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Donald Trump stumped on immigration by Stephanopoulos

TV Alert: Sun. p.m., 8/23, 8 EST, Afterlife Program On

NY stages topless parade with 60 cities worldwide

This is awesome. I almost

Key Kids! Let's Toast The Neighbors!

Garbage ‘patch’ is much worse than believed, entrepreneur says

Sign Sanders MoveOn petition

Brookings Institute: Hillary's classified e-mails: Much ado about nothing (most likely)

Teen talks her boyfriend into committing suicide

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#IStandWithHillary! hashtag


Ecuador president's bid for fourth term faces growing opposition

!!**August Photo Contest Thread 1**!!

!!**August Photo Contest Thread 2**!!

Donald Trump's 15-year-old book on public policy reveals what kind of president he'd be

August Photo Contest Prelims now up in GD

Instead of reparations, make black votes count more than white votes

My August NON-contest submission, as y'all's are SO WONDERFUL!

African Albino children -- mutilated for body parts used in "magical" potions.

Bill Maher Slams Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Importance: Claims Republicans Waste Time

Any Tivo experts here?

Garbage ‘patch’ is much worse than believed, entrepreneur says

Dance On The Circle - Really cool little video

"Campaign Bus"

So minority voters have to be "appealed" to then? The candidate must be "appealing"?

Is it hotter than usual where you are today? It's 89 here in Honolulu and feels like an oven.

Saw O'Malley today - You must see him

Help would be greatly appreciated as i'm afraid to turn off my PC.

Become a Billboard for Bernie!1,000 filled the gym and an adjacent cafeteria

Our priorities are totally screwed. (Texas high school football)

Attended my first Bernie event in California today

O'Malley paints himself as candidate of the future.

O'Malley paints himself as candidate of the future.

Gonna do a CARB-out. Gotta big BAD day 'morrow: dentist; confronting a bad business


"Left turn yield on green"

Trump Has Assembled Broad Coalition

Reviving the dream: John Lewis calls for action

Hoosiers for Bernie: Bernie is on fire! And we definitely #FeelTheBern

I don't believe Trump went to the Wharton School of Business. I want to see his transcripts.

A new generation of faith-based activism for equality

A new generation of faith-based activism for equality

Brazile: The Right Wing’s email fairy tale

Charlie can't play guitar no more due to fireworks

I am so old I remember when the Naugahydes went extinct. How old are you?

I know a guy who knows a guy.

How do I change the oil filter on a Ram 1500 3.6?

Hillary Clinton to Lay Out Rural Policy in Ankeny, Sioux City, Baldwin, Iowa on Wednesday, August 26

Florida shooting range to serve alcohol in restaurant

Yep, that's about right...

The Rise of Donald Trump Sparks Anger and Laughter in Mexico

there just is NOT enough popcorn

“For far too long, people of color have been at the bottom of the pile”: Why black churches are embr

The GOP has become the party of infantile rage

The next 2016 Republican Primary Debate ...

Virginia tops nation in sending students to cops, courts: Where does your state rank?

Tomorrow is the first day of school.

What's this "endorsement" thing?

stock futures in free fall

Hillary Clinton ‘energetic’ at Hamptons fundraiser: (HILLARY GROUP)

Tampa police officer body slams mother of 4

'F Troop' actress Melody Patterson dies at the age of 66

Denver air is full of smoke

If Biden runs, he's my guy.

Joe Biden to skip DNC meeting amid 2016 buzz.

Indy driver Justin Wilson in coma after accident at Pocono Raceway

Democratic Presidential Candidate Martin O’Malley Visits 30th Iowa County.

Democratic Presidential Candidate Martin O’Malley Visits 30th Iowa County.

The Leftist Critique and What I Suggest Doing If You're a Lefty

Oklahoma State Labor Commissioner killed in stabbing at northwest Oklahoma City restaurant

Presidential hopeful O'Malley touts experience, results at Davenport event.

'No award' sweeps the Hugo Awards following controversy

Presidential hopeful O'Malley touts experience, results at Davenport event.

Oil at $39.14

Speaking of using full quotes. The devil is often in the details... (Clinton BLM)


"Citizens fund a massive hunk of corporate welfare"-250 Million Subsidy for a Milwaukee NBA Arena

Navy need deferred, but F-35 software 'on the right track'

O’Malley makes campaign stop in QCA.

