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Meek Mill: Rapper Says He Will Donate Money Toward Flint, Mich., Water Crisis

Pentagon May Demote David Petraeus

Researchers: No doubt cleanup at Fukushima nuclear plant contaminated rice crops in 2013

Abe seeks Western rapprochement with Putin

Legacy of MLK Roundtable

On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair...

Japan eyes stronger ties with Taiwan following Tsai's election

Bernie Sanders Set the Tone in the South Carolina Democratic Debate (The Nation)

Hillary back in IOWA -Organizing Event-->Toledo IA: Jan 18 pics

Toshiba unveils remote-controlled device to remove reactor 3 fuel assemblies at Fukushima No. 1

Sorry folks, some people on the East Coast have heroin problems, so we cant discuss mj legalization.

Look you've had plenty of time to see Star Wars so I'm not worried if these are spoilers.

It May Be Time to Resolve the Meaning of ‘Natural Born’

Black Lives Matter protesters chain themselves, shut down Bay Bridge

Snowfall disrupts traffic in Tokyo

Catholic mother regrets disowning her gay son

Jeb Bush and an Uncouth Race

Study finds Chinese people most likely to think that the world ISN'T descending into hell

Dr. King "Beyond Vietnam: A Time To Break Silence"

Critics and Experts Agree: Sanders Plans Full of Slogans but Few Details Summary provided...

REPORTER’S NOTEBOOK: Freddy Lim’s election a sign of changing times

It seems Ted Cruz is Canadian or an Englishman

Livestream of Bernie's Birmingham Rally tonight @8pm est

Rubio Has Disqualified Himself.

GOP Image Takes a Hit During Primary Battle

Off-duty cop thwarted bombers in Jakarta attacks

Fox Had All Weekend To Come Up With A Line of Attack Against The Iran Prisoner Release...

Democratic Debate Was Most Watched of Cycle

Did DuPont Knowingly Poison Our Water? What Needs To Be Done?

Seoul says North Korea has sent 1 million propaganda leaflets across border

Evangelical leader unleashes righteous fury on Donald Trump — the ‘golden calf’ candidate

Interesting Post on Bloomberg Politics

Malaysia to amend laws to target environmental pollutors

Ted Cruz's blueprint for destroying America

Ted Cruz's DUMBEST Attack Line Against Trump, So Far...

Scariest Twilight Zone ever:

Who'da thunk?

The word "flintwater" should become part of the American language

The One Weird Trait That Predicts Whether You’re a Trump Supporter

Birmingham Future to Believe In Rally (Bernie2016TV)

Last night's debate winner :The TPP by ommission

‘Quirk’ in solar system will see five worlds align

Trump Pledges To Make God Great Again

>Biotech, 3D Printing Lead to 5 MILLION FEWER JOBS IN NEXT 5 YRS: World Economic Forum, Davos Switz.

Question on debate coverage and analysis

Single-payer admin costs vs. private insurance admin costs (two official yardsticks)

This is Donald Trump’s biggest fiction — and the engine of his insane rage machine

Question about buying a camera at non-usual places

Tell President Obama To End the Illegal Occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Now!

Bernie in Birmingham!

I'm making a roast pork tenderloin for the first time.

A profound thanks to Bernie supporters

1-17-16 Give Us Our Daily Bread in 2:00

1-17-16 Give Us Our Daily Bread in 2:00

Am I the only one who thinks about this, regarding Bill and Hillary Clinton?

1-17-16 Give Us Our Daily Bread in 2:00

crappy trip to the grocery store

NEW CNN poll Clinton leads nationwide but in tied In Iowa

New Yorker: Hillary Clinton’s New Progressive Alignment

The Case Against Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton just seized the political moment on Flint, Mich.

Ronald Reagan made it all worse: How Republicans — the real party with their hands out — convinced w

Reposting from GD-P-CNN has bernie and Clinton tied In iowa at 45% each

Univ. of Cincinnati settles with family of shooting victim for $4.85 million

Republican Operatives Are Trying to Help Bernie Sanders

MI5 named Britain's best gay-friendly employer

Journey of The Sorcerer

Pessimism and Optimism


More aid reaches besieged Syrian towns: U.N., Red Cross

Man Drives For 60 Miles Before Realising He’s Left His Wife At Petrol Station

British MP Tulip Siddiq urges ban on Donald Trump

Chuck Todd disbelief at Bernie Sanders Google Searches Across USA (video)

Bernie Sanders' Diabolical Tax Increase

Democratic and Republican Candidates Sound Like They're Running for President of Different Countries

Bernie Sanders running through a train station. Can't make this stuff up.

Did I just hear Norman Goldman correctly?

Bernie Sanders outside in the freezing cold talking to those who couldn't make it into the rally.

