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Great Watch! Bernie at both his Serious and Funniest Best at the end of Segment with FBI Joke

Great words.

I have one question for Trump supporters.

Dennis Kucinich hints at a run in 2016

Florida House approves new map for congressional districts

Guess who is back...

My Turn: Clinton understands need for true equality

MSNBC: Joe Biden "not inclined" to challenge Hillary Clinton

'Female Viagra' gets FDA approval

The California Drought Is So Bad, It Might Be Killing The Giant Sequoia

40 Degrees in the Shade: Civil Administration Destroys Homes of 48 People in Jordan Valley

I can't breath - please don't kill me - Dallas PD kills a man seeking help.

First Near-Fully Formed Brain Grown In Lab, Ohio State Scientists Say

So far on today's on "all in" the only mention of Bernie Sanders is this cute little

Shell Officially Allowed To Drill In The Arctic

We need to address unconscious racism and intimidation here on DU

No matter who you vote for, Won't you please join Bernie's revolution?

Have you seen the new scare-ads about new regulations on retirement investments?

O’Malley Lobbies Sanders For More Debates.Time

Russ Feingold on living wage ...

Violently Thrown to the ground by Police for singing in public

Time to debunk the "Hillary takes cash from private prison corps" nonsense


ICYMI-->Hillary Clinton kicks off 2016 campaign, unleashes attack on Wall Street

Isis beheads elderly chief of antiquities in ancient Syrian city, official says

Latest Threads

Chelsea Manning guilty but spared solitary confinement for contraband

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Sunday Talkers! & a new Kitteh gif

Idaho replaces mile marker 420 with 419.9 in attempt to thwart stoners

Et tu, Rachel?

Two Atlanta area police officers charged with murder after using stun guns

Iran's leader not happy about "Mash Donalds" knock off in Tehran

A guy built a working replica of the "Chariot" from "Lost In Space!"

These people who want to repeal the 14th Amendment . . . .

Navy SEALs to open to women, top admiral says

Philadelphia archdiocese cancels LGBT program ahead of pope visit

Ben Carson bumper sticker

Bernie Sanders history of addressing racism. (Please post them here)

Mike Huckabee Says Awful Dumb Thing Because He’s Mike Huckabee

Sanders Lays out Agenda for Working Families at AFL-CIO in Nevada

Perry Lawyers Ask Appeals Court to Dismiss Last Charge

Attorney General Paxton Re-Indicted in Fraud Case

Another record number of supporters turn out in Reno NV.

Phone banks and neighborhooder platform informers re Bernie setting up Saturday evening in Phoenix.

Photo of 7-year-old son killing his ‘first lion’ yanked from Twitter by proud dad after activists sh

I watched Move Over, Darling the other night on Netflix.

Massive stadium project planned for Calgary

Love this

Woman reunited with stolen Picasso Vase

cecil's murderer--dental practice reopened

I finally had my first pot experience in my 50s!

Much of Trump immigration plan not 'radical' in GOP circles

Pre-restart check for Takahama reactor begins

Hillary supporters please reflect and respond to Black Lives Matter-Boston take on their meeting.

Inexplicable Deportation of Visually-Impaired Father Dashes His Hopes for Legal Status

In union-heavy Nevada, Clinton and Sanders court divided labor

In union-heavy Nevada, Clinton and Sanders court divided labor

In union-heavy Nevada, Clinton and Sanders court divided labor

The Scar

Subway's Jared Fogle is reportedly planning to plead guilty to child pornography charges

Question (about trump/ sorry.)

For the gluten sensitive, how do you avoid gluten in prescription medicines?

Trump: The 14th Amendment Won’t Hold Up In Court

Kidnapped German teenager who was held for £800,000 ransom found dead

Man "guarding" "Muslim Free" gun store in Oklahoma accidentally shoots himself

Dems Supporting Iran Deal Will Be Labeled As Pro Terrorist During Campaign 2016.

Damn, you should see the crowd in Reno, Nevada

Just waiting for the stupid remarks Frump's going to make r.e. Rosie's daughter

U.S. Cracks Down on Mexican Seafood After Turtle Deaths

Missouri Lawmakers Propose An Intern Dress Code To Stop Colleagues From Harassing Students

The global economy is losing its last shock absorber

Trump: "LOL, Fox News And Their Idiot Viewers......

O’Malley Campaign Rips Hillary Clinton on Unaccompanied Minors

US Steel to close blast furnace, cut 1,100 jobs at Alabama mill

Hey Bernie Sanders

O’Malley Campaign Rips Hillary Clinton on Unaccompanied Minors.

E-cigarettes are 95 percent less harmful than tobacco: UK study

Should Hillary do more to address racism in America?

