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Rally for Confederate battle flag sparks protests in Plantation, Sunrise (FL)

Their affair wasn’t the only problem

So what happens when president Sanders

Notable Mississippians join chorus to change state flag

Jay Smooth: "My two cents on ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ and defending Bernie Sanders."

A very interesting post in Populist Reform Group

Notable Mississippians join chorus to change state flag

Brazilian protesters call for President Dilma Rousseff's impeachment

No Apologies: Meet the Guy Who Got Bernie Sanders Interrupters on the Stage

Boxing out Biden

Brazilian protesters call for President Dilma Rousseff's impeachment

Iran - Trump - oil - Gets crazier and crazier

Ceasefire in Colombia possible after justice deal with FARC: Santos

A request for reading suggestions on AA organizers

Fast nuclear reactor to start construction in Fujian (China) in 2017

Fast endless Bi-directional spiral with an ho scale train

Trump says would raise visa fees to pay for Mexican border wall

Killing of Venezuelan Indigenous leader nets 30-yr sentence

Montana declares state of emergency as U.S. Northwest battles blazes

Syrian government air strikes on market kill at least 82 people

Is it possible for a 5-yr old to talk TOO much?

Donald Trump is a counterfeit Republican

Bernie Flintstones

Why cats aren’t Republican - Back By Popular Demand / If By Demand It Means Me

Has any ex-president ever been attacked

Opposition Demonstrators Shoot, Injure 11 Ecuadorean Officials

Editorial: Get ready for a barn-burner in Dem Senate primary

With High-Profile Help, Obama Plots Life After Presidency

Breaking the communication barrier between dolphins and humans

Breaking the communication barrier between dolphins and humans

Racial Wealth Gap Persists Despite Degree, Study Says

2fer: My theory:: TRUMP is lonely/craves to be LOVED. Plus, real/professional media pundit's take:

September 8 moneybomb to celebrate Bernie's birthday

What the Rest of the World Thinks About the Republican Party

Catherine Brahic: Meet the Lazarus toads that bring hope for amphibians

Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders to Make Trip to Chicago 8/17

NS 3034: Catherine Brahic: Meet the Lazarus toads that bring hope for amphibians

A Soundtrack for a Black Child Standing Against Police Thuggery in Ferguson

The US Government Is Spending Millions to Illegally Lock Up Immigrant Families

The US Government Is Spending Millions to Illegally Lock Up Immigrant Families

Donors show unity for Hillary Clinton, and No Hunger for Biden

Octopus Studies Detail Strange Behavior and Genetics

Octopus Studies Detail Strange Behavior and Genetics

Illinois man to be executed in Oklahoma scrutinizes evidence

Rape case points to sordid tradition at elite prep school

If you go into a Rite Aid to buy a lighter...

I know you're reading my email, John Kerry tells Russia and China

Hillary Clinton's campaign just sent out this 13-paragraph message explaining her 'complicated' emai

Democratic Party video menagerie

Inmates say they worked for free for jail officials

Babies for Bernie...

@ScottWalker thinking about all that #GOP Koch money...

Beauty in darkness

history of the Pledge

A Night At The Opera: I had something funny and very gratifying happen to me last night.

Some Kid common sense regarding wingers

Group files complaint against judge forcing man to get married or go to jail

Sen.Sanders to Visit Chicago

Australian Government Lawmaker Introduces Gay Marriage Bill

On The Road:Field of Dreams

Marissa Johnson: a generation of activists who believe in disruption

"I was into Hillary, but Bernie kind of sucked me in with his economic ideas,”

A must see for Bernie Supporters

Cute Video: 12-year-old discusses the virtues of voting for Bernie

USA vs. Costa Rica -

for the new generation

NCC had 'no choice' but to approve victims of communism site, Mills email asserts

Full Iowa Wing Ding 2015 video:

Ecuador's indigenous lead anti-government protests

Donald Trump, zingers and all, emerges as sharp H-1B critic

The Cuesta Grade is on fire and near Buellton the 101 is down to one lane due to fire


E.J. Dionne: "When Yeats Comes Knocking" (PS - it is masterful)

Getting software from strangers

Is it animal abuse to dress little dogs up in mini people clothes all the time?

I love my union!

Low oil prices pose threat to Texas fracturing bonanza

Are there any US cities where cabbies are W2 employees of cab services rather than contractors?

