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FRC Hate Leader Tony Perkins Says Josh Duggar Cheating Scandal Has Hurt the Anti-LGBT Cause

If you were about to fly on a commercial jet

Weekend Economists Depart for Brazil! August 21-23, 2015

The Consumers and the Consumed

Albuquerque Public Schools: Resigned deputy superintendent accused of sexual assault on a child

State officials fear $100M discrepancy could impact credit rating

Sen. Bernie Sanders: From Greece to Puerto Rico, the Financial Rules Are Rigged to Favor the 1%

Jeb Bush Super PAC Sends Mailer To 86,000 Iowans With Jeb’s Head Photoshopped Onto A Black Body

Kaiser Poll: Medicine costs alarm public

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, MSNBC.

Speech draft I'm working on for Bernie supporters.

Daughter sent this to me.

Believe it or not Lou Dobbs talked about Bernie Sanders

Trump was booed just now after he went after JebusenoughBushes and

The company you keep: SPLC finds white supremacists are drawn to Donald Trump

LOL-MSNBC is live fact-checking The Donald's speech

coming up; Bernie will be answering caller questions on C-SPAN

Europe hit by one of the worst droughts since 2003


"No Voices in the Sky" is clearly Motorhead's best song.

TYT: Fox News Has Lost Control Of Donald Trump

Most comprehensive projections for West Antarctica’s future revealed

The Daily Stormer, a Neo-Nazi and white nationalist news website endorses Trump

Science has proved the non-existence of God

'It’s tragic': Tonopah's only hospital closes

As we approach September...

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF Stains! & a new Kitteh & Doggie gif

OH MY GOD! You wo't believe what my 17 yo grandson just said about Hillary!

TYT: Donald Trump Wants Lower Minimum Wage

Dylan's great line from '65 describes the establishment response to Bernie:

Bernie is Talking with a moderator and taking calls now on C-SPAN NOW..... eom

Imagine a Trump/Sessions ticket

Donald Trump in Alabama Pitches His ‘Non-Politician’ Cred

Won't it be interesting if the General ends up with 2 candidates that

Is anyone else watching Rachel? She opened with Bernie's incredible crowds...

It is better to show up than to give up

A big WTF moment. Michael Jordan awarded $8.9M for store's use of his name

Brilliant " ingenious twist" to the media contrived E-mail nonsense!

PUT Rachel Maddow on. She thinks she might know of a Republican candidate dropping out...

Tonight Trump said he'd take down the barriers between states for health care


Greece may get an interim government run by Golden Dawn

Expressing sympathy/ concern

TYT: Conservative Radio Host Defends Slavery

Friday Talking Points (358) -- Trump's Immigration Roundup

Mike Malloy - Radio Host Jan Mickelson: Enslave Undocumented Immigrants

I have a small tree growing between my drive and basement wall. How

Ok, ok, ok, I still don't get what can and can not be posted in these two forums.......D*MN. eom

TYT: Bernie Sanders: Abolish Private Prisons

Looks like the Trump did't get anywhere near the crowd he was expecting tonight...

Jeb Bush Super PAC Sends Mailer To 86,000 Iowans With Jeb’s Head Photoshopped Onto A Black Body

Google Express Workers Vote ‘Yes’ to Union, as Warehouses Plan to Shut Down

Google Express Workers Vote ‘Yes’ to Union, as Warehouses Plan to Shut Down

If North Korea Declares An All Out War On South ....

Google Express Workers Vote ‘Yes’ to Union, as Warehouses Plan to Shut Down

O hai, plz have some squee

Can we please stop naming things after racist figures? (The Cougar |Univ of Houston)

Jeb Bush Super PAC Sends Mailer To 86,000 Iowans With Jeb’s Head Photoshopped Onto A Black Body

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 8-20-15

A pledge to support the Mike Malloy Youtube Channel & Bernie Sanders

Joe Biden Gets Serious About Campaign as HiIlary Clinton Struggles

Can group hosts block members who have never posted in the group?