Clinton's Wall Street cash

Heidi Nelson Cruz: A Political Spouse Making Sacrifices and Courting Donors

Mexican judge upholds sentence against US TV producer

The Case Against Bernie Sanders

Mexican judge upholds sentence against US TV producer

Donald Trump Is Really Unpopular With General Election Voters

Millennial Women Flock To Bernie, The Clintons Are In A Panic

The Latest: Officer put on leave over post on protesters

A review of our household entertainment choices seems to reveal a trend

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Bob Kincaid on MLK Day! & a new Kitteh gif

Ben Carson's comment on Glenn Frey's death:

Clinton is politicizing the Flint water crisis...listen to Sen. Baldwin on Hardball.

Guatemala's First Ever Female Vice President Sent Back to Jail

State Rep calls Martin Luther King-Robert E. Lee shared holiday 'offensive'.

The Most Powerful Response At The Democratic Debate Was To A Question That Wasn’t Even Asked

Colombia's President Santos enacts tougher law on acid attacks

*** JANUARY PHOTO CONTEST *** Here is the winner!

Colombia's President Santos enacts tougher law on acid attacks

*** JANUARY PHOTO CONTEST *** Here is the winner!

Davos Robot Eclipses Davos Man as Gloom Descends on World Elite


The many insulting adjectives the British Parliament used to describe Donald Trump

Uber helicopter rides?

New Mexico Sportsmen and Women Stand Up To Oregon Takeover

Live link to Bernie and some pics

Wow. The Men's basketball team for the Fighting Quakers actually won to improve

Michael Moore thanks Hillary for Flint comment and Sanders for demanding gov. resignation

If you don't try, You'e guaranteed to fail

The battle for Martin Luther King Day: Should King still share a holiday with General Lee?

What they don't get: People are really sick of the status quo.

The Young Turks Interview With DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

Alan Rickman tribute from Craig Corrie

I got a new tool today, a Raynox DCR-150

Utah officer was paying off cancer bills when he was killed

I just downloaded the most PATHETIC of TCHAIKOVSKY's Pathetique Symphony

The Koch brothers’ impact on the American political system

Study: Man-made heat put in oceans has doubled since 1997

I am proud to stand with Michael Moore and Hillary Clinton :re the poisoned Flint water!

More quakes rattle Oklahoma but state avoids tough measures

Marge, I don't think they are open Sunday.....

Arizona Primary Election -March 22, 2016

Bernie Healthcare Calculator (now web-based)

The History of the Eagles...

Some more Michael Moore tweets during the debate.....

Trump Campaign About Making Open Racism & Bigotry OK.

Adam McKay, director of the Big Short enters the 'No Spin Zone'

Twins study finds no evidence that marijuana lowers IQ in teens

To KING from J Edgar

Maybe I will post here because I done with the DU Primaries forum

Santilli stopped, held at gunpoint, caught for improper handling of a firearm, on terror watch list

China GDP Slows to Weakest Since 2009 on Manufacturing Slide

Flint is a multi-racial, multi-cultural, diverse economic city and the lead issue goes deep

The Russian ruble has dropped to a new low, battered by weak oil prices

White House: GOP was fixing for a 'bloody war' with Iran over detained sailors

What the hell is going on with Trump in this photo?

If Hillary loses will she drag this thing out like she did in 2008?

Cute Overload has closed down

'Facing Primary Fight from Sanders Clinton Embraces Obama' Hot Debate Volleys, SC Votes Sought

Imagine the most pointless websites possible.

It doesn't matter that HRC is "pragmatic"...Rethugs will block everything SHE proposes.

I'm sorry. I keep on going back to the fact that DONALD TRUMP CANNOT SPEAK.

'Arrest Gov. Snyder' protesters chant outside his Ann Arbor condo

I think HRC just told us she would VETO a single-payer bill if Bernie got it through Congress.

Remember, in the 90's, HRC took single-payer off the table from the get-go.

Snoop narrating Planet Earth

League of Denial-Troy Aikman

had a photo shoot with the boy

How many posts do you average a day?


Poll shows support for solar power, belief in climate change

UGH. Mercy Street: Why do producers STILL screw up Southern accents?

Hillary Clinton Readies for a Long Slog Against Bernie Sanders

We have to petition Ireland

A guy in Istanbul is letting stray cats seek refuge in his mosque

Do not click on this if you don't like fan vids, or swan queen

A major new finding about the impact of having a dad who was drafted to Vietnam

Zappa - Sanders - Trump

A psychologist reveals the best ways to avoid getting conned

Frey's music IS part of me

a on and add too

Was there any truth to the MLK rumors about his sex life?

Discuss the Democratic Debate line by line

If ISIS kidnapped 44,313 Americans to kill them every year, would America

NYT: Some Inconvenient Gun Facts for Liberals

Are Bernie's supporters "emo-progressives"?

Nate Silver: Who’s Winning Iowa And New Hampshire?

Hillary Clinton Gets Set for a Long Slog Against Bernie Sanders

This person gets to vote for Bernie before we do! Cheers from South Korea

Bernie Sanders pledges to a crowd of 7,000 in Alabama to carry on King’s legacy

Thought people should know about this group: Free2Luv.Org

If you are reading this...