Congressman describes conditions at Karnes City immigration detention facility as ‘inhumane’

Straight from the horse's...uh...mouth? Loony Ben Carson: "How to remedy America’s social ills?"

Here's how Ronald Reagan repealed the fairness doctrine and gave us Fox News

Labour leadership contest: Party aides fear 'purge' if Jeremy Corbyn is elected

Is it just me or is DU super slow?

Donald Trump is the perfect "moderate"

Oppose Monsanto's Dream GMO Bill, HR 1599 _ (Use Fax Petition to Contact Your Representatives)

What are the candidates' positions on SSDI? What is the Party position?

National Journal: Republicans hold 8 out 10 senate seats most likely to flip in 2016.

Restrictions on Animas and San Juan river water lifted

Sri Lankans go to polls in 'referendum' on Rajapaksa comeback

Mark Cuban says Trump doesn't have much money.

IRON MAIDEN's New Song/Retro-gaming video - EXCELLENT! Best In YEARS! Classic 80's Maiden sound:

So what's going to happen if next year's election turns out to be between Bernie and Trump?

Victims’ family objects to death row inmate’s push for cooler temps

Haven't posted here in ages ... but just heard something on the radio I wanted to share ...

Boxing out Biden

My daughter and her hubby went to the Indiana State Fair, and bought this souvenir:

Just found this link on Facebook, something *everyone* should see and have to protect themselves

Hey HoFers, can I talk about Hillary Clinton with those of you who support her? (HoF group post)

Man. City

Daily Holidays - August 17

Oh shit...

Baaaaahahahaha John Oliver nails it again--want to be part of a new church? I'm joining!

John Oliver Exposes Shady Televangelists Fleecing Americans For Millions

Elizabeth Warren: Expand Social Security. Don't Cut It.

Neocons to Americans: Trust Us Again

End Citizens United = astroturf. Don't give them money.

14 Union Pacific cars derail in Robertson County

San Marcos issues boil water notice

Why Kayla Mueller, raped repeatedly by ISIS leader, refused to escape

Tabling for Bernie at Seattle's Hempfest

Pittsburgh-based steel manufacturer locks out 2,200 workers

What explains this-Huge rise in UK diabetes cases threatens to bankrupt NHS

Chris Christie:No way in hill should Hillary be President

Contract deadlines on September 1 at ArcelorMittal and U.S. Steel

Japanese PM’s speech on World War II riddled with duplicity

The lost backpack...

Sanders says he could support banning some weapons, universal background checks

Cary man fights order to remove Confederate-style flag (NC)

John Grisham Believes Mississippi Will Ditch the Confederate Flag ‘Sooner Rather Than Later’

Well blow me down! GOP friend posts Pro-Bernie FB meme.

World Drought Map

Keli'i (Skippy) Ioane, 1982 & 2014

Listening to some of my cab passengers talk, Donald Trump will either be our next President

Question: why did Palin never generate the following that Trump has?

GOP candidates for gov oppose removing confederate monuments (LA)

Hillary is not "entitled" or "anointed", she's the front runner and has earned that

Housing Affordability in San Fran & Bay Area Plunges; Stocks, Interest Rates Could Trigger Epic Bust

Christie is on CNN lying again

A Shocking Number Of Adults Suffer From Chronic Pain (And they're at risk for depression too)

Yet More Private Equity Grifting: The SEC Enables “Broken Deal Expense” Con

Ann Coulter with Bill Maher: Bernie will be harder to beat than Hillary

POLL: Meme of the Week – August 17th

The resale shop had marked it down. Twice. Still, I managed to pass.

Hillary Clinton Seeks to Connect With Iowans, but Celebrity Gets in Way

British MP called 'Zionist scumbag' after criticizing party leadership candidate

How much should a FOID/CC license cost?

Union to rally outside Patriot Coal over pension benefits

Union to rally outside Patriot Coal over pension benefits

Union to rally outside Patriot Coal over pension benefits

Russia says Ukraine preparing new offensive against separatists

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 8-16-15 + goal went up

The Original Christie Crime Digest....

