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Archives: December 3, 2016

Hold onto your hats, Wisconsin audit/recount: WTF! Greater than 100% voter turnout

Did anyone hear Trump is opening the search for SoS to more people?

"You are going to look me in the face and tell me that."

Illinois lawmaker vows to boycott inauguration over Trump's 'bigotry'

Did Trump Call Taiwan's Leaders JUST Because He's Clueless & Venal

Trump speaks with Taiwanese president, a major break with decades of U.S. policy on China

Is It Possible For Democratic Underground To Start Or Sponsor A....

Donald Trump Pentagon Pick Mattis Made Nearly $1,000,000 On Board Of Defense Contractor

Mnuchin foundation donated to groups that vouched for his bank

The Carrier deal is like the Wollman Rink...

Trump team says he backs disputed Dakota Access oil pipeline

I looked away for what I thought was a brief moment...then this happened.

What Trump could do to your retirement

Trump Warns That Companies Shipping Jobs Overseas Will Be Slapped with Enormous Bribes

Dean steps out of DNC race; Ellison says he may leave seat

Donald Trump, Loser-in-Chief

Trump Administration Could Be Massive Train Wreck Even Before It Starts.

Democratic senator says Trump's 'major pivots in foreign policy' are 'how wars start'


It's time to start challenging the thought terminating cliches

Harvard IOP - Roundtable discussion GE - Campaigns postmortem - audio

Trumps latest conduct shows hell make our divisions a lot worse

What ever happened to "Pay to Play" accusations?

30 Years of Oil and Gas Pipeline Accidents, Mapped

Satanic Temple Says New Rules on Burying Fetal Tissue Violates their Religious Beliefs.

Seduced And Betrayed By Donald Trump

Hello, everybody.

How Trump, GOP Will Maul Medicare

John Bolton wrote about "a diplomatic ladder of escalation that would compel Beijing's attention

I heard the recount funds were lagging, so I donated again.

for the people of Austin Texas

A request in the age of Trump.

Anyone going to DC to protest on January 20th? Hoping to find charter bus transportation heading

The Daily Show - President-Elect Trump's Conflicts of Interest

Marshaltown, Iowa, and the Virgen de Guadalupe

A request in the age of Trump.

New York City seeks U.S. funds for $1 million daily security costs for Trump

I have zero sympathy for the Trump voter who got screwed by Steve Mnuchin.

Trump tweets the "President" of Taiwan called him to congratulate him on his win.

Friday Talking Points (417) -- Turkey Leftovers

This is how to get Trump off the screen....Lola knows

SNL Mute Marine - Back when SNL was still funny.


Landlord Allegedly Caught On Camera Having Sex In Tenants Bedroom

Trump Organization eyes Taiwan for newest luxury resort location

I guess Palin didn't get that cabinet post.

U.S. veterans build barracks for pipeline protesters in cold.

Palin slams Trump Carrier deal as 'crony capitalism'

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! Powerless! Live, Uncensored & a new kittehs gif

Why Men Oppress Women

Cheney aide named Yates giving advice to Trump on Taiwan. (CNN) Does anybody know


"the last time a politician held victory celebrations in his own honor,............"

Uh oh. Orange Sh*tgibbon-Elect "risks showdown with China after call with Taiwan"

Trump just tweeted about his Taiwan screw up

Boldly gaying where no ones gone before: Anthony Rapp cast in new Star Trek

They came for the Native Americans, and I did nothing.

And then . . .


So Rachel is "flabbergasted" by tRump's Taiwan call

"Did you see the 1,000 jobs I saved at Carrier?"

ISIS militants in Indonesia threatened Donald Trump with assassination in chilling video

Dachau concentration camp gate found two years after it was stolen

Boren taps former Okla. senator as VP of governmental relations to fight education budget cuts

Trump wants to build luxury hotels in Taiwan's Taoyuan: mayor

who puts pineapple in cole slaw???