NASA astronaut posts photos of the first flower grown in space

If you link a post to your twitter feed...

Florida teen convicted of luring ex-boyfriend to his gruesome death

A big-shot venture capitalist says we need inequality. What do economists say?

Nobody ever claimed that JUST electing Bernie president would change everything.

The Ultimate Privatization Will Be Buying A Bottle Of Air To Breath.

If A GOPPER Wins The Presidency It Will Take Generations To Fix The Damage They Do.

Hillary claims that ROMNEYCARE is the result of decades of work by the Democratic Party.

GIF compares "value" of land in US to area of land in US.

WashingtonPost Wonkblog GIF compares "value" of land in US to area of land in US.

Posting pic from my weekend in Reno and Carson City

Two Clintons. 41 years. $3 billion. Inside the Clinton Donor Network

7000 for Bernie in Birmingham tonight.

7000 in Birmingham tonight.

So the office bitch, after screwing up so many things for me told me today

"It won't pass" is the absolute weakest argument against Sanders's health care plan.

Clinton Turns, Repeatedly, To A Democrat Not On The Debate Stage: Obama

A Functional Life-Size Camping Trailer Made From LEGO Bricks

Vlogging Behind-the-Scenes of Hillary Clinton's Campaign!

Obama Squandering America's Precious Supply of Enemies. (BARELY Qualifies as Satire.)

New York Magazine: The Case Against Bernie Sanders

Heartache Tonight

Every time a famous musician dies, I think about Buddy Holly.

MI5 named UK's most gay-friendly employer after survey


Daily Holidays - January 19

Trump Says He Will Force Apple to Manufacture in the US Even Though That Makes Absolutely No Sense

Why African Americans are on FIRE for Bernie Sanders

Netanyahu, US envoy trade jabs over ‘two-standards’ of law in West Bank

Capitalist Donald Trump promises to destroy free trade if elected President

Not political, but a damned good (IMHO) concert video

EU defends labelling goods made in Israeli settlements

Bill Clinton undercuts Hillary's CFMA attack.

BRILLIANT Campaign Poster by artist Juan Spearman

RIP Glenn Frey

Winter Blooming

Kshama Sawant Shows That Ordinary People Aren’t Afraid of Unapologetic Leftist Politics

HRC as campaigner (WaPo oped)

Hawking: Humans at risk of lethal 'own goal'

I watched a live stream of Bernie's Birmingham Rally tonight and have a few thoughts to share:

Twitter suffers large outage on web and mobile

Iraq conflict: UN documents 'staggering' violence

Terrorism Act Incompatible with Human Rights, UK Court Rules in Miranda Case (Victory for Greenwald)

The Empire Files: The Tyranny of Big Oil

Oregon standoff: Occupiers recruit ranchers to stop paying grazing fees

How Bernie Sanders Made Burlington Affordable

School/Hospital/Church ratio

Heat turned way up over Flint water crisis

My take on the Oscar's contraversy from a screenwriter and a Film Executive

Rahm Emanuel Is Trying to Pay Wall Street Banks Even More for Chicago's Bad Financial Deals

Is Bernie's campaign a revolution or the progressive movement's last stand

Please don't tell me that it's morning

Online presidential poll from No Labels

Sanders Dominates Democratic Debate

Daniel Radcliffe's emotional tribute to Alan Rickman contains a lesson for all of us.

You Won't Like It, But Here's the Answer to ISIS

Most searched Dem candidate

Why Did My Union Give an Early Endorsement to Hillary Clinton Over Bernie Sanders?

Bernie Sanders courts voters in Alabama on King Day

DU for Bernie has now raised over $42,000

WOW this is just too rich not to share. You will LOVE it

New Israeli video shows PA's incitement

Lt. Gov. Patrick Vows to Try Again to Pass Private-School Vouchers in 2017

Sportsman Rally Against Refuge Takeover --- #RefugeRally Day

B’Tselem and Ta’ayush Have Made Me Ashamed to Be Israeli

The Trump debate in Parliament was a damp squib – and it's all your fault

Alan Rickman gave the greatest gift to my late daughter, Rachel Corrie

Rick Snyder (After Poisoning 10s of Thousands Of Flint Residents): "I Want To Solve This Problem"

Fed Judge In Oregon OK's NAM, API Joining Federal Gov In Quashing Youth Climate Lawsuit

Lawrence Livermore Study: Amount Of Heat Captured By Oceans Has Doubled In Past 20 Years

The Deposer In Chief: Hillary in Honduras

Child is relentlessly bullied because her name is Isis.

The One Trait that Predicts whether a Person will Support Trump

Human Rights Campaign Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Whatever Happens to Hillary Clinton’s Campaign, It Won’t Be ‘2008 All Over Again’

Obama care

New Climate Action! Pakistan's Plan To Mine 3.8 Million Tons/Year Of Lignite Coal

I am proud to stand with the Human Rights Campaign in their endorsement of Hillary Clinton

Bernie wants to do the job of president while Hillary wants the title of the 1st woman president

19th CD Democratic leaders back Teachout for House seat

Lists of Atheists

THIS is what's killing the US economy:

Bernie Sanders

My favorite political movie scene: "Why is the President in China?"