Joe Biden Gets Serious About Campaign as HiIlary Clinton Struggles

Malala Yousafzai celebrates string of A* grades at GCSE

North Korea Issues Military Threat As Tensions With South Korea Rise

North Korea Issues Military Threat As Tensions With South Korea Rise

Cowboys owner to host Christie fundraiser

TYT: Lying Liar Ted Cruz Now Against Birthright Citizenship

8-21-15 Slave Revolt in 2:00

8-21-15 Slave Revolt in 2:00

8-21-15 Slave Revolt in 2:00

Cat sits in on English Lit class

8-21-15 Slave Revolt in 2:00

Kosovo applies to join UNESCO, Serbia says it's not a state

Will the screwed-up photoshopped image of Jeb be enough to sink him?

Big Crowds Turn out for Sanders in South Carolina(CSPAN link)

Ok....gonna try to post this here.....we'll vote after it gets posted or when it gets locked.....

UNESCO chief: IS systematically destroying heritage sites

Women Roar With A Silent Protest Against Ted Cruz At Iowa State Fair

TYT: Men "Inspired By Trump" Urinate On Homeless Man

MH17 crash: Western governments knew risks of Ukraine overflights: report

Is Ted Cruz endorsed by God? Cruz’s Iowa chairman says as much

I have decided to reject Josh Duggar's apology

Despite all the free media, Trump's rally was only half-full, and this in Alabama.

(TUCSON) Bus strike longest in recent history, stranding thousands

(TUCSON) Bus strike longest in recent history, stranding thousands

(TUCSON) Bus strike longest in recent history, stranding thousands

The Labour Party Let This Cat Vote In Its Leadership Election

I’m on “the wall” at HRC Campaign HQ

It won't be long before the Trump thing blows over....

Anyone heard from Jesse Jackson?

Bernie Sanders — Halfway There?

I just became a founding member of Bernie Sanders Super Pack!

Our Next President Hillary! #HRC16

Get off the crude oil!

Is there something about August that is particularly cruel to Democrats/the Left?

From FiveThirtyEight: Senator Sanders, You're No Barack Obama (HILLARY GROUP)

Just saw on local nooze that Jerry Nadler endorses the Iran deal...

Confederate Flags Continue Flying At Kettering's Fairmont High (OH)

This is the best explanation of why you should be supporting Bernie Sanders rather than Hillary


Does it have a siren?

Obama to speak about Iran deal in Jewish-sponsored webcast

Anyone else very impressed with the way Hillary is running this campaign? (HILLARY CLINTON GROUP)

Astros’ Mike Fiers tosses first no-hitter in Minute Maid Park history against Dodgers

Vascular dementia and violence...

FAIR - Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting - MSM Primary Coverage

The Long Shadow Of Partition

Never Give Up

White supremacist convicted in plot to kill Obama with 'death ray' device

Found this from about 5 years ago...for the Jon Stewart fans!

Ellen Page challenges Ted Cruz on LGBT rights at Iowa State Fair

Hillary's campaign is aggressively buying FB likes in countries with cheap ad clicks this week

9/11 Uncovering 13 Years Of Deception Eyewitness of Explosion

I've discovered the secret to navigating GD:P

Trump widens lead over U.S. Republican presidential field: Reuters poll

That Giant Sucking Sound...

Comments from a couple of folks at the Alabama Trump rally

Donald Trump Widens Lead Over GOP Rivals (32-16-8 over Jeb/Carson)

Donald Trump's $200 billion border during a time of zero net migration from Mexico

Jimmy Carter defines what an Ex-President should aspire to be. He defines "A life well lived".

Venezuela closes Colombia border indefinitely

Live One! IBTL!

I am very curious how Trump is able to gain so much traction even though he is so politically

Donald Trump fails to draw larger crowd than Bernie Sanders

Josh Duggar Set Up Phony Facebook Account to Contact Strippers

Republicans' deep hatred for teachers can't be denied and they're not trying

There is a big stink in the Lubbock County Medical Examiner's office (and it isn't just the corpses)


"I feel like I could wipe a tiger's ass with sandpaper."

Brazil’s illegal loggers downscale to avoid satellite detection

Group home in Austin investigated after complaints of abuse, poor conditions

I love this clip from family guy, reminds of republican voter

"Socialist Democrat" Bernie Sanders Draws Crowds in SC

Why ‘apartheid’ is not part of the solution

Brazil’s illegal loggers downscale to avoid satellite detection

Time for some political satire--the first BLR of the season is here!!!!!

