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Peruvian Congress Authorizes Shooting Down Drug Planes

July 2015: Warmest Month on Record Globally- Jeff Masters and Bob Henson

Bernie had no donations yesterday or so far today

El Salvador ex-colonel fights extradition for notorious murder of Jesuit priests

I Have Yet To Hear A Good Reason Why Iran Would Risk Its Own Destruction By Launching Nukes

Why the Ashley Madison Leak Puts Thousands of Women & LGBT Lives at Risk in Intolerant Countries

Mike Malloy - Bernie Sanders Is Running Against Corporate Media

Is there a way to "desalt" French fries?

2,000 Men Show Up to Steve Harvey Taping To Call Women Bitches

It's NOT about the nail

Can O’Malley win the tech nerd vote? If not, who can?

Who should be the next House Democratic Leader?

Mike Elk Tried to Unionize Politico’s Staff — and Now Has Apparently Been Fired. What Happened?

Baltimore Cop Charged With Attempted Murder For Allegedly Shooting Helpless Man In Groin (made bail)

Mike Elk Tried to Unionize Politico’s Staff — and Now Has Apparently Been Fired. What Happened?

What Jimmy Carter Did After His 'Involuntary Retirement'

Hillary Clinton Obliterates Jeb Bush For His Defense Of Hateful “Anchor Babies” slur

The GOP’s glaring “birthright” hypocrisy: How the 14th amendment also gave birth to corporate person

Navajo Nation Water (Oil) Tanks

President Obama - what a different kind of picture of young black men this is:

Little Tracy of the Partridge Family crossed over

Local gas station here in Sheboygan giving away free gas!

Democrat: GOP showing 'double standard' in demand for Clinton emails

The incoherence of homophobes

Hillary’s Problem: The Government Classifies Everything


8-20-15 The War on Poverty in 2:00

8-20-15 The War on Poverty in 2:00

8-20-15 The War on Poverty in 2:00

Mike Malloy - If You Want To Shudder Tonight, Think About President Trump

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Baldies! & a new Kitteh gif

I am so sick of hearing about Hillary's e-mails! (HILLARY CLINTON GROUP)

No "Battered Wife Syndrome"? *GRAPHIC*

"Seeking a Friend for the end of the world".

3 dead as Methow valley burns

BBQ Pork Ragu

A Vietnam Vet`s brain surgery is over.

Did Republicans just give away the 2016 election by raising birthright citizenship?

Photo: Three dogs stand guard for fawn caught in Idaho wildfire

ACLU asks feds to investigate Nebraska officials for trying to obtain lethal injection drug

Glad this was not locked

Hillary's spokesman: The members of Trey Gowdy's staff may be "trafficking" in classified materials,

Oh, Donald, I get it now.

Research Shows Cost of Unsafe Abortions in Developing Countries

Research Shows Cost of Unsafe Abortions in Developing Countries

Research Shows Cost of Unsafe Abortions in Developing Countries

Re-booting a re-run

Jeb Bush: "...a president is a decider. A president leads by making decisions."

'The Mugshot Series' Reverses Ugly Stereotypes Of Black Men

Tsipras resigns, paving way for snap Greek election

Paging BMUS and Dancing Cthulthu

New England Journal of Medicine article calls for GMO labels on foods

What a 1987 Tax Battle Says About Bernie Sanders

This just made my day.

Greek opposition party leader to get mandate to form government on Friday

WTF ...204

HRC, The "Shrinking Violet" of the Democratic Party

Man who killed teen robber in Summit Ave. park won't be charged

Robert Plant with Jimmy Page doing a cover of 'Lullaby' by The Cure

Mike Elk Tried to Unionize Politico’s Staff — and Now Has Apparently Been Fired. What Happened?

On The National tonight

Trustees want input on Austin schools named after Confederates (TX)

Activists Push Back On Hillary Clinton Comments About Border Children — With An O’Malley Assist.

Students, school disagree on confederate t-shirts

Scott Stood By Confederate Flag At Timber Days (WA)

The Central Valley is sinking. Yes, the CENTRAL Valley

Confederate Flags Discovered In DPD Locker Room At Love Field (TX)

Why a neighbor took down his Confederate flag

Mayor de Blasio Raises Prospect of Removing Times Square Pedestrian Plazas

To the people of Nicaragua, from Bernie Sanders

Two-year-old "shot and killed his father"

Navajo Nation president eyes lifting advisory on river water

Activists Push Back On Hillary Clinton Comments About Border Children — With An O’Malley Assist.

Russian Orthodox Church lends weight to Putin patriotism

Kim Jong-Un orders frontline N. Korea troops onto war footing

Head of Louisiana GOP among those in Ashley Madison data dump

Navajo Nation president eyes lifting advisory on river water

School District Puts Anti-Abortion Stickers on Textbooks

150 Crocodiles Rescued From Toronto Home

Tulane should address symbols of Confederate past (LA)

An NPR piece on Jimmy Carter closed with...

