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Kellyanne pulls out of Fox News Sunday appearance

Useful idiots

Which is in worse shape the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, or the republican party

Someone (Hillary? Warren? Or?) has got to get under Trump's skin

Expect brutal attack at debate on Hillary, most likely unseen in

Product review: Vegetarian Plus Kung Pao Chicken

Bob Dole stands by Trump

GOP does the 'same pathetic little dance it's done with it's party nominee from the beginning'

Crash and Burn

If Trump is Removed, Does That Mean He Was Right That Election Was Rigged...

Hitler Reacts to the Trump Tape

Don't be facetious. Please offer sincere advice.

Roger Stone Accuses Jeb Bush of Adultery and Drug Addiction Following #TrumpTapes Scandal

New Selzer & Co Poll for Iowa. Trump +4

Trump could still be replaced on the ballot in some states if he withdraws

IRONIC: if it's as easy for Trump to get laid as he says in that tape...

An unlikely Bush finally did some damage to Donald Trump: Billy Bush

Pretty sure Trump is LOVING (no sarcasm) all the attention & he will be fine Sunday

Tic Tac denounces Donald Trump- Rubio offers trump a tic tac on gop debate stage

Homophobic attacks in UK rose 147% in three months after Brexit vote

Trump has said he is NOT dropping out. He has said is CLEARLY. Can we stop that moot point.

'You're so Vain' singer Carly Simon adapts song and lyrics as anti-Trump anthem (link to video)

The Trump Volcano has finally erupted ....

"Would you tell a child to aspire to be like Donald Trump? Would you point to him as a role model?"

Ted Cruz Is The Zodiac Killer

Kellyanne Conway and Reince Priebus have cancelled their AM television appearances

Trump donors angry, want their money back after lewd tape leak

Apprentice Producer: 'There Are Far Worse' Tapes

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Woodford Stakes

Notorious U.S. Coal Executive Remains Blindly Unrepentant for His Part in the Deaths of 29 Miners

So what does Trump have to say for Republicans not to vote for him?

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 First Lady Stakes

Carly Simon's Anti-Trump Ad! "You're So Vain" (updated ... longer version)

Donald Trump, GOP Wrecking Ball

Reince directs RNC to redirect funds away from Trump

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Champagne Stakes

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Jockey Club Gold Cup

My prediction for the last revelation about Trump behaviour

Sen Tom Cotton says Trump should consider stepping aside if he can't "right this ship" by tomorrow

Carly Simon's Anti-Trump Ad! (You're So Vain!)

BREAKING NEWS: New Trump Pence 2016 ad

Trump advisors meet to decide what to do now.

I actually heard someone say ... "what's the big deal, he's only talking about sex?"

pretty sure this also happened in a few newsrooms...

Apprentice producer: "Just the beginning"

50 years after 'we almost lost Detroit,' America's nuclear power industry faces even graver doubts

How should I convince my Johnson supporting friend to vote for Hillary?

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right - Do we want Donald Trump to resign?

Nate Silver: "The Bottom could drop out-Making States As Exotic As TX & Alaska competitive"

CBC News. Reports Republicans are meeting tonight.

They must be paying Giuliani millions. Why else would he keep this going?

If Mike Pence thought Trump was qualified to be president, Pence doesn't have the judgement

If You Were Raped

Michigan's Governor Rick Snyder has always refused to endorse Trump

URGENT MESSAGE for President Obama .....

Mic working?

Today's Trump appearance reminds me of this

What Are Our Chances Against "A Pence For President" Campaign This Year?

Apparently Bob Guccione is involved in the upcoming oppo drops on Trump

Dahlia Lithwick writes about "The Real Donald Trump." Great article.

Dear Republicans abandoning Trump

Trump could end up with a problem with Presidential Electors

Repurposing Trump yard signs

One possibility is that republican voters stay home

This election is for Obama - and every woman, minority and ethnic group Trump has slimed.

Can you imagine what's going on in the Saturday Night Live studio right now?

Donald Trump Theme Song

CNN Steals Andrew Kaczynski’s BuzzFeed Team As POTUS Race Starts Final Lap

Looks like Pence is back onboard with Trump.

Republicans are getting what they deserve. Trump is obstructing them.

Breaking: Rob Portman withdraws Trump endorsement

GOP women senators break with Trump - Pence engagements dropped - Republicans concede the race.

Rob Portman dumps Trump, will vote for Pence

New news from Joni Land Radio

How's this for a slogan? "Say 'noper' to the groper"

Clinton Braces for All-Out Assault

If the GOP pulls their support from Trump...

First debate including the word pussy?

Sunday political show lineup!

TRUMP signs, let's not get ahead of ourselves.

“I’m done. I cannot look my children in the eye and tell them I voted for this man.”

One thing El Trumppo is winning

How Republicans feel about now.

Really? Do you Really Blame The Don?

Condoleeza Rice "Drop Out":Too bad it’s too late to take him off the ballot

Wow. Washington Post editors: The Republican Party does the same pathetic dance with Trump

Ron Howard: "It is exactly who he is"

A question for Dads

Preparing the country for nuclear terrorism

Notre Dame today:

'Apprentice' producer: There are 'far worse' tapes of Trump

Bob Dole is now the only living GOP nominee for president still supporting Trump

'Bacon grease covered bullets': police chief under fire from Islamic group over Facebook post

CA: two police officers killed, one wounded

NYT asks Female Trump Voters: WHAT ABOUT YOUR DAUGHTERS?

CNN: Trump throws GOP into chaos

You want the President of the United States going around grabbing genitals?

A 6-year-old asks: ‘What does it mean to grab somebody by the p---y?’

Where is Chris Christie? i know they said Rudy was helping him today but

Ladies and Gentlemen of DU: I present the Drudge Report...