The willful race based destruction of a generation of kids

Bernie Sanders promises to tackle racism as president

Brazil's president has an approval rating of 8%

Monday Toon Roundup 1- GOP

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

World stocks drift as Greek bailout clears eurozone hurdle

Securities and Exchange Commission Says Stock Market A Fantasyland, Fucked

John Oliver Exposes Televangelism, Then Forms His Own Tax-Exempt Church

Chris Christie: Clinton's arrogance is breathtaking

Bangkok rocked by bomb at religious shrine

the most horrific example of institutional racism you could imagine

“I am Batman.” — Donald Trump

Looting Sweeps Venezuela as Hunger Takes Over

Tsipras likely to call confidence vote after party revolt

GOP "Minority OutReach"

South Florida group fights for right to fly Confederate battle flag, so what's new?

Fugitive Lebanese cleric Ahmad al-Assir fails to avoid arrest with '70s makeover'

Yvette Cooper: leadership candidates urged to pull out to avoid Corbyn win

What are you reading the week of Sunday, August 16, 2015?

Egypt imposes anti-terror law that punishes 'false' reporting of attacks

m$nbc = trump central

Appropo of nothing, I happened to re-watch "Seven" yesterday,

White House program to aim at combating rise in heroin deaths

Need a prayer to get through this day, waiting to hear on a job.

TRUMP's Polish Brigade: "We worked in horrid, terrible conditions"

Trial opens for white supremacist charged in Kansas killings

America's despicable, hypocritical persecution of Chelsea Manning

It figures: MSM upstaged, humiliated by an 8-year-old's ? for Trump

I Just Want To Make It Clear One For All ,

Brazilians rage against president, corruption

Trump calls for deportation of illegal immigrants, end to birthright citizenship

I think someone is trying to scam me.

New York state factory activity tumbles to lowest since 2009: NY Fed

Borowitz: Biden releases both emails written while VP

TOM TOMORROW: GOP Voter Outreach For The Ladies!

4.2 earthquake 1 mile N of Piedmont in Oakland,

Nate Silver: Hillary Clinton's Inevitable Problems

Trump is not a "phenomenon" - his candidacy is just media hype to sell news/entertainment product

We have a pretty deep bench of Qualified Democratic Candidates, so I am keeping my mind open

John Oliver Exposes Shady Televangelists Fleecing Americans For Millions

Illinois draws one step closer to marijuana decriminalization.

The Atlantic: The Courage of Julian Bond

New York Manufacturing Index tumbles to recession-era levels

Obama’s Post-Presidency Panel of Experts: Celebrities, Billionaires, and Authors

Americans' Support for Labor Unions Continues to Recover

Americans' Support for Labor Unions Continues to Recover

A Hillary Supporter Explains How Bernie Sanders Can Become President

Americans' Support for Labor Unions Continues to Recover

Donald Trump Falls Apart When Asked Who He Would Turn To For Military Advice

Russia, Iran Say Future of Assad a Matter for Syrians

Dentist smiles over illegal bear kill in new photos

Evictions and collecting the rent.....

‘Self defense’ takes a bloody toll in Florida

John Oliver on Televangelist

The 'End of the high seas', or we watch the seas die

About those high paying high skilled jobs illegal immigrants are taking

Just got back from a week in Florida, didn't find Florida man anywhere

@ScottWalker at the @IowaStateFair #DMRSoapbox – LIVE at 11am ET on C-SPAN

Oil slips closer to six-year low on Japan data, oversupply

Storm system in Atlantic has 'high chance' of developing, hurricane forecasters say

Presidential candidate Donald Trump reports for jury duty in Lower Manhattan

Pettings time for Murphy

Summer heatwave engulfs Middle East

Trump's immigration plan...

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton Revived America's (post-Bush) Reputation in the World (HILLARY GROUP)

Pic Of The Moment: But Can He See Russia From His House?

Time to put up this handy-dandy and simple enough for the mass media Chart. Again.

Hillary Clinton revived America's reputation in world

America’s 53 Best Colleges PERIOD In 2015 When You Consider Absolutely Everything That Matters

Bernie will tackle corporate welfare

TYT: Trump And Rand Paul Aren’t Golf Buddies Anymore

America’s 53 Best Colleges PERIOD In 2015 When You Consider Absolutely Everything That Matters

Tell me your best Chinatown Express story

PG&E, former employee to hold talks on nuclear power plant

Texas Woman Files Complaint After Officer Forcibly Searches her Vagina (trigger warning)

Texas Woman Files Complaint After Officer Forcibly Searches her Vagina (trigger warning)

Texas Woman Files Complaint After Officer Forcibly Searches her Vagina

My neighbors cut down our mutual privacy foilage. Huh?!1


So, name me a better plan than Trump's on immigration

Squee! Look who came to visit me!

