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Sen. Sanders Medicare for All has been released

So the people here who think ignoring the Bundys is a good idea, how much longer do you wait??????

if we had healthcare for all

Hours before debate, Sanders shares details of health plan that would raise income taxes

Little-known gun fact led NRA puppets to exempt manufacturers and dealers from gun crime liability

Wealth of world's 1% equals that of the 99%; richest 62 people equals the lower 50%

Wealth of richest 1% 'equal to other 99%'

From Cracked: Attacking the gun culture with humour:

CBC: Goodwill closes stores across GTA due to 'cash flow crisis'

Austerity projected to raise Argentine unemployment from current 5.9% to 10% by year's end.

Here it is: Bernie's Single Payer Healthcare Plan

Austerity projected to raise Argentine unemployment from current 5.9% to 10% by year's end.

RNC Pretends Opposition To Iran Deal Isn't Partisan

Breaking...2 Hours Before the Debate, Sanders Reveals his Health Plan; Raises Taxes.

Bronco's Darmryius Thomas mom pardoned by President Obama....

Coming-of-Age ceremony held for LGBT people in Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward


Looks like it's going to be Manning v. Brady again

Please keep in your thoughts the children and families that ISIS just kidnapped

On PAPER, I can see why Cruz picked this guy as his potential running mate. But...

Move the Democratic Debate to Monday Night?

*Check your local listings:

The PLCAA; Is Bernie following the wrong leader?

No reason to watch the debate. Tomorrow's headlines Hillary shines!

#Oregon - Gear Up - Civil War is on - thanks to Bundy BLM militia

I’m dependent on narcotics; that doesn’t mean I’m an addict.

TYT: Bill May Force Congress To Wear Donor Logos Like Nascar

Sweet-n-Low to end Brooklyn production after nearly 60 years

Sweet-n-Low to end Brooklyn production after nearly 60 years

Sweet-n-Low to end Brooklyn production after nearly 60 years

Wish I'd said that: A quote from Meet the Press today

How to Stream NBC News' Democratic Debate Tonight, No Cable Required

Ted Cruz fails to explain plan to 'carpet bomb' civilian areas in Middle East

The ACA is broken in the middle. (Bernie's plan is better)

I know we say it a lot, but geeze, our media is worthless. Worse than worthless, even.

Tim Canova - How are you going to help?

Sweet-n-Low to end Brooklyn production after nearly 60 years

Florida - You must be registered as a Democrat by Feb 15 2016 to vote in the

Hawaiian Baby With Brain Damage First Confirmed US Zika Virus Case - NYT

FDR's 2nd election in 1936

Wait, what??? No commentary from the biggest Tebow fan about the Squealers losing

Peyton is as good as Tim Tebow!

Bernie Sanders rallying and adressing the people for a $15 minimum wage outside the debate(pics)

Hopes For CA Crab Season Guttering Out; Likely Months For Toxins To Drop To Safe Levels

Heavily armed FBI presence at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

Steelers tears are salty...

So is Bernie crazy -- or crazy like a fox -- for releasing details right before the debate?

Bought a 6 quart crock pot stoneware and glass lid for $1.50...

Brady - Manning XVII

The One Weird Trait That Predicts Whether You’re a Trump Supporter

All 4 Home Teams Win on NFL Divisional-Round Weekend for 1st Time Since 2005

No One Has Ted Cruz’s Back

Police arrest woman in deadly Arizona road rage shooting


Report: Bulls quietly shopped Gasol prior to Noah injury

NBA fines Grizzlies' Matt Barnes $35K for 'comments condoning violence'

Here's the dirt on the NBA's dirtiest players

Using the tweet option leaves a weird error message, can't access posts here at DU

Don't hold back "MOM" not hold back!!

Bernie Sanders’ Radical Past

Bulls' Joakim Noah out 4-6 months for shoulder surgery

#DemDebate day! Let's go Hillary R-O-A-R thread

Hillary looks great tonight

Did Chuck Toad Develop A Lisp?....

Wife of freed Boise pastor gets call from president

O'Malley had the best opening statement IMO

Hillary is talking about reining in the health care industry . . .

Drinking game: Any time Bernie says millionaires or billionaires, take a shot of whiskey


Drowsy? See what things make U.K. folks sleepy

Official debate thread #1

Told you she'd bring up the Charleston loophole.

How the country has changed.

If There Are Aliens Out There, Where Are They?

All 3 candidates are doing great so far

OK, I said I was going to stay off teh tablet during the debate, but

Bernie looks great tonight!

In honor of Grant Wood - current image of a heterosexual marriage ….

Come at me, bro...

Here we go again. Sanders and Clinton bickering, taking time away from O'Malley

The single most unnecessary cost in our healthcare system is Insurance costs.

Hillary is great!

