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Why Hillary Clinton Lost

What's today's Google doodle about?

Trump ran on the most explicit right-wing economic platform we've seen in a long time.

Jingle Bells from Germany


A warning to keep plastic bags away from your pets.

8 Cookbooks Inspired by Artists

So Alan Dershowitz thinks Keith Ellison is Anti-Semitic but not Steve Bannon

Refinancing in Era of Trump

Trump causes fewer babies to be born

Sometimes the truth is obvious: we're a more racist and sexist country than we thought.

Trump AG pick could halt legal pot industry

He's not even president yet, and he's already set off a diplomatic crisis with China,

Wyoming's public school funding crisis years in the making

Rubio took out Risk Corridor from ACA...causing premiums to go sky high 2 weeks before Nov 8th

This came into my FB feed via The Hill: Green Party drops recount case in Pennsylvania (Is it true?)

This report from Reuters is scaring the shit out of me

Kid across America send letters to Donald Trump.

Naked man says he was looking for a wife at Mormon temple in Logan

No more reader-in-chief: After Obama, Trump the nonreader amounts a real national loss

BREAKING: Bernie Sanders Lost

My local WI DEMs are making me mad

3 voters disfranchised in WI recount just to avoid official embarrassment

Half the firearms in the U.S. are owned by 3% of adults, and that means trouble for the NRA

Ford is open to a deal with Trump to keep jobs in America - for a price

After the TPP, Heres a Progressive Vision for Trade

2009 President Obama Inherits Economy in Free Fall and over 10% Unemployment

Jon Huntsman Jr.: Trump's nontraditional thinking could signal a new approach to U.S.-China ...

Ku Klux Klan parades in Roxboro celebrating Trump win

Boston students plan class walkout to protest Trump Monday 12/5

Trump, Finally Explained

Any shot of recount in Florida?

VA dentist resigns after possibly infecting 600 veterans with HIV and hepatitis

Stein dropping bid to recount PA

Greetings Iowa group.


Horrible scene from War on Christmas internment camp

Saudi Arabia: Woman faces calls of execution for being pictured without wearing hijab in Riyadh

Does anyone else think the extremely long length of our presidential campaigns is a major reason

What Jill Stein's Recount May Expose About The Election?

I need some help ...

Jill Stein has a fireside chat starting now.

The eagle has landed.

Watching "It's a Wonderful Life" and wondering --

Here's the thing about our party eating their hearts out about not appealing to the working-class

McAuliffe upbeat about working with Trump, says Clinton is done with politics

Senator Bernie Sanders' full speech at Zellerbach Hall, UC Berkeley

Mints from MA......

Any update on Senators calling for declassification of files on Russia's role in our election?

from Germany

In A Fact Free World The KKK Is Not Racist. They Are A Benevolent Fraternal Organization.

He's not talking about draining the swamp anymore b/c now he's making the swamp great again.

Voters, non-voters are going

Kellyanne Conway as you have never seen her...or wanted to:

The Closest Precedent to Trumps Taiwan Phone Call Almost Sparked a War

Lawsuit filed to force Florida recount

Hamilton electoral voters. Is this worth backing?

Sums it up: "I can come out of the closet of as an a-hole" - GUTFELD's take on DRUMPF-sters

I Just Wish I Had Not Voted: Trump Voter Had House Foreclosed on by Trumps Treasury Secretary

Jill Stein adopts county level strategy to force automatic statewide Pennsylvania recount (NOT OVER)

How Journalists Are Rethinking Their Role Under A Trump Presidency

New post on Palmer Report...

Attorney fees sought to contest Florida's election (Not a Jill Stein effort)

For whatever it is worth...another petition to sign

Lubbock County Democratic Chair Resigns, Cites Rebellious Arcane Individuals

Lola don't care

"The Lie"

"The Lie"


Tonight on SNL: Emma Stone and Shawn Mendez

Bernies Press Secretary To Supporters: We Lost Fair & Square, ZERO Election Fraud

I understand a "peaceful transition of power"

In Trump's Security Pick, Michael Flynn, 'Sharp Elbows' and No Dissent

Look who crawled out from under a rock...

How Dead Veterans Can Make the Koch Brothers Money

Obligatory Graphic Warning!!!111!!!

