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Hurricane Matthew toll in Haiti rises to 1,000, dead buried in mass graves

Alright, four hours of Bob Costas is enough.

The dangerous vanity and narcissism of Donald Trump (This is so good)

On Oct 10 2012

Obama declares major disaster in North Carolina from Hurricane Matthew

Defiant, Donald pledges that if more tapes are leaked, he'll continue attacking...Bill Clinton


Powerful Evangelical Women Split From Male Church Leaders to Slam Trump

a Wyoming WTF!

[email protected] on the ***enthusiatic*** campus of The Ohio State

Trump didn't beat or tie Hillary in the 2nd debate. She annihilated him.


Donald Trump Blamed Mike Tyson’s Rape Victim: She Went to Hotel Room on ‘Her Own Will’

Politico: As Trump’s campaign spirals, Democrats see victory on the horizon.

Should Young Atheists in Catholic Families Get Confirmed in the Church?

Buffett Calls Trump’s Bluff and Releases His Tax Data

Glenn Beck: Voting for Hillary Clinton ‘Has Crossed My Mind’

Chris Hayes

A loathsome piece of shiftlessnes.

That woman on CNN -Scottie is guano nutso.

Go Ana Navaro. Flip on Cnn. They are on commercial but will be back.

A Religious Cult Believed They Could Be Reborn Inside Mount Fuji's 'Womb Caves'

Donald Trump Calls for Debate Co-Chairman to Step Down

Meanwhile back at the Trump Tower

I am looking for a small town in Oregon to retire

Clinton Moves to take advantage of GOP infighting

John Oliver Blasts Trump on Sexual Assault Remarks

WaPo: Republicans deserve their sad fate

Ana Navarro just yelled at Scottie Nell Hughes for idiotlically

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Destroy Donald Trump On Sexual Assault

Texas Catholic leaders push for end to death penalty

Eff Tweety

Never seen any candidate.."stalk" another Trump did...Has anyone else?

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Loooooong Weekend! Live, Uncensored & a new Fox gif

Pat Robertson calls lewd video ‘macho talk’

The most important lesson you can teach your own child is how to restore and repair his own honor

New Improved Nutt Milk.

With malice toward none? (when Hillary wins)

Margaret and Helen

If we don't act now, all future wars may be as horrific as Aleppo

body language expert tells us what all that sniffing is

Dr. Strange the movie. I don't think there is any WTFery or Tony Romo involved...

Trump Threatens to Push Intensely Personal Clinton Attacks if More Tapes Emerge

Rachel Maddow being interviewed

Bernie Progressive Running Against Corporate Smear Machine In Ohio (Jimmy Dore Show)

Note to all of us: We don't need "more" (abt DRUMPF crap). He's a known quantity from the get-go.

Is there any way we could push for a drug test for Donnie befor the next debate?


Trump's Murderous Rage at Hillary - Like a Typical Stalker Using Fear to Control

Media keeps saying "Hillary was rattled" by Trump's stalking. Please tell me what were the "tells"

Hillary at Ohio State U. Check out the Crowd!! Full Speech Video

Giuliani jokes about ‘locker room’ talk at Trump rally

This Modern World Toon- Bizarro Trump

How Girls Fall In Love~Anna Akana

GOP Senator Says Grabbing A Woman’s Genitals Is Not Sexual Assault

Apprentice' contestant for 'locker room talk'


had some interesting visitors this weekend

Cockatoo cusses owner out for destroying his cage.

Latino vote breakdown:There are 10,659,000 eligible Latino voters in these 14 states.

Houston-area woman says cashier wouldn't check her out because of 'Police Lives Matter' shirt

Luckovich Toon - Trump Presidential Grab

Congrats to Cleveland and their fans

The editors of Foreign Policy have never endorsed a candidate for political office -- until now.

What a sweet sweep

Politico: Trump looks into the polling abyss

Quiz: What makes Pittsburgh's 3 professional sports teams unique from other cities?

Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress' debate analysis: 'Trump redeemed himself'

Wow! These new Hillary ads featuring Rs who are voting for her are dynamite

Has there ever been a time where a more dangerous person

Big Papi's last at bat was...

McCain and Kirkpatrick debate NOW on PBS Arizona

Hillary at Wayne State University in Michigan 10/10/2016 Voter Registration Rally

You think you're a liberal? Or a Progressive? Or even a moderate Democrat? Consider this:

Clinton super PAC considers expanding to Senate races

Looking at 18k crowd for Hillary tonight in Ohio!

Obama could just make a blanket pardon of Hillary if Trump won

Trump’s One Public Service Was Exposing the Misogyny of the GOP.

Eichenwald update: Someone is DIRECTLY feeding Trump Russian Disinformation and Trump is repeating

OMG The Last Word is going there. Played the buffoon sniffing

Politico: Republicans and Democrats View Trump’s Quest for the White House As Essentially Lost

Last Word goes there: Donald's snorting !!!

Anyone who doubts wikileaks is working w/ Putin: read KURT EICHENWALD Now.

Shep Smith goes off on Trump over debate performance and almost ‘fascist’ jail line

White House Watch: Clinton Surges Following Trump Video

Do not adjust your TV set

Canada union says no agreement yet with Fiat Chrysler

Canada union says no agreement yet with Fiat Chrysler

Canada union says no agreement yet with Fiat Chrysler

Clinton campaign says, per Secret Service, 18.5K attended tonight's event in Ohio

Wall Street rises as Clinton seen winner of second debate (10/10/16)- FinancialPost

George Will on Mike Pence: "Trump's Poodle"

bid to dismiss a lawsuit by unhappy customers of Trump University---DENIED!

GRAB 'EM BY THE P***Y! (Censored) Randy Rainbow Song Parody

I almost started crying.