Did Bernie just throw the Governor of Vermont under the bus and walk away?

Calling Hillary out on her record is fair game...

Oh here we go..the Socialist moniker

Damn, I wish Hillary had the chance to mentien

The Only Thing That Stops A Bad Guy With A Gun Is A Good Guy With A Gun

Pastafarian will lose license if caught driving without colander on his head

Official debate thread #2

Some handy charts . . .

I Am A Democratic Socialist

Well that didn't go over well for Bernie.

I just flat out disagree with Hillary on medical care funding.

Context, from Paiute history, about the Oregon militia attack on Malheur

I just do not like this haggling between them....... eom

Hillary called out Bernie for wanting a primary opponent to Obama in 2012?

so we are supposed to believe that Wall St hates Hillary

Shut UP and let Martin SPEAK!!!

Hillary sounds like the most reasonable Republican running for president

Companies should be on board w/ Sander's healthcare plan

Does Lehman Brothers Still Even Exist?...

Now this is a debate... loving this.

Hillary “read my lips - no new taxes"

Does anyone else find it offensive

If Bernie were not running I would back O'Malley.

O'Malley is doing very well tonight

Sickening. Clinton waves the "I can take it, but you're attacking Obama..." flag

From watching this debate they all have good points but

You want to know what I'm beyond sick of, and I think we can ALL agree with this;

Why can't Hillary build on Obama's foreign policy successes?

I am seeing a few commercials for Bernie on the Debate coverage are others seeing the same

Bernie: No US embassy in Tehran.

Hillary remember when you didn't want to engage in talks with Iran?

Alabama’s win Monday means Northwest Missouri is best football team in nation*

OMGOSH it's the Australian Open..... Serena is playing right now....... eom

What's up with Andrea Mitchell's attacks on Obama?

One thing I'll say, they are discussing issues in this debate, not just whining and trading barbs,

Hillary is right that Putin is a bully. N/T.

I am not watching or listening - but reading here, and these gems from Josh Marshall

Hours before debate, Sanders releases Medicare-for-all plan (update)

So when Sanders says getting rid of private insurance which is what the ACA is he in fact is

NBC - Most Searched Candidate Map

2nd half of debate going much better for Bern

The Unauthorized Biography of Pete Santilli

How can any Dems who pay attention to politics still be undecided?

Harry Enten of 538 just provided some awesome mana for HRC (debate coverage)

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, January 19: Robert Osborne's Picks

Go To He11 Andrea Mitchell

Golden Gate

But you didn't have to answer it that way!!!

If you are dissastisfied or happy with the way Lester Holt moderated the debate, email:

It sounds like MOM has just about had it with this debate

A Gracious Answer Gov O'Malley on the last question

Who won the debate?

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, January 20: Star of the Month: Fred MacMurray

Tweet from Michael Moore.

The Clintons showed Obama the ultimate disrespect

Sanders lost on two big points and I think it cost him the debate.

Chuck Todd just called this the "Bernie Sanders Debate"

Anyone else notice DWS standing with Clinton after the debate?

Any online polls for the debate? nt

Where the hell are the internet polls???

Foster children removed from home of Oregon militia militant

MSNBC seems to be re-airing the entire debate.

Stop dishonest attacks

Online poll at

when the rubber actually hits the road the replies usually stop

Axelrod on CNN: Before we go too far down the road on Bernie bashing....

Just tried to donate to must be overwhelmed!

Nate Silver's debate analysis

Michael Moore on the poisoning of children by lead in the water instigated by the Governor

Not such a strong debate for Hillary

Reality show

Democratic debate kicks off as Clinton and Sanders one-up each other on gun control and health care

I think Hillary kicked ass tonight (HILLARY GROUP)!

Marco Rubio: I bought a gun on Christmas Eve so I can defend my family from ISIS

Ok, this is freaky cool

Stop calling them the Oregon Militia

Why was Sanders pretending he didn't try to primary Obama?

A little levity - don't mean anything by it really - but you decide: "Who wears this hair better"?..

Military aged obnoxious macho meatheads are the world's greatest danger

Clinton will go to Bill for economic advice? The cheerleader for the Binge Economy?

NBC News after-debate show is anti-Bernie......

Wow, Time magazine poll 88% Bernie! nt

NBC - Most Searched Candidate Map

The biggest challenge we face.

Bill Clinton now on CNN

Aren't AA Dems slightly sickened by Hillary's "cleaving" to Obama tonight, after 2008?

Li'l Donald

O.K., this is mind-blowing. A concerto for *TROMBONE*. By RIMSKY-KORSAKOV.

Winners and losers from the fourth Democratic presidential debate

I would like to hear the same question asked of the Republican candidates?

