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Pentagon arms buyer 'hopeful' that Lockheed F-35 block buy will proceed

Italy referendum: PM Matteo Renzi resigns after clear referendum defeat

Agree or disagree with the following statement

Analyst: Idaho has reasonable taxes but outdated policies

Anybody's birthday coming up? This Birthday Haiku is for you.


Far-Right Candidate Loses In Austria

Greek party ban at Washington State University cuts calls, crimes

Trump has an accessory.

Predator In Chief: President Trump And The Glorification Of Sexual Violence

Photo Slideshow: Veterans join protests, celebrations at Standing Rock Reservation

Trump tweeting and the "news" media

Oh he is acting like The Godfather and threatening "retribution"


raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidddddddddddderrrs! (10 and 2)

Facing shortages, Idaho prepares to train doctors from new med school

Alec Baldwin Offers to Stop SNL Impersonation if Donald Trump Releases Tax Returns

The pub down the street just put in the weirdest urinals

Nothing about Trump's message is even remotely in sync with what Germany is doing in order to thrive

Idaho sells 7 properties for $17.3 million, will buy land

Now I know why Trump doesn't have a Secretary of State yet?

Trump is trolling China. I have no idea how this is going to turn out.

University of Idaho fraternity suspension to continue after investigation

Emergency hearing on Mich. recount ends: Decision pending (7pm Sunday)

Ex-utility executive set for trial for aiming gun at deputy

Failed GOP candidate for Idaho contests election results

In nearly every swing state, voters preferred Hillary Clinton on the economy

Big 12 commish wants answer for Ohio St. in CFP

The Dakota Pipeline. And me.

Fierce ISIS counterattacks have slowed the fight to recapture Iraq's Mosul

Black Snake - Rap Music Video

A startup just showed why hydrogen vehicles are better than electric but there's a catch

What's the code for color of FONT? In the DU format, please/thanks.

A pensions time bomb spells disaster for the US economy

Paul Friggin' Ryan on 60 Minutes

Stand Up Like A Mountain - Music Video (Trevor Hall)

email I received from the Stein camp

Libertarians Say Theyll Sue If Theyre Denied Major Party Status

Trumps Taiwan phone call was long planned, say people who were involved

Coo Coo!

The Bud Money Rolls in for Washington State

South Korea opposition introduces bill to impeach President Park

Watching Churchill's Secret on Masterpiece, PBS.

Send e-mail to GAO to back Elizabeth Warren's request for audit of Trump

Wisconsin recount observer says Waukesha County is double-counting Donald Trump votes

Dallas Cowboys clinch playoff berth

Seattle women (and others) march against hate


Exxon CEO Now a Contender for Donald Trumps Secretary of State (also Manchin)

For What It's Worth

Arrest of black teen in Wallingford sets off social-media storm

Sarah Palin blasts Trump's Carrier deal... cracks emerging on the nutwing right?

Patty Murray, other Senate Democrats prepare to fight Trumps nominees

75 years after Pearl Harbor, its Tacoma legacy lingers

"Why I am changing the name of our Puppy-Burning Movement to "Alt-Warmth"

Manchin for State? or Energy?

Guess what happened to us today?

SO...Trump's calling out China on Twitter.

Trumps Taiwan phone call was long planned, say people who were involved

Whites-only covenants still exist in many mid-century Spokane neighborhoods

The End of Americas Economic Miracle

D.C. Police arrest suspect with an assault rifle at Comet Ping Pong restaurant

Pacific fishers returns to historic range in Washington

A Woman Delivered the Perfect Response to Donald Trumps Tweet About Unwatchable SNL

I heard that Harold Ford was taking a cabinet post in the Trump administr

dragon attack

Donald Trumps White House Counsel Is Proud Architect of Americas Corrupt Big Money Politics

Right on...LOL

A Beautiful song about recovery and hope...

Celebrity Chef David Chang Says Security at Trump Tower Is Killing Midtown Businesses

Video of Ft Myers cop using excessive force

The Global Gender Gap Report Index - U.S. is #45

A candidate that gets "damaged" by a primary run has no business anywhere near the GE.

New post on Palmer Report...Pennsylvania and price gouging

Attorney Brian Loncar has died

Paul hearts Donnie: "Who cares what he tweeted, you know, if we fix this countrys big problems?"