Oklahoma agency over state purchasing releases critical internal audit

Owasso title company owner enters plea in money laundering case

Let's BE calm, DRUMPF has already caused an intl incident, let's LET HIM BE HIM

Chances of Wisconsin Presidential Vote Results shown to be 1 in 850, and Worse for Other States

We Now Have A Pres. Elect On OJT With A Nuclear Arsenal At Their Beck & Call.

Cable Ratings For Nov 23rd

Senator Bernie Sanders' full speech at Zellerbach Hall - UC Berkeley

Senator Bernie Sanders' full speech at Zellerbach Hall - UC Berkeley

Bernie as VP. That's my 2 cents

Sen. Bernie Sanders - "Despair is not an option" - UC Berkeley

Sen. Bernie Sanders - "Despair is not an option" - UC Berkeley

Sen. Bernie Sanders - "We are not going backwards, we're going forwards" UC Berkeley

Why Trump gets more hype out of 1,000 jobs than Obama does out of 16 million

Sen. Bernie Sanders - "We are not going backwards, we're going forwards" UC Berkeley

Will electors be Americans or Hitler II aiders and abetters?

360 Video: Senator Bernie Sanders discusses economic issues - UC Berkeley

360 Video: Senator Bernie Sanders discusses economic issues - UC Berkeley

How a Presidential Phone Call Gets Made

A stalking dedication to elleng: Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground. Sorry for the visual.

Feeling trickle-ish?

tRumps Inauguration Day!!!!

Congressional members with NRA blood on their hands

Philadelphia launches voluntary recount after finding major vote total discrepancies

The Latest: 5 Nevada counties to recount presidential race

Jill Stein to confront

Me if whiney little bitch takes us down.

What will happen IF after the recounts, the totals show Hillary won the lectoral College vote

Data... Data... Data... Look at the turn out percentages.

Chris Christie makes surprise appearance at Trump Tower to visit the president-elect Read more: htt

Trump's education pick says reform can 'advance God's Kingdom'

BREAKING: 2nd Source Confirms Trump Electors Planning to Revolt


In last night's drunken rant, I asked when they would start jailing journalists. Today.....

The Fatal Flaw in the Post-Mortem Analyses

Californias Democrats Are Ready for Political War

Looted Palmyra relics seized by Swiss authorities at Geneva ports

What's with all the threads about Sanders? This is DU. He is NOT

Federal judge sides with Jill Stein over Donald Trump; Wisconsin recount will continue

Trump calls out Rexnord for moving jobs to Mexico after making deal with Carrier

TCM Schedule for Saturday, December 3, 2016 -- What's On Tonight - Early Sirk

Death threats and abuse for woman leading Brexit court fight

Who wants a comedy show every evening pointing out the idiocy of Donald Trump?

Canadian reporter Ed Ou barred entry from US - (He was headed to Standing Rock)

Trumps Victory Tour First Of Its Kind Since Hitlers Nuremberg Rallies

What radio jock will call to punk Trump first?

Could Pam Bondi be the next national drug czar?

PA lawmaker wants Electoral College votes given to national popular vote winner - PhillyVoice

G.O.P. Plans Immediate Repeal of Health Law, Then a Delay

Folks, we need to pray for our country.

Hackers steal 2 billion rubles at Russia's central bank

Why Is Trump Fighting So Hard to Stop the Recount in Michigan? A mere .22%

Counting the documented cases of voter fraud in 2016 - MSNBC

Wisconsin recount observers discover five vote counting machines with tampered seals

Jeffrey Wright Tweet:May the election of trump bring forth the fiercest, toughest generation of ass

I try to avoid puerile humor and childish name calling, but...

Way to go Dawgs!!!!

Philadelphia launches voluntary recount after finding major vote total discrepancies

Judge calls hate crime sentencing decision difficult: Theres a good side to defendant

South Philadelphia Stein supporter, Rich Garella, wants forensic audit of Philly voting machines

Student stabs, kills University of Southern California professor, police say

Paging Mr. Roget . . .

GOP Plans To Wreck Everything Because They Can. Will Blame Democrats.

Is Trump Looking To Imitate A Duterte Type Drug War.