Khzir Khan on "The Last Word" Tonight

Alec Baldwin Foundation tweet

Republican Family Values: Ivanka clicked "like" on HuffPo story about Dad calling her a piece of ass

Cheney Mason taking over case of 13 year old Trump rape victim

Billy Bush bragged about vulgar Trump video to NBC staffers

The deep disgust for Hillary Clinton that drives so many evangelicals to support Trump

Dear Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, I Am Not Sidney Blumenthal

Natives to Louisiana

WATCH Hillary Clinton/Al Gore -Live CSPAN 3pm ET Tuesday 10/11

Trump looks into the polling abyss

This lifelong Republican is voting for Hillary Clinton

Cruz Reaffirms Trump Support In Wake of Lewd Comments About Women

Trump followers are kill-joys.

The Dam Breaks As Women Are Coming Forward Accusing Trump Inappropriate Contact

Manager of $37 Billion Endowment for UT and A&M Resigns

You won't believe this endorsement of Clinton!!!!!

Clinton Campaign Event Lineup for Tues, Wed, Thurs.. Oct 11-12-13

Lawrence O'D live now.

Teachers union, school board still in talks as strike deadline nears in Chicago Public Schools

Rauner says Trump tape is 'disgusting, appalling, outrageous'

Here is a link to a list of debunked lies about Hillary. People still believe the lies!

Seth Meyers needed to find his place in late night; then Trump ran for president

"As I can no longer vote for Trump, I could never, ever, vote for Hillary Clinton."

Someone tell me why

Anderson Cooper Begins Debate By Giving Trump Opportunity To Explain What The Fuck Is Wrong With Him

I'm coming to terms that Donald Trump has this in the bag.

Louisiana isn’t letting immigrants get married

Federal judge extends voter registration deadline in Florida due to Hurricane Matthew

What women can do.

OMG, Samantha Bee is killing it again (I'm watching my DVR). I hope someone

Taxpayers may be out $8M on site tied to Daley nephews

Dear Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, I Am Not Sidney Blumenthal

What a moronic thought from Jeff Sleazebag Session who is a total moron!

Trump's speeches today leave no one guessing

COLBERT! he brought his 'cat'..

Apprentice producer Mark Burnett says he's a Democrat and

So Trump says he is a family man?

FBI: Palatine man scammed out of $4.5 million helps capture suspect

538: Paul Ryan Needs Trump More Than Trump Needs Ryan

What happened at Yorkville food pantry? Director dead, $200,000 missing

Vlad and Don and their October Surprise.

Durbin likens Trump to 'banana republic' leader

Seth Meyers on the Debate :

Springfield seeking to change employee health plan to cut costs

#NotOkay : With ‘Tweet Me Your First Assaults,’ a Protest Movement Is Born

Seth Meyers on Trump and debate. Funny!

The People On The Debate Stage Last Night Were Undecideds...

Are Branstad’s Medicaid claims ‘smoke and mirrors?’

Bill Clinton to campaign in 4 Iowa cities this week

You should check out Kurt Eichenwald's latest...

"Must be a pretty picture, you dropping to your knees."

If the Democrats were to win the House and Senate and the White House, what should be the agenda?

Branstad defends Trump, warns of ISIS threat to Iowans

Setting GOP moderates against Trump and the GOP base against leaders isn't just political jujitsu...

Iowa protesters call on Wells Fargo to divest from pipeline project

Evangelical magazine publishes scathing anti-Trump editorial

please help me embed this amazing ad

US May Be Permanently Fractured No Matter How The Election Turns Out.

OMG Why can't Samantha Bee be on my TV all day, every day?

What's with NL batters chasing bad pitches?

Wells recalls some Blue Bunny ice cream in six states

God has chosen Trump to lead this nation

How Trump pushed Russian propaganda about Benghazi to American voters.

"And never givng up."

Note to the MSM – There is NO Horserace

I, a Beatles fanatic, always come back to Cream, for Satori.

"Hillary can't draw crowds like Trump" LOL

What Is The Latest On Trump Observers?

Yes: Florida Federal Court Extends Registration Deadline to Wednesday at 5pm due to hurricane

Donald Trump - Chick Magnet

I Hope The Secret Service Is On The Top Of Their Game.

Donald Trump is the GOP’s chemotherapy

You can probably hear the San Fran fans in your home

Must-see TV: Tavis Smiley on The 11th Hour Tonight Calls Out Media for Fake Horserace, More

On deadline day, AZ voter registration site gets 10 times normal traffic

Unlike Repubs, we can laugh at ourselves...BLR is out

Waiting for lawsuits from women to begin in earnest against Trump

Donate coats for hell

They are nowhere near the bottom of the barrel yet

I'm going to guess Trump's biggest scandalous claim against Bill,

Finally, a Threat to Unite Us All: Donald Trump!

Our best case scenario is coming true

The Apollo Theater says no to Donald Trump rally

Trump Told Russia To Blame for Hacks Long Before Debate

(Trump) wouldn't be able to resist grabbing a pu$$y like you.

Trump looks into the polling abyss

Trump’s backers suggest groping may not be sexual assault

Will Kasich leave the Republican party?

Orange Is The New Black stars announce their engagement


GOP Dogma Is That A WOMAN HAS NO CHOICE - Of Any Kind. She MUST Submit To A Man's Wishes.

I'm not happy with Hillary's speeches again

Prosecutor admits obtaining recordings of lawyer-client conversations - #BundyTeaParty

Cubs/Giants ... epic game three

Column: A conversation between an OB-GYN and her Trump-supporting father about sexual assault

To unendorse or not to unendorse? That is the question for down-ballot Republicans now

Mondoweiss: ‘Ethnic cleansing’ becomes ‘No ethnic cleansing’ in Israeli history by Benny Morris

"When they do the Limbo, We do the Macarena"

First Priority this term? EDUCATION!

Post-It (7:31)

Russia Today defending international arms-dealers and cocaine-smugglers

Trump & Hillary put aside their differences for a minute...