Hillary Clinton meets Black Lives Matter – Her Sister Souljah moment? (VIDEO)

The Mighty Wurlitzer: How the CIA Played America

Did Bernie just propose a War Tax in Reno?

US Recognition of Native Hawaiians: Don’t Waste the Opportunity


TYT: Bill O'Reilly Is Still On Team Trump

Should Bernie do more to address racism in America?

Why I will not vote for Hillary in the primary

Hackers Dump Ashley Madison's Customer Data (32 Million), Which Spans The Past 7 Years!

TYT: Trump Is Crushing The GOP Field…And His TYT Ban

Egberto Willies, Steve Horn, & John Kiriakou talk about talk radio, Hillary’s email, and torture.

BLM has become the defining issue of our time

TYT: Is Donald Trump Batman?

Former Maryland Gov. Martin O' Malley is expected to speak to the gathering Wednesday morning.

Blue Bell making Texas comeback starting Aug. 31 -- Are you in one of the lucky counties? See map

Female Ranger is Copperas Cove grad

Question about Citizenship and 14th Amendment

Chelsea Manning spared solitary confinement in contraband case

Venezuela's disastrous course

Venezuela's currency is worth less than a napkin

Hearing officer overturns discipline of Denver cops in separate alleged excessive force cases

This Bridge to Nowhere Hints at Global Reach of Brazil Graft

Venezuela's telenovelas struggle back from the brink

Away from Caracas, shortages even worse in Venezuela

Poverty Is A Weapon Of Mass Destruction

Foreign reporter caught up in Ecuador unrest can stay: judge

Request for info

The Politics of China’s Amazonian Railway

Jeb Bush: "I don't assume it's my way or the highway." (Says the conniving hard-charger)

A Record 107,500 Migrants Entered the E.U. Last Month

Alan Grayson Announces for U.S. Senate

Bill O'Reilly says voting for Democrats would lead to death

Google Maps can now tell you if it’s worth installing solar panels on your roof

The farm-by-farm fight between China and the United States to dominate the global food supply

hoodie weather in mid-august

Hillary Clinton Loses Voters to Bernie Sanders Over Her Pro-GMO Stance

Russian police bust illegal cheesemaking ring

Action-man Putin dons pantsuit to explore Crimea shipwreck in mini-submarine

Jesse Ventura clarifies stance on Donald Trump: He's a "benevolent dictator," endorses Sanders

Josh Groban Sings Best Trump Tweets - Too Funny

What Trump wants to do about "illegal immigrants" has been done before..........

is Bernie the ONLY Democratic presidential candidate who should do more to confront racism?

Holy Crap! A Motel 6 just blew up in Bremerton WA!

Yo New Mexico.....

Pentagon to expand drone killing program

Gas Explosion Levels Part of Motel 6 in Washington State, One Hurt

Carly Fiorina said some nice things about Islam after 9/11, naturally Republicans are freaking out

Question of the day—“Do you think that when you’re president, you’ll be paid as much as a man?”

I was rousted at the train station today for being radioactive.

Venezuela Poll Shows Socialists on Track to Win Elections

Biologists discover skydiving spiders in South American forests

Biologists discover skydiving spiders in South American forests

Daily Holidays - August 19

The Dumb One returns - Palin on Greta - 'Happy With Trump' Heck Yeah! bwahahahahaha

TED Talks: How to Practice Emotional First Aid

Yvonne Craig, TV's Batgirl, Dead at 78

Unusual extradition fight plays out over priests' slayings

Unusual extradition fight plays out over priests' slayings

Sia: Distractions

Update - Mitch Landrieu offers firefighters $42 million settlement plan funded by new tax

Hillary Clinton 2016: Campaign wants donors to pay for their own food, parking.

Ex President Mujica Called On Guatemala to Strategic Integration

Batgirl demands equal pay for women (1972) - RIP Yvonne Craig

Zimbabwe man charged for helping to kill lion illegally

GOP hopeful Huckabee says West Bank is part of Israel

Huckabee: All presidential candidates should visit all of Israel, including W. Bank settlements

Common Dreams: H Real problem,emails are symptom

Tens of thousands fear deportation as US-Cuba relations thaw

Panoramas of Bodie, California

Happy Photography Day!

What greater representation of the GOP could we have than a buffoon named Donald as its leader!

California enacts worker retention law

Donald Trump Attacks Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Over 'Cheap' Migrants

UFCW rips A&P giveback request

Take a guess which GOP-candidates would be deported under Trump's immigration plan.


Man guarding survival store accidentally shoots self

Rapprochement or Intended Regime Change? America’s Kiss of Death

Rapprochement or Intended Regime Change? America’s Kiss of Death

Loki The Cat Looks Like A Vampire Thanks To Her Oversized Teeth,

Thom Hartmann: Why This Republican is Voting for Bernie…

Thom Hartmann: Companies the NSA Found “Extremely Willing" To Spy On Americans

Thom Hartmann: Neocons Led Us To A Bloody & Costly Iraq War - Is Iran Next?

