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David Bowie dies and a few days later a 9th planet appears

I am proud to stand with Eric Garner's mother in endorsing Hillary Clinton

Hillary calls for ground war in Syria and Iraq

First Amendment: Religious diversity, school calendars and the quest for fairness

Officials: New Top Secret Clinton Emails 'Innocuous' - info among th worst kept secrets in D.C.- NBC

Eric Garner's mother, Gwen Carr, has endorsed Hillary Clinton & sent a list building email to suppor

JPMorgan CEO gets 35% pay raise to $27M amid cutbacks

A New Horizon For Peace: An Israel/Palestine Union

Lessons of Flint

Two German feminists debate Cologne in Der Spiegel

When Slaves Go on Strike: W.E.B. Du Bois’s "Black Reconstruction" 80 Years Later

GOP Senator Would Back Sanders Over Cruz

The Mudflats, "Half-Term Governor Palin Endorses Half-Wit Donald Trump."

Catholic Guilt? The Lying, Scheming Altar Boy Behind a Lurid Rape Case

BREAKING!: Sanders leads Iowa 51% to 43%!

CWA, Nurses, Postal workers on the ground in Brooklyn, NY & IOWA photo!!!!

Crashing Oil Prices Decimate Texas Boomtowns

Among Democrats who caucused in 2008 Clinton leads Sanders by 17 - 55/%-38% IA

Report: Switzerland made secret deal with PLO to avoid terror attacks on Swiss soil

Republicans are trying to help Bernie Sanders win, and it's not because they like his message

Kyo wa watashi no tanjobi desuyo (II)

Why African-Americans Are On Fire For Bernie Sanders

Some Democrats Fear Clinton's Message Is Failing

David Bowie Impersonates...

Here is one positive change both Sanders and Clinton can deliver even WITH a Republican congress.

Sanders camp confirms it thinks Planned Parenthood is part of the establishment out to beat Bernie

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 1-20-16

Teamsters delivering bottled water to Flint, Mich.

National Review is going to publish a special anti-Trump issue

Patton Oswalt Had the Best Response To Sarah Palin’s Incoherent Endorsement of Donald Trump

Enraged Trump supporter puts protester in a headlock and tries to drag him away

Oregon progressive radio host decries extreme vitriol of Bernie supporters, ends show.

Sarah Palin’s feel-bad politics: The dark allure of right-wing nihilism, self-pity and curdled nosta

Dr. Phil Sued by Former Employee for False Imprisonment, Wrongful Termination

Governor Baker ought to sell copies of this State of the State address that he's droning out right

Where are all the aliens? Dead?

Iowans Must Caucus for Martin O’Malley!

The GOP’s terrifying Trump plan: Why the party’s establishment thinks it can control the Donald—and

A big change in CNN’s Iowa polls: Sanders 51-45.

Let's get real. In order to control healthcare costs, Bernie proposes,

Eric Garner's mother endorses Hillary Clinton

The bottom line in Iowa

Bernie Sanders’s single-payer plan isn’t a plan at all - Ezra Klein

The person who will be hosting the town hall and screening questions to Bernie Sanders is

Gear Aquisition Syndrome, AKA GAS

Poll: Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders in Iowa by 9 points

Hmmm...What's missing from this Hillary Ad?

TA-NEHISI COATES On CHRIS HAYES MSNBC, Jan. 20: *Reparations, Bernie Sanders Recent Article

The Irony of ire about Iowa

Damn. Sanders still isn't clarifying his "PP = the Establishment" comment correctly :(

Logged in to make calls to Iowa for Bernie Sanders tonight

Reformed Whores ask the Oregon "militia" a few questions. (This is hilarious)

David Brock's newest media outlet goes after Bernie fiercely today.

Sanders, Trump lead in Iowa, according to new CNN poll

Don McLean's wife cites years of abuse leading to his arrest

David Brock's newest media acquisition attacks Bernie big time today.

So can I amend my 2014 tax return?

German Imam blames Cologne rape victims; 'they wore perfume'

The Biggest Conservative Dog Whistles in Michael Bay’s Benghazi Movie 13 Hours

Bomb blast kills six in Cairo, including 3 police officers

Schlumberger Reports Big 4Q Loss, Says Cut 10,000 More Jobs

Hillary's Campaign likes their Iowans Shaken

Sanders in third in Drudge poll

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Mike's back! & a new Kittehs gif

Wal-Mart strikes lawful, must reinstate workers: NLRB judge

Vote in this poll

Truthout: The New Hucksters, Same As the Old Hucksters by William Rivers Pitt

You Will Be Speechless

99% of Iran’s reformist parliamentary candidates rejected

Fear of whistleblowing at BBC allowed Jimmy Savile to abuse, says leaked report

As I feared, those assholes in Oregon actually destroyed an archaeologicdal site

CNN: Bill Clinton Sounds Alarm, Hillary Spokesman says "Polls Don't Mean Much"

Neighbor just called to remind me to line up interpreters for the caucus

It's squirrel appreciation day! (lol squirrel with apology)

The Presidential debates: What the topics debated reveal about the way the Democrats and Republicans

We should be kind to Hillary supporters

170 Economists For Bernie Speak Out...Here's One...

Ballad Of A Thin Man

Here is the perspective of a Muslim woman on New Year's Eve in Cologne...