Trump's Sign Of The Cross:

This Video is driving Climate Deniers nuts

on Political Correctness

Man seriously injured in east Omaha industrial accident

Man seriously injured in east Omaha industrial accident

How Trump's deportation plan failed 62 years ago

Latest GOP Poll

26 years later, the scars of a workplace massacre remain

Eagles, Cover of the Rolling Stone

26 years later, the scars of a workplace massacre remain

26 years later, the scars of a workplace massacre remain


Two Corinthians were sittin' at a bar...

Kotorba toon: Which Hillary?

The difference between Sanders and Obama

Rumor has it that the Alaskan grifter will endorse the NY bombast today

Hawking: Humans at risk of lethal 'own goal'

"The Clintons have no shame, that much you can count on."

Nationwide day of action on Feb 5th, the day Pres. Obama plans to sign the #TPP

Breaking - Supremes will hear Obama's Immigration appeal

US ambassador sees separate justice for Israelis, Palestinians

How 400 people choose our next leaders

Woman freezes to death while husband lies helpless nearby

Umm...Okay. I was just blocked from Hillary Clinton group.

Big Ass Spider

St. Paul police sergeant allegedly told drivers to "Hit & Run" Black Lives Matter protesters

well, glory be! Morning Joe is finally covering Bernie's campaign...

Supreme Court to review Obama's immigration orders

Why Is This Video So Scary?

What they say about Black Lives Matter today they said about MLK

Commander Cruz?

To what extent do black voters control the Democratic vote?

Washington Post's Robert Costa Discusses Sanders, Trump & Cruz' Crowds

Anthony's "Weiner" to be Exposed at Sundance Film Festival 2016

Dear God - You have enough good members in your Rock & Roll band in Heaven

Sanders advantage in Iowa? 43% of likely voters identify as Socialist

"...and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard." How ironic is it

When it gets this cold out, I always get a little horse

List of black Academy Award winners and nominees

For the Bernie Fans

Canada finances a greater % of its health care spending out-of-pocket than the US does

Florida’s system of deciding death sentences, a process similar to Nebraska’s, is unconstitutional

Rachel Maddow debunks misremembered Ronald Reagan for GOP candidates

Packed House In Cincinnati Last Night For Phonebanking For Iowa Organizing Meeting

I have a dream too.....

Playing Games with War Deaths

Trump and Palin ticket?

How is Hillary any different than Bernie in getting legislation passed?

For folks who won a contest for the first time: Step by Step rundown of the sequences

Carly Fiorina's Extremely Odd And Awkward Comments About Hillary Clinton's Marriage.

Cruz is wearing lipstick on his tv spot....

What's Goin' On? No, not Marvin Gaye but the Donald

Help Me Out Here AfAM Group - Regarding the Oscars

D.C.: Metro turnaround a top priority for area Congress members

Stop Costa Rica’s Illegal Logging From Destroying National Parks (E action)

Will ya look at that!!!

Not Going to Take it Anymore - Doctors in the Pacific Northwest Unionize, Begin Collective Bargainin

Happy Birthday Dolly!

Americans who move to Europe to avoid their student loans

Dream Jobs - As you slog off to your 9 to 5 soulcrusher job today

Two transgender women stoned in street by migrants in Germany

Sanders has paid staff in all 11 Super Tuesday states; HRC does not

How to shoot the English Longbow

Progressive Roundtable - Is Hillary’s Narrative Now “I’m Running For Obama’s Third Term?"

Human Rights Campaign endorses Hillary Clinton

Does Bernie Sanders Understand How Big Of A Deal Guns Are Right Now?

The charge: Sanders' Single Payer plan will raise taxes on the Middle Class

Check out this tweet......

At debate, only Martin O'Malley talked about 'our' issues

Hillary News & Views 1.19: Another Debate Win, Flint, MLK, and More Krugman Kudos

HAPPENING NOW: Bernie Sanders goes to Alabama for Martin Luther King, Jr....

Bring back The Ahwahnee – literally

Endorsing Clinton says a lot more about the Endorser than it says about Bernie Sanders.

Dogs - Living in the Moment

Islamic State holding estimated 3,500 slaves in Iraq, says UN

Catholic Archbishop Blames Disobedient Wives For Domestic Violence

BRILLIANT Bernie campaign Poster by artist Juan Spearman!

Tad Devine is the Senior Manager for Bernie Sanders campaign

Play it again Bernie!!!

this is disgusting!!!!

'Fresh Prince' Star Janet Hubert Slams Jada Pinkett Smith for Boycotting Oscars

I got banned from the Hillary group in ONE post...beat that!

Why Human Rights Watch Is Urging Companies to Pull Out of Israeli Settlements

Nate Silver: "Bernie Sanders is the only candidate with positive favorability rating"

Bad Trade Deals Could Force Disastrous Keystone XL On America

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s list of enemies just keeps growing

New genetically engineered American chestnut will help restore the decimated, iconic tree

Does Bernie Sanders support "repeal and replace" for Obamacare?