Isis beheads elderly chief of antiquities in ancient Syrian city, official says

Everybody talks about Hillary's unfavorable ratings but take a look at the republicans on

World of Warcraft gets DDOS'ed

In 2016 a Major Multi-State Push for Marijuana Legalization

Bernie answers WSJ question in Iowa

Warwick gun ban still drawing fire

Senator to push S.C. gun-control bills

Did Republicans just give away the 2016 election by raising birthright citizenship?

Birthright citizenship was one of the Republican Party’s greatest accomplishments. Now some...

Chrysler workers vote on authorization to strike

Chrysler workers vote on authorization to strike

Chrysler workers vote on authorization to strike

Political Chaos

For Mexicans, Trump’s bid is getting scarier

Maybe Hillary Clinton just isn’t a very good candidate

WW II fighter ace Fritz Payne dies; fought at Guadalcanal

No politician is exempt from criticism. No politician has any right to operate without scrutiny.

CNN Poll: Clinton Landsliding Bush, Trump, Fiorina, and Walker, Trump Strongest (!!)

Rand Paul Says Immigrant Workers Are Taking Our Jobs Because Americans Lack A ‘Work Ethic’

Skip the Car Charger: Roads With a Jolt of Electricity Are Coming to the U.K.

Krugman: Why All The Republican Candidates Are Attacking Social Security

NYTimes: Raped, Literally, By the "Sharing Economy"

Prison Education Reduces Recidivism by Over 40 Percent. Why Aren’t We Funding More of It?

Video: 76-year-old woman attacked at St. Cecilia Cathedral on Sunday

Sons of Confederate Veterans denied use of chapel at Washington & Lee University

Schools have no Confederate flag ban (NC)

In Mississippi, defenders of state’s Confederate-themed flag dig in


The 199 Most Donald Trump Things Donald Trump Has Ever Said

Skeletons in Portugal may be Jewish victims of Inquisition

Cindy Harvey has passed on.

Yemen's rebels ambush pro-government forces, kill scores

Republican National Committee Endorses Anti-Gay Discrimination

Martin O’Malley to troll Trump with his own employees at rally

Is the ILLEGAL UNJUST and WHOLLY IMMORAL invasion of Iraq not an issue anymore?

Batgirl TV Actress Yvonne Craig Dies From Cancer at 78: Family

DNA Proves Harding Wasn’t First Black President

NSIDC 17 August 2015 - Arctic Sea Ice Now Tracking Below 2010, 2013, 2014

Hillary Clinton takes aim at wage gap in new ad

China's Gov Reassures Tianjin; After Rain, Streets Began Foaming, Residents Felt Lips Were Burning

U Windsor, NOAA Marine Scientists: 2C Target Way Too Little, Way Too Late - Corals Will Not Survive

Longtime Ohio Congressman Louis Stokes Dies at 90

Scott Walker Loves Big Gov't Takes Away Local Control in Wisconsin

Hillary Clinton Nails it: 2016 is the Attack of the Republican Clones

Bernie Sanders Urges Unions To Stand Up And Use Their Power To Crush The Koch Brothers

Toon: Bernie Man

NYTimes--> Health Proposals by #Republicans Scott Walker & Rubio Are Less Concerned About the Poor

Threat Of Violent Revolution If Anti-Immigration Candidate Donald Trump Is Not Elected In 2016

The most outrageous things done in the War on Marijuana.

Check out Black Lives Matter activists meet with Hilary Clinton

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Batty Man

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2-

Heavy Metal Feminism

Huckabee: MLK would be 'appalled' by Black Lives Matter movement

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

This country is nuts: CNN/ORC Poll: Donald Trump now competitive in general election

Meteorite impacts can create DNA building blocks

No, George Soros Didn’t Give $33 Million to #BlackLivesMatter

State inquiries into Planned Parenthood turn up no evidence of wrongdoing

Hypocrisy Alert on turning over records

Rapper Killer Mike (who endorsed Sanders) on Tavis Smiley's show, Part I.

U.S. military probe of Afghan shooting found Bales' camp had lax discipline

When will Donald Trump drop out of the 2016 campaign ?

Americans back federal funds to Planned Parenthood for health services: poll

German lawmakers back Greek bailout despite record rebellion

Memphis City Council votes 11-1 to remove Confederate statue

Band is going to have a concert in North Korea...

Cut Loose: Jobless And Hopeless In An Unfair Economy - Victor Tan Chen On His New Book - Part 1

Whistled Turkish challenges notions about language and the brain

Why are some establishment Democrats floating names to enter the primaries?