BTV Update: Shut down AGAIN by YouTube with no Explanation

Follow up on new kitty

Should Clinton's evolution on gay marriage be given a more favorable look in light of Sanders belief

Clinton super PAC offers off the record news tips about Bernie

Walmart breaks deal to build stores in working-class D.C. district

LOL!!!...didja hear what Maddow just said about Palin?

Clinton super PAC offers ‘off the record’ news tips

The latest Bernie Sanders ad!

Newsy: Sarah Palin's Jacket Got More Press Than Her Donald Trump Endorsement

3 Spanish Language Publications in NV endorse Sanders

National Review aims to take down Trump

TYT: ESPN To Hosts: STFU About Politics

RW radio has been telling its listener to donate to both campaigns,

Crazy kitty rescue by Rose Ludwig Colorado Springs, CO

Sanders hits Clinton Adviser for saying she needs to 'shake some sense' into Iowans

oh my--Bernie is walking back his comments about

Centerpiece Of Obama's Climate Plan Wins Major Victory

John Fuglesang: ‏Can we stop focusing on how Woody Guthrie said Trump Sr was racist & focus on real

Robert Bateman (Esquire): what "probably" means in Litvinenko-Putin-poison story

Ronnie VS Donnie

The scene at a Bernie Sanders campaign stop in Peterborough, NH

Students in Wolfeboro left us some notes today. They are a future to believe in....

Female Dr. abuses Uber driver and the Internet unleashes it's wrath.

Sam Seder: Palin Backs Trump

Jeb Bush at 3 in Iowa

Donna Brazile DESTROYS Palin For Blaming Her Woman-Beating Son’s Arrest On Obama

Sam Seder: Trump on Jeb Bush: 'I Wish Him the Best'


Tim Canova - This guy has his act together.

The cure for Iowa voters

Will Hillary protect Social Security

Sanders campaign attacking Clinton on climate change...

Depression? It's just the new trendy illness!

Resign Rahm: Silent Protester Disrupts Mayor’s Conference, January 20, 2016

Alexander Litvinenko’s widow Marina calls for Vladimir Putin travel ban

TYT: Carly Fiorina Nabs Random Kids For Anti-Abortion Speech

Talking heads on Lawrence are bumming me out

Bernie's America

Sadly, one thing I noticed about Bernie's ad that was missing.

Moscow condemns Litvinenko inquiry as a political ‘whitewash’

The lizard of consistency: New iguana species which sticks to its colors found in Chile

Predictit now has Bernie favored to win in Iowa

TYT: Sarah Palin: Track Punched His Girlfriend, Thanks Obama


The Nation: "Start Making Sense: Why We’ve Endorsed Bernie Sanders"

Ex-Cop Gets 263 Years For Raping, Sexually Assaulting Black Women

FARC: Peace Not Possible Until Colombia Ends Paramilitarism

JFK's Grandson Skewers Ted Cruz: He 'Is No Jack Kennedy'

This place is a breath of fresh air

The Editors Of The National Review: "Donald Trump is a menace to American conservatism"

Why Putin wanted Litvinenko dead so badly that the assassination took place in London

Trevor Noah is killing it

Help Stop a Predator Hunt!

Hillary hits Obama in 2008 for being too idealistic

About that CNN poll. Hillary Room

Why I'm On Team O'Malley

Beholden to Lord Trump

Why I'm switching my vote from Sanders to O'Malley

Please help stop a 'predator hunt'!


If Bernie is nominated and you backed another Dem, and Bloomberg ran on a third-party ticket

Skewed Courts Team Up with Debt Predators to Screw Nation's Poor

Bill O'Reilly attacks Planned Parenthood.....calls them "loathsome"

A little history about David Brock

Correct the Record and more of their OFF the Record hit pieces met with real journalism.

Ted Cruz’s Howitzer

Did I really hear that Trump defended lady Blah Blah's attack on President Obama

Currently watching "The Best of Enemies" on Netflix--The debates between W.F. Buckley and Gore Vidal

The only black life that has ever mattered to David Brock is Clarence Thomas'.

Clinton: My opponent's plan is to give free education to everybody

Hillary Vs. Bernie - Republicans and Real Democrats

Johnny & Joe Redemption Songs

Politics Done Right: Bernie Sanders East Texas Regional Director makes his case

Maybe Bernie Can Win

Hillary campaign uses admitted liar that smeared Anita Hill to accuse Bernie of racism

I broke my finger killing a mouse today.

On the Democratic candidates and the credibility gap

U.S. health system is already predominantly taxpayer funded

New Bernie Sanders Campaign Ad Vows to End U.S. Quagmires in the Middle East

Security! Security! Repubs and the National Review are

Let Them Eat Bulk: The Success of France’s Cheap, Zero-Waste Food Chain

Hillary! You were the chosen one! It was said you would destroy the Republicans, not join them!

He used to be homeless. Now he's a mayor. And he's only 28.

Colorado School District Pushes Christian ‘Purity’ Training For 11-Yr-Olds To Find Future Husbands

Bernie Sanders Peterborough 012116 Townhall -- worth watching

Thread to suggest new DU smilies

NYT: Karl Rove's Super PAC has been running attack ads in Iowa and NH since September

Migrant crisis: EU at grave risk, warns France PM Valls


HRC's attacks on Bernie sound like Hubert Humphrey's 1972 attacks on George McGovern.

Tons of Cocaine Seized in Bolivia

NEW POLL: Sanders poll numbers up in African American and Hispanic communities!!!

