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Hillary Clinton arrives for $2700-per-ticket Portland fund-raiser

Tucson-Catalina Mountains are burning again & a Suntran Strike is getting to be a big possibility!

How to Really Defend Planned Parenthood

Asimov's Four Laws of Robotics

Clinton Slams Bush During Campaign Stop

8-5-15 The Shot Heard ‘Round the Boardroom in 2:00 (PATCO STRIKE)

8-5-15 The Shot Heard ‘Round the Boardroom in 2:00 (PATCO STRIKE)

8-5-15 The Shot Heard ‘Round the Boardroom in 2:00 (PATCO STRIKE)

Almost Every Major Poll Shows BERNIE challenging defeating Hillary & Republicans! Here's why...

How Obama's new emissions rules will likely shape the White House race

Trumpagotchi: a digital pet Trump

Luckovich - Trump the Elephant Hunter

Car Dealer Violated NLRA by Scrapping Mechanics Union

Car Dealer Violated NLRA by Scrapping Mechanics Union

Car Dealer Violated NLRA by Scrapping Mechanics Union

Our Sex-Crazed Congress

Sun Tran strike is becoming a real possibility.

President Obama on America's Clean Power Plan

Hillary Clinton’s scandal deepens

Donald Trump Thinks You Should Be Able To Bring Guns Anywhere, Except His Own Hotels

Ex says Huntington man shot up her name-brand clothes

Obama Calls Donald Trump with Debate Advice

Personal Favorites....Bamboo Blade

How many debates should we have?

John Fugelsang: If the House GOP won't honor the Pope because he's too 'liberal'

Republicans In The NH Executive Council Put Politics Over People By Defunding Planned Parenthood

Bernie bumper stickers on Amazon...

President Obama at American University

Prosecutors believed Scott Walker committed a felony while county executive

Video: Can Bernie Sanders Beat Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire?

Deal to build UK nuclear plant should be finalised within weeks

O'Malley: Dems need more than six debates.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!! Church Night!Captains Obvious

Handle this....

Don’t expect Sen. Vitter to cough up $70K to pay for legal fees to his campaign operation

Today is the anniversary of the first American traffic light, in 1916, in Cleveland.

Back in the '90s there was a song, "Lump" that I'm trying to re-write as "Trump"

Archives of TV and Radio - free and fun

"Hillary in Portland for cash, Bernie for votes"

Anti-Gay Pastor: 'Let's Just Say I Know' Starbucks Is Using Semen In Lattes

O’Malley: Dems tilting race toward Hillary Clinton. The Hill

‘The devil… he’s evil’: Mother reacts to Ferguson cop who killed her son

O’Malley: Dems tilting race toward Hillary Clinton. The Hill :thumbsup:

The classiest bong ever will get you high as f*ck AND look fabulous with your Swedish furniture

This guy is crazy.

So post your pick here.... Who will be the first GOPer to drop

Court says warrant needed for mobile phone location data

#ilooklikeanengineer - Who Doesn't ?

Office football pool

So Repubs think Trump would be a good person to have a beer with. What would a drunk Trump say?

Mississippi Democrat who didn't even bother to vote wins primary for governor

Hillary & Monsanto

The Fight for Voting Rights Is Our Fight Today

Rachael is BREAKING NEWs story re: Trump's phone call to Bill Clinton

Research: Millennials want gender equality, but resort to traditional roles as they have children

Rachael BREAKs WEIRD NEWs story re: Trump's bizarre phone call to Bill Clinton

Here he comes, Mr. Gee-Oh-Pee . . .

Upcoming Bernie Sanders Events For The Miami Valley (Dayton/Xenia)

The Guardian: 'We woke up in a desert' – the water crisis taking hold across Egypt

And now for something completely different...

It wasn't a real gun

With All Due Respect 8/5/15 - Bloomberg Politics

Who has addressed the jailing of 1/3 of the African American male population at one point or anothe?

WTF is this?!!! Comedy Central "video not available in your location". As of last

So I looked for this and didn't see it. Social media turned bounty hunters onto the police chief's

Three Top Rand Paul Associates Were Just Indicted

Your predictions for the debate

Pulling Venezuela back from the brink

Facebook's New Plan: Help Banks Figure Out How Poor You Are So They Can Deny You Loans

Sanders schedules stop at Liberty University

Headlines like this show the simplistic mindset the media is speaking to,

Iran attempting to clean up suspected nuclear site at Parchin

Los Angleles Rally for Bernie On Monday August 10

Judge orders Texas to recognize spouse on same-sex death certificate

Venezuela government uses fake Twitter accounts for political gain

To Topple US 'Oligarchy,' Sanders Calls for Publicly Financed Elections

Sanders schedules stop at Liberty University

GOP Sen. says abortion is a 'men's issue', demands defunding Planned Parenthood

Obama Didn't Kill Coal, the Market Did

Netflix Employees Now Have Access to One Year of Paid Maternity or Paternity Leave

Netflix Employees Now Have Access to One Year of Paid Maternity or Paternity Leave

Netflix Employees Now Have Access to One Year of Paid Maternity or Paternity Leave

From Forbes about the raise in minimum's sick in its brutal truth

The Central Bank Enabled 30-Year Bull Run in Stocks Is Over

Saipan has no water, electricity in aftermath of typhoon

O'Malley Icon

Looks to be a good Dem primary season. Largely, talk is more about issues not personalities.