The Strangest Campaign Pledge: Lawrence Lessig's run for President

O’Malley makes campaign stop in QCA.

Donald Trump dodged questions about the cost of his immigration plan like he was playing dodge ball

Hey Bernie Sanders!

Hey Bernie Sanders!

Correspondence on Group Bans

Didn't find a link on DU about Mama Bear and 5 cubs taking over the family pool

We have had a lot of arguments on here about penmanship

mama bear and five cubs come to the family pool

If We Don't Hang Together, We Will All Hang Separately: A Really Simple DU Primary Guide

Parents’ Non-Standard Work Schedules Make Adequate Childrearing Difficult

Ohio Bill Would Ban Abortion if Down Syndrome Is Reason

Florida Republican Submits Anti-Corporate Tax Bill Without Removing ALEC Mission Statement

Great song - Within Temptation : Shot in the Dark

Surge in deadly violence is dictating the agenda for D.C.’s mayor

I don't have HBO was John Oliver on tonight

Obama Should Charge Clinton With Espionage (not really)

China shares wipe out 2015 gains as stocks tumble 8.5%

Family of fallen wildland firefighter.

Warren as VP Seals Deal for Me: Biden, Bernie, Hillary - who will it be?

Another brilliant blog by my friend, Carol Morgan

“A Democratic Explosion Unprecedented in British History"

5-year-old autistic Texas boy dies after being found in hot car

Bernie Sanders drew 10,000 people in Red State South Carolina over the weekend

Terrorism threat to soft targets concerns Europe after train attack

Guatemala president won't resign, denies scandal involvement

Second cancers are on the rise; 1 in 5 US cases is a repeat

Rhonda Rawlings Interviews Senator Bernie Sanders, SC

¡Cuba, Cuba! 65 Years of Photography

China's 'Black Monday': panic grips global markets as stocks undergo "bloodbath"

State law takes aim at cities’ and counties’ gun bans

Typhoon Goni hits Okinawa after killing 15 in Philippines

another great updated Bernie vs Hillary info graphic

Timeless country hit -- Bobbie Gentry, Ode to Billie Joe

Bomb scare ends downtown Waco biker rally early

An impediment to employment -- ban the box

An impediment to employment -- ban the box

Ringside Seat: Lawmaker unfairly attacked after son’s arrest

Lord President Trump.......and then someone photoshoped the picture

Daily Holidays - August 24

French Legion of Honor

The seven work languages

Climbing The New Ladder Of Success

Bernie Sanders is technically a social democrat, not a democratic socialist

CNBC's answer to student loan debt........ not the onion

Chanute residents protest removal of picture of Jesus from school

Bryan Fischer Claims He Was Born Christian, Repulsed By Homosexuality

Actress confronts Ted Cruz at Pork Tent at Iowa State Fair

Bernie Sanders played a rabbi in a movie

Maybe Sanders's "race gap" is simpler than people are making it out to be

This is the most common job held by immigrants in each state

Okay, guys, I need you to call on the weather gods.

St. Paul's Episcopal Church discusses Confederate imagery (VA)

Ken Burns On ‘Face The Nation’: Confederate Flag “About Resistance To Civil Rights”

Activists discuss black oppression, confederate statue

The Fearful and the Frustrated

Worst Idea Ever: Dropping Nuclear Bombs During the Vietnam War

Whose Capital Is Getting Destroyed in US Natural Gas?

The complicated history behind Simmons Pinckney Middle School (SC)

Global Ponzi scheme threatens to implode

The Fearful and the Frustrated

Sanders supporters are wealthier, whiter, and more male than Hillary supporters.

Stock Rout Spreads Through Europe After China Plunge

Man claims self defense in Lorain shooting; no charges filed

Poll: Most GOP voters think Paxton should resign

India's BSE index hits lowest in 10 months; NSE below 8,000 pts

Chesapeake man gets 23 years in shotgun murder of nephew

David Crosby and Graham Nash.