Audience gasps at Kellyanne Conways absurd claim: Trump won ergo his tweets are presidential

A Photographic Chronicle of America's Working Poor (Smithsonian)

Man who threatened Obama to remain jailed

Nebraska Attorney Generals Office begins inquiry into Goodwill Omaha operations

Psychiatric hospital worker charged with molesting patients

Boeings need for parts is a boon for nearby machine shops

So Ryan on 60 minutes pointed out two problem agencys to him

10 Heartwarming Facts About Miracle on 34th Street

Photos: Fireworks at Standing Rock

Repubs plan will kill Medicare won't it?

I am convinced that Donnie, Kellyanne, Lewandowski and the deplorable


Perhaps this is a morbid question - what song do you want played at your funeral?

Eisenhower is rolling in his grave, a fantastic quote.

I voted for trump because...

Donald Trump slams China as currency, trade manipulator, enters South China Sea debate

Ivanka was finalizing Japanese business deal at time of Trump, Abe meeting: report

Hitler's American Business Partners

Giant Cat Left At Shelter Finds A New Home Within Hours

Why do so many people blame millennials for Trump's election?

A worthwhile, sad read on Slate - "The Stunt Presidency"

Standing Rock Sioux tribe says it will be forever grateful to the Obama Admin for historic decision

New Yorkers: Jill Stein to hold recount protest outside Trump Tower on Monday morning

Type 1 Diabetes Breakthrough with Artemisinin Treatment

I think I am going to leave DU for a short spell...

Live in Florida? On Facebook or twitter? Want to help with affadavits for the recount effort?

New Post on Palmer Report...Wisconsin (another update on Waukesha County)


Why not more discussion of Greg Palast's compelling case that GOP stole 2016 election?

I understand the need for the "Postmortem" forum. But... HOW LONG?

Half-Empty Arenas at Victory Lap Rallies.....

The Psychopathology That Explains Donald Trump's Depravity

The new brand of drug lord: The men who replaced Pablo Escobar

So you voted for Stein or Johnson? What did you get for your vote?

I've started a diet. Only eating during 5 hours a day. I did it tonight and it

A Question About What to Expect in 2020.

$3B Program to help vaccine victims falls short on promises

Judge orders immediate start of Michigan recount

Comcast commercial with the worst granddaughter ever.

Torture: Rehabilitation experts from 80 nations meet in Mexico City

Public Release: 4-Dec-2016

Okay, now Kelly Anne is trolling us...

What I have learned about the election on DU

Positive vs Negative campaign marketing.

How to Tell If You're in a Catholic Church in Korea

Sozializing Lola - and she was given her first job as well

Wow! Talk about telling it like it is! Truth to power. LMAO

UN Group Declares Berta Caceres a 'Champion of the Earth'

It's on: Federal judge orders Michigan recount to start immediately

Writer Gabriela Massuh explains how Buenos Aires is becoming increasingly more segregated

Argentina: Bullying Phenomenon Increases

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, December 6: The Golden Years

Will Hatch protect the filibuster?

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, December 7: 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

eric frumping trump steps into it again..

What we're in store for...

Man Motivated by Pizzagate Conspiracy Theory Arrested in D.C. Gunfire

Is it just me ..

Gov. Kate Brown's Proposed 2017-19 Budget Draws Criticism from Distillersand Stand for Children

USGS: 3.9 magnitude earthquake hits northern Oklahoma

New state hospital in Salem may close

Three Malheur refuge occupiers claim to be on terrorist watchlist; evidence suggests it's true

Ammon Bundy attorney ordered to appear in court

Its on: federal judge orders Michigan recount to start immediately

20,000 stranded as heavy smog grounds flights at Chengdu airport

Five potential Trump EPA picks

WaPo - Trumps Carrier deal is right out of Putins playbook

AP PHOTOS: In Cuba, a near-religious farewell to Castro

National Guard inaction exposes communities to lead

Gov. Brown asks to expand groundwater studies following Oregonian investigation

Meet Tom Price, Your New Secretary of Health and Human Services

Mayor Butt Makes an Ass of the City of Richmond

Trumps team is lying about Taiwan call: It reportedly took months to plan

An Undercover Look Inside the World of HIV Bug Chasers and Gift Givers

I JUST loved this...

Building Engulfed by Deadly Oakland Fire Had Pending Habitability Complaints

Oakland Landlord Evicts Tenant, Then Hangs Pro-Trump Billboard on Building

Plot To Kill Federal Judge With A Wood Chipper Ends In Lengthy Prison Term

Daily Holidays - December 5

California state-worker union cancels Monday strike

A teacher wore a Black Lives Matter pin to class. Now, he is banned from this Clovis school

Could Obama have Trump arrested if he starts a war with China before January 20th?