Most Americans say their children will be worse off

Heat wave pushes Texas power grid to all-time record

The harrowing story of the Nagasaki bombing mission

My husband and I just got home from a trip to the middle part of California...

Krugman: Style, Substance, and The Donald

Kansas continues its demonization of welfare recipients

Hiroshima nuclear bomb 70th anniversary: New research shows thousands of survivors treated every yea

Hearing Obama speak about Russia

Arby's is obviously a sponsor of The Daily Show...

Question so I can make a better avatar/icon

Here’s why Bernie Sanders plans to speak at Liberty University next month

Wolff gives details on where we go from here, and how we can do it.

Japan minister's nuclear comments spark new row over security bills


If he walks on water - they say he can't swim. And then there's this.....

With NAACP support, Utah county decides not to rename Negro Bill Canyon

Hiroshima: Japan PM Shinzo Abe calls for nuclear disarmament

The Really Big One

The Onion launches VICE parody with Israel-Palestine vid

Seeking Common Ground: Why Progressive Muslims & Atheists Should Work Together | Kile Jones

Here's How Trump Can Drop Out Of The Primary Race For President And Save Face And Star......

Communities with beautiful scenery, weather have lower rates of religious affiliation

Any Bernie supporter who recced this thread should perhaps take a step back

After Watching The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders show I am sick.

Anybody else bummed that Jon Stewart's last show

Obama tells Americans it is ‘abrogation of my constitutional duty’ to defer to Israel on Iran Deal

I just bought a multi-DVD set, "Best Of The Tonght Show With Johnny Carson"

Edison held improper talks on San Onofre nuclear plant, judge rules

Who would want to be in Corbyn's Foreign Policy Shadow Cabinet?

Warner Bros. making a new D&D movie.

Salon: We Must Talk About Islam

90% of girls and women around the world don't have access to the feminine hygiene products we take for granted

Rachel - Clinton/Trump

pushing my boundaries some/ update

NASA Buys More Soyuz Flights Since Congress Constantly Cuts Commercial Crew

These Five People Are About to Have a Baby Together

Bad hattitude

Former Argentine president on trial for bombing cover-up

Former Argentine president on trial for bombing cover-up

Ex-President Carter shuts down electoral office in Venezuela

Clerk Sues Governor, Claims Her Religious Liberty Was Violated When He Told Her To Do Her Job

A win for Pittsburgh public transit

US lifts restrictions over seized property in Nicaragua

US lifts restrictions over seized property in Nicaragua

O'Malley criticizes DNC for limiting 2016 debates.Des Moines Register

Great "Demotivator" image for the upcoming Canadian election:

Emmett Till/Sandra Bland or Why I Still Hate the South

What Are The Best And Worst Case Scenarios For Rick Perry Now?

Jim Hightower: This bud's for you!

Why Are Americans Switching to Renewable Energy? Because It’s Actually Cheaper

Are you suffering from Ed Schultz withdrawal?

Paraguay to Receive Cheaper Bolivian Gas

A sane GOP member joins in the Debunking of the Perot-"spoiler" Hoax (UPDATE: WashTimes joins!)

The Chinese lingerie dealers of upper Egypt

Chris Christie: "I'm a Catholic, but I've used birth control."

Dream of free and open Internet dying, lawyer says

Pre Seattle event with Bernie on Aug. 8th

John Oliver - The Daily Show

Psych firm that screens Baltimore cops under review

Shreveport police officer fatally shot

Panel is keeping Jefferson Davis statue in Kentucky Capitol

Patrick vows Texas Senate will move against ‘sanctuary cities’ in 2017

Alamance NAACP joins effort to get state to portray history accurately (NC)

Poll: Majority of Americans support Confederate flag removal

Citadel’s Confederate banner a ‘ticking time bomb’ (SC)

ok this picture just popped up on tinypic public server /w only the tag gaza , palestine, (edit out)

Cecil's Pride and Joy: The Cubs Will Be Fine, Researcher Says

Does anyone else cut the rings of plastic six pack holders?

FBI investigation of Hillary’s emails is ‘criminal probe’

4 California police officers arrested for boot camp abuse

Bernie coming to L.A.

Whale lost in Buenos Aires nears sea

David Byrne explains the streaming music ripoff

Kickstarter: Help put copies of the manga Barefoot Gen in schools and public libraries!

The finest opal ever unearthed will be publicly displayed for the first time in Australia

Senate Report Cites I.R.S. Mismanagement in Targeting of Tea Party Groups

It has been a rough couple of weeks. **UPDATED**

Health Insurers plan to Merge. Rates to Rise. We Blew it with Healthcare

Cop Plotted to Murder Black Man, Kept Job

As a physicist, my two cents on the atomic bomb.

Bill Cosby Ordered To Give Deposition On 1974 Assault Claim

Daily Holidays - August 6

Va. city to consider ban on Confederate flag on city poles

In your view, were the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki justified? I argue yes.

