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NYTimes: Hand-Wringing in G.O.P. After Donald Trump’s Remarks on Megyn Kelly

Ecuador: Migrant rights bill says 'no one is illegal'; Two-thirds back Correa

Everybody needs to calm down

"Where's the #BlackLivesMatter Critique of the Black Misleadership Class, or Obama or Hillary?"

"If you care about Black Lives Matter, as you say you do, you will hold Bernie Sanders....

So according to BLM Bernie Sanders

Target Removes Gender Labels From Kids Sections After Complaints

Why is BLM focusing on Bernie Sanders?

Am I only one who thinks

What a Saturday!

Fighting deforestation: Bolivia's green gains the media isn't talking about

Well, I'm looking forward to Bernie's event in Portland tomorrow.

Fighting deforestation: Bolivia's green gains the media isn't talking about

My (unlikely) Trump fear: A President with Narcissistic Personality Disorder

raw video of BLM disruptors in Seattle today

Voting and Civil Rights Acts Won Not With Votes, But Through Struggle

When sloths are in trouble, she's the one you call


There is no excuse for what the protesters did to Bernie.

When sloths are in trouble, she's the one you call

French parents who died on New Mexico trail saved son’s life by giving him their water, sheriff says

Animas River: Tests show water acidic as coffee

After a week of spitting tacks at "Microsoft Edge," I'm back to Internet Explorer.

Twitter Message from Black Lives Matters - Seattle

The United Nations Acknowledges Work of Cuban Medical Brigade in Haiti

Could it be a KKKarl Rove backed the stunt in Seattle?

If BLM was holding a rally to highlight the abuses of African Americans throughout America, and a

For any attending the Portland rally tomorrow:

The new face of Patagonia

Demon-possessed potatoes?

BlackLivesMatter-Seattle publicly apologizes to Sanders and Seattle


Epic Pomeranian Puppy sneeze

#BowDownBernie Action

Dear Marissa and other members of Seattle BLM:

Pope Francis Laments Destruction of Forests to Plant Soy

Pope Francis Laments Destruction of Forests to Plant Soy

Standing in line for Bernie event in Seattle

Three assclowns break up an event in Seattle

Venezuelan opposition admits scant attendance at Caracas demonstration

Venezuelan opposition admits scant attendance at Caracas demonstration

Will Donald Trump Save America and the World by Making a Deal with Putin?

BLM Damage Control

CNN Admits to Erroneous Report on Venezuela

There is going to be a "Tron 3," (Destiny,) and look who's back...

Here is why I am so disheartened by BLM and what they reflect

Hay, I was out to see the new Tom Cruise Mission Impossible, then dinner with friends for the last few hours.

Quote from @nytimes Ed Board: No party & no politician that opposes new overtime rules can credibl

Senator Schumer vs Iran

Leaders say federal help needed as some Texas rural hospitals remain on 'brink of closure'

This Hillary Bernie BLM Conspiracy business is insane.

So now it's all-out war against BLM for Sanders supporters?

Set of Genetic Studies Focuses on Conservation in Latin America

Set of Genetic Studies Focuses on Conservation in Latin America

Here's the link to Bernies rally tonite in Seattle

Acckkkkk!!! Demons

Politically correct PC is not the right term it's really " Politely correct".

All The President's Men

Archaeologists Rescue Huge Iron Age Cemetery from Road Project

Behind a paywall in "the leading peer-reviewed, scholarly periodical focusing on all aspects of ASD"

Available at the Lounge diner:

5 Women Accused Of Being Witches Beaten To Death In India

Dear Melissa Harris-Perry...

Re: Seattle Rally tonight. Does anyone know if there is a live stream of this event?

BLM Seattle ... And I quote ...

What were they trying to accomplish?

Never mind that there is a black President in office right now!

Before you support these BLM protestors from today, you should see this...

