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Archives: December 2, 2016

i'm amazed at how stupid some people in this country are....and how malicious certain media are.

Recounts give edge to Hillary- WI, MI, PA reversed.

MSRNC is now continuing their wall to wall coverage of a DRUMPF "event". Tweety is off the air.

Johnson & Johnson hit with over $1 billion verdict on hip implants

Johnson & Johnson hit with over $1 billion verdict on hip implants

Jean-Georges Vongerichten - restaurant owner in trumpo tower and everywhere else...

Oh Dear God- There is another Trump rally.

Oil leases in Utahs scenic Nine Mile Canyon will be up for bid in BLMs first online auction

"Product Placement' in "Back To The Future"

How Putin, Khamenei and Saudi prince got OPEC deal done

Starting to understand why red states might be voting against Medicaid and SSI

A little good to warm your hearts

Syria conflict: US coalition admits killing civilians in Manbij

Call Boozeman Right Away

Another Clinton-Trump divide: High-output America vs low-output America

UW-Madison puts raises on hold after Obama overtime rule blocked

Trump rally empty, attendees chanting "Lock her up!"


Congressional Democrats should filibuster rule change to allow Mattis to be Sec of Defense

This was posted in a DU thread by mackdaddy but I think it needs its own thread

Penzeys: Open letter to CEOs of America

Trump is Trying to Stop the Recount

MANCHIN is in the running for Energy Secty? West Va gov & gov-elect are Dems.

Pumpkin spice tacos are here!

Oh God. It's real. He's holding a rally just like those damned speeches.

Is MSNBC now disbanding its political commentary shows?

Shouting match erupts between Clinton and Trump (and other campaign) aides at Harvard

Groups are forming to resist the totalitarian Trump

Will Trump do product placement in the Whitehouse? Why not?

Heads up homeowners: Mortgage interest deduction on Trumps chopping block

House votes to double budget for Planned Parenthood investigation

More and more, my decision in 1965

Hillary should definitely not use the media to stay on Trump's case for four years.

If you abolish the EC

Small number of snow geese dead on Berkeley Pit

Mexico to Trump: Those Carrier jobs are not the story

White supremacy's inferiority complex

U.S. ethics office tweets sarcasm at Trump on business conflicts

Trump speaking now live. He's telling won election war story after another.

Trump's Speech...

The Trump Rally in Ohio

Ace Hardware denies ban on sales to pipeline protesters

Clinton wasnt charged with mishandling classified information. David Petraeus was convicted of it.

Just some good old drive-time DJ redneck humor.

Gee, not one thread about our CALIFORNIA SUPER MAJORITY???

Its Throwback Thursday! Old and Tired Medicare Ideas Resurrected

OMFG! "We are going to put the miners of Ohio back to work!"

M$M scolds FB 4 Fake news, preens self on biggest fake news story: Clinton email "scandal"

UChicago startup turns renewable energy into natural gas

The Array of Conflicts of Interest Facing the Trump Presidency

What female news anchor cried when she realized Trump was going to win?

Viktory for Comrade Trump!

Hey Don ! The campaign is over. Hello ? n/t

George Carlin Quote Thread. I started without you. Go!

Trump is shocked that Carrier took him literally. That doesnt bode well for his many promises.

Trump speaking on his victory tour: All arrogance, worse than the campaign

Trumps Lies Arent Lies Because Theres No Such Thing As Facts Anymore, His Surrogate Says

I'm starting to hope he gives Palin a cabinet post.

Fuel from sewage is the future and it's closer than you think

How do we have a depleted military?

Donald Trump, the First President of Our Post-Literate Age

I am really frightened.

Report: Downtown Minneapolis Macys To Close

Trump thanking the wrong people...

Marty! You've gotta come with me! Something has gotta be done about the future!

California attorney general pick pledges affront to Trump

Don't watch tweetsie live.