NLRB Finds Retaliation After Capitol Food Worker Strike

Morning Glory Zell Foundation Plans Delayed by Pending Eviction

Taking a walk

Board rules Teach for America members in Detroit can be in teachers unions

Final curtain: The damaged Goldenrod Showboat poses for pictures one last time

US Proposes Halt to Provocative South China Sea Activities

Businesses along West Florissant down but not out

More Say Nation Needs to Make Changes to Achieve Racial Equality (Pew Research Center poll)

Sarah Palin On Donald Trump: 'I Thank God That He's Running'

Sen. Warren seeks review of military student loan law

Governor's councilor: Decriminalize heroin use for addicts

'The worst kept secret:' Unforeseen issues delay Longfellow Bridge work

Emergency public safety meeting draws crowd in Brockton after spate of gun crimes

AG accepting applications for open Gaming Commission position

Ed Markey, Elizabeth Warren want free “Do Not Disturb” phone technology

Ballot question filed could expand charter school access in Fall River

Appeal to critique Mass. financial rules draws few takers

State money to improve climate chambers at Natick Labs

Recreational pot use question might be on Mass. ballot

Amid Tuesday's storm, Hull got a waterspout

Stonehill facing Title IX complaint in wake of reported rape in Easton

Car owners flock to body shops to repair hail damage

Boston hail from severe storms likely largest in 65 years

Hiroshima bombing order offers glimpse into fateful day

Mayor Walsh Leading the Charge On Banning Smokeless Tobacco In Boston Sports Venues

Toon: Welcome Back!

News from Brownbackistan - Voting Rights Vigilance

Brockton: ‘unfair’ to table casino bid

South Bay owner planning addition to shopping plaza

A True Jobs Massacre Spreads in US Oil & Gas

Public cos. to report pay gap between CEOs, employees

Developer unveils Pier 4 condo design

Here it is: the debate drinking game

Byron Williams on HuffPo-"When Legend Becomes Fact"

Backfire or Gunfire? Authorities continue to piece together investigation...Camp Shelby

Deep South, biggest Climate Deniers, will be among worst hit by Global Warming

Martin Bomber Plant near Bellevue helped end World War II and now faces its own demise

Tool Monkeys!! Fuck YEAH!!! Australia Power Sector Emissions Up In Biggest Jump In 10+ Years

Thursday Toon Roundup 1: Let the Circus begin

"The same people, who seem to have no compunction with being 'repeatedly' wrong..."

Thursday Toon Roundup 2:The Rest

State Of Emergency Declared In Southern Russia: At Least 800K Hectares Hit By Locust Swarms

How to Really Defend Planned Parenthood

Former Paul Operative-Jesse Benton Indicted In Payoff 'Scheme' To Win Iowa Caucuses

How to Really Defend Planned Parenthood

(India) CCTV cameras alone can’t help in preventing custodial torture

Francis Acosta resigns as Reading City Council president; fellow members respond

It's Baaa-ack! NOAA Says Lake Erie's Toxic Algae Bloom Could Rival 2011's Record Size

Rauner tries to leverage CPS woes into crackdown on union rights

Expanded Indo-Japanese military ties dangerous for Asia: expert

Rauner tries to leverage CPS woes into crackdown on union rights

Why China built second aircraft carrier base in Hainan

Rauner tries to leverage CPS woes into crackdown on union rights

Hiroshima & Nagasaki: The Age of Apocalyptic Peril

Mikhail Gorbachev: US Military an 'Insurmountable Obstacle to a Nuclear-Free World'

Iranian Hostage Crisis: West Germany's Secret Role in Ending the Drama

A year after Ferguson, whites are far more likely to admit racism is a problem

For all interested----------- Jon Stewart Marathon all day on Comedy Channel....

(Germany) Calls mount for next head to roll in Netzpolitik affair

Ukraine says it prevented a suspected uranium sale

(Afghanistan) Several killed in first major Taliban attack since leadership change

Tired of gay male rape culture

Health officials warn that you could die playing GOP debate drinking games ...

The last nukes in Germany

$13,500 to Kill Sacred White Buffalo in Texas—Can This Be True?

Stolen Stradivarius violin is recovered after 35 years

What would Trump do? UK Guardian: Build walls, tax imports, "kick" China and Mexico.

As Nabisco Ships 600 Jobs Out of Chicago to Mexico, Maybe It’s Time To Give Up Oreos

Sieren's China: winds of change

Health officials warn you could die playing GOP debate drinking games: ‘It’s formula for disaster"

Syria: High stakes in US-Turkey gamble

O'Malley "identifies himself as a candidate who is not merely identifying the big problems - which

Trump Highlights an Angry GOP Divide

Everyone "Caught completely flatfooted by Trump...except the Dirty Hippies"

just the facts.....