Johnson County Trump supporter goes viral with combative interview on CNN

The Things We Do For Love / 10cc

As Washington University recovers from presidential debate, students engaged but moving on

Daily Holidays October 11

Former President Of The Costa Rican Soccer Federation Pleads Guilty To Racketeering And Corruption

St. George Man Sentenced To 108 Months After Convictions For Fraud, Money Laundering

As babies born to mothers infected with the Zika virus turn 1, health problems mount

Schnuck disrepects his workers as UFCW 655 members reject proposal by 89%, authorize strike act

Paramilitary successors ‘regret’ rejection of Colombia peace process, ask for inclusion

Trumka: ‘The stakes in the Missouri gubernatorial race are enormous’

ICC has to investigate Russian war crimes in Syria’s Aleppo: France

Animals Included: Hating Venezuela

What is a Coup? Analysing the Brazilian Impeachment Process

British forces could help protect Syria from Russian 'war crimes'

What is a Coup? Analysing the Brazilian Impeachment Process

Tribal Grizzly Bear Treaty Redefines Recovery of the Great Bear

Research finds Deepwater Horizon spill affects bluefin tuna

Great Great Line Hillary

Morning Joe - Joe's about to have a nervous breakdown

Joe and Mika said the poll is cooked...Basically pollsters out

Accused shoplifter killed by Georgia deputy after struggle

Women call Gloria Allred, asking help, alleging ‘inappropriate contact by Mr. Trump’

Humans, megafauna coexisted in Patagonia before extinction

Humans, megafauna coexisted in Patagonia before extinction

Bloomberg: Clean Energy Investment Dropped 43% in Worst Quarter Since 2013

Morning Joe: It's Over.

Documenta: Parthenon of Banned Books to Rise in Germany

Documenta: Parthenon of Banned Books to Rise in Germany

Argentina: Right-wing frighteners for female activists

The incredible otherwordly caterpillars of Ecuador

The incredible otherwordly caterpillars of Ecuador

Trump Once Advised Bill Cosby How To Handle Assault Allegations

Samantha Bee Delivers Her Own Trump-Focused Vagina Monologue

"Why, he's monster!"

Erdogan tells Iraq PM to "know his limits", says will not get orders on Bashiqa camp

Fred Flintstone And Barney Rubble As Donald Trump And Billy Bush

New poll Politico/Morning Consult poll after debate

Who is Prof Peter Higgs? Everything you need to know about the Tyneside born physicist

GOP Is Like The Mafia. They Are A Gang You Can't Get Out Of Without Consequences.

Roberts calls Trump’s comments ‘abhorrent’ but sticks by campaign

Samantha Bee Nails Why Hillary Clinton’s Real Debate Foe Was Sexist BS

Lawmakers, Brownback profit from tax exemption

Elon Musk Isn’t Religious Enough to Colonize Mars

When You Think The Campaign Cannot Get Any More Putrid It Does. Not Near The Bottom Yet.

Colorado marijuana has 'permeated nearly all parts of Kansas,' report from Kansas AG says

Why Ohio is leaving Donald Trump for Hillary Clinton

Any news from Are_Grits_Groceries after Hurricane Matthew?

Samsung to Permanently Discontinue Galaxy Note 7 Smartphone

The GOP tumbles toward anarchy: ‘It’s every person for himself or herself’

Colbert on Debate #2: Trump seems to be on much stronger coke this time

If Trump says he has the right to grab pussy does that mean

EICHENWALD: Trump Recited False Info at a Rally from Russian Disinformation Op. How did he get it?

I gotta ask, Pence has climbed

As outrage mounts, Trump’s Catholic problem gets worse

Does anybody know what happened to police fraternity endorsement?

Nancy O'Dell denounces Trump's words.

One reason not to vote Trump: Looks like he may be tied up in court for a while

Hey Media --- Call it what it is.

Guess What I'm Enjoying My Morning - I'm NOT Watching Morning Joe

David Brooks: Donald Trump’s Sad, Lonely Life

PRRI/The Atlantic Survey Clinton +11

FB Grade School Friend Fox News Watcher

Dallas - The Dream Season - TV's Biggest Con....

Why You Should NEVER Throw Old Clothes In The Trash

"IT came from the locker" (graphic warning)

NRCC ad for NY-22 (Listen for the punch line...)

Poll: Hillary Clinton won the second debate

China's 'extinct' dolphin may have returned to Yangtze river, say conservationists

Joe Scarborough is not nearly as bright as he thinks he is.

Ilham Tohti, Uighur imprisoned for life by China, wins major human rights prize

There's many scary things about Trump, but for me, the white supremacist support is scariest

Independents and Women Bail on Trump, Giving Clinton a Double-Digit Lead

What a five-point shift could do = 455-83

Nearly 90% of New Jersey children tried as adults since 2011 were black or Latino

LMAO at Hillary-Trump Debate Duet: “(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life”

Roanoke College Poll: Clinton's lead widens in Virginia

We Happy Few - A Game of Paranoia and Survival

Trump: Don't show the world who I really am


Early Voting Could Hand Election to Hillary Clinton Well Before Nov. 8

Chicago teachers' union agrees contract proposal to avert strike

Chicago teachers' union agrees contract proposal to avert strike

tRump is basically an 7th grade dude bro...

Independents and Women Bail on Trump, Giving Clinton a Double-Digit Lead

Lt. Governor Betsy McCaughey blaming Beyonce for Trumps behaviour?

Oh, dear, Trump woke up in a grumpy mood again...


South African finance minister to face fraud charges, rand plunges

The facts about Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton - Joe Conason

Carnage and corruption: upstart Mexican cartel's path to top

Carnage and corruption: upstart Mexican cartel's path to top

Will this ever end?

A new worry for Clinton: Trump's struggles may depress Democratic voter turnout

Trump's suggestion that his supporters need to watch out for voting fraud is a call to arms

McCain: I may write in Lindsey Graham for president

This cinches it for me

NY Times: In Praise of Kenneth Bone

Philippines' Duterte says to visit China

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1: Debate 2

Muslim-Americans Respond To A Caustic Campaign By Raising Money And Mobilizing

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Locker Him Up!

Anyone besides me loving the Washington Post's recent reporting on Trump?

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Scandal! WikiLeaks reveals Hillary Clinton to be . . . reasonable.

Florida Judge's "Poppycock" is right up there with Biden's "Malarkey"

Break it down!

Trump is attacking Paul Ryan again this morning on Twitter

"President of Breitbart Nation."