Josh Marshall's take on the debate

Thank you, Martin O'Malley

Found elsewhere:

Biggest takeaway from tonight:

Was the debate moderation unbalanced? (transcript notes)

Friends/Flint- we FINALLY got the Dems 2 acknowledge the tragedy. Finally. Thank u Bernie & Hillary

I'm glad CNN/MSNBC get horrible ratings

Hillary's Obamacare "bearhug"...

Great tidbits from Marshall's post debate analysis.

My mom is worried Bernie winning, will get a Republican elected.

Lost Tabby Cat Found Swimming in Ocean of Catnip Toys at Store

Robert Reich:Some thoughts on tonight’s Democratic debate

Canvassing In The Ohio Cold For Bernie

Hillary Clinton Won Sunday Night’s Debate

Fowl Play — Passenger Brings Emotional Support Turkey on Plane

my a-political hubby (who loves teasing me that he is voting tRump) said he thought

It’s time to fix it later.

Best Lines of the NBC News Democratic Debate (Clinton's)

Clinton raises women’s rights in Democratic debate.

For those left wanting about the particulars of Bernie's single-payer plan, wait no more.

Say something you like about what a Democratic candidate (who is not your first choice)..

Candidates mum on foreign policy in first 100 days goals.

6 takeaways from the Democratic debate.

MSNBC Lead Story: Sanders Dominates Democratic Debate

Reality Check: Clinton on Sanders' vote to deregulate financial markets.

Hillary was right to call out Sanders.

Yes, Israel Is Executing Palestinians Without Trial

Have you noticed that every one else flip-flops except for Hillary

Slate: Hillary Clinton Won Sunday Night’s Debate

Yes, Michael Moore thanked Sanders, as well as Clinton

Reliable mock election predicts a Sanders victory

SBS promised Goldman Sachs would not be in his administration. HRC

Why would ANY Democrat, Liberal or Progressive

What would Jake and Elwood do with Y'all-Queda?

Good debate

Federal Government Will NEVER Get The Sanctuary Back - The Occupiers.

Bernie Sanders and the revolution of rising expectations.

Tweets from Michael Moore

Will Bernie win it all?

Sanders surges in debate that gets at core of Democratic divide

In Democratic Debate, Hillary Clinton Seizes on Policy Shifts.NYT

Leaking methane wellhead may explode in total blowout

TYT Coverage of the Democratic Debate on NBC News & YouTube

Did a January Hurricane Just Set off a Massive Greenland Melt Event in Winter?

Wow! Top trending questions about Hillary pre-debate!

TYT: Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Interview With The Young Turks At The Democratic Debate

I Am Beginning To Believe There Will Be Armed Conflict With Militias.


Bernie Sanders’s single-payer plan isn’t a plan at all

Missed debate; is there video of healthcare question & Bernie talking about his plan?

Sanders Thrives in Democratic Debate, Despite Sharp Attacks by Clinton

FANTASTIC Google results for "Can Bernie Sanders win?"

Why hillary's sudden embracing of Obama isn't a winning tactic.

Throwing a wrench in the works.

And is this woman a supporter of women's rights?

Wow! Top trending questions about Bernie pre-debate!

Chemo patient needs help with red state (AZ) healthcare callousness

Thank you for being a friend! Betty White turned 94 yesterday!

There is a secret to being a supporter of Bernie Sanders

An Astrological Assessment of Bernie Sanders - Can He Become Our Next President?

POLITIFACT splits pubic hairs.

Daily Holidays - January 18

Washington Post - Sanders won the 4th Democratic Debate

problem report:

Debate winner: Bernie-86%;Hill-10% (Time magazine poll)

Hello my fellow night owls. Goldman Sachs ????????????

Malheur Protesters: GOHOME

Bernie can and will win. More people stayed home than voted for Hillary last chance they had.

Fwiw, debate watch party tonite in N. TX (most wearing Bernie clip-on hair-do's):

Ballard for Bernie

Bernie is Leftists’ Divinely Appointed “Hitman”

Clinton, looking at the long game, paints Sanders as the "anti Obama" during Sunday Dem Debates

Here's last night's full democratic debate.

Clinton Raises Hell Over Flint Water Crisis During Debate

Hillary Clinton Gets BIG Paycheck From...

Flint's Water Problem Finally Gets Attention During A Debate

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebrates 30th Anniversary

FiveThirtyEight - What Went Down At The Democratic Debate

NBC News-YouTube Democratic Debate (Full)

Video Emerges That Shows Hillary Blaming 2007 Housing Crisis On Homeowners

Missing Man Back in China, Confessing to Fatal Crime

Climate Holism vs. Climate Reductionism

Anything that is giving Joe Scum as much pain as the release of the

What are you reading this week of January 17, 2016?