Stephen King Has Written a Campaign Slogan for Donald Trump

US launches first drone strike from Turkey against IS group

People are donating to Planned Parenthood ‘in honor of’ Cruz and Rubio

Rory McIlroy on the comeback trail:

Quick Quiz: Who was Planned Parenthood's treasurer in 1947

W. Kamau Bell: The View‘s Audience Craves Accidentally Racist, Dumb Statements Like Kelly Osbourne’s

Surviving A Bear and/or Police Encounter

Giuliani Denies Report He Called Ailes to Make Sure Megyn Kelly Goes Easy On Trump (at GOP debate)

Going to be interesting season with the two top QB's drafted.....

For what it's worth Trump's twitter page is funnier than the Iron Sheik's ...

Crisis, what crisis? say tourists flocking to Greece

Breaking Down The Insanity Of Mike Huckabee Being Open To Using Federal Troops To Stop Abortions

In shattered economy, Greek PM claims mantle of stability

(Greece) Getting in sync with Europe

Black Unemployment Rate Falls Below 10%

Cyprus officials say downed Greek warplane possibly located

(Greece) Tax dodging thrives after dark in resort areas

Relief on Costa del Sol as gas drilling project abandoned

Morning Joe was really going strong on "advice" to repukes at the debate tonight!

Texas AG Faces Contempt Hearing Over Failure To Recognize Gay Marriage

Oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please.

Rep. Xavier Becerra endorses Hillary Clinton: 'No leader comes better tested' - HRC GROUP POST

Suicide bomber kills 13 at mosque in Saudi Arabia

Why we're investigating the impact of Agent Orange

Senators seek probe of student-loan report that cleared agency contractors of cheating military serv

Anyone else looking forward to the GOP debate clusterf**k?

Hiroshima mayor, Abe call for abolition of nuclear weapons on 70th anniversary of A-bomb

Marine Corps audit draws criticism from Government Accountability Office

first dem debate not expected until SEP or this acceptable?

Report: U.S.-led strikes in Iraq, Syria killed 459 civilians

Asahi website shows 360-degree view of Hiroshima A-bomb destruction

4 Palestinians Die in Blast From Ordnance Found in Gaza War’s Rubble

Photos: Life in Calais migrant camp the New Jungle

The party dominated by Christian theocrats prefers swords over plowshares

Exclusive: Edward Snowden on the man who inspired his work

NYT: Tale of a Chicken Hawk Taker--L. Graham

Study: No link between teen pot use and adult health issues

The evolution of the coiffure

Seventeen killed in Afghan military helicopter crash

As ties with the West suffer, Russia embraces its own 'East'

By The Numbers: The atomic bombing of Hiroshima

Poland swears in opposition-backed Andrzej Duda as president

Hackers turn off Tesla Model S

Study: No link between teen pot use and adult health issues

Anti-Austerity Candidate Corbyn: Tony Blair Could Face War Crimes

Did a Japanese high school student stop 350,000 people from getting home by throwing a bag?

Hiroshima marks 70th A-bomb anniv. amid fears of eroded pacifism

Comedy Central: Daily Show all day

Marcy was a little baffled.

CONservative view/mindset over 'unused embryos' keeps couple from having biological kids....

NASA extends contract with Russia for rides to space station ‘amid budget cuts’

Hibakusha of ‘Korea’s Hiroshima’ still press for redress

Pentagon defends blood-tracking system after criticism by federal investigators

After the present general election in 2016, do you think a challenge could be mounted against

Burned dog finds new home with young burn victim

Name of orphaned survivor of Hiroshima bombing inscribed at memorial

Filthy trickster Roger J. STONE to get his racist ass kicked by Geraldo

The Republicans Presidential candidates say they want to improve the economy. If I

Technology is awesome, want to see the next coolest thing?

Girl bands rock out in style

Woman called 'crook' by Lincoln police wins $259,217 in damages

The grave injustice of COMMEMORATING victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 8-5-15

Thursday Morning Cat stuff

Court rules that Texas Law violates the Voting Rights Act

It's so hot out in Shanghai right now, you could fry an egg on the Bund

"John Crawford was killed here"

Why Prosecutor Should Appeal Scott Walkdr -John Doe Case

Empirical evidence that guns and penises are linked!

GOP suit: Florida redistricting law equals 'thought policing'

Cartel Land: Coming Full Circle

So I recently noticed that the Portland rally has been upgraded.....

45th president will owe Obama big time

Can anyone explain to me why rational people would promote Jeb Bush to run for the

I'm sorry, but your password must contain

I was born one week and a day before the Hiroshima bomb.

Netflix to make Asian debut in Japan next month

Rolling Stone: The Point of No Return: Climate Change Nightmares Are Already Here

Ex-Shibuya ‘ganguro’ gal finds new meaning as Mozambique medic

Police review video of Northern California officer pulling gun on man recording him

O'Malley: The 15 things you won't hear from the GOP's debate tonight

Protesters in Nepal Want to Do Away with a “Secular” Constitution… and They May Have a Point

Dentist who killed Lion reportedly hires security for Florida Home

"The Happy Hour Debate" is what they're calling the second-tier debate on Fox ...I think

The Hijacking of the Term “Religious Liberty” for Political Gain

Trump DOES have foreign policy experience

'So Long, Ladies,’ Says GOP

10 Times Jon Stewart Outdid Journalism

What will make you laugh/cry tonight?

The birth of the world computer...