Fill in the blank- Trump to Roger Stone

Is there a chance that conspiracy theories

Claim: George Soros donated $33 million to fund rioting Ferguson protest groups - Snopes

Sen.Sanders' second event in Seattle (pics) Just said 12,000 inside, 3,000 outside(live stream)

BLM is going after Liberals because...

Texas officer on burglary call shoots unarmed black teen

So I am playing this music festival right now and the green room is like a Sanders...

Best job of internet trolling ever!- "How I Infiltrated a White Pride Facebook Group..."

Just a reminder: Bernie Sanders will be on Face the Nation tomorrow morning and without a doubt

KOMO news attempted to interview some of the BLM people and got flipped off!

Carly Fiorina vs. Claire McCaskill in 2008's Meet the Press

Sanders Statement on Seattle Protesters

BLM Outliers want to wage war on white liberals.

Couldn't get in to see Bernie tonight

High-altitude climate change to kill cloud forest plants

Bernie Sanders Rally in Seattle, WA 8/8/2015 - Live Feed

Back, you GD:P fiends! Back, I say!

Went to see Bernie....couldn't get in!

Sen. Bernie Sanders Statement on Seattle Protestors, Aug. 8, 2015

Corrected Sunspot History Suggests Climate Change since the Industrial Revolution not due to Natural

So just so we're straight... white Hillary supporters

About that "apology" offered by BLM to Bernie...

What's behind fox news breakup with Donald Trump?

Bobby Jindal's security detail -- even protection for his kids -- is becoming an issue

Martin O’Malley Says Criminal Justice Reform Would ‘Save and Redeem Lives.'

Study Confirms: When it Comes to Choosing a Partner, Women and Men Value Different Qualities

Do you believe Bernie and his campaign deserve this treatment from blm?

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, August 11: Summer under the Stars: Rex Ingram

Copper clusters capture and convert carbon dioxide to make fuel

Walker calls abortion to save woman’s life a ‘false choice’

24 Million Viewers of the Debate

BBC: Scotland to ban GM crop growing

Clinton Campaign starts Black Lives Matter outreach

Pouring Fire on Fuels at the Nanoscale

It really doesn't matter what's for dinner...

So every time BLM disrupts a Bernie Sanders speech

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, August 12: Summer under the Stars: Robert Mitchum

Wow! Go Bernie!

Aren't we supposed to be the Hope and Change Party?

Melissa Clark's 10 Most Popular Recipes Right Now

I'm willing to listen to supporters of The BLM Sanders Disrupt-a-thon

How can one tell what is a "real" BlackLivesMatter website and what is not? Is there such a thing?

US can stop Iran from getting a nuke “without going to war.”

Could we see the true Black Lives Matter movement being hijacked?

**For The AA Group** Bravenak Is Suspended

Faux News knows they are in deep doo-doo

Dear Third Way politicians,

Mom Accused of Killing Aunt, Cousins, Child's Social Worker

How do I delete my account?

Watch Sen. Sanders on CBS's Face The Nation Sunday morning. Check your local listing

Are there any Paramedics or other EMS workers here?

Pennsylvania attorney general arraigned on criminal charges

BLM/Hillary supporter on twitter just called Sanders "the enemy" . . .

If you don't protest Attorney General Loretta Lynch about Black Lives Matter

So, I really think it's time Bernie invests in some security.

Anime Milestones-Serial Experiment Lain

White ally here asking for an opinion on the BLM/Sanders protests.

Donald Trump's top advisor says he is "losing grip on reality," quits campaign

Cheryl Mills To Destroy Emails About Boss Hillary Clinton

TYT: White Supremacist Blows Leg Off Attempting To Make Bombs

Bill Maher Schools A Republican On Mixing God And Politics

Bernie Sanders confronts Alan Greenspan.

So exactly WHICH candidate for POTUS IS BLM supporting, over Bernie Sanders????

I'm now up to a tall beer, two shots of Glenfidditch, and two glasses of Cabernet.

