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The New Yorker Magazine Cover

Trump speaks FIRST at the Al Smith dinner, tonight

CSPAN is airing the Al Smith Dinner berginning 8:49PM tonight

This is BS. The ONLY channel on my TV that's unviewable is the one with the Ohio Senate debate.

How is Katie McGinty doing in PA?

Lonesome Trump...........

The silence is deafening.

Nothing is Impossible.

SHITS/GIGGLES####AL Smith Dinner Official CSPAN thread######

Nasty women have much work to do

Can someone photoshop a pix of Putin riding Trump>

Stupidest (Wingnut) People On Internet Going Postal

And McCain said: in our democracy we gracefully concede

A business opportunity but you have to act fast

In the Midst of Personal Privation. A Thank You.

Should be pretty good when Trump says, 'She should be in jail!'...

How cool for Chelsea and her kids

Right wing elites are happy with a President Clinton

Media and Politics in the Age of Trump

Who is your favorite team?

Government alleges former NSA contractor stole 'astonishing quantity' of classified data over 20 yea

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! The Final Meltdown! Live, Uncensored & a new

Caption contest!

Should anyone run into trouble at the polls on November 8 be advised that MN has some rules about

Every GOP myth taken down!

Trump at Al Smith, looking EMBARRASSED!

The resason Putin wants trump to win

Obama appeals Texas transgender bathroom case to 5th Circuit

i'm calling it now: they call it for hillary the minute polls close on the west coast.

Gun nut John Lott destroyed

Trump to Catholics: "I started out as a carpenter working for my father."

Trump visibly grimaced when asked about new groping allegation

31 credible incidents (of voter impersonation) out of one billion ballots cast (over 14 years)

Trump stinks even when he's trying to be funny!

Politifact TRUE: We have 17 intelligence agencies, civilian and military, who have all concluded tha

Watching Trump at the Al Smith Dinner.

Bad Hombres for Clinton

dumb ass can't even do this right

If you were in a "safe" state like CA or NY...

and they are booing Trump at the Al Smith dinner. Holy cow he can't do anything right

Trump just laid a turd - "Hillary is so corrupt"

They're booing his ass

He went there. What a dick.

Omg!!! He's using the dinner to attack Clinton!!! What an ass!!!

are they booing him

He is getting booed

"here she is pretending to not hate Catholics"????Does he understand what this event is?

Trump: Always the victim

I was wondering how he was gonna top last night

President Obama, Iowa has more names for you!!!

Trump is a sack of shit

Would you consider a job at NewsCorp/Fox News?

This is Trumps "I'm going to get you back moment". The media is going to rip him further.

Trump says Anti Catholic violence??? WTF????

This has turned into a rally rather than a dinner!

I am even stunned that there is a lower place for Donald Trump at the Al Smith

In explaining doubts about voting system, LePage says US is ‘not a democracy’

Just when I was thinking "okay, he's going to get through this ok"..


Trump just started to get nasty and not very funny.

Trump cannot close the deal. He's not a closer.

even faux new megan kelly is calling him up on it

this is shaping up to be a very exciting game five

After the Melania / Obama joke he went so low

Amid spate of attacks on women, Argentina's Macri seeks to cut Gender Violence Prosecutor's office.

Al Frankin on Maddow explaining jokes LOL

Fuck you, tangerine boy...

Amid spate of attacks on women, Argentina's Macri seeks to cut Gender Violence Prosecutor's office.

Trump's total gibberish on Aleppo

That was quite a trick, Donald.

We're about to see the difference

This is good for her. She gets to have fun.

Hillary Clinton has a couple of different speaking styles.

hahA melania looks like she doesn't get it

Bombs away! Go Hillary!

A Door

Wouldn't it be funny if Trump asked for a rebuttal?

Rudy Ghouliani is living up to his name

Roflmao, Ghouliani is soooooo mad.

Rudy Giuliani is mad, lol

Can you say "Fuck You"

Hillary just called Trump Putin's horse!

Hillary is a class act!!!


She gave a really nice speech.

The closer. Secretary Clinton just did it...

Wow! Standing Ovation.

A standing O, and she deserved it.

Trump got boo'ed and Clinton did not, so I guess that means the dinner

Trump is not good with criticism, you can see how bad he wants to run to twitter and have a meltdown

Giuliani was soo mad, one of his eyes were

"When they go low, we go high." Well done Hillary!

‘Booed by a room full of priests’: Trump bombs at the #AlSmithDinner and the Internet goes nuts

Donald Trump’s Terrible Jokes About Hillary Clinton Draw Boos At Al Smith Dinner

Once again, he leaves while she greets people.

It looks like Trump already left the Al Smith dinner. Hillary is still having a grand time.

"Here she is tonight, in public, pretending not to hate Catholics."

Sweden opens first atheist cemetery to cater to growing non-religious population

Stand up, a woman is passing.

Supreme Court Justice David Souter predicted "Trump" in 2012.

I really think the only funny joke that Trump made, tonight, was at the expense of his wife.

