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Archives: January 13, 2016

Move Over 'Berniebros': A Wave of Young Women Is Boosting Bernie Sanders

New CBS/NYT National Poll CLinton 48%(-4) Bernie 41 %(+9) O'Malley 2%

Obama To Declare Nation's Future Depends On Fixing Politics

New Louisiana governor starting Medicaid expansion plan

ABC News Update on Sanders/Clinton Race

Oregon judge plans to bill Ammon Bundy up to $70,000 a day for security costs to county

CBS/NYTIMES Poll: Hillary Lead Tumbling-- HRC 48, Bernie 41

Repost from GD-P Clinton in freefall as bernie gets highest lever ever in national poll

Bernie Sanders’s claim that Glass-Steagall banned commercial bank loans to ‘shadow banks’

Methodist Pension Board Bars Investment In 5 Israeli Banks

Reminder about primary polls ...

On what channel should I watch the State of the Union address where the camera won't be on

Remember when they said Bernie couldn't get out of the 20's?

Cadbury Faces $9 Million Sales Slump After Changing Creme Egg Formula

Nevada County CA emergency outdoor growing ordinance

Moveon members endorse Bernie by 78.6%!!!!

Hawaii Long-Term Health-Care Bill Serves as National Model

TYT: Why Bernie Sanders Has Excellent Chance of Winning Now

State of the Union Streaming

Senate rejects Rand Paul's 'Audit the Fed' legislation

Chris Matthews proves once again his blindness to principle

Popular movie titles if the film was re-done by a re-pub......

America needs to take a hard left turn.

I'm drinking my own oatmeal stout.

Police: Constable serving eviction order kills 12-year-old

Any news on whether Alan Grayson shut down his Cayman Island hedge funds?

Angry Militia Leader: Stop Mailing Us Dildos (Warning: Language)

Is there any way of deleting mail from jury results while keeping private

About those sailors captured by the Iranians

Hillary Clinton explains what white privilege means to her...

"Making a Murderer" documentarians will be on Colbert tonight

CBS/NYT Poll: Hillary Clinton's Lead Over Bernie Sanders Shrinks

Tonight when you watch Obama you will be watching greatness

Women In Baltimore Public Housing Were Forced To Trade Sex For Basic Repairs

*Star Wars Spoilers* My theory as to who Rey is...

Okla. Bible study leader charged with more than 50 counts for molesting 14-year-old girl ...

Stop sending the dildos!!

North Korea's Kim calls for expansion of nuclear arsenal

Robert Ruark - Something of Value

Ipsos Reuters Five Day Rolling Average Likely Nat'l Voter HRC 65% SBS 32% MOM 2%

House Passes North Korea Sanctions Bill After Nuclear Test

Discussion thread: President Obama's final State of the Union address.

Has anyone else gotten a robocall from DWS, reminding them

U.S. bombs 'millions' in ISIS currency holdings

Indiana: Pence sides with shielding religious rights in State of the State address

Cats stranded 3 days in condo after Old Market fire reunited with owner

Hillary has specific healthcare proposals. Bernie's site is silent on the issue. How come?

Someone sent the militia a bag of dicks!

Clearly, Hillary needs some more celebrity endorsements to revive her flagging campaign!

Quoting Andy Borowitz: "Obama Celebrates Last Time He Has to Talk to These Bastards"

Sister of Saudi blogger Raif Badawi arrested and jailed in same prison

Huffpost's Hillary Pic...

Joe "You Lie" Wilson is still in congress

Smells of 1979

Making a Murderer's Steven Avery appeals conviction in Halbach case

Every voter needs to know this about Ted Cruz

Erdoğan invites Chomsky to visit ditches dug by terrorists in Turkey's southeast

Hackers caused power cut in western Ukraine - US

What Chelsea Clinton said about Sanders dismantling Medicare, aca etc and...

Just picked up my winning ticket.

Hoping our Saliors are safe

Feds investigating M's Pub fire; 'If safe and acceptable procedures had been followed, this would...

Younger Democrats prefer Bernie Sanders 2-to-1

I need to get rid of an antique printing press

Feds investigating M's Pub fire; 'If safe and acceptable procedures had been followed, this would...

Another spineless paid off "Union" endorsed That Woman.

Feds investigating M's Pub fire; 'If safe and acceptable procedures had been followed, this would...

Federal Charges for Vegas Police Officer in Body-Camera Case

Right wingers hate President Obama, and they're willing to use our service people to hurt him

Netflix Codes

OK...running out of Charlee Bears® was an honest mistake...

Powerball Jackpot Hits Staggering $1.5 Billion

steve schmidt is an ass

The Science Behind Brendan Dassey’s Agonizing Confession in Making a Murderer

2 Navy boats taken by Iran. Iran promises they will be returned

Hillary Clinton Wins Endorsement From United Food and Commercial Workers Union

This is gonna be my desktop pic for awhile....( will like it, I bet)

Paul Ryan is an anti-poverty con artist: The media has fallen for his “serious” right-wing agenda ye

Is VP JOE BIDEN Feeling the Bern, on the 'Bernie Bandwagon' ?

I'm going to check out the SOTU on C-Span, as I usually do…

Former Butler Star Andrew Smith Dies After Battling Cancer

Nuclear Computers Especially Vulnerable as Cyber Attacks Rise, Watchdog Says

Trump quotes ENTIRE lyrics of "The Snake" at speech today.

Who is going to start the discussion thread? I want to remark on the dress Michelle was wearing and

Still my favorite SOTU pic

Poll: Sanders leads Clinton by double digits in New Hampshire

Biden next to Ryan

Bernie Wins MoveOn Endorsement. (79% Percent Of The Vote)

Goodbye, Rams

WFSE/AFSCME endorses Sanders for president

Which News websites are streaming state of the union address?

The Rams are going back to LA

1-11-16 Bread Yes! But Roses Too in 2:00

1-11-16 Bread Yes! But Roses Too in 2:00

Someone's gonna win a billion dollars cash

Bagley: "Here is all you really need to know about tonight's SOTU"

Fuck Stan Kroenke and the committee that receives him!

1-11-16 Bread Yes! But Roses Too in 2:00

Love the colors Michelle and Jill

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! State of the Union! & a new Kitteh gif

Remembering Monte Irvin, a trailblazer in baseball’s integration

Remembering Monte Irvin, a trailblazer in baseball’s integration

Bernie Brief: Climate Change | Ep. 3 (youtube 13m)

Happy Birthday, Fawke Em!!!!!

My New Beginning kitty rescue by Marlene Burlington, WI

South Carolina Election Commission - Online Voter Registration (Deadline to register is JAN 28th!!)

Assembly approves lifting nuclear moratorium

Need to share love and tears

"I'll be making this one a little shorter....I know some of you need to get back to Iowa"

Full transcript of Pres. Obama's speech here:

The WIAA (high school sports group) wants to shut us up!

How nice...half the Republicans couldn't applaud recovering from the '08 financial crisis

John Heilmann puts it bluntly: Chelsea lied.

Who the fuck is going to be my future home team???

Bloomberg: Meet Some of the Foot Soldiers in Sanders’ Iowa Ground Game

little speaker eddy munster is looking like an idiot refusing to clap

1-12-16 The Push Toward Industrial Peace in 2:00

1-12-16 The Push Toward Industrial Peace in 2:00

1-12-16 The Push Toward Industrial Peace in 2:00

"Anyone claiming that the American economy is in decline is peddling fiction."

Who Was That Woman That Stood Up With Outstretched Arms?...

Speaker Ryan has a teeny tiny ever so sad smile glued on with superglue

Whoa--"The only Americans who'll work at the same place for 30 years and get a retirement

A post that needs some love in another group

Did the Petulant arm of the SCOTUS skip this SOTU?

LePage says he might skip State of the State speech

"Food Stamps.did not cause the financial crisis."

"When the Russians beat us into space...

When the levee breaks

Wife of wealthy hedge fund manager lies about Sanders

I love Joe Biden

How big of a

Wow - What A Speech And We're Only Half Way Through....nt

Who's sitting to the left of Ryan and the right of Biden?

where is the SOTU threads of 2016? N/t

Full text of Obama's speech here:

No mention of unions tonight?

"Just ask Osama Bin Laden"

He. Is. Nailing. It. Thank you Mr. President.

Rams baby!

Angry Militia Leader: Stop Mailing Us Dildos

what is that sitting in front of Ryan? His crown?

Despite multiple rulings, Macri refuses to reopen AFSCA media monopoly watchdog office.

There's a shock - Ryan finally clapped

Just now: LANSING, Mich. (AP) Michigan governor activates National Guard


If he were eligible for a third term and wanted it

Ugh! They just showed Kim Davis.

main page no SOTU thread..gotta be a first n/t

OMFG there's Kimeh!

He's gonna mic drop

Sweet Christ what is Kim Davis wearing?

This seems a common theme in about half that room tonight

"The noise coming out of your base"

Does the Clinton campaign actually think Chelsea is a draw for millennials?

I'm glad he called them out on 'the worst kept secret in Washington'

I'm Hearing A Lot Of Bernie In This Speech...

This is an amazing speech by Obama

"Obama hopes to pave way for Clinton with farewell State of the Union"


Hubby and I agree: damn, we are going to miss this man

Greatest State of the Union Speech Ever.

Wow, my Congressman, Dan Kildee, just brought up the Flint water situation, with POTUS

I am pretty sure Nikki Haley is the future the establishment wants

How Could The Daggers Come Out By The Repugs With A.....

If only this man had not been blocked at every step

Greatest Obama Speech. He encapsulated what is going on in america and set it on a road to hope and

Great speech by the President... Now comes the fun part

Oh Oh Man...was that a good speech or what!

Every voter needs to know this about Ted Cruz

What's with Nicky Haley's teeth?

Is Nikki Haley's jaw wired shut?

My President...

Are her teeth glued together?

Nikki Haley looks frightened, angry or just plain pissed off.

I dared to hope for change in 2008

Let them sink

Donate To Help Elect David Sparks, A Bold Progressive Democrat, To The Ohio Statehouse

Nikki must not have listened to President Obama she is right back throwing shit

The Latest: Obama speech shorter than most, not his shortest

Donate To Help Elect David Sparks, A Bold Progressive Pro-Bernie Democrat, To The Ohio Statehouse

A reminder for all on this night of the State of the Union

Philosophy, not Policy

Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Supports Bill to Audit Fed

All Americans should have a sense of HOPE after that speech

How long before Trump comes out with a statement on Obama's speech? I'm taking bets.


F U Chris Matthews! F U MSNBC! (Trigger Warning!)

Bernie Sanders Has Snagged His First Lead in the Polls Over Hillary Clinton in Iowa (1/12/16)

The importance of Vision

Nate Silver's 538: Hillary still favored to win Iowa and NH

Nikki Haley dog whistle "chaos in our cities"

Where was Scalia?

Full Show 1/12/16: Bernie Takes Lead from Hillary in Iowa (Big Picture)

Sen. Sanders Statement on the State of the Union Address

Photos of Obama Being Awesome (in honor of his final State of the Union)

TYT - Outsiders Surge: Trump And Sanders Take Iowa

Bernie tweet:Pres: not to be afraid of change, but to wield it to improve the lives of all Americans

President Barack Obama gave a good speech

State of the Union: 2016

Mahabur Rahman, New York taxi driver accused of refusing Al Roker is fined

WATCH: An Oregon Miltia Idiot Throws a Tantrum Because People Are Sending Bags of Dicks

Oregon Miltia Idiot Throws a Tantrum Because People Are Sending Bags of Dicks (Video)

Kevin O'Leary pledges $1-million if Premier Notley steps down

LOL!! Another Avatar Change happening...

Bernie's take on President Obama's State of the Union Speech.

The DNC Junta Is Continuing the Democratic Leadership Council Coup

Biden: Bernie Sanders Has 'Struck a Chord with Voters' in Race with Clinton

Great article about David Bowie and Iman

Is Joe Biden on the Bernie Bandwagon?

RBS Tells Investors to "Sell Everything"

Wiesenthal Center reports worst global anti-Semitism incidents from past year

Cruz is blowhard!!!!!

State of the Union: First Draft?

Coming Soon: The Next Tamir Rice

This is interesting, somebody better wake up and smell the cups of Joe.

What was Nikki Haley's deal with her mouth????

Snyder activates National Guard in Flint, seeks federal help

Armed group calls meeting to talk with Oregon community

Paul Ryan doing everything possible to not laugh at an Obama joke...

Sheriff: Amish man confessed to poisoning wife in Missouri

Police: Gun fired in Delaware middle school; no one hurt

House Republicans Just Messed With The Wrong 'Jeopardy!' Contestant

4 Israelis indicted over beating of Eritrean migrant

Of Caucuses and Endorsements and What's Really Going On

I feel bad for Chelsea Clinton

UK man faces French trial for trying to save migrant girl

Venezuela's first lady says U.S. DEA kidnapped her nephews

Anyone have an opinion of the current mayor of Oakland?

What these 8 years have taught me about America, is that it's willing to deny its own potential…

I have been wondering about Bernie's recent upsurge in the polls and took a closer look at the trend

On Wednesday, a chorus of people and groups will join the

Am I one of the few on DU

Every one pay attention! Voting machines, stolen elections,

Hillary's sage Tweet on POTUS' SOTU~

What's with the critcism towards Nikki Haley's appearance?

For Establishment Politicians and Their Supporters

Donald Trump: State Of The Union Punching Bag

So what's going on with Biden?

South Korea Fires Warning Shots Over Border as Tensions Rise

John Lewis Tweets on POTUS' SOTU~

Some See A Dark Side To Powerball Frenzy — The Toll On Poor Players

Space commander makes David Bowie tribute on International Space Station

Clinton Calls for 'Spirited Debate' With Sanders

President Barack Obama pauses and looks up at First Lady Michelle Obama

Haley Faces Conservative Backlash After SOTU Response

OK So I am a white woman. And it pisses me off to no end when I read FB posts or some emails

More Good Cops: Police Shot 12-Year-Old Girl To Death While Evicting Her Family From Their Home

Changes to Australia's media ownership laws to be introduced within six months

Malcolm Turnbull rejects US request for more Australian troops to fight Isis

Gun Nuts Ain’t Scientists

UPDATE 1-EDF sinks to all-time low as nuclear waste cost estimate soars

Scorched Earth: Military Forest to Fuels in Oregon

Genetically Engineered Tree Company ArborGen Found Guilty of Abusing Workers: $53.5 Million Awarded

Police Intimidation: From Dalton Trumbo to Deep Green Resistance

Privatization: National Descent into Hell

Bernie Sanders is starting to SURGE against Hillary Clinton at the exact right time

Kshama Sawant: Bernie Sanders is giving voice to the enormous desire for progressive change.

U.S.-bound Cubans finally fly out of Costa Rica

Flint Water Crisis: Federal Help On The Way, Michigan National Guard Activated

Kshama Sawant: Bernie Sanders is giving voice to the enormous desire for progressive change

Uber Driver Refuses To Pick Up Woman in Labor, Charges Her $13

"Men in the Democratic primaries voting in the caucuses in Iowa are turning to Bernie DRAMATICALLY"

Daily Holidays - January 13

DAILY NEWS: Joe Biden likes Bernie Sanders' income inequality policies

Diagram ... Sanders vs Clinton .. Small vs large donations chart.

Breaking: US Sailors released by Iran - Updated with link to NY Times

****Barack Obama Group**** VP Biden: President Obama offered to give him money to help his family

German police arrest 211 after far-right riot in Leipzig.

Former Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders to Keynote Cannabis Conference

North Korea's Kim calls for expansion of nuclear arsenal

Why did Breaking the Silence fund PA snitch Ezra Nawi?

Nursing Home Therapy Provider, Kindred/Rehabcare, to Pay $125 Million to Resolve False Claims

"Because you likely have a better chance at this than ever seeing a retirement in the 21st Century!"

Upstate Rep files bill to ban Donald Trump from SC

VA failed to spend $1.9 billion designated for health care, report finds

How many kisses do you want?

Mr. Moniz's Nuclear Warning

Jerome Valcke: Fifa sacks secretary general

Sanders ad burst coincides with upward movement in polls

Wisconsin GOP lawmaker flips off Assembly minority leader during debate

“Iowa may well become Sen. Bernie Sanders’ ‘Field of Dreams’ ”

Hillary Clinton on The Conversation With Amanda de Cadenet on Lifetime Wed. 1/13 10PM

Hillary Clinton on The Conversation With Amanda de Cadenet on Lifetime Wed. 1/13 10PM

Militants Use Government Computers To Create Own Website

Clinton launched an uncannily similar and sarcastic broadside on then-Senator Barack Obama in 2008

The Secret Bank Bailout

Breaking--Why aren't we seeing the Sander's plan before Iowa?

Pierce: Stay Classy: Flint Residents Are Still Being Billed for That Poisonous Water

Hillary Clinton Releases Ad Supporting Obama’s Gun Control Efforts

Tipping Point? | Emanuele Corso

Chris Christie brags about coming in 42nd in economic growth...

Great piece: Trump — The Incoherent Demagogue

The deaths in Istanbul were between the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia

Robert Reich: “The Big Short” and Bernie’s Plan to Bust Up Wall Street

“The Big Short” and Bernie’s Plan to Bust Up Wall Street

Daily Cute: This Cat Prefers to Stand on Two Legs

Central PA girl, 12, shot and killed in eviction dispute

Confessions of a Black Atheist

Liability insurance is not an answer

India actor Kiku Sharda arrested for mimicking guru

'Every gun in house is loaded' -- scare tactics rattle residents near Oregon occupation

Police race to village bake-off riot

Yesterday I posted something about the lesser of two evils.

Hillary Clinton: On Pres OBama SOTU: Seven years of progress. We need to build on it—not go backward

Hillary Clinton’s shockingly blunt critique of President Obama

Black Votes Matter in Ferguson

iran returns the sailors and the riverine boats

Worse Than Isis. Mosul dam foundation dissolving. Half a million Iraqis could die State Dept. Warns

Dear Powerball Winner: Take Our Advice and Take the Annuity

Bernie Sanders is really a republican sleeper agent

Bayer Retracts Claims That EPA Study On Bees, Neonic Pesticide "Overstated"

A big ol slice of humble pie!

Arabic scientists: sexual violence against women is part of arabic culture

Seabird Dieoff In Prince William Sound; At Least 8,000 Common Murres Dead On 1 Beach

Toon: Feel The Bern!

Just One UK Insurer Anticipating £140 Million In Claims From Back-To-Back Storms

White House LGBT Liaison stepping down to join Hillary campaign

Cruz has a crazy immigraiton campaign ad too

Maine Governor doesn't want "D-Money" impregnating white girls

We're a day late for Rush Limbaugh's 65th birthday celebration, so post your belated messages here

I will support the Democratic candidate in the general election

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Last State

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

I am glad that the 10 Americans sailors where released unharmed this morning.

Making of Tea in Japan

David Axelrod on Chelsea's attack on Bernie: "It wasn't an honest attack"

A challenge to the creative people on DU

Deal with it - Bloom County

Thank You For A Great SOTU

*** JANUARY PHOTO CONTEST *** Preliminary voting OPEN *** Poll #2 of 2 here.

*** JANUARY PHOTO CONTEST *** Preliminary voting OPEN *** Poll #1 of 2 here.

How the Dem primary went from an afterthought to a grudge match overnight.

Do Iowans deserve to know Bernie Sanders tax plan before the Iowa caucuses on February 1?

Did YOU Say "Ridiculous?"


That MIC whore Jim Miklaszewski said something shocking yesterday

'Every gun in house is loaded'

Paul LePage has a defender Re: black drug dealers attacking Maine White girls: David Duke

Turkey Makes Arrest Over Istanbul Suicide Bombing

Sanders campaign says Chelsea Clinton was 'wrong.'

So, when does San Francisco get an NFL franchise?

GOP 2016 Platform

Republicans warn Bush team against harming Rubio

Keiser Report: Bonfire of Misallocated Capital

PEC readers chat about the GOP nomination

Kshama Sawant Shows That Ordinary People Aren’t Afraid of Unapologetic Leftist Politics

*Pu Erh Tea *

Why Going Negative on Bernie Sanders Never Works

Jan 13--> ABC/WP poll shows Hillary with highest favorable rating among any 2016 candidate

Lawyer alleges 231 children abused at German Catholic choir

Paul Krugman Blog: Yes He Did

White House LGBT Liaison stepping down to join Hillary campaign #

Ann Coulter: The GOP’s response to State of the Union was inadequately hateful

Why no comment on the loud groan

I can't help wonder what Hillary would say if asked how she helped Walmart's employees

"What's air without smog?" . . . Please come CAPTION Daily Caller's favorite liar Michael Bastasch!

The coddling of the conservative mind

'guaranteed to work against terrorism'.

OBAMA: "Demand It."

Nate Silver's 538 Poll Summary for Democratic Primaries in South Carolina and Nevada

U.S. Media Condemns Iran’s “Aggression” in Intercepting U.S. Naval Ships — in Iranian Waters

Fugitive who sent police selfie to replace 'terrible' mugshot arrested in Florida

Anti-Obama march organizer fatally shoots right-wing militant buddy in drunken dispute over gun

Hillary Clinton Defends Chelsea Clinton’s Attacks Against Bernie Sanders

It would be a good idea for Bernie to mention the following about "single payer" during his campaign

Militia Probably At Sanctuary To Stay. Authorities Stymied By Women/Children On Site.

Brown & Black co-founder says 'hallelujah' to Clinton focus on criminal justice reform

ISIS supporter joins Ammon Bundy’s armed occupation as resident computer expert

Service Members, Not Citizens: Meet The U.S. Veterans Who Have Been Deported

Las Vegas: Light Rail Presented as Best Option to Connect Strip, Airport, Downtown

Krugman: Obama rolled back the Bush and Reagan tax cuts on the top 1%

Hillary is attacking Bernie...guess she is feeling the Bern

Fred KOCH Helped Build NAZI Oil Refinery

Has DU Become The

"Sixty years ago, when the Russians beat us into space, we didn’t deny Sputnik was up there."

President Bernie Sanders: How the Impossible Became the Inevitable

Gov. Snyder to the rescue (cartoon)

Nikki Haley: Donald Trump Has Contributed To ‘Irresponsible Talk’

File this one under shit-you-can’t-make-up.

Big money fights to block marijuana legalization

Oregon Militia Leader Goes Berserk Over Mailed-In Dildos

Sanders, Clinton, MoM on College, Cannabis, Race; Iowa 2016 Black-Brown Forum, 3 Min. Video Hilites

Obama in his first SOTU and his last

TYT: Bernie Sanders Takes The Lead

Federal Government Facing Larger Rebellion. GOP Largely Supports Idea.

I am loving Blackstar right now. Girl Loves Me over and over

Bernie Sanders Will Win the Democratic Nomination and Presidency in a Landslide

Nuclear provided 60 per cent of Ontario's electricity in 2015; little from wind, solar

Republican Party Takes Aim At Donald Trump In State Of The Union Response

Prestigious ABC-WAPO Poll - Clinton Favorability Among Democrats 84% -15%

Locals Claim Outsiders Harassing Them Since Before Oregon Standoff Began

CNN’s Van Jones: Democratic Base in ‘Full-on Rebellion’ Against Hillary Clinton

Coastal areas of tsunami-ravaged prefecture still hurt by drop in population

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 1-12-16 DU for Tim Canova FL-23

We Can Do This, America. Seven Steps to Reversing ‘Citizens United.’

Donald Trump caught cheating on his wife....... Says it doesn't matter because.......

The 2016 Presidential Candidates Who Could Let You Smoke Marijuana:

The “Enthusiasm Gap" between Bernie Sanders & Hillary Clinton

SMAP may split as boy band bolts from management feud

Right Wing Hate Fuels Surge In Gun Sales

Ex Gitmo detainees don't deserve compassion - Catholic bishops

Just how crazy is Alex Jones?

Japan, South Korea, U.S. to push for new sanctions against North Korea

Phoenix bus strike: Company could face fines

BREAKING: Eric Holder endorses Hillary

L.A. fans rejoice as Rams ready to return

You see we can take your citizens and throw them in a cage at Gitmo

First African American Attorney General in history, Eric Holder, endorses Hillary Clinton

Paul Ryan's Grudges

idea for 1 min resp. to "socialism vs democracy" meme from neighbors, social media

Koterba toon: Obama

With Russian help, Syrian army pushes into rebel bastion

A reminder note: Selzer, the golden standard in Iowa polling, releases tomorrow

Researchers trace Chinese desire for whiter skin back to a gene mutation from 15,000 years ago

Well, Louie Gohmert is consistent...

In the not so distant future, Starbucks hopes to have more stores in China than in the US

Bundyland - Two devout Mormon brothers have created a fantasy camp for commandos in Eastern Oregon.

Where is one supposed go if they have a legitimate question about a candidate?

Buddhists clean remains to allow release of spirits

5th teen charged in alleged gang rape at N.Y. playground

5th teen charged in alleged gang rape at N.Y. playground

Armed Oregon occupiers to reveal departure plans

More than 80 whales stranded off India’s southern coast

TYT: Trump: Don't Give Him His Coat. It's Ten Below

Letter from an Oregon Militiaman

The aging of a President - Obama's First SOTU and last

Bernie responds to Chelsea . . . with far more grace and class than her scurrilous remarks deserved

Cambodian court told Khmer Rouge beheaded Muslim women

Virginia GOP bill would require schools to verify children’s genitals before using restroom

In the next three weeks, we're going to see a whole lot of ugly

Hawaii's first Kmart store to close in March; 141 workers affected

Just think, this time next year President Sanders will be giving the SOTU

"Former Attorney General Holder is endorsing Hillary Clinton for president, giving her a boost ..."

Presidential Pictures

TYT: ISIS Bomber Kills Ten In Turkey

Post Office Still Delivering Mail To The Sanctuary To Militia? Would Not Surprise Me.

Sending Chelsea out to attack Sanders? That's Okay. Programming her to lie? Not Okay.

Suicide bomber kills at least 15 outside Pakistan polio center

Woman Shouts ‘Enjoy Your Burger, Racist!’ at Trump in NH Diner

The Oregon Standoff - what should the priority be?

With Iowa caucuses looming, Sanders still has some major policy proposals to unveil

Jimmy Kimmel Debuts Hilarious New ‘Ad’ for White People Dating Site

Could someone please explain to me

They say a picture is worth a thousand words...

Virginia GOP bill would require schools to verify children’s genitals before using restroom

Hillary praises Bernie's commitment to universal healthcare, in writing. In 1993.

TYT: Will Scott Walker Pardon Steven Avery?

President Obama Delivers his Final State of the Union Address

19th Century Shipwreck Discovered by Australians Still Looking for MH370

#BernieSanders leads in IA & NH

Drop that microphone - screw you guys - I'll just do this myself. I'm outta here.

Pic Of The Moment: Republicans Suffer Premature Warjaculation

Iowa CCI action fund endorses Bernie !

Under attack, team Sanders puts out chart explaining pay-fors. But no mention of health care, his bi

World starts up 10, shuts down eight, nuclear reactors in 2015

Maybe I need some tinfoil, but I find it interesting that the ABC/WaPo only released favorability...

Clinton's Estate-Tax Plan Doesn't Address Her Own Tax Planning

Under attack, team Sanders puts out chart explaining pay-fors. But no mention of health care, his bi

TYT: Bernie Sanders Takes The Lead

Obama at his first SOTU vs his last SOTU

China's Economic Turmoil Ruins Russia's New Year

A thread of enormous relief over our returned sailors

Iran Sanctions Seen Lifted by Monday Once Nuclear Deal Verified

The Rise of Shadow Banks and the Repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act

About the gunboats "Seized" by the Iranians...

Kremlin Critic Pribylovsky Found Dead in Moscow Apartment

Virginia GOP bill would create a pedaphile's dream come true.

Huff Post: Nadkins Are The Newest Version Of Wet Naps For Men's Crotches

Did You Know Banks Can Take Your Money in A Crisis?

SOTU Tweet Of The Day:

Backcountry Hunters & Anglers responds to anti-public lands Malheur extremists

Moscow confirms Russians detained in Turkey over Islamic State links: RIA

Majority of Americans support next president pushing tighter gun laws

Majority of Americans support next president pushing tighter gun laws

TYT: The State Of The Union 2016

I just want to say our president hit a home run last night.

Huff Post: Chelsea Clinton Said Bernie Sanders Would Take Health Care From Millions

Former Attorney General Eric Holder to endorse Hillary Clinton

Ballooning Childcare Costs Make U.S. the New Hardship Posting

Elizabeth Warren Doesn't Support Rand Paul's Audit the Fed Bill

Oil Could Crash To $10 A Barrel, Warn Investment Bank Bears

Exiting Militia Surrounded Courthouse Demanded To See Sheriff Who Relented.

If Bernie's so angry as Clinton supporters claim, how come he never responds angrily

Slaying Trumpism

Robert Reich on Auditing the Fed

What Millennials think about the latest Hillary/Chelsea Clinton claim r.e. Sanders

John Morganelli says he'll run for Pennsylvania attorney general

Credo Action: Call the Democratic leadership: Debbie Wasserman Schultz must resign

Expert says Michigan officials changed a Flint lead report to avoid federal action

1996 North Texas Slaying That Led to Amber Alert Still Unsolved

DuPont Knowingly Poisoned An Entire Town, Still No Jail Time For Executives

Walton Family Foundation Will Spend $1 Billion to Start New Charters Across the Nation

PG&E management allegedly ordered papers destroyed after blast

Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas appeared poised to side with Siegelman in SCOTUS case

Last week's Mega Millions was over $100 Million

Ayn Rand's Perverted Worldview Will Destroy the GOP in the End

Area Man Passionate Defender Of What He Imagines Constitution To Be

Bernie on the Fed.

The U.S. Just Got a D+ on Reproductive Health and Rights (but, there is NO war on women!!!)

Comedian Eviscerates GOP for Cluelessly Using His Emphatically Gay Image on Site

Bernie on MSNBC now

The U.S. Just Got a D+ on Reproductive Health and Rights (but there is NO war on women!!)

The U.S. Just Got a D+ on Reproductive Health and Rights (but, there is NO war on women!!)

Obama's 2016 State of the Union Address | The New York Times

Take The Best/Crumbs For The Rest. Flint Water Our Water Under GOP Plans.

This Map Shows All Drive-In Theaters Still Operating in America

Rude Pundit has some entertaining comments on David Brooks column...

Oregon Militiamen Appear To Be Preparing To Put Local Officials On 'Trial'

CNN: Pressure grows on Elizabeth Warren to pick a side in Democratic race

Teen jihadist 'proud' of France attack on Jewish teacher

Credo Action: Call the Democratic leadership: Debbie Wasserman Schultz must resign

Widespread ignorance bordering on idiocy is our new national goal.

Rancher: 'I didn't know anything' about Bundy entering property, destroying fence

Clinton's Health Care Attack Makes No Sense

U.S. court struggles over Iran bank's bid to block payout to attack victims

Meet the "IT guru" for the terrorist bundy fuckers at the compound

Catholic Teaching Says Support Unions, Catholic Colleges are Fighting Them

Ohio man who sent selfie to police arrested in Florida

Former NFL running back Lawrence Phillips found dead in prison

Lawrence Phillips, 40, found dead in California jail cell

Chief U.S. sugar lobbyist resigns amid crackdown on sweetener

Knock. Knock. The door feels hot!

Can Melania Trump, who holds a Slovenian Passport Be First Lady?

Post SOTU analysis last night, Maddow...

Here is a short and very clear article explaining the issue about Crimea....


Today's PredictWise - 2016 Democratic Nomination - Hillary 82% - Bernie 17%

The lies about Bernie's health care plan are going to hurt her.

Hillary Made More Talking To Big Banks In Two Years Than You’ll Make In Your Lifetime

tRump was just on MSNBC, closely followed by Bernie. tRump declared that...

Israel: Swedish FM 'Not Welcome' After Calling For Probe

This groups concerns are not even on the radar with certain folks.

A Request to a certain Trump Employee. Please Step Forward

House of Representatives to try again to seek Iran deal clampdown


Special U.S. targeting force 'now in place' in Iraq: U.S.

Donald Trump jokes.

It strikes me that maybe what this election is evidencing is this:

Gaza court sentences four to death for 'spying for Israel'

Brian Fallon, Clinton Campaign Spokesman on MSNBC now

Israel gets fifth German submarine

Cows With Guns

Obama, Russia's Putin Discuss Crises In Syria, Ukraine

Leah Still finishes her last cancer treatment: 'She never gave up!'

Al Jazeera America Shutting Down-Employees complained that network executives were paralyzed by fear

Machimosaurus Rex: Massive Marine Crocodile's Remains Make it Largest Ever

US Drowning In Blood Of Innocent People Proving Its Hegemony: ‘Twas Ever Thus’

The Seahawks are using a new style of tackling, and it could change the NFL

Al Jazeera America shutting down

Is a Democrat really advocating for a healthcare system that doesn't cover everyone?

Is there a primer on the Chelsea healthcare incident?

Heart doctors outraged Florida dumps hospital standards after big gifts to GOP

This is what makes Republicans and Democrats so different

Will America Succumb To Trumpism?

Inspecting Hillary's Privilege Knapsack - Veronica Arreola On Love Her, Love Her Not

Has anybody heard Ted Nugent has died? or am I being duped? eom

Do Trump's supporters not care about his wife's Internet porn photos,

Why the hell is Kim Davis at the SOTU to begin with?

Migrant values adapt over just 1 generation

Today's Nate Silver's 538: Iowa-Hillary-73%, Bernie-27% / NH-Hillary-55%, Bernie-45%

Hillary is right on health care. Keep Obamacare and improve it.

Pastors: Boycott Rahm Emanuel's MLK breakfast

What's the Fed? Why they should be audited and a little history.

surprise surprise. my cobra is affordable.

I'm Sick of Conservatives Being Such Babies

I am proud to stand with Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton

What’s eating Silicon Valley

Black women vow to be a powerful voting force again this year

Salem (OR) family receives threatening notes from alleged KKK member

America’s First School District to Serve 100% Organic Meals

All of Al Jazeera America's TV and digital operations have been terminated.edited

Got an electronic mouse for xmas. Cats like it. Its tail would wag. It would go under furniture.

Bernie's Insurgent Campaign Is Starting to Make the Corporate Democrats Panic

Paul Asks Party Leaders to Include Him in Prime-Time Debate

What do you think that Hillary thinks of the debate schedule now?

Lafayette Theater Shooter Thanks Man Accused of Black Church Slayings

Lafayette Theater Shooter Thanks Man Accused of Black Church Slayings

Self-Sustaining Island in the Florida Keys For $8.5M

A Child of privilege


Occupy Democrats: Fighting For Progressive Values & Hammering Republicans

Sen. Sanders voted for a dangerously flawed tea party bill Tuesday

Do Satellites Give us Accurate Global Temperatures?

Al Jazeera to expand digital services in US

Terrified Jeb Bush Beginning To Fade From Visible Spectrum

On speaking against universal health care

Bernie Sanders could do the impossible: Why Hillary Clinton’s “electability” argument has fallen apa

♫ When you mess with me you pay. ♫

It's such fun to be an invalid--NOT

The Florida Republican's top dog, rain maker was a huffer.

I was asked to do this by a group member (Friends of Bernie's)

The Florida Republican's top dog, rain maker was a huffer.

So apparently the Haney County Oregon fire chief resigned, just a bit ago

Sanders on why he voted yes on the Fed Bill

I found literature on Trump: a nativist millenarian revolt of pre-industrial societies

Republicans Cry over Trump's Israel comments, don't care about blatant Anti-Semitism

"Feckless thugs of NFL..." "Black-Hearted Goodell fronts a cash-driven cartel"

Two UNC professors come out swinging at Spellings and BCG $1.1 million study funded anonymously

Voter Fraud is Mathematically Irrelevant

GOP opposes curing cancer and going to the moon

Quote on Universal Health care...kicked me in the gut

O'Malley returns to Iowa ahead of weekend debate.

Help! Too much red pepper in the chili!

Nikki Haley Says The GOP Needs To 'Look In The Mirror'

Hillary Clinton’s Single-Payer Pivot Greased By Millions in Industry Speech Fees

Venezuela suspended opposition legislators to stand down

Bernie Sanders may break health care pledge

Heart doctors outraged Florida dumps hospital standards after big gifts toGOP

What's for Dinner, Wed., Jan. 13, 2016

Is Hillary getting thrown under the bus by Obama?

U.S. Peace Corps pulls out of El Salvador over violence, security

U.S. Peace Corps pulls out of El Salvador over violence, security

Climate change bomb has already gone off says NWT premier

Thom Hartmann says people want to vote FOR someone, not AGAINST someone

Cuban Cyclist Leading Tour of San Luis in Argentina

Rumor of gravitational wave discovery is just that, source says

Jimmy Morales: How the comedian became president of Guatemala

Something smells about the captured American Navy vessel?

Obama Doesn't Have to Deport Central American Refugees: Report

Update on fishing off Fukushima

Obama Doesn't Have to Deport Central American Refugees: Report

First Atlantic storm for 2016 - holy shite now Hurricane Alex heading fot the Azores

Bundy Bums Militia Wants No More Dildos

I will say one good thing about the Clinton lies on Bernie's healthcare plans

Recent or future Fed actions they are desperate to keep hidden?

Endorsements Pour In For Hillary Clinton From Gun Control Advocates

Bloomberg's Al Hunt: No Excitement For Hillary Among Young Voters

2016 Presidential Media Blackouts: Not Just Conspiracy

Antonio Cromartie's Penis Is Unstoppable

Stocks Fall Sharply Again on Energy Concerns; Dow Off 364 Points

Wikileaks publishes 2006 cable from US Ambassador William Brownfield, in Caracas,

11 times Obama perfectly slammed Donald Trump and the GOP in his State of the Union address

Sun Times Network: Bernie Sanders is trolling Hillary Clinton in an amazing way

Upset GOP Donors Wonder If They Wasted Their Money

Cruz’s Own Logic Says He’s Ineligible to be President

Money for Nothing... except Winning!! | Philip A. Farruggio

New Yorker: Bernie Sanders Is Gaining Ground on Hillary Clinton and It Matters

ABC News: Hillary Doubles Down on Chelsea's Lies!

Excavation of Ancient Lost City Yields New Finds

Excavation of Ancient Lost City Yields New Finds

WaPo: Hillary says she's "not nervous at all." She should be!

Saw Paul Ryan talking about Obama's gun control regulations yesterday. He implied that Obama's

US NEWS: Hillary Clinton doubled down on her daughter's words today

How Brazil became a leader in cyber surveillance and censorship

Geesh! The Hillary spoksperson on with Chuck Tod is lying even MORE than FOX!

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 14 January 2016

Millennials in Poll Fake Right, Go Left

Why doesn't Sanders admit the need to raise taxes on the working class?

Hogan backed down.

Lets Face it People...

IATSE members democratic candidate poll

Cuban Cyclist Leading Tour of San Luis in Argentina

Job openings little changed at 5.4 million in November

Norma Aleandro, star of Oscar-winning film The Official Story, asks that actors not be persecuted.

Stephen Colbert warns 'moose-munching iceholes' against buying Powerball tickets

If Americans spend more on healthcare, why do Costa Ricans live longer?

Carlos Santana posted on FaceBook..

If Americans spend more on healthcare, why do Costa Ricans live longer?

It's been said. It's worth sayin again.

BP to cut 13 percent of Alaska workforce as oil prices keep dropping

Jan 13 #Hanover & Dover NH--- is packed and ready to welcome @billclinton ..Pics

US Solar Industry Provides More Jobs Than Oil and Gas Extraction

Oregon Standoff Bombshell! Rancher Says Bundy Lied, Never Had Permission to Remove Fence

Snyder Administration Defends Flint Water Crisis Handling - TMFS Sketch Comedy

Bernie Sanders’ Election Would Mean the End of ‘Too Big To Fail’ on Wall Street

Yes He Did

As Exxon Faces Investigation, Investors Renew Pressure for Stronger Climate Stance

Govt. Scientists Admit They Deceived the Public About Fracking's Impact on Drinking Water

U.S. Will Track Secret Buyers of Luxury Real Estate

VP Biden: President Obama offered to give him money to help his family


Would you support Bernie picking Hillary to be his VP if he wins the nomination and the presidency?

"Inside the Fandom of Sanders and Trump"

Louisiana theater shooter's journal calls US a 'filth farm'

Hillary fights dirty on healthcare

Ted Cruz Starts to Crack G.O.P. Establishment’s Wall of Opposition

Oregon rancher says he didn't let armed group remove fence

Give teachers a physics test from a woman and they’ll give her worse grades

University professor pleads guilty to smuggling ivory


Rep. Paul Ryan, WI: He couldn't even applaud finding a cure for cancer. Republicans hate PBO so mu

GE confirms it’s heading to Boston

Family sues over man's death in police custody

Day care teacher convicted of cruelty in 'baby fight club'

So Joe Scar has been warning about GE's corporate HQ leaving CT due to high taxes...

My oldest son bought a truck before heading to grad school.

Lawmaker: School shootings have made teachers 1st responders

Militant broadcaster brands 15-year-old girl a ‘prostitute’ for crying in fear at Oregon town meetin

“Transparency” should not equal a license to harass scientists

England Weighs Its Own Anthem to Rival ‘God Save the Queen’

Is Turkey secular? Some thoughts on the Religious Affairs Directorate

Only one obvious conclusion for St. Louis: The fix was in

Former Forest Supervisor: Why I Resigned Over a Public Land Dispute

Luckovich - President Trump's State of the Union

A site to see if you will win the lottery tonight.

Winter dreams...

Oregon Judge Suggests Making Militia Pay $75,000 A Day For Armed Standoff

A State of the Union Embrace of American Muslims and Religious Diversity

Paul Ryan: Obama's State of the Union 'degrades the presidency'

Chinese artist really shit a brick ... or made a brick out of shit in the air

Nikki Haley defends against Republican ire over State of the Union response

Have you guys seen this signed picture Hillary gave Bernie? She felt the Bern.

Catholic Bishops Prevented From Reaching Separation Fence Near Bethlehem

A New Year's Resolution For Science Advocates: Don't Cry Wolfe

The "Here We Go Again" Media Narrative Begins

Something I put together while watching the news.

Nina Turner just Tweeted to me!!

Ron Paul criticizes Cruz's absence from Fed vote in support of son's campaign

Five GOP Candidates To Join Pastor Who Says AIDS Is God's Punishment For Gay People

As Sanders’ support grows, Dems face an unexpected 2016 scenario

Scarborough: Iran has "exactly 300 days left to push a US president around"