Americas first Whites Only President of the new century gloats and loves his adoration

In Seattles Past, a Harbinger of Standing Rock

Tea Leaf Reading Forecasts A Coming Assault On Working People

Why Is Trump Fighting so Hard to Stop the Recount in Michigan?

Obama yard sign reappears in my area after tRump win.

Instead of a-hole DRUMPF, the Rob LOWE Roast is re-running. COULTERgeist gets shredded

The White House Says Women Should Be Required to Register for the Military Draft

Rwanda's Catholic Church says sorry for its role in 1994 genocide

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Powerless! Live, Uncensored & a new kittehs gif

Bronson Koenig shares his thoughts on role models, Standing Rock

Report counts nearly 300 sexual assault cases on Minnesota campuses

Watching Football Game...Anyone

So he is considering a secretary of state

Beaver walks into store, finds only artificial Christmas trees, proceeds to trash the place

Kellyanne on Trump's tweets alleging election fraud:

Zac Goldsmith loses Richmond Park byelection to Lib Dem

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman will not run for re-election

Bernie Sanders: Carrier just showed corporations how to beat Donald Trump

US overhauls public land use planning; senator vows reversal

The anti-GMO kooks in Hawaii have lost out again...

Without evidence, LePage tells lawmakers he cant attest to election tallies

Trump still reveling, as pres-elect, on his promise to lock up his political opponent

To say this is an electon like no other is a gross understatement.

Maddow is reporting two new contenders for the Sec of State job....

The Rythym Rockers- a famous Yooper rock band

An early rock and roll group from my hometown

Political Notebook: DES cult had a weapons cache

A lot of farmers voted for Trump. They might be very sorry they did:

Parents disarm their son who brought guns to Utah school

Dayton has 'expressed concern' about suite use to U.S. Bank Stadium chair

so the deplorables still want to 'lock her up'....

In WIS, MI, and PA, 4 universities could decide the fate of 34 Limbaugh/Trump radio stations.

GOP senators move into building they fought to stop

The Sociopath

"What conflict of interest"

House Science Committee Tweets Climate-Change Denying Breitbart Article, Debunked by Scientists

Macys closing flagship Minneapolis store on Nicollet Mall, report says

Trump has bizarre conversation with Pakistani leader

Lawyer: Tutor thought child had gun; injuries were accident

An argument for the Electoral College

NSA going public with request to Mr. President to release intelligence on Russian hack.

If the Russian interference in our election is not disclosed, we need a general strike. Every

Anderson Cooper is kissing Trump's ass on the Carrier deal

Luckovich Toon: Trump - Shorthanded

Trump's "trolling" serves a purpose

So tRump and Pence use other people's taxes,...

We are not your property.

"I would rather lose than win the way the guys you did."

Go away, Conway.

This is much more heart breaking now.

Iowa Public Employees' Retirement System unfunded liability nears $5.6 billion

He's the smartest...

Gillibrand says she won't vote for Mattis waiver

Standing Rock Water Protectors

Ain't gonna happen...

Nonprofit group launches fundraiser to sue Florida to force 2016 presidential recount

Hi all

How are we to be sure they won't mess with the recount? These people are pond scum

Ivanka Trump, climate czar?

months ago, Steve Bannon knew precisely which states Donald Trump would flip

This from my FB feed on a nonprofit group planning to sue FL. Has anyone else seen this? Thoughts?

Hillary asking for volunteers in Wisconsin

Indiana is one of at least 16 states that will actually give an employees state income tax

Trump Mocks ABC News Martha Raddatz for Crying on Election Night

Reminder that Wikipedia is having a fundraiser...

Nations worst drivers: Utahns

For $1 Million, Donors to Trumps Inauguration Will Get an 'Intimate' Dinner With Mike Pence

A BLACK OUT for the Inaguration?

Goldman Sachs and Baker Hughes Are Launching a Fracking Business

Indiana Reporter Barred From Donald Trumps Carrier Event

Was the US Presidential Election "Free and Fair"?