Syria: Putin cancels France trip after Hollande's war crimes comments

With Epic Tweet storm, Wisconsin woman/activist departs Republican Party

Scandal! WikiLeaks reveals Hillary Clinton to be . . . reasonable. - by the WaPo Editorial Board

British paper sums up the devolution of U.S. politics, 2008-2016.

Donald Trump, Putin’s puppet - by the Washington Post Editorial Board

If I recall correctly, the whole "Lock her up!" thing began in earnest during Trump's Manafort days.

Interesting find on a local Goodwill bookshelf

One of the best responses I have ever heard concerning 'the deleted emails"

Trump files for moral bankruptcy - By Richard Cohen

Hoping to extend ‘Let Girls Learn’ beyond 2017, the Obamas lay out a road map

Belgian regions set to block EU-Canada free trade deal

She is formidable as fuck. And she is brave. And she's done it for so long, so successfully, that..

George Will is hilarious! Trump is a "Banana Republican."

Trump’s Debate Stunt: Why Should Anyone Believe Kathleen Willey? - by Joe Conason

Donald threatening retaliation if more tapes of him are released.

Politifact debunks claims that Hillary attacked Bill's accusers

Question submitted by Orrex

Can we crowdfund a class action lawsuit

Cruz sticking with Trump

‘Lecherous and worthless': Megachurch pastor from Trump’s own evangelical council denounces him

Donald Trump is a tumor on the body politic.

What Wells Fargo Knew

We are Mormons for Hillary read from It Takes A Village

Debate showed Clinton is eminently qualified and Trump is a clown. Why is anyone confused ab this

The Inside Story Of Donald Trump’s Comedy Central Is Everything You Thought It Would Be

NY Times: Male Voters Finally Get Trump

Donald Trump tried to call out Warren Buffett. He probably didn’t expect this response.

Trump Gears Up To Blame Election Loss On Paul Ryan, GOP Leaders

The Washington Post Editorial Board: Donald Trump is Vladimir Putin's Puppet

Shocking Report Reveals Putin Is Feeding Trump Russian Propaganda To Read At Rallies


Louie Gohmert: Bill Clinton incited Trump’s ‘vile’ p*ssy talk — but now he’s saved by Jesus

link to historical data on presidential election and polling results

House Democrats believe Trump troubles give them real shot at retaking majority

Interim head of Utah Trump Campaign: Utah "possibly a swing state at the moment"

2nd Debate: Cable newsers tried to give Clinton's victory to Trump

Former Trump Va Chair Corey Stewart on local RW Radio this morning

Free at Last! Free at Last! Thank God Almighty, I'm Free at Last!

YAY! Donald Trump got his phone back!

The Madman seems to be threatening to go full crazy now as per his latest cryptic tweet.

why isn't this more talked about as showing trumps is always for sale....??

Burned Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from Southwest flight seized by federal regulators for testing

An objective of the RKBA

When it's Glenn Beck calling Trump unstable....

This is going to be a bumpy ride

The Untold Truth Of Friday The 13th

Bizarro world: The debate showed us the real “liberal media bias” — for Donald Trump

If we judge our candidates by how 'big' it is...

Does anyone have that re-done Rove photo shop showing Trump being lead away in handcuffs?

funny how trump had no problem with George Soros money if it means profit for him....

Trump's plan is to humiliate Clinton and burn the Republican Party down in 30 days

hugh hewitt, does it get any worse than him? asshole m$nbc pundit.

Question on donations for helping Haiti

World Health Organisation backs tax on sugary foods and drinks

World Health Organisation backs tax on sugary foods and drinks

Chicago Teachers Union, school board reach tentative contract agreement

Chicago Teachers Union, school board reach tentative contract agreement

Chicago Teachers Union, school board reach tentative contract agreement

538 Polls-Plus probability now at all-time high.

Red State Update

Since when is something you did or said at age 59

Need a good laugh? Olberman delivers. Again.

College Republicans in NM denounce Trump

U.S. Supreme Court declines to hear tobacco arbitration dispute

It is past time for an intervention of Donald Trump. Some medical facility

Are you registered to vote? Are you sure?

Donald Trump has gone into the public square, with a

More Things You Have To Believe To Be A Republican Today: Is This Ever Going To End? Edition

Father of U.S. war hero Humayun Khan attacks Trump's comment at debate

New Book On GOP "Profiles In Cowardice" Now As Large As Encyclopedia Brittanica

Trump's plan today: Start fight with Paul Ryan. Hillary's plan: Outline agenda to fight deep poverty

Katrina Pierson’s CNN interview turns into chaos when she defends Trump by blaming hip-hop for rape

How would you respond?

Trump campaign is pre-spinning the N-word tape. Multiple surrogates pointing out hip-hop

With Any Luck Trump Will Be Below 30% By November Election.

Report: Paul Ryan Still Might Ditch Donald Trump

RWNJ Conspiracy - the GOP "Est" + media knew about and coordinated sex tape release...

Hillary & Al Gore today in Miami AND President Obama in Greensboro NC

Another Lifelong Republican Voting For Hillary Clinton

I am really enjoying the Republican meltdown .....

Nate Silver unleashes quite the funny Tweet

So is Donald's "Alonzo Harris at the end of Training Day" act today a sign that....

Police warn of burglar who will rob your home while you sleep

Trump is going to teach the Rs a lesson!

Trump says 'shackles have been taken off'

Just because it's funny and we all need a good laugh sometimes...

Were the wikileaks release altered?

Republicans have it smeared all over their soles......and it really, really stinks.

Deadspin: The Trump Campaign is Ready to Burn this Mothefucker Down

Beware the pretty flower - it kills

Donald Trump Bashes Paul Ryan And Declares War On GOP

Historical Comparison Polling (for statistics’ nerds)

LePage Says 'We Need A Donald Trump To Show Some Authoritarian Power'

This movie clip explains Trump better than any news analysis

anyone else enjoying the GOP implosion

Bahamas also suffered catastrophic loss during Hurricane Matthew

One thing about it, the Donald is exposing the "family values" party as a great big fraud

Voters being prepped for the upcoming third debate

Is something wrong with George W Bush?