MetroLab Network advisory council to guide smart-city partnerships

MetroLab Network advisory council to guide smart-city partnerships

I just heard on Sirius Radio Ch. 124 POTUS that Jill Syein has dropped the request for

Find The Reason

Bill Maher: "Like Watching a Toddler Playing With a Gun"

Salmon Enchanted Cats coming up in the morning!

Ann Coulter says Trump may 'sell out' on immigration

Harry Reid On Bernie And The DNC: Everybody Knew That This Was Not A Fair Deal

Florida people needed to help with recount and those with stories

Webber elected as Missouri Democratic Party chairman

Court hearing set for Sunday in Michigan vote recount

Interesting Japanese Street Food And Travel Guide In Kamakura

Donald Trump - A Helpful Honda Dealer Dispensing Random Acts of Helpfulness

Interesting Japanese Street Food And Travel Guide In Kamakura

Please Feel Free to Take Me for Granted

Hypothetically speaking, if you wanted to get supplies to #nodapl, how would you do it?

My new favorite song:

CALLING for Clinton voters in FLORIDA: We need you! (call made Dec 3)

Forward this to Florida friends: CALLING for Clinton voters in FLORIDA: We need you for recount!

Florida friends: CALLING for Clinton voters in FLORIDA: We need you for recount!

Bertolucci Admits He Conspired to Shoot a Non-Consensual Rape Scene in 'Last Tango in Paris'

so lemme get this right about trump's brilliant negotiating with carrier

New Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Trailer is out.

Will we ever find out the extent of the Russian hacks?

What Not To Wear In Japan: Clothes To Avoid Wearing In Japan

10 Facts About Life In Japan

Woke up. Opened my front door. Someone put a doormat right at my door. Very

Trump's already whining about tonight's SNL

Hearings Will Unmask 'Swamp Creatures' in Trump's Cabinet, Democrats Say

Why Chicanos Love Fidel Castro But Hate Cuban Exile Politics

Why Chicanos Love Fidel Castro But Hate Cuban Exile Politics

The Man Who Predicted Trump Now Predicts He Will Fail. (w/Guest: Eamonn Fingleton)

I'll bet they are terrified

Former Clinton aide Jesse Ferguson: Let's have Alec Baldwin do Trump's intel briefings each weekend

Hit him in the head!: Guns N Roses invite Mexico City fans to beat down Donald Trump piata

Ku Klux Klan supporters give Nazi salute at North Carolina rally in support of Donald Trump

Green Party will switch to federal court for Penn. recount bid

Who's Afraid of Medicare and the VA?

Nigel Farage is willing to serve Trump formally or informally. Why isn't he

Just Heard A Discussion About Trump's Tweets By The Media.....

Colorado Christian Univ Prof: If any of my students wear a safety pin and ask for a safety pin...

Karval School District Superintendent faces felony charges of sex assault on a child

The Dems dilemma: chase Millennials or blue collar voters?

Colorado doctor who called Michelle Obama monkey face resigns from hospital job

Here's a few things I'd like to see from our President...

Denver Health doctor resigns amid controversy over racist Facebook post

Stephen Colbert: Trump and Carrier; Kellogg's; Gold Bucket Thief

Mentally ill inmate sues Rio Grande County jail after he gouged out his own eye

Colorado electors plan to challenge state law in bid to derail Donald Trump's victory

Colorado electors plan to challenge state law in bid to derail Donald Trump's victory

Emergency officials: We won't let pipeline protesters freeze

Food riot lands nine El Paso County jail inmates in the soup

Police use 'fake news' in sting aimed at California gang

Gab your wallet activism.


Hawaii's Tulsi Gabbard Joins Water Protectors at Standing Rock

All I can say is "If trash were brass, Trump would be the entire horn section."

Sorry, but my wife makes the best chicken soup, anywhere

No, the Pennsylvania recount effort isnt over. Yes, the mainstream media is lying to you.

Will New Mexicos ascendant Democratic majority tax Internet sales?

Ethics-related legislation heads to session

Threat of vetoes may lead legislators to seek constitutional changes

Jill Stein To Hold Rally And Press Conference Outside Trump Tower

Judge finds cash-strapped chief public defender in contempt

DAPL..not good for whites but ok for the Sioux..

If you justify or are blind to the gunbullying of Ana Lopez at the hands of Brett Sanders, then...

First of Many Warriors to Come

So this is how the electoral college is supposed to work..