Dear Donald.....

just read about today's #BLM incident...

TYT: Fact Checkers Working Overtime On GOP Debate Lies

Whale graveyard teeming with life deep below surface of Pacific Ocean

Just got this picture today and scanned it tonight...

From Dailykos: How BLM are screwing themselves and the rest of us.

I Find It Interesting That The Two Candidates That Are Being Targeted - Sanders By BLM & Trump By...

Michelle Fields - Fox _ Eliminate Social Security Completely. Just Stop The Checks?

First redqueen, then boston bean, and now bravenak.

How were a few people able to stop an entire campaign rally?

Will Someone Tell Me When The BLM Movement Started?.....

How do other countries do health care?

This Giant Fan Really Sucks (Carbon Dioxide)

I wonder if an endorsement from Jesse Jackson would be helpful....

Yes there is a revolution coming but it's not the one some people here keep talking about.

Could bravenak please be reinstated?

Mexico: “We Are the Problem Because We Disturb the Government and the Narcos”

Mexico: “We Are the Problem Because We Disturb the Government and the Narcos”

Say Trump wins the nomination, will Fox News troll for him in the general election campaign

Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Adds Young Black Woman As New Public Face

Isn't this a beautiful tree?

Charles Koch Admits He Needs More Power To Control The Government

What do monkeys and humans have in common? An innate sense of economic justice

Sending the Lounge a little pot from Colorado

issue-based acrivism

Fox News is now pushing to just eliminate Social Security

Political Awareness Matters: How Black Lives Matter Are Screwing Themselves -- And the Rest of Us

Suggestion for campaign response to BLM:

Protesters drove Bernie Sanders from one Seattle stage. At his next stop, 15,000 people showed ...

Bernie is ready to hit 1,000,000 "likes" on his Facebook page.

The greatest ratfuck of all time.

Bill Maher: If Trump Can Survive Fox ‘Trying to Put a Stake in Him,’ He Could Go All the Way

Kshama Sawant at the Bernie Rally

Palestinian man refuses millions to give up his land

sad about mom in hospice and sis made this in her dressing room to cheer me up

Loud music is my forte. n/t

Black Lives Matter protesters shut down Sanders event in Seattle

Holy fucking Hell, what happened to the GUI in Debian ?

I just rewatched Jimmy Carter's July 1979 speech.

Daily Holidays - August 9

Black Lives Matter is a new movement based on longstanding grievances. For sure, in this social

"Bill Blair opens campaign office with Kathleen Wynne"...

Bernie drew 15,000 at his second Seattle Rally, (photos edited in 8/9/15)

Sanders Group members--all DUers, really: Please be cautious.

I haven't been posting much, but I guess I have something to say, and ask.

Who Are the Biggest Killers in America? The Numbers Will Shock You.

Suggestion to blm: why don't you offer a list of actions and commitments...

Protesters Drove Bernie Sanders From One Seattle Stage. At His Next Stop, 15,000 People Showed.

How not to treat your allies

KGW-TV will be streaming the Bernie rally in Portland live on Sunday

Is there a way that DU-ers going to the Bernie rally could identify themselves...

Man taken into custody after 8 people were found dead inside a home in Texas

What have you done for the nominee so far?

Probation terms for Texas man include writing out a Bible verse 25 times a day and getting married

Creighton graduate joins Bernie Sanders’ campaign

Bernie Sanders Clearly In Pocket Of High-Rolling Teacher Who Donated $300 To His Campaign

29 Leading U.S. Nuclear Scientists Praise 'unprecedented' Iran Deal

17 great white sharks spotted off Chatham

Delta flight from Boston forced to land after flying through hail storm

Bill would allow Mass. parents to opt children out of required vaccines

I have a question about the BLM protests.

