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Looks like the Con plans to abandon all protocols

Southeastern Fires Hit 80,000 Acres In Six States

It's taken me a week to watch or read news. I'm gutted and I'm not even American.

Today a good day for college basketball

A happy story for a change.

Yellowstone Park accident victim dissolved in boiling acidic pool

Mr. President: Unifying this country is not what the don boggle wants to do.

This is the sweetest story--a whole text exchange with pics:

The effing media!!

Hillary Clinton Is More Than a President - "I love Hillary"

Jeff Sessions Was Deemed Too Racist To Be A Federal Judge. He Might Become Trumps Attorney General.

What might Trump's deportations look like? 'A system that defies imagination'

I can't believe what I'm seeing

Arizona Democrat: 'We have a duty to treat Trump like the threat he is'

Crotchety Orrin Hatch puts a big wrinkle in McConnell's potential nuking of the filibuster

Bernie Sanders Surprise Speech Outside the White House on Rejecting Dakota Pipeline and Trump

Billionaire green activist Steyer vows to battle Trump, says money not an issue

PALAST:The Election was Stolen Here's How

Sanders: Schumer, Pelosi and Ellison are the leaders of the Democratic Party

Alex Jones

After all, what do you have to lose? . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Bernie Sanders Surprise Speech Outside the White House on Rejecting Dakota Pipeline and Trump

Thanksgiving Bread Basket

Bonafide Trump Apologist Mark Halperin Defied His Own Journalistic Standards When Covering Trump

Why didn't THEY...?

Major security risk for some Android phones: they can send customer texts and info to China.

Vladimir Putin Knows More About Donald Trumps Plans Than U.S. Officials Do

Colorado judge denies gag order for Planned Parenthood gunman

Lincoln school officials apologize for asking students to remove American flags from their vehicles

Michigan board recommends universal lead screening for infants

Trump has Court date Nov 28 for Fraud (Low v Trump). Another case for elder abuse, RICO-class action

The white, middle class worker the Democrats need to chase.

Seriously? There's no menopause group? They have their own musical!?

Congress could undo Obama-era student loan relief

Oh god what a mess my country and yours are in

U.S. House votes to bar sales of commercial aircraft to Iran

U.S. House votes to bar sales of commercial aircraft to Iran

Trump's win brings 'white pride' out of the shadows.

Venezuelan president approval slips to minimum, under 20 percent: poll

Media is already "Bushing" Trump..

Thank you President Obama. Protest like your lives depended on it because they do.

Migrant children banned from using crayons at US detention facility

Trumps Potential SCOTUS Pick Has Said Crazy Awful Things About Queer People

General Flynn makes me want to vomit - this is what he wrote about Turkey on Nov 8th

WP: Flynn is going to be our National Security Advisor... what to say... my gawd.

Gingrich says he wont hold Cabinet post under Trump

Im A Jewish Queer Woman And I Already See The Impact Of Bannons Hate

Canadians offer to let the West Coast join Canada

Who the fuck is showing the NFL game tonite?

Arkansas High Court Bars Union From Protesting at Wal-Mart

Arkansas High Court Bars Union From Protesting at Wal-Mart

Arkansas High Court Bars Union From Protesting at Wal-Mart

Congress could undo Obama-era student loan relief

What do we know about Jared Kushner? he is going to be the most influential person behind Don

If we work with Donald Trump and our agreement improves his approval rating

US Votes Against Anti-Nazi Resolution at UN

Frosh launches Maryland hate crime hotline.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Greg Palast! Live, Uncensored & a new kitteh gif

Feds: Cincinnati Zoo Barrier Failed to Meet Standards in Harambe Incident

Go along with Don the Con Democrats Should Be Ashamed

US Urges UN Arms Embargo Against South Sudan, Russia Says No

Koterba toon: A couple Trumps


Right-Wing Extremists Storm Brazil Congress, Demanding Coup

Right-Wing Extremists Storm Brazil Congress, Demanding Coup

Ever since November 9th I've been fine with my husband and son watching

California's Happy Cows

Trump/future tense

In Donald Trump's America, is California the new Texas?