Pic Of The Moment: Jeff Sessions Not Sure If Grabbing Women By The P***y Is Sexual Assault

Maxine Waters rocking it on MSNBC!

which part of donnie's career best prepares him to make america great?

IMO, it's time to rotate the Secret Service details of the candidates out.

So, yesterday the RNC stays in with Trump - today Trump declares WAR

Anyone feel

Court rules consumer bureau's structure unconstitutional, allows it to operate

Morning Consult: Hillary wins debate 42-28

Trump: 'Despite winning the second debate in a landslide, it is hard to do well with zero support'

Trump now fighting a three-sided battle against Hillary, the GOP & even the Media


Donald Trump’s Sad, Lonely Life--David Brooks

Steve Deace just slammed MOJO bigtime on Tamon's show

30% of the people in our country are complete fucking idiots

Wow! Republican Steve Deace on MSNBC sez Joe Scar turned his show into a Trump PAC

Zoltar as Trump promises high-speed deportation trains

Where's Susan Sarandon? Has she condemned Trump's sexual assault remarks?

Could a 1970's Brian Wilson be the inspiration for Trump's hair style?

Putin shuns Paris visit after France offers talks only on Syria

NJ Gov. Chris Christie Slams Donald Trump's 2005 Remarks About Women as 'Completely Indefensible'

Obama sees human missions to Mars by 2030s

New Trump ad goes back to "stamina"...

That was then - this is now-Trump and the Clinton women

Paging the future winner of the Pulitzer: David Fahrenthold

Could Trump's crash and burn ultimately hurt?

Who needs Paul Ryan when you have Louie Gohmert and the two Corinthians

The Dolchstoßlegende sounds better in the original German

You can set your watch by it can't you?

I've been waiting for a shirtless photo of Drumpf to come out- Never could find one

Fake Jerry Jones: Our investors are encouraged.

Think About All The Inside Information That Trump Was Privy To With Respect To The Repug....

DUer running for State Rep in Republican, fundamentalist county

She's got style

New Rules - Don't be a Trump.

The Philippine president's next campaign: public smoking ban

Chris Christie "Disappointed" but still supporting Trump

Tell your friends and family: Today is the last day to register to vote in PA!

Loose Cannon...

Clinton pulled back on a kill shot for a reason: Keep Trump on the ticket

Denver archbishop blasts Democratic platform: Catholics ‘cannot support’ pro-abortion candidates

Dear GOP, Please Get Your S**T Together

Today is the last day of registration to vote in a couple of States.

President Obama masterfully set up the destruction of the GOP....

The Power of Your Vote - Carrie Mae Weems

What A Lovely Day for a Civil War

Groper Don the Con says now that the shackles are off he can campaign as he wants to and show

Awful story out of Pennsylvania...

In regard to Haiti relief - DO NOT give money to American Red Cross

Truck Plows Through Nevada Crowd During Columbus Day Protest

The total mastery: Bea ARTHUR singing "What'll I Do?"

Mother dies after son allegedly pushes her from 2nd-story window

Just saw my first "vote republican" advertisement.....

An interesting pattern in "deplorables" on twitter

Steve Schmidt talks about exposing the intellectual rot

To appreciate the significance of Cleveland's sweep over the Red Sox ...

Suspended Ala. Chief Justice Roy Moore Wants New Justices for Appeal

Ginsburg, unprompted: "I would not arrest" Colin Kaepernick

A memory flash from my childhood

Christianity Today - He is the embodiment of what the bible calls 'a fool'

The Death Cycle: Mass Shootings, Terrorism, And The Economics Of The NRA

Bandidos Gang Leader Pleads Guilty to Racketeering in Texas

little levity for you

Bandidos Gang Leader Pleads Guilty to Racketeering in Texas

I'm amazed at the Trump supporters who insist he won the second debate.

I give up.

Ever been on a train trip that feels like it will never end?

Social Media as a Tool of Hybrid Warfare - Prepeard by The Nato Strategic Communications- MAY 2016

Standing Rock: Unprecedented Unity of Indigenous Nations and People

Russia, China to Mull Joint Response to US Missile Shield

Watch your radar screen,,, for news about Morning Joe

What I think is funny

Video: Trump has broken free from his shackles

Ivanka Trump Likes a Tweet About Donald Calling Her a ‘Piece of Ass’

Let's Celebrate Trump Independence Day!

Army leads the way!!!!

Glenn Beck: Hillary Clinton is a 'moral, ethical choice' for Republicans (CNN Article)

Every so often I consider what insulting thing I can say about trump

Erick Erickson describes his harrowing health scares and the threats from Trump people

Dear Stooges Still Defending Wikileaks,

Turns Out Donald Trump Once Fired A Woman For Using ‘Locker Room Talk’

I believe in forgiveness

CFPB Ruled Unconstitutional in Current Form

Glenn Beck: Hillary Clinton is a 'moral, ethical choice' for Republicans

It Is Not A Conspiracy If It Is True (Trump/Russia)

Unshackled Trump is just as dense as ever

Trump will be worse after he loses the election

Trump: "I Know That Was Pretty Bad, But Save Your Energy For What I'm Going to Say Next"

Bless the Beasts and the Children.

We don't need term limits, we need campaign limits.

Australia same-sex marriage vote blocked by opposition


"PUBLIC policy position vs. PRIVATE policy position..."

Maine Governor: Maybe We Need An Authoritarian

Can we once and for all disabuse everyone of the notion Bill Clinton put Trump up to running ?

Desert Trip concert prepares for seniors tripping on marijuana

This might be what set off Trump's tweet-storm this morning

People. The GOP is not about to die.


You know I really like this Ken Bone guy.

******Obama hits 55% in Gallup daily tracking******

Race Tightening.....

Reminder from earlier this year: change registration NOW to vote in NYCs primary next year

McCain Spars With Challenger Over Previous Support of Trump

Sam Wang Has HRC win at 97%!!

Justices Won't Hear Dispute Over Arizona Judicial Candidates

Just finished my Master's thesis on the Outer Space Treaty, ask me anything!

