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New Google Chrome extension replaces the term alt-right with rebranded white nationalism

NPR's On The Media dissects the alt right and Steve Bannon

This Shopping Spreadsheet Is A One-Stop Way To Boycott The Trumps

Former USAG Ashcroft Remarks on Fed Judge/US Trustee, Corruption

Can I say this about Gwen Ifill?

There's an old saying


Just look at one county in PA and its just mind blowing and shocking... the results are very shady

Oh well my Thyroid received some damage from the radiation.

Hit it.

Alabama officer fired over racist meme calling Michelle Obama fluent in ghetto

Trump meets with school reformer, Michelle Rhee with education secretary post still open

Aleppo's last hospital destroyed by airstrikes

Obama May Jump Into Fray as Democrats Counter Trump

Charlie Strong is so gone.

Lucy & Ethel pack chocolates ..have a laugh..2:03sec. Lucy was one of the funniest ever..

* Justice Sotomayor on C-SPAN @ 9:20 p.m.

Joe Wilson. You LIE!

"I want you to think good thoughts about a pussycat." Old New Yorker cartoon...

Trump meets with Michelle Rhee as she is considered for Secretary of Education

Mike Huckabee said set to be US envoy to Israel, tasked with moving embassy to Jerusalem

Search seems to be broken

Pope Francis names 17 new cardinals of Roman Catholic Church

Have a laugh..Lucy and Ethel pack chocolates..2:03..I Love Lucy..Sept. 15, 1952. enjoy

Senior U.S. officials recommend removal of NSA director: sources

Trump's big infrastructure plan? It's a trap.

Houston smoked Loserville

Archeologists Have a Huge New Stonehenge to Figure Out

Yet another reason to call House Oversight Committee and

The Power of the Daleks

When do non star members get to come back?

Which of the Upper Midwest states we are trailing in let people put initiatives on the ballot?

Remeber Susan Sarandon? She would like to reach out in a dialogue to those who voted for trump

Excellent! - Norm Ornstein: We're beset by 'angry populism' and 'partisan tribalism' (PodCast)

Jeff Sessions Could Reverse Years Of Progress On Marijuana Policy

Aftermath 2016: Tess Rafferty's hard-hitting statement on the election of Trump. This is good!

John McCain: I dont give a damn what Trump says, US will not resume waterboarding

Cheesy Mashed Potatoes for the Soul

Meet the man behind Biden-pranking- drumpf memes

Tempers flare at Capitol amid racially charged protests; eight arrested

NYTimes: How Van Jones Became a Star of the 2016 Campaign

I Would Like To Take The Time To Thank ALL DU Admins For Working Around The Clock To Save DU

joeybee12 appreciation thread. Notre Dame is guaranteed a losing season!!

Donald Trump is running his transition like his businesses

Not so progressive: Trump-style politics seep into Alberta

Just returned - I couldn't take it any more without DU

Funeral for Gwen Ifill Draws Thousands of Mourners in Washington.

As he shapes Cabinet, Trump meets former rival Romney and retired Gen. Mattis

A president-elect pays 25M for defrauding people of their life savings. MSM yawns

Actually, "deplorables" is a very very (veddy veddy) good word for the crap

Billy Bush Lost His Job....

How the Culinary Union made Nevada one of 2016's bright spots

Feds block joint venture between American Airlines and Australia's Qantas

Trump Takes Time To Meet with Indian Business Partners

Really, thank you Lorne MICHAELS & SNL (despite naysayers)

'Extreme surveillance' becomes UK law with barely a whimper

Have there been any comments on the election outcome and aftermath from Jimmy Carter?

Joe Manchin says he'll back Trump picks for administration


Trump already violating blind trust agreement by meeting with Indian business partners

Chuck Schumer Is All In On Bernie Sanders Democratic Party

Alec Baldwin Will Be Back as Trump on 'Saturday Night Live' This Weekend, But 'Not All That Often' A

I hope the electors vote HILLARY. Trump does not have what it takes to be Pres. (like Pres. O said)

Area Liberal No Longer Recognizes Fanciful, Wildly Inaccurate Mental Picture Of Country He Lives In

Trump's victory explained

Rachel Maddow Interviews Dems' Last Hope For Senate: Louisiana's Foster Campbell

Space Archaeologist Sarah Parcak Uses Satellites to Uncover Ancient Egyptian Ruins

Where are the Republicans??