Jeff Bezos says he’d quit the Amazon described in New York Times bombshell

Birthers Say These 4 GOP Candidates May Be Ineligible To Be President

I remember when I was about 16 years oldsitting at my Aunt and Uncles's and

Oklahoma Court Blocks Medication Abortion Restriction

Bulls kill seven at Spain summer festivals

Oklahoma Court Blocks Medication Abortion Restriction

In an interview, a NYT reporter asked Bernie about Hillary's hair. He was not pleased

Chuck Todd used by Donald Trump for free advertising and to set the narrative (VIDEO)

Ben Carson Accuses Obama Of Using 'Anti-Semitic Themes'

Swiss without nuclear power after shutdown

Hillary Clinton Targets HBCUs in College Affordability Plan

Concentrations of power are bad for humanity

TYT: Comedian Jim Norton Rips Marco Rubio

Race and the Storm

Twitter today: DeRay Mckesson & Bernie agree to meet to discuss racial justice platform

TYT: Christians Asked About Israel And The Nuclear Deal With Iran

"Yes, Your Magesty, President Trump!" . . . Please come CAPTION Ann Coulter!

Who needs a non-divisive, "happy" thread? Watch this--it's fun!

100 years ago today, Leo Frank became the only American Jew to be lynched — setting up KKK’s rebirth

Never seen it put quite this well . . .

Trump supporter tells CNN: Immigration plan means more jobs for whites ‘and some of the blacks’

China blasts: Tianjin port city rocked by explosions

In the middle of Omaha, a bird-watching spectacular takes flight

Florida’s attorney general won’t pay legal fees after losing fight against same-sex marriage

In the middle of Omaha, a bird-watching spectacular takes flight

all the Democratic candidates and Institutional Racism

UPDATE 1-Japan nuclear utility says no special precautions over volcano

Florida Fraternity Suspended After Members Caught on Video Chanting About Rape


MJS-->Protests follow Scott Walker on campaign trail

Sanders slams press, says focus should be on middle class

A couple juvenile American Kestrels visited me!

N.L.R.B. Says Northwestern Football Players Cannot Unionize

The Devil's Purpose

World Champion Bull Contender Mick E Mouse Euthanized, Age 7

"Don't invade, annihilate their sorry asses!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!!

Waiting for the ship that could save a man's life

Update - Williamson County DA Jana Duty and Deja Vue: Another Contempt Of Court Violation Looms

He doesn't have a chance? Bullshit....

I would definitely do this, if I had any money....

Toon: Bernie crowd vs Hillary crowd...

Tepco facing plaintiff surge over Fukushima debacle, ’08 disaster warning

Scott Walker's idea of Local Control: Floats idea of overriding liberal voter rights states with s

Bernie Sanders the feminist (video)

Obama Administration Warns Beijing About Covert Agents Operating in U.S.

president carter--pancreatic cancer?

The Lost Patrol

No shit!

China suspends or closes 50 websites for 'spreading rumors' about Tianjin blasts

Explosion kills at least 27 in Bangkok

Part of the Country Burns Down While Congress Plays The Fiddle

Why the Internet of Things will be Worse than a Zombie Apocalypse

Toronto: TTC Testing Talking Buses

U.N. should take responsibility for Haiti's deadly cholera MO'M

U.N. should take responsibility for Haiti's deadly cholera MO'M

We have autism all wrong: The radical new approach we need to understand and treat it

Lots more email headlines to come

Pentagon plans sharp increase in drone use for both surveillance and strikes

Cast your votes now. Who is on Pat Robertson's list for smiting by Atlantic hurricane?

U.N. should take responsibility for Haiti's deadly cholera epidemic.

Sen. Dick Black rips ‘global warming theology’ and EPA’s ‘Bolshevik communists’

Malaysia govt wants social media giants to curb spread of false information

Bibi's Cannon Fodder

Trump supporter tells CNN: Immigration plan means more jobs for whites ‘and some of the blacks’

Looking for an affordable craft case.