Xavier Becerra appointed to serve as CA attorney general


Sure, let the public decide the name of a school...

South Korea's President Park faces crucial week amid impeachment push

Trump Tweets Complaints About Chinese Economic And Military Policy

Japan PM to visit Hawaii to remember Pearl Harbor victims with Obama

U.S. Navy, shipbuilders ready for Trump's expansion plan

No action from Guam Democrats yet on San Nicolas' treachery

Guam lawmakers pass 32 bills

Guam Sen. Rodriguez Jr. proposes plan to partially privatize Medicaid and MIP

Trump to nominate Ben Carson for HUD

Laugh of the day: Trump officially nominates Ben Carson for Housing Secretary.

Empty dorm beds costing UH-Hilo: Options weighed to fill Hale Alahonua, end use of reserve funds

Children who lived through Pearl Harbor attack remember

Governor feuds with ExxonMobil as state moves to take over LNG project

The Democrats would win more elections if the KBG/GOP followed the LAW

I live in WI and would love to believe this Palmer guy

77 mushers sign up for 2017 Iditarod

When oil companies move employees out of state, who sells the houses left behind?

Fake news, a fake president and a fake country: Welcome to America, land of no context

Raw hatred: Vandals break into interracial couples home, spray-paint slurs and swastikas

Trumps team is lying about Taiwan call: It reportedly took months to plan

Monday TOON Roundup

Donald Trump invents imaginary word "euphenism" to explain his lies about Carrier jobs

I want DUer's to run for office in 2 yrs, in 4 yrs

teen daughter sets up GoFundMe for her dad: struggling artist, Gulf War Veteran, single dad

Italy's prime minister resigns after landslide defeat in referendum vote

'Italy's Trump': This is what the Five Star Movement is all about

Oh, That'll Help - 29 Science & Engineering Orgs Urge Trump To Appoint Science Advisor

And of course he picks the black guy to be the point man on gutting HUD

The Dakota Access Pipeline isnt just about the environment. Its about religion.

In 4 Years, Australia Blows Through 20% Of Its 2050 Carbon Budget

Trump is trying to get canned

China warns against obstruction of Iran nuclear deal

CLINTON won among voters that made $50,000 or less AND those said ECONOMY most important 7.3

Clinton won among voters that made $50,000 or less AND those said the ECONOMY was most important 7.3

Breitbart War On Kellog Backfires, More Advertisers Flee The Hate

"Many people are saying" Trump call took "months" to plan. It was beautiful. Many months. To plan.

This site has gone downhill fast

Charles M. Blow: Trump's Agents of Idiocracy

Standing Ovation for Obama at His Last Kennedy Center Honors

WOW, that was a close one...

When you stated way back when that Hillary supporters needed to be better

Trump Call with Taiwans Leader Planned for Months

...Then they came for me...

Chinese Communist Party members warned against believing in 'ghosts and supernatural beings'



Hope all are doing well here!

Religion shapes Cuba despite Castro's influence

Trump Chooses Ben Carson to Lead HUD

For your entertainment, I present, the Classic Doormat/Buzzard Thread......

New York Groups That Backed Bernie Sanders Join Forces

Twitler is goading China on Twitter. And the world barely notices.

Imagine if Richard Nixon would have been able to Tweet

Mook: Clinton's 'deplorables' comment 'definitely could have alienated' voters

Still hoping for pardon. Sure would be nice to be home for Christmas, President Obama

Catholic college presidents stand up for undocumented students

Injustice Boycott starts today-- Shaun King

KKK Leader Misses His Own Trump Victory Parade

Speaker of the house and third in the line of succession for the Presidency says it doesn't matter

GOP wagers Americans dont care about Trumps conflicts

The coming Theocracy willl not be pretty

Change his name and people would call this terrorism.

Trump advisors aim to privatize oil-rich Indian reservations

Time Magazines Person of the Year Should Be...

Donald Trump: A True Narcissistic Sociopath

What goes around comes around: Senate Dems plan to stall Trumps radical Cabinet picks

The post-truth world of the Trump administration is scarier than you think

Amazing..."Trump is a Christian and Hillary isn't" was how our

Betsy DeVos and the twilight of public education

Some things never change...

