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Whenever the media wants to demonize the President, they can always call on

Guest/Panel Lineups For The Sunday News Shows (Includes Sanders & Clinton)

Do Not Let Facts Get in the Way of a Good Story

Costs derail Vermont’s dream of a single-payer health plan

Argentina announces new currency design featuring only fauna and flora.

Paul Krugman: Conservatives want you to believe there’s “a longer-term case in favor of vast inequal

If you havent checked this out, do "Mozart In The Jungle"

Tim Curry will play a "different but significant role" in Fox's TV remake of "Rocky Horror"

The stunning irrelevance of wing-nut billionaires: Why Bernie’s riding high while the Koch Brothers

SParty not SP-arty

Why socialists should have nothing to do with RT (Russia Today)

Largest dinosaur species ever discovered crammed into American Museum of Natural History

A delicious read -Hatton Garden heist: how an old-school working-class criminal's swan song came tog

Fuckface Cruz offers New Yorkers the worst 'apology' ever.

What the hell is all this birtherism about Ted Cruz not being a citizen. Everyone knows that

How many DUers read the content of posters' links before responding?

What song best describes the Republican presidential candidates?

Just an FYI for Kansas Democrats:

Spacewalk aborted after water leaks into astronaut’s helmet

Reality Check: Ted Cruz Doesn’t Vote To Audit Fed, Took Personal Loan from Goldman-Sachs

Justices Will Hear Ex-Virginia Gov. McDonnell's Appeal

Russia Is Accusing 3 Western Powers Of Politicizing The Humanitarian Crisis In Syria And Warns...

Shaun King will be traveling with Bernie to historically black colleges and universities

I hate Trump's face. And Cruz'

Mr. Cruz’s Wall Street hypocrisy

Neglected Dog Literally Puts His Paw In The Hand Of His Rescuer!

I know DU is Bernie Country, but in response to an earlier thread about Rachel's Interview of HRC

Lloyd Kaufman, Troma Films and The Toxic Avenger -- "Feel the Bern!"

Occupiers want U.S. to surrender all federal lands

billionaire bigot, Jersey Fats, howdy doodie canadian crud, water boy and the rest

A pair of singers I have not heard of before.

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 1-14-16

The date has been set for my right knee replacement surgery.

Watch out for these Veterans' ''fundraisers.''

Andrea Mitchell: This Democratic Primary race is now "neck & neck"

Bernie Sanders: "Hillary Clinton has received a lot of money from Wall Street"

As if the YallQeada shitbag takeover wasn't bad enough...

Donald Trump Says His Political Movement Is Bigger Than Reagan's

More Richard Wolff awesomeness: Capitalism update Jan 2016

Charlie Pierce" We haven't scratched the surface of what Bernie Sanders is capable of

Snyder makes surprise visit in Flint (insert eye roll here)

Friday Talking Points (374) -- The Knives Come Out


ATU Calls on Clinton Campaign to Rise Above Tea Party Politics in Healthcare Debate

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! The Trump Show

does anyone know

O'Malley camp responds to 'the substance-free silliness between the Clinton and Sanders camps'

If, God forbid, Trump was elected president...

Hillary Clinton doesn't trust you

Hillary’s Worst Nightmare – Bernie pulls Right Leaning Independents

Clinton's road to the White House cartoon

David Bowie’s bandmates explain just how he got them to sound like that

Trump Taj Mahal Owner Icahn Wins Fight with Casino Union

Trump Taj Mahal Owner Icahn Wins Fight with Casino Union

Trump Taj Mahal Owner Icahn Wins Fight with Casino Union

10 Somali orphans rescued from Saudi Arabia by Winnipeg refugee group

Trump staffers kick New York Times reporter out of Iowa event

Transgender bride, Omaha native hopes to inspire in appearance on tonight’s ‘Say Yes to the Dress’

Any Chrome users noticing weird stuff w/embedded videos?

Transgender bride, Omaha native hopes to inspire in appearance on tonight’s ‘Say Yes to the Dress’

The Republican Party’s 50-State Solution

Michiganders: Is there a process for either recalling or impeaching your Governor?