Chris Hedges: The Mirage of Justice

MAKING A KILLING: Guns, greed and the NRA

MAKING A KILLING: Guns, greed and the NRA

'Diplomacy Works': Peace Groups Hail Iran Deal; Clinton Talks Like a Hawk

Prayer Won't Stop Gun Violence, Gun Reform Will

Hillary Clinton challenges Gov. Rick Snyder's concern for Flint, Mich., over poisoned water supply:

Clinton charged that Sanders' vote to deregulate financial markets contributed to the recession

Snyder needs to also explain this!

POLL: Meme of the Week – January 18th

Hillary won the night: showed off a rhetorical flourish that was unique and distinct from Sanders

I donated so many times to D's this week my card was shut down as a probable stolen

Low-fiber diets mess up gut microbes—and changes can become heritable

Low-fiber diets mess up gut microbes—and changes can become heritable

11 Most Anti-Capitalist Quotes from Martin Luther King, Jr.

POLL: Meme of the Quarter – 4Q2015

IMO the debate was a draw.

A wakeup call for the left

Remember the nightmare candidacy of Michele Bachmann?

Happy Birthday, Dr. King

202 The Daily 202: Bernie Sanders won the Democratic debate, say pundits and social media

'Pastafarian' will lose his licence if caught driving without a colander on his head

For your viewing enjoyment....

Krugman: Health Reform Realities

Sanders-"the vast majority" of police "are honest, hard-working people trying to do a difficult job"


Conspiritia - A Map of Conspiracy Theories

MLK Jr. " “The real victory was what this period did to the psyche of the black man"

The 62 Richest People On Earth Now Hold As Much Wealth As The Poorest 3.5 Billion

O'Malley was gracious about the unequal time afforded him in the debate, but I'm pissed

KRUGMAN: "a simple, straightforward single-payer system just isn’t going to happen"

The Carnival Cruise versus tRump battle...

Why don't some of you want to fix our

The Daily 202: Bernie Sanders won the Democratic debate, say pundits and social media

A quote on what to do with the Oregon militants:

Iran to boost oil output by 500,000 barrels

Several years ago, right before the MLK holiday

Monday Toon Roundup 1- GOP

UN whistleblower who exposed sexual abuse by peacekeepers is exonerated

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Monday Bernie Group Toons

Clinton 'Outraged' By Laquan McDonald Video, But Gives Rahm A Pass

Sanders’ great night could be turning point in 2016 race (Des Moines, IA)

George Washington slave book pulled after criticism

Happy Birthday, Greatest Of All Time

Today's Google Doodle honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.:

Is the posting of private emails acceptable at DU?

Inside the mind of a female would-be suicide bomber in Pakistan

No sanction for BBC’s Carol Kirkwood over ‘cold as f*ck’ weather forecast

Martin O’Malley: Whether Front Door or Back Door, Government Needs a Warrant

Paul Krugman: Bernie Sanders is wrong and Hillary Clinton is right

Brick-laying robot can lay 1000 bricks per hour

What Austerity Looks Like In Real Life:

On Health Care: It's not about a legislative agenda, it's about a clear vision forward

What's in a Name?

TOM TOMORROW: Crisis Management in Flint (Invisible Hand-of-Free-Market Man!)

18 Most Famous Atheists in the World

Highway patrol identifies police officer shot and killed in Danville, Ohio

I Love New York!

Quick Draw McGraw

How Obama's socialist agenda is DESTROYING Wall Street!!!!1!


So it's a two-for-one deal again? We get Bill as an economic adviser? No thanks.

A Catholic Mother Regrets Disowning Her Gay Son

Politifact: Sanders claim on helping write ACA: Mostly false

Op-Ed: "Bernie Sanders doesn’t get how politics works" - Discuss

Politician Deposes Elected Leaders, Poisons City, Gives Kids Brain Damage & Complains About Politics

Reporting Fraud Massive In China's Power Sector; No Official Audit Since 2013

Consensual Hallucination Fades, Global Stocks Crushed

British lawmakers to debate banning Donald Trump from UK for 'hate speech'

The people of Flint, Michigan should escort all state officials outside the

XPosted in GD-P: On Health Care: It's not about a legislative agenda, it's about a clear vision...

"With this faith we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope."

MLK Commemorative Service, stream

Attention span of the American people - a perspective

WINNERS and LOSERS from the 4th Democratic Presidential Debate, Washington Post

The 62 Richest People On Earth Now Hold As Much Wealth As The Poorest 3.5 Billion

Let's Challenge Donald Trump - Certainly If He Can Get Mexico To Pay For His Wall He Can.....