Robert Bentley: Alabama's invisible nekkid governor


Beyond the Myth: A Film About Pit Bulls and Breed Discrimination

To the Republican Party: Take your fake outrage over Trump's 'pussy' remarks and shove it.

Trump Humpers Are Pissed At GOP Candidates And Representatives For Turning On Donald

Bill would alter job requirements state schools superintendent

Everyone who still supports Trump need to answer a question on-air.

The woman and the snake

If the opportunity comes up should Hillary repeat Trump's p***y remarks at the debate?

After reading tons of Tweets and Facebook comments today, I feel the need

Do you think Mrs. Clinton should shake

[National] College Republicans Chair un-endorses Trump: “Not with him”

Vile Trump supporters threaten the kids of Newsweek reporter who exposed his shady business dealings

The Truth about Trump supporters

Irony alert: Pence’s weekend fundraiser is in a house owned by a man who went down with the Titanic

Viewers look to 'SNL' and Alec Baldwin to take on Trump's hot mic comments

Trump supporters may take it out on the GOP

Trump appears to cheer on Paul Ryan's hecklers in Wisconsin: 'The crowd and enthusiasm was unreal!'

The recipe...

Our kids are watching:

Our kids are watching (Xposted from GD):

This is not just a message to your daughters.

Clearly delusional surrogate Jeffrey Lord says video scandal will 'whip up enthusiasm' for Trump

Hello from the otter slide

Irony alert: Pence’s weekend fundraiser is in a house owned by a man who went down with the Titanic

Howard Stern calling Trump's own daughter a "piece of ass"? Daddy approves!

Asking Strangers For Food VS Asking The Homeless For Food!

Clearly delusional surrogate Jeffrey Lord says video scandal will 'whip up enthusiasm' for Trump

Star Tribune: Donald Trump must leave the race

Why Care at Native American Hospitals Is Often Substandard

Asking Strangers For Food VS Asking The Homeless For Food!

7 assumptions we need to stop making about the Homeless

Shuffled up: Once a destination, Taj Mahal poker room folds

A comment I found on FB today:

Hold still...

Rob Portmans facebook does not have his criticism of Trump on it

Is the House in play yet?

Here goes SNL on the Scandal with Alec Baldwin BACK!!!!!

New Hampshire college heats campus with used cooking oil

A million Ohio voters didn’t get absentee ballot mailing

Bryant calls Trump comments 'unacceptable'

Gov. Bryant says he's open to lottery discussion

Hurricane Matthew paid us a visit in Chapel Hill, NC today--150 miles from the coast!

State leaders want to tax what you buy, not what you earn

Funny comment at RedState

The timing for release of the Gropegate tape was just about perfect

I spent the day in Allentown, PA registering voters.

US embargo leaves Cuban farmers waiting for modernity

I can't imagine the media didn't already have most of these Trump stories long ago

Cheech and Chong get high on comedy, down on Trump in Biloxi

Former state senator to plead guilty in prison bribery case

Meet Wilson and Maria, Homeless People Who Will Give You Hope

I have followed politics for 35 years and have never seen anything like this

Internet sales legislation still being considered

Alec was GREAT on SNL tonight! I honestly ws surprised they used pussy" in the skit.

Medicaid eyeing NMHS-United Healthcare issue

South Park Fans may appreciate this :)

What the whole trump debacle tells me is that the republican politician's "christianity"

Memphis Methodist University Hospital Breaks Ground on $280 Million Expansion

Disappearing Trump signs in SW Ohio

Are there any actual "undecided voters" left for the town hall debate?

a wildcat begains to howl...

Memphis Commercial Appeal Endorses Hillary Clinton

The Republican Party Cuts Off Trump’s Cash And Leaves Their Nominee To Wither And Die

Report: Trump holed up in his tower with eyes glued to coverage.

Tic Tacs Denounces Trump: ‘Tic Tacs Respects All Women’

Democrats call on lawmaker from Durham report to resign

How many people here have personally known someone like Trump?

Trump will not lose the election because of one audio tape.

Tennessee Republicans scold, still stand by Trump after vulgar comments

Hillary is gonna stomp a mud hole in his ass and walk it dry tonight.

Are people upset because Trump said something not PC?

GHOST RIDER May Be Getting His Own Series After AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.

I went to the Avocado Festival in Carpenteria CA today. 4 years ago all the farms had Romney signs

Republicans who dump Trump: a Who's Who

Apparently Mike Pence's schedule just disappeared from Trump's website.

Raise the minimum wage and save 7 billion ...

Rumor: Pence considering dropping out.

Out here on the Prairie we have chili cookoffs when the weather turns cool

I made a mistake!

Lawsuit accuses Buda police officer of tackling 73-year-old man

IF Trumps shows up for the debate, this is what Hillary should do

After hearing the Trump tape, does anyone here STILL believe that "rape culture" is a myth?

Texas GOP leaders condemn Trump's explicit comments; only one withdraws support

Washington Post: Trump Hiding Out in His Penthouse Lost In a World of Delusion

Is there a vid link for the new snl skit?

Just curious: why would Access Hollywood even keep that tape all those years? (nt)

Peru: national park 'Master Plan' opens uncontacted tribe's land to oil drilling

Awesome KO Rant: Enough!!!!

Federal judge dismisses civil fraud charges against Attorney General Ken Paxton

Serious wisdom from #EmilianoZapata.

O.K. Roy Blunt is propping up Trump. Vote him out.

Cuban volleyball players sign contracts to play in foreign leagues

Peru: national park 'Master Plan' opens uncontacted tribe's land to oil drilling

Billionaire donors stand behind Donald Trump

Israel’s New Hasbara Video Channels SNL, but Offends Like South Park

Sanders affirms Support of Dem Platform After Clinton Speech Leak

Snowden's Brazilian Friend in Rio Wins a Seat as a Councilman

Warren: Pence no better than Trump for women

Snowden's Brazilian Friend in Rio Wins a Seat as a Councilman

In Brazil, Favela-based Community News Outlets Are Blossoming

538 @ 2200 on 8 October

Marvel's Iron Fist | NYCC Teaser Trailer (VIDEO)

A Floating Lodge in the Amazon Preserves Nature While Providing for the Locals

Texas voter fraud? ‘Elections have been stolen,’ Lon Burnam says

A Floating Lodge in the Amazon Preserves Nature While Providing for the Locals

Trump loses support of Minnesota GOP leaders

Number Of States Going For Trump Is Sickening.