This Star Is The Roundest Natural Object Ever Seen

This designer refuses to dress incoming First Lady Melania Trump

Who will be the Republicans who eventually step up

In latest voter ID filing, feds argue Texas discriminated on purpose

Pantsuit Nation rallies at Islamic Center in Charlotte, where Muslims fear Trumps impact

How does Donald Trump feel about his Son in Law going to Hell?

Late night thoughts on listening to Mahler's Ninth Symphony.

Italys Zone of Endless Shaking

Consider volunteering with Hamilton Electors cause

Do you want to know if a friend, family member or co-worker donated to Trump's campaign?

For all those losing their shit over Pence being booed at a play...

Trump shattered the record for most votes in Florida.

"Michelle" -- Paul McCartney on June 2, 2010 sings the song he's been dying to sing

Trump's election does not bode well for the CFPB

"Cooking trumps Racism" - Penzeys Spices owner Bill Penzey, Jr. speaks out

Looking forward: Democratic Outreach

"Cooking trumps Racism" - Penzys Spices owner Bill Penzey, Jr. speaks out

I've added two new entries on my Holiday Card list.

Upstate quadriplegic waiting for RN services 9 years due to dispute with state

Nikki Haley could be DC-bound regardless of foreign policy inexperience

New CIA Director Mike Pompeo on torture, Muslims, terror, Iran, NSA spying

South Carolina State debuts 55-year-old running back

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

My Lightbulb Moment: It's less important to know how we lost; more important to learn how they won.

Georgia lawmakers abandon bill that would have outlawed Muslim veils

Georgia Dem wants to ban all non-hands-free telephone calls while driving

Columbus mailman indicted in 24M tax fraud scheme

Georgia Power to pay over 1.5 million to settle discrimination suit; affects 24 people

♫ Let It Snow ♥ Harry Connick Jr ♫

Grenades now? What next?

Afro-Brazilians Celebrate Long History of Resistance

Rick Scott says Florida has a friend in Donald Trump

Andy Borowitz on facebook: I'm starting to wonder if a President who is afraid

India train crash: 100 killed in derailment near Kanpur

"The Republic Repeals Itself"

Best U.S. weather satellite ever launches

Florida man offers pickup truck in exchange for missing dog

S Korea president Park Geun-hye 'had role' in scandal

Wondering how much this will increase the electric bills.

Sanders takes President-elect Trump to task during Miami Book Fair appearance

Shedding its geeky image, high school marching band is now the apotheosis of cool

More than 1,500 people march in Gainesville anti-Trump protest Saturday

Don the Con is a Fascist

State worker charity campaign nose-dives

I'm a little freaked out by this. Is Russia hacking the petition?

State Democratic Party chair stepping down

Hillary Clinton's Popular Vote Lead Over Donald Trump Now Exceeds 1.5 Million Votes

Professor Alan Lichtman on why the polls were wrong and he was right.

The "Tweet Idiot" is at it AGAIN!

He's losing it, lol

Diageo to move Captain Morgan aging and warehousing to MD; rum production to stay in Virgin Islands

Court rules Virgin Islands government wrongly cut union members pay

Melania and Barron Trump won't be moving to the White House

Virgin Islands Medicaid Patients Go Without Care As Contracts Linger In Government Bureaucracy

Diversity? Damn straight I'd like to see some diversity.. How about an appointment that ISN'T

Sundays Doonesbury Toon: A visit to the Don

Bicycling metaphor and the winds of change

Fitch Gives Virgin Islands Bonds Negative Outlook; Deems Continued Borrowing As Unsustainable Path

No LOL-Cats???? Anybody know anything about it. I wonder if Salmon is having trouble signing

Toon: Pence goes to the wrong musical

Bicycling metaphor and the winds of change X-Post from Bicycling

Puerto Ricans consider a future under new governor and new president

Donald Trump Meets With His Indian Business Partners Despite Blind Trust Promises

Republicans on climate change Toon

Trumps big infrastructure plan? Its a trap.

Hillary Is Spinach, Trump Is Cotton Candy

Someone should tell Trump that POTUS is not Latin for Monarch

Happy Birthday JOE BIDEN!!!!

What It's Like to Be Black and Atheist

NO, he has lost it! LOL LOL LOL

He's losing it, lol (REDUX)

Gold Star family of slain Calif. soldier booed on flight-from First Class Passengers.

French secularism: Anti-religious or safeguarding freedoms?