It's a titi! New monkey species found in Peru

It's a titi! New monkey species found in Peru

Venezuela state under martial law against smugglers

Venezuela state under martial law against smugglers

Interview with Julian Bond: 'We need to organize!' (1998)

I just finished working for a week in a small business.

Bolivia's president voices support for Brazilian gov't

Sanders exceeds Clinton Facebook likes...look at the international numbers

SC Civil War reenactment canceled because of Emanuel AME church shooting

Rolling Stone; Matt Taibi

frost advisory for parts of Montana tonight...for those of you over-heated, help is on the way

The white supremacists lining up behind Trump

The Survival of Priest Point Park’s Civil War Cannons (WA)

Peculiarities of Russian National Character

Bernie Sanders attempts to discuss the Important Issues of the Day

‘Exclusively for white people’ : a history of segregation in Austin neighborhoods

Trump Employee Speaks

Daily Holidays - August 22

"Unbiased Fox" seems Biased toward Trump

Wingers Idol Ronald Reagan on "Building Walls"

The Whistled Language of Northern Turkey

Trump Has Great Appeal To Bigots/Racists In The South & Elsewhere. It Is Now Way Out In The Open.

Hillary's failing with BLM was her lack of personal reflection, not the "white people" phrase

U.S Servicemen Who Acted As Heroes In Train Yesturday Appreciation/Thanks Thread.

The Divisions Of The Civil War May Always Be With The US.

Uber’s Attempt To Silence Its Drivers May Have Just Backfired

Diabetic Dies in Jail After Police Refuse to Give Him Insulin

Machinists Union Members Outraged Over Hillary Clinton Endorsement, Say They Want Bernie Sanders

A town in Massachusetts decided to stop arresting drug users

Greenwald: The Puritanical Glee Over the Ashley Madison Hack

Scott Walker names a favorite education advocate, who then frantically distances himself from Walker

Trump, on supporters who beat Hispanic man: 'People who are following me are very passionate'

Judge orders immigrant families released from detention

Gaza Strip 3D-Printed Stethoscope Costs $5, Outperforms $200 Competitors

NYT Says 'Pro-Israel Community' Opposes Iran Deal--Ignoring Actual Opinions

Study: Low Injury Rate Shows Gun-Control Laws Work

Financial Burden of Health Care Costs Among Insured

Campaign Zero: A 'Blueprint for Ending Police Violence'

Background checks at gun shows? Most say yes

The Chicago Police Are Seeking to Destroy Hundreds of Thousands of Records of Police Misconduct

In 1945 my parents were returning home from England by ship

Chief Justice Robert H. Jackson.. It is not the function of our government

Please stop badmouthing Nazis. They were just passionate.

The Last Great Bubble may finally be starting to pop

North Korea to meet for talks with South Korea after high tensions

The 2016 field is full of deadbeats

U.S. banks moved billions of dollars in trades beyond Washington’s reach

Pro-Saudi lobbyist funding US TV commercials against Iran deal

As QE Wanes, Real Costs of “Employment” Subsidies Surface

First Women Graduate From Elite US Army Ranger School

“How Complex Systems Fail”

Barak: Steinitz, Ya'alon Thwarted Iran Strike in 2011

Culinary Union rally outside Trump hotel in Las Vegas

"A pure capitalism is a lovely idea ..... but I've never seen that realized."

Jury deadlocked, mistrial declared in Charlotte police shooting case

When life hands you carbon, suck it up and

Culinary Union rally outside Trump hotel in Las Vegas

Culinary Union rally outside Trump hotel in Las Vegas

Rise of the humanoid robot | CNBC International

Mass. AG Maura Healey endorses Hillary Clinton for president

Hundreds of migrants enter FYR Macedonia after earlier border clashes

Decision bearing, Biden games out mechanics of a 2016 run

Koterba toon: NSA and kids homework

Goldman Sachs, at it again......

This pool looks like you're swimming in midair

Well what do ya know? Trump is against HB1-Visas.