Please, please, please...

Cnn asks -Is there a diplomatic strategy to Donald's slamming of China....panel to

Artists and advocates say deadly Oakland fire is product of housing crisis

& each one of these guys came for the women & you didn't care as we were sexually assaulted & denied

Trump's Threat to the Constitution - by Evan McMullin

Some important media phone numbers to contact to voice bias.....or incorrect information:

Will Comrade Casino (R) ask taxpayers to fund a solid gold toilet for the White House?

China chases Silicon Valley talent who are worried about Trump presidency

Bernie Sanders 11-4-2016 at South Omaha Metro Community College - Blankets of Life

If you knowingly vote for someone who is a racist, sexist, and xenophobic, that means

WaPo: China Treating Trump Like a "Small Child" in re phone call "stunt"

Bernie Sanders 11-4-2016 at South Omaha Metro Community College - Blankets of Life

So....Fox News' Bret Baier. We're all going to just forget about that?

It's *multi-tasking*!1 Ivanka was closing a deal with Japan when she sat in on the meeting!1

If trump knew about and planned the Taiwan call "for months" does that suggest that he also knew

Why Bush v. Gore might mean that Clinton should be president: The EP argument against winner-take-al

Fake News Weaponized

Pence will be the "real" President and Trump will take ALL of the credit

Trump advisors aim to privatize oil-rich Indian reservations

Dr. Seuss: "What this country needs"

Japanese leader Abe to visit Pearl Harbor with Obam

Donald Trump rails against China as team runs damage control over Taiwan

Dear President Obama: We're gonna miss you when you're gone!

A Warning for Americans From a Member of Pussy Riot

Want to know how Trump got elected? Go to

So the pipeline shit isn't over. Just a break for now.

It isn't really that hard

Pence: Petraeus' "clearly intentional conduct" doesn't disqualify him from being Secretary of State

When I went to see why Snowy was barking...

Iran: US threatens nuclear deal, warns of strong reaction

Obama vs Bill vs Hillary

Wouldn't that 35% tariff the donald has been threatening ultimately be paid by the citizens of

Any guesses what occupations & buzzwords Repukes will sink to after RAYGUN-Shrub-DRUMPF?

In Response to Stein Recount, Trump Reps Now Claim No Evidence of Voter Fraud

Could Racial Profiler Sheriff Joe Arpaio Be Trump's First Pardon? Why It Might Happen.

I don't know which is more frightening

The lead to my prewritten Clinton wins story explains a lot about why she lost

Tip of a massive iceberg?

HRC in the wild!

watch waukesha recount LIVE here right now, counting now. listen in to how many mistakes.

Trump to Obama: "Did you see the 1000 Jobs I Saved At Carrier?"

I think a better way to build a more winning coalition is to expand our base

Comet pizza owner:"I hope those involved in fanning the flames will take a moment to contemplate..."

Eric Trump claims Wisconsin recount killed at least 5,000 children and gets pounded on Twitter

I just wanted to beam this Christmas message to yall

Never Trump conservative: Authoritarian Trump lies to smash reality so he is all that matters

Flynn's son spreads conspiracy theory about DC pizza shop

You all are such pessimists. Some people say the arena for the Trump Victory tour was half empty.

BBC Question Time Audience Producer is apparently Vote Leave, Britain First supporter

Furious Morning Joe demands apology from Michael Flynn over trail of crap he left on Twitter

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy Official Trailer 2016 ( Cross Check voter suppression)

North Dakota Democrat cautions #NoDAPL protesters that their cause isn't winnable

The definitive reason why Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election

Facebook Scammers Are Profiting From Standing Rock By Stealing Native Artwork

On this date in 1484, Pope Innocent VIII kicks off the Witch Hunts.

I'm starting back at Healthcare For The Homeless today!

Moving Forward from the election: Organize

The EC Votes Two Weeks From Today. Where Are We?

Ideas for comabatting Trump.

Atheist doctors must come out of the closet

Why is it that I'm reminded of Bill Hicks's old rant against Reagan?

Jeff Sessions' reefer madness

I predict the Reichstag Fire is going to be in California.

The Art of the Scam

The Dakota Access Pipeline isnt just about the environment. Its about religion.

Heres Where Donald Trump Gets His News

"Failing, biased, sad, unfair Time Magazine does not pick me as Person of the Year Not fair. Sad!"