Morales: US Must Respect Bolivia If It Wants Better Relations

Bolivian Opposition Receives More Money from the US

Why it's possible the "Socialist" tag won't have any teeth this election cycle

Jamaica to Honor Reggae Icon Peter Tosh with a Museum PD

Hillary Finds SuperPac Loophole and Runs With It

Somalia: 20 dead in gun and bomb attacks at Lido beach

Is 'Gaijin' a Bad Word? (Japanese Street Interview)

Is 'Gaijin' a Bad Word? (Japanese Street Interview)

Bolivia's second-largest lake dries up and may be gone forever, lost to climate change

Bolivia's second-largest lake dries up and may be gone forever, lost to climate change

What Japanese Think of Tattoos

"In his sojourn among the fraudulent, the pilgrim Dante walks among the simonists.

Check out this snip from Senator Warren's speech. Is she getting ready to make an endorsement?

Liberals No Longer Amused by Bernie Sanders’ Presidential Campaign

North Korea arrests US student for 'hostile act'

I wrote about how the middle east is not a merit based society. I am reading Pre-Industrial

Being LGBT in Japan (Japanese Interview at Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2015)

Why Can't Japanese Speak English? (Interview)

Supreme Court Justice Again Urges: It’s Time To Reconsider The Death Penalty

Sarah the cheetah, world's fastest land mammal, dies in Ohio zoo

White House reacts to Palin: 'Domestic violence is not a joke'

Military: Human remains found at Arizona F-16 crash site

4-year-old who accidentally shot himself dies

Trump blames conservative leader for his Bible gaffe

Prepare To Fan Girl/Boy/Whatever Out Over The First 'Wonder Woman' Footage

Grand jury indicts police officer who shot unarmed naked man

Tennessee House Panel Rejects Natural Marriage Defense Act

Star of dolphin-hunting film ordered deported from Japan

National Review magazine punished after telling conservatives to shun Trump

All she is saying is give war a chance.

Christie promises to let allies vent about Obama

The Colombian Battle With the FARC Looks To Finally Be Over

Biden: Businesses Should Do More on LGBT Rights

Sanders walks back Planned Parenthood, Clinton ‘establishment’ comments

Kansas Court Plans Ruling Over Ban on Common Abortion Method

Public Safety Emergency Decree Generates Controversy in Argentina

Daily Holidays - January 22

Letter: Stand up for those who defend human rights in Honduras

Oregon militia seen rifling through Native American artifacts at refuge

UPDATE: Sanders now WINNING Drudge poll?!

Atlantic City, N.J., to hold emergency meeting to discuss bankruptcy

Pakistan Taliban commander vows more school attacks in video

I still think O'Malley is the only one who gets it on health care

Why Three Progressive Organizations Gave Endorsement To Hillary Clinton

Colorado School District Pushes Christian ‘Purity’ Training for 11-Year-Old Girls

Dept of Veterans Affairs: Palin "using PTSD as excuse to shift blame from son's domestic violence"

'Confident': Singer Demi Lovato Joins Hillary Clinton for Iowa Rally

Will doctors and hospitals be legally required to accept Medicare For All in Sanders' plan?

Demi Lovato Gives ‘Confidence’ Boost to Hillary Clinton, Iowa City

"I'm SoAndSo, and I approve this message": Is that required by law or is it simply a custom ?

Moonpie and Tater snuggled for the cold:

Trove of Marine Corps Films From 1930s-1970s to Be Preserved

Poor Jeb, now his mother has to campaign for him. At 3% or so it would seem more graceful if he

And on the 8th day...

Eviction begins of settlers who broke into Hebron houses

Chris Christie on storm: If I needed to go back I would

Baytown Punks Draft Bernie Sanders a New Campaign Anthem

The New Revolutionaries

Deal Alert, AGAIN: $99.99 HP Elite 8000 Small Form Factor Desktop

Oklahoma sending help to North Carolina

Hillary should be ashamed - Brock is a mud-slinging rightwing extremist

National Review loses GOP debate sponsorship over anti-Trump issue

Winter storm Prep and Handling (once it hits)

On Good morning am. right now-" bernie surges to big lead"

Congress Takes A Step Toward Declaring War on ISIS

Snow day Netflix, Amazon, Hulu recommendation thread

Bernie Sanders and the kibbutz conundrum

Bernie Sanders and the kibbutz conundrum

NY TIMES EDITORIAL: Depraved Indifference Toward Flint

San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo enforcing gun ban policy

Remind you of anyone?

(Clinton fund raiser) “I wouldn’t say it’s widespread panic”

The campaign to leave the EU takes British politics to a new low

Conservative Catholics taking offense at Dallas Bishop’s church gun ban

Friday Bernie Group Toon Roundup

Friday Toon Roundup 1: Poisoned

Friday Toon Roundup 2: G-Dope

Buoyant gun industry sees enemies everywhere

Friday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Ha Ha, I knew people were leaving Wisconsin there's proof.....

In meeting with the FBI, negotiator coddles Ammon Bundy

Woman critically injured in Renton theater shooting

East Coasters: for your viewing pleasure STAHMAGEDDON !