Pope Francis Declares US Martyr: Oklahoma Priest Stanley Rother Makes History After Being Murdered I

Migrants' Deaths Reported in Arizona Prison

Macri's Neoliberal Assault on Labor Continues, 1,700 Fired

Welcome to the Trumpet.....

Philadelphias voluntary recount can trigger automatic Pennsylvania statewide recount

Buenos Aires: A tale of two cities

Trump's Victory Has Fearful Minorities Buying Up Guns

Lawsuit Filed in North Carolina over Election Rigging

After flurry of campaigns, Maine lawmakers will consider restricting citizen initiatives

WI Recount Pics of ballots not counted by machines, but manual recounts is including

Happiness is a new TV.

Exhausted-Looking Conway Tries To Obfuscate Trump's Latest Diplomatic Clusterf**k With Taiwan/China.

Europe presses ahead with Mars rover

Former Supervisory Contracting Officer Sentenced-72 Months as Part of Navy Bribery Scandal

CEO of Virginia Health Care Technology Company Pleads Guilty to $30 Million Shareholder Fraud and

Regarding Electoral College Voters Having A Revolt, and Not Voting For Trump.

Songs that make you openly weep with joy

Yes, Millennials also cost us the election.

Daily Holidays - December 3

Trump-Taiwan call: China lodges protest

Some delivery company I will not name delivered a package to my building.

He is not even sworn in and causing international incidents. I knew it is going

This weekend

CNN gave me yet another reason to ignore it.

Payday loan magnate Scott Tucker of Leawood faces more criminal charges

Kris Kobach was a source of Donald Trumps voter fraud allegation, Conway says

New House education chairwoman Virginia Foxx favors rolling back Obama regulations

Want a candy cane?

Kellyanne Conway DEMANDS to know why President-Elect Obama wasn't grilled over HIS Taiwan call...

Taking Trolls To Court -- Carrie Goldberg And Internet Misogyny

LA 2024 releases $5.3 billion budget; no new stadiums needed

Utah power players eye Senate run as Hatch flirts with 2018

Destroyer Zumwalt Resumes Voyage to California

Lawyers awarded $438,694 in University of Memphis football players' beating case

Beaver walks into Md. store, finds only artificial Christmas trees, and proceeds to trash it

Water Protectors Deliver Donations to Morton County Officers

Former Topeka McDonalds employee arrested for putting mustard in police officers drink

If you could go back in time would you rather:

More cuts coming for children's residential psychiatric care facilities in Kansas

What History Will Say

Photo: Students on Stage with Bernie Sanders at Dominican University Dec 2

Ohio Pulls License of One of State's Last Few Abortion Clinics

National Apple Pie Day: Garrison Keillor, "Lutheran Pie" (from "We Are Still Married")

Holy Conflict of Interest! The Firm Holding Much of Trump's Debt May Be Up for Sale.

Breaking down the 3 million illegal vote claim

Weekly Address: Pass the 21st Century Cures Act

Illinois lawmakers sue to get paid despite state budget mess

Trump plan could create incentive for governors to rebrand stadiums as infrastructure

Who here on DU will take the vow to "say something, do something?"

More recount volunteers needed in Waukesha County

Trump HHS Pick, Member of Group Falsely Linking Abortion to Cancer

Wells Fargo scandal encompassed up to 24 Nebraska, Iowa branches

Norway urges Trump to issue predictable, clear policy on Russia

University of Nebraska at Omaha finds swastika, 'Make America great again' carved into bathroom wall

Nightmare scenario

"The Dictator Decides"

digby: President Steve Bannon's speech about der Homeland

The "normalization" of Donald Trump has begun.

G.O.P. Plans Immediate Repeal of Health Law, Then a Delay


Lawsuit against Nebraska debt collector settled for $198,000

Necktie-Gate-- hilarious read


White working class does not equal ignorant.

6 million Americans have stopped paying their car loans, and it's becoming a 'significant concern'

In order to break the glass ceiling, there has to be a legitimate sense

What can be learned from Sandy Hook?

So, now there is a site for "Trumpgrets" for people who regret voting for him. But there's a caveat

Duterte, Citing Hitler, Says He Wants to Kill 3 Million Addicts in Philippines

Why would anybody not think that Trump would cheat to win the election? Look @ his history.

kudos to you for being brave, sir

I WILL call Trump voters racists.

