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Chief Inspector Murphy makes sure all food in the home is safe

NY Times: Carson never lived in public housing.

Al Gore: climate change threat leaves 'no time to despair' over Trump victory

My dumb dog.

By accident or design, Trump signals tougher China policy

On Hardball Biden hints about running for POTUS in 2020.

Helen Marten wins Turner Prize

Trump is pulling down all kinds of human created systems like dyslexics do because

Group Sues to Demand Florida Election Recount - 160k votes not counted!

I tried posting a response using

Photos: Forgiveness Ceremony Unites Veterans And Natives At Standing Rock Casino

Group Sues to Demand Florida Election Recount - 160k votes not counted!

The Soviet Union collapsed overnight. Dont assume western democracy will last forever

Where'd the Pizzaria Shooter get the Crazy Idea that Hillary was committing Sex Crimes w Children?

Mea culpa

Just think for a second if these men yelled YOUR name while committing this despicable act.

Must-read New Yorker essay: 'Now is the time to burn false equivalencies forever'

I'm cleaning out ancient computer files, and finding all my stuff on Black Box Voting

Phillies' "Pistachio Girl" Fired For Being A White Nationalist

Oia wale no! Hawaii Peoples Congress

Republicans are already making it clear: Trump can do whatever he wants

Update from Standing Rock Chairman Dave Archambault II

The Hillary sex crime ring.

Madonna on Donald Trump's Election Win: 'We're F--ked'

Pentagon buries evidence of $125 billion in bureaucratic waste

Michael McCaul: We will build a wall and Mexico will pay for it

Under Trump, red states are going to be able to turn themselves into poor, unhealthy paradises.

White lawyer sues state bar over minority rules

"We beg for your forgiveness." Veterans to Native elders in Standing Rock ceremony

Texas appeals ruling that bans license for detention centers

Anthony Bourdain rants...

Dallas mayor files lawsuit to stop pension withdrawals

Legislators should certify psychologists, not license them

Not exactly a swan dive

In Michigan - Mismatched Numbers Mean Precincts Can't Be Recounted

Al Gore up next on "All In With Chris Hayes."

Ivanka Trump Will Not Save The Planet - Climate Progress

Snowden says Petraeus disclosed far more highly classified secrets than I ever did

What's the difference between General Flynn's son and Anwar al-Awlaki?

Ohio federal judge tosses California atheist's lawsuit over 'God' on money

Bernie Sanders: TPP and Standing Rock victories show path to beating Trump

Can I say something unpopular? Honestly... the people who make it to America illegally

Psssssssst so Ivanka Trump is signing a deal with a Japanese company

The most patriotic act the Air Force could ever hope to accomplish...

Conservatives Downplayed Fake News. Yesterday It Almost Had A Body Count.

Great way to view GHG emissions from 75 oil producers around the world

Bloke sold cash register code to restaurants that deliberately hid sales from taxmen

Update to today on Hamilton Electors actions

Hamilton Electors are sneakily fooling Democrats! They are anti-HRC!

Hamilton Electors are sneakily fooling Democrats! They are anti-HRC!

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Powerless! Live, Uncensored & a new kitteh gif

Amma no more: Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalithaa dies

Texas Ag Commissioner Sid Miller Yelps his steak complaint

Dear Skinner: let's leave 2016 behind on... Dec. 31st 2016

FCC Republicans try to protect AT&T and Verizon in net neutrality case

FBI seeks $5 million in life insurance tied to Irish Travellers, Colleyville homicide

Texas Republican elector says he won't cast ballot for Trump

Albertans chant 'Lock her up' about Rachel Notley at rally against carbon tax

Why Do We Hang Wreaths At Christmas?

Texas hasnt had over 20 mumps cases since 2011. Now Johnson County has 28.

The Age of Donald Trump and Pizzagate

LeBron, Cavs Opt Out of Trump Hotel

If it sounds too good to be true, it IS too good to be true

Will Trump administration stop Lockheed from building F-16s in India?

Would Karl Pilkington vote for Trump if he was a USA citizen?