White Tie Facepalm: the photos...

Who wrote Trump's #AlSmithDinner speech? I bet poor Meredith McIver gets blamed again...

Rudy Giuliani looks like he ran face first into Louie Gohmert

Harvard’s religious past

What the hell happened??

Catholic charity in India says it will recruit transgender people to fight bias

I guess that makes Trump

Just like during the debates Trump is good for five minutes and then he goes full Frank Booth

I suspect that the 'Hillary pretending she doesn't hate Catholics' bit was written by Trump

all clinton/kaine signs-- I was visiting a friend today, and everywhere in the neighborhood

CNN once again uses false equivalency describing AS Dinner...

You're so Vain!

CNN going Faux News Mode

NY Daily News editorial/endorsement: "Bury Trump In a Landslide" - "Crush him on election day"

Wikileaks posts vague warning shot at Kaine, Brazile

Documentary film-makers face decades in prison for taping oil pipeline protests

Every single person at that event had the same thought on their mind when Trump was speaking

Photos: "Larry Sanders, brother of Bernie Sanders, takes 4th spot for Greens"

Tesla releases video of fully autonomous Model X electric car

Emergency order for Flint water crisis should have come sooner, EPA admits

Emergency order for Flint water crisis should have come sooner, EPA admits

It's High Goddamned Time Nancy Pelosi Becomes Speaker of the House

What makes a great teacher?

NH Senate Race: Hassan (D) opens 9-point lead over GOP incumbent Ayotte

U.S. confirms 11th death linked to faulty Takata air bag inflator

Donald Trump is a vindictive narcissist

Final Trump-Clinton debate draws nearly 72 million viewers, third largest ever

Donald Trump just learned why it's called, not Breitbart.comedy.

How Russia Pulled Off the Biggest Election Hack in U.S. History

Lawrence O'Donnell lets Trump have it both barrels

Loved seeing Hillary stand up for CHOICE last night!

A great photo of the Obamas

Venezuela electoral body suspends referendum drive, opposition fumes

Venezuela electoral body suspends referendum drive, opposition fumes

NY Daily News Front Cover

Trump is like a vortex of sleaze, I can't wait until he's gone

Malala Yousafzai's father perfectly shut down patriarchy and stood up for feminism

Why didn't Bill Clinton attend?


"Riphagen" One of the most despicable Dutch Nazis ever

Trump's Al Smith performance is evidence that he really is in favor of nuclear bombs.

Bernie taps his network to raise nearly $2 million in two days for House, Senate contenders

Full 2016 Al Smith Dinner

French documentary "Toxic Chemicals: Kids in Danger"

A friend of mine has started calling Jill Stein... Tofu Palin!

I figured out how Hillary should have responded to Trump's assertion

Brian Williams slammed Trump's Al Smith appearance

Debunking claims that Hillary may have revealed sensitive info at debate -

still more than two weeks to go... how is he going to top this?

TCM Schedule for Sunday October 23 - Monster of the Month: Frankenstein

Gee Andrea - over exuberance already?

TCM Schedule for Monday October 24 - Star of the Month: Christopher Lee

After this election, The Onion is going to have to pursue a future as serious news (n/t)

Hillary is better than I am because I would tell Andrea Mitchell

Fox Sports MLB coverage is particularly annoying ...

WATCH: Donald Trump Walks Out of Interview After Question About Being 'Labeled a Racist' and......

Playboy Model Katie May’s Death Caused By Chiropractor, Autopsy Finds

Trump BOOED At Al Smith Dinner (Thursday 10/20/2016)

by Robert Reich:Senator Chuck Schumer,

It's so nice of Merck and Pfizer to run non-stop "No on 61" ads during the playoffs.

Hillary at the Al Smith Dinner!

Kansas Republican Thought Touting ‘Profound’ Hitler Quote Was A Good Idea – It Wasn’t

Am I the only one having trouble grasping the enormity of all of this?

Go Cubbies!!!

Can anyone recommend a good free forum host?

I thank Hillary and Donald for co-starring with Maria Bartiromo's cleavage

This OP doesn't have much substance

Fuck off, Andrea Mitchell.

Donald Trump Gets Booed at Al Smith Dinner

Every Trump argument fact checked!

Channelling Trump - The Economist

There really is something off about Trump (seriously, listen)

Shareblue Benchmark Senate Model: Dem 51- Repub 49

I'm The Best Christian In The Room..Bigly!!!

As Announced Yesterday By Vice President Joe Biden, LLS to Lead First-Ever Blood Cancer Master Trial

Judge refuses to throw out Trump University racketeering trial

Black LSU student reports possible hate crime, prompting Baton Rouge police investigation

President Obama slams Marco Rubio while campaigning for Clinton in Florida, a twofer? (VIDEO)

First NBC Bank Co. deemed in 'troubled condition' by Fed

Breaking: Cubs beat Dodgers 8-4, take lead in NLCS 3-2

Medicaid expansion enrollment tops 326K people in Louisiana

May 20, 2017 - Trump's first night

Attorney General Jeff Landry challenges Gov. John Bel Edwards' LGBT rights order

A service dog named Tornado...