Happy Holidays to everyone here during the holiday season, they can be extremely tough

American Atheists Use Trump Slogan: 'Make Christmas Great Again' in 'Skip Church!' Billboard Ads

Religious Hospital Pension Clash Accepted by U.S. Supreme Court

Weekend TOON Roundup

Jill Stein needs more recount donations to overcome Wisconsins malicious price hike

"Now is the time..."

DNC Slams Trump Over "Foolish Taiwan Call" - "Prioritizing Personal Fortune Over Security of Nation"

Syriac Catholic patriarch 'horrified' after seeing Iraqi 'ghost towns'

Why does lying come so easily to Herr Drumpf and his deplorable acolytes?

Russian information warfare, known as ""dezinformatsiya" elected Trump - Techniques and strategies

So. HuffPo Photoshopped out the Scotch tape holding tRump's tie together?

Still waiting.

Are you tired of "winning" yet?

Resistance -- Historical Ancestry -- Sioux Nation

SCAM ARTISTS: Four More Years of Corey Lewandowski, God Help Us

How Trump Could Wage a War on Scientific Expertise

The Best Way to Stop Trump Is at the Local Level - by Joy-Ann Reid

#Trumpgrets trending on Twitter

Is anyone asking WHY not-yet-president tRump can broker deals on behalf of the US?

Since Trump made bigotry in vogue again here's my story.

A woman died in my building last week............

where was Republican trump thursday night? "Alleged serial groper strikes again, twice in one night"

REVEALED: Trump Organization eyes Taiwan for newest luxury resort location

Seth MacFarlane has a theory on why a bunch of people in Hollywood can't get on board with trump

Trump representative visited Taiwan in Sept..for investment in large scale urban development project

US chamber in China says Trump administration better get up to speed quickly after Taiwan flub

What you missed this Halloween.

Trump's defense head will usher in new era of military-industrial complex growth

I'm going to miss John Kerry as Secretary of State

So has the Orange Bozo called Kim Jong Un yet?..

At least 9 California clubbers die after fire breaks out at warehouse dance party

GOP Rep Takes to House Floor to Air Grievances Over Being Told He Can't Grill on Office Balcony

Oh, hell. Just screw it all. Already sick of Trump. Planning a trip to Italy...

My husband was aghast that Sec of Defense has a nickname "Mad Dog"

new rolling stones album

Clinton allies plot anti-Trump movement

Social Welfare History: Why we have Entitlements in the USA

To Grope or Not To Grope...There Really Was No Question

Allegheny County Recount Info:

The Emperor's new clothes

The Best Way to Stop Trump Is at the Local Level

Doctors see a new condition among immigrant children: fear of Trump

Justice department to deploy mediators to Standing Rock to 'maintain the peace'

One dead, one rescued in downtown Sioux Falls building collapse

If Trump Imitates GOP Presidents, His Jobs Promise Will Fail - by Joe Conason

South Dakotans could vote on medically assisted suicide

Jeff Danziger Cartoon: Those Flag Burners

Daugaard does not anticipate cuts in state spending

Miner County case could be heard by U.S. Supreme Court

We need a rule on advocating violence. I just got hidden for objecting to this:

A farce

Texas Officials: 8 Hurt When Bus With Iraan Cheerleaders Crashes

Do you think orange hitler will create an enemies list of resistance Americans

Why are people so insistent that the Democratic Party is fatally flawed?

Philippines' deadly drug war praised by Donald Trump, says Rodrigo Duterte

Russia warns Japan not to expect quick progress on islands

Dean's drop-out reshapes DNC chair fight

Trump and Carrier: how a modern economy is like a parking garage

Veterans Going to Support & Protect: Water Protectors - Dec. 4th

Key House Chairman: GOP will 'Change' Medicare, to 'Save' It

Truth or Satire? Trump's Labor Plan Will also Solve Poverty and Poor Education

Wind farm near Newell now fully permitted

Washington Monument to Remain Closed for Repairs Until 2019

Trump wants to build a hotel in Taiwan

Should/will trump use US assets to protect international trump properties?