Any Democrat who works in the Trump administration is finished with me.

Federal judge at citizenship ceremony: If you don't like Trump, then leave

Donald Trump Deletes Follow Up Attack on Hamilton

What about Obama for chair of the DNC?

More bailing on failed software

With everything going on Trump has made himself an ersatz theater and television critic

Pope closes Roman Catholic 'Holy Year' marked by lights and shadows

Infrastructure Build or Privatization Scam?

Don't forget Il Duce was the clown.The Fuhrer was the serious one.

Hillary said to fight for our values--and that is what I will

Bentley considering Special Session on prison construction

This wasn't a election... It was a Russian and FBI Coup

Trump already violating blind trust agreement by meeting with Indian business partners

The Polls Really Weren't That Far Off

trump's america: Father of fallen soldier says plane passengers booed family

Hamilton cast responds to Trump's demand for an apology:

There are other things to learn if we're ever going to return to majority party status:

Teaching 1984 in 2016

How Hillary Clintons 1.4 Million Popular Vote Lead Broke Records

How Hillary Clintons 1.4 Million Popular Vote Lead Broke Records

So now flat out lies are "exaggerations?"


Trumps Chinese Armada: One Shipment From China Every Three Days For Ten Years

25 Million dollar fraud settlement and he's not even in the white house yet.

What would be the reaction if HRC had won the EC lost PV by 2million and ranted on twitter

Donald Trump Is the Result of White Rage, Not Economic Anxiety

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, November 22: U.S. National Parks' 100th Anniversary


I am one of those 538 National Elector's and yes the Electoral College is in play

Obama To Get Revenge For GOP Obstruction By Leading The Resistance Against Trump

Anyone else get faked-out by Trump's "White House" pictures?

On Hamilton, Pence, and "this is why Trump won"

Trump uses an anti-semitic trope in a tweet and then deletes it:

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, November 23: To Tell the Truth

NSA Director Faces Firing Calls From Pentagon, U.S. Intelligence Elites

Mikey wasn't offended by Hamilton cast

"Medicare for the Win" - Josh Marshall, TPM - another important read

Trump railed against drug prices. Now the industry's allies help shape his agenda

"The 18th Century office" - Josh Marshall, TPM - about the presidency - very relevant

The 800 Pound Gorilla in the room

Here's the real "pay to play"

The empowerment of bigotry

Arctic And Antarctic Sea Ice Level Hit Simultaneous Record Lows - 8 Standard Deviations Out

How interesting - Hitler didn't think he should have to pay taxes, either

How did we go from "Global Warming"...

What will the deplorables think when no jobs return from overseas?

Is this real? Ryan:We passed a bill to block President Obama from issuing new regulations in the fin

America is about to become one big Alabama

It is great to be back here but I have a confession to make:

Fitrakis & Wasserman: Did the GOP Strip & Flip the 2016 Selection?

Try to imagine four years of the Limbaugh show running 24/7.

Electoral College in Play? Names and hometowns of electors available here:

Most of the Sunnis and Shias are working class, right?

Dilemma: should someone tell the Trumppence crowd, or should we let their blissful ignorance stand?

When SalmonChantedEvening fans searched for our Sunday LOL Cats fix from him, we

Donald Trump Meeting Suggests He Is Keeping Up His Business Ties

If you'll excuse me, I have to go stand up against hatred...

Fantastic Beast and where to find them.

Voter turnout research shows...

has anyone seen the republican plan to replace 'Obamacare' ????

Trumps victory could not have been possible without the election of Barack Obama

Voter turnout research shows...

Well known celeb and RW journalists "Seig Heil"!

Top States' Voter Turnout - STATS

Top States' Voter Turnout - STATS

What the Hell Happened?

That point where you realize you are being mugged.


MAKE. NO. MISTAKE. Trump is setting about destroying every social safety net

Trumped: Coals Collapse, Economic Anxiety Motivated Ohio Valley Voters

Marine Le Pen takes huge lead over Nicolas Sarkozy in new French presidential election poll

Not a repeat - Saturday Night Live skewers Donald Trump, and Trump gets mad

Trump and Pence vs. Hamilton cast: A collision of two Americas

How we look to the world now. MUST WATCH this Irish Senator giving America a piece of his mind

Bad news: Trump is not becoming any more presidential

In job growth, blue states outpaced red states in past year

Open Letter to Hillary Clinton. If you want to Lead us, then get back in now and do so!