In Alabama Town Of 3,600, 20 Active Tuberculosis Cases, Three Deaths So Far - NYT

question for those following primaries very closely

Hillary's Strongest Debate Moment Was When She Unexpectedly Spoke about Flint MI Poisoned Water

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 1-17-16 (debate edition)

Koala gets kicked out of tree

Donald Trump is a Mediocre Businessman

Rick Snyder's incredibly and unbelievably thoughtless response to Hillary and Bernie speaking up

NYC deal would limit number of horse-drawn carriages

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 1-17-16 (debate edition)

Reminds me of a Mark Twain quote-

2015 Was South Africa's Driest Year On Record (Records Go Back To 1904) - Reuters

Dying Astronaut Piers Sellers: Cancer and Climate Change

Elysium Apparently Takes Notice - Mass Migration, Climate Top Concerns At Davos

Hillary Clinton: 'We now have driven costs down to the lowest they've been in 50 years'

Biotech, 3-D printing to lead to 5m fewer jobs: WEF

Alaska - Seabird Die-Off "Much Greater" Than Prior Events; Suspicions That Warming = Starvation

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #11: Daddy’s Sworn Oath Edition

Morocco arrests Belgian with 'direct links' to Paris attackers

Tonle Sap Lake Key To SE Asian Food Security, So Let's Dam The FUCK Out Of The Mekong!

Time for Martin O'Malley to call it quits

This election has taught me so much.

Hillary's new slogan: No We Can't!

*** Please vote in the January Photo Contest finals. Contest ends 9pm ET! **

*** Please vote in the January Photo Contest finals. Contest ends 9pm ET! ***

Greg Sargent ‏@ThePlumLineGS 3h3 hours ago [email protected] says we should stick with Ocare.

Deep Waters (Below 2,300 Feet) Capturing 1/3 Of All Heat Trapped By World's Oceans

Clinton's New Slogan:Your govt is bought and paid for. Get over it & be "pragmatic" aka a sell out

Oregon brothers launch anti-Bundy fundraising campaign #OregonStandoff

PART TWO: Debating Bernie VS Hillary Without Being Jerks

Innocent Muslim Man gets shit beaten out of him in front of 9 yr old niece - BECAUSE ISIS!

Flint Water Crisis: Time Thought Leaders Address The Systematic Genocide

Hillary's and other Tweets @DemDebate including Nerdy Wonka!

TOM TOMORROW: Crisis management in Flint

MPs debate call for Donald Trump to be banned from the UK - live

Happy MLK Day!

Think Of It This Way.....

O'Malley and Sanders lead thousands of marchers to SC state house for the MLK Day rally

Hi..I have a question for NM DUers..Anyone here live in or around Taos?

University of Cincinnati Agrees to Pay Samuel DuBose's Family $4.8M

Martin Luther King Jr. Tribute

Stupid ass Trump being covered on all three major corporate news outletd

The Adventures of God

Some context on the Commodities future bill - from what was said and written at the time it happened

Two Corinthians

Hillary Clinton just seized the political moment on Flint, Mich.

Just how dishonest is Clinton attack on Sanders re: Commodity Futures Modernization Act?

Single payer and private insurance.

Yesterday's debate made me revisit one of threads that made me proud to be part of the JK group

(funny Trump pic) I'm a little DING DONG and I ran my mouth

Keiser Report: Class, Financial Warfare

I Am Getting An EGD (Esophogogastroduodenoscopy) Tomorrow While Many Others Who Need One Will Not

How important is honesty to you when choosing a candidate?

Seen on FB this morning

Robots Will Replace 5 Million Workers By 2020: Report

Can I get some pity here? I didn't know there was a debate last night

Armed Oregon Occupiers Unashamedly Steal, Destroy Federal Property

Linda Tripp crawls out of her hole, tells Breitbart radio Bill had affairs with "thousands" of women

Good gawd-does anybody get more free air time than Trump?

Joe Walsh is really bad at Twitter and Life in General

Donald Trump's New Hairdo is a Bit Much...

A question I would have liked to see asked last night

Massive earthworms discovered by scientists on Scottish island

Democratic Debate news (video heavy)

Bundy Thugs Shout Down Environmental Protesters At Malheur Refuge

"Hillary, Bernie, Gender and Race: Hard Truths about Bias Among White Male Progressives" - Discuss

Dollar-Based Investors Eviscerated in Global Stocks

Britain’s Cameron says if you don’t learn English, you may be deported

As climate change threatens CentAm coffee, a cocoa boom is born

As climate change threatens CentAm coffee, a cocoa boom is born

#RefugeRally Event News - Rallies in Eugene, Bend, Seattle, Portland,... Noon Jan 19th

Venezuela Launches Economic Council, Expands Schooling Program

"It will be difficult. . . but, I will maintain that vision and fight for it."

Happy Birthday, Dr. King!

Her name is Andrea Mitchell

Where Do The Candidates Get Their Money?

Michigan governor tired of politicians talking about how he poisoned the citizens of Flint, Michigan

Science Denial Still Rampant While Global Temperatures Continue To Rise

At The U.S. Border, Cubans Are Welcomed, Salvadorans Deported

CSPAN is now showing the House of Commons debate on whether to allow Trump into the U.K.