I saw a bearded man wearing really unusual (klan?) robes in the middle of the day,

Help me understand

An Electric Car Future Needs Non-Trumpian Policies

Meet your new national security adviser

Did the DU admins alert Agent Mike about the hack?

Brazil: Temer ally swept up in latest Car Wash corruption arrests

I've been max angry since 12/12/00.

Let me know if you visit: Trump's casual invite to prime minister leaves civil servants aghast

Trumps Impact on Clean-Energy Businesses

Planned Parenthood Has Already Received 46,000 Donations From Mike Pence

Trump offers retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn national security advisor job

One reason the establishment hates Gen. Michael Flynn: he took money from the Russian propaganda

How Bad Will Trump Be for Climate Policy?

Extraordinary photos show secluded Yanomami tribe at risk from gold miners

Extraordinary photos show secluded Yanomami tribe at risk from gold miners

The Troubling Road for Climate and Energy Under President Trump

We are all providing reasons, data, trying to explain the outcome - BUT

Matt Bai's postmortem

Iowa City police offering reward for info leading to arrest of hate note author

I booked that flight!

Batman kitty rescue by Anonymous Los Angeles, CA

Maine man charged after allegedly threatening to kill Obama, Pingree

Someone is missing his hookah.

Stand your ground for country mice -- and city mice, too

The Myth Of The "Singing Snakes" Turns Out To Be A New Frog Species

The Myth Of The "Singing Snakes" Turns Out To Be A New Frog Species

Unsure if it's been mentioned, but plus mark

Chinas Great Leap Backward The Atlantic

ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt pledges to register as a Muslim

We are one major terror attack on American soil .....

mr. fish - "Lincoln Memorial Service"

Solar Cells Get Boost with Integration of Water-Splitting Catalyst onto Semiconductor

Nicholas Kristof on the selection of Michael Flynn as national security advisor...

Fresh Air tonight - fascinating (and sickening) - all about Bannon

Bolivia Condemns OAS Secretary Commitment with the Right-wing

Trump as President is a modern 'Beverly Hillbillies'

Pstmortem of the elecctions - OK I will give it a stab

Support Tim Ryan for Dem. House Leader

Tess Rafferty - Aftermath Election 2016

Donald Trump Shoots the Breeze With the Prime Minister of Japan

Republicans plan to "drain the swamp" by gutting campaign finance laws

Leave Hillary Clinton out of this

Darrell Issa: 'Liberals are trying to steal the election' with 'illegal, unregistered voters'

David Freaking Frum- We Might Have To Remove Trump Due To Psychological Problems

Trump Hires New Head Of Security For Trump Tower

Is there any connection between the hack and virus/malware/spyware? Or totally separate?

Make Climate Change the Highest Political Commitment, Nations Say

Tesla's bid to buy SolarCity is approved by shareholders, but challenges remain

Tess Rafferty - Aftermath Election 2016

Walt Star wannabe

AAAS Explores Science Policy in the Incoming Trump Administration

Hundreds Of U.S. Businesses Urge Trump To Uphold Paris Climate Deal

Name that tune.

Donald Trump is betting against all odds on climate change

Mittens to get on knees this weekend.

I think Trump is playing with Romney.

Why couldn't I log in from work, too?

Yay I can post DrNworb videos again!

Lawrence O'D live now.

Crowley runs for chairman of House Democratic Caucus

Do you think the Republicans and the Democrats should be working in a bi-partisan way?