What Bernie Sanders’s rise means for American politics--

Sanders introduces bill to make Federal election day a national holiday

George Takei Remembers Hiroshima

Bernie Sanders just delivered an epic smackdown of the Republican debate

"I'm secretly pulling for Trump." . . . Please come CAPTION Jeb Bush!!!

RNC nixes proposed anti-gay resolutions


PM slams silence of those who condemned Jewish terror

Democrats Will Hold First Debate in October

Go Giants!

Schools as Punishing Factories: The Handcuffing of Public Education

Sen. King’s support puts Iran disarmament deal over the top

SEC: Public Companies Must Disclose CEO-to-Worker Pay Ratio

Pennsylvania attorney general charged in grand jury leak

A Shakespearean Guide to the 2016 GOP Primary

El Nino conditions growing stronger

Once more, with feeling.

Lynn Manning dies at 60; blind poet, athlete, Watts theater group founder

I know what I'm doing. Take me straight to the post that I'm adjudicating.

Fox GOP Debate questions?

Tracking an oddball group of near-Earth asteroids

Governor Abbott Statement On Texas Voter ID Law

The Daily Beast: "It’s Gonna Be a Bloodbath: A GOP Debate Guide"

Here’s the Schedule for Tonight’s Fox News Republican Debate (Don't even know where Fox is on my TV)

Jeb Bush Uncensored: Donald Trump Is An 'A**hole'

FDA hand-in-hand with big pharma?

This Year’s Latina Week of Action for Reproductive Justice is Centered Around Its Intersection with

Bernie Sanders Talks Foreign Policy

This Year’s Latina Week of Action for Reproductive Justice is Centered Around Its Intersection with

This Year’s Latina Week of Action for Reproductive Justice is Centered Around Its Intersection with

Mr. Fish Toon on the Deniers

Chief of Studio Chibi Confirms English Dubs.....

Chicago startup to build 3,000 solar charging stations in Jordan

Psychologists Urge People With Low Self-Esteem to Watch G.O.P. Debate - free advice from A Borowitz

Kathleen Kane charged with various crimes:

I’m afraid of clowns

I didn't know there were two debates tonight. First the debate amongst lower polling candidates....

GOP officials sue Florida: Laws against gerrymandering are ‘thought policing’ our ‘partisan thoughts

This is getting good. Bush lll calls Trump an "asshole", "a buffoon", and a "clown".

8 Period Anthems for Surviving “The Curse” (a truly great list!)

Texas waterfalls

Warming temps push walrus north, leaving Alaska villages without food

8 Period Anthems for Surviving “The Curse”

Shot and killed by young minors - who is the criminal?

Obama calls for restoration of Voting Rights Act

Blazing a Trail Toward Girls’ Empowerment

Blazing a Trail Toward Girls’ Empowerment

Blazing a Trail Toward Girls’ Empowerment

2 cougar sightings confirmed in northern Wisconsin

Juneau police say alcohol played a part in Capitol flag theft

A guess at tonights tough debate questions

Hungary using unemployed to build anti-immigration fence

Chris Matthews on Andrea Mitchell Reports says GOP

Conservative Judge Strikes Down Texas Republicans’ Racist Voter Suppression Law

Federal Appeals Court Rules Texas Voter ID Law Violates Voting Rights Act

Hiroshima Lantern Ceremony, August 6 Anniversary

Solar Bill Passed in Maine Sets the Stage for an Innovative Alternative to Net Metering

U.S. Stocks Fall as Media Shares Tumble on Viacom, Fox Results

24 Hours After - Hiroshiima

Palestinian Rams Car Into Israeli Soldiers, Wounding 3

Pic Of The Moment: Preview Of Tonight's Republican Debate

Diplomats: UN Security Council members OK text of resolution in Syria chemical attacks

Nebraska's ban on same-sex couples adopting is off the books

MH370: Malaysians say parts of windows, seat cushions have washed up

Man Gang Raped At Gunpoint By Half A Dozen Men In Washington, D.C.

DNC Debate Sked Isn’t ‘Democratic,’ Limits Debate: O’Malley Aide

A dear family friend has asked me to post this

UK to choose fav insect

Why John Kasich’s Presence in the Ohio Debate Might Be Awkward for Opponents

Wary on Trade, Iowa Unions Aren't Ready for Hillary Clinton

George Will: Conservatives "Looking For A Candidate Who Will Affirm And Validate Their Anger"

How many people total would have died in a US invasion of the Japanese islands in 1945-46?

Trump Could Really Screw With The Other Members Of The Klown Kar Tonight If He......

Best debate zingers

Question from Brian Stelter: Best title for 9pm GOP debate? (How about 5pm?)

The Republican Party Warms to Trump

This makes me sad about the PA Attorney General being indicted

Since Repubs hate science, NASA signs contract with Russia

Is the empire too rotten at the core to be salvaged?

The republican debate tonight might get big ratings

Astronomers unveil a distant protogalaxy connected to the cosmic web

Did Jeb really say he was going to "put his big boy pants on" to come to the debate tonight?

How to sneak chocolate into American movie theaters.