Mexico Workers Unearth 650-Year-Old Temple at Supermarket Demolition Site

Mexico Workers Unearth 650-Year-Old Temple at Supermarket Demolition Site

Hillary is collecting her own volunteers for the Wisconsin recount.

Heidi Heitkamp's Donald Trump meeting sets off alarm bells for Democrats

Hillary is collecting names of volunteers for the Wisconsin recount.

So what reforms do we want at the DNC?

"The End of the Postracial Myth"

The Christian Left

Hot off the presses - The No-BS Inside Guide to the Presidential Recount


North Korea to challenge Trump after inauguration: expert

Gergen gets real about Trump's 'unity' doublespeak: 'I never liked the son of a bitch'

Ivanka Trump might head climate change issues

Oh whatever. HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!!1!!

1 Year After San Bernardino Attack, Survivor Recounts Moments Of Terro

People in Indiana are going to wake up with a bad taste in their mouths

If Brownback joins the Trump administration, would a Kansas budget fix follow?

Ailing Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, is safely evacuated from the South Pole

Trump's Victory Rally was in Cincinnati and he lost it by 10 points

VA may have infected 600 veterans with HIV and Hepatitis

Trevor Noah interviews conservative commentator Tomi Lahren

Harvard Roundtable Forum Discussion - The General Election

With Greitens on board, Missouri lawmakers introduce right-to-work proposals

Visitor accidentally locked in Chicago jail for 32 hours gets $600,000

Planned Parenthood files federal lawsuit challenging Missouri's abortion restrictions

Jane Fonda: Standing Rock Is Greed Vs. Humanitys Future

Given every opportunity to act/sound Presidential, he gives in to his baser nature once more:

No Shit

We had an almost 79% turnout here in Washington,

WTF --

After driving 'CannaBus' through Springfield, '420 Jim' says he's being held hostage by tickets

Sedgwick County made a $566,000 payment, but it didnt go where it should have

I'm tired, drunk and afraid after watching. So I have to ask the questions I'll get flamed for

85% of What the Trumpster says is bullshit

Trump is the Peter Popoff of Presidents.

The most terrifying thing yet about Trump!! :-( ...

Kellyanne Conway is as dangerous and despicable as Donald

New congressman Jamie Raskin shows exactly the right attitude Democrats need for taking on Trump

Burning the American flag How to properly retire/dispose of an old American flag

Jamie Raskin shows exactly the right attitude Democrats need.

Mr. President, Declassify the information! What did the Russians do to damage our election?

Three Condors, 'King of the Andes,' Released into Ecuador Wild

Kamala Harris on Election Night: "Do Not Despair" (VIDEO)

Someone (Coyotl) already posted this

Three Condors, 'King of the Andes,' Released into Ecuador Wild

A disgusting psychopath

So.. former presidents usually go to inaugurations

now I am really scared. New tests to be ordered-test for leukemia and pancreatic cancer

Trapped in gondola, woman gets $750K

After Trump win, abortion opponents push for new limits in Arkansas

Arkansas legislator says colleague considering bill to remove Clintons' names from airport

Man imitates Pepe the frog at Trump rally

Do the electors, of the electoral college, read and talk amongst themselves?

Not to put too fine a point on it, but ...

Court upholds $122.5 million judgment in bombing case

So, I saw GWB "abstained" from voting for president?

Ex-Arkansas sheriff seeks end to registering as sex offender

TCM Schedule for Friday, December 2, 2016 -- What's On Tonight - Star of the Month - Myrna Loy

How so many millions...

Goldman Sacks Then & Now - Get on your Knees America, feeding America to the Alligators!

Seems to be a few lessons we could learn here (or more than a few!)

Martin Shkreli responds to Sydney school kids who recreated his overpriced drug for US$2

Who Is Sara Netanyahu? Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahus Wife Interrogated For Alleged Mis

Highlands Ranch mother, sons died of gunshot wounds from gun she purchased

Lady Freedom has Returned

Until we can abolish the EC, we should work to make it proportional by total state vote.