Someone please explain why Ivanka & her husband were at Trumps meeting with the Japanese PM

Norways largest bank just pulled its assets from the North Dakota pipeline

The Lies Begin As Trump Takes Credit For Keeping Ford Plant In The US That Wasn't Leaving

David Brock gathering donors to kick Donald Trump's ass

Israeli Invention Automates At-Home Marijuana Growing

IMO, until Trump actually gets past the electoral college vote

Nigeria Reaches 5.1 Billion Debt Settlement With Oil Majors

New York, New Jersey Still Split Over Bus Terminal Project

New York, New Jersey Still Split Over Bus Terminal Project

Trump's Name Will Be Removed From Apartment Buildings After Residents Demand It

Norways largest bank just pulled its assets from the North Dakota pipeline

Schneiderman issues bulletin on hate crime

*Jon Stewart on Charlie Rose now/tonight.

Hitler and the Law, 1920-1945

Michael Flynn's son and chief of staff pushed conspiracy theories, obscene memes online

What will it take

I'm back..... can you guess why?

Trump takes credit for Ford plant not moving to Mexico. Not

Surgeon General Murthy Wants America To Face Up To Addiction

Surveillance Self-Defense Against the Trump Administration

All his criticizers will eventually kneel before him, Steve Schmidt had a look of fear in his eyes

Automated Pro-Trump Bots Overwhelmed Pro-Clinton Messages, Researchers Say

Team Trump's chilling harassment of Megyn Kelly a frightening preview of whats to come?

Clinton Strategist Karen Finney Blames Election Loss on Sexism from Bernie Bros

The Senseless Death of Tobeka Daki: Auctioning Health and Life to the Highest Bidders

Poor Uday and Qusay Trump! No Prime Minister photo ops for them :(

TCM Schedule for Sunday November 20 - Deanna Durbin

TCM Schedule for Monday November 21 - TCM Spotlight: To Tell the Truth

This election is the end result of the Jefferson/Jackson revolution of the common man

This is not a postmortem, as we all know the unfortunate results.

Remember When George Takei Said He Loves A Country That Once Betrayed Me?

Another depressing AND uplifting John Stewart vid:

2016 election fraud action possibilities

Lt. Gen. Flynn was paid by Russian government to speak and sat right next to Putin.

A *telling* vignette of DRUMPF & our dire situation from Billy CRYSTAL, because Comedians.

Report from Kansas newspaper on rigged voting machines

Tess Rafferty's take on the election is amazing

Treaty by Leonard Cohen

Richard Branson unveils prototype for Concorde replacement

Son puts valuable coins stolen from father through Coinstar to buy crack: Torrington police

Nick Gordon ordered to pay 36 million to Bobbi Kristina Browns estate in wrongful death case

Jesse Jackson: Obama should pardon Hillary Clinton

Skit depicting Trump's assassination lands San Antonio teacher, students in hot water

On Rural America: Understanding Isn't The Problem

Trump's coming!

Remember the WA state Governor's recount in 2004

Ok I think people know we're headed down a shit tube

Oddsmakers give Mark Cuban, Kanye West same chances to win presidency in 2020

Millions riding on whether West Texas jurors believe T. Boone Pickens or not

Scarlett Fakhar says she was fired by KRIV-TV following pro-Donald Trump Facebook post

Youre not just imagining it: the Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump vote totals do look rigged

Illinois blast damages more than 50 buildings

♫ Even In The Shadows ♥ Enya ♫

GOP abortion bill would ban use of fetal tissue

Texas Lawmaker Wants To Force Schools To Out LGBT Students To Parents

Florida man yells 'I voted for Trump' at black Starbucks barista

A Good Samaritan saw a deputy being attacked by Florida man so he fatally shot the assailant

Now he is planning a Thank You tour!

Former Valeant Executive, Former Philidor Ceo Charged- Illegal Fraud And Kickback Scheme

North Miami Check Casher Sentenced for Cashing Over 11 Million in Fraudulent Tax Refund Checks

Former Rite Aid Vice President, New Jersey Businessman Sentenced In 12.9 Million Fraud And Kickback

Navy Officer Pleads Guilty in Massive Fraud and Corruption Scandal

Christie readies to remain in N.J., 'no reason to believe' Trump job offer imminent

Republicans Are Ready To Unleash The Most Unconstitutional Law Ever Conceived

Garrison Keillor: Life after the election

ADL head says if there's a Muslim registry, 'this proud Jew will register as a Muslim'

Who do I call to report a treasonous crime?