Dick Dale has single payer and spends $3000/month to stay alive

Google Fiber Officially Coming To San Antonio

Once again Paul Krugman speaks the truth about Republican nonsense on the economy.

Sony Sets a Date For Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower’

Full debate schedule announcement

There’s No Way The Bloodsucking Kochs Can Save Their Legacy

Sunken treasures from Spanish galleons bring $2M at auction

New deep-sea anglerfish discovered in Gulf of Mexico

Hallandale Beach Passes Pot Possession Fine Law

Democrats Set Dates for Six Presidential Debates.(Sorry if 'old' news.)

Democracy in action

Let's play DEBATE BINGO tonight!

GOP destroys Kansas.......

Democrats Set Dates for Six Presidential Debates.(Sorry if 'old' news.)

the stars at night are big and bright

Senate leader: Immigration reform ‘impossible’ under Obama

The Penny Drops...

The show isn't the debate tonight reviews

When did Hillary Clinton become a mediocre debater?

TONIGHT! Who will be the next...

Will Tonight's Debate Air On Network Television Or....

Rand’s cockamamie conspiracy theory: With top allies under indictment, Rand thinks DOJ is ...

Funniest Jon Stewart Quotes of All Time

Bernie is burning up New Hampshire...

I cant wait to watch what I've nicknamed as "17 Shades of Cray"

250,000 were killed by the US fire-bombing of Tokyo

Divided appeals court, creating a split, says warrantless procurement of tower info violated Fourth

Prosecutors charge 4 friends of teen killed in St. Paul robbery attempt

ACLU PETITION: Stop Surveillance of Black Lives Matter Activists!

are these quotes real?

hello, are these quotes real?

I'm getting stress reduction through breathing exercises (also called meditation but

"Human's rights are women's rights

Sarah Palin just said she "thanks god" that Donald Trump is running for president haha

Hillary Clinton Hammers Jeb Bush On Women’s Health And Immigration (Hillary Group)

I'm undercover at the American Conservative Union "bootcamp" in Cleveland

Hats off to the DNC. The debate schedule is utterly brilliant.

A brilliant, riveting summation.

A little something for tonight's debate: Trump Bingo

"Kids Who Die" by Langston Hughes ( 1938)

We Must Fight Back Against Voter Suppression (video)

Obamacare Health Plans to Get Special Label

Health officials warn that you could die playing GOP debate drinking games: ‘It’s just a formula for

Don’t Believe The Hype, Climate Rules Are NOT Enough

An actual cat circus — with a feline rock band — is coming to Maine

Dumb Criminals: Guy Attempts To Break Into Santa Ana Zoo Claiming He's Tarzan

Voting Rights Act, 50 years old today

The end of the two-state solution

"Capitalism means you never have to say you're sorry." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

The disease is spreading, produces "defective humans"

Russian government plans for mass destruction of banned Western food imports have provoked outrage i

Johnny Fraud: '100 percent' happy to be out of constant spotlight

Is there any way to describe Ann Coulter other than a racist (bleep)?

"At the height of Act 10 we began to see fewer and fewer people entering into the profession,"

Republicans field a curious crop of campaign merchandise (guacamole bowls? cornhole?)

Biden vs. Hillary; 40% of Likely Democratic Voters believe Biden should run...

New from #HillaryMen: The GOP's Primal "Stop Hillary" Scream (Hillary Group)

Maine’s high court spurns LePage in veto dispute

#Walker16 says his straightforward approach is how he won 3 elections in WI. A look at his record

The FBI Investigated the Song ‘Louie Louie’ for Two Years

Here It Is, Your Moment of Zen

Rumor: TPP

Bernie Sanders: Tonight's GOP debaters don't care about working people

If Bernie is courting progressive voters, why Liberty University?

Iowa Federation of Labor Presidential Forum in Altoona. today

Why Some Democrats Are Calling New Presidential Debate Schedule 'Ridiculous'

The UFT Solidarity Circus Comes to Town

Give Senator Bernie Sanders a Fair Chance by Increasing Number of Sanctioned Debates

Give Senator Bernie Sanders a Fair Chance by Increasing Number of Sanctioned Debates

Finally! The Batman-Bernie Sanders meme...

Boom! Senator Gillibrand (D-NY) comes out FOR Iran nuclear deal

Gillibrand Says She'll Support 'Imperfect' Iran Deal

How the Oligarchy is “fixing” the Democratic process to feed their greed.

Iowa Federation of Labor Presidential Forum in Altoona today!!!

Another Tea Party Republican Bites The Dust; Extinction Imminent?

I was never a big fan of *The Cycle,* but WTF??!

O'Malley: Party 'facilitating a coronation' (debates)

Hey Ho, Let's Go!

O'Malley: Party 'facilitating a coronation' (debates)

Brown seeks to stop redistricting in court; says it dilutes minority voting

Sen. Gillibrand will support Iran Deal

Does Senator Sanders have support

4 solutions to protect voting rights

Still plenty of room on the bandwagon...

Looting and violence on the rise in Venezuela supermarkets

Descendants Keep Alive Legacy of 1877 Black Settlement in Kansas

This means I'm going to be *IMMORTAL*!