Latinos for Trump hold small Houston rally


More Trump tapes surface with crude sex remarks (Howard Stern)

I LOVE it that my son loaded the dishwasher tonight and turned it on


Thank you Ted Cruz for endorsing. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Great cartoon about Trump's comments:

I wish warren buffet would offer Melania

Cartoon about Trump's comments:

From cub to LSU mascot, man who raised Mike the Tiger devastated by prognosis

Rudy Giuliani to Replace Both Kellyanne Conway and Reince Priebus on Sunday Shows

Louisiana officials respond to released recordings of Donald Trump's 'offensive and indefensible'...

some photos of a foggy evening out on the sloughs....

What Harajuku Girls Really Look Like | Style Out There

Oh boy, the debate tomorrow will be something to see.

Hillary is going to win, and I wish Trump would have a serious boating accident.

New poll shows Trump leading in the presidential race in Alaska, but not by much

The Crucial Campaign Day Most TV Journalists Won’t Tell You About

Trump retweets Bill Clinton rape accusations

Film Directors’ Peculiar Choice: Teaching Children That Nonwhite = Evil

Alice in Alice "warlords advent OVER AGAIN" PV (FULL)

Wisconsin early voting stronger in Democratic counties

Wonderful to see a sexist pig exposed for what he is!

kyary pamyu pamyu - Mondai Girl

Clinton Campaign: We could win Florida and North Carolina before Election Day

1/100 SHIBUYA Crossing

1/100 SHIBUYA Crossing

2,000-Year-Old Pompeii Home Reconstructed in 3D

Trump is only the latest, severest symptom of a 20 year Republican presidential disease

Is it true that Rudy Giuliani will stand in for Donald Trump at the debate tonight?

Happy 76th Birthday John Lennon!!!

Black Mirror Official Trailer - Season 3 Starting October 21, Netflix

Louis C K's Trump casino story


the "establishment" is now everyone.

The Young Turks: More Stories of Trump Sexual Assaults Come Out!

Daily Holidays October 9

Iran’s media considers German female minister a man, sparking outrage over handshake

Pence himself is runing away

Say it again: "Trumped-up trickle down."

Blunt, on campaign trail, wrestles with Trump fallout

RNC finds way to keep racist/homophobic brand while dumping trump

Trump suffering from severe Antisocial Personality Disorder with sociopathic tendencies

Guess who and his Synchronized Blocking Team...

G*d, I hate Matt Drudge

If you were on Clinton's debate strategy team, what would you be saying?

Trump's ego and mouth will do him in

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Elebenty Solved Edition

Democratic Senator Paul Wellstones October 3, 2002 speech.

Sarah Posner, religion writer, on why this really hurts Trump with evangelical women

BTRTN: Trump Train Finally Arrives at "Too Far"

"I don't want to let you go"

Columbus Dispatch endorses....Clinton!

Columbus Dispatch (Ohio) endorses....Clinton!

If I were Hillary Clinton tonight all I'd say about the sexual assault/rape culture comments

Obama Signs Bill Guaranteeing New Rights For Rape Victims

Trump's groping comments leave campaign in crisis

Bernie Sanders' Statement to NBC News concerning Wall Street WikiLeaks

Tonight we will see the inner Trump

Swastika Painted in Front of House of NJ Candidate

Watching people attacking Juanita Broaddrick makes me deeply uncomfortable.

Our pantsuited warrior, Sister Hillary the Relentless, is just hours away

Russia says U.S. actions threaten its national security - RIA

The GOP nominee is too awful to women for Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Had to share this supposed Hillary transcript that wikileaks published. It's laughably fake.

Former President Bill Clinton campaigns in Wisconsin

Matthew now a post-tropical cyclone after killing at least 10 in US

Social Security Is NOT a Main Driver of the Country's Long-term Budget Problem!

Pence is the wild card here...he can't "go the distance" if the distance is in the rear view mirror

ElectoralVote 10/09 Update HRC 334, Don the Con 186

Trump Is Who He's Always Been, and Trump Is the Epitome of the GOP; They Have to Own Him

Runaway Train starring Jon Voight 1985 The irony is trainmendous

Read the 1998 Affidavit of Juanita Broaddrick denying non-consensual sex with President Clinton.

With less than a month to go, a major party is walking away from its nominee

What It Feels Like To Be Black When Police Kill

Republican voters still stand behind sexual preditor Trump

Maureen Dowd: Donald Goes to the Dogs

Jumping off the trump train

NBC waited for green light from lawyers before airing Trump video

Should he jump out early or should he stay in until the bitter end?

List of newspapers endorsing Hillary Clinton today

Trump knows he will lose and tonight he just wants to damage Hillary

You Knew Who Trump Was When You Endorsed Him, Republican Leaders

Sunday's Doonesbury- Meeting the Master

The RNC is advising the public not to eat the orange Skittle. nt

Toon- Dreaming

Will it help Republican candidates to dump Trump? I don't think so.

Is The Republican Party Finished?

Scorched Earth.....

If Trump had grown up in certain areas in Texas, places I've lived,

How long before the Trump name starts coming off of buildings world wide?

An Open Letter To Donald Trump From Some Angry Women

In the debate tonight when Trump tries to compare what he did to Bill Clinton...

and the 2016 Presidential cookie winner is......ta da.....Bill Clinton!!!

This is for Hillary tonight!