I'm not staying logged in -- is this just stale cookies?

A Fair Election? Serious, Hard-to-Explain Questions Arise About Trump Vote Totals in 3 Key States

Trump and his family are like the Beverly Hillbillies go to Washington

Donald Trump offers Jeff Sessions attorney general post

Well, whadaya know... A reconstituted neo-confederate as US Attorney General

Miami - Tidal Flooding Becoming Routine: "We Didn't Think It Would Be This Bad"

World Cup Event Canceled (No Snow): Alberta Ski Resorts Urged To Diversify

New Yorkers! Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's office is taking a concerned citizens' tally on Bannon

Nature - How Much Longer Can The Southern Ocean Absorb Carbon & Blunt Warming?

Study reveals two seismic processes by which hydraulic fracturing induces tremors

RIP facts

I need to do, what I can do, and that is enough

I need to do, what I can do, and that is enough

HRC Flipped a GA Rep. stronghold. First time since 1976.

If you watch no other video today -- make this the one to watch: Elizabeth Warren


This is the tea bagger motherfucker that Trump wants to run the CIA

Sessions called NAACP, SCLC, and other civil rights groups un-American and communist-inspired

227K residents moved out of N.J. last year and 62K immigrants moved in

Passaic mayor Alex Blanco admits taking bribe, faces prison

VW Responds To Emissions Cheating Fallout With . . . . 30,000 Layoffs (Of Course)

I'm wondering who he's going to round out his National Security team with...

Flynn, new NSA, peddled obvious fake news re Hillary sex crimes with kids 6 days before election

An illusion of miracles

The tug-of-war for Bernie Sanders' love in N.J. governor's race just started

Dude Who Once Called Hillary Clinton a C*nt on Twitter Is Now "Top Pick" for a Cabinet Position

Today's Google Doodle: Native American author James Welch and Ledger Art.

One thing to keep in mind-- last minute, low information voters

138... Remember that number

good people, are you ready????

NREL 2016 Standard Scenarios Outlook Shows Continued Growth in Renewables and Gas in the U.S. Power

Aboriginal culture not religion, B.C. First Nations group says

Say goodbye to your civil rights and be prepared to hide your neighbors!

Christie repentant, lays blame on key aide

Today's Google Doodle: Native American author James Welch and Ledger Art.

Trump Refiles Suit Against D.C. Over Hotel Taxes

Is there anyone doing anything to stop this travesty?

Is the pope Catholic? Francis dismisses critics of his teachings

Do you think the Russians may be infiltrating our government via Trump?

"Where do we stand on phasing out Medicare?" Very Important Read!

Polar bear filmed patting Canadian eskimo dog a 'beautiful sight to see'

Reports: Trump Selects Rep. Mike Pompeo To Head CIA

Christie, in Atlantic City, avoids talking about takeover

The Infuriating History of White Women Voting Against Womens Rights

Court: Former Camden officers can sue for alleged retaliation

Donald Trump's Many, Many, Many, Many Conflicts of Interest

Rutgers professor taken for psychiatric testing after threats to kill white people

Flynn Reportedly Attended Intel Briefings While Paid By Foreign Interests

Philadelphia City Council weighs higher pension costs for union workers, but not for Council

There is an "incident" on the Boston University campus

Just a glimpse into DrudgeBreitbartBannon - the NPR Fresh Air transcript and audio

Guilty, but reelected, Rep. Acosta finds a chill at the Capitol

Petraeus In the Running for Secretary of State

DNC Chair Joe Biden? Some Democrats Hope to Draft the Vice President

Lew Wolff out as A's managing partner

Has anyone watched the movie, Snowden?

Can anything - LSD perhaps? - help 'suicide headaches?'

If there is a Muslim Registry, I will become a Muslim

stop saying blind trust. it's a chinese wall.