Standing Rock Water Protectors Arent Going Anywhere: We Dont Go Until They Do

Bishop Taiji Katsuya's pastoral track took unexpected turn

Donald Trump appoints Ben Carson to his cabinet despite comparing him to a child molester

Vandals target Middle Eastern bakery; community rallies to help

More Clear Every Day Election Was Stolen. Statistical Impossibility To Win Where Clinton Led.

WTF? Al Gore walks through Trump Tower lobby to meet with Ivanka Trump on climate change

Shadows Fall and Jaws Drop for a Jolly Green Icons Comeback.

Jeff Sessions Coming War on Legal Marijuana

Trump claims Twitter gives us the chance to see his "accurate, honorable" self.

Obama Blocks China's Acquisition of Aixtron

Trump breaks promise on NAFTA

Trump is going to need a war to distract from all of his other disastrous decisions. nt

Mike Pence defends Trump lie that millions voted illegally

Just a quick update

With Sessions expected to turn back marijuana legalization, what Trump states also voted pro-pot?

Pic Of The Moment: Trump: Death Squads Are The "Right Way" To Deal With Drug Users

Breaking: NC Gov. McCrory Concedes Election

Madam President Newsweek Special Edition a big hit.

McCrory concedes gubernatorial race to Cooper

McCrory concedes

McCrory concedes NC gubernatorial contest.

Is there anything to learn from George Orwell's 1945 book 'Animal Farm' when considering the party's

Democrats Need To Pick a Leader. Now.

Trump Immigration Adviser Kris Kobach Wrote the Book on Muslim Registry

Trump can't keep us distracted forever with Carrier-like stunts.

"It Can't Happen Here"-- in 1935 Sinclair Lewis described Trump...

Why Carson Is the Perfect HUD Secretary for Trump

Democrats have to advance young leaders and go back to working-class roots

Incoming Nat Sec Advisor's son who pushed the pizzeria sex ring story now has transition email addy

Al Gore: climate change threat leaves 'no time to despair' over Trump victory

Tom Tomorrow: Electoral College

Two charged in stabbing at KKK meeting in Caswell County

Citizen Shoots Up DC Pizza Place To Investigate Hillary Clintons Child Sex Ring, As One Does.

Anchor, Tie Down, and Dig In to THIS. At all costs.

Trump's Taiwan Call Intentionally Provocative & Premeditated. Who Ultimately Benefits?

keith explains the good news but not the bad

Al Gore Meeting With Ivanka Trump At Trump Tower: Climate Change On Agenda

Emboldened By Election, Texas Republicans Kill Medicaid Fundings For Kids With Disabilities

Sen. Collins Signals GOP Wall On Obamacare and Medicare Is Cracking

"a shitstorm of astonishing stupidity"

There is no voter fraud in this country, what there is is massive voter suppression

Torture Can Be Useful, Nearly Half of Americans in Poll Say.

Greg Palast: The seal is a vote machine's hymen. If broken, it means somebody fk'd with it

Ku Klux Klan Members Drive Through North Carolina Town To Hail Trump Victory

The People Win Army Corps Puts Brakes On Dakota Access Pipeline

Hallelujah!! Gov. Pat McCrory concedes defeat to Roy Cooper

Get an ark and be ready for global warming floods

Get free tix to 'victory' rally tomorrow - then stay home.

When the Loser Wins

Standing Rock Chair Hails ACOE Decision to Reroute DAPL - Democracy Now

This is all about Ivanka not wanting to be associated with the Deplorables

Bring manufacturing home? Let's start with Ivanka Trump's $100 million made-in-Asia apparel line

Congressional members with NRA blood on their hands

Wisconsin Republicans Privatize Pollution Permits. Plutocratic Polluters Pretty Pleased:

The U.S is on the verge of becoming a fascist dictatorship

Standing Rock activists stay in place, fearing pipeline victory was a 'trick'

Standing Rock activists stay in place, fearing pipeline victory was a 'trick'

Under attack. Nowhere to go: Bana Alabed, 7-year-old Aleppo girl, back on Twitter after account di

I get rechecked tomorrow for C-Diff. If it is still present insurance will approve the super antib

Paul Ryan on Trumps baseless voter fraud claim: Who cares what he tweeted?

It's not over. The pipeline fight goes on.

Gen. David Petraeus on Whether He Voted for Trump: 'I Don't Vote'

Today's petitions

How I Came to See That the Election Needs to be Audited and How You Can Too

Where and When Will Trump's Immigrant Purge Begin?