Clinton's loss in the GE was all her fault

Daily Holidays - December 4

Photos: Standing Rock Welcoming the Veterans

Political Road Map: There are more than 15 lobbyists for each lawmaker in Sacramento

NGC 4696: Ravenous Supermassive Black Hole Creates A 'Cosmic Oddity'

Reuters: Stein to pursue Pennsylvania recount petition in federal court

Narcissist-in-Chief: The Psychopathology That Explains Donald Trump's Depravity

The Bernie Support bashing in this forum is disgusting!

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Purrcedes Benz Edition

Well, we all know now what Trump's first act as President will be

Customers took a stand against Windows 10s aggressive upgrades and won

PD: 2 Mesa teens stabbed after Facebook 'roasting' gets out of hand

So Trump has corporate bonds in parent company of Carrier!!!!!

No need to over-interpret Tsai-Trump phone call

The Slaves Masters WERE NOT RACIST. They lived with black people and slept with them too!!

Voluntary philly recount ,implications for the state

12/3/16 SNL Cold Open Saturday Night Live

You have to read Scott Dworkin's twitter feed! So much about Trump's business impropriety

Hostility to women one of strongest predictors of Trump vote.

Fair and Balanced Poll - re Democratic collaborators

Now Is the Time to Talk About What We Are Actually Talking About

Toon: Did you see those jobs I saved?

"Next, I'm going to do what I promised through my whole campaign, and BUILD...THAT...SWAMP."

First Asian-American Olympic gold medalist dies

The Walking Dead 7.7 "Sing Me A Song" (Spoiler Alert)

President Obama Says at Tree Lighting Event That Believers and Non-Believers Honor the Golden Rule

David Gergen On Trump's Victory Lap: 'I Knew I Didn't Like The Son Of A Bitch'

What are you willing to do to not be part of Trump's economy?

I have to pay for my TRUMP voting cousin's groceries this month

Rust belt analysis - "The Myth of the Rust Belt Revolt" Slate

Must Read Twitter call out of Trump's twitter response to SNL

Why parts of the Uniting Church are abandoning its logo

Wow Trump must really hate that Alec Baldwin impression

"we want to punish the Democrats, we want to hurt them, wound them"

Pope Francis' letter to dying girl read aloud at her funeral

The Real Risk Behind Trump's Taiwan Calls:

Rural voters live in their own bubble too

OK, NOT going to Italy. Signed up for a trip to Normandy and down the Seine River!

The Way Forward for Democrats: Your Message Works, Fight HARDER for It

A Woman Just Stood Up To Trumps Latest Outburst On Twitter And America Is Cheering Her On

Steve Kerr says he used marijuana for back pain, hopes leagues soften stance

Argentina is gearing up for a beaver bloodbath, all to fix a bizarre environmental catastrophe

Trump Denies Trying To Build Hotels In Taiwan, Forgets To Delete Facebook Brags About It

I just noticed Trump tweets to distract us from tweets he knows didn't work.

Boycott "trump"

Former German prisoner of war donates estate to 'kind' Scottish village

Baldwin offers to stop 'SNL' impersonation if Trump releases taxes. Ha!

Green Tea Donuts

Green Tea Donuts

The CEO of Ford just perfectly summarized the biggest problem for electric cars

Poll- In the last several weeks have you had more or less empathy for the Deplorables?

Sears is on the brink of catastrophe as store closures loom and top execs flee the company

Whos Really to Blame for Fake News - Look in the mirror, America.

Imagine tables turned, Trump won the popular vote and lost the electoral college. He calls for

Forget Ford, Forget Carrier; What About Trump's Businesses

Good morning Bay Area!

How Did Police From All Over the Country End Up at Standing Rock?

Chinese Drivers Try to Deter Nighttime High-Beam Use with Scary Decals

Chinese Drivers Try to Deter Nighttime High-Beam Use with Scary Decals

Oakland death trap operator glad his kids and wife were at hotel

A turtle is not a squeeze toy.

NPR's On The Media: "Normalize This!" - examines how to report on a PEOTUS who regularly lies

Add a little Arpaio, pinch of Clarke, soupcon of Rudy: talk to trump for 10 min & you Duterte!

I voted for Hillary on November 8.

