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Archives: August 23, 2015

O'Malley talks experience and progressivism at event in Fairfield.

Where are they now?

O'Malley talks experience and progressivism at event in Fairfield.

Anti-abortion activists protest outside Planned Parenthood health center in Baton Rouge

Iran Says It Shot Down Reconnaissance Drone As Officials Unveil Updated Missile

What Happens If Ken Paxton's Seat as AG Is Vacated?

Bill Maher yesterday said he did not understand all the angst about Hilalry emails

From Jim Crow to Wall Street: Vernon Jordan Turns 80

In the Land of the Oil Bust, the Repo Business Booms

'Rosenwald': How a philanthropist aided black education in Jim Crow South

VP Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren Hold Private Meeting, Sources Say


Body of young woman taken from San Antonio funeral home

With all the construction projects going on

"Open Carry"

this is fucking over the top awful. What is the root

Michael Jackson - Black Or White

" the Clinton campaign is plotting a three-pronged pushback strategy."

SPLC honors life of social activist Julian Bond

Foo Fighters "Rick-Roll" Westboro Baptist Church Protesters in Kansas City

Netanyahu Pressed For Iran Attacks, But Was Denied: Ex-Defense Chief

Foo Fighters Ride Into Westboro Baptist Church Protest With a Rickroll

Report pressures Congress to kill plan for plutonium

Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear for VP?

Alamogordo police officer fired following threat allegations

Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana

Atlantic and Pacific - is this a first?

The cannabis experiment

I have a cat and a a dog. I chose neither. They chose me.

Magnetic Wormhole Created in Lab

The Carter Presidency Revisited

You know what megalomania is, and you've heard of the megalodon. Well, now it's...

Question about math and politics.

Incompetent terrorists.

Gov Christie played key role in preventing regulation of DuPont's toxic C8 chemical drinkining water

Bernie Sanders: Confront these Republicans....

I just put on my cleanest dirty shirt

2015 Horse Racing - 2015 Pacific Classic

The Plague of American Authoritarianism

The three most popular presidential candidates right now are the three oldest...

Bernie Sanders takes aim at 'greedy' Koch brothers

Ashley Madison hackers will withhold the private part photos

Michigan Couple That Challenged Gay Marriage Ban Wed

396 american babies were named "Isis" in 2014

Just saw Bill Maher live in Roanoke HILARIOUS

Cruz, Trump in Secret Talks

Alaska Dispatch News estimate of this year's PFD check: $2,100

The question was asked, so here's the answer:

Anti-abortion protesters rally at Planned Parenthood sites

What are YOU angry about?

Washington, DC: panda gives birth

Sanders in Charleston Caps South Carolina Tour,3,150 supporters in the Charleston Convention Center

Video of Sanders rally in Charleston today

30 million AshleyMadison users, mapped

Carroll schools revise student dress code (MD)

Sanders wows the crowd in North Charleston

A kitten was stuck in a pipe. Chesapeake Animal Services found a clever way to rescue her

The video instantly reminded me of the frequent Pitt Bull wars over in GD

Fun watching tRump flush many of his millions back into the economy...

Bernie may be more of a Democrat than the Democrats.

The long list of Hillary's endorsements so far...................

air quality alert for Portland metro area

Britain, Iran to reopen embassies on Sunday

Has anyone watched the Trump documentary; "What's The Deal" ???

gratuitous kitteh pic - i smell fuds

Trump documentary suppressed 25 years ago now available online!

Thousand yard stare.

Bobby Jindal’s latest bizarre stunt: Screening Planned Parenthood videos on his lawn

On Republicans and their “religious liberty”

#HillaryMen: Simplest Ever Explanation of Hillary's Emails - In a Tweetstorm

Black man armed with metal pipe..... subdued by San Diego Police, NOT KILLED!

A paradox

Walls ; Round ups, Deportations; Sarah Palin is Giddy; thinks its just Hunky Dory!

The Ashley Madison Leak Is Putting Lives At Risk

Please Charles Barkley find a friend who

Two months of free media attention for the Repubs, that is what our party has given to them ...