Charlie Cook: Bernie-Mania's Barrier: Democratic Delegate Math

John Podesta responded to the ludicrous claim from the Sanders camp that Clinton doesn’t have a clim

Jews in the American South

Pounding Sanders

Julián Castro campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Iowa this weekend

Movies: folks that don't fit

Sanders walks back Planned Parenthood, Clinton ‘establishment’ comments (Hillary Group)

IVN Prediction: Sanders, Trump Will Win Iowa – But Party Insiders Will Take the Delegates

Julián Castro campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Iowa this weekend July 23-4 (Hillary Grp)

Bernie's great new video guide for first time iowan Caucus goers

Everyone prepared from Washington to NYC for Snowmageddon_2016 ?

Of Course Clinton Has Foreign Policy Experience, but that 'Experience' Has Been a Total Disaster

Progressive Brothers: You Don’t Have to Hate Hillary to Love Bernie...

At least 44 migrants dead as boats sink on way to Greece

Rio Olympics Shaping Up As Health & Enviromental Train Wreck - Zika, Dengue, Sewage & More

Sanders walks back Planned Parenthood, Clinton ‘establishment’ comments

Bernie 2016 "How to Caucus in Iowa" - Great for first time caucus goers!

Ursula K Le Guin: "ranting about the Constitution does not get you a permit to break the law"

WATCH: Cops Called On Kids Playing Basketball, Responds By Joining Them

Why Do We Give Them SO Much Money Whey They Are Already SO Rich?

Rich people are living longer than poor people, and the gap is widening. (Article re soc. security)

Bill Clinton: People like me and Hillary can afford to go to college. The govt can't help everyone.

New Yorker: Oregon Militia’s Updated Supplies Wish List

The lack of judgement of Donald J Trump

"Hey Handsome"

Who is Really Ruling Saudi Arabia?

Even Conservatives Get It In Flint: "You break it, you own it."

If affluenza is real, consideration and treatment of it must be real

Champagne anyone?

Local man compensated for time spent as Iranian hostage

More shameful activity from Clinton SuperPAC

Lets' Get Real: Health Ins. Companies ALREADY FORCE doctors, hospitals, ... to reduce their charges

Income Inequality? Jamie Dimon gets 35 percent pay raise to 27 million.. WTF????

We should all email Scarborough at MSNBC and let him have it for trying

The many contradictions of Hillary Clinton

Trump's new anti-Cruz xenophobic ad is effective- loathsome but effective

Health & Fitness myths debunked

Gun-toting, Oregon militiaman is a convicted murderer

Georgia Police Officer Indicted for Murder of Unarmed Black Man...

Which pro-Clinton Super PAC is Jeff Weaver referring to?

Tasmanian Bushfires Worst In Decades; Multiple Towns Warned To Prepare To Evacuate


Sanders is outspending HRC on ads

Coastal Flooding Also Concern As E. Coast Blizzard Moves In; Will Arrive At High Tide

The White House Has Officially Responded To Sarah Palin: ‘Domestic Violence Is Not A Joke’

NRA's Ted Nugent: "Donald Trump Is As Close To Ted Nugent As You Are Going To Get In Politics"

Bernie Sanders rally in St Paul on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Xi Jinping wants a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital

Hillary Clinton, With Help From Demi Lovato, Treads on Bernie Sanders Turf in Iowa

Donald Trump or Ted Cruz? Republicans Argue Over Who Is Greater Threat

Rolling Stone: Who Poisoned Flint, Michigan?

Stephanie Miller announced the return of 'The Sexy Liberal Tour'. They need to come to Flint!!!

Bill Moyers: A Drone Protestor Heads to Jail

So, pretty cool thing I eavesdropped on unashamedly -

"Contest the black vote at every opportunity. Keep him pinned down there."

Stephen King: Regarding Flint: "Voter's Beware"

Friday Fun Thread: List some fictional characters who remind you of Trump.

Today's Google Doodle: Interactive and super hot!

Plot Summary of Reich Wing Propaganda Sleaze 13 Hours

The Walt Whitman of Wasilla

Offce of Personnel Management Does Not Close Downtown DC Government Offices

Who do you think will win the Trump-Cruz battle ?

Trump is training. Hard. Also, keep the eye bleach handy. You're welcome!

So what happpened to Sarah Palin?

Shocking! You WILL NOT guess who Duck Dynasty d-bag Willie Robertson is endorsing for President.

GOP operatives helping Bernie because they believe he would be easier to beat

Timber Oligarchs Transform Into Beef Barons in Harney County and the Oregon High Desert

Republican Senator Says He’ll Support Bernie Sanders If Ted Cruz Wins The GOP Nomination

The Divine Feminine in Fairy Tales - Part 1

“Don’t Tell Me” featuring Bernie Sanders

Detroit Student: "I Want to Be Able to Go to School Without Worrying About Being Bitten by Mice"

O'Malley says he is drawn to the 'tough fight.'

New Bush Ad: Mommy to the rescue?

Sen. Bernie Sanders Speaks to the Issues (Ebony magazine interview)

Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartmann and John Fugelsang together on Steph's show

If there was a Nobel Prize for Internet News Comments, I nominate...

National Health Care will require a deliberate process to work out the details.

If you like Star Wars and enjoy humorous takes on it, you must read this Twitter author....

VP Biden: Inequality, Middle Class Loss, Tax Code: World Econ. Forum, Davos, Switz. Jan. 2016

What Stacey Dash gets very wrong when she calls for ending BET and Black History Month

Sanders supporters make an average of 80K per year.

A G.O.P. Majority in New Hampshire Pipes Up: We’re Not for Trump.