FFS: Is Medicare "Single Payer"?

New Orleans judge sets deadline for payments on $142M firefighter judgment

New Orleans judge sets deadline for payments on $142M firefighter judgment

I will bet a lot that Fiorina is VP choice


O'Malley: Hey DNC, hands off our debates! You're not in charge - 'Fed Up!"

The Whole World Pretty Much Despises Putin and Russia, Survey Finds [Infographic]

OH, Facebook WENT THERE! A "Suggested Story" about Joe Scab's ugly past!

A lot of anger lately...

Shaheen on Iran Deal: Agreement is the Best Available Option We Have for Preventing Iran From Obtain

Federal officer, suspect exchange gunfire near Social Security building in downtown Albuquerque

Megyn Kelly: 'Would tonight's debate be safer if you had all brought your guns with you?'


Hillary Clinton Slams GOP on Voting Rights Ahead of Debate

Armed advocates guard Lincoln-area mine amid dispute with Forest Service

Democratic Primary Debates - OK by me...

a couple of Jon Stewart things

Just started a random discussion with three middle aged ladies

Donald Trump and the American Id

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Aug. 6, 2015

Here's the offical schedule for the upcoming Democratic primary debates

Citizens United is not merely a gift for the billionaires and the politicians they own

There's nothing redeeming or politically valid in Sanders speaking at Falwell's Liberty University

Teen lands on sex offender registry after dating app hookup

Robert Huish on Cuba's healthcare system (and its global footprint).

Florida Doctors Can’t Talk To Mentally Ill Patients About Guns

Lamp post destroyed by urine falls in street, just misses driver

Who will attack Trump first, and why?

Tonight from the Quicken Loans Arena; get ready for the Circus of the Religious Nutjob Billionaires!

Police chief: Fatal shooting of armed suspect justified

Williamson County DA Jana Duty found guilty of contempt of court, gets 10 days in jail and $500 fine

Is there any way to watch the debate (or listen) without cable/sat tv?

Anyone Campaigning on 'Bringing Jobs Back' is LYING or IGNORANT

Netflix and parental leave...

Feds: Cities shouldn't make sleeping in the streets a crime

Alamo Drafthouse advert

New Law: Everyone Automatically Registered to Vote Unless You Opt Out

Media stocks getting hammered as pay-TV subscribers cut the cord

What is a good reliable web-based email client?

Great News from my Email Penn!! EMILY's LIST has just endorsed KATE MCGINTY!!

Mitch McConnell to Obama: ‘Tone down the rhetoric’ on Iran

Here's the transcript of Sen. Warren's excoriation of backward misogynist senators

Major Environmental Group Endorses Bernie Sanders’ 2016 Bid

"10 Facts You Should Know About American Baptists"

Great News from my Email!! EMILY's LIST has just endorsed KATE MCGINTY!!

Hillary: We should make voting easier, not harder

Mitch Mconnel on Voting Rights...Wapo 8/6/15

It's perfect that social media is empowering a democratic socialist...

Hillary Clinton Is Mastering Jeb Bush

Confederate Memorial Day disappears from 2016 Georgia holiday calendars

Confederate flag's fate on carousel horse to be decided off-season, zoo says (MI)

Confederate flags, Nazi & KKK symbols found in accused bomb builder’s garage (NY)

98°. With HI 106°.

Jon Stewart, Sarcastic Critic of Politics and Media, Is Signing Off

Youth Minimum Wage: Nebraska Considers Lower Minimum Pay Rate For Young Workers

Jerry Brown's climate message: 'California's burning: What the hell are you going to do about it?'

Question about Grateful Dead.

These 2 Pups Were Tied to a Post and Left for Dead. Their Rescue Will Warm Your Heart!

Another proof for the real purpose of the imposed "reforms" on Greece

Sanders attends Iowa AFL-CIO forum. Takes on Clinton welfare legacy in Bloomberg interview.

Screw the Dem establishment. The candidates should boycott the DNC debates.

Chicago Police Detained Thousands of Black Americans at Interrogation Facility--New Report 8/5/15:

Bernie Sanders Explains What Americans Should Look For In Tonight's GOP Debate

Creative and vicious insults for some of those other web sites

Bette Midler re: Lenny Kravitz & the GOP Debate


Mission worker from Norton pleads guilty to molesting boys while in Honduras

Mission worker from Norton pleads guilty to molesting boys while in Honduras

Hate Groups Surge, Raking In Cash and New Recruits After Charleston Massacre

The Kiddie Table Debate has begun!

Looks like Alex Wagner will be one of the Hosts on Bloomberg over-seeing the republican debates

Bernie Sanders is Too Big for Veterans Memorial Coliseum (Portland)

Bernie Sanders is Too Big for Veterans Memorial Coliseum (Portland)

Animas River fouled by 1 million gallons of contaminated mine water

Drone attack kills at least four suspected militants in Pakistan

This undercard debate sucks and is boring.

AT the Kids Table RNC debate--Lindsey just said that we need more troops in Irag to

New York white supremacist blows off his own leg while making bombs at his house: prosecutors

This is what I like about Bernie Sanders

Since its a "happy hour" debate are they giving each clown a complimentary drink?