Ex-Dem rep: Clinton server probe 'unprecedented' (said on Fox news Sunday)

JebusEnoughBushes says 'the shadow knows' - Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Bernie Sanders’ Game Plan Against Hillary

Toddlers are NEVER safe near water

Stock market rout wipes £50bn off FTSE 100 in China panic

India announces plans for world's biggest solar farm. And get this, it will be done by 2017

"Progressive" in the US - Stave One: Age of Enlightenment through Industrial Revolution.

How Much Of California’s Drought Was Caused By Climate Change? Scientists Now Have The Answer.

Oh NO, oh dear GOD NO...One Direction going on "EXTENDED HIATUS." NO! LIFE CAN'T GO ON!

Shoreham airshow footage shows fighter jet crashing onto A27 -police say up to 20 dead

POLL: Meme of the Week – August 24th

Donald Trump’s nativist bandwagon

Donald Trump’s nativist bandwagon

Two Cheers for the Neo-Conservatives

Donald Trump hair repaired by Thatcher

2016: The Coming Train Wreck

Elizabeth Warren refuses to commit to 2018 Senate run

'We Are All Criminals' exhibit portrays the long reach of our laws

Dow futures off 700 points; Nasdaq futures fall 5%, go limit down

Kickstarter to prove God exists

So I see where the so-called media sources have now put an escape clause into the "Biden is leaning

3 Heros Who Stopped Attack Were Boyhood Friends. New York Times:

Animal Welfare Group Sues A&M For Withholding Lab Dog Records

France train shooting: Hollande thanks 'heroes' who foiled gunman

The Upsurge in Uncertain Work

The Upsurge in Uncertain Work

TARANTINO: "I think he’s fantastic. He’s my favorite president, hands down, of my lifetime."

Dark Monday in the markets, candidates will have to respond...

I cannot do it.

How President Bernie Sanders would handle foreign policy

Black women ‘humiliated’ after getting kicked off Napa Valley Wine Train For Laughing TOO Loud!

BDS is rife with anti-Semitism

Recently, the Banks have moved derivative trading to the London exchange

Largest US banks move derivative trading offshore to avoid regulation

Duplicate file finder/cleaner

Kansas jobs plummet in latest disaster for Sam Brownback’s tax-cut strategy

Why do so many Creationist hate Darwin,

Scott Walker’s stunning implosion: Can this dope’s campaign be saved?

College Students Refuse To Read Award-Winning Novel Because It Violates Their Christian Beliefs

Tuba Skinny: I Got a Woman

Six Ways 2016 Hopefuls Want to Change the Constitution

one more time.....Why can't we have nice things?

John Oliver on why LGBT rights (and civil rights) shouldn’t be left to the states

So....what the hell are we fighting about today?

What We Can Do To Fight Rape Culture - Kate Harding Discusses

Something you may not want to know about spiders.

"He would have to get into the race at a point where he was seen as a savior, not a spoiler"

Let's Talk About Issues – Tax Wall Street Speculation to Make College Tuition Free

Motorists detain man who shot Louisiana Trooper

Boston Police Arrest 2 Iowans, Seize Weapons After Threats Against Pokémon World Championship

Stephanie Miller falls down at a Hillary Party

Undercover Republican Goes Hillary-Hunting in Clinton Library

Monday Toon Roundup 1- The Trump Virus

Hedge Fund Gains $100 Million in Two Days on Bearish China Bet

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Ted Cruz to lead 50-state attack on Planned Parenthood

Let's Talk About The Issues - Unrig the Tax System

Crazy. Dow down -1000 at opening

Hypocritical #Kansas @GOP lawmakers tell public schools how to beg for more money

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 8-23-15

Today would be an excellent day for Dems to bring up the idea of privatizing Social Security! ;)

BBC Magazine: Black pitmasters left out of US barbecue boom

Insisting That Racism Be Addressed In It's Own Terms Is Not "Weaponizing" It.

Report: Biden Skipping Summer DNC Meeting This Week

TOM TOMORROW: The Proven Thing

My car insurance costs $11,000 a year!