The Case of the So-Called Alien Megastructure Just Got Weirder


I should know better than to try to discuss Bernie in GDP.

INSTANT KARMA: Driver fired, arrested after hurling racist comments at Arab woman

New Guatemala leader calls for 'justice' against war-era officers

It's been quite a week, my fellow Sandernistas, let's celebrate our campaign

Finished jury duty yesterday

Ex-Venezuela bank official avoids prison time in bribery case

I don't want you to die

1-14-16 The Fight for the 8 hour day in 2:00

1-14-16 The Fight for the 8 hour day in 2:00

1-14-16 The Fight for the 8 hour day in 2:00

“‘Civil Rights’ and Violence: Who Are the Guilty Ones?”, The National Review Sept. 7th, 1965

The Internet Could out-Evolve Humanity

Sarah Parcak: Space Archeologist Wizard Genius = The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

"It is Destructive Particularily for a Democrat to be Discrediting Universal Healthcare"

As Germany Welcomes Migrants, Sexual Attacks in Cologne Point to a New Reality

Cruz didn't report a second loan in 2012


Job Creators = Feudal Overlords


My dog is an idiot.

Ed Schultz: "Time For Bernie To Get AGRESSIVE"

Is it wrong that my kids and I did this at the store today?

Ed Schultz: "Time For Bernie To Get AGRESSIVE"

Episode 43 of Extinction Radio is ready to stream

The Bundy Bunch Theme Song - sing along!

We the People Petition: Ask the President to appear on the Bill Maher Show

New prayer rules at Ariens leave dozens of Muslims unemployed

Not Me. US!


"Over 40,000 Ex-Offenders In Maryland Could Regain Their Voting Rights.

Feds forcibly removed black occupiers from wildlife refuge in 1979

Wall Street Demons Are Running.

A quarter century ago, an African American guard summoned us from our jail cells in downtown Detroit

White House reviewing Pentagon plan to close Guantanamo prison

New Rules and Then Some -- Real Time with Bill Maher HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILL !!!

My Korean based movie has been announced! Get ready for K-Popular

When will Trump pull off his mask and reveal that Andy Kaufman is still alive?

Get President Obama on Real Time with Bill Maher.

Get President Obama on Real Time with Bill Maher.

Comment on the GOP debate line by line

Ted Cruz’s college roommate recalls his creepy habits

This Dazzling Indoor Rainbow Is Made From 60 Miles of Embroidery Thread

Just dropped my first donation of the year via DU for Bernie - Act Blue.

I'm fucked. My wife let our daugther get a fucking dog.

Chicago police unions push for destruction of old complaints

I do not understand some of the people who support Bernie Sanders..

So we've moved from, "Bernie will never be president" to...

Bernie Sanders lawyers to Wikipedia: Take down our logo, you’re violating DMCA

Ever heard a Polar Bear purr? Check out this guy and his fully grown female Polar Bear (3:37 vid)

Going to be nasty the next few days here in WisCOLDson...

Democratic Defeatism seems to be a big theme at the moment. Eyore as the Democratic donkey?

Conjecture about how to get to Single Payer.

I have a question about capital gains.

98 159 more signatures needed to fulfil Bill Maher's 60th birthday wish

Senior IDF Officers Visit Palestinian Terrorists in Jail in Effort to Understand Their Motives

Canadian Mining Companies Leave Behind Decades of Violence in Guatemala

Canadian Mining Companies Leave Behind Decades of Violence in Guatemala

French drug trial 'accident' leaves one person brain-dead, five seriously ill

Sincere question about Bernie, god help me, I'm going into gd.

Secular Talk: Try Not To Laugh At This Ridiculous Ted Cruz Ad

"FACEPALM: Bernie Sanders campaign tries to censor Wikipedia:"

Almost 3 Million Affected by Drought in Central America

Almost 3 Million Affected by Drought in Central America

Secular Talk: Gohmert Wanted To Bomb Iran Over Captured Sailors They Released

Former Benghazi CIA head condemns "13 Hours" movie.

