americans

A REAL democrat would not stand for or support Hillary as our nominee.

Hillary Clinton surprises canvassers in Manchester on Saturday

Battered by East Coast Snowstorm, Cities Face Digging Out

Socialism running rampant today in the USA

R2-Demon-2 is a false god!

Snow Days


Sunday's Doonesbury- Profitable Year

Hillary PAC executive, Granholm, on This Week, pulling every possible card on Sanders.

Italian sausages + home-made sauce + peppers + onions in the crock pot. Ask me anything.

Father and son die in shootout at Pearl County gun shop.

I happily stand against the money drenched establishment

Dixie Chicks’ Natalie Maines Dusts Off Infamous Quote To Thoroughly Troll Ted Cruz

Never ever ever thought I would be saying thank you to G. Bush

My vacay pic from inside the Large Hadron Collider...

ANOTHER "Classic Rock" artist has left us...R.I.P Jimmy Bain (bassist for Rainbow and Dio) at 68.

Donald Trump’s supporters have one frightening personality trait in common

Why Did The Salmon Cross The Road?

"Hubris was invented by losers!" . . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!

With integrity and principle, the Vermont senator is calling Americans to a political revolution.

Art Garfunkel Net Worth: 45 MILLION

Latest GOP polls in Iowa and New Hampshire...

Du-ers in deep the heck can your doggies go outside????

Bernie Sanders should just run against this photo.

Bernie-Mania's Barrier: Democratic Delegate Math--or to quote the infamous Bill Clinton

NYC Transit updated info

Ammoneggs News Conference (Parody) "my pants are full"

Just saw bernie on meet the press

President Obama on the 43rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

Cold weather diesel owners

Julian Castro on RALSTON LIVE (PBS) Monday

Hey GOP, you can write whatever articles you want about Trump. The truth is this..

Christie 'Never Changed' His Mind About Returning to NJ for Snowstorm

GRL Paper - Expect Far More Damaging Atlantic Storms; 50 - 160% More Powerful Than Sandy

Sanders not surprised ‘media establishment’ backing Clinton

US election: Michael Bloomberg 'ponders White House run'

Oregon governor calls on feds to act against armed group

Nevada NEA endorses Hillary Clinton

"The establishment" = Social Security, SSI, VA, Medicare/Medicaid, ACA, GA, EEOC, FDA, SNAP, HUD,

Tina Fey Returns as Sarah Palin to Endorse Donald Trump on SNL (VIDEO)

Conan O'Brien on Sarah Palin...

Phys.Org - Are Antarctic Ice Sheets Serving (For Now) As Methane Hydrate Containment?

The talking heads don't have a clue how to deal with tRump

Elizabeths Warren on Citizens United..

Some people said Alabama was a conservative state. Guess not.....

During Primary Season, It's Easy to Mistake Enthusiasm for a Mandate

"I can see Muslims from my house"

Davos Chair Book On "4th Industrial Revolution" Mentions Climate 1x; Slow Growth Worrisome, Though

Slew of new YouGov polls. Big gains for Sanders in IA, NH, and SC.

Hillary Clinton surprises canvassers in Manchester

How Hillary Clinton's Attacks on Bernie Sanders Backfired & May Cost Her the Election

CBS Poll-Bernie Edges Clinton In Iowa

Lower fuel prices boost airline profits, but fares to hold steady

Face the nation discussion...

America's most trusted anchorman Will Farrell endorses Bernie...

Robots, Robots and even more robots

Does The Human Rights Campaign Remember This??

LaVoy Finicum - Bundy's Curator of Native American Antiquities

Danny DeVito gets into detail about his endorsement of Bernie Sanders: "Enough of this Crap!!"

Hillary Clinton Laughs When Asked if She Will Release Transcripts of Her Goldman Sachs Speeches

Slipnot's Cory Taylor, "That dude has balls the size of church bells."

French government promises to keep law and order in Calais

Fox's Forbes Fear Mongers A Sanders Presidency Would Lead To ‘More Violence, War, And Bloodshed’

Jane Mayer: greatest threat I've received for journalism didn't come from government, but the Kochs

The art of not giving a fuck

Bernie is making substantial gains in South Carolina

Russian border guard to STT: Russian security service behind northeast asylum traffic

Predicted Headline on Super Tuesday: "The Establishment Strikes Back"


He also claims his brother "kept us safe"

Atcheson: What the Mainstream Doesn’t Get About Bernie Sanders

Putin’s Russia is more stable than it seems

Been re-watching "Better off Ted" on Netflix

How about we lighten the mood for a moment?