Why Surprising Numbers of Republicans are supporting Bernie Sanders

Scott Walker just unveiled his health care replacement plan: tax credits!

CNN/ORC released this morning: Sanders gaining ground on Clinton

The Honduran Coup’s Ugly Aftermath

U.S. consumer prices edge up 0.1% in July

my 17 year old granddaughter got a little gift from a Secret Service agent!

Still no 2016 State Budget!

WaPo: Did Republicans just give away the 2016 election by raising birthright citizenship?

Watch Hillary Clinton in NV Town Hall Get Unusual Measure of Support from Elderly Voter -

Current Predictive Markets: Clinton as nominee at 76% chance and other 2016 markets

"Let me tell you something that no other candidate for president will tell you" has over 4 million

Idaho replaces mile marker 420 with 419.9 to thwart stoners

Memphis City Council votes 11-1 to remove Confederate statue

Awful Award: Religious Right Group To Honor Controversial (perverted) AR Lawmaker For His ‘Courage’

“Independent” GMO Researcher Forced to Release Emails Showing $25K Grant from Monsanto

Time 2011: Top ten Doanld Trump Failures

Gallup: Socialist Presidential Candidates Least Appealing

Say what you will about A-Rod.....but, he can sure hit a baseball eh?

Neo-Confederate’s GoFundMe Page To Save UT Statue From “ISIS Style Atrocities”

Looks like backwater justice in Casselberry is going to get a review at the State Attorneys office

Martin O'Malley to troll Trump with his own employees at rally!CNN

"I wonder what looks best in Hell. Red or silver?" . . . . Please come CAPTION Sarah Palin!!!

While in Vegas, O’Malley to stand with workers seeking to unionize at Trump’s hotel.WaPo

Martin O'Malley to troll Trump with his own employees at rally!CNN

Some Allies fault Hillary Clinton's Response on Emails & Urge a More Effective Response Team

GOP Obamacare derailment syndrome again! – Alan Grayson’s ‘Die Quickly’ reinstituted (VIDEO)

'Beyond Unacceptable': Judge OKs Uranium Mine at Grand Canyon

Happy Birthday President Bill Clinton!

IBM scientists develop brain inspired chip which mimic nuerons

Anti-Gay Tennessee Pastor Would Like To Remind You Stoning Gays Was A-OK Under The Old Testament

MSNBC: Jason Johnson Compares George W. Bush to Fredo Corleone on Hardball with Chris Matthews

Gun-addiction screening

The Email Scandal

Haley: Review abortion clinics

Donald Trump Exposed, A Documentary That everybody Must See

GM Sees Overcapacity Fiasco in China, Hopes Americans Will Buy Lots of Chinese-Made Buicks

Clinton, Sanders, O’Malley hope to win labor support in Las Vegas.LVSun

The global economy is losing its last shock absorber

Nikki returns to form

Bernie:Let me tell you something no other candidate for president will tell you:Real Clear Politics

Top Jeb Bush Adviser Vin Weber Signs On to Lobby for Anti-Gay Uganda Government

The Perilous Life of an Online Woman Writer

Pasadena woman contracts flesh-eating bacteria.

I Watched 14 Police Officers Take Down a One-Legged Homeless Black Man

What Netflix, Amazon, and KKR Tell Us About the Dismal State of Family Leave

Is Cheap Gas Why Traffic Deaths Are Up So Sharply In 2015?

Analyst: Oil Prices Could Hit $15

Two Scottish 'fantasies' for the morning,

AFL-CIO: Use Pacific trade deal to crack down on currency manipulation

Sarah Palin: Trump’s policies sound like they came after drinking a six-pack — and that’s why I like

"Donald Trump exposes Jeb Bush's problem: the GOP doesn't want a bland political insider"

New Sesame Street Episodes moving to HBO

I am begging you all DU don't take your eye off the prize

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 8-18-15

AFL-CIO: Use Pacific trade deal to crack down on currency manipulation

Pic Of The Moment: Have You Noticed...?

AFL-CIO: Use Pacific trade deal to crack down on currency manipulation

WP: Don’t gloat about the Ashley Madison leak. It’s about way more than infidelity.

Marijuana marathon races look to break stoner stigma

Does anyone else think

Do any of the candidates address American Indian problems?

Pumkins arrived a little early in the garden so summer jack-o-laterns

The Simpsons on standardized testing

Student demands female composers on A-level music syllabus

Student demands female composers on A-level music syllabus

Fox News headline: Tea Party could lose Senate for GOP

Student demands female composers on A-level music syllabus

TV’s Batgirl Yvonne Craig Dies at 78

Encouraging Study Finds It Now Easier Than Ever For American

I'm voting for principal, not personality.