Dems Launch First Strike on Trump's Top Gun, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn

God Marts preaching Churchianity

CNN aired Jeff Sessions ranting about how The Clinton Foundation needs to be investigated.

With the object of hate that spawned them gone, JPR descends into an existential squabble

Pence Pic in Focus

"And this is Ivanka. She manages my blind trust..."

Philadelphia Salvation Army store manager says boss told her not to worry about collapse danger

GOP plans for Medicare

Federal Reserve Chair Throws Cold Water On Trump's Economic Plan

Trump Offers Jeff Sessions Attorney General Job

twitter again: Trump Takes Credit For Saving A U.S. Ford Plant That Wasn't Planning To Move

NYT Op/Ed - "The Right Way to Resist Trump"

Private Prison Companies Ready to Cash In on Throwing Out Immigrants

Pledge to Register as a Muslim

Astronaut Peggy Whitson on new mission

Jeff Danziger Cartoon: Mr. Giuliani On Draining The Swamp

Trump To Settle New York's Trump University Fraud Suit For 25M

Why did we lose?

Pitt protest ends with arrests at dorm

Trump poised to learn the Pottery Barn rule of governing

DISCUSS: Coup d'etat - A Non-Military, Methodical, Behind The Scenes Coup...

The Trump Who Would Be Louis XIV

Funding lapse jeopardizes unemployment program in Pennsylvania

are we ready to organize for helping women to go to prochoice states for abortions once Roe

Okay. I've got it. Trump's new cabinet and his sore-winner supporters can be called,

Effort underway to prevent Kathleen Kane from ever again holding public office

Pual Ryan visiting Trump.

President-elect Donald Trump nearing settlement in Trump University fraud case

Ukrainian imposter who posed as Harrisburg High student gets federal prison for fraud

So the racist Alabama Sessions


In other fake news.

Trump is clearly insane. Shame on CNN & the rest of the corrupt media for creating this mess

Trump's daughter sits in on landmark Japan PM talks

Husky Latte anyone?

Why was Ivanka in the meeting with the Japanese? Does she speak the language?

Your guns are now safe

DuPont to end pension contribution for active employees

DuPont to end pension contribution for active employees

Do the Geopolitical "Preppers" have it right? Should we be stockpiling supplies, food, meds?

The Medicare Killers

Carl Conyers, youngest son of longtime congressman John Conyers found

Latte art master shares his secrets

How Nepotism Law Might Affect Jared Kushner and Trump's White House

Hollis woman shot five times by man trying to save her

The Mind of Don the Con (Atlantic)

TX Lawmaker Wants To Force Schools To Out LGBT Students To Parents

"Kangaroos need courts, too!" . . . Please come CAPTIOPN Jeff Sessions!!!

Cost of Senior Living

One-time hit 'Duck Dynasty' is canceled at A&E

OK, how many warning signs do we need before some serious action?

Sometimes, you just gotta say, "Fuck it."

Were heading into dark times

Tarkanian files defamation lawsuit against Rosen over campaign ads

Fly on the screen on HRC

In the Dumps? Ten Ways to Fight Trump (Common Dreams)

Morning Joe predicts a full blown meltdown if Trump keeps appointing crazy people

Is there a group for "Voting Rights?"

Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III

Donald Trump Selects Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General

We've been had!

Will Romney Stick By His Beliefs That Trump Is A Con-Man And....

Question about all these crazy people being nominated for the Cabinet

Republican lawmaker proposes creating new crime of economic terrorism aimed at protesters

How can he NOT have a traveling press corps???

Video Gamers-Need your assistance.

High crimes and misdemeanors..

I like the "Welcome back!" banner.

Remember Anonymous warning Rove not to

Donald Trump is bringing torture back: His entire foreign-policy team are big fans of the worst...

Trump's idea of making America great again

Black Friday Deals for DNA Tests?