George Houser, Freedom Rides Pioneer, Dies at 99

Politico Denies Unionizing Effort Was Behind Reporter's Departure

Politico Denies Unionizing Effort Was Behind Reporter's Departure

Oxford, Greenwood removing Miss. flag from city property

Politico Denies Unionizing Effort Was Behind Reporter's Departure

Bernie vs. Hillary memes have conquered the Internet. Time for a fact-check

15-year-old runs for president

Dismaland: Disney Parody Park A Leap Away From Street Art -- A Look Inside Banksy Show w/50 Artists

Removal of Jefferson Davis statue is not enough (TX)

"The media needs to get over its blind hatred of Hillary Clinton"

Nevada police just served a warrant on Gene Simmons

She is on the move...

Super delegates - the implications for Bernie & how you can help

Top 5 Things Wrong With Science - by Dr. Kiki Sanford

I am not anti anybody (except Republicans) I am PRO Jimmy!

It is not about the official debates. It's about barring Democrats from participating in debates.

Hillary and super delegates?

Boston brothers beat, urinate on homeless Latino man

Scott Adams (Dilbert cartoonist) on Trump

Extended Trump Article in 'Hollywood Reporter' - On Colbert, Maher, Caitlyn, Rosie, Murdoch... LINK

California says Uber background checks fail to screen out criminals

Documentary now!

Just done with the Duggar family, period. Josh, go F your sweet self.

The parallel split in the Republican party

The real Benghazi scandal

Trump pushes Cruz out of the lead in Texas

Bernie's wife helping folks get pics (pic)

Love this: Petition Calls For Jon Stewart To Moderate A Presidential Debate

It is enlightening to ponder that no member of the US house or Senate has endorsed Senator Sanders

TCM Schedule for Sunday August 23 - Summer Under the Stars: Debbie Reynolds

Apparently, Quinnipiac also did Primary polling in the battleground States...

Nah. He'll never become our President

TCM Schedule for Monday August - Summer Under the Stars: Warren Oates

Donald Trump Blows Past Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio In Their Home State

Sly Stone Wins $5M Judgment from Ex-Manager, Ex-Attorney

Ted Cruz To Appear On IA Radio Show Days After Host Proposed Enslaving Undocumented Immigrants

How does Germany maintain a trade surplus with China?

O'Malley Unveils Plan to Expand Social Security

Another reason I support O'Malley: his Social Security plan

Falling on your cane in your own space

Banksy Dismaland show revealed at Weston's Tropicana

Mexico finds 63 children working in vegetable packing firm

Mexico finds 63 children working in vegetable packing firm

On nuclear deal, not all Israelis are with Netanyahu

Bernie Sanders Gives Wall Street Journal Reporter The Best Tongue-Lashing You’ve Ever Seen

Look out, Jeb!'s getting snippy.

I went to the hardware store

US Lawmakers Call for Suspension of Police Aid to Honduras

US Lawmakers Call for Suspension of Police Aid to Honduras

American Family Association Director Sandy Rios: Liberals Bringing Soviet 'Sexual Chaos' To America

Bolivia threatens to expel unfriendly NGOs

A new ripoff!

Aztec skull trophy rack discovered at Mexico City’s Templo Mayor ruin site

Jeremy Corbyn to apologise for Iraq war on behalf of Labour if he becomes leader (UK)

Aztec skull trophy rack discovered at Mexico City’s Templo Mayor ruin site

Every county in America, ranked by scenery and climate

Peru authorises military to shoot down cocaine-smuggling planes

Hamas captures Mossad’s dolphin spying off Gaza

You Can't Do Squat About Spotify's Eerie New Privacy Policy

Who Will The GOP Sacrifice In Their Next War?

Toxic Algae Invade Guatemala’s Treasured Lake Atitlan

Toxic Algae Invade Guatemala’s Treasured Lake Atitlan

CNN Trump Interview with Chris Cuomo - Full

UK Labour Leadership frontrunner: US Army=ISIS

6 Police Officers Across the US Were Charged with Murder This Week, Proving Strength of Protests

We need a new scandal for Hillary

Plutocrats love Jeb, but voters don’t: Bush’s “electability” argument is getting even weaker

Meet the Gay Attorney Defending Rabidly Anti-Gay Texas AG Ken Paxton

Man sentenced to serve life in prison without parole for marijuana will soon be free.

Baylor football player convicted of sexual assault

Crews Rushing to Prepare for Trump

Jeb Bush Says He Doesn't Regret Using The Term 'Anchor Babies'

Texas A&M Drops Bid To Host Presidential Debate

Et Tu, Reuters? (Hillary email)

Chile to try former secret police for diplomat's death

Rights row over Chilean torture boat at Amsterdam nautical festival

Rights row over Chilean torture boat at Amsterdam nautical festival

What the heck?