Rare 'fire rainbow' spotted in skies over South Carolina

Kirsten Powers: DNC shields Hillary Clinton from debate stage.

Bernie Sanders: My plan to take on Wall Street...

Glyphosate-based herbicides reduce the activity and reproduction of earthworms

Washington Post's Chris Cillizza: "This is a very good ad by Hillary Clinton." (HILLARY GROUP)

Let's Clear Something Up About Lobbyists.

Martinsburg: man is dead after being struck by train

Fractured American Jewish Community Is First Victim of Iran Nuclear Deal

Fractured American Jewish Community Is First Victim of Iran Nuclear Deal

Hillary Clinton Brings On Latino Polling Firm In Key Hire

It's hard to know what Bernie's crowds really mean

Anti-abortion one-upsmanship will haunt Republicans in the election

Why 10-Year-Olds Should Not Be Pregnant: A Wonksplainer

Be careful what you (allow kids to) wish for...because you might (have to) get it.

Why we need to worry about Monsanto and other Toxins

Science Isn’t Broken

"The Case of the Disappearing Dubya" - this is a great read for many reasons

Budweiser Draft Sold at Slaughter Auction

This isn't a political party...

2011: Hillary and her priorities:

Fracking Injunction Fails (Chaco Canyon)

God Has New Plan For Duggars To Get Rich On TV (trigger warning)

God Has New Plan For Duggars To Get Rich On TV (trigger warning)


Straight Outta Gotham

California's SDPD and CVPD increase and enhance use of body cams.

Hey, all you Bernie doubters

I think folks should probably refrain from posting opinion pieces from Fox 'Democrat' Kirsten Powers

Hi Everyone, quiet in there here parts. What is going on?

Journalist Defends Bernie Sanders on CNN

Left Behind: The unintended consequences of school choice

German airport company possible beneficiary of EU-imposed Greek privatization program

What do the Sanders people mean when they use the word "Revolution?"

Police fired 600 ‘unnecessary’ shots in unprecedented car-chase shootout

This should go well. 538: Senator Sanders, You're no Barack Obama

Deez Nuts polling well in NC, Minn, and IA

ON THE ROAD Reno, Nevada w/pics

Clinton lawyer: No undisclosed e-mails left on server turned over to FBI

Jared Fogle’s Wife To File For Divorce After New Child Sex Details Emerge

I've decided to cut my donations to the DNC to 6... cents

Before There Was An Internet, We Had to Make Our Own Fun

Jeb Bush Got $1.3M Job At Lehman After Florida Shifted Pension Cash To Bank

How the German branch of EFD blackmails MPs

Finally, A Real Plan To Rid Nebraska Schools Of Commie Infiltrators

Finally, A Real Plan To Rid Nebraska Schools Of Commie Infiltrators

I’m a young, black female, and I may not vote in this presidential election

Fans of 'Brunch with Bernie': Thom Hartmann's weekday radio/tv program will be off air 6-7 days

Jared Fogle, former Subway pitchman, reaches plea deal in child porn case

Okay I did it. I trashed the GD Primary, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton forums/groups.

Bad Lip Reading is back, to cover the 1st GOP debate

The Bankster's Party..

Watch the Corpse Flower Bloom

Matt Tabbi: I've never seen it...

"All of us at Vogue look forward to putting on the cover the first female President..." (HRC GROUP)

Anti-abortion one-upsmanship will haunt Republicans in the election

So Walker wants to keep the ban on "pre existing" conditions

Anti-abortion one-upsmanship will haunt Republicans in the election

Scott Walker bashing from Conservative Wash Post columnist Jennifer Rubin-"Scott Walker goes

By all rights, Ruby Sales should have been killed on Friday, Aug. 20, 1965.

I have a serious question about verbiage.

Fun items from the PPP NC Poll

Who wants Hillary Clinton out of the race?

Meeting with my (new) oncologist this afternoon

Daycare providers more worried after Rauner (IL) fires child care advocate

What is this journalistic video style?

Famous "First in Alphabet" polling has started!

Why does Daily Kos allow less Hillary-hate diaries than DU?

Man Accidentally Shoots Self While Guarding 'Muslim-Free' Oktaha Gun Store

OK Man Guarding 'Muslim-Free' Gun Store Shoots Self

RNC email accounts protected Bush WH. No Republican lawmaker showed any level of *concern*

Police: Man Accidentally Shot, Killed by 2-Year-Old Son

Duggars Pitch New Reality Show Counseling Sex Abuse Victims

I don't see the problem with our field of candidates others do (except maybe Webb, can't warm up to

If Hillary Will Not Join With Other Dems To Demand More Debates, She's Not Qualified To Run.