Scientist of the People

Charlotte Rampling says Oscars diversity row is 'racist to white people'

Venezuela ministers shun hearing on economic crisis

Clinton's argument with Bernie Sanders about normalizing relations with Iran, explained

So Sanders Wants To Pay Wealthiest Kids To Go To College? LOLZ

In Spain, left-wing coalition gains ground as king ends talks

A short introduction to neoliberalism

Are We Underestimating The Risk Of Human Extinction?

Against Trump

Hey you! Yeah you, you wearing shorts when it is freaking wintertime

North Korea says it has arrested a Virginia student for ‘hostile acts’

Just watched "Bone Tomahawk" with Kurt Russell, Please don't waste your time on this movie

Ignore The Naysayers – Single Payer Healthcare Is A Great Idea

They can't keep Bernie2016TV down!

Why today, more than ever, we should support the state over the free market cannibalism

How Bad Will Republican Hate Get In Obama’s Final Year?

So I saw Mad Max:Fury Road. Not sure WTF I just watched.

World's First Massacre Scene?

First Russian Pastafarian Gets Driver's License Photo Wearing A Colander

The NEW #VoteForBernie is here! Check out improved maps, voter alerts and more: http://voteforbernie

I found a helpful timeline while trying to catch up on the Flint water crisis:

Our Politicians in Old Masters Paintings

Kansas congresscritter is scared of women...

Keep it up Hillary. Desperation is a good look on you

Clinton supporter Shaheen: Voters are angry because our government is divided.

Bernie is on the front page of The Nation!!

Why vote for O'Malley.. he does not even have money for commericals??

The town hall, which will be moderated by CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, will air from 9 p.m.-11 p.m.

When they said FDR was too liberal to win a general election this was the result: 472 - 59

15 fundamental differences

When waging a 'revolution' against the Democratic establishment, what stays in, what should go?

23,144 bombs

Milky Way’s second-largest black hole?

Black Americans Defend Sanders Against Ta-Nehisi Coates Biased and Baseless Attacks

GM Ignition-Switch Suit Dismissed

4 Year Old Accidentally Dies After Accidentally Shooting Himself By Accident With Grandpa's Gun

Senator Jeanne Shaheen on MSNBC right now red baiting Bernie

The IOWA Daily Democrat: I Stand with Bernie Sanders

Tom Wakely. A progressive Texan and Sanders supporter looking to unseat Lamar Smith

Cruz doesn't have health insurance. Blames it on Obamacare

Bernie's Congressional Report Card

Flint water crisis: U.S. EPA regional administrator resigns

Calling for an unprecedented mobilization of out-of-state volunteers to flood Iowa during the

Remember back when...

Why Wall Street Gives Millions to Hillary (As a Former Goldman Sachs Banker,

"Good taste is a conspiracy!" . . . Please come CAPTION Fox's Greg Gutfield!!

Pic Of The Moment: Prominent Republicans Line Up To Obliterate Their Own Frontrunner

Bernie Sanders Is For Free College Tuition At State Universities For All, Not Just Some

Starry eyed The New School grad had hopes a-hole wingnut Greg ABBOTT would act librul

Bernie Sanders Gets Group Endorsements When Members Decide; Hillary Clinton When Leaders Decide

Flint’s water crisis is a blatant example of environmental injustice

Michigan Gov. Snyder - Who Poisoned Flint - Says Detroit Teachers are Hurting Children

Hillary Clinton to Highlight Core Supporters on Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

David Brock arrives to rescue Hillary!


Labor Deploys Ground Forces To Iowa For Hillary

Since we're hearing the same tired attacks against education and health care...

This is proof of how truly absurd the Trump phenomenon is:

How you win matters

Plunging oil prices mean Venezuelan women are running out of birth control

Okay...need some input here regarding Citizens United

Of Course Clinton Has Foreign Policy Experience, But That 'Experience' Has Been a Total Disaster

Mika: Bernie's new campaign ad is very hopeful

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 1-21-16 (current list Bernie's friends too)

Tell Me I'm Not The Only Reminded Of Philip Roth's "The Plot Against America" By Trump, Cruz, etc...

Iceland just sent 26th Banker to Jail

Officials: New Top Secret Clinton Emails 'Innocuous'

So Hillary admits we will never get a chance at passing single payer or Medicare for all

Donald Trump Retweeted a Twitter User Named "White Genocide"

The Clean Eating Delusion

Under Bernie's tax brackets, most will see improved services at no extra cost.....

Free Money

Dancing In The Street: New Orleans Throws A Memorial Parade For David Bowie changed their Facebook profile picture!

I didn't know this about Bernie....

Why Trump loves to get slammed and ridiculed by the establishment Republicans:

X-post from GD:Drunk theater goer accidentally shoots woman in chest

The Real News Room - Bern Edition - 1.22.2016 (On fire now!)

Did Hillary Clinton Just Take A Strange Shot at Bernie Sanders Over His Grandchildren?

Our problem is that we have let the Sanders group corner all of the enthusium


Pastafarians rejoice. Proof of His Noodly Magnificence.

Suffolk NH Poll (1/19-1/21): Sanders leads with 50 vs Clinton 41

Former Olympic downhill champ Bill Johnson dies at age of 55

OK all you atheists, refute THIS: (Xpost from Pastafarians group)

attention chiliheads!!! todays' google doodle honours wilbur scoville's 151st birthday--cool

Redditors from /r/SandersForPresident got on the local radio to talk about Bernie today! Recorded

Which home improvement store has the least offensive politics?