Ugh! Smoke from all the wildfires covers Portland today

Chris Christie says don't worry I'll be in the top ten tier come September -hard work pays off

Demonization of Sanders Supporters as a Substitute for Criticism of the Candidate

bernie sanders endorsements.

Is removing all meds a common hospital experience, or does this hospital have issues

TSA inadvertently shows the dangers of master baggage keys

the moon tonight

Abe's revisionism and Japan's divided war memories

U.S. Lacks Ammo for Next Economic Crisis

Any help with identifying this book?

Dallas County DA absent for three weeks; addiction rumors start swirling

Fellow Bernie supporters...

Spotify Hackers threaten to reveal full list of users who listen to Nickelback.

Wesley Clark on how to confront Russia on Ukraine.

How To Get Away With Bigotry In Just 3 Words: “It’s My Faith”

Once again, classles Baltimore proves it really is classless

Democrat Sanders Courts Black Voters In South Carolina

Law professors give opinions on Framegate

Fun poem by Rene Sonsmann from the Smirking Chimp.

It's twin pandas, DC zoo!!!

America broke its promise to #JamylaBolden

Is it true that the economy grew better under Carter than Reagan

Editorial: America broke its promise to #JamylaBolden

Wikipedia - The contributor with an agenda often prevails

Daily Holidays - August 23

FRONTLINE - The Retirement Gamble (401 K's etc._)

FRONTLINE - The Retirement Gamble (401 K's etc._)

Going to College Isn't Paying off for Students of Color

A year later, things are going pretty well for Market Basket

Why the candidates are always for middle class but never address the issue about poor people?

Jon Stewart to Enjoy Retirement by Hosting WWE SummerSlam

Bernie Sanders takes aim at 'greedy' Koch brothers

Wendy Davis: Texas women have been hurt by cuts in Planned Parenthood

Remember when Hillary was the candidate of "hard-working whites"?

It's almost like a different country here

Be careful when you read "history" "Criminalizing the History of US Radical Underground Movements"

A reporter says Jared Fogle asked her to put hidden cameras in her children's rooms

Just talked to brother-in-law & he said GO BERNIE!

A cartoon from dangerous minds:

Fixed incomes. We often hear of retirees being on fixed incomes, and

Who does Biden represent and why would a two time loser be the saving grace?

U.S. adds muscle, seeks friends in South China Sea standoff

Gun shop a headache

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Sez Awwgust 2015 Edition

Foo Fighters: Band 'Rick Rolls' Westboro Baptist Church Protesters Outside Missouri Concert Venue

WATCH: Dozens of Palestinian-owned trees uprooted to build wall

B-17 with exotic painting

PA 12 candidate Erin McClelland - pro Union, not pro Wall Street/1%

Hidden horse and other mislabeled meat revealed in new study

Tea Party Insurgent Kelli Ward Leads John McCain In Arizona GOP Senate Race Poll

Can Any Republican Win Their Home State?

I'm starting to be surprised over the Clinton email thing.

Best of Breslin: The Last Boss Goes Into the Ground - By Jimmy Breslin

Clinton campaign ALERTED for conservative undercover dirty tricks

Joe Lieberman’s new betrayal: The transparent cynicism in his Iran warmongering

The Ironic Hijacking of the Bernie Sanders’ Campaign by Elitist White Progressives

So why didn't Corbyn run for leader it 2010?

IAAF World Championship 100M- Place your bets

GOP’s Favorite Socialist Program Lost $8.5 Trillion And Will Bankrupt America

abc -- Scott Walker

Trump Vows to Fight Against the 'War on Christmas'

How Matisyahu Ban Backfired on BDS Backers - Opinion

A m e r i c a , A m e r i c a . . . . .

Foo Fighters rick rolls Westboro Baptist Church!!!!!!!!!

Sexist director of Jurassic World and upcoming Star Wars is at it again ..

When not a single member of Congress has endorsed you.....

Sunday's Non Sequitur- Gonna be a long 14 months

There is an ugliness in the land.....

Typhoon leaves 15 dead, several missing in north Philippines

It's just who they are: Hillary's hit list

Bill Richiardson on ABC stands by Hillary. Says things are patched up

Palestine's accidental gay rights activists

The Long List of Endorsements for Bernie Sanders So Far.....