FBI: Florida man who stole U.S. secrets 'married' minors for sex

Has anyone tried the flex fuels?

FBI: Florida man who stole U.S. secrets 'married' minors for sex

Fox moderators to JV debaters: You people suck. Get out.

Jemera Rone, Investigator Who Bared Human Rights Abuses, Dies at 71

Jemera Rone, Investigator Who Bared Human Rights Abuses, Dies at 71

Massachusetts high court strikes down law that barred false statements in political campaigns

developing film with instant cofee

Republicans To History Teachers: “You Can Only Say America Is #1”

Man thought to have walked entire Channel tunnel stopped by police at exit

Breaking - major gas explosion in Northern Colorado

Breaking: GOP Congress set to open new Clinton probes which will last until Nov. 2016

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 7 August 2015

#1 Reason Bernie Will Win!

Touring Cuba

Touring Cuba

Decisions, decisions.

Sanders can't beat Clinton, but Biden can

GOP to have 3rd debate at LIBERAL CU Boulder college:

Some radio stations are broadcasting the debate if you like me do not have a FOX

Martin O’Malley Plans Revolt Over Democratic Debate Rules.

I just figured out a Great Compromise for the debates. Do the Fox thing..

So, wearing "Bernie 2016" buttons, two mature women walk into a restaurant

Watching KKKlown KKKar KKKiddie Edition

'Debate Questions We Want To Hear'

These debate "questions":

An Argument I'm Sick of Hearing!

Next Up on MSNBC, Bernie on GOP Debate Tonight, Rev. Sharpton Show, 6:15 PM ET

Houston Texans RB Arian Foster comes out as atheist

Can we please dispense with the talking point: "Debates don't Matter?"

Rick Perry just made the case for Trump's candidacy

Bernie was just on M$NBC with Rev. Al and they played a clip of Hillary when she was on Rev's radio

An Oldie But A Goodie - Ted Kennedy At Liberty University

For those of us with a morbid Curiosity

The Cure vs The Commodores

Martin O'Malley addresses AFL-CIO

OMG, KING 5 NEWS (Seattle) is reporting on the Sanders events coming to our area!

River Buries Permafrost Carbon at Sea: New study traces the fate of carbon stored in thawing Arctic

Fox News Didn't Bother Inviting Any Spectators to the JV Debate

Rowdy Roddy Piper's movie "They Live", fiction or documentary?

O'Malley: "Once you're in the debate, then the whole public sees whether you're triangulating'

O'Malley, Sanders, Webb, and Chafee should reach out to Richard Trumka and the AFL-CIO.

The Simpsons Predicted Trump’s Disastrous Presidency 15 Years Ago

#megynkellydebatequestions -- HILARIOUS!! Twitter trolls rise up

Bernie Sanders: We Must Fight Voter Suppression - Vote suppressors are political cowards

Meet Don, one of those bleeding heart Liberals

Clinton, Trump chat fuels conspiracy theories

Were The Junior Varsity Debaters Reading Their Answers To The Debate Questions?....

Quick summary of the Republican "kids table" debate tonight

So our city council put a moratorium on mmj shops because of "public safety", and

From the early GOP debate via Twitter-Rick Santorum trying to make a point today

MAD Magazine Just Did Movie Posters Of The Candidates

Blue Cross raises rate hike sought on Affordable Care plans

I can see Trump using Michael Savage talking points

Bette Midler Tweet

Police: Man holed in up room of downtown Minneapolis hotel

Why Many Muslims Hate the West. (You probably won't read this post.)

Tongue-Tied Rick Perry Refers To 'Ronald Raven' During Debate

My wife and I are off to a good start on our food budget.

Attention GOP Debate Contestants:

Marcellus Region not Immune from Fracking Health Issues

OMG, KING 5 NEWS (Seattle) is reporting on the Sanders events coming to our area!

Is a religious institution that advocates against racial equality promoting bigotry?

Tomorrow's debate news theme - High TV ratings = relevance & importance

Marcellus Region not Immune from Fracking Health Issues

New York police criticized for 'weaponized marijuana' videos

Kitten gets massage (super squee!)

don't know if i can watch a birther take center stage in the run for America's Presidency

Marcellus Region not Immune from Fracking Health Issues

Lots of awarding the baby debate to Fiorina.

Beltway Dem Talking Point: No One Will Vote for Bernie Except Educated Progressives

Kickin Off GOP Clown Show Party-Raygunzzzzapp

Russia and France cancel $1.3 billion warship deal

Once forgotten, Oklahoma’s historic all-black towns find renewed interest

Jerry Lewis' 'The Day The Clown Cried' Added To The Library Of Congress, But...

MO'M SUPPORTERS: Regarding the debate tonite:

Carly Fiorina won the ‘Happy Hour’ debate. By a lot.

Maclean's leaders' debate livestream link

Increased use of renewables results in growing GHG emission savings in the EU

New Oregon State Poll Hillary 44 % Bernie 39 % 12 % undecided

Governor cites 'direct correlation' between disposal wells, earthquakes

DNC Debate Rigging Theories