Baton Rouge women sentenced to 1 year, order to pay over $850K in defrauding pediatric surgery group

Kenner City Council asks Mike Yenni to resign as Jefferson Parish president over sexting scandal

Dixie Cab in Lafayette faces permit suspension for not paying traffic camera fines

Michael Steele says he won't vote for Trump

36 Hours in San Sebastián, Spain

Stutterer (13:04)

I want to thank donald trump. Seriously.

***Alaska Trump +1***

Gretna grocer hit with $1.4 million judgment for parking lot death

No golden egg for Trump just a large wet fart.

Louisiana Senate campaign: Campbell leads Fayard in Democratic money race

Echo Torch (20:22)

My big question is how much longer will they hold on?

My God.. See Kissinger sitting behind Hillary Tonight?

Participants at the Al Smith dinner are asked to submit a brief bio. Here's tRumps:

Did Trump ever admit to debate preparation?

Hutchinson: Deal with Chinese firm to bring 400 new jobs, $20M investment to Arkansas

Paging all trump surrogates clean up on aisle 12.

Medicaid expansion a success in Arkansas, around the country, U.S. HHS Secretary says

Hmmm ... not sure if this is really a Shepard Farey work ...

Black Lives Matter, staff at Little Rock Pride clash over protest; police called

Hutchinson: Trump can still win despite poll numbers that aren't favorable

Joe Biden Sunglasses

Donald Trump's campaign website appears to have a fake donation ticker

KKK's official newspaper endorses Donald Trump

Judge denies motion to disqualify Reyna from Twin Peaks shootout cases

Dallas woman convicted in $1.2M identity theft and tax scam

Does Hannity from Faux News know his guests are bat shit crazy?

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick doubles down on school choice fight

Full Al Smith Dinner

Five juveniles arrested in school bomb threats in Hot Springs

Il Douche Fires What is Preventing Him from Winning

Landowners: Exxon Mobil pipeline breached deal (along with the pipeline itself in Mayflower)

Arkansas ex-judge ordered held on federal charges

Door Licking Dog

Feds were investigating Trump for mob-related money laundering. Rudy made the case disappear

Indiana: Democrats leading the early voting surge according to survey

Do Oklahomans want a better mental health system?

Christian business owners take a different legal route in battle over serving gay marriages

Sons of Confederate Veterans file lawsuit against Ole Miss

Sovereign Citizen Movement - the US 'Reichsbürger'

Family of man charged in Kansas plot speaks out

Trump's claims of a rigged election are racist in nature

OK! Today's New York Times Crossword is mine...

Edelweiss - Sound of music (VIDEO)

Sam Seder interviews James O'Keefe in spin room.

Hillary's Tupac Outfit

'Right to Farm' state question highlights 'disconnect' between rural and urban Oklahoma, proponent

"Buyer's Remorse"


Trump walks out on two Ohio television interviews

South Africa 'to withdraw from war crimes court'

Jury Finishes First Day of Deliberations with No Verdict - #BundyTeaParty

Obama in Miami: Trashing Trump, ripping Rubio

ISIS attacks Iraqi city of Kirkuk

Joint committee studies state employee insurance plans

American Sports Marketing Executive Pleads Guilty (bribes to FIFA

Hillary and Tupac in concert!

Assistant U.S. Attorney Recognized for Work on Carson Helicopters Crash Investigation

Millions in state bonds on New Mexico ballot

Broadband providers, lawmakers discuss obstacles to expanding internet service

Final Clinton-Trump debate audience rises; 3-debate average highest ever

Final Clinton-Trump debate audience rises; 3-debate average highest ever

Miley Cyrus to door-knock for @HillaryClinton in VA this weekend.--see the Pumkin...

Fischer miffed as Louisville minimum wage law struck down

Paul, Gray trade barbs on Social Security

University of Louisville case may be unresolved until next year

Yarmuth to Bevin: Your Medicaid plan 'will fail'

Court orders $18M released to Kentucky universities

Record number of Kentuckians registered to vote

Kentucky Retirement Systems plans to get out of hedge funds

With Trump's campaign spinning down the toilet, his followers are grasping at anything.

Trump's incredible shrinking map; Six of the 11 battleground states are now in Hillary Clinton's poc

‘‘The iciest place on the planet.’’ - Cardinal Dolan

Trump's Energy Proposals "Like an Old Snake Oil Salesman"

Early voting strong in Wisconsin’s most Democratic counties

Three way race for Utah in new poll

Sanders taps his donor network to raise nearly $2 million in two days for House, Senate contenders

Rob Portman and Ted Strickland face off in final U.S. Senate debate

Former Warren auditor sentenced to prison for mailing white powder to former employer

NBC Columbus: Little Lord PissyPants feigns ignorance of sexism allegations, scampers away in a huff

Samsung 'blocks' exploding Note 7 parody videos

Democratic group under voter fraud investigation in Indiana

Chelsea Clinton to campaign on mom's birthday in Ohio (October 26)

Anyone else having trouble getting to NY Times?