It's pretty simple. Hillary voted for the Patriot Act. Sanders voted against it.

Ashley Madison Exclusive: Top Politicans, Hollywood/NFL Stars Calling Damage Limitation Experts

Guest lineups for the Sunday news shows 8-23-15

cnn: 30,000 turn out for Trump's Alabama pep rally

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 8-21-15

Ted Cruz Criticizes Jimmy Carter a Day After His Cancer Admission

Ok, I can't take it anymore. ALL of the discussions all over the TV

Weekly Address: It’s Time for Congress To Pass a Responsible Budget

Sanders gets raucous, but mostly white welcome in South Carolina as he works for black support

Bernie on BLM

The Ragin' Cajun is in SC with @HillaryforSC team. Going to be a great day.

Sandy Hook families file complaint against NRA


Ripple - Playing for Change

Post a song about a roller coaster!!!!!

This Is How Bernie Sanders Could Win (538 discussion)

NYT: Thousands Stop to Smell a Flower (and Hope Not to Gag)

IEEE: Carbon Fiber Cloth Can Generate Hydrogen


Here's to Lisa

Sen. Pat Toomey is failing veterans

Gov Malloy to stump for Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire

A question for the Bernie Sanders Supporters

Richard Gage & Erik Lawyer discuss “Firefighters Architects & Engineers Expose 9/11 Myths”

3 Abandoned Puppies rescue by Sarah Cameron Mangilao, GU

James O'Keefe Tries to Entrap Hillary, Fails Spectacularly

When/If Bernie passes Hillary in the polls, will she then call for more debates?

Sanders gets raucous, but mostly white welcome in South Carolina as he works for black support

Maybe a sign, maybe not a sign? Jill Biden plans a full teaching load for the fall


Back Story for the NYC Shooting Yesterday


Scott Walker: #BlackLivesMatter Doesn't Matter

Welcome to the official FUCK YOU TED CRUZ thread (criticizes Carter 1 day after cancer admission)

Bernie Sanders Could Be Setting Up a Future Presidential Run by Elizabeth Warren

Bill Maher used the sharing economy to address income inequality (VIDEO)

The Mexicans Are Coming - Californian's Run For Your Lives !!!

Fueled By Lemonade

Are Cruz And Trump Coming To The Texas Border To Talk About Building A Wall With A Workforce Born

21 Oblivious Men That Are Now Single For A Reason.

the Lord Jesus is responsible for don trump

Jury awards Michael Jordan big win, $8.9M for name's use

Malala graduates from High School with Straight A's, Taliban apoplectic

Jeb Bush Super PAC Sends Mailer To 86,000 Iowans With - Jeb’s Head On A Black Body

Is anyone else secretly hoping for the day...

Diabetes Care in the Navajo Nation

I'm trying to imagine a donald trump presidency

A Pit Bull, Purposely Dumped In A Sewer Drain, Is Saved By Two Awesome Kids

A Pit Bull, Purposely Dumped In A Sewer Drain, Is Saved By Two Awesome Kids

What's the GOP dream administration? Someone jokingly sent me this pic (Projectile vomit alert)...

EPA Knew of 'Blowout' Risk at Colorado Gold Mine on Animas River: Report

Louise Mensch takes Twitter swipe at Corbyn campaign – and hits herself

Black Lives Matter & False Reporting: "10 Point Manifesto" authored by "We the Protesters" not BLM

Hunters Accidentally Shoot One of New Zealand’s Most Endangered Birds

Hunters Accidentally Shoot One of New Zealand’s Most Endangered Birds

John McEnroe says he could beat Serena Williams

Turkish atheism association delivers free soup in Istanbul

Donald Trump, Alabama and the ghost of George Wallace

Trump’s audacious Southern spectacle is part of his strategy

I just don't get it:

Boys in the back room...

Scott Walker’s chief of staff quits amid plummeting poll numbers

Narrow Road to the North: Religious Sites in Tohoku

Curator of the Future(originally published in The Guardian)

Fiorina’s Father Played Key Role in Clinton Scandals

Martin O’Malley, 155K others sign petition for Jon Stewart to moderate presidential debate

Who's mailing list have I ended up on?