Palmetto Sunrise: New poll shows Sanders chipping at Clinton’s lead in S.C.

Bernie Sanders Gets Group Endorsements When Members Decide; Hillary Clinton When Leaders Decide

Refresher: STUDY: Watching Only Fox News Makes You Less Informed Than Watching No News At All

JP Morgan CEO Gets 35% Pay Raise

I remember when there was revolution in the air

Duhhh. . . ."political correctness" = basic civility

Hillary's Fellowship/The Family conundrum

The Problem Of Drawing Distinctions Between "Good" And "Bad" Immigrants

If Vermont is such a horrible fucking white racist state

Ayahuasca: the shamanic brew that produces out-of-body experiences

Tulsa area high schoolers among protesters booted from Trump rally

A possible counter-explanation of why GOP may be attacking her in primaries

We are doing a lot of work getting drunks off the road...

Fracking may be linked to Porter Ranch gas leak

Fracking may be linked to Porter Ranch gas leak (xpost from CA group)

New Militants, Supplies Arrive With Ease At Malheur Refuge

Wal-Mart wrongly fired workers for striking and must rehire them, labor board rules

Sorry, Hillary, your 2nd audition is over. It was a flop.

I don't care if it is just the $1 minimum

Vanessa Hudgens stars in Jeb Bush USA Freedom Kids video

Game plan?

My son is 14. I'm not sure we can risk living in Trump's America

Evolution of ideals

Did you ever think you'd see a major Democratic candidate run on crushing hopes and dreams?

Potatoes on Mars: Peruvian team tests if vegetable will grow on Red Planet

Potatoes on Mars: Peruvian team tests if vegetable will grow on Red Planet

Nasty New Wrinkle in Bundy Gang Oregon Stand-off. Death Threats Come to Light...

MLK "I have a dream!" HRC "Vote with your heads, not your hearts."

Michigan Gov. Snyder on Flint: ‘Terrible decisions’ were made

US seeks to limit methane gas 'flaring' at drilling sites

Drug traffickers get high and call the cops

Man passes in Pennsylvania - he had a final request

Going the Extra Mile.

Nation Figured Everything Would Run On Some Kind Of ...

Outstanding Tip for DU Google Chrome Users

Ex-Pastor Jacob Malone Surrenders After Fleeing to Ecuador to Avoid Rape Accusations of Teenage Girl

Trump just retweeted something from a neo-Nazi

Economists For Bernie Speak Up

Leonardo DiCaprio Donates $3.4 Million to Ecuador

Bernie, really?

Charges dropped against 6 Ferguson protesters

Hillary Clinton's true feelings about young Black males

Graphic: Not me...Us.

Hillary Clinton to Highlight Core Supporters on Anniversary of Roe v Wade

Arlo Guthrie celebrate 50 years of 'Alice's Restaurant' at Orlando's Plaza Live

Bernie Sanders Gets Group Endorsements When Members Decide

The Latest: Abortion rights backers hail Kansas court ruling

WTF is this crap Hillary? Shopping around a doc saying Bernie is pro-Communist?

My MoveON petition - Hillary, release transcripts of your Wall Street speeches.

Hillary Clinton angers Iowa fans who waited hours for five-minute speech

Kansas lawmaker imposes dress code on female witnesses

Why African-American voters may doom Bernie Sanders’ candidacy

Volunteer firefighter fatally shot while on duty in Arkansas

There's One Big Problem With Sanders' Promise to Overturn Citizens United

TYT: Oceans Will Have More Plastic Than Fish In Them

the Republican candidates in a nutshell.

OMG Murdered spy claimed Putin was caught on film having sex with boys

Trump's campaign is the political equivalent of Mel Brooks' "The Producers."

The Latest: Prosecutor says plan would bring executions soon

San Francisco just learned the cost of doing the NFL a favor

San Francisco just learned the cost of doing the NFL a favor (xpost from CA group)

France plans to keep state of emergency until Isis is defeated

Hillary = delusion - Sanders = reason

Why do you think banks and other multinational corporations are flooding NoHope Hillary with cash?

Despite Supreme Court ruling, marriage equality battle is not over

TYT: DEA Hired Informants To Steal Money From Luggage

Something that has been bothering me: just how bad would a President Trump or

Keiser Report: *Terrifying DEMO: GIANT DERIVATIVES/DEBT BUBBLE to Wreck Global Economy in 2016

Hillary holding private briefings for *supporters

Mr Fish Toon on the Oscars

TYT: 2015 Was The Hottest Year In Recorded History

Bernie VS. Hillary — Who Would Actually Get Things Accomplished?

Florida atheist trolls Christian mayor with ‘tacky’ Satanic cross display outside City Hall

Hillary Clinton Isn't Only Against Reparations, She Accepted Money from Prison Lobbyists

Anti-immigrant vigilante patrols cause concern in Finland

Do you support NoHope Hillary now that she is channeling Joe McCarthy?

HOA sells Port Orange family's home over $2K debt

Iowa SHOCK Poll-Clinton 59% Sanders 30% O'Malley 7%

Why is employment discrimination a “religious freedom” issue?

I gotta get the bread and milk

On the 43rd Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Only One Party Cares About Saving It

Clinton-Sanders Battle in Iowa May Be Decided by O’Malley Supporters.

Would Bernie Sanders Be a 'Nightmare' for Red State Democrats?

Clinton-Sanders Battle in Iowa May Be Decided by O’Malley Supporters.