Former Fargo man sentenced in tax evasion case

The cost of religious tax exemptions

Photo: "VetsForBernie" banner at Standing Rock

EPA orders $2.1 million fine in air pollution settlement

Charles Barkley doesn't like the Warriors because they play 'little girly basketball'

Cold winter menaces pipeline protest camp

The letter from Carrier to its employees that Donald Trump doesnt want you to read

you know, being human really sucks at times....

3 days, 3 international incidents

1939 note, NBC regretted not censoring an announcer after he called Hitler a "madman"

I discovered the secret!

Minnesota lawmakers head into 2017 with $1.4B budget surplus

Trumps statement of intent

Farage is willing to serve Donald Trump 'formally or informally'

Survey: black and Hispanic voters reported more problems voting than white voters this year

"On Sunday Austria will elect a far-right pro-Russian president. France is next. Then Germany."

Dean's drop-out reshapes DNC chair fight

Satire: Trump Constitutional Attorneys Write New Draft for 1st Amendment.

Welcome to the post-truth presidency

Trump's taxes

The Democratic Party is at a major Congressional disadvantage. What can be done about that?

WaPo - Why Trump gets more hype out of 1,000 jobs than Obama does out of 16 million

Key House Republican Vows To Change Medicare In 2017

Interesting take on LGBT-Buddhist resistance to tRump

Satire: Trump to Replace Secret Service with Special Guards

Lowering The Bar: The Media is Already Abandoning Standards They Set For Obama

I don't know about you all....but I am starting to get a little bit frightened

Simple, what we are witnessing. The purchase of truth, the currying of favor by immense wealth,

Question about voter ID's: AA, POC, and the poor have the hardest times with voter ID

Garrison Keillor: Could President Trump Be Part Of God's Plan?

Satire: A New 2nd Amendment to Be Introduced by Trump

If wishes and buts were clusters of nuts, we'd all have a bowl of granola.

a comedian and Eric Trump walk onto a plane...

Miami Beach Man Arrested for Threatening LGBT-Friendly Church with Attack that Would Eclipse Orlando

Miami Beach Man Arrested for Threatening LGBT-Friendly Church with Attack that Would Eclipse Orlando

What shall we call the media now?

Remembering Gwen Ifill (1955-2016)

Satire: Warning from President for Life Donald J. Trump

Student fatally stabs University of Southern California professor, police say

After The GOP/Trump Wreck Everything What Will Military Have To Defend?.

Don't know much about Mad Dog Mattis but he's right about Trump's BFOE, Putin

Hillary & Democrats Lost Because We Have Too Many Racist, Bigoted, POS In The Country.

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right - We must remind Democrats how to fight for Medicare using 2004-2006

Joe Mcknight's killers previous road rage incident

BEETHOVEN Symphony No 6 (Pastoral) in F Op 68 LEONARD BERNSTEIN

George Orwell explained Trump and his voters

An example from history

What State Dept Said re Philippines - Before Trump Endorsed Duterte's Violent Anti-Drug Campaign

How badly, at what level will the trump presidency fail?

Anti-Gay GOP Rep. Says Trump Team Gave Him Assurances About Religious Freedom Protections

Anti-Gay GOP Rep. Says Trump Team Gave Him Assurances About Religious Freedom Protections

Here's who the Trump regime will screw:

Trumps Tough Trade Talk Could Damage American Factories

Russia seeks full rebel pullout from Aleppo

Melania Trump needs to be known as the Third Lady, not the first

Silicon Valley vs. Donald Trump: Who will win?

some republispeak vomiter on MSNBC just equated Obama meeting with Hugo

Trump, Cabinet could avoid millions in taxes thanks to this little-known law

A Cabinet position for Petraeus; disciplinary actions for Broadwell after affair

This pipeline represents something deeper: Voices from Standing Rock

Trumps demagogic illogic strikes again

A Cabinet position for Petraeus; disciplinary actions for Broadwell after affair

Trumps proposed tax reform is hardly reform at all

There are many norms that got broken this election cycle, that ultimately lead to an EC loss

I have a question for the cognoscenti:

Yes, you can blame millennials for Hillary Clintons loss

The Republican Policy

Crowd Source Auditing of the 2016 Vote in Key States

The moon passed Venus Friday evening, but theres more to come.