Why No Scheduled Democratic Party Debates? Are They Afraid of Bernie? Time for Social Media to Force

Fear the Walking Dead 1.1 - Pilot episode (spoiler alert)

Republican "logic"

Charles Franklin talking about Walker poll on Capitol City

The two Koreas are talking

SD cards explained. AKA what the hell are those numbers.

How Has Your Candidate Specifically Addressed Civil Rights?

35 Corgis To Get You Through Your Day

Hundreds protest Planned Parenthood.

Bernie Sanders… A Man On Fire!

Report slams Koch brothers as their Columbus event opens (local news)

Dr. Richard Moss --fetel tissue reseach--UW research NEEDs fresh

Brent Scowcroft comes out in support of Iran deal

Liberals Rise In The South As Bernie Sanders Draws Nearly 10,000 In South Carolina Visit

What is the universe made of?

Amazing footage of Cotopaxi volcano erupting in Ecuador

The courage of Jimmy Carter

Truly I want to see Corbyn negotiate with Daesh

Legal question about Citizens United, money and speech.

Forest health in a changing world

A Tourist in Bangkok Was Filming the Moment the Deadly Bomb Exploded | Mashable News

Anyone else think it is really ironic how the status quo center is weaponizing social justice.

Ashley Madison User Outed On Live Radio

Terrorist Caught Attempting To Bomb Abortion Clinic

7 Killed, More Injured as Airshow Plane Crashes on UK Highway

watched 3 episodes of "America's Book of Secrets" Last night

Around 4,400 migrants rescued at sea

Trump: Walker's state 'is really in trouble'

Note to self: Stretching legs while sleeping = HOLY FUCK! CHARLEY HORSE!

EPA knew of 'blow out' risk for tainted water at gold mine, internal documents show

Every county in America, ranked by scenery and climate

Lawmakers scramble to keep drones legal, safe

Willie Nelson:We love you President Carter

This is a cool video of the P-38 WWII era fighter plane

What's for Dinner, Sun., Aug. 23, 2015

Ben & Jerry want our help in fighting against another disasterous war in the ME!!

The Unthinkable An ancient city plunges into darkness as a war on civilians rages

Give that kid a contract:

'Longmire' Readies Netflix Revival...

Guess who’s raking in cash from police brutality

Duers who support Bernie are probably not out of the mainstream of his supporters nationally

Twenty Thousand Considered Disappointing Turnout for Racist Event in Alabama

How to stay safe from the brain-eating amoeba

Could it be?

One of my conservative friends posted a "Carly Fiorina for Secretary of State" graphic on Facebook.

TYT: Trump Blasts O'Malley: "Disgusting Little Weak Pathetic Baby”

Hillary Clinton Email "Scandal" Fact Check | The Briefing by Brian Fallon

"Is it a 'hanky' or a 'tissue'? I can't keep them straight." Please come CAPTION Sarah Palin!!!

"Divide and conquer."

How Advertising And Entertainment Shapes Your Subconscious

TYT: Why Is The Media Handling Trump With Kid Gloves?

"Obama's Katrina"

Editorial A draconian remnant of the war on drugs

Homeland Season 5......

Martin O'Malley: Biden run would mean 'one more lifelong Democrat' in race.

TYT: American Corporations: Workers Pay Taxes, Not US!!!

BFEE vs. Trump

A poll to change the SOP, so far 18 in favor and 4 opposed

RTL & GOP Determined To Force Women To Carry Severely Deformed Babies & Bear The Cost.

How did you react to Obama picking Joe Biden in 2008?

Arrests for minor crimes spur resentment in some Baltimore neighborhoods

The British Library Needs Your Help Decoding this Sword!

WTF? .... They've descended from the usual race-baiting/immigrant-bashing to outright fascism

A Tale of Two Rallies: My Summer With Bernie and Trump--Politico

Revealed: The First Hydrogen-Powered Battery That Will Charge Your Apple iPhone for a week

on ABC This Week, this morning, video

Martin O'Malley on This Week today

TOON: Republican Promises Revisited

France train gunman 'dumbfounded' by terrorism allegations

Wolf Richter: What the Heck is Going on in the Global Markets?