When you've personally approved CIA torture of Muslims but are big into dignity...

Ben Carson: Trump's "enemies are dripping out ammunition. He’s weathering it just fine."

Exclusive poll: GOP voters want the party to stand by Trump

*****BREAKING***** Clinton + 3 in FL and + 12 in PA before Pu$$ygate

The promotion of sexual assault via rape culture

Hugh Hewitt had sad face on Rev. Sharpton show this morning

So has the Spitzer effect finally occurred?

I'm beginning to breathe a little easier

Television News’ Silence On Jill Harth's Sexual Assault Allegations Against Trump May Finally End

Big majority of Republicans want Trump to stay in race per new poll

What does Hill say when La Grande Orange goes after Bill tonight?

CNN Poll: Who will do better in a Town Hall setting?

The women in the Donald's life in their defensive stances

Here Is A List Of Republicans....

Clinton Response to Trump Attack on Bill's Indiscretions during Debate

Remember Remember The 8th of November.

Sean Hannity: It's OK for Trump to grab p*ssy because King David had 500 concubines

Rudy catching heck from Chuck Todd because it seems Rudy thinks OK to say

How U.S. Torture Left Legacy of Damaged Minds

giuliani is on abc with stephanopoulis....'we should move on'

Oops! Kelly-Ann Conway about to quit - from GEM$NBComcast

He's tweeting again!

Republican men obviously don't know when to pull out.

Another Newspaper Breaks Conservative Tradition With Endorsement Of Hillary Clinton

Sunday Morning

Giuliani on CNN: Some men talk like this - claiming Hillary was attacking these women.

Another newspaper endorsement for Hillary: The News&Observer of Raleigh, NC

Report from northwest Bergen County

#pussygrab quote seen on twitter:

In retrospect, Tim Kaine’s debate was a masterful lesson in campaign strategy

Ruth Bader Ginsburg coming up on CBS Sunday Morning...

Rob Portman thinks voters are that stupid - Voting for Pence, but not Trump

Downtown St. Augustine, Florida:

Raleigh News & Observer: "Let’s stop pretending Donald Trump is a reasonable choice "...

Poll: GOP voters standing behind Trump after lewd comments

"The misogynist in full" - Boston Globe

Trump supporters on CNN...disrupting black commentator, chanting USA.

Giuliani:"Yes he was bragging about sexual assault, but MAYBE he didn't go actually through with it"

The Rats Are Jumping from the SS Trump!

The only thing(s) that would turn the deplorables away from Trump

Pennsylvania - Clinton +12 McGinty +4

"All Creatures exist for a purpose...

CBS Poll: HRC +4 Ohio, +4 WI, +8 PA

Thank you Kelly Oxford

Karl Rove just said something on Fox that I actually agree with.

Bannon just used Breitbart to publish a new Broaddrick video interview that Trump tweeted about


Giuliani admits to Stephanopolous that Trump was speaking of sex assault….BUT

Donald Trump, Groper in Chief

The Magical Mystery Channel

538 Election Forecast this morning - Clinton 81.6%, Trump 18.4%

GOP, you own this.

I am more disgusted by Trump allowing Stern to call his daughter a "piece of ass".

Lin-Manuel Miranda Disses Donald Trump In ‘My Shot’ Remix On ‘SNL’

Editorial: For president | Trump unfit, Clinton is qualified

Lin-Manuel Miranda Disses Donald Trump In ‘My Shot’ Remix On ‘SNL’

Robert DeNiro on Don The Con

Sadly, Hillary is forced by media to stand next to Trump “pretending he is her equal” when he’s not.

My right wing Tea Party brother says (about Trump)


New Alaska poll (Alaska Dispatch News): Trump 36 - Clinton 31 - Johnson 18 - Stein 6

"One voice can change a room, and if one voice can change

74% of republican voters think the party should stand behind the sexual assault candidate

Clinton - Trump statistically tied .... in Alaska

Has Verizon Wireless made a statement about Pu$$ygate?

Grab them by the Uterus

The GOP Civil War- and the Riptide That May Upend their House Majority

Two new Ohio polls...

Bitches Vote: An Open Letter To Donald Trump From Some Angry Women.

Is tonight's Town Hall audience made up of undecided voters, or a mix?

Damn Chuck Todd just checkmated Giuliani

The Media Will Fight Each Other to Release More Dirt

Joy...seriously? You consider Hugh Hewitt a friend???

Cartoonists react to the Groper

In case you missed it: Judge open hearing in case - Trump accused of raping 13 year old girl.

DEER IN HEADLIGHTS! Epic Teleprompter FAIL derails Jeanine Pirro in mid-fatwa

But he's a good businessman.

Ben Stein

Ya gotta read the NYT letters to the editor today!!! (Sunday)

‘I Have Never’ Talked About Women How Trump Did: Tapper Goes Off on Giuliani

Ideal scenario for the utter destruction of the Republican party this cycle is actually unfolding.

Tonight - Circus Time with clowns in the middle ring

Let's say Trump quits. How would that work?

Trump's a ....

Maybe Chachi can help!

Just now, Trump desperately retweeting his twit backers, denouncing GOP "self-righteous hypocrites"

On AM Joy, that woman with the "Trump Train" sign

Who's more electable than Cheesy Don?

Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to mourn the GOP, a once-great political party

I had a man grab me by the Pu$$y once...

Rudy choking on MTP right now.


Mary Matalin looks depressed...upset because party

I admit that as a gay man who isn't very athletic I can't hold myself as an expert on locker rooms

The monster that is Trump is the one that the GOP brought home and now it will ruin them.

Wyldwolf has marked himself safe during the Trump Campaign Implosion.

All of Arkansas' Republican office holders are standing with Trump right here in

Steve Schmidt has been tearing Trump a new one

*****BREAKING***** CLINTON + 4 in OH +8 in PA + 4 IN WI before Pu$$ygate


How the Alt-Right Grew From an Obscure Racist Cabal

LOL at the Clinton supporters on Joy Reid...