I don't know what the fuck is going on, but we have got to stand against this propaganda machine

Trump owes his election to the same fluke factors as W: Liberal complacency and media nonsense

Maryland comptroller misdirected more than 21 million in tax money

Bernie Sanders tells packed crowd at Hopkins to focus on important issues

Why the Working Class and the Left Fail as a Couple (The Nation)

Back to the drawing board

Donald Trumps Nominee for Attorney General Would Be a Disaster for Church/State Separation

We really need to figure out how to stop a killer asteroid, scientists say

Trump's Tax Plan Sound Familiar? Kansas Enacted a Similar One -- and Its Economy Tanked.

I wish these folks on DU who want to replay the primaries would just STOP IT

Donald Trumps mandate to govern is laughable, a Gallup poll shows

tRump's cabinet picks so far

What happens if AG Sessions' DoJ goes after legal cannabis?

2 Ways Trump Says He Will Help College Students

On CNN, the panel discussing trump's picks basically have their jaws on the floor.

I would like to see Michelle Obamas name thrown in for DNC chair.

Kanye West Reveals That if He Had Voted, it Would Have Been for Trump Because His Strategy...

Now, where were we before we were so rudely interrupted?

SpaceX just took another step toward delivering superfast Internet from space

This is serious shit folks and we have to do something. Social media and viral memes is our best bet

Pres Elect Trump Meeting Romney

5 Ways You Can Fight Back Against Donald Trump

Gut chill

The last 3 times the Republicans held all 3 branches of gov't (for more than one term)

Boston Teens Charged With Hate Crimes For Alleged Attack On 'Immigrant'

San Jose City Council approves 15 an hour minimum wage

What are you reading this week of November 13, 2016?

Just a thought. So many DU'ers poured their hearts out in the special "How are you feeling"

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

NAACP Condemns Trump's Choice Of Jeff Sessions For Attorney General

Prescient: Getting That 1969 Vibe in November 2016

Identity Documents and Deportation

Morning Joe: 'Full-blown meltdown' if Trump appoints 'loyalists' that are crack pots (VIDEO)

Pope Francis not losing sleep over challenges from conservative cardinals

Republican senators need to think about how they want to be remembered in history

Let's just face the truth: A significant number of Americans (at least 40%) are plain shitty people

The desperation of the right and why they lost their minds...

Yes. There were numerous factors that swung the race narrowly to Trump.

Bravo President Trump! David Duke Thrilled Over Trumps Great Picks Of Bannon, Flynn, Sessions

One thing to remember and hold onto

Tonight at 10 PM ET, 7 PM PT, on @FoxNews, a one hour special on me and my life by @HarveyLevinTMZ.

Just found out my brother is being deployed to Mosul. We won't see him for

Photobucket problems

Sophie Theallet, who has designed fashions for Michelle Obama, refuses to dress Melania

Fox News Baselessly Credits Donald Trump With Low Gas Prices

And now they are coming after me

The New World

At what point will the media "turn" on Trump?

How to Make Your Congressman Listen to You: (short answer: CALL)

The Media Lost Too

With Trump's Cabinet picks being so horrible I expect full Democratic obstruction. Nothing less.

The North Pole Is Now in a Death Spiral

"Intensified by Climate Change, King Tides Change Ways of Life in Florida

The North Pole Is Now in a Death Spiral

Bernie's plan for democrats

Electoral College Must See Trump's Taxes Before Voting

Toons from Mr. Fish (warning, Language)

Is anyone else's blood pressure up?

Behind The Wall: The Battle for LAs Murals

Real Strategies for Dems & Progressves in General

Trump is assembling the scariest basket of deplorable for a cabinet.

I'm still struggling here...

Donald Trump nearing settlement in Trump University fraud case

Like a bunch of freaking cowards

"What Donald Trump Taught Me About My Own Mother"

Joe Biden being Joe.....

Giuliani, Possible Cabinet Pick, Faces Scrutiny Over Finances

Q and A

Obama rescinds Arctic offshore drilling proposal

George Takei Blasts Trump Surrogate's Internment Camp Comments as 'Morally Bankrupt'

Pruning rose bushes, video, just because, something pleasant:

ACLU letter in NY Times

The Cabinet of Deplorables

Trump and Press

Trumps embrace of Bannon sparks divisions, angst among Jewish groups Petition: Pres. Elect Donald Trump Keep Campaign Promises, No Cuts!!!