Frankies sports bar in Fort Worth closes; owners blame Obamacare

Sweet Christmas, Luke Cage Is Officially Getting A Second Season

New pro-Trump group takes form, with Kellyanne Conway possibly at the helm

The Great LaRouche Toad-Frog Massacre

The Dangerous Myth That Hillary Clinton Ignored the Working Class

Spokesman says Ben Carson didn't live in govt housing

Jill Stein in front of Trump's Towers today. (VIDEO)

Rare Superbug Gene Discovered on US Pig Farm

Some IRS refunds to be delayed until Feb. 15

Going into the hospital on Friday..........

Wes Clark Jr. is amazing in this video asking forgiveness of Native Americans

After the defeat of Hillary Clinton, what should the US left do next?

Hillary Clinton is still soaring high, popular vote lead tops 2.6 million (and counting)

Michigan Recount Problems Are Emerging - Thousands of Ballots in Detroit May Remain Uncounted

I'm not pointing fingers, but whoever poured out the wine for the gods last new year's fucked up

Fighting back against the white revolt of 2016

Pentagon buries evidence of $125 billion in bureaucratic waste

Why Alec Baldwin Thinks Trump Tweets Signal Something Sinister

Trump Considering Privatizing Oil And Gas On Reservations

Have you ever heard Community Action Tactical Specialists (CATS) anywhere? Here is our song...

Wes Jr. is my new hero!

Ivanka Trump's imported collection could be subject to her father's 35% tariff

Hillary's popular vote edge hits 2.0%

Meanwhile, Trump intensifies groping of America

Meanwhile, Trump intensifies groping of America

Report: Bob Dole organized Trump's Taiwan call

Russia, China veto UN resolution demanding Aleppo truce

Muslim NYPD officer threatened, told 'go back to your country'

Biden on potential 2020 presidential bid: "Fate has a strange way of intervening

No more room for the dead as Syria's Aleppo is crushed

Freedom Caucus opposes GOP's Obamacare replacement plan

An inconvenient truth...

HEADLINE ON HUFFPOST NOW: Republican Elector Vows To Vote Against Donald Trump

Hate Crimes Are on the Rise in New York City

"The House By The Lake", by Thomas Harding

Beijing giving Trump room to push boundaries but draws line at support for Taiwanese independence,

any O'Malley or Jim Webb supporters?

Sheriff's deputy dead after vehicle swallowed by sinkhole in San Antonio

ICE releases nearly 500 from Dilley, Karnes City detention centers over weekend

How to Help Families and Loved Ones of Victims of the Oakland Fire

Obama sends prayers to Oakland and Donald Trump gives us this.

New love child emerges as new potential heir in Bill Hall Jr. trucking saga

Lawsuit accuses Edgewood ISD of negligence and inaction in sex assault case

And then there are days when two fierce and amazing young people you love get married

Blue Cross to drop Texas Health Resources from its network in 2017 after contract dispute

Tucker Carlson is at war with himself

Police: 2 shot during Christmas parade in North Carolina

Do you think Shitler will really get his basket of deplorables confirmed?

"Radio Girls", by Sarah Jane Stratford

New pro-Trump group takes form, with Kellyanne Conway possibly at the helm

Gen. Michael Flynns Son Continues to Push #Pizzagate Conspiracy After Attempted Assault

Texas lawmaker files bill to crack down on corrupt hospital operators

Why is the pipeline directed over the Missouri River twice?

College student who was stabbed over food dies of injuries

Energy Hybrid: Battery meets super capacitor

Boy Scouts plan to move national museum from Irving to New Mexico

Boy Scouts plan to move national museum from Irving to New Mexico

Economic isolationism and nationalistic thought have never been part of the Democratic party

A little help from my friends...........

"Hamilton Electors" Could Prevent Trump Presidency

Energy Transfer Partners and Sunoco Logistics Partners Respond to the Statement from the Department

Dino Rossi to fill former Sen. Andy Hill's vacant seat

Trendy (perovskite) solar cells hit new world efficiency record (12.1% for a 16 cm2 cell)

Brazil's Senate president ousted over embezzlement charges

Extreme downpours could increase fivefold across parts of the U.S.