El Salvador Newspaper Accused of Spreading 'Fear and Terror'

U.S. top court to hear Missouri church's religious rights case

Martin Luther King pictured in Air Force base shooting event flier

Investigation faults U.S. Army lab's leaders over mistaken anthrax shipments

A preview of the upcoming Democratic Debates

Ex-CIA agent ordered to face rendition conviction in Italy: court papers

"Centuries from now..."

States should raise the gas tax. NYT Editorial

Toxic cloud continues to spread in southeastern Brazil

Martin O'Malley supports a 12 week parental leave with pay

So that's how they do it.

Hero of War (music, punk, Rise Against)

Snow sculptures seen on Changbai Mountain in NE China

Legal experts blast Avery prosecutor's conduct

Debbie Wasserman Schultz has a progressive primary challenger

Please pay a visit

Please pay a visit

Please pay a visit

Why South American parents are hiding their kids from the sun

Why South American parents are hiding their kids from the sun

DWS has progressive primary challenger for her House seat!

Heirs to notorious gangster seek to be compensated by Cuba

Ryan Bundy: Native Americans have lost their claim to the Land.

HA! So true...

Progressives with guns: yoga, ammo and LGBT rights – video

Daily Holidays - January 16

California Fish Species Plummet To Record Lows

The CIA Coup That Remade the Middle East

MLK on Democratic Socialism

The Deadliest Animal in the World

The U.S. Black Chambers Endorse Hillary Clinton

Pop star Demi Lovato to campaign for Clinton

12 Year-Old Millburn Girl Lights Up Hillary Clinton's Campaign with a LuMee Case

Why (almost) everything you know about food is wrong - Vox

Non Sequitur

50 years ago, Batman first aired

Hillary Clinton Plans Ad Barrage To Beat Back Surging Bernie Sanders

Democratic Governor Expands Louisiana Medicaid

Weekly Address: Improving Economic Security by Strengthening and Modernizing the Unemployment Insura

Clinton's Lead Is Evaporating, and Anxious Democrats See 2008 All Over Again

Ruling party concedes defeat in Taiwan; Tsai Ing-wen to become first female president

Remembering one of Alan Rickman's final roles — a student project. To help refugees.

Sunday Talk Shows

Sen. Sanders on 4 Sunday talk shows

One view from Down Under: Hillary heading for victory

Portsmouth Herald, Foster's endorse Hillary Clinton in NH Democratic primary

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Hillary v Bernie pales in comparison to Democrats v Republicans

The Tennessee family that won the powerball are hard working people BUT.

Phoenix bus strike ends, union votes 85 percent to accept latest contract; bus service returns soon

Phoenix bus strike ends, union votes 85 percent to accept latest contract; bus service returns soon

You guys do realise that not all the Cologne attackers were refugees? Or from Syria?

Phoenix bus strike ends, union votes 85 percent to accept latest contract; bus service returns soon

Westboro’s Planned Protest of David Bowie’s Funeral Backfires in the Most Beautiful Way Possible

Assholes are everywhere, and treat people like shit. Mother with MS insulted while shopping

Hillary had better be careful

Europe - migrants - Cologne attacks - The comments section on this Guardian article...

As Spock of Star Trek fame would say, highly illogical.

Ted Cruz' eligibility is really quite murky.

Newly Elected Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards Signs Medicaid Expansion Order.

Martin O'Malley Talking New Leadership at Cornell College

Howard Dean, Now Employed by Health Care Lobby Firm, Opposes Bernie Sanders on Single-Payer

Blue Cross customers fume as insurer scrambles to fix ACA enrollment errors

From Cronulla to Cologne, it’s the same rhetoric

Morning Mix Trump-loving USA Freedom kid’s dad: ‘To me, freedom is everything’

The Single Payer Debate We Should Be Having (Vox)

Chilling Thing Jamie Dimon just Said about the Economy

You Need These For Valentines Day? Or Something...

America’s growing student-loan-debt crisis

As New York looks to ban encrypted smartphones, here's what you can do

Koterba toon: Politics from 1-21-06

NFL Playoffs - Divisional Round

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 1-15-16

"Brick-and-mortar retailers are being taken out the back and shot."