Will Trump Attempt to Monetize the White House?

"Ask not what The Donald can do for you. Ask what you can do for The Donald."

So, let me get this straight.

THIS video (DJT&N.Korea) makes me want to pull the covers over my head...I'm 70 miles N. of Seattle.

Reminder: Trump goes on trial for raping a minor on Dec. 16th

Call me, maybe

Forward without caring about dues from racists

Forward without caring about dues from racists

a trip to Prague

Koterba toon: Trumping an Amendment

a trip to Prague

Tell Michigan AG Bill Schuette to stop playing games & let the recount begin (PETITION)

TCM Schedule for Sunday December 4 - Kings of Israel

Cannon Ball, North Dakota

Woman wakes up to find Florida Man at foot of her bed, petting her cat

Is there a more moronic plan than to repeal and then take years to replace the Affordable Care Act?

The years of calm are over. In Donald Trump well have a child at the White House

A recipe breakthrough. Bacon and eggs. Bacon bits.

Call President Obama

Walmart settles same-sex benefits discrimination lawsuit for $7.5 million

Presenting... the Donald Trump Chia Pet!

Trump's Defense Secretary pick Mattis is opposed to female and LGBTQ soldiers

White People Are A Little Too Damn Happy About Trevor Noah vs. Tomi Lahren

TCM Schedule for Monday December 5 - 90th Anniversary of Vitaphone

No, Donald. Once again, I am not the puppet. You are the puppet.

Today's petitions

Donald Trump Isn't Draining The Swamp - He Is The Swamp

Oakland officials fear up to 40 dead in warehouse party fire

If the recount does reveal hacking, we will never be allowed to know.

Frank Rich: Dont Be Fooled: Donald Trump Will Never Walk Away From His Businesses

DAKOTA PIPELINE PROTECTORS ??? Is there a live stream ???

Trump International Hotel, Washington, DC Special Offer

With about 25% of the Wisconsin vote counted

If neither party runs an out in the open racist for president

I think I actually want Trump to pick Petreaus as Secretary of State

A quote about living life, on life's terms..."You just do it.." Elizabeth Tayor..

I found this article soothes my fears

Sanders: Election not a victory for Trump, loss for the Democratic Party

Trump's Victory Has Fearful Minorities Buying Up Guns

How many Courts orders did the GOP/KGB *IGNORE* this past election cycle?

This has to be the worst Presidential transition in at least recent memory, right?

The Pardon President Obama MUST GIVE before he leaves office:

I think we have to get beyond this

United pays $2.4 million 'Chairman's Flight' fine

Authorities prepared for up to 40 deaths in Oakland warehouse fire

Trump, Cabinet could avoid millions in taxes thanks to this little-known law

Why didn't the liberal justices retire from the Supreme Court during Obama's 2 terms?

Maine's rainbow-themed warm-ups to protest controversial HB2 law

Democrats channel disappointment into Louisiana Senate race

U.S. veterans build barracks for pipeline protesters in cold

Does anyone know how Faux news is reporting on

congressman in public

Mexican raped in Montana jail getting $125,000 settlement

Exclusive: U.S. standards council to investigate New Oriental after Reuters report

Shout out to DU Californians. Great pick for California AG!

#Milwaukee Cty to audit medical care in jails after 4 deaths: Jails are run by Sheriff David Clarke!

What's for Dinner, Sat., Dec. 3, 2016

Montana hospital seeks dismissal of radiologists lawsuit

"...when will they ever learn, oh when will they ever learn?"

Montana Governor Bullock identifies carbon capture opportunities

In nearly every swing state, voters preferred Hillary Clinton on the econom

Those that claim to love The Constitution

Democratic senators call on GSA to break Trump's D.C. hotel lease

Montana high court orders halt on declare date for victims rights initiative

Chinese Xinhua news agency state the weapons 'can destroy U.S. Asia-Pacific bases at any time....