In the debates, Hillary Clinton showed exactly why she should be president - WaPo Editorial Board

Bob Dylan removes mention of Nobel prize from website

Democrats strike back at ad’s tax assertions in statehouse race

*GASP* Is it possible that Hillary is actually a good candidate?

Strike at Libbey enters its 10th day

So how did Morning Joe spin Trump at Al Smith last night?

Michelle Obama Rips Trump For Rigged Election Claims:‘You Don't Keep American Democracy In Suspense'

It looks like Twitter is down

Trump's war chest one of smallest in recent presidential campaigns


Why Flint’s lead pipe replacement costs so much, and moves so slowly

Joe and Mika saying they have always been against Trump....

Do you notice that Trump supporters are not content posting only ONE sign in their yards?

Trump stews in bitterness as he’s shunned, while Hill is feted

update: Attack in Afghanistan Killed Illinois Solider, Oklahoma Man

Senate passes bill requiring more room for bicyclists

Ayotte down 8 points in latest New Hampshire Senate poll

Hillary could lose FL, Iowa, NV, NC, and OH -- AND STILL WIN the election.

Bernie Sanders Tells Soda Tax Opponents to Stop Using His Name

New poll shows Gregg leading in governor's race

Hidden-camera victim files to dismiss suit against Jared Fogle

Hat tip to the person who came up with Trump's new nickname: Il Douche

LaPorte County reimbursed after embezzlement

Now that the Presidential Debates are over, I am entirely convinced

NY Daily News/Front Page VIRGINIA President: Clinton (D) 45% Trump (R) 33% John

Trump can look forward to selling driveless cars and supporting Travis Kalanick

Judge sides with Planned Parenthood over Mississippi abortion law

Judge sides with Planned Parenthood over Mississippi abortion law

When I hear the term "zingers," my response is usually "meh." But THESE were ZINGERS, folks.

Hope Trump Goes So Bankrupt He Cannot Recover & Ends Up Poor.

Bangladesh says dead militant headed group behind cafe attack

We Will Still Face The Trump Rabid Rabble After The Election.

Trump Foundation Paid Activist Filmmaker James O'Keefe

‘Fair And Balanced’ Wallace Parroted Lies About Clinton Foundation - Joe Conason

Everybody thinks I'm gonna lose! Waaaaaaa

The James O’Keefe-Donald Trump-Breitbart News Nexus

New Georgia poll (Journal-Constitution): Trump 44 - Clinton 42

OMG, there's a full page ad on front section of the Arkansas Democrat

Early voting numbers promising for Clinton in battleground states

"Miss Housekeeping"

Go McMullin in Utah

Can Hillary win or get close too 400 electoral votes? If Trump continues to tank his entire

Duterte says goodbye to the U.S. and will align the Philippines with China

There was a large cyber attack this morning,possibly still ongoing.

What if Trump is projecting about election rigging to preemptively silence disenfranchised voters,

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Cheeto Bandito

Former RNC Chair: Trump Has Spoken To America's 'Racist Underbelly'

Shamed for refusing to mourn Thailand's King Bhumibol

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - The Rest

Strong but shallow earthquake rocks western Japan

Fox's Chris Wallace 'Disappointed' That Ailes Joined Trump Campaign

Don't allow GOP revisionist history to take hold before the election even happens

Just over 270 or way over 300...

US carries out freedom-of-navigation operation in South China Sea -officials

Judge sides with Planned Parenthood over Mississippi abortion law

Donald Trump Still Sure He’s ‘The Least Racist Person You’ve Ever Met’

"TRUMPed" Coffee Table Book Due for Release after Election

Doesn't a person get some sort of stipend for being the Sorcerer Supreme?

Since J.K. Rowling Likes Hillary, If Hillary Was Hermione Granger...

What I have in mind when Trump supporters talk about Trump's 3D chess game

At charity roast, Donald Trump delivered what might as well be a campaign eulogy

At NC State, ‘Harold and Kumar’ say Clinton should go to White House

"You arrogant ass. You've killed *us*!"

Gigantic New Dinosaur Species Uncovered in Australia

Another legend gone: Phil Chess

Just wanted to stop by

Scientists Look To Cave Art To Confirm Extinct Breed of Bison

Carl Bernstein: Trump is Setting Himself Up to Head ‘Neo-Fascist’ Movement

What really puzzles me is how Trump can always spout dribble that Clinton

What will we be talking about when this election is over (sweet jeebus, it can't come too soon)?

Trump plans his own "exit poll" in cities with large minority populations on election day

Cardinal Dolan: Trump, Clinton traded jabs at Al Smith Dinner — but it was different in private

At Al Smith Dinner, Donald Trump Turns Friendly Roast Into 3-Alarm Fire

Trump does know what he's doing. He's cranking up the election day drama to launch TrumpTV

Phil Chess has passed

Another Trumper bites the dust

So I'm listening to a "woman for trump" on the TV box...