Is there a Republican Senator in your state who might swing and

Something I never thought I would say...

Poll: Hypothetical Obama versus Trump in 2016 (electoral college)

Bannon joined racist group on Facebook.

Is anyone investigating why the polls were so wrong?

With Treasury candidate come possible conflicts

Obama Suggests Meeting With Trump Wasn't All It Was Cracked Up To Be

Keith! The Resistance

McCrory Claims Widespread Fraud As He Fights To Close Gap In NC Guv's Race

There were folks(on the right)who didn't support us because they didn't want a woman as president

GOPers Went To Great Lengths To Keep CIA Director Nominee From Senate Run

Elijah Cummings is on it ...

Millennials kiss your weed goodbye.

Watch Women of Broadway Sing Not Ready to Make Nice

Required reading and viewing to prepare for what is to come...

Why a halo around the sun or moon?

Donald Trump nearing settlement in Trump University fraud case

Cummings Asks Pence For Docs On Flynn's Alleged Conflicts Of Interest

Jeff Sessions is Donald Trumps biggest fan. Heres how their relationship began.

Chris Van Hollen To Head Senate Dems' Campaign Arm

A Message From Gov. Andrew Cuomo (NY)

Fired up Marysville woman, 67, will join March on Washington

A Message From Gov. Andrew Cuomo

GOP House votes to prohibit sale of Boeing aircraft to Iran

AG Lynch: DOJ Probing Whether Post-Election Attacks Are Federal Hate Crimes

Ideas I would recommend for 2018 and 2020.

China can hit back quickly on trade

Congressman: Trumps Attorney General Pick Jeff Sessions Will Erase 50 Years Of Progress

Editorial: Labeling protests as terrorism bill threatens to chill free speech

American Diabetes Association calls on Congress to hold hearings on insulin prices

Harrop: Taking leave of Facebooks fake news, echo chambers

An amazingly prophetic article about Trump from 2011

They got played, but they don't care.

Darkness is good: Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon compares himself to Dick Cheney and Satan

What role for Obama?

A lesson from the Third Reich: Don't waste time trying to understand the haters and their motives.

President Obama's Last Stand

The "Hillary Muffin" recipe

Naked Cowboy Walks Into Trump Tower, Flashes Underwear Reading TRUMP

Non STAR members

BREAKING: The Obama Administration Blocks Oil Drilling in the Arctic Ocean and Off the Atlantic Coas

I can't help but wonder what the Tea Party gun-humpers had planned for a Trump loss...

I'm not sure saying "Bernie should have been the nominee" gets us to the conversation we need.

We warned them what would happen if he got in...

How are you guys doing? In my real life, I have found that my black friends

Man is elected into office on a white nationalism platform.

Steve Bannon LOL

nikki haley now an avowed trump supporter....since he's offering her a possible cabinet position

Story Time with Donald Trump

I think I have gotten to the point that I have lost faith in this country.

Given the election results

My Mighty Appaloosa steed is finally born!

Study: Climate Change Could Outpace EPA Lake Champlain Protections

I found the perfect place to hide out for the next four years. No one will find me.

There is one person at least who is not confused about why we lost.

A Disaster Going Forward That We Must Avoid

I keep fantasizing that Trump's proposed cabinet is just a big head-fake

Boycott Black Friday.

Why press won't run video of Trump and Japanese prime minister

Donald Trump Building Team of Racists

the depressing reality of American politics: we need to win back a sizable number of votes

Our only chance of recovery is if Senate Dems blocks as many of Trump's nominees...