Amnesty International: Protests as Chilean torture ship comes to England

Baton Rouge council member on Ashley Madison list, says he went on site 'as a joke'

I love my iPhone but ....

Fed, seeking to leave zero behind, grapples with Catch-22

Spanish Judge Wants to Change Law to Prosecute Corporations

I love this photo.

The high price of turning your dog into a foodie

My Life as an Anchor-Husband

Sinaloa Cartel suspects arrested in Colombia

Tips for back-to-school savings from a thrifty mom

Four 529 college savings traps to avoid

Martin O'Malley to campaign on expansion of social security.

Exploring the Wreck of USS Macon, The Navy’s Last Flying Aircraft Carrier

Money tips from history's richest man

Martin O'Malley to campaign on expansion of social security.

Daily Holidays - August 21

Brother Ivan, one of our best Bernie supporters and a POC seems to have been run off.

The use of the phrase "Hillary-hate" is a blatantly transparant and cynical ploy.

O’Malley to propose expansion of Social Security benefits, other measures to aid seniors.WaPo

A Japanese company unveils a miniature transporter which can fit in a backpack

Martin O’Malley Calls for Expanding Social Security.Time

Single Payer conference: Friday, October 30 at 7:30PM – Sunday, November 1 at noon

The Latest on Koreas: S. Korea puts military on highest alert, vows response to North action

Washington Supreme Court Rules That $15 Minimum Wage Applies At Sea-Tac Airport

You are not a progressive

Chomsky on the Iran deal

Congress Is Sick of the Secrecy Around the TPP

Reserve Bank of India establishes "non-lending" bank system to serve rural India

Children Given Lifelong Ban on Talking About Fracking

These Former Debt Collectors Decided to Ditch the Industry, Buy Up Medical Debt, and Forgive It

Cities ponder a plan to make power from puppy poop

One party system: What total Republican control of a state really means

Limberbutt McCubbins, cat running for President, praises fellow hopeful Deez Nuts but won’t agree to

Marquette Poll: Scott Walker's approval level at home drops below 40 percent

Photos comparing Hurricane Danny and a Pacific Typhoon:

"North Carolina is a poster child for how far a red state can go".

Marquette Poll: Scott Walker's approval level at home drops below 40 percent

Tuberculosis outbreak in El Paso county elementary school

Please everyone, welcome one of DU's newest members, Chitown Kev!

Walker trails Clinton, head-to-head matchup, 52%-42% Bush trails Clinton by a smaller margin, 47%-42

Lawsuit against Obama opens crack for GOP (ACA)

Family fumes over relative buried in wrong grave

Seeing RED - What Total Republican Control Looks Like

Goodbye Organic

Ashley Madison client list includes Louisiana GOP executive director; he says it was for research

Park Hill South student suspended for flying Confederate flag on truck (MO)

Punches Fly At Apple Valley High School In Fight Over Confederate Flag Belt Buckle

Friday Toon Roundup 1: Nativists

Friday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Parents claim child expelled from Bluefield Middle School for wearing ‘offensive’ necklace

Now it's 51+ women that have been cosbied.

In Colorado, two mass shootings haven't stopped attacks on gun control

Police patrol Rosedale neighborhood after man who waved Confederate flag charged in assault (MD)

Germans begin the looting of Greece

The 14th Amendment

"If Bernie doesn't get the nomination..."

What Smartphone Sales Said about the Debacle in China

Danville's Goodyear Plant Postpones Sen. Tim Kaine's Visit In Fear of Confederate Flag Protest (VA)

Greetings from Caribou, Maine

Macedonian police drive back refugee crowd on Greek border

The states & the companies fighting ag Obama's Clean Power Plan

Explain to me why Hillary is not status quo

Mike Malloy - Bernie Sanders Takes On The Media In Iowa (The Video)

In A GOP Economy Only 30% Of Population Has Any Kind Of Life.

Mirror's Edge soundtrack

Greek crisis: Syriza rebels break away to form Popular Unity party

A New Simon's Cat film!

A new Simon's Cat film!

Bernie Sanders looks to broaden his appeal in South Carolina

If Switchblades Can be Banned, Why Not Guns?

Zero Ebola Cases Reported In Sierra Leone, As Epidemic Peters Out

Animosity between candidate camps is IDIOTIC

Walker now bragging how he Smacked down the Wi REPUBLICAN LAWMAKERS-in NH!! Under the Bus with YOU!

Just created this graph from the past two years of Politifact ratings. It's most enlightening.