Gov't by distraction. We're talking about Hamilton & SNL, not the Trump U. pay out

By 5 pm Saturday Alone, 73 New Fires Reported In Georgia - Mostly Small (So Far)

How the Culinary Union made Nevada one of 2016's bright spots

How the Culinary Union made Nevada one of 2016's bright spots

Jeff Sessions nominated for AJ for one reason - He's a bigot

Corey Feldman to take over title role in "Hamilton" starting in January

Hillary Clinton's Popular Vote Lead Over Donald Trump Now Exceeds 1.5 Million Votes

November contest. My thoughts on finishing it out.

McCain warns Trump on torture, waterboarding

Who thinks Rmoney will take the position?

Disrupt J20 is scaring the living crap out of me

Judge Tells New Citizens They Can Leave The U.S. If They Dont Like Donald Trump

Trumps Secret Is the Same As Berlusconis

Doyle McManus on how to prioritize panic under Trump--today's LA Times:

Alt-right leaders praise Sessions as attorney general pick

Obama May Jump Into Fray as Democrats Counter Trump

To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin

A Bleak Outlook for Trumps Promises to Coal Miners

Some things to consider about president elect Trump

This is a Silent thread for all those we lost this Transgender Day of Remembrance

So Many Options, Yet Donald Trump Picks the Ugly - by Nicholas Kristof

So Who Do You Think Megyn Kelley Was Referring To

One-Million Women March on Washington - Jan. 21st (Saturday)

It's snoooowwwiing!

Pence says he's not offended by comments to him at Hamilton show

For those predicting a tRump collapse

Alexander Hamilton and the Electorial College

Sen. Sessions finds out the Attorney "General" does not get a uniform

Reince Priebus says criticism of Jeff Sessions as attorney general 'very political, very unfair' -

These Harvard Business School Women Have Harsh Words for Steve Bannon

Draining the swamp? - Sack cartoon

Schumer openly stating plans to adopt Bernie's imperatives for the party.

Today's Petitions

Atty General Loretta Lynch needs to seize those voting machines now if we're to have a chance at

Gov. Robert Bentley: Interim senator must support Trump

Harry Reid is right: Donald Trump has no legitimacy until he walks back the vileness

Ghost in the Shell's Trailer SUCKS

Autocratic for the people: As Trump's populist wave recedes, an authoritarian regime in the making..

Bulletin for NC voters

Obama To Get Revenge For GOP Obstruction By Leading The Resistance Against Trump

Auburn eagle crashes into goal post during pregame flight

Remember when the word CZAR was used to suggest an Emperor Obama?

A Black Comedy of Errors

Rep. Katherine Clark (D-MA) Introduces Legislation To Stop Trump From Profiting Off The Presidency

Merkel to Seek 4th Term as Germanys Leader.

What are you reading this week of November 20, 2016?

Leonard Pitts: Trump Needs To Own The Hatred He's Unleashed

The Election was Stolen Heres How

You young (or old) confederate flag waving Trump voters, you just voted to kill your grandmother.

KONG: Skull Island Trailer 2 (2017)

Negative painting works

Does everyone still know "We shall overcome?"

DU this GOP priorities poll

Could you considering adding an avatar in honor of Transgender Day of Remembrance?

Something to look forward to ----

Fake Donald Trump returns to SNL, and the real one is not happy

Does this bride have her hand on the bridesmaid's ass?

"Progressive" Cornel West Takes A Victory Lap After Helping Elect Donald Trump

Forced to Leave Odessa as a Girl, and Yearning for the Life She Knew Then

Adam Curtis: Putin, Trump, Syria, Brexit

How NYT treated Clintons improperly-reopened case vs Trumps fresh 20 MILLION FRAUD SETTLEMENT

"tiny hands"

Great the deplorables are now spreading false narratives about us.

A big part of the problem

99 yard interception return by Minnesota

Trump may make me homeless

Trump: American's First Part-Time President

How to Roast a Turkey

A lurker no more....

Ivanka will run the White House events like the First Lady instead of Mrs Cheeto....

GOP wins over union members in Midwest

GOP wins over union members in Midwest

GOP wins over union members in Midwest

Donald Trumps mock assassination draws ire at Texas high school

Does everyone still know We Shall Overcome?

Hillary won the popular vote by a greater margin than 24 of 45 elected Presidents.