Life begins at.....ouch

Trump Condemns Anti-Mexican Beating Days After Praising 'Passionate' Support

"That's why God invented air-conditioning!" Come CAPTIOIN climate-change denier Sen. James Inhofe!

Town Meeting in Sumter, SC has begun

Breaking on GEM$NBComcast - press conference with Americans and Brit who took

Everybody get out your kleenex......

Top five posts on this week.

What coverage has NPR given Bernie?

Desperate Jeb Goes Full Dolezal?

From Tumblr...

Question: Where does the 97% of climate scientists come from? Answer:

Mysterious deaths of Gulf of Alaska whales trigger stepped-up investigation

Will the media turn?

ConocoPhillips starts drilling in petroleum reserve

Question for Hillary supporters who think that her position as SoS

At this point, it doesn't matter if Hillary is or is not guilty of security breaches,

It didn’t start with Limbaugh and Trump: The deep roots of the GOP’s war on women

Even Walker and his Wisconsin GOP can't get along...

Where does Bernie Sanders, the Jewish candidate for president, stand on Israel?

Bernie2016tv Livefeed NOW - Sumter, South Carolina with Bernie Sanders


Does everybody's say this:

Iain Duncan Smith faces calls to quit over fake quotes scandal as petition attracts more than 19,000

Americans Recount Bloody Encounter With Gunman on Train to France

Turkey Pays Former CIA Director and Lobbyists to Misrepresent Attacks on Kurds and ISIS

UK artist posts quenelle, questions gas chambers to spite ‘Zionists’

Assisted Care, Hospice, and the financial soaking of the elderly

I don't think we should be crowing so loud about the Ashly Madison scandal...

I turn 57 tomorrow, what should I do ?

Twenty Thousand Considered Disappointing Turnout for Racist Event in Alabama

Gun Advocate John Lott Was The Real Author Of A Viral Op-Ed

ANOTHER Chinese chemical plant explodes.

Romo expected to lead the Dallas Cowboys to a Super Bowl win...

Swimming pool 'bridge' to link London towers

Is Trump an "anchor baby"? Was borne by a Scottish immigrant mother. Whole family were immigrants.

The minority that is destroying America.

The Trucks Are Killing Us.

Just a little cuteness overload for a sunny Saturday

Activity report.

Trump pulls out trump card - RELIGION

With the FBI Investigating Clinton's Emails, Bernie Sanders Should Be the Democratic Frontrunner

Ashley Madison hackers leave footprints that may help investigators

Judge Increases Pressure on U.S. to Release Migrant Families.

How does a less than half full 40k stadium equal 30k?

Anybody want to guess who Richard Thompson is singing about here?

Current wildland fires, map. Lots of fires, scary

Don't mess with the Silverbacks! A gorilla's gentle reminder that he can kill you...

It's Time to Separate the South From the Confederacy

This poor baby!

Port Clinton police chief mum on Confederate Flag shirt (OH)

"If I ask him to smile, he puts on a big grin, then he goes back to his Zoolander 'blue steel' look"

Appeals judges blast Griesa (again)

If America were truly a "Christian" nation Jimmy Carter should have won reelection.

Gabriel Garcia’s rookie partner to receive Medal of Valor

Heads up: KKK A Secret History now on History Channel at 1 p.m. EDT.

evolution. i hear people scoff, about clinton daring to evolve. well... lol, i see

Trickle Down economics is a Hoax, mkay

Biden travels to Washington for private political meeting

I'm all for legalizing marijuana, but I have to take the claim that

Union-Made Labor Day & Back-to-School Shopping Lists

How do I upload a graphic directly from my computer?

If you haven't seen the "Shaun the Sheep" movie, the time is now

Lafazanis: Greece will leave the eurozone if necessary

There's a protest at Planned Parenthood, just outside of Flint, MI

Sexism Still Being Used to Attack Hillary (HILLARY GROUP)

Shoreham (UK) Air Show plane crash: 7 dead and 14 injured after Hawker Hunter smashes into four cars

FYI For AZ Bernie Voters:

"White Power" Yelled From The Stands At Trump's Alabama Rally

The Radical Education of Bernie Sanders

Martin O'Malley wants boosts to Social Security that even Bernie Sanders hasn't called for.