State police lab long knew of breath test problems

Hey can someone search me the links where DUers were trying to say

Top Iran General Endorses Nuclear Deal with US, UNSC

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Bite Size Edition

Nuclear Disarmament: The World's Ultimate Quest

How America Scares Off Foreign Tourists

How America Scares Off Foreign Tourists (xpost from Foreign Affairs)

Borowitz : Trump Fails to Back Up Misogynist Slurs with Anti-Woman Proposals, Rivals Say

'We were the first victims of the atomic bomb'

I support Black Lives Matter...but not these tactics.

Massive child abuse scandal unveiled in Pakistan

For those wondering why the BLM people aren't disrupting Clinton events.

Russia's week: no food, cheap alchohol and 'bling-bling' watches

Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Adds Young Black Woman As New Public Face

Haitians go to the polls in long-awaited election

Has the Donald toned down his hair?

Norway cops bust plane crew for suspected intoxication

Fox 'News' Michelle Fields: Eliminate Social Security Completely

Tired of groups recklessly calling other liberals racist, misogynist, etc.

Iraqi PM bids to axe key posts in corruption crackdown

Fox News hosts destroy Donald Trump, say 'he shouldn't be running for president'

What if in 1968 Civil Rights Advocates protested Bobby Kennedy rallies?

Pres. Obama now juggling presidential authority and Bush authorization for ISIS fight

Death toll rises as Afghanistan sees deadliest 24 hours in years

Church Committee: top 3 COINTELPRO activities

The Rise of Big Generic: Why Knockoff Prescriptions Now Cost $1,200

Rising number of wealthy French fleeing abroad

UN Security Council requests probe into Syrian chemical weapons

Vote third party or stay home -- what's the difference?

It's the 1960's and 70's all over again. And we know how well that turned out....

Why Israel’s Security Experts Support the Iran Deal—and Iran’s Hard-Liners Don’t

Navy veteran, at risk of homelessness, battles red tape to find help

Joan Walsh is tearing the rest of ReTHUGs a new one on UP

The Top 8 Confirmed Exoplanets That Could Host Alien Life (Infographic)

Trump bobblehead freezes on camera. Wow that was brutal!

Movie "Kill the Messenger" Premieres August 29, 8PM on HBO

Grizzly bear kills hiker in Yellowstone national park

Concerns about care

Israel jails two more far-right Jews without trial

What happens to GOP turnout if Rush turns against Fox, or cast bolt over treatment of Trump?

Congressman: Sequestration may cause Army to cut 30,000 more troops

GAO: Modernizing the Nuclear Security Enterprise

News from Brownbackistan - Shock and Awe

Mosquitoes and Cookies

Can hydrogen harvested from seawater secure Japan’s energy future?

The Surge Fallacy

West Bank arson attack: Seven suspects arrested

Current Whip Count on the Iran deal...

When Will BLM Start Going After RW, GOP & Conservatives? Are They Too Chicken?

Farmer Won't Sell Family Farm So Enbridge Oil Is Suing

Somebody should do something about the shortage of Southern heritage flags

Seattle will be okay for Sanders

Wisconsin Teachers' Union Sends Condolences to Scott Walker

Protesters drove Bernie Sanders from one Seattle stage. At his next stop, 15,000 people showed.

It took fan mail from some flounder

Did I hear Jonathan Capehert say Langston Hughes poem

US reaches transfer deals for more Guantanamo prisoners amid push to close prison

Scott Walker Emerges as Leading Candidate to Run Enterprise Rent-a-Car Branch--

Bernie Sanders new national press secretary, Symone D Sanders:

Just a hunch, but---

I work at the US Senate. I shouldn’t have to dance at strip clubs to feed my son

The poisoned poor: In poor countries man-made toxic pollutants spread like cancer. Here’s why you sh

Why do Argentine teens wear Confederate flags?


BLM or M*A*S*H???

Kentucky Politicians Mum On Jefferson Davis Statue After Vote

There are marked differences in Martin O'Malley's response to BLM activists' challenge

'Racist' ad for far-right Sweden Democrats on Stockholm Metro prompts huge protest

Another subtly slanted negative article on Bernie Sanders

It's Debatable: For what does this flag stand?