Kindergarten Sing Along for Right Wingers

White Supremacist Wants To Name His All-White Town After Donald Trump

Fortenberry takes complaints of slow mail delivery to U.S. postmaster; days later, his mail delayed

"Birthright citizenship" is rightwing language

Jesus... Dow falls 1000 at open

The next shoe to drop in China? The banks

CNN Finally Outdid Fox, Thanks To Don Lemon...| Daily Kos

Trump is not a joke - any more than Huey Long was -

Israel Gay Pride parade stabbing suspect charged with murder

Meet the Far Right's Favorite Quack Historian

This is the Horrifying Way Atheist Blogger Niloy Neel Was Killed in Bangladesh

Stock Market Turmoil: Dow Plummets More Than 1,000 Points at Open

This fascinating map shows the new religious breakdown in China

Sanders talks income inequality in front of overflow crowd in Salem

Some truth about the DOW & S&P 500 -- they are a rose-colored glasses marketing campaign

Trump Reacts To Nose-Diving Stock Market: Told You So!

The Wealth of Presidents - We Expect our Presidents to Be Successful

Worker advocates: New rule is Scott Walker’s latest effort to make unemployment benefits harder to

DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: Torn Between AIPAC and supporting The President

H&R Block snuck language into a Senate bill to make taxes more confusing for poor people

Elizabeth Warren refuses to commit to 2018 Senate run

Lawyer for Huma Abedin, a Hillary Clinton Aide, Strikes Back at Accuser-Sen. Chuck Grassley

President Trump's First 100 Days

Meet Bubba, the Morbidly Obese Gay Black Jesuit...

Sanders talks income inequality in front of overflow crowd in Salem

Chart highlights PA.'s lack of a severance tax compared to other states

PLA troops head to DPRK border as North-South tensions mount

'Suicides' Over Ashley Madison Hack

A story I think everyone should read.

2 dead, 16 injured after volleyball team’s bus hits car

War On Planned Parenthood Just Part Of War On Democracy And Push For Fundamentalist Rule.

Amazon's 401(k) Plan Is Pretty Brutal, Too

Police: Louisiana trooper dies after being shot in head

US Democratic Senator Stabenow backs Iran nuclear deal

Millennials Would Quit Job If Phones Were Banned At Work

Cenk's rant re: the Boston thugs who beat up the homeless Latino man

LIVE VIDEO: Sanders in Conway, New Hampshire for town hall

Update:Racist Woman Spits In Black Man's Face

What corporate welfare has gotten us...("job creators", my ass)

"It's unstable, it's inefficient, it produces inequality, and it's fundamentally undemocratic."

California: Hearing on Rail Improvement, Expansion Packs Room in Downtown Modesto

Will age play a role in the primary?

I'm sad, Bernie is not doing as well with wealthier, whiter, males as Hillary is

Union ramps up strike threat against Taj Mahal casino

Pic Of The Moment: Scott Walker Takes A Firm Stand On The Issue Of Repealing The 14th Amendment

Closeted Trumpers in the house

TYT: SeaWorld Accused Of Infiltrating PETA

Union ramps up strike threat against Taj Mahal casino

Union ramps up strike threat against Taj Mahal casino

Ken Burns: Birther Movement Is 'Politer Way Of Saying The N-Word'

a periodic reminder from Howard Zinn,

Why Bernie Sanders won’t take the gloves off against Hillary

US marine admits to choking Filipino transgender woman – but not murder

US marine admits to choking Filipino transgender woman – but not murder

Dr. Cornel West: My dear brother Bernie Sanders is a prophetic politician....

About Joe Biden

Anatomy of a Hillary Clinton pseudo-scandal: How Republicans and their media lackeys are ....

I love this FeelTheBern meme!

Habitat changes expected to shift distribution of tiny mammals in Alaska

Once again save money while being safe

Dawn timber-laundering raids cast doubt on 'sustainable' Brazilian wood


5 Reasons Republicans Cannot Be Trusted With Power

TYT: Newt Still Owes MILLIONS From 2012 Campaign

So when do you think the DNC will schedule debate #5?

Ted Cruz is our generation's Jim Jones

Autopsy indicates officer shot unarmed teen William Chapman from distance

Toon: Bernie is closer in the mirror.....a lot closer..

“Utter ignorance”: Jerry Brown calls out Carly Fiorina for her ridiculous theory that liberals ...