Illegal Dumping of Fracking Wastewater May Be Linked to Radioactivity in PA Creek, Experts Say

San Francisco’s median rent hits a ridiculous $4,225

Bernie Sanders: Criticism of Hillary Clinton is 'sexist'

A quick reminder of what a "Super PAC" is

History of Stone Mountain, Georgia

Good News .. Bernie's Campaign website vs Hillary's Campaign website Statistics

C-SPAN will cover Bernie's town hall in Columbia South Carolina tonight

Yesterday ... I was at a meeting at a homeless shelter ...

Police search home of Kiss rocker Gene Simmons

Thousands want Jon Stewart to moderate presidential debate

To Governor Scott Walker: I had never heard my 88-year-old grandmother call somebody a douchebag.

Study: Female VCs shockingly rare at American firms

Trump calls O'Malley a 'disgusting, little, weak, pathetic baby'

Worse than '97-98?! New El Niño growing into monster

Bernie Sanders: "I welcome you all,” he said, “to the political revolution of 2015.”

McDonald's grilled over labor, tax practices at Brazil hearing

McDonald's grilled over labor, tax practices at Brazil hearing

McDonald's grilled over labor, tax practices at Brazil hearing

Disregard, I went ahead and did it :)

Scott Walker ignores wishes of teacher who asked him to stop telling her story

Poisoned by Army's Fort Doom, Civilians Say


Big Data Is for the Birds

It’s Official: Donald Trump Overtakes Ted Cruz as the Most Dishonest Republican Presidential Candida

Fort Frances-area Gingrich Woodcraft cites faith for closure after workers vote to join union

Comparing The Social Safety Net In The US VS. Canada

Stop the delusion on Confederate legacy

Confederate flag (LTTE)

Wisconsin_GAB director Kevin Kennedy praises new audit looking at how board handled secret investiga

How Democrats will win — by standing up for the victims of Republican hate-speech. Kudos to Hillary!

The blatant disregard for Sanders in the media sickens me!

Lovely photo of Hillary...

Stay Classy, Republicans...

Trump: Don’t Make Corporations Pay Their Taxes

Rape Culture And The Criminal Justice System - Kate Harding Part 3

@HillaryClinton: Thanks to @nyliberty, Kymora’s back on the court—right where she belongs #GirlPower

French far-right No. 2: Party had to expel founder Le Pen

"That's absurd, Mika. Why would you be skeptical?" . . . Please come CAPTION Joe Scarborough!!!

Goldman Sachs Must Face Abacus Suit, New York Court Says

Anna Duggar ‘partly blames herself’ and will never leave her cheating anti-LGBT activist husband

Washington state's top court extends SeaTac's $15 wage to airport workers

National Memo: This Week In Crazy: Hail To The Antichrist!

New York Police Sergeant Commits Suicide After Sex-Crime Charges

From a former Justice Dept official: “Our ridiculous classification rules” are the real problem:

I'm a progressive and I support Hillary. It's pretty simple.

Jerrold Nadler, New York Congressman, to Endorse Iran Nuclear Deal

Online And In Person, Bernie Sanders’ White Supporters Advance A Black Lives Matter Conspiracy

Nashville hotel cancels reservations for Council of Conservative Citizens event (white supremacists)

Personality Quiz: Which Member of Led Zeppelin Are You?

This is Republican Immigration Reform: Slavery, Drone Attacks And Shredding the Constitution

"Unknown green biting bugs" infest Burning Man site

Pride parade stabber found fit to stand trial

This made me chuckle and snicker. Had to share...


A 99%-er e-mailing Donald Trump with "sage advice".

Iowa Corn Feed - successor to the Harkin Steak Fry - next Sunday (8/30) in DM

Cognitive Dissonance is Cognitivey: Right Wing Facebook edition

Attend a Sanders Outreach Event Near You This Weekend. (S is for Sanders Saturdays.)

Picture from Plains,Georgia:

Planned Parenthood threatens legal action against makers of videos

We're busted! Leaked Ashley Madison data shows Alabama leads nation in infidelity

TOMORROW(8/22): Lemonade Stand to Highlight Gender Pay Gap‏

Republicans have a very simple strategy...

Obama: Will use 'whatever means are necessary' to keep Iran from a nuclear bomb

We're #1 Again - Most Adulterous State!

The Problem I've Always Had With Hillary Clinton

For Oly users

Dems Warn Trump: Don't Showcase "Trump" Name on DC Hotel Property Leased from U.S. Govt.

Anti-Gay Bakery publicity stunt

Sorry Jeb, 'anchor babies' is a slur

Why the U.S. just summoned firefighters from Australia and New Zealand

O'Malley's Plan to Expand Social Security

Ensemble computer models for Hurricane Danny

O'Malley's Plan to Expand Social Security

The stark differences

China says more than 10 countries to join unprecedented WW2 military parade

Spain's campaigning judge seeks change in law to prosecute global corporations

O’Malley adds his name to a petition seeking to make Jon Stewart a debate moderator

What is next for O'Malley?