Oppression in Egypt 'worse than before', but few have appetite to fight


Fabulous article by Corey Robin on the Bile & Bullshit of Clinton's Campaign

Still adding to my

BUT MOST WILL NOT CAUCUS: Reddit poster's son

Congressman Joaquín Castro and the Honorable Julián Castro to Campaign for Hillary Clinton in NH

Poll: Sanders edges Clinton in Iowa, leads big in New Hampshire

Can Sanders Run Against Clinton without Running against Obama?

TYT: TPP = A MASSIVE Jobs Killer

Bitch, please.

Rubio, Clinton take early lead in Star Tribune Minnesota Poll

Has the Clinton Foundation invested any money or effort

CBS News Polling Trend (spoiler alert: "Sanders edges Clinton in Iowa, leads big in New Hampshire")

"You never know who you'll run into in Brooklyn during a blizzard"

"You never know who you'll run into in Brooklyn during a blizzard"

Revealing. GOP donor: Elites prefer Trump to Cruz b/c Trump "has no core values":

TYT: Students Want Loan Forgiveness, Say Schools Defrauded Them

The Man and the Dog - Organ Donation Spot - Touching

Flint, Michigan, meet Kauai, Hawaii -- where minority children are being exposed to

There is a Cannabis Health Summit going on now online.

Trump: I could 'shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose voters'

Twitter Outreach

Meet the Most Powerful Organization in Washington ...Huff Post

What Could Be A Tipping Point In Sanctuary Standoff?

The Socialist/Commie smears against Bernie are just an attack on Liberalism

CBS Poll: Sanders edges Clinton in Iowa, leads big in New Hampshire

Man who shot woman at ’13 Hours’ Benghazi movie carried gun because he feared ‘mass shootings’

Trump lead jumps to 40.6 percent: poll

Trump Is Right About Shooting Someone And NOT Losing Support.

List of Clinton Foreign Policy Accomplishments?

ThisWeek Martha Raddatz shamefully scares Americans about Bernie Sanders rattling Wall Street

Scrutiny for Clinton: In combing through her serious email mistakes, investigators must treat

Pachyderm spongiform encephalopathy (PSE) is a completely debilitating neurological disorder

I have one good thing to say about the Daily Mail.

"My dog told me to stop drinking which saved my life!" . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

Bernie Sanders: Bring on billionaire Michael Bloomberg

Bernie and Israel: It's complicated

Jamie Lee Curtis loves Hillary :)

Cow who fled Queens slaughterhouse is saved by animal rights activist

Sioux City Journal endorses Hillary Clinton

Flint Fail.

Someone enjoyed the snow in DC

Our semi-privatized energy grid

If you want to know how candidates are really doing, look at states like mine.

Bill Cosby wins in Pennsylvania court; defamation lawsuit dismissed

Pretty clever ad.

Hillary Clinton looking for a late primary push

Nature Reclaims D.C.'s Snow-Covered Streets.

The dangers of a poll driven President.

How low will the Clinton campaign go?

Des Moines Register's accuracy

God speaks to you more clearly when you have a gun on your hip and the Constitution in your pocket

ABC lies about Bernie Sanders again.

Netanyahu seeks to return Israeli army-evicted settlers to West Bank houses

Good grief! That earthquake in Alaska...

‘Charismatic’ John Jay Hooker has died

Rancher Says He'll Ignore His Grazing Contract

In my heart I believe this will win the election for Us/99%

Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed...

Toon: Flint, Michigan Water Quality Acceptability Chart

A Video Assemblage of Bernie Sanders Commentaries through the Years

SNL on #OscarsSoWhite and more

Bernie Sanders Struggles To Say Why He Doesn't Support Reparations

Bernie is out polling what Hillary actually got in South Carolina in 2008

Police Blasted for Holding Leftists in Jail, Despite Lack of Proof Dead Palestinian Was Murdered

J. K. Rowling "Death Eaters Walk Among Us"

Bernie Sanders Walks Back Claim His Campaign Is Unsettling Global Markets

Great Read..Short but sweet...Sarah Palin’s Demise..

Jeb Bush praises Michigan governor for 'stepping up' amid water crisis


why is a profit prison lobbyer one of hillary's advisors?

Clinton's Foreign Policy Attacks Are Naive and Dangerous

It's the Integrity Stupid

Can Japanese Actually Write Japanese Kanji?

Who does Michael Bloomberg think he can take votes away from?

Hillary Clinton Introduces New Campaign Slogan: “No, We Can’t”

Good Man and Friendly Atheist Hemant Mehta Opens Up the Conversation More of Us are Having

Nothing says "Confidence" like one of your 1% Cronies putting the fix in for the Nomination

How Martin O'Malley will be hurt by the caucus system in Iowa.

TOON: Voters, Schmoters!

Trump’s Plan to Randomly Shoot People Lacks Details, Random Shooters Say / Borowitz/ satire

if bernie wins the dem nom and bloomberg runs,

My Man! PA US Senate Candidate Mayor John Fetterman Has Endorsed Bernie For President.