Brazil's Senate president ousted over embezzlement charges

Freedom songs: Chiles sounds of resistance ring out again

Freedom songs: Chiles sounds of resistance ring out again

Lane Lewis to resign as Harris County Democratic party chair in February

Fidel Castro's name will never appear on a Cuba monument, says brother Ral

So General (for national security advisor) is pushing the bullshit fake news about the DC pizza

Sen. Donna Campbell Says "Bathroom Bill" Needed to Keep Texas a "Beacon of Hope"

Brazil is in crisis. And once again, the poorest will bear the burden

If These Walls Could Talk

If These Walls Could Talk

Trump Sells his stake in Dakota Access Pipeline developer

Aren't ex post facto laws and bills of attainder illegal?

There are still 233,000 ballots left to process in CA.

please write the White House to have the president appoint Garland to SCOTUS

US election: broken machines could throw Michigan recount into chaos.

My proposal for a FCS style playoff for FBS

Still counting votes, but Hillary is less than 1% behind Obama's 2012 results,

Health Wars! or A Chicken in Every Pot and a Shiny New Knee in Every Leg

ivanka and jared kushner moving

Community Health Options' $23M suit to move forward

Back from the Bush years

State begins recount of legalized marijuana referendum

Study: cutting your hair down below raises your STD risk by 440%

USM School of Music gets surprise $600,000 donation

Portland landlord sentenced to 90 days in jail, fined $1,000, for deadly fire

Sen. King goes to sea on aircraft carrier USS George Washington

Gov. LePage claims non-citizens could have voted

19 Former Psychiatry Faculty Sue Dartmouth Over Layoffs

UNH study: More whites are dying in New Hampshire than being born

Daily Caller dredges up old YouTube video to slime NH DNC candidate

USA went from First Black President to the first racist

Writing about food: Groucho Marx, from "The Essential Groucho"

My email to Electoral College Electors - got a reply back...yay!

State rep-elect charged with assaulting police officer

Dentist to reimburse patients after fraud violation

Leahy Bill To Improve Criminal Justice System To Be Signed Into Law

Jack Pine nutjobs and the Hillary pedophilia conspiracy.

Its Time for a Reset by Lawrence Summers

Vermont Yankee tainted water up to 400K gallons, so far

** UPDATED ** Standing Rock Leader asks ALL to dismantle camp and go home

Pipeline protesters arrested at TD Bank

Democrats nominate Johnson for speaker

Fraternity activities suspended at Tufts after hazing reports

Looking for the best scientific webpage that says the Moon landing wasnt fake

Senate committee calls for ban on surgeons conducting simultaneous operations

Daily Holidays - December 6

Dying Atheist Tells a Heartbreaking Story About Being Condemned By Her Religious Sister

Russian Agents Are Not Behind Every Piece of Fake News You See

North Korea 'hacks South's military cyber command'

Caesarean births 'affecting human evolution'

South Korean firms face rare corruption hearing

Photos: Veterans Blizzard March - Standing Rock

US elections: broken machines could throw Michigan recount into chaos

Samantha Bee: Eroding Electoral Confidence; Fake News, Real Consequences; The Big Lie

Irfan Amanat Charged- Defraud Auditors And Investors In KIT digital And Maiden Capital

President Obama to deliver speech defending his counterterrorism fight

Citizen of Cuba Sentenced to 7 Years for Eli Lilly Theft, Additional Multimillion Dollar Burglaries

#TrumpsComingChallenge sends students fleeing

#Trump's coming video

The city getting rich from fake news

Scientology smearing 14yo rape-victim as "sexual aggressor" to suppress critical documentary

Trump 'tantrums' signal trouble for China-US relations state media

Matteo Renzi's resignation temporarily 'frozen' by Italian president

New pro-Trump group takes form, with Kellyanne Conway possibly at the helm

Ivanka Trump to set up a kiosk in the White House to sell her line of products

UK PM May faces parliamentary rebellion over refusal to publish Brexit plans

Ugandan LRA fighter denies atrocity charges, says he was victim

French Interior Minister Cazeneuve appointed prime minister

David Clark, The NRA, and Russia

Well, one side effect will be that Don will not have press briefings and those

Neoliberalisms epic fail: The reaction to Hillary Clintons loss exposed the impotent elitism of li

Was Alexander Hamilton Jewish? A Cambridge-Educated Historian Is Making the Case.

Global Sea Ice Equal To Area Of India Vanishes In Arctic, Southern Oceans This Fall - Reuters

One Of Two Main Sources Of Tyrian Purple - Which Clothed Emperors & Kings - Gone From Med

Gawd, Pence's smirking face just showed up on Dead Intern...