Dr. Shock

Cecil's lioness' and cubs are still OK - In case you were wondering

Bernie Sanders Grassroots Planning Huge March on DC

Senator Stabenow Statement on Iran Nuclear Agreement

All 5 Democrats running for President to be at NH Dems convention.

Black women ‘humiliated’ after getting kicked off Napa Valley Wine Train For Laughing TOO Loud! (xp)

The Democratic primary field includes only one lifelong Democrat. What gives?

Stretch Armstong had nothing on Fox News

Martin O'Malley to Address Hispanic Audience at CHCI Presidential Candidates Forum.

Obama Calls Donald Trump with Debate Advice

UK imposes curbs on vintage aircraft after air show crash

Crying over spilled water: Raising twins during a drought

Lower Taxes and Less Government = Free Dumb

Have a little faith in the markets, folks.

Latin American diplomats: We can be doing more to pressure Israel

“Utter ignorance”, “I think these people, if they want to run for president, had better do eighth

UN council holds first-ever meeting on LGBT rights

Amazing views of Saturn’s icy moon Dione

Clinton to Attend ‘Commit to Vote’ Grassroots Organizing Meeting in Ohio

Is Biden thinking of getting in because of Hillary's emails?

The next time someone starts talking about "Berniebots" or "Sandernistas" just show them this..

Fox News pushes for the return of Reaganomics after the stock market takes a dive

For the laugh of the day.

Blue Bell Reveals First Flavor To Land On Texas Shelves

Stocks Pare Losses but Market Upheaval Continues.

Atlanta residents can’t decide whether ‘Negro season’ graffiti is anti-black or anti-police

Middle East conflict drastically 'improves air quality'

TYT: Meet Trump’s Pretend Military Advisors

Obama unchained: Quentin Tarantino says the president’s ‘doesn’t-give-a-sh*t attitude’ is ‘fantastic

This roadside sign says it all for me:

TYT: Attempted Abortion Clinic Bombing Ignored By Media

Burning Man: Photos From the Playa

There's an analogy there somewhere

Independent Trump Bags First Mega Donation from Disgraced Ex-Con Real Estate Mogul

TYT: It's Time For The Hispanic Media To Stand Up To Trump

Do the unions keep a history of strikes?

The Latest: Fire in Washington now largest in state history

National same-sex marriage foe releases donor list after 5-year legal battle

Chimpanzees and Monkeys have entered the Stone Age

TYT: Rich Kids Tend To Pick Less Useful College Majors

Trump Camp On 'White Power' Shouts At Rally: People Like Our Message

Humans of New York ... Brandon deserves a Pulitzer for his work in Iran and Pakistan

Why Global Financial Markets Are Going Crazy.

Is It Time for Another GOP Candidate?

Leftist anti-euro parties in Greece joining forces ahead of the snap elections

Does Joe Biden Really Have a Chance?

Why Biden Running Could Actually Help Clinton

Aired this weekend on Al-Jazeera: "Slave Girls of Nepal"

When baby-boomers go back to school:

"Klingenschmitt's Defense: Gays And Pedophiles Are Possessed By Different Demons"

People are really FeelingtheBern!

O'Malley to Tout 'Rebuilding the American Dream' Plan.

Senior Bernie Sanders Adviser: We will never run attack ads against Hillary Clinton

National same-sex marriage foe releases donor list after 5-year legal battle

No. Korea apologized

Please Don't Vote" via The Young Turks (Satire)

hohum just another rapey frat house

White Supremacist Wants To Name His All-White Town After Donald Trump

Elizabeth Warren: I have a huge problem with it. We must unite now...

"My barber's confidentiality agreement is over 100 pages!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!

Josh Earnest didn't say what Obama would do...

Bernie Sanders blasts ‘unfettered free trade’ as stock market reels and investors panic

"Bohemian Rhapsody": what are they talking about? BBC takes a look at a classic Queen song

Anatomy of a Hillary pseudo-scandal: GOP & their media lackeys try to manufacture her downfall (HRC)

Who needs Neil Young when you have the guy who sung the Karate Kid song on your side?

60 years ago today, Emmett Till whistled at a white woman — and he was executed for it ....

10-year-old boy missing in Utah forest found alive (UPDATED)

ISIS hits a new low...

Europe does not have a migrant crisis. It has a REFUGEE crisis.