Dear DU Women

BREAKING: Trump has new talking points

Mary Matalin (This Week): Why didn't women harassed by Trump just quit?

What's your over/under on Trump's final popular vote share?

Steve Cortez on AM Joy. He is back into a corner and is staggering.

I don't want to be revered Paul Ryan and Mitt we aren't your (our) women.

Pence Tells Donors He Is Fully Committed to Trump

AL.COM endorses Clinton!

HAAHA..Someone's Baiting Trump..from the American Enquirer to the internet & beyond..

"Just locker room banter"? Really? I have been in many locker rooms,

Real? or Woo?

I'm HORRIFIED HRC aspires to "growth and opportunity for every person in the hemisphere"

angela rye just mentioned the rape case involving trump and a thirteen year old girl

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Shadwell Turf Mile

I think Clinton has a tough task tonight

For God’s Sake...

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Flower Bowl Invitational Stakes

I wonder if all the disgusted Trump supporters

Sign here if youre a male that has never said those things.

Skeletor Giuliani Word Salad on the Morning Shows

All the women in Donald's life.....notice anything?

#1 Reason why trump will not quit

I feel bad for Tic Tac... they didn't ask for this.

Kellyanne Conway tries to take a day off! SNL

Cooper, Raddatz set to make first questions of debate about Trump tape

Watch for this in tonight's debate

“We Were All Naked” When Donald Trump Walked Through Beauty Queen Dressing Room

Show your deplorable friends this

Carly Simon allows "You're so vain" to be used in a political ad for the first time

Hooray! I am back and now can post

I stood there buying some cannabis

MSNBC reporting that Reince Priebus is telling RNC staffers to "do what's best for themselves"

finally I can post! Need help with Florida general election ballot.

Bill O'Reilly's newest book - Killing of the GOP

Trump Supporters’ Most Absurd Excuses For His Lewd Comments (video)

Katy Tur

"...and next month we will grab you where it hurts, by your

Trump's sexual assaults inspire ten million women to share their stories on Twitter

Full Speech: Bernie addresses overflow crowd at Ann Arbor, Michigan Oct 6

Help me DU! Racism in my small CA town

Patton Oswalt's epic tweet this morning:

Drumpt Shat the Bed During the Primaries

You Knew Who Trump Was When You Endorsed Him, Republican Leaders...

Priebus, Conway cancel Sunday shows appearances

Wow Navarro on CNN

What would happen if Trump actually did shoot someone in the middle of 5th Ave?

The Media's Constant Theme Song Is Playing Today

Donald Trump Got a Tax Break For Stiffing Contractors

So let me get this straight, Trump and Giuliani believe I should not vote for Hillary because

Inside Trump Tower, an Increasingly Upset and Alone Donald Trump

Want one of these for Christmas?

Trump will spend most of his minutes tonight..

NOW they're disgusted by Drumpf?

Trump may have created a big problem for Marco Rubio

Did Trump run for President because he was already in deep financial trouble?

Al Gore will campaign with Hillary in Miami on Tuesday

Nine Myanmar policemen killed in Rakhine border attack

Jerusalem shooting: two killed by Palestinian gunman

If Trump goes to shake Hillary's hand tonight the Secret Service should dogpile him.

No it is Not "Better for America" if Trumps Drops Out. It's an Inverted Bait and Switch

Post here if you have ever been "grabbed by the pussy"

Some Trumpeters are posting an old video of President Obama

Donald Trump is the Brexit candidate. He was right. (wish I could do screenshots)

GOP Strategist: Race is effectively over. Hillary Rodham Clinton will be the 45th President (VIDEO)

Reminder: Trumps biggest crtique of Bill Clinton in 1999 was his mistreses weren't "hot" enough.

'So many self-righteous hypocrites’: Donald Trump unloads on critics in morning tweetstorm

Giuliani claims Trump Presidency will reduce taxes, grow military and cure acne & athlete's foot nt

It’s not gonna be easy for Hillary Tonight!

Giuliani looks like he ran face first into Louie Gohmert, he sounds like it too.

just got some EXTRA motivation to move today!!!

is it already over, or does trump keep hope alive with a win tonight?

what professional doesnt have a public face and a private face?

Van Jones: It's not about the dirty words it's about the sexual assault...

CIRCULAR FIRING SQUAD! Grab the popcorn as "Angry Trump Declares War On GOP!"

If they are blaming Hillary for Bills actions, then blame Melania for Trumps actions

Debate shambles for drumph

Dear Paul Ryan

Paying price for not supporting Trump

Noticed some signs disappeared overnight in my area

Hilary's response to Trump when he brings Bill Clinton to the debates

Bob Schieffer grills Trump surrogate (In case you've never witnessed actual journalism)

This is Donald Trump’s worst nightmare

Clinton boards her plane bound for the St. Louis debate and ignores shouted question about whether T

Presidential Debate: Donald Trump Signals He Will Make Bill Clinton an Issue

Just when I thought this year could not get any stranger...

Big Majority of Republicans Want Trump to Stay In Race

A modest proposal for Hillary, re Trump comments

Wouldn't an alpha male be the first in line to sign up for war? Lurkers?

Giuliani: Trump was 'shocked' to hear he had said 'such terrible things' about women

I don't want Trump to drop out.

Birmingham (AL) News which endorsed every GOP nominee since 1980 endorses HRC

Dem party boss: Trump 'is not a changed man'

Republican pundit Steve Schmidt on 'Meet the Press'

So Can We Call Trump A Thug Or Super Predator Now?

Ethics chairman calls on Priebus to 'stand up' for the interests of the GOP

Giuliani can not defend the same standard with Hillary and Trump today on MTP

Overlooked: Highest-ranking Rs in swing states are running from Trump. CO, NH, NV, WI... (OH's alre

Kaine: Don't accept info in WikiLeaks dump as 'gospel truth'

Trump Still Thinks the Central Park Jogger Suspects Are Guilty

the trump campaign's one gift to the rnc.