Isolated Pamunkey tribe in Virginia finally recognized by U.S.

please just stop it.

just saw an anti-iran deal ad from....'American Security Initiative'

#BlackLivesMatter protesters shut down Bernie Sanders rally

Tim Wise on #BLM protest

Gestapo tactics!-a long standing cry on conservative talk radio about the John Doe investigation

Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Hillary Clinton Says She Didn’t Work on the Trans-Pacific Partnership

choke toad is talking to trump on the the press

DNR, U of M Scientists: Climate Change is Killing Walleye (Lake Mille Lacs, MN closed to fishing)

Status of Iran Nuke deal?

Today TRUMP sez he gets on great with "Teh Women." B4 it was "Teh Latinos."Has he skipped"Teh Gays"?

So Bravenak was finally shut down

Kudos to the mainstream media for doing their jobs.

I have been trying to about 1.5 years to lose weight and zero and I think it is a med.

Why Israel’s Security Experts Support The Iran Deal — And Why Iran’s Hardliners Don’t

Meet Bernie Sanders new national press secretary, Symone D Sanders:

A cross post from the MH Information group. I need information

"There's a man out there"

Mike Luckovich TOON on JEBush

Safe motorcycle helmets made of carrot fibers?

Safe motorcycle helmets made of carrot fibers?

First-hand history of Civil War era through lens of New Orleans photographers

Now, ABC Stepahnopolous Corey Booker on BS and BLM

"Trump is toast!" . . . Please come CAPTION Roger Ailes!!!

Precariously balanced rocks provide clues for unearthing underground fault connections

I must say I find it ironic...

Now, Bernie on CBS Face the Nation

Someone Awesome Hacked Trump’s Website, Turned It Into Amazing Jon Stewart Tribute

What's wrong with America?

'Caveman instincts' may favor deep-voiced politicians

"Why do Republicans ALWAYS have money for war - BUT - not for those in need?"

Sanders people need to pay attention to security

My dog could do a better interview than Jake Tapper !

NY Times: Similarities Aside, Bernie Sanders Isn’t Rerunning Howard Dean’s 2004 Race

NY Times: Similarities Aside, Bernie Sanders Isn’t Rerunning Howard Dean’s 2004 Race

Homme de Plume: What I Learned Sending My Novel Out Under a Male Name

An important lesson I learned in 1965.

TOON: Schumer has loyalty issues

Join Hillary's fight to build an America where we don't leave anyone out or anyone behind

Hillary Clinton State Department Emails, Mexico Energy Reform, and the Revolving Door

G.O.P. feels it must dump Trump, . . . and A.S.A.P.

Pope security measures excessive, some experts say

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 8-7, 8-8


I'm wondering why Bernie is the only candidate BLM is protesting

Beltway Dem Talking Point: No One Will Vote for Bernie Except Educated Progressives - FALSE!

Trump Defiant on CNN: I’m 'More Beloved’ Than Megyn Kelly Is

Could BLM coming to the Sanders campaign ...

Ted Cruz Praises Chuck Schumer For Opposing Obama's Iran Deal

The Babies -- Jasiri X

Utah Phillips used to Quote

WoW-Bush lll polling at 7% !!!! in latest GOP poll

Oh, There is something wrong all right

i got my Bernie sticker today.

UPDATED - Chaos In The GOP As 10,000+ Call For Fox’s Megyn Kelly To Be Banned From Debates

Sen.Sanders on GOP debates: I’m “disturbed” by GOP candidates’ attitudes toward war(video)

Post-GOP Debate NBC Poll: Trump still leads.

A cheetah running - posting for no other reason

Obama Is Being Criticized For Saying The Alternative To The Iran Treaty Is War......

Obama: ‘Great Urgency’ to Address Race

Has BLM staged ANY protest at ANY GOP candidate event?