Martin O’Malley accidentally crashes Ben Carson debate party

Re New York Values - you wouldn't know New York values

University of York study shows that scented candles can be deadly

A Letter from Birmingham: MLK, Bernie Sanders and the Black Church

Trump, you just got owned by a hardware store!

Have WE been Sold OUT? The Chart That Explains Everything

Baptism in Flint...

What a weekend. Sunday evening democratic debate

.....and screw all THIS too.

Private gun sales, a point of information

Jason Rezaian is being released

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah- BREAKING Iran released WP journalist and three others

Whiny militia ranchers in Nevada are certain to have a tantrum over this court ruling.

This is Where Industrial Production Normally Meets a Recession

Why Hilary & the GOP Are Wrong on Single Payer P1 - Here's the Figures...

Mrs. Greenspan will be the co-moderator of the debate

IE vs Firefox. O.K., sorry Firefox, I *tried* (unless DUers here can save you)

Why Single Payer Is the Most Business and Health Friendly...P2

The dismal, dark, traitor-filled world Republican candidates inhabit

While I'm here with other problems, might as well add Windows Media Player

Ryan Payne one of the Oregon occupation leaders, says slavery never existed

*** JANUARY PHOTO CONTEST *** FINAL VOTING *** Ends Mon 1/18, 2100 ET.

*** JANUARY PHOTO CONTEST *** FINAL VOTING *** Ends Mon 1/18, 2100 ET.

German finance chief floats gasoline tax in migrant crisis

Que the right wing outrage in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1

Welcome To The Political Revolution

Breaking News from faux vs. cnn....

Clowns to left of me, jokers to the right, Here I am, stuck in the middle with you

THANK YOU, Secretary Kerry!

I just love that while all the vitriol flies at them from their right, President Obama & Sec Kerry..

Well, the President just shut down another one of the

Economic Growth in U.S. Cracking Under Strain of Global Slowdown

So, what is on tonight's GOP candidate menu? This...

The new cat is in a closed off bathroom, hiding behind the toilet

Weekend Bernie Group Toon Roundup

GOP party platform. This sums it up nicely.

Weekend Toon Roundup

Iran frees American prisoners as international sanctions to end

Americans' views on Hillary Clinton unaffected by Bill, poll finds

President Obama Set To Send In SOS Kerry To Negotiate A Peace Accord With The Repugs....

R.I.P. Clara Irene Sitton (September 18, 1921 - January 12, 2016)

Keiser Report: 'Post-Traumatic Debt Disorder'

Burkina Faso hotel attack: 18 nationalities among dead

"U.S.A. Freedom Kids"'s like the worst of Sarah Palin filtered through The Donald.

If you Love Cat pixs, go to site/buy the book

Words I'm sick of hearing coming out of politicians' mouths:

Christian leaders attempt to fix global date for Easter

What’s behind the Fed’s interest rate hike? A desire to keep workers insecure and wages depressed.

Every dime we spend on warfare is one less dime for healthcare. NT

Poles Apart

Apple may owe $8bn in back taxes after European commission ruling

Venezuela's Maduro admits economic 'catastrophe'

Shaun Mouzon shooting: Attorney: Baltimore police shooting video contradicts officers' version

MMMM. Grilled Venezuelan Beaver Cheese Sandwiches and Tomato Soup for lunch.

Toilet Paper - Over or Under?

I have an OP up in GD-P that it was suggested I cross post here

Planets to align January 20th

The remarkably stupid unintended consequences of our "War on Dandruff, uh, I mean, TERROR"

Come talk Tamarian to me.

FBI captures alleged 'Scream Robber', a Top 10 Most Wanted fugitive

As I suspected, Cats are reincarnated fat, men couch potatos

Explain to me how Hillary would do anything?

Drone strike kills three suspected militants in Yemen

North Korea says peace treaty, halt to exercises, would end nuclear tests

not dare to struggle not risk to lose - a slogan for our times.

Black Homes Matter: San Francisco's Vanishing Black Population

Saw on Facebook that Bill O'Reilly said he'd move to Ireland if Sanders becomes POTUS.