In case you missed it, Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, Hillary KOs Trump

Major websites briefly down in possible attack

Op-Ed Bernie Sanders: A yes vote on Prop 61 will send a strong message to Big Pharma and Washington

GOP congressman on Clinton: 'A lady needs to be told when she's being nasty'

I just hope HRC realizes she will not have so easy a time dealing with Putin, Xi, or the Iranians

Instead of the oath of office, if Trump is elected (God forbid) he should have to say:

Blessed are the poor

(538) Senate Update: The Last Week Has Been Very Kind To Democrats’ Hopes For A Majority (70+%)

New Virginia poll (Christopher Newport Univ): Clinton 45 - Trump 33

Making The World's First Male Sex Doll

Russia threatening TIm Kaine and Donna Brazile..

Pussies in Formation Speaks Out To #GOP - LISTEN!

Twitter gets creative with #TrumpBookReport

Americans are more afraid of clowns than climate change, terrorism, and ... death

Pic Of The Moment: Meanwhile, In Kansas...

IF you vote absentee (Ohio specific, but may apply elsewhere)

BREAKING: Priorities USA making $2 MIL ad buy in Georgia...

Koterba toon: Saturday Night Live on the debates

Will he do more rallies?

New ME-2 poll (MPRC): Clinton 38.2 Trump 37

Sheldon Adelson Has Reportedly Had It With Donald Trump

EU incapable of trade deal with Canada: Canadian trade minister

Trump spent massive amounts in September just before donors grew jittery

Stop a Douchebag SPB

Rafah: 3 months in prison for two young men tortured and killed a dog

WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange: Ecuador’s awkward guest who just won’t leave

The Bush-McCain Vision v. The Palin-Trump Vision

Islamic State takes 550 families to be human shields in Mosul: UN

Trump’s rhetoric excites ‘Christian soldier’ for civil war: ‘Your skin color will be your uniform’

Most likely, Tim Kaine will be president in 2025

Sooooo Excited

an interesting vid

Pic Of The Moment: Care To Repudiate Trump's "Nasty Woman" Comments, Republicans?

ROFLMAO - Mark Cuban's Trump Solution

Smith Family Member Says Trump ‘Crossed the Line and Took It a Little Too Far’ At Al Smith Dinner

Sept. jobless rates down in 7 states, up in 1; payroll jobs up in 14 states, down in 3


Energy then -- Energy now

Trump’s Business credit score is as tiny as his hands ----19 out of a possible 100

Pulse Nightclub Gates Open for Unveiling of New Memorial

This shows how far around the reality bend they are

I need some help regarding the right to choice...

Hillary DESTROYS Trump at 3rd Debate About "Rigged" Election

Debate Fail: Does Trump Understand ANYTHING?

Atchison, Kansas residents told to shelter in place after chemical spill

If looks could kill:

Weird Al Feat. The Gregory Brothers - "Bad Hombres, Nasty Women"

WOW! NC early voting hours cut & here are the long lines

AT&T in 'Advanced Talks' to Acquire CNN and HBO Parent Company Time Warner

Interesting Pic - Trump & Hillary Pray with Cardinal Last Night...

Billionaire Richard Branson: Trump once invited me to lunch to share his ‘bizarre’ revenge fantasies

Who is Dylan J. Schacht accused of making bomb threat in RNC-NC?

Eddie Munster had a sad.

St Norbert Poll Feingold 52% Johnson 40%

Spill at Kansas chemical plant causes 'smoke,' evacuations

WTF? MSNBC Has Al Smith Audience Booing Hillary as Loudly as Trump?

Pint-sized Mascot pup keeps Hillary Clinton's campaign staff going in a hectic campaign season..

Early voting lines are so long, people are fainting. That harms democracy

Maine Democrats making far bigger gains than rivals in registering voters

Original Photos from the Civil War

"Captain Khan" new Clinton ad running in some battleground states...check mate

Man to our left of speakers at Al Smith dinner

A New Yorker Cover Twist On Bill Clinton's Old 1992 Line "You Get Two For The Price Of One.

Giuliani "guarantees" Hillary will bus people into PA who will vote dead people's names 6 times each

Today's Senate #'s from Shareblue Benchmark

U.S. man to plead guilty in billion-dollar pyramid scheme: prosecutor

From Nate Cohn

Souter: Americans should worry about civic ignorance.

‘Bury Trump in a Landslide’: Daily News goes nuclear on GOP nominee-14 chap editorial

Gun Laws Really Do Stop Gun Violence

Khizr Khan Asks Donald Trump: 'Would My Son Have a Place in Your America?'

Why is this not being talked up more? Trump's deep connections with the Russians

Turning Trash into art

Microsoft Shares Hit All-Time High

Pet owners left dogs in Florida home to starve, sheriff says

Hillary Clinton's FULL REMARKS at the Al Smith Dinner

Vatican and China in final push for elusive deal on bishops

How is this legal?