Are the DU gerbils on strike?

How the Myth of Ferguson Changed America for the Better

Meet Bernie Sanders' incredible new National Press Secretary, Symone D. Sanders

The Radical Left—Always a Bridesmaid

Do you think the Hillary campaign is behind the #BlackLivesMatter attacks on Bernie?

Where are the racists, misogynists and homophobes in the liberal community?

DUers my grand niece and the ReTHUG base

It should be about the people

Bernie Sanders on Racial Justice

Donald Trump: "I will be phenomenal to the women"

What's for Dinner, Sun., Aug. 9, 2015

When BLM confronted Gov. Omalley at Netroots...

Is Trump Done? No. - By Josh Marshall

God And The GOP: The Almighty Gets A Shout-Out During Republican Presidential Debate | Americans Uni

How many times has Bernie been targeted by BLM?

Response to Trump's Border remarks: 900 runners race between El Paso and Juarez on Saturday

Something that bugs me about GD

The Cardinal’s Gasbag: Catholic League Leader Rushes To Defend Dolan From AU Criticism

Proposals by 9 Fed Agencies Will Implement Important Religious-Liberty Protections

3 sides of Iran Deal debate: pro, con & ignored reality

I'm seeing a lot of "I/we're your Ally" posts ...

Catholics wrestle with teachings as gay employees dismissed

A Little story for your appraisal-

Excellent post by State Sen. Jayapal re: Seattle/#BLM/Sen. Sanders

Fox not covering "blood" controversy; one on-air mention

Trump Calls Jesus a Loser on CNN...

Trump on Black Bankers

What do you think of the following scenario re: Trump?

3 reasons Joe Biden should stay far way from the presidential race

Bernie Sanders: Criticism of Hillary Clinton is 'sexist'

Sanders Supporters: link to policy positions re: Racial Justice......

Got some comments about #BLM, FWIW.......

Possible Democratic presidential candidates in 2016 -5 day rollling poll Aug7

A hero we can agree on — Ulysses S. Grant

Bernie Sanders, Seattle, Aug 8, 2015

Let’s talk about the real issue

From Tom Watson, one of the two #HillaryMen: "Good for Bernie" (Hillary Group)

Lest We Forget our own history, betraying the memories of Martin Luther King Jr. & Bobbly Kennedy

CJN DEBATE: I'm an atheist with Jewish values

Walker, Clinton lead in Minnesota -- General Looks Like 2004

Japan commemorates 70th anniversary of Nagasaki atomic bombing

In reddest Georgia, my relative said

Together we stand, divided we fall. A thread for DU unity.

Corporate media apoplectic over Trump. They can go F*** themselves.

5 Times Hillary Clinton Won the Internet (Hillary Group)

Here's my panoramas. I might shoot more today.

Brazilian anti-corruption radio DJ shot dead live on air

In the end there's just a song... Jerome John Garcia, August 1, 1942 - August 9, 1995

'Religious Zionism taking over Israel,' ex-Shin Bet chief warns

Saddam Hussein's former officers find home leading Islamic State

Venezuela patients resort to pet medications

NBC post-debate (online) GOP poll...

Raw: Death Toll Rises to 99 in Myanmar Floods

Venezuela patients resort to pet medications

One perspective on BLM

did the other site go down? edited to confirm and now back up

Sen. Bernie Sanders has a Racial Justice agenda on his website.

Bernie Sanders Defends Hillary and Attacks GOP Candidates on CBS “Face the Nation”

It's Official: DU:P has lost its fucking mind. nt

In Case Anyone here did not catch Jake Tapper's

'Shocking' New Poll: Carly Fiorina Clear Winner of GOP Debate

Connection Resets & Response: Your Observations

"member's posting privileges were revoked on Dec 31, 1969."

My theory on why BLM protested Sanders again and not O'Malley or Hillary

"The Kids are all right"...