What is next for O'Malley?

I've got two questions for those supporitng HRC

I have recently posted about the gun violence and "triggertrash" littering our national parks

Cuba and the United States: the Claims Game

Cuba and the United States: the Claims Game

Livestream of Bernie's Rally in Greenville, SC (edit to add MSNBC & WSPA streams)

The Syrian Government Is Systematically Targeting Hospitals With Airstrikes

Nuclear leak: UCS releases private DOE report

Look Inside Banksy’s Creepy Disney-Inspired Amusement Park

Some changes in the predictive markets today

Top 6 Deadliest Jobs

How do Bernie's supporters feel about the rumors that Biden may get into the race

O'Malley's Plan to Expand Social Security

Islamic State in Syria demolishes al-Qaryatain monastery

Paul Krugman- Debt is Good

FAA records detail hundreds of close calls between airplanes and drones

What Smartphone Sales Said about the Debacle in China

Did you see what the guy in Missouri said to a woman on the counsel?

MSNBC is going to ride the Trump horse as far as they can ride it...

LATEST BREAKING POLL: Oprah Winfrey 25%, Joe Biden 12%, Bernie Sanders 10%, Hillary Clinton 9%,

Sweetie Pie is in the doghouse.

Through a glass blankly. . . . Please come CAPTION Ted Cruz!!!

thousands of fish die off after hugh blast in China.

I'm sold on Bernie, but check this.

Scott Walker names favorite education advocate, who then frantically distances himself from Walker

LIVE from the Greenville, South Carolina Rally with Bernie Sanders

Iran Deal Puts Aipac at Risk of Losing Its Biggest Fight

No Shit ...75

Wonderful Texas bird photos

Does Colorado's death penalty have a race problem? (Hint: Yes)

Exclusive: Dozens of Clinton emails were classified from the start, U.S. rules suggest

Chinese Hackers Target U.S. University With Government Ties

Dodgers’ payroll nearly $300 million after trade for Utley

Lassen Volcanic National Park Panoramas

The Rude Pundit - Shaun King and the Need to Discredit Black Lives Matter

Keiser Report: $32 trillion in pointless trading

Things You Should Make, Not Buy

BLM St. Paul planning protest at Minnesota State Fair

Donald Trump used as reason for 2 brothers beating, peeing on homeless Mexican: Cops

Donald Trump used as reason for 2 brothers beating, peeing on homeless Mexican: Cops

Want solar panels on your property? D.C. will help you pay for it.

Chihuahuas win their 8th in a row to take over 1st place!

New Zealand: Protected takahe killed in pukeko cull (4 out of 263 on the planet)

What is a Democratic Socialist?

Vancouver Concert Relocated Due to Crooked Tour Promoter

Why Many Orange County Riders Got Off the Bus

O’Malley: Expand Social Security With Tax on High Earners.Bloomberg

NYC considers eliminating Times Square pedestrian plaza to drive away topless hustlers

ACLU suit against Lake schools' denial of gay-straight alliance dismissed

Megareverend John Oliver from "Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption" makes pastor have a sad.

Rumors begin in NY about a Cuomo-DeBlasio primary for Mayor

Why Martin O'Malley says he's not worried -- yet.LA Times

Arborists want to clone 2,000-year-old Lady Liberty at Big Tree Park

Overnight evacuation for Okanogan area, Tonasket as fire rages

Search HERE for Official Events, Volunteer Activities and Meetings

i am having a major problem with bothe of my computers.

Why the Global Economy Is Wheezing and Stock Markets Will Collapse

Brazil's embattled left strikes back

Pap and Thom Hartmann: There Is No More Republican Party; Hate Talkers Have Taken Control

Sanders Campaign Calls Out Hillary's College Plan: 'Disappointment'

25% Popularity.Trump’s Maximum With Base..

George Soros invests millions in coal

California boy banned from wearing rosary at school

More about Bernie: "Environmentalists Now Have Their Dream Presidential Candidate"

Detroit carmakers mull imports to gain leverage over unions

Khaled Meshal: Hamas Talks With Israel Look 'Very Positive'

Dreams of space flight past

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Succeeding By Telling Republicans Exactly What They Want To Hear: Bullshit

Venezuela, Ecuador develop plan to shore up oil prices

Massive Fraud in Florida, USA, Related to Cuban Adjustment Act

Why some GOPers want to ban abortion without exceptions

Heated school board meeting over Effingham Co. High mascot (GA)

Jimmy Carter one of the main reasons for bringing down the Soviet Union

Guatemala detains ex-VP who resigned amid graft scandal

History lesson on a T-shirt: But you don’t know your Confederate flag

U.S. Chamber of Commerce is weighing a major role in Democratic primaries to support weak democrats

bravenak, giftedgirl, maggie, vanilla rhasody, NCTraveler ....