Hamster stole my pen, couldn't finish my homework

Trump’s rhetoric excites ‘Christian soldier’ for civil war: ‘Your skin color will be your uniform’

Trump seeks to bar personal conduct claims from Trump University trial

Rant regarding a cruel, mindless, orange Buffoon

Longtime Trump supporter switches to Hillary after realizing Trump is ’23 cans short of a case’

Area code 615

Donald doesn't want statements he's made to voters used against him in his Trump U. trial

Donald Trump's Crazy Handwriting Is Now A Free Font Called Tiny Hand

Clinton more reliable for Israel than Trump– and Obama, Lieberman says

Windows 10 email .. Help

Update: Third Attack; Internet traffic firm Dyn warns of new attack, earlier assault impacted many

OT, misogynistic makeup question...

Did anyone notice that about the only funny joke Trump told

Stephen King Tweets His Newest Horror Story!

BTRTN Senate/House Snapshot #6: Dems Squeak Ahead in Control of Senate, Now "Lead" 50/50

Debate Audience Laughs When Trump Claims No One Respects Women More Than Him

Audio: GOP Sheriff, Congressional Candidate Claims People Shot by Police Were Going to Jail Anyway

Chris Wallace Drops Truth Bomb on Donald Trump Re: Wikileaks

For those who haven't seen this: Hillary's incredible humor and timing

Trump's lawyer asks judge to exclude his statements made during pres.campaign in University trial

Bridget Kelly, frmr Deputy Chief of Staff, rolls Christie under the bus in Bridgegate Trial

Anyone else ready for the 7th season premiere of The Walking Dead on AMC ?

Black Lives Matter Activist Brittany Packnett on Why She's Endorsing Hillary

Well I give up. Trump Trolls have finally convinced me to not vote for John Podesta OR Bill Clinton

Rigged elections??? With all the RW bitching about

Trump is a very talented Magician.

Giuliani didn't get the memo to smile. - Senator Al Franken (You should try smiling, sir!)

London City Airport evacuated; 'chemical incident' reported

Autumn haiku

Winter outlook debate: Forecasters weigh just how severe D.C.’s winter could be

Does anyone have a link to a full length pic

Hillary Clinton ditches pantsuit, stuns in bright pink

Wall Street Urinal to downsize substantially

Fiore Cartoon: The Orange Giant

Trump seeks to keep groping claims out of Trump University suit

Longtime Trump supporter switches to Hillary after realizing Trump is ’23 cans short of a case’

11 reasons why Hippies (not psychos) should rule the world!

Early Vote shifts heavily to democrats in key states

Judge/Grassley in Huffington post

Donny the great self-defecater...

Hillary speakingin Cleveland OHIO right now--cspan

When Trump starts his Trump network, who will sponsor it, hmm?

Cardinal Dolan: Trump, Clinton traded jabs at podium — but it was different in private

Bike lock that makes thieves vomit

That well dressed, somber-looking guy on the left...

For all the bitchin' and moanin' by the gunners about Chicago

Suspect Massive DDoS today is practice for Nov 8

Hoosier Poll: Trump leads HRC by 6 but Dems lead in race for Senate and Governor

David Duke qualifies for Louisiana Senate debate

BAD HOMBRES, NASTY WOMEN (ft. "Weird Al" Yankovic) schmoyoho schmoyoho

It's starting: First "Check and Balance" ad set to run in New Hampshire

Freedom of the press faces judicial harassment in Brazil

Freedom of the press faces judicial harassment in Brazil

Weird Al: Bad Hombres, Nasty Women

Black Mirror Series 3 out now, Netflix offering one month free

The Daily 202: Barack Obama is coming to a TV near you

A mother's story of her 8 month abortion.

Penn State students and community members wait in line to see Tim Kaine

UN Habitat III summit aims to shape future urban living

Hillary dings Donald's dinner remarks

Venezuela's Maduro recall referendum drive suspended

With UNESCO vote, Palestinians’ bid for attention backfires

What kind of voting do you have in your state?

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter views Schiaparelli landing site / ExoMars

Trump national political director 'steps back' from campaign

Bridgegate: Kelly says she told Christie of plot the day before she sent 'traffic problems' email

Trump: I'll have 'lots of options' to go after Clinton when I win

I'm unable to access

Poll: Clinton, Trump virtually tied in Maine’s 2nd District

A fun time to check out hate radio

Downeaster’s $13 million layover facility in Brunswick ready to roll

Downeaster’s $13 million layover facility in Brunswick ready to roll

The Economy Has Been Rigged To Make The Rich Richer! (W/Alex Lawon & Guest: Dean Baker)

Why Don't Seniors Get A Benefit Increase Every Year? (w/Alex Lawson & Guest Daniel Marans)

Hitler quotes?

The New Myth of the Lost Cause

Livestream on now: Tim Kaine in PA

GOP Lies - GOPPERS Denounce Trump They Fully Enthusiastically Support Behind Closed Doors.

Hello!And thank you!