Penthouse did oppo research on Trump in 1990 to blackmail him

U.S. marshals end Ammon Bundy’s contact visits with lawyers in courthouse - #BundyTeaParty

Giuliani looks to be Trump's new running mate, and Pence looks to have already dropped out

Louisiana delegation returns from Cuba, waiting for U.S. to change policies

Cooper to make first questions of debate about Trump tape - Clinton wil get the first question.

President Obama will be speaking about matters sexual assault - HEADSUP

A racist runs through it

Trump boasting how his celebrity status assists him in carrying out acts of dominance and abuse

GOP is in full-blown civil war... What will this lead to?

Oil clout ebbs in Alaska as billions in tax credits are cut

Suggested Audience Debate Questions

Clinton campaign official confirms she will "address the bombshell Trump tape head-on" tonight

Bottom Line: POTUS does not misbehave, and brag about it, and blame others for it.

Men of DU

ABC Uncovers Millions of Payments From Russia To Trump, Campaign Panics

The Clintons’ Christian marriage: The staggering Evangelical hypocrisy over Hillary’s refusal...

Saw a Trump ad

I'm not seeing Trump trying to get through tonight without a chemical assist.....

Old video of Trump's sexual misconduct in 2006 resurfaces

Robert Reich on Narcissistic Personality Disorder...

43 Percent Of Americans Say Trump Should Withdraw From Presidential Race

Trump has exposed what gets said when alpha male biz men are negotiating

What are you reading this week of October 9, 2016?

Mike Pence co-sponsored legislation that limited the definition of rape

You have to be carefully taught...about how you treat others.

Cody Kessler out

Imagine election eve, America awaiting voting results

Donald Trump says if he wasn’t caught cheating on his ‘beautiful wife’ Ivana with girlfriend Marla..

Rudy, Rudy, Rudy! You're the man to save Trump!

We learned we can't trust or respect GOP years ago.

this trump, donald j., may be the biggest asshole this country has ever seen

December 29, 1890

Inside Trump Tower, an Increasingly Upset and Alone Donald

Clinton's marriage model, you screw up. You forgive. You grow. And you grow old, together..

There is a rumor that a tape of Trump using the N-word is about to drop

Donald Trump makes history again

That "much worse" footage of Trump from The Apprentice...

Fasten your seatbelts.

Cruz:NBC had tape 11 yrs. Apprentice prod says they have more & worse. So why not release in 2015?

Fun video for this surreal day. Nothing to do with politics

Trump boasted of owning Miss USA pageant so he could watch naked contestants backstage: report

Trump to Stern in 2004: OK to call daughter Ivanka a 'piece of a--'

Tax trim to figure in state budget dialogue

Tonight, will probably be the largest TV audience ever, worldwide. In Trump's delusional

3 in U.S. Senate race talk up their credentials, priorities

NEW: Burnett “is pro-Trump and has made clear to his teams that he will sue anyone who leaks"

In fraud at bank, sentences reduced for 2 ex-workers

If you want to see pros making passes and grabbing balls tonight

My failed prediction that now may come true.

Hey Hillary. Please ask Trump

Keith Olbermann: "We Have Had Enough"

Magical Night in Indio, California

“Shame On You!”: Trump Supporters Clash With Republican Leaders

Steve Schmidt: It's over: Hillary Clinton will be the 45th president.

Donating to Hillary

A Caracal Kitten - the bird catcher cat

2-in-1 post. Instant "Lost Cause" and the Koch/Rove void

Why Republicans Are Probably Stuck With Donald Trump

Two Questions

Polls: Clinton Ahead in Florida, Pennsylvania (two brand-new NBC News/Wall Street Journal polls)

Colombia’s opposition sued from all sides on charges of electoral fraud

Colombia’s opposition sued from all sides on charges of electoral fraud

Trump is finished.

CNN’s Ana Navarro Demolishes Trump In 2 Languages: ‘He Is A Flat-Out Racist!’

Sincere Question

PPP poll may show fallout

Oklahoma GOP chief affirms party support for Trump

Any Suggestions For A Drinking Game For Tonights....

Trump was 13 when, due to behavioral problems, he was bundled off to Military School

Medellin massively marches for peace, telling Colombia ‘Antioquia is not Uribe’

A Powerful Reminder To Men That Women Are So Much More Than Their Bodies

The incredibly invisibility of WOC over 30 & also why I wish Trump wasn’t imploding

@realDonaldTrump & I earlier in motorcade en route to flight to St. Louis for debate

Trump Begins to Bleed Texas Donors

Despite 'no nudity' pledge, Oklahoma City bar still operating as illegal strip club, police say

Has anyone heard from grits?

Pence's parents ran 'WHITES ONLY' gas stations in Indiana

Was President Obama Caught on Old Tape Demanding ‘Ribs and Pussy?’

Think I'm going to enjoy Thanksgiving this year.....

Do you think the networks will give a mature audience warning before tonights debate. Like an R

GOP excuse for Hill kicking their ass

How does the "Right" EVER AGAIN consider itself the party of family values?

Oklahoma legislator wants lawmakers off lobbyist welfare

A Trump Face in the Crowd

Oklahoma House seeks more protection for students of for-profit colleges

@billclinton & @ChelseaClinton will both be in the debate hall watching tonight...

How do I talk to a 10-year old about what's going on?

Ohio write-in candidates must have filed by August deadline

TWEET: Hillary gets tonight's First Question

Producer Says There's Footage of Trump Saying the N-Word

Israel’s Naftali Bennett Is Calling for Jihad

Producer Says There's Footage of Trump Saying the N-Word

Bail practices in Texas' biggest county under scrutiny

How will the ReTHUG implosion end DUers

The Walking Dead - new trailer out

Dana Milbank: We knew this Trump all along

Jesus Camp ''Highlights''

Producers sitting on footage that includes film of Donald Trump using the n-word?