"Fear mongering garbage" from Third Way on Martin O’Malley’s Social Security Plan

Martin O'Malley In NRA Gunsight

Mexico's first lady returns mansion after scandal broke out

Mexico's first lady returns mansion after scandal broke out

The New Yorker: When Politicians Make Playlists (OBAMA GROUP)

Cuban Labiofam Group Opens First Office in Bolivia

NHL forces marijuana company to change stock listing, is a bummer

Here's what I think Sanders and/or O'Malley should do, re:Debates

First birthday

history is littered with strongmen nobody took seriously until it was too late.

July jobless rates down in 24 states, up in 14; payroll jobs up in 34 states, down in 16

Donald Trump takes on:

Have Any Of The News Organizations Assigned Reporters To Bernie?....

Federal appeals court reinstates rules giving overtime, minimum wage to home care workers

Neoliberal epidemics: the spread of austerity, obesity, stress and inequality

20 years of more: Happy anniversary, Opera!

Oh DAMN!!! Bernie told a NY.Times reporter off about Hillary

U.S. Stocks Head for Worst Week of 2015 Amid Global Selloff

Work ordered to stop at planned British Hinkley C nuclear site

Let local democracy, not state, decide who we honor (NC)

Brazil Senate passes austerity bill in win for Rousseff

It is scary

Brazil and Germany team up on climate change and deforestation

Bear pool party (video)

Brazil and Germany team up on climate change and deforestation


O'Malley has just proposed the most pro-family policy in US history

Martin O'Malley op-ed: "To ensure retirement security, let's start by expanding Social Security"

"There are others like you...find the others."

What's for Dinner, Fri., Aug. 21, 2015

How the Donald Trump boom compares historically...

Update: Jailed Plano neurosurgeon’s father testifies for prosecution (Duntsch case)

The German Thatcher confirms bureaufascists' plans!

Isis - at some point does it implode?

These boots...

Scott Walker backs bill to block federal money for Planned Parenthood

LGBT groups are told: Can't use church space for events during World Meeting

Something rather trivial but I'd like some feedback -

Pot economy thrives in Uruguay

Chris Borland, the young man who retired from the SF 49ers

I don't really care who anyone votes for in the Democratic Primaries.

New York Times: Spokesman for Hillary Clinton Offers New Take on Email Issue (HILLARY GROUP)

it's not the classified stuff that bugs me about the email mess. it's what the mess says about

Fire crews are exhausted. DNR is calling for Volunteers to join the firefight.

Just want to share some good news, and say thanks.

Jimmy Carter Is One of Just Four American Presidents To Be Awarded The Nobel Peace Prize.

Scott Walker says 'Black Lives Matter' doesn't matter!

My Elderly Uncle Is Blaming The Stock Market Drop On Trump.....

Fetal tissue ban bill support is iffy

Meme alert: Bernie is the new DK

The Deep Mind of the Tea Bagger (an oldie but a goodie)

Anonymous 'Million Mask March' Taking Place in 463 Locations Around the World on 5 November

Stocks plunge as global growth concerns weigh; Apple falls 3.5%

Combine fundy religion with alcohol...

Vermont's Governor Shumlin, a Democrat, to campaign for Clinton in New Hampshire (HILLARY GROUP)

Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone: Donald Trump Just Stopped Being Funny

Obama paving the way for a future Republican in the WH to dismantle Social Security

well the numbers come down today.

Kane refuses to release porn emails she wanted to make public

Donald Trump Just Stopped Being Funny

Nothing to See Here: On Pooh-Poohing Sanders’ Surging Crowds

1st US Tar Sands Mine Set to Open for Business in Utah

GOP trying to Swiftboat Hillary Clinton is so funny when you read this

A little taste of what is coming shortly.

New York Magazine's womens' style staff hinting for Hillary... (HILLARY GROUP)

Just how stupid is Scott Walker?

Cruz sticks with critique of Jimmy Carter, day after cancer revelation

Media Matters digs further into the Clinton E-mail story and look what they have found

say her name. rekia boyd

OMGOSH.... There's a bee keeping my hummingbirds from drinking at the hummer feeder.....

I'm sure these guys are "very passionate" and "want this country to be great again" as well.

WTF Best Fails of The Month July 2015

Climate change soon could push Earth's boreal forests to 'tipping point'

Should Democrats attack Donald Trump?

Ho Lee Fuk Deez Nuts – When Can News Be Trusted?

It's weird to me to say I "don't want" any of the D candidates

Officials: CPRIT was young, but Cobbs should have known better

10 year old girl gets bitten by shark, pulls 6 year old friend to safety.

A View From the Clinton Scandal Nonsense Mill

Send Jimmy Carter a Card, Plains, GA, 31780

UT Southwestern to open medical center in FW with $25m donation from Tex Moncrief

Chile Is About to Decriminalize Marijuana

The floor under Social Security benefits should be the poverty line.