Phony ritual swindles Thai-Chinese elderly out of millions of baht

Found this on HuffPo, some may have seen it. I think it's funny

Jimmy Carter and the Happening of History

Watch for GOP Reaction to Trump’s immigration Plan

The UA Alpha Phi recruitment video = Just about everything that is wrong with Southern Greek life

Carl Hiaasen: Florida Gov. Rick Scott picks the public’s pockets

On the edge of the abyss

Maureen Dowd: Trump's 'Blood' Remark Wasn't About Megyn Kelly Menstruating

US criticizes use of police in ouster of Burma party chief

GOP Hatred Loses More Ground: President Obama Named ‘Most Admired Man In The World’

Because of the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII Marta and I made a special trip photos

Florida's First Liberal Governor

When Public Servants Refuse to Serve the Public

Because of the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII Marta and I made a special trip photos

O’Malley’s son tells him 3 in 10 voters have some idea who he is. And that’s quite an improvement.

Architecture of Segregation: Civil Unrest, the Concentration of Poverty, and Public Policy

Because of the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII Marta and I made a special trip photos

Is It Too Late for Joe Biden?

The premiere episode of Blunt Talk (Fox News parody) is streaming now! (Patrick Stewart)

Sierra Leone records zero new Ebola infections

Donors Not Interested in Biden Running

Homeless Tianjin residents demand compensation, answers

O’Malley’s son tells him 3 in 10 voters have some idea who he is. And that’s quite an improvement.

I would like to apologize to pnwmom

A Trumped GOP Field

State Legislature should have a special session on poverty, too

Bangkok bomb: Deadly blast rocks Thailand capital

China promises answers after Tianjin blasts

Tianjin Toxic Blasts Puts China's Communist Party on The Spot

Mike Malloy - Ben Carson, Critic of Fetal Tissue Research, Has Done Fetal Tissue Research

LePage’s handwritten notes show failings in Maine’s record retention law

Mike Malloy - Jeb Bush: Kerry's Cuba Visit Is A ‘Birthday Present’ For Castro - Part 1

Mike Malloy - Jeb Bush: Kerry's Cuba Visit Is A ‘Birthday Present’ For Castro - Part 2

Our candidates vs. their candidates: Meme

Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in A Buising Workplace

Hillary to appear on Ellan Degeneres show next month

Thoth Technology patents 12-mile-high inflatable space elevator

Hillary Clinton to sit down with Ellen DeGeneres

Martin O'Malley calls on the U.N. to take responsibility for Haiti's deadly cholera epidemic

Iran deal quietly picks up some GOP backers

Priced out of Bay Area hometowns, blacks return on Sundays for church

Meet Swami Balendu, an atheist guru with a non-religious ashram in Vrindavan

So, I guess I have a pet tree frog

Tea Party Lawmaker: My Phony Gay Sex Scandal Doesn't Mean 'God Is Dead'

Office Of Minnesota Dentist Who Killed Cecil The Lion Reopens

Bangkok Bomb at Religious Shrine Kills at Least 16

Scott Walker: Mitch McConnell Is Part Of The Problem In Washington

Will Police Body Cams Save Lives? Or Is It Just A Pipe Dream?

Planned Parenthood seeks injunction against Florida health agency

Can a separate group for BlackLivesMatter

Prank calls may bring 911 rule change

This is the best 27 seconds of Scott Walker’s presidential campaign so far

90 Missions a Day: Pentagon Wants to Up Its Use of Drones

Frequent volcanic eruptions likely cause of long-term ocean cooling

Hamas concludes first-ever military training camp for girls

Another reason why Trump is so popular with the people:

Donald Trump says illegal immigrants ‘have to go.’ Only 31 percent of Republicans agree.

John Oliver Confirms Every Slimy Thing About Televangelists, Sets Up His Own Church (VIDEO)

New FOX poll: Trump on top, Carson in second

Why I DON'T support Bernie for President

Save Oak Flat! A sacred Apache site that McCain and Flake (R-Az) want to mine.

Bernie Sanders at UNR 8/18

Trump wants to deport people. So can we deport Trump?

"Tear Down This Wall" Was What Reagan Said To Gorbachev - This Was The Berlin Wall Back In 1987....

Route 29 Batman is killed after his Batmobile breaks down along a Md. highway

Dean pollster: The typical Sanders voter is a Volvo-driving, financially comfortable white liberal

Krugman: Republicans Against Retirement

Jewish activists launch crowdfunding appeal to breed perfect re

Morgan Freeman's step-granddaughter 'stabbed to death in exorcism', boyfriend charged

State Department flags 305 more Clinton e-mails for review

Thom Hartmann on BLM.