I think the smart move for Hillary tonight is to not reference the latest Trump blunder.


Today is John Lennon's birthday AND his son, Sean Ono Lennon...

Mass Grave Found In Mexican Field

What time does the debate start?

If not for Trump and a hurricane, the big story now would be Samsung phones bursting into flames...

Aw, Screw this Andy Dean rumpswab.

Republicans Urge Replacing Man Who Hates Women with Man Who Hates Women and Gays

Tonight: I was wrong. Shake hands. Go high. When attacked, "With malice toward none"

Funniest Memes Reacting to Donald Trump's Groping Scandal

Mark Burnett made Sarah Palin's reality show Alaska for what it's worth

Pence asked EIGHT TIMES in one interview (video) about LGBT discrimination in Indiana - won't answer

15 Republican senators openly oppose Trump, but are blocking a Supreme Court nominee for him anyway

HA! Bill Maher Show: Carville & Cuban dissect Trump..worth watching!

David Letterman talks about "Trumpy" at The New Yorker Festival 10.7.2016

Trump couldn't defend his own daughter being called a 'piece of ass' so why would he be trusted

First questions tonight for Trump:

My 14 year old daughter...

Dear GOP, How did you get from,,,,

I'm going to try and watch the BlueJays game tonite.

Who's drinking tonight?

Ben Stein: Trump must go

Guys, ask your wife/girlfriend if she has ever been groped... It's not something we talk about...

Best 60 second take down of Lying Trump Surrogate Ever..

To Donald Trump: Free Advice

Suburban Philadelphia Moms deciding this election! SNL

Of note: Ivanka Trump's usually very active Twitter feed suddenly went dead on Friday

the people who vote against their better interests?...they are the trump voters. can't fix stupid.

I'm breaking my personal boycott against watching debates tonight

For Anyone Worried about Hillary Tonight, This Should Lighten You Up...


"Evangelicals"- Where Is Your Outrage?

Will tonight's debate be live-streamed online?

Hillary Clinton has testified before congress and has been in multiple debates for senate and pres.

What's for Dinner, Sun., Oct. 9, 2016

Two Israelis fatally shot in Jerusalem during rampage by Palestinian attacker

I just read where Billy Bush is related to the Bush family

NPR Battleground Map

538: 2nd Debates Rarely Result in a Comeback for Trailing Candidate

Trumpster Steve Cortez: "Frankly, the American people owe it to Donald Trump..."

Trump Pushes Back

Nigel Farage defends Donald Trump over 'alpha-male boasting'

‘Everything Trump touches dies’

Who is this Sarah Huckabee whatever character?

Do I want to watch the debate tonight - have been turning off Drumpfenfuhrer who is still

US says support for Saudi Arabia not a 'blank cheque' after Yemen air raid

Would it be fair to say that if you want to ban something...

Inside the Moment of Crisis

Narcissist, Creep, Loser

Donald Trump's latest tweet

Giuliani Says Trump ‘Ashamed' of Remarks but He and Clinton Are Both ‘Flawed Candidates’

Miami-Dade’s Republican mayor: I am voting for Clinton

Do you think Trump's surrogates are sincere or are they just in it for the money?

This is what I'm listening to today

Nancy O'Dell Responds to Lewd Donald Trump Recording

Pope Francis Names 17 New Cardinals, including 3 U.S. Moderates

So basically the response to the video by Trump fans is:

Don's debate prep

Forgiveness ,,,,,,

Trump Is Not The Only Grabber Who Must Go.....

The Secret Service needs to be standing between Secretary Clinton

Gov. Martinez slams Trump’s ‘offensive rhetoric,’ reiterates stance on support

NJ Lt. Gov. bails on Trump

How much money and assets will they offer him to

Poll: Will Trump go ballistic in tonight's debate?

Pot legalization has widespread, growing support

Utah’s Top Mormons in ‘All-Out Revolt’ Against Donald Trump

Poster tweet of donny's vile comments to pass around

24 Hours

Kitten purrs for petting despite commotion in room

David Brock: I will pay for 'Apprentice' tapes

Magical Night in Indio, California

John Lennon

Donald Trump Prepares for Armageddon–and Self-Destruction–At the Debate

Hypocrisy they name is Republican

If God appeared in the sky over all of America, saying "Dump Trump, Vote Hillary"

Terry Eagleton presents an unusual challenge to the new atheism

3 Juveniles in Albuquerque Caught With Clown Masks, Handgun

Say there is a tape released of Trump dropping the N-bomb

Obama Blasts Trump: ‘He Pumps Himself Up By Putting Other People Down’

Is he pulling a WWE shine today? with all the crazy, leading up to tonight?

Is it Too Early To Send the tRump a Present?

The narcissist and humiliation

TN Gov. Haslam is out

The Religious Right’s Devotion to Donald Trump Will End the Movement As We Know It

Trump: 'So many people tell us how we need to be politically correct and those

where can I stream the debate?

Paladino just quoted what was clearly a faked Clinton quote about a "bucket of losers."

Trump supporter on AmJoy,,,

Chris Christie will not attend tonight's debate

Predictwise up to 88%

Are any MA residents getting the toll transponder?

Author Daniel E. Dawes comes to the defense of Obamacare

How long before Donnie implodes and goes off-script?

I'm not much for Country music, but...

How to Stream Tonight's Presidential Debate

A. Friend (4:34)

The 1935 novel that predicted the rise of Donald Trump

Ok, I need some help if you feel like a little predebate rightie slapping

It's not the language that angers me, it's the attitude

Trump's apology to women with all the BS removed (Boing Boing video) :)

One Too Many (4:21)

The Trumpsters are not going easy on the republican candidates who are jumping ship:

For all the victims and the families of Hurricane Matthew.