"He wanted to humiliate (Clinton) in the way he knows how to humiliate women,"

David Corn suggests title for next Trump book: "No Bridge Left Unburned"

“Party Before Country”

Trump's latest ad uses Clinton health conspiracy theories...

Broadway Bridge in North Little Rock, AR laughs off demolition.

Chris Christie won't defend Trump's comments, sticking with him

Trump tweets re: "The very foul mouthed Sen. John McCain"

New Records Suggest Donald Trump Misled the Public About His Income

A MUCH needed laugh! "Drunk Trump."

Can't open my canvasser files

From Queens to Texas to Florida?

I know its not over but doesn't Bernie come out of this smelling like a rose?

With all the revelations about Trump misstating the information he got....

I live in Detroit, and want to go to Denver

Trump prepares for next debate....

Ancient Andes glaciers have lost half their ice in just 40 years

Ancient Andes glaciers have lost half their ice in just 40 years

Ana Navarro Repeats Trumps "Pussy" comment on CNN, OWNS Scottie Hughes for Complaining

Oct. 11, 2016 National Coming out Day!

NYT Mag new Hillary Interview: "I'm the last thing standing between you and the Apocalypse."

Eric Trump: Hillary leaked the "p*ssy" tape, because that happens to alpha males in entertainment.

Are they kidding us?

What's going on?

DONNA BRAZILE: Neither Trump Nor Ryan Fit To Lead

Trump unleashes attack ad on Hillary's health


NOW AT AMAZON.COM - A bucket of shit (replicas, that is)

Tax Bill for Top 1% Would Shrink Under Trump Plan, Rise Under Clinton's

There is one last low rung on Trump's election ladder, and it could put him back in it.

She won't get locked up, but she may be fined

Trump, 9 Tweets in 5 Hours. Going off the rails

Oct. 12, 1998, Eighteen years ago, Matthew Shepard was murdered.

The Republican party perfectly summed up in two images.

Tyson's request for new trial denied in Storm Lake worker gear suit

Duggar's excited apocalypse coming ‘quicker than any of us may realize'

DRUMPF never "got" the concept of electioneering. Ran off blocs of voters but now too his own party

A radio station promotion, and a question

Aide: Christie Grew Angry as Word of Bridge Scandal Emerged

Obama in 2012 on GOP: "There’s going to be a war going on inside that party."

Glenn Beck Voting for Hillary Clinton?

I figured out Trump's plan to 'Make America Great Again'™!

The Dump Trump Movement Has Nothing To Do With Donald's Words

Lawyer for Turkey Refers Ohio Charter Schools to Authorities

NBC allegedly planned to edit Trump tapes, save Billy Bush

Harry Potter weighs in

Still backing Trump, Rubio wishes 'we had better choices for President'

What are your thoughts? Tyson invests in Beyond Meat

Well at least we now know who thought of one of the possible names for Stone Temple Pilots.

Drumph announces

Buffett Calls Trump’s Bluff and Releases His Tax Data

Hurricane Nicole Re-Forms in Atlantic, Aims at Bermuda

Trump needs to read this from Bill Clinton:

What's for Dinner, Tues., Oct. 11, 2016

"Mike Pence went on TV today to reassure Republicans that despite his dignified demeanor he's still

Dakota Access Pipeline Work Resumes Near Site of Protest

Turns Out Donald Trump Once Fired A Woman For Using ‘Locker Room Talk’

DAMN YOU, TUPAC! Katrina Pierson: Trump grabs p*ssy because he's a victim of hip-hop culture

The Latest: Feds to launch contempt case against Arpaio

Robert De Niro calls Jon Voight 'delusional' over support for Trump

Trump income exaggerated

Ex-GOP Attorney General: Trump Vow To Jail Clinton Is A 'Watershed' Moment

US Considering Retaliation for Missile Firing at Navy Ship

Seahawks’ Michael Bennett on Trump’s hot-mic comments: ‘As a parent of daughters, I was irate’

Am I the only one who can't stand Trumps advisor Boris Epshteyn?

Boris Epstyn (Trump Spox)

October 11 Is The Last Day For Online Voter Registration In D.C.

My college educated friend found a video online that proves Hillary works for Lucifer

I'm having serious doubts...

Even though Coumbus Day was YESTERDAY --- take a look and reflect anyway

Ashura festival attack kills Shia Muslims at Afghan mosque

Luckovich Toon

Today is "National Coming Out Day"!

LeBron James cleaned the Cavs' locker room Saturday night

‘The Straightjacket Should Be On’: Dem Rep. Mocks Trump Over Meltdown

LSU's tiger mascot dies after cancer treatment

Stupid and contagious: What if Donald Trump is not “dumbing down” and actually is this dumb?

msnbc touting a "poll" that shows drumph up 1%

The Powerful Way Logo TV Is Censoring Itself On National Coming Out Day

NBC/WSJ HRC 46 Trump 37 ( +9 after second debate, two way 50-40)

In the new Congress, the first law Elizabeth Warren should propose

Trump's new ad...disgusting...

74 days out of 8 years


PRRI/The Atlantic Survey HRC up 11

They support Trump

What the polls really show - hang em' high

David Plouffe Tweet on trump's unraveling

What do you think The Con means by "They'v taken the shackles of me so I can run

How do you rank the Presidents that have been in office in your life time thus far?

Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump by 9 Points, Poll Finds

It's The Supreme Court Stupid! Candidates Weigh In On SCOTUS Choices...

Hey Gov. Haslam, Tennessee Is Not For Sale!

Could the Trump implosion finally sink AM Hate Radio?

Since the GOP had Trump "shackled"

Wonder if his campaign told him that he was unlikely to win and he just lost it?

Christie: Trump video comments were 'completely indefensible'

What will be Trump's strategy at the Oct 19 debate?

Ugh. 17 points?

13 states have registration deadlines TODAY: FL, OH, PA, MI, GA, TX, NM, IN, LA, TN, AR, KY, SC.

Trump Adviser:Clinton's A Hypocrite For Liking Beyoncé But Condemning Trump's Sexual Assault Remarks

Harrop: What Trump’s continued support says about us isn’t flattering

Is Donald Trump the 21st Century Howard Hughes?