Shouting match erupts between Clinton and Trump aides

Given what DT's threatening to do to immigrants. Becerra as CA AG is definitive 'wartime consigliere

Trump team moves to block Pennsylvania recount

So, Carrier just destroyed their brand. Forever.

Stop Treating HUD Like A Second-Tier Department

I am hoping the recounts and electoral college will reverse this nightmare. Meanwhile,

Joe McKnight, local football legend looking to resurrect career, gunned down in Terrytown street

Gov. Edwards' approval rating rises after 9 months filled with budget crunch, tragedy

Abolishing The Electoral College Is Best For America

Understanding of Parkinson's 'transformed'

Gov. John Bel Edwards' task force recommends $700 million boost for transportation

BP approves $9 billion deepwater project

FDA approves trial of Ecstasy to treat PTSD

10 Ways to Tell if Your President Is a Dictator

Paris, Mexico City, Madrid and Athens move to ban diesel vehicles by 2025

The US electoral system is a disgusting mess from head to toe.

Daily Holidays - December 2

Russia and Trump use the same tactics

Pastor says car salesman swiped wife's nude photos from his iPhone, sent them to swingers' site

(Many) Affiliated with Forest Park Medical Center (FPMC) in Dallas Indicted in Massive Conspiracy

Five Defendants Charged In White Plains Federal Court With A $33 Million Mortgage Fraud Conspiracy

Barrett Brown, Anonymous activist and award-winning journalist, released from prison

Johnny Manziel court hearing in Dallas postponed, to be rescheduled

From now on I will refer to HER as Madam President. It ia part of my therapy

Tourism, business groups vow to fight possible Texas bathroom bill

NY Times story on election postmortem up at Harvard makes Conway look good

The country with members of MENSA, the country with Pulitzer Prizie wiiners, the

Trump's "Victory Lap Tour" reminds me of that one review of Spinal Tap's "Shark Sandwich" album...

El Paso judge says other judge waved middle finger at him

Propaganda push starts: Carrier Denies Local Reporter Access To Trump 'Celebration'

F*cking buckle your seat belt: Jon Stewart sounds the rallying cry for fighting Trumps agenda

Guns N Roses Invited Mexican Fans to Beat a Donald Trump Pinata

Sen. Sanders: Donald Trump Setting 'Dangerous Precedent' All In MSNBC

Sen. Sanders: Donald Trump Setting 'Dangerous Precedent' All In MSNBC

Police: $70K-plus stolen from Lumberton Band Booster Club spent at casinos

Trump's Breezy Calls to World Leaders Leave Diplomats Aghast

No space between...

I can't believe that I've been put into the position of rooting for Lindsey Graham...

Photo: Wells Fargo in dialogue with Standing Rock

Photo: Wells Fargo in dialogue with Standing Rock

Florida Atheist Sets Up Anti-Trump Festivus Pole At Citys Christmas Display

Lewandowski: Trump rallies "were like rock concerts...We had groupies! Holy shit!"

The Gaines Brouhaha, Buzzfeed's Gift to the Religious Right's Martyr-Making Machinery

SMH (again): Trump introducing his choice for Sec of Defense like WW star, "Mad Dog" Matis

Why famed atheist Stephen Hawking is on a pontifical academy

With Der Trumpenfuhrer, political ads forever!

BMWs Departure from Breitbart advertising

🐦 Dec 2 - 7pm - Bernie Sanders at Dominican University of CA

🐦 Dec 2 - 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM - Bernie Sanders at Zellerbach Hall UC Campus Berkeley, Ca

Breitbart SQUEALS After Levi Strauss respectfully ask people not to bring firearms

Josh Marshall: The Wages of Bullcrap

There is so much that the US and Trump could learn from the Roman Empire:

So it Begins.... In Michigan!