Federal workers with sensitive jobs used cheating website

Live White House press briefing

Jerry Brown for president in '16?

RNC Chairman: Trump Is A 'Net Positive' For The Republican Party

Criminal justice reformers await holy ally: Pope Francis

Dick Cheney Plans To Give Big Speech About Iran Nuclear Deal

I fear a Trump/Cruz ticket

An Alzheimer’s Documentary

Denver City Council Saying ‘No’ To Chick-Fil-A In Airport Because The Restaurant Is Run By Bigots

What are you reading the week of Sunday, August 23, 2015?

Let us pray for teachers and students

Religion In The Comics - 038

Republicans Are Completely Botching The Immigration Debate

North, South Korea reach agreement to halt tensions

And now, the Dunce of the Week!

Do any of you think that Donald Trump could win the general election

Reid Statement On The Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action (Iran Agreement)

Sanders quickly makes changes when challenged b y BLM. Clinton wags her finger. Who's out of step?

Kristol floats Justice Alito for 2016 GOP nomination

Colbert brings much of his Colbert Report top staff to Late Show

Gas below $3 a gallon!

Nuclear Weapons Contractor to Pay Millions For Misuse of Federal Funds

Press Release: CBS’s “The Late Show w/ Stephen Colbert” Announces Lineup Of Guests For Premiere Week

President to settlers: Our right to land not debatable

BlackRock Said to Start Financing Rental-Home Investors

Why can't M$Greedia include the British man who helped to

WA Fires are now largest in state history

Marking Independence Day, Ukraine's president vows to defeat rebels

Ok so then if they can possibly defeat and repeal the 14th ammendment...

Bernie Sanders: This Bill is Too Damn Long! (7/30/1997)

Ashley Madison hack: 2 unconfirmed suicides linked to breach, Toronto police say

WATCH: Trump Attack Video Uses The Words Of Jeb's Mom Against Him

Monday August 24, 2015...2 Bernie Rallies

Hurricane Katrina forced their church from New Orleans, but a congregation’s remarkable journey

As Democrats, it is time to stand up for our values and call for the expansion of Social Security

Wall Street stages dramatic comeback as Apple rebounds

Group aims for 2016 Maine vote on gun sales background checks

As Democrats, it is time to stand up for our values and call for the expansion of Social Security

I was hidden for hurtful/disruptive and accused of lying

This post was hidden by jury decision:

How to Help the Students With No Homes?

H&R Block snuck language into a Senate bill to make taxes more confusing for poor people

Here’s a Startling Breakdown of How Often the Top Presidential Candidates Lie Through Their Teeth

Here’s a Startling Breakdown of How Often the Top Presidential Candidates Lie Through Their Teeth

Costa Rica Is Shutting Down All Zoos And Freeing Every Animal In Captivity

Mike Huckabee Will Teach You Bass Guitar

Sarah Silverman/ Bernie Sanders Redux

Pap and Max Keiser: Banking Terrorists Declare War On Global Economy

Biden-Warren 2016 is in the works and it could work.

NorCal Catholic Hospital’s Refusal To Sterilize Woman Could Bring Statewide Legal Response

Hillary Clinton Proposes Huge AmeriCorps Expansion

Holding Off Emily Dickinson’s ‘Complete Poems’

LOL Those crazy Trump fans

Scientist gulps down 50 homeopathic sleeping pills to prove a point.

Union rep says jobs safe when local groceries become Acmes

Union rep says jobs safe when local groceries become Acmes

Union rep says jobs safe when local groceries become Acmes

Eating lunch at Arby's is making me have Daily Show withdrawals.

Animas River spill: Cynthia Coffman’s private-meeting invitation irks SW Colorado public officials

Comparing Sanders and O'Malley's Immigration Plans

E action: Victoria's Secret: Reconsider Your Choice Not To Manufacture Survivor Bras

Martin O’Malley Flirted Very Hard With San Francisco Startups During Last Week’s Visit.

Bible Least Read Book By The Religious Right

1948 biography of Eugene Debs (PDF)

Dr. Cornel West endorses "Brother Bernie"

Comparing Sanders and O'Malley's Immigration Plans

Go Bernie!