November 2016 Atmospheric CO2 Content 403.64 ppm; November 2015 400.24 ppm; November 2014 397.22

Cecile Richards or Tom Perez for DNC Chair

Joe Biden presides over Senate as portion of cancer initiative is named after his son

Trump on the Couch w/Dr. Justin Frank, MD - Inside the Mind of Trump

Republicans have a double-standard when it comes to Trumps threats of retribution'

What Centering The White Working Class Would Mean For Democrats

Bill Press: Sanders didnt damage Clintons public image

Privaitize Everything. That is what a trump admin. will focus on

Will Atheists Stand in Solidarity With Muslims?


Jews, Muslims and the Meaning of Religious Freedom

Egypt busts organ trading racket, arrests 45 people

Terrifying - This is where Trump gets his news:

Are Catholic Women Less Likely to Breast-Feed?

Ask yourselves this: Why is there such a problem with determining the Will of the People

"Another Trump Accuser Steps Forward..."

I would be very happy if no "normal" public servant takes a job in the Trump administration

In a barbaric age, faith in the laws of war are dangerously slipping, Red Cross survey finds

GOP recount filing seeks stay, review by full panel

Florida voters sue for recount

WaPo: Trumps pick of Ben Carson is beyond baffling

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Trump toons

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: More Trump

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

NYT Nabs 200,000+ New Digital-Only Subscriptions Since Election Day

C-Span topic right now - Fake News

Pence attends Jets game as guest of team owner Woody Johnson . . .

An Alternative "Night Before Christmas" by trumpster fire

"The Pizzagate gunman surrendered when he discovered Pizzagate was a lie."

How quickly we forget what America was like when Obama entered office...

Ex-Alabama starting QB Blake Barnett transferring to Arizona State

The Dangerous Myth That Hillary Clinton Ignored the Working Class

Anti-Semitism Awareness Bill Passes Senate

Ryerson Students Walk Out on Holocaust Education Motion

Former US official linked to Trump visits Taiwan

Judge: Williamson commissioners violated law in constable interview

"Evan" - 2:28 - Sandy Hook parents created a PSA

Things I Blame For Hillary Clintons Loss, Ranked (Huff Po)

A Response: My Election Blame List

United Steel Workers: 730 union jobs saved in Carrier deal - not 1,100

Chinese media mock Trump for 'running the country with Twitter'

U.S. Productivity Rose at 3.1% Rate in Third Quarter

Kid Rock rolls out line of pro-Trump merchandise

Joe McKnight's shooter, Ronald Gasser, arrested on manslaughter charge: jail records

if Santa Claus is white?

Computer Hacking Article

Trump overseas manfacturing

Dec 7 - Good Jobs Nation Rally with Bernie Sanders, Keith Ellison, Danny Glover - Washington DC

🐦 Dec 7 - Good Jobs Nation Rally with Bernie Sanders, Keith Ellison, Danny Glover - Washington DC

Boxer slams water bill rider backed by Feinstein

Why all the navel gazing and tortured reflection?

Dakota Access Pipeline Killed: Key Permit DENIED

Bogus "Pizzagate" Conspiracy Leads to Man Shooting Up Restaurant

Security raised at L.A. rail line after threat warning from foreign country

How badly would it roil the markets if China recalls their ambassador and closes their embassy here

Will the Freedom Caucus be Obamacare's unwitting savior?

Fake News - See, etc.

Mass. Professor's List Of False, Misleading News Sites Goes Viral

Relax! You'll Be More Productive

Senior Republican: Trump has given me assurances he will axe Obamas LGBT rights protections

Free agent closer Mark Melancon signs record deal to join S.F.

How does Flagged for Review work?

Google Looks for 'Conservative Outreach' Manager After Trump Election Win

Tell us all about increased subscriptions and donations!

Does anyone have any faith that Trump's cabinet or Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell can keep Trump in

Mike Pence Giddy Over The Thought Of Taking Away Your Health Insurance

World Baseball Classic returns to haunt

Ugly Sweater Thread!

I wonder with Drumpt's small hands inching towards the nuclear button if the

Portland to vote on taxing companies if CEO earns 100 times more than staff

And more grasping for his own benefit?