Tuesday Bernie Group Toons

How could a Washington politician not be outraged on behalf of the American People?

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1:Doom and Gloom Party

Police: 3-year-old girl kept in closet, offered for sex

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

I'm heading to Lansing, tonight, to protest Snyder over the Flint water crisis

Diamonds found in Johannesburg more than 80 years ago reveal how the ancient Earth was shaped

My Phone-Banking Call With An Angry Conservative (NSFW)

Bernie Sanders the Cat Lover

There is $1.2 trillon in Student debt in this country

DeRay McKesson teaches Stephen Colbert what 'woke' means

Oregon: Feds allow "militiamen" to look like a**holes

Real Clear Politics National Average: Hillary's lead has dropped to a mere 12.7 points.

2016 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2016 Smarty Jones Stakes

Man cited for panhandling in Fresno for 70th time in year

Snyder Concedes Flint is His “Katrina,” a Failure of Leadership Michigan governor vows to earn back

I was pushed polled last night in Iowa; Hillary sinks lower than whale poo

So who's gonna fall on his sword over Flint?

So called "big Donald Trump announcement"

Hillary Blames Bernie for an Old Clintonite Hustle, and That's a Rotten Shame

That one time George H.W. Bush had a half-hour conversation with a fake Iranian president.

Breaking news..

Could you imagine waking up to this?

Sanders seeks to build on burst of momentum in Iowa

Sharing my Medicare-for-All Bernie (Facebook) banner...

A crowd of over 7,000 in Alabama show up to hear Bernie Sanders

2005 M. Taibbi Got Exclusive Access To See How Sanders Got Things Done, Until Corruption Trashed It

Bernie Sanders Set the Tone in the South Carolina Democratic Debate

Maryland vote tomorrow to override hogan Voting Rights veto.

Monmouth national Poll Clinton 52%(-7) Bernie 37%(+11) O'Malley 2%

Crowds Flock to Japan to View Orchid Species Resembling a Monkey's Friendly Face (pics)

Familiar issues doom struggling Duke to a third straight loss

Kids' Miseducation Underway In Nation's First All-Organic, Non-GMO School District

Pulling this rant out of mothballs to post in the Bernie Group.

Miss. Dem. super delegate supporting Sanders

New ARG New Hampshire Poll: Bernie 49 (+2), Hillary 43 (-1), Martin 3 (No Change)

CMSD students participate in national "No One Eats Alone Day"

A click of a button and poof... no more nonsense

“Our priority is safety.” Accidental gun discharge at Vigo County Public Library

Cant wait until the Democratic primary is decided

There have always been shady people cutting your food with garbage

Sen. Marsden calls for gun lobby to stop obstructing gun legislation

If O'Malley dropped out today, who would get his 3 or 4%?

Morning Joe 1/19/16 Mika: Bernie Sanders won't be bought

reposting from GD-P-Pro-clinton pollster has CLinton's lead dropping from 33 points to 15!

Do aspects of this remind you of some Du'ers?

"They" Wins! American Dialect Society Announces 2015 Word of the Year

When some group of which I am not a member

Woman and dog, both victims of violence, form loving bond (trigger warning)

Pic Of The Moment: Marco Rubio Purchased A Gun On Christmas Eve To Protect His Family From ISIS

Jamie Foxx Pulls Driver From Flaming Wreck

Roanoke Times: Several inches of snow look likely for Southwest Virginia on Friday

'Arrest Gov. Snyder' protesters chant outside his Ann Arbor condo

"Momentum" to bring the DH to the National League? Please say it isn't so ...

Arg New Hampshire poll: Bernie 49, Clinton 43

U.K. Court, In David Miranda Case, Rules Terrorism Act Violates Fundamental Rights of Free Press

Trumps BIG Endorsement, John Wayne's Daughter

Half of U.S. Fracking Industry Could Go Bankrupt as Oil Prices Continue to Fall

Conversation re: Bernie with the Dryer Repair Man

Night of the Living Dead, Climate Change-Style

Join Snoop for the 'Merry Jane Wellness Retreat' in Colorado

Bill in Virginia General Assembly would prohibit 'conversion therapy'

He seems to think God is his pollster.

"Republican operatives are having a strange crush on Bernie Sanders"

Excellent show on Majority Report this morning

Nate Silver has never claimed that Sanders would beat Trump.


HRC thinks we are a weak nation

Keith Richards Found Not Dead in San Francisco Hotel...

Donald Trump Is Really Unpopular With General Election Voters

Mayor Praises Clinton While Unimpressed With Sanders Response To Flint Water Crisis

The Clintons (cartoon)

Why are there so many pedophiles?

Why Am I Team #OMalley2016?