What A Bunch Of BS! On Draining the Swamp

Generals From Multiple Nations: Climate Will Drive "Unimiginable" Refugee Crises - Guardian

Perfect! "Fake Cowboys & Real Indians" - NYT OpEd On Standing Rock

Tom Ford won't be dressing third lady Melania Trump

Jury Decisions

What can Obama do?

Clinton spokeswoman to Trump's: I'd rather lose than provide a platform for white supremacists

"There Is No Cavalry" - Cities Face Prospect Of Dealing With Climate Issues On Their Own

Democrats have no obligation to approve of any of Donald Trump's "appointments".

Historian: Similarities between Trump rally & Hitler rallies are as clear as they are terrifying

Paul Krugman: Seduced and Betrayed by Donald Trump

Damn, Trump lies about everything.

It Can't Happen Here

Unemployment rate declines to 4.6% in November; payroll employment increases by 178,000

Drought Monitor - Post-Gatlinburg Rains Did Little; Soy Shattering, Pastures Bare In AL, GA

Trump is an obnoxious asshole. Unfortunately, I think many Trump supporters are OK with that.

DU has improved so much! It seems to me that when things are really dire--when W was pResident, now

U.S. Nonfarm Payrolls Rose 178,000 in November; Unemployment Rate Falls to 4.6%

Wikileaks drops German docs after Merkel announces run against pro-Kremlin AfD

This is the most dangerous time for our planet - Stephen Hawking


RIP "coronation" and "her turn." Sad BS memes finally pass their expiration date.

Self-indulgent Trump embraces the permanent campaign

Canadian great-grandmother, 80, wins $50m lottery: 'I'm too old for this'

Let us remember this number: 4.6%

Society allows men to look their age but not women.

Gambia's Jammeh in shock election loss after 22-year rule

178K jobs created. 4.6% unemployment, lowest since 2007. #ThanksObama

Man who tried to join ISIS attended Pence's voucher funded madrasa

"I just wish that I had not voted"

DUers Standing With Standing Rock Water Protectors (Solidarity Thread)

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - The Jobs scammer

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - The Rest

Would ted Cruz have won the same voters trump did

Best Jobs Report in Nine Years...hear that trump?

NYT: "We only report news when we are sure that it is true."

Breitbarts Climate Science Misinformation Embraced By GOP-Led House Science Committee

I never do this but....

Trump to preside over the richest Cabinet in U.S. history

If you want to see REAL HATRED and what is ACTUALLY COMING.. READ THIS !!!!

After January, Obama should record some songs. Heard him on NPR this morning. He's good. nt

Trump will helm a government of, by and for corporate America

Anti-vax quack Andrew Wakefield meets with Trump

The Carrier deal shows a big problem with Trump's approach to the presidency

The sobering reality: He's our problem now, for all of us.

Trump voter lost her home to new Treasury secretary

what are you going to do on Inauguration day?

What Will Trump's Impact Be on Millennials?

Man who tried to join ISIS attended Pence's voucher funded madrasa

He is so "unpresidential".

Every Trump appointee will disappoint you

Need to contact Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee.about Repeal of ACA

Want great schools for your kids or as a teacher?

Guess what I went to go see last night?

Russian spacecraft fails after launch

Dumpster meeting with 2nd Goldman Exec for budget director

Does Trump have any murderous impulses?

 Why the Working Class and the Left Fail as a Couple and What to Do About It

Dems hoping to lead DNC square off in Denver Friday

Keith Ellison's platform for the DNC

The lying liar said crime rates were the highest in forty five years

Russia says foreign spies plotted huge cyberattack

Battle for Iraq's Mosul could take 'months

Electors start fundraising committee in Colorado

Men Dump Their Anger Into Women

Michigan attorney general files lawsuit to halt

Trump Brags About Ridiculous Scam "Deal" He Made to Keep 1000 Jobs in US

How about we try a "reverse role play".