Qatar provides 1,000 new homes for Gazans displaced by war

Mother Nature's Invisible Hand Strikes Back Against the Carbon Economy

Pittsburgh cutting transit fares?

Feds forcibly removed black occupiers from wildlife refuge in 1979

Washington Post Journalist Jason Rezaian, 4 Other Americans Freed by Iran

Stuff PBO carries around with him

Friends of the Earth endorse Bernie Sanders: A Bold and Fearless Voice

What Ted Cruz means by New York values (from the West Wing)

O'Malley Iowa voters prefer Bernie as a 2nd choice by a 2 to one margin- PPP

Venezuela President Gets Rare Blast of Live TV Criticism

Taiwan Elects First Female President, Rejects Pro-China Party

has ANY republican candidate used the word 'diplomacy'? not that i'm aware of.

MSNBC: WH says 5 Americans released by Iran

Yosemite National Park's Most Famous Landmark is Losing Its Name

Why Young Latinos in Rural California Support Sanders

The Presidential Candidates Ranked By Their Usefulness In A Bar Fight

What Hillary Clinton wants you to forget: Her disastrous record as a war hawk

TYT: Why Is This Trump Rally Video So Scary?

Ted Cruz gets hit with ‘birther’ lawsuit

Ed Schultz on RT available over-the-air, no cable required.


I'm at Woodrow Wilson Middle in Council Bluffs Iowa

Australian couple kidnapped by jihadists in Burkina Faso: Islamist group

BREAKING : Oregon Protesters find HIDDEN "Goverment" Surveillance Cameras

Three people who support Clinton and Three people Clinton supports

The Last 5 Years Have Been Terrible for Abortion Rights (but, there is NO war on women!!)

Trump: They (Iran) got 7 and 150 billion and we (US) got 4

The Last 5 Years Have Been Terrible for Abortion Rights (but, there is NO war on women!)

The Last 5 Years Have Been Terrible for Abortion Rights (but, there is NO war on women!)

What's for Dinner, Sat., Jan. 16, 2015

The Last 5 Years Have Been Terrible for Abortion Rights (but, there is NO war on women!!)

FIFTH AMERICAN released from Iran - Matthew Trevithick

REMINDER: The next Democratic Debate...Sunday January 17, 2016 9PM Eastern

Today's PredictWise - 2016 Democratic Nomination - Hillary 85% - Bernie 14%

Canada approves second officially supervised intravenous drug use site

Sean Penn laments his interview with El Chapo 'failed'

Another Reason To Vote For Bernie Sanders & Not Hillary Clinton Is Electability

Flint Sends Overdue Notices to Residents Who Aren’t Paying for Their Water, Which Is Poison

Poll: Bill Clinton has NO effect on Hillary's support

Ask President Obama to Appear on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher

Will Hillary sink to a new low?

Live Coverage: Bernie's Birmingham, AL Rally on Monday January 18, 2016

Iran agrees to buy 114 aircraft from Airbus -Tasnim news agency

Former U.S. Marine Amir Hekmati of Flint, Michigan has been freed from Iran!!!

Why This Progressive Is Really Excited About Hillary

Reminder: Next Democratic Debate - Sunday, January 18, 2016 9PM ET

Feds forcibly removed black occupiers from wildlife refuge in 1979

Tombstone's Gun Ban

Eugene Robinson: Bernie Sanders’ Run Is No Fairy Tale

Silver lining of Hillary's attack on Bernie

Jan 16 HUGE line to see @billclinton in Council Bluffs—Iowa Town Hall LIVE COVERAGE***

Introducing the Libertarian Democrat. Are You One?

In order to properly assess Clinton's debate performance

Here is the difference between the two campaigns:

Bernie Sanders Beating Hillary Clinton on Broadcast TV

LOL: Rubio uncorks the longest no comment in recorded history.

First ever negative crude price!

‘We Don’t Want Bloodshed’: Armed White Militants in Oregon v. Paiute Tribe

‘We Don’t Want Bloodshed’: Armed White Militants in Oregon v. Paiute Tribe


I've come to a painful opinion about the basis of the Bundy's dispute

Repubs crticize prisoner swap

So, what kind of Deal did Reagan - and this guy - make with Iran?