'Invasion' Revealed Why Superman Doesn't Exist In The Arrowverse

The Victory of "No"

Exclusive (Lol): Trump's Calls To President Obama

Trump warns that companies shipping jobs overseas will be slapped with enormous bribes

Trump warns that companies shipping jobs overseas will be slapped with enormous bribes

Bruce Lee's daughter reflects on the philosophies and inspiration her late father cultivated

Nations largest solar installer to open Florida facility

Donald Trump officially backs Dakota pipeline, says its 'nothing to do' with his investments



Woman just stood up to Trump's latest outburst on twitter and America is cheering

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Teaser Trailer

help please I can't seee images

Is Trump going to "run" the country via Twitter?

If Sears is going bankrupt why doesn't Trump save it?

Today's Washington Post Crossword is by me...

We all need to get Twitter accounts...

Donald McGahn...get to know him

High speed rail across this country would solve our problem

Will trump assume the @POTUS Twitter handle or keep using @realdonaldtrump ?

Who is your pick for President in 2020?

New Meme For Trump - "Nitwitter In Chief"

Santa is WHITE. BOYCOTT Mall of America (Triggered:Trump voter's safe space violated)

Most Important Promise Trump Voters Still Want Hillary In Jail. They Are Rabid.

Pence: Trump's lies are actually refreshing because he's telling whatever comes to his mind.

So happy to be here...

Update: Vets shut down bridge forming protective line.(Indigenous Rising Media)

Lieberman: Dems won't win with slide to left

Pence: Trump Will Use Communist Model With Business

Drone Footage at Standing Rock

#BREAKING Austria far-right concedes defeat in presidential race

So Assange is basically acting on behalf of Russia

Lieberman: Dems won't win with slide to left

Austria presidential election: Far-right's Hofer defeated

So we have money to pay for orangy to stay at his penthouse, but no money for safe water for Flint?

Has our Fuhrer-Elect expressed his regret yet?

When does the Senate go on recess?

"Tweetocracy" (noun): a country...

Live prayers at Standing Rock

Lola says: My work here is done.

Were Losing the War on Science

Caravans of cars headed to #WaterProtectors campsite in ND as veterans deploy

Have you guys heard about the new show "Fauda"?

Century-Old Kamaka Hawaii Celebrates Four Generations of Ukulele Making

Taiwan Phone Call NBD. If Trump Accidently Nukes Someone Will It Be No Big Deal?.

Can dems try to say Trump is mentally unfit?

Media, Stingray, Block-out at Standing Rock. The reporting has been blocked!

Live Video Link: Standing Rock Interfaith Prayer Ceremony

The $64,000 Question Is How Are We Going To Deal W/A GOP As Bad As Trump.

Photos: Standing Rock Interfaith Prayer Ceremony

Trump's lying is Presidential?


Trump forces file Bush v Gore complaint to stop Wisconsin recount

Over 6,000 Veterans arrived at Standing Rock (12.4.2016) and ZERO live footage. It is BLOCKED!

Being A Veteran Does Not Matter The American People Don't Give A Shit. F- The USA

Questions about the recounts

Draining the swamp and installing a septic tank...

EVERYBODY takes his calls now.

Hope it is OK to start all over

Dem blame game rages over Clinton loss

5 Ingredients Shiroi Koibito (Chocolat Blanc et Langue de Chat) 白い恋人 - OCHIKERON - CREATE EAT HAPPY

5 Ingredients Shiroi Koibito (Chocolat Blanc et Langue de Chat) 白い恋人 - OCHIKERON - CREATE EAT HAPPY

Green Partys Stein To Pursue Pennsylvania Recount Petition In Federal Court

Italians cast ballots in historic constitutional referendum vote

AP FBS poll 12/4/16

Trump tweets about companies leaving US are not in line with CARRIER deal

Finland shooting: three women killed outside Imatra restaurant

Repealing Obamacare Would Give A Tax Cut To Millionaires, Like Donald Trump

Stand Up / Stand N Rock #NoDAPL (Official Video)

Today's petitions

What are you reading this week of December 4, 2016?

Some possible early danger signs for a Trump presidency

Obama Politely Asks Trump to Wait Until Inauguration Before Destroying World

Flooding rainfall, severe weather to target southern US into Tuesday

There are artist's lofts in old warehouses in most

Become a volunteer for

Italy votes on constitutional referendum

Sign up to help recounting votes with - they need you!

Police to leave bridge at Standing rock

Alec Baldwin to Trump: Release Tax Returns, I'll Quit Mocking You on SNL

How Goldman Sachs made it back into Washington's inner circle

Knucklehead Play of the Day?