Trump "Leaving His Business" Does NOTHING to Resolve Conflicts of Interest

Moving Forward: Ideas for the DNC (Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL )

Trump voters making up excuses why Trump isn't draining the swamp

The essence of Donald Trump

Venezuela rejects Mercosur suspension: foreign minister

Want Groceries in Venezuela? First Stop at Six ATMs

Every time and everywhere ***** appears in public, I want a crowd of citizens to burst into this:

Progressive Congressman Takes Your Calls! (w/Guest: Rep. Mark Pocan)

The monetary meltdown in Venezuela

'We do feel forgotten': About 1,300 Carrier employees will still lose their jobs, despite Trump deal

Traffic Light Lets You Play Pong

When did you stop showing the results of

what is going on with random words on DU in blue and with a double underline?

As expected - the morning spin in Cincy is "Arena more than half empty due to traffic". lol

Keith Ellison's platform for the DNC

Climate Warming/Change Denial Is More Than Wrong It Is Criminal.

IMO, the number one reason Hillary has been demonized for so long, and had high negatives

About those Trump voters who didn't "get it"

Moving Forward: Ideas for the DNC (Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL )

Massive Voter Apathy - The Undiscussed Factor in 2016

Over 2.5 million now. Dumpster you are a loser!

59-year old CA Trump voter who lost home to Mnuchin "Can't believe it".

The secret we are up against, automation will not make Manufacturing jobs.

"Bernie Mafia" has a request Democrats can't refuse

Is there a app that blocks trump news on safari using a mac

Those who voted (or didn't vote) out of spite deserve the outcome.

Trump's deal with Carrier moves 1,300 jobs to Mexico

Sandy Hook gun lawsuit moves forward in Connecticut Supreme Court

"Card services" is now "Triple V..."

Trump's first State Visit?

Two pet peeves:

Bernie scares Trump :)

I can't find a website that will debunk this stupid claim that is filling up Google

Bernie scares Trump

Cartoon: Trump repeals Obamacare

Jill Stein spoiled the 2016 election for Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump invites Philippines' Duterte to White House during 'animated' phone call - aide

Judge denies request for special prosecutor in Christie case

Buddha in the Time of Trump

The Latest: Trump aide says Clinton email probes may persist

Pic Of The Moment: Making America Great Again By Kicking Grandma Out Of Her Home Over 27 Cents

We need to run a goody goody two shoes,i.e. super clean guy like Jimmy Carter in 2020.

Obamacare RIP: Republicans Finally Have a Plan

Girl Overjoyed at Doll With Matching Prosthetic Leg

Bernie Sanders slams House Republicans for tweeting Breitbart article denying climate change...

Why Is Trump Fighting So Hard to Stop the Recount in Michigan?

Bernie Sanders slams House Republicans for tweeting Breitbart article denying climate change...

Trump team moves to block Pennsylvania recount

October jobless rates down over the year in 231 of 387 metro areas; payroll jobs up in 311

Starting today, I am adopting a new term when speaking about the poser-in-chief.

what are we but a fire?

I fear for those who registered with DACA

Interesting and alarming:

For the record, I don't think he'll go Full Hitler. But he doesn't need to go Full Hitler.

Chris Christie Arrested for Keying Trumps Limo report by Andy Borowitz

Labor Participation Rate will soar under Trump

Wisconsin count continues - for now, but may be put on hold due to Repub intervention.

The next FBI headquarters, a $2 billion project, could be built by a Trump associate

Tweedy racists and "ironic" anti-Semites

CEO who said he wants to replace workers with machines could be Trump's next labor secretary

Today's petitions

ADL Reverses on Keith Ellison, Now Opposes His DNC Leadership Bid

Trump forming economic advisory team with CEOs of Disney, General Motors, JPMorgan, Wal-Mart, others

Trumps Wealthy Appointments Contrast With Populist Campaign Tone

Spox Dodges Question On Whether Carrier Deal Could Return To Bite Trump

The Wisconsin debacle should have been a real wake up call

House Dems Blast Science Committee For Promoting Breitbart Climate Article

The problem for Hillary is she won the popular vote but those voters live in the wrong

History repeating itself.