Ann Coulter Slips Up During Interview And Gives Us The Greatest Reason Ever NOT To Vote Trump


Honduras lawyer perils under spotlight

I deleted the post because it was badly worded.

The Deposer in Chief: Hillary in Honduras

Debate - Clinton - DWS

Looking for a reliable site to download Snippet tool.

Selective Attention Test

Is the establishment already preparing to dump Hillary?

Latest landing attempt by SpaceX.

Do Americans still admire excellence?....

Video game based on Pakistan school massacre is withdrawn

Amazing Gracie Survives Multiple Gun Shots And Wins Hearts In The Middle East (dog rescue)

I've found the perfect metaphor

Despite bone-chilling cold, Bernie Supporters Turn Out For MLK March In Dayton

Union: Logan workers seeking $15 per hour will risk arrest

Union: Logan workers seeking $15 per hour will risk arrest

Union: Logan workers seeking $15 per hour will risk arrest

The Moment at the Democratic Debate That Proved What This Campaign Is Really About

NBC scores highest-rated Democratic debate since October (Hillary Group)

Bernie Is Not the New Barack -- And That's a Good Thing

Bernie is making inroads with the African American community

Bernie is making inroads with the African American community

Pakistan unblocks access to YouTube

Hillary: The "No We Can't!" Candidate

Did you remember the dream today?

Bernie Sanders's Big Night

Did you remember the dream today?

Did you remember the dream today?

Does anyone have any more information on Walk-Gate?

It's like he is an old time preacher, lecturing us only it is on how bad things are

Did you remember the dream today?

The real reason of the war in Libya verified

Under President Sanders, public colleges won't have fancy dormitories and giant football stadiums

How would Hillary provide health care coverage to the homeless?

Law Enforcement Calls For Citizens To Exercise Their Second Amendment Rights

Supermarket Checkout

Brand Spanking New You Gov Nat'l Poll-HRC 58% (+4) SBS 33% (-4) MOM 3% (+0)

On C-Span tonight at 8pm Atlantic time..

Campaign hawks shirtless, tattooed Cruz poster (warning disgusting image)

An action figure of who?

So, were you traumatized and are still traumatized by the Obamacare reform debate?

Huff Post: Hillary Sputters, Sanders Rocks

Picture books that call slaves "servants" and show them smiling?

Lebanon's Geagea declares support for rival Aoun as president

Cher is taking no prisoners in her battle with Rick Snyder. Go Cher!!!

Today Thom Hartmann is working, now showing clips, discussing Bernie & DEBATE, FYI

Des Moines Register: Clinton puts Sanders on defensive

Des Moines Register: Clinton puts Sanders on defensive

Plz Sign Petition to WH Asking for Domestic Terrorists in Oregon to be arrested asap

If Bernie is the nominee, and runs on a platform of replacing Obamacare

Texas is prepping to license people to grow, sell marijuana. Here are 10 things you need to know

Poll: Obama’s approval rating is back over 50 percent; Hillary Running on Obama Legacy

DUers in Alaska or anywhere else, can you tell me about Joe Vogler, his run for governor

It’s possible that there is a “mirror universe” where time moves backwards, say scientists

Solution to curb violence/crime/drug usage - end poverty

Pork Chop Bonanza

First photos of released hostage Amir Hekmati

Anyone know about 13 Hours: Benghazi action flick? Is this gop based?

VOTE – Smart – some thoughts – and a request for “real” information.

Paul Krugman: Why I Support Hillary's Vision for Health Care - Not Bernie's

Penthouse magazine to end print publication, focus on its digital offerings

Bill (?) shirt or a Hillary shirt ?

California man believed part of Oregon standoff crashes van on icy road

Big game hunter - Trump's son

Anyone hear Chuck Todd today on Morning Joe? Joe asked

For want of a title I did not enter this one in "ONE"

Donald Trump is to a conservative as Bugs Bunny is to Sylvilagus floridanus

Germany’s brutal immigrant awakening

WINNERS and LOSERS from the 4th Democratic Presidential Debate, Washington Post

I'm watching Parliament debating banning Trump...

IMO: Rove is defining the Democratic Establishment for the GE and helping Clinton.

Watch: Liberty University Students Laugh at Trump Quoting From ‘Two Corinthians’

Does China hold key to the Afghan puzzle? (and Where's My Heroin)--Pepe Escobar

Calls for Boycott of Oscars Grow Over Diversity of Nominees

Why the power is still on at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

Fareed's Take: I was the target of internet trolling

Large employers prove Bernie is correct on healthcare

Let me get this straight...It's "Mrs Greenspan" only when you have something positive to say??