Financial Doomsday Clock “One Minute to Midnight”

Donald Trump Blames Republicans for Economic Mess: ‘I Don’t Think Democrats Would Have Done That’

Alaska Legislature will sue Gov. Walker to block Medicaid expansion

"FIRST REPUBLICAN DEBATE HIGHLIGHTS: 2015" — A Bad Lip Reading of The Republican Debate

Dutch government under fire from far-right for approving Greek bailout

Rand Paul Purchases a Path Around an Inconvenient Kentucky Law

Republicans Reeling As Poll Shows Voters Don’t Care About Hillary Clinton Emails

Sarah Palin to Greta: I’m ‘So Happy’ with Trump

PA. Repubs finally calling House back into session - 2 months into the budget crisis

Video Game Ratings Board Says No Changes Coming After Doctor’s Group Links Violent Vid Games

Fed: First rate hike "approaching"

Scott Walker: Corporate America’s Chosen One; A Koch Brothers Lapdog

Moscow Urges Europe To Get Ukraine To Comply With Truce

Immigrant Who Works In Trump Hotel: I'm Ashamed Of Him, Not My Status (video)

6 imaginative new ways America has found to punish its poor

Why Hillary Clinton Drives Her Enemies Crazy (HILLARY GROUP)

Jeb Bush SuperPAC to increase TV ad blitz in September from $10million to upwards of $15million

Using light and dark to tell a story.

Meanwhile, over in the garden...

ISIS Beheads Syrian Antiquities Scholar in Palmyra

Islamic Scholars Warn About Climate Change

Reed & Whitehouse Announce Support for Iran Nuclear Agreement

Luckovich: Trump

Birthright citizenship is positive American exceptionalism.

Spanish festival backtracks, re-invites Jewish singer

‘Diamonds from the sky’ approach turns CO2 into valuable products

"What's wrong with slavery?"

Idaho replaces sign at mile marker 420, because stoners

Am I the only one bothered by the thought of The Federal Reserve....?

Martin O'Malley Returns to Iowa on Saturday August 22, 2015 & Sunday August 23, 2015

Spanish festival backtracks, re-invites Jewish singer

Very Rev. Gary Hall, “Non-Theistic” Dean of National Cathedral, to Resign

New technology can expand LED lighting, cutting energy use and greenhouse gas emissions

Martin Luther King’s hate mail eerily resembles criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement

Some kids have something to say

ISIS Beheads Syrian Antiquities Scholar in Palmyra

saw this and thought it was neat.

Democracy Now: When Black Lives Matter Met Clinton

Scott Walker: I will repeal Obamacare on Day 1 of presidency

Imagine it, feel it, believe it

Conundrum: Apologizing for NSA Overreach While Claiming to Support Black Lives Matter

How The US Left Responded To The Recession VS The Great Depression

Humans of New York Raises $2 Million to End Forced Labor in Pakistan

New Orleans church leaders rally support for removal of Confederate monuments

If you're an American citizen of European ancestry and opposed to immigration, you're a hypocrite

3 options considered for Confederate Monument in Linn Park (AL)

Black Arts: The $800 Million Family Selling Art Degrees and False Hopes

Endorsements are consistently predictive of who becomes the nominee....Bernie Sanders has zero

Man guarding “Muslim-free” gun range bends over, drops weapon, accidentally shoots self

Question? If Sanders and O'Malley agreed to debate

Black Arts: The $800 Million Family Selling Art Degrees and False Hopes (xpost from CA)

Latest CNN/ORC/Int Poll Shows Sanders closing gap on Clinton

Bernie Sanders popularity means moving to a bigger venue for Saturday rally in Charleston

Frank Schaeffer: "Why I am an Atheist Who Believes in GOD" | Talks at Google

Elizabeth Warren is still the key for Democrats

Russ Feingold Comes Out For $15 Minimum Wage

World’s Largest Telecom Company Is NSA’s Biggest Snitch

Hillary trails Trump in North Carolina

Donald Trump condemns Bill Cosby

Confederate Flag: Opening up a dialogue (VT)

Twin typhoons in the Pacific

Mercury and Selenium are Accumulating in the Colorado River Food Web of the Grand Canyon


Poland looking into report of Nazi treasure train found

Baby panda on the way at the National Zoo.

Nazi gold train 'found in Poland'

Khaled al-Asaad profile: the Howard Carter of Palmyra


Donnelly Announces He Will Support Proposed Iran Nuclear Agreement

O'Malley Rallies Outside Trump's Vegas Hotel.VIDEO

O'Malley Rallies Outside Trump's Vegas Hotel.VIDEO

From 'Bernie Who?' to 'Bernie Why Not?'