New Font Called "Tiny Hands" and it's Trump's handwriting!

Breitbart Troll Milo Yiannopoulos Is Speaking At GWU Tonight

The Number of Shitheads Voting For Trump Is Appalling And Nauseating.

Palm Beach Post just endorsed @PatrickMurphyFL for U.S. Senate

Time to Stop Blaming Trump

Does anyone know who was at the viewer's left of the podium at Al Smith Dinner?

Chris Christie is TOAST! Bridget Kelly just sang like a canary on the stand!

Rep. Brian Babin (R-Texas): “I think sometimes a lady needs to be told when she’s being nasty.”

With no Twitter to rage on

We have early voting for the first time ever in Massachusetts!

62-year-old woman in Spain gives birth to third child

It Looks Like NASA Found ESA's Crashed Mars Lander

East Aleppo civilians ‘shot at’ by rebels to prevent them leaving during truce

With Women as Key Planners, Events at Trump Venues Are Down

New Yorker: The art of the rout: what a Trump loss does to the G.O.P

Constitutional Crisis: MS county bans clowns

Trump Goes After Michelle Obama: 'All She Wants To Do Is Campaign'

Jockeying heats up for DNC chairmanship

Hillary has a 93% chance of winning according to the NY Times

Video VP Joe Biden Rally in Wilkes-Barre PA today 10/21

***National ARG poll HRC +7 (4 way)***

***Florida Opininon Savvy poll HRC +4 (4 way)***

Faux "news" is no longer a repug favorite,

Trumpart ............. feel free to add your own finds

Sigel's Beverages, a 111-year old Dallas-based chain, files for bankruptcy

Need a break from the news?On the Water, and Into the Wild

Politico/Morning Consult: Clinton +6

I'm seeing a lot of placeholders for images today ...

This is why Trump hates independent women

Need a break from the news?On the Water, and Into the Wild

A Montana judge gave a man 60 days for raping his own 12-year-old daughter. How can we say we take

Christie told of NJ 'Bridgegate' closures month before: defendant

Wichita Falls bombarded with rattlesnakes as rat population increases

Small business advisers for Trump have suffered bankruptcies and dodged taxes

I feel like laughing out loud...

This Nasty woman and My household voted! All Blue except for local sheriff and only because

Companies, including Alabama media, targeted in cyber-attack

Writer for US conservative mag is harassed beyond anything you can imagine for denouncing Trump.

Peru's wealthy president mocked for complaining about salary

Quiz: Hillary Clinton did what 15 Republicans could not do. What was it?

The Price I’ve Paid for Opposing Donald Trump. Trump’s alt-right trolls. MUST READ

Sweep! Hillary won all 3 of her debates

Is this election worse than previous ones ... with so much hatred, anger and contempt? Or ...

Even after a price cut, SF’s new most expensive home is ($19.5 million)

9 simple ways to add STEM activities to your child’s day

Evangelical vote pushes Latin America to the right

Vegas housekeepers say Trump has history of flouting elections

AZ School Sends Girls to Mandatory Christian Abstinence Assembly, Boys to Voluntary Dating Seminar

Evangelical vote pushes Latin America to the right

In Tight Race for Senate, Democrats Are Starting to Get the Upper Hand - NY Mag

Trump Goes After Michelle Obama: 'All She Wants To Do Is Campaign'

One good thing about the Trump campaign

Hillary’s New Humayun Khan Ad Is Brutal to Watch and Devastatingly Effective

Man gets probation for ripping off woman’s hijab on Southwest flight

“Significant Others”

New Florida poll (Opinion Saavy) Clinton 49 - Trump 45, Murphy 46 - Rubio 46

HRC ad shows why Trump pledging to appoint judges like Scalia is scary

'Rise' up with Katy Perry and our future Senator Catherine Cortez Masto on Saturday!

Death sentence upheld in 1st case under 1994 Kansas law

The Death of the Two-State Solution

Seeking honest opinions: is this design I made offensive?

State System, APSCUF reach tentative agreement, strike ends

GOTV tomorrow 10/22

The Latest: Union: Ohio's death row move will cause hardship

Cleveland fans rewarded Ryan Merritt's ALCS start by buying him gifts off his wedding registry

To those preaching to the choir..

Iowa just turned pink again


Denial of service attack across the US and Europe. Netflix, Amazon, Twitter

I've thrown caution to the wind, and placed my Hillary bumper sticker on my car.

My baby boy gets car sick every time we take a ride

If I had twitter

Judge: Georgia can keep execution drug provider secret

Latest cyberattack on Dyn unlikely to be state sponsored, intelligence official says

Black Doctors Challenge Delta Airlines with Inspirational Hashtag #WhatADoctorLooksLike

Five names top the Clinton list for agriculture secretary

The Latest: After hot car death, parents talked of more kids

“Well, let’s do this. Let’s do this, let’s win. Let’s win. Let’s win. We gotta win."

John Fugelsang is so baaaaad. And by that I mean, WHOOT!!!