O'Malley: Economy will grow with wage hike.

Wonder if Trump could fix the sheets issue

(BLM offshoot)Campaign Zero-police violence policy recommendations / how the candidates stack up

Hillary Clinton's triple trouble: Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and emails

Thom Hartmann: Picking Apart One of the Biggest Lies in American Politics: 'Free Trade'

If Hillary "evolved" on gay rights shortly after majority opinion did...

Asia migrant crisis: New mass graves on Malaysia-Thai border

O'Malley: Economy will grow with wage hike.

Hamas apologizes for violent, sexual Jewish-Palestinian cartoon

This is horrifying. Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis at Capitol rally Aug 22

When did appetizers turn huge?

Bernie Sanders dings Nikki Haley on Medicaid--Cautions on "Obama Dislike"

“Don’t Owe. Won’t Pay.” Everything You’ve Been Told About Debt Is Wrong

Protesters pour into Beirut demanding government resignation

Howard Dean: Hillary Email Scandal Manufactured by GOP and ‘Bored’ Press

As gun-carrying permits reach historic levels in Minnesota, related crimes remain in check

‘Coo-Coo Lane’ address still painful for Omaha veteran

‘Coo-Coo Lane’ address still painful for Omaha veteran

O'Malley: GOP raises 'legitimate' Clinton email questions.Hill

Rangers top Tigers, grab wild-card spot

Ohio bill would ban abortion if Down Syndrome is reason

Dying of starvation and abuse... Rescued pit bull pays it back!!!

Dying of starvation and abuse... Rescued pit bull pays it back!!!

For Koch group, winning is rising as priority over purity

Ospreys: The Birds of Summer

Curling before the Olympics

A few tweets about Walker

Chris Christie fades into darkness

I for one am glad that camp weathervane is attacking Bernie supporters

what night time temps will shut off tomato blossoming?

What total Republican control of a state really means

Rover's Mars selfie

So 95% of Ashley Madison accounts were males and vast majority of women profiles were fake

Bless You Donald...

HRC GROUP POST - The wonderful Gene Lyons gives his opinion

Dr. Nworb's kittens wake up, ask for noms - *super squee level*

Extra squee video of Dr. Nworb's kittens - wake up, breakfast time! :)

Everything old is new again - the electric car

Lawsuit alleges some Costco-labeled shrimp caught by slaves "whipped with toxic stingray tails"

Some super squee cat videos! & DrNworb's foster kitten passed on last week.

teas with high caffeine content?

One reason Vermont has a low black population.

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, August 25: Summer under the Stars: Virginia Bruce

A look into the mind of Bernie Sanders 40 years ago. He was progressive for life.

Does anyone believe that any Democratic Primary candidate

British foreign secretary reopens embassy in Tehran

The Verdict is in: Guess Who's The Worst President in US History?

'What did Jonathan Ferrell do?': juror says defense put victim on trial

Walker on birthright citizenship: 3 positions, 7 days

I don't want to lose President Carter... :-(

DU 4 Bernie had no donations yesterday, 2 today put us just 3 short of 400 donations!

Minnesota man says he thought man he shot was wearing gun holster

Fellow Democrats Would Welcome A Joe Biden Presidential Run

Which Monty Python Member are you

The Family That Bikes Together! Obamas Ride Around Martha's Vineyard During Annual Vacation (photo)

Regarding Congressional Endorsements

How hospitals could help cut prison recidivism

The VERY serious challenges of the Sanders candidacy.

O'Malley: 'We Have to Look to the Future.'WklyStnd

Former Mexican president responds to Trump

How One of Katrina’s Feel-Good Stories Turned Bad

O'Malley: 'We Have to Look to the Future.'

Why Hillary Clinton’s encounter with Black Lives Matter is her defining performance

Breathe Fire! (A post about Anna Duggar)

Read the Lost Dream Journal of the Man Who Discovered Neurons

Police fire tear gas at protesters in Beirut for second day

Light pollution

Howard Dean: 'No substance' to Clinton email controversy

22 million emails...

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, August 26: Summer under the Stars: Greta Garbo

The MOOC revolution that wasn’t

Clinton insider slams Biden’s ‘track record’ of losing.