Seen on teh Interwebs

Newest image of possible Pluto ice volcano

Bernie Sanders’s Vision Makes Hillary Clinton Camp See Red

How long before Hillary takes credit for the Iran prisoner swap?

Save Yosemite National Park's names from a greedy corporate grab

NYT: Clinton Campaign Underestimated Sanders Strengths, Allies Say

The GOP doesn't have a single candidate who could survive a Willie Wonka factory tour.......

Would anyone care for a soda?

On twitter: Americans freed, praise for diplomacy from Bernie, attacks by Reps, silence from HRC

Poll - Hillary's attacks on Bernie Sanders

Flashback Dec 2007: Desperate Hillary attacks before Iowa as Polls Sink

Exposing Tech's Competitive Advantage: Uber, Tech's Tax Shelter For The Millionaire Class

> HUMAN SEX TRAFFICKING: Flight Attendant Tells How How To Recognize It And What You Can Do

I'm high as a kite!!!

“I Watched Michael Bay’s Benghazi Movie at Cowboys Stadium With 30,000 Pissed-Off Patriots”

Is anybody here getting calls from the NRA.

O'Malley attacks Iowa governor's water proposal.

Bernie Sanders Sets The Record Straight About Universal Healthcare in the U.S.

Police officer saves abandoned baby's life by whipping out a boob.

Jury in Officer Porter trial was one vote from acquittal on most serious charge

NJ Gov. Chris Christie, others ask for Kaci Hickox lawsuit to be thrown out

If this campaign "isn't about Bernie" but is really a movement that will force Congress to pass

How Soon After Trump Loses His Bid For The Presidency Will He.....

"Get out and give the public back our wildlife refuge" Great Old Broads for Wilderness

CNN Exclusive: Email may derail case against Bill Cosby

The Good, Bad and Ugly in Oregon Standoff Coverage

Let's clear something up: Hillary's the only one who's been tested on a national stage.

This may be anecdotal but man oh man does it say a lot.

My Right To Die- By Kevin Drum

MADtv Darlene McBride- Take Back America Tour

Huckabee: Treat taxpayers the same way we 'train dogs'

Hillary Clinton making five Iowa campaign stops next week

How Not To Defend Atheism

Food Cowboy app helps charities get passed-over produce onto plates faster

Update from Carlos:

Trump Moves In For The Cruz Kill

Georgia woman goes crazy in a Waffle House; strips naked, throws dishes, fights with customers

Amsterdam Men to Don Miniskirts in Support of Cologne Women

Clinton strategist who slammed Sanders anti-Wall St ad also works for Bank of America & JPMorgan

Two German transgender women 'are STONED in the street' by a gang of three North African teenagers

Democratic Primary Reality Will Make Bernie Supporters Understand & Aaron Rogers...

5 atheist arguments you can stop using

The democratic primaries: How we got here

Why is Hillary worried about cost all of a sudden

Portuguese court orders former CIA officer extradited to Italy

ICWA to the rescue?

Monday MLKDay in Ann Arbor - March & Rally: Arrest Governor Snyder #FlintScandal #FlintWaterCrisis

Hey Due's alittle chuckle

Democrats brace for a messy winter...

Bei Bei groupies storm The National Zoo:


LOL! Trump floats Scott Brown as potential VP

Blue cheese

Excellent one page, graphics heavy explanation of Germany's post WW1 hyperinflation.

Bernie CAN'T do it!

I just saw "The Danish Girl"-----------fantastic. A real "must see".

The Sixth GOP Debate...Not So Obvious: Who Exactly Trumped Who?

Religious belief, fundamentalism, and intolerance

What's Your Favorite Episode of Sanford and Son?

Iran nuclear deal: IAEA says implementation can go ahead

This Week in History

Bernie Sanders calls on Michigan’s governor to resign over water contamination in Flint

I'm still voting for Hillary Clinton

Man dressed as senior for PR photo during news conference in Rhode Island. Hysterical !

BREAKING: President Obama declares State of Emergency in response to Flint water emergency

Anyone ever went to a public school that was actually mostly secular?