What's for Dinner, Fri., Oct. 21, 2016

I put my foot on Putin's face, figuratively speaking, and painted

OPs that are one liners

Prosecutors: Judge convicted of bribing officer with beer

Courtroom artist drawing of Bridget Kelly's testimony...

If you watch carefully you can see the exact moment that Trump starts to bomb at the Al Smith:

A good punishment to the Russians for the hacking.

Latino mail-in balloting up 45% over 2012 in CA


I just learned that Donald Trump won the debate!

How Clinton coattails could turn a Republican stronghold blue in Virginia - WaPo

Early Vote Shifts Heavily to Democrats In Key States

Internet struggles? It’s not you. A colossal hack has crippled America’s web address book

Captain Khan ad

Sanders Announces $4.3 million to Vermont Nonprofit to Boost Job Training for Low-Income Seniors

Poll: HRC's lead in FL's Miami-Dade is "the most any democrat has ever gotten"

Is 2016 Another “Year of the Woman?” - The American Prospect

Facebook Post: What’s better than one strong woman?

The U.K. Is Right to Freeze ‘Russia Today’ Bank Accounts

Natl Review Writer harassed by Alt-Right for denouncing Trump.

So this morning the GOP's favorite wet dream, Gen Petraeus, was on Morning Joe

Joe Biden found TWO quarters in Burlington today!

Anyone seen Reince lately? Is he polishing up his resume?

At UVM Roundtable, Biden Calls for Renewed Focus on Cancer Research

Believe me folks there are scratches on my roof, you can see pictures of them on my website.

Donald Trump may not even win Georgia now, because that’s how well his campaign is going - Salon

Hillary Clinton Isn’t Just Lucky. She’s Competent

Opponents of rooftop solar caught on tape praising deceptive measures to pass Florida initiative

Saw my first Trump yard signs. On W Paces Ferry Rd. in Atlanta. THE richest street in the city.

Half of Republicans would reject election result if Clinton wins: Reuters/Ipsos

Florida senate race is tied!

The Clinton Campaign Is Making A Play For Utah

Republicans limit early voting, North Carolinians forced to wait 4 hours to cast ballots.

'46% of Palestinians support Jordanian-Palestinian confederation based on two states'

A happy nasty surprise . . .

I Got My First Song On The Radio, Tell Me What You Think

Am I being silly?

Two Ways To Make Sure You Don't Buy The Inferior iPhone 7 With An Intel Modem

Twitter Being Down

Why Hillary Wins

Russell Simmons Says He's Heard Donald Trump Make Racist and Anti-Semitic Comments

Oh Yeah!!

I'm going to turn the Russian hack conspiracy on its head. Yes Russia is hacking, and yes the

That chemical spill in Kansas

Donald Trump, Son of a Catholic Hater, Disgraces Al Smith Dinner

~ whine ~ a spider thought I might taste good and bit me

Technology is why we think the world is less safe

Bad Hombre - The scent you can't resist...

Michelle Obama, the final frontier. With nothing left to lose, Trump went there.

'Bookings at Trump Hotels plummeted 59 percent during the first half of 2016.'

November 9th???

Dinesh DeLoser is at it again

Remember repugs did this, re: Computers and rigged elections:

Another great toon from the New Yorker

Can any DUer explain the point Groper Don the Con was trying to make

Chuck Toad is so full of shit

Fraud Squad - ready to stop voter fraud!

Someone needs to counter Conway's "Why isn't she over 50%?" nonsense...

Coming Back To Faith.

Nevada registered voters: 89,000 Dem lead

Russians Send Aircraft Carrier Through English Channel. (The Red Menace in Perspective.)

Uber, SF clash in state talks over fingerprint criminal checks

Donald Trump Reacts Simulator

NORTON: The Internet Really Did Break Today, and Here's How it Happened

Russia welcome to observe US election: State Dept

Trump’s newest misstep: turning his attention to Michelle Obama

Martha and Sara | Hillary Clinton ~NEW AD

Martha and Sara | Hillary Clinton ~NEW AD

***Survey usa national poll HRC +10***


Frontline: The Choice

55,000 gallons of gasoline spills into Susquehanna, effect on Lancaster County drinking water unclea

Ross Launches First Ad Tying Burr to Trump in North Carolina - Roll Call

Photos: Bernie at Montpelier GOTV Rally tonight

curt schilling is a piece of shit

CurtShilling was just on Harball. He went through every RW vile smearing talking points

Rudy Giuliani is a humorless, ‘nasty’ man - By Jonathan Capehart

The election fast approaches. "17 Days", Prince

Michelle Obama channels hope, unity in Phoenix campaign event

Curt Schilling was just on Tweety


Open up the anti-Trump ad vault - By Jennifer Rubin

A New York Times reporter at a Trump rally just posted on Twitter...

Trump gains on Clinton despite furor over women, election comments

Obama Will Appear In Closing Spots for Senate Candidates

Cubs fans please don't fuck up.

On Predictwise Florida, Nevada, and North Carolina

Best Hillary ad! Very moving.