Not The Snowplows Again!

Muslim leaders plan summit on protecting non-Muslims in their midst

Ancient footprints found at Tucson road construction site

X-Files is back after 13yrs.. and we still want to believe...

The Nation endorses Bernie!

How I changed since moving to Japan

The Nation Endorses Bernie!

Here's what the Democratic establishment is telling us:

Every Democratic voter should watch this video:

Greek islanders to be nominated for Nobel peace prize

This sword-wielding Samurai just moved closer to sainthood!

Fuck snow!!!

Full interview: Bernie Sanders, Face the Nation

Bullies of Burns: the Backstory on the Hammonds

(HILLARY GROUP) Our Collection Isn't Big Enough?

Behind the “Banana Man”: Haiti’s Only Presidential Candidate

Does Bernie really believe what he's selling can get through Congress?

Muslim Scholars organise conference on protecting Non-Muslims

Engrish In Anime ~ (BEST MOMENTS)

Engrish In Anime ~ (BEST MOMENTS)

Resolved: tough to find a better hype man than @CoryBooker #iacaucus

must find homes for seven cats - please offer links

1 week from Iowa: Republicans flaunt endorsements, dismiss Bloomberg

must find placement for cats - please offer links

What are you reading this week of January 24, 2016?

So Jebby might have cooked his goose today..

must find placement for seven cats - please offer links

must find placement for seven cats - please offer links

Take A Look At This Adorable Sloth That Tried To Cross A Road In Ecuador

Do Japanese People Know Donald Trump?

19 Photos Of Dogs Being Adorable During The Blizzard

I pledge to stand behind the person who ALL of the Democratic primary voters nominate for president

Denver jail death puts new light on common restraint tactic

Why does Clinton do better in some polls and Sanders in others? House effect and bad methodology.

Bernie Sanders: "We would beat Donald Trump badly."

Feds to end ultralight-led whooping crane migration

UAW - Local Members Endorse Sanders asking why hasn't Union endorsed yet

Ex-Wisconsin cop accused of killing 2 women to stand trial

Bernie Sanders "Surge"? This guy makes a really good point.

The New England Joint Board UNITE HERE - manufacturing union endorsed Sanders

Former NJ hospital pharmacist accused of morphine theft

What's the backup plan?

Clinton and Sanders and me... author John Scalzi

40 Commit to Caucus in under 3 hours - So many questions! (More hopeful contact!)

In 9 days it's...

Hillary Goes Full-On Rovian

Bernie Knocks Chuck Todd Off His High Horse - Complete Interview

Young Ted Cruz Thinks He's Funny

Democratic Primary Schedule- I'm sure most people here don't need this but interesting anyway.

It's a lock: The Democratic nominee will be

ok.. I give up

What Donald Rumsfeld knew we didn’t know about Iraq

Honduras' former youth minister shot to death

Hillary Clinton Says Flint Water Crisis Is a 'Civil Rights Issue'

Meet The Press-Full interview scroll down page-Chuck Todd will have you tearing your hair out!

We've supersized so much that nature is now supersizing

Demands by Oregon standoff leaders defy logic and law, authorities say

Facing the Unknown, Guantanamo Detainee Chooses Captivity Over Release

Has Hillary stated a position on reparations?

Corbyn tells Argentinians he wants them to share joint control of Falklands with UK

Corbyn tells Argentinians he wants them to share joint control of Falklands with UK

Bernie Sanders March in Chicago- Great youtube video!

"Hate the Caucus"

This is all because Cliven Bundy was never charged

Three Charts to Email to Your Right-Wing Brother-In-Law

Ana Kasparian pimp slaps Teabag shill on CNN

Thousands march for Bernie, blame media for 'nearly nonexistent' coverage (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

The Lee Atwater Story: Meet the Man Responsible for Karl Rove and the GOP's Hate-Driven Politics

Do you think Big Banks would pay a person 250k-600k to hear about world affairs & Bin Laden raids ?

2016 Iowa Caucus Locations

Why we shouldn't vote for Bernie.

Nice Hat!

CBS has Bernie by one (1) point in Iowa.

When Hillary was a senator what did she specifically do to improve lives of African Americans?

Canvassing for Bernie in Clinton, Iowa-One Reddit poster's account w/photos

Eight Days Out: O’Malley aims to upset the apple cart.

Eight Days Out: O’Malley aims to upset the apple cart.

Woman confronts Mrs.Clinton about her health

In a town of 8,000, 2,000 show up to hear Bernie.

My Area Got Pummeled

Revenue sharing demand takes center stage at Peronist Governors' Summit in Argentina.