I proudly stand with Hillary Clinton and Mayor Weaver in opposing environmental racism in Flint


HotSauce 'Clinton vs. Sanders: Will Democrats Choose Evolution or Revolution?' WaPo Eugene Robinson

Budget deficit set to rise thanks to year-end tax deal

I have noticed that some of my comments do not appear complete when I view them on the screen

Unmasking Oscar: Academy voters are overwhelmingly white and male

RELEASE: USDA Revokes Grass Fed Label Standard, January 12, 2016

“My Biggest Fear Isn’t AIDS, It’s Being Evicted From My Rent-Controlled Unit”

Why This Feminist (Kimberley A. Johnson) Is Voting for Bernie Sanders

Oxfam's yearly report confirms why we need Bernie so badly

Republican operatives working to help Bernie Sanders

Idaho Republican: "Children do die — it’s a way of life.”

Maryland Poll (Gonzales): Clinton 40% - Sanders 27% - O'Malley 5%

Has Odin forsaken us?

13 days till the Iowa Caucus!!!!!!!

National Poll (Monmouth): Clinton 52% - 37% - O'Malley 2%

"The Case Against Bernie Sanders" Is Dumb

Charlie Sheen’s HIV Quack

Wyoming officials look at ways to rescue coal

Remember when you were this happy about snow?

Could Trump's big endorsement this evening be Governor Brandstad?


YUUGE Turnout For Bernie Phone Banking For Iowa Organizing In Cincinnati Last Night

For those of you concerned with situation in Flint MI some possible encouraging news

Reds to induct Pete Rose into team Hall of Fame

Wyoming officials look at ways to rescue coal

Bill O’Reilly Says Bernie Makes Trump Look Like Lincoln

You stay away from Ziggy Stardust and Severus Snape, Mike Adams!

Further from Flint, MI. Flint mayor endorses Clinton!

Sanders promises more than he could deliver — thankfullym - StarTribune editorial

After Hillary Clinton champions lead issue, Flint mayor endorses her

Republicans for Hillary?

Area Satirical Publication The Onion Sold To Univision (Seriously)

Charlie Cook: For Clinton, It’s Time to Stay Cool in Iowa and New Hampshire

Anyone notice anything somewhat strange about Bernie's MLK-day rally in Alabama yesterday?

Women Join Up to Boost Clinton

Sarah Palin: The El Cid of Republican politics.

Global Astrological Predictions 2016 - 2017 | Barbara Goldsmith--A Wonderful Watch!

Republican Primary News: BEN CARSON volunteer seriously injured in road accident

Cologne attacks: “This is sexual terrorism directed towards women”

Calculate Your Family's Annual Savings With the Sanders Health Care Calculator

Washington Post: Forecasts converging on severe, potentially historic Friday-Saturday snowstorm

Zippy: "That's goin' too far!"

Latest Maryland poll: HRC - 40 BS - 27 MOM - 5

THIS IS A BIG DEAL!! --> Human Rights Campaign Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

I oppose the ACA as being both the beginning and the end

Millenials support Hillary!

UNDERGROUND WGN America, series premiere date 3/9/16

Hillary Clinton Voices Support for Minnesota’s New Student-Loan Refinancing Initiative

What's for Dinner, Tues., Jan 19, 2015

Hyperactive neurons may be culprit in Alzheimer’s

Des Moines Register: Ben Carson volunteers in car accident

This “Blizzard for the Ages” Headed for the East Coast Is Very Much the Real Deal

Direct link found with toxic water and legionnaires

Email From Debbie Wasserman Schultz... Starting Lesser of Two Evils Argument Already?

Members of Carson's campaign involved in car accident -1 staffer reported to be in 'grave' condition

Glenn Frey’s death is sad, but the Eagles were a horrific band

Chris Christie's Beef With Michelle Obama's Healthy Eating Initiative

John Wayne was a raging racist. His daughter says he'd be 'standing right here' with Trump

I just talked to someone that didn't vote in an online poll

Sad Irony: Evil Gov't Bails Out City Poisoned by Libertarian /Tea Bagger Wet Dreams of Rick Snyder

It’s getting Worse -up to 75% of Stupidparty Voters can not think Critically!

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 1-18-16

‘Dark Money,’ by Jane Mayer

Can Bernie win? My take.

8000 "stranded" Cubans coming to Miami! Miami schools request emergency $$ for influx. More coming.

Former President Bill Clinton appears to have a health issue

Capital Weather Gang live video about impending winter storm

Turns out Flint water switch may have been about Fracking water and ALEC

The mothers of Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis make poignant Clinton endorsements

For animal lovers: (from Facebook)

The Chinese mix of frugality and risk-taking is driving global stock markets wild

Justices to weigh limits on insider trading cases

For millennials, Sanders is a grandpa who gets them

Republican Climate Change Denialism – Lies, Lies, and More Lies!

Bernie's Campaign Bashes The Nation's Largest LGBT Rights Group Over Hillary Clinton Endorsement

Berkeley Mystery Walls

Oil Prices May Fall Further This Year, the IEA Says

Team Posts Win Over Conversion Therapy

Paul Graham has accidentally explained everything wrong with Silicon Valley’s world view

Antwaan Randle El regrets ever playing football.