Over 2,000 scientists urge Trump to respect scientific integrity and independence

US Immigration

The end of the American Empire?

Ellison Responds to ADL Statement Criticizing Him for Disturbing Comments

CNNs Jeff Zucker Heckled by Republican Operatives For Pro-Trump Slant in Primaries

"believe me"

Praetorian Guard?

Michigan attorney general files suit to stop recount

Jeff Sessions tried to block an LGBTQ campus conference as Alabama AG

How Millennials voted this election -

The decline of party identification in 2016 election - Brookings Institution

Trump names pharma innovator Martin Shkreli to lead FDA

Trump adviser points to Kobach as source of unsupported claims about illegal voters

Gingrich Boosts His Speaking Fee

How to Begin Tough Conversations in Trumps America - Brookings Institution

Trump allies try to freeze recount efforts

Michigan board deadlocks, removes recount hurdle

No Widespread Voter Fraud Despite Trump Claims

So Democrats are no different

Is this true: Trump to tax the poor

Trump name James "Mad Dog" Mattis as Secretary of Defense

Regarding the Carrier "deal"

Trump Commerce pick signed pro-TPP letter, said jobs wouldn't come back from China

Canadian Journalists Detention at U.S. Border Raises Press Freedom Alarms

Shannons (Bellevue, NE) council paycheck could be garnished

Van Jones on The View yesterday- Interesting discussion

Trump's feelings of inadequacy and the impact of his infantile need for approval on our country

The Problem for Hillary was that Russia Controls our Media and a Major Political Party

What did OBAMA do differently in '08 from Hillary in 2016?

I just wish that I had not voted. Trump voter lost her home to his new Treasury secretary

Trump Is Neither A Job Saver Or Job Creator Its Another Con

Photoshop #MAGA UPDATE: Another hideous double chin photo Trump hates. Hilarity ensues.

Clinton won majorities among voters in the rust belt who said the economy was their PRIMARY issue

Trump reveals new White House Press Corps, and it's a roster of ALL-STARS.

Trump Invites Man Who Called Obama a "Son of a Whore" to the White House


The Latest: Michigan Board Deadlocks, Removes Recount Hurdle

Baltimore Amtrak tunnel replacement would cost $4 billion

My nephew has decided to not re-enlist in the Air Force. I am so relieved

This is why Americans are overweight and broke

Looking back I, personally, see no benefit to Democrats from Sanders or his supporters

Carrier incentives stir debate over 'rewarding' offshoring

Michigan's Effort To Drug Test Welfare Recipients Catches Zero Bad Actors

Oh this is too rich isn't it??

The new congress, starting with the Senate democrats who MUST filibuster every move harms America

Democrats Spoil for Fight on Trump Cabinet Picks

Donald Trump's Supreme Court Picks Could Ignite a War With the Left

Filibuster casino don's Supreme Court nominees

Rep files amendment to kill Electoral College

FEC goes after Donald Trump for more than 1,000 violations of campaign finance laws

Veterans groups fear Trump will 'burn down' VA

Robert Mercer is having a huge extravaganza on Saturday at his home.

Fake Cowboys and Real Indians

Voting rights advocates brace for biggest fight of our lifetime during Trump administration

For the truly desperate among us...

The trick to persuading Trump? Flattery, proximity and snappy pitches

Former Special Forces Officer: Gen. 'Mad Dog' Mattis Left 'My Men to Die'

I recently bought a new/old dell optiplex 7010

Papantonio: House Republicans Are Crippling FDA To Benefit Big Pharma

Chris Christie Arrested for Keying Trumps Limo

Surprise! Trump Owns Stock in Carrier Parent Company

Vets Groups to Trump Team: Don't Privatize VA

The letter from Carrier to its employees that Donald Trump doesnt want you to read

Union plumbers step up to keep St. Paul Schools water safe

Union plumbers step up to keep St. Paul Schools water safe

Right Wing Watch: Donald Trump Is Called To Be A Prophet

The Onion, from 2010: Biden Receives Lifetime Ban From Dave & Buster's

When you only have hopelessness and hatred in your heart...