Minister refuses use of hall for humanist funeral

Former KKK Leader Reacts To Trump Choices

Breaking: don trump pays 25 MILLION dollars to settle trump university lawsuit

Trump supporters launch #TrumpCup as a protest against Starbucks

USGS, NASA Study Finds Widespread Coastal Land Losses from Gulf Oil Spill (Deepwater Horizon)

Vast 5,600-year-old religious centre discovered near Stonehenge

Trump will "modernize" Medicare

The rise of populism

21 Colombia soldiers convicted of executing civilians in iconic false positives case

Elizabeth Warren Calls On Senate To Exercise Fundamental Moral Leadership And Reject Jeff Sessions

Small Alpine Insects are Big Messengers of Climate Change

Sessions Confirms That the GOP is the Party of Calhoun

I will continue to respect and defend the rights of...

21 Colombia soldiers convicted of executing civilians in iconic false positives case

Mexico reacts.

"Whether Trump's election reveals an "inherent malice" in his voters is irrelevant"....

USGS Estimates 20 Billion Barrels of Oil in Texas Wolfcamp Shale Formation

fox (fake) has no story on the 25 million dollar settlement for trump U.

Trump agrees to 25 million settlement in Trump University fraud cases

Clinton Supporters Hit Congress With A Tsunami Of Phone Calls

Universities report four years of declining federal (R&D) funding

Hello...Nice to see you..I am.glad about returning to our home away from home...

These are people of the Land

UPDATED:12/1/16 Trump's Cabinet Picks (so far)

Donald Trump Supporters Protest Starbucks By Giving It Their Mone

connie chung on mnbc....'Hillary was the wrong woman...NOBODY trusted her....'

Medicare Part B deductible will be 183.00 in 2017. ( for most of us)

Glow-in-the-dark dye could fuel liquid-based batteries

Ex-JPMorgan executive who fled to Argentina pleads guilty in U.S.

Ex-JPMorgan executive who fled to Argentina pleads guilty in U.S.

Take care of yourselves, my dear DU friends!

Voting for the Nightmare

I Will Rise Up--An fantastic song and video for our times.

Jeff Sessions as attorney general could be detrimental to criminal justice reform

Hey DNC: are you working on the Electoral College to change their Dec 19th votes?

Ivanka Trump boycott campaign #GrabYourWallet claims retail victory

Mars Has Features That Look Very Similar To Life Bearing Hot Springs On Earth

Storing carbon dioxide underground by turning it into rock (in just 2 years)

Mars Has Features That Look Very Similar To Life Bearing Hot Springs On Earth

Investment strategies for the next four years

New Study Explains Mysterious Source of Greenhouse Gas Methane in the Ocean

The Glaring Contradiction at the Heart of Donald Trumps Economic Policy

President Obama Refuses to Tell Anti-Trump Protesters to Stay Silent

NY Announces 25 Million Dollar Settlement in Trump University Case

It's a KKKabinet--Trump'sTrifecta Michael Flynn, Jeff Sessions, Steve Bannon. Islamophobe, Racist

Trump Buys Freedom

Here's some info about Jeff Sessions:

The media is already spinning it for Don the Con

Rumors of Mattis to SecDef

The story is moving very quickly.

End Times Really Are Upon Us: Mike Huckabee Might Be Trump's Ambassador to Israel

Paul Krugman: The Medicare Killers

Robert Reich was live.

Mose is gone too!

I was all set to totally blow off Thanksgiving, this year, but then I was thrown a curve ball

Dear President-Elect Trump

Trump won 4.1 percent of the vote in the District of Columbia. Washington does not pine for him.

Random Thoughts (while theyre still permitted)

Matt Taibbi: President Obama's Last Stand

Just caught on MSNBC With All Due Respect

As you plan your vacations ahead of time...Please consider spending your hard earned...

Trump cabinet appointments will 'undo decades of progress', rights activists say

Members of the NewsHour family, past and present, share their memories of Gwen Ifill.

Amid protests, Philippine dictator buried at heroes cemetery

The media could stop orange hitler if they started reporting the hacking of our election

Steve Bannon has some grandiose ideas.

Sanders Warns President-Elect Trump: "We Are Not Going backwards"

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