"Indiana enlists NRA to train National Guard on firearms"

Martin O'Malley wants boosts to Social Security that even Bernie Sanders hasn't called for.

Bernie Sanders is having None of it.

On Martha's Vineyard, black elites ponder the past year

Trumpfuck's rally was white supremacists on parade

Whaaaat? "Biden holds meeting with Elizabeth Warren in DC"

Weekend Toon Roundup 1: Repubs

Virus on my iMac desktop computer?

Weekend Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Scott Walker is losing to Hillary Clinton by 10 points in his home state of Wisconsin

Research into psychedelics, shut down for decades, is now yielding exciting results.

Research into Psychedelics, Shut Down for Decades, is Now Yielding Exciting Results

Sumter, South Carolina

Spencer Stone leaves hospital (one of train heroes)

Next Texas Energy Boom: Solar

Remembering Julian Bond

To the point of gun politics

Why Liberals Separate Race from Class

Pups 12 days

Pig crate protesters storm Christie's soap box stage in Iowa

The Rise of Donald Trump Sparks Anger and Laughter in Mexico

Cruz Hits Back At Jeb’s Remark About His Citizenship: He Is 'Confused'

Good article at about woo on TV...

An excellent article on the race dynamics during this election season

NRA Smears Martin O'Malley As A Friend To Criminals With First 2016 Campaign Magazine Cover

How many DUers believe that Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama or Bernie Sanders

The Verdict is in: Guess Who's The Worst President in US History? -- Guess who?

Is Legalization Really Responsible for More Car Crashes?

The Clinton campaign in a nutshell

Republicans think if your data is encrypted, the terrorists win

Guest/Panel Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Cristina Kirchner at the National Fine Arts Museum: 4000 pieces from Ecuador and Peru to be returned

The Parking Ticket

Bremmer: Senior Administration Official Told Me, 'If I Did What Hillary Did, I Think I'd Be In Jail

Twenty Thousand Considered Disappointing Turnout for Racist Event in Alabama

Just got a thank you note from Hillary...

Trump Fans Who Beat Up Mexican Immigrant Apparently Lived Illegally in Public Housing

Do women need to prove themselves equal to man on the battlefield?

Trump fan suggests US pay people to kill border crossers for sport

Fox Business: Is the Hillary Clinton email scandal the new 'Watergate?'

'Skeleton' Tigers Forced To Perform For Shocked Audience

Freeda Cummings Obit Notice

Hillary Clinton Email "Scandal" Fact Check | The Briefing

What's for Dinner, Sat., Aug. 22, 2015

Why haven't the criminals that wrote, sponsored, taught and employed Torture as American Policy been

Dear ODS sufferer: You just wasted a decade of you life. From DailyKos

National Zoo: Giant panda is in labor

David Pakman: Hillary Clinton Email 'Scandal': Karl Rove Deleted 22 Million White House Emails

Colleges called to removed Unconstitutional chaplains

UNI named 'Best in the Midwest' for 2016

Finally! A decent candidate is coming to town.

Pig crate protesters storm Christie's soap box stage in Iowa

Margaret Atwood and 'hair today, gone tomorrow'...

Who was the last "businessman" President with an MBA?

Why a Virginia principal refuses to take down her school’s Confederate flags

Deez Nuts endorses Sanders in Dem primary

Looking Back: My Experience as a Woman Studying Computer Science at Kabul University

Rand Paul sells Kentucky GOP on presidential caucus

George Will gets it; but none of the despicable Republican candidates for POTUS do...

We Heart: The Feminism of “Dear Abby”

Secretary Clinton’s use of personal e-mail was consistent with the practice of other Secretaries

We Heart: The Feminism of “Dear Abby”

Can pinto be removed as a forum host since he died?

Michele Kort,1950–2015 (senior ed. Ms. magazine, feminist, friend)

Michele Kort,1950–2015 (senior ed. Ms. magazine, feminist, friend)

#BlackLivesMatter: Activists come up with a plan to end police killings. Here it is.