Truck Crashes into a Highway Sign

Far-right "lawyer" throws a tantrum...

Leaving My Religion Was Nothing Like Entering It

Nigeria bishop: Same-sex marriage against human dignity

Bernie Sanders Draws More People Than Clinton Or Trump With Crowd That Stopped Iowa State Fair

Trumps new home....Antipodes Islands

Confederate flag rallies since the Charleston massacre, mapped

Funny airplane landing on highway (high quality) - Must watch!

We underestimate Dr. Ben Carson at our peril.

Do everything with flair

Gov. Bentley seeks dismissal of Confederate flag lawsuit

Oath Keepers plan to arm 50 black Ferguson demonstrators with AR-15 rifles and dare cops to shoot

Think the big banks should be broken up? You're in good company.

Wall Street DESTROYED the Newspaper Unions and We ALL Suffer for It.

Scott Walker at Iowa State Fair criticizes GOP lawmakers, takes on protesters

Hillary Clinton Headed to Ellen DeGeneres’ Show Next Month

The inappropriate pride of Confederate flag wavers

Modern technology is some kinda' tough!

When the exteme Right say "When America was Great" or

It's always darkest before the dawn.

To the older folks at DU from a 20-year-old, about protests, confusion, and love for one another

Please, help me get the math right here.

Democrat Who Stands Up for Social Security Wins the Presidency

How We Are Saving The Foothill Yellow-Legged Frog

IRS says thieves stole tax info from additional 220,000

When Trump first started running..

Oaf Keepers plan unique demonstration with assault rifles in Ferguson

#SayHerName: Resisting Police Brutality Against Black Women

Inclusionary housing ordinances would create opportunity

What would be the most efficient means of keeping guns away from criminals?

Hotel Workers in Las Vegas: “Mr. Trump, Start Here.”

Hotel Workers in Las Vegas: “Mr. Trump, Start Here.”

How Clinton’s Paid Family And Medical Leave Law Would Help Iowans

Hotel Workers in Las Vegas: “Mr. Trump, Start Here.”

I don't get out a lot, but in the past couple of weeks, I have talked to maybe three or four

After Katrina, New Artists Found Inspiration In A Recovering City

Congregation of R.E. Lee Memorial Church discusses changing church’s name (VA)

Ex-staffer: Husband discovered Todd Courser-Cindy Gamrat affair in February

Remembering Leo Frank 100 years later (GA)

Clinton tells organized labor she would enhance Social Security for some

Rand Paul Losing The Tea Party To Insane Trump Supporters

Governor O'Malley is gaining great momentum in this presidential race.

Governor O'Malley is gaining great momentum in this presidential race.

Ex-Kremlin Internet 'Troll' Wins Suit Against Ex-Employer

Bernie Sanders is coming to Greenville, SC.

JOHN DICKERSON, FACE THE NATION: What question would you ask Hillary Clinton?

When Rationalists Reinvent Religion

Spain: Woman fined for Facebook post of police car

Bernie Sanders is coming to Greenville, SC.

UPDATE| Potential security threat in progress at SRS, site closed to incoming traffic

What's for Dinner, Mon. Aug. 17, 2015

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Is Not About Religion

Syria conflict: UN 'horrified' by attacks on civilians

Peruvian cardinal accused of papal plagiarism

Confederate flag on crane causes stir in downtown Asheville (NC)

Texas Ag Commissioner Sid Miller shares Facebook photo about bombing the ‘Muslim World’

Time to put to rest the notion that Glass-Steagall wouldn't have helped in the 2008 collapse

This is feel-good music!

I keep telling myself "you will vote for Hillary. you will vote for Hillary."

Red Scare: Nebraska school district asks staff to sign McCarthy-era loyalty pledge

Time to put to rest the notion that Glass-Steagall wouldn't have helped in the 2008 collapse

The Origins of The Rosie O'Donnell-Donald Trump Feud

Fiorina blasts 'crony capitalism' in Iowa soapbox remarks

About Bernie's financial transaction tax proposal.

The Data on Women Leaders (Pew Research Center)

Disney Imagineers reveal details of DIsneyland's Star Wars Land

Three would-be dictators...