Bernie Knocks It Out of the Park on Face the Nation - OMG

"Hillary Clinton Is Not The Second Coming Of Harriet Tubman!" Leslie Wimes

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 25 January 2016

Echo And The Bunnymen Royal Albert Hall July 18, 1983 (This should warm ya up)

Enough of the bull$hit. It's not that HRC and cronies think Bernie can't get single payer passed

Most ridiculous Donald Trump ad yet?

Are you ready for it?-Trump takes credit for Sanders momentum

Des Moines Register: Media bias on polls against Clinton now indisputable

Martin O’Malley Says He Is Optimistic About Iowa Despite Long Odds.Time

'You'd Rather Fearmonger': Ana Kasparian Uses Facts To Take Down CNN's Tea Party Pundit

Cory Booker makes a forceful debut with Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail in Iowa

Martin O’Malley Says He Is Optimistic About Iowa Despite Long Odds.Time

Young Iowa voters can accrue points and get a Free Bernie Tshirt by visiting this site and pledging

Calling for reinforcements to travel to Iowa!

Is there a non-debate debate scheduled for this week?

Bernie Sanders Holds Campaign Town Hall On now on CBSN

Texas eighth-grader suspended for rescuing classmate during asthma attack

Sanders Has Caught Up with Clinton in Iowa? Possible but Not Likely

Unemployed Ohioans could soon see their benefits cut in half

ISIS Video Appears to Show Paris Assailants Earlier in Syria and Iraq

Jamie Lee Curtis: Clinton's experience 'trumps' everything

Media Shrugs as Thousands of Bernie Sanders Supporters March Across the Country

I Just happen to think she is really, really talented..

Really incredible turnout for @BernieSanders at Luther College in Decorah, town of about 8,000

Libertarian Snow Removal

Jeb Bush Blamed for Trump's Rise LOL - Shows Off 'Now I'm Pretty' Contact Lenses ?

Is Bernie's Single Payer More Progressive Than ACA?

Sunday morning quake largest of its kind ever recorded in Cook Inlet

Bernie Sanders Surges Ahead of Hillary Clinton in New Iowa Poll

Clinton Attacks Show That They're Afraid | Bernie Sanders

Wall Street Is Nervous | Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders "This Week" ABC FULL Interview 1-24-2016

Bill Clinton is Right: I'm Angry | Bernie Sanders

No-guns policy to be enforced at forum over Oregon standoff meeting on Monday.

Asians Eat Weird Things ft. AJ Rafael (MUSIC VIDEO) - Fung Brothers

Asians Eat Weird Things ft. AJ Rafael (MUSIC VIDEO) - Fung Brothers

Who Asked For FREE Healthcare?

Iowa, turned on US fig skating championships, & have seen Clinton's 60-sec closer ad 2x in 20min

Well well well; Guess Who....

New Poll Megathread IA, NH, AND SC If you love the polls you might like this Reddit thread.

"Whats Not To Like?" Gabby Hoffmann On Bernie And Campaign Finance Reform.

Jackson Heights got 34 inches

The Pho Song (MUSIC VIDEO) Richie Le feat. AJ Rafael

The Pho Song (MUSIC VIDEO) Richie Le feat. AJ Rafael

Nope. Haven't Seen Any. Have You?

Why does the "Bernie at the March on Washington" picture look collaged?

"We Are Living In A World That Worships Not Love Of Brothers And Sisters. Not The Love Of The Poor."

Richie Le - Instagram Love (Music Video) ft. @ElizabethTran626 & Travis Graham

I'd like to know why you feel Hillary favors Wall Street and Corporate America (VERY LONG POST)

Jon Bauman from Sha Na Na is here to support @HillaryClinton-and again Cecile Richards

Sanders on Bloomberg run: Americans Don't Want To see Us Move Toward An Obligarchy

Well I posted a thread in GDP asking why they think Hillary

How is it?


Media Shrugs as Thousands of Bernie Sanders Supporters March Across the Country (PHOTOS/VIDEOS)

Now go deflate your ego

Will the crowd turn out turn into votes?

LOL - Just stumbled upon this in my PhotoBucket. My how things change

Hell of a prediction, joeybee!! Bronco's win by two!!

What Donald Rumsfeld Knew We Didn’t Know About Iraq

In your opinion, are DraftKings and FanDuel gambling?

What's for Dinner, Sun., Jan. 24, 2016

The Progressive Dream Team And The Establishment's Nightmare

Jeb Bush Blames Flint Water Crisis On Too Much Regulation

Was busy shopping at Amazon today - being snowed in and all. (:)) Did you guys see Doonesbury?

No team has gone to more Super Bowls than the Broncos!

Tom Brady Is Deflated....

For Bookmark and posterity purposes, make your Iowa vote percentage prediction

Yeah Crawfish Shorts