Suspect will not face hate crime charge for Christmas Eve tirade

Bernie's itinerary for today: 4 town hall meetings in IA

some months old, but, where the 2016 pres. candidates are on mental health

Some Syrian refugees are drowning in debt after Canada bills them for airfare

tRump Warns WaPo Reporter If They Run Story About Casino Bankruptcy, ‘I’m Suing You’

Mass grave dug up in search for victims of Franco's fascist regime

‘We did not kill Uribe’s father’: FARC

Fox News Focus Group Member: ‘You Can’t Even Speak The Truth Any More Or You’ll Be Called A Racist’

As sauerkraut is fermented in vinegar,

GOP super PACs give Bernie Sanders a pass

On Rubio's spreading the now debunked story that Reagan's election got our hostages freed.

US LGBTQ group backtracks, will hold event with Israeli leaders

FACT: "THE Bruce Dickinson" did NOT produce "(Don't Fear) The Reaper." That's RIGHT, baby.

Trump is about to announce a major award!

Former Netanyahu Aide Calls U.S. Ambassador to Israel 'Jew Boy'

Iowa governor wants Ted Cruz defeated

Colombia negotiators agree UN observer mission to monitor end of civil war

Colombia negotiators agree UN observer mission to monitor end of civil war

Republican lawmaker interrogates students about their virginity during Teen Lobbying Day visit

Sagebrush Rebellion Warriors and Government

Ta-Nehisi Coates: Why Precisely Is Bernie Sanders Against Reparations?

Hillary Rodham Clinton Sounds Like A Realist – Not A Republican

Report: Christie asked Gov. Cuomo to tell Port Authority executive director to F--k off

So now Ted Cruz is all about regulation.

Nina Turner Turnin' It Up In Birmingham

Woman Who Grew Up With 41 Siblings in Polygamist Cult Speaks Out

Palin announcing Trump endorsement

When it comes to bringing help & attention to Flint, I don't care if it's Cruz, Clinton, or Sanders

2 New Class Action Lawsuits Filed in Flint Water Crisis

Pottawattamie County Meeting with Bernie Sanders Bernie2016TV

Sarah endorses Trump

I don't hate Hillary! And I don't love Bernie! And I think there are more on DU like me...

Global unemployment to rise by 3.4 million in two years, report says

Bill Would Require South Carolina Journalists to Register

Chilean Minister Asks Pinochet Family to Return Houses

U.S. vultures circle Argentina, demand repayment of odious debt

Could we make a decision to change the rule for dimension of the longest side on contest photos?

Zika spreads to Bolivia, infecting pregnant woman

Bwahahahahahahaaa. Branstad says he wants Ted Cruz defeated

Americans missing in Baghdad kidnapped by Iran-backed militia: Iraqi, U.S. sources

Iowa governor wants Ted Cruz defeated

Sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump, Ted Cruz loses it

How much money did Trump pay Palin for her endorsement?

GOP Candidates Have Ruined Republican Brand: Poll

For Omaha Steve.......with respect and appreciation

BREAKING NEWS: English language to suffer catastrophic defeat at 6:00 EST in Ames, Iowa

Islamic state media outlet confirms 'Jihadi John' is dead: SITE

In honor of Sarah Palin's endorsement of Donald Trump: A visual to gird up for

‘Affluenza’ teen’s attorney blames his mother for fleeing to Mexico

As Bernie Sanders Is Showing, This Country Is Much More Progressive Than You Think

The Rude Pundit - Bernie Sanders and the Death of Dreaming

Paul Krugman Says Hillary Clinton is Right and Bernie Sanders is Wrong on Healthcare

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 20 January 2016

For Tierra_y_Libertad, who loves quotes

Obama to meet Michigan mayor to discuss contaminated water: White House

ROFLMAO!!!!! The media is doing all they can to validate Sarah Palin. They act

Jihadi John is dead.

Good news for Donna!

Russia accused of clandestine funding of fascist European parties

World's Oldest Man Dies Again

Shane Bauer, Former US Prisoner in Iran, Spars with Hillary Clinton

Urban Agriculture? Only 1 Percent Of Seattle Residents Could Eat Locally Even With All Viable Space

U.S. top court rejects new challenge to Obamacare

#RefugeRally chant went from "birds not bullies" to "throw the bums in jail" #Oregonstandoff 43 pics

A year after deflate-gate ballooned, science shows shame of it all

Political Pundits Don't Represent People's Opinions

so the once part-time governor of alaska is now a political asset?????

A Michigan Congressman Called Federal Disaster Aid Unconstitutional

New York officer to stand trial for fatal shooting of black man

"I gotta get the bread and milk!"

Andean community not required to apply for visas. Why aren't they treated like everyone else?