Russian source confirms S-300 missiles to be delivered to Iran this year

O'Malley Rallies Outside Trump's Vegas Hotel.VIDEO

Ben Carson Open To Using Drone Strikes At The Border

moment of introspection: Bernie and Hillary have largely avoided going negative on each other

Once again, the Ashley Madison hack demonstrates that

James Carville Torches WaPo: Talk Of A 'Democratic Freakout' Is Pure Stupidity!

While in Vegas, O’Malley makes an appearance in front of Trump’s hotel.WaPo

Bad Lip Reading: The First Republican Debate

Radio talk show blowhard wants slavery back...

Missouri Lawmakers Respond To Sexual Harassment Of Interns By Suggesting Intern Dress Code

Only One GOP Candidate Doesn’t Support Endless War; Isn’t This A Problem?

Martin O'Malley Gives Boost To Immigrant Trump Hotel Workers Trying To Organize Union.IBT

Ex-Virginia Cop Charged With Murder Collapses In Court After He's Denied Bail

"I'm a strict Constitutionalist, except when the text is wrong." . . . Come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Martin O'Malley Gives Boost To Immigrant Trump Hotel Workers Trying To Organize Union.IBT

Don't let the Republicans Disappear W

I read Donald Trump's immigration plan, and it's even crueler than I expected

Cornel West Backs Bernie Sanders

Smashed Cucumber Salad Takes Manhattan.

Cornel West Backs Bernie Sanders

An Immigration Lawyer On The Truth About Birthright Citizenship

Bernie Sanders Explains Why "Socialist" Isn't a Dirty Word - Late Night with Seth Meyers

How hot is it?

Just signed up for a self-paced course called "Soul Beliefs"

Is the 10 republican idiots column coming back??

Kasich: If I Were King, I'd Ban Teachers' Lounges So They Can't Complain

Bernie Sanders schools ‘corporate media’ reporter: No, I won’t slam Hillary for you

Taliban Attempt to Ruin US Cookout in Afghanistan

Bulldog snoring. Wakes up. Licks his owner's head.

Confused and garbled: Mike Huckabee blunders his way through Israel press conference

Trump getting ahead

Duggars ‘still stunned’ fans didn’t forgive and forget their family molestation scandal: report

Report: Groundwater pumping in California has land sinking

Bernie Sanders, I or D in the General Election?

After all these years, nobody makes me laugh like @billclinton. Happy birthday! -H

Sarah Palin: Trump’s policies sound like they came after drinking a six-pack — and that’s why I like

Fact check: Hillary Clinton’s email brag

Bernie Sanders schools ‘corporate media’ reporter: No, I won’t slam Hillary for you

The Case for Print Media

The Latest: Christie says he'd work with unions, unlike Bush

The Latest: Christie says he'd work with unions, unlike Bush

UPDATED: Donald Trump cited as potential influence in brutal attack on homeless Hispanic man

The Latest: Christie says he'd work with unions, unlike Bush

O'Malley attacks Trump at candidate's hotel.BaltSun

Professional poker player Danile Negreanu totally hip to Fox news.


Is Lawrence Lessig the most presumptuous potential presidential candidate?

FDA warns Ohio that importing lethal injection drug would be illegal

Prosecutor clears immigration officer who shot Detroit man in home raid

Hey Frank...

Police arrest suspect in assault, robbery of woman (age 76) at church; man's mother also arrested

Ben Carson takes immigration debate to insane new low, floats drone strikes at border

Perry rejects calls for indicted Attorney General Ken Paxton to resign

Is it a good idea for the UN/IAEA to allow Iran to inspect it's own sites for wrongdoing?


Video and Audio Show Fiorina Praising Hillary in 2008: Now Has Amnesia, Remembers None of That

Florida’s Criminal Governor Still Stealing From Tax Payers

I figure if anyone knows about these Obama phones I keep hearing about it would be someone here.

Guard at 'Muslim-Free' Gun Range Accidentally Shoots Self

They took big Ed off MSNBC for this Dyson guy

Save The Date, Bigots: Ted Cruz Holding Rally To Honor ‘Victims’ Of Gay Marriage

Law and order. The Rethugs are trying to turn back the clock to 1966,

Bernie issues environmental justice platform to protect minority communities

Clinton releases new ad aimed at middle class

What's for Dinner, Wed., Aug. 18, 2015

Elderly Couple Married For 63 Years Wear Adorable Rival Jerseys To Baseball Game

I just read this- 79 years and 11 months ago

REMEMBER? The Corporate Media Cheerleaders While A Sovereign Nation Under Attack, Civilians Killed

The problem is not the number of debates, it is the late start and exclusivity

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 20 August 2015

Funniest Bill Clinton Memes (in honor of his birthday)

Does anyone know

Planned Parenthood Florida Says It Will Resume Abortions

Next to Jeb Bush, Donald Trump sounds positively sane on foreign policy

The time to stop laughing at Trump's demagoguery and take it seriously is today

Rand Paul: 'How Do You Out-Trump the Irrational?'