Dumbass is as Dumbass does - The Ted Cruz Edition

Bernie Sanders must deliver more than platitudes about abortion

The EPA’s Silent, Guilty Role in the Flint Water Crisis

Can Humanity Overcome It's Addiction To Oil?

Oregon armed protesters invoke Constitution -- with commentary from W. Cleon Skousen

It's difficult to believe we're still arguing about Jane Fonda.

How Much Snow Is Expected to Fall.

Now that Hill's friends call Bernie a commie, let's talk about the Clinton's missing $ MILLIONS!

Bernie Sanders Has No Idea How the Supreme Court Works

Sec. Kerry speaks about corruption at Davos

Concealed Carry-drunk-Benghazi Movie - What could go wrong?

Friends of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

Ben Carson's Ex-Campaign Manager Now Advising Trump's Aides

Fox TV talking about mama bear bush and who wears boots

Transit shutdowns in the Northeast

Sen Al Frankin on Hillary and Rove v. Wade anniversary.

Hillary Clinton Has No Idea How the Supreme Court Works

MSM completely ignored 2 polls in which Hillary was ahead of Sanders by 9 pts TWICE yesterday;

Amazing and revealing discussion of Hillary's relationship with unions.

Hillary Clinton Defends Speaking Fees Paid by Wall Street Firms

Melbourne Archbishop Denis Hart gives green light to gay couples at Catholic school formals

Track Palin: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Nevada Poll-Clinton 47%(-4) Bernie 43%(+4) O'Malley 3%

reposting from GD-P-new Nevada poll Berine just 4 points back In Nevada

FiveThirtyEight: Sanders’s Iowa Ground Game Is Good — But It Ain’t Obama’s

Check out what I got my kids for Christmas

I Love This ~

Clinton email release delayed until after IA & NH

Acharya S/D.M. Murdock died on Christmas day

WSJ: Clinton’s Emails: A Criminal Charge Is Justified

In 1997, Hillary took on the Koch brothers and won—and it wasn’t her first uphill battle.

Name a song with a woman's name in the title.

Jason Rezaian Travels to U.S. on Washington Post Owner’s Plane

I hope this guy decides to run for office....

Palin, Trump, Cruz…They’re All One And The Same In This Crazy GOP

Tom Brady is a weirdo who calls Wall Street bankers when they’re having bad days.

JEB???? gets Mommy to make Trump attack ad. link, not be viewed if you are queasy.

EU Shuts Down Pro-Israel Congressional Hawks


Islamist injecting dogs/puppies with acid on youtube

Russian sanctions could be gone in a few months, John Kerry says

Let's understand The CLintons and the DLC

Of Course Clinton Has Foreign Policy Experience, But That 'Experience' Has Been a Total Disaster

Palin Wasn’t 'Drunk' and Her Trump Speech Wasn’t 'Stupid': She’s Playing Right Into the Heart of ...

HILLARY: Always proud of Walmart!

Sign the petition! Bring Johnny 2 Dallas!

When the big storm comes I always make sure I stock up on {BLANK} and {BLANK}

State Department seeks 1-month extension on Clinton emails

Is “harnessing the power of placebo” worthwhile to treat anything?


Loras Collage Poll Iowa :Hillary 59% Sanders 30% O'Malley 7%

Palin blames Obama for her defeat in 2008...

A fool and their money....

Saudi Arabia’s Top Cleric Forbids Chess, but Players Maneuver

Are Otaku(Nerds) Uncool? (Japanese Interview)

Are Otaku(Nerds) Uncool? (Japanese Interview)

U.S. to Put 'Boots on the Ground' in Iraq to Combat ISIL.

Woody Guthrie, ‘Old Man Trump’

FTC probes Turing over drug prices, Shkreli's lawyer says

FTC probes Turing over drug prices, Shkreli's lawyer says

How to Date a Japanese Girl (According to Japanese Girls - Interview)

Bernie MALICIOUSLY ATTACKS Planned Parenthood in E-Mail

The GMO labeling movement is as organic as a Twinkie

NYC has declared a Winter Weather Emergency

CDC: Dole Foods facility in Ohio tied to multistate listeria outbreak

Real Scientific Literacy, Part II

Winter Storm on East Coast: Live Updates REVISED

Amazing Tablet Prank | Angry Dad

The Bundy Takeover of the Malheur Refuge.

Why Japanese Don't Date (Interview)

The Rise Of A New Grief Vampire: Tyler Henry, "Hollywood Medium" And... Ugh.

Greetings, fellow humans. I also have casual human interests.

Haiti postpones presidential election just days before vote

The worst DC blizzard since the 1920s

Bernie Sanders Gets Group Endorsements When Members Decide; Hillary Clinton When Leaders Decide

Haiti postpones presidential election just days before vote

Damn good question, ya think?

Clinton's campaign seems to be working overtime today

Wasn't Hillarycare called socialism, and Obamacare is the republican alternative from the 90s?

New Takata air bag recall to cover 5 million U.S. vehicles

LOL @ Cruz.....


What's for Dinner, Fri., Jan. 22, 2016

"Why Bernie Sanders’ Misinformed Supreme Court Tweet Matters"

Speaking of the Bundys............

So about that Clinton foreign policy experience....

Why is Japan So 'Racist' Sometimes?

Kansas' highest court voids Wichita marijuana ordinance

David Blatt was just fired from the Cavs

Bernies ad has over 1,000,000 views in about 24 hours.