Small game hunting

Top Democratic fundraisers invited to meet with Joe Biden at Naval Observatory

Just because I can.

Turns out that the dash cam video that state and Tampa Police Department said didn't exist, exists

What's for Dinner, Mon., Aug. 24, 2015

Online comments are being phased out

Protesters at Houston's Arabic Immersion Magnet School on first day of class

Sorry, Republicans: I'm an anchor baby, and I'm not going anywhere

Black America owes no forgiveness: How Christianity hinders racial justice

Baby girl's missing headstone returned to Nebraska, 70 years later

Teabaggers hate spending taxpayer money on anything, except covering up their extramarital affairs..

Bill To Ban Former Members Of Congress From Becoming Lobbyists Introduced

What Causes Poor Uneducated White People To Vote Republican?

Fox And Friends: Confederate Flag Bans Are A Liberal Plot Against 'Expressions Of Patriotism'

The Foo Fighters troll the Westboro Baptist Church

Navajo farmers reject use of water after mine spill

The Evidence Keeps Pouring In: Capitalism Just Isn't Working

Navajo farmers reject use of water after mine spill

I do not blame the victim.

Stocks slump; Dow ends down 588 after early 1,000-pt. slide (UPDATED)

Koch Brother Scum Doing Anything It Takes To Keep Republicans In Office

Banners at Va. college show parents where to drop off their ‘baby girl’ for ‘a good time’

Boston police foil shooting plot by Iowa men at Pokemon competition

Did Bernie Sanders Just Win The Election?

Jersey Boys Sing A Few Selections From Sixties Hits.

Warning to Sanders supporters: How to identify alert baiting and avoid it.

Chris Christie does the cowardly crawl beneath Trump's trumpet

Probe finds misuse of resources by 2 Michigan lawmakers

Josh Duggar’s brother-in-law vows: ‘I won’t stop trying to get that pig out of our family’

Odd that it's white males pulling the country to the left.

‘Get the blacks out': Detroit political flier shows Klansman cop aiming gun at black child

40 Brazilian organisations protest appointment of new Israeli ambassador

White House praises Vice President Biden’s ‘aptitude’ for presidency

WaPo's " ranking of possible late-arriving HRC challengers" .

Grizzly Bear rolling down a hill at Denali National Park.

An easy, CONSTITUTIONAL way to solve many of America's problems

Changes in the Ferguson Court System

May not have much time for many pics

Donald Trump says the 'real' unemployment rate is 42%. He's really, really wrong.

Kansas Senator: Terrorists Could Infiltrate Fort Leavenworth by ... Submarine?

#LaughingWhileBlack is a Crime in Napa Valley

White supremacy in liberal Seattle? "It's baked into the design of the city."

Gibson Dunn Fighting Metadata Request in Bridgegate Case (Christie)

With all the hand-winging people are insisting those with Clinton are doing, the predictive markets

Ferguson judge withdraws all arrest warrants before 2015

Jeb Bush: Asian people in America commit fraud and have anchor babies

@ScottWalker asked about birthright citizenship answers. "I've been pretty consistent throughout thi

Enamel/cast Iron vs Enamel/ steel. Question.

Square or circle? What makes the best hanging ghost decoration?

The Iowa chairman for Rick Perry's faltering Republican presidential bid steps down

Don' t Let Iran Deal Become 2016' s Swift Boat.

Call For CU Student Body Participation in Presidential Debate

Stop trying to make Biden happen.

3 Ways Donald Trump Has behaved Like a Sociopath Toward Workers

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 25 August 2015

I'm heavily leaning to Bernie

I'm voting for Hillary and would love to go after Bernie...

This is not ambition, this is desperation. -Douglas Coupland

Third windshield shatters this week on I-25 in Fort Collins

Here's a trick to save on the rising prices of drugs.

For Those Who Like Bernie Sanders And His Ideas But Are AFraid He Can't Win -- Daily Kos

Trump starting to highlight Jeb Bush's vulnerability with Lehman Brothers.

Last week, the Governor released his plan to expand Social Security.

Israel increases security for US envoy after death threats over Iran deal

Last week, the Governor released his plan to expand Social Security.

Anybody but Hillary....