Fired baggage handler reaches settlement with Delta Air Lines

Fired baggage handler reaches settlement with Delta Air Lines

Fired baggage handler reaches settlement with Delta Air Lines

Why Hillary Clinton’s encounter with Black Lives Matter is her defining performance

Life Complexities: How Confusing are Toilet Paper Roll Holders?

You can go to prison due to fetal personhood laws.

New Bernie Song - Sing the Bern (smile)

Retirees plan demonstration at Democratic Party meeting

Retirees plan demonstration at Democratic Party meeting

Retirees plan demonstration at Democratic Party meeting

Hillary's E-mail defense...

You may say I'm a dreamer, .....

Be careful when responding to Hillary supporters' posts.

''Does this picture make me look guilty?''

Are there any WA Duers in Okanogan, Chelan, Stevens counties, or other fire areas?

HRC's "email problem" is a big fat nothing that is being pushed as being something.

Chuck Todd at it again

Cincy Spoiler

Boaters mapping Pacific garbage arrive in San Francisco

Ken Burns on "Face the Nation": it was about slavery, not "states' rights"

Defiant Matisyahu sings ‘Jerusalem’ at Spain festival

Civil War Union Hispanics and the Execution of Private Garcia

I love to ask Republicans who deny racism exists about Lee Atwater and the Southern Strategy.

Confederate symbol will go; why not now?

CNN Busts Darrell Issa For Lying About Classified Hillary Clinton Emails

Taking it Back: The Legacy of Pauli Murray

Donald Trump Puts 'Hedge Fund Guys' on Notice

Even Speech We Hate Should Be Free

Crossword puzzle fans, the great Merl Reagle has died.

I simply just want to pat myself on the back.


Harry Reid endorses Iran deal, giving boost to Obama’s supporters

Every county in America, ranked by scenery and climate (we come out looking pretty good)

Mike Huckabee blunders his way through Israel press conference

Congress Should Investigate Bernie

Embattled unions resent Strom replacement workers

Embattled unions resent Strom replacement workers

Embattled unions resent Strom replacement workers

I'm sorry, this does NOT look to me like a "battle-tested candidate" who can "withstand scrutiny"

Never Forget: "Bush the Decider", fortells Jeb, 27 seconds,.." I am the Decider"

Florida Gun-Shooting Range Gets Alcohol Permit

August 22, 2010 Police open fire and attack with tear gas 2,000 women

August 22, 2010 Police open fire and attack with tear gas 2,000 women

August 22, 2010 Police open fire and attack with tear gas 2,000 women

Judges 19:22-29

President Obama Surges Into Fall After A Summer Of Big Wins Over Republicans

Mike Malloy - Ted Cruz Viciously Attacks Jimmy Carter After His Cancer Announcement

I rarely do this but just watched a Fox News video about Trump and the ad before it was in Spanish

Some at the Arboretum with a Sears 50mm 2.0 lens

Carl Hiaasen: Jeb Bush needs some razzle-dazzle

Trump says tax code is letting hedge funds 'get away with murder'

BIDEN 2016! because

Would Bush I have been POTUS w/o being Reagans VP?

Bernie is speaking in Salem,

Sunday's Bloom County- Honestly Awful!

Does anyone believe that we should just vote for the candidate with the most money?

What is it???

Campaign Zero: we can end police violence -- xposted from GD:Primaries

These dangerous weapons require special permits in California

National Cancer Institute Finally Concedes: ‘Cannabis Kills Cancer’

"Vindictive protectiveness", "catastrophizing", "magnification" -- doesn't just happen in colleges

How did Bernie Sanders become a target for Black Lives Matter?

National Cancer Institute Finally Concedes: ‘Cannabis Kills Cancer’

I've been on a couple of juries lately, and something odd is happening.

Jimmy Carter taught his 1st Sunday school class since announcing cancer, hundreds show up

Mike Malloy - Donald Trump Is Connecting With People Like Adolf Hitler Did - Part 1

What is so great about Elizabeth Warren?