No, Hillary Clinton is not spiraling downward: (HILLARY GROUP)

Bernie Sanders takes Black Lives Matter activist up on offer to talk racial justice

Return of The Bush Doctrine; Jeb Pushes For More Boots On The Ground

Scott Walker Calls for End to Birthright Citizenship

The Confederate myths too many Americans believe

Is Rand Paul Disappearing From The Presidential Race?

China Explosions Update: What We Know

When A Budget Motel Is 'Home,' There's Little Room For Childhood

Appreciation thread for cosmicone

Stevie Wonder to Play Pop-Up Concert Tonight in Central Park.

Hillary Clinton would still beat Donald Trump despite e-mail controversy

He Was Grieving Over The Death Of His Best Friend, Until An Old Man Told Him THIS. Mind Blown.

The Voting Rights Trial In North Carolina - Alice Ollstein Discusses

Ky. Clerk Won't Have To Issue Gay Marriage Licenses While Case Goes To Appeals Court

The Wingnut Base ... was manufactured by the Conservative Movement to win elections

2008 vs. 2016 The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same.

"Summer time and the ammo's expensive."

A little traveling music for the occupants of the clown car.

Maureen Dowd Explains Defending Trump's 'Blood' Remark: 'I Believe Him'

The Koch Brothers Attempt To Re-brand Themselves

St. Louis Rams Threaten To Leave Town Unless Taxpayers Personally Build Stadium With Bare Hands

GOP Economic Development - Low Wages, No Labor Regs, Few Benefits Encourage Business

What Happens When Minority Kids Are Taught Not to Talk About Race

No, Hillary Clinton is not spiraling downward

Bernie Sanders blasts Donald Trump as “an embarrassment for our country”

GOP in "Full Freak-Out Mode..." over Trump - Campaigns Running Scared

Col. Wilkerson: If Americans Want Ground Forces To Fight ISIS, Let's Have A Draft

Calmer weather helps crews tamp down Western wildfires

Update and a Reminder. :)

Redskins' Robert Griffin III: ‘I'm the best quarterback in the league’

Chris Christie’s Secrecy Will Wreck His Campaign; What Is He Hiding?

I got my 6 months check-up results today.

watch this great video from yesterday of Bernie shredding the media at a presser

Out of ALL the 100's of candidates running guess who has been the top $ raiser at Act Blue for weeks

Over in GD-P

Update - Woman running illegal group home told clients to keep mum, police say

Donald Trump says "I am Batman," harmless or arrogance?

Planned Parenthood seeks injunction against Florida health agency

Meet the Masters of the Universe

Fears of deadly cyanide gas reaction as rain forecast for Tianjin

Science has proved the existence of God

U.S. gives Shell final nod to drill for oil in Arctic

Dead or in Jail: The Burden of Being a Black Man in America

Maya Angelou - sure miss this woman...

The religious right isn’t going away: Why proclamations of its decline are a dangerous myth

FCC says Dish can't use $3.3B in credits in airwaves auction

How Liberals really looked while watching the Republican debates...

Live Stream - Bernie Sanders fundraiser in Chicago

Coaxing Children With Selective Mutism to Find Their Voices.

Bernie Sanders just doubled his support in less than 2 months

HHS & State Investigations Find No Violations Of Fetal Tissue Laws After Witch Hunt Sparked By Dece

Barber Gives Free Haircuts to Kids Who Read to Him

Bernie Sanders on Civil Rights

A girl asks Neil deGrasse Tyson if he knows any dyslexic scientists.

I googled "Republican foreign policy accomplishments last 20 years" and my laptop caught on fire..

Seth Rollins crashes 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart"

"Bernie Sanders about to PM his way into locking up the Black vote."

Had a call from Alan Grayson today...

So Trump tells the hack that he has his own opinion about

National Geographic August issue

John Oliver would be proud: Church opens gun range ministry ‘in the name of Jesus Christ’

Petition: Black Lives Matter

Feds Allow Shell to Drill for Oil in Arctic Ocean off Alaska

Actual Jeb Bush quotes ( pic)

Behind The Movement To Repeal California's Worst Law

14 San Francisco Cops vs. 1 One-Legged Man, Two Crutches and Multiple Phone Cameras.

SO, the Donald told Chuckie Todd that he watches "shows".