"Suffer the Children" documentary on televangelists, "prosperity gospel"

NY Jewish Congressman Slammed as 'Traitor' and 'anti-Israel' for Backing Iran Deal

Joe Biden fuels 2016 speculation with new addition to his staff

Some Third Way moron on MSNBC


I just want to say -

NY Jewish Congressman Slammed as 'Traitor' and 'anti-Israel' for Backing Iran Deal

Lockheed Martin pays $4.7 million to settle charges it lobbied for federal contract with federal

Jeb Bush: When I said 'anchor babies,' I meant Asians, not Latinos

Beware when Wall St says: "This is a largely untapped opportunity in a huge potential market"

To Bernie supporters only

Source: Joe Biden more likely to run in 2016 than not

Teenager protects twin brothers with father's rifle after break-in attempt

Well, that's distressing.

State Dept spokesman on CNN: No State Dept policy against use of private email account.

78 thousand children in Colombia’s poorest region left without school food

Breaking DU for Bernie at Act Blue news

Breaking Bernie news (again)

Am I alone in finding Ted Cruz just plain creepy?

Think Again

Hey experienced photogs...........

You Know What? I Find The Fact That Jughead Jeb BUSH Feels It's "OK" For Him To Run For POTUS ...

Professor Kenneth Scheve: Inequality in US is becoming similar to Latin America’s.

US agency probes Jeep SUV rollaway complaints

Let the facts speak for themselves. Look at campaign funding and voting records....

Once again, you missed my birthday.

FARC admits killing community leader during unilateral ceasefire

“Growing realization” that Dems “looking for new leadership."SFChronicle

RANT warning: Unemployment

“Growing realization” that Dems “looking for new leadership."SFChronicle

How easy it would be to overreact.

Fox Host Connects Thwarted Attack On Train To Completely Unrelated "Very Strict" French Gun Laws

So the term "Anchor Babies" is NOT a perjorative in JEB's household because ...

Trump - seriously, What's with the hat? ...not a hat-shaming thread

Puppy With Unusual Appearance Finds Home With Family Who 'Saw Her For Who She Was'

Newest Mixcloud project: WAR HELL RIDE

Kathleen Kane to face trial for perjury and other charges:

Considering Motherhood in the Era of Tamir Rice and Rekia Boyd

Forests grapple with 8,500 gun incidents

Dr. Cornel West endorses Bernie Sanders

The heroin epidemic’s toll: One county, 70 minutes, eight overdoses

Anti-euro, pro-drachma party told: form a government if you can

If the economy tanks now due to a worldwide crash, do not expect this to benefit

Let me get this straight- a Prescott/Walker/BUSH is AGAINST BIRTHRIGHTS?


Quentin Tarantino: Obama ‘hands down’ my favorite President. (OBAMA GROUP)

So Cris Carter tells NFL Rookies ...

Josh Duggar Used "Random Guy" For OK Cupid Profile, Random Guy Plans Suit

Sen.Sanders makes three stops in New Hampshire (pics)and video at link

Jaguar cub at San Diego Zoo...

Video of "rude" waitress at Chicago diner goes viral

Pat Robertson: Market swoon is God's punishment

Registered clinical trials make positive findings vanish

I always thought professional wrestling was fake, turns out I was wrong...

I want to say a big thank you to our hosts. HILLARY CLINTON ROOM

What a fucking idiot!!

Chris Christie's Protective Detail Doubled in New Jersey Due to "Tar and Feather" Threats

Palmyra: Destruction Of Ancient Temple Is A War Crime, Says Unesco chief

Legalize it with Bernie!!!

Looking for a good Bernie YouTube

Thoughts for a Sunshiny Morning

Was the United States Presidential election of 2000 STOLEN?

Gay Man Chooses Bigoted Mom Over LGBT Rights, Berates Bullied Students

You need a napkin with this tomato.

Fox & Friends: Confederate flag bans are plot to ban 'expressions of patriotism'

Obama Gives Joe Biden 'Blessing' For 2016 Bid

Eating problem here too..

Lawyer for Huma Abedin, a Hillary Clinton Aide, Strikes Back at Accuser

Dallas Democrats: DA Susan Hawk ‘needs to do her job or resign’

Cancellation of Matisyahu’s Performance Blatantly Defies BDS