Live Link: Now at Standing Rock (UPDATE Recorded Version)

Trump Adviser Has Pushed Clinton Conspiracy Theories

Oh Holy Sh*t - I did not know this

Breitbart's war on Kellogg's raises legal questions

Trump calls Emanuel, seeks counsel on presidential transitions

How to Hold & Use Chopsticks the Right Way!

How to use Chopsticks right away...

How many more guns does this country need? REALLY

This notion that Bernie hurt our chances of winning is nothing more than speculation

Best/favorite Trump nickname?

Trump's tax paradox: Middle America won't benefit as much as coastal elites

Donald Trump Did Really Well With Union Households. Thats A Bad Sign For Unions.

The Dangerous Myth That Hillary Clinton Ignored the Working Class

What's for Dinner, Mon., Dec. 5. 2016

Those who can make you believe absurdities, can get you to commit atrocities

I just saw a Christmas commercial from one of those 'payday loan' places

United Airlines mechanics ratify new contract

Thought Experiment: What do you tell Trump?

Nikola One Hydrogen Fuel Cell Class 8 Truck Revealed In Salt Lake City

Dakota Access protesters say they will focus on Flint water crisis

Top House GOPer Won't Back Trump's Idea To Tax Businesses That Move Abroad

You played yourself .. Amerika

Trumps fight against Made-in-Mexico could carry price on both sides of border

New York asks U.S. government for $35 million in Trump security costs

She says she was harassed by superiors. Now she protests outside the TSA for hours.

After watching Scream 4, my only question is...

Rep. Cummings Whacks Chaffetz: No Matter Too Small To Investigate HRC, Too Large To InvestigateTrump

So, Trump is too stupid to realize he is being manipulated

whyterrorists don't take black people as hostage & whites aren't always truthful about politics

Ben Carson wants to gut law banning housing discrimination

Michigan Starts Recounting Presidential Ballots on Judges Order.

Jury seeks guidance in ex-South Carolina police officer's murder trial

Youth, yes. Organized labor, yes. Rural Dem outreach, yes. But enough with the WCW narrative.

GOTV Is Not Enough! We Need A Clean, Clear Economic Message For 2018!

This Is Classic Fascist Strategy...

Two charged in stabbing at KKK meeting in Caswell County

Women's March On Washington

U.S. court puts Obamacare case on hold until Trump takes office

I see a great paradox in what I think Trump's leadership role and style will be.

How can I post a photo in my comments section?

Cat person gets revenge in a way that all cat people will understand

U.S. top court weighs race challenges to legislative districts

U.S. top court weighs race challenges to legislative districts

Stop calling a lie a "theory."

Georgia man gets life in prison for toddler's 'hot car' murder

Which Game of Thrones family are the Trumps most like?

Ohio man sentenced for plotting to attack Capitol

Joe Scarborough: Mika and I Personally Speak With Trump a Few Times a Week

Guy who shot up the pizza place ran over a teenage guy.

Oil Transport and Water Safety

Nihilistic Glee is The Trumpster

Russia says to start talks with U.S. on Aleppo rebel withdrawal

Islamic State urges supporters to stage new wave of attacks

I know that some of you aren't keen on Palmer Report updates, but here goes another update for MI

Possibly a silver lining

Trump supporters cruelly troll Facebook page of woman missing in tragic Oakland fire

Pulse Nightclub Owner Will Not Sell Property Targeted By Mass Shooting

How Republicans Justify Unlimited Trump Corruption

Basically, we lost Springfield.

Intelligence Community Concerned About Trumps Apathy, Inexperience

South Carolina Jury - More than one juror thinks it's ok to shoot black people in the back

#Florida asks FL Clinton voters who saw/experienced problems to report

Dear Mr. Trump

People who believe the Clintons are running a child sex ring out of a pizza place.

This is how Republicans deliver domestic disaster - By Jennifer Rubin

Mistrial. Walter Scott shooting

Election Night - SNL

Learning a language for business

Donald Trump Reportedly Considering Fast Food CEO For Labor Secretary

Learning a language for business

Bus + Police Car + Salt Truck + Icy Hill equals Bad combination...

Amazons new grocery store highlights a huge hole in Donald Trumps promise on jobs

Is there a MN State Capital march planned for 1/21?

Inside the mind of an autocrat.