"The needle of the Richter scale of our hearts..."


"Well-behaved women seldom make history"

Bernie will need to step up his security

Scott Walker...Yes, for stadium .... No.. for allowing a woman to save her life with an abortion..

if the republicans are truly appalled by trump, they should kick him out of the party.

Annie Lennox's daughter safe after kayak accident

Donald Trump Says He Can Buy Politicians, None of His Rivals Disagree

NYT Editorial--> Congress and Obama Are Too Timid on Marijuana Reform

Some slave rebellions in North Carolina

I was at the Seattle Rally!

I am not trying to be a jerk I want to understand why BLM is targetting Bernie and Liberals.

I have every right to criticize the BLM Sanders disruptors

Whether you agree with it or not...

Posted with no comments.

When it comes to foreign policy, the Republican presidential candidates are shockingly ill-informed

Frank Gifford dead at 84

Dominican Republic denies arbitrarily deporting citizens with Haitian roots

If you have a twitter account - start recruiting

Wisconsin. the most gerrymandered state in America

Down memory lane with Megyn Kelly, Bill O'LIEly and their attack on Sandra Fluke

Joe Wilson speaks to Alex Witt: Schumers opposition raises nuke deal stakes

Trying to watch the Toad on Meet The Press

NFL Legend Frank Gifford Passes Away at 84

Frank Gifford, Gridiron Star Turned 'Monday Night Football' Sportscaster, Dies at 84

#NerdScreen: Who Won (And Lost) Thursday's Debate

Seattle NAACP President feels "torn" about the BLM protest -- and the response to it.

6 suspected tiger poachers killed in Bangladesh shootout

Racist or uninformed?

A Noun, A Verb, 9/11 -- and Chris Christie?

Mike Luckovich: Jeb

Criminal complaint filed against bishop who called for gays to be killed

White fragility (lot of this around here recently!):

The Sunshine To My Morning kitty rescue by Swaniyah Port Louis, Mauritius

Trump at the Roxbury (:30)

I've never seen someone so smug while being so ignorant about what they were doing.

Christian Shari'a

How much $ has Donald Trump given to charity?

Mr. Michael Brown died a year ago today and his life mattered

"I had a Sarah Palin button on backpack" Who is BLMS's Marissa "Johnson" Jenae?

The work continues.

NYT Editorial--> Congress and Obama Are Too Timid on Marijuana Reform

"Guns don't kill people..."

"Donald Trump's Stupidest Tweets, from Climate Change to Obama"

The Ballad of Lennon Lacy

Insurance will not cover woman who lost house, grandson in arson fire

Criminal complaint filed against bishop who called for gays to be killed

I'm sorry I made snarky comments about Sanders' mostly white crowds a few weeks ago.

i'm pretty lucky with my in-laws

Poetry for the Eschaton

Bernie, you're not in VT anymore. Dealing with hecklers and disrupters is a political fact of life.

Spanish ships accused of 'violating' Gibraltar's territory

Hillary Clinton Emails Take Long Path to Controversy

Cat Physics

Certain members of BLM related to this?

A lot of Bernie supporters are sore and bitter about what happened in Seattle

Nine Israeli suspects arrested after Duma arson attack

On disrupting meetings

Cory Booker: Sanders has "long record of civil rights" for which I have "tremendous respect"

Sturgis Rally ends as one of the biggest and deadliest (13, a new record)

I wonder how Donald Trump would react if someone made comments about HIS daughters

Symone D. Sanders, being real, and making sense.

How Arbys Paid Tribute To Jon Stewart In A Bizarre Way

A message for Bernie Sanders (NSFW)

African American Female Checking In

V-J Day memories: The day Omaha exploded in joy

Heard a pretty funny thing on the radio today

The Right to Vote Matters

If Donald Trump had said what he said

Longer Version of BLM at Seattle Rally

A year after Ferguson (Hillary Tweet)

The BLM MOVEMENT is not the problem, A few agitators are.