Petitioners seek Denise Juneau as University of Montana president

Cowardly Donald Trump - Afraid of Recount

Donald Trump Opposes Recount

The No-BS Guide To The 2016 Recount

Montana Gov. Bullocks budget proposes 27 highway patrol layoffs; AG calls plan dangerous

Vets Shut Down Bridge At Standing Rock (12/2/2016)

Montana lawmakers consider taxes on medical marijuana

200,000 Indonesian Muslims Demand Christian Governor Be Jailed

Should we even go there? Historians on comparing fascism to Trumpism

Of course this election had nothing to do with racism. Its obvious

Bernie Sanders challenges Trump over jobs boast: 'What are you going to do?'

Lest we forget the stuffed ballot boxes in the SC KGB/GOP office that was vandalized

Are people underestimating the 'No More Bushes or Clintons' sentiment this election?

Bernie Sanders challenges Trump over jobs boast: 'What are you going to do?'

Hmm. . . completely out of stock, I think we all know who bought up the supply

He doesn't want the job.

If you supported Dean for DNC chair, who do you back now that he's withdrawn from the race?

John Kerry isnt going quietly into the night

Democracy didn't fail us!

Voter anger over Trump's election goes deeper than Clinton's loss

Are People Underestimating that Trump was running as much against Obama as HRC?

"only three companies rank among the top 30 polluters of America's air,water and climate:"

Trump's first one-hundred days void of substance

Couples house trashed, tagged with swastikas

Congressional members with NRA blood on their hands

In all the postmortem analysis that I have read here,

I think the Internet will be greatly curtailed once Trump is in office.

older holiday movies 2016

This is a Documentary

Video: Bernie Sanders at Dominican University of California - December 2, 2016

Bernie Sanders at Dominican University of California - December 2, 2016

CNN reporter Donald Trump does not have to reach out to people who did not vote for him

And here's yet another thing to piss us off.

Veterans standing up for Standing Rock CBC News

I was and still am proud to have supported Hillary.

The Election: Of Hate, Grief, and a New Story

My Dream Team for 2020

Is anyone else waiting for the other shoe to drop?

Because I am a dough head...

Obamacare: how much was it to blame for the loss?

Haven't seen much discussion on the WH cleaning up the mess trump made with the Taiwan call.

I think we should consider adopting a 'marble' voting system like they have in The Gambia.

Why It Will Be Hard to Repeal Obamacare

rural Hispanics and whites voting and why

Its Time for Bernie Sanders to Apologize to his Supporters, and to President Obama

Spam the Trumpster ... LMAO

Bernie Sanders: The Future of American Democracy is at Risk

Trump Margins Shrinking, Lawsuits Seek to Block Recounts

Democrats Should Take Heed - Trumps Red Wave Is No Blip

from Robert Reich

Senators Schumer and Sanders to Hold Hands Off Medicare Press Conference

Fake news, a fake president and a fake country: Welcome to America, land of no context

Senators Schumer and Sanders to Hold Hands Off Medicare Press Conference

At least nine dead after fire at warehouse party in Oakland

Green Party Drops Statewide Pennsylvania Recount

Commentary: Are all Buddhists atheists?

I repeat...the chair is against the wall...

Elizabeth Warren wants some hearing aids sold over the counter

I heard some folks say Hillary wasn't pro-Pot enough. Well, say hello to AG Sessions

The neuroscience argument that religion shaped the very structure of our brains

Will Likely See A Large Rise In Hate Crime That The New AG Will Ignore.

Ted Rall's Bernie Bio Has Extra Relevance in the Wake of the Democrats' Presidential Defeat

about an hour ago, procession of Vets

White Trump voters that voted for Obama twice aren't racist, they are Emotion Voters

Oakland Fire - Callous, Wanton and Reckless Disregard for Human Life

Thanks, Trump, for getting us into WWIII before even taking the oath

Far right has second chance in Austrian presidential election

How the "dubia" drama will end

Concert in Mexico city shows what they think of Americas next President.

What's been happening is confirmation bias...