THIS from a United States president-elect should give every human on the planet pause

The puppeteer speaks: Putin confident Trump will make responsible decisions

If President Obama could have ran for a third term would he have defeated Donald Trump?

Netanyahu says will discuss with Trump 'bad' Iran nuclear deal

Maricopa attorney: Trump should end marijuana charade

Mike Pence sees a real opportunity to gut health care for poorpeople

Appeals court reinstates lawsuit over University of Arizona police shooting

Show Your Support for Donald Trump - #EmptySeats

Robert Reich - Trumps Trickle-Down Populism

Why is the bigot-elect + his team purposely gloating & rubbing salt in wounds?

Putin Confident Trump Will Make Responsible Decisions

Muslim group calls for hate crime investigation after bacon smeared on Galveston restaurant

What does the white working class want?

Houston Chronicle - Galleria apartment complex targeted with racist flier

HRC now up by 2.6M votes, 2 pct ahead of Dump...48.2 to 46.2

Off-Duty NYPD Officer Dressed in Traditional Muslim Garb, Hijab Subject to 'Biased Threats'

Satanic Temple strikes out against new Texas abortion rules

On what issues are Trump's positions better than Hillary's?

Some fired Arizona state workers may get jobs back after appeal

Drunk men screaming Trumps name try to rip off Muslim students hijab

Trump economic policies could cripple U.S. economy for generation

Muslim group calls for hate crime investigation after bacon smeared on Galveston restaurant

Less regulations? WTF Donnie?

Pence: Trump's Taiwan call a "media-stirred tempest in a teapot"

Donald Trump Building Team of Racists

Arabs donate wood to rebuild Haifa synagogue

Congressional members with NRA blood on their hands

Lemont (IL) H.S. class reading list questioned by parents

We need a Democratic superstar

Daily Kos: New Updates for WI, MI, PA Recounts: Latest from Fed Court in Michigan...

Despite legal battles, Michigan recount on track to begin either Monday or Wednesday

It looks like a lot of folks here want to stay with the "you HAVE to!" approach to seeking votes.

Death toll from Oakland 'Ghost Ship' warehouse fire rises to 30

Weighing a Last-Minute Trip to Cuba

Wanna burn the US constitution? Shoot at us first: Veterans prepare to aid DAPL protesters

Agree or Disagree Recount effort is a waste of resources.

I'm going to have Christmas dinner with relatives

Merriam-Webster 2016 Word-of-the-Year: Fuuuuuuuuuuck

Are there any Muse fans here?

Author Stephen King on Trump's mental state

Venezuela to issue new bolivar banknotes after dramatic fall in value

Venezuela to issue new bolivar banknotes after dramatic fall in value

What's for Dinner, Sun, 12/4, 2016

MSNBC: (just now) Dakota pipeline stopped

BREAKING: Feds will deny easement for Dakota Access Pipeline

Minority Rule

oh for fuck sake!!!

They (we) won! The pipeline will not go through!

You Can't Unsee Donald Trump in Spam Form

Pence and Priebus defend Trump's claim that millions voted illegally

DAPL: Sec of Army Announced the Easement has been DENIED

28 Great Italian-American Recipes

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 5 December 2016

What's your favorite traditional Christmas song and/or album?

What's your favorite "offbeat" Christmas song and/or album?

Dylann Roof: accused Charleston church gunman asks for defense team back

Chuck Todd to Mike Pence: Hitting the media is always a crutch for you guys

Greece must reform or leave eurozone, says German minister

Tiffany, all I want for Xmas is you!

Army Corps of Engineers Halts Dakota Access Pipeline

Winona LaDuke reveals truth about DAPL

The Rape Scene in Last Tango in Paris Was Not Consensual

BREAKING: @BarackObama To Deny Final Permit For Dakota Access Pipeline #NoDAPL

The signs were there. They've been there since 2008.

Nodapl Worldwide Live Chat Discussion

Relations between US and UN strained over Afghanistan war reports

*Video Links: United States Army Corps of Engineers has denied the easement for Dakota Access.*

DAPL announcement coming up on MSNBC next 1:29 PST

Tom Brady becomes winningest QB in NFL history

New Post on Palmer Report...Wisconsin

What would happen if the EC voted for Hillary?