Ooop. Bernie loses a Big Endorsement. So does Hillary

Washington probes Moscow’s influence on European Parties

The deconstruction of the HRC endorsement is sickening

Railroad Rotary Snowplow Porn

Transport for London's contactless future

Trump's campaign-wife announcement is gonna be something else


New CNN New Hampshire Poll: Bernie 60, Hillary 33, Martin 1

More on new CNN/WMUR poll --- showing Sanders 27 points ahead in NH

Open Pres Poll 2016

#ImWithHer for PLANS not PROMISES: Town Hall Jan 18

Hillary Clinton defeats Donald Trump 338-200 in Electoral College projection

Bernie Sanders Opens Up 60-33 Lead Against Hillary Clinton In New Hampshire Poll

Dale 'Buffin' Griffin, Mott the Hoople Drummer, Dead at 67

The war on bitcoin

South Carolina lawmaker wants to create registry for journalists (Washington Post)

CNN/WMUR Poll: Sanders trouncing Clinton in New Hampshire

Supreme Court's Final Say On Immigration Expected to Impact Latino Vote

What Did Martin O’Malley Mean When he Called for a ‘New Agenda for America’s Cities?’

Palestinian attacker stabs pregnant Israeli woman

Job on world’s remotest inhabited island could be yours

Hillary Rodham Clinton Sounds Like A Realist – Not A Republican

170 Top Economists endorse the Sanders Wall Street Reform Plan

Oregon militants use traditional Jewish horns as Christian ‘battle trumpets’

US, Canadian and Libyan businessmen charged in UAE after 500 days in jail

Martin O'Malley to make 2-day visit to NH.

What I would expect from President Sanders

FBI: Violent Crime Rose In First 6 Months Of 2015 Over 2014

Sanders' foreign policy is 'troubling', say experts who back Hillary Clinton

Sarah Palin's Son Track Arrested in Domestic Violence Incident, Charged With Assault

PM to tap US-born human rights activist as new spokesman

Track Palin, Sarah Palin’s son, arrested on assault, weapon charges in Alaska

The poisoning of Flint (Washington Post)

Film Shows Clinton Aide’s Own Struggle With Anthony Weiner Scandal

How the U.S. Spy Satellite Program Chose This Hilariously Scary Earth-Eating Octopus as Its Logo

State lawmaker in Olympia (R-Duh!) asks visiting teens if they’re virgins

Bernie’s grassroots power: Sanders has stunning, practically absurd lead over HRC, pol


Watchdog: Clinton's server had classified material beyond 'top secret'

I just contacted my Oregon federal representatives

Is the economy and pretty much everything else rigged or not?

Nearly 19,000 Civilians Killed In Iraq in 21-Month Period, Report Says

About the mythology of the center

Bernie Sanders is the hero Democrats need

My favorite dog video ever - well - so far, anyway

Hillary...not by a long shot"

50% Say Race Relations in America Getting Worse

We are about to take over a hell lot more than a wildlife refuge...

Sarah Palin's son arrested on domestic violence charges against a female

MSNBC is now the Trump Network. He wants to hold a press conference; they jump to put him on PrimeT

Avec Le Livre: Photos of Orthodox Jews in the Holy Land

Poll: Hillary Clinton Losing Voters Under 50

Wonderful op-ed - two New Hampshire primaries - by John Kerry

Andy Borowitz: The Republican Debate will essentially be a three-hour ad for Canadian citizenship...

Republican Climate Change Denialism – Lies, Lies, and More Lies!

Trump's newest ad

Newt Gingrich quote...

'Believe whatever you want,' Rubio tells atheist

U.S. Ambassador’s Comments Ignite Diplomatic Row With Israel

Federal judge in Eugene says energy companies may join U.S. government in fight against youths’ clim

GOP President Teddy Roosevelt here...

Catholic Whistleblowers requests Vatican investigation of flaws in US bishops' sex abuse policies

Sarah Palin's Son Track Charged With Domestic Violence Monday Night

Trump: No you can't - I built a huge wall

Hey Mittens!! I hope you are enjoying pumping gas that is well under $2.00 a gallon...

LCA of Plugin Hybrids: GHG reductions not so great, esp. if fossil fuels large % of power supply

Theodore Shoebat not only wants the government to execute gays, he really hates MLK.

Bimbo Sarah endorses huckster Donnie...

The clown car is complete

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s List Of Enemies Just Keeps Growing

Ben Carson suspends campaign (not for the obvious reason)

Head of Russian Orthodox Church Blames Gays for Rise of ISIS

Trump/Palin, it is going to be huuge! F us all! nt

LGBT kids don’t need to be “cured,” they need to be loved and supported. -Hillary Clinton

Man agrees to remove racist signs from Omaha neighborhood

Another Medicaid expansion bill introduced in Nebraska Legislature and, again, plenty of opposition

What a tuxedo tells you about the race between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

Fox better than MSNBC and CNN?

Police officer suspended for allegedly urging drivers to run over Black Lives Matter ‘idiots’


Petco drops small-animal supplier amid federal probe

Why is Trump still speaking live on MSNBC?

Jeopardy fans

Religious Terrorism in America


Dumb or dumber? you choose