Homophobic Trump supporters attack Anderson Cooper with gay slurs

Bridget Kelly Will Apparently Spill The Beans ....

If Trump pulls out of the last debate, I think Clint Eastwood's chair should stand in for Trump.

"Trump Senior Adviser Promotes Trump Endorsement From Leading Anti-Semitic Hate Site"

The Daily Show Killed It Last Night

538: What Trump’s Brag About Sexual Assault Reveals About This Election And Our Culture

A little something for the soul. OPA!

At this moment in time it feels like

Texas Death Row Inmate Danny Bible Loses at US Supreme Court

Texas Death Row Inmate Danny Bible Loses at US Supreme Court

Why does the media

Billy Bush Reportedly Out At ‘Today’ And Negotiating Exit From Show

"Locker Room" talk? Speak for yourself Donald.

Al Gore is in the house!!

Colorado GOP in turmoil following Donald Trump’s comments on women

Roy Blunt-Jason Kander Senate race in Missouri now among closest in U.S.

Carson defends Ryan from Trump's attacks

Do You Think That When Trump Loses

Live from Miami: Hillary Clinton and Al Gore

I SURVIVED! Power is back!

Cat Zipped Into Backpack And Drowned - Demand Justice (Petition)

Scare the Vote - The most devastating effect of Trump’s candidacy may be yet to come.

GOP in turmoil as Trump threatens to bring party to its knees

Clinton Opted Not to Go for a Kill Shot

Protesters at Hillary's rally with Al Gore and they weren't attacked...

Donald Trump’s Unconscious, Unending Sexism

dipshit's ryan rants to day it's because Infowarts jones blames ryan for leak

New Trump Ad Targets Hillary's Health

An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton

Very enthusiastic crowd in Miami for Clinton/Gore

Hillary on the Donald: "he lives in an alternative reality"...

The people who hate Hillary are all but certain to make her president - NationalPost

Eric Trump Says Bragging About Sexual Assault Is Part Of An ‘Alpha Personality’

Media is desparate to find some false equivalency to smear Hillary, counter Trump vid

WikiLeaks: Private Hillary email suggests Saudi Arabia and Qatar are funding ISIS

Cool!! CNN is airing the entire Clinton/Gore event!

When Hillary was introducing Gore just a bit ago,

MSNBC guest lays GOP ruin at Joe Scarborough’s feet: ‘He turned his show into a Trump super PAC’

STFU STeve Kornacki - we're listening to Al Gore

Churches Sue Over Massachusetts Transgender Bathroom Law

Churches Sue Over Massachusetts Transgender Bathroom Law

Anyone want to predict the actors in the post-election movie?

Gore in Florida! In a political capacity! He is talking about it!

Clinton is a role model even though we vehemently disagree - USA Today

AL GORE giving a stirring speech in Miami with Hillary

TRUMP'S HEAD in 2020.

Man Charged in Islamic State Group Case Ordered Held

Exclusive: Trump campaign CEO wanted to destroy Ryan

When the Donald said if he was president he would lock up Hillary, I wish Hillary had said:

John King to Jeff Sessions: Genital grabbing is sexual assault

G'mar chatima tova and an easy fast to those who will be fasting!

President Obama to Consider 'Proportional' Response to Russian Hacking

U.S. Forest Service against South Dakota Land Grab at Spearfish Canyon

Message from Al Gore -

There has to be a blockbuster movie about this campaign.

Republicans at war on Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton surges in polls

sniffling groping maggot & his new ad

Appeals Court: Roundup Not Required for Overpopulated Horses

Wounded, Trump Retreats Into The Fringe Media Bunker - Media Matters

Bannon has a cure for mental health issues

Supreme Court Will Hear Ashcroft Appeal to Kill Lawsuit

Why Ohio is leaving Donald Trump for Hillary Clinton

Would a President Trump Try to Jail Obama, Too?

Royal family must declare number of foreign members under new rules

Wasn't It Lincoln Who Said "Four Score And Seven Years

Sexual Assault Hotline Traffic Spiked During The Debate

Trump made history on Oct 7, 2016

Outside Republican headquarters, young women demand that GOP leaders denounce Trump

Oh, Mike Pence, it must suck to be you.

Ladies - check in if you have been grabbed in the hoohaw

Tapes or No Tapes, 'The Apprentice' Alums Recall Donald Trump's Sexist and Racist Behavior

Meanwhile on CNN...

Breaking: CRITICAL campaign documents unearthed from WIKILEAKS

Which tRump??

Larry Sanders' UK Parliament bid endorsed by brother Bernie

Awsome Hillary Clinton & Al Gore Miami FULL Speech - Focusing on Climate Change

George Will slams Pence for the obvious: How can Pence be president if he thinks Trump is qualified?

Bernie Sanders Campaign Staffers Write New Rule Book For Political Organizing

Trump cheats off of Hillary's notes at the debate: Debunked.

How does a person go to current day Who Is ??

SPINELESS (and funny)

Great News! Iowa just went Blue on Nate Silver's web site!

Supreme Court agrees to hear debt collection dispute

Is This What It Looks Like When A Party Falls Apart? - N.Silver

Anita Hill's Op-Ed about Trump and sexual harassment

At San Antonio Fundraiser, Trump Attacks Paul Ryan for "Disloyalty"

Supreme Court to hear Mexico border shooting case

Supreme Court to hear Mexico border shooting case

‘Apprentice’ winner: Trump ‘demeaning’ to women on set

Hospitals report skyrocketing drug prices are challenging their budgets

TIME CHANGE NOTE: Pres Obama in NC on CSPAN2 & at 6pm ET

Voting Instructions: Look to the right of each name. "DEM" stands for "Do Enter Mark."

WOW-Pat Buchannan praises's trump on MTP in '99 on him..

Sanders Statement on Fatal Accident in Vermont

"The Republican Party Made Donald Trump. Now Donald Trump Is Destroying the Republican Party."

Whoa, Anita Hill op-ed on sexual harassment and Trump

I love women.

U.S. police used Facebook, Twitter data to track protesters: ACLU

Chargers not happy with their kicker for laughing after loss

Something I'd like to hear from Hillary is support for single payer. What does she have to lose now?