Krugman: How about calling Trumpism National Social Democracy?

Houston Bigots Revive Moniker From Disgusting, Anti-Gay Campaign In 1985

BBQ for 400 people-just because. My kind of place!

The circular logic behind media coverage of the Clinton email story

Trump is now setting the GOP agenda

question. my hubby has filed for his ssdi, but

ICE Officer Will Not Be Charged In Death Of Terrance Kellom, Killed During Detroit Arrest

Martin O’Malley Calls Hillary Clinton Email Issue a ‘Huge Distraction’.NYT

Martin O’Malley Calls Hillary Clinton Email Issue a ‘Huge Distraction’.NYT

Josh Duggar was an Ashley Madison subscriber

Israel Suspends Palestinian Hunger Striker's Detention

Family Values Activist Josh Duggar Had a Paid Ashley Madison Account

Dr. West...

Donald Trump is tearing conservative media apart: How his candidacy sparked a right-wing civil war

It's official: The Internet is Owned by White Dudes

Migrants crisis: Slovakia 'will only accept Christians'

Bernie channeling FDR today -

Warning to update Internet Explorer immediately.

The Trump Circus comes to Mobile!

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump might campaign together

hillary breaks with obama

conflating real issues with bogus ones is dishonest and lame.

Hillary-->They're called babies.

Birthright Citizenship in the United States, support or oppose it?

U.S. Democratic Senator Markey says he'll support Iran nuclear deal

Moofer the dog

TYT: Zimbo the Clown Paints Confederate Flag To Prove He Loves America

A rightwinger through a video on a rightwing show is claiming

Canadian Cops Kill Dog That Video Shows Was Clearly Not a Threat (WARNING graphic)

Americans Back Federal Funds To Planned Parenthood For Health Services, Poll Shows

most disgusting story of the week. pastor sentenced for swindling elderly out of millions

Costco and CP Foods face lawsuit over alleged slavery in prawn supply chain

UN Expresses Concern to AT&T on Reported Wiretapping

Right wing racists and their dirty tricks trying to take Shawn King down...

Some Hillary Clinton Supporters In South Carolina Are Starting To Get Nervous

Top Obama Strategist Joins Draft Biden Effort

Comparisons between Sanders' and Clinton's interactions with BLM activists are dishonest

The California Drought Is So Bad, It Might Be Killing The Giant Sequoia (xpost from GD)

Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders on Whether to Invade Iraq - 2002

Deleting because I'm late to the game.

Damn, I love a good greek gyros.

On skinny dipping.

So I was in the hospital Monday having yet another new bit added

Were is this Trump thing heading?

If you had an Ashley Madison account, would you admit it to your spouse today???

Kirsten Powers: I've got news for Democrats. It's a baby!

Pros and cons of Tom Vilsack as veep

Spanish Reggae Fest Invites Matisyahu Back After Gov't Condemnation

A Question for Donald Trump

Missouri Lawmakers Respond To Sexual Harassment Of Interns By Suggesting Intern Dress Code

Required Reading: Economics (and it's even a fun read)

Los Angeles Reporter Makes Pre-K Kid Cry on First Day of School

Does Trump equal trouble for the GOP with Hispanics?

How important was post Tiananmen Chinese MFN to Walmart?

Two Women To Graduate From Army Ranger School

TV Viewing for The Donald Tonight

Is this an epidemic? Half of the Giants' starting fielders are on the DL.

'The biggest change of our time' is happening right now in Africa

Feeling sense of 'urgency,' Walker says he'll get aggressive

MSNBC covers Trump 24/7 in Prime Time

Blue Whale's Perfect Comic Timing! #EarthOnLocation - Earth Unplugged

Sarah and Donald, sittin' in a tree . . .

Trump's "Go-To" National Security Adviser Says He's Never Talked Policy With Trump

Japanese Cargo Ship Sets Sail for the Space Station

Ex-chemical company president pleads guilty in West Virginia spill

Dayton, Ohio burglar gets chased off with hot coffee and a mop!

Martin O'Malley Makes Nevada Stop About Workers, Immigration.NBC

Children as property: The common root of religious child abuse and the pro-life movement

Who Is Deez Nuts? Internet Meme Surges In 2016 Presidential Polls

Subway's Jared Admits Child Exploitation Scheme - Paid to Engage in Sex with Minor - Gets Prison

Martin O'Malley Makes Nevada Stop About Workers, Immigration.NBC

Gorgeous Red and Green Auroras Dazzle Astronauts in Space | Mashable News

How Putin Won French Conservatives