Love of music via The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

Up With Steve Kornacki segment about Hillary's emails 8/22/15

Sexual violence and inequality: it’s time the UN got its own house in order

Sexual violence and inequality: it’s time the UN got its own house in order

Sexual violence and inequality: it’s time the UN got its own house in order

Jason Holmes to debut for St Kilda, making him first born-and-raised US AFL player.

The Greatest Generation

Bernie Sanders dings Nikki Haley on Medicaid

I was called "elderly" today by a 13 year old kid.

Scott Walker just comes right out and says it: (paraphrasing) Almost all Muslims are radicals.

New film highlights struggles of gay Palestinians in Israel

Seven dead as plane crashes at air show in England

Finally...MSM says the right thing about Trump and GOP wanting a police state! Washington Post Editorial.

"Donald Trump: Spokesman for birthers, truthers, and Internet trolls"...because they need love too.

After awhile of living a rarified forgets who "The People" are....

Here's the Ticket: Biden and Warren

Yanis Varoufakis brands Alexis Tsipras the ‘new De Gaulle’ as election gets ugly

Kabul Suicide Bombing Kills 12, Including 3 Americans

Refugees tear through police lines at Macedonian border

Stop and think for second: Trump vs. Biden in the Debates

The bible in one meme and it is very accurate

would you like some beautiful music for your Saturday evening?

New panda cub born at National Zoo

Axl & Slash, on speaking terms again. Eddie and Roth? Welll...2 G 'n' R guitarists DID quit.

Giant panda Mei Xiang gives birth at National Zoo

Charleston, South Carolina -7PM Eastern today

Deez Nuts Endorses Bernie Sanders And John Kasich For Presidential Nomination

How To Get Away With Bigotry In Just 3 Words: “It’s My Faith”

O'Malley says he offers a 'new generation' of ideas to Iowans.

My wife and I are doing well on our budget.

O'Malley says he offers a 'new generation' of ideas to Iowans.

And they call Obama, 'Hitler'?

Most GOP voters think Donald Trump will be their 2016 presidential nominee

Chris Christie, Ted Cruz take shots at Jimmy Carter

A family earning $134,000 annually gets low-income public housing?

The Carbon Trap

Report: Gunman Who Opened Fire On Train Might Have Ties To Islamic Radicals

Saturday night's alright w Bernie in N Charleston, SC

Explosion rips through chemical plant in eastern China

Unusually strong storm system headed toward region; Tornado watch in effect until midnight (photo)

Is Romney thinking of getting back in the race? Smerconish asks

The Discovery of a Tiny Frog in Remote Bolivia Could Be the First of Big Wildlife Finds

Iowa GOP chair: God raised Ted Cruz specifically to be our next president

O'Malley: Democrats would only benefit from a debate.

O'Malley: Democrats would only benefit from a debate.

A mother's love.

@ScottWalker is floundering in the Twittersphere.

Meet Manny.

Now this takes a special kind of stupid....

Toon: The GOP's anti-immigrant stupor

"I simply don’t remember my country being this ugly when I was younger."

DOJ to 5th Circuit: Texas voter ID law needs to be fixed ASAP

Seeking Trump fan pic posted on DU

Our need for monuments to the struggle for freedom

Raging Washington wildfires grow by 100 square miles

Confederate flag is about slavery

Who have you turned on to Bernie?

No Men Allowed: Go Inside the First All-Women’s Village in Kenya

8-22-15 Making the Skies Friendlier in 2:00 (That was the day five women working for...)

8-22-15 Making the Skies Friendlier in 2:00 (That was the day five women working for...)

8-22-15 Making the Skies Friendlier in 2:00 (That was the day five women working for...)

Child poverty rate from Bernie's FB site ...

Racist artifacts make Jim Crow Museum like none other (MI)

Just heard that Yvonne "Batgirl" Craig passed a few days ago.

Hillary Clinton Will Interrupt Vacation to Campaign in Midwest

Azealia Banks: it’s only a matter of time before Donald Trump gets his “ass yanked”

Cuban doctors fleeing Venezuela protest for US visas

Norman Rockwell's Portrait of American Hysteria

Once Upon a Time...