Bernie Sanders likely wants to raise everyone's taxes to pay for universal health care, but promise

Obama declares State of Emergency surrounding Flint water situation.

David Bowie was a hero to dolphins and whales

I'll see 'ya and raise 'ys one. Bernie v Hillary endorsements....

Since Hillary has been blamed for everything that happened in the WH

I am still voting for Bernie Sanders

From MLK to Ferguson: Catholic identity and the struggle for racial justice

News conference on Iran nuclear deal's implementation: Sec of state John Kerry is expected to make a

Bernie Sanders Demands Resignation Of Michigan Governor Over Flint Water Crisis

What's your favorite Cheech & Chong movie?

Right Wing Attack

President Obama, PLEASE Come to Flint (Michael Moore)

Vatican is not a 'den of thieves,' says top Vatican official

This Martin Luther King Jr day: Call to the President for non-violence!

Obama Proposes New Unemployment Insurance Plan

Eliza Dushku on Twitter

International sanctions against Iran lifted

Desperation: Clinton surrogate to demand Sanders release medical records

Wolf Blitzer is digging so hard to find a scandal in the release

How Pope's visit to Rome synagogue can deepen interfaith relations

International Sanctions Against Iran Lifted

Kudos to President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry, the European Union, the UN Security Council and

Did Hillary Just blow her Campaign?

Kerry live on GEM$NBComcast now n/t


Decoding what it means to say the Vatican has a ‘gay lobby’

Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR) Urges the DOJ to take Action on Oregon Extremists

Bernie's VP

Activists: IS Kills at Least 135 in Eastern Syria

GoFundMe: Crowdsourcing Site Shuts Down Woman's Reimbursement Campaign for Losing Powerball

Did Hillary Just blow her Campaign?

Nebraska eyes preemption.

History Repeating Itself? 2016 Feeling Like 2008 For Hillary

Inevitable backlash.

 Howard Dean Has Sold Out – Now Working As Big Pharma Lobbyist

I miss this guy

Georgia HB 731

Taharrush - The Sickening And Terrifying Arab Rape Game That Is Spreading Across Europe(updated)

Bernie Sanders needs to release his medical records

Europeans stocking up on guns after mass sex attacks

Analysis: Prisoner Release Leaves GOP In Tough Spot On Iran

Who is David Brock? The pos who admitted he lied about Anita Hill

counting stickers in the parking lot

The Love of Trump Put Into Perspective

Do we have a right to know if any candidate for the presidency is medically fit to serve?

President Obama will speak shortly

Bigot Kim Davis never misses a beat, not even after attending Obama's SOTU, rather she whines again!

Hillary Needs to Release her Medical Records!

America has been great for as long as she has recognized international law, treaties and conventions

Sanders must release his

In Flint, Michigan, Daily Live Revolves Around Lead Fears

Who do you think should play Ammon Bundy in the movie that HAS to be made about that idiot?

Psychic Landlord Refused To Rent To LGBT Family, Didn't See Lawsuit Coming

Time to get the wee beasties under protection in se WI. -35 F windchills tonite

Headquarter's talking point is vile, what should I do?

Take the political quiz

Re: Flint Michigan: Once again Obama and taxpayers have to step in

William Shatner On 'Star Trek' 50th Anniversary

Belgian Astronomers Pay Tribute to David Bowie With New Constellation

Rachel Maddow Confronts Clinton Over Sanders Attack: You’re ‘Casting Aspersions On His Character’

Only 2 1/2 yards for this helmet-to helmet???

Songs with numbers in the title

More Bundy Bullsh*t

I am beginning to hate the word "pragmatic."

Israel Isn't Joining The Chorus Of Congratulations Over Implementation Of Iran Nuclear Deal

RONALD REAGAN Illegally Traded Arms With Iran In Exchange For The Release Of American Hostages!

Email from Bernie.....


Bernie's team addresses the personal attact on Bernie's health

A Has Been game show host on Assault weapons for all

Crossposted from GD: Gun-Toting Subway Customer...

Welcome to Israel’s Version of Apartheid