Dana Perino OWNS Eric Bolling On Donald Trump Plan To Build Mexico Wall

Hillary's wonderful and masterful interaction with Black Lives Matter

Sen. Sanders in NH (pics) addressing his Warriors in the overflow room

German wage repression getting to the roots of the eurozone crisis

Sanders supporters: Do you hate former Secretary Hillary Clinton?

Dear Bernie Supporters! You are AMAZING!

"Rumsfeld showed up for military briefing in N Iraq & didn't know where neighbouring Iran was on map

Candidates should not be held responsible for the way random supporters act

Should Clinton Emails Have Been Classified From the Start?

Trump Fans Who Beat Up Mexican Immigrant Apparently Lived Illegally in Public Housing

Warren to choose next President?

FiveThirtyEight Endorsement Update: Clinton 310, Biden 11, O'Malley 1, Sanders 0

'Security Was An Afterthought,' Hacked Ashley Madison Emails Show

Low Carb has been life changing to me......

State Attorney Jeff Ashton admits being on Ashley Madison website

Volvo-driving, latte-drinking elite of academia effing ROCK.Guess who FIRST tackled train terrorist?

State Attorney Jeff Ashton admits using Ashley Madison website but won't step down

the answer: to discourage minority voters

Made a Cream Cake today

Islamic state militants blow up temple in ancient city of Palmyra

Mike Malloy - Donald Trump Is Connecting With People Like Adolf Hitler Did - Part 2

Switzerland: one dead after air show crash

How long until we hear a candidate, bent on out crazying the other crazies, . . . . .

Fox News isn't happy for a school's districts decision to ban flags on school property

Hillary just posted on FB about guns-the eagerness to use guns

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 24 August 2015

Panda twins born 5 hours apart at National Zoo

The 'human fish' and other wonders of Slovenia's caves

How Would You Feel If Your Son Chose This??

Anti-immigrant sentiment is spreading across Europe; far-right wing parties benefiting

Family grieves after machete killing of teen as police say attack was planned

Oscar winners work to strip school’s Confederate name

I love this graphic of Trump

Confederate flag an affront to too many

I saw this quote...

Federer at 34, still an amazing player. Hope the US OPEN goes as well. nt

Donald Trump dares to stand between Jeb Bush and an election.

Mike Malloy - The Latest Smear Campaign Against Bernie Sanders

The Buckle Makes Great Use of Summer

Mike Malloy - Bernie Sanders Is Running Against Corporate Media

Mike Malloy - Bernie Sanders Represents A Possibility

Shut Down Taco Bell For ‘Being Too Mexican’

Mike Malloy - Bernie Sanders Takes On The Media In Iowa (The Video)

Cuba’s medical breakthroughs have caught U.S. attention

Windsor Cop Who Shot Suspect Is Under Fire

The Beatles' "Hey Jude" digitally converted to a minor scale

Are we talking about this here?

It feels good to accomplish things.

Nuclear Waste Taints St. Louis Suburb

@ABC's This Week Fails To Press Walker About How His Health Care Plan Hurts Low-Income Americans

Officers Arrest 2 Suspects, Recover 2 Firearms after Online Threats to Pokemon World Championship

Redemption Song

"The costs of Trump's deportation plans could be reduced if targets had to wear yellow stars on

Lilo and Rosie

I'm forgetting again to mark some posts here as (HILLARY GROUP)...

Louisiana trooper shot in head, critically injured during traffic stop

‘Private jets on wheels’ make it easy to travel Texas’ fast lanes

Ashley Madison Faces $578 Million Class Action Lawsuit

Fan struck by foul ball, taken off on stretcher at Wrigley

Windows 10. Crap.

Fill the Donald's Pie Hole Contest. Name his top narcissistic bloviation, worst misogyny, etc.

After nearly deadly attack, loved ones help Nicole Cswercko smile again

Slavery around the world

How Does Bernie Sanders Deal With Super Tuesday?

I hate Trader Joe's and I will never shop there again.

Clinton isn't failing (you're thinking of Bush) and Sanders already provides a viable alternative

UPDATE... Okay the latest fire in So. Cal. is burning about a mile away from my house.

Angry Chinese Investors Capture Head Of Metals Exchange In Predawn Hotel Raid