Veterans March at Standing Rock - We Are Here Until The Black Snake Is Gone (12/5/2016)

"I was elected 25 days ago and already unemployment is at a nine year low!"

Texas A&M: Silent protesters prepare for Richard Spencer speech Tuesday

via Daily Kos: A Plausible Action Item via Lawrence Lessig - call your AG in Clinton states

America is its own undoing. Trump represents the inevitable culmination...

The Sociopath

Lt. Gen Michael Flynn, Pushed Clinton Conspiracy Theories - Sex Crimes w/Children, Money Laundering

Was there any inbreeding in any previous Trump generations?

I think it's worse than many think

Ben Carson Warns That Bible Makes No Mention of Housing or Urban Development told by Borowitz

Al Gore wastes his time at Trump Tower

STOP TRUMP: Tell Democrats to protect Medicare Now (PETITION)

How to Make Sugar Cookies

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory's Defeat Is a Cautionary Tale for LGBTQ Opponents

Rogue electors brief Clinton camp on anti-Trump plan

Is He In? Allen West Meets With Pence, Flynn, McFarland At Trump Tower


Chuck Schumer Really Doesn't Think Ben Carson Is Qualified For HUD

Black Lives Matter Activist Offers Advice On How To Talk About Race

Tulsi Gabbard at Standing Rock

Huckabee asks Pelosi if she's 'racist or just dumb' after Carson remarks

I would be very happy with Jon Huntsman for secy of state

Koterba toon: Jill Stein

Portage County WI recount just completed 4PM

Eyman initiative is starving rural Washington

Planted Hecklers?

The New Politics of Hope

I am imagining a novel, a political thriller.

T-Mobile Applauds Gutting of Net Neutrality Under Trump

This is our historic moment: NRA expects Trump to ban gun-free school zones in name of freedom

Unqualified people running administrative posts do cause deaths. Remember Brownie and Katrina?

How do I find out about anti tRump events in Ohio during January?

Why I Will Not Cast My Electoral Vote for Donald Trump

Al Gore just had an extremely interesting conversation with Trump on climate change

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Contact your REPS in congress of all strips and protest this disrespect for the Minority Leader Pelo

Colombia navy officials arrested for drug trafficking

Obama's Final Christmas Tree Lighting

The Pacific geoduck.

Italy Just Handed the Global Economy Another Giant Variable.

FYI - MONDAY in less than an hour (from a FB feed)

Alabama man loses job for calling Gatlinburg fire victims 'toothless, pond scum' Trump supporters

Could the Sioux Tribe be sued by the oilmongers?

Awww...Sh*tgibbon-Elect haz another sad on Twitter. Hashtag #48DaysTillManBabyGetsNukeCodes

Former MD Anderson pediatrician headed to prison for child pornography

Ivanka Trumps meeting with Al Gore highlights the questionable role she'll play in Washington

Veterans at Standing Rock shock tribe members, beg forgiveness for war crimes against tribal nations

To Find Out Who You Are, Peer Into the Cheese Ball!!!

Cosby's testimony can be used against him at criminal trial: judge

The Stunt Presidency

Donald Trump is about to inherit a turnkey tyranny. Thanks, Obama.

For PA folks in particular - Palmer Report on obstructionism on the recount

Google 'must review its search rankings because of rightwing manipulation'

Narendra Modi is a rightwing Hindu nationalist who won in India

Tornado warning. Coastal Alabama. In December.

Bernie Sanders: TPP and Dakota Access Pipeline Victories Are Our Blueprint to Defeating Trump

Getting seven inches tomorrow.

How David Clarke Bridges Donald Trumps Gun Nuts and Vladimir Putins Kleptocrats

Eating Bibimbap at Gwangjang Market & Other Korean Street Food

Kaine: Trump's Taiwan Call Is 'Amateur Hourish' But Hiring Bannon Is Worse

Armed man charged after 'self-investigating' pizzagate conspiracy

Ryan: 'We Will Decide Later' How And When To Tackle Medicare Privatization

De Blasio billing White House $35M to cover Trump Tower security

Trump Economic Plan Would Send U.S. Economy To Most Severe Recession Since Early 1980s

How do you pull a video from Facebook?

Thar's GOLD in that thar "climate change."

I grew up in Mexico, Missouri, but the election makes me wonder if I ever really knew it

Lift Every Voice and Sing...

One must wonder why the republican party is filing suits to stop the recounts.

Are Trump's international properties terror targets?