John Michael Greer: The Suicide of the American Left

A couple thoughts about Mr. Trump:

"the resurrection is coming and Christ is sovereign." Who is BLMS's Marissa "Johnson" Jenae?

Megyn Kelly responds to Trump and other critics about her debate questions

Sanders comments on Seattle protesters:

Time Magazine called it "a public display of petulance"

Lets have a thought experiment about Seattle.

A fellow DUer and I went to a get together yesterday

I love the smell of Donald in the morning....

Sign the COLOR OF CHANGE petition on Mike Brown 1 year anniversary

Construction worker missing for weeks

Kinky’s advice for Trump: Don’t be PC, but don’t be petty

Chris Rock: Do regular dogs see police dogs and think...

New Poll: Trump still in the lead following first debate

What are you reading the week of Sunday, August 9, 2015?

From #HillaryMen: Trump, Sanders, Hillary, and Sexism in the 2016 Election (Hillary Group)

Bernie Los Angeles Rally Monday August 10

Polls close in Argentina with Scioli projected winner; Macri, Massa complete podium

Families of Missing Florida Teens, Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen, Call Off Search

Florida Legislators Return To Draw New Maps Once Again

Polls close in Argentina with Scioli projected winner; Macri, Massa complete podium

Alligator Caught After Biting Off Part of Florida Woman's Arm

LIVESTREAM: Bernie Sanders in Portland Tonight 7 p.m. PDT

Meanwhile the "sane" GOP candidates Carly Fiorina hate on women too.

Ring of Fire Radio: #BlackLivesMatter Leadership Wants Progressives and Bernie Destroyed, Read This

Yes, Scott Walker, Americans overwhelmingly support legal abortion for rape victims--> Graph

Mecklenburg County plans to protect vandalized Confederate monument (NC)

LIVESTREAM: Bernie Sanders in Portland Tonight 7 p.m. PDT

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 10 August 2015


OMG! I'm actually watching "Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!"

Ever participated in a stone soup?

Interesting opinion from ROF on the BLM protesting...

Hotter Climate May Boost Conflict, From Shootings to Wars

The way to treat allies is to first find out if disruptors are plants

Great animation about elephants - I had no idea they were THIS smart and caring!

Man builds shelter with bare hands.

8-6-15 Lightnin’ Struck in 2:00

8-6-15 Lightnin’ Struck in 2:00

White Sands/Chihuahuan Desert: A Photo Memoriam (PHOTO HEAVY)

8-6-15 Lightnin’ Struck in 2:00

Kerry confident of concluding TPP trade pact this year

Barack Obama: U.S. credibility on the line in Iran nuclear deal

Did "All Lives Matter" Lead to "White Supremacists Liberals"?

I found this really excellent article on Grief on Facebook, and wanted to share it:

Is the board loading slowly for you?

What happened to my country? Re: Bernie the white supremist?

spooky *creepy crawly alert*

8-7-15 Fighting to be Heard in 2:00

8-7-15 Fighting to be Heard in 2:00

8-7-15 Fighting to be Heard in 2:00

Bryan Stevenson: We need to talk about an injustice

Tim Wise on BLM/Bernie Sanders, plus something from a Sanders supporter who was at the event

Black Bernie Sanders supporter to BLM protesters: You don’t speak for the majority

8-8-15 An Inspiration for the Nation in 2:00

8-8-15 An Inspiration for the Nation in 2:00

8-8-15 An Inspiration for the Nation in 2:00

Obama: Netanyahu Only Foreign Leader ‘I Can Recall’ Forcibly Interfering In US Policy

Holy, are there people here seriously defending BLM Seattle's actions!?? What's wrong with you?

Lewis Black and NPR's Ask Me Another = the best show ever!

We've all been a bit bristly lately...

Anyone, and I mean ANYONE that doesn't think that #BLM will not disrupt Hillary is as stupid as they