Obama: Trump's 'Unbelievable Rhetoric' Exposes Insecurities (at last!)

The Trumpsters are not going easy on the republican candidates who are jumping ship:

Four words really bother me (probably flogging a deceased equine, but whatever)

Lt. Gov. Guadagno breaks with Christie, won't vote for Trump

You're all gonna love this one.

Robert De Niro: ‘I’d like to punch Donald Trump in the face’ – video

I think many...

Robert De Niro on Trump: "He's a punk, he's a dog, he's a pig"

If you were god for a day and could appoint a better fuckup for the GOP nominee, who would it be?

Violent J of Insane Clown Posse writes impassioned op-ed about national creepy clown sightings

Q: Secretary Clinton, can you name one thing that both you and Donald Trump have in common?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 10 October 2016

Borowitz: Republicans Urge Replacing Man Who Hates Women with Man Who Hates Women and Gays

Producer walks back "N" word story. Sort of...

If KellyAnne does quit, will he pay her for her time?

I am worried FOR Hillary Clinton tonight.

Do You Think Billy Bush Should Be Fired From The Today Show?

I think I've come up with a pretty spectacular debate refreshment

Samsung says it's 'working diligently' as fifth replacement Note 7 burns

Van Jones: Imagine if Obama had said

Interesting Clothing choices as messages

Forward to Clinton Campaign: Clinton should express empathy for Trump's wife.

Hillary needs to train like Jennifer Lopez for tonight...

Hillary has waited a long time

Geraldo Rivera: ‘I have tapes’ of ‘embarrassing’ statements from Trump

I've decided to invest heavily on popcorn futures. nt

"Hillary has been through more than any woman should have to bear."

Cooper, Raddatz set to make first questions of debate about Trump tape

Remember when they got Hillary at the Congressional Hearing

What are the chances Trump wimps out tonight and does not bring up the BS rape charges

A generation of GOP stars stands diminished: ‘Everything Trump touches dies'

A prediction after the election...

Definition of "schadenfreude"

CNN panel goes off the rails when Trump supporter calls sexual assault nothing but 'guy talk'

Hillary must be straight forward about the latest email leak

BREAKING-Clinton's national lead grows to six points as Trump support dips ahead of second debate

Trump has ONE strategy for tonight; Hillary is ready for multiple contingencies

Matthew was a deadly and destructive hurricane

If Pence steps down, what about a Trump/Bush ticket?

The Tories are on the brink of warfare over Brexit

The dumbing down of America is complete.

I Think This Debate is Going to Be Very Difficult to Watch

Obama casts his vote early in Chicago

Tonight's debate will be on You Tube.

The genuinely funny thing about Trump tweeting links to Breitbart stories attacking the Clintons...

If trump attacks HRC as enabler

MSNBC intelligence expert: WikiLeaks is releasing falsified emails not really from Hillary Clinton

I just heard Brian Williams say "Parents are warned about having small children in the room during

Colombia's President Santos donates Nobel money to conflict victims

Colombia's President Santos donates Nobel money to conflict victims

New Email Dump Reveals That Hillary Clinton Is Honest and Boring

Kellyanne Conway's husband was part of the "shadow legal team" that kept the Paula Jones case going

Mike Pence: A president must be a moral role model with a virtuous private life during impeachmet

Carl Paladino Goes Full Alex Jones, Launches Unhinged Rant Against Everyone

I can see large swaths of disenchanted RW voters giving up on the RNC and politics in general

Bob Schieffer: Trump’s Language Not ‘Boys Being Boys’ But ‘Pigs Being Pigs’

As Republicans flee Trump, the question becomes, ‘Why now?’

The Trump Chronicles: How did we get here?

I think the internet might overload tonight!

7 in 10 Americans have less than $1,000 in savings

Love! Huffington's Headline.

Oklahoma Governor Declares Day of Prayer for Oil Industry

Trump surrogates on my TV keep brining up Richard Nixon,

Regarding gropers -- and what we should do

Cornered Trump Could Go Nuclear At Debate, Defies Calls To Quit Race Over Vulgar Video

PA school Trump is rallying at tomorrow is sending kids home early due to "numerous parent concerns"

Awesome CNN: "Donald Trumps casual attutide to sexual assualt"

Just saw an ad for Tic Tacs and now I know why Trump is drawn to them

I Have TV Thru An Over The Air Digital Antenna, Will I Be Able To Watch The Debate?

About Juanita Broaddrick

AJ Delgado is off the wall.

Considering the tension for tonight...

I now understand why he is so touchy about his small hands. eom

Debate question for Trump: Have you stopped groping women?

little humor for you before the showdown

Trump is doing a presser with women who claim Bill Clinton assaulted them

WSJ: editorial: "Donald Trump’s Last Stand"

Humpty Trumpy


MSNBC: Brian Williams et al are horrified.

Puzzling Question


On stage at the RNC.

I'm beginning to think they should have hired Jerry Springer to moderate this debate

Kathleen Willie is a liar who tried to get a friend to lie for her.

I can't wait to see the movie they make...

Who'd have thought THIS Bush would end up being the greatest threat to Trump?

Donald Trump used to make light of Bill Clinton's sex scandals. Now they're his main weapon.

Trump hosts surprise panel with Bill Clinton's accusers

I envision Trump's "debate prep" sessions to look something like this:

Serious, legitimate question here:

Well looks like we are going there tonight

Seriously the rest of the world cannot believe this shit

In case you hadn't seen THIS ONE yet:

Hillary sees this different than Trump the Dump...It's simple:

Trump is thinking of Godfather 2

I have never in my life witnessed a National election like this.

Donald Trump is going to set the woods on fire..

Trump bringing out the accusers is just a Hitler in the bunker strategy.

PBS Frontline The Choice, about Clinton and Trump is being shown again