The truth is the Gov. knows home grown right-wing militia terrorists are more of a threat than ISIS

how do I post a photo, again?

Politifact: Bernie's claim that he helped write Obamacare is mostly false

Being critical of radical Islam

Sanders raises $1 million while sparring with Hillary during Democratic slugfest

So that's one source of income for those assholes - foster children

Politifact Rates HRC's 'We now have driven costs down to the lowest they've been in 50 yr' as FALSE

Difference between Bernie and Hillary supporters

Mexican pets are splashed with holy water

So.... it's official.


A song with which to feel the Bern

Black Lives Matter Would Like To See A Little More Help From Congressional Black Caucus

PA. House only scheduled to meet total of 5.5 days in Jan and 3 days in Feb.

Trump screws up Bible verse, calls school wrong name during stop at Liberty Unv.

Shocker-NBC dem debate increased ratings from last 2 debates

Dem Debate: The Weekend Was Bernie's

Hillary Doesn't Want to "Start all Over Again"

reposting from GD-P-SUnday debate increased ratings from last 2 debates

Hilary Clinton's New Progressive Alignment

This is going to stick. Evangelical Leader Calls TRUMP: "The Golden Calf Candidate"

A poisonous corrosive man’: Watch this British MP bring the hammer down on Trump’s ‘violent ideology

Palo Verde National Park, Costa Rica

In defense of Progressivism

Timber Oligarchs Transform Into Beef Barons in Harney County and the Oregon High Desert

M$Grredia is about to tear Trump a new one

Ronald Reagan, Worst President Of Our Lifetime

If The Answers Frighten You, David, Then you should cease asking scary questions

Today's Nate's 538 2016 Primary Polls-Only Forecast: Iowa-Hillary-65%, Bernie-35%


Michigan Governor Under Fire For Flint Water Crisis, Blames Clinton For ‘Politicizing’ Issue

President Bush APOLOGIZED to China to secure U.S. airmen held captive

Lol, O'Malley's youngest

Evangelical leader unleashes righteous fury on Donald Trump — the ‘golden calf’ candidate

Republican Nightmares Come True As Hillary Clinton Destroys Marco Rubio

Ayn Coulter Slips Up During Interview And Gives The Greatest Reason Ever NOT To Vote Trump (AUDIO)

That thing when an actual neo-Nazi gets exposed working as a longtime "expert" host on RT (Putin TV)

Democratic Debate (full)

Gas wars: A gallon is just 46 cents here

Oregon militants LaVoy Finicum and Ryan Bundy travel to Utah to plot another armed showdown

Trump, The Great Biblical Scholar

Almost 9 Million Nobodies Tuned in to Watch Last Night's Debate

There will be change if the people are involved and demand change.

Six-Legged Giant Finds Secret Hideaway, Hides For 80 Years

How the media missed Bernie Sanders

(Updated 1/18/16) Latest Democratic nomination poll results - courtesy of

Mr. Popularity-President Obama 51%-45% (+6) Approval on Gallup

MSNBComcast is showing another Trumpfomercial

Tata job cuts: unions attack lack of government action

Tata job cuts: unions attack lack of government action

Tata job cuts: unions attack lack of government action

Ex-Auschwitz Medic to Stand Trial February 29 on at Least 3,681 Counts of Accessory to Murder

Brother Martin

Martin Luther King Jr. Celebrations Overlook His Critiques of Capitalism and Militarism Zaid Jilani

What it’s Like to Own Guns in a Country with Strict Gun Control

this is why the domestic terrorist need to be dealt with-they are planning more because they get awa

Well - Just saw 3 big "Ted Cruz For President" sign outside my little town

Who else wanted single-payer universal healthcare over the ACA?

What Canadian Law Says About Cruz's Citizenship (hint: He ain't 'Murican)

Trump falls flat on Bible reference as he tries to woo evangelicals at Liberty

Muslims donate 30,000 bottles of water to Flint, Michigan, during water crisis

From the 'careful what you ask for' file:

OMG - I am in Iowa. I just saw 3 big "Cruz For President" signs

NY tabloid cover

Jailed Maldives ex-leader Mohamed Nasheed leaves for UK

After 18 months in Iranian prison, The Post’s Rezaian reunites with family

Just snagged this image from Facebook, CAPTION time! (eye bleach may be required)

Can those unhappy about the debate scheduling tell us what day/night/time would have been optimal?

Political Wire: Reaction to the Democratic Presidential Debate

The Gap Between Gun Deaths in the U.S. and Other Advanced Nations Is Getting Wider, Study Finds

Out with the faux, in with the real...

Clinton: If it's good for Michigan why not for Chicago?

Life in American Healthcare

On-line petitions are becoming worthless...