Dear MSNBC: Please give RON REAGAN a show!

The Science Of…The...Lip Reading Republican Debate Video

NASA reminds the world, it's not always wise to believe the Internet

5th Circuit Decision Could Leave Hundreds of Thousands Without Right to Vote in Texas

I'm a dog. On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog.

Ellen Page Grills Ted Cruz About LGBT Rights At Iowa State Fair w/video

Help the bees. Stop buying your plants at Home Depot

President Carter's Most Endearing Habit

Florida Legislature ends special session with no agreement on new congressional districts

Man gets 15 months in prison for carving swastika into lawn

Bernie Sanders on Animal Welfare

IRS Getting Pressured To Crack Down On Televangelists Following John Oliver’s Segment

Not that we need any more Republican clowns cluttering

Autopsy: Suspect killed by St. Louis police was shot in back

Momma bear and her cubs have a cool pool party.

'The attacks on me are rolling in:

1st US tar sands mine set to open for business in Utah

Cast iron issues

Shocking Michigan Poll: Trump 40%, Clinton 39%

FL Redistricting Session implodes

Martin O'Malley just wrote The attacks on me are rolling in:

If ever there were a family that needed Planned Parenthood:

Hajji Mutazz, ISIS deputy leader, killed in U.S. airstrike in Iraq

How Narendra Dabholkar’s legacy lives on two years after his murder

Space Stations captures rare 'red sprites' emanating from clouds

Benghazi Committee Members May Have Violated Law by Handling Hillary's Classified Email

How will Bernie pay for his plans for example, for single payer insurance and free college for

This may be a good thing: Florida Legislature ends special session with no agreement on districts

130 Groups Urge Obama Administration to Rescind Discriminatory Bush-Era “Religious Freedom” Memo

Yikes.....the Dow Jones is down over 500 points fast will it bounce back?

Shots Fired on Amsterdam-to-Paris Train, Three Injured: Police

ON THE ROAD: Greenville, South Carolina, 2,800 supporters

A Flutter of Different Flags Around the Oxford Square (MS)

Report: Climate Change Is Making Our Historic Drought Worse

TITLE OF ARTICLE: Are Presidential Candidates Dodging the Issue of Torture?

Forest health in a changing world

We are the scientist and engineers of...

Southern New England lobster population at lowest levels

50 Years of Mars Exploration

Just to refresh MO'M members: About that Rain Tax….

Lawsuit: Former court clerk was forced by Texas judge into sex acts while he wore judicial robe

Campaign Zero: A new initiative launched by Black Lives Matter Actives to end police violence

Family of bears have a pool party

TIME: Clinton Campaign on Alert for Undercover Sting (HILLARY GROUP)

Chinese authorities try to calm fears of Tianjin residents following blasts

The NRA decides to go after O'Malley.

Tonight on Real Time with Bill Maher: Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO), Dan Buettner, Rep.

Cruz calls for flat tax, abolishing IRS

Is the Democratic Donkey named Eyeore? Or can we do better?

Just great, I got a call from "Peoples Assistance" just now...

Huckabee: MLK Would've Been Against Black Lives Matter Movement

Huckabee: MLK Would've Been Against Black Lives Matter Movement

Ted Cruz goes after Hillary and Bernie

Gawker/Daily Mail: Viral Christian Pregnancy YouTuber Sam Rader Had a Paid Ashley Madison Account

Stock Market Plunge: Dow Plunges to Lowest Level in a Year on China Fears

Global warming: July 2015 was the hottest month ever recorded

Gun Laws Associated With Lower Suicide Rates

NOAA Hurricane Hunter Aircraft Reports that Danny is a Major Hurricane

Julian Assange visited by Jesse Jackson

Bernie Sanders live Town Hall from Charleston, SC broadcast live on C-span 7:00pm tonight

Ellen Page just went undercover and grilled Ted Cruz over gay rights

'Merica, F#@k Yeah! - Damnit France, will you ever stop needing our help?

Nonprofit Explorer: Research Tax-Exempt Organizations (Mike Tigas and Sisi Wei 8-18-15 ProPublica)

Bernie Sanders Adapts to His Sudden Popularity in Democratic Race

Mirror's Edge 2 Trailer (Mirror's Edge Catalyst)

Oyez, Lounge court: Where to draw the line?!1

Planned Parenthood Set To Sue The Criminals Behind Edited Video Smears

Shock Poll Rates Sweden’s Anti-Immigrant Right-Wing Party as Country’s Largest

White supremacist convicted in New York 'death ray' case

It looks more and more like Tim Tebow will make the Eagles, and they have a specific plan for him

CNN: Does the RNC have a secret anti-Trump war room?

Please remember that when Trump declared that he was running

Jury Selection Concludes in Jewish Site Shootings Trial

Judge Declares Mistrial For Police Officer Who Killed Jonathan Ferrell

Rules For Drinking.