Will the DNC Use Super-Delegates to Steal the Primary Election from Bernie Sanders?

Jeb! Bush gets his mommy to do a campaign ad...

Vice President Biden chides Turkey over freedom of expression

Tunisia imposes curfew after worst post-revolt unrest

Sanders wins praise as ad gets one million+ views in less than 24 hours(no word said in it)

Militants Plow New Roads At Refuge, Possibly Damaging Artifacts

Lincoln Hills probe: Three more staffers placed on leave

Clinton’s embrace of far-right narrative on Latin America is part of electoral strategy

Wait'll you see the toys this guy built his son...

Academy Board Endorses Changes to Increase Diversity in Oscar Nominees and Itself

Canada school shooting: Five killed in Saskatchewan

Ready for Julián?

More CEOs donate to Clinton than to any GOP candidate, Also number 1 for “1%” voters

Astronaut Plays Ping Pong With Water Droplet

Palin has joined Trump's bus tour ( photo)

Is Hillary Clinton Part of the 'Establishment'? Hillary: 'I Don't Understand What That Means'

Does Sanders Even Want to Be President?

Spanish PM Rajoy (RW) turns down king's offer to form new government; now Socialists' turn

Beach Haven Ain't My Home

Lawyers Ask to Delay Hastert Sentencing on Health Grounds

Today's Nate's 538 2016 Primary Polls-Only Forecast: Iowa-Hillary-72%, Bernie-28%

I'm going to canvass in NH tomorrow!!

Barbara Bush endorses Jeb! Yeah, that ought to pull him out of the single digits.

The Mathematics of Misogyny in America -Third World Status

Not good enough, Bernie!

Major Snag for Sander's Proposal

Nashville, TN today

Request from the campaign: 10 new volunteers needed in rural Iowa from ASAP until February 1st.

Listeria Outbreak Linked to Dole Salads From Ohio Facility

Venezuela opposition: No extra power for President Maduro

Legionnaires' bacteria found in Flint hospital's water

Bernie Sanders ahead of Hillary Clinton in Iowa, poll shows-CBS This Morning

GOP lawmakers want exemptions for gay marriage opponents

Bill: “People like me and Hillary can afford to go to college. The government can’t help everyone."

Watching the snow coming down.............

White House to create new (old) agency to conduct background checks

Hillary Clinton’s Iowa Closing Argument Ad Is Also Mighty White

I agreed that at his age Sen Sanders must find the campaign trail gruelling & got a hide for Ageism

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder Hires Spin Doctors for Flint Health Crisis

Bedford, NH Livestream. Bernie's campaign event.

Despite media hype, the numbers say Hillary Clinton has a healthy lead in Iowa

The attorney for Vice News tells government attny they object to delaying

Sanders smeared as communist sympathiser as Clinton allies sling mud

Only six people show up to see off Hillary Clinton

Trump Pulls Veterans Campaign Ad That Depicted Russian Soldiers

How can I access "My Journal" ??? Plz help

Clinton Faces Challenge In Iowa Caucus Reminiscent Of 2008

Snowzilla lives

Washington Post: "How Cornel West Hurts Bernie Sanders"

Does Sanders have a comprehensive plan for autism?

The EPA fucked up royally in Flint.


This is CNN: a headline that reads "36 Photos: the Week in 35 Photos"

Palin & Trump Country EDM Remix

Japanese Net Launcher Gun and Liquid Launcher Demonstrations

Bernie Sanders gets group endorsements when members decide

Help with viral meme idea ASAP to render "communist sympathizer" term absurd

How can I access "My Journal" ??? Thanks

Only six people show up to see off Hillary Clinton

Ed Schultz News and Commentary: Friday the 22nd of January

Chinese President In Tehran For 1st Visit In 14 Years

Photographers given 15 minute, flowers and a model.

You Can Just Feel Like The Country Is Going Backwards.

Christie decides he better get his butt back to Jersey.

Where is Cheney these days

Let's talk about Hillary and her stances on gay marriage

Hudson Town Hall Meeting Bernie2016TV live

Gillian Anderson offered HALF of male co-star's pay for X-files revival.

Henry Doorly Zoo gets permit to import 6 elephants from Africa

GOP attack has Obama down for the count

People don't freak out over nothing.

The arrival of Sarah Palin brings a special something to the 2016 campaign...

Someone please explain to me why I'm still using Firefox

New Crisis For Flint Residents: Cost Of Home Damage Caused By City Water

UN Fact-Finding Mission to Investigate Racial Discrimination in the United States

A question about Chrome and flashplayer?

Bernie VS. Hillary — Who Would Actually Get Things Accomplished? The Ring of Fire

No ID, no water. Show me your papers or drink tainted water

Refuge occupation's co-leader disillusioned by Iraq finds purpose in Bundys' cause

State Tries To Delay Clinton Email Release, Blaming Snowstorm

NEW Winter Storm on East Coast: Live Updates

Bernie's Pro-Choice commitment extends beyond choice

Attention Bernie supporters! Twitterbomb time!

Key Clinton Ally (Brock): 'Black Lives Don't Matter' To Bernie Sanders

Police officer saves abandoned baby

Can Hillary Clinton Be Trusted to Regulate the Banks That Made Her Rich?

Hillary Clinton Has a Killer Mike Problem

In N.H., Bernie Sanders blasts Donald Trump’s ‘bigotry and racism’

Bernie Sanders takes over twitter starting NOW