My letter to the editor published Friday

Anyone remember 2001 Bush Inauguration?

An interesting read: I am one of those 538 National Elector's and yes the Electoral College is in p

Pence on Trump's unprecedented conflicts of interest: Who cares?

Schumer Says He Can Block Trumps Efforts to Repeal Dodd Frank

I'm ready to start looking forward to 2020. And right now, Joe Biden is our best answer.

AP FBS poll 11/20/16

Trumps wife, Melania Trump, and son, Barron Trump, will not be moving into the White House.

Short and simple answers are in short supply

Anyone 50 or over who can, I ask you to consider signing up for AARP -- now.

The most amazing reaction I'm seeing so far

Trump issues a warning to Obama - Stop talking to the rest of the world, it's mine now

NBC News under fire for misleading tweets about Trump chief of staff's answer on Muslim registry

Can call Paul Ryan to participate in ACA survey

Donald Trump Meeting Suggests He Is Keeping Up His Business Ties: Reince Priebus is unconcerned

Waiting and watching for something to bubble up.

Call Ryan's office to express YOUR SUPPORT FOR OBAMACARE...I just did this. YOU should too.

31 Obama And Biden Memes That Are So Good They Should Get Four More Years

Pence doesnt rule out reviving waterboarding under Trump administration

After 2-yr. lull, I finally get a deer....

The time has come to ruin somebody's life...

Is it time for the Trumps to admit that the Presidency is just another fleeting pastime?

Faith groups express Dakota Access Pipeline opposition to Obama

UK's Corbyn: Trump a 'rich white man' faking anti-elitism

Can anyone recommend a reputable


Trumps rise has certainly brought about some new dynamics..

Some good news.

Trump Supporter Shouts Profanities And Interrupts HAMILTON In Chicago

Will the Tax Returns be released before inauguration?

Is Der Fuhrer going to bring all of

How do we repair and reinforce the VA

Donald Trump's Threat To Dismantle NATO, Explained -- What The Hell Is Going ON?

Donald Trump has already revealed his governing style---pics

Retired general Mattis a top candidate for Pentagon chief

The Rural Votes Disproportionate Slice of Power

2016 SUCKED. Trump was the TURD on top of the shit cake

The neo-Nazis are absolutely overjoyed that Trump will be President on January 20, 2017.....


Donald Trump: the kind of candidate the Electoral College is designed to prevent from taking office

There are areas of Kentucky that are so impoverished but you never heAR

A response we COULD give to those who attack "identity politics" :

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 21 November 2016

Someone spray painted a Mason City church sign again.

Mexican President Pena Nieto's Suffering in Polls Traced to Trump Visit

Mexican President Pena Nieto's Suffering in Polls Traced to Trump Visit

Orrin Hatch puts a big wrinkle in McConnell's'potential nuking of the filibuster rule

Muslim Ban?

Trumps Infrastructure plan: Privatize Interstate Highways, bridges, tunnels

If your mortgage is with Green Tree/Ditech, heads up.

Sarkozy humiliated in French Primary

Trumpkins would absolutely hate Greater Los Angeles

Why misogyny won

120 dead so far in horrific train crashin Northern India

Defense Industry Well Represented on Trump Transition Team

Japanese man shot dead in Colombia

I spent the 9th of Nov-the 13th at a pre-planned shamanistic retreat...

"The Cash In Begins" - TPM - one of the few media doing real reporting

Donald Trumps Art of the New Deal?

The effects of the DRUMPF's 0.2% victory that have filtered down to my personal level so far

"Militarized Neoliberalism" and the Canadian State in Latin America

"Militarized Neoliberalism" and the Canadian State in Latin America

In-your-face Pillage and Plunder

Interesting view on Trump from Reddit.

This is how they try to make America white again

A question from an ignorant Canadian.

Richard Rortys 1998 Book Suggested Election 2016 Was Coming

A Big 12 Championship game is so stoopid.

Or was my adware attack a Microsoft plot?!1

Another cop assassinated in Texas

Maya Angelou Still I Rise

Who has Medicare Advantage?

I just saw an ad for Amazon Prime that made me happy.

Let the Republicans babysit this dangerous orangutan...

Mike Pence Refuses To Rule Out Torture In A Trump Administration

Winter is here

I'll be watching the American Music Awards too see what Jay Pharoah

Pence: Trump to push repeal of Obamacare

Well, at least one of us