When Millions Of Lost Bush White House Emails (From Private Accounts) Triggered A Media Shrug

It's Friday, so enjoy

First Listen: Beach House, 'Depression Cherry'

WSJ: My Dinner With Bernie Sanders, and His Many Fans

16-year-old 'gang raped and her eyes gouged out by her sister on the orders of a local pastor'

16-year-old 'gang raped and her eyes gouged out by her sister on the orders of a local pastor'

PTSD patients sue Colorado over marijuana decision

Bernie Sanders Just Drew Almost 3,000 People In a Conservative Stronghold

Police: Video shows officer pressuring driver for donation

How do you spell schadenfreude? MJS: "GOP leaders dispute Scott Walker's account of union battle"

Scott Walker refuses to take position on birthright citizenship debate

Floppity flippity flop goes Walker- this time on birthright citizenship.

Oh the irony... "Apparently, 80 percent of Americans think their good spellers"

Nothing to do with primaries...but what do you think of 44 consecutive men as Presidents?

Save 1300 Gallons of water -- stop flushing for 6 months, or don't eat a burger for lunch

BOGUS! Former Nuclear Safeguards Official Says AP's Iran Deal Document Looks Fake

Barak: Steinitz, Ya'alon Thwarted Iran Strike in 2011

Sexual Addictions Therapist says pedophilia & OCD "might have made" Fogle's Subway diet "easier"

Some good news for a change

Wow -- posted video link on saving water by giving up a single hamburger getting nasty blowback

The media framing of Bernie Sanders is beginning... Wall Street Journal makes Bernie seem arrogant

Some good news for a change (xpost from GD)

What the Heck Is ISDS and Why Is It a Brazen Corporate Giveaway?

Luckovich - Birthright Citizenship

Fox News is comparing welfare to slavery again

Gunfire erupts at federal building in Lower Manhattan: police

Anyone out there have some doubts

Right-wing nationalism and scapegoating immigrants (Europe and America)

'Star Trek' Fan Film Recruits Real-Life Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti

US Service Members foil suspected terrorist attack (UPDATED)

Uncle Bernie says Yes to Low Income Solar

AZ: THIS is a sticker my son's public high school forced all students to put in their science books

Of “Brillo Boxes” and “Campbell’s Soup Cans” by Andy Warhol

Need a new ISP

Scott Walker Says There Are A 'Handful Of Reasonable, Moderate Followers Of Islam'

Cruz: Jeb is 'confused' about my citizenship

Why you'll be paying a 'Netflix tax' soon

Da Nooz here has been all over Rump in, um, where is it? Mobile Al, I think

This Is the Porn Women Want to See

Evangelical Producer Has ‘Audacity’ To Promote Anti-Gay Film With Rainbow-Colored Banners

Greenhouse gases caused glacial retreat during last Ice Age

How many public figures have so far been busted in the Ashley Madison hack

Scientists warn of the risk from air pollution over the megacities of West Africa

In 2008,Sarah Palin attracted a crowd of 60,000 in Florida.

'Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells,' U.S. Government Admits

Breaking News on MSNBC

NOT the crowd Trump expected

Bernie's SC rally is on ... CSPAN 1

We can't get away from the Donald--Hardball opens with fly-by by

Sunday on ‘This Week’: Donald Trump, Governor Scott Walker and Martin O’Malley

Those who critique our party from the left aren't "bashing it".

How slavery still shapes racial inequality

A Look Inside Banksy's 'Dismaland,' The Bleakest Amusement Park Ever

O'Malley's plan to expand Social Security draws fire from a Wall Street front.

Sinking Currencies Point To Jitters About Emerging Economies

Why Black Lives Matter and Bernie Sanders are good for each other

One dead after gunfire erupts at NY federal building

just wanted to say hi-

Donald Trump says wife Melania would be ‘an amazing first lady’

Keller ISD trustee’s private meeting on LGBT policy canceled, concerns over “trolls”, “these people”

This is relatively interesting.

Extortionists Are After the Ashley Madison Users and They Want Bitcoin

WATCH: Philly cop threatens to impound man’s car unless he buys tickets to police fundraiser

Momentum For Iran Deal As NY Lawmaker Announces Backing

It is at times like this that I REALLY miss Molly Ivins.

538: "This Is How Bernie Sanders Could Win"

The stadium is filling up.

Dallas NAACP Wants To Remove Confederate Statues From Public Property In Dallas (TX)

Appeals Court Keeps Alive Confederate Parks Renaming Challenge (TN)

Oil Prices Trade Below $40 A Barrel For First Time Since 2009

Las Vegas, Quebec City advance in NHL expansion process

Scott Walker: I don’t have time for Black Lives Matter — let’s talk about ‘things that matter’