I think Bernie should add this to his stump speech:

The Nose That Knows All

Bill Clinton

"American Pie" singer arrested on domestic violence charge

half the health care for twice the price

UK politicians currently debating whether or not to ban Donald Trump from Britain.

THIS is what a political revolution looks like FL-23

Michael Moore Might Save Flint MI: Sorry Michael, Hillary go there first

the 62 wealthiest people own as much as the bottom 50%

Paul Krugman Says Hillary Clinton is Right and Bernie Sanders is Wrong on Healthcare

Stop Lying About Clinton's Position On The ACA. She Has Solid Proposals To Go Further.

Help in on the way Flint

December Republican Debate Exposed GOP As Joke on National Security

'Will Hillary Clinton Be Prosecuted?' Top Google Search pre-debate

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Congratulations to Judi Lynn on her 100,000th post on DU!

Oregon militants LaVoy Finicum and Ryan Bundy travel to Utah to plot another armed showdown

Hillary Clinton Celebrates Confederate Flag's Removal At MLK Day Ceremony

Barrel for oil =$99/Barrel of oil = $28

What's for Dinner, Mon., MLK Day. Jan. 18, 2015

Drug overdoses are driving up the death rate of young white adults

Chris Christie: Keep the White House out of the cafeteria

Walmart store closures

Dr. King's "I've Been To the Mountaintop" Speech

Bernie: How did I prep for yesterday’s debate?

Glenn Frey of The Eagles has just died

New Book Says FBI Was Mastermind Behind MLK Assassination and Its Cover-up

It Is With The Heaviest of Hearts That We Announce…

Glenn Frey has died

Oil Industry Bailout

Glenn Frey Eagles Guitarist Dead At 67

Itzak Rowland‎ to Martin O'Malley For New Leadership

It's the Dismissiveness, Stupid!...HRC'S most self-sabotaging trait.

The Real News Room - Bernie Edition - 1.18.2016

How the media missed Bernie Sanders

The biggest net successes of the ACA are basically...

Great night in South Carolina for Bernie Sanders could be a turning point in the 2016 race

In all fairness, HuffPo, if you're going to slam Bowie, you'd better fucking include Jimmy Page too.

Jan 18: #RunLikeAGirl team for @HillaryforNH in Keene, with @wendydavis

Leaking Methane Plume Spreading Across L.A.'s San Fernando Valley

Trump Hints at Big Endorsement

MLK's "Drum Major Instinct" sermon

When a person speaks in a condescending way but they look scared, What do You call that ?

Bernie Sanders doesn’t get how politics works

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. At Stanford, 1967, on "The Other America"

Bernie Sanders Doubles Down On Critique of Hillary Clinton's Speaking Fees

Glenn Frey has died

Climate Change Is Moving Mountains, Research Says

If you like Hillary... then you'll love Bernie!

Oil Slumps Below $28 To 2003 Low As Iran Sanctions Lifted

End Of Europe? Berlin, Brussels' Shock Tactic On Migrants

Funny how there is always enough money and support

Talked to my Neighbor across the street today.

Oshkosh (21 year old) woman ID'd as Milwaukee freezing death...Ya I know,

RIP. Glenn Frey. Play some Eagles tonight.

Tween Trump Cheerleaders Sing: ‘Deal From Strength or Get Crushed!’ The manager for the USA Freedom

"Grassroots is how it gets done. Get fired up!" [email protected] to volunteers in #Hampton

A world Divided: Elites Descend On Swiss Alps Amid Rising Inequality

O'Malley calls out Hillary Clinton for hiding behind Obama and 9/11

Clinton doesn't want to fight for health care all over again?

Why I support Bernie Sanders

The Issue Is Universal Health Care NOT "Single Payer".

Trump endorsement revealed: Paid tween cheerleaders

China Seen Posting Slowest Economic Growth In 25 Years As Policy Risks Grow

Clinton to Democrats: I’m the Obama heir, not Sanders

I have a question for anyone around the Burns, Oregon area

He Survived The Unthinkable Thanks To One Little Girl (dog rescue)

A picture book taken off the market after Scholastic apologized for its depiction of slavery.

No more hurt: Top MLB players returning from injuries

Watched Trump's speech at Liberty University and thought.......give me death.

The North Dakota Crude Oil That's Worth Less Than Nothing

Let's form a militia and go git those Yeehadists!

I would prefer Iran as an ally over Saudi Arabia...

2 Trump cartoons from Vanity Fair

I know that some of you on here know some pretty important people....I do not.

The Heat Is On!


Remembering MLK--Black Lives Matter

The cost of repealing mandatory motorcycle helmet laws

Mark my word - Snyder will resign

WATCH: @HillaryClinton's best moments from last night's #DemDebate

EU Insists All Deals With Israel Must Show They Cannot Apply To Occupied Territories

Kansas residents buy groceries out of state due to food tax