Marco Rubio Stands By Donald Trump Despite Lewd Tape

Peter King looks like Rodney Dangerfield.

REALLY, REALLY PISSED OFF - Need some support

The Latest: School Named for Obama Casualty of CPS Deal

Donald Trump's View o' The World

The Latest: Ex-NY Governor Extortion Case Woman Held on Bail

The Latest: Ex-NY Governor Extortion Case Woman Held on Bail

When is an "endorsement" not an endorsement?

At work

Trump’s Threat to Jail Clinton Also Targets Democracy’s Institutions

Yazidi survivor Nadia Murad wins human rights award

The End Of Movement Conservatism’s World - The American Conservative

CNN is pushing the email 'scandal' as overshadowing her FL rally with Gore

Pedro Martinez celebrated the Indians' win with offensive gesture

Better Together!

If The US Was Facing A Crisis Like An Oncoming Train The GOP Would Stop US From Getting Out Of Way.

Can Republican House and Senate candidates really save themselves from Donald Trump?

Advice please. Merging bully just hit our car from the side.

Good Bet MSM Will Still Try To Narrow The Polls And Equalize The Race.

Happy National Coming Out Day!

We are Mormons for Hillary | Hillary Clinton

BuzzFeed: Is Trump Trying To Kiss Arianne Zucker In This New Footage From 2005?

Syrian refugees may have just stopped a major terror plot in Germany

Abby Wambach again calls out use of dual-nationals for United States

"Pence Tells Rallygoer ‘Don’t Say That’ in Response to Cry for ‘Revolution"

RIP GOP? Experts say Trump will be a force of party chaos and division long after the election

If Hillary Clinton was such a 'disaster' in the Senate, why did the Trumps give her all that money?

Donald Trump’s New Attack Strategy: Keep Clinton Voters Home - WSJ

Adware removal Any suggestions? I have Norton butq

*** President Obama is on C-SPAN 2 right now!!! ***

Don Everly (of The Everly Brothers) - Lifelong Democrat

Take time for Transcendence

A word about scheduling hearings

Trump trails Clinton by 8 points after tape scandal, debate: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Early Voting stats show Dems outpacing 2012 in NC & FL

The Worst of Trump Has Yet to Come

One of my Florida nephews was very impressed with Hillary and Gore today

My wife and I voted this afternoon!

If Chris Cristie lied to the U.S.Attorney, didn't he break the law by doing so?

Al Gore no doubt still has a very jaundiced opinion of Bill Clinton

Drone photo on Twitter helps rescue Navy vet and dog trapped by flood on 2nd floor of house in NC

Take time for transcendence...

Body language expert explains Trump's sniffing and more

Maine Gov. LePage: "We need a Donald Trump to show authoritarian power"

Whenever I hear someone talking up Drumpf

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 12 October 2016

President Obama does the best heckler take downs

Scott Baio: Can he make it worse?

Ooooh tough guy in the tower

Mike Huckabee’s Hillary Clinton Jaws analogy bites him on the behind

Russian propaganda on WikiLeaks makes its way into a Donald Trump speech in record time

Five Things to Know About Ada Lovelace

fuck you mark halperin re: Hillary Clinton....'this election is one email away from flip-flopping'

I Voted today

President Obama kicking some butt, wow, my god his charisma.

Gary Bauer is a crazy piece of shit

Hillary Clinton is proposing a policy to tackle deep poverty

Obama just said 7/11 would not hire Donald if they'd heard what was in that tape...

Donald Trump Tax Plan Would Add to Debt and Hillary Clinton’s Wouldn’t, Study Finds NYT (really!)

Jon Tarifa - Don't Go : A Tribute to Barack Obama

The Real Story Behind Donald Trump's Aborted 1991 Metal Video Appearance

Pssssssssssssst! Arizona's Sheriff Joe Arpaio to face criminal charges over immigration patrols

Here's a list of 32 Highest-oaid American speakers that everyone who gets in a huff over 352-186: NO UNDECIDEDS!

Early Voting Could Point to Hillary Clinton Victory Well Before Nov. 8

"This is not a strategy for victory, this is a strategy for marketing.”

538: Republican Women Are Unendorsing Trump Twice As Fast As Men Are

President Obama in Greensboro, NC -- AMAZING!!!!

Wow - if I ever run for office, I hope Barack Obama will make a speech for me!

Who next on dipshit donnie's repub hit list?

Ben Carson Tells Brianna Keilar It's Her Problem She Hasn't Heard Enough Dirty Talk

Marco Rubio Stands By Donald Trump Despite Lewd Tape

Gerrymandering helped Republicans take control of Congress, now it's tearing them apart over Trump

Congo political rift likely to spark 'large-scale' violence: U.N.

NBC Nightly News showed woman at Pence event calling for a revolt

The female CNN hosts are getting mad at male Republicans minimizing grabbing a woman's genitals

Hillary Clinton : Running against a guy who denies science

Hillary Clinton : Running against a guy who denies science

Iowa Voter Tells Pence Her Life Depends on Trump Winning, if He Doesn't 'I'm Ready for a Revolution'

Here's a new DrNworb video with the KitCats

(Hypothetically) Should women just grab a guy by the balls to see if he believes it's an assault?

538 got every state right in 2012.

The FOX News Decision Team today shifted Florida and Nevada from toss-ups, to Democratic-leaning

Groper Don the Con replies to a question on Planned Parenthood

Scott Baio: Offended by Trump's language? Grow up

Predictwise has hrc win at 89% now.

Billy Bush Negotiating Exit From NBC After Lewd Tape

Trump inspires Muslim-American women to launch a PAC

Women are Defeating Donald Trump

"Give More Than Trump"---brilliant gofundme to support rape/abuse/incest survivors!

What Being A Jew in Egypt Taught Me About Being Tolerant In America

Trump has turned dangerous. He knows he has lost and he wants to start a revolution.

Republican Men: Ask the women in your life if

MSNBC intelligence expert: WikiLeaks is releasing falsified emails not really from Hillary Clinton