Bernie: Appreciation for @POTUS listening to the Native American people

Bernie Sanders Statement on Dakota Access Pipeline Decision

Bernie Sanders Statement on Dakota Access Pipeline Decision

Fake US embassy in Ghana shut down

Report: Gun violence costs Minnesota $764 million annually

The 10 most badass moments of the Obama presidency

America Democracy Reality Show, Now Run by Oligarchs

digby: Trump is an emoluments magnet

Trump May Abandon Presidential Duties And Violate The Law By Not Submitting A Budget

Dakota Access Pipeline to be rerouted. Great stuff. CNN

All the Bowl Matchups

Bernie Sanders on DAPL

US, China, EU, others fail to reach environmental goods deal

US, China, EU, others fail to reach environmental goods deal

First Italian exit polls: victory for No campaign (defeat for centre-left PM)

We have been lied to again, the recount in PA is still on!!!!

Trump May Be The First President-Elect To Not Submit A Budget

I Rejoice...The DAPL Decision


"I Know Why Poor Whites Chant Trump, Trump, Trump" - Must Read Article Gets It!

La joie de vivre.

A Man wrote a Letter to the Editor and it was posted here

Officials fear up to 40 dead in fire during concert at Oakland warehouse

'Show these folks some love': In Phoenix, an outpouring of support after vandals hit Middle Easter

Fake news, real bullets: Suspect with rifle arrested at DC restaurant named in Pizzagate story

Exit polls: Italy PM Renzi facing big referendum defeat

Private Prison Stocks Are Surging After Trump's Win "Totally Disgusting!"

"Latest Breaking "International" News"

Viewpoints: When Trump blames Mexico, it hurts Arizona

Obama Denies Permit to Drill at DAPL! Victory at Standing Rock Within Reach! TYT

NASA - Larsen C Ice Shelf Crack 300 Feet Wide, 70 Miles Long, 1/3 Of Mile Deep

So I went to Miami for a few days

Marine Sees Stray Dog In Afghanistan And Knows What He Has To Do

Standing Rock: Protestors Reject State Assistance Offers; "It's Just A Ploy"

Freedumb! 75% Of Trump Voters Want More Renewable Energy Development

Renzi on course to lose crucial constitutional reform referendum

MSNBC Video: Dakota Access Pipeline Route Denied

Enough with 2016. Democrats do not do well in midterms. That needs to end in 2018.

Why Blue States Are the Real Tea Party

Is Trump trying to start a war with China?

Muslim Woman Harassed on Subway by 3 Men Who Call Her 'Terrorist,' Chant Trump's Name: NYPD

So the Madman seems intent on starting at the very least a trade war with China

Tears for the dead in that Oakland fire

So, on my local farmstand's last day I cleaned him out of cauliflower and he says...

Fight within SEIU Local 1107 shows no sign of slowing down

UNLV leader says presidential debate costs far exceeded estimates

School district removes "To Kill a Mockingbird" and Huck Finn because they contain racial slurs

Activists call for removal of UNLV instructor who made controversial Facebook remarks

Threw a duck into the slow cooker last night and after a few hours...

Do you think Democrats should block any of Trump's Supreme Court nominees?

Either Trump is sane or this is Obama's Chamberlain moment

Charleston church shooting suspect asks judge to reinstate his lawyers

"Then I saw Donald Trump, and he got out there and showed he was serious about keeping jobs"

Because Obama is the President, Pence, you A-hole!

33 Bodies Recovered in Oakland Warehouse Fire; Search Continues

DAPL Permits DENIED - Victory Celebration

Trump declares support for Dakota Access Pipeline ahead of evacuation order against protesters

Hearings Will Unmask Swamp Creatures in Trumps Cabinet, Democrats Say

It started as a joke but it's legitimately now a rallying cry - Thanks, Obama.

Italy referendum: PM Matteo Renzi resigns after clear referendum defeat

Italy's Renzi defeated in pivotal referendum, exit polls suggest

Trump May Not Propose A Budget Next Year

Underwater photographer captures clarity of Lake Tahoe

Reno woman wrongfully imprisoned 35 years wants compensation

KTVU: Expect death toll to rise above 100

U.S. Navy aims to buy more Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornets: source

He's not "president-elect", he's "president in-waiting" waiting for his crown

Guantanamo detainee released to Cabo Verde

Embrace the suck

Underdogs - Anthem for Standing Rock

Too many military men proposed for Trump's Cabinet?

Underdogs - Anthem for Standing Rock