Pence abandons Reaganomics

Trump supports completion of Dakota Access Pipeline

Do liberals want to be right or do we want to fucking win??

Yet another reason that Hillary lost

White man who gunned down black ex-NFL player in road rage case released without charges

Pence abandons Reaganomics

Darrell Issa wins reelection, AP projects CRAP, I HATE HIM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trump team revs up attacks on media: Corey Lewandowski says NYT top editor should be in jail

Black atheists matter: How an increasingly vocal group of freethinkers is taking on religion

Mills calls off his recount request.

Is there a good resource for explaining the trans bathroom usage issue to people?

Magic mushrooms to the rescue!

Here's an early x-mas present for ya.....I know I am waiting to use it.

"A fragile hope has been broken by my white brothers and sisters"

Standing Rock Protesters Are Being Starved Out! (w/Guest: Maimouna Youssef)

Don The Con Is Using Reagan's Tactics To Control The Media!

**** Autumn Seasonal Photo Contest**** Submissions have started!

Must-read piece from Masha Gessen on Trump, autocracy and fighting for our democracy

When will you consider "rhetoric" from Trump and his minions becoming legitimate threats?

GOP voters suddenly less enthusiastic about repeal of Obamacare since election of Donald Trump

Bernie Sanders Brigade: Veterans at Standing Rock brought back the stolen canoes

I Sure Do!!!

Walter Scott shooting: jury unable to reach verdict in officer's murder trial

Walter Scott shooting: jury unable to reach verdict in officer's murder trial Petitioning NASA - Petition to send Donald Trump into Space and Leave Him There.

DeVos, John Birch, CNP, Mackinac, tRump Repuglinazis

Stopping for gas on I-5, Central Valley petition NYC refusing third lady costs of $1M/day

Arlington County Tops Clinton Vote Margin List

Nico Rosberg has retired

Michigan Election Board DENIES Trump Effort to Block Recount

Question, Would the media be reacting any different if the situations were reversed?..Trump-Hillary?

Multiverse theory and the Trump phenomenon. Or disaster, if you will.

Trump backers ask federal judge to halt Wisconsin recount

Obama expected to sign Iran Sanctions Act extension into law

Same imbecilic, moronic, hateful ideas. Different package?....

House Science Committee Cites Breitbart To Deny Climate Change

Are you ready for some football?

Pope recognizes first US-born martyr

What's for Dinner, Fri., Dec. 2, 2016

Trump transition and science

Duran Duran 'shocked' after losing legal copyright battle

Donald Trump profited from investment in Carrier's parent company

Seduced and Betrayed by Donald Trump-Supporters soon to lose Obamacare, Medicare

Funny spud made me think of Trump...

Trump negotiated the loss of 62% of carriers Indiana jobs

Trump's First Victory Tour Speech Outlines His Menacing Vision for an Angry, Insular America...

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri voted to re-elect Nancy Pelosi, but sees future in Tim Ryan

Perfecting a Whole-Wheat Dinner Roll

Blue-collar Elitism

Ajahn Brahm addresses the Trump election and fear in general

If we change NOTHING, how do we make any sort of a comeback in '18 and '20?

Acquisition Chief: LCS Program 'Broke' the Navy

Dean drops out of DNC chairmanship race

#Trumpgrets website compiles regretful Trump voters lamentations for your reading pleasure

Joe McKnight's shooter, Ronald Gasser, released from custody

Fast forward to Summer 2017. Conversation between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.

The Judge was forced to declare a mistrial in Walter Scott trial in South Carolina?

Those who don't want to change the Party's approach are killing the left

Having a senior moment here... a little help please

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Veterans groups fear Trump will 'burn down' VA

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