Trade Deficit in U.S. Widened to a Four-Month High in October

Trump Has Already Created Lots of Chaos

Fake News creator scolds news media: You shouldve been talking about this years ago (VIDEO)

Rock bottom expectations - how did we get here - or has it really always been this way?

Trump is Almost Certainly Trying To Start A New Cold War With China

Republicans: Election proves America wants to let Trump & family enrich themselves through power.

Justices uphold Katrina fraud verdict against State Farm

National Voter ID Will Be Sign The Republicans Are Done With Elections

I find the notion of Trump receiving people in his golden palace atop of his gaudy tower bizarre.

Ex-firefighter Bill Brennan puts a damper on Chris Christie's ambitions

Vanishing Jobs and What Comes After Work

Remember when George Bush pulled out of the ABM treaty, saying we no longer need to

Trump allies warn: No compromise on immigration

JAXA Graph - Arctic Sea Ice Extent Flattening Again - In Early December

53 organizations to Trump: Dump Flynn as national security adviser

The disturbing thoughts of a Trumper

Trump says cancel new Air Force One: Costs 'out of control'

Asian countries dominate, science teaching criticised in survey

Neither Michael Flynn nor Steve Bannon's positions require Congressional approval.

To Kill a Mockingbird removed from Virginia schools for racist language

So Trump wants to ditch Air Force One. Where have I see this before?

Please don't be shocked: Trump lied in his tweet about what the new Air Force One will cost.

Noam Chomsky: Bernie Sanders can win back Donald Trump supporters

Our next first lady made porn, who entered the U.S. illegally, and lied about her college.

Ellison resignation could set off rush for MN's 5th District seat

Pic Of The Moment: Obamacare: The Truth Comes Out, Eventually

CEO of United Technologies just let slip an unintended consequence of the Trump-Carrier jobs deal

How far does this trend extend?

Inside Trumps Cabinet: Who are they? What will they do?

Papantonio: The Dakota Access Pipeline Corporate Threat Is Not Over

Trumps Lies About Voter Fraud Are Already Leading to New GOP Voter Suppression Efforts

Jane Addams Day--10 Dec 2016--University of Illinois, Chicago

Jane Addams Day--10 Dec 2016--University of Illinois, Chicago

Election Request Form Letter to State Attorney General

Trump Isn't an Anti-Vaxxer. He's a Slow Vaxxer (Slate)

I will be needing to get a car (loan) soon. Should I do it before trump's inauguration?

Did Boeing Get Out Of Line?

US Secret Service being advertised as 'new amenity' in apartment sales at Trump Tower

Uproar at Hillsborough DEC meeting; City Council, School Board members leave in disgust

Der alte Dessauer, from "The Enemy Below"

Angela Merkel calls for widespread ban on full veil Islamic coverings

A Second GOP Texas Elector Says He Will Not Vote For Donald Trump

U.S. Supreme Court rules for prosecutors in insider trading case

U.S. Supreme Court rules for prosecutors in insider trading case

Ronald Gasser charged for Louisiana murder of football player Joe McKnight (VIDEO)

CNN: Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton

Oct 2015 - Bernie Sanders announcing the Workplace Democracy Act

Secret Service advertised as hot 'new amenity' at Trump Tower

Supreme Court Sides With Samsung, Against Apple In Patent Infringement Fight

Can someone explain this? If the numbers are off in the vote count in precincts

Real estate agency promoting Secret Service as Trump Tower amenity

Is YouTube going down the tubes?

We need to move forward

Please remember that the GOP said filibustering a SCOTUS nominee for 4 years is perfectly fine.

Freedom Caucus opposes GOP's Obamacare replacement plan

Flynn under fire for fake news

Michigan Recount Pt. 2- MI's GOP Efforts To Stop Stein's Recount Exposes State Voter Suppression

Listen to Thom Hartmann

Judge slashes SEC's proposed fine for ex-Miami budget director

I have asked this question several times and haven't gotten anything like a response

The Trump AF1 issue is simple: He wants a plane with his name emblazoned on it.

permission for gofundme

Nothing will change in the Democratic party because...

Trump kids' diplomatic forays rattle State Dept.

Rare superbug gene discovered on U.S. pig farm

Western North Dakota crude pipeline shut down after spill

Bernie Sanders on Electoral College: Examine now

Need Help , Retired Vet , Gofundme

Congressional members with NRA blood on their hands

U.S. fines Seattle 'duck boat' manufacturer in fatal crash

Why did Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party not gain the White House and Congress?

Seth Meyers: Donald Trump's False Claims and a new way to say the Pledge of Allegiance.


White House: Trump's $4 billion figure on Air Force One is questionable

Trump advisors aim to privatize oil-rich Indian reservations

EU talks on banning deadliest semi-automatic weapons hit deadlock

Gore was used just like Romney.

Is it unrealistic to closely examine individual constituencies in the 'middle class' when

Breitbarts PizzaGate Conspiracy: When Fake News Inspires Real Violence

Today's petitions

U.S. 2016 Unadjusted Exit Poll Discrepancies Fit Political, not Statistical, Patterns

Libyan forces clear last Islamic State hold-out in Sirte

Release of CIA torture details unlikely: senior Democrat

Release of CIA torture details unlikely: senior Democrat

Trump sold all shares in companies in June, spokesman says

Senate leader pushes for extension of coal miner healthcare

Senate leader pushes for extension of coal miner healthcare

A Bigger Economic Pie, but a Smaller Slice for Half of the U.S.

Race for Miami-Dade Dem chief may complicate contest for statewide Dem chair

Louis Gohmert laugh of the week

How About National Mail-In Presidential Elections?

Which side of the nation are you on?

Call Kellogg's. I'm not sure if this is where to post this.

Posters of Hitler, swastikas found on University of Chicago campus

Trump's tweet on boeing

A chance to confirm Merrick Garland on January 3rd?

Pat McCrory, North Carolina Governor, Concedes After Acrimonious Race

Donald Trumps most terrifying appointment

Venezuelan Women Flock to Colombia Border Town to Sell Hair

Anybody else having trouble with facebook?

Anyone watching Survivor?

An Echo Of Sophie Scholl...

Michigan Electors Should Not Be Allowed To Vote...

Why Blue States Are the Real Tea Party'.....

Stand With Rep Cummings: Investigate Trump's Massive Web of Potential Corruption

Congressman Meehan eyeing run against Casey

GUARDIAN...trouble with MI recount

Ivanka Trump only serves to put a literal pretty face on the Trump name. Nothing more.

Source: Red Sox acquire ace Chris Sale in trade with White Sox

Not sure if this has already been posted. "WE CAN STOP TRUMP" (

Deconstructing Another Right-Wing Victory in Haiti

65 Million Americans Should Threaten to Not Pay Taxes

Christie's approval hits record low; most say he should have been charged for Bridgegate

Post-Fact Politics: Reviewing the History of Fake News and Propaganda

Castro Was Right About US Policy in Latin America

Fiona Apple releases a new hit tune for Christmas: 'Trump's Nuts Roasting on an Open Fire'

ManBaby-Elect wants to cancel Boeing's "$4 Billion" Air Force One contract (it's $1.65 Billion)

Best nickname for Trump? (POLL)

Roaming Charges: The CIAs Plots to Kill Castro

And there is hope in the world: Rwanda: From killing fields to technopolis.

Ivanka Trump Will Not Save The Environment

Was LIVE: President Obama is expected deliver his last major national security speech

What's for Dinner, Tues., Dec. 6, 2016

Antarctic Crack Threatens Scientific Research Station

Republicans Are Your Friend Who Borrows Money To Pay Bills And Then Posts Vacation Pics

Roaming Charges: The CIAs Plots to Kill Castro

Fake U.S. Embassy In Ghana Operated For A Decade, State Department Says

Timbergs Tale: Washington Post Reporter Spreads Blacklist of Independent Journalist Sites

Merkel supports partial ban on burkas and niqabs in Germany

Jeez Michigan. What the Fuck?

So about that "contact your senator" stuff

Watching Obama

The right wing has won by stealing liberal tactics.

NSIDC: Bottom Falls Out Of Arctic, Antarctic Sea Ice Graphs For November; 5.7 SD South, 3.2 SD North

Looks like Trumps outburst about AirForce One was revenge to the Boeing CEO for questioning Trumps

Meet the Press The hustlers, hucksters, hacks, and cowards who helped elect Donald Trump

Hey Drumpf, I hope you are watching a REAL President delivering his National

Source: Trump transition team requested security clearance for Flynn Jr.

The Slickee Boys - Live at the 9:30 Club December 26th 1992

Concerns in Congress Rise Over Donald Trumps Militarizing His Cabinet

Identity politics actually won in North Carolina

Texas Judge Says Exxon Lawyers Can Sue Government Officials To Slow Climate Investigation

Mary Fallin, front-runner for the Secretary of the Interior position, Is As Pro-Oil As They Come

NY AG: NY's election laws are 'ridiculous'

Kasich to electors: Don't vote for me

What Does it Take to be White?

DLC's Al From: Way Forward is the Third Way

I was born during the Truman administration, and I can say ...

Turkey hosting new peace talks between Russia and Syrian rebels & looks like the US wasn't invited

Harry Belafonte to President Obama: Free Native Activist Leonard Peltier Now

Houston, Texas vs. Evanston, Illinois.

Brokers Bill Secret Service Protection As Nifty New Amenity At Trump Tower

Actor & Activist Danny Glover: We Must Organize in the Spirit of Martin Luther King Jr.

"Welcome to the Fourth Reich": Legendary Actor Harry Belafonte on the Election of Donald Trump

My dearest cousin has Trumpgrets over his vote for Trump

Bloodthirsty pirates grow concerned with crazy new captain's desire to ram the ship into the rocks.

I'm curious about something. If there is a 0.3% spread in Michigan, why not an automatic recount?

There is a post here that lays out one persons "Election Blame List".

Dakota victory could be "easily overturned" by one of its investors, President-Elect Sh*tgibbon

Palmer Report:Michigan recount has exposed thoroughly inept and suspicious original counting process

Another filthy lie from Trump re Japanese bank:

Veterans at Standing Rock shock tribe members, beg forgiveness for war crimes against tribal nations

Complaint asking DOJ to investigate Comey's conduct interfering into election has been filed.

Christian Mother, Daughter on 'Atheist Christmas' Billboard Slam Group for Using Their Photos

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Wisconsin Admits To Using Fake Votes To Help Trump Win.

(Organic) Solar Cell Game Changer

Election 2016 recount: Where 5 states stand

Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown: Rome

re Trickle Down Economics..... (this is good. deserves to be posted all over the internet)

Deplorables still hollering "lock her up" at Trump rally in Fayetteville.

Dec. 6., 1809: Jacob Henry Gives Speech On Religious Liberty

What Would The World Look Like If So Many Gay Men Hadn't Died Of AIDS?

Palmer Report update:Michigan recount:officials admit majority of Detroit precincts have incorrect

Weather Channel to Breitbart: Stop Using Our Video to Mislead Americans

Troubling op-ed in Trump in-law's newspaper calls for FBI crackdown on anti-Trump protests

There's no shading it, Harris County (Texas) went undeniably blue

Troubling op-ed in Trump in-laws newspaper calls for FBI crackdown on anti-Trump protests

Senior Senate Democrat Calls for Congressional Probe of Russian Meddling in US Election

This video about the scale of black holes will crush your poor, tiny brain.

Noam Chomsky warns Trumps victory presents literal threat to survival of human species

Critics worry after Trump security chief fuels conspiracies

You might be a Trump voter if.............

Mother stands trial after 7-year-old son dies from strep infection she treated with dandelion tea

Trump allies defend his election lie as refreshing

Bob Dole Worked Behind the Scenes on Trump-Taiwan Call

70-Mile-Long Crack Opens Up in Antarctica - LiveScience

Boeing's stock drops after Donald Trump tweet to cancel Air Force One order - MarketWatch

Freedom Caucus Will Oppose GOP Obamacare Plan

Neo-Nazi group claims responsibility for Hitler poster on U of C campus

President Obamas Final National Security Speech

Opinion: NATO is betraying its principles

When permafrost melts, what happens to all that stored carbon? (massive release during past warming)

If you watch the national evening news, watch NBC. Skip CBS.

Donald Trumps Transition Team Wants to End Net Neutrality

